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Daily Alaskan
SHiwk.Wlwtdtr -arvWr
Dm Math, by Ball
rhrMMotte.br mi I
Ull Maths. W sail
The people of the north should not
complain of the steamsh.p ooropanlts
for devoting so many of their ship* to
the excursion trails this summer. The
business was much larger than anyone
expected It would be. It came on rath
er suddenly and it was Impracticable to
attempt to secure extra boats to handle
it. It would be an Injury to both the
steamship line* and the north country
had It been refused. All the compan
ies have dooe their best to have it in
terfere as little as possible with the
regular Alaskan and Yukon trade.
More could not be asked of them in
While a few people rrobably have
beee dtsconvenlenced to a more or lea
Insignificant degree oo account of these
large excursions, the good to the coun
try generally and all that have Interest
therein has been so great that the in
jured have no just cause for complaint.
Considered aside from the question
of i rofit to the steamship com pan i. *. I
and ooly frcra the standpoint of the
greatest good to the greatest number,
the excursioocarriers acted for the best
Interest of the people In doing as they
The Lyoo Manufacturing Company,
proprietors of the long famed Mexican
Mustang Liniment, have prepared an
almanac, advertising their products,
but made especially for circulating in
Alaska and the Klondike. So much of
the almanac as is not taken up with
the merits of the publishers' medicines
la filled with Interesting data concern
ing Alaska. The first page cover con
tains au Alaskan wi.ter scene, taken
from "Alaska and the Klondike," ai d
a reproduction of the official seal of the
district. It addition to a list of the of
ricers of the district and other data it
contains a summary of the statistics n
the last annual report of Collector Jar
vis, of the Alaska customs district, i
taken from the Daily Alaskan.
Manufacturers of the east, who are
most insistent in the demand for the re
peal of the Chinese exclusion act, tre
willing to endure the effective bojeott
resulting from the constantly increas
ing tariffs of Canada. Germany and
other countries in order to protect the
monopoly afforded them in the prohibi
tive American tariff, tut they are un
willing that American labor should be
protected against Oriental invasion if
the protectloc la to cost them a market
for a few dollars worth of their sup
. .?
4 50
The freer trade is in the world the
better it is for all trailing people,
bet the American government cannot
afford to purchase free trade with China
at the coat of crowding American labor
from the Pacific coast with the yellow
men of the Celestial empire.
The Are from another batter; has
been focused on Got. Brady. It will be
come apparent oo of these days to those
at Washington where the people of I
Alaska stands on Brady Ism.
Kire Department ou Deck
There will be a meeting of the Skag
waj fire department at the Firemen's
hall thla evening at 8 o'clock. It will
be the regular monthly meeting. In
addition to the routine business there
will be a drill and Chief McLean hat*
requested that every member of the tie
pert men t attend.
r*Mh Crahs
MEWi* ?
Freeh boiled crabe for free lunch to
day and tomorrow at the Seattle saloon.
Reeeived today (Friday). 2t
lee cream and sherbets a the V ienna
Bakery, Beet in town. 'Phone 35.
Hegc's Souvenir book for II at Har
So. 1319
This is the lucky number which won
the ticket to Portland and return
Who has it?
Monarch off the Bar
The lower Yukon steamer Monarch,
which has made several trips on the
upper river, has just gotten off a bar
on which it rested for several weeks be
low Faffle, where it had sunk. It will
remain in the Fairbanks tra^e.
Scott I? Hrcmotad
John Scott, for a lonir time ea?hier in
'theW. P. & Y. 11. offl.es at Dawson,
has been made agent for that compar J
;it Fairbanks.. He is succeeded at
Dawson by Charles K. Taylor, foi merly
of Skajjway, wh) has been in the Daw
son office of the W. 1\ & Y. R. for sev*
eral years.
Renders the bile more fluid and thus
helps the blood to flow; it affor?'s
prompt relief (torn bllliousness, indi
gestion. sick and nervous headaches an I
theovar-indolgence In food and drink
Herbine acts qnickly, a dose after meals
will bring the patieut into a good condi
tion in a few days.
G. L. Caldwell, A>jt. M. K. aiid T. li
lt.. Checotah, Ind. Ter.. writes. April
IS. 1903: *M was sick for over two years
with enlargemant of the liver and
spleen. The doctors did me no good,
and I had given up all hope of being
cured, when my druggist advised rae to
use Herbine. , It has made me sound
and well." 50c. Sold by Kelly Drug
Carrying V. 9. Mall
r or Haines. Hornets Bay, Juneau,
Floonah, Tenake* Sitka and WavportV
Saturday N oon and
Tuesday at 8 a.m.
W. W. BOL'GHTON, Agent
Broadway and Fifth Ave. Phone 90
If Not You Should Do So By
Drinking Skagway Beer
Our Bottled Beer Only
per doxen. 2i>c rebate on bottles
? Manufactured Especially For
Hospital and
Family Use ^
Phono Brewery 40. Heeldence, JS I
A dispatch to the Juneau Dispatch
stales that Seattleites aro busy i off
themselves with a pet r. ion asking for
the pardon of the Indian. Jim Hanson,
who is now servinc a life sentence at
McNeil's Island for the murder of Bert
Horton and wife near Skagway in 189!'
Alaskans, who remember the brutal
details of that foul murder, are pretty
well convinced that Jim should stay
where he is and thank Cod that bis
neck is still whole. Turn him loose
and the next Siwash that wants a little
fun will kill tome other white man and
his wife.? Douglas News.
The result of the observation taken
at Moore wharf at midnight, Aug. 4,
1905, is as follows:
Temperature time of observation ... .56
Max. t?mp. preceding 24 hours . . . .65
Min " " " " *8
Mean " " " " 57
Barometer, 29.86.
Calm, cloudy.
Quartcrmasier oBec, Fort William H seward,
Atuka. July 1S06. Sealed proposals. In
triplicate, will K roceired hen until alevon
o'clock, a. Hi Auk-ust 34th. and then oi*ned.
lot thrconitrrtetlon ofooelleldotBcer sqoarwra,
one double captain's quarter*, one dout.ir Kent
ennnt** quarter*. two dout,ie n c. * *inarw^l4
an addition to quartarroaster storehouse. a* per
piano and specifications on tile In thin olBce.
The U. S. reserves the ri*ht to accent or reject
ac y or all proposals or parti thereo.. Informa
tion furulshed upon implication, knvetopes
Containing proposals >tould I* endorsed "Pro
posals for Construction of Quarters' ' *nd ad
mnd to the yuartettraster. Kort \\ H . New
ard, Alaska.
The Celebrated
The machine for beautiful work and
correct alignment.
Easy to Operate
and Keep in Order
Easy to Pay For
The light running Yost Is unequalled
lo lightness of toutch. quietness of ac
tion, simplicity and durability. It ii
recognized as a necessity in the bus
Iness man's office or the professions
man's study.
For particulars, catalogue etc., write
Yost Writing Machine Co
325 Montgomery St, 8 in Franclsoo
Agents for Alaska
?r Anply at this OV??
A Queer C&ptare
(Copyright. 1M. by T C McClura.)
In the year 1884 the British inrrej
?t earner Comet left Bombay to reaor
vey the Makllve Island*
The Couiet bad shipped ten now man
before starting out, all half eaates and.
at appeared later on. members of a
secret hand that had n^rorn vengeance
on anything British. Tbese nan uin
tinted and, having got poaaeatdan of
the brig, ran her Into Shark bay, on
the northernmost Island. The captain
and other offlcera w?>r*> net afloat on a
raft, unprovided with Mil, wntar or
pro\ Istons, and no doubt they perished
In the storm that swept over the wa
ters next day.
The leader of the half castaa was a
mnn known as I?oudra. He waa a
sailor by otvnputl >n mid probably as
great a niUHn ?s < mm 1.1 l>e fonnd In all
India. \Vbeii a start was made from
Shark liarl?>r a course waa laid for
Ceylon, ami during a voyage lasting
four weeks the Comet raptured seven
coasting vessels. In earti and every
case the crew* were put to death, the
cargoes transshipped and the craft
It was piracy lifter tbe old style, ex
cept that the brig did not dure at
tack IU|Cf vessels. Her acts Anally
reached the ears of the authorltlea, ami
men-of-war started from Bombay and
Calcutta to overhaul her.
After sailing |?art of the way up the
coast of Ceylon the Comet put about,
and she was halfway back to her har
bor of refuge when the Serpent (man
of-war) sighted her. It was daring a
heavy gale, and nothing could be dona
but chase. It was three days tx>for?
the 8erpent fired a guu. Just as even
ing was coming on on the third day
and after tbe mutineers had refused to
surrender she crept up and flmi a
broadside Into the brig and sent bet
to the bottom. It was suppos* 1 at
the time that everybody aboard was
drowned, but two months later new*
readied Bombay that Doodni and fo?r
other half castes had got away to a
boat and reached an Island at tha
mouth of the gulf of Manaar. A gun
boat was sent down to make an In
vestigation and a reward of ??000
offered for the Are men.
In the month of September of tbe
year mentioned the bark Southland,
bound from IJvenviol to Bombay, waa
making her way up the Malabar coast
tinder light breeaca. On? night In tbe
middle watch It fell a dead calm, and
this atate of weather contluued all
next day and night. At midnight on
the second night the offlcer of the deck
beard faint shouting and singing to
the east and as no vessel had been
sighted In that direction he was mys
tified. As the noises continued the
mate awoke tbe captain, and It waa
finally decided that there were men
afloat in a small boat a mile or so
away. We burned a flare to guide
tbeiu and heard shouts In reply, but
It was two hours before a yawl crept
up to us out of the darkness. The lit
tle crafl contained flve half caste Hin
doos. and they were sufferlnt terribly
for tbe want of food and water. Thera
was but one oar and no sail.
Tbe story told by the men. all of
whom spoke i'ngllsh fairly well, was
that they were part of the crew of a
coaster named the Kmerald and while
she was making her way up the gulf
of Manaar she had l>een struck by a
squall and turned turtle. They had
clung to her bottom for several hour*,
but had finally managed to loosen the
boat and drift out to sea. Tbey claim
ed to have been afloat for three daya.
We bad no roo:n to stair thc!r ItoaU
and it was cast adrift. but not liefore
we had seen that her name had been
When questioned separately tbe sto
ries of the men did not agree, but as
we had heard nothing about tlie plrataa
we could not make out what the frt
lows had beeu up to. Their loader was
an impudent swaggerer, who would
not promise to do any work In return
for his passage to Bombay, awl be had
not been aboard two days when tha
captain oniervd him Into Irons. Thli
action sol>ered him up. and presently
he was as humble as you ploaee and
begging for his release. When restore*!
to liberty he was icalons In his duty,
and all suspicions on our part would
have been lulled but for a discovery
made by one of the appreutlcea wht
understood the Hindoo language.
Thinking then. selves alone In the
forecastle one afternoon, the strangers
plotted to take the ship, and tlie lad
overheard every word and carried the
news to the captain. He passed word
L> the crew, and of a sudden the Hin
doos were fallen upon and made prta
Not three hours later the gunboat
from Bombay boarded us to give us the
news about the pirates ami ask that we
keep our eyes open for them. Oreat
m as the surprise of her commander to
And that we had prisoners aboard who
answered to the description of those he
was after.
Tbe Hindoos saw that the grime waa
up, and one of them made a confession
Their leader was TVindra himself, and
they had been hiding on an Island In
the gulf. I /earning that their where
?bouts waa known, they had put off to
sea In a panic and In a boat stolen from
another vessel. Two of their number
had been stabbed to death during a
quarrel and their bodies thrown ore r
board. The flve survivors Intended to
fall upon our crew of eleven men fcnd
murder ua all.
Of course the men were surrendered
to the gunboat, and upon being taken
to Bombay proof sufficient to hang
them was easily obtained, and within
three months of their boarding us In
mldooean they were dangling at the
ends of hangman's ropes We had done
little or nothing to bring about their
capture, but the government of India
paid ua the reward and added Its
thanks to the mona?. U. QDilX
Tka DKIntllN ?f I ?k? r?*M<
apeak. Ikr La?(tM*.
Kljtii Novgorod * here the great Rna
?Ian fkir l? held, for on toward tb?
frontier of AalB. I f^'in ' t ?t * *
raH propyl! Ion In nil F r\., -r? |V
standpoint of the trsv. r >! ??
mid refreshment I knew only owe
word In R laalau "???dka," ami nut can
l>rot)<>uw* that toe ofte? Nobody
?eon>od to apeak anvth.n- hr! P "i*
I couhl not gat a rabtnan U tak^ mo to
a hotel. One l<r*??<-|il< ufl r another
wan Id pl<-k mo up, BPem ta understand
t:id then take n?tti ahap. a a>lT?
ulilp pier, a private p?? M?h* I *??
reduced to the Humiliating neor *lty of
making pMures of hoteh, h? 'a and
faod of an aorta and quite nithout
avail. At Hat. Iiettdnklng mys. If that
llie trnde of Ruaaln waa In Corman
bands, I ?f?rW out ifM In ar.irr4i of
any mercantile looking po-ao-i with
jloee cropped blond hoard and apec
tarlos ?*ii< +1 ? man 1 found. ??d ha
directed ma In Gorman to ? traktlr.
where ! had breekfaat with tb?- aid of
mora rmde cartooning "PeTee" la
food Volapnk. ami tho waiter under
I stood mo at once, but I had to aketch
? number of elllptk-al flgurea tn my
notobook and Anally maka ? spirited
drawing of the common or garden hen
before he know I wanted "egga."
Kor dinner that night I w?nt to a rea
tanrant overhanging the Volga ft la
one of tny moat baffling mcmortea of
travel that when tn my thirst I made
the algn of drinking ami pointed to
the rirer the waiter lowered a bucket
I out of the window Into tho stream and
! brought It to me filled with rkti brown
water.- New York Mall.
9h? RttftailM l.hlnv ?|iM?n mm FimkI
Mrr Yttinff.
When Bummer warmth haa aw <keno?1
the maternal Instincts of the Inaeet
world the m?d dauber waap may he
aeon gathering mortar at the mnrgln of
atieam. pool or pmJdle filling her
mandlhlee. which aerve aa both aped ?
and hod, ahe beara the load of mod to
Borne roagh aurface, rock or wall or
i board or beam Rhe apreada and shapes
I her mortar until after many vlalta ta
I the mud bed. ahe haa hnilt a tnhnlar
i cell about an Inch long and three
| eighth* of an Inch wide.
I Then her hnntreaa Inattm-t awakena
and her raid a npon the aplder realm be
| gin, for within thla cylinder tho moth
; W maaon will put a atngle egg In
, conrae of time thla will haMi Into a
' ravenoua larra wboae natural food ta
: living apldera, and thoao the mother
' prooeeda to capture ami entomb within
I her mud daub nursery Oa thla errand
I ahe may lie aeon hawking over and
near cohweha of rationa aorta, ventur
ing within the meahed ami l>ee<1ed
anarea that prove fatal to moat Inooro
era and aometlmea even to herself If
the occupant eipectant of prey, aalllea
forth to aelae the Intruder. It flmla Itself
a captive. not a captor. The waap
I ahnkoa the allken filament from wlnga
ami feet, tnma upon the aplder, actios
and atlnga It, beara It to her cell and
thruata It therein.? H. C. McCook In
ilarper'a Magailne.
OI4 Maa of <k?
Tt*> title "rthl Mid of tb? Mountain"
wan flp?t applied to fiaman Ron Rah
bal, who fouDi)?xJ a formidable dynaa
tj in flyrta a. P. lOPa iir *?< the
prince or chief of the eect of the Mo
hammedan* Raving been twin letted
from hit coon try. be took op hi* *NV?
In Mount I -aha non, gathered aronnJ
him a hand of follower*, who eoon be
ram* the terror alike of < "hrtatlana.
Jewa and Turk* They paM the moat
Implicit olwxllrawe to hi* eotninanda
and believed that If they earrttWd
their Hrra for hla Mk? they wonld ha
rewarded with the hlgtieat Joya of
paradlae. For 2O0 yeara theae " A aaaa
alna." aa they railed tbemaelrra. ma
tinned to be the terror of the conatry.
Whenever their chief. the "Old Man
of the Mountain." considered hlmeelf
Injured he dtupatrfeed anme of hla a?
aaaalna aerretly to murder the agmrea
aor Thla la the origin nf oar nee of the
word aaaaaaln for ? aecret mnrderer
til* We aiilit Have.
A faroona writer aald: "Man In fen
oral, or. aa It la eipreaaed. on the aver
age. doea not lire a ho re two and twm
ty year*, and during Itieae two and
twenty year* he la Hilile to two and
twenty tbouaand evlla. many of which
?re Incurable Yet even In thla dread
ful atate men will atrnt and figure oa
the atage of life. They make lore at
the hasard of destruction and Intrlinie,
carry ??? war and form projecta Jnat
?a If they were to lire In lumry and
delight for a thonaand agea "
A XfH la IrkMlBaitm
We ahould like to aee a regulation
that erery ecboolroaater befoie the age
of thirty ahouM for one full year at
leaat he baalabed from the achool world
and from the academic life even If for
that year be had to work aa a navvy, a
aallor or a commercial traveler The
man who, being educated, only knowa
what life la will never take too aar
row a view of the arbool coarae I -on
'od roat.
Kaf?r What Tmm Have.
Don't worry aboat your health.
Keep la (nod condition and get aa
mnch freab air aa yon can People
who are alway* pottering over them
?elvea are like mlaera they don't en
Joy what they have Roatnn Traveler.
* H>H Weehev.
Sllmaon - Willie, they tell me ymi
have the imputation of being the worrt
boy In achool Willie Tea. father, and
I can tell you I didn't get It without a
atnurgle ? Life.
Aa KnfUahwomaa married to a fec
al rner tahea the nationality of ber bu?
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
SUa<ani M Th? Crmtmnf I?a*a
HUMBOLDT, August 4, 13, 22 and Sept- 1
CITY OF SEATTLE - - August a 20 30
Via Vanmvyar
COTTAG E1K3ITY. - ? Aug. 3. 16. 28
Vis Victoria la) ?tUra
NR. Ibora Bfhodal# ?aWao? M Cf *nr? W|tk??? HmtM.
E. A MUftPHY, ?*??? 50
C. 0. DUNANN. Can Pass. Agt
10 MirkH ?w fr? mil. CM.
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying IT H. Mail aatri Alaaka Paella Ktpraaa
Matt Hail In# of ih* Tm* i'tmimttr fttaaa ?mr
Dolohin. - Aug. 7
Jefferson, - Aug. 3
FABALLON ? July 26
DIBIOO ? Aug. 7
Oompani f? rr r*? right to tharg* tailing da *? ? tlw.
Tfwu'fri la Victoria ao4 Vaoraavar Wilhoat A<W I?w?aJ rtarfa
Let us figure on your
Job Printing
We aim at ^
fobs promised tomor
row delivered today
Daily Alaskan
I Pwhr RmJIh Ml Wi
ipaciom rt.ra room
The Board of Trade
lAryaat a?*J B?a* Aproinurf Resort for Oaa
la Um Mortk
Ihfrr|is,'ni2rr Mrrnilh -
k.,and\itfor in o single.
^'th?ri in ? hnrrH
of ordinm?
^ f)ntc tied..
Fire and Li.e
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
? Of Rrwy ttwrlpUo ?
Th* orly plwH M U?Hi n?l?r* nm ik?
ran WH?*toe I'ricr*
> hi inpiwwtoww ?< f l??i.
M At., HmmI*

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