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Dawson Will Send Riflemen
To Ottawa
Davioo, Aug. l.-(Sp* 1*1 dlspoich
to the Whitehor** Siar)-Arr*n|r?
menu are almost complete for a dele- 1
gation of five or six iMmMn of th* |
Yukon Rifle fam to go to Ottawa and
Toronto to take pwt in th* I Vim In loo
coolest. The government hu appro
prlatcd WOO toward paying their ex
Raoaptloa lo Mr. ud Hrt. Hapklaa
One of the preitiest social functions
that have taken place in Skagway for a
long time was the reoeptloo to Mr. aad
Mr* W. F. Hopkins at the Presby
terian parsonage last night. The
rooms were crowded with guests who
called to paj their respects to the bride
ami groom Among the features of
the evening was the presentation of a
beautiful Smyrna rug to Mr*. Hopklnr
a wedding gift from the friend* of Mr.
Qopkins of this city. J. A. Clark, on
behalf of the donors, made the presen
tation in a neat ?pe<-ch to which Mr.
Hopkios responded.
Bm> Stalaa Oi I o?
The Rainier beer at the Seattle ?*
oon is served in steins wbioh are kept
on tec Just the thing in these hot
At the Huoot
Mt. Vernon rje acd Old Belmont
whiskeys, double stamped goods, at
wholesale prices at the Mascot saloon.
At WkdHsl* Prioaa
*; The Mascot saloon sell* liquor*,
either bulk or case go<xls at whole**!*
prices. All the old brand* alway* on
hand. 10-1-H.
Frtib Orange CUsrst Malr's
Delicious fresh orange cld*r is placed
on tap daily at Muir'*, next to the po*t
office. Try ik
Raialar Baars
Rainier beers by the doien bottle*
> $- 50, at the Masco? saloon.
Dr. Thompson Given Grand
Dawson, Aug. 1 ? (Special dispatch to
Wbltehorse Star)? The barbecue held
here last Saturday In honor of Dr.
Alfred Thompson, M. P., was ? huge
success In every detail. No politics
were introduced in any of the various
speeches aivd all present entered most
heartily Into the spirt of the occasion.
A large crowd was in attendance.
The result of the observation taken
at Moore wbarf at midnight, Aug. 2,
1906, is aa follows:
Temperature time of observation. . . .58
Max. temp, preceding 2+ hours .. . ."7 |
Min " M
Mean " " " " ??
Barometer , 29. 72.
Calm, clear.
Get your ice cream at Mulr'a
?ay Be a Styllafc Bat It Make*
A man usually buys a nat that's "In
style." but the modern bat (or men has
lots to answer (or.
Baldheads are growing more numer
ous every day. Hats make excellent
breeding places (or the parasitic germs
which sa;> the ll(e from the roots o( the
When your hair begins to (all out and
your scalp is (ull o( Dandruff it Is a
sure sign that these countless germs ar>
busily at work.
There Is but one way to overcome the
trouble snd kill the germs? that way Is
to apply Newhro's HerplcWe to the
scalp? It will kill the germs and healthy
hair is sure to result.
Sold by leading druggists. Send Mr. In
stamps (or sample to The Herplclde Co
Detroit. Mlh
Wm. Britt, Special Agent,
Stop That C<.ngh
When a cough, s tickling or an irrita-i
tion in the throat makes you fee) uncom
fortable, take Kaliani's -Horehonnrij
Syrup Don't w?tt until the disease hss
gone beyond control. Mr. snd Mrs J.1
A. Anders. -n 354 West 5th St.. Sslt
Lake Cit?, rtati, wiites: "We t ink
Ballsrd's Horehounl Syrup the best
medicine for coughs snd colds. We
have ??ed it for several vesrs; i? slws\s
givea mmedute relief, is verv plea-xnt
sod jives pei feet satisfaction." 25c, see
tt 00 Sold by Kelly Drug ( ,>
Ella Reaches Headwaters of
Tele aphic Information was received
this afternoon from Ragle, aayi the
Oawson News of July 28, that the
steamer Ella, owned and managed by
Henry Hratnober, the railing expert,
has ascended the Tanana river to a
point 300 miles above the point where
the Unite) States government tele
graph line crosses the Tanana at what
is known as Tanana Crosalng,
The Rlla also went about 20 miles up
the Nebean* river and is 500 miles
above Fairbanks.
The Ella is one of the lightest draft
caariers ever in Y'j\on waters. She
wa* built at Whitehorte this spring,
and came through to Dawson soon after
the ice broke In Lake Laberge.
Br dv Wu That of Woodokoppsr
The dead body that was discovered
recently on the banks of the ^ ukon
river at Calico bluff, below Eagle, was
that of Charles Thompson Smith, an
old woodman, who was drowned ?t
Stewart river about the first of la?t
month. The ideatity of the man wt s
clearly established at a coroner's in
quest held at Kagle.
Ice cool sieins at the Seattle.
There's a bargain at Harrisons' for
To i much care cannot be used with
>m ill children during the hot weather
of the summer months to gu?r>i again*'
bowel troubles As a rule it is only
necessary to give the child a dose ot
Mi jOT oil 1 1 coirect any disorder of th<
b >wcls. Do not use anv subatitut \ but
give the old-fashioned castor oil, and
see that It Is fresh, as rancM oil nause
atcs and has a tendency to gripe. If
this does not check the bowels givr
Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy sod then ado?e of castor
oil, and the d"iao*s? may be chocked in
its tncipincy and all danger avoid d.
The castor oil and this remedv ahouH
he p-ocured at once and kept ready for
instant use as soon as the first indica
tion of any bowel trouble appears. This
is the most successful treatment kn.iwn
an<l mav be relied upon with implicit
confidence even in ca?e* of cholera infan
tum. For sale by Kelly Drug Co
Calendars for 1006
Jt* ?>
Kl< mill call upon you smii
With a Complete Assortment of
t* ?
Jj? ? ??< ?
v-iifisn Ml* "*?"
- ? * * J. 1 f /?
1906 Calendars
^Prices Chat Klin Save you money
t.1%. H H 4> ?
; The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
, ^
ikr Mrainry Marhlaf.
Amnesia. or Ion* of memory, li cMefly
Interesting to the psychologists ns
throwing anmc lleht on the nature of
memory Itself. A perfect ?et of mem
ory consists of three distinct acts pre*
ervatlon or fixation of certain stale* of
the nerve coll*, reproduction of these
and. perhaps moat remarkable of all
recognition of them aa repnwl not tons In
their relations. Morbid states of the
memory may refer to any of these
phases of an act which Is as marvelous
as anything In nature. There are about
*.000,000,000 nerve cella In the sur
face of the human brain. They never
die In health, and they are never re
placed or added to. Thla la memory's
The nllrlUnt* Society.
An Interesting old orjrsnlaatlon which
formerly rtlslnl In l-ondon the Dilet
tante society? originated with certain
gentlemen who, having traveled In
Italy, tried to encourage at home what
they had enjoyed abroad. Till* todety
of lovera of the fine art a lasted 1.10
years. Walpole doea not aeem to have
looked upon It with a very favorable
eye, for be says, "The nominal qualifi
cation was to have been to Italy; Uie
real one was being drunk."
Animal* and jlrMlrkafH.
A French authority on seasick ncs?
makes the statement that cattle and
giraffes are almost Immune. Monkey*
suffer considerably, but are enrol by
eating a raw onion. Ilorsc* suffer
much, and some of them die from Its
effects. Tigers ami elephants are also
easily affected, whereaa Ice bears, ac
customed to the movement of lee floes
ire never so happy a? when on ship
Brllrtril In Sklllrrt Ukor.
"The organist's wife told mc 1hl<
morning," said Mm. Thornton, "that
?cveral of the pipe* of the organ were
out of order."
"Well." replied Mrs. Had ley, "I hope
fhey'll pet Mr. Jones. our old plumber,
to fix them, and not those new plumb
ers that hare Just set up on the cor
The Prartle* of (n?alilii| ftrrtplar*
n* A Bonk of Kate.
The practice of consulting Scripture
as a book of fate was generally con
demncd by the church. A council at
Vanncs prononnced against It In 4?l
A. IV So did one at Agile In .Vxi and
one at Auxerre la WW. Chariot th?
Great forliade It In his capitularies,
and so did Pope Gregory II. New
tbeless curiosity as to the future was
so strong In men's minds that the cus
torn continued.
An odd clrrumslance Is that the
cathedral chapter at Orleans In 1H6
appealed to a prognostic of this aort In
a supplication a<ldre?*d by thirn to
Tope Alexander III. against their bish
op. At his consecration, when the g>?
pel was opened above his heail, tlie
Bnger of the deacon rfcted upon tlie
worda, "And he left tb* linen cloth and
fled from them naked." This w?* a
token that the Unhop Kiln* was to be
turned out of his aee.
The practice of observing the bonk
when opened orer the head of a pr -1
ate at his consecration wai very .?o.n
tnon. It was thought thnt a rr.re ?0
fury could thence lie draw n as to wb it
aort of a blsbop lis woo Id prove. - Cham
bers' Journal.
A *lranrr riratr Mnrr.
In the museum at Kingston. Jamal
?, there nro some tattered ship*' pa
?or*, brown with age ami Mlt water,
inj a rnnall tin canister. These article*
itteat the truth of the strangest pirate
itory ever tokl.
In 17W the crew of the Naocy brig
rere apparently honest trader*, hnt
ltd some piracy now ami then on the
ltd p. One day they f&itnd It necessary
Jo fro into Kingston for supplies. Be
fore dolus no they naturally removed
111 trace* of their buccaneering trad"
Among othe? things they threw over
board thla tin canister stuffed with pa
per* taken from ahlps they had sunk,
with comments written on the mnrgin
by the plra?e captain.
I.ater in the day a British frigate was
becalmed near the spot, and the sailor*
?pent their leisure catching sharks.
Presently they hauled up a btg fellow,
cut him open and found the tin case
with the paper* Inside. These were
taken to the captain, who aa aoon a* a
breeze sprung op sailed Into Kingston
harbor, found the Nancy brig there and
bad the crew tried, convicted and
banged In chain* at Tort Royal.
His Aa?M*lrl U?.
? correspondent r>f the 1'hiladelpMa
Press writes; "Mj- right log *a* taken
off at the middle third of the thigh near
ly 30 year* aim. but slnov that time th*
aensati.oi of the prmem-e of the toe*, in
step. heeJ. foot or knee is stronger thaa
in the other leg or stronger than it *11
before amputation. To me It seems that
whep the leg i* at rent, normal!?, there
b no eonaelmisness of an; sensation at
?11 in It. whereas there la always tnor*
or leu* actuation in the stnmp
"My log waa amputated In such a posl
tion that it seem* when I stand to b?
flexed with the foot behind me. I hare
often tried to get h ont of the way of a
eloaing door or of persons passing me on
the street. To this day I often faU by
trying to put my foot on the floor when
aprlnging quickly from a sitting poai
J tion.
"Year by year. also, there ia a aenaa
I don of ahortenlng. the font seeming to
come nearer the body. If I make aa ef
fort a* If to extend the knee a sensation
?f beat occuti In the stump, altl><<ujrh th?
rest of By body may b* freezing."
SiMnni Osiaprtmeai.
"A ad bow did you and grandpa get
along?" Inquired the doting mamma of
tbe precocious child.
"He waa pleasant aa pie." replied tba
"A* pleasant aa pltf
"Tea. mamma? abort and croaty."
Ctoreland Plain l>e?ler.
Will nractltw In AlaakaOoorl*,
P. 8, Suprttn* Ooart, and liand
and Miolnp hinlBMa.
Hoom *, Lewis Block,
JtTNtAU, ? ? ? A I. ASK A
Hpeclal Al'?-?lor> tc> Bu?ln*?B Kiwi*
Hsin<?? Mid VMnity
Will Practice la All tb? Ooorta
Juneau - Aiaatea
The Daily delivered to
any part of the city
for $1 per mouth
Comfortable Bed*
Dining Ro?.m In Connect*?
14* KnlMlaf
Nnt mnnClm. Front MM
Pete McMillan, Proprietor
Theae day* there'* little tun for f?o?
owning a watch or for carrying a
poor one.
We hare ?tcb a variety at ?<>eh a price
variatip* that anyone'* ide? of eeon
omr can be tailed.
T he Finest Watches
Hy Tke
Best Makers
At The
Lowest Prices
Kjr Standard tonality
Gold and Sllveramitft
I -Gariboa Hefel
Caribou Crossing
A 8?rtetly
?Dining Room In tX?nee?lo? ?
Choicest Wine*. UorqraAOrar*
U. J. Britain. M?t.
Cawdian Pacific fty. Co.
ntrw* Bwiloo. II*
(Ml, M
TraMiarrlar to
No Iitn (Itrt*
AUG. 4
kiHa( *19 p.*.
fw , Dm ton WomVo m*
App tlMMM 1Vm Twh? Vr??
NtMnCnMbH^nlii f?tr
IntorwoM? Writ* or Apply ?o
m. mjtvtrm . maowat
PIooIt Fimi?hor1 Howoo
KlooirV LlfffcMd IVvofHowt
nmo. w. aim rwoe,
front St Aootli P O., MMMI V t
Raw Furs....
tligh Prices forfinf f#rs
Writ* r or PHot I^ot
Percey's Fur House
(Hhknoh Wrioonmio
Tfc* lam* M?rk ?f
| Cigars. Tobacco
and Smockers' Ar
^ Tony Dortero
?Steam Laundry* j
U W tfc Sbtd J
o r+n P"~*v*r
rwoKF n ,
VMwipt wi r"?n iwtwt ?
Baths in r.MwcttM i
f7+??t? 0 <o?M (?? L?4Mi f
When In Haines
?w<vu Um
Hotel Northern
J O KtrrlM Pro*.
Rrstavrant In Building
Plyfof r ? ?!
9 Leaves Ska^wav ?
E rtry Hiy ??
9 a. m. Sharp
Arrtvto* M ?* II "?* ?
iMm H? tt? xt^t.
Wn*l# far* II.M.
Uimi and On Mir
The WhitePassA Yukon Route
(Ml; Kiffft lh?4ir.|
n? m. tq n? i n now*
ted oIm*. iwotH*. I*% cImi IHda
? M*a. ?*>?]?. !.?. RK A 'JHA Y Alt l W? a. *R ? IS* .
W ? " nii}" " WTTTTK PA? - J " * ? IM ?
11 U * " I?N) CABIN I Irt ? ? ; ? ?
it to JJ J* 1 BKJ?i*rrT " { * } ?? "it to, m.
t w ?? ? w ?? " cabibou - ii ??? i? t ??
? 40 ? ?? - AR Wwrr* Bourn LV ? It " I.T." |? -
Pmwikih mm* tw u 4+fr*s I* tim* M h?*? ?t*p>?u4 Bel
rfcectad. 1 Mfwrtlne It ??oyp?<) tt m In* w* h**#** >??rlw tiai* nf xrmlm
IM of ?i|) fc* -kwkMl fr** *IU? <weh tail far* tl?t?
Mid T* po?wd? ?Hfc me* half tar* iMrM
i The Idaho Liquor House
ormiueR runn hroapway,
The Pioneer Femilj LiQuor Store of Skagwev
nrrAm.iAHro im
D1rw? lmfwKw? nf rwr*1#a Pw*?t?
Ar.KXTS ro*
AnaattP* t?;0?d?T? ?|? F??Hj c?*.
i i irvUW.Vl .1 A V A'A A v
W'liiie Pass & Yukon Route
Through line from Sk?r??v la At1<n, WhH? Hon?, *1? Mom. rnvnw mmI all
ioiomedia!? point*. OowMrlkM ma4? ?? l^wm ?''h ly???r Hirer iVtnNno far
Kacle, Circlr City, ImpwV TiMtl Fairfcaaka, Clwaa, h. M*h??l irl v???.
IHily roearctiaa atad* ?? Wh(t? Horw lo?mi (rata* mm) rlir ?'r<tiw r? '?r *11 V tko?
Hirer p-.tiit* iNMIw Laadiag. Ik* ?wml XeamHoat bnl>tf tn Uw w?
Alirk G?td Firm*. TV (WJow1?| rt*?m '???? w? of?r?'r~1 hy tfce WHTTK F"A5* AJTP
YUKON ROUTK awl arr rqalpprd wHk all ?o?l?ra aaafratear? . iar'*<4ta? ?,<-arr
heat, rleclrir llffhl aad ?h?r teat arm m affoH M oatr aafirtr twl maitort V? p?M??pn
Throtoh tttskts cm b* p?rrtMa?d It Sk?c?*r I m I>AW?>*. FAIRMffRSt
CHEN A aM all I /???! Rltw pniaia.
Flo?l* ?ptmiotM tra'aa *\r+pK 9mrMv. Mty? Ska?wkv Mrf W*l ??
Mora*. cMTjiaK puwrffr>, bacfarv. Ml aH NfMi
!U(jf*fp howM tbroagh. Difrrt t#l?frapbir a*rri ?? M ?i" gpoioufn ,
I'-inadi aiM thr U>IM MMn
Fof Information ralatir* In yaawnrf . id trtefirapltie Jraloa JJfpp't
to m? at'at of !*? On* paay, m <w
M. J. 8 WRTTF, G. F, A P. A. . A R !?IWIU, V. f. A O. ?. R. D. HXiro, ?<?. C f. * P. A.
Vaoooaror, a a R 0. m4 An** mr. Al??** ikw<M Aloa a

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