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i Princess Beatrice Arrives
From the South
The Canadian Pacific liner Hrioc as
Beatrice MTired In port j eat arday aren (
log at S o'clock with 42 puNOfert, S50
toot of freight and ooe day's nail fro?
The l*rince?? lieatrlae will remain lo
t >r? until tomorrow night whea the
\*IU Mil for lb* aouth with the mining
engineer * excursion who are si pact ed
to arrive at Whitehorse tomorrow
morning on the W h i tehorae ml Daw
Juneau is to hare a public library.
Tha movement for it waa started by tha
members of the librarian*' ataoeiatloo
w hlch came north on the City of Seat
tle Kach of the member* of tha ex
curaion. to the number of more than 160,
agraed to purchaae a book, aa aooa as
Seattle shall hate been reached on tha
return trip, wbich will be tent back to
Juaaau. Mayor Malony accepted the
offer of the librarians and agreed that
the books will be cared for and will be
held aa a nucleus for a public library.
Lumber for tale. Inquire of Pete
MaJaen. Seattle wbarf 0 10 if
Ckurfally EmmbwI*! far
a G. Hit; bee, Danville, Illa? wrltea,
Dec. 2 1901: ' About two y?ar* ago I
tai laid up for four months with rheu
matism . I tried Kalian! * Snow Lini
ment; one bottle cured me. I can
cheet fully recommend it to all suffer
trg from the affliction." 25c, 50c, tl.CO.
For tale by Kelly Drug Cto:
la M violent iotlammslioo of the mucous
membrane of the wind pipe, which
soaKtlme~ extends to the larynx aad
bronchial tubes: and is one of tha moat
daagerou* diseases of children. It al
moat alwavs comes on in the night,
(.live frequent small doeeeof Ballard's
Hoiehound Syrup and apply Ballard's
Snow Liniment externally to tha throat.
25o, jOc, tl.Oo. For sale by Kelly
Drug Co.
Mining Engineers Are Get
ting Close
Whitehorse, July IS? The White-1
hone tod Dawson, with the mining en
gineer* on board, were at Tantalus at
11 o'clock last night. They will be at
Whitehorse st 7 a. ro. tomorrow.
The Selkirk left Whitehorse at 8:15
p. m y<>eterday with 56 |>aMengers and
236 ton* of freight. She was at Big
Salmon 7 a. tn. today.
The Caaca arrived at 6:45 p. m. yes
terday with four passengers.
The Victorian was at Tantalus at 1 a.
m. today.
The Bonanza King will sail this af
ternoon. The Dawson will sail tomoi
row night and the Whitehorse Thure
Ham at Rampart
The launch Happy Hooligan and the
tender. Gloomy Gus, arrived this morn
ing. The show people aboard will pro
bably give a local performance tonight.
They are bound for Fairbanks -lUm
part Forum (July 1).
Calar sf Hair Mi to Indicate a Pff
bo h ' ? Tra^eraarnt.
Many people believe that blonde, or
light hair denotes affection and dark
hair constancy. A person without hair
la not devoid of character: far from It
The disposition of the average bald- I
headed man la to show such solicitude
ft>r the welfare of others, that he neg
lects himself. A germ causes baldness.
Prof. Sabouraud. of Paris. Prance, ln
aocculated a rabbit with Dandruff germs
causing It to become totally bald In Ave
weeks' time To rid the scalp of these
dangerous germs It Is necessary to apply
Jfewbro's Herptclde.
'?Destroy the cause? you remove the
Sold by leading druggists. Send 1<V> tn
stamps for sample to The Herplclde Co
Detroit Mich.
Win. Brltt, Special Agent.
Ice cream at Mutr's.
July magazines just received at
At the Maaoot
Mt. Vernon rje acd Old Belmont
whiskeys, double stamped goods, at
wboleaale nrices at the Mascot saloon.
? ?
Skagw*y Pioneer Looking
For Lost Mine
S. P. Ponton, a pioneer o( Skagway,
a Montana life insurance man, and hit
brother Dr. Panton, of Portland,
Oregon, are said to be in Alaska search*
log for a mine located by a patient of
the phyaieian to wttom he told of it
upon hi* death bed.
The prospector was a French Cana
dian and liia property la supposed to be
ia the vicinity of Juneau.
The Anaconda Standard, which got
the (lory of the loat mine from Mr.
Pan ton, says when the proapector finally
realized that death waa near he "called
for paper and pencil and excluded all
from the room except Dr. Pan loo. To
the phjaician he fare minute direction*
as to where he had found the (old. He
diew rough sketches of theoountry and
with the last stroke of the pencil he
breathed his last.
Dr. Panton notified his brother of the
prospector's story, and they left for the
north at sooo at poesible.
Rioptira ?? Pastor
The ladies of the Methodist Episco
pal church have arranged for a recep
tion to their new pastor J W Glenk,
to be held next Thursday evening at
9 o'clock. Everybody is invited to at
CkaaWrldi't C*Mo; Ckelarw ??d
DUrtkifstUwiij Tk? Bnt
la EiUt?e?
T, M . Wood, manager of the White
County News, Beebr, Ark., is a repre
sentative southern busine?s m*n. who
i loos not hesitate in expressing h > gtjod
opinion of a woll kcown remedy. He
savs: "It gives me pleasure to recom
mend Chamber sin's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, having used it my
self and in mv family wilh the best re
sults. In fact T brieve it to be the best
remedy of the kind In existence. "
Sold by Kelly Drug Co.
Bay ?t How ?
Now ia the time to buy Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It is certain to be needed
sooner "cr later and when that timo
comes vou wi 1 need it badly? you will
need it quickly. Buy it now. It may
save life. For sale by Kelly A Co
Calendars for iqo6
Hit will call upon you soon
ttlith a Complete Assortment of
1906 Calendars
m Prim Chat mill Save you money
The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
fkt rnmnlllM *??? All Ik* *??
11 Anoint* F?r Her.
Ana Knnalna Loke, qocon of T<ijvok*'?
\nunal (all carnival. I* a native of Hun
lhilu, and (be trav^Hxt Ibf lonjr di?
:uic? from her iiland bom* to th? Kan
a? metropolis especially to tjJtp the
Mvmineut part in the festivities whtoh
.vai assigned her. The oowmittoe In
?harjjeof the carnival, perhaps dreadinf
ibe ordeal which ?hef knew wo?ld fol
low their seleotion of a qnern ft ojd
hp on p the local holloa, decided to liu
tltt K AN AIN A I OKR.
xrt om. By some brilliant Inspiration
? was suggested that this year's queen
V a newly nunrxed American bell*
'mm Hawaii- Tbe corn to it tee on than
? tioally indorsed tbe idea, and Hi
Janiel Case, a former resident of To
peka, bat now a citiaen of Hawaii, was
communicated with II* wan told tbat
a Hawaiian belle wax wanted in To
peka to fill a short engagement a* '
queen. He was also asked Jo pick oat a
suitable youug woman and make toe
necessary arrangement*. Tbe committee
offered to pay all tbe traveling expenses
of the queen and see tbat Khe had ?
royal time while wielding tbe noepter
Mr. Cam, being au obliging gentle
man and possessing a discriminating ere
For feminine loveliness. selected Mia*
uikc. win we name in English is Miss
Anna Rose, her parent! being American
residents of Honolulu. She wrote her
ctter of acceptance in the Kanaka lan
gnage, but thoughtfully inclosed a
translation, which is as follow*: "1
was greatly surprised when tbe cons
mittee at Hooolnln appointed by the
,food Kansas people selected me. I hesi
tated about so long a journey . as I hare
:iever been away from these islands. 1
*m placing myself in tbe hands of com
mittee from Kansas, which is to meet
ne in San Ftanciscoi As a native Ha
waiian and now an American by tbe
(oroe of events I am anxious to see tbe
main land of my new country Yours
?ordiallv. Ana Kauaina Loke."
J. M Rartie is to dramatiaa Oeorg*
Meredith's "Evan Hamngto?. "
George Edwardes has renewed his
lease of tbe Gaiety theater. London, for
11 ysars.
Blanche Walsh and Melbourne Mac
Dowel 1 have teamed their tour with
New theaters to be ereoted in Paris
?ill hereafter have to be approachable
Mm all sides.
Charles Wyndham is to have revised
?ersions of "Don Cawar de Barau ' and
"The Duke's Motto. "
Mr*. Kendal has written "A Chaptet
of Autobiography*' for that bright Lon
don journal, M. A. P.
W. Terries and W T. Terriss, sons
if tbe late William Terrlsa, have ar
rived here from Europe.
Paul K ester and W. D. Howell* are
dramatizing the latter's well knows
novel, "Tbe Rise of &las Lapham."
Sim* Reeve*. thegrxat English tenor,
became an octogenarian on Sept. tA
He ia reported to be bale and hearty
Chicago i* exercised to know wbethm
it can stand three weeks of grand open
and bave money left to *upp><rl its or
George Alexander will , produce Kd
ward Rose's drama, "In Day* Old,'
?t the St James theater, London, ir
Augu<tin Daly ha* announced thai
his company, headed by Ada Rohan
trill play "Cynmo de Bergerac" exolu
lively on the present tonr.
Mis* Helen Guest has been ougaged
So support Mis* Jessie Mae Hall in bee
tour through tbe west under the man
agement of J H Wallick.
A son of Johann Strauss has cotnpoar<
an operetta called "The Cat and tbt
Mouse. " which will be prodnced at U*
Theater an der Wien this winter.
Maud Dixon, widow of Alexander
Salvini, will resume stage work with r
repei tory embracing "L' Ami FVit*, '
"Cavalleria Kustioana" and "Carmen.*'
There ia a project in Switaerland fc
build a special summer theater at Ai
torf. in the canton of fri, for annul
performances of Schiller'* "\Villia?
wanted the Kll ?eU*t Down.
?Vhat ia the matter!" asked J a met
Todd at Heister'a, seeing dissatisf ac
tion on a customer s face. "W an t Um
dinner cooked to enit yon. hi
"Yea. all but the bill." replied tlx
customer. "Just take that l^ck anc
toll them to boil it down a little
Cincinnati Enauiror
I H' ticked him with a strays
Oo'y now 1 let hi i* to.
But he doesn't Im a rap.
An he likes tcr tell Be so.
Runs an frtts up on the fenee:
B, U thar, sasayllke an pert.
With his heels a-klckln denls
? fells he fcoUer*. "DWn'l hurt?"
Wot's a father *>Mn ter ae
With a kid at doesn't mtae
It yer lick him black and bluet
Wonder how his pants !? edt
Runs aa gits up on the fence:
Seta thar. sassy Ilk* an pert.
tVtth hi? ho. Is a-klckln d.rt.
WhDs he hollers, "PMn't hortT
? W?w York Tretk
Csotdiao Pwifie fty. Co.
DlPWl ferrtM, *0
CM1, to
No Cttr* Ckvfl
n nil i
ItUliC MS p- ???
fnr Our fort, ftwrtot mm)
AppotoMMt TImi Twl* Icn*
Ix?ihii Cm am bo Equ*1?1 Tor
lafonuttoo Wrlto or Apply to
a. B.DDKH , A,t. IV AO WAT
iWMmmiMh r. . ? ? . *? ??..
Finely PnrntalMwJ Room
Kl?*tr1f Uffctod Tfcro?fboot
obo phot
Praot'Bc Bonk P.O., Whltoboroo.TT
Raw Furs....
llidh Prices for fine firs
Writ* For Prtoo LM
Peroey's Fur House
CMiknah Wtomin
a i. vrfM,
G?o4 StaWQ f? H
IbhniMid *n?i?aalw>> Prw
Out!* (Tary TVm?m*
OtM fW? la mm *onfc?M?
?Steam Laandry*
Al Wart GwrMM*i il?1
/ . _ 1 ^ a ry_
L/i'lfJ I rr'Wi IaIj
: I -?#
WU1 *8 #?4 IMNi
Baths In ( onncctloi
Prrnw Rooan for U4M
When In Hainee
Ptnp at Um
hotel Northern
J. O. Morriaaa. FVofk
Restaurant la Billdiai
riyfot Ifotw^ Sk?r?v ? ?<
? Leaves Skagwav ?
Every Day at
9 a. m. Sharp
Arrlrin# m H*1m at II *> a a.
Ibarra Hala?a
Wrvf '? far* II .Sa.
Utm aad Oirania
The WhitePass & Yukon Route
(Dtll? Ks?*v? Smda? .)
Wo. 1 N. B' B*. t ft. M
M elm 1m til? Itt r'mm In 1
I **?. I Nl>. LV. 8RAOCAT AR 4 ** ?. *R ? lit. ?
10 ? " nX}" " WH,Tt PA8* " ' " IN '
11 00 a. a. 11 M " " LOGCABfB 1 10 ? ? IN "
II * \\ 15 1 ** .*! BRlfKRTT r J * | rm ??????
I ?? *' 1 10 " " CARIBOU ?' II "**.? "Hi n
? ?0 " ? ? ? AR Wwrr* Bowt LT IN" LT. " 1 1 ?
P? m>?r? nan he M 6*yr*? (a tim> to H?t?- Witf d^cmI mI
obdeM. IntpwUno t? mi^ped 10 mi before leerH* time cf irate.
110 |*wi?<i? of hmrrf* ?'ll V t>wW fN* ?l* (Ml Ml for* M*
> ?MM)?lr r*
I 78 pound* with
The Idaho Liquor House
The Plonoer Family Liquor Store of Skogwav
Direct lepefWi c4 FWetrn mm! Pwiii
AORXT* rr?*
PH*M* R(>?< Rl? rami Mm
Bpeelal AttmUrattaCOiAar* ftr Ftwilr Om. Tel-fk* ?|S0
While Pass k Yukon Route
Through Km from Skagaav to Atftn, Whit# Hon*, Bi? Salmon, Da ?r tort a*4 oil
Intrrmdltlt ptiiti, Caftaectieo ma4e at Pi?m with Lotrrr Rim ?t? amMoM fa*
Ka?le, C*rc>? City, Rampart, Taaaaa. Fairhaaka, Cheaa, ?*. Michael aci *<*????.
Daily porofctton made at Whit* Horn l?f eaa traio? ud riter ?er all Vahoo
Kirrr point*, lacladla* Mra'?erha)i Leading. Ik# MtM at earn heat ta Ida ???
Alaek GoVl Fie'd?. Tb? foltowtnt itna'atm ar? operated hj th? WHITK FASH ASP
YUKON ROUTS and art eqtripped with all Morten ooa*f>ai*B-ea. lw'? l<aB t\tmm
beat, electric ll*ht and other feature* aa afford not wit nfrty W walrl k< pawengara.
THRoroH TKTtKT* oan be pan-hear^ at
CBENA and aH I/owtt Rieer polata.
Finely appelated tnt'aa dally. rrcept SardotNbetoeea ?**1 Wk,t*
Horae. oarrylaf poaaeafera, ha?are. ?*?' ? '
el : "
aerrW lo all fniotafa A
Basra#* beaded throagh. Turret
Canada am the U?l?ed Stole* ^
For Information relative K> paaaenfei, freight aed le)e*ret*k; ra??a. i pfHy
to aor aceat of the Owopaoy, or to:
u.j. b warn, o.r,?r ?. ?.nmu.T.r.??.?. R. o. nx_>m. ?? o r ? f ?.
Vanoourer, a & Vaoeooeer, B. C. aod Mnraoy. Atoata *?**?? A " *

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