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Gilt Edge Canned Goods
Special Sale This Week
All at the uniform price of
? ? -15 cents per can* ? ?
Worth from 20 to 25 cents per can
Full line of Fresh Fruit and veget
ables to arrive on S.S. Humboldt.
John Kalem, the Grocer
Sole Ajjent'for Kelianco Canned Goods
? If*
John Boyle and J. B? Barnes, of Jun
eau, who are connected with James Mc
Cloakey io mining at Atlin. arrived on
the Georgia and left for Atlin this
morning. Mr. McCloskev will leave
tor Atlin with tne opening of naviga
\V. H. Fairbanks, northern manager
of '.he Northern Commercial Company,
arrived from the south on the Hum
boldt and will L-ave tomorrow for the
T. A. McCowan, northern attorney
for the Northern Commercial Company,
arrived from the south on the Hum
boldt. He is on his way to Dawson.
l>r. L. S. Keller will leave for Atlin
tomrrow morning on a professional
and business trip. He will remain
there a few weeks.
J. K. Vani'leve is expected to arrive
from the westward on the next boat.
The Portland had not arrived at Juneau
at noon today.
J. Cohan, who is connected with the
Canadian liar.* of Commerce, arrived
on the KYincess May yesterday and left
to join the Atliu branch of that institu
A. S. Cross, the Atlin merchant, who
arrived on the l*riucess May. returned
to Atlin.
? Jodfrey I'healander reached I>awsou
Tuesday evening. Me will leave there
?oon for Kagle aid other American
P. Mean, a well known memt>er of
the mounted police at Whitehorse, went
?outh on the l*rincess May
K. A. Murphy, agent of the Pacific
(out StNanhi|i ('otn|wy. Nat White
Harry M atone left for Juneau on the
Krank and Kd. McIVnald left on the
train thia morning for Whitehorw
H. D Pinneo returned home from
Whltehorv lant evening.
A. >->aro?, the stenographer, returned
from Seattle on the Humltoldt.
IVputy Marshal 11. 1. Johnson re
turned from Juneau on the Humholdt.
Stanley Sc#aree. th<? Interior trailer,
arrived on the Humboldt.
Mr*. \V W. 'toughton returned
home on the Humboldt this afternoon.
Notlc* to FwMtC
1 have sold my entire c\ press busi
neaa and good will thereof to K Mc* -
Weste, of the Merchant*' Rxpresa IV
llverv, who will receive all orders aud
deliver the aame promptly
K. M. Lucavish.
Skagway. March 1, .12 lw
Office 'Phone ??0. . Kesiiience S?.
The heat that the market atTords at
the Pack Train lieataurant.
Railroad IUaU?r?t
Best meals in town served from 6 a
m. to 10 p. m. Tray orders a specialty, |
10c. extra.
John Williams, l>op.
t'r.ok Hut
The Frye-Rruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand. If
New hair combs, belts and stocks at,
Ordinance Ito. 66
An ordinance amending sections 1, 2.
14, and 15, of Ordinance No. 18, the
same beiue an "Ordinance providing
for the manner and time of holding
municipal elections for the Town of
Skagway, Alaska ano for other pur
po?es." Be it ordained by the common
council of the lown ofSkagway, Alaska
that sections 1, 2, ?">, 14. and 15, of Or
dinance No. IS be and the same are
herebv amended so as to read as fol
lows, town:
Section 1. An annual election shall
be held, each and every year, in the
Town of Skairway Alaska on the first
Tuesday in April; said election shall
commence at 9 o'clock a. m. and con
tinue until 7 o'clock p.m. of the said
day. without dosing of the polls.
Section .. At each annual election
there shall bo elected, by the qualified
voters of the Town of Skagwav, seven
councilman, who sh.tll hold there of
fices for the term of one year and until
their successors are elected and qualifi
ed. Thai at the annual election, held
on the lirst Tuesday in April 19o."?. there
shall be elected by the qualified v-ters
of the school district of the Town of
Skagway, a school hoaru consisting of
a director, a treasurer, and a clerk,
who -hall hold theirofiicer- for the term
of one, two and three, years respect
ively and until their ?uc>*essors are
eVcted and qiial fied. At each annual
election, thereafter, there shall he elect
id, by the qualified voters of the school
district of the Tow.i of Skagway, one
member of the School ItosNi, who shall
hold his office for the term of Three
Year- and nntll his successor Is elected
and qualified.
.set t ion .Y Th?t? every male person,
twenty-one tour* of age. who l? a citi
zen of the l ilted States or who has
declared hi* intention of becoming such,
and who ha* resided oontinoudy one
year, next proceeding the election, in
the iMatrlCw of A a-?a ami six month*,
next proceeding the election, in the
Town of Skat; way. shall be a qualified
e ector to vote for monbera of the wm
nion council at the annual election.
That a1 1 adult*. who are citizen* of
the I'nited .Mate* or who have declared
their Intention to become ?ui-h, and who
are r> ?idi nt? of the acho >1 district Khali
l?' 'inalitifd i ftorv to vot< for member*
of the .School Itoarxl at the aunual elct
I hat vc'ion 14 of Ordinance IS he
ami the same Is hereby amended hj
MlNHw out the following paragraph
thereof, towit; "The other package*
ihe t lurk must produce before the
Moard of Common Oouncilmen when
in session for the purpose of canvassing
return*" an?l by adding thereto the
following paragraph, town;
The Judge* of ??lection shall declare
the seven candidates for counclhnin,
and member* of the School Hoard who
have received the greatest number of
vote* for tneir respective offioes, duly
elected and shall issue and deliver to
them certificates of their election.
That section \t> of said Ordinance 18
be and ihe nmc Is hereby repealed:
That thU Ordinance shall take effect
and be in totve on an 1 after the date of
its passage and approval.
Introduced Feb. 27 th. lTOfv.
First r? a.lintr Feb. 27 th. liW5.
Passed, approved, and signed by the
mayor. February 27 th. lt*C>,
L. S. Keller.
W S. McKean, Clerk,
?nly From a Full Stock
When in need of anything in our line
before buying, it will pay you to in
vestigate our stock and prices.
I The Old Reliable
Antnlne Gmpanl. a tobacconist la a
imall town war Parts, tired of having
the wooden figure standing before his
shop backed by gamins, concluded to
replace it by a metal on*. Siaoe be
was to make a change be might as
well (ret up something unltjne. ao he
went to tbe city and employed a young
?rt student to design a figure for him
Tbe artist hit upon a soldier lighting
hla pipe. Tbe butt of hla gun rested
on the ground. With one hand be held
a match; with tbe other shaded the
flame from tbe wind, only there waa
no flame. Then a happy thought struck
Gaspard. A tube waa run from the
pipe down through the statue and into
the shop. The match waa hollow and
connected with the gaa pipes. A mov
able plate covered with phosphorus waa
adjusted to the roughened end of the
match. By meana of a wire leading to
the abop the plate could be pulled and
the gas lighted. Gasparvl sucked a
rubber tube leading from tbe pipe,
which would send forth clouds of to
baovo smoke. Then he would turn off
the light from the match.
When the Franco- l*nisslan war came
on. Gaspard's son. Pierre, aged eighteen,
became a French soldier. His old
mother, who doted on him, begged hard
for him to stay at home and wept bit
ter tears when he marched away.
Then came the news that the Prus
sians were carrying everything before
them and marching on Paris. One
evening Just after dark old Gaspard'*
door was flung open, ami Pierre rushed
tn, pale, bleeding, evidently fleeing for
his life.
"Is the place occupied by our troops?"
"Then I rnn lost"
"Why so?"
"I volunteered to lnrk near The en
emy's advance posts to gain informa
tion for our general as to wfiich route
they would take. I was discovered
and pursm-d. In a few minutes they
will be here "
"We can hide yon."
"It would be useless. They will
search every house in the town and
burn every atlek of timber in It to
uncover mo. My ouly hope was that
our troops were ben-, and since they
are not I shall be taken and hanged
for ? spy. I have been tired on and
am wounded. 1 can go no farther for
losa of blood."
Meanwhile the rrusstsn outposts,
consisting of a dozen men. advanced
to within half a mile of the town,
whore they were halted by the lieuten
ant In command.
"The place may be oconpicd by the
French." he said. "We must be care
ful not to be drawn Into a trap You.
Battel, and you. RubMoux. go for
ward. If you are shot, we shall know
that the I'reach are there. If they are
not, come hock and let us know."
The two men pushed f< wnnl to the
very verge of the town. Across an open
space they could s;-o old <:,i?p?rd'?
shop, which was dimly lighted, as
"Hack. Rnbldonx," whispered Mattel.
"The place Is occupied."
"How do you know ?"
"I can see the figure of a soldier."
"There, before thst little shop."
"By gar! You nre right. What shall
we do?"
"Rotnrn and report the matter hi the
Back they wont and reports that
the French were In town. They had
seen a soldier on post before a shop.
"Nonsense"' exclnimcd the lieuten
ant. "If they wore there they would
have put out a picket or a vedette.
He ordered the tnen to spread them
selves as skirmishers and move stealth
lly forward. When they came to the
,Maco whore Battel had discovered the
soldier, they stopped, anil there, true
enough, he was. standing before old
tJaspnrd's shop.
"What's he doing?" queried the lien
"lie's on post." xnlil Rubl<V>nx. "Per
haps he'a guarding the mnn we're aft
"Tn'i* n fool. or. rather, a coward
You wish mo to abandon tho pursuit of
?vne who doubtless bold* In '? -taut so
cnMa. That follow mi? not tv n sol
dlor at *11. S'ngnlnr tli.it lie stands so
*tlll. Come; wo arc wasting time."
At that moment tho tlgatv tn front
of tho shop ? as dimly illuminated hy
a tiny flame. ami tlio Prussians could
plainly s?>e that tho mat* was a soldier,
with hla gun resting on tho ground
and loaning against hla shoulder. Tho
.1a mo mac and foil na of ono pulling on
tho plpo. and atnoke was alao vlalblo.
"Sacro!" exclaimed tlio llrutonant
"Ho'a a *< 'Id lor, after all. and whi-ro
thoro la ono there mu<t be more. Tho
French a no not fool* to occupy a town
with one man. There must be at least
a battalion, but they are very poor aol
llm to leave no picket out hire. We
might enpturo thetn."
Tho officer decided to go hack as fast
a* to could and reported that there
waa a force of tho enemy in the town,
with no picket out. ami they might bo
aurwinded and taken. An hour later
two rogtn'onta of tho lino moved out
Ono encircled tho town, while the other
advanced to demand surrender. Tho
only French soldier in the town was a
metal ono that had the coolness aa tho
Prussians advanced to light hla plpo.
Old Gaapard after his sou's arrival
bad gone out to reconnciter, ami In con
eoalnient h - had heard Pattel nnd P i
btdonx wnvot* about hla statue.
When tboy withdrew ho wont hack,
got up a team to remove hla son and
to gain time conceived the plan of mak
ing hla soldier smoke for tho Pmaaiana.
When they came in force, Pierre had
Juat boon driven away.
We Are Pleased to Notify Our Patrons That Our
Is Arriving Daily and We Now Have on Display,
Attractive Lines of
We have just received a splendid line of
New Spring Millinery
To which we invite your inspection
B. lit Bebrends mercantile Company
1 he Growth ol Our Slock
has lieon enormous. Wo believe that
In ovory ihfwmw' owr ?tock thl? year
is more Attractlv*. more interesting
ami more comprehensive pver
fore mvI that's Mying ? p<xxl ileal.
Wo can ails vi re you that you ?ill n)
ways fin<> In our iuw exeepriooal value
ami ju?i price*. ?ourlesy w*l * ilesirr
uid effort to jjlve entire satisfaction.
p. e. kern;
Gold ami Silversmith
' ;
Whitenors*. Y* T.
first Class in fvcrj
^ ? H ay ? -A :
J , I
i European Plan
Special to Biminw From
feme** at, Htinos m<1 ^ icinity
WW lYaetloe In All the Court*
Juneau - " "
Buy Your Coal
Shaw & Johnson
Import*!"* of
Wellington, lad). smith'
TVmhlr Sorpfoc.1 and Sacked
Pcnnsjlvania Anthracite
Kcc w??l < honit ui, HirhM. Grade
Wrllincton. ?WitWprt. jw?r ton. *13 f?>
Anthracite, " 21 f*?
Phone 109 P. C. Dock
The Celebrated
Tlttof beautiful work and enr^
rcol aiisntment.
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The lip-tit r tin nine Yoirt i* nA)nlM
to lijrhtnp** of toiitch. quirt n?>?? of ac
tion. simplicity and durability It t? ?
rocnfmiml ??> n nwwilt in tha Sii?
tnriM man * oftiof or the profewiooa'
m art's study.
For particular*, eatalojrue He., write
Yost Hritino Machine Co
Ml M on tyromery St. S?n Franrisno
A g*nt* for A ! oak a
<>r Anylr nt tkl* IMm
? ? ' ? ? i <4?H
T>n?!nnt W. P. A Y ?
! A'? Sait* B )?nd S?e?m*r? Art *? a -* D*b*-1 F -am TM* 0'<?
nrortATTow* i?oi
War ' ^ a fnr ryrf - 'pr v??vd w. n? J
, T>r? OM.V iWiT<^?d oti SarxHy nr ?? |f(H
'?> i,M <k rmn" ?witfch(vaM aM Ka wmmM fey A
Y*yirr*r 1 p"pt? nw? ?? ?*? it. A i-mxiiwh'
of <? am*rr:??N *aii?. ?*Wa S |> ir f -*(#-? ?Ml ha
? ff'vH >M *h?rf iftfr hraf.
1 ra< i \> y TtdhwWhn* w <nriri> n?^)?o? f(m? tf?
1 rt arr?* M- *"?(" ?nd frtf" wht* wnrfiwrAeJ.
? ? r k, |n f?. t, r>^ auwner la a??r1af
-r *rd * -? r^tlf wKff pa?'??>f ?ra )???? il'owlwllH
W> ?rfac- Twit ???? Sr h?rt ?* ?PP Inrttiai *t n?a? r? Aatfc,
I P.O. I *17 t % -JonXFO*. 0*r. tfgr
a - a t >< ? . ? ?aa?aaa m*i
The Leading Jeweler ?
Vuooel Jewelry ol All kinds.
Indian Curios <tnrt Souvenir Spoons.
The Pionte.* tfweler
Tin* th^W P. A J T. It
w^trf ' ? ? ?^^>winimi?INW
The Surprised
* r>f th^roH^h Mfi'f irtiofl
m.i\< ? it* ay>j* anmr c>? the facr
o4 i rrrrrmt *h?? f?rthr frit lime
Thr ^.Tr<Jn-?* i? there and it
make* lt?etf eri<Vr?t.
n> <+**'< Rnrwmf >? MsJhnf Cm.

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