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?rne Cottage City Will Arrive With a Full
Line rf ~ WT^
fruit and Vegetables
Especially Selected For the
Northern Trade
Our EGGS From Our Own Ranch.
Always Give Satisfaction
John Kalem, the Grocer
So'? Ajjpc t for Reliance Caoned Goods
John F. Pugh. who succeeds Fred S
Williams in the United Slates customs
force si this place, arrived on the Jef
ferson with Mrs. P\igh and their little
girl to reside permanently in the city.
They are at the Golden North hotel ?t
the present time.
F. M. Caldwell, a Nome business
man. arrived on the Jefferson and will
r> down the Yukon with the ice to
Nome. He desired to beat the ocean
going boats there and took the short
aod quick route for that purpose
Charles Fox. one of the leading mer
chant* of Doug 'as. whose house is one
of the largest in Alaska, arrived on the
Jefferson for the round trip.
Mrs. W. B. King returned on the
Jefferson from a visit to the states
She was accompanied from Juneau by
Mr. King, who went there on the Hum
boldt to meet her.
Kdgar J. Wright, recently city attor
ney of Juneau, left on the last trip of
the Dolphin for Seattle where he wiil
reside in the future.
J. M. Shoup, United 'tales marshal,
arrived from Juneau on the Jefferson.
He will return to Juneau tomorrow.
H. B. Dunn, of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, went to Juaeau on
the Jefferson.
Miss Lora Caswell was a Juneau
bound passenger on the Jefferson this
John Herberger >u a passenger for
Juneau on the Jefferson. He goes to
serve as a juror.
A. Stanich l*ft on the Jefferson for
Juneau, where he will serve as a juror
during the term of court at that place.
See Kelly A Co.'# advertisement at
the bottom of this page. tf
Oood rnth Batter
Get your butter from the Independ
eot Grveery Store--fre?h on the Jeffer
too. 5 19 tf
A Om4 Family Llalmaat
Lverj family shoo'd be supplied with
a bottle of l hamberlain's fain Ba.m
For cuts, bruises, burn*, scalds ant,
similar Injuries, which are of frequent
occurence, there is nothinc so ?rood
It sooths the wound and not only (fives
instant relief from pain, but causes the
parts to heal in about one-third tae
time required by the usual t-eatnieot.
As it is antiseptic all dancer from blood
poisoning is avoided. Sold by Kelly
Drug Co.
Bick B??r at Mhmi
The best and purest Rainier Bock
Beer, the first of the seasoo, is on
draught at the Mascot Saloon. tf
Pure ice cream at Muir's
Get your ice cream at Muir's.
All the latest songs are sung by An
ita Raj at the Pack Train every night
Til* Prorruor-i Mtrm.
A professor In ? Oerroan school In
order to teach his pupils letter writing
recently toawlwd the happy kiwi of
having them compose business Otters
which were Inclosed In euvelop?s aud
correct I*' addressed to various mer
chants In the town. In the evening
Herr rrofessor, having carried the
varied epistles home for correction, left
them on his table and. as waa his ens
torn, hied himself to the cafe. It hap
pened that he had a careful domestic,
who, seeing all the letters properly ad
dressed, at once concluded that her
master had forgotten to mall them, and
out of the goodness of her heart ahe
stamped them and hurried to the post.
The stupefaction of the village mer
chants upon opening their mall the fol
lowing morning may he Imagined, and
the amusiug part of the Incident la that
many of the letters, which contained
lengthy orders for goods, were taken
seriously and the orders promptly All
ed. ? St. Louis Republic.
firloM U>4, Carton People.
Near Oai>e Horn, In the island of
Tlorra del Pwgo, live the most curious
people In all South America. It rains
or snows or sleets nearly every day.
' and yet they look on their country as
the finest In the world. They wear
hardly nny clothing and uot to
feel cokl. Because he saw fires on th?
shore the explorer Magellan, the first
Europeau that rounded the Horn, call
ed the Island "the Ijind of Klre," which
Is almost the worst name be could
have chosen. Their huts are made of
bent bough* ami covered with grass
and give only the poorest shelter. The
folk are vain, too; wearing necklaces
of the teeth of fishes or seals and paint
lng patterns on their bodies. Among
them some colors have a novel mean
lng. White Is the sign of war and red
of peace. They are great mimics ami
will Imitate voice and gesture per
RmmIkw Kaactaatloa.
The wvivt of thr charm of bamboos
Is *> subtle a ixl elusive as to defy
n n.i lysis. Itambooa arc really grasses
t? a large scale? a tropical weak1- yet
they <lo not inipresa us as being coarse
?In fact, they are alenderneaa penon
Ifled ? anil they seem to tit well into a
northern landscape. Their decorative
character Is so clearly recognise*! that
tliey are often grown In large pota or
tubs for porch and greenhouse decora
tion? even the hanly species. Bam
boos are generally thought to look beat
on the tank of a stream or amtng
rix-ks on a hillside, but they are also
becoming favorites for the hardy bor
der. and they an- often used moat ef
fectively In .?ties at the base of public
buildings- f>>r example, at the national
capital.? Country Life In America.
hiilllli In Water.
Water Is a wonderful preservative of
the human body. There exists an entry
Id the parish register of St. Andrew'a.
Newcastle, Kngland, bearing upon the
point: "April J-t. wear burled
J a nn's Archer and bis son Stephen,
who In the uioneth of May, ltttS, wear
drowned In a coal pit In the Gallaflat
by the breaking in of water from an
old waste. The body* wore found ln
tlre after they had lien in the water
thirty-sis years and eleven months"
A ll?* to Happlaes*.
If it be my lot to crawl, I will crawl
contentedly: If to fly. I will fly with
alacrtty, but as long as I can possibly
avoid It I will never be unhappy. If
with a pleasant wife, three children
and many friends who wish me well I
cannot be happy I am a very silly,
foolish fellow, ami what becomes of me
Is of very little consequence.- From a
Letter by Sydney Smith.
Pure ice cream at;>luir't
Special Agents? No!
But Just the Same We Will Sell You
Newbro's HerPicide
85c a bottle
Herpicide Soap 20c a C<ike, or the two
together tor $1.00
Epsom Salts, 10c per pound
We Believe In ' Live and Let Live"
I/n I 1/ P /"*A the'.Old Reliable
KELLY & CO, Dmggist
People of Skagway Will
Be Given Good Show
The people of Skagway will be en
tertained by one of the very beet vau
deville shows that ever came north to
night. The performance will be first
class in every respect. U will be along
the lines that are drawing the theater
going people in all the great center* of
population. Some of the numbers that
will be produced are among the very
best specialties that ever have been
brought to the west.
The performance li given under the
auspioes of the Elks' lodge and will be
a first class family show. It will be
clean and wholesome. It will cause the
people to laugh and grow fat. It will
be an opportunity that thoee living in
small towns seldom have.
The program will be as follows:
Blake & Simons Proprietors
Alex. Scwarz Trap Drummer
Charles Wetley.
Casper Fischer.
Mike Schmitt. .
Ed Colan.
Stage Manager
Happy Hooligan
By Blake & S moos
Blake & Simons present the funn.v
comedy In one act and three scenea,
written by Tony Minder.
Cart of PUytn
Morris McGee Kd. Dolan
IVter McCracken Ed. Welch
Jimmie f lynn (."has. Lambert
Johnnie Regan Fred Potta
Rose O'Brien Mae B. Stanley
Mrs. McGee Maud Worthington
Mamie Kiley Lillian Holmes
Jennie Flynn Annie Fields
Allie LelMar Nellie Buckley
Ida Storm*. M ildred Cole
Carrie Badgeley. Madge Moore
Jennie Morris Ida Rositter
Trixey M innie Owen*
Nellie La Moore. . . . Mamie Hightower
I*ine Pottle. Cammetta Nellie
May Edwards Catherine Goodwin
Miss Ell wood Tileta L. Newell
During the comedv. specialties will
be introduced by Lambert, Rositter,
Cole, Potta, Do! an and Welch
Overture The Burgomaster
Gustav Luder*
Gifted Contralto Misa Mildred Cole
He With the Funny Talk
Ed. tShor.t Welch
The Society Sketch Artists
Fred Potts MauO
In their original conception Our New
A Clever Little Artist
Ida Rositter
IntroJucting the Italian Maiden, also
her wonderful Toe Dance
Mae B Stanley
Champion Lady Buck and Wing Dancer
Ed. Dolan Comedian
Lyric Duo
i"has....I.ambert A Stanley... Mae B.
Fashion Plates of V audeville
Singing Whumarh \ Sons' latest
success "My Dahomey lan Queen"
Overture Marching to Fairbanks
Will a McBride
The above monster show will con
clude with the scream ing,*burlesn.ie, in
troducing the entire Blake & Simons
Company in
Full of laughable situations and mis
fortunes on the Yukon, or the adven
tures of Captain Blake.
| Commercial Hotel of White
hors<? Best lu North
The Commercial hotel. of Whitehoroe,
Peter Richen. proprietor, has taken
the le?d among the hostelri?s of the
north. It has been recently enlarged
and refurnished through >ut. There
are 20 large, first class rooms, entirely
detached from the bar. They are act
uated so as to be quiet and are especial
ly desirable for families.
The office is comfortable and nicely
There are fine large sample rooms for
commercial men.
A splendid dining ro m is connected
with the hotel.
There is no better place in the north.
The Commercial Hotel,
Whitehorse, Y. T
New hair combs, belts and stocks at,
Km(* Lie* Cwrtaiw* W thtd
Now is the time to get your rugs and
lace curtains washed. The Ko\ a I laun
dry is making a specialty of this work
and it guarantees satisfaction. tf
We wish to dispose of our line of Ladies' Hats
at an early date, and as a special inducement quote
the following' extremely low prices.
For This Week Only
Your Choice of Regular $12.50 Hats For $8.00
9.00 ' 0.50
8.00 5.00
5.00 3.50
4.00 2.25
3.00 2.00
2.00 1.50
1.50 1.25
1.25 .75
? i
B. IH. Bchrcnds mercantile Company
A Om4 Smt.iiln*
Mr. C . B. Wain wright of I*mon City,
Fla , has written the maoufariurer#
that much better rwmltf are obtained
from the use of ChwnNrliln'i Collr,
Cholera ami Dlarrhoe Uemwiv Iti c**rs
of pain* In the stomach, oollc and cholera
morbus bv takirc it In w?ter a* hot a?
c%n be drank. That when taken in
this way the effect Is double In rapid
ity. "It seems to (ret to the richt spot
incuntly," he ?*?*. Kor sale by Kelly
i?ruit Co.
Post tin* Wi*t?l
Woman, with ohiM. wants position
as bou-eseeper or cook Knquir* over
j ( anadian Cank of Commerce. Milt
Fr??h Orssi* CH?r at M air's
Peliciou* fresh oranjrr cider is placed
on tap daily at MuirY next to U?r poat
offiee. Try lv
ma vhi
The FVre-Rruhn Oo. keep all kinds
of freah meat constant It on hand, tf
Our line of cut *law thia y?ir Is
larg-er and the deslpn* more beautiful
than ever before. Our
H?i< Cklw
Is exclave io dotigns and low In price.
The fin< st (roods by the best makers
at the lowest prices for standard qual
Remember we lead, others follow, so
come here first.
Gold and Silversmith
( < > Tb? Oily Practical < i
. >
i: I inners and Plumbers:
O < >
| ; IN THE CITY ; :
,1 II
! ' Hardware Tin and !
I * 1 ? ? | , I
!]; Steam Pipe & Fittings j !
The Celebrated
Tneof beautiful work ac<1 cor
rect alignment.
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The lifht runnin# Yoat in unequalled
Id liffhtnrM of toutch. qulatneaa of ae
t ion, simplicity and durability. It it
recofrnitful a necemity in the nu? ?
lne?a man'* offloe or the profe? k<ia4 .
man'* Kudy.
For particular*, catalogue el<v wHte r
Yost Writing Machine C?
32f> Montgomery St. Sui FYanciaoo
Areata for Maaka
?r Ai^lj at (hi* OMm
Taratnva w P. A T. Nm
All 8?vt* SlMmtrt Arrhr* ?*? D???d PnmTlH* Op?I
Werohnwwe for d?llr?f t nrt m*rrha?di?a from * a. a. ml?.a
TVrl?habt?? ONI.Y <tollrrr?d rm SnrxUt ?r M alfki
All frrlfht ?hlp?n*?iu itwaJnrd KnitAhnaad mwt h* mmmmM by ?
Kmrrrii'o Mawifwt Mpr* ram M nhM<n?d Mlkt IT. h ruiwi
nme*) mvI mwt b? 8 p m !*o fNfkt will h? r?
t*Wm em wharf after Oil* tawr
RACXIAOK Trtll* will br mlirrtoM rm <'R?mRi> IUooaii Ont. Wo
r harft fcir N?c* Mid ?Tt|? "h*n irxhocfrwd.
Thr ?K?rf ?III to ckwd U> ibo pabito ?h?n H? ar to a?wrla?
dork mm) will to mmand oaly whra r? ?fn ha?? dlweberked,
W harfatfr Tariff can br bad on apttllratiow at oAna <w dork.
f.O RotlH C. ft. WTJfU JOH.f HOW. Owl M gr
pi? i
i The Leading Jeweler
Nuqqet Jewelry of Ail Kitfs,
Indian Carlos and soivetir Spoons.
The Pioneer Jeweler
tXRci*] hr ik? W.P.4 T,R
(Iim. IX*rw*i rrop
ME A IS. 26c. and UP
Broadway. n#ar Third Ar?*.
,\VhJt?hor?r, v. T.
OmniManer for Takin*
mod <H*?r U?trom^i? <n wrtlta*.
ornctvAwcouven hotil
Commerci al
WllHMMfM, Y T.
first Class la [very
?a?~Hn ?
European Plan
spaclai *' to Baaioaa* From
Jainaa aad VMnity
Will Praaitoa la All Um (carta
JoMa Aleeke

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