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'City of Shuttle Still on An
other Fxenrwon
I In addition to the large list of mr
?s that are coining north this ymr
the City of Sea'tls will Mil on Mill an
. other one before the nd of Um prMWl
ft mm. Her first trip in Aofuat, mU?
f In* from Seattle, Au(W 4. the will
bring north ihose touriats who will be
unable to Sad worn modal loo* on the
'^^oircu'ar letter to agents of Ik* i'a
0H Coast Steamship Company, an
^Knolni; the fact that the City of SMt
f tie will makoan excursion trip, was rw
ycfited by K. A. Murphy yestanley. It
'?*ji the trip was made necessary tor
the r? on that all the accommodations
.of Um Spokane tor July 6th and 90th
and August 3d were taken and many
persons who are coming north oould
not wait tor trip of the Spokane
J sailing from Seattle, August 17. The
City of SeaitU will Mil at all the points
mads by the Spokane.
DftaAc* Caas ".Trial
A bi{ personal injuries Jump case
agains*. the Treadwell mining oom
Mot is now on trial at Juneau. It is
?lid it will take a week to compiaU the
Tm ok Train Alw.y* LmIi
The P*ck Train salon? aiways lead*
T * ?rrie? only the beat brands ot whis
, wine*, "beers and all U?a other
foods to be had at a tirst-olasa tie
men'* resort . tf
Get your ice cream at If ulr'a
laaaWtl Pl?r?n amd fn? lM*n
Lou i -< Kiusrer. ex champion loeg
rtUtame foot racer of CJermaoT a?u
Holland, writes, Oct. rth. 1W1: "Dur
ing wit training of eight weeks' toot
raoas at Salt Lake CitT. in April lsst, I
used Ballird's Snow l.intment to m?
greatest nitislaotioo. Therefore' I
highly recommend Snow Llnimant to
. sll who ??e rroab'eii with sprains,
bruisea or rhe imatfenK" 25c, 50c. $1 00
bottle. For sale by Kslly Drug Co.
? loe crsaru at*! iherbeif at the Vienna
Bakery. Best in town. Thooe 35.
The Canadian Pacific Liner
Sailed With Engineers
A oablegraro received yesterday
evening by H. R I>unn conveys the In
formation that the Princess May sailed
from Vancouver for Skagway with the
members of the A nerican Institute of
Mining Kngineers Thursday evening at
II o'clock. The Princess May will stop
at Juneau and Treadwell with the dis- 1
ttnguish( d visitors anJ will be due at
Skagway Monday morning.
There are 97 in the party including
many ladies.
Water I' m4i V?li *
Late Seattle papers contain dis- (
patches from Valdez dated last Satur
day, which says that place has beer,
great h damaged by floods. Many peo- I
pie have been washed out and some
made homeless. The roads and trail it
all directions from that town have suf
fered very hardly from the high water.
T? VI* hf Vfllaat ntmar Film 1V?
Strike at tkr t nderlytaK Cnw,
To treat Dandruff and Hair,
with Irritant* or oils on which a para
sitic (t?rm will prosper. Is like scooping
water from the ocean to prevent th? tide
from rising
Tou cannot accomplish a satisfactory
cure without harms a right understand
ing of the fundamental causes of the
Tou must kill the Dandruff Oerm.
Newbrv's Herplcide does this because It
Is specially made to do that very thins.
When the germ Is removed, the hair
has no choice but " to reeume healthy
rrowth snd beauty.
??Destroy the cause, you remove th?
Sold by leading druprists Sor l liV li
stamps for sample to The Herplcide Co
Detroit. Mich
Wm. Rritt, Special Aeent.
With its companion*, heart burn,
flatule- ce, torpidity of the liver, contv
pation. palpitation of the heart, poor
blood. headache and other nervous svm
ptoma, sallow skin, tonl tongue, offen
sive breath and a legion <f ot.ier ail
ments, is at once the nuvt widespread
and destructive malady antocj the
American people. The Hetbine treat
ment will cure all the*e Doubles. 50c
bottle. For sale by Kelly Drug: Co.
| Che Churches |
Sutjday. Mass with sermon at 10 a. m.
Sundky school at 2 p m.
Kosarv, lecture and benediction at
7:30 p. m.
Sermon oo the "Chirch of Chrlat."
lecture on "My sterie* In licltgioo " i
On week days, Man at 9 a. m
Catechetical instruction, Wednesday
and Friday at 2:30 p. m.
Morning worship, 11 a. m.
Sunday school, 12:15 p. m.
Christian Endeavor, Tp.ni.
Kvening service, S p. m.
Prayer meeting, Thursday, 8 p. m.
Morning subject: "The l>*eeful
Kvening theme: "A Shepherded
People.'' baaed on John *.
S|*eial nusic has been arranged for
this service.
All cordially invited.
N. R Harrison, Pastor.
Our Savior. State street and Eighth
Sunday school. 10 a. m.
Pirat Sunday In every month:
Morning prtyer. 10:30 a. m.
Litany and sermon, 11am.
Evening prayer and address. 8 p. m.
Other Sundays:
Morning prayer a ul sermon. 11 a. m.
Evening prayer, 8 p. n?.
Morning service: Sermon text I
Peter, iii:8. "Be Ye All Like
^Evening service -Address: "The
Early Christian Church."
Rev. C S. Mullikin, rector.
Sunday school, 12:90 p. m.
Ep worth League, 7pm.
There will be no preaching service.
All are cordially invited.
John Parsons, Pastor.
Meetings every night but Monday. S
p. m.
Sunday, 9 a. m.. Bible study.
All are oordially invited to attend al
CaldMt la I?wi
The coldest beer in town is at the Se
attle saloon. 6 1 tf
Calendars for iqo6
me will call upon you soon
mill) a Compute Assortment of
* 1906 Cflkttdflts *
I .
^ The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
A Girl of the
Russian Revolution
Vera Nlcholevna. the daughter of ?
Russian noble. began hor revolutionary
t-areer by simply teaching the peasants
Finding that ahe ??* not ""
il er the present gyateni of government.
?!?> Joined those who ?re trj ing to
?verthr\iw that government
Oar ilaj Vera received ?b .trder rrom
Itic re\ olutlonary society of whic.i she
? member to (TO to ? bttle ??"S. I"
St. IVtersburg In the roar of preten
lions buildings \tj which It wax nearly
hidden. set a bowU ?ud carrj it tot
rertn in house ?t tlie other end of the
rftv She s.vured the bomb, made b?W
exit and ns .he dM ao saw ? m?
mnWK ber from ? window Hurry
UK along "be w "gled *W' the crowd*
In the street before the watcher couM
emerge from hla position. She Jadged
at once that the shop bad bee* watrfc
,vl am! the uian who had aeen her
come out was one of the police. The
I >0111 h, w hlch site carried In her j<ockct.
rfH- could not pet rM of. Revolutionary
documents she might have dropped,
but to drop * bomb meant an esplo
*ton She did not ?loubt that If tlx
man whom she waa trying to evade
found hor ahe woold be arreted and
m* robed. Tor tbla reason i-he kept to
the rkmI crowded at reef., iiiov
Ins In ? tMttM course Finally. turn
ing. she looked ba<< and the very in:>r
row of her bones frorc at seeing her
follower but ? abort dlrtai.ee behind
on the otler aide of the street. He
looked away, pretending not to hme no
?cL her "Then ahe knea that he no,
only wlabed to capture her. but to dls
cover the ptecr to which ahe would go
At thla very time the guardian spirit
that preskled over the destiny ?f H?r^
oM Willett*. a young tTth-ngviu. k>d
hint to emerge from the bulklit.g where
be occupied apartment* ami stand In
,Ih> doorway h**lng out on the street
awlnglng hla cane meditatively A
voting girl who w?a passing surprised
him by auddenly turning ami making
straight through the door Into the ball.
There waa supprosed excitement on
her face, which led him to follow her.
Aa soon as they wen? both Inside she
lotted the door, then said something
rapidly to him In Russian, which he
did not understand He told her Ul
French that he spoke that language,
and ah* at once adopted It. *
"You are not a Russian?" site said.
'What nationality are yon?"
All foreigners consider Americans *'
sympathtiers with any one struggling
for lll>erty. ?nd the girl at once gsve
him her cohMmm*.
?*l am a revolutionist, ami 1 am fi
lowed, tn a few moments a man will
be hew to arreaf me. I wouM rnrr
nothing for that, but I carry a bomb
Help me to get rid of It."
Wllletts bad been noted for his def
erence ami chl> alPooa treatment of wo
men, but this appeal staggered him
Here was a girl, a very pretty one, who
waa asking hla to mil himself up In a
revolutionary matter from the cons
qnencM of which even the president of
?be Fnltol States could not save him If
caught red handed Nevertheless Ik
had In him the blood of those who re
alsted the tyranny of King Ororge 111 .
and be rose to the emergency
"tJlre me the bomb," he said, "and go
out by the rear door."
She handed hiiu a glass globe, ran to
the rear door and passed out Just as
there was a knock at the do.* In front
Wllletts. Instead of opening It. hurried
up to his room. He knew that he had
but little time to select * hiding place
for the bomb ami different receptacles
passot In review with lightning speed
A pair of riding boots sto?id In a closet
ami he carefully laid the explosive In
one of them. Then he started down
stairs. A man was In the ball talking
to a servant who had Just admitted
him. He ?t once recognised Wllletts
?nd asked what had become of the girl
who had gone back into the house with
him Wllletta, not understanding th.
Russian language. couM not reply, and
the man. hurrying upstairs, sea r. -he
the house, at one time standing dl recti?
over the l?omb. Foiled, he at last went
Wllletts placed the bomb in his trunk
and waited to hear from the girl. Aft
er waiting several weeks without am
communication he wrapped the bomb
In paper, tied a atone to It ami dropped
It in the river Neva.
The nest winter found the young
fhlcagnan again In St. Petersburg
and. 1 <clng on Intimate terms with tlx
American minister, he received manj
invitations through that official's In
flucnce. One evening a? a ball given
by one of the uncles of the emperor
being presented to the hostess. \\ II
letts saw among the ladles of her suit
the girl whom he had relieved of the
bomb and saved from Rlberla The
moment ahe saw him the roses left her
cheeks, but with an effort she regained
her composure without having attract
ed attention. 1-atcv Willetts was led
up to her ami formally presented Aft
er a dance with her he led her to n
window seat
Vera told him that she had neither
dared hi go t0 blm nor write to him
Hie felt that ahe owed him more than
her life and had regretted that she
had not before been able to express
her gratitude. Wllletts. who had
been dreaming of her ever since the
episode of her escape, begged her to
permit him to call upon her. She res
olutely refused, giving as a reason
that she was consecrated to a work In
which he couM have no part.
Wllletta never saw her again, but
since lite return to America the da ugh
ter or a noble ana wort tig to hor de
acrlptton has been caught In a consplr
acy to assassinate a grand dnke Rnl
as uaual In such cases no Information
of what disposal has been made ot
her has been forthcoming
The lYinclpkl n*rl*r Shop ha* ?
curnl the (friwrt C*n*?ter Vita ata* ,
ami It pre p? rod to irlte the he*t *???
Iric ikmu^ irfahrwit that tw ha*
been devised. They are an ahaoiut#
cure for headache. rheumatism and
other diwriera, improve the elrrola
Hon and gi re nervous slrenfih We
have prira'e room* (or ladle*. Prinrt
pal lWrber Shop.
Hath* i'.cent* Floe twreeldn tohi
at the IVwttond Lod r?W Hou?e. Room*
2.Ns,?0c, 7?e*odH. nM avenue, ov
poalle (an ad I an I lank of (.torn mere*. j
The Pantheon bootblack make* your
shoe* look like ? aimer'* heel. Try
him, be la an expert.
At V% kolmU PrioM
The Mwoot saloon *ell? lionon,
either bulk or caae good* at wholraale
price* Al! ftie old brand* *lw*y* em
hand. 10-1-5.
iThe Urirfot atock of
Cigars, Tobaoco ;
and Smockers' Ar- j
Tony Dortero j
Comfortable Beds
Dining Rotm In Connects
. ? ? ? ? m
|| I A? MMIlf
I . Rr?r Fnwt Mr**
Hrti McMillan. PropHator
I he leading Hotel
Opposite Dtpot
Whitehorse, Y.T.
r. MeMUIIaaJ Trofv.
I -Garibod Helel
| ? Pining Kcxwn In (\*?iwclk??
? Oboiwtt Winw, I>qoort A Cif?r?
U. J. Britain, Mgr.
Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.
i*? i
Oftil, M
Ho trtr* CWf*
Bullae ill p.m.
for Sp?ud. One tort, Iw Ha? tad
I AppntflWrpri Thw Ml
I 8ie*m#r? O?onot b? Equated. Trrr
I iDtonnmilftc Write or Apply w>
I R (LDtTWn . Aft. IKlSWiT
?*- ? ? ?
PW17 PirtWMd Room
IQ??tr1? UffhMd Tbroufbont
on. w. mrm, mor.
Praat.Bt Scwth P.O., WhllrtKww.Y.T
Raw Furs....
High Prices lorfiirrers
Writ* For Prtea Ltat
Percey's Fur House
Oahtraal). wlMowIn
Vancouver j
Hotel? ^
Whtiafcnr". T.I y
a i. v<<m. rm.
Good SUbilug Fw Horeee
R' f?rat*hnd T>i reef beet, Flrn
CteM ta Kvery RMfmet
FImM Chf* fa Ik* NorthwMl
?Steam Laundry*
Al W >fk Crnirtntu*. Skocl
Ot din Pi'wpdj
M'tt?r f?T WiH < *n M4 i
Baths In ComectM
Pmtt* Booiw lor I
When In Hainea
f>tnp at tlM
hotel Northern
J. O. Morriwm. I'rowk
Restaurant In Huildiig
riyiiiff skifvir ?*i
* Leaves Bkagwav ?
Every l>?y it
9 a. m. Sharp
A rH tine ?? H*in?a at ll ? a. m,
fjMrm RbIivm utp m.
Rtn*t? fmr* II. Mi
UTkM i?ICwa>il?
The WhitePass & Yukon Route
(Dally Eioept
No. I. ?
IM riM* 1* rHm tn 1 t mm
? J0?>. LV. 8RAOUAY AR ? ** n. AR ? U?. m
118o}" " WHIT* PASS " J * ' " ? ? *
11 ?l " " LOO CABIN 110 ? ? 1 00 "
is ? | P,W " RKJJJfKTT ? J " ( * m " 11 "
I tt *' ? 10 " CARinon - U Mta "W ( ??
? ?0 ? * ? " AR Warrm Hotmt LV > JO " LV. " T ? ?
Pnwnrm wim* be m de| **? la ?'?? ?o !>?*<? R*rr?c? ?fl
eheckwi. lMTWtkM >? nopT>f>d 10 ?Imm? hefttrclMviBC U?? ?f trail.
110 of baffaf* will he ek?<M free ? '.h cwk full far* U?ka
mm] 71 poo no ? with ?*eh h?lr f*r? ticket
| The Idaho Liquor House
oorhrr r*mn anp hroapwav,
! The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of SkaQwav
Dtrm ImpnrWi n t For?<rn mm) nwiHwtie
aorjcts for
PrirtM R^w>? rw
NpMiftl AttMU??'t<Oi4rr* ?rf Ftir ilf Om. ~?l
/ Iff n?
While Pass k Yukon Route
1>ronnh line from Sktfwav to Ail'n, Whit* How, Bit 8ala?e>n. Pivtm ??d All
Intermediate point*. Connection made at Pavnoa with lyrtrer River ?t amV*t< for
circle City, Rampart, Tumi, Fairhenka, Chwi, ft. M?rh?el art Nmi?*.
I>?I1t connection mad* it Whit# Hon* Setween trala* kin) rteer itHmtn 'or all Yako*
Hirer petal*, incladlnf Men'enhali L?endlnf , tl# wtiw ateamhoat tending to til* eee
# Alaek ntM Fie'da Tl?e following atearo ' are lyntH hy the WHIT* PMH ASP
YUKON ROUTE aod arc equipped with all modem eotmlra<v?. Inc'ed'at H??m
beat, rlKtrte light and other feat area aa afford Mt mtf aafetr hot wwlwi tn paaaenger*
T it ROTO H TTOHFTR can ha purchased at Stag way fat DAW><?!I. FA IRK A RKt,
CHF.NA and all I <trtm River paitia.
Finely appointed tra'n* telly, except Seedae, between Skatwvr and White
Horae. oarrrtaf paaeergera. hafgage. mail and etp?ee*
Ragjrage horded thmogh. Dtfeet telegraphic aerrlre to an pot at ?< la A teak a,
Canada ant the Halted State*.
For Information relative to paaamgti. frelffht and telegraphic rate*, ipp'jr
to anr agent o I the Compear, or te:
M. J R WHITE, 0. T,k P. A. A.B.NBWt!.L T.P.AO.M. R. 0. FIMNItrt, A?at*G. r,
Vancouver, R. C. Vaaooaeer. B C. and Rfcagnav. Alaaka <*fcag<t?r. A aa a

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