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Daily Alaskan
Om vwk. ?rrter
One month. hj mall ^
fhrw months, hj mail : 3S
Six months by mail 4 S0
(Im jear. hj mall ' w
While the Nome Nugget was a pio
neer in the movement for self-govern
ment for Alaska soil has never wav
ered for a minute in its devotion to
American principles of government it
has little faith that a territorial gov
ernment will secured very soon. How
ever, It will continue the fight to the i
end. It says:
"The people of Alaska will receive
no full measure, or even a partial meas
ure. of home rule until they adopt a
territorial or state constitution, and say
to congress. 'We have done this, now
what are you going to do?'
? ? ? t t
"That Alaska has many sincere and
warm friends in the congress will not
be denied. But these men have their
limitations. There are questions of
party policy ami expediency that can
not be ignored, and no matter how deep
their loyalty to Alaska may be, their
fealty to their party will be found
stronger than their zeal to do justice to
the people of distant Alaska We do
not believe that it is the policy of this
administration? the policy of the re
publican party. If you will, to grant
any form of autonomy to this territory.
That will only be had. we submit, when
the people, by their own act, have
made a territorial or Hate government
an accomplished fact, and then knock
at the doors of congress and ask:
' What will you do with usT The time
for this act is not yet, but it will be
here within five years, when Alaska
will have a population of at least ?5.<X*0
-ouls. In the meantime, though un
armed with anything save a just and
righteous purpose, we shall continue to
teach the doctrine of home rule for
Alaska and a full and complete recog
nition of the rights of the people who
make up her American citizenship."
If Alt ska shall jet territorial gov
ernment from congress it will be by a
few strong men with a just quarrel
forcing victory from reluctant leaders
of the senate and house of representa
tives. If Alaska werv represented at
Wa*hinjMn by a few able, earnest and
patriotic men they probably would be
able to interest enough of the members
of the senate and house in their cause
to secure their rights.
The Seattle I\*t- Intel Ugeocer says
Jackson, who was sentenced from Skag
wav u a member of the "Soapy" Smith
gang and who is seeking his release un
der habeas corpus proceedings, was not
a member of the gang. That is funny.
The P.-L is frequently funny.
A native, his wife and children were
deported from St. I-awrence island to
the Siberian shore on the late cruise of
the Bear. The native had been tried
on a charge of assault bv (.'apt Hamlet
of the Rear, acting U. S. commissioner,
but he was acquitted, there not being
sufficient evidence to convict. He was
a native of Siberia, and was deported
from St. Lawrence island, which is a
government reservation, on the ground
that he was an objectionable person.?
Nome Nugget.
loldMt la Tuwa
' The coldest beer in town is at the Se
attle saloon. 6 1 tf
This Hh Been Al tska's Best
Thew hu been greater progress
made in the development of Alaskan
quartz properties this year than during
any year io the history of the country
according to W. M. Hrewer, the min
ing expert, who represents the Tyee
smelter in the north. He says the re
sults have fully justified the roseate
outlook of laat spring. Mr. Hrewer has
just returned from Ketchikan where he
?.pent several days among the minijg
men and properties of that section.
In speaking of the development there,
Mr. Brewer said:
"The Omar Copper Company, at
Skowl Arm, will oommence shipping
ore to the Tyee Copper Company about
October I and expects to ship up to
9000 tons a month. The tramways to
the mine are practically completed and
several thousand tons of ore are on the
"Valparaiso mine, of Dolomi. is ship
ping high grade gold bearing quartz to
the Tyee Copper Company.
"The Gravina Island mine, owned by
Mayor George Irving, Otto Miller and
Harry Brice, is shipping concentrates
and sorted ore to Tyee. A five-stamp
mill is running on the property."
Mr. Brewer says the Niblack and
other properties sre shipping ore regu
larly. The Brown-Alaska Company,
which owns the smelter at Hadley, and
allied companies are preparing to take
out ore. The smelter will be started
Mr. Brewer is accompanied by T. S.
Mathis, a mining engineer of San Fran
cisco, who joined him at Ketchikan,
and who is making his first trip to Alas
ka. They will go to Whitehorse to
If you are out of kindling see E McC
Weste. I have it bT the sac*, or cord,
i 'hones 90 S4. tf
When pains or irritation exist on any
part of the body, the application of Bal
lard's Snow Liniment gives prompt re
lief. E. W. Sullivan. Prop. Sullivan
House El Reno, O T., Writes, J une 6.
1902: "I take pleasure in recommend
ing Ballard's Snow Liniment to all who
are afflicted with rheumatism. It is
the only remedy I have found that gives
Immediate re ief." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold
by Kelly Drug Co.
In the United State* Plstrtct Court for lb? Dis
trict of Alaska Division No. 1.
J. J. Dalv, plaintiff, ts, Seattle Skagway
Hharf and ^tor?<e Company, defendants.
l ixii' r m l by virtue of a Judgment and or
der of sale, Issued out o( tbe above entitled
court, on ihc 4th day of August, A. P. IMS In
the above entitled action, wherein I. J. Daly
obtained a judgment and ord?r of sale against
tbe said Seatue-Skagway W harf and Storage
c-.inpanv, which Mid Judgment was. on the day
tlrst a:, rcsaiil, recorded in loureal B of the
records of sail court, at page JUS. thereof,
and also under and by virtue of an execution
and order of sate. Issued under the seul of said
court, on the llth day of August. V. D. 1406. I
am commanded to make the sum of Rm6.US
with Interest from date of judgement and
acrmngcoata and for this purpose I am com
maoded to sell the following property, to-wlt:
I hat (X-rtaln wharf and approach, beginning
at the southerly, or lower, end of Male
street, thence running In a southerly direc
tion, about MOO feet, more or less. *o d?ep
water, and known as tbe Seattlc-Skagwsy
wharf and Slorage company's wharf; together
with all the wharf buildings and appurten
ances. All In the town of Skagwav, district of
Therefore, notice is hereby given that on
Thursday September the .'1st, at t o'clock,
p. m . of said day. In front of the United States'
court house In said town of Skagway, District
of Alaska. I will. In otedlence to said judgmi nt
execution and order ef sale sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof, as may be
necessary to satisfy said plaint;!! s judgment
with Interest thereon, costs, etc. .to the highest
and best bidder, for cash, in lawful money of
the United States. ?
United States Marshal, Division No 1. 1
By H. L. JohnsoN,
Ofiiee Deputy Marshal.
Not to* to Creditors
All persons having claims ag*inst the
estate of James Hansen, deceased, are
requested to present them to me prop
erly verified, within sis months from
date of this notice, at my place of busi
ness in Haines, Alaska.
Dated this sixth day of September, I
1906. H. Fay,
tl Oklldug Wnmnn Uhmr Hdim
Wm ? > fit <>r Smiillpot.
Miss Eilltli I'urhsm In her volume of
travel, "Tt?" Burden of the Balkans."
tells this little story of llf.j In that re
glon: ?'One nlirtit * man eniue to us
mysteriously. He yatd that In his vtl
l<l? there were three traitors. IV fore
anything further could be done they
???( be destroy ed. They could not
he stw>^ for this would probably bring
<own tV luthorltles. ami It was Impo*
slble to boy rv>I?- wi Uvuiw the law on
the sale of It was wry strictly en
forced. But 'madnma* (myselfi was a
friend of the doctor. No doubt If she
asked him he would write her some
thing that could be put In coffee. Then
the three gentlemen could be nsk<>d to
supper and their political differences
quietly arranged. Nor had he any
doubt that I should fulfill this hutrble
Of the dangers of smallpo* and like
diseases Miss l>urbam sa.es thi.t the
Ba kan people show a childlike Ig
norance. She writes: "At one rll-age
wl en I was leaving I was asked to
give a little backsheesh to the pntst's
? ife. 'Poor woman:' they said. 'Two
cr tier little children are III of the
smallpox. one has died, she has hfcd It
herself and Is not yet well, but she
cooked your supper In her own house
and brought It here for you!" Another
time a woman rushed out of a h mse,
seized me In her arnia and klsseO me
upon either cheek until I struggled
free. TTer three children were down
with smallpox, ami this warm grevtiug
was an appeal to me to give help."
It Wu Glvrii Oifr lo Imitation ond
Luarr. Emalallns Roiur.
Pompon, M can bo seen on ?very
hand, was what Bnlwer-T,yttoa de
scribes It- a toy city, glvcu o\vf to
Imitation and luxury. Rome ret both
the example and the pace.
The excavation* which have pnsvod
ml for more than a century and a half
may be said now to be fairly com
pleted. Nothing more Is need o- 1 to
enable the archaeologist to reeon<Tjct
the life of the ancient Roman col'-ny?
nothiug else to startle the modern meek
er after truth.
The temples, the villas, the theaters,
the baths, the garden*, disentombed at
last. He gaping to the skies In l>,>aps
of variegated marble and granite, whis
pering their story mayhap to the Rioon.
yet telling It plainly cuough to the
passerby under the common light of
day?* ?tory of Indolence and frivolity
mistaken by the semlbarbarto mind
for pleasure, of gorgeous displays In
public places, mysterious org!e? Ih pri
vate. feasts Incalculable, vinous Htm
tlon to the gods, gladiatorial cothbats.
chariot racing, human beings fed to
llon?? all In mimicry of Rome, of Rome
already beginning Its downward course
toward the fall.
Art they had to decorate the scone,
within and without the perlstyl*, pic
tures and statues, arches and colon
nadce In brtwiie and alabaster, porphy
ry and Carrara, made luminous by Ty
rlan dyes and a local red wc have not
been able to repeat though much of It
Is quite restored.? Louisville Courier
England'* Ulnle RrrarAt.
England's state records are kept in
a great building known as the record
office tn London. Here are 130 strong
rooms, and In these rooms the rolls
and records for over eight centuries
are kept. There Is the chancery roll
room, containing over 40,000 rolls of
the chancery court, each roll consist
ing of thirty or forty skins of parch
ment stitolied together and rolVd up
tight into a cylinder. Another set of
rooms la act aside for the rect'Ws of
the king's bench and common pleas,
the latter extending from the rtfigu of
Richard I. to the present time. Each
roll Is formed of a number of long
parchment skins fastened together at
the bend and Inclosed tn stout vellum
covers. Each roll weighs from 100 to
iuO pounds and contains from 500 to
1,000 skins of parchment.
Tvrln Karthqvuke*.
Earthquakes which consist of two
shocks separated by a brief Interval of
qul>4 or of two maxima of Intensity
are known as twin earthquakes. In
Great Britain one tn about every twen
ty earthquakes Is a twin, and the stron
gest shocks experienced In that coun
try belong to this variety. It Is be
lieved that twin earthquakes are due
to impulses arising from two deacheJ
foci, separated In different cases from
four to more than twenty miles, but
lying along the same fault In the
earth's crust
It's Dtlnnt Wh?n It's Your On.
"Young Dr. Keelhyme always Im
pressed me as having nerves of Iron,
judging by the cool way he performs
the most serious operations," remark
ed his friend, "but yesterday when !
met him tn consultation be was the
most excited and rattled man I have
seen In a long while."
"It must have been a m< t unnsual
nnd extraordinary case."
"No; one of the doctor's own children
bad a mild attack of measles."? New
York Times.
fvory Congratulations.
A very famous American dentist met
the English husband of an Amerlcau
friend of mine with the genial congrat
ulation: "My doar sir, I wish you Joy I
Tou have married a first rate set of
teeth."? Fortnightly Review.
Here lies Jane White, wife of Thom
as White, stonemason. Ttls monu
ment was put up out of respect for her
memory and as a specimen of his work
man ship. Tombs in tbs same styl*
?50. ?London Tit- Bits.
snipirs or 1906
The Dally Alaskan nu received ?
full line of sample* of 1006 calendar*
from the famous J. W. Butler Paper
company, of ?. hicajro. They Include
the latest de?ipns many of which are
works of art.
Rnsiness menof Skajrway and Haloes,
who dealre calanders for next year are
Invited to call and make selections.
Bwt 15 Cast M..1.
1 tail road I Restaurant has the Itest
25 cent meals in town, equal to SO cent
meals other places. Second Ave. and
Hroadway. opposite de]<ot. Private
room* for ladies.
Oyster cocKtai Is, Olympiaor Raatem
at the Pack Train restaurant.
Nolle* U hereby given that the tun
for the year A. l>. 1904, levied by the
town of Skagway, Alaska, pursuant to
the law and the ordinance* of said town,
hnre not been pa d upon the property
tituaUd within the boundaries of Mid
town, described below, and that the
amount of taxes delinquent and unpaid
upoo each tract of property described
is as set opposite the desenptitn of asid
property, together with 30 per cent,
additional thereto, as penalty, interest
at the rate of 8 per cent, from and after
the 1st day of March. lWtt, and the cost
accruing because of this publication
If said taxes, penalty, interest and
costs shall not hav? been paid on or be
fore the 1st day ol October, A. D, IWfi.
all property upon which taxes are still
delinquent shall !>e deemed forfeited to
the city, and it shall be the duty of the
treasurer to Issue certificates of pur
c use for any such pioperty to any pet
son paying the amount of taxes, penal
ties, interest and other costs due at the
dste of Issuance of said certificate, in
cluding a cost of II 00 for such certifi
cate. The property, according to the
plat of the town of Skaffway as survered
by P. H. Koid, upoo which taxes are
delinquent for the said year. A, D 190$.
together with the amount of the taxes
ougioally charged upon it. Is as fol
Boztnan & Lin
t'healander, Godfrey,
Grant. A L.. .......
I'belps. J C
Skasuay Laundry .
Veibauwhede. Fred.
Wallick, Mr* A M .
Whilen, B A
t 2 00
A Of.
11 00
5 SO
1 00
5 00
1 00
P 50
Lot. Blk.
1 3 i 30 ft of o 1-2 Of. Wal
lace, Minnie, agent . . . .? 2 >5
8 5 Mark*. T C 00
7 6 Sperry, J L 8 00
11 6 Fraction of.Green.W L ;"? 00
6 7 Owens, Jno 5 GO
5 V w 1-2 of. Morgan. S A . . 1 00
1 10 n 1-2 of n 1-2 of ? 1-2 of,
Craven, Z 5 00 j
2 10 n 1-2 of n t-2 of ? 1-2 of,
leaven, 7. J 75
5 11 Hanly, W H 5 50
6 12 Green, Ales 2 00
1 13 s 1-2 of, Kay, Thos 40
1 13 n 1-2 of, DeWlIt, NrsC
H 2 75
2 13 Unknown 2A
3 13 " 10
4 13 " 10
5 13 " 10
6 13 ?' 10
7 13 " 10
13 " 10
13 " 10
13 " 10
13 " 10
13 *' 10
14 Cavanna. V V 10
14 Unknown 10
14 " 10
14 " 10
14 " 10
14 " 10
14 " 10
14 " 10
14 " 10
15 Tanner. J M 10
15 lVterwon. HO 1 10
15 Unknown 10
15 " 10
15 " 10
15 ?? 10
15 " 10
15 " 10
15 L.ucas 10
15 Unkown 10
16 Foreman, Kd 10
It! Unknown 10
16 " 10
16 " 10
16 " V 10
19 " 10
16 " 10
16 " 10
16 S 10
16 ,T 10
16 Clark, H F 75
17 Patrick, G H 1 75
17 Rogers, J J 75
17 Unknown 75
17 " 75
17 " 10
17 " 10
17 " 60
18 Davidson, J P 1 60
19 Green, Alex 7 00
19 w 1-2 of, Green, Alex . . 1 0l>
19 e 1-2 of, Green, \VL... 100
30 Becker, EE ? AO
21 n 1-2 of, Thomas, Alfred 1 00
21 Becker, R M 2 00
22 Laumiester Bros 1 75
23 Fraction of, Cbrlsto
phcr, C 1 00
30 Brown 2 00
30 Unknown 1 00
30 ?? 25
30 M ??it JC
30 Murphy, Dan 85
31 Brown 1 0o
31 Martins 50
32 w 1-2 of. Stein, Abe. ., 1 50
40 Unknown 10
41 Pacific Trading Co.... 10
41 " .... 10
41 " .... 10
42 Campos, Jno 1
42 Unknown 10
42 " 10
42 " 10
42 " 10
42 " 10
42 " 10
56 Greene, J F.
56 Givinlinovich, M 60 1
W ? ? ft of. Rnlnhart. H
w i m
M litChipftlle, A F...... 1 75
88 Martinson 8H 1 75
00 Burkhanli, Jot 2 00
60 Wallrer, CO f> on
00 MeL?uuhlin. TlllU? I 00
?4 McGrotty, Henry ... I 75
64 ('akiowe. 1 50
65 SpMTT. J 1 17.*,
? b 1-2 of n 1-J oft 1-2 of,
Spernr, J L 1 00
?5 ? 1-2 of ? 1-1 of, Barri
ran, M P :a
70 Unknown 50
70 ? -.0
70 lAwtOB. M m SO
70 lUnnerman, A 8. 7j
70 ?? 2 25
71 rnrtman. N 1 ?'<?
71 Kolde, ( i?oiy? 2 w
271 n 1-2 of, rortman, U. . . 4 00
73 Barry, Mn F 2 U0
74 Unknown 7j
76 Duvall. Mr* Purr le ... 75
76 Hollin*worlh, Jack.... 2 75
76 Dnvall, Fannie 75
76 ??
76 " ? 2 2$
77 rearaoo, S 1 50
77 ? 1-2 of, Baix-r, S 50
77 b 1-2 of, Refnhart. H W 3 75
78 Kolde, ( imrp 1 5n
7V Unknown...... 50
7? ?? flit
75 ? 1-2 of, unknown 50
79 t 1-2 of, unknown ...... 50
79 I'nkooon W)
M Shorthill.T A. 75
85 Silrer. Jnwto .
85 Rarrlay. I?a?e 75
85 Younf, Wm 1 c 0
85 ?? "
H5 Krimni, Edith 2 00
85 - ??
R5 Guyot, .To* |
85 Kirk, KiA(e 1 <i?
86 Cain*, Jat 50
" " jo
86 Tujwell, T.io* 50
86 Green, Alex. jfi
88 M " ? ,V>
88 Acbeaon, MB.! 2 ."<0
W " " .1 75
88 n 1-2 of, Knl?ht, Alp* 50
88 ? 1-2 of, Young, W'm.. 1 25
88 nagrcrtT, Dominic .. 75
*? " " .... 75
#0 Boone, W m 1 on
90 ('.rare*. Nellie
91 ? 1-2 of, Boone, Win 1 On
91 U nknown 75
91 V"inn, hd M5
91 Guyot, Jot 1 50
91 Stephan, Edward 1 Oil
91 Itoonn, Wa I 2-'
?1 " " 2 00
92 Unknown *0
n fi?, t a ;;;
9.1 Unknown
S3 ?* '
'?3 ?
__M ?
93 " .v?
M Payne, C.I. If"
VK Unkoown W
Barkdnll.C H 80
#7 Rochefotd. T P 75
?7 " ?? 1 <0
#7 Fraction of, CalaU.H A 1 "0
102 Unknown 75
102 Hokill, UN I 50
102 Unknown 7.*>
102 Lowe A Sirkenger ?"*)
102 Sole, 0*c?r I 50
103 Unknown 50
1tt? ?? .rw>
103 " .">0
103 ?? ?0
103 Payne, CL *>
103 " ?? 7.1
103 * ?? 1 ?
104 Bevei-idge 75
Hlackman, J E f
? Hurley, H C 1 On
105 Mahoney 75
105 Grant A L 76
105 " "
106 '? " 2 50
111 Roirer* 85
HI Kuttoff, Henry 85
111 Orant. A L 4 00
113 Davidmn, Pearl 00
113 " ? 50
113 ? " 50
IIS Unknown 5o
113 " 50
113 " . 50
113 " 80
113 ?* 50
114 " >.... *?
114 Miller, H J "0
114 Nelma, G 50
114 " " 1 00
114 Grant, A L 1 75
115 Thompson, Georee ... 1 00
115 " ? .... 1 00
115 ?? " .... 1
115 Taylor. Lilly 75
115 Payne, C L 5"
115 Thompeoo, George. . . . 60
115 Unknown 50
118 Caner. J B
11# Bledi'te. W J 00
119 Wheeler, J N 5o
120 Grant, A. L 1 50
ItO '? '? 1 00
120 " 1 00
120 " M 50
120 Unknown 50
120 " 50
120 H 50
121 Grant, A L 50
i2i " " 50
i2t " " 1 00
III " " to
i2i " " W
121 " " 2 50
122 Howard. G K
123 Maloner, Grace 75
i2? Ho* ford, F L 2 ??
20 " " 50
I Gertrhen, Prank 1 50
J K ?
O rnknown i0
O " ??
O ?' 10
O " i0
P "
P " lo
P H lo
P " 10
P " 10
p " 10
P 10
p 11 10
p 11 10
R " *5
R " ?3
R " *S
U " to
R '? 10
R " ?o
R ?' 10
R " 25
10 R w *J
11 R " *S
Homentead: Clirion, Wni 1 00
?? PeWItt K*tate 15"
*4 Gathrie A White... 6 5O
In wltne?? whereof 1 hare hereunto
set my hand and the official seal of the
Towo'of SVaguay (hi* 4th tlay of Sep
Umber, A. D., 1905.
[L. S.] W. 8. McRf.an,
Clerk of the Town of Skafway, Alaaka.
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Paget Srmod. Ami rrtwlmn ltd -Wrothem Port#
Rtrtnm of Tl?t? f'nmpwy Imv*
3ITY OF SEATTLE. - - ? Sept. 8- 18- 88
HUMBOLDT. ... Sept 16, 83
COTTAGE CITY, - ? ? Sept 13, 26
Via Victoria and ?iika
Ml AhoreBchedale Sabjeot to tor* Wltfcoat Notice.
E. A. MURPHY, Agent, Phon? 50
C. D. OUNA Gen Pass. Agt.
It Market fftraet. 4m Pranc'eno, Ck>.
jn Aw-vr-mmm
1 he Alaska Steamship Co.
CMTylnff U. 8 Mail and Alaaka I'aetUa F.tpraaa
Neit SaUIn* of Um Fmi Vawtirw Steamer
JEFFERSON, - Sept. 13
DOLPHIN, - - Sept. 10
DIRIGO ? ? ? Sept.
FARALLON ? ? * ? Sept. 13
Company roerrae rifht U> change *ailin<r date wii hoot notice.
Transfer* to Victoria and Vao.<mrer Without Add!i?Ml ( harfe
R. A. CARROLL. Af*at. Phone M
Let us figure on your
Job Printing
We aim at ^
fobs promised tomor
row delivered today
Daily Alaskan
Billiard P?rl?r Bm4I?C *a4 Wrt?la?
The Board of Trade
LKR GUTHRTB Proprietor
Uffwi m>4 iW* Appoint#)] Resort for GwtleaiM
la ih? North
There is mere strength...
and vigor in n single,
battle" sf
thmi in n bnrrel
t?jr d- \\wwrs\$i6.^
WW1E RAINlf R 30
Fire and Li.'e
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
? Of K**?7 T>eeer1ptlne ?
Tl?* oolr l*>l? twuw am U*
NMt Wriw far Pttoe*
Cor r niprmilfnt* myhettmi.
112416 M A?.. SmU>?
flaattl*. W??hinftofi

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