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ILoral auto £tate Nctos.
Rev. Mr. Emerson has closed his labors
with the Baptist church in Brunswick.
A pig has been taught to play ‘-Root hog or
die,” on a hand organ.
The spring style of bonnets is described as
“something like a sunflower on the peak of a
Win. K. Morris, Esq., was duly qualified
and inaugurated as Judge of the Municipal
Court of Portland, on Saturday.
The store and contents of puller & Jordan
at West Falmouth, was burned Sunday night.
Valued at <Jt>,400; insured
We desire to remind our readers that Rev.
G. P'. Stearns, of the New Church faith, will
lecture this evening in the Unitarian church ;
a’so to-morrow evening. Go and hear him.
We regret to learn that Mr. A. II. S. Davis
of the Farmington’Chronicle, has had anoth
er attack of hemorrhage of the lungs. He
has been advised bv his physicians to relin
quish his present business, and probably will
be compelled to.
The following town officers -were elected in
Vienna: Moderator, Nath’l Graves; Clerk,
Henry Dowst; Selectmen, Josiah Morrill.
Willis P. Brown. Jacob S. Wood; Treasurer,
Nathaniel Graves; S. School Committee,
Sewall Eaton; Town Agent, Nath'l Graves;
Constable, Hiram Dearborn; Collector, Jo
siah Brown.
],i|lio-and her little brother called at a
house on their way to school, one cold morn
ing, to warm themselves. Some doubts were
expressed as to her brother being old enough
to attend school. “Oh, yes!" said Lillie;
“he is six, and mother says, if he hadn’t been
sick, he would have been as much as seven or
eight r
The amount of public lnnds within the lim
its of this State now remaining unsold, foots
up 246.844 acres; the amount of lands con
tracted to settlers is 126,844 acres ; the Htnount
of timber lands is 152,427 acres ; the extent
of townships on which the timber and lumber
is reserved until 1884, comprises 242,336
acres. The land agency of our State is still
an important office, requiring great assiduity
and labor.
Among the employees in the Journal Office
is a gentleman whose long term of service
fully entitles him to a brevet rank. In 1829
he entered the employ of Thomas J. Copeland,
publisher ofthe Somerset Journal at N'orridge
wock. Since entering upon his apprentice
ship he has been, almost without interruption,
engaged in the art of printing. He was fur
twenty-five consecutive years in the office of
the Hallowell Gazettee. According to all ap
pearances he is good for another forty-one
years of application to his art.
The recent storm forces the subject ot a
system of drainage for the streets of the city, |
upon the attention of many of our citizens
who live on the flat strips of land at the foot j
of the hill bounding the limits of the city i
proper on the west and north. These people
are sensibly affected by spring floods and
rains. Their collars arc not of sufficient ca
pacity to accommodate the immense flow from
the hills, and when they seek for drains they
are not to be found. The suggestions ot the
Mayor, in his excellent annual address, in j
regard to this matter, should be heeded, and
if nothing more than a survey can now be
made, that would be a consolation to those
who are annually up to their ears in water.
Prof. Chadbourne, in a note to the editor of
the Brunswick Telegraph, mentions the
change* in Bowdoin College :
‘•You speak of changes in the college; but
are you aware of the great change that has
taken place since I was first connected with
it, eleven years ago? Not a single man is
now in the Medical Faculty that was there
then, and not one in the whole College Fac
ulty excepting Prof. Packard, and he has en
tirely changed his relations to the college.
The Treasurer, Mr. McKcen, has also passed
away. If we consider the past stability of
the college for forty years before, this sudden
change seems surprising.”
I Our Correspondent, ‘•Minos.” at Pittsfield,
writes under date of March 2G. as follows ;
The ladies of the Free Baptist Society of
this place held a levee for the benefit of their
pastor, A. L. Gerrish, in Lnncey's Hall, Mon
day evening, March 21. The exercises con
sisted of tableaux, music, speeches, &c. Re
marks were made by l)r. J. C. Manson, and
others. Notwithstanding the storm and
badness of the travelling, the hall was full,
and the whole affair passed off to the evident
enjoyment and satisfaction of all. dhe net
profits amounted to some over one hundred
tnd thirty dollars. On Wednesday evening
lie Good Templars held a levee at the same
dace. The exercises comprised a domestic
'tree, “Don't count your chickens before
I hey are hatched," followed by music, tab
leaux. and an Antiquarian supper. Remarks
Ire re made by Kev. A. L. Gerrish and Profs.
B. Files and L. G. Jordan. About seveu
Iv dollars profits were realized. The middle
>icr of the bridge of the Belfast K. K. across
|he Sabasticook at Burnham, is completed
tnd the work on the abutments is progressing
Ivcll. The work thus fur reflects great credit
lipon the contractors, the Hunt Bros, of Uld
H The Stockholders of the Somerset & Kcn
^Biebcc Railroad Company met at the office of
fllie Treasurer in this city yesterday, at eleven
^B’eloek in the forenoon, to consider the pro
jMositinn of the Portland and Kennebec Rail
jflnad Company to consolidate the capital stock
■ f both roods, by giving one share of their stock
^^s it now stands, without dividends the present
Menr. for every two shares of the Somerset &
fMennebec road, which was agreed to. It was
;^Wso voted to authorize their Directors to
■ nter into a contract continuing the lease to
|Hic Portland* Kennebec Company 999 years,
JHpon the conditions that the stock shall be so
■ msolidated, and that said company shall
|Hlso provide for and pay the mortgages and
IHther debts of the Somerset & Kennebec Com
i|Hiny. principal and interest, as they fall due,
^^ftd hold the same harmless from all its exist
|Hg liabilities,said paynn msbeing in lieu of the
j^Knual rent stipulated in its present lease, and
H^Bewise to pay to the Portland & Kennebec
^Hailro.id Company the difference in value be
tween such a bridge as they may build over
the Kennebec at this city, and that required
under the existing lease when said lease shall
terminate. In the afternoon, a meeting of
the stockholders of the Portland & Kennebec
Railroad was held, agreeably to notice of the
Secretary, at which a large amount of
stock was represented, and it was unanimous
ly voted to authorize their Directors to per
forin nil the acts necessary, and proper to
carry into effect the various propositions con
tained in the votes of the stockholders of the
Somerset & Kennebec road, and as above
stated. Practically the votes of the two com
panies do not go into operation till after Jan
uary 1st, 1871.
(Joi n at Par. James H. T.clgh of Mallow
ell, has received a large stock of spring dry
goods, and is selling them at prices to com
pare with gold at par.
Don’t poison your head with those miserable,
Mlliy compound* w hich have done so much mis
chief but use Nature’s Hair Restorative, which
cleanses the sculp, restores gray hair, and checks
the hair from fulling off. It is perfectly clean and
contains nothing fnjnrious. See advertisement.
In Vienna, 12th in.-t . by Sevvnll Katon, K-q., <ieo.
Ladd to Mi.sh Kttu C. Whittier of Fayette.
In this l ily, 28th inst , Mamie, aged 11 months,
chilli of (.icorge mid Eliza Kuhs.
In tins city, 27th inst., inlartt child of Mrs. Min
son.aged 2 weeks.
In Pittston, sih ult., Bcnnv Franklin Bartlett, son
of Kben and Abby E. A. Richardson, aged 14 years
11 days. , ,
Hu was a lovely boy; none knew him but to love
hiin H«- was so good, so noble, and by his gentle
winding wavs he has won may schoolmates and
friends to mourn his loss and regret that one so
voung should be so early taken from them. He
leaves a loved brother who deeply mourn - his loss;
thev were always companions. Those who knew
hini best loved him most.
He died in beauty like a ro.-e,
Withered in early bloom;
How sweet he sleeps in death’s embrace,
Torn from us, alas, too soon.
His dimpled checks and sunny brow,
No more can give us joy ;
Ours only lor a little w hile,
Death claims our darling boy.
He shall -b en, but not forever,
There w ill be a glorious dawn ;
We. shall meet to part, no, never
On the resurrection morn.
Thou hast gone; no more we meet thee.
While the path of life we tread !
Thou hast leit us, darling Frauky,
Thou art numbered with the dead.
Tears shall follow one another
Ere thy iriends shall c«a»e to weep;
We must leave thee in thy slumbers,
In thy long and dreamless sleep.
Thou art gone, and sadly, slowly.
They will bear thee to the tomb;
We must bid th%- farewell. Frankr,
For immortal thou dost bloom.
In Boston Highland®, after many year® of suffer
ing, Lucretia Hewes < lapp. aged Oi years
"l.one home ! gone home ' her earnest, active spirit,
Her very goodness, her heart of love '
The heavenlv mansion she now doth inherit,
Which < hri-t made ready ere she went above.”
[Augusta papers please copy.
For Sale !
* * t30raar-lwk H. F. MORSF. j
Slioo3iii*>: Tackle.
And Dealer In
Shooting Tackle of Every Variety.
Rifles and Shot Guns made to order and war
ranted. <Md shot Guile rimmed out smooth and
made to "hoot thick and etrong. Also, Ammunition
of the nicest quality.
Repairing done Neatly and Promptly.
HliiKtlng Powder.
The best quality and largest stock ever kept in
this market. For hale at Factory prices Country
Dealers supplied in any quautity or quality at dis
count. _ljan-ly
State of Maine.
Resolves in relation to the publication of
the Revised Statutes.
Iteaolltd, That as soon as may be after the close
of the present session of the legislature, the govern
or and council are hereby authorized and directed
to contract with the resi>oii"il>le person or persons,
making the lowest bid, tor the publication of there
vised statutes of this state, together with the consti
tution thereof, the constitution of the l nited Stales,
j the repealing act, and such other additions as are
necessary, in a stvle not inferior m printing, paper
and binding, to that of the last edition of the revised
statutes, and the person or person* with w horn such
contract is made, shall be required to supply the
-tale with two thousand copies. The governor and
I council are hereby authorized to make .aid eon
i tract, upon such terms and condition^ as they deem
necessary for the interests of the state
Readi ed, That the secretary of state is hereby di
rected to secure the copyright of said revised stat
! utes for the use of tlic state, and that no edition of
the same shall be published liy any other person
than the party or parties with whom the said con
tract is made, until alter the expiration of live years
from the ilrst day of February in the year ofom
Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one.
Resolved. That the said fifteen hundred copies of the
revised statute#, belonging to the state, shall w hen
printed, be deposited by tho person or persons pub*
(idling the same in the office of the secretary of
state, and the secretary is hereby dim ted to dis
tribute the same in the same manner a- provided
bv resolve approved March thirty-first, in the year
oi our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty
sevenfand as now provided by law.
Approved March 21, 1S70.
Ai'oI sta. Mar. 21S70. )
I>ROPOSAL3 for the publication of the Revised
statutes as stated in the foregoing resolves, will
l»c received and opened by the Governor and Coun
cil at their next session, on Tuesday, April 5th.
marts*ft apr3 Secretary of State.
Remnants! Remnants.
Barton 6c Russell,
In the following widths:
3-4, 4-4, 9-8, 9-4, 10-4.
The above Goods are the production ot the
Androscoggin Mills,
And will bo sold
From 3 to 12\ Cts. per yd.
Barton & Russell.
Augusta. Mar. 11, 1870.___ Himar-lf
Bonds for Sale.
#10.000 BONUS
OK UNDOUBTED SECURITY, paying over 10 per
ceut. interest,
For Sale or Exchange,
For U. 8. or State of Maine Bonds,
Highest Market Quotations.
Freemans Bank Hull.ling.
1 Augusta, Mar, 17,1870. tl7mai-lw
Mntual Life Insurance Company
rpHIS i« one of rl»e oldest, most reliable, and best
X dividend paying companies in the country.
A8SETS OVER $7,200,000!
Liberal arrangements will be made with Agents,
and they are wanted in all parts of the State.
Apply nt AL’fJt'STA, ME.,
KU* Water Htreet, (ti]>«HUiirs) to
Manager for Maine and New Hampshire.
March 1870. t22mar-tf
Continental Life Insurance C'o.’v,
Continental Building, Nob. 22, 24 and 20. Nassau
Street. New York.
.Justus Lawrence, President; J. P. lingers, Sec’y.
New England Branch—“Boston Post” Building.
Devonshire street, corner Water. Boston, Mass.
Barnard Bros.. Managers.
The most successful Company ever organized.
No. of Policies is-ticd in 18<>9, 8.778
Amount insured in l*f»9. $21,218,000
Annual Premiums in ls»'»9, 2.377,000
Assets ot the Company, Dec. 31 -t. 1889, 3,500,102.80
Profits of tlie Company annually divided. All
Policies nonforfeiting 'Thirty davs of grace al
lowed in payment of premiums and the Policy held
good during the time. No permits required for
Purcdy Mutual !
Dividends to Capital Stock being limited to seven
per cent, legal interest,. Policies granted upon all
of the most approved plans.
with whom liberal arrangements will be made.
'tmav tf General Agent, Augusta, Me.^
Notice of Appeals.
Assessor's Office 3d District of Maine, /
Augusta, March 22, 1870. >
IN conformity to Section 9, of the Act of Con
gress, approved .July 13th. 18141. notice is hereby
given that appeals, relative to any erroneous or ex
cessive valuations, asse-sments. or enumerations,
returned in the annual list for 1870. by the assessor
or assistant assessors of the third assessment dis
trict of Maine, will be received and determined by
the assessor, at his office in Augusta,
From the Id to the 20th of April, UHO,
The law provides that “all appeals to the asses
sor as aforesaid, shall be in writing, and shall
specify the particular cause, matter, or thing re
specting which a decision is requested, and shall
moreover state the ground of principle of error
complained of."
f22mar&13td Assessor 3d District of Maine.
MAM100D. 154th Edition.
Corrected and revised by the Author,
E. DE F. CURTIS. M D.. F. R. < . S., Ac., Ac., late
Surgeon Turkish Contingent.
A MEDICAL Essay «n the Cause ami (Aire of
Premature Decline, showing how health is lost
and how regained It give* a Hear Synopsis of the
Impediments to Mahkia«.k. the treatment of Ner
vous and Physical Dkiulitv, stkkility. Ac..
ami the remedies therefor.—the results of twenty
vears* successful practice: together trith an infalli
ble recipe of a Lotion preventive of Diseases.
“There is no member of society by whom this
book will not be found useful, whether such jaerson
holds the relation of Parent. Preceptor, or Clergy
man.”—London Medical Timet and Gazette.
Sent bv mail on receipt of One Dollar. Address
the Author, Dr. CURTIS, 14 Chapman street. Hes
ton, Mass. niar28-teod3m
Paper Hangings!
Stamped and Machine Quid, Satin, White
Blanks, Buff and Brown
Paper & l.iiicn Curtains,
Of the very latest etvle* and in gre.it variety, juet
received, which we oiler at
Low 1'rices for Cash !
Beale & Farnham,
«03 Water Street.
Augusta, Mar. 10,1170. llmar-Sw
Ladies’ & Misses’ Cloaks,
&o»» Ac*
147 Water Street,
tlSJan-tf II. E. SMITH.
Hardware Store!
Having purchased the stock of
Hardware, Iron & Steel, &c.,
Ac., recently owned by
IIutchin% Allen dr Co.,
I am now prepared to sell nil the various kind* •
good* usually lound in Hardware Stores
Those in want ot Hoods in mv line, will do well to
Call and Examine
ociore purchasing elsewhere.
1S3Q Water Street,
opposite Post OlHce.
Augusta. Pec. 950. 1W!>. 52tf
Buggy and Express Wagon
tlCimnrAwLtl __
SCI. 1*11 ITF OF LIME, fbr nre.crvm* Cider
Alto, \\ Into Mubtard Seed, for sale low by
— TO THE —
Daily Kennebec Journal.
| By the Western Union Line—Offices Granite Bank
Building and the State House.1
Washington, March 29.
Senate. After an executive session, the
bill allowing Judge Watrous of Texas to re
sign and continuing bis salary for life, was
Mr. Morrill of Maine, from Committee on
Appropriations, reported the general defi
cit ney appropriation bill. The Senate then
HorsE. In the Committee of the Whole
on the tariff hill, it was ordered, that an hour
and a half he allowed for general debate on
the Dili to-morrow, and was addressed hv
Mr. Marshall of Illinois, a member of the
Committee on Ways and Means in favor of
free trade.
Mr. Marshall spoke for two hours and a
half, after which the House took a recess.
At the evening session, Mr. Wilkinson of1
Minnesota made a long speech in favor of a
revenue tariff, and at its close, Mr. Wilson
expressed himself as accepting very nearly
the views of his colleague.
During the course of a colloquical discus
sion, Mr. Allison of Iowa denied being a free '
trader, and declared himself in favor of a
moderate tariff. The House then adjourned.
Washington, March 21*.
The San Domingo Treaty
The San Domingo Treaty was discussed
this afternoon.
Mr. Xye advocated its ratification on the
ground of commercial necessity, and argued
that the time would come w hen all the islands
adjacent to our country would he under the
protection of the I’nitod States, and they
would occupy towards the country a position
similar to that of sentinels to an army. He
called upon the Senate not to repudiate the
Monroe doctrine, hut to consecrate them
selves anew to its enforcement.
Senator Patterson followed, taking strong
grounds against the ratification. He main
tained that it was at this time contrary to the
interests of the country to acquire any tropi
cal territory whatever, the sentiment gener
ally living against such proceeding.
Mr. Caserly has the ttoor and w ill argue
against the treaty when it shall again he taken
The time for the exchange of the ratification
expired to-day, hut in the absence of official
information the friends of the treaty say they
have no doubt that an extension of time could
be procured from San Domingo. The Senate
took no action whatever concerning the
Tetter From Adjutant General Town
send Announcing the Death of Gen.
George II. Thomas.
Head-Quarters Adjutant Generals' Of
It has become the painful duty nf the Gen
eral to announce to the army the death of
one of our most exalted Generals. Geo. 11.
Thomas, who expired last evening at half
past seven, in San Francisco, California.
There is no need to turn to the archives to
search for his history, for it is recorded in al
most every page during the past ten years.
But his class mates and comrades owe him a
personal tribute in which lie knows every
member of the army shares. Gen. Thomas
entered the military academy in the class ol
1 S3'!, and graduated in 1340, and was com
missioned as 2d Lieut, in tile 3d Artillery,
and sent to Florida. He served w ith his reg
iment continually until Dee. 14, 1350, when
he became Captain, having particularly dis
tinguished himself at Monterey and Buena
Vista. Mexico. On the 12th of May. 1353. he
was appointed to the 2d Cavalry as Major and
served with that regiment continuously until
he became its Colonel on the 3d of May 1331.
The great civil w ar found him at his post true
ami firm, amidst the terrible pressure he
encountered by reason of his birthplace,
Virginia. President Lincoln commissioned
him as Brigadier General of volunteers, and
sent him to Kentucky; there too his services
were constant and eminent in the highest de
gree. He won the first battle in the West at
Mill Spring. Kentucky, arid from first to last
without a day or hours intermission, was at
his post of duty, rising steadily and inevita
ble through all the grades, to the one he held
as'a Major General of the regular army at
the time of tiis death. At Shiloh, Corinth.
Perrysvillc, Stone Hirer, Chic.imauga. Chat
tanooga. Atlanta and Nashville, he fulfilled
the proudest hopes of his most ardent friends.
Gen. Geo. II. Thomas stood in the very
front rank of our war generals. The General
has known Gen. Thomas intimately since
they sat as boys on the same bench, and the
quality in him winch he holds up tor the ad
miration and examination of the young, is his
complete and entire devotion to duty. Though
sent to Florida. Mexico. Texas and Arizona,
when his duty there was absolute banishment,
lie went cheerfully and never asked the per
sonal favor of exemption or leave of absence.
In battle he never wavered; firm and of lull
faith in his cause, he knew it would prevail;
and he never sought advancement of rank or
honor at the expense of any one. Whatever
he earned of these were his own, and ...
disputed his right. The very impersonation
of honesty, integrity and honor, he w ill stand
to us as a beau ideal of a soldier and a gentle
man. Though he leaves no child to bear his
name, the old army of the Cumberland, num
bered by tens of thousands called him father,
and will weep for him in tears of manly grief.
His wile, who cheered him w ith her messages
of love in the darkest hours of the war, will
mourn him in sadness, chastened by the sym
pathy of the whole country.
The last sad rites due him as a man and a
soldier will be paid at Troy. N. 5 on the ar
rival of his remains. #nd the friends of his
family and his comrades who can he present
are aii invited tiiere to share in the obsequies.
At all military posts and stations Hags will be
placed at half mast, and fifteen guns fired on
the day after the receipt of this order, and the
usual badges of mourning will be worn for 30
By command of Gen. Sherman,
E. D. Townsend, Adj't Gen.
Confession of a Murderer.
Tbot, N. Y., March 29.
K. A. Alexander, the son-in-law ofVander
leyden who was murdered oh Wednesday,
this afternoon wrote a full confession of his
crime and committed suicide by blowing his
brains out with a shot gun. The confession
states that he had meditated the murder for a
year, and that about four weeks ago lie in
tended to do it but the presence of a negro
frustrated his design. He says the Lord
prompted him to do it, and that he tried to es
cape hut could not, and thinks that he did no
wrong. He asks pardon of his wife and hopes
to meet her in Heaven. He says he had no
Pohti.awf>, Me., March 29.
Charles Clark, formerly IT. S. Marshal, re
ceived the much contested appointment of
city Marshal to-gight. Hosca I. Robinson
was elected cily Clerk.
The flag on the city government building
has been at half mast to-day, in mourning for
Gen. Thomas.
San Francisco, March 20.
Death of General Thomas.
The death of General Thomaa has cast a
gloom over the entire community. The de
partment hend quarters arc drapped in mourn
ing, and the flags on the shipping, fortifica
tions and principal buildings are at half mast,
and the courts have adjourned. The Gener
al's body is to be embalmed and sent to Troy,
N. Y.. on Thursday next. Col. Willard and
an escort of ten men have been detailed to ac
company the remains to their destination.
Boston, March 20.
Supposed Wreck.
A lot of wreck stuff has worked ashore at
Monomet. Cape Cod, which leads to the sup
position that some emigrant vessel may have
foundered in the bay during the gale of Sun
day night. It consists of fifteen IkmI sacks
and pillows, meat and vegetables, short pieces
of candles and a cabin door. The sacks were
made of bagging with wide stripes, and stuffed
with straw , and variously marked “ W. G.,”
“I. N.,” “ M. Delany,” and “Jenkins & Co.’
Mary K. Jones, 18 years old, shot herself
to-day in the Florence House, Howard St.,
was taken to the hospital and will probably
die. Disappointed love was the alleged
Charged with Murder.
John and Thaddeus Uilifeather, brothers,
were arraigned to-day and committed tor
trial, charged with killing John Manly in a re
cent bar-room fight.
Paris, March 29.
During a lecture yesterday Dr. Fardien was
hissed and insulted on account of the deposi
tum made by him at Touro in favor of Prince
Bonaparte. He was obliged to quit the hall,
and while retiring declared that he should re
sign his etiair, and the announcement was re
ceived with bravos.
The police have made a domiciliary visit to
the late residence of Louis Noir.
M. M. Barbideux and ('has. Hugo, editors
of the Iiappel. have been prosecuted for arti
cles on the trial at Touro.
Madrid, March 29.
In the Cortes to-dnv Rivero read a draft of
law for raising a levy of 40.(MX) fresh troops.
The measure created a lively sensation. A
project of law for the preservation of public
order was strongly opposed because it gives
the government exceptional powers.
London, March 29.
George Phillips has been appointed Attor
ney General of British Columbia.
A correspondent of the London Times,
sounds the alarm at the quanttiy of American
railroad bonds which are coming over.
The Pall Mall Gazette accepting as semi
official. the New York Tribune’s defence of
Secretary Fish, for suppressing Lord Claren
don's comments on the Alabama claims, a
correspondence says, neither here or in
America can the excuse ho thought satisfac
The new iron clad Copt has been ordered
on a cruise in company with the Monarch.
At Portsmouth yesterday, a target of armor
plate iron one foot thick, and rolled at a
cherry red heat, was tested with chilled shot
from smooth bore guns, fired with a charge of
24 pounds of powder at a distance of 30 feet.
The shut penetrated 7-15 inches into the
The hull fight at Agricultural Hall yester
day ended in a riot, which was suppressed by
the police.
Assurances have been received from Rome
that the council yielding to the representation
of European powers will adjourn the discus
sion on papal infallibility until the latter part
of May.
The Catholic laity of Switzerland are dis
satisfied with the ultra montainism of their
Bishops in the council.
New York Money Market.
New York, Mar. 29.
The chief feature of Wall Street this afternoon
Gold closed steady at 111 V
Mouev easy at 1q.'i per cent.
Foreign Exchange Ids1, <jl09.
Governments firm at an advance during the day
of g percent. The following were the closing
1'uited States Sixes (coupons^, 1881, 1137,5111
•• “ 5-20’s 1S>;2, 110
“ “ 1864, 1087,SlOf)
“ “ “ 1865, 1011',
“ <• “ 1865, Jan. ,t July, lOT’.filOS
“ “ 1867. 10s S3
*• “ “ 1868. ]0S’,3109
“ “ 10-40's, (coupons), 106
New York Stock Market.
New York, Mar. 29.
do. pfd. 12 *$
Canton Co. 64
Cumberland Co. 28
Western Union Tel. Co. 31*$
Quicksilver Mining Co. 8?$
Pacific Mail, M*
Holton Water Power. 17*$
Boston, Hartford A Erie, 3*$
Adams Ex. Co. 605$
Wells, Fargo & Co. li**$
American Merchants Un. 38*$
L'. S. Ex. Co. 46
N. Y. Central and Hudson Rivor, MlJf
do. scrip, 88 S
Harlem, 1WH$
Heading, b7H
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, 87¥
Mich. Central. 11**
i Illinois Central, 140
Cleveland A Pittsburg, 06
Chicago A North Western, 71*$
do. preferred, 85*$
Chicago A Rock Island, 11'**$
I St. Paul, WH
do. preferred, *35$
! Toledo, Wabash A Western. 44 S
Toledo, Wabash A Western preferred 73
Pittsburg A Fort Wayne, 03
1 Terre Haute, 38*$
do. prefd. to
I Alton. HI
| Ohio and Miss. 28 $
I Erie, 245$
| Erie preferred. 48
New York Produce Market.
New York, March 20.
('()TTOY—sales 1800 bales ; mid. uplands 21V.
H.orIt-state 450 3530; round hoop Ohio 4NO<piOO;
western 4.V»; southern 5fi0.
W11V AT-sales 78,000 bu; No. 2 Chicago spring.
107'j; No. 2 Milwaukee spring, 110glI2; winter red
and amber western 1233127.
( (>11N—new mixed western, 104 §105; old do. 103
.gloo in <tore.
OATS—state «13*12V; western 55}4 357>4.
PORK—mesa 26.32 H 320.55.
I I.ARO—steam 13 V 3: kettle do. 14Vg 15la.
I IH'TTKR—steady; Ohio 14s23; otutP 24<j43.
Supreme Judicial t'ourl. March Term. fharlcs
Danforth, J. Presiding.
I Mr. Fillsbury made the closing argument
in Tyler vs. Chelsea, and the case went to
the jury at half past ten. At two P. M. they
returned with a verdict for the defendants.
A divorce from the bonds of matrimony
wire decreed to Ilattie S. Gaslin, from her
husband John N. Gaslin. J. Baker attorney
for Mrs. Gaslin.
No. 351, George II. Wills vs. John Locke,
an action to recover damages for breach of
warranty in the sale of a cow. Kempton for
plaintiff, Lancaster for defendant. Testimony
^ got out.
The Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine!
Will ho fonml to excel all others. The ease with which it runs, its ready adaptation to all
kinds of work without delay or hesitation, its quiet fidelity, its
Superior Strength and Durability of Work,
are points that astonish and delight all who make its acquaintance. Ladies who are unfa
miliar with this Machine, do not yet know the full blessing and comfort of a Sewing Ma
chine in the family, though they may possess many others and think they are satisfied.
In proof of this assertion is the significant fact,
That its strongest advocates and most enthusiastic admirers are always found among
those who have used and are most familiar with other leading machines.
From the thousands of testimonials from all parts of the country, wc select the following
from the city of Augusta :
AUGUSTA, March, 1870.
Having used the Willcox A Gibbs Sewing Machine in our respective families upon
all the various kinds of work required, some of us from one to six years, others for
a shorter time, some of us also being mmiliar with tbe use of other leading machine*,
we cheerfully recommend it as a most excellent family machine. It runs easily and
quietly, is simple and easy in its management, does not get out of order, is always
ready, its work is strong and durable, and in all respects gives most entire satisfaction.
Mrs. S. S. Brooks, Mrs. C. F. Penney,
•• John McArthur, “ Knoch Sampson,
“ II. M. Potter, “ S. 0. C. Pullen,
“ A. M. Lyford, “ G. B. Hoyt.
“ G. W. Cross, “ A. J. Reynolds,
“ C. K. Pago, “ H. G* Smiley,
“ T. V. Hoyt, Miss Minnie Woart,
“ C. H. Starbrrd, Mr. Thomas Wadsworth,
Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Agency,
At Store of F. LYFORD,
tamar AtrausTA.
Also, for Sale as above, A. B. HOWE, Improved!
A standard, and one of the most reliable Machines in use.
Chicago^Produce Market.
Chicago, March 2D.
FLOUR—spring extras 325§475.
WHKAT— llrnier; No. 1,85.
CORN—74 for No. 2 ; 70 for no grade.
OATS-No. 2. 37*i.
MKss PORK—25.75§2B.OO.
RARLFY—dull at 50u55 for No.2.
LAKI>—14 H_
Holier & Gardiner,
143 Water Street,
Saddlery 'Hardware !
Harness Leather,
Made ob ('shade,
Halters, Surcingles, Bells,
Travelling and
Mliopping Bags !
Dog Collars,
Grass & Wool Mats,
&c., &c., &c»
They are now putting in and keep eonptanthr on
hand the largept and be.-t seleeted 8t«>ok of all
good.* in the above line in the nty, and are resolved
to make it for the interest of the people to buy ©f
Coller & Gardiner,
Manufacturers of
Ha-r nesses *
Of all clashes and prices, Gold and Silver Plato,
English Covered. Japan and common white mount
ings, which they propose to sell as low' as the low
est and warrant their work to give perfect satis
They also manufacture for their wholesale and
retail trade,
All styles and sizes, neat and fresh from thei
factory at
143 Water Street,
nnd made to stand travel—lettered with initial* and
delivered in any part of the city without extra
Harnesses mid Trunks repaired neatly, promptly
and at small charge-.
Opposite Cony Ifouse,
Straight Needle Shuttle, Stiteh alike on both side*
use* half a- mueh thread n-> a single thread ma
chine More of them sold than all other machines
in this market; never fail to give perleci salijlK
tion everr one warrhited for five years. I all on
Jones who will rheerftalljr show the working of the
Machine also will show more awards of State,
County and Mechanics’Fairs, and more Certificate*
from Individuals and Corporations than would fill
the weekly Journal.
tlOmar-tf .JONES has them for sale.
Allen, Small & Co.,
And Manufiicturer. of
Steam Engine., Circular Saw Mill*, Clap*
board Pinners, Shafting, Pulley*,
Mill Work, and all kinds of
Usually done in a llrst-clas* Machine Shop. Also
Improved Excelsior Machines,
which cuts two Bolts at a time as readily as one
BOARD PLANERS constantly on hand.
No. 1 Journal Rlork, • • Water Street,
Cm AUGUSTA, ME. 5jan70
Assets, *27,566,479.26
Surplus, (computing Re insurance bv
N. Y. Legal Standard,) 8,671,875.26
Income for 1869, 8.978,751.25
Total Death Claims paid to date, 9.563,987.00
Total Surplus Premiums returned to
the Assured, to date, 6,785,680.00
Dividend Payable In 1870,
$2,300,000! w
Total Amount Insured, over
$177,000,000. ^ ■
Tliis Company is purely Mutual, there being no
Stockholders to absorb any portion of its funds, its
surplus belonging w holly to its memlvers, and being
equitably apportioned among them in Annual Divi
dends, or returns of surplus premiums.
In comparison with other American Life Compa
nies. the Connecticut Mutual has conducted ita
business at a Lower Average liale of Expenses;
its Claims by Death have averaged less, in propor
tion, than those of any otherConoany having a suf
ficient extent of business to test the law of mortal
ity ; and
Its Assets have been uniformly invested at a net
rate of interest exceeding that realized by any simi
lar institution.
The necessary result of this economy in manage
ment, careful selection of lives, and highly produc
tive investments, has been that the Connecticut
Mutual has afforded Insurance to its members at a
Less Average Cost, than any other Company.
Its investments are Securely and Profitably made,
and contain NO Commuted’ Commissions,’ Fancy
Stocks. Personal Securities, nor any Imaginary or
Unrealized Assets.
Beyond doubt, the Connecticut Mutual is the
Strongest Life Insurance Company in the World;
its ratio ot Assets to Liabilities, as measured by the
New York Legal Standard, is *11111.150 per |1(KI|
and it grants all desirable forms of Insurance npon
strictly Equitable Terms, ami at the Cheapest At
tainable Rates of Cost.
M. W. FARR, Agent,
For Sale.
A. I.re. Two Story House, Ell
and Outbuilding.,,
With !• nrrf, of bond, flifely located on
Bangor Street, Augusta.
MAT This is a nice residence to be sold on
Very Eaiy Terms.
Apply to Mrs. B. F. Riggs, on the premises.
A Free Gift to All l
1'ILLM. To Rheumatic,
Neural gin and (root subject*,
a sample box of these Pills
will lie given by F. W. Kins
man, Water St., Augusta, and
for sale by all Apothecaries at
mio centei per box; 5 boxes $1.
0. A. HILL, Proprietor,
t'2t?mnr-3m PORTLAND, ME.
(Succosaor to E. D. Norcross.)
Hot Air Furnaces, Stoves & Ranges,
For Wood or Coal,
Tin, Pressed, and Japanned
ami KITCHEN GOODS generally.
Promptly attended to.
Ur Special attention given to fitting up
Hot Air FuniAooa t
A few Doors south of the Kail road Bridge.
Water Street, Augusta.
tl2mar&wr-ly ___
llVirtH HTHKKT, *
rpJII* new Hotel affords accommodations that no
A other one does in the city to the travelling com
munity, being located in the
and vtry near the Depot. .
The travelling public may be assured that no.
pains will be spared to meet all their wants, and
with the assistance of Mu. Turner, late of tha
Augusta House, we hope to merit a share of thq.
public patronage.
Connected with this House is a
First Class Livery Stable!
fl. A. & H. CONI, Proprietor*.,
Almanacs for 1870.
Raise Farmer’. Alraaaac*,
By Daniel Robinson, for 1.70, for sale low by gro*.
dozen, or single at the sign of the Big Lt>lgtr.
155 Water Street.
August., Nov. IB. WB.__
A Large and W«ll-.el«rted ZMortM.ol •/
wallfls, BUI * Pocket Books*
In Morocco and Call, lor sale low by

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