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headquarters for
fresh fruit and Vegetables
Every steamer brines us a fresh supply
and it is our aim to carry everything in this
line as soon as it is in the market. We haye.
Green Onions Asparagus Lettuce
Celery Cauliflower Cabbage
Rhubarb Cucumbers Apples
Artichokc s Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes
Oranges Lemons Bananas
John Kalem, the Grocer
So'e A|f?nt*(or^ReHance Canned Goods
Flyer Dolphin Leaves Seat
He for Skagwuy
(Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.)
Seattle. April 11? The Dolphin, of
the A Ink* Steamship Company, wiled
for Skagway yeaterday with paaaen
jer?, mail and freight.
H II. Santord, acting agent for the
Alaaka Steamship Company. received a
cablegram thia afternoon a? the
Dolphin tailed tor Skagway at 10 a. m.
yeaterday Thia waa one day behind
the schedule. She will be due at Skag
way. Friday. with three days' mail.
Mr. and Mr*. J. K. Van llare will
Imti Skat way oo lbe Oty of Seattle
for Saattla where Mr. Van t'leva will
ramatn tor about two month* on rail
road bueinea*, purchaaing supplies. e c
before going to Seward.
Mr Van I'leve who arrived on the
Jefferson from Saward, says thai* are
iSO at work on that roail an.l that all
available men are being put to work a?
faat sa the; can be wcuml. Ha naj* it
|< tha purpoaa to crowd tha construc
lion aa faat an poaaiole until tha Tanana
rleer ahall have been reached.
PrtikittrlM Udt?? ?? Ma?t
Thara will be a meeting of tho
Lftdiea' Aid Society tomorrow after
nooo at 2:30 o'clock at the reaideuoe of
Mr*. W. H. Caae.
I k u*>y Landry
Kor flrst-clvw work try Skagwa*
Laundry. Twanty-hva years' exper ?
aoce. Telephone &8. tf
lUllrnd R?i?ir4?l
Baat meals in town served from t> a
n>. to 10 p.m. Tray order* a specialty,
10c. eitrK
John Williams, Prop.
F.r Raat
Houaa on Seventh avenue and Main
street, partly furnished. Klegant 10x10
bathroom. Inquire of Lee Guthrie.
Law* Sortpt For Sal*
Soldiers Additional Homestead Script,
all si irs. any quantity fully guaranteed,
can Ne uwil oo unsurvt-yed timber lan<!
Id Alaska cr any jfoveroment latx!
which subject ta bowe*tead entry.
(Vice upon app'icatioo.
L. W. Hubbell, Sprint held. Missouri.
Car** Cnika tad C*Ul
Mrs. C. Peterson, 6*5 Lake St.. \Ypeks,
Kaosa*. mts: "Of all cough remedie*
Ballard's Hort hound Syrup i* m\ fa?tt
Ite; it has done and will do all that i?
claimed for it ? to speedily care all
ooughs and colds ? and it is *o sweet and
pleasant to tke taste.'* i.sc. 50c, $1.00
bouto. Sold by Kelly Drug C*?
St#s? Lotd of OawsMoites at
Whithehorse, April 11- -A White
Pass -ita^e arrived from Htwsoa today
with L. A. Barghol*, Mrs. Herjjholn,
Mrs. F. T. Goiutdo-. , J. W. Mcl losky,
F. M. IMvis, and F. William* m passen
There were eight sacks ot mail.
I J. H Parker, formerly steward of
the W. p. ,v Y. K. hospital, has been
offered tho position of steward of the
hivspital soon to ho erected at Seward
for the Alaska Central. He has accept
ed the offer.
ttev. D R Montgomery ami lie?,
llavkl Waggoenr, who have been at
tending the Presbytery at Unities, will
leave oo the Oty of Seattle for their
A V*. Went worth, who it iritereated
In Whiu hor*"' <*ipper properties, a> ?
rived on the Jeffemon and went to
Whitehorae today.
Mrs. Howard Ashley aod chlldr. n
will leave for the aouih oo the City of
Seattle. Thev will make an extendi d
visit to the states.
Mm. Godfrey Chealander, who in
tended leaving for the aouth today, haa
poat|*?ned her departure.
L P. Mutrhead. the At liri ami Bul
lion mining man and photographer, ar
rived on the City of Seattle.
J. J. Pa'y will leav.? on the City of
Seattle for Ketchikan. He may (TO to
Seattle before returning to Skagway.
H. C. Hoardraan r? turned on the City
of Seattle from a trip to Washington
and Oregon cities.
Capt. Wallace Langley, of the Wil
bur Orimmins, arrived oo the City of
J. H. Langley, the well known river
steamboatman. arrived on the City of
M. McAuley, a pioneer Skagway car
penter ami former employe of the W.
P. A Y. R, arrived on the Jefferson.
Bi Carson, formerly of Skajjwaj,
it a brake man on the Alaska Central
railway at Sewan.1.
Oscar Garil will return on the train
thia ereninjr from atrip to Whitebor*.
Frank H Brackett got away for At
lin on the train this morning.
Only From a Full Stock
When in need of anything in our line
before buying, it will pay you to in
vestigate our stock and prices.
I The Old Reliable
Dlwlyllnf 1* Military In F*rm. Id
Hrfnrmntitry In Spirit.
A Japanese prison is thus described:
"Imagine * park or garden In the Jap
anese style. with dwarf trm, surround
ed by a liolfr Instead of a wall. In
this park ono am a group of Japa- j
nese houses like those oivuptrd by the
peasants. The prisoners arc all at work, j
proportioned to their physical ability. |
Some are thrashing an?l grinding rice
Others are weaving coarse cloth of a
dark red color of which the prison uni
forms are made. The old and infirm
are separating leaves of paper. All of
them receive a percentage of their earn
lug*. The you Hirer prison.** are in
school. The discipline is military in
form.bntln its spirit reformatory. There
are few evasions, ttotxvltba' tudlng the
ease with which they could he effected.
One reason for this Is th efficiency of
the Ja|?anoso police. which is said to be
the l>est In the world. The prisoners
are divided Into three grades and are
differently fed. according as they arc
klle and refractory, amenable to disci
pline or exceptionally well behaved.
The only other punishment Is solitary
confinement In a sort of dungeon, not
exceeding five days. No prisoner may
be discharged, however short his term
of sent on* v. unli-ss his fr.mily or frlenda
assume responsibility for him. The re
sult has Iweo the organization of a
large number of prisoners' aid socie
tkr Hft?nn J???r Frnlt* llmr III
Kfffft of (nnllas the RIimmI.
In health the tetnperatnre of tno
Mood la constant, ami fvcn when *|>ota
?ml rashes appear on the skin there
1* no departure from Ilio normal torn
perature unless there a cause for
fever, such as blood poisoning. the In
raalon of sow inUrolv or scrloua tils
twbUM of the ncrvoua system. tu
fevers, vim tin- t? iu?eratuw> of the
blood Is raised, vegetables are new
given, as they woulil no! cool the blood,
but might help to heat It.
Some fruits have cooling proportion,
?a they contain citric acid, ami this
forms citrates In the blood ami in
creases the perspiration. In serious
fevers, however. It Is ruueh safer to
jive measured quantities of citrate to
produce this effect than to trust to the
uncertain action of fruit.
Fruit ami fresh vegetables arc antl
?orbuttos that Is to say. tliey are ap
posed to scurvy. The cause of this ills
ease Is not clearly understood, hut It Is
certainly due to an absence of tlux*
wholesome constituents from the diet
Hie flushing of the skin, with spot*
and rashes, popularly eallol "beating
of the Mood," Is relieved and effete
Biatter Is eliminated I y their Use. bene*
the popular phrase that they ?v.?l tlir
TV' V'?wn t*
ar-lna Tlii'w Thin Ktlma.
Mr 1 sjihc Nt-wtui stii i ti.. iiMortil
??\1\g9 III ?v-|i ktbblra. which appear
allte at trot mul then. ?? the bubble
in ltl?~vn o*i t , brilliant lii, . -> . :it colon
?PI>oa* tn ?r>no* around the Mimmlt till
It *?c>n>cs l>l?ok and burst*.
Tb<wo films Newton In
measuring 1>) tWir color, producing
theft by a piano convex Ion* on plate
(l*v At the point of contact whs a
black spot with some ?t* or aevon rtnjr*
of light and dark colors alternately.
Th? thloknoasea of ttio dark Hnps hp
fonnd proportional to the number* rt,
2, < ?V and of the bright ring* propor
t tonal to 1, S, 6. Tho thickness of a sky
blue film was found to bo two mil
Hontfcs of an Inch; of orange rod. ciwht;
of violet, tlrrop; of pwn, fifteen; of
purple, twenty -one, and of yellow,
twenty-Keren millionth* of an Inch.
M?wrs Rnoker and Kelnold more re
<*ntly confirms! this by measuring
black aoap films, which they find aver
ajre three or four millionth* of an Inch.
This, then. Is a measure of tho depth
of water aad the part id* of soap which
togatlier u>?k* up tho auap bubble film
At Wkole*ali> Prion
The Mil soot saloon sells liquors,
either bulk or ease goods at wholesale
prices. All the old brands always on
hand. 10-1 tf.
Ratio* of Stockholder** Hotlit
Office of Kngincer M ning Co,
To the stockholders of The Engineer
Mmu Com pan;:
I'lea e take notice that the annual
meeting of the atooknolder* of The En
gineer Mining Company m ill be held at
the office of the company, in the city of
Sksgway, district of Alaska, on Tues
day the 2jth day of April, tgds, at to
o'clock a. in., fot the p-irpoeeof electing
? l-oard of director*, ior the hirthir ami
specific purpose of deciding whether or
noit the property of The Engineer Milt
ing Gmpanyol Sksgway. Alaska, he
traaaferre i tn Engineer Mining Com
pany of Seattle, Washington, and for
fi ? transaction of such other husine?sas
may properly oome brfore the meeting.
Thea'ock t-an* et hook ol the lomnini
? ill be c'oeed oo Saturday the J?d day of
April, 1905, at 6 p. m. snd will remain
c oai-d ni.ttl Wednesday tlie Jfcth day of
Vprtl, 1905, at to o'clock a. m.
Bv Older of the H. ard of D<rectoia.
H B Ue Kevre, Sccrefsry.
Dst. d March ?4 ?9?5.
Cksaik rla'a'i C.?(tk K wiy tin
Best and Meat Pop lar
*"Motherabo\ it for croupy cjildicn,
? ailroad men l>uv it for sevire cmU
and eldery neople ?'uy It lor li ^r: p,"
aay M?ore ltros , K on, Iowa. ? We
a II more ct Chi ra; erla'n's Cotgh Reiv
e<1* than any ott er Kind. It teem* tn
have taken the lead over severel
? ther go d l*a?'ta." Th -re is 1 o ques
tion hut this medicine m the I est thst
o?n i>e 1 rocured for congli , and oo'ds
wb 'her it be c cbi d or an adult that
ia 1 (flirted. It alwsys co>i?> aid enna
quickly. Sold by Kelly Drug Co.
Our splendid stock of new spring- goods has ar
rived and we cordially invite all those who are in
terested in first class and stylish wearing apparel
to call and examine our stock.
Here Are a Few of Our Leading Lines:
WOOLTEX Suits and Skirts,
Ladies Shirt Waists in Silk and Cotten,
Ladies Hats, Collars, Belts and Handbags :
Toile du Nord Ginghams,
Galatea Cloth, Velour Chiffoline.
Also a Fine Line ot Men's Fancy So*. ^
B. m. Bebrends itiercariilk Company
rionojrrams ?
rhp above is printed from * Copper
Plato engraved by us and in a fair
sample of the latest styles 10 mon
We do perfect hand engraving, work
that is a pletsure to you and satisfac
tion to ouraelves.
We hare just receire*! the latest de
signs in lockets, which when engrav
ed in an artistic manner, are just the
1 ?<ok in oui' window and see the swell
st ties for Raster
Gold and Silversmith
V.1 \\SW.\VV\WN\\\W
Mn Rlcfcf r
Wh Manor**. Y' T.
first Class in [very
European Pian^J
, Special A' e ??' >n to Bu*in?*? From j
Hainr* and Vicinity j
Will Practice In All lb* Oouna
Junwu Alaska I
Buy Your Coal!
Shaw <& Johnson
Importer* of
Wellington, iadysmith'
Doable Screened and Sucked
Pennsyhania Anlhracitf
Kftft and Chestnut, HiphM. CwV
Wellington. delivered, per ton, >13 <*>
Anthracite, " 21 (10
Phont 109 P. C. Dock
The Celebrated
Tneof bMMtiful work wd <*?"?
reel alignment.
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The ll*ht running Yo* It nt>eqn?l>*d j
ta lifhtnew of loutch. <;ti?et??wi of ?e- ,
tioo. ?implWty ?w1 rtumWHty. ll 1*
r?*o?ni*fH' a* a nf-eeaaltj in the l?i?
inewK m*n'? office or the profeariona'
Kbr purlieu !ar?. c*t?)opue etc., write
Vest Writing Machine Co I
S? Montgomery 8v B?n FYimIm
A?ronU fo - Alaska
mr Anyl; 'M.'tkla NMn
Tamtnaa W P. * T. *?"?
I An South Bonn* Steamer* Arrhr* in< Dopart F?mTM Drtl
IW?rrh? oprn for ii?lirerr of wtrchandi** frwrn ??. m. to S p. m.
JVr1?h?Mr* ONLf dellrorH on ShihIwt or M n fht
All frrtfht ?hl(ar?"r??? <*ml?>*d Kmthhrmod m?M ha wmmM by ?
"nippm** M <p?fwr? om to nM4iimt M tho 17. H. fiwwui
oflkw) mm! mmi br d*|(**r*d bafara f> p m R? fralfkt will ba m
on wharf after tlrta S*mr.
BAGOAOB Toll* will h? ml'.ened on Cmerw rr? Baooaqr OKi.f. No
cbarr* for tar1 and (rrlpi whp? Mahaafcai,
The whirl c?tr will ba ctnaad to Ilk' p?Mta ?h?n M^otr la aoorlaf
dork and will ba oc*o*d on It ohm r?? "C'rp haw d!?w?h?rtt?d.
Wh*rfa*?> Tariff cm h? had on >ppt (ration at ofltea on dork
P. O. Bo* 171k. C. K. W V NN-J? >HNW)lf, Oaal Mgr.
fy.;.,. . ???? ? ? !? MMiT
i! The Leading Jeweler
Naaoet Jewelry ol All Klatfs,
Indian Carlos and soaveair Sfoaas.
The Pioneer Jeweler
OflM*I Tifwkvwr^r tor rt? W. P A. Y. R.
The Surprised
of thomvgfe Mtitf actio*
makm Hi appearance tm the feet
ofmryonr wfmfiYtkclnttlM ^

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