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Daily Alaskan
joma wa'TBOT, editor
??e??ek.<Mlv?r*dtr c*ttw to*
|| Mtl ??
ftm ??aita. *r ?'I....*'. **
tlx MMM. kf Mil. ? ?
om r?u. ?i Mil *-w
Writing under the caption, "How It
Grows," the Douglas Island Newt ex
prtsses lu t?tj laudable pride in the
wonderful ptogreas of lu home (own
aod it gives a ?kj sensible reason for
ltf adrmoamaot. la Um laat five rears
Douglas ha* gained 100 par cent, in
population tad the growth has been
a'oog line* that oount tor permanency
and clvia health. In 1900 the place wu
a more or Iwa unorganised settlement
possessing little or no ambitioae tor Its
fetor*. Now It la a little city of homee
In which live people poeeeastng pride
in their municipality and oooftdeot hope
tor ooming greatness.
la explaining the changed conditions,
the Douglas Island News says:
"To some the reaeon tor this rapid
growth may not be apparent. To oth
ers who hare given .he matter careful
thought. It la as plain aa day. The first
and moat Important of the events thai
hare combined to bring about this
healthy ooodltlon la the fact that as
an incorporated town Douglas has been
able to take on a measure of self-gov
ernment. Her people hare beea priv
tledged to partake of the revenues aris
ing from the license tax, and with it
build a eity.
"Not alone haa the increased dignity
accompany ,ng thia event added to tbe
importance of th? town, but, having a
governing power of their own chooeing,
the peo*le have tolt that they were
aooaebodv. that they .were not mere
alavee, working ou' some other peoplee'
Reason ng from this basis, the truth
of which la self-avldent to every man
who comprehends the cause and signif
icance of American greaUK.se, the
News jaat u truthfully and very ap'ly
"It la ? quMtion if thia one condition,
which bu done to much for Doug'aa,
which kM pulled her out of the mire
taxi clay of a ahiflleee, Indiffer* nt,
don't-care village, and haa placed her
feet upon the eoltd rock of progre*",
would oot If applied to the people of
Alaska bring about ilmilar reeu.ta.
Oir* her only ? taate of self-rule, and
Alaaka will (row aa Douylaa ha*
frown ? ? ? ?
"The American people will progress
a oder the freedom which tSe flag ia
auppoaed to guarantee, but the; want
to be independent, they want a voice
la their own affaira, they don't make
food alavea."
Torlea art fond of prating about the
lack of atabillty of Alaaka. the popula
te of which they say 4a nomadic aod
thla they urge aa a reaaoo why self
government should oot be given the
ptople. The condition of which they
eoaiplala la rather a reeult of the lack
?f home rule than the cau?e tor deny
ing It to the people. Give Alaakant to
understand that thla dlatrict la their
verr owa la which to fashion aa ft eat
a com asoa wealth aa they are capahlr
of making and a civfe pride will follow
that wilt eauM Douglas ?Uim to appear
aa IfVjr rnagtc from IMion's entrance
lo Raring etralt aod from the Kndlcott
mountain* to Dutch Harbor.
Bae? Stelae On lew
The Rainier beer at the Seattle aa
een la aerved In steins which are kept
aa toe- Juet the thing In theee hot
lee amain and >herbeta a the Vienna
Hakery, Heat ia town. 'fhone IV
Auguet Deleanetor and French fa?h
tea journal* at llarrlaona .
Luoibvr for aale. Inqu.re of IW
MaJaen, Seattle wharf. ? 10 If
Fresh Fruit
and Vegetables
6gg$ and Butter
Received on the
at the
Amu gh?
Home Rale Points Way Ouf
for Alaska
(Norn# Nugget.)
The efforts of the chamber of com
merce (which are just beginning) to aid
in the securing of an elected delegate
to ret reeent Alaska in the legialature
of Alaska, tilting in Waahington, are to
be commended, on the aame principle
that "half a loaf ia better than no
bread. " A delegate in congrees would
be little better than a messenger be
tween the hall of the house of represen
tatives and the committee rooms, but
even this would be better than no mes
senger at all. Man; full-fledged repre
sentatives and senators are little more.
But the fght that is before the people
of Alaska, in the opinion of the Nugget,
and which Iran see Ddi in importance
the election of a delegate, ia territorial
autonomy. Urder existing conditions
if a delegate were elected, he would
represent only an unorganised district
?a territory "without form and void;"
but were we given full territorial pow
ers, we could then take our place among
the organised territories, and thus have
the benefits accruing from home rule.
It is apparent that In formulating a
system of territorial government for
Alaska many serious pro! lems would
have to be met and many difficulties,
largely geographical, must be over
come. Alaskt. is an empire In itaelf,
and its great dimensions, coupled with
the diverse geographical conditions,
present a problem whoee successful
solution demands skill and care. Ulti
mately, of course, Alaska, like aacient
Gaul, must be divided into three parte,
each the nucleus of a future state, but
in the meantime, it is submitted, that a
territorial form of government, em
bracing Alaska as it stands today,
would be a long step toward the actual
foundation of a comprehensivj system
of self-government. It ts needless to
point out that government from and by
Washington is an abject failure, and
our only hope lies largely in governing
ourselvei as our forefathers have done
for geoeratiooa.
It Is m Good Ou
Skagway now has but one newspaper,
the Alaskan, but it's a good one. ?
Nome Nufget.
Com* ?o Hmdridi of Alukt Pwplt
There ?re day* of dixxinea*.
Spell* of headache, *<deache. back
Sometime* rheumatic palna:
Often urinary disorder*.
All tell you plainly the kidney* are
Ifoan's Kidney Pill* cure all kidney
Here la proof:
Mr*. K. I.einback, widow, of .104 Jef
feraon atreet, Olympia, Wa*h.. aaya:
"La*t lummer, headache*, ditty apella.
backache and too frequent action of the
kidneya together with a ircneral run
down feel In* made me a war* that my
kidney* were not properly performing
their function). When 1 called aereral
month* ajro for Doan'a Kidnev Pill* I
waa *utTerinff the grealett mliery and
could scarcely (ret about the houae.
Thi* one bo* gav? me *o much relief
that I followed it up with a lecond and
I am happy to *?y that the Pilla effect
?d a complete cure, or at leaat. up to
the preaent time I hare felt no aymp
torn* of a recurrence, ami havw no rea
son to fear that that thei e will he fany
They are the Aneat medicine I have
erer known."
?Or *ale by all dealer*. Price AO oenu
a box. hunter- M 1 1 burn t\D., Huffalo, N.
Y.,*ole a?enu for the United state*
Kemember the name -DuanV and
take no auhetitute.
Froah Mmi
The PVye-Hruhn i\>. keep all kind*
of freah meat eooaUntlv on hand tf
RmI t6 Cm lt?al*
Kail road Ueataurant ha* the beat
2ft cent meal? in town, equal to AO cent
meal* other placea. Second Ave. and
llroadway, oppo. depot.
All the delicaelea of the aeaann at the
Pack Train tteaturanl
P>?k Trait Alvkji lull
The Pack Train aalonn alw?y* lead*
It carriee only the beat hi and* of whl*
kiea. wine*, beer* and all the other
food* to be had at a firat -claim ireotle
men'a reeort. tf
Q*t Y ??r Hm* Shta?4
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Pack Train aaloon Patronize It and
be neat. < Wily expert workmen, tf.
Ik*?v*r Uaatrr
Tw hr*t-c!a*a work try Rka^wi
Laundry. Twenty-Are ?ear* expei
ence. Telephone W. -
Ooetum* T*f Toon* Woman.
For a young wmnan an appropriatt
?ad Id ?t ary way attracts ooatome it
?town in the tlln?tration Tbn material
tor the body of tb? eoetome ia median
weight tobaoco oolored clotb. The ?kin
I* perfectly plain, banp* uraight it
froot and at tbe aidaa and fall* in eacy
inoafnl fotda in tba back. It dt*play
acesldrrable amplitude at tbe bottom
and follow* the modified U)1 design in
? general w ay The combination cor-elet
tad orerskirt i* close fitting and bnt
ton* down the back.
The corsage it of dark green velvtx
witts a small design ixi a darker shade
(I flu closely m the bick and it mad*
in the form of a blonde in front. Th?
(leave* are oloae fitting to the shonldera,
where the; are fluUheri in puff* of
medium size. ? New York Telegram.
To lbk? B ocia Walats Fit.
Tbe woman wbo wishes her bleust
sralrt to lie smoothly across tbe shoul
der pots a bit of stiffening down tbf
?boulder seam Some of the mannfao
tared so oallad "bones" are excellent
for this purpose. They are firm, but pli
able. No matter how well a garment ii
out, if it it not tight fitting or with ?
light fltttug liniug it it not possible U
make tbat thoulder seam lie straight
without some assistance and this th?
soft "bone" givea.
"Ton hope io? Great Scott!"
"No, not lireat Scott st all I Vtr:
that times ooiDf c, wo iuvn will be bos
of our awn homes for the first time I"?
Cincinnati ^u?juirer.
Tfce Way She Irani It
She? Indeed, Mr. Jigsby, it feems t<
me you ooght to take a nerve medicint
af some sort.
H?? Uh, I gness my nerve is strong
She ? Undoubtedly, but don't the)
somet imes give people something to ktb
Will ? Chicago News
"Yon were ao respectful to that mer
chant about two weeks ago. and you
?ctcd so overbearing this morning
What cause*! the change?"
?Two weeks ago 1 had to be respect
ful In order to get credit, and now be
baa to be respectful In order to get the
wooey."? Indianapolis Sun.
Girls Reme??t?er Best.
In experiments for memory
powers of an equal number of boys and
girls at different ages In school and nnl
rerslty classes they were all read s slm
pie story containing i>24 words and 1RJ
distinct Ideas, sfter w'hlch they Inimedl
ately psoceedod to write what they could
remember. The concision* were that
tbe growth of memory Is mor* rapid la
girls than In boy*. -tmN ???!>? ?? N***
n* Waa mmini"
"Why are you ?o cold and dlatant thl?
evening?" ahe aaked. "Arc you offended
at anything?"
II* wild nothing, hut her gme followed
hta, and with a hluah ?he got np and cor
rted the parrot out of the room
"RT*r my thought fnl Harold," *he aald
"That Mrd I* wonderful at Imltationa.'*?
Chleugn IVwt. .
"Mnktna !>?(??" * IIM,
A Oorry woman, who con Id not *f
f?rd a new *3 hat. visited a millinery
?tore, aaw the Into atyloa, wont horn*,
pounded her old hat for half an ho<V
with a rolling pin, atuok a feather
through the hand ami wont to ehnrch
the neat Sunday the envy of all the
women In the town, l'rle Phpatch.
Original thing* are not always good
The boat that any w rltor ran do la to
a boor I > facta and almtlo? aa a nv dooa
graaa then give aa g<KNl a quality o t
Ike milk of ronton aonao aa poMlU*.
?mw VorV ,t<M?rna<
rr?l lilndvfitnp'H Aa.
Of the father of \ i?. .iint Hampden It
la related that he wn? oner a?ki>d If Mr.
Oladatone had ever Halted hi? aeat. "No,"
ha replied, "the tiuth I* we have only
three treea, and we are afraM "e ask bla
?fcar*.n? Ixmd'tu Telcgtaak.
A W??wa?i*?
A ahrewil observer naya that "?oin?
rtmea a woman crloa Jn?t to got her
aalf pott ixl," a dtvnmatanca whtcb
abowa that there may l>c a met hoi In
grief aa well aa In madnewa. Hrldga
port Tetegrwn.
Well \mwfrc4.
Aa American woman who had bw?
told by ? RrttKher that America w*
deficient tn antiquities and cnrloaltfo.
remarked, "The antlqulilca will coma,
aa for oar curio sltlea, we Import thorn."
??MUg III! O ww.
"Sting j, tan't he?"
"Toot* aaM tt! Why he holda fa at
tD arery thing be get* hl? cltf.t haa oa
aod n?a bolts down bla dinner!*
No. 1319 {
This is the lucky number which won
the ticket to Portland and return
Who has it?
Let us figure on your
Job Printing
We aim at ^
fobs promised torn or
row delivered today
Daily Alaskan
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^ Dome
? I Industry?
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Drinking Skagway Beer
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SWPlfS Of 1906
The Dally Alaakan ha* received a
full line of aamplea of IfliW calendar*
from the famous J. W. Futltr I 'a per
company, of i hieajro. They include
the latcit dcnlpn* many of which are
wor%? of art.
ltn?ine** men of Sk?Rwaj ami Halnea.
who dealre calandcr* for next year are
invited to Mil and make aelectlona.
Ilalitw >??ri
Rainier beem hy the down Sot l ie*
?2 50, at the Masco> *%'oon
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Hoooth. Tenakel Silk* and War port*
Saturday N oon and
Tuesday at 8 a.m.
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Broadway and Fifth At*. lvbot* M
The Celebrated
rhf machlnf for hfrawtlful ?rork am)
cnrrort alignment
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and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
TV light mnnliur Y oat I* un^qoallad
in lifhtnriM of tonttih. qul*tt>?aa of ar
lion, aimplioUy ami ilitrahlllt? II ta
rwqpilaM a* a wwli; In tl?r feat
| >no? in mi'* of th? (irnf*? lonal
man'* atorir.
| fVtr particular*. catokifftt* at? . writ*
Yost Writing Machine Co
Mont^romor j 8t. R?n FVurx-'wyi
Afw" for Alaaka
?r A??t? K tl'l Mm
*?p?>?lat to Rnainaa* From
r?i(t?*y, Maine* awl Vicinity
Will fYactlc* In AH thcOowta
Juneau ... Aiaafca
FrttV Cllint
tvllelou* fraah oranf* cMw t* plawd
on tap dally at Mutr'a. nr*l to thr pod
oftte*1. Trj H.
If you arr cut of kindling ?? R McC
\Vc*ic. I hare ll b* th* ?*? or cwd.
Phono* 90 M *f
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
SaaMla, Am fnMtaiiH MkM hM
Biwiii at Tfew Oii>? ) Laa*a
HUMBOLDT, ? July 25 &nd Aug- 4
CITY OF SEATTLE - July 17 and 27
COTTAGE CITY. - Jnly 19 and Aug. 3 '
CITY OF TOPEKA - - July 12 21
ML. Abort arbaMa BaHaat ? e? aara Vum Ptan.
C. D. DUNANN, Q?n P???. Agt
i TheAlaskaSteamshlpCo!|
Oarryta* C. ? Mail and Alaska Paalta Ktpraaa
Nail Sailhw of th? Fmt
Dolohin. - Julv27
Jefferson, - Aug. 4
FARALLON ? July 26
( twipaa? rm?m rWrtrt ta (tiwf tailta* 4aia aiihaat aoUaa
Traaa'cra ta VV latla tmi V? mart r Wllkett Addlttaaai Cteffa
irWL'J !1 UL^i^ail
? Fine Wines Liquors and Cigars
Ihfi* is'tnsrf7Mmi^flr
' Ihnniiw^JwirrpI
? f o r d I tuirj, b? c r. ? ? -
Orwe Atwtr* usf J?
XAttlC BfffWVNfir
?ft mmtino to.
mm* rhm* 90.
Fire and Ll.e
ftaal Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
UK roum H AV* , ?R AO W AT |
ftMttl* Ww*fefiew
?- Of t Ttowrtflfc* ?
Tt>* mtj p4?H ?TtMi mM?r? m ito
mm*. Writ* tor PHw*
(Vi iiif.Hifa? aNiM
?IMH M Af., ?mhU*

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