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Oldest Legislator Passes
Away at his Home
Fredericton, N. B., Aug. 21 ? (Special
, to Wbitehorse Star!? Senator IHtWI
WarV. the okleet Britiah Initiator,
piMC't iway at hi* home Id this plM
S?turiU; ffrnini in his 10I*t jmt . Ht
had been ill sine? last (all.
Tad Hillery. formerly of Skagway,
writing from Seward, says:
??Mr.aoU Mrs. Van Cleve arrived here
f^m Seattle August 10.
?J. H. Dunlap, formerly of Kraaer
station on the W. P. A Y. 14 , la fore
man at fanu> No. 11, on the Alaska,
Central. Mrs. Ounlap and son, Kddie,
are living in town.
"J A. Peabody, formerly of Skagway,
is here working as a carpenter on the
railroad office boilding. He will be
joined next month by Mrs. I'eabudy."
Cat tins Hay Takes
Those who have live stock and other*
who are In the traling business are
? making on the Yukon. It is said hun
dreds of tons will be^tut up at Rampart
and vic'nity. Several of the hay
maker* bave mowing machines and
sulky rakes.
Ice cream at Muir's.
At tk> MaMot
Ml. Vernon rye aid Old Belmoa
whiskeys, double stamped goods, at
wholesale prices at the Mascot saloon.
Colie aa<i Diarrhoea A R???4y Tkat
I* Prompt aa<l Ptaaaaat
The prompt rr-olts produced by
Caamberlain's Colic. Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy together with its
pleasant taste have won for U a place
tn many households. Mr. W. T. Tay
lor, a m jrchant of VVinslow, Ala.,
writes: "I have u?ed Chamberlain's
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedv
myself and also with men on my p'aoe.
for diarrhoea an I co'.ic and it always
gives relief promptl* at'd pleassntlv."
For sale by Kelly Druy Co
Chicago Girl's Hatband (^uit*
Indian Job
London, Aug. 21. ? (Special to White
horse Star.) Lord t"urr.on, viceroy of
India. ha? resigned M.d lord Mlnto,
recent governor-general ol Canada, has
been appointed to succeed him. l<ord
Curton's retirement la due partly to ill
health but mainly to the recent dispute
between himself and Ix>rd Kitchere*
regarding the military administrat to
of India. Correspondence made public
In India shows an intensely bitter feel
ing between the two official*.
Many Clark* for PostofKc*
Inspector John P. Clum, of the I nited
State# postofflce department, allowed
the postmaster at Fairbanks seven
clerk* with which to liandle the mail
business of his office.
Wrsa|?l Mat .hal G.ts StUrr
United States marshal W. ,P. Grant
has beenj placed on a sa'ary. He sets
11200 per year Heretofore the officer
has received fees.
Mea aad Woarn I aaalmous tkoul It.
Many women weep and wail and refuse
to be comforted because their once mag
nificent tresses have become thin and
faded. Many men Incline to profanity
because the flies bite through the thin
thatch on their cranium* It will be good
news to the miserable of both sexes, to
learn that Xewbro's Hcrplelfie has been
placed upon the market. This Is the new
scalp germicide and antiseptic that acts
by destroying the germ or microbe that
Is the underlying cause of all hair de
struction. Herptclde Is a new prepara
tion. made after a new formula on an
entirely new principle. Anyone who has
tried It will testify as to Its worth. Try
It yourself and be convinced. Sold by
leading drugeists. Send W- In stamps
for sample to The Horplclde Co., De
troit. Mich.
Wm. llritt, Special Agent.
Lumber for sale. Inqu re of Pete
MaJsen. Seattle w harf
Pack Tralii Always Lea-Is
The l\tck Train saloon always le;uls
It carries only the best br ands uf whis
kies. wines, beers and all the other
goods to be had at a tirst-cla-s gentle
men'* resort. tf
Cat GUss U Onr Strong
We hare just gotten In the best se
lected assortment of out glass that ever
came north. We make no exception.
We only ask you to inspect it ami he
convinced. And what is best of all we
sell It right. There Is nothing better
for a gift or a prise than a piece of cut
glass, and there is not made cut glass
!>ett?r than ours.
We are still repairing watches at
reasonable prlcea. Rememler, we
guarantee every piece of work that
goes out of our shop.
I We will fix your eyes. The latest
scientific instruments for the purpose
of testing the eyes are scientifically
used Glasses ground to suit the occa
J. Ikuta,
I m80>>W? . i
Irow T?W?r?ph P?l*s fwTskos
The signal corps is sending iron tele
graph poles into ths Yukon. Recently
400 of them were landed at Rampart.
rrMk Hwt
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
SUlPLfS Of 1906
The Itaily Alaskan nas received a
full line of samples of 1S>06 calendars,
from the famous J. W. Butler Paper
company, of C hicago. They include
the latest designs many of which are
works of art.
Hnsiness men of Skagway ami Haines,
who desire calanders for next year are
invited to call and make selections.
Ice cool steins at the Seattle saloon.
Rainier B??n
1 Rainier beers by the dozen bottlei,
$2 50, at the Masco' saloon.
Nlo* and Cool
If you get too hot. drop in to (he Se
attle and get cooled off. 6 1 tf
Calendars for iqo6
die will (all upon von soon
Olith a Compute Assortment of
I9Q6 Calendars
m Prices Chat Pit Save Sou money
The Daily Alaskan Job Office,
Renting House
tOrlglnnl 1
One morning In April a gentleman
van panning * pottagv In tlx* outnklrta
of * city on which wan ? nign "To l<et_"
He stopped and looked fit It
"Why shouldn't 1 1" he mMtwd to
himself. "I *h?ll never marry, n ml I'm
beginning to tire of nponding nil my
on mine* nt my club or forced to go
out and *00 some one I've furniture
enough to not up housekeeping, and n
whole houne would l>e much betlet
than room* In a bachelor apartment
house MjK^lally for |?oker partle# ."
A Indj came along akd. ncelng the
man looking at the house, ??.! :
"I V> yon know to hJioiu It hetongtf
"1 do not." he replied, raining hi* hat
and looking Into a rery pretty fact.
"1 nee It In to M." nhe explained,
"and one renting a houan had lietter
doal with the owner direct. One can
got lietter term*. for there In no com
mission to pay."
"That would be a woman's way," he
replied. "Tonr no* are famon* for look
ing out for nalvagen."
"If we didn't tliero would lie no nnoh
thing nn marriage In the world Men
eau't run hounehold* a* economically
na women do. Ttiev would nne up all
(he Income long liefore the end of the
jw, 1 think I'll g? In and take a
"Woukl yon mi nil niv doing the name.
I promise you not to take the houne If
you want It"
"Ortalnly not; It In In open market."
They went up the walk together and
rang the hell. An elderly woiuan came
to the door and admitted them.
"1 think the houne will nnlt you," nhe
said? "that la. If you don't want It for
a large family. How many children
hare you?"
The lady blttabed ami turned * war,
the gentleman, pretending not to have
heard the question. went into the par
lor and ?apo<l at the celling
"There's four bedrooms on the floor
above," the occupant went on. 'Hie
frout woukl do nicely for you two,
while the children could occupy the
other three."
The lady harried hack Into the dining
room and kltehf-n.
??They're mighty Independent of each
other." thought the occupant. "I won
der If they aivn't only engaged"
The lady having flulshed inspecting
the rear came Into the parlor, where
the tuan waa still gaping
'i dont know anything about the
advantage* or defect* In house*." be
said to her. "Would yon mind my go
Ing through with yon while yon give
me a hint here ami there?"
'Vertalnly. 1 shall be happy to serve
The two went npstairs and the oc
cupant remained below. "Tliey don't
an\l to be watched," she said to her
self, "and 1*11 Just keep on with m>
The lady poiuted out the qualities
tiou* of the house, but *ald It wa?
rather large for Iht purpose, a* six
lived entirely alone. It would l<e bet
ter suited for a couple with oue or two
small children The man was aston
islied that he had not noticed the de
fivts or the advantage*, all of which
were as plain to her a* the kna<e of
spade.* to him.
"1 Uou't want it," she aald.
"Nor I," Hid he. "1 shall remain In
bachelor apartments. I am convinced
that no man has auy use for a bouse
without a woman in It."
?- .? win
serve a spinster." she remarktsl
"A house must be very nice for two
[>eoplc who care to live together," he
said musingly.
"There are certain matter* a woman
likes to leave to a man." ahe remarked
In the same tone.
"And household affairs must be un f
iler the car* of a woman."
They went downstair* together. ;
thsnked the occU|>ant for having ? 1
kindly shown them the booae and w. , t ;
out. There was but one Hue of sln-.-t I
??art for thorn to take to p't lm? k it t > j
town. -? they c >t alxuird the sumo cnr J
"Thnt's the oddest couple I ever t -t " j
said the occupant of the houv as she ;
saw them board the oar. "They're n ?;
cngag*>d. I'm sure. They're not sweet
enough to each other They're more
like marriel people. They haven't
much use for each other's opinion. The
woman went off to look at the dlr.'u*;
room and kitchen without paying any
attention to the man. who seemed very
impractical f^r a married man. 1 w.vi
der If they'll take the house."
The 1st of May came and passed, and
the cottage was not taken. On the 2d
of Jjine there was a ring at the d >or
Ih-II and when !he occupant ?vonod t'n
do?r there stood the couple who had
looked at the house. But how different
in their treatment of each other! The
man carried the lady's wrap. *tc| >>.1
aside for her to pass In and was tin
usually attentive.
"Is this house still In the market!"
asked the man.
"Yes "
"We'll take It When can we get I
possession 7"
"Whenever you wish.*'
"Very well. Ton move ont Thursday
morning, and we'll move In Thursday
afternoon." 1
"But the cleaning, dear." remarked
the lady. "That will require two days
?t least"
"Oh, I forgot. I don't know any
th'ug about such things. At any rate,
tell the owner to send the lease to my
office, and Til sign. That ends my
As they were going *a way the ocou
pant asked :
"The owner 'II want to know the re
latlonshlp. ne aever rents to any hnt
those living respectably. I aafpoM, of
course. I can tell him yoa're married."
"Not yet" replied the lady, with ft
blush, "but we ex|>eot to be as soon as
the house Is ready for us "
Fl.ORA XI 1 1. UG AN.
Will nrtotice In Al?*k? Court*,
I'. 8, Supreme Ooer?, end T*?d
?nd Mining tuning*.
Room* .V 4, ami .V P*clt?r Hnlldlny
1 JrtflCAl". - - - a i. Ann A
Sp?lal Attention to Rutin#* From
VkiRway, HliMi Mid Vicinity
Will l>actlc?> In All lh? Ooerte
Juneau " Anita
The Daily delivered to
any part of the city
for $1 per month
Comfortable Bed*
Dining Rotm In Connects
l/if PniMlac
Km Pn?nei<?. rr?*i Miwt
Pete McMillan, Proprietor
? ?ifci i ' -v - *?
A.G Wk.
Din* day* there'* Utile exrtae for not
o"tiinff a watch or for carryln? ?
poor one.
1V1 hare tich a variety al ntch a prior
variatipn that anyone'* idea of eoon
omy can bo muted
The Finest Watches
By Thr
Best Makers
At The
Lowest Prices
Fjr Standard Quality
Gold ami Silrertmilh
-Garibod Hotel- 1
Caribou Crossing I
A StrtctW
r>mioK Room In Coooccttoo?
Choicest Winp*. Liquor* A linn
U. J. Britoin. M*r.
Canadian Pwific Ry. Co.
INiwct Mm Mufc. He
AUG. 17
kttlllaa tl> p.m.
Ft* Hfmed. Omtorv Bw?1c? mm! I
Af>fn'ntm?n? Thtmr Twte .*rr? * I
UlorwMlM Writ* or Apply M
H.&Mnra.Aft. IIAOVAT |
Finely Furnlakwl Room*
Klmrie TJfktol Tfermrfcoot
lltr IMPfRIALiltOIfl
a no w. crwra, phot
Front 81 SoqUi P.O., Wfclwkorw.V.T
Raw Furs....
High Prices for fiwf?rs
Writ# Tor Pri?t IJM
Percey's Fur House
Othlmah Wtoenwrtn
TV w?? t
Cigars. Tobacco
and Smockers' Ar
Tony Dortero
?Steam L'aandry*
At W->r% r>wnii?wi S*o*i
FlfOHr Tf
WtH 1 in I >?>??*
Bdlhs In ConnectlM
r r rr? t ? RrmOM iof
"When In Haines
Mnyil iM
hotel Northern
1. G Morrim. Propk
Restaurant In Ruildina
rijin* I ?ww? S**#w?j ? ?l
9 Leaves Skagwav ?
fi??ry Day at
9 a. m. Sharo
trrl>l*f ?? Bit*" M If Mat ?
?' 1 p. *b
Minft# f*r* II.JA
I4TVW iM 0?nHlt
The WhitePass & Yukon Route
(Daily Rre*** SnixUM
No t. 8
1M r?M?. 1** *" 1 ?WM*
? ?*>. LV. KRAOCAY AK 4 ** m. AR ? Hi. ?
!??}" " WHIT* PASS " ' " I ? *
11 |t ? ?? IXJG CAWW 1 l?? ? ? I ? ?
881*" " ?*?j,*Tr ' 151*"
1 4ft ?? j jo ?? " cah nor* ?' II v%.m "W c ?*
? ?0 " 4 SO " AR Wi?m HoiWS LV ?? " l.v. ?' 7 I "
rMHam * omit b? M depnu In tiiM U> ???" r?ctM* ft?p*:U4 Ml
chocked ImiwcUob li rtorpod *0 h?*r?p? !#**>#
|? ?Z^ZrhHnr'^1 fr*? ? Oi ~?-f fall '?r? W?k.
?ltd 7S perandi with Mkehhfclf H.T+ tMral
The Idaho Liquor House
I The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skegwev
Direct Importer* of Prwrlfn mm! Dnmwito
ac.rtt* rr?R
PlivaM Rnr?n>? Por PMillta*
Mpoef*! Attention t<0>d?r? kr tamllf Of. 7e'?pt?M<M
While Pass Yukon Rome
TTiroogh line from Skagwav to Atlla, White How. Rig Salmon, Havana and All
intermediate point*. Connection marfe at IHtm wilh Lower Hirer i:ninS?< for
Kagle, Circle City, Rem part, Tumi, Falrbaaka, Chm, Ft. Michael itJ S?m*.
I>aily connection mad* at White Hon* train* ltd riw *tr?m?r* (or all Yiknn
Hirt-r point*, including Mrnlrnhtll landing. the aeare*t ateamlmat lar-!-f to the new
Alaek Gold FieMa. Tkt Mktwli| lit operated hy lt?r WHITR I'A.V AXP
YUKON ROUTE ard art rq nipped with all atodern loelwdirit ?teans
heat, electric light aod other feature* aa afford not oalr aafety hat comfort to pa??eng?r?
THROt-GH TtTKICTB can be pnrchaaed at Stag way fa* nAWSO*. FAIRRMVKS,
CHENA and all Ixiwer Rlrtr poiata.
Finely appointed Iran* dally, except Sardar. between Skagwu^aixl White
Horae, carrying paaaaagem. Safgeg*. mat) and expreaa.
llagW bondod tt rough. Direct telegraphic aerrlco to all J>>int?' nj Ala**
Canada and the United State*
For information relative to paaaengei, freight aa 1 telegraph*1 Tr*,'**-2*PP!)r
to aor agent of the Ooapaay, or to:
it. J. B. WHITE, G, FJ k P. A. A.RMWILU T,P,?0.?. R D. PIJtVBO, A*r * F A f A.
Vaocourer, a C. Vancouver. R 0. aad Skagaar, Alaaka Shagaay, Alaaka

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