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Daily Alaskan
?M <Mk. dellwtxl tr *rrW
fhrw ?aoth*.??yn)al
Six month*. W m?<l
tin# jtu. h*
If the United S'atea will but Beep the
lid closed oi some of iheir own bump
tiousness in a mtnner befitting their
maturity. Sir Wilfrid Laurier can be
depended u*x>o to successfully treat the
anti-American fe?er that it raging in
parts of the Dominion. However,
there will be frequent eruptions in
Canada if the United States shall per
sist in th" maintenance of the prohibi
tive tar (T wall between that country
and this. The broadest corarae cial
reciprocity between 'he Union and the
Dominion ts 'he pr ce demanded for
peace nud good will on the American
continent It should be paid promptly.
The indications are that Alaska will
be second of all the political divisions
of the United States this year in the
production of cold. Last year it was
thud, being surpassed by Co'orado and
California. If the Tanana shall turn
out as it is now believed that it will,
this district should pass California.
Colorado wi 1 be passed next year oi
the one following that.
In the resignation of Thomas R <
Lyons as assistant United Sta'es dis
trict attorney the goven ment will lose
one of the most efficient and worthy
officials in Alaska. Mr, Lyons has not
only given the government good serv
ice but he hat retained the good will,
respect and confidence of the people
which he has held in a remarkable de
gree ever since his advent to Alaska.
Under the heading, "Another un*
American name," the Whitehorsc Star
"Gabriel Bie Ravoedal, former Amer
ican consul at Beirut, Syria, will go ;o
Dawson as United States consul vice
Leo Bergholtx, who will go to Beirut."
May be we captured Gabriel In the
Span sh war. That would make him
American probably.
Frank J. Cleary, the Tanana min ng
man who spent a few weeks at Skag
wav last spring, is now the sole pro
prietor of the Fairbanks News. He
has purchased the interests of Richard
Roedigerand William Mclntyre, of the
Dawson News.
Buaoy must have sown some of the
seeds of h s peanut patriotism when he
was in Kastern Canada Isst winter.
The IKmglas News claims Douglas to
be the moat p pulous city In Southeast
ern Alaska
? I- ..hi Lin r ,\niv?'? m
I T i M i ?
The Amur, of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company 's line, arrived from
Vancouver this morning with 22 pas
sengers and 200 tons of freight. The
Amur camepn the schedule of the Prin
cess Beatrice.
Capt McCroskey, of the Amur, was
acco -ipan.ed by Mrs. McCroaae* on
this trip. They went to Bennett and
back today
far s?i?
Twelve horse power Union gasoline
engine. Good as new. Price, 18(0.
Inquire at launch Union, Moore wharf.
. .79
Fresh Fruit
and Vegetables
?gg$ and Butter
Received on the
at the
Lively Game of Bascbill Id
' ?
There will be a lively game of base
ball on the Sitagway diamond tomor
row. The "Monkey Wrenches," an ag
gregation of ball players which ha*
been more or less successful in limes
past on the baseball rooting line, will
cross bats with the "Lobsters," who
this year are at peace with the "Non
producers," and are seeking elsewhere
to make reputations as Ansons. The
game will be played for the glory of
victory, and time will be called at 3
o'o ock. sharp, provided the managers
captains, etc.. shall have succeeded in
persuading a son of Adam, who is care
less as to his lease of life in this vale of
tears, to act as utrpire.
Cowrt Quit* J?1t 20
Judge Gunnison has given notice
that the United States district court
will adjourn at Juneau for the present
term Thursdav. July 20. It wUl con
vene here the following Monday.
Good Wotda for Father Bonsta
Rev. Father P. C Bougis. S. J., who
has been so long a valued citisenof
Douglas, has been assigned to the work
at Skagway. and the extent of his du
ties may be such that he will be com
pelled to give up his Douglas charge.
The father has always been on the side
of progress, while in Douglas, and by
his kindliness of disposition hss gained
many frii nds even outsi Je of his own
church We would regret to chronicle
his departure from Douglas ? Douglas
Many at f ?? 1?1
The social given by the Epworlh
j I ^e ague last night at the Methodist
' church was well attended. The even
| iog was agreeably spent.
Fast Bains KmIIiU fcjr Ala?ka
A little backache at first
l>aily increasing till the back is lame
| and weak .
Urinary disorders quickly follow;
Diabetts and flnallv Blight's disease.
This is the downward course of kid
ney ills
' Don't Uk this course. Follow the
ail vice of a former sufferer,
j I). L. Stands, of 315 Thirteenth street.
? ympi , says: "I have had attacks of
Mickache for vear*. caustd probably by
1 olds ?ettiing in the loins. Some of
| nhem were so severe that 1 cou'd not
| turn or move In bed and was perfectly
tielpless and had to be moved about
ike a chi d. During my la<t attack 1
| us d Doan's Kidney Pills. I thought 1
m>ght depend upon them because I had
' 'leard tn?t they were a reliable cure
! 'or kidney comp'aint. I was not dioap
| (H.io ed f r the reeu'ts obtained from
I Li* e>r use were entirely satisfactory to
ver? ?*y. I cheerfully r? commend
! oan' Kidney Pills "
j For s ?le by all dealers Price 50 cents
i * liox. Foster- Mil burn Co., Buffalo, New
I ork. sole agents tor the United Mates.
ttetnember the name? Doan's? and
| a?o no ?U"? itute.
Cwok Want ad
Lady cook wanted at once. Apply at
'.his oilier .
Hot Luekx Ev?ry Enmiai
Hot lunches? the best to town -are
served every evening at the Totem.
Wkooitlat C??|k ta Jtatle*
Mr. J. Rilev Bennet', a Chemist oi
Biown* To?n, J?m?i.-s, West Iadik
Is'amts. writes: "I caanot speak to<
highly of Ch?m?ct Iain's Cough Remedy
It has proved i;aelf to be the best rem
edv for ?h?oplng cough, ?hioh IS prev
ail nt on this end ol (he globe. U ha?
never filled to relieve in any case when
I have rec-JBi mended it; and gratefu
mothers, after using it, are dsily thank
tig me lot rdvising tham. " This remedx
u tor ssle by Kelly Drug Co.
Cam Old Itrst
Westmoreland, Kan*., May J. 1902.
Ballard Stiow Liniment Co : Yoor Lin
iment cured an old pore on the side of
my chin that was supposed So be a can
cer. The sore was stubborn and would
. not vield to trMtman, nntil I tried Sno*
I T.lnlment, which did the work In shoit
order. My sister, Mra. Sophia J. Oar
S3B, Alleosville, Uithn Co., Pa., haa a
s ire and mftrasts that It is a cancer.
Please send her a Vic bott.e, Sold by
Kelly Drug Company.
Mod or* Repair Iktf far Ikagvay
C 0. Turner, an expert machinist,
has opened a repair shop in the *1 tid
ing at the corner of fourth avenue and
H roadway, ?|>poalt? K. H Clayson it
Co. He will repair music boxes, phon
ograph*. caah rek titers, typewriters,
I ski machines and bicvclea. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Try Mm. ? 5 if
In <R? Ma.icl of
Honor's Carriage
[Copyright WH. by T C McOurs )
The jvuog man entered rbe oarrlr.fa,
hanged the door shut and nettled 1 to
aalf comfortably with a sigh of relief.
Opposite him sat a pensive young
woman In a bewildering gown ot
fluffy white. The young man removed
his high hat and mopped his perspir
ing brow. He adjusted his tie and
brushed the dust from his coat sleeve.
The carriage rattled briskly over the
pavements. Outside the early afternoon
sunshine flooded the streets with a
mellow glow.
"WeH," sakl the young man.
straightening himself and smiling at
the girt, "another good man pine
wrong. Every time I assist at the
weddings of these reckless youths 1
feel somehow like au executioner "
"We're getttng to be arvti cousplr
ators In the wedding line, aren't we?"
the girl laughed. "It seems of late
that we are thrown together at every
?"Let's see." he mused; "this Is the
third so far this month. We're ac
cumulating a great weight of respon
sibility "
"All my friends seem t<> !?' going in
for matrimony," she said
"Mine, too." be returned cheerfully.
"Hymen Is an Indiscriminate old bur
glar. He gobbles eui right aud left.
And when a man's married he's as
good as lost to his friends j-t first,' be
"But they all come imok to the club
and aud the old life, don't they?" sh?
sakl testily.
"Most of them." he admitted.
"That's the man of it," she said.
"Marriage Is a lottery " he said,
lacking momentarily a mo-e original
" 'Pleasant the snaffles of courtship,
Improving the manners and carriage,' "
she quoted.
- -But the colt who Is wise will re
frain from the terrible thorn bit of mar
riage,' " he finished.
"Hie re seems to be a pivat many
colts lacking wisdom," site remarked.
"And loU more willing to lack that
commodity," be laughed.
" Doesn't a wedding ever 'nipress you
aa rather pathetic?" slie asl.ed.
"Always," he replied. "<*ften hean
rending "
"Well, iniue shan't be," site said. "II
shall be very, very cheerful."
"That's the kind 1 shoul l prefer fo?
myself," he acquiesced.
? The service should lie short," ahe
"Just long vuough to he legal," he
agreed cheerfully.
"And It would lie a v?ry quiet af
fair? Just a few frieuds, the cheerful
kind, not the weepy sort"
"Second the motion," said he.
She looked up quickly, then turned
her eyes and watched the hurrying
crowds on the sidewalks.
"At high noon and at the house." she
mused. "The church Is too big and
gloomy and solemn. Surely at the
house. And for decorations a few slm
pie orchids."
"It's amazing how you *ok* my sen
timents." aakl he
Tbt carriage swung aronnd a corner
and entered a niorv quiet street. Tt?>
700ns man flicked an lmajfinary hit of
dust from hi* coat.
"That would he a wedding." he satd.
"You'd have an orchestra tx*liind some
palms on the broad stairs, wouldu't
"Tea; a string orchestra." she re
"Of course, of course? a string orch>*
tra," Mid he,
"And a Jolly Informal wedding break
fast and punch." she went on.
"That's the Idea:" he said approv
"And evsry one who wept should be
>ned the said.
"Make It $10," he suggested, "or thir
ty days In the house of correction. The
crime won'*! warrant It."
She laughed gay It
"It wouldn't be a somber affair, I'll
warrant yen." she assorted
"I'll bet 't wouldn't," lie said entl u
alas ties I ly.
He moptVd his brow rervously a. id
looked covertly at the girl opt**! te him.
Her eyes r.ere still turned from him.
"I'd like to try a wedding of that
?ort." be said.
"There wouldn't be any ushers," the
remarked pointedly.
"Certainly not," he said. "I fully
realise that. I'd like to try It as- -as
bridegroom "
"Why doi.'t you?" she asked faintly.
"Well, I would If 1 were sure of the
girl," he said. "You see"? He pnused.
"I'm afraid I don't see," she said
"You see, there's only one girl I
want, and I don't dare ask her," he said
plaint! rely,
"Indeed:" she aald coldly.
"Tfcere'a only one girl I want." he re
peated desperately, "and she's the one
who has heard me rail at, weddings
from time immemorial. I'm afraid ahe
Wouldn't believe I was serious."
The girl's face grew very red.
"Too? you bavent railed at thla Im
aginary one," she said without turn
Ing her eyes
In an Inatant he was on the seat be
aide her.
""Then ahe will marry me*" he asked
The girl pressed her hot face against
the window of the carriage.
"You aald you thought marriage waa
a? a lottery." ahe faltered.
"Well" he Mid atoutly. "who
wouldn't risk a lottery chance If b?
knew he should draw the capital
prtur CHART.ES gravks
No. 1319
This is the lucky number which won
the ticket to Portland and return
Who has it?
Let us figure on your
Job Printing
We aim at
fobs promised tomor
row delivered today
Daily Alaskan
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t Home
= Industry?
If Not You Should Do 9o By
drinking Skagway Beer
Our Bottled Beer On It
per iloxen. iV : rebate oo beetle*
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Family Usa
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StMPlfSOF 1906
The l>aily Alaskan has received a
full line of samples of 1WW calendar*
from the famous J. W. Butler Paper
company, of I hlcapo. They include
the latest deolpns many of which are
works of art.
Bnsines* men of Skscwav and Haines,
who desire oalanders for next year are
invited to call and make selections.
R*ial?r Bmn
Rainier beers hy the doiten bottle*.
1C 50, at the Mascot saloon
OuTTtac V. ? Mall
for Htlne*. Bern?i? Bijr, Jud?*h.
Boor*h. Ten?kei Sftkk Mid Wtypnrt*
Saturday N oon and
Tuesday at 8 a.m.
Broadway and Fifth At*. Phone 90
The Celebrated
The machine for beautiful work and
oorrect alignment
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The light running Yoat la unequalled
In Ughtnew of tniitch. quletnew of ac
tion. simplicity and durability. H la
recognited a* a necewlty to the boa
Inewi man'* offloe or the profeaaiona
tnan'aatndy. ? ??
FY?r particular*. c*t"lng?e etc , write
Yost Hriting Machine Co
S25 Monlriwry St. Sui FYanciaeo
Asvn-* for Maaka
?<- A"i?lr ?? ?k ? OSmi
Special ' - e ' n to Ru?<ne?* FVom
? f>K?ar, llalnea a d Vicinity
Will Practice la All the Oo-jrtt
Juneau - Aaaka
fr. -k O **(? CI4?r?* Malr'a
rVllcioH* freah orange cider l? placed
on tap dally at Mulr'a neit to the poat
office. Tr y It.
II rou are out of kindling ae* F. McC
Weatc I hare !? by the aaon or cord.
Pbonea WM. ^
/OjPacif ic Coast S.S. Co.
Iwith, fur?t SovxL, 9m rrft&eiMD Mi 1i ?!>?? Pur*
of Tht* Cnmfmnj Im*(
HUMBOLDT, ? Juna6 16.26
CITT OF SEATTLE June 11 81. July 1
VI. ViMnMf
COTTAGE CITY. - June 9 23 July 6
Via Victoria and ?iika
Hfc. Above SeMila Snfetaet to cfcaa** Wlinmt Nowaa.
E. A. M US PHY, Ag?M, PlWfM 60
C. D. DUNANN, Gen Pats. Agt
10 MaHret ?MM. 9m Pi ?at?a, CM.
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying U 8. Mail ami A late r'aella Eipraaa
Nail Sallinc of the Faat Pa
Dolphin. - June 23
July 3.
Jefferson, - June 29
DIRIGO, June 86.
FARALLON ? June 23.
< 'ompanj r? ?*nx ri?kt to rh?n#? ?nl?n# date Mka
Tra? to Vtrtorla ard Vamwtw WltWat *<MHmmI CWrn
i*\\\vww\w.v.v.v.\w ,.v.w?
Fine Wines Liquors and Cigars
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
m Totem
John Gafe, Urr.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Rtllt.r* P?rl*?
upAcron clvb nnom
The Board of Trade
T.RK OTTHRIR +ropr1?mr
Larvwt *?><J AprolatM Reoort for rmlf
la Ura North
iwnsiT Mrr with
in n single..
in a horrH
?f ordinmy b?rr.
Onrc c bSd..
st\mi iwrwiNo
Fire and Ll.e
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
sm rotrwm avb.. sKaowat i
- HwnfMlvrfn ?#
? Of |m)i n*er1p4*ie ?
Th? f t Mtfwr* M Ut? J
roaat. WrtM tar PHe*.

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