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?*. ?
Ladies off the Ma 'd bees
* Will Celebrate M^y Day
The coming of the May will be oele
hrated under the auspices of the Ladles
of the Mftccabees at the Msccabee hall
next Tuesday evening with a May bas
ket social. All the people of Skatfway
have been invited to join In the cele
The ladie* attending the social, in
cluding both the member* of the order
,iod other*, will furnish May basket*,
and the mm will be required to pa? oO
cent* each for them.
The evening will he ?pent In the rol
licking games that usual 1* attend May
parties There will be a Mas pole and
a "Vjiieen 'o the May."
The (jood of the order committee,
Mr*. K Keero, Mr*. F. M. Lucavish and
Mr*. C K. Jones, have charge of the
Next Tuesday is the regular meeting
*ht of the order.but the meeting will
begin promptly at 7:30 p. id. and will
adjourn before S30, at which lime the
social will begin
Sk (jwsy Olrl M?rrt??
Cards were received in Skagwsy yes
terday from Mr. and Mr*. C. K. Frank,
formerly of this city, announcing the
marriage of their daughter, Miss Wil
hslmena Kdna Frank, to Fred Kich
mood Bunker, at Tacoma, April IS*.
Mr. and Mrs Bunker will be at home
at SSK Warner street. Taco-na after
May 15. The bride, as Miss Minnie
Frauk. was one of the mint popular
member* of Skagwav'* younger society
The result of the observation taken
at Moore wh?rf at midnight, Ap-il 27.
lyOr". is as follows:
reinperat ire time of observation . . .4.1
Max. tetr.p. i>ro<-eding 24 hours 54
Mia " " " " ?
Me?n " " " " 45
Barometer 28? 72.
. Heavy south winl, cloudy
I' you are on: of kindling see K McC
W' S>e. I bar ? it h\ the sac* or cord.
Fhon-s Pl? >4. 'f
Ben & Downing, the Fairbanks mer
chant arid freighter, known to fame ns
a lower Yukon mail carrier, arrived on
the Humboldt with a large hunch of
stock and left on the train thi* morn
ing for Whitehorne. In addition to the
good< which accompanied Vr. IVwn
' In* he was preceded by a lar e outfit
which is now below Lahnrge.
Mr. Downing brought six big St,
tiouis mules with him and he will
freight some of his goods to Yukon
On wing from whioh place he will take
the rtver.
One of the best programs ever ar
ranged for the Skagway Literary and
rebating Society will be rendered to
night at the Presbyteiian church. It
will be the last meeting of this society
for *he season. The feature of the pro
gram tonight will be the lecture by K.
J. Shaw on the life of NapJeoti A
good list ot literary and musical num
bers will be given.;
????? ?
Owl j OS<?> ?
At the meeting of tee Ladies' Guild
efSt. Saviour's church yesterday after
noon the following officers m ere elected:
Mrs. John lieckman. president: Mrs.
J. K. Barragar. vice president: M'ss
Langdon, secretary, and Mr*. I. N.
Wilco-xen, treasurer.
Otno Go Nfrik
A large flock of geese passed north
ward today shortly after the noon hour.
Kven the geesr prefer this to ihe Val
d?z route.- Whitehorse Star.
V smsIo Mlwtlkt
There will be a regular communica
tion of White Pasa Lodge No. lit. K. .v
A. M., Friday evening. April at
their ball. No. 5ir> Fourth avenue.
Sojourning ar>d vis.- rig bv. thrr-n are
Cordially invited to mi e; with us.
By oriler of the \V. M.
H. \V. TaYU?K. S,crt t ir> .
Spring tflMi ' r MRM and
party w?-ar, at Hart mm s'.
"A Night in lv>Vtu ??."
Ooi'asre City Had a Ntrrow
| The steamship Cottage City, of t-he
Pacific Oout Stoamshsp Company,
nearly c*me to an untimely end on her
last trip from Skagw^y to Seattle.
While passing through Seymour Nar
rows her steer lug gear broke and ?he
smashed Into a hidden reef. The same
that caused the destruction of a British
man-of war some yeara ago.
The force of the oolliaaion was so se
vere that the CoP-age City careened
until she took water over her aide In
an instant everything on hoard was
thrown into a wild state of confusion,
rassengers hasti'y gathered on deck
ami a panic might have enaued but for
the demeanor of the captain, crew and
officers Tho ahlp quickly drifted ofl
and proce?xled on her way.
The Cottag*> t'lty was put on the dry
dock upon reaching Seattle- She will
sail for Skagway tomorrow.
Ai?k?< Cu Dmud Rt?M.
Now that Alaska ha* been declared a
part of the United States, we. as citi
zens of that country, can demand ttie
rights guaranteed by the constitution
Ketchikan Journal.
Trj-tic HawA at K ?? Trlefc
Actor Wank Hewitt is const rtc ting .;
b >at at this place with which to tour
the Yukon country after the opening of
navigation. ? Whitehorse Star .
Th? Vory R.mody fmr Bo??l
Treablm Wo Fa?Ut Cm Ai'ord
To B. WitkNt It
"1 regard CI amberlainV Colic, Chol
era ami Diarrhoea i>etiiedy one of
the vt rv N??t remedies or bo?el trou
hi.V "ays Mr. J. W. Hanloo. odlorof
?re P?>p<tch. Ocili*. Oeortri*. ' '
nviKe :hi? ??*'eme?it after htvinir
I be M# re in mv family for -.vera1
vcar* lamooer aiihout it-'" S"
ft;r.i,v ia > afford to he without a botle
of 'hi" remedy io the hou?e. I' * per
tain to 1* needed aooaer or la or For
*ale h? Kel'y Itruj Co.
All I he <le!'.CJ?Cios of theseasor, a: the
l'ack Train Kesturaot.
Calendars for iqo6
me will call upon you soon
Will) a Compute Assortment of
* 1906 Calendars *
flt Prices Chat pit Save you money
The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
A ***% ?Wtr? I fMtllnt
IdMit In \\ nt%t*.
The newest spring akirt I* it resnrree
tlon of ooe that wm? ? novrltj ? ?1o?en
agv- the liell or umbrella aklrt
It It very sllgtilly cased in at the walat.
with the fullness an Into plait* l" hlnil
ami railing In fohla at tbe feet. where
the skirt measure* a1*Mit eight JtW?
In walata there arr three leading
Meaa th?> nrrftRf dr*|wv1 MW
whtch I* tacked acroas the upper part
or the flgiire, the oroas?.v*r Mnaw
bodice alwve a well l??mM high rorar
tot lielt anil the Jacket, hy Which the
French Ktw ?> a mentis any or the highly
ifwwtlTr variation* or the l.oni* XV.
These l.onls coat* are very iwftil a*
(hev permit the wearing or on^Jaoket
with different skirt*. |irwMrt there I*
an alfln-iy l>et ween the two.
Hie 1 onta >-oat may be or brocade,
vol!.1, taffeta or lace. It may be clooe
fitting. with shaped bim)W, or it tuny
lie N>?*. with ? deep licit and full
HlMI hire reversal ttie order of
arr?uireim"it. Tbe puff ha* mounted
from wri*t to *l>oti)<ler, all fullnea*
oomtnc oik* more from the armh.de
TTds fu 'n? - lu M\m?> Instance* Is m<
Ifpc.it Tli.it wliilehono epanlctB atv tj?*d
to rapport the fuiluc**. Eli >w sl<>cre
atv used f r all cx.vpt tailor mail* an;1
morning c?vns.
Tlio kikio In tin- pvture I* of chine
.silk of * |>il" nt?ic color. f. >wem I ovn
with ttiistlcs. The *kirt J* gaiheml
thtxv t .. ? - Its lenjrh and filh
full at tlio f?vt in a deep ruffle The at
tractive lil.ie nut Ik laid in fok'-> :.lxMit
the fipirt' awl shirrs across the >h nil
tiers, fare, ng a ruffle over tbe tucked
sleeve*. Atxwt the n>vk and dowu the
front Is n tritiiir.ir.p ?>f embroidery mo
tlf* (s'kvsI with l >ep Ttiese arc m >uut
ol oxer pile crecti velvet. which *ls >
forms the girdle and cuff, l>oth of
wliich arc f. stened with larce jade
hnttoiis JH?!C CIIOLI.KT.
Fashion* IN>r ihr Ww PNfttL ? How to
Mwlf n Ijiw n Skirt.
Pongee coat* for the little tot* arc
made up In the quaintest k ml of fawli
K?n and ape both practical ami otnart
They are cool and elenn.
Smocking done In three points I* an
Inexpensive trimming for a two-year
old infant's u.oruing dress.
Tucks on the skirts of grownup
gowua atv larger and In groui>* of two
or three. A *1 triple way to make a
white l.i wu skirt Is in three ruffles
Each ruffle l is .it tbe l>>tton> two rr.tli
rr I -rse tu.-k*. Tbe depth of ttx
fl.vtncrs a re regulated by the he'ght of
tlio vesper.
-v . rs w ish several lai-e trim
ne>' ihSIm li ?l 1 out the thin waist*
Amcthy . ? are In \ < etc now and
>m<< in . i - ?.-?? ?f nttnctlve acttlng*.
Very stunning are belt buckle and
necklace carried out in araethysta In a
dull stiver design.
All over anglalse liroderte make* the
fetching waist seen In the out A ruf
fle of the bfoderie put on to form a
vest effect In front widen* out over
the shoulders into a pretty shoulder
ruffle. The sleeves puff to the elbow
and there meet a de?tf cuff made on
th? cpms of the all over
jrrnc cholubt.
At Wt.?t.??la PHm
The Mmcoi aalnon aalta llqnora,
f>4lhrr bulk or vntf (fwd* al whol??a???
pric**. All the oW brand* al?-ay? on
haml. 10-lHl.
f Any Kind of Oh*w\ne Tobaooo at
10c a CUT
J Mxl *r will *911 ?rrrythln*cb?*p
that* In thr nor*
l Pipes. 6c and Up
Don't Forget the
43* BROADWAY, rhon* M
Tony Dortero
Comfortable Beda
Dining Rotm In Conn*et<?n
I ?* Knl Mint |
!N*m rm?i stnvt
Pete McMillan. Proprietor 1
the leading Hotel
j Windsor
? Hotel ?
Opposite Depot
Whitehorse, Y.T.
x O. S. .1oun?nn, Prop.
-Caribou Hetel- 1
Caribou Crossing
A Strict'*
; Hinioc Room in < ioon??etiot)?
> Choicest Wine*, Liquor* A i'ic*r?
K J. Briuin. Mirr.
The Only Practical
! I innrrs and Plumbers
Hardware Tin and
Granite ware
? Steam Pipe & FittinQS
Canadian Pacific fty. Co. !
TXrrcl gwrrtoa. ?f? liUnnntiH' '
CWI, to
TfMMrfwrtBt to
April 25 May 5
?? t p-m
Pw Speed. (lwitert, ??>r?W ftnd I
ApjiolnVmrni The** TVtn *crr? ?
StoftfntrvC.MilK* h? Itqa*ln4 Fori
IntonMitnn Writ* or lo
p. w rit?** . ?r t? iiaow*t|
tNWMMWv> ? ? -
Vancouver 1
Om< St?Wt*o for HtfWf
Rf-famUhxit TKfrmrKwBt firm- '
n*? !? f,v*rj t
FV~* <*t* I* MM 1
?Steam Laundry*
Ml W >f> " V>f1
rv n.
ph< >Nt /? ;
Bdlhs in ConnrctiM ?.
Prw??? H<w?n? (nr !.?-???* r
IPInKly FVhtIbHuI Hootm
Kleetrte Ufht??rf Thronfhoat
owv w mm*, phof.
PVonl St. South P.O.. Whtt?feor?#.Y.T
Raw Furs....
WK ?V. Y
High Priws (or fine tors
Writ* For Prtc* l.i?t
Percey's Fur House
O?hko*h. Wi?c*m?in
When In Haines
Ptaptt ik?
Hotel Northern
J. O. M<rrlm. Pro*
Rrstdurant In Kuildiig
lljinf fV- ??"??* "<*?{??; and
Leaves Ska^way at
9 a. m. Sharp
Ktft V< >\ " ?r?| fri.taj
Arrlrlwr at IU'r?? at II .? a. m.
l/att llainn ar 2 p. m.
S<n*l* far* It
Lair tor and Oranair
The WhitePass & Yukon Route
T1MK TAHUK X.. 1.*
(Dully E*e?t4 Sood?-.
t. A ' i i ori
%i ct???
t ?V m
I * ,
1 01
2 H<
1 W { r -
I jsJ**
11 Btejft
1?i "taH
10 as i,.
11 OOf
u *s "
It 15 r p.m
IS V. { ??
t 10 '?
4 30 " AK
Wmn IfoRn
ir i r
*n ? is?, ?
" I M "
. , m *
" If ? f ?
1? ( "
? *<
M " 7 ? t
Pwrnnn ant b? tt d ftfMl Ir. t - n-.? - a*^tai I*'.
eheeked. loopvctlon i# *tof?p?-<? K> rainut- ? ?? *>? >.-???.? -.<> -*(?.
ISO pocad* of h*fr*T' ?ri!: h? c> ?*-*?? 'r, ? m .? ?m M?t?*
u?) 7R imnnd* wl*h )i?lt '*'?? tlr*r?t
? The Idaho Liquor Mouse
corner rsmn anp hr^adway,
i The Pioneer Family Liauor Store of Skagwav
j Olroct ' n por??r? of Forelre ??x1 rvwn^t'c
PrlrM* Ronrr? Ttrr FmiKIm
"? Rfwtal Attentioc'to Older* fcr Fwrdy C??. Tt'tph??? M
I v??i? ?r. .v. mi . ki' ?m> i
Navigation on the Yukon River and
Lakes Should Open About June 1
Passengers and Freight For
And Other River Points Will Be Taken Through via An Up-to
Date Rail and Steamboat Line
Finely AppointedTrains Daily Except Sunday Between Skag
wav and Whitehorse. Carry Passengers Baggage.
Mail and Express
M. J. B. WHITE, G, F; A P. A. A. R NBWfcLU V. F. * O. M. R.JO. PlWtWV*"*- G. F |S*. A.
Tanmr, B.C. Vijvrcmrer. B. C. Mxl Nnmt. * '?? a

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