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We are Headquarters for
Strictly Fresh
? ?flen$burg Butter ?
Our Specialty
fresh fruit and Vegetables
John Kalem, the Grocer
Sol* Ajfeni for Keliaaoe'Canned Goods
Dawson is Past Dae at
White horse, July 17? The Dawson
vu at Hootalinqua it 2 a. m. ?nd will
arrive Vht* afternoon. She o*j noi
sail oo the return trip until tomorrow
The Whiteboree tailed list night at
8 o'clock with 26 passengers and 190
tooa of freight. She passed Big Salmon
at 8 a. m. today.
Going down stream, the Canadian
was at Selvyn at 5 a. m. , the Caaoa left
Tantalus laat night ajd the Selkirk is
in Dawson.
The Victorian, coming up stream,
was at Tantalus at 8 a. Mxlaj.
Charley Burnet) Says Fair
banks is all Right
Charles & Barnes, the popular W.
P. it Y. R. conductor, returned from
Fairbanks last night. He comes back
with unlimited faith in the town and
the Tanana district, but he says there
are enough people there now and to
?pare. .He ujt, also, that the camp
will get better, as more creeks are
Mr. Barnes says:
"There will be several crteks paying
next year that are only being prospected
at the present time. In addition to
Cleary and Fairbanks creeks Esther,
Dome, Gilmore, Heady Bullion and
probably Cripple creeks will be pro.
dueing next year.
"Business is good at Fairbanks in
most lines. The ooly people I heard
oom plain were sa'oon men and gam
blers. The latter are objecting more
because they were beaten so often rath
er than because of lack of play.
"AH the Skagwsy lellows in there
seem to be dol Lf pretty well."
Mr. Barnts taj' one of the draw
backs to the Tan ana country now is the
Immense quantity of litigation going
on. "Everything, " he says, "is tied
up with aoordou^of lawsuits.
"The recent decision by Judge Wick
ersham that the claim mu-t go to the
man who discovered the gold irrespec
tive of who staked it will result in
elartfying the atmosphere and give the
miners an opportunity to get the titles
to properties cleared up before long,"
said Mr. Barnes.
*60 R w..r4
Fifty dollars reward is hereby offered
for information that will lead to the
d.seovery of the person or persons who
started the lire that has been raging
the lwt two days on A B mountain, or
who permitted the same to be started.
Herman Harthel.
Skagway. Alaska, July 26, 19096.
Cor. 6th Jt Broadway. 'I'hone 90
Cigars and Tobacco
and Fishing Tackle
New Books Just Rec'd
J. A. Quick, of Philadelphia, who la
oonnected with O. T. Swiuer's Atlln
companies, and J. H. Richardson, an
Atlln mining man, who have been In
the city several days, left for the south
last night. Mr. Quick la returning to
Philadelphia and Mr. Richardson is
making a business trip to Vanoourer.
While in Skagw?y, Mr. Quick and Mr.
Richardson were guests of Or. L. S.
Major Langfiltt, of the li(hthouae
service, made the round trip from Seat
tie to Fort William H. Seward on the
Misa Stephenson left on the train this
morning for Caribou, where ahe will be
the guest of Mrs. L K. Simmons for a
F. C. Flahartv returned from FaJp
banks last night.
J. P. Rogers left on the train thia
morning for Whitehorse.
Judge W. B. Stout, of Haines, is In
the city.
The result of the observation taken
at Moore wharf at midnight, July 26,
1905, U as follows:
Temperature time of observation. ...51
Max. temp, preceding 24 hours. .. . .78
Mln " M " " 66
Mean " ** " " 61
Barometer, 30.10.
Calm, clear.
LaaW For Sale
All kinds of lumber at Snyder's.
Ice oool sleins at the Seattle.
O/stercoc* talis, Olyccpiaor Eastern
at the Pack Train restaurant.
All th? delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Resturant.
July -najrazhnes just received at
flirrf \rr Time* Wkea It 1* the Pirt
of N\ Udoiu \ot to Talk.
The best of oj talk loo much. "The
>unce of |>ower is reserve," said a
uau who knew.
Mau.v a reputation has been built on
?ileiu-e. Mau.v a one is spoiled through
rushing prematurely ami volubly Into
It Is safe to be silent when yoar
words would wound. "Kalthful are the
wounds of a friend, says the old prov
rrb, but one wants to be mighty sure
one's friend netds the wounding and
that we are qualified to administer It.
Keep still when your words will dis
courage. It Is Infinitely better to be
iluinb forever than to make one fellow
being less able to cope with life.
Keep still when your words will In
jlte to anger or discomfort. An Incred
ible amount of breath 1s used In the
evil practice of trying to make our
friends dislike their friends.
Never speak when what you have to
say Is merely for the purpoee of exalt
ing yourself.
Shut yonr lips with a key when you
are Inspired to babble incontinently of
yourself? yonr ailments, accomplish
mints. relations, loves, hatreds, hopes
and desire*. It Is only to the choice,
rare friend that one may speak of
these things without becoming a fooL?
Philadelphia Bulletin.
A Gratified Cartoaltr.
"I want you to take back that par
rot. He uses dreadful language."
"But only in Spanish, ma'am; only la
"Yes, I know."
"But how can madam know?"
"I studied Spanish to find out what
be said. "-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Ill Timed Economies.
H men saved to keep out of debt the
way thej have to to get out this would
be a world of millionaires.? New York
Avoid multiplicity of business. Tbs
man of one thing Is the man of sno
cess.-- Edwards.
Railroad Wharf and Office1
Men Play Ball
in w. a <r&me of baseball on
between the employ** of t ^ ^ I
Y?' "*? Slf
"Wharf Raw - ' ?d the emp,oyeJ ?( e I
2SL at the railroad depot- (
general offices a . ?ruj accept
The following challenge and acc (
uoe are self-explanatory:
Md et al., Twl? , Qku Tow
Past Master* in the A" o< "
whw*, R???r b*th n,mf! il,l2
rSsr SK?^5
^art Comply, 0, the
7w r 1?05" rtid g*?e to begin at .
'sxi'.rsi - >?<?? -
sr^r?- - ">? ?>*? b,"M
tuch score be the victor.
Done in the open air at Moore ? * **
under favorable auspice?, this iWh day
of July, A. D. 190,^,he whfcrf iuw.
Champions of the World.
By Arthur Frame, lW^t.
U. ?. Bolahanin, Vice Prealdent.
Attteat: j A Wallace.
M. Horen, Treasurer.
Dosch, Manager in chief.
11 Taylor, Captain.
K J. Doherty, High Cockalorum ami
Guardian of the Keg.
General OfBce?. W. P. &? V-^
Skagway, Alaska, July *?
- do play ball
.on^e, sometime. U is jr't^
?t aatlaf actum that we a?W
challenge for a game of ba
Sli" "? ?r ??"
5JS3S m"*'
oower each), or watermelons enough
??> * ??
W C. Blanchard, President.
J.S Harding, Secretary.
W. S. McKean. Jabberwock.
A. P. Drapes. Stei:< Stinger.
A. C. Blanchard. Captain
Efprjbody H 8 11 s Own
Trouble <
If a right remedy is secured trou
ble of the worst kind oouhl be relieved.
Eyes have troubles like all other
thing*. When in need of ri*ht treat
ment droD Into our store and have your
?yea examined by the latest improved
optical iLstruments and get a pair of
eye glasses ground that will relieve all
?trains and make your eyesight per
Wht Oat
Watches and clocks need attending to
when oat of trim. Watches and clocks
wear out like all machinery if not at
tended to when they need attention.
Bring your watchf ?, clocks and jewelry
to our store and you can get first class
work done very reasonably. Every
piece of work turned out of our store is
perfect and satisfaction is gauranteed.
Watches, jewelry and silverware at ;
low prices.
Don't fall to secure one of the steel
safe deposit boxes as it is proof aga nst
fire or burglary. Its convenience will
oonvince you of its value.
Jeweler and Optician.
Oricc* at Home
Charlea R. Griggs, one of the so
called Midaa creek swindlers, is at
Nome. He was taken there from Port
land. Ge? rge W. Duncan, Grigg?' as
aistant In exploiting the Midas creek
discover, is atill at large. It is still
hoped to find him.
Get your ice cream at Muir'a.
Wednesday, Thursday anH jfe
o L Discount
On all Dress Goods, Silks, Velvets,
Laces, Ribbons and Embroideries.
% Discount
On all Ginghams, Prints, Percales, Out
ing- Flannels, Muslins and Lawns.
B. M. Behrends Mercantile Co.
Geo. Blanchard, Manager.
? ,TC GOLDEN north te ^
Modkkn iMrnovF.MEvrs
Kair treatment. Good Skrvuv Aim I: \n ? That are Ki.-ht j
Coldest 1* T.wm
The coldest beer in town Is at the Se
attle salooc. ? 1 M ,r
In the matter of fixior
the special July, 19G"> I
term of this court at ORDER
Ska?w?y, Alaaka.
And now upoa consideration it it or
dered that a special term of the above
court be held at Skiiffway, Alaska, ootr
raencine on July 24th, 1906. at 2 o'clock
p. m.
And it further ordered that this or
der be published in (be Daily Alaskan,
a newspaper published at Kkagw?y.
Alaska, for thirty tfays prior to the
holding of said tsrin.
Done in Chambers this l?th day of
Jnne 1905.
First publication June 30, 1 ".-05
Bnrl W?iM
Womu; with 2^ tmntha oM chIM de
' sirea hoard Kid care for the child. Will
' pay by the month. Oril up ihl? ofRoe.
I > w.
' For vour express and hauling tee
! F. McC We?te l*hooM W>-M. tf
Ice cream and sherbei* at t he VJenna
Bakery. Beat in town. Thooe 35.
If yon pet too hot, drop In to 'he Se- '
attle and pet oooled off. ? 1 tf
Far Sal*
House and SI lota on Tenth Avenue ]
and Broad w ay and funiahed oottape on (
Kic tenth Avenue between Broadway
and Spring atreeta. Inquire on prem
ise*. Mrs F. M. I-ocariah
U (
Tiralm W. P. A T. ftw
All So?th Bound Steamer* Arrta* *n4 Dinl FmiTMi Or?ft
RuouLtnoii im
WarrboMM r^mm tar *#llr#r7 of irmliar4lM from I a. ?
Pertahabte* OMLV 4allr?rad Oft S?M*y or a* nfbv
*11 frtlght ?tiipfn? m 4rmimnf Kftkh>m4 mast 1m inimmM hf a
sniprm't Umirwr ipn***' tmm oMatarf nitilj.1 mm
offioajand awte^i totora if ?. frwi<r*? wttl fca r*
eeivai on wkmrl ifWv tkto h?rr
RA<KiAOK- Toll* *1)1 ba anl1#?*#?l ar ? nnram R*ooaub Ottlf !*?
fh?rf* fer tap i .id jfr1p? aMi*-fca4.
Tha wharf (M will w eiowrf M pi MU ?Ken maair la aaariag
Joe* and will b? or?p?4? ly whf? paawayara haaaflwWrtiri.
Wharfaca Tarlf aaa hr ha4 ?? a^llaaXna at oTKar "? teak.
P. O. Hat 17.S C. K. WTKIf-JOHKaOK. Oaal lp
: Nothiwi Btil k* wnmiw Mtnrm ?K
fia#dpai?t?d CM aa. fiapilawl
CMM or ?M 6Uu I
H. D. KIRi nSE,^~J5^ |
Pr?w B Wm 0
WhHt?wrM, 1 T.
first Class ii Every
European Plan j.
wMmmmmmmmm mmmrmd S
lip Mi Uw firli I at W j
Now to <H* Hm? W K+\ jut rmp a*f
lam curtain# *?rfi?A T\? R?; al h we
ir? 1* naktnt a apMf all# 6k tr.rt aaH
u>d U ffoar?r">M a^.lat?iw. If 1
CfcikJrtm't a?A m mm' mnrn <M*c 1
rnMI; r*dw<jW ?^jwlinii
T*m ? *
(1? Piim? ? Pw?i
MEALS. 26c. and UP
tlrmiwy. wamr TIM A >???
j F. R. ALLEY.
WMtilwwi, Y. T.
Cemmrnm iw tor TaUac
tad otlMr Imuhmmm ta vrUtaf .

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