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DmIM** Wm Baa MaOImIs
Dan McGinn Is it the name of the man
found dead near the Twentyaiimlle
road house below Fortymile about a
month ago. McCinnla went to Eagle
from Dawson last fall. He found little
to do, ami was supported by subscrip
tions gotten up by the people of Eagle.
He left Eagle to return to Daweon on
foot with hi* blanketa, February 13.
E? idently ho was loet la a storm and
was frozen where found.
ladtaa Boy b W?U
The Indian boy, of Caribou, whom
Bishop Rom pas sent to a Vancouver
hoepital seven or eight month* ?go,
suffering from a deformity, returned m
the Princes* May completely cured.
He left on the train for Caribou this
Pure ice cream at Muir's
A Good Family Llmiaiat
Every family shoo'd be supplied with !
a bottle of i hamberlain's Pain Balm.
For cut.*, bruises, burns, scalds anc
similar injuries, which are of frequent
occurence, there is nothing so good. 1
V It sooths the wound and not only gives i
Instant reii-f from pain, but causes the
parts to heal in about one-third tae
time required by the usual t-eatment.
As it is antiseptic all danger from blood
poisoning is avoided. Sold by Kelly
Drug t 'o.
To cold draughts of air, to keen and |
cutting winds, sudden changes of tem
perature, scanty clothing, undue expos
ure of the throat and neck after public
speaking and singing bring on c ugbs;
and co'ds. Ballard's Horehouod Syrup
Is the best cure
Mrs A. Barr Houston. Teias, writes,
Jan. 31, 1902: "One bottle of Ballard's j
Horehound Syrup cured me of ? very ,
bid cough. It is very pleasant to take. '
2Sc, ,v>e, ?1 00. Sold by Kelly ttrug Co. i
I>epartment of the Interior WisblBftoa, P
C.. April 19, 1**. >-alad prvpossla n> r the con
?truction of sch<x)l house* at KUIIhooo, ma
fell And Jack*>n Southeastern Alaska. for Iwch
era residence* a t klawoek. Prin:e of W*J?s
Island and Shukan. Southeastern Alaska, and
for sc hoo 1 houw.". with tether* residence*
a'tachtd. ?t l>eerimr. on the Arctic coast. and
Haine" and kuke in > >utheaMeru Alaaka, will
be rac- ieed al tha department until > o'clock p.
m . Saturday. l ine K 1**. and a ill be opeoad
iirme tlately thereafter. in the presence of such
bidders as may leai^e to attend Blank forms
Of prop*?al. finbrsfinf >p??ctncalioBa, may be
obtained <?n application to the department, or
l*> the Com in Kroner of Kducattou. whara
drawing* j4o*inf details may be inspected
P'an? and specification* may also be *een and
obtained fn.tn Pn?f. William A. Kelly, at Sitka,
Alaska, at Juaean and Poutfla*. from Living
atou V. Jonc* f Juneau; and from the respec
tive t* ? "ommisMoner* at Ketchiaan Wran
Ktfll Ska^wrtv. s?*ward, and Valdex. Alaska. K.
A Hitchcock. Secret-* nr. 51*101
Toil'e Du Nonl fciojjham*. 1W5 pa -
terns loo a jari. at Harrisons'.
Lake Lnb<rg? is Now Im
Travel across Lake Labarge with
freight has suspended, Horse teams
quit attempting to get across the tee
jereral days ago, end it ia I elleved that
dog teams are not attempting it now.
For the first year in a long time there
will be practically no freight intended
for Lower Labarge that will not reach
ita destination this year. The freighters
begun work ecrlier than usual this
year and the conditions were favorable
for quick delivery.
Former Ikaiwiyu EiUrprliltf
Wesley Allen, of the Owl Drug Com
pany, is not going to allow anyone to
get ahead of him in up-to-date improve
tnenta. He is having a modern plate
glass front placed in the store.- Seward
A Poaitlre NrOf m?lt?
Having to lay upon my bed for 14
days from a severely bruivd icg T only
found relief ? hen I used a bottle of
Ballard's Snow Liniment. I can cheer
fully recommend it as the best medicine
for cruises ever sent to the afflicted.
It has now become a positive necessity
upon myself. D. H. Byrnes, merchant,
Doversvill, Texas. 25.', .Vta, $1.00.
Sold by Kelly Drug Co.
Ice cream and sherbets at the Vienna
Bakery. Best in town. 'Phone 3,">.
For Sail at a BarSaln.
On account of departure, I w'.ll sell
my household furniture at private sale
to su't purchasers. Goods consisting of
following. In fl-st class condition: 1
rosewood Xew York Arion piano, 1
double oak bedstead and center
brace springs. 2 wool top mattresses. 1
curled hair mattress. 1 miss mattress,
cane bottom chairs, 1 sewing machine,
all complete: 1 walnut center t*Sle. 1
dining table, 1 kitchen cabinet wble. 1
parlor lounge, carpets, crockery, glas>
ware and pictures etc.. etc.
Mrs A. J. Cohen,
First house west of Broadway. 8th are.
For Solo
Hotel Summit for sale on account of
business interests on the outside. In
quire of M. B.. Welch, Suui m it, B.C.
At 8 o'clock this morning, the
weather conditions on the Y ukon river
and along the line of the W. P. & Y.
U. were as follows:
Skagw?y? Calm, brisk south wind, 40
Glacier? Clear, calm, 58 above.
While Pass? Cloudy, south wind, 2S>
Log Cabin? Clear, strong south wind,
M above.
Bennett? Cloudy, south wind, 35
j Pennington? Cloudy, south wind 44
j Caribou? Clear, calm, 40 abjve.
Cowley? Cloudy, south wind, 38
Whitehorse Cloudy, south wind, 42
Lower La barge ? Cloudy, south wind,
45 above.
Hootalinqua? Cloudy, south wind, 45
Big Salmon? Cloudy, south wind, 45
j Yukon Crossing? Cloudy, south wind,
| 52 abjve.
i Selkirk- Cloudy, south wind, 38
j above.
Stewart? Cloudy, south wind, 40
Ogil vie? Cloudy, south wind, 40
| above.
i Dawson? Cloudy, south wind, 40
> above.
Fortvmile ? Cloudy, south wind, 40
Ragle? Cloudy, south wind, 50 above
At) in Cloudy, south wind, 40 above.
Go to Muir's for candy.
I'njoy r*lne Herpirlde on Accoaat ?(
Its Distinctive****.
The ladles who have used Vewhro'e
j Herplclde apeak of It In the highest
terms, for Its quick effect in cleansing
[ >he scalp of dandruff and also for Its e*
| ecllence as a general halr-dresstnr It
j makes the scalp feel fresh and It allays
I that Itching which dandruff will cause.
y?wbro's Herplclde effectively cures
, d.-ndruff. as It destroys the germ that
causes It. The same germ causes hair to
fall out. and later haldness; In killing It.
:ierpltlde stops falling hair and prevents
i haldness. It Is also an Ideal hair dress
I Ire. for It lends an aristocratic charm to
j the hair that Is quite distinctive. Sold
j '?> lcadins druggists. Send 10c. In stamps
1 for sample to The Herplclde Co.. De
j 'roit. Ulch.
Wm. Britt, Special Agent.
Ice cream and sherbets at the Vienna
Bakery. Best in town. 'Phone 35.
Calendars for iqo6
Kit will call upon von soon
ttlith a Compute Assortment of
* I9Q6 Calendars *
m Prices Clwt mill Save you money
The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
Old Comrades Meet
tortstnal 1
"Prisoner at the bar, liave von any
thing to say why the sentence of death
?1k>uM not bo passed upon you?"
"Well. Jndgo, seeln' that these hon'
?ble twelve gentlemen haa brought me
In utility, ft would bo highly dlsrespec'
fiil for tno to say anything ag'ln tholr
verdlc'. Howsoever, tnebbe they
wouldn't mind my sayln' that nbrti
the crime was committed lien in Ari
?oua 1 was light in the dago* in Culm."
"Why did you not bring forward evl
Icuiv of that during the trial f'
"Well, Judge, the regiment 1 font
with wasn't recruluM from those parts,
and most o' in)' comrades left their
oarcuM on San Juan hill. No, there
wouldn't I*' no use tryln' to prove a
alibi. I've had a fair trial. You,
Judge, have made the penwvutin' at
torney treat mo right, and the Jury lins
convicted tno on the best kiud o' cir
cumstantial evideuco."
There was something so honest ap
pearing in the ohl soldier's manner that
Judge. Jury ami spectators were visibly
affected. Otic of the s|>eetaton< edged
urotind to wlierc the Judge aat ami
whispered something in his oar.
"This gentleman." said the judge to
the prisoner, "says that be was iu Cuba
during the Spanish American war, and
perhajts you might prove your case by
"Don't remember ever to have seen j
the gentleman." remarked tbe prisoner, |
scrutinizing the person referred to sus
"You say," said the man, "that you
were at San Juan hill?"
"I wa?."
"What regiment?"
"The ? th New York."
"It's plain you're tyln', since no such
regiment went up the hill."
"Reckon there wasn't hut there was
a man as got separated from that regi
ment and fell lu w ith the - th Illinois,
the company on the right end o' the
Hue, and the feller that fell In was
"Why, you cussed liar. I commanded
the company on the extreme right of
the ? th Illiuoia myself."
"You didn't? no sich thing. You're
play in' some game on me. t?ot some
grudge to send an innocent man to the
"I ought to know," snld the other In
"I tell yon." reared the condemned
man, "Cap'n Josh Ringham command
ed that company."
"And 1 tell you," retorted the other
angrily, "I'm t'ap'n Josh Ringham."
At this the captain lifted his over
shadowing sombrero to mop his brow,
and the prisoner scrutinized him.
"Great Sv-ott, cap'n, how you have
changed:*' he -said at last. I'd never
ha' knowed ye."
Rut tbe other would not admit tlic
"Judge," lie said, "this mau has un
doubtedly got hold of my army record
and is endeavoring to make something
out of It. I never saw hiiu before In
my life."
"You set there, Cap'n Josh Bingham,
and say you never saw tne before In
your life! 1K> you forget how when
we got to the top o' the hill a dirty
dago started to club you with the butt
of his rifle and how a man stepped In
and. after receivln' the blow on his
shoulder"? here the veteran tore open
his shirt and exposed a healed wound
"run his bayonet through the dago
lK> you mean to say you don't reineiu
ber that?"
"Yes, I do rememl<er that, but you
wasn't the man that saved my life.
That man carried me off tbe fleld a few
moments later when I was wounded,
and he got a Spanish bayonet in his
forehead that left a wound like a Turk
Ish sclmlter. I'd know that would
"What was his name?" the prisoner
demanded, growing angrier and shout
ing louder with every word.
"Jim Hicks."
The spectators started. The prisoner
had been tried under that name.
"Jim Illcks; yes, that war him -Jim
Hicks, and that war me. You'd recog
nlre the scar anywhere would ye.
cap'n? Well, what d'ye think o' this?"
He pushed aside a lock of shocky
hair and displayed a scar the exact
counterpart of a sclmlter. The captain
1 <I?W.
"Why, Jim: Can It I*? No -yes.
How you have changed, Jim! That
campaign hag told on us both. Youi
hand, okl comrade."
While he was speaking he was edg
ing around to where the prisoner stood,
and, first grasping his hand, he after
ward took him In his arms. The spec
tators, having witnessed thla dialogue
on which a human life hung, no sooner
saw the denouement than they set ur
a shout that made the log courthouw
ring. The judge rnppevf for order
charged the Jury to rett* to rwonsldei
their verdict and to bring In one In ac
cordance with the new evidence. Thli
they did. pronouncing the prisoner nol
guilty. Jim Hicks and his "vet" com
panlon left the courtroom together ant'
sauntered toward the outskirts of th<
settlement, their arms around earl
other's neck, followed by the goo*
wishes of every settler. When tbei
reached a point where two horses wen
hitched they mounted and rode away.
"SomeplD beautiful In that friend
?hip," remarked one of the observer
to another.
"Beautiful! Takes battleflelda ti
mate them friendships"
A few hours later a sheriff rode inti
the place, described Captain Rlnghan
and said that he wanted him for horw
It was then that the Judge, the Jur;
and the spectators discovered that the;
had been sold by two of the worst de?
pemdoes, murderers and horse thieve
that disgraced Arixona.
Cloctrlr *??'"??<
The lXnclpa! Oarber Shop Hm *
cuml the great Carpenter Vibrator,
and it prepared to give ike heat elec
tric ir*attc,*nt that ever ha*
b?en deviled. They are an absolute
cure for headache, rhoumatltm and
other disorder*, Improve the olrcnla
tion and five nervous strength. We
have private room* for ladlea. Princi
pal Berber Shop.
Bath*25c?nM. Pine porcelain tub*
at the l\>rtl nd Ixrf ring Hou*e. Room*
2Sc, 50c, 7Sc *nd . Kifth avenue, o|r
poalte ( anadian Rank of tommeree.
The Pantheon bootblack make* your
shoes look like a nigger'* heel. Try
him, he is an expert. *
At Wk?1?wU PriMi
The Maorot saloon Hell* Honors,
either bulk or cane goods at wholeaale
Kicea. All the old brand* alwaj* on
Ad. MVl-U.
Any Kind of Chewing Tobaooo at
10c a CUT
and we will aell everything cheap
that* in the store
Pipes, 5c and Up
Don't Forget the
428 BROADWAY, Phone 62
Tony Dortero
Comfortable Bed*
Dining Ro?.m In Connect!0"
I/O* KotMInc
NMt Po?t?IRc*, rmnt Street
Pete McMillan, Proprietor
I he leading Hotel
Opposite Depot
Whitehorse, Y. T.
P. McMillian,' Prop.
I-Gariboci Hstel
Caribou Crossing
A Strictly
5 ? Dininc Iloom in ( 'ofinoctiof! ?
: Choicest Wines. Uquon A Cirmrt
U J. Itriuin. Mgr.
? .r.r.x.x.T.T.x#>x?x?xg?tK<)??eee?8iia
Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.
Wpp?% ftcrrte*, !fo Intern rrilAU
GUI, ?o
Tr*o?ferrInf to
No tttn Cttrp
May 15. 25, 'June 5
mi H p.m.
For 8p*e<i, Comfort, S?r*te? and
Appointment Thme Twin Srrrw
SlMmmCiiuMt be Rqaalad. For
Inform Ml ?o Wrtve or Apply to
H. BJ>to*ll , Aft. UAOWAT
Flo?lj Furnt?h*d Rooms
Electric Lighted Throughout
obo. w. ccwrw. prop.
Front St. South P.O., WhItaborw.Y.T
Raw Furs....
High Prices (or fine furs
Write For Pric* T.t*t
Percey's Fur House
Othkoah. Wi?coo?in
Vancouver |
Hotel? ^ |
T. 1 .
K Mr..*, PW?. J
Good StabiioQ For HortM
R?fural?J??l T>i murhoni rim
C1m? hi Every R?*t?rt
Ftn?at Ck* la tin Nortk?wt
?Steam Laundry*
Ail WtA Gtirmittil Skoft
Order* Prcaaptly
MM?*ti*rr Wilt ?n a *4 i)rri*?r ?
Baths In Coffnectioa ?
Prrritr Room* tor Ladwa. f
When In Haines
ttnpat th?
Hotel Northern
J. O. Morrlarm. J'non.
Restaurant lo Building
Plylnjr Pe??r?ti" Ska*way ?nrl
Leaves Skagway nt
9 a. m. Sharp
F.rtrj Mo?Uv. \Vr*tn??1?T anrt FrWay
ArriTlDf at ffalnta at m.
Ibarra Hainea at 2 p. ?.
Sinfla far* II. SA.
Lartoo and Orrmair
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
(Delly Kscept 8a?i1?y.(
No t. 8 Ftoesd
Iti'dM*. Mm Jn I r'm*
9 .VI a' m. LV. 9KAOUA Y AR ? *H> a. *H ? II*. ?
lioo}" " WHITK PASS ?' j {* ? ? I It ?
u v> - ?' u jocabiji i i? ? ? i oo -
gg|V : BKNNKTT { ]||m " 11 ? pm
1 ? ?? I 10 " " CARIBOU * II SrtM? " !? ( M
? 40 " ? ? - AR WHIT* Hons* LV ? JO '? LV. M 1 1 ?
Pewenrert mart it depot* In ttme to nerr *fferr -,?r?cted ?' 1
checked. lDfpectloe l? Mopped 10 minute# before leerir t time of treia.
180 poaad* of harrer* ?>H he checked free with -e?-h fall fere Uehe
end 75 mend* with each belf fere ttcfcev.
<TOvmTrJrsrsi? WMMMMfMM
| The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Familf Liquor Store of Skaowav
Direct Importer* of Forrlrn and Dwimte
ir.Ejrrs roR
Prfraw norirt Pot Famifl**
Special Attmti<wfto Oidert kr Family Ow. Telrpfcew t?
. ..... . . firm
WfT" wrmi ? I iwmtm ? i _ ?
Wliiie Pass k Yukon Rome
Navigation on the Yukon River and
Lakes Should Open About J une 1
Passengers and Freight For
And Other River Points Will Be Taken Through via An Up-to
Date Rail and Steamboat Line
Finely AppointedTrains Daily Except Sunday Between Skag
wav and Whitehorse. Carry Passengers Baggage,
Mail and Express
M.J. B wnrrp, G. F.AP. A. A.&MWILUT.r.*O.N. R.;0. PI!*XBO, 6. F.|fr.P. A.
Vancouver, B. C. VBWxurer. P ftwd fllmoKi*. Ah?k? ?

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