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Eocal anH 3tate Netos.
We hear of railroad excursions toCalifornia
organizing in tilts vicinity.
The ground has had a good drink, and is
now ready to "throw itself."
The schools in the village district resume
operations to-day.
Several persons were confirmed yesterday
at St. Mark’s church by Bishop Neally.
The local Sabbath School convention for
Gardiner, llallowcll and Augusta, will he
liolden in this city next week.
Some of onr gardeners have rhubarb nearly
large enough for market. It brings lf> cents
per pound if got in early.
Tlie young people of the Unitarian Society
are coming on well w ith the preparations for
their entertainment.
A jealous husband broke his w ife's nose be
cause he thought her beauty attracted too
much attention. He noes better than that.
We understand that Eddie Milliken, living
on Winthrop street, broke one of his wrists ,
on Friday, while climbing a tree.
A fire insurance agent in this city was
shrewd enough in purchasing a house to se- ,
cure one near a good reservoir.
The complimentary hall to Mr. Berry, on ,
Friday evening, was a success financially and
Mr. II. E. Merriam, the agent of the j
Copsocook Taper mills in Gardiner, who has 1
been spending a few months in Europe, will
return to his home in Gardiner this week.
A lady was ilctercd from going into her yard j
the other day. before heing dressed in style, j
because the yard was full of young blades, j
"How’s that for high?"
Rev. Mr. Moor, pa-tor of the Winthrop ;
street Univcrsalist church, exchanged pulpits
yesterday witli Rev. J. O. Skinner of Water- !
Three ear loads of machinery f >r the
Messrs. Sprague arrived la-t week. The ma
chinery is of the most approved kind and is
designed both for the old cotton mill and the
new one w hich is in process of erection.
Rev. Dr. Bingham of this city preached
yesterday at the Hammond street church,
Uaugor. in exchange frith the pastor. Rev.
Mr. Fay, who occupied Mr. Bingham's pulpit
in the South Parish. Mr. Fay also preached
in the vestry Friday evening.
The concert by the Mendelssohn Club will
take place at Granite Hall oh Thursday even
ing next week. The Club will be assisted by
the celebrated singer, Mrs. J. W. Weston of
Boston. Reserved seat tickets are now for
sale at E. E. Patterson’s.
The stone fountain in Market square, that
has given so much refreshment to man and
beast, has again been removed from near
Granite Hall building a few rods towards the
railroad, where it will be supplied during the
summer with a healthful beverage that comes
from a Devine source.
The sentence of Wm. D. Blake, comicted
in 1863 of the murder of Freeman Patterson,
at Camden, and sentenced to be hanged, has
been commuted by the Governor and Council
to imprisonment in the State Prison during
life. A writ of error has been issued in
Cleveland's case, and it is to be re-argued.
Rev. C. A. King has resigned the office of
Superintending School Committee, to winch
he was elected by the City Council, on
account of the pressure of his pastoral duties.
David Cargill, Esq., lias been chosen to fill
his place. Mr. Cargill has had twenty-five
years experience in the office in the schools of
Winthrop, and will make an efficient member
of the board. The committee have already
commenced an examination of schools ami
school houses. Some of the school houses
are suffering for an examination.
Four gentlemen who cum' to this city by
the last train Saturday evening, had urgent ,
business engagements requiring their presence
in llangor early on Monday. They made ar
rangements with Mr. Jabcz Ballard for a
double team to convey them to Waterville
yesterday, thus enabling them to be in readi
ness to take the first train to Bangor Monday
morning. As the double team with the four
gentlemen and a driver were starting off, and
when about half way down Bridge hill, tnc ;
pole-strap broke, precipitating the carriage
on to the horses’ heels, frightening them and i
causing them to start off at the top of their
speed. Those in the carriage had time nnd
presence of mind enough to jump and save
themselves. They were all bruised, one was
injured by striking on the wheel while jump
ing, but all were lucky to escape with whole
limbs. The frightened animals dashed on to
the bridge. When about half way across the
carriage struck against the middle compart
ment and was made into kindling wood, the
horses of course freeing themselves and con
tinuing on their way. They were ut last cap
tured and were found to be uninjured. The
gentlemen are not in so much of a hurry us
they were.
Mr. Bigelow, County Supervisor ot Schools
assisted by S. A. Plummer, Supervisor of
Penobscot county, will bold Teachers' Insti
tutes in this county during the months of May
and June as follows :
Clinton. Hunter's Mills, Monday. May lfi.
Benton, Town House, Tuesday, May 17.
Winslow, at the village, Wednesday, May 18.
Vassalboro’, Oak Grove, Thursday, May 19.
China, Town House, Friday, May 20.
Albion, Albion Corner, Saturday, May 21.
Windsor. Windsor Corner, Monday, May 23.
Chelsea, Senrl’s Mills, Tuesday, May 24.
Pittston, at the village, Wednesday. May 25.
West Gardiner, ) Purgatory Mills, Thursday,
Litchfield, $ May 2(1.
Manchester, nt the corner, Friday, May 27.
Farmingdale,-Saturday. May 28.
Waterville. West village, Monday, June, 13.
Belgrade, Belgrade Hill, Tuesday, .June 14. ‘
Sidney, Bacon’s Corner, Wednesday, June 15.
Rome, at the village, Thursday, Jane 16.
Keadfield, at the eoroer, Friday, June 17.
Mt. Vernon, at the village, Saturday, June 18.
Vienna, at the village, Monday, June 20.
Fayette, at the corner, Tuesday, June 21.
Wayne, at the South village, Wednesday,
j June 22.
Monmouth, nt the corner, Thursday. Juno 23.
Wiuthrop, at the village, Friday, June 24.
The Superintending School Committee will
confer a favor in assisting in these Institutes,
anil also in making the necessary arrange- j
mcnta for the entertainment of those w ho may
be compelled to remain during the day. It is
is desirable that every teacher of our summer
schools should bo present at one of these In
stitutes. Notices have been given early in
order to give the committees ample time to
notify teachers, and insist upon their attend
ance at the Institute at the time of there ap
pointments. .
Programme for tiie Pat.
A. M. 9—9.15, showing the method of
opening a school; 9.15—10, showing the
method of teaching Primary Arithmetic ; 10—
10.45, showing the method of teaching Pri
mary Geography; 10.45—11, Recess; 11 —
11.30, showing tile method of Reading; 11.30
—13, showing the method of teaching Spel
P. M. 1—1.45, showing the method of
teaching Arithmetic; 1.45—3.30, showing the
method of teaching Geography and map-draw
ing; 3.30—3, showing the method of teaching
Composition; 3—3.15. Recess; 3.15 4.15,
showing the method of teaching Grammar; 4.15
—4.30. showing the method of teaching Writ
ing; 4.30—5, School Government, Ventila
tion, Ac.
Aged People lu Miirrea.
Warren, April 19th, 1870.
Dear Jocbnal :—A short time ago 1 saw |
in your paper a list of fifty-seven persons in i
the town of Thomaston, who had att lined to I
the age of seventy years and upwards, and i
it « as remarked that the number w.\ large
for a town of 3000 inhabitants, but in the ad
joining town of Warren, with a population
one-third less than that of Thomaston. there
are one hundred and twenty, who have ar-j
rivi d to the age of three-score and ten years.
Now at the same rate, Thomaston, instead
of having hut fifty-seven over Seventy years'
of age, it should have one hundred and eighty.
Of the one hundred ami twenty over - -venty
years, twenty-eight have passed their four
score years.
The oldest person in town, Mrs. Elizabeth
Hotl'ses, is ninety-six, and still hale and
hearty. Mrs. Mary Page diedyesterd v aged
ninety-five. Mrs. Jcrathniie! Leach is ninety
one, and Mrs. John Roakcs, ninety. Mr. |
Charles Mink is over ninety, but hi** exact
age is not known to the writer. Six have
died within the past six months, their ages
varying from seventy to ninety-five. This
remarkable longevity is to be attributed first
to the healthy location of the town, ai d sec
ondly to the temperate habits of the people
One in every twenty of its inhabitant" have
attained to the age of seventy years or up
wards. and we challenge any town in t! State
to beat this. Z.
4 Fraud.
Waterville, April 22 !, 1S70.
Dear Jocrsal:—The following far ts may
not be devoid of interest to many of your
readers, and perhaps some may learn from
them that they are not the only victims of the
parties here named. The facts are as fol
lows : Some time last January, a man ailing
himself Henry Whitney, engaged lvoird ot
a Mrs. F , >;f (hie place, for his wife and
child. He claimed to be from Michigan: said
he did not know just when his wife would
come, hut expected her at once. In due
time she came j was regarded a quiet -ort ot
a lade, whose husband was a hard-working
man. He claimed to be an agent for E. C.
Allen & Co., and to be canvassing for "The
Literary Compaaion.” He also state d that
he was a Life Insurance agent. He visited
his wife a few times ami stated then that he
was at work for the M. C. R. IT at Kendall's
Mills. Afier a w hile he began, as he said, to
canvass, and then he and his brother made oc
casional visits to the woman. She told the
folks that her maiden name was Taylor, and
that her folks lived in Stetson. While be was
gone she once said that she got a letter from
him and that he was at her father’s. II • soon
returned from there, and with his brother:
started for Farmington to canvass and work !
at Life Insurance. On Thursday the brother
returned, said he was siek of canvassi. g, and I
was going West.
r ridav the woman complained of a head
ache, and immediately after tea she " nt to |
her room. Her room-mate went to r lire at
ten. but finding the door fa*t decided not to dis
turb the sick woman, so came hack and slept
with some member of the family. In the
morning Mrs Whitney did not appear, the j
door was tried, found fast and finally burst
open. Alas! the poor sick woman and her
little infant had taken all their baggage ami
gone through the window, neglecting to leave
the sum of twontv-fivc dollars which was due
for board. It seems by report that some
seventy subscribers were obtained for toe pa
per at Kendall’s Mills and a number here.
Wlf.le at Newport, report says that he insured
one Mrs. Fisher who made at his request
some three or four payments. It came out
afterwards that Mrs. Whitney told her room
mate a Miss 1)-that there would be a
friend to sec her that evening so she would
feign headache and retire early, leaving her
(Miss D.) to see that tlie folks did not visit
her room. Her chagrin on hearing that she
had helped Mrs. W to retire and leave her
board bill unsettled may be imagined.
. Joseph.
New invoice of feather dusters “Ht a low
figure” now opening at Kinsman's.
Pack away your furs in crude camphor sold
at Frank Kinsman’s.
Maine Methodist Conference.
The Maine Annual Conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church will convene in this city ou the
4th of May, and continue in session more than a
week. As the proceedings will be matter of in
terett to a large body of Methodists and others be
yond the ordinary circulation of our paper, we
propose to publish each day’s proceeding- in the
Daily Journal, and invite all who desire to obtain
the proceedings to send ou their names at once.
We w ill send the Daily during the session of the
Conference to any address for 23 cents, payment to
be made in advance. Pac kages of ftO to one ad
dress furnished during the session lor
We have made this arrangement more for the ac
commodation of the denomination that will meet tn
conference tliau for any hope of pecuniary reward.!
Ai gusia, Me. j
Don’t poison your head with those mi. erable,
filthy compounds which have done so much mis
chief, but use Nature’s Hair Restorative, which
cleanses the sculp, restores gray hair, and checks
the hair Horn falling off. It is perfectly clean aud
contains nothing injurious. Sec advertisement.
In Ludlow, 17th im-t., Alfred M Davidson of Let
ft?r It, to Mi>s Abide O. Bradbury of l.udl
In Brunswick, lath in-t . George E Mitchell of
Brunswick, to Miss Angie E. Segar of Port bind.
In this city, Fob. lltli, Mrs. Susan K. Cook, aged
76 yearn.
In thta city, 20th inst., Mrs. Hannah Leighton,
aged 76 years.
In Bath, 21st inst., Margaret A., wife of Win. H.
Hill, aged 2i years 4 months.
In Georgetown, 21st inst., Mr. Ephraim Rowe,
aged 53 years.
Carpenters Wanted!
ri'HREK OR FOUR carpenters wanted. Apply
1 at
One (1) week.
f25apr-lw Commandant.
Tenement Wanted.
IN this city, a tenement of not less than five
rooms, w ith stabling lor one cow.
Address, stating price, 1*. O. Box 91, Augusta.
♦23a pr-eod3t
Cl AN learn of a good boarding place by applying
/ at this office before Tuerday evening.
Augusta, April 21st, 11470.
— of —
Very Low Prices.
New Stove.
r|MIE SUBSCRIBER. finding her old store too
X small to convene her
Constantly Increasing Trade!
Has removed to the
Spacious Store
Recently occupied by R. T. BOS WORTH,
No. 158 Water St.,
Where she is ready to receive
All Her Former Customers!
And as many new ones as
r> esii'e Bargains
— IN —
First Class Millinery.
Having just returned from
win re she has made
ZiAi'go Furcliascs
— OF —
— AND —
Fancy Goods
She is now able to meet
All the Wants of her Customers
lor any article in her lino.
Agent lor
M. r. SOILE.
Augusta, April 22,1ST0. f22upr-tf
James H.‘ Leigh,
Foreign and Domestic
Also, Agent for
Wheeler A Wilson’s
Sewing MacliliieB !
KEEDLES nnd nil Tools adapted to the Ma
chines, courtantly on hand.
Water St., llallonrll, Mo.
A Laundry In Augusta.
1MIK subscriber ha* opened a L.M’NDliY at her
residence on Capitol ftreet. in Augu.-ta, uhere
she would be happy to serve all in
Washing & Ironing!
The work will be done in tho best style, aud
At Reduced Prices !
• Capitol Street.
Augusta, April 7, 1870. t8apr-:tm
GEO. E. BKK'kETT, M. D.,
AKii m, ME.
OlHco over H tints Cap Store. Weal End of tlie
Kennebec Tlridge.
Mf Residence on Spring street. mytiO’M
— TO THE —
Daily Kennebec Journal, j
(By the Western Union Line—Offices Granite Bank
Building and the .State House.]
Washington, April 23.
House. Mr. Schenek of Ohio, reported
back the %enate amendment to the Income
Tax bill, and moved a non-concurrencc, stat
ing. however, that he would not ask for a
Committee of Conference. The Senate had
sent back the original joint resolution, which
had passed the House w ith a good deal ol
unanimity, with an amendment by way ot sub- j
Htilute which provided for the collection of a |
tax on some dividends and kept up the tax on
salaries, but b t everything else go.
The Committee on Ways and Means was ol
the opinion that patch-work and discrimina
tion was not lair: that the income tax ought
to either stand or to fall as entire with such
amendments as Congress may choose to make, !
therefore the Committee recommend non- 1
concurrence in the Senate amendment.
Mr. Schofield ol l*a. inquired what would
be the effect if the bill was laid on the table
and no other passed.
Mr. Schenek replied that the whole subject
of the Income tax would be left in its present
cloudy and uncertain state, and in reply to a
question from Mr. Archer of Md., sai<i that
the Cmmissioner of Internal Revenue had de
cided to go on with the collection of the tax
ing on monthly reports and on salaries, and
to claim the* income tax for ls7«) next spring;
but he (Schenek) did not know any means by
which the Commissioner could accomplish it.
Mr. Lynch of Me. inquired whether the
wuole matter could not he settled by a bill
abolishing the Income tax.
Mr- Schenek staled that the w hole subject!
would come before the House in the General I
Revenue bill, which was the next special or
der in the Com. ol'the Whole.
Mr. Wood of N. Y. thought that this was !
the appropriate time to take some action for
the entire and absolute repeal of the income 1
lax. If Congress desired to carry out th**
universal public opinion, the sooner it got rid i
of this unjust tax the better.
Mr. Schenek wan not at all surprised that J
the gentleman from New York should us ;
such wholesale and sweeping assertions in
reference to the tax. All over the country
they had through the newspapers, by letters [
and by various means, and perhaps by Con- !
gress, tried to make them believe the income
tax was a most atrocious, infamous, unequal,
unfair law.
The whole number ot persons who paid the ,
income tax was 272..-43. and of this number
over 107,WO paid $20 or less, and if exemp
tion was raised to two thousand that class
would bo cut off. The second class, who paid
between $20 and $50 number O'J.lfil; the
third class that paid between $50 and $100
number 41.100; the fourth class that paid be
tween $100 and $200 numbered over 45.000.
and those who paid over $2w number 0,404.
After further discussion, in which Messrs.
Vooihees. Coburn and others favored the eon- '
tinuanee of the tax, the House refused to lay
the bill on the table and then refused to con
cur in the Senate substitute, leaving the Sen
ate to ask for a Committee of Conference if it
chooses. ;
The Speaker announced the appointment
of Messrs. Garfield. Allison and Cox a Con
ference Committee on the Census bill.
Mr. Dawes ot Mass, appealed to the House!
in behalf of his colleague, Mr. Butler, who
had taken his family home on account ot ill- j
ness, and asked that like the other absentees '
last night he be charged SI, and that he have 1
a leave of absence.
Mr. Strong presented a petition of the citi- ,
zens of Hartford for the abrogation of legacy
and succession taxi s.
At 4 o’clock the House adjourned.
Washington, April 23.
Only four more witnesses will probably be
examined in tin* Upshur Couit Marshal,
among w hom are Vice- Admiral Porter. The
Court will probably adjourn about the middle
of next week.
The discussiou of the Funding bill by the.
Com. on Ways and Means to-day showed that
there w as adversity of views among the mem
bers regarding the provisions. No action was
The dcp't of State will soon give to the ro
pul lie ali the official proceedings and corres
pondence on the subject of the death of An
son Burlingame, including the lotttrs of Sec
retary Kish expressive of the regret of the
gov't at the event.
Rev. Dr. Boynton, the first President of the
Howard 1'Diversity, testified before the How
ard investigation C ommittee yesterday that he
lutd nothing whatever to do with the charges
against Gen. Howard brought by Mr. Wood,
and neither saw or heard of them before they
appeared in the newspapers.
The House Com. on foreign affairs will this
week make a report on the Paraguay que's
tion, which involves the conduct of our naval
otl'cers at the time of Mr. Washburn's difficul
ties with Lopez.
Capt. Randall, at the Cheyenne agency, re
ports that lie is now subsisting 0,500 Indians,
which is 3.000 more than was anticipated, and
others are daily expected. Lieut. Thomas,
agent ot .the Nez Pcries, reports everything
quiet at that agency.
San Francisco, April 23.
C. S. Steamer Newborn sailed to-day for
Alaska via. Victoria. Lady Franklin is a
passenger for Victoria.
'The Government of British Columbia has
voted a subsidy to maintain the telegraph
system on the main land, and levied a duty
ot 5) per cent all all imported liquors and
spirits arrii ing therefor.
The latest advices from Peace River British
Columbia gold uigings are favorable. The
dust is tine and resembles that of Australia.
It assays 17 1-2 dollars per ounce, and miners
are confident it is the best mining region out
side California and Australia. The district
is extensive and new discoveries are otten
Blossom Hock the most dangerous obstruc
tion in the harbor was blown up to-day, 23
tons of powder being used. When this im
mense quantity ot powder was touched off.
The water apparently a hundred feet in diam
eter was thrown to the height ot a hundred
feet, the centre being filled with smoke and
stones, tile latter going far above the water.
Between 60 and 00 thousand people witnessed
the explosion. The explosion was scarcely
perceptible in the city, only a deep thud ac
companied the blast.
riiiLADtLr*i.\, April 23.
Commissioner Van lJernan returned to
Washington last night, entirely satisfied that
the charges against Forbes, pension agent,
we e without foundation.
An unsuccessful attempt was made last
night to rob the vaults of the Southwark
Bank containing :«10.o00,0d0.
-_X-—. — ■ ■ ■■■ —- --—
New York, April 23.
The McFarland trial will he resumed to
morrow, and the defence are expected to com
plete their case by the testimony of Drs.
ilHimnond and Vance, on the question of the
prisoner's insanity. The prosecution will
probably occupy the remainder ot the week,
Among the witnesses yet to he called arc
Horace Gfcely, Mr. and Mrs. Sam'l Sinclair,
Mr. and Mrs. Sage ane John Russell Young.
Fisk Gould and Fuller of the Erie Railroad
have been indicted by the l’assaic N. J. coun
ty Grand Jury for discrimination in the ex
press business between this city and Patter
son, X. J., in favor of the Fuller Express Co.
and against the Patterson Companies.
The number of emigrants wito arrived uero
last week was 8,714.
Chicago Items. -
Chicago, April 23.
There is a great freshet on the Mississippi
river, on both tire Illinois and Iowa sides of
ttie river. A great part of the country and
some towns along the river are overflowed.
Much damage is dona to railroads and pri
vate property.
A person just arrived at St. Paul from Red
River, says that when lie left Winnepeg the
people were wholly ignorant of any excite
ment in Canada East at all, that anv prepara
tions for war were going on. livery body
looked forward toward pacific arrangements,
expecting the acceptcnce of the bill of
Cineinnatti Items.
Ciscixnatti, O., April 23.
Illou ing up of a Mammoth Still.
A mammoth Still nt Helserfort’s Distillery, i
('arrolton, Ohio, exploded yesterday, destroy
ing a part of the building and doing consider- ]
aide other damage.
The stramerOcn. Lyttle caught lire around
one rtf tire chimneys last evening, on the way
from Louisville to this city, producing great
exeitenrent. A landing was effected anti the
tire extinquished.
London, April 2d.
The Times Dints that tl^e Grecian govern
ment is responsible for the capture of foreign
ers so near its capital, especially when these
foreigners are members of a foreign lega
Several communications have appeared in
the English papers lately, written by Ameri
cans, correcting misstatements of the Edin
burg Keview, touching the ballot in the 1
United States.
Sugar brokers complain bitterly of the
ruinous i fleets of the sudden remission of tiie
sugar duties. Many holders bought their
stoc ks when current pi ices were 32 or 40
shillings ptr 100 weight, for No. 2 dutch
standard. Hut when the budget was pre
sented to the House of Commons, recom
mending a reduction of duties on sugar, it
fell to 32 shilling* at which it now stands.
The celebrated horse “Blue Gown," sold
hv Sir Joseph Hawley to a Prussian com
pany. will after a continental campaign, hr
brought to Oscot to train for the greal race
lor tiie gold cup in June.
Lord Pcnseance declines to postpone the
Mordaunt divorce case beyond next Wed
A collision occurred on the Great Northern
Bail road to-day. The cars were badly
wrecked, and one man, fireman was killed
and several slightly hurt.
The continental cable service was some
what disturbed to-day from unexplained
The money market which has been quite
active at times during the week, closed quiet
this afternoon.
The recent fenian panic in this city was
occasioned by the tilling of information with
the chief of police, that a larger number of
Lilians recently arrived from America for in
cendiary and other unlawful purposes, and
that together with other buildings, the office
of the i lines and the Pall Mail Gazette lias
been threatened with destruction bv them.
The protection asked for was accordingly
granted. The Globe says the police authori
ties are recording the names ol ail lodgers at
hotels and boarding houses as a measure of
The trustees of the Peabody fund have
declined to purchase the Magdalen hospital.
New York Mouey Market.
New Vokk, April 23.
Gold closed 113*4.
United states MX* s (coupons), 1881, 114;*
5-2i/s 1802, 112*
‘ lU«d, 111 *•
'* ** I8*i5, ill Y
•* •• “ la *3, Jan. A July, ion/*
“ *• •* iot>7. 110*
•* “ •• la 38, no‘4
*• 10-4O*s,(coupons), 100,K
New York Stock Market.
New York, April 23.
Mariposa *>\
do. pfd.
Canton Co. 73
Cumberland Co. 29 Y
Western Union Tel. Co. 9tX
Quicksilver Mining Co. 9
Pacific Mail, 33',
Boston Water Power, 15
Boston, Hartford A Erie, k4
Adams Ex. Co. t»l
Wells, Fargo A Co. ^ 19K
American Merchants Vn. 38*
U. S. Ex. Co. 43K
N. Y Central and Hudson River, 93*4
do. scrip, 90
Mich. Central, 121
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, 91Q
Illinois Central, 13y
Cleveland A Pittsburg, 102
Chicago A North Western, 74 Y
do. preferred.
Chicago A Rock Island.
Mil. A St. Paul,
do. preferred,
Toledo, Wabash A Western. • 50 Y
Toledo, Wabash A Western prefetred
Pittsburgh Fort Wayne, 92 J*
Terre Haute, 30
do. pfd.
Alton. 112
do. prefd.
Ohio and Miss. 31 S'
Erie, 24 *'
do. pfd. 49
New York Produce Market.
New York, April 23.
COTTON—sales 1200 bales; mid. uplands 23V*.
FLOUR—stain 460# 4U3; round hoop Ohio 485;
western 453#G15; southern 500<j075.
WIIEA 1— Miles 02,000 bu; No. 1 spring 115; No.
t do 108)adll3; wiutcr red and amber western,
CORN—new mixed western, 11S#114; old do.
114 Y 8115 in store.
OATS—state «>8#69; western
POUK-ino s 27 75; prime 21 W&aM.
LAKH—steam 159&1<>Y ; kettle do. lhY#l7.
BUTTER—steady; Ohio 14420; state *20335.
Chicago Produce Market.
Chicago, April 23.
FLOUR—spring extras $75*475.
WHE AT—No. T 82Si; No. 2, 82?*.
CORN—No 2 85V.
OATS-44K fur No. 2.
MESS PORK—27.50.
BARLF. V—dull at 45#00 for No t SfiJtOfor No.3.
Mutual Benefit
Of Hartford, Conn.
IT’HIS companr was Incorporated at the last see
X sion of the*Connecticut Legislature, with a
guarantee capital of $200,000. and oilers the only
mutual system of Lite Insurance.
Single Membership Fee, $ 9.00
Membership for Man and Wife, 18.00
This in a full division insures votir life for Five
Thousand Dollars.
This is the cheapest and most reliable plan of
Life Insurance that can be adopted.
President. Secretary.
MLLM.tb SMITH, tgent for hrnncbcc t Somerset
tOaprAlinlo* Augusta. No. 8 Union Block.
^Successor to E. D. Norcroaa,)
Hot Air Furnaces, Stoves & Ranges,
For Wood or Foul,
Tin, Pressed, and Japanned
and KITCHEN 0001)3 generally.
l*rwiii|tll)' iiffuiidrd to
.g- Special attention given to fttt
Ilot A.1r Furnacca t
,-i f*ir Doors south of the Railroad Bridge,
Wtilor Mrrd, Augusta.
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
£ >
“ «
U ^
£ H
w , >
H I -
£ a
- >
1*5 H
" a»
Flis Stock embraces a fine line of
American and Swiss Watches,
in gold and silver caee. including the celebrated
National or Elgin Wat h, Waltham, Tremont. Bor
nuin, Bonnott Pardeaux. .Jacot, Ac., in both La
dies' and gentlemen’s t-izen.
Fliio Gold J cwolry,
Solid Cold Leoniton
Vest and Neck Chains,
of the most approved kinds.
including the celebrated ITIIACA CALENDAR
ail of which will bo sold at the
Lowest Prices, and Warranted.
Particular attention given to repairing till kind* of
I me Watches. Chronometer Balances applied and
adju>ted to temperature and position. tljan70-tf
MISS TT’RVER ha* secured the assistance of
Mis.* Kulloth. (formerly at M. P. Soule’s.) and
feels confident that
Sho Can Suit All,
Both in Regard to Taste and Price.
$RT Uemember the Place,
Under Meonian Hall, (Up-Stairs,)
And directly opposite the Cony House.
| t20i\pi-tiA3ml7 MISS V. TCKNKR.
A Wonderful Discovery!
Hi Rfislrtic,
of SIEVES, and is entirely free from the
Poisonous and Health-destroying Drugs
used in other Hair Preparations.
It is sure to supersede and drive out of
the community all the POISOXOUS PRE
PAR AT IOXS note in use. Transjutrcnt and
clear as crystal, it u-iil not soil the finest
fabric. Xo oil, no sediment, no dirt-jter
fatly SAl'E, CLEAX, and E1F1CJEXT—
de side rat w ms LOXG SOUGHT FOR, and
It colors and prevents the Hair from be
coming Gray, imjxirts a soft, glossy appear
ance, removes Dandruff, »< cool and refresh
ing to the head, checks the Hair from falling
off, and restores it to a great extent when pre
maturely lost, prevents Headaches, cures all
Humors, cutaneous eruptions, and unnat
urul*hcat. OXLI 73 CEXTS 1‘Eli DOTTLE.
It is secured In the Patent Office of the
United States by DR. G. SMITH, Patentee,
Groton Junction, Mass. Prejmrcd only by
To whom all orders should be addressed•
Sold by all first-class Druggists and Fancy
I Goods fhalers. The Genuine is put up in a
panel bottle mad* expressly for it, with the
name of the article blown in the glass.
Ask your Jtruggist for Xature*s
Hair Restorative, and take
Xo Other.
The ReglomUvo it* for tale at Wholesale in Port
land by W PV Purruv* A Co., and at retail by all
the Druggist* in Maine. ian2S»3mf Aw
For Sale.
A. Large Two Story House, Ell
unci Outbuildings,
With 3 acres of Laud, llnelv located on
Bangor Street, Augusta.
Kjr Tliis is a nice residence to bo sold on
Very Easy Terms.
Apply to Mrs. B. F. Riggs, ob the premises.
1 Wlfeh-tf
1 > in [solution .
rrHB Copartnership heretofore existing l#twin
i JL h. A. Na'On, C if. Humlen. A. W. Phfibrook, ft
I T.^B. Perkins, tinder the style of NARON, HAM*
LEV ft CO., i« this Uav dissolved by mutual con
sent. The business will be settled by
At the Ot,d St asp.
a. w rim.wiooK,
April IS. 1$70. T. U. I’LUKINS.
The nn<leT»lgn«i will continue the
Dry Grooclw Bimlnenw,
of the firm of Nason, Hamlen ft Co.,
Corner Bridge and Water Street*.
Those indebted to the late firm are requested to
call and settle.
O. II. Hamikv,
A. W. Pilil.liltooK.
April 13, 1M70. *Hapr-2m
Notice to Teachers.
a'HE Superintending School Committee of An*
. gusta, will be in session at the
Council Chamber, Granite Building,
— ox —
Wednesday, the 27th day of April,
at 2 o’clock P. M., and on each succeeding tVednei
day for four weeks, for the purpose of examining
teachers for the summer schools. District Agents
and others interested ar# invited to U* present.
Augu-ta. Apr. 11. 1670. _ dft!7
Patent Composition Roofing,
will promptly attended to.
Roofa covered with the best of *t»>ck. rathe most
durable manner and warranted.
Paints & Oils.
From Five to Ten l*ev Cent.
Also. just received, n l\ill stock of the celebrated
Now selling at wholesale prices.
Augusta. Maine.
A New Era in Piano Fortes!
HAS now become an established fact, acknow
ledged by the best judges of music in all part*
of the country, that the
Mathushek Piano,
Is bound to take the lead for
Rich, Pure, and Powerful Tone!
Which speak for it-elf m note.- of triumph over all
other*. The Benson of thia Great Superiority
is apparent a!! r. ho carefully exandne the pecu
liar mechanism of these inatrument* iu
The Equalizing Scale.
which di-tribute* the tension of the string* upon
I all parts of the frame, relieving the Instrument from #
concentrated strain in auv one part, thus securing
much greater strength, durability, and power of
keeping in tune,
Tlie tireatrr Length of String;*,
through all tlie treble and middle notes, the distri
bution of string* upon the
LAncm> Bridge,
which runs the whole length of the sounding board,
giving greatly
Increasod Power of Vibration
throughout its entire length, producing a purer
! tone and better accompaniment to the voice than
any other instrument.
All interested are invited to call on
At lO® Water Street, and exaniino for them
selves. where the above named instruments can be
seen and heard, ami will he kept for sale.
Also a lot of very fine toned
109 Water St., I. C. HOVEY.
Uaapr-tf _
; warranted the best in the world.
j Straight Needle Shuttle, Stitch alike on lwdh sides
! uses half as much thread an a single thread ma
chine. More of them sold than all other machines
in this market; never Jail to give perfect satisfac
tion; everv one warrmted for five years. Call on
Jones, who will cheerfully show the working of the
Machine; also will show more awards t»f State,
Count v and Mechanics* Fairs, and more Certificates
from individuals and Corporations than would fill
the weekly Journal.
tlOiuar-tf JONES has them for sale.
Paper Hangings!
Stanijn i.l niul Machine Gold, Satin, White
Blanks, Buff mid Brown
Paper X Linen Curtains,
j or the very latest style. and in great variety, ju»t
received, which we offer at
I,oiv rrim s for Cush !
Beale 6c Farnham,
hS«KS Water 8troot.
Augusta, Mar. 10,1S70. llm»r-3w
Spring Arrangement!
Alfll.L commence her regular trips from the
> > Kennebec. Momtiiy, April 11, 1S70, and will,
until further notice, ruu ait fellow*:
Leaving liardiner every Monday and Thursday
at 3 o’clock, Richmond at 4, and Bath at 6 P. M.
Will leave Augusta at 13 M., IlilUeaell at 1 A, P.
M . connecting with the above boat at t-arctlner.
For further particulars impure of Longfellow H
Sanboru. Augu-ti; If Fuller A Son, llallowell;
T R (irant. liardiner; J.T. Robinson, Richmondi
J.'E Broun, Bath.
liardiner, April 11.1870. tlOnpr
Piano for Sale!
condition* ran W* U«U lor 0.1K
lliNBRCl) DOLLARS. It i* a baigain
at lilt* price. Inquire at the JOURNAL
Office. Augiotu, Apr 18. IK4U._ti^apr
Notice of Assfignee
Of his Appointment.
In the Metric! < cvH erf th< Untied Statee for the
Mitre t of Maine.
In the matter of PA VU> WKISII. Bankrupt.
pl-tlUv't or Maim:, tut: At Waterviile, I
the seventh day of April. A. i>. 1*70. v
ri*ME undersigned hereby give.- notice of his *p
J[ pointmewt a* Assignee if David W'ci.b of Water*
vdle. ia tlie lountv of Kenaelaio, and State of
Maine, within said District, w ho has been adjudged
a Bankrupt upon ihe petition of his creditor* by
the Dietedt Ceun ot said pis wirt
E V ERETT R niCMiiOED, Assignee,
Fashionable Hair Dressing Rooms,
Opposite P&vroU Jt Bmdbui v’»,
\S att*r Street, t Me*
Shaving, Shampooing, Hnh*-Drcs«»tef. 1 lilting, Col
oring, Ac., in thv moat Approved slyla of ln«* art.
I’nrtutthir attrition paid to out ting and furling Ln*
.ti«w‘ ind Children’* nuir. AH kind# ot Hair Work
made to order In the lati>*>t aty U*. tj <n7<Mj

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