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Daily Alaskan
kmm w. t*ot, editor
?m tr srvler
Om mmH, h? at II
Tkm Maths. to m l
?is Matin, to Mil
f*r. to Mil
lo ?pi ointing H B U Fevre to be
United Siat<?* court coramisa-ooer at
Scagwav. Judge Gunnison recognised
oo? of the worth? citizens of this city.
For years Mr. Le ?v re has labored
W .tn industry and to good purpose for
Skagwa? and frr Alaaka. He is de
serving the oest the pe pie have to
five. The Daily Alaskan does not hes
itate to predict thai he will make a
gvod official. He ia a man of ability
and the utmoat integrity. who, as a
pub ic official, wi'l do h;? Seal aod give
every man a square deal
NewrU all ibe oewapap- r? of Alaska
are ask og of congress some kind of
popular government. While a tern
torial organ ua' Ion. simiar to thai which
has been given other territoriea of the
United States. * the form generally
urged. prohabty there wou d be none
that wou d Dot K? satisfied with some
oUer form which fare the people of
the d str.ct an opiortunity to m?ke
thv-ir own law*. They would even fore
fo without undue protest for a while
longer tha right of executing the laws.
If former President Cleveland should
be selected for the presidency of the
equitable Life Assurance Association
the alvertiairgof a favorable kind that
will come to that institution will more
than counteract all the disagieeable
notoriety that it has had during the
last few months.
Those union men who pulled the
nails from the fingers of the non-union
taamstrrs !n Chicago the other day did
far more harm to union labor than to
the poor fellows whotu they tortured.
W. \Y. Cotton. th? Portland railroad
attorney, will b# appointed diMrict
judge to succeed Judge Hellinger. de
The bloody war between the limited
express trains aod the defenaeltus trav
eling public continues its unrelenting
A Whitehorse dairy advertises sour
milk for sale at 1.1 cents a quart. What
would be the price of thick, fresh crv m
In that town?
TmI R?l*( R?.lit?4 kr Alokt
A little ba-ksohe at flrst
Daily IvctcmIok till the back is lame
? oil ?rak
Urinary rti?or<'? rs qu ckly follow;
Diabetis ?nd rin*li? B'isht'* disease
Thto it the uo?n**r.i course of kid
w ill*
Don't tak this court*. Follow the
ad?ic? of a former sutferer.
l>. L. Staid*. o? 313 Th r eentb street,
O *rap> , s*y?: "I hare had attacks of
backache for ?'4f. c?u*d probably by
cold* ?ett!iptf m the ioies. Sob e ? f
them were so severe th?t 1 iou d not
tarn or more In b?d and *?* perfect';
h*!p lee* and ha.l to be move I about
like a chi d Durni my l??t at' a -k I
us d lWs Kidney Pill*. 1 thought I
m ffht depend upon lh>m because I had
heard th*t they were a relitb'e c^re
for kidney compaint I ?a* not di?ap
poic ed ' r the re* ti ts ob-ained fro n
their uee were entirely ?*t>f?ctory in
?Tery way. I chtrrfuliy rtcoatmrnd
IVan's Kidney (Ills "
For sale by ill dealers Price iO cents
a ho*. Foater-MilSum Co., Buffalo. New
York, aole agents for the United v tales.
Remember the name ? Uoan's ? and
take no suhataute.
Fresh Fruit
and Vegetables
?gg$ and Butter
Received on the
at the
mi GKi
mm us
Cannon Oppose* Rfprest-nta
tire or Self-Government
The Seattle I lost-Intelligencer Inter
viewed Speaker aannon upon hit return
toSeatt'e He opposes represent*) ion
to congress or self government for
Alaska. The Puet-lntellityrencer ?*t?
"When asked concerning the general
opinion as to territorial government
and representation by ? delegate in ooo
gress. Mr Cannon stated that there was
? diversify of opinion and that some
seemed to think that the district is too
young In the southeastern pari of the
dstrict the Impression prevail* that a
delegate should fofrom ooe of the older
towns. It of course, would be impoad
Me for a delegate from Southeast Ala*
ka to represent that section of the dis
trict . orth of the peninsula, including
Nome: quit* as much so as It would he
imp. ssible for a nan from Alabama to
represent North Diakot*.
"If \ tasks is to hare delegates on the
floor of congress, then there should be
three- -one from Southeast Alaska, ooe
from Nome and one from VaMet. In
Speaker Cannon's opinion. Alaska is
thoroughly well represented in congress
by the Washington delegation. 'I
found.' said Mr. Cannon, 'that there
are in Alaska Lss than 36,000 people
white people? who hare their feet
planted on the soil: who say 'this is mar
home:here will I place my hearthstone.'
" M found that there are many natives
ar.d there is the floating element that
go s to Alaska and then comes away,
hut of the white settlers who are U?ere
.*>,000 is a liberal estimate, and they
are scattered along more than 2,000
miles of coast.
'-'Alaska is the most valuable asset
of the state of Washington, and with
ail of your interests there and your
close commercial relationship with the
d strict I can't see tha* they need any
more efficient represent ion titan that
which is given them by the Washing
ton delegat on. Then the sentiment is
not strongly in favor of representation
by a delegate, and a particularly well
posted man up there tokl me that it
would be like a very large hat on a
v. rv small boy to make a territorial
government for Alaska.' "
Senator Hemenway is also quoted as
not being convinced that Alaska should
have representation in congress, and
Representative Tswoey thinks the del
egate should be appointed.
l>sve Mutchler was fined JlOO, the ex
treme limit on the charge of uuult
and tottery, this afternoon by J udge
K.rwin. The complaint **.? m?d? by J.
F.. Lilly. ?n>] the fight ?u ow an old
debt. The evidence shoved that
Mutchler l ad remarked: "P? got you
on this side of the line, and now I'll fix
Judge Krwin said there was too much
of that sort of feel ins, am) that he
could not understand why men should
obey the law on one side of the line and
think they coulo break It with impunity
on the other, and that he would give
the full penalty, and int. nded to make
an example of every such case that
come before him - Fairbanks New*.
C??k Vulil
IjkIv cook wanted at once Apply at
this offiee.
H t LstekM Er?rt Ernlsi
Hot lunches- the beat in town are
*erv*d every evening at the Totem.
WknsflstCntk tw Jsatlet
Mr. J Rilev Bennet', a Chemist ot
Browns Toon. l*m?ios, West India
U'ao is. writes: "I cannot sp?ak too
highly of Ch.mtwtlsln's Cough Remedy.
It has proved i self to be the hest r*m
ed* foi whooping cough, which is prvv
oltnt on this end Of the globe It has
revet foiled to relieve in any case where
I h?ve tec ?iumen<ied it; and grateful
mothers, after using it, are daily thank
lUOtlM nivising them " ThUremedv
is Mm sale by Kelly Drug Co,
CwraaOM Soewa
Westmoreland, Ksnx , May 5. 190a.
Ballard Snow Liniment Co : Yoar Lin
iment cured an old sore on the side of
my chin that was supposed to be a oaa
cer. 1 be sore was stubborn an 1 would
not vield to trestmen, until 1 tried Snow
Liniment, which did the work ia shost
order. My Mater, Mr*. Sophia |. Oar
sin, Allensville, Mifhn Co., Pa., ha* a
sore and mi?tnisis that It is a cancer.
I'lease send her a Site bottle. Sold by
Kelly Drug Company.
Ms4?ra lUfair Shop far lks(wor
C. H. Turner, an expert machinist,
ha* opened a repair shop in the tuiU
ing at the comer of Fourth avenue and
Broadway, opposite F. H. Claysoo k
Co. He will repair music boxes, phot
ographs. cash registers, typewriters,
si.* machines and bicycles. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Try him. 6 5 tf
(Copyright. 1?. bj T. C McOlur*.]
Aftrr ten mn' faithful service as
.-?abler In a department store In Paris
?a?ton le Roy bad been fo?n<1 guilty
at eAbe?*Jemont A sum of money
>i mounting to about was missing
and could not he aceouuted for He
protected hi* luuoeence, and bo offered
to make the amount irood from his sav
ing*. but the police had got hold of the
matter and refused to let it drop The
police of France mon- than any other
v-oantry hold lhat a j<er?on who Is
charged with an offense against the
kw la guilty It is not for the law to
prove him so, but for him to prove his
Innocence. They said to the cashier:
"You have had charge of tlte funds
in this store. A sum of money is miss
In*. ami you cannot account for it. It
theref.wr follows that you eoibetsted
It. At any rate, you must prow in
court that you did not "
Neither the proprietors of the -'ore
nor the cashier's friends believed him
guilty There was a slip somewhere,
a mistake; some one had seined impor
tunity to gobble on to the notes, but
the police took him away and ? >u tend
ed that he must prove that sotne one
guilty In order to secure his own lib
iTty The young man w.i> sent to prls
on for ? year and his repntatl" s mined
forever. He did not think - > v lien he
emerged Strong in the cwis. onsness
of his Innocence. he returned to Paris
with the determination to begiu ano*
The oM Arm (twM not take him 1>a< k.
but they gave him a recommendation,
and he soon secured employment else
where. Within a week the jsvliee ap
peared and said to his employer
"Yon have a mau in your e: ;<* \v mho
conkl not prove his inno.-enco of a
theft Yon must dlvharo- liim. If
you do not yon will bo en-oupiging
Young I-e Roy was discharged.
He wandered out into the country
ami secured employment on a farm.
The work was hard and the pay
l?ut lie was living an honest life when
a police official appeared and insisted
that In- be instantly discharged He
was even threatened with arrest tnd
punishment for defying the law.
n>at was the end Hie e\ <\ Hi riot
headed for Paris with murder in his
heart. In half an hour his mind had
been made to turn criminal and be
come ? terror to the law On ren hiug
the city he made for tin- haunts >?f
vice. ami inskie of a i ion h the polk-e
heard from him.
Le Roy was 1 .e Roy n> Im'Pt He
was Jaritx In two voir- lie ?ont
mltted fifty robberies - , g'e ban, led
Then he became the leader of a hind,
and muriler was .id led t - robbery It
was always the police who were the
victim* In one year ten Paris |>o.lce
men were stabbed to death No one
suspected that Jarlt* was the ex
.-ashler under another name, and no
one could account for this singilar
hatred of the police. The 1<e*t de
tectlve talent In the country was em
ployed to hunt the man down, bet he
?neaped every snare laid for him. As
fast aa a member of his band was
taken he took on another recruit. Thej
were to assist in the robberies, but
the killing waa reserved for his own
Jariti ran a career of four years,
and during that time the killing of
fifteen policemen was In 1.1 at his door.
The value of his plunder for the same
time was estimated at three-quarters
of a million dollars. Then the nun's
logic forced him to realise that the
?ml could not much longer lie delayed
Half a hundred detectives mere look
ing for him. ami the rewards offered
for hi* apprehension footed up o\er
Some of his band wore cer
tain to betray him to secure this le
ward. When he had ni ide up his mllid
what to do he distributed his proper. y
among the hospitals under another
name and took a house in tlte Rue Vint
It was a turn Mo down knnor Id a
wretched strvot, ami Just ?hm t! ?>
police would look to find him. The??
???? a llrst and second fl.mr. and ru
tr*iKf could l? liad to the w>itisl sto: v
hy way of a second okl r<*?kory and
the windows. On taking )"?scwikin
of the place Jaritr M*nl the stairs .n
two and pr>n>|>ol th.Mii up in such a
way that ho ouild pull the prop away
with a rope. Wlion the ?.t ?,??? wojit
oraahitii: down Into tho <-o;l?r wboevor
wa* on thorn at tho timo tw IBM
with a terrible fall. Aftit a w<*k bo
?out a boy to gi\o him a way to the
police Tlio lad claimed to have had
his *tispi> ion aroused nuJ to lu?\e
watcked the bowse for a wools. Ho
was sure that It was Jarita hiding
there He told the polieo of f|>o ap
proa eh hy tho window*, and at 3
o'clock In tho afternoon a <l< ia hniot<t
of forty roon suddenly surrounded the
Ten of thom rushed into Ute neighbor
Ins house to force the entrance Jarita
met them and shot two hoK thon re
treated with wwft* of iMIaMf. The
eight men rushed him tart to the
?talrs and down It to tho Voiding
T*ere be stopped to hurl IVrther de
fiance at them, ami when tho;. vnwded
down upon hltn tho prop vtW pulled
away, and the eight fell Into tho foliar.
Two were killed ami tho rr*t badly
"I am Canton I* Roy. the ev-cashicj
and ei -convict!" called Jarlt* ?ftet
them, and then he put tho mim.lo m
hi* revolver to his head and pulled ffio
Hwre were a few newspapers It
France that dug down and got at th.
real troth of the tragedy and laid It
before tbetr readers, but the most of
ttxin referred to Jarita as a human
brute and rejoiced that he was off the
face of the earth Tie was Jnst what
the police had made htm. He waa ?
bounded man driven to criminal deo
perattoo. M QUAb
No. 1319
This is the lucky number which won
the ticket to Portland and return
Who has it?
Let us figure on your
Job Printing
We aim at ^
fobs promised tomor
row delivered today
Daily Alaskan
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If Sot You Should IV So Bt
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SlMPlfS Of 1906
The I>ai)y Alaskan haa received a
full line of Kamp'e* of I9?W calendar*
from ihe famou* J. W. Butkr Pat?er
company, of i hioaffo. They include
the I at tut drv.ffti* many of which are
work* of art.
Rn*iDe<w men of Skapway and Hainr*.
who desire on lander* for next year are
invited tooall and make ?election*.
Rslatcr Bun
Rainier be?r* hy tf?e do*en bottW,
*2 50, at the Mascot *aloon.
JUNEAU a. 8. CO'S.
?i Rated atkamrk
* OmttIbc P. ? Mil!
for Bfclnr*. IVrn?n !Wy, Jimww
Hoonnh Te?i*kr? Sitka ?n<1 W?rporU
Saturday N oon and
Tuesday at 8 a.m.
W. W. BorOHTON, Ar?ii
OromlwM and Filth At*. rhont M
The Celebrated
The machine for beautiful ?ork ?nd
correct alignment.
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The light running Yoat It unequalled
In ltffhinew of toutch. quletneaa of ac
tion. simplicity and durability It l?
reoopniied >* * neoewiiy In the bo?
inrw man't o flier or the profeaaiona
man * study m
Ftor particular*. catalogue ma, writ#
Vosl HritingVtachiiieCo
S2.'i Montgomery 8t 8 in FVmnct*cr
Agentafor \la*lta
?r A welt ?? tl> a Oii>?
Special ?' " * ' n to nu?lnr? FWmi
e??gway, Hainea a d Vicinity
Will Practice In All the Court*
Juneau ? Alaska
Frrih Ot*n* CM?n> Mvlr'a
Delicioin" fresh or an ft1 cider la placed
on up daily at Mulr'a nett to tlie poat
olfice. Try Ik
If you are out of kindling B McC
Weato. I have it by the aac-v or cord.
I 'hone* 90 H. ?*
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
8? lite. Var?t 9oun<J. ten Praoetaoo aod hnikm Porta
cahmttwo 0. 1. hail
Steamer* of Thl? Company I /ear a
HUMBOLDT. ? JoneO 16.86
CITY OF SEATTLE. June il 21. July 1
Via V?Mr?v?r
COTTAQE CITY. - June 9 23 July 6
Via Victoria awl WUra
MS. Abo*a9ehada1* Safctaot to chair* WlUtoai Nonaa.
C. D. DUNANN, Gen Pats. Agt
10 Market Street. 9aa Prase tano, CM.
rThe Alaska Steamship Co.
C arryin* U 8 Mall an* Alaaka PaelUa F.t
Neit Sail In# of the Fa?i I'aaaenrer Steamar
Dolphin. - June 23
July 3.
Jefferson, - June 29
DIBIOO. ... June 26.
< oirpant rrarrrea rlfkt to rhanfe aailtn* data wf thont notke
Tra?efer? to Victoria and Vaoooarer Without AMIItOMl < harfe
R. A. CARROLL. A fast Pfcoaa M
t w?ww^\wvww.%\w v.v?vmwtw
Fine Wines Liquors and Cigars
Headquarters for Yukon Traveller*
John Cap, M ft.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Millar* P?rlw Ra?4?a? aa* *H?t| I
The Board of Trade
I RK OtTTHRfR Proprietor
tarfaat aed Raat Aprrtatad Pearrt far Oeatlfao
la the Porth
Ttifir is miTP strength..
,andVi^r in o single.,
thfti^n ft barrel
wf orrfiiSo beer
Once ??5f d? \b?w Jscd...
Pft?rt? ffctwt* 3<K
Fire and Li?*e
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
? Of B?WJ flwi>|llw ?
Th# only (*Mt oftM* nttav* am Um
coml Writ* tar Prim,
Owrtwpo?tawi wlWnA
S1M!? M AT.. SMUta

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