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fresh fruit and Vegetables
Every steamer brings us a fresh supply
and it is our aim to ca^ry everything in this
line as soon as it is in the market. We huye. j
Green Onions Asparagus Lettuce
Celery Cauliflower Cabbago
Rhubarb Cucumbers Apples
Artichokes Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes
Oranges Lemons Bananas
John Kalem, the Grocer
So'e Agent for Uellanco Canned Goods
Big Shimon Will B,* Worked
This Summer
?'There will be ?."> to 100 miners at
work during the entire summer in the
Big Salmon district. There might be
more." So spake one who is heavily
interested in tnat country.
J. B. IVtck. at the head of the Liv
ingston syndicate, ia already in the
Big Salmon country. This syndicate,
composed of men connected with the old
Alaska Commercial Company, owns 10
claims below discovery on Livingston,
and it has worked out but two claims
and a half of the 10. Last year it took
out from 400,000 to *100,000 and it will
work more extensively this summer
than it did last.
The Big Salmon Hydraulic Company
at the head of which is a man by the
of Peters will work this ytar on a lar
ger scale than previously.
Other companies are preparing to
work on Livingston, Lake and other
creeks. Many individual minors wil
work on several creeks in the district.
Those who have interests in the B;g
Salmon country say it is one of the best
district* in the north. That it posses
es go d in abundance has been proven
beyond question. The only drawbacks
have been the presence of boulders in
the ground and the oost of transporta
tion into the country. The use of der
ricks and other machinery has mini
mized the difficulty with the boulders
and the transportation facilities are ira
City of $?? ?!? Mast Pay
The Dominion government has up
held Collector Newbury, of Victoria, ia
fining the steamer City of Seattle MOO
for violating the Canadian regulations
in taking passenger* from the steamer
Jefferson when that vessel was disabled
iaSwanson bay, Canadian waters, some
months ago.
Thla|[? Ar* 0?ttlag Rip >
The time for guessing on the going
out of the ice is now ripe. There are a
few dead dogs on the ice in front ot
town that are also ripe. Our w^ter
supply, however, comes from just above
town. ? Whitehorse Star.
Laad Script For Sal*
Soldiers Addition ?1 Homestead Script,
all sizes, any quantity, fully guaranteed,
can be used on unsurveyed timber land
in Alaska cr any government land
which it subject to homestead entry.
l*rice upon app ication
L. W. Hubbell, Springfield, Missouri.
Cwrra Cor>ah? and Cotda
Mrs. C. Peterson, 615 Lake St., 'iVptka,
Kansas, savs: "Of all coagh remedies
Ballard's Horehound Syrup is mv favtr
ite; it has done and will do all tfcat m
claimed for it ? to speedily cure a'l
oougbs and colds ? and it is so sweet and
pleasant ?0 the taste.-' 1515.50c, I1.00
bottle. Sold by Kelly Diug C->.
?*? SU??U?>JNM?akfW*WMVlkiitili f** *
F. M. Davis, representing a Seattle
wholesale house, and F. Welins, repre
senting Port] and wholesalers, arrived
from Kairbatulks last night. They are
at the Golden North hotel and will leave
for the south tomorrow.
H. C. iioardman left for Atlin this
morning. Mr. lloardmau will be em
ployed by the British-American Dredg
ing Comi>any this year as he was last.
L. P. Muirhead, the photographer,
left for the Alsek couutry on the train
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Iv Stoddard, of Haw
son and Fair tanks, left on the train for
the interior thfti morning.
At 8 o'clock '.his morning, the
weather conditions on the Yukon river
and along the line of the W. P. & Y.
iv, were as follows:
Skatf way ?Cloudy, brisk north wind,
36 above.
Glacier? Snowing, north wind. 30
White Pass-J Clear, north wind, 28
Fraser ? Cloudy, north wind.lt> above.
Log Cabin? Cloudy, north wind. 18
Bennett ? Cloudy, north wind. 2?
Pennington ? Cloudy, north wind, 20
Caribou? Cloudy, northeast wind. 20
Cowley? Cloudy, south wind 2* above.
Whitehorse? Clear, south wind. 24
Lower Labarge? Clear, calm, 24
HootaUnqua? Clear, calm, 38 above.
Big Salmon? Clear, calm, 27 above.
Selkirk? Clear, calm, 20 above.
Selwyn ? Clear, calm, 32 above.
Stewart? Clear, calm. 20 above.
Ogilvie -Clear, calm, 22 above.
Dawson -Clear, calm, 26 above.
Fortvmtle ? Clear, calm, 16 above.
Kagle Clear, calm, 47 above.
Atlin Cloudy, south wiod, 30 >bove.
Tan.alus? Clear, calm, 30 above.
Tagish -Clear, south wind, 22 above
C*n>dl? Vl?w of tha Sltti .tlc.n c
It is characteristic of our neighbors
that their newspapers should treat as h
jest the idea that the people of Alaska
should desire to cut loose and annex
tneir territory to Canada. But the
matter is worth more thau a jest. The
Americans in Alaska have learned
some lessons, and have had experience*
which have led to much serious think
ing. They have been forced to see that
Canadian rule in the Yukon is incom
parably better than American rule in
Alaska? better in every way - Toronto
At Wkolml* Price*
The Mascot saloon sells liquors,
either bulk or case goals at wholesaV
prices. All the old brands always on
hand. MM -if.
. a M0RT0R
Because to mi* medicines properly a mortor must
be used. Some diuueists however simpiy place all the
ingredients in a bottle, give it a shake and hand it out.
This is NOT the way we do it.
We use the Mortor
In Mixing Medicines
We also use the very best drugs and chemicals. Our prices are no
higher than the use of high grade materials will perm:'.
We would be glad of aa opportunity to mix your medicines for vou.
KELLY&C0 ? Druggist
"Oentlemen," said the irenoral- he
wan chatting familiarly with his atafl
during a MWtloi of hMtUlttaa? ' "whut'
we call bra vory is purely physical.
Real bravery consists not in lighting
an enemy, but ourselves. Cowardice ?r
bravery is purely a matter of tempo
rary nerves."
"Nevertheless, general," mKI young
Captain Fit* Hush, "we honor the
brave and despise the coward. When
my nerve* go back on me I tni?:
enough vigor will be loft to enable mi
to remove myself from the world o'
I my disgrace."
" A puff of smoke appeared at one or
tin- embrasures of a bastion fort on
the crest of a hill, followed by a boom,
and a shell came plowing tip the
ground, burying Itself Ir a tree not a
doccn feet from the party. A fuse hiss
ed ami sputtered, burning rapidly to
the vent. Most of the offlc re present
either fell on their faces or ran as fust
as their leps could carry them. Fit*
Hush coolly walked up to the shell,
pulled out the fuse and threw It away.
"Well done, captain." said the gen
eral. "The battle has reopened."
There was a hard struggle. When the
fighting was over, there was as much
wonder that the young captain came
out alive as at his conspicuous braver}
One of his exploits, the leading of a
few men against an angle of breast
works wherein the guns were creating
havoc, was so conspicuous and so far
reaching In Its results that he was
decorated with a gold medal.
The war ended and Kit* Hugh was
a hero to the world for all time. Oc
casionally he would overhear some
one say: "That's he; the man over
there. They say he doesn't know what
fear Is," At army reunions, when he
arose to say a few words, he was so
violently cheered that he often gave up
the attempt. Ue was the pet of the
petticoats and the admiration of men.
The world of adulation In which he
lived became the only world he knew,
that which he had Inhabited before h i
honors brine forgotten. Yet his mod
esty never suffered. He would only
wear his medal at secial gatherings
with the little band who had helped
him earn It and to whom he alwaya In
sisted It belonged.
Thirty years passed. Fltx Hugh met
with reverses that brought on nervous
prostration. He was obliged to break
away and go on a trip. When he re
turned he was still weak, melancholy
and Inclined to study his symptom*
minutely, consulting doctors, beside*
doctoring him?elf. He recovered, but
was not the man lie had been a few
years before.
Ono day wlillc ho win at thf seashore
with a party of frtomis, anions: whom
was a lady w ho had c!>n<ontod to lie a
comfort to tho old ho r ? for tho n-st of
his days, l.o ran walking with hor
through tho town wlion :i rough follow
passed them. pnrpw-ly brushing
against 1ho lady. Fit* ltuch remon
strated. when-npon tho titan took hlro
hy tho collar mxl sliovi\l liltn np
against a wall, whoi* h?' hold him for
some tlmo. then released him with tho
remark that next time he'd hotter
mind his own bnvaess. Kit* I Inch,
mortified bovond measure at such treat
ment trio*! to muster up courage tc.
strike the man. hut his enemy looked
ito ugly. so strong. so brutal. so until or
clfnl, that the ex-hero did not dare
tonch him.
That night, when all were asleep,
Ftti Hash. clntehinir something tightly
In his hand, emerged f;-om his room
and went to an ocean pier. There hf
stood for awhile, lookin:: out on th*
hlaek expanse of w ter. v:iiniy endeav
oring to mnster s:n-m-i!i of will tv
plunge. He could Pi t 1"!'. wiir<-* All
ed him with terror. Then he threw
what he held In his hand out Into th?
water and. htrninr. went to his mom.
The next day he did not appear. ni?
fiancee sent for him to r? down with
her to th" bench. Re went dowr
looking pale and hngpir!. She gu.-ss
ed his trouble, but said nothing. They
were sitting on the bench, lower thnn
they were accustomed to do. for tlx
tide was out, looking at the bathers,
the pulls, the wav?-s glittering In the
sunshine, the ship* far out at sea
Tho lady was thrusting her hand into
the sand, grasping It and lotting It
?Hp through her fingers. Suddenly
they closed on something round and
flat and heavy.
It *?i the hero's medal.
He confessed to lier that he bad
thrown It Into the water the night b?
fore, and she knew why.
"It I* better to have been brave." she
said, "and lout ine's bravery than
never to have been brave at all."
When the ex-hero returned to th
city he married his flinece and settled
himself in a home, which lie resolutely
declined to leave. eschewing especially!
army reunions. One reunion night hi*
comrade* eame and took him nw#'
bodily. his wife before he left plnn'n:
his medal to his ceat withont Ms
know In? it. Arriving at the root i
where a dinner wa? In progress. h
was placed amid cheers In the seat "?* j
the commander-president.
"Comrades." he said when the hi
nt tilt had ceased, "my seneral nw
told me that bravery Is purely phys
leal. I have lea mod he was richt. 1
have been weak enoiifh to think *ny
?"lf what you think me - a li'-ro. I a'
no hero and never have Ivvp one."
The words, attributed to modest*-,
drew forth a burst of applause. '"'I*
captain dropped his eye* rrd for ?! ?
Brst time discovered the medal on h.?
breest. A train be glanced at his cm
rades with a mortified expression tva"
told the story of Its having been placed
there surreptitiously.
Then there was a tumult that rlvalot
the din of battle.
All the delicacies of the seasor at the
Pack Train Resturact.
i " , Our splendid stock of new spring goods has ar
rived and we cordially invite all those who are in- '
te rested in first class and stylish wearing apparel
to call and examine our stock.
Here Are a Few of Our Leading Lines:
WOOLTEX Suits and Skirts,
Ladies Shirt Waists in Silk and Cotten,
Ladies Hats, Collars, Belts and Handbags
Toile du Nord Ginghams,
Galatea Cloth, Velour Chiffoline.
Also a Fine Line ol Men's Fancy Sox.
6. m Bebrends lUer mto Company
Honograms ?
The above is printed from a Copper
Plato engraved by us and is a fair
sample of the latest stylos id mon
We do perfect hand engraving. ?ork
that is a pleasure to you and satisfac
tion to ourselves.
We have just received the latest de
signs in lockets, which when engrav
ed in an artistic manner, are just the
thing. ?
Look in our window and see the swell
styles for Easter.
Gold anil Silversmith
ii Peter RicJirn 5
Commercial {.
Whltertoraa, Y-T. 5
first Class in fvcry |
European Plan ?;
Special <Vr -1 ' "n to Business From
emRway. Haines and \ icinity
Will Practice In All the Court*
Juneau * Alaska i
Buy Your Coal
Shaw <& Johnson
Importer* of
Wellington. tadysmith'
Double Screened ami Sacked
Pennsylvania Anthracite
Keg and Ohe?tnut, Hiphw. Grade
Welllncton, delivered, per ion. $1.1 Oft
Anthracite, " 22 00 1
Phone 109 P. C. Dockj
The Celebrated
Tneof beautiful work and ?or J. I
rect alignment.
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The light running Yost ii unequalled
In lightness of umtch, quieineM of ac
tion, simplicity and durability. It is
rtvogniied a* a nocr??ity in the bo?
ifcrw. mar.'* office or the professions
nmn's s.titir.
For particulars, catalogue etc., write
Yost Writing Machine Co
325 Montgomery St. Sui Franc isoo
Agent* for Alaska
?r Anply at tki< IOSm
? ? ? ? ? ??????? ? ?- ? ?!???<
Teralnoa W. P. A Y. Prnn*
A All South Bound Steamers Arrtr? ?nd Da part From This D<"tk
REOCL4TtO*r? I9flf
J W ?rebouae? ip<?n for delirery of mrrrh?n?li?e frr>,n ' a. m. tnSp.m.
I IVWwbltn ONLY delivered <m Sn,v1a? or n atrht.
* A'l frtlpht *hlpn>.-rt* <V?t .ned Mmtt.htnnd muet be a vooiraaled hf ?
SRirrr.R'P Maniftrt Iwper* can be obtaiaeri at the C. *. nutnm
ioffkr) and miirt be dell* -red beforw ft p m No freight ?rfll ha re
ceived on wharf ?ft*r thin bo.ir.
IAWAM Tlftl will be collected on Cnitniro Raooaor Ont.?. Ho
charre for ba^ and frt|? when nncheeked.
The wharf gtte will ba cward to th. puhile whea n?am?r l? near'n#
dock and will be opened ?wly whrn raeee?fer? ham di?ew harked.
Wharf arc Tariff can be had oa ?pp4icai;mg at office oa dork.
I P.O. Ho* 17V C. R WYlVl?-ionXM>Hf OwaT **f
The Leading Jeweler
Nuqoft Jewelry ol All Kinds.
Indian Curios and Souvenir Spoons.
The Pioneer Jeweler
OflW*] Tlrwk^?"pw tor tb# W. P. *; V. R
The Surprised
of thorough satisfaction
makes its appearance on the face
j of every one who for the first time
The goodness is there and it
makes itself evident.
7V Stmab firrr+tf Mt/TMf ft.
TKom *?**? A SmtrU, ?aM|M

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