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\eo\j City" Cant At a About
Mat 15
The cantata. "Holy CUy," will be
product un.'er the auspices of the
choir of the Presbyterian church about
M?t iJ at Klks' hall. There will b<>
about .10 ro:CM in the chorus, and moat
of the leading soloists of the city, mala
and female, will be heard The ?inf
ers of Ska? ?aj, nearly of whom will
appear in the "Holy City," have been
rehearsing their parts and the oboruses
for about five weeks under the leader
ship of VV. C. Blaochard, who is leader
of the Presb) terian church choir.
Splendid progress >s being made and It
la enthusiastically proclaimed bv those
who have heard the rehearaals that it
will be one of the beat entertainment*
that ever have been provided at Sitag
The result of the observation taken
at Moore wharf at midnight, Ap-il 96.
1905 is as follows:
reio^era: are time of observation . . .44
Max. temp, preceding hour* 55
Min " " ? " 34
Mean " " . " IS
Barometer. iN-iV
Heavy south wiod, cloudy.
Victorias Sacea?4s B?rr?j ?
W. I> Gordon of Victoria, has ar
rived to accept the position of stenog
rapher in the office of Supt. P. K.
Scharschmivlt. which position was for
merly held by J. K. Karragar. The
posi t ion of shortstop on the local base
ball te m goes with the office tob,? 1
Whitehorse S'ar.
D?>ila! At fswar-4
Pr. J. O. Whinner?, a dental surgeon
of>he I n. ted States army, ia at Fort
William H. Seward and will be there
several ???eks giving the *>ld'ers in
f?is section of Alaska attention.
?'A Night in Bohemia."
1* yoj sr? out of kind! ng see E McC
Weste. I hare it by the sac* or cord.
I 'hooes *.i M If I
L^nd Owning Indians Oau
Bny Rmi?
Judge C. H. Hanford. judge of the
Coiled Sutf?-s district court, decided'
last Monday that it is no crime to fur
nish' whisky to Indians who o*n their
own land This interpretation of the
lav will release 17 prisoners held at
Seattle on the charge of selling ? hiskv
to Indians. The decision was made at
AtHa <? ExhiMt M ? ral
Th<*e interested in Atlin quarts
properties have about completed ar
rangements to make an exhibit of their
ore at the government building at
Omb* toHislrdt rf
There are d?ys of d''uin< ss:
Spells of headache, sideaohe, hack
Sometimes rheumatic pai's;
Often urinary disorders
All tell you plain'y the kidneys are
Down's Kidcey Pills cure all kiuney
Here is proof:
Mrs. K. Lelnhack. widow. of 304 .W
ferson street. Olympia, Wash . says:
"I.*st summer headaches, dii v *pe'ls,
backache ami too frequent action of
the kidneys together with a general
run-down feeling made me aware that
my kidneys were not pro.erly preform
ing their funcions When I called
several months a. o for lVan's K .dnej
fills I wa? suffering the greatest mi*
ery and coukl scarce. y gel about th?
house. Th's one box tfave me so n ucn
relief that I followed it up with a *ee
ocd am! 1 am hi ppy to say that the
l*il!s effected a complete cure, or
least, up to the ures?-ni time I l<*ve felt
no symp'oins of h recurrence, ai d have
no reason to fesr that ihere v . I beam.
They are the tints; medicine I ha\e
ever known."
F\>rs*le hy al! dealers IVce cnN.
a box Kostei ? JKiiSorn iUitTa)o.N
Y., sole agents for thel'nited -tate^.
Remember the nan<>? IVun's am'
take no sulfeiitute.
"*A Night in llohcnii* "
S <Mni! rs Ajjr?*o on Fairbanks
rtie companies and tadt*Mu?lt that
ill operate river steamers between
Dawson ami Fairbanks during tbe com
ing open season have agreed upon tho
passenger fare* between Dawson awl
ihe Tanana camp for the season. The
first-class rate will bs WO and the sec
ond, >.V> The ratea to Chena will be
$2 less than these figure*.
Buiy Oa B?rw?>k Croak
It ia said by recent arrivals from Bul
lion that 150 men are working on Hur
wash creek and thai there will be more
individual mining on that creek than
on any other in the district- A big
output is expected there.
N .? Pay i<r**k Story Tis#
The story that a new pay streak had
been discovered on Fourth of July creek
in the Alsek district has been con
firmed It is expected to have an im
portant bearing on the working of that
Fix Oeana Rat* to D?ira
? orapanies operating from Seattle'
to Dawson via St. Michael have!
mide a passenger rale of 1130 first class
and #105*. cond class between the out
side roints and the Yukon rirer rretrop
olis for the coming open season. The
second cl ss rates are for steerage pa* - 1
s ige ot the ocean steamers and for first j
cl iss aoeomoda' ions on the river boats.
Ti< V?7 b'it R-Kwly far Bowf 1
Tr> nVo? No F?allT Oaa Ahrd
To B? Wltkoit It
"1 regard Cl^mberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Piarrhoea Keniedy as one of
the very hest remedies or hooel trou
bles." ays Mr. J. W. II anion, editor of
l-ne Desp ?toh, Ocilla, Oeorgi*. ? I
make this sra'oraont after having used
the medit ine in my family for s vera!
vears I am oe? er without it." No
fimilT m ?fford 10 be without a \jp*'le
of this reined* in the house. It 's eer
l:i' n to I* needed s oner or laer For
sale b.T Kel'y l>rug Co.
All the delicacies of the season at the
? Pack Train Kesturanu
Calendars for iqo6
CUc will call upon you soon
Ulith a Complete Assortment of
* 1906 Calendars *
fl t Prices Chat mill Save you money
The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
fCorrrMrht. IM bjr T. C MeOturr.)
"There's that puppy Fielding opsin.'
growled her father In a low tone. I
"Turn your eves ?w?j. Sarah. ami
?<>n't look at him"
Miss Bradford compiled hy shooting
t?m nnl Fielding one of tboor m]MM
oh* side glances which enable a worn
an, witliout turning her head. to com
I >as? wonder* of vision Then alie
flushed rosily.
"You aiv very hard on hlin," she i
breathed softly, careful of tlie nearby
clerk at the glove counter In the big
department store.
"Hard nothing." grumbled Mr. Brad- .
ford. "If there's an}' Impractical nnl '
ma I on the face of the globe It la an
Inventor. Take that Infernally foolish
scheme of hia, for Instance that spring i
cushion ho has invented to attach to ?
the bottom of elevators in case of a
fall. Now, what do you suppose the
percentage of accidents <?n an elevator
"How aboil Id I know?" retorted hia
daughter, with a superb feminine con
tetnpt for statistic*.
"lx*a than one In a million Jour
neys," sakl her father triumphantly if
not voraciously.
"Just the same." returned hU dangh
ter obstinately, 'It must be very dls
agreeable when that millionth a?vi [
' dent does happen."
Her father walked stolidly toward
the machine In ijuestlon. Sarah tr i
lag (MHntly after him. theni-h her
thoughta were otherwhere. ami her
eyes new vainly swept tlie crowd for
a glimpse of young Hi^ldins
"I suppose you are not afraid to pi
upT* jeered Mr. Bradford ns ti ? two
found themselves the only occupants
of the cap* as It a?e to the fourtl.
"Of course I'm not." said Sarah re
sentfully. Then she add si artfully.
"You talk about Inventing a? though
It vjns like well, like drinking." -
"It Is as bad as drinking" said her
father solemnly, "or as the cocaine or
the poetry habit. Any one of the*,
will ruin a man's career Now, Sarah,
don't be all day choosing that s?-arf for
vonr mother."
This last as they stepped from the
car. Mr. Bradford was secreily afraid
of the maje-lle felonies that swept t?
ami fro on this special floor, their dcml
tralns gliiilav noiach'ssly over the d<sf> j
can*''*, their eves fronting his with
an Insolent scorn that quite aliashisl
him. tyrant as be was apt to !>e at
"Mere man." they seeincd to tvwhls
poring among themselvi*. Finally the
banker solaced himself by go'ng to a
window and looking out on the street.
Hence be did not Fielding step
fttHti the clcvat r In the next tnonemt
He was not aware that two head- wen
bending together over the s. iff. on
which neither of the young people saw
Hitght of the colors.
But even the choice of a scarf cannot
last forever. It was prematurely ended
by the return of the magnate, wltc
turned ns purple as tlie IVrslan silks
before him when he bcliehl the pretty
He grew more purple still when field
Ing quietly entered the ear with them.
But the banker choked down his wrath
on reflecting that even Inventors can
lawfully ride In any public <vmvey
a nee Then he snapped angrily at the
?levator boy:
"Why are we stopping l>efore this
blank wall, you young procrastinator?
Do yv?u think this sort of thing Is en
Bnt the boy. a lad of sixteen, newly
?n duty, went white with terror.
' Sotuethln's wrong up alwvo," he
ftauimcrcd. "Josh, he's lw-i drinkln'.
I k rowed, though I n ver told. Some
ihin's wrung. ami the brake ain't hold
?n? ripht. It's slippln." lie ended in a
dirill yell.
"Throe ti.xrs to f..ll." thought Field
ujT as he s-'r.-d the half fainting girl
in his arms. Aloud he cri I cheerily:
?IVm't N> f .' , nod. any of yon! My
md'km Ktliiil :rllt was St 111 tl;e fl;"m
isj week. If it's on"
Ay ??>- - if! How 1 rge a word! As
l.e cage ac?t downward at fearful
<pecd. very slightly broken by the
. '.elding rr>)v-s, the lianker found a
vhole ontniy of thought compn-ssed
nto that brii f period. A voice ci iod
n his ear that it was a Judgment on
.i-n. the cushion would nit lie there,
!.at tlie cage wooM strike the ground
vith the sattml so happily d laminated
liy the newsimi?crs as a "slekenlns
hud." He saw himself and Ills child
:>ilcd In a mr.nglol heap he to whom
life had iilwnys seemed so substantial
and sure.
Then lutlf a doaou women waiting
In the basement saw the falling cage
?hoot downward and rise again like a
rubber bull. When It csute down the
second time It rested qulveringly on
the springs, while Inside was an undig
allied mass, which presently astonish
ed tbe wntehern and the component
parts of the Map hy resolving into
four badly shaken but quite timlam
aged people.
The elevator boy staggered out first.
"Oee!" he stammered, holding V1*
head. "If 1 don't get even wid Josh
for dat! I never thought we'd stop
this aide of Chlny V
Fielding followed half carrying
Sarah, who clung to him with a d?
Uclotts abandon which made him wish
?nch aecMonta n ight he frequent.
A* to the bank ar, he spoke but little
until Fleloing had landed father and
laughter it their brownatone front.
Then be ield out his hand.
"Inren.i'sg," he said vsry seriously,
"la not to bad a habit ?? I thought
In fad 1 may say that both poetry
tad ooer.l .e arc Infinitely wore*. Corns
to see u? rben you please "
At VkdmU Prl??
The M?*mi mtfown *pI1? ltauor*,
oliher bulk or cm* rwd* H wholesale
wiwt. All the oid brtndi *lw?y? on
hmd. 10-1-tf.
? Any Kind of Chewing Totwooo M
10c ? CUT
* mmI we will tell errry thine rhe*p
th?u> In i ho More
j Pipes, 5c and Up
X Don't Forget the
t 4? KROAPWAT, rhooe M
Tony Dortero
Comfortable Bed*
Dining Rot m In Conn?ctK">
? ? ?
tlof I'nIMIoc
( Nf?r P.?u>(TI(*. tnni ftuvrt
? Pete McMillan, Proprietor
the leading Hotel
: Windsor
! Hotel
Opposite Depot
Wbitehorse, Y.T.
J O. S. Jonn*nn, Prop.
I -Caribou Hotel- 1
i ? I.
? _ 1
I Caribou Crossing ||
A Strict'y
? --Dining Koom in Coon?ctioo?
; Choicest Win**, Liquon A Ctff*r?
; K J. RriUkin. Mgr.
$ . _ ,
The Only rr*ciic*l
tinners and Plumbers
Hardware Tin and
Steam Pipe 6c Fittings
Canadian Pacific Ity. Co J
PI reel Service, 1*? lawmcdtot" "
CMI. to
Tr*mrf?f-r1l>f to
No **ti? <"h*rre
April 25 May 5 |
For Speed. Oomterv SorrJce mkI
Appointment Three Twin Screw
8 wtmer? C mi not be Kqoftied for \
Information Write or Apply to
9. ?.DUB* . Art. IKAftWAT
Hotel? ^
whtmlirn , V. 1
n. i. ?Hi?. ptw?.
Goo4 Stabttrg For H<
RpfBMiUh'-." Dinwfftwel !
(Iik in T.rrrf R-efwet
| PVt?M I ??# tn U?# Hartbwmi g
?Steam Laandpy* {
AH W-rfc r,airir.tr?L kocl '
Older# plij ?
Dm I
phonk n. i
Wrtl'-pr WtJl Oil ?tm
Baths In ConnrctlM
Pn??tf Room for L?1i?* '
Finely Furnished I loom*
Klectrte Lighted Throughout
OBO. W. (TITO, ntop.
ProolSL Souih P O.. Whltchow.V.T
Raw Furs....
High Prices lor fine fors
Write For Pri? I J*t
Percey's Fur House
Oahkoth. Wi?eon*!n
When In Haines
Stop *l the
Hotel Northern
J. G Morriwm. Proo.
Restaurant In Bulldlno
Plying Sk?c??f ?nd
Leaves Ska^way at
9 a. in. Sharp
f'r^ry Morv' u mm 1 FrVUjr
Arritint *t H*in? M II ?*?. m.
Hiiim it 2 p. it.
Sin*l* f?r? tl MH
1.4 t ton *rx1 C.?>rm*le
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
T1MK TABLE N. . 1 J.
(Dfttlf *uo?la?.)
No. V ft. '.mod
Irtflate. I?t <?(??? 5? I m<i
? Ma m. LV. SKAUUaV A K ? *>r m AR. 4 lit,*
88}" ' whtt* ,as* ? It, ' m ?? ?
11 4N " " UK. ? AB1.N 2 10 ? ? I <? *
81} V :: BEHNRTT J?*}"*
2 10 M " (AfflROU - l: SO*.? "10 C M
? SO " AU WHITK LV ? ' LV. ?? 7 ? I "
PMwnrer* mut be at <t? |?ii/ Jp t> u f.a?< 'mtg^c liapecU4 |- J
checked. Inspection l? ?tO|-r?d 10 n.lcui?'? h iferr ?> *? r / ? ate of t rain.
150 round? of >a?eaf> will be oi < Ir fr?? i oac.i f*l. 'are lloka
and Tf ponnc* with ?aoh half fare t'rW?-?
I. ? ffiWNMft*:*:* m. , infm
1 The Idaho Liquor House
OORUKR miRD ANP hkoadway,
; The Pioneer Family "Liquor Store of Skagwav
| Direct Importer- of Farefro and DobkHIc
PtItM? Room? FYrr Fam!tle?
: flperlal At??BUoii'u> Oid?r? fcr Family C'??. T?>phoo? M
?rrr?r?.i.w..T.T?T.??T.Tf?ir?->.T.i.>* f..rm ...... . ...<**??
IDurinp the Ope i Season of Novation on the Yukon River The
While Pass S Yukon tome
Skagway to Atlin- Whitehorse, Big Salmon
and Dawson
Connection Made at Daweoo with Lower River M-amboate for Tuut, Fairtaike. St. Mich*?l and None
Ludt r??>on)roM and Freight at theae I'lmpt Rarlier to the Poaaon an<l flicker than Aaj Other ito?t?
During the Winter Seaaon, When Nail fation ii Closed Fit. el Appoint"'! Train?|will,< ont nue to Run ftfeily
Kxcept Sunday, lie ween Skagway anil White Wee
A Through |Maii, Paaeenger and Freight Serric? will b? |M?inained%T aJf>,oro ifhijr Re, iaipp??l
gj Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points in UnitedJSiates and Car ada
For Information relative to Paaaen|r-r Freight and Telecrarhle ra'ra, a- p y un'|?n< -ar-e t of "?a|< dt, or vo
M.J. B. WHITE, G, F A PA. A.B. N EWKLL, V. P. AO. M. K.JO. m.NWyAeat, O. F. * V. A.
Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver. B. C. and Wmcua*. Ataaha
^k*r>JaT. Aiac a

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