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Daily Alaskan
Om Mtk. delivered ty ?rrt*r
OM Mali Uy Mil
Ttow aenlhe. by ma>l
Ma Math*. Sj mtil
?W??r, hy mall
The conflagration which swept over
Whit* horse this morning, destroying
the business section of thai progressive
?nd thrift; city, has shocked the peo
ple of Skag way almost as much as if it
had taken place in their own town.
The destruction of property that it has
taken much labor and great enterprise
and endeavor to create is always appal
injf. It ia particularly so to those near
whose homes it strikes. The business
interests of Sitagway and \Vhitehor>e
are so nearly identical, and the people
of the towns are so c osely united by
social ties and personal friendships,
that the natural result* of such a catas
trophe as tnat which took place this
morning are greatly accentuated in this
particular instance.
Of course, Whitehorsj wfll recover
from the shock. That same enterprise
which called the beautiful little town
into existence and made it always a
leader among communities, will cause
it to rise from it a?hes into a better and
greater Whitehoree.
The people of Skagway sorrow with
thoee of Whitehorse in their lose, acd
they will rejoice with them in their re
covery when that time shall oome.
. .75
Fairbanks, like has been the case
with so man; other American mining '
towns, seems destined to have her he
roic period. It is to be hoped that the
moderation and good sense that charac
terized the committee in charge of the
"Soap;" Smith invest (rations at Skag
wiv will prevail at the Tanana camp.
The supreme court of the state of
Washington ha* held that the owner of
a vicious dog is liable for the dog's acts.
A Seattle man recently recovered judg
ment for S30G0 from W. D. Hofius, *he
dealer in railroad iron and other sup
plies. as the result of a bite received at
the hands of Hofius' dog.
"Alaska and the Klondike" from the
pen of Jamee S. Mct-ain. editor of the
Minneapolis Journal, is one of the la'est
books to make ita apt earance. The
book is the result of the trip made bv
Mr. McLain to Alaska with the sena
torial committee which visited this di?
trict two years ago It is receiving
flattering press notice*.
Those African pirates seem to have
learned little in the last 100 years.
Thev are likely to receive another les
son io civilization from Great Britain.
Uao*ll*4 for Utton I"
IkMwty M*; fi
Persons calling for this unclaimed
matter will please say advertised.
Brown, J W Fodar, C
Kodar, Wo Ha?elwood, Mr
Logan, C Woodrak, Joseph
Wm. B. Sampson, P. M.
Fr, ?fc OrU(? t'ld?r tl Milt *
Delicious fresh orange cider is placed
oo tap daily at Muir's, next to the poat
offlce Try It,
Um4 Frwk Hattsr
Get your fitter from the lmlepend
eot Grocery Su?r?- fre-h oo the JefTer
son SUM'
For first -clam work tr* Skagway
Laundry. Twenty-five years' esperi
aoce. Telephone S?. tf
Coe. Mh A Broadway. 'Phone >*>
Clears and Tobacco
and Flihlng: Tacklc
New Books Just Rec'd
Former Skagway Girl Be
comes Ltwyer
Miss Re ah Whitehead, formerly of
Skagway, whoso father was employed
at one time in the oWce of the Pacific
Coast Steamship Company and after
ward as agent for the Humboldt, has
been Emitted to the bar of the state of I
Washington and she is now a full
fledged lawyer. She was appointed
head clerk in the office of the prosecu
tion attorney at once upon her admis
sion to the bar. She was a little girl
when at Skagway and is now only 21
years of ace.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer says
concerning Miss Whitehead's remark
able career:
"The appointment of Miss Reah
Whitehead as chief clerk in the pros
ecutiug attorney's office, to take effect
June 1, was announced yesterday im
mediately following the news from
Olympia that she had successfully
passed the state bar examination.
"Attractiug national notice at the
age of 14 years by breaking the short
hand speed record with her eyes blind
folded, becomicg court stenographer in
the federal court at Skagway at 16, ad
mitted to practice in the courts of this
state and appointed to an important po
sition at 21, the young woman considers
herself merely at '.he threshold of her
"The score of years which she claims
is attested by the newspaper records of
the public interest that her creditable
career has aroused a', various times.
Apart from these she might easily pass
for a high school girl with her mind
upoa the festivities of a coming gradu
"For the last year the young attor
ney has been attending the law classes
of the University of Washington. Ac
complishing two years' work in one and
laboring under the personal direction
of Dean Conlon after school ho?rs, she
did not fee! the need of waiting for her
class, but went to Olvmpia last week
and is now admitted to the bar, while
her clavsmates will graduate some '.itce
next spring."
Mi^s Whitehead was employed in the
office of John G Price at Sk gway.
Wh?t" Fly-r should Arriv
Tt?i iiili' or Tomorrow
The white flyer Dolphin should ar
rive in port some time tonight or
early tomorrow morning She was
billed to sail from Seattle Saturday
morning. Her sailing has not been re
ported, but that is accounted for by the
fact that the cable has been down since
before the date set for her departure
from the Sjund. The Dolphin should
have two days' mail and a large freight
and passenger list.
Lot Cabin Hwd()ur(> i
The headquarters for the section men
heretofore operating from the section
house at Kraser, which was burned to
the ground Friday, has been trans
ferred to Ix)g Cabin.
A Po?tttr? NiMHltf
Having to lay upon my bed for 14
days from a severely hrui*ed ieg. I only
found relief w hen I used a bottle of
Ballard's Snow Liniment. I can cheer
fully recommend it an the best medicine
for "bruises ever sent to the afflicted.
It has now become a positive necessity
11 1 ? >n myvelf. D, R. Hvrnee, merchant,
Dovemvill, Texas. 2Sc, ~>0c, 11.00.
Sold by Kelly Drug t o,
To cold draughts of air, to keen and
cutting winds, sudden changes of tem
perature. scanty clothing, undue expos
ure of the throat and neck after public
ope.iking and singing bring on c ugh*
and eo:ds. Btllard's Horehound Syrup
Is the be^t cure'
Mrs A, Hurr, Hous'on, Texts, writes,
,1m. SI, 1902: "One bottle of Mallard's
Horehouml Symp cured me of a very
tad cough. It is vetvple*??otio take. '
25c, 30c, 91.00. Sold by Kelly Drug l*>.
snirits or 1906
The l>ally Alaskan has reoeteed a
full line o( samplea of I WW calendar*
from the famous J. VV. Hvitler Paw
company. of i hicago. They include
the latest designs many of which are
work* of art.
Unslness men of Skagway and Hainea,
who desire calanders for next year are
Invited tocsll and make aelectiona.
Muir's ice cream parlor* are open.
The beat In town
Dawson Liqnor License I*e -1
ers Fired From Office
Arthur Davey, barrister; Robert
Moncrief, contractor, and A. I a Lsnde,
merchant, have been named by Major
vVood to form the territorial liquor li
cense board
This board succeeds the notorious
Temple-l>avidson-NToel board, which
last year was accused of ha dlinjr sa
loon licenses as political perquisites.
It refused to grant Georpe Butler a
license and the people turned out en
masse to (five Mr. Hutler a reception
when he left the Klondike.
One of the memberaof the new board
says that as far as he is concerned there
will be no favorites when It comes to
handling licenses Race ami politics
will cut no figure. A straight deal will
be his motto and he believes the oth
ers of the board feel the same.
Bnilding P.?r at Nom?
A pier is being built at Nome from
the beach to a sufficient distance into
the sea for boats to discharge passen
gers and cargo rg and be away from the
breakers. Four hundred feet of the
pier was com pie ed during the winter
and it stood the te>t incident to the
breakup to the satisfaction of every
The result of the observation tak> n
at Moore wharf at midnight. May 22,
1905. is as follows:
remperature time of observation ? 55
Max. temp, preceding 24 hours 83
Min " " " " 40
Mean " M " " 62
Rarometer, 92 92.
Calm, clear.
Tun >!? t?t K n v the M m - nt boa
Tkl? Iat<ra?tl?i Piot* <if
Iafli.it V? i <
It Is worth considerable to any citi/en
of Alaska to know how to be cured i f
painful, annoy in it and itching p'les
Know then that l\>an'> ? >int i eat W a
positive remedy for allitchiress of the
skin, for piles, eczerva. etc. ? >ne appli
cation relieves and soothes. Read this
testimony of its merit
S. M. Alien. Seattle, editor >f the
Green I,ake News, restderc 1 '> Kirk
wood Ave.. "IVian's Ointment is w ith
oul any exception the best preparation
I ever used froti personal experience,
the best of all teachers. 1 proved that
ii does all that is claimed for it I w?s
troubled for years with itching hemor
rhoids, comonlv called piles. 1 tri< <i
several remedies and was treated by
physicians but relief was just as re
motely in the distance 'he dav 1 went
to the drug store for Doan's Ointment
as it was when 1 first learned of the
preparation. The first ar plication
gave immediate relief and a short con
tinuation so contracted the area af
ecttd, that although there have been
symptoms of a recurrence since a few
applications of Down's Ointment never
failed to bring tho desired relief. I
keep it on hand all the time."
For sale by all dealers. Price "<0 cent*
Foater? Mifburn Co.. Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for thel'nited Mates.
Remember the name? Ooan's and
take no other.
Gool Fradi Bwtt?r
Get your butter from the Independ
ent Grocery Store? fresh on the Jeffer
son. 5 If i'
A Good Family Linlm ?t
hvery family shou'd be supplied with
? bottle of C hambcrlain's Tain Ka.m
For outt, bruises, burn?, scalds a no
simi ar injuria, which are of frequent
occu-ence. there is nothing so good
It sooths the wound and not only five#
instant relief from pain. but causes the
parts to heal in about onc-ih'rd tne
time required hy the u?ual t eatment.
As it is antiseptic all danger from blood
poisoning is avoided. Sjld by Kellj
Orug Oo.
PnMIe Notlo*
On Saturdav, Mav 27. ItKVS, the peo
ple of Whitenorse, Yukon Territory,
will celebrate Victoria Dav. They
ha** arranged for a day of fest ivities ant
sports in honor of the great nations
holiday of their country , and the\ have
invited the people of Nkagw av, Alaska,
to participate in that celebration The
invitation has been accepted ami an ex
cursion has been arranged for the pur
pose of maktng the occi-ion, like so
many almilar occasions In the past have
been, one that will cement even more
cloaely the bonds of friendship which
unite the peoples of these towns.
Believing that the interests of the
people of Skaewav and those of vVhite
horse are ident ical and that they can
be suhserved best by fostering the feel
ing of good will that each people bears
toward the other, I, \V. B. King, mayor
of Skagway. Alasks, recommend that
the people of this city oWrve May 27,
l?V>, as a holiday and that as many of
theiu as possible go to Whitehorse on
? hat day and participate In the celebra
tion of the great national holiday of
I Canada. By so doing we o?n demon
strate the aympathy we feel in the
hopes. aspirations and welfare of our
neighbors ami friends.
W. H KINO, Mayor.
Skagway, Alaska, May 2<\ WW if
Clothing SaleThisYVeek
Men's Suits. $9. $10, $12.50- $13.50
? BMW? ?? W WWWI \%V
Have You Seen Those New
Steel Spring Couches
That you can tarn into a com
fortable bed in an instant. They
easy to adjust absolutely un
breakable and will make any
size bed wanted
To Introduce Them In 8ka<r way we will sell them
At Cost This Week
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Wt?ww? M Tfcw Cnmpamf Im
HUMBOLDT. ? May 7. 17 28
COTTAGE CITY. ? Due May 13- 86
Vi? Vlcwrl*
CITY OF SEATTLE May II 22 and Jane 1
Til Vm f'nitm
Mu Abort 9rbm'w1t 8?k>*a> * ekup *I*?H Nevee.
? A PlWM 50
C. D. DUN A ;N, Gen Pm AqL
W MtiirH Sweet, ta Fi?Hh. OW.
rThe Alaska Steamship Co.
(arrjlnf 0 S Mail mmA A *** Pari ft* Ktprwi
\"*tt Hoc of Uw F m* f
Dolphin. - Mav 24
June 3
Jefferson, - May 30
Farallon - Mav 24
(lonpwi rreermi tifki to ehM|P nilinr 4m* viiteM into
Tr*n?'eri to Victoria tod Vaoevarcr WitbMt Mdthaaal Cfc>m
R. A. CARROLL, i|NV PWm ft!
BEST for Cuts, Bruises,
Lameness, Sprains, Old
Sores, Burns, Scalds, Sore
Muscles, Rheumatism in
all forms. Stiff Joints, etc.
and every trouble of mus
cle and tissue where there
is pain or inflammation.
2.V., SOc. and $1 a bottle.
Large bottle cttcajirst.
is a SURE and QUICK
remedy for Frwt bites and
Chilblain*. It has been in
u*e for over Sixty year*.
It will cure ailments that
have resisted all other
remedies, became of it*
jrreat penetrating power.
To amM p*M ami ti i?Wi.
krrp " <ntkn fr?t
Billiard Pu-I? Km<!>|?4 WrtUailUoa
The Board of Trade
LRK GUTHRIK Proprietor
L*rce.?t aoj Hr?t Appointed P.wort for Gentlrnen
In the North
If Not Yon Should Do So By
Drinking Skagway Beer
Our Bottled Beer Only
per doxen. 25c rebnte on boitlea
Manufactured f>peci*tly FVr ? - 1
Hospital and
Family Use^^
Phone Brewery 40. RmMmim, V |
Fire and Li.e
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams]
Orrrlac D.IM
For Balnea. Bern?i? Biy, Juneau,
Boonah. Tonake* SiUra Wayport*
Saturday N oon and
Tuesday at 8 a.m.
W. \V. BorOFTTOK. Af?it ,
Broartwfcy and Fifth Are. Phone PP
SeMtle. \Va?hin|rton
Manufacturer* of
? Of Krerr IVaerlption ?
The only plant of thi* nature on the
coa*t Write for Price*.
Oorreapondence solicited.
S1J-31R A 1 At., Seattle.
Office nwirt: FVom 10 to It a. m i to
4 and ? to ? p. tn
Office to OM C1?t Hall
Three Doom Eaat of BriMa' Pharmacy
Orater COM lat ia, Oly* pi a or Eaat#rn
at the Pack Train reataurrnV
Jnha ? ;?*?. '??rr.
Fine Wines Liquors and Cigars
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
lis Totem
jack iflmrt |rv?*\ ?
Fine Wines, Liquors and Oigars
The Surprised
r>f thnrnfafh
rtnlrr* lt? spfw?f??Kr on ?H* htt
of rvrrv onr who for ?hr ftnt timr
Thr frx>1nrt? ?? fh*f* Mtrf k
imtkrt itwlf erfclewt.
T%f ?? ft

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