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Thcrr Is no Roy-ot on rink
Tt?e l^aciftc Fisherman, the sairoon
Pfc'km' official paper. ?jue?tiooa the
statemen' prints In theae columns
thai mi agreement has N-en entered
into by Alaska packer* to ourtsil the
output of pink Sainton. It concedes,
kowtrw. that there will be a -rea'er
reduct on in the r>*>'k of that variety of
salmon than in any other variety this
The Kisherman says:
"The Skagvay Oatly A laskan prints
the folio* irig ' Word com.-* from Sr
atOe fch*r the salmon cannera hare en
tered into an agreement not to operate
any of the Southeastern Alaskan can
neries that pack link salmon. The
purpose is to boom reds and cockeyes
by ignor.ng all other varieties. ' No
rdviee ia obtainable regarding any
agreement enter*] into by the cannery
men ia regard to pink ?almon. The
earner* have individually iIniM to
curtail their picks oo account of condi
tions that might m<ke them unprotit
ahl? The pack on Paget sound |.n>m
i*ea to be large, and it is probable that
tha en: ire Alaskan rack of both pinks
aod reds will be restrained to some ex
tent on this sccouot. It is true that
many of the ca nenea that will not op
erate this T.?ar, Lowevar, are thoae
which pack for the most part pink
salmon "
W Ml June mags. ine? juat received at
HinVn ? C?a*h'
A .t sw of HalUrd'i Horehouad Syrup
? ill lelwvr 't. H?v?\o? ? oa'd A
dose of HrrNne at w time and tre
q>ieat I <1o*e? of Horehouad Svrup
during t)>( iit? will remove it. Tw il
for ?boop nn ooash, <or a?thoia, fot ooo
? umptioo, I t bronchitis Mr#. Joe Wo
Grvli, jr K. i*t ?treet. H?lohi??,
Kan., wntrs: '*1 have used Ballard's
Horrhound Syrup in my family for 5
year*, and fiod it the beat and ?o*t pal
atable mr-lKioe I *v r use.!.*" 2ao. SOo,
|i t<tV Sold by Kelly Drug Company.
U??J Or?I?r Mat i?r*
The place to fet cooil erowler meas
ure is at the Totem saloon. Vou *et
your mooov's worth.
Can*diitn i'assoncor Ship
Sails For 8kn?way
?nwPrioow* May tor Sky
way Weilneailay montiaff at 4 o'clock,
just 8re hour* late out of ^ a?eo?w, (
according to a cablegram received late
last rrmint by H. B. Puno. tor
Ihr ship. She will bo due to arrive at
sifagt ty Sanmla> evening or Siinfcv,
The l>tcces? M*_? will havcooe day's
mail tor Ska** ay
C?M* Qatt tf a Ttm ?
The Unit*! Statei c hie was ont of
e mmbMoii for moat of the time yester
day. Kepairs were bcinc made on It at
Sitka. The Paily Alaskan received its
B*wi dispatches from the Whitehorxe
Star The cable came up last ni^ht
but ia i (own again this afte.roon"
discriminating lapiks.
r?<M BtmlrWr ?H> \ IVMll ?(
It* INMhrthrirn.
Tb* ladle* who hin used \'ewbro"B
Herplclde ?rNk of It tn the tittlml ;
term* fur Its qntck effcct tn <Se*n?lr?K |
>h* ncatp of dandrnfT and *l*r> fne It* e*- i
cellence as a cenera! halr-dre??ine Tt f
make* the scalp fir>rl fresh *nd tt ?1'ats
that ltchln<r which dandruff will o*us.\
?wN*>'s Herpk-lde elT.-ctlveh 017**
d*ndrufT. as tt destroys the pr-m that
cause* It. The same net in oao-.^- h-?lr to
fkll out. and later baldness. In kMllns tt.
TTerpk-lde *tor>s falltnr hair and prevents
haldnes*. It Is also an Ideal hatr dress
ing. for tt lends an aristocratic charm to
the hair that ts quite distinctive. Sold
hT leading druggists Send 1<V\ In stamp*
for *amnle to The Herplcldc Co., De
troit. Kick
Win. Krilt, Sjiecial AconU
Ice cream and sherbets at ihe \ ienna
Raker*. Beat in town. 'Phoie 3S.
Far Sal* at a Barlai*.
Oo annont of departure, I w'.ll sell
my household lurnitutv at private sale
to su't purchaserv (.<?ls w>isllB(t of
following, in tir?* class c<>r<lition: 1
rwewood New York A r on piano. ll
double oak be<lste-d ami center
brace *pring*. ? wvx>l top mattresses. 1
curled hair mattress. 1 moss man res*,
can* bottom chair*. 1 sewing machine
all complete: 1 walnut center table. 1
dining table. 1 kitchen cabinet table. 1
parlor lounce. carets, crockery, glass
ware and pictures, etc.. etc
Mrs. A. J. t\?hen,
First house west of Broadway, nh ave.
Sitka Paper TV1N Why
[Silk* rablegraml
A lank* ha* been entreating congre?
for thirty years ami ?tor* to grant thf*
great area it I* nothing el* -son e
*>rt of government, There I* a reaa n
why the unceasing requests have been
dented, and on? is given by a man who
is close to the powers thai he an>; who
ha? th pouch year* of contact with them.
He say* the east fear* the growing
power of the north we*l an.i for no
other reason Alaska ts denied rich's
a le would nceive inatanter If ahe lay
or the Atlantic rather than on the
ractftc ooaau Territorial governmei t
would be the stepping atone to state
government, and that would carry with
li increased opposition from the north
wost for the eastern congressmen to
contend with.
At first gla ce It seems preposterous
thai members of the governing bodies
of the reat I'oited States government
would deny privileges accorded by the
constitution in order to preserve sec
tional supremacy, but to the m*n who
has had practical experience in modern
politics, the above explanation seems to
be the hest one jet given of Alaska's
Now Strtk* ?? P?r?U?4 C??l
Two prospector*, J Knach and J.
Loudon hare lately made a very rich
find it the head of l\>rtland Canal
They di covnird a fold bearinc led^c
about S feet, wide and from surface in
dies' ions think they hare a bonan7a
The location is about 30 mites from
shore on the America * side very near
the boundary, Dr. O K l>ickenson is
interested with the i?row*?tors in their
find ? Ketchikan Journal
The result of the observation taker
at Moore wharf at midnicht, June l.">.
1;XV is as follows:
remperature time of observation ? M
Max. temp, preoedins 24 hours <W
Min " " " " +s
Mean " ** " " **
Rarometer. 90.26.
South wind, cloudy.
Calendars for iqo6
me will call upon you soon
Ulith a Complete Assortment of
? ?
? 1906 Calendars *
At Prices Chat Ulill Save You money
The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
There are a number ?>f America* w?- J
men abroad whose hoshaad* aro Iti ' c
prominent position*. but It is oulj with- I
In the past decade or two (imt for* n> *
men In power have chosen \i lorlcan 1
wive*. l*e*ei-o (but fot-oictier* of punk
rarely mmrtiit Americana. and then II
*??? t . ?i I. no on!\ I lio fol'i ? US Mn *
tjr narrates a ease In point;
A full i noon sh< no on a field n.-ar r
Berlin. A young man In the unircrw
of a nontenant of artillery In the Prus
alan nrm\ ?ai standing In the shadow ?
of a tree, "waiting. A carriage atoj p.il j,
In the road, from which alighted tw*
women One hold hack. The otl>*r
W*-nt on till alie oame face to faoe will,
i lie man.
"What absurdity la this. Marion! r
Conld eon not bare scut me wnal I r
have as';od Instead of Insisting on J.s r
.ivoring It Jtmrnolf In till- rldiculotu .
"< vn? " ?a d t' ? ?' ?? i - m ? ,>n e.n I
v?t expect t? play y -iir own cam*
*!;h an Aim-Mean crl wit .nit paying ,
?t ? > , tt\ Yo'i s, ii. 'it i!'.- not I j oi? >
anil ofTVr.'d me your love and j. or
I I t'' ? ? 1
?? t'< " r It', it lx l?efi r served tn n nr
r> "I. > ?" t !" I *??> '-k ' lit re
livi ' hate broiicM ? Ith me It writ- i
?tic all t bat y >0 can desire, a rrka-to
?\ivn?t >v jen r--?t. ? < I ? v t
?vit It" ?'
tr. ' '?> .-.sle .TIM I - I j,
nil n at II ? s i: 1 1 1 .??st j -. ! . r 1 on
?i to" ex;--. t to u>> and o??t
a?'i.. . w fit w t't ?t Kin* eaUtsI ta
Wiir'.ut *o?r ways In An.f t art
? -t . i:t \> , v a. II. ? ? ? i we ? duty 'r 1 |
fal.iv to the state Tliore inatcH-t .
are made lu a different way I to not ,
I" ? i. t' ? .I>" >? ?:i tliia i ? ii <v
1 as -si for the re' -r.o ar*Tt-?i my Ir
rllnat\on >- x niontha *s>v Y ti hsv*
put : ? ..It fro : in .????. |i ?j.J
?t la at ap|?<>!iit a meeting h*r* by
:-cM to n' "tit >? > ro.,"ovt Art
all Americana ao romantic*"
I'm Ion no. count. Tor the delay ?
del. iv xvhloh lias Niti necessary In or- t
?let to :i* i-fto to >. I.r tJertnan eu?toma,
or. t tli. r. t 1 t . or A - ? i irun im tl.-ta 1
l > ' ' y ? Ml, t'? tn ^ o"t tr. ? v ;
on t of t - I o. nsl.lor an lr?ult lo t
r.< ; ? ??> v ' 'ie cttst m to (t'?. s ? ?
fa.'tton f.?r Inattlta. llax tie no utala i
n-:n!'vea to *1.1 t for m- It la ticeesaai) I]
that I H?;hl for tnyaelf. You tttaild
hoi-'V. <-xpe< mo .s.tif.t, to fon<* with J
y. u witbojt trait tic 11k> time pa?p<^ [
aitHX1 you made jour request haa l*wi 1
ai>. ? t In learnl > how to handle ? 1
?word." '1
"t.'reat I carina. Marlon, wliat cm
-ou mean?"
"1 Will a bow yon." I
i?fv>ppliiK her ekx.k to the j^onnd. aha
?tood l?ef?>re him In cymnaalnm atttrt
Calllnc to the ?-<?nian who had reroala \
e*l behind, a maid came forw ard, bring
ing two aworda auch aa irt uaed b
Oftn.an duels.
"There, count." contlm<ed the flri
Ihrowinft on the crass Iw-forr bttn a j
pa) -or. "ia yonr reloaae. and there."
handing I m a s" <r<d. "la aomcthlnc ta
proti-ct you acal ict the conaequcnm
of .vottr askinc a woman"* love, ther
tttrnlnK It naide aa un.l*?lrahh'."
The count looked at the girl In r tnaae
mont. "Marlon"* he eiclaiotod.
"Take jour weaponT
"Never!" v
"Cowanl r
A ftish came to the man's <heev.
"I will co through the form." he aa-4
"and if I do not kuceeed In parrying
your blow* 1 aha II be the victim. ?
will not harm you."
With this he seized the sword.
It was not long liefore the count
f?und that In order to parry the clrl't
Kirusta he must exerdae all hia skill
Indeed his anguish at aurh a altuatlos
?appe.1 hia nerve. Twice he exposed
his heart, but neither time did hia ad
versa ry take advantace of the oppor
hmlty. Both blades were flaahinc all
rer In the moonlight, the girl endeavor
tng to prick the man. he aiintnc only
to protect himself. Finally, thlnklnf
to touch hts arm lightly wfth bet
point, she lunged too far and. ml??lnf
the arm. ran her sword Into bt
"Thank heaven." he etclaimcd. low
?ring his Made, "this business la end
ed! Ton have drawn blood. That
should satisfy you."
VYTien the fair fencer saw a red
?tream trlcklinc down her opponent's
rest, her sworil dropped from her hand
and she fell swoonin* Into hia arm*
Her maid came up and. takinc he?
from fclm. laid her on the era as and.
satisfying herself that abe waa not
tttirt, stanched the blood In the conntl
round. When the girl came out of
her swoon, she saw his pale face, pa Iff
tn the moonlight, bending over her
"Sweet heart, you hare been avenged
You hr.ve opened my eyes to the Injtts
tlce I bare put upon you. I>ove shall
In future he my sole guide. Taks
back yot? release."
"No; your caree,- will be bllgbteil."
"1 sacrifice It to that which Is mors
1os!rabte "
"The line will wlthdrnw his favor."
"I shall take refuge In the love of
?y wife."
"Your family will not receive me."
"My family will receive whom I #1
rert I atn Ita hoad "
A few works later all Berlin was
talking of the young nobleman who
bad given up the advancement promts
ed him and a brilliant career to marry
a titleless and pennyless American
flrl When the Franco- Prussian war
came on. after repeated act* of bra*
en he was restored to favor snd W
now occupying an Important positlo*
In tho empire. His wlfo. tlionc?i b<t
marriage with him at first n-ttinlcl lil?
advancement, became of great servica
to bici t.ter b!a restoration to favor.
ClMtrit Mm>|> TrM'SMt
Thi> Principal nwherShon f??? ?
uml the irrpa? (VpMitw Vibrator,
l? propaml to fir* ?he brat ?-lrc
rlc tnm*e+ irrattr#?l that wr haa
?e?>n ilrrl??>d. They arr an ahaolut*
?iit for hpiwWhP, rh??imatt?m and
>ihw ilt?ori>r?, Impcotr Vhr etrrula
ton and gl*t narroua atrmfth. W*
iarr ptivM room* for lwllm J>it>Ci
>al K-i l*?r Shop
ltath* 2<">p?*nu. Fin* norwlaln tub*
,1 thr IH>rt I mi lind fine How. Hnoma
Be, Ms, *Se and MMi av#oiw>, o?^
**tt* ' anarilan llank of Oomtnero#. j
Thr I'xm hron bootblack m?k? yotir
boo* look like a tiisfer'a heel. Try
lim, hp ta an expert, *
At tt liilmU PHom
The Mascot aaloon Wilt Hqwora.
ither buik or <?*** (rood* at wholeaate
irk**. All the oM hramh alwaya on
i an*!. 10-1-tf.
Any Kind of Owwing Tohaooo ft)
10c a CUT
mm) *f will M>ll ?rt-PTihinc ob?r
ih?i? in Um store
Pipes. 6c and Up
Don't Forget the
Tony Dortero
Comfortable Bed*
Dining Rot.m In Connect)?1 ]
' ???
I o? VhiUdlaf
Nw IVwtofll c*. rrtm\ Wrwt
Pete McMillan* Proprietor
! ?
I" {
I he leading Hotel
! Windsor
| Hotel ;
Opposite Depot
I- White horse, Y.T. ;
J P, McMilliu,1 Profv | 1
f -Caribou Helel-|
Caribou Crossing
A Strictly
J; ? Dining I loom In i"tonn?>ctloo?
? Choicest Win**, Liquor* A
a J. Briuln. Mfr.
Canadian Pacific fty. Co.
nirw* toilw, It* I n??r? ??!??*?
OM1, to
T rtntforrlnf to
?? R?tr? CWff*
(??IN ?< ? p m
Pot 9iw<J. Onrnfon, Strvle* ?iH
A ppolntmral T)>?m Twin Kerrw
8t#?m'r? C?nnot he Bqatlml T<n
liformtllH Writ* or Apply to
FWIt K?rnl?h#*1 Room*
fflMtrlc Uirtitod Throughout
or), w. ct'irm, n?op.
Front St. South P.O., Whl?*l>or?*,Y.l
Raw Furs....
wr. PAY
High Prices (or fine furs
Writ# For Prk* I .rat
Percey's Fur House
Oihknah. Wtannaln
Vancouver i
Hotels- }
a ?. itmnv ^
Goon Fnr Mor?t
fUf*r*i*h?i1 T>inM?hMt firm
n?? In H*?ry IWpM
Pn??t CV? In MX* Nnrth??H
?Steam Laandry*
AD Work Gmr?n?*?<l Sktft
OrtWn Prmnrtlj
phoTr n
W'n?-|'f Will .*11 tn4 D*Nrir.
Baths In ComwctlM ;
Prtr?t? Roo?h lof t.?'1?f?. ?
When In Haines
f'Of> M lk?
Hotel Northern
J. O. Morrlm. t'rop.
Resldurant In Billdlx
rijinff Hhacvay m*I
? Leaves Skagway ?
Every Day at
9 a. m. Sharp
Arriving at H*lo?a at 11 *> *. m.
iMm Hainaa at 2 p m.
Sinrt# fare ll.Sft.
Uibn and G?rmala
The WhitePassA Yukon Route
TIMK TABI.lt No 13
(THIly Rtcept Send*? .)
No. t. S tVmnd
1M clear Irt fi?m hlelM
? LV. RKAflUAY AR t ?>p n. AR. ? 1S?. ?
a <*
10 f* \ ,
ti oof
WHIT* PASS " j <*, " 1 l#
114ft ?? " loo cabin ? J oo ?
881*" ?? Bmwrrr " J5J*? -uto,*
I 4ft " I 10 " ?? CARIBOU ' II " 10 ( "
? 40 ? 4 30 " AR Wbtt* Romt LV ? 30 ?? LV, " Tl ?
PMwnwn i?Jit be ?t d*po? Ir ti r ? h..? oergare ln?p. cud irt
checked, Inflection It (topped 10 mltel*-* K tore Iwevftf Ume of trmf*.
180 nound* of b*rr*r' *tll be ^ hacked free ? ih *v.h fell fare tloke'
end 7ft pound* with rech helf f?r* tick' I
s**8i*w*STftsw <tw#fwaiiiwiewirw<ii* r?me?<?ri ?: ??.??? ? >"*wicrn*NMlM
j The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skegwav
Dlrret lmpor??r? of Fnr*i|rn wkI Pwnmlc
Print* Prw?? For
[ 8red?l At teoticD'to Oi drr? % t I MBit j C?? T?l -phoM M
While Pass & Yukon Rome
TV rongh line from Skagway to Atlln, White Home, Bit 9nlmon, IH*nw and *11
intermediate point*. C<moectton male at with Lower Hirer ?t 'inMn< for
Ktglo, C<rcl? City, B*mpart, Tan an a, Ftirhank*. Chen*, ft. Michael ?t 1 Km ne.
Paily connection m*de at Whit* Hon* between traio* led rlrer *te<mer* 'or all Y'tkon
Hirer pMntn, including Men'e-hall l>a tiding, the nenre*t ?te*mw>*t landing to the new
A leek Uold Field*. The following *te?tn''?ot? are operated by the WHITF IMM AJfl>
YUKON ROUTE and are equipped with all modern roaeeBien^e* Inc'itding atom
heat, electric light and other real are* a* aff>r>l not rrslr e*fMr bwt comfort to f>*?..>nger?
TttRoron TTrurr* can be pnrclM?cd at Skafwitf for DAWSOJI, FAIRBANKS,
CHF.NA and all I<ower Hirer point*
Finely appointed tra'na dnllr, eTcept Snrdor. between Sktfwir and White
florae, carrying pMaenger*, bnfgare. mail and etprc?n
Hagiragc bonded throngh. Direct telegraphic aerricn to ill po!nt*i n A to* a.
Unadi *n I the tllltnl SUM#*.
For Information relabee to p*ae?nre<. freight and tel*fr*phte ratea. app'y
to nnr agent of the Company, or to
M J. B WHFTf, 0.r;*PA. A BNBWKLU V P. AO. M. R. D. P1NNICO, A?v O. t. k P. A.
Vaoooumr, R. C. Vnawrw, B. C. and Mtag-onr. Aln*ka Kka#*ar, Alga ?

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