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fresh fruit and Vegetables
Every steamer brings us a fresh supply
and it is our aim to carry everything in this
line as soon as it is in the market. We have.
Green Onions Asparagus Lettuce
Celery Cauliflower Cabbage
Rhubarb Cucumbers Apples
Artichokes Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes
Oranges Lemons Bananas
John Kalem, the (?rocer
Sole Agent for Relitoce Canned Goods
HwnboMt Let ves Seattle for
a cablegram received by K.A Murphr.
ageot of the i'acitic ('out Steamship
Companv; today, con veys the inform*
tioo that the Humboldt sailed for;Skat
wav from Seattle last night at 8o'clocs.
She will be due to arrive at Sksgway
Thursday with two and a half days'
The Cottage City which was billed to
Mil from Seattle for Skyway April i">.
will not tret away until April :S?.
Play (rood Buaball
The Skagway basebal lists played a
nine innings game on the Fifth avenue
diamond yesterday and the ind cations
are that Skagway will have the cham
pionship 'earn in the field this summer
The new players, O'Brien and Charles
Oleson, showed to good advan'age
Hoth pitched a few innings.
The ?ame was between two picked
nines, one selected by J. K. Bar rag a r
and the other by I<. K. Gault. The bat
teries were Barragar and Mclntyre
and Gault and Phelps. The former
won by a score of 12 to 8.
E?.t?r SnUI
The Christian Endeavor Socivty will
observe Easter week with a social ap
propriate to the season Eggs and
other things suggestive of Easter will
be in evidence. It will be held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Wur/.bach
er tomorrow evening, and gu ?ts have
been requested to be there at 8 o'clock
UdUt Bib's Clan Tomorrow
The Ladies' Bible class of the Pres
byterian church will meet tomorrow at
3:30 p. m. The study will be Cain and
Abel, Noah and the flood. Gen. 4:f.
These studies are being largely attend
ed. They are open to all who may be
interested in pursuing such a course.
Ck?rok? C*ltkr?t* E?it<r D*t
All the Skagway churches celebrated
Eaater Day yeaterday. The churches
were decorated with flowers, both cut
and potted, and the services were ap
propriate to the occasion. Elaborate
muaical programs were arranged and
the sermon breathed the opHm'sm sug
gested by the risen Christ. There
was a large attendance in each of the
At Wkiliuli PrioM
The Mascot saloon sells liquors
either bulk or case goods at wholesale
All the old brands always on
Hotel Summit for sale on account of
buaineea Interests on the outside. In
quire of M. B. Welch, Summit, B. C.
10 I tf.
'A Night in Bohemia
far SaU
ma mmmmmmammmmmmmMmmam *
Kd. Chadwick and Lee Billing*. for
merly of Skagway, hare located at
Chena. according to the Chena Times.
They liked the looks of the railroad ter
minus better than they did that of
O. H. Bernard, of Barber Jfc Bernard,
agents for the New York Life Insur
ance Company, is writing insurance pol
icies at Seward.
John L. Html, of Lorne, arrived in
the'City Sat unlay night, and will return
tomorrow morning,
F. T. Keelar left for Juneau todav on
a business trip.
J. J. Daly left Ketchikan for the
south on the Humboldt.
"A Night in Bohemia."
( >n or about April 25 Skagway will
hava a scientific optician, a graduate
from the Chicago Optical College. He
is a nephew of H. D. Kirmse. the pio
neer jeweler. in connection with whose
business he will follow his avocation.
There is no need to hurry in buying
your ticket to Seattle in order to git
your eyes fixed.
Spring Goods at
American Tailors
The American tailors have received
:heir spring goods and are prepared to
fill orders for suit-, pants ami overcoats'
The latest jwttern* and fashions
1m Americ in Tailors. Broadway.
Dlmi - sad SIoVmm Rr u Old Ac*
Herbine, tsken every morning before
breakfast, will keep you in r> bust
health, fit you to war.1 otT disease. It
cures oonstlpation. hi li usneas, dyspep
sia, fever, skin, hives and kidn> y com
plaints. It purifies the b'ood and clears
the complexion. Mrs. l>. W. Smith.
Whitney, Texas, writes April 3.191*2:
?. have used Herb;ne, aid find it the
best medicine for constipation and liver
troubles. It does all you claim for it.
[can highly r eommeid it." .">Octs a
bottle. For sale by Kelly Drug Co.
Rh-nwaticPa nQmlckly RallaT>4
The excruciating pains characteris
tic of rheums i-ra and sciatica are
quickly relieved bv app'ying Chamber
lain's i'ain Balm. The great pain re
lieving power of the liniment h?s been
the surprise and delight of ihou-ar.ds
of sufferers The quick relief from
pain which it affords is ai< ne worth
many times its cost. For sale by Kelly
Drug Co.
Frwk 1.x
The Frye-Rruhn Co. keep all kinds
jf fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
a fresh supply of
Candy for faster
just in
the Old Reliable
A Soil.
Laura aeeketh not for goM
In the weather sunny;
All the love her arms can h,.lA
What to her Is money T
O'utd I am >he Is content
When lore will not pay the renin
Laura seeketh not for faraa;
Honors fall t? fret her:
So that love shall breathe hot naJM
Fortune nay forget herl
Cased 1 am she la content
towing love pays not tk? rent!)
Laura seeketh not for grace;
Olorv tempts har never;
So that Iowa shall seek her faeat
Life Is sweet forever!
(Vexed 1 am she la content
When lore will not pay the rent!)
? AtJ?n:* Constitute*
Lsssklst as aa Art.
Voting women in society ate laugh I
Ing a (Treat dsal nowadays. Even those
who are not natorally given to laugh) -r |
?end oat peal after peal of ma*1< . 1
"Ha! has!"
This silvery langh is the result v4
weeks and months of special training
and hours and hours of patient prac
tice. Perfection ia attained only through
private instruction. This laugh is a
branch of musisal training applied to
embellish conversation in the moat
pleasing manner
The girl with the loud, hearty laugh
la all right in the mountain or seaside
reaort. but that same langh is tabooed
In the drawing room. She realizes this,
and so she goes to a musical trainet
and cultivates a merry langh which li
?o*t and refined and delightful to hear
She can langh in every kuuwu tcey and
in every pitch The tuning fork is a
most necessary adjunct to this practice
iltbough a piano cr any musical instru
ment can be used. It is best, however,
to use the old fashioned tuning fork,
?ays a very suci-c^fu) trainer of the
There is a groit difference in the*
silvery laughs and an art in their prop
er use. A part of the training is to die
tingnish the proper langh, proper pitch
and proper key to express various de
green of pleasure, sa.ire, interest o*
merely a light laugh which means n. th
ug. Then there is a be witching, low
keyed. mellow contralto laugh, which
ts not possible for everybody to attain
Of course there is with these laughs the
necessary expre>sion of the eye. which
ta to complete the impression one wishes
V) oonvey - -Philadelphia Times.
was tmrleo at re*.
For a moment Aunt I.ucy looked In
dlgnant. but upon reflection she said:
"Well, ft was a good funeral, anil as
long as It happened as It did there's no |
use belrg put out, especially as I'll
never ha v* * chance To go to the right
one now, anyway."
The Easter dafTod'ls were withering;
the parlor floor v. as strewn with their
"Oh, mamma." exclaimed little Elsie,
??those flowers are Just the same eolol
as our canary bird, ain't they?"
"Yes, dear."
"Ia that why they're molting so aw
fully?"? Philadelphia Tress.
la Ike Fashion.
"Here's a new suit for you," said
the deputy sheriff on the morning of
the execution.
"H'm!" gTunted the condemned. "For
?nee In my life I'll dre?F<sl to kill."
?Philadelphia Xortt American.
"A Night in Bohemia."
Ordinance No, 67
An ordinance, providing for the 'tulip?
o( dogs, and for other purposes
He ii enacted by the common council
of the town of Skagway:
Section 1. Tint n? dog over the age
of three m >nth?, shall be pei milted to
run at large in any of the streets,
squares, lar.es, alley*, or in other public
places in the town of Skagway, Alaska,
unless a tax of two dollars ($2.00), shall
have first been paid to the town treas
urer for said do?, bv the owner or cus
todian thereof.
Section 2. That the owner or the
t erson having in charge any doc. which
he al'ows or thermits to run at large
within the limits of the town of Skag
way, shall pay the town treasurer the
sum of two dollars (#2.<?0) for each and
every such dog, which payment shall
entitle him to a receipt from the treas
urer, designating thr owner's name and
the number of the license and the year
or years for whici; such license is is
Section X It shall be the duty of the
owner or person having in charge arv
dog, before he shall allow it to run at
large, to place on such dog's neck a
collar of metal or leather, to whl h is
attached the stamped metal 'ag, issued
by the town treasu er.
Section 4. That the annual time for
the issuance of the licea-e herein pro
vided for. and the time when all su h
licenses shall expire, shall be the fi-s
of September of ea h y ar 7 he li. e s.
or tax herein provide) f?r. shall b>
deemed a (>ermit for he dog, for wh:el
it is issued with the exception as pr -
vided in section six of this orjinaso-,
to run at large from the date of its is
suan.-? until thr first of the fo'l wine
September: provided further, tha- su 1
dog shall h ve u|H n its neck, a collar,
to ' hi? h is attache I the stamped meta
tag before described.
SectionS. That no cog li. ense shall
h? Issued for a longer or shorter ptriod
than to the firs', of September, follow
ing the date of its issuance.
Section ti. That no slut or female
dog in time of beat, no habitually vic
ious dog. or road dog shall l epirmitted
to run at large within the town limits
And it shall be lawful for any person to
kill any such aog found t unning at large
whether the tax on such dog has bee n ;
paid or not.
Section 7. It shall be a misdemeanor !
for any person, the owjer of or having
in charge anv surh dog. ; s described in
the last proceeding section, to permit
the same to run at large in it e town of
Skagway: any such person, who shall
knowinglv or willfully permit such dog
to so run at large, shait, upon conviction
thereof before the municipal magistra e
ke adjudged guilty of ? mUdemeanor
and sha'l tx.' subject to a fine of not 1 -w
than five dollars ($5.00) or more than
twenty-five dollars (' 25.01*)
StCtionS. The town treasurer shall
keep a record of the licenses issued un
? ? ? ? ? ? ^
Our splendid stock of new spring goods has ar
rived and we cordially invite all those who are in
terested in first class and stylish wearing apparel
to call and examine our stock.
Here Are a Few of Our Leading Lines:
WOOLTEX Suits and Skirts,
Ladies Shirt Waists in Silk and Cotten,
Ladies Hats, Collars, Belts and Handbags
Toile du Nord Ginghams,
Galatea Cloth, Velour Chiffoline.
Also a Fine Line ol Men's Fai.cy Sox
der the provisions of this ordina'oe
and shall, on the fifth day of September
of each year ami at such other tim- s as
' the chief of of police shall require it
issue to such officer a list of the persons
who h.ve paid a <lop tax and the num
ber of their licerse.
Section P. It shall be the duty of Ihe
chief of police to kill or cause to be
killed all-doss, found runtime at larjrr
within the 'own of Skaswav, without a
ool!ar. to which is attached the stamped
metal tag issued by the town treasurer,
as above provided. 1 he chief of police
shall oa use all dops, so killed, to b?
buried or otherwise disposed of, in such
place as the town health officer may
Section 10. Th?t ordinances twenty -
nine 159). forty-four (441, and fif y-one
(51) of the town of Skapway and the
whole 'hereof be and the same ar* here
by r- -pealed.
Section 11. Th?t this ordinance sha'l |
be in force on an I after the dat? of It*
Introduced March 13th. 1W>
Passed uo^er suspension of rules
March 13th, 19ftV
m," L. S. Kki.i.kr,
Mayor and ' l*resident of the Council.
W. s. McKean,
Chancing it with a clock
is co a ?'me,y ex;e irrent
Oro'i T?ke Riik*. Huy Mere. The
Liuc of
Mantel, Wall, Trdrooin
and Office Clocks
we carry it verv complale and eacli
time piece is a model of its class. Out
new Itoe of Mission clocks is paiticular
ly attractive, and everybody con ten -
plating the purchase of a clock should
come in and see them.
Everv clock is fullv guaranteed
Gold and Silversmith
M?w M?le at Pack Tr?ln
The Puck Train saloon hu just re
ceived 50 new record* for it* eic*llent
phonograph and the lirpti horn that
erer came to Alaska There ?ill he s
grand c ncert at that place tonight
The latest songs ami the latest ln*tru
mental selection* will he given.
Toil'e Hu Nord ginghams, 1WV1 pat
terns If* a yar.l. at Harrisons'.
Lssi f orlyt r?r Sal*
Soldiers Addition*! Homestead Script,
all strea. ? ny ijuantity full* guaranteed,
can he us<d on unsurrryen t mher land
in Alaska cr ary government lard
which ia > object to honieMead entry.
Price upon app i cat ion
U W. Hubbell, Springfield, Missouri.
The Celebrated
Tneof beautiful work and oor j
rect slitmmpnt
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The litrht running Yost i* unequalled
in lightness of toutch, quietness of ae- :
tion. simplicity and durability. Itit'
recognized as a necessity in the bus- 1
inrss man's offloe or the professional
man's study.
For particulars, catalogue etc., write
Yost Writing Machine Co
325 Montgomery St. Sui Francisco
A pent* for Masks
?r Anylf at this Mm
Tcnulra W P. * T. P??t?
All South Bound Steamer* Arrfv* D#o?H Fr?m Th?? DrH
WareboMM oj?ei? for delivery of wert-hoodl* frnw U ? ?
reri?baMe* ONl,V (Mlrrted m Holiday or at n rht.
All frrifM ?Mrment? <fr?t ined MiiMwwi^ matt he aroomraaied hy ?
hHlPi r.K'S MANiriWT (f?fier? cm be oNoiaed M Ut? D. I? WMWi
office) and mm* delivered helm* S p m. lt? frelrhi will ba fa
eetved or wharf after thin M*ar.
RAG<iAOF. Tolla will be onHeeted OB (HMtP (UOOAOR Owit. Wo
charfe for haf? ??d rr1r? ?he? *ach<vlred
The wharf f ?K- ?111 he rioted to W (while whea ?w?m?r to n*ar1ac
dock and will be opeaed oal; when t ? amfeta hare dlaewharfced,
W'harface Tariff cm he had oa ?ppi icatkm at offle* oa dock
P. O. Hoi 17$. C. ft. W YM H JOHJfPOJ*. Oea"l Hp
gT?T.^VYi>? 1? ^t>?THSY?TSt%rH?r?Y? W mum! r? MlMMMMMMMMMaaMI
I The Leading Jeweler
Nngqet Jewelry ol All Kinds.
Indian Carlos and Sonvenir Spoons.
The Pioneer Jeweler
Official Tim<k??i?r far th# W. P. A Y. R.
Buy Your Coal
Shaw A Johnson
Importer* of
Wellington. ladysmitb'
| IVwiSI* "Vfwnwl Mid iaekM
Pecisylvjfia 'n hracite
I mhI ilbMMnwt, Rlfh?. Graft* ,
Wellington. delirered, per ton. fll?
Anthracite, M SI W!
Ph??? 109 P. C. Dock ,
Whl Msn*, Y T.
. First Class ii fvery
a ? way-? a
? European Plan
?p?eU1 ?"? *> r?t?
r>if*n, ? d VWnM|
ffnPwiiwii All

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