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Thill? Ittnncluf Journal
w e-'1 Sw*
A lady at Montezuma. Iowa, has the small
est child on record. It is two weeks old. and
we-.fhs only two pounds. Still it is perfectly
Established in 1S25.)
Enlarged and Improifd.
Uet Ixee’.ied by any in the State.
New, Plain, and Handsome Type!
Having Full Report* of Legislative proceeding*;
cart tuih prep* reel Political Articles, Facts and Mu
tisti' L<>IKmiesticand Foreign New.-; < orres
Sindence; Tale.*, Poetry, Agricultural ami oilier
iatCeflafteous Matter.
IVo Inrrrasf of Subscription Price—A IJood
Time to Subscribe.
The W eckly Kennebec Journal.
The Kenntlx?c Journal h in the Forty-fourth year
of its age. It has just been enlarged, and is now a
Its size not being exceeded by that of any other
paper in the State, and surpassed by but few in oilier
It will contain
Carefully Prepared Political Articles. Facts. Statis
tics, Speeches and Kxlrncts; Full Reports of
the Proceedings of the Maine Legislature;
Reliable Information in relation to mat
ters pertaining to the State (loveni
inent; Reports of the Doings of
Congress ; Local and State
News; Summaries of Do
mestic and Foreign
Reports of the
Markets at Home
and Abroad; well se
lected Tales, Poetry,
Agricultural and other inter
esting anti Useful Reading for the
Family; also Correspondence from Abroad
and original .Vrtic.es t^>on subjects of Gen’l Interest.
It has been enlarged from
Twcuty-Kiglit to Thirty-Six Columns,
in width, and proportionately increased in length, |
and is printed on an
Entire New Suit of Type, j
Making it one of the
Handsomest and Most Readable,
as well as one of the
}«ubliihed. The price of subscription has not been
increased v>n account of enlargement.
Now is the Time to Subscribe!
Trtrf- . Kx* pe- aciam in sdTnnfe, #2 25 si the
end of t<l el-.-si:'.'. ; |2iw at Use end vf the year.
Published every Wednesday.
Daily kennebec journal.
T2 :**• jMBx*: <■ *t-*t kjjv-' ,.2 - ri <r|4«4^
t® jafcsia* *r*i •£ JUmiaary. W.ii give
JPaiE. jcsi JkcsaBmSr1 ,? 2* Pro***-!!®** of
«u 4ay s-o ilaj . off Iis»
vrK-ttifi a-srarjisg*' Wf sri CcouL,aiwr-*; IkirtcU
<< jjUNnufiir:i fib* TV'-br i- >' K.locate- ••«
AJ3&ok12*f»> vii w* the >e-o *
jr;«3® tit* -vun** a* .«arr laSae*. w*4 »al aS**>
Lt** £. . _n • .* C 'r>-yj*.q& c. Laca** as i tt*e
"tanAtaricw «&.**- I2rt
bill *9pMKteM uf tk* •**»*'*>*-.
Ti* ?* «**- ■>* P.Tti'*t>** wi3 g.r*
3t**w t«us Atifc.itooaufil Hopwiaaw l« the DallT
ionPAL a* is vrgj «K«iUea: ropsxta >j«f I2>tat.
7tra**, f :-«■ per ]*ear . *2 Se.v the Ss*t*lG*,
*r M-st -r* of the vnli d- View ool
•;ii4i*aru t* : a to -tire*** tarau
SMe!rc-“ b» g+^sitig iuiwccllier* t> the aWv* p-\ Mi ca
tion*. The Daily keep* up tel orr- j—i je-ure
i>ctw*-‘'r. the People ;.iid Lh< :r Rei'^M'-ntatiTfe*
thr< . gh tt»* r Legislative tt&poit*. wide* ut neoc?
cary on ! agrefcaid?- to both.
No Tri-Weekly will be published Those pei **on?
who de-ire a full report nf the Legislative Proceed
ing?. Burnt sub-eribc tor the Daily Joll> al.
i&T Poatmaatera and Members of the Legiciuluro
authorized to Lake tul>wription».
4irTh<‘ Weekly and Daily Kennebec Journal
art* published at Augusta, Maine, by
Promote* a new growth on bald head*, remove*
Dandruff, and all disease* of the scalp, and pre
nerve* the hair in a healthy condition. It is free
from all injurious substance*, renders the hair soil
and glossy, and i* the
Jiest dressing ever discovered.
Be sure you get Du. Guekne’x Haik Kkxtohf.u,
a* the country i* flooded w ith injurious and worth
less article*.’ For *ale by dealers generally. If
y«*ur Druggist should not have it, order it from I>r.
Greene, at the Medical Institute.H Temple Place,
Boetoa, w here it is prepared. Price $1; U bottle*
for $5.
For -ale in Augusta by TJTCO.MB & DOJUL
Reune'e Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures Headache!
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Some folk* seem to be-proud of telling how “lame
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1 have got the Sciatica,”—and delight in bragging
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“awful folks” to use UKXSK'S PAIN-KILLING
MAGIC OIL, faithfully, we not only cure their
lameness aud charm away their pain*-, bin we ac
tually take all that kind ol “brag out of them !” aud
they frankly own up, and say, **lt works like a
charm P*
bold by all Druggist*, MerehauU and Grocer*.
It is put tip in three sizes, and called Trial Size,”
“Medium size,” and “Large Family Size” bottle*.
WM KENNE, Sole Proprietor ami Manufac
turer, PlTTXKIEl.il, Mas*.
Wholesale amt retail in Augusta by Marshall
Whittled, Grocer. lytfbOW
Crockery and Glass Ware,
.luiiuta. April 4,1870, fSapr-tl
Concentrated Fluid Extract Bnchn,
Tin* Proprietor trust* that hi* Remedies. (Vom tiie
fart of their being advertised, may not be classed as
Patvnt Medicines.
ll elm hold’s Fixid Extract Buchc,
i< a Pharmaceutical Preparation The proper name
given, and it is the most active which can be
made: it is indorsed as a cure by all medical works,
f,,r Midi diseases as recommended by the Proprie
tor. It is pleasant in its taste and odor, free from
all injurious properties, and is taken by Adults and
Children. It is Tonic. Diuretic, Blood Purifying
and Invigorating. Enfeebled and delicate constitu
t »n^ of both sexes will find it far more strength
ening than any of the preparations of bavk or iron.
See Medical Properties contained in Dispensatory
of [lie I'nited States, of which the following is a
correct copy.
lil t III’.—Its odor is strong, diffusive, and some
what aromatic, its taste is bitterish, and analogous
to that of mint. It is given chiefly in complaints ol
the t’rinary Organs, Midi.s (.ravel, Chronic Ca
tarrh of the Bladder, morbid irritation of the Blad
der and I'rethra. diseases of the Prostate Gland,
and Retention or the Incontinence of t rine, from a
in** of tone In the parts concerned in its evacuation.
It has also been recommended in Dyspepsia,
Chronic Uliemnatisni^C'utaiioous Affections and
Dropsy. *
I Citric of Gravel ok Five Years’ Standing—
Stone passed and to he seen. ,
Savannah, Ter.n., May 14, l$fl9.
Dr. II. T. Helm hold,
Dear sir : We introduced your •‘Fluid Extract
Buchu” in this country about eight months ago, and
are liapn\ lo state that it i* meeting with universal
favor. We wish to inform you of one instance
(among many) where your •Buchu” has worked
wonder*. A man in our county, named J. B. hs*
tell, had been suffering about five years with grav
el. About six weeks ago he bought of us one bot
tle of vour “Buchu,” and before he was through
with one bottle he passed a gravel that weighs eight
grains, which we now have on exhibition in our
drug store. He savs he never will be without the
• Buchu” in his house again. Your preparations
are gaining favor everv nav. Very respectfully,
yours Ac., ECCLES A HINKLE, Druggists.
Cure of Bladder and Kidney affection of
long standing—Stone passed and
to be seen.
Westport, Conn, Sept, ft, 18(19.
Dear Sir: I commenced taking your “Extract
of Budm” about two weeks since for an affection of
the Madder and kidney*. I have suffered by spell*
wry much for a few days pant. But yesterday re
lief came through the effect of your ‘“Buchu.” A
*tone passed my bladder about the size of a larpr
pm, and I now feel perfectly well and entirely free !
from the pain that 1 have suffered with "so hard.”
I attribute my cure to your medicine entirely, and
would recommend all persons similarly affected to
try it I have great faith in its curative powers.
' Yours truly, THOMAS J. BENNETT.
'refers to
Rev. WILLIAM COGSWELL, Westport. Conn.
J. L. G. CANNON, Druggist, Westport, Conn.
II B. WHEELER, esq., Westport, Conn.
BRADLEY Ill'Ll., esq.. Westport, Conn.
Dr. WAKEMAN, Reading, Conn.
R. W. K. ROBIN-ON, Wholesale Druggist New
York City.
And many others if necessary.
Ci re of Kidney and Liver Affection of a
Patient Seventy-Eight years of Age.
Girard, Pa., March 81, 1*®. j
Editor Cosmofute: I desire, a* an unsolicited
tribute to the merit? of Helmbold'.* Buchu, and for
list- i*enetU of those similarly afflicted as myself, to
y that after< n?nlungmany eminent physician*, i
an': trying nearly all the l*e?t advertised remedies,
in Uie vjin hop* of Hading relief from tmiraled
i. 11Mpy and bK*t«i*r ♦ifse-a-e*. from which I have
- e\ ffVuy f >r many years, good fortune
f> - -'- t -i- i to iue HelnilxikT© Buchu, which 1
iniu-e-:. »•** g with little faith, and no apparent
trial re*u!'.-~f *r about a in nth. At tlie expir
xt»>n sA lUl u»e. However. 1 thought 1 ^iumt« < I
tspmorce relief, winch encouraged me b*
pvT-ev-t r o a* is-e. an-:l now. at the expiration of
four mmuhs aith • gh I am an infirm old man,
'Jtrtr > rears of and roo-eouently medicine*
*•, expected to fav rablr affect roe a* they
-Jcti.h- won>L ! hare found each unspeakable
• - f h.mI psnsowif : t inwR from Mr il«ii&b i l’»
vr. e dans-, very. ;a*» f #e*-| i “turht to imblicly
r *r . ? ■ tr ia-'t, a* an hc4l.>«kskmtal to *:ia and
o va.uav> -1.rr» • vx>n t* t*.• j ubBc
l’tcn respectfully D. M. LABEN.
Mr. Lr« ftsfcre to* Lj« feLteffricg gentlemen.
O • DAN RKT- Gerard Pa.
• HA- STOW. t*q., Girard, Pa.. Editor Cosmo
< ;EGRGE li. f'CTLER. Girard, Pa , Attorney.
< 1 HINDS. Girard, Pa^ Attorney.
< all. I> W HCTCIIIN.SON Girard, Pa,. Attorney.
DAVID OLIN, Girard. Pa., Merchant.
DA VID K. DAY, Girard, Pa., Merchant.
C 1 U'XKWELL, Girard, Pa., Merchant,
li C. ELY, Girard, Pa., Druggist.
A Permanent Ci re <*k Gravel or twelve
Bi UKSll>K, Conn., Dec. IS, laco. 1
Dk. Helmbim.i*— Dear .Sir: It is with much
pleasure that I write you upon taels resju'Cting my
r*elf. J do not know hardly how to express my sell.
1 have Liet'ii for the last ten or twelve years the
greatest sufferer man could be and live; but more
sometimes than others. The complaint was the
Kidney,-'” and “Bladder.” I have been sometimes
from tw elve to fourteen hours, and wanted to make
water every minute, but could uot. Have consult
ed doctors, both in .Massachusetts and this State,
and taken pills, 1 ina\ say, by the quart, also liq
uored medicine'., hut'found no reliet from any, and
got w«u se the last six months. I was so that! could
-• archly get about. 1 could uot rest night or day.
It would soon have been “all up” with me if 1 had
not seen your advertisement in “The Berkshire
Courier” headed Kidneys.” 1 read it through and
thought I would try it 1 purchased a bottle, but,
mind you. had not much faith in it. Why should 1,
w hen I had been trying so many things and cost me
so much ' Well. I began taking it. and before I had
taken the llrst bottle I fell bad; but I finished it and j
got another. By the time 1 took half of the second |
11 still got worse (apparently). When I walked it
se. ined aa it my right kidney w as falling from its i
; place, und 1 felt really bud. I felt so, before 1 had j
; finished the second, that I had made up iny mind it
was of no use trying any more—ami all this time
the “Buchu” was doing its work, but 1 did not
know it; so I gave it up and went to Hartford on
Saturday to bee one of the best doctors in the city. ,
Me said it was the neck of the bladder, ami 1 should
have to undergo an operation. He gave me med
icine, and I went home quite downhearted. On
Sunday 1 was unable to go to church. 1 had not
taken any of his medicine, but on my return contin
ued using the “Buchu,” ami in the afternoon 1 had
a desire to make water, but could not. About one
hour alter this 1 tried again, w ith the same result;
but the next time 1 took the vessel it was the same
as turning a faucet and stopping it off again. It
was so for three times, and the third time there was I
something came through the passage and struck
against the side of thy vessel. 1 examined it, and it !
is the ugliest stone or gravel you eveWsaw, cov
ered over with little peices which collided together. ■
It looks the color of a mud turtle, and is as hard an :
a flint. .so you see the “Buchu” was doing its work ,
although 1 was feeling so badly. 1 procured an- J
other bottle thinking their might be igmie more be
hind, but sinee that lias passed, which is eight j
weeks ago last Sunday, I have been as well as ever
I w as in mr life. I have the stone securely wrapped
and those who have set'll it In this place are sur
prised. 1 cannot tell you all, but this is n true story
of uiy case, and you are welcome to make such use
..f my name as you think proper. I am pretty Well
know u in Berkshire; also iu Connecticut. Thead*
v. rtiscmeut saved me. Why not publish more?
The >pringtield Republican ir a wide-spread paper.
If any one wishes to see this wonder, they call do
so. I could write all day, but think 1 have said
[enough this time, so I remain your ever well wisher
Paper Maker, Burnside, Hartford Co., Conn.
Dr. MACK, Burnside, Conn.
Dr. WRIGHT, North Lee, Mass.
Dr. HOLKCM, Xbrth Lee, Mass.
Dr. ADAMs, Stock bridge, Mass.
I >i i1TT, North Manchester, Conn,
Dr. .JAQUE8, Buckiand Corners, Conn.
Dr. BEAKsEOUd. Hartford, Conn.
‘ A JJof whom treated me for the disease.
1 is a physician of over SO years experience, and a
graduate of (he Jeffersonian Medical ( "Urge, and
of the University of Medicine and Surgery ol 1 nil
Mr. if. T. Hfi.mbofd— Dear sir: In regard t<>
the question asked me as to my opinion about Bu
elm, 1 would say i have used and sold the article in
various forms for the past thirty years. I do not
think there is any form or preparation of it I have not
used, or known to be used, in the various diseases
where such medicate agent would be indicated.
You are aware, as well as myself, that it has been
extensively employed in the various diseases of the
bladder and kidneys, and the reputation it has ac
quired, in my judgment, is warranted by the facts.
1 have seen and used, as be tore stated, everydorm
of Buchn—the powdered leaves, tincture, fluid ex
tract**—and I am not congnizaut of any preparation
of that plant at all equal to yours. ri welve y ears
i experience ought. I think, to give me the right to
; judge of its merits; and, without prejudice or par
tiality. I give yours precedence over all others.
I value your Birchu for its effects on patients. I
have cured with it, and seen cured with it, more
diseases of the bladder and kidneys than 1 have
ever seen rum! with any other Biiehu or any other
proprietary compound of whatever name. Respect
fully yours, Ac.
GEO. II. KEY8ER, M. I).,
August 11, 18(55. 140 Wood-st., Pittsburg, Penn.
PuiLADKU'lllA, Penn., June 2"), 1S<»7.
II. T. Helmhold, Druggist—Dear Sir: 1 have
been a sufferer for upwards of twenty years with
gravel, bladder and kidney affections, during which
time 1 have used various medicinal preparations,
and been under the treatment of the most eminent
physicians, experiencing but little relief.
leaving seen your preparations extensively ad
vertised, I consulted my family physical! in regard
to using your EqtractjBuchu.
1 did tliis because I had used a*l kinds of adver
tised remedies and had found them worthless, and
Mime quite injurious; in fact. 1 despaired of ever
Ki tting well, and determined to use no remedies
hereafter unless 1 knew of the ingredients. It was
this that prompted me to use your remedy. As you
advertised that it was composed of bucliu, cubebs
and juniper berries, it occurred to me and my phys
ician as an excellent combination; and with his ad
vice, after an examination of the article and con
sulting again with the druggist, 1 concluded to try
it. I commenced to use it about eight months ago,
at which time I vas confined to my room.
From the first bottle I was astonished at the ben
eficial effect, and after using it three weeks was
able to walk out. 1 felt much like writing to you a
lull statement of my case at the time, but thought
my improvement might only be temporary, and
therefore concluded to defer, and see it it would
effect a perfect cure, knowing that it would be ot
greater value to you and more satisfactory to me.
1 am now able to report that a cure is effected,
after using the remedy for five months.
1 have not used any now for three months, and
leel as well in all respects as I ever did.
Your Bucliu being devoid of any unpleasant taste
and odor, a nice tonic and invigoratorof the system.
I do not mean to be without it whenever occasion
may require its u~e on such affections.
Should any doubt Mr. McCormic’s statement, he
refers to the following gentlemen ;
Hon. Wm, BIGLER, ex-Govcrnor of Pennsylvania.
Hon. THOMAS B. FLORENC E, Philadelphia.
Hon. J. C. KNOX, Philadelphia.
Hon. J. S. BLACK, Philadelphia.
llon.D.K. PORTER, ex-Govcrnor of Pennsylvania.
Hon. ELLIS LEVIS, Philadelphia.
Hon. R. C. GRIER, Philadelphia.
Hon. G. W. WOODWARD, Philadelphia,
lion. W. A. PORTER, Philadelphia.
Hon. JOHN BIGLER, ex-Govcrnor of California.
Hon. E. BANKS, Washington, I>. C.
And many others if necessary.
Rahway, N. •!., Dec. 2,1*69.
II. T. Hklmbold, Esq.,—Dear Sir : I take great
pleasure in tending you a certiorate, iu addition to
the many you have received from suffering human
ity. 1 can scarcely lind language sufficiently strong
to expn»« my heartfelt gratification ut the wonder
ful cure your “Buehu” lias effected. For lour years
I have suffered beyond description. All my friends
(with myself i came to the conclusion that my case
w*u» incurable. Accident placed your advertise
ment in mv hands. 1 commenced taking your “Bu
chu I followed the directions, and to my utter
astonishment before 1 had taken seven bottle- oi
your valuable medicine vi would give <100 a bottle,
if 1 could not get it at any other pricey 1 am entirely
cured. 1 most earnestly recommend it to all those
suffering from disease. 1 have told many persons
to take your valuable medicine, and they are doing
so with’great success. Any information my fellow
citizens may require will be freely given by the
subscriber at his residence. No 78 Milton-ave., New
Jersey. H. M FREEMAN.
Councilman Third Ward, city of Rahway.
Rahway, N. -J., I>ec. 2,1869.
We. the undersigned, are well acquainted with
II >! Freeman of Kahwav. and know that he It a*
been a long time suffering, in the worst ponsible
, form, for the past four years, and that he has been
entirely cured by the u.-e of *• Utlmbold’s Bur ho.w
J. W. SAVAGE, ex Mayor.
FRANK LA BAU, President of Council
WM. KK HARDS, Clerk of C ouncil.
PETER A. BANT A, Council man.
W. J. BROWN, Councilman.
J. S. ». MELiCK, Councilman.
LEWIS HOFF, Councilman.
J. B. STRYKER, Merchant.
City Hall, Mayor’s Omn:,)
Rahway. N. J., Dec. .r>, I8»>9. \
This will certify that 1 am personally acquainted
with II. M. Freeman, and am cognizant <*f the faci
as set forth m the above statement, and the several
l»erroni» who«e signal urea are thereunto attached
are well known t" me.
JOHN F. WHITNEY, Mayor of Rahway, N.J.
N. Y. S. Vol. Institute, t
Corner of Fifth-ave. and Seventy-sixth st.. /
Central Park. >
Dr. H. T. Helmbold: Two bottles only of the
package of your valuable Buchu presented to the
institute have been used by the children, and with
perfect success. In the case of our little lieutenant
A. J., his pride is no longer mortilled. and he is free
from the daily morning anathemas of the chamber
maid who has charge of lus bedding. I feel that a
knowledge of the result of our use of your Buchu
with the children under our charge in.iwsave many
a superintendent and matron ot boarcfing-si hools
and asylums a great amount of annoyance; and
many a’ poor child, suffering more from weakness
than from habit, may be spaied punishment that is
(not krfowing it as a weakness instead of a bad
habit) most unjustly inflicted upon them. Thank
ing you on behalf ot' the children, and hoping others
may be alike benefited, 1 am respeetliilly yours,
COL. YOUNG, General .Sup’t and Director.
June IB, 18B*>.
Great Salt Lake City, \
Utah, Jan 1H, lniiH. \
Mr. II. T. Helmbold—Dear Sir : Your commu
nication requesting our terms for advertising was
duly received, but from a prejudice 1 had formed
against advertising ‘ cures for secret diseases,” it
was letl unanswered. During an accidental con
versation in a tlrug store the other evening, my
mind was changed on the character of your Buchu.
Jt was then highly recommended for other diseases
by two physicians present. K a closed please find
1 our rates of advertising. Yours. Ac.,
Editor ami Proprietor of Daily and Semi-Weekly
HELMBOI.D’S EXTRACT Bl'CTH', established
upward of eighteen years, prepared by H. T.
UElAlBOLD, Druggist, No. 5M Broadway, New
York, ami No. lot South Tenth St., Philadelphia,
Penn. Price *1 25 per bottle, or six bottles for
tr> 50, delivered to any address. Sold by Druggists
None are genuine unless done up in steel en
graved wrapper, with fae. simile of my Chemical
Warehouse, and signed
Augusta JEJircrumj.
.State st., between Bridge ami Oak. .1. F. Bingham
pastor; residence No. « State street. Morning
service 10.80 A. M. Afternoon service 430 I*. M.
Evening 7 1*. M.
FIRST D A PTIST,—Corner Winthrop and Pei ham
st•*. .1. Kicker, pastor; residence Chestnut street.
Morning iervine 10.30 A. M. Afternoon 2.30 P.
M. Evening 7 1\M.
FREE BAPTIST,—State street, north of Bridge.
C. F. Penney, pastor; residence Summerstreet.
Morning service 10JO A. M. Afternoon 2.30 P.
M. Evening 7P.M.
METHODIST EPISCOPAL,—Green street, east of
stale. C. A. King, pastor; residence at the par
sonage, next door to the church. Morning ser |
vice 10.30 A. M. Afternoon 2.30 P. M. Evening j
7 P. M.
PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL,—State st., between
Oak and Winthrop. Rev. Mr. Upjohn, rector.
Morning service 10;lo A. M. Evening service 7 P. i
UN l VERBALIST,—Cor. Winthrop and Summer sts.
C. It. Moor, pastor; residence Winthrop street,
below Orchard. Morning service 10J0 A. M.
Sabbath School service at 12 A. M. Evening ser
vice at 7 P. M.
UNITARIAN,—Comer Oak and State sts. Rev.
Mr. Cram, pastor; morning service 10 30 AM.
Sabbath School service 2.15 1*. M. Preaching
service in evening at 7 o’clock
CATHOLIC’,—State st., north of Bridge. Rev. Mr.
O’Brien, priest; residence near the church.
The Congregational, First Baptist, Free Will
Baptist and Methodist Churches hold social con
ference meetings in their vestries every Wednesday
! evening, at halt-past seven o’clock.
y. nr. c. a.
Rooms in Darby Block, Water Street. Regular
praver meetings even. Monday evening. Religious
exercises every Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock.
Rooms open to'all.
BETHLEHEM LODGE, No. 35, F. and A. M.
stated meetings first Monday of each month.
Special meetings every Monday evening. F. A.
Crowell. Master. J. \N . Clapp. Secretary.
| ANGUsTA LODGE, No. Ml. F. A A. M. Slated
meetings first Tuesday ol* each month. Special
meetings every Tuesday evening. W. II. Wood
bury, Master. E. F. Blackman, Secretary.
TRINITY COM MAN DERY. No. 7. Knights Tem
plar. Stated meetings Frid ay on or before the
full moon of each month. A. D. Knight, Eminent
Commander. A. L. Smith. Recorder.
at Hallowell. stated convocations Thursday on
or before the full moon of each month. 11. F.
Warner, High Priest.
ALPHA COUNCIL—Meets at Hallowed. Quar
terly Convocations, January. April, July, Oc
tober; Wednesday succeeding full moon. 1>.
Cargill, Thrice Illustrious Master.
Meets every Tuesday evening at Darby Hall.
—Meets at Darby Hall every Thursday evening at
7 o’clock.
Post Office. *
AUGUSTA POST OFFICE. Corner of Oak and
Water streets. Office Horns:—From 7.30 A.
M. to 8 P. M. Sunday U to lo A. M.
James A. Bicknell. Postmaster. George II. Far
rington, Chief Clerk.
Arrival and Departure of A fails .—Western, leaves
11.00 A. M.; closes lu.30 A. M.; arrives 3.30P. M.
Eastern and Northern, leaves 3.45 P. M.; closes
3.30 P. M.; arrives 10.45 A. M.
Belfast and Way, leaves 4.00 P. M.; closes 3.30 P.
M.; arrives 10.30 A. M.
Rockland and Way, leaves 8.30 A. M.; closes 8.15
A. M.; arrives 5.00 P. M.
Winthrop, leaves 8.00 A. M.; closes 7 45 A. M.;
arrives o.OO 1*. M.
Farmington and Way, leaves 7.50 A. M.; closes
7.45 A. M. : arrives 2.00 P. M.
Freeport and Litchfield, leaves 6.00 A. M.; closes
8.00 P. M.; arrives 10.30 A. M. Leaves Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. Arrives Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday.
Everv morning a train leaves Augusta at
5.30 A.' M.; arrives ut Augusta, daily, at 8.00
P. M.
IDalloturll Dirrrtorp.
WESTERN MAIL arrives daily, Sundays excepted, at 3.27
and 7 52 P. M. Closes at 10.45 A. M. and 8 P. M.
EASTERN MAIL arrives daily, Sundays excepted, at 11.10
A. M. Closes at 3.15 P. M.
LITCHFIELD MAIL arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, at 10 o’clock A. M. Closes Sundays, Tues
days and Thursdays, at 8 P. M.
OFFICE open, Sunday excepted, fr>’ra 8 o’clock A. M., to
8 P. M. Open Saturdays until 8.30 P. M.
XT B‘<x Rents and Postage on papers, periodicals, Ac ,
payable quarterly in advance.
HailoweU, May 3,1869.
South Parish Congregational Church, corner of Second
and Chestnut Streets, opposite Temple. Rev. Chas. G.
McCully, Pastor, residence on Ch*«tnut St. Morning
service, 10.30; Afternoon service, 215.
First Baptist Church, corner of Union and Franklin
streets. Rev. A. R. Crank, Pastor; residence on Middle
St., between Winthmp and Lincoln. Morning service,
10.30 ; Afternoon service, 215.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Middle Street, between Un
ion and Centr&L Rev. Caleb Fi ller, Pastor ; residence
at the Parsonage, opposite the Church. Morning service,
10.30 ; Afternoon service, 2.15.
First Universal tot Church, Second Street, (cor. of Union)
St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Central Street. Rev.
Lrosard K. Stores, Rectsr; residence comer of Second
and Lincoln Streets. Morning service, 10.30; afternoon
service, 2.30.
Free Baptist Church, Academy Street, between Second
and Middle.
.Y. M. C. A.
Regular meetings of the Young Men’s Christian Assocl
I ation of llallowell. are held in the Vestry of the Baptist
j Church every Monday evening, commencing at 74 o’clock. I
A cordial invitation is extended to all, both ladies and
I gentlemen, to attend these meetings of the Association.
| Prayer meetings, conducted by members*of the Associ
I ation. are held every Sunday evening—
in Bunts' Schoolhcuse, Fartaiogdale, at 7 o’clock,
j In Schoolhouse at French’s Corner, Chelsea, at 7 o’clock.
I In Loudon BUI Schoolhouse, at 7 o’clock.
| In the Wilder 8ch<«oll»ouse, Manchester, at 7 o’clock,
j At Litchfield Neck at, 2 1-2.
II. 8. OWEN, Secretary.
K' x.nebec Lodm, No 5, F. and A. M. Stated Commu
nications Wednt sdav, on or preceding the full moon.
J A MKS ATKIN8, J a., W. M. J. E. N Y E, Sec’y.
Jerusalem R. A. Chapter. Stated Convocations, Thurs
day on or In-fore the full of the in-on.
it. ¥ WARNER, II. P. F. J. DAY, Sec’y.
Alpha Council. Regular meetings, Wednesday succeed
ing the full of the moon, quarterly.
Trinity Comuandery. Meetings at Augusta on the
Friday on or befoa? the full moon of each month.
A. D. KNIGHT, E. C. A L. SMITH, Rec’r.
Unix u Temple of Honor axel Temj>eraiice, No. 3. Reg
ular meetings, every Tuesday evening.
Kennebec Council, No. 4. Regular meetings on the first
ami third Friday evenings of each mouth.
J. J. JONES, C. of C. C. C. HUNT, R. of C.
Sheridan Lodge, No. 293, I. 0. of G. T. Regular meet
ings every Sat unlay evening.
P. 8. BOYD, W. C. T. F. A. A. IIEAT1I, R. 8.
(■rent Improvement in
Artificial Teeth.
nit. skull *
INSERTS Teeth on RrmiKit by a new process, by
which the plate iH made as thin as a metallic >
base; at the same time the plate is flexible, and less
liable to break.
This mode insures likewise the certainty of a
perfect tit.
Having purchased the exclusive riaht to use this
mode in Kennebec county, I shall be nappy to show
its peculiar advantages to any one who needs artl
tidal teeth.
69 Winthrop Street.
August#, Juu. 28th, 1870. t20jau-3tvA3w6
Great Bargains at
Water Btreet, Augusta, Me.
Fur niture,
Which will be bold ut very low rates for CASH.
We also keep the best stock of
Walnut Caskets and Collins,
And COMMON COFFINS of all kinds, and the best
trimmings, with Plates engraved to order, mnl have
lately added an assortment ol
All of which will be sold as low as at any establish
ment in the State.
C. It. A II. U. WEM-8.
CtEO. E. BRH'KETT, M. I).,
Ofilce over liunt’s Cap Store, West End of the
Kennebec Bridge.
JOSr Residence on Spring Street. my^OMS
Bitters ! Bitters !
X> 30. . 3S3ES3SrX'«QrE!«X»“X‘,S
Liver Complaint,
Nervous Debility,
Loss of appetite,
Headache, &c.,
To which all persons are more or less subject in String and Si mmer.
Ami composed of some of the best HOOTS ami HER US in the world.
Trv Them. Tim arc Warranted to do as Recommended !
• •
Price, SO Cents per Bottle.
Johnson Brothers,
or every Description.
Vni'yins iii Pi-lco from $17.00 to $100.00 !
li^Ftilonot keep any inanG celebrated Harness, hut li:i\inn hint ■ 1! ■ , \ j, nrim- in iiiiinu
\\ facturinir every Variety of Harnea* Goods and the (treater portion ol that time for the people of
AuiruMa ami vieiniiv we will let the i|tiality and worth el om aued- rv~t n|""i tin n • w .1 meul.
we keep a larVer nnmher ol workmen and eon-eqiu'i tty a . r etoi k and (treater rartety if
mamifnetured work than any firm in ,air line in thia ray. we invite all 111 want 01 eueh (foyd* to rail
before purrha.-ing. bearing in mind that we ke« p no Harm> mamit.:> Hired 1«\ otbex brim* lor whole
sale trade but m uni tart ure all our goods and warrant them t<* give t-aU.-uetioii.
(Opposite r,..•!/ I'-'H) 1-13 Water Street., tunuata.
T R tJ Iff It S .
Don't pay two profits on your Trunks, but buy at the only place in Augusta where they arc manufactured
Augusta Trunli Factory !
Sign Of tiJLO “nia TiiTTJxrxE.”
We manufacture all our Trunks, and n. onr retail trade in Augusta and "«$«»>■£"*
large we make them -noi-iallv fi r that trade and warrant them. 1 b. y are no slop win k. not era. ked,
and havegood ill’ 'i letter with initials and d, ■liter in Ik, ,i> «ilhotit ektra eharge. »rj««
neinufacture V \ 1 PFs i UiPKTIIAks ,,! even -t' 1 . and k- p eon-tantly on handthe large st
SndSst Z'kofl afile-’- aml licnfs TltA\ KI.I.lV, ItXk.v >11A\V 1. M'UAI's. *r„ in tl.ee.ty.aad
sell them at sPKt'IF. Plllt f>. »-Remember the place,
Sign of the “ Big Trunk,” - 143 Water Street.
ifpponilt t om/ n»><<<. t*2apr-tc f«W*B -v Brjwm.
X* rices li e <1 u c e tl .
From tlii» Date*,
ALL (iGOl)S I\ Till: LIXE OF
lit OX u ad STEEL,
Sic., &c., will be told at
Prices Defying Competition !
Goods Marked Clear Down !
ma Water Street,
Augusta. April 1,1870. Wtf
Miss Tl'llNKH lias seeured the nssistaneo of
Miff Kallm b. (formerly at M. P. Soule’s,) and
feels eonlldenl that
She Can Suit All,
Both in Regard to Taste and Price.
44- Remember the Place,
Under Meonian Hall, (Up-Stairs,)
And directly opposite the Cony House.
t*20apr*4t&3ml7 MISS V. TURNER.
Feather Dusters l
Fine Sponges,
Carriage and
Bathing do.,
A Laundry in Augusta.
rpiIK subscriber ha* opened a LAUNDRY at her
J_ residence ou Capitol street, in Augusta, where
she would be happy to serve ull in
Washing 6l Ironing!
The work w ill be iloue in the best style, and
At Reduced Prices !
Capitol Street
Augusta, April 7,1870, t8apr-3m
Genuine Imported Soaps,
OF A 1.1. KINDS, at
TP n n c y Cr o o cl s,
MAMIOOI), 154th Edition.
\MEDK AI. K>SAY <>i» the Cause and Cure ot
Premature Decline. showing how health is lost
and how regained. It gives a clear Synopnis of the
Impediment- to M\uuiauk, the trealuient of Nkh
vork and Piiyhk \l i>ki«ility, Sterility, Ac.,
and the remedies therefor,—the results of twenty
year*’ nucet --fill practice.
“There is no member of society by whom this
hook will not he found useful, whether hitch person
hold* the relation of Parent, Preceptor, or Clergy
mau.”—JjOm/on Meilieal T imes ami (iazette.
“ M vmiooil’lte experience and reputatiou ot
Dr. Curtis in the treatment of the disease* set forth
in this little pamphlet i- the patient's guarantee,
and well deserve- for the work its Immense circu
lation.”— Dally Times.
Sent by mail on receipt of r»0 cents. Address
the Author, Du. Cruris, ll Chapman street, Bos
ton, Mass. mar*28-tefl®'lm
Water st., Gardiner, Me.
OF I’Olt Ti.I.I'IJ,
Travelling Agent.
nij Hf
Daily Express Line!
Kennebec & Boston Express!
RUNS daily from Augusta to Portland, Boston,
and all intermediate stations.
(foods forwarded, and Notes, Drafts and Checks
collected in all parts of the United Mates with des
patch and at Low Rates.
orders for the purchase of Bonds, Bills of Ex
change, Emit, Ac., promptly attended to.
Goods Forwarded to alPparts of the United
States at Low Kates.
Having had three years’ experience in the Ex
press between the Kennebec and Bop ion, the pro
prietor hopes by strict attention to business to
merit a fair share of the public patronage.
Boston Office, 57 Kilby Street,
Portland Office, 07 Excnango Street.
ADENTfS: Boston. It. R. .smith; Portland, (i. L.
Lothi’op At Co.: Augusta, J. F. Pierce; Hidlowell,
C. E. Fuller: Uanliner, B. Lawrence, Jr.; Rich
mond, K. F. Hatch; Brunswick, E. Crawford,
tiapr-tf H. A. BUB K, Proprietor.
The Dally Kennebec Journal,
Established Jan. 1, 1870.
Notices l»y tlio Press.
The first number of the Daily Kksnf.lku Jour
nal was issued from the Journal office on Satur
day. It is about the size and style of arrangement
the usual Daily legislative Journal, and iu ty
pographical appearance will compare favorably,
we think, with the other Maine dailies. Jt is de
signed by the publishers to issue it duilv through
the year, but we fearthey will find their enterprise
which ought to be a paying one, considering the
field it w ill oeenpy, to prove a b>sing one. It costs
a deal of money to publish a paper these times, and
a large, prompt paying subscription liotaud* good
ly amount of advertising patronage at respectable
rates, are necessary to make a pa|>er self-sustain
ing. and prevent its being a source of embarnsb
incut to its proprietors. We tender this new can
date for public patronage our wishes for its final)
eial success.— Maine Standard.
Tin. Daily Kun.nki.ku Journal made its first
appearance last Saturday. It is a very neat publi
cation. ami enterprising —Bangor Way.
Daily Kknnfhkc Journal.—With the com
mencement oi the New Year, w«- received the first
number of this new paper, published at Augusta,
by Sprague, Owen k Nash. It is a large, seven col
umn paper, handsomely printed, and the reputa
tion of us publisher* is a sufficient guaranty that it
will l*c live and spicy.— York County Independent.
Tin. Daua Kknnkuku Journal was issued Jan
uary 1st. and i* to be a permanent institution. It
is a well arranged, and handsomely printed sheet,
and we have no doubt it will receive* as it deserves,
a liberal support ln»m the people ,,f Augusta, Hal
low ell ami < .ardiner.— Halioirtfl Cazette.
Daua Kfnnkrku Jot kal. We have received
the first number- of the new daily Journal now*
permanently established at the State Capital, by the
enterpri-ing publishers of the weekly Journal,
Messrs. Sprague, Owen A Nash. Its appearance is
neat and business like, and its editors willumibt
less make if a progressive, live paper.—Iletfaet Aye.
We Congo.lulah our friend* of the Ki NM.l KC
.Tourn w upon ti c favorable auspices under which
their new du'ly Iih- b»«en islned. It appeared on
the 1st "f .J.uuaiv, in i.undsomeshape, il? columns
well filled and showing evidence of sufficient ed
itorial ability and industry to ensure its entire suc
re--. We tin-t the public will appreciate the ef
forts of the publisher* to serve them, and liberally
sustain the eiitcrpri-e.—Maine Farmer.
Tin Daily Kknnkbeo Journal made its first
appearance N* v. gear’s day. Ills a well propor
tioned -hc« f ..f tw • •»iry -eight columns, and i* in ev
cry \va\ w« 11 calculated to supply a yy ant which
Augusta ha- felt for a longtime. With the patron
age which it should receive from Hallowed. L.ard
iner, and the other neighboring town*, in addition
to it- local summit. we see no reason why this to
terpri°e should not he crowned with abundant sue
oust*.— Ih.i t* r Ca vette.
Tin: Daiia Kinnkruu Journal made it* ap
pearance on Saturday. It ha* a smart ami newsy
l*»ok, and \y ill Mitscecd.—FUstrorth American.
The first number of the Daua Ku.nnebei Jour
nal. has been received. Those who w ifeh to re
ceive the earliest and fuile-i information in regard
to the doing* of the Legislature, should subscribe
for it.—F.aMport Sentinel.
Duly Kennebec Journal. We hare received
the first number of thh- pH per, issued Jan. 1st. It
i to be permanent, and being the state paper, it
yvill a compend of the doing*of the LejnslatureJ
valuable not only lor the present, but for preserva
ti« n for future reference, li will furnish early and
full reports of the State Convention* of nil kinds;
lull report* of the Legislature, Legislative Commit
tee. Board of Education, Board of Agriculture, and
allolhyr matter* ol interest relating to the Mate
government, thus making il-ejf u.-efril to a very
wide circle of readers extending over nil part* o|
the Slate. It w ill be a reliable and *ti aighUurw ard
Republican paper, and the first number indicates
lbat it will be conducted with ability, and with fidel
ity to the principle* of the party in whose interest
rt’i* established. It is of the size of the Daily Lew -
i-li.ii journal.— I Ht sunrise, iresuiu jeie.
IVvii.T Kknnehec Journal. The advertisement
of this new daily appear# in oar « olumns to-day.
It give- the legislative proceedings of ea< b day very
fully, contain- telegraphic dispatches, the financial
and commercial transactions in New York und Bo*
ton. and is in every respect a first-class daily pa
per. Terms $7 per year, or $2 for the legislative
session .—Androscoggin lltruld.
Daii.y Kkvneiw Journal. The enterprising
proprietors of tin* Kennelrt-c Journal, issued the
first number of their new daily Jan. 1st: It is hand
somely executed, ably conducted, and deserves at
least filled! hundred subscriber# along the river.
During the legislature it is especially valuable.—
Somerset Ji*i*ort»x.
The publishers of the Kennebec Journal com
menced their daily paper with the New Year. It
ir a good looking sheet, much superior to the form
er session issues. N'o thrice weekly will be pub
Ushe< 1.—Brae L ett in Be/fast Age.
New -i*aI’Kiis. Willi the New Year we are greet
ed by the DaILT KKNNEBRC JOURNAL, published
by Sprague, Owen & Nash, it is of good sue, it»
matter is w ell arranged, and its editorial conduct
will show the -jtiue ability which lias governed tho
weekly .Journal —Fret 1 reus. Roc Li an a.
The Daily Kknxhkc Journal has reached*us
and is fully up t«* the standard of our expectations.
lt,~ typographical appearance is neat, and it- gener
al arrangement all that could be desired. We hone
it will be liberally patronized, and it will be if the
people of the Mate do their duty.— Farmington
( kronicle.
The first number of the Daily Ken.m.i eu Jol k
nal promptly made its appearance on Saturday,
Jan. 1st. it is a handsome -heel, got op in a style
that doe- credit to its enterprising publishers.
Biddeford Denux'rut.
With the new year, came the Daily KENNEBEC
Jouknai. It is a very neat paper, and we should
think it would Ik* a favorite with tho people of the
Ki uuehec.— Ourdiner Home Journal,
Daily Kknnkuf.u Journal. We butt received
the first number of iho.dui!y if sued by the publish
i ers of the Kennebec Journal. This is not to be fot
the Legislature only, but is to be a permanent daily
publication. There is no reap ou w by the large lil
ies and towns which cluster about the capital
-uotild not a fiord support to at least one daily, even
though the railroad train# do bring Boston paper#
in a lew'hour# from the pres#. The Journal 1# a
handsome sheet, well filled with news and miscel
lany, and we trust will be a success.—Belfast Jour•
' The new Daily. We have received the first
number of the Daily Kfnnerec Journal. It is
one of the best looking daily papers which comes
to our office. There is no reason w hj such a spright
ly journal should not start at once on the road to
success. The price of subscription i# $7 per year.
— t 'alais Advertiser.
The Daily Kennebec Journal made its bow to
the putdiclust Saturday, and is understood to be a
permanent institution. It deserves a liberal sup
port in the Kennebec valley, not only through the
session of the Legislature, of w hose doings it w ill
give full report dull) , hut permanently.— Watertille
Nkwspauokial. The I> ui.y Kennerfc Journal
made its upiHMirunee ou Saturday morning last. It
is printed in first-rate style, and manifest# a great
deni of enterprise in it# mnungement. W c are glad
to notice that it ha# a good list of subscribers in
tliis citv. who receive their paper# from n earner at
eight o’clock. Thi* i# a great convenience, and ono
that should be appreciated by our people.— barutnei
^' aV ousta Daily Journal. This paper made its
appearance last Saturday, very neatly printed aim
lull of matter. Our only apprehension i# thid Au
gusta brethren are giving too much reading toi tnt
f.atn>uHKB of n place no larger. ‘/‘"“ Aoipn-la.
Knirw t" the enterprise.—Ihniinuicl J •"V™]
We have received the limt two or tliree nmnhcra
of the UAll.r Ki NM lihC doi nvAU publ ahed lit
Messrs Sprague, Owen & Nash. Augusta, win n
ih hereafter to be a perms sent daily 1«P«;
of wine published only duriiif the -taaonot loo
i i-KiVlatmv, as heretofore. lift a handsome fev
eli-eolnnin paper, well made up, Kivtug nmeh agri
cultural and miscellaneous reading. as w ell as lo
c.al and general news. M o have no doubt it will be
ablv conducted and wish it substantial success.—
^The first number of the Daily Kennbuec Jouk
! nal made its appearrnce on .Saturday. It is very
noatlv got upOxford Democrat.
The first number ot the Daily Kennebec Jour
nal promptly made its appearance on Saturday,
ihelstinst. It is a handsome sheet, got up iu a
style that does credit to its enterprising publisher#.
— Oxford Register.
A New’ Daily Newspaper. We receive the Daily
Kennebec Journal, a goodly sized, well filled
and smart appearing paper, published by Messrs.
Sprague, Owen & Nash, lit Augusta, the proprie
tors of the Old (Weekly) Kennebec Journal: terms,
$7 a year in advance. We hope it will bo patron
ized ov our Itepublican friends, and we think it will
be, being the first and only daily issued nt the Cap!
; tal—Macltias Union.
mi mow us*
Fashionable Hair Dressing Rooms,
Opposite Parrott A Bradbury’s,
Water Street, : Augusta, ®e.
I Shaving, Shampooing, Hair-Pressing, Cutting, Co
I oring, Ac., in the most approved style of the art.
I Particular attention paid to cutting and curling La
j dies’and Children’s nair. All kinds of Hair Work
made to order in the latest style. Ijau70-ly

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