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May Beatrice ami City of
/ Seattle iu
T.ie water front has been busy since
Saturday af? moots. The Princess
? May arrivtd iti port Saturday evening
having been delayed at Kssinston,
whero freight and passengers were
. discharge*] in the she ship's boat. She
hjr ' 200 toiler freight, 20 passengers and
afk .all mail (or Skagway. She sailed
yesterday morning with one of the
largest passenger list- to leave Skag
way this season. She had l.*>0 people
out of Skagway. Her accommodations
for passengers were limited for
the re3>on that she hail to stop
at Wrangell lor two survey parties
which have been engaged on the bound
ary survey.
The Princess lieatrice arrived in port
?t i> o'clock thii morning with ? few
passengers and a small quantity of
mall. She will sail tomorrow evening.
The City of Seattle arrived in port
this morning at !> o'clock. She also
had only a few passengers and a small
quantity of freight. Se will sail this
evening with a large list of southbound
\V. H. Poland. member of the Amer
ican Society. C K., who resigned from
tly \Uska ? entr.il Kailrond. Septern
1>JI .st. hJlbeen elected vice president
ami chief engineer of the Philippine
Kailway Company. He >ails for Man
ila about November 1st to take charge
of construct iou and other interesis for
?the syndicate which is building rail
roads on the islands Panay, Negros
ami Pebu. (lis address will be 43 Ex
change Place, New York and Manila,
? P. I.
The survey of these roads was
started about the middle of June, under
the direction of K. J. Heard of J.
White \ Compiny, New Vorlc. who
have the contract for the engineering
and construction of these lines.
At the present time survey have
been com pi. 'ted for i!u miles on the is
land of Panav. .">0 milts an 1 50 miles on
Cebu. this l?'ing about one-half of the
total mileage.
? Tail Hlller* was cbosen secretary of
ihe Skagway tire department Saturday
evening at a regu^Iar meeting of that ^
organization, which was attended by .10
member*. lie tak?'>the place formerly
belli by N. K. Bolshanin.
After the regular business meeting of
the department 'hi re was a social ses
sion which was greatly enjoyed.
Seattla Saloon
For the choie*st stock ot liquid re- j
freshimnts, the Seattle S.iloo" leads)
them all. The famous Seattle Kaioier
l<eer always oti t?p.
Uaee Oress and Street Mats at Har
, Klduar Troohlo Miit b? Sapplnu
Your L t Away
When a healthy man or woman be
(s to run <lowu without apparent
Incomes weak, languid, depress
nl, oitTrr* )>aekachr, headache, di/.'v
au'1 urinary disorders, look to
the kidneys lor the cause Tf it ail !\eep
L the kidrey* well an-' they will kerp
you well. IHmm's K dory Pills cure
sick kidnevs ?nd keep thrm well.
Jas Vanoem-re, inotormao O K Py,
* living on Central St , corner Second
St., Olympia, Wn-sh . H<ys "Just about
two year* ago, I learned a) out l> an's
Kldoev Pills. I whs troubled a great
dml with hacknehe at the time. At in
tervals, the pain was aevere and at
other limes, a steady dull aching.
Whether it was my wotk or ro ds, or
tio'h that caused tne di-rangement, I do
i not know, but what I Jo know is that
l>oan?s Kblnev Pills quickly relieved
and eradicated the complaint s'opped
the aching completely and strengthened
my back so that I could lift, stoop or
bring an> of the back muscles into p'av
\ with*it the slghtest twinge. I con
sider Doan'? Kidney Pills ucsurpa?*
For sale by all dealers. Price ">0
cents Foater-Milburn Co., B.itfalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United Slates.
Kemember the name Doan'd? aud
take no other.
Oat a Naw Born Suit
Samples for fall and winter suits and
overcoats, the very llnest assortment,
have been received and now is the time
to get your order in. that you may re
ceive the suit in good season.
(Bom suits and overcoats from $1S up
Fit and satisfaction guaranteed
American Tailor.
Phon * City Tranafor
For your coai, wood and general haul
ing Phone 90. Broughton's cigar
store. 10-4-1 mo
Dawson and Selkirk Bring
Big Crowds
Whltehcrse. Oct S? The Dawson ar
rived yesterday morning with 156 pas
senders for Skagway ami the Selkirk
got in at 11 p. m. with 80 passenger*.
The Whitehorw will be due today
with a big passenger list. She was at
Hootalinqua at 8 a. m
The Victorian, coming up stream,
was at Selkirk at 4:30 a. m.
The Dawson sailed for Dawson at 4:30
a. m. with -00 toes of freight and 18
The Selkirk will sail today as soon as
she shall have been loaded.
"Ka/.is K rauc.-uo.is, inspector in the
United Slates immigration service. Is
in Skagway again and will see to the
enforcement of the immigration laws
on the White Pass. The law requires
that all foreigners except Oanad'ans,
coming into the United Slates, must
contribute t'Z to the national exchequer'
and they must be men or women who
will make desirable citizens
Mr. Kraucunas will go through each
of tbe trains of the White Pass,
and those who he thinks should
be excluded (from the United
States will be required to pro
ceed to a Canadian port, while those
foreigners, with the exception stated,
will be required to pay as provided by
Mr. Krauc/unas is at the Pullen
Political Partla* Cat Small Fignr?
The election for delegates proved
that do (Hilitical party is a force in the
politics of Alaska. The people of the
district wisely decided that local issues
aud the individuality of candidates for
office were of far greater importance
to them than the name of the organi
zation whose colors they are flying.?
Valdez News.
Caatlon !
Persors when travel in? should ex-(
ercise carp in tne use of drinking water.
As a safe guard It is urged that eveiy
traveler secure a boitle of Chsmbet
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy before leaving home, to be
carriedin the hand luggage. Thisrn?y
prevent distressing sickness ami annoy
ing delay. For sale by Wn>. Britt.
First-class ticket to Sealte via Prin
cess May. Finder return to this office
and receive reward. 31
Raw Furs....
High Prices for fine furs
Write For Price List!
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosh. Wisconsin
Best Watcliw at Reasonable
fA good wjtch, one that will mark
the time coreotly 24 hours a day anl
days in f very year throughout the
decades, lathe most faith firi companion
of man or ^oman, and the most useful.
?We are in business for the purpose of
making i i possible for everyone to pos
sess himsBif or herself with such a com
panion at moderate cost. We have a
line of tile very beat watcnes that are
made- -Jhc world's masterpeicse in
timekeepers? and we sell them at
I If yon are going to the states tospcnd j
j the winter remember that there is
nothing that makes a hit like nugget
jewelry. We can supply you with
the heat chaste workmanship itnd most j
artistic designs.
We are also manufacturers ofif-r
souvenirs. Ivory is emblematic of tap j
Great White North and ranics with
nugget jewelry in appropriateness if
vou arr from the north.
J. Ikuta,
Jeweler and Optician.
The Marguerite cigar is made from
the best Havana Tob&cco and has no
equal. On sale at W . W. Houghton,
Principal Barbur Shop Le?d?
The Principal Barbershop and Baths
is tne leading tonsorial establishment
in Alaska. Everything in all the de
partments is strictly modern. The
baths are first ci?s in all respects.
The Pack Train Restaurant will
serve wine with dinner orders, free in
place of tea or coffee. Come on boys
Notloa to Tax Payers
Notice is hereby (riven that the muni- 1
clpal assessor of the town ;of Skagway. '
Alaska, has completed the assessment
of the real ami personal property of
said town for the year 1!KX>, and t hat the
roll containing the discription of the
property assessed and the valuations
placed on the same for the purposes of
taxation has been turned ov.-r to thr
common council of said town of Skeg
way: and that the said common council
of said town of Skagway will meet as a
board of equalization for the purpose of
equalizing the said valuations of the
said property, Tuesday, <>ctober2. lPtHi:
Wednesday, iOctober '5, 190?>: and Thurs
day, October 4. 1 906, at the hour of s
p. m. on said days All persons aro re- '
quested to e.\amin? said assessment
roll and if they have ojections to the
valuations placed upon their property
to preaent the same to the said board of
equalization at the meetings on the
dates aforesaid.
In witness whereof ] have hereunto
set my han-.l and seal of oflice this *1
day of October, A. D. ?<*
W. S. McKean,
Municipal Clerk, town of Skagway.
r S. tJind OtBee. (uneau. Alaska.
August 23, 1**
Notice Is hereby given that In pun<iianro ol
Chanter 6 Title K of the Revised Matitt.s ol
the t'nlted States and amendments thereto, thi
iinder>in..e>l. J. V Majony, who-e t>'--tomcc a.
dress is I uneau. Alaska in behalf of him- n
and lohti falton and K. B Hanlcy. t-o owm ^
with him claiming S0.14. acres of gold he.'rin.
placer ground on the porcupine creek, a trthi
tan of the Klanea river In the Porcupine Mil
Ing Ulttrlct Dlsttlct ot Alaska. Is about to
make application to the United states for a
patent for the said mining claims, which are
more fully described as to meets and hound* b>
the official plat now posted upon raid ol*in>s
and h\ the held notes ot survey tberooi now
Med in the offlc?ol thr Kcslalcr of ino Ptstrict
A Prominent Citizen is held upon Moore's Wharf;
.?mother in the Fitth Addition to Skagway: another by the
marshal on one side and a deputy on the other! In Time
of War prepare for Peace, (iet your Artillery. (Jims,
Pistols, Ammunition, Harpoons and Cheese Knives at
TaNNER'S hardware store.
I looks. Hasps and Padlocks of all kinds. Lock your Horse
befoie the Barn is stolen.
Also plumbing and tinning of all kinds at moderate
The Hardware Man
is our advice. Later on in life, it will
be of great service to you. The lack of
moaey cause* untold misery. That is
why you should save a uortion of your
salary, or earnings, while \ou can.
The five ner-cent plus dividend ejrn
nc Gold Bonds, of the Northern Se
curities and Banking Company, offer
tne safest and best investment in the
way of savings that is on the msrket.
These Bonds are backed by Real Estate
Securities held by one of the largest
Trust Companies in the west. They
can be paid for on the monthly, semi
annual or annus! payment plan and will
earn yoii better than t-eu per-ceot on
your money, besides taking care of and
returning you your principal
For full particulars, see
Grand j
Millinery Opening
All the latest and newest
novelties of the season in
Martin Conway
Of l.sllds stlhject 10 sa|f at JuneaU, Alaska, 1
wnii h Held notes of survey describe the bound* !
arles ami extent of talil claims on the surface |
with magnetic variations, SI degrees east as I
follows; lowit : ?
Reginnlng al corner number J. Identical
unh location corner. A Hemlock posi 4 feet
?ng 4 inches square w, ]s ,?r.s? (n th(. tr0UD,i
><nh mound of atone scribed f. s.
fron, which a Hemlock tree s inches In dia
mi l or bears north 76 .1, -gives ,0 minutes wcsi
1'^ ? '"*.12 inches In diameter
\F ^ ^ degrees W IS feet, each bis zed nr..l !
scribed t. b. ft. t>3fi-|.j-R. T U. S. I M
number 3 bean N ?dfp?*K, ias?s S-lo feet'
I hence south I* degrees St minutes w .
.t . 0,lr"?r number 2 a hemlock post
1 1 eel lone 4 Inches square act is inches In the i
ground with mound of stone scrlK-d l s v
Thcnii' north To degree* and 11 minutes w .
feel to comer numl>cr S.
I henev N. 18 degrees as minutes K. ISO! MO
toot to corner number 4, a hemlock oast 4 feel
lone 4 Inches square scribed l\ s 8 fisn-i-':
i m nce s. TO degrees l?minut? i 4-1,1
feet to corner number I the place of beginning
I'eginnlng at corner number 1 * hemloe*
1>M 4 feet lone 4 Inches square set is Inches in
the ground with mound ol stone acrilxsl 1 s
S ts*i. 1-3. From which corncr a hemlock tree
s incees in diameter boars N. SO degrees H ,
???1" feet. A spruce tree 14 inches In diameter
K- - *-w "*< blared
m. I scubedl > > tsltj-l-j. II. T 1 s 1 v
iw!" blO S?" N " v' minute* )
_ 1 hence s " degrees and 2 minutes \v.
.-It' feet to corner number J Identlrai w ith cor
ner number l_ Wiley claim;
I hence N "0 degrees 15 minutes \v ,J)v .-in
fis t to corner number 3 Identical with corner
number 4 \\ ilev claim;
1 hence X. 10 degree* 40 minuter E. Slfil-10
toot to corner number 4 :
I hence >.. T2 Ileereea 21 minutes K. M.1 2-10 leet
to corner number 1 to place of beginning
beginnings! corner number 1 A hemlock
isi-t 4 teet lone 4 Inches square set is inches |n
the ground acrlhcd V. S s. kv.| ;
W hetico I'. .-4. 1., M . number S bears X ? 20 de
grees mlnutci E. 90.iT 6-10 feet
I hence S IS degrees SS minutes W. UTS 2-tO
fi-el to corner number 2 Identical with corncr
number I l.egal Tender claim .
1 hence N 72 degrees.! minutes W 4-10
feet to corner number 3;
l*henoe X 24 1'cgreea ST minutes F bS( 4. 10
feet ti' corner number 4.
I hem e X 10 decrees 9 minutes V T3? fi-10
feet to corner number 5:
PhenceS, s, degree* ,h minutes ? .op to cor
ner number 1, place of beginning
Hcgliunng at eorner number 1. A hemlock
posi t (eel long 4 inches square set If tnein > in
the ground scrl bed t ' , s S. fiM-l,
U hence V. S. I. M number S bears X' Is de
gree* 4. minutes E. T09T T-iO feet
I hence s. decrees minutes W 1SST 7-10
leet to corner number 2;
I hence X v? deereoa ,s minutes w. 4S1 feet to
I corner number 3.
. hence N. :? degtves It minutes V. lifii ".in
feel to eorner number 4 ;
Thence s M degreea ST minute* E. !M; - 10
teet to corner number 1 ?laoe of I>4J,K
beginning at corner number 1 Memi?il
nil corner numts-r DtKvyvV cialm l s * '
d.-ew" a- m In ,u ei'k v ni hi,* b""r* N ,S
I henee S. 14 <l(vr<-i?# minute vr '*18 l-io
feet to corner number^;
Thenee N ?: degre*. K minutes * ,<*is io
u?et to eorner number S;
Thence X. II I degree* ? minutes E. 2IS feet
ivery "a"rr,m * ,don,,<'"1 come, . |>l.
Thence K.2S degrees 21 minute* K. 4iOO feet ,o
. .irner numlyr 1 piac or beginning.
lolal area Wiley elaim 17.PI!> acres
lota: area l egal Tender 4 71)i Si-rv.
1 otal area Fenlev ... le.s.Wres
Fatal arc* Mix .'. lWIWicres
I otal area lenks I ractlon 2 T21 acres
The said mining premises hereby nought to be
patented are bounded as follows: On the
north by Discovery claim, on the east by un
known claims on the south by the GaT lewis
claim, on ihe west by the'Luctr loc, lj?s,
Chance and unknown claims The said cltlms
which patent Is hereby applied for being desig
n?tel as 1 S JMineral Surrey Number 6# In the
ofhclal plat |<oste<l herewith
The nctlces of lix>*tlof of these claims are of
record in the office of the recorder for ibesitag
wax Kecordlnti District, as follows Mix on
pave 29 of Vol A Fen ley on par- A of Vol
A 1,'iik" Fraction on page 14 of Vol. D.. of
I 'oreupine_ Records. l egal Tender Fraction
on juwejtliof Vol. R. ?'ll?y on page <*- of
V ol. B
Ally and all persons claiming adversely the
mining ground, premises or any portion there
of so descrllied, sureeyed. platted and applied
'or are hervbt notified that unless their adverse
claims are duly filed as according to lan and
the regulations therennder within the time
prescribed by law with the Register of the V
>? land Odlce at Juneau. Alaska, they will be'
barred in virtue ol the provisions of said
I statute,
The above notice is hereby ordered li>Kh?'rub
, llshcd In the Pally Alaskan, a newspaper of
general circulation, published at stagwav
Alaska, and nearest to the above named claims'
for the statutory period.
First Publication A nmist 27.
Last Publication November S.
F i n d imPorted
' Pastes
Macaroni Vermicelli
and many other
The Best ligars
and lobaccoes:
Tony Dortero's
No regrets next morn
ing-good flavored and
good (or you
Sen! tie, Wash.
rvi I L_ L_ I r\J EZ FR
rdpnt solicits! #nd filled immediatly
.Wf.W AKcM'f BriLIMSfi,
C*rrrlB? tT. ? M?U
For Hftines. Berner* Bay, Jnnetu
Hooiiah. Ten*kp? Sltfc? and W?yport*
Every Sunday 8 a ra
Every Tuesday
at 12 noon
Broad*ay and Fifth A re, Phons 90
On and aftPr thp 1st ol octotwr. 1 WV>. thp following
Monthly ralrs for water and light sprvicp from I hp
& P owerOompany:
First. Faucet
Each " Additional (pxcept wash hasin*. free) .
Bath Tubs in Hotels or othpr Public House*
Watpr <*loset.s " " " " "*
I'rinals " " " " "
Wash Rasins " " " " "
Hote'e, per room additional
Heer P jmps ?
Steam laundries
Hand "
Motors. sppcial por horsppower. minimum ratp
Hosp CmiiPCtion for Fire Protection ...
Families carrying *?t?r
Individuals " "
Hauling water, per load
Lawn and Street sprinkling
commercial service
Si ores. Offices, Shops and Residences
Each 16 cp lights
Enclosed A res
Each lfi cp lights
Enclosed A res
.12 cp 'Ights double lfi cp
Meter Ratps will be 10 cents ppr 1000 watt*.
AH Vp?r WlrW

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