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No. 288 VOL. VII.
? * HARRISONS' ? ?
This is a
With? ^
Our entile stock of Fancy Tafleta and Satin Rib
bons at
60c on the dollar
We keep the best line in Alaska
That formerly sold from 10c to $3.50 each; to go
this week at
60e on the dollar
Mammoth Silk
Sale Continued
20-inch black and colored taffeta- former
orice. $1, clearance price. - - $0.70
Colored Satins- former price 70c. now at ? 50
24-inch cre?>e de chine " 1.25 95
22 inch pean de soie, 44 1 35 44 |,00
27-inch Japanese silks "75 4t "55
Appliques and Allovers,
At Cost For This Week Only
Special attention is called to our low prices on flan
40c Alaska Flannelettes at 321c
30c Pelouche 44 22*c
25c Persian 44 17 4 c
15c Fancy 41 10c
Dress Goods Going Fast
But why shouldn't they at suck prices as we offer
them ? Our shelves will be empty before our
spring stock arrives.
In view of the fact of the advance in wool it will
pay you to take advantage of our
Cost Sale on Underwear
For Ladies Misses- Boys and Girls. Union suits
and separate garments.
Pillow Tops Cut in Two
Everything in Our Store Has
Been Reduced
Embroideries- Laces. Lawns. Dimities, Mercerized
Ves tings. Organdies- Hosiery, G- D Corsets and
Muslin Underwear at Sweeping Reductions
Phone 55. Store Open Evenings
(Special Dispatches to Daily Alaskan.)
Tokyo, Jan. 16? It is reported here
that 2000 Cossacks have been cut off
from the main Russian army southeast
of Newchwaojj. They are confronted
by a force of 8000 Japanese and rein
forcements which have been crowded
to the frout for the latter are arriving.
RumIdbi Coat plain of EnxUnd
3 St. Peterrburg. Jan. 16? Russians are
charging that the Japanese are using
British islands in the Indian ocean and
along the Asiatic coast for landing
bases (01 their fleet that is in search of
the Russian Baltic fleet. It is alleged
that Kngland is concealing the facts
from Russia.
Police Arrest Dynamiter
Who Confesses
[Special Dispatches to Daily Alaskan.]
Philadelphia, Jan. 16? Gessler Rous
seau, arrested here Thursday with an
in'ernal machine in his possession, has
confessed that he is the man who at
tempted to blow up the Atlantic liner
Umbria about a year a?o aud the Fred
erick the Great| statue at Waslrngton
last Tuesday. The man's identity is a
Oyster Cocktails served at tha Vienna !
Bakery, and wholesale ;it reasonable j
prices. Free delivery. Phone 35.
There will be a Warm Time this
week at KELLY ?fc GO'S
Hot Water Bottles, Foun
tain Syringes, House
hold Rubber Goods
Rubber eoods are goinjf up. We made
a lucky purchase and give you
tbe benefit thereof.
A Rood Fountain Syringe1 anil Hot
Watei bottle should be in every house, j
When needed they are needed bad.
We have a fine line of ti>em. The i
prices will surprise you. All our rub- 1
ber goods are sold the same way.
Money back if not right.
tl 00 hot water bottles "5
11 50 hot water battles .. fl 00
>2 OP hot water bottles 1 50
H 50 fountain syringes 1 00
12 00 fountain syringes 1 50
12 50 fountain syringes 2 00
See our window display.
Kelly i Co.
The Old Reliable Druggist.
Managers for Seattle Man
Claim Moat Votes
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Olympia, Jan. 1ft? The first ballot
for United States senator will take
place at noon tomorrow when the legis
lature will meet in joint session in the
hall of the house of representatives.
The managers of S. H. Piles, the Seat*
tie candidate, claim a plurality of the
votes on the first ballot, though they
admit they will have many short of a '
majority. The estimate is as follows:
S. H. Piles, 35; Charles Sweeney, 25;
Senator Foster, 15; John L. Wilson, 15,
and a few votes scattering. There are
13b votes in the joint ballot and 69 are
necessary to a choice.
This estimate leaves fully 30 votes
who have not been lined up with any
candidate up to date.
There are only eight democrats in
the two houses. They will probably
vote for Ex-Senator George Turner.
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Ottawa, Jan. 16? II. D. Borden has
accepted the leader ihip of the conser- 1
vative party and will run in Carleton j
county, Representative Kidd retiring
in his favor.
E.ntorn La vjftr for Clark
An eastern ? utleman has been se
leoted as the clerk of the federal court
to succeed W. J. Hills. The new clerk
is a personal friend of Judge Gunnison,
laDd is now engaged in 1 he practice of
aw in New York state. .f ?hn J. Clarke
will act as clerk until his arrival. ?
Juneau Dispatch.
The New York Life Insurance Com- j
pany will sell you a Gol I Bond bearing
4 per cent, interest and let you pay for
it in 10, 15 or 20 installments. For par- (
ticulars call on or address ,
O. H. Bernard. Special Agent.
Fifth Avenue Hotel, Skagway, Alaska. '
The b>>st that the market affords at ?
he Pack Tr ain Restaurant.
While It Lasts
We Will Sell Snider1 s Catsup, Half Pints
2 bottles for 25 ctS.
Wilts ill
Sole Agent? Rose of Ellensburg Butter
The Best That Money Can Buy
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Berlin, Jan. 1C? Private advices have
been received here that an attempt
had been made to assassinate the czar .
Explosives were placed at different
parts of the palace and a terrible catas
trophy was averted by the meet est
chance. The attempt was the result of
a conspiracy and one of the conspiri
tors has confessed to his part in the
contemplated crime. The plot and its
[discovery has lead to extraordinary pra
caution to prevent a repitition.
a ft?r a Goneral
Moscow, Jan. 16? At Nicholas station
last night while General Trepoff was
bidding Grand Duke Sergius farewell,
a young man wearing a student's cap,
shot three timesat him. All the h!u>U
missed the mark intended.
The shipment of merchandise from
the mart* of tradb in the states over
the wide Alaskan snow fields and Ion?
stretches of Yukon ice to the yawning
markets of the golden Tanana has be
gun. The first Fairbanks-bound outfit
came, of course, to Skagway and will
take the only practicable route to the
new Mecca of the mining woi Id. It ar
rived on the Ramona and will leave i
aver the W. P. & Y. R. for Whitehorse j
an its long overland journey tomorrow
morning. As usual, Charles C. Run
ner, of Skagway, Nome and Fairbanks,
leads the advance.
Mr. Runner's shipment consists of
100,000 cigars and other articles for
which his educated judgment has told
him there is a demand in the interior.
Be will take it in sleds from White
horse. He has six horses and six men
to do the work, and he is looking for
another team.
The overland trip from Whi'eho'se
to Fairbanks has no terrors fo:- Mr.
Runner. He has made it Cefo' and
knows what he is doing. He s>>?
many articles of merchandise can he
transported to Fairbanks and sold ut a
Mr. Runner", speaking from much ex
perience secured on the Alaskan trails,
says there is only one practicable route
from the outside to Fairbanks and that
one is the Skagway route. That be
chose it over which to take his own
goods after having tried it once before
indicates that he does not speak unad
Mr. Runner says there is a great
deal of Xanana talk wherever he has
been on the coast and the large cities of
the west, and that people are begin
ning to realize that there is but one
way to reach the fields in safety and
comfort, and that is by the Whiio
At Wholesale Prices
The Mascot saloon sells liquors,
sither bulk or case goods at wholesale
prices. All the old brands always on
What is the use of
fowling calamity on
account of pain.
When there is in our big store a rea- j
ly, easy and reliable remedy at hand
[or all pains, aches, bruises ani swell
ings?except aches of the heart and |
swellings of the head? Dont' cry before I
pcu are hurt. Dont' cry after you are
hurt. Come hither and be relieved.
Neglect of Duties Charged
Against New Yorker
(Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.)
New York, Jan. 16 ? Senator Thomas
C. Piatt has been charged with neglect
ing his public duties as a United States
senator. An applica1 ion has been made
to the supreme court of the United
States at Washington for an order re
straining him from occupying his seat.
Senator Piatt refuses to pay any at -
tention to the charges.
Mr?. Evan# Entertains at Dinnar
Mrs. Anna Evans, of the Golden
North Restaurant, celebrated her re
turning from the south With a dinner
Saturday evening to the regular board
ers at her restaurant and a few friends.
The dinner, which was an elaborate af
fair, was served in eight courses, and
was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests.
To exchange linen duster and straw
hat for Wellington coal. Must be good,
as I handle only the best wood and coal.
F. M. Lucavish, Phone 3.
Delineator and Designer
For February Now In
With Spring Fashion Displays
Chealanders, fifth Avenue, J
L Z _J
Snow Shoes, Sleds and Dog Harness
Let Us Figure With You When You Go
Dement &Gearhart
(Sc^nv^ <7/Ujz?l/i4, f A/ftces
^Pus&iJUc' /ry, Jv ye/ a^td/ do do ud&n/
Stc^y cW $?/l^$07V' C^f&fL/
THE ROSS-HIGKtINS CO. Sole Agents, Skagway and Juneau.
Fire and Liie
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
(Tilp?\/Qnn iQ Still In RncinDoe

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