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Eocal anto S'tate TSfctos.
There was quite a severe and in some places
killing frost in this section of the Stale on
Monday night.
The new Univenaliat Clrnrch at Itridgton
Center will be dedicated this afternoon and
the ordination of the minister will take place
Elson, the pedestrian lias accomplished his
feat of walking from Rockland to Belfast ami
hack again daily for six consecutive days. A
convincing proof of perseverance and muscle,
but “what’s the good of it ?”
On Friday at 4 1*. M.. John F'linn of Gar
diner. while unloading sand from the ears,
was thrown out, by the horse sudden y start
ing, and suffered a fracture of the collar bone.
L>r. W. L, Hall w as called in attendance and
the patient is now doing well.
The Calais Advertiser says the subscrip
tions for the sufferers by the late tire in that
city, have reached some £9000 and upwards,
l’orlland leading the van in liberality. The
citizens of Calais who were burned out by
the late fire, are moving with activity in re
A gentleman in Gardiner, who lias been out
of health for the past year, and taken raiiaus
remedies without beuetit, called on Ur.W. L.
Hall of G., one day last week, who, after
lieaiing a description of the symptoms, in
formed the patient that he had within him a
tenant paying no rent, but consuming the best
part of the food which was eaten—in other
words, a tape-worm. Though unbelieving,
lie took the remedies prescribed on Sunday
morning, and in the evening the “varmint,"
12 feet long, was safely bottled in alcohol in
the doctor’s office. It is useless to add that
the patient does uot regret his loss.
Hon. Joseph W. i'attorson of this city, has
shown us a copy of tlis “Boston Gazette,”
published more than one hundred years ago.
As in all of these old papers, the advertise
ments are very curious and interesting.
Hubert Gould “earnestly desires” all who are
indebted to him to pay up. Hubert Stone
advertises his w ife as a thief. V, m. Barber
oilers a reward for a negro nun who has run
away from him. Iluw does that look along
side of the fact that a negro sits to-day ir. the
I nitcd States Senate? A gentleman lias a
long advertisement stating that a fellow has
cheated him out of a sum of money and he
has tried to collect it, but in vain. 11c is in
formed that the debtor “keeps himself armed
with pistols, &c. 1 made my escape upon
principles of preservation.” John Bariev
and Win. Billings “begs tu inform the pub
lick that they propose to open a singing
school, near the old South Meeting House,
where any person inclining to sing may bo
attended upon with dispatch."
Everybody in the city know* Jim-.
Who in this vicinity ever made such sliurp
trades in horseflesh, or is more competent to
judge of the qualifications of a “swifter?"
Jim. with his other accomplishments, is an
awful di mocrat. lie was never classed in any
political canvass among the “doubtful” ones.
You can put your hand on him at any time of |
the day, and reckon on a man who is sure to |
Vote the straight democratic ticket every time,
without any adulteration or interpolation sug
gested by “conservative” republican* or du- j
affected democrats, hoping for success. On
Monday Jim appeared at the [Hills in his ward
for the purpose of doing his duty, armed and
equipped with a democratic vote. Out of cour
tesy, a friend li.imleei hiui a republican ticket
which he de posited in the bottom ot one of Ins
pockets, consigning the democratic ticket to
another pocket. The horse question was in
troduced, and iu the bewilderment of its dis
cussion, and its fascination, Jim forgot his
country, her rights and her wrongs—forgot
even that there were such tilings as poliiical
[iarlies—and remembering only that lie had a
vote iu his poedeet to deposit in the ballot box,
lie stepped forward and deposited the gentle
messenger that does the freeman’s bidding.—
Hut what a sensation is visible iu the little ward
room ! The republican who sits over against
the polls w ith check list and pencil in hand,
rises from his scat and looks in blank astonish
ment, and the democratic guardian of the polls
is stricken w ith a paralytic shock of surprise.
Jim has voted the republican ticket' He is
charged with it, ns though it were a crime.—
He denies it stoutly ami in language never
used in properly conducted Sabbath schools,
lie finally appeals to the officers and specta
tors, and 'they ail witness to the truth of the
charge. He had put his liaisd in the wrong
pocket, and inadvertently had for the first time
in his life voted right, lie will never get over
that blow while lie remains in the democratic
P»rty- _
Boadolnham Baptist Association—Hrst Day.
This Association met at the Baptist church
in this city, yesterday allernoon, anti organ
ized by tlic choice of Rev. A. R. Crane of
Hallowed, Moderator; S. D. Richardson,
Clerk; S. E. ltrainard. Treasurer. The fol
lowing committees were appointed:
On Arrangements—Ricker, S U Sargent,
To read Letters—Bryant and Rowell.
On Resolutions—Gould, Avery, Ricker,
On Sunday Schools—Cargill, Farr, Kil
On state of Religion—Bartlett, W. Sargent,
Bronson, Smith.
On Appointments—Herring, Bryant, S. G.
On Finance—A. E. Wing, Wm. Wilson,
On Obituaries—Pendleton, Coy, Sweet.
On Y. M. C. A.—Cargill, Wilson.
The letter from the church in Augusta was j
rend, cordially welcoming the association,
after which there was an interesting prayer
meeting of an hour.
After recess, and singing by the choir and 1
prayer by Dr. Wilson, tlicannual sermon was
preached by Rev. C. M. Herring of Gardiner.
Text, Ut Peter 1:7th. Subject—“The Trial
of your Faith.”
Ju the evening, after devotional exercises,
an effective sermon was preached by Rev. Mr.
French of Massachusetts,
This forenoon, at quarter to eleven, the
doctrinal sermon will bo preached by Rev.
Mr. Bryant. A large number of Baptists are
in attendance on the meeting, and a season
of great spiritual profit is anticipated.^
To Exhibitors at Stair Kalr.-Transportallon
The following railroads will carry and re
turn free^ all stock and article* forthe Maine
State Fair, at Augusta, Sept. 20th and 23d,
1870; and passenger* at lndf fare, viz : Tort
land and Kennebec; Maine Central; Tort
land, Saco and Portsmouth; Androscoggin;
European and North American: and Cortland
and Rochester. The Bangor and I'iscntaquis
Railroad will charge lull freight for stock and
articles, but will carry passengers at half tare.
The Grand 'Trunk Railway w ill carry passen
gers at reduced rates, and freight at one half
The regular rates of freight on the above
roads must be paid at lime of shipment, but
the same wiU be refunded to the parties on
their return from the Fair.
Exhibitors on leaving the Fair Grounds
must procure from the Secretary a certificate
that the animals have been on exhibition and
have not exchanged ow ners, for presentation
to the Railroad Companies.
Extra trains over the T. & K. Railroad will
leave Skowhegan daily during the Fair at
0.3o A. M., stopping at intermediate stations,
reaching Augusta about 8.30 A. M. Returning
will leave Augusta HtO.30 T. M.
Extra trains w ill probably be run on the P.
& K. and Androscoggin Railroad, from Hath
and Lewiston, to arrive at Augusta at 8.30 A.
M. on the last two days of the Fair; particu
lars of which will be given in due time.
Daily trains leave Portland and intermedi
ate stations on the P. & K. Kailroad, reaching
the Fair grounds at 10 o’clock A. M.
Extra accommodations on Gardiner and
Augusta local trains.
All trains on the Portland & Ken. Kailroad
will stop at the grounds to discharge and re
ceive passengers, except the 11.15 A.M. train
going West, and the 13 CO P. M. train going
All entries to the Fair are free, except for
independent trials of -per d of horses. Forage,
consisting of hay and straw tor bedding, will
be furnished free to exhibitors; also corn and
grain for swine and poultry.
Circulars and posters sent to any address on
application. S. !.. Boauu.uan, .See’y
Augusta, S' pt. <>. 1870.
A profuse and many linn s excessively of
fensive discharge from the nose, with “stop
ping up” ot the no-r at tiv.is, irnp ii ment ot
the sense of smell and taste, watering <>r weak
eyes, impaired hearing, irregular appetite,
oeca-ior al n uisea, pressure and pain over the j
eyes, and at times in the 1 aek of the head, oc- \
casional chilly sensations, cold feet, and a j
feeling of la-Mtude and debility are symptom- j
which are common to Catarrh, yet all of them '
are not present in every case. Dr. Sage*
Catarrh K im dy cures Catarrh in its worst]
form and stages. It is pleasant to use and
contains no poisonous or caustic drug-. Sent
by mail on r..c< ipt ot sixty cents. Address K.
V. Pierce, M. I).. Buffalo. N. V. Apimphlet
sent tree. Sold by druggists. d&wlw
imperial Xotires.
For the Fair!

During the State Fair, besides our u-ual amount
of reading, teleg aph, }K>btienl, domestic and local
news, we . hall gi\e a
Full Report of the Fair,
Describing the various articles on exhibition at the
State House, ami ou the grounds, and giving an ac
count of the trotting, award of premiums, farmers'
discuitioua at the Lou>l lion, e, and ail other mat
ters of interest relating to the Fair.
As our paper will be extensively circul .ted and
read throughout the city and ou the Fair grounds
it will be found a good nd\ertising medium.
Extra copies for sale by newsboys, at this office,
ami at Pierce's.
In Ha’lowell, 13th ult., Sabra M., wife of Wm. II.
Brown, aged J4 years. mouth*, 5 days.; 2lst ult.,
Emma v, daughter of Wm. 11. Brown, aged U weeks,
both of consumi t.on.
New Dental Uooms,
HUNT’S 1ILOCK, next door North of
Pott Office,
AteiSTi, : : .llaine.
Atr E beg to inform tlu* public that we have c tab
11 lisiieu this office poiniunenily for the practice
of Dentistry in all its brancl»e«*. Our long experi
ence in botii 1> *-ton and New York in ibies us to
execute .ill operations in the best po«sibie manner
We g:v« our patrons the b. lietit ol all the latest Mid
best improvements w ithout extra charge. Our char
ges will be very moderate in all ca»«-.
Art ill l.i 'tecta Insert* d at the follow ing greatly
re>luct<l pi t > </or vet m mtk.
Beautiful nets of Gum teeth $15 to $20.
Temporary ** Plain ^ $10 to $15.
Partial sets in proportion.
F. II. FALFii A i (>., Mirgeoa DeutUta.
geptU-f _
r|MIK Commissioners of Investigation, appointed
A under Kcsolve® of March 2*. Wu. having ex
amined, under outh, the ollh er® of tome hundred
towns who purchased credits which were allowed
by the state and general governments on their
uuotus, under call- of Jo*.*, hereby give notice that
the vendor® of said credit® may appear, be iieai d
and examined touching all matters in relation to
the sales thcicol, before the C'oinuiibbioucrb at
The (stute House in Auy;ustaf
On September 24, 1870,
and daily thereafter. Sundays excepted, at eleven
of the clock A. M . till the investigation i® closed.
A SWBOUN. J Commissioners.
m:li>k\ connois, >
Augiibta, Sept., 1570. ecpttMAwItv
i>Iusic, etc.
Ill AX'E Musical Instrmmcnts from the several
best Manufacturers of New England, and will
bt ll them at the very low f t figure.- for cash, or part
«ash down and the rest in Monthly or Quarterly
puymeuts. W ill take any scconndiuud iusli uiuents
in exchange. ill rent instrument* and let ail rent
paid go tow aids the \ unhnte ol the same or any
other instrmuent. X\ ill *eiul instruments to uny
part ol the State on trial For full particulars, l*i ice
List, etc., send to me lor a copy of the Muaicul
ihonilor, whie h wdl be sent flee lo any address,
giving in to those who wLh a uice, haudy I’erjittual
Calendar. Address
3w37* Augusta, Maine.
Vegetable Cough Cordial I
ONE of the best remedies for Coughs, Colds,
Croup, lirouehilis, aud all affections ol the
Tiiroat and Lungs, for sale by
Oim». P«a Office, Aagiutu, .tic.
9lo. lOO budbury Slrfrt, - - Bouton,
New and Second-Hand Tables always on band
and for sale at Hie low est prices. Give me a cull
api-iH-Om K. E. XV1LMAKTH, Agent.
For the Sewage of Towns, Factories,
Hospitals, Prisons, Hotels and
Frivato Houses.
VMPEK experience has fhowii the Dry Earth
•System to he more eilicicnt in preventing foul
smell*, ami fur less costly in construction and re
pair* than the Water Clorct Syrtem; uml that it i*
in all respect* entirely satisfactory, whether lor the
Sn k lioust or lor vomtant use.
The Earth Closet offer* to all. in town and coun
try, every benefit posse seed by the Watef Closet. at
fur less co.-t, with the additional advantage*, that it
i* portable, and can be moved to the bedside in the
It promises more in immunity from offensive
odor*, from infection in disease, and in the saving
of fertilizers than has ever been accomplished by
a single invention.
In the CUM .MODE, the apparatus and earth res
ervoir are self-contained, and a movable pail takes
the place of tin* vault
For u*e in lied lloom.c, Hospital Ward*. Infirm
aries, Ac., the Commode is inv.doable. It is entire
ty free from those flint, depressing odors, common
to portable, miter closets and night stools, and through
its udmissiou one of the great \-t mi*eries of human
life, the foul smell* of the sick room, and one ot the
most frequent means of communicating infection,
may be entirely prevented.
I\>r circular* and full information, address
Agent Earth Closet Co.,
No. 7 Bridge’s Block, Augusta, Me.
septtf*ttaw*w tf
Deposit* i f any amount not loss than one dollar,
received daily from 'J A. M. to 1 1*. M , and from iyt
to l,1j I*. M.
Interest on depo- ii a at the rate of feven per cent .
will commence on the first day of the month, next
-ue 'e< d.ng the day of uepoMt. and it» parable Feb
ruary 1. ami Aufciet 1. Jfiiot then culled for the
amount ir* added to the original deposit and put on
interest— tliua making compound interest s>emi-an
Money loaned to depositors at any time, on a
•pledge of their Bank Book.
Office ill MtVIAGS I!AAli BITI.DIAG,
eeplfc-NLwtf W. It. SMITH. Treasurer.
Mutual Lire Insurance Comiianj
r 11111S is one ot the oldest, most reliable, and befel
J. dividend paying companies in the country.
ASSETS OVER $7,200,000!
Liberal arrangements w ill be made with Agents,
ami they are wanted in all parte ol the State.
Apply at A lbL’STA, ME*,
i:ic» Wuter street, to
Manager lor Maine ami New Hump-hire.
•March 22,1870. t22mar-t
Buy the Best!
'r 11 j :
For Wood cr Coal!
For Economy, Durability, Beauty of Design
and Finish,
Perfect In Every ltespect.
It commends itself to every one In want of a
First Class took Stove!
Sold in Au glut a by
Al-o some of the
in the Market and a variety of
llouse-rurnishing Gooda !
A feu? Poors south of Hail road findge,
tlimarAw-l v
(Successors (o W. S. Fat bush,;
110 Water Street, 1 Door South of Pott Office,
AMUbTt, ntllVE.
LADIES’ ROOM up Stairs.
1C E CREAM? and OY>TERSe ui-lanlTy on naiul.
Meal.-icrvfd at all Horn-. Tin.- v.luou being
I*• . t< d within a few stepr- of and dhvrtly oppoi-ite
I lie Depot, is very convenient for the travelling
public. ’ t3m-juuel0
97.00 PE It DAY !
T 0 T H E l \ E M P L 0 Y E D
nEAD Tills.
G 11 K K U U P !
|)Y tending ONE DOLLAR to the subscriber
you will receive hv return mail, a receipt for
making an article that will
Sell In Every Household
in the land. There are no Agent# in New England.
A broad Held is open to all who wish to engage in
Honorable and Profitable
business. It can be manufactured at your homes,
iu your kitchens. The ingredients can be had ol
any Druggist or Grocer. The expense U SMALL,
and the
r*rolltN Large.
This is not one of the humbugs of the day, but an
article ol real merit. Try it and be convinced.
Address C. T. SOMES,
juiy2iM3m Gardiner Maine.
New Goods!
New Goods!
We are now opening our stock of
S U 31 M E It
Dress Goods
Couipi'Uiiig all the
We call special attention to our stock of
For Ladies’ Suits and Out*
side Garments.
Also to our
In Plain, Plaids, and Stripe*.
N. IS. -Always on hauil,
Androscoggin Remnants
Barton & Bussell.
June 13, 1870. Ttf
\ni:ill( A\ 11HOILKKK, Table Cutlery
Plated Forks and Spoon.-, and )Jousekcei>in£
r.oodh at WIlllHnison iii-reiiwootPi.
Daily Kernebec Journal,
J By the Western Union Line—Offices in Ilendee’s
Building opposite the Post Office, and at the State
! _
X» hope for Suspension of
i No Tolcgraphic Communication
' • with Paris.
Ratoon Observations.
Metz Still Holds Out.
Depredations Committed within Eight
Miles of Paris.
Further Outrages Committed on Mis
Victor Hugo's views cf tho position
of America with ro3pect to
tho French Ropublic.
_ |
London, Sept. 13.
The correspondent of the Morning Post
telegraphs from Paris that all hopes lor the
suspension of hostilities have been abandoned
Ly the officials and people of Paris. The com
mittee ot defence have vigorously grappled
w ith ttie danger threatened. The greatest
military activity prevails and the call for do-1
lenders is responded to with alacrity.
New York, Sept. 13.
A London special says there is no tele
graphic communications with Paris. The gas
ha* been cut oil'. Two hundred thousand ot
lie Garde Mobile are under arms, and tile
bridge* have been ruined. Those on the east
i rn side have been blown up.
Gen. McMahon was marching to the de
fence of Paris when he was ordered to Sedan
ly Count l'alikuo. A new German array
sixty thousand strong witii a Beige train is
en route tor Paris, Metz still holds out.
Paris, Sept. 13.
Milfred DeTonville author of several treat
ieses on aeronautic navigation is constantly
on the watch for the approach of Prussians
trom a balloon. He is at work upon other
balloons which will he properly anchored to
serve as cut looks from different points of the
Ifoxie, Sept. 13.
The commander of the native Papal forces
has been placed under arrest because of his
. refusal to fight against the Italian invaders.
Berlin, Sept. 13.
The Prussian official despatch received at
the war office in this city detailing the capitu
lation ot L.iou says the enemy in contraven
tion of the terms Ot tile capitulation, blow tip
the magazine ol Laon alter the entrance ol'
tlie Prussians.
The Uhlans have committed daring depre
dations within sight id Paris they have cut
the railway to Strasbourg, have destroyed the
telegraph lines a short distance beyond
Noissc\-le-Sec within common shot of Port
llcuiaim die and only eight miles from Paris.
London, Sept. 13.
The Times this mornning says M. Thiers
comes to Kngland pursuant of information
reaching tile Provisional government, and is
doubtless authorized to express the views of
that government touching peace. We hope
for negotiations the conditions of which will
probably embrace the dismantling of Metz
and Strasburg, or their occupation for three
years Ly the Germans. If the terms are at all
reasonable Kngland will back them.
A despatch from China to-diy contains un
favorable intelligence. The Chinese are pre
paring for war and further outrages have been
| committed on the Missionaries.
Communication between Brussels and Paris
is still maintained by way of Dover and
Prussians appeared at Proims in the de
partment of Seine cl Marne on Monday noon,
and at Laval, Tracy and Carlepont, in the
department of Disc.
Chances for the successful defence of Paris
increase hourly.
The Independence Beige says the policy
of the American government occasions no
surprise, considering the close intimacy of
Bancroft and Bismarck. It is denied how
ever, in Berlin, that Bancroft made any
representation in favor ot mediation.
The Journal of St. Petersburg in discuss
ing the mission ot M. Thiers to neutral pow
ers, hopes lie will carry home a conviction
tavorablc to peace. To do so he must sacri
fice many prejudices and absolute ideas. He
will then set Prance a great example, and
make his own infiuence more powerful thun
! ever.
Gen. Williams the defender of Kars, has
been appointed Governor of Paris.
Special to the Herald.
1 London, Sept. 13. Thiers looked careworn
and ill, and shows aversion to conversation.
A tew words were interchanged with old ac
quaintance at Dover, who enquired whether
became accredited as envoy of French lie-pub
lic. He intimates that he kne w the lie-public
was only a government for the defence of
Paris. There is good authority for believing
the de finite proposition, for a place was of
fered in behalf of u provisional government
j at Paris, and that M. Thiers is authorised to
! lay before the British government whose in
tervention is solicited. The terms are as
follows :
“Payments to Prussia, war expenses, des
truction of all ports in Alsace and Lorraine,
and temporary occupation of Metz and Stras
bourg by German truops until the election of
an authorized government for France, and
the ratification of the treaty by tlte proper
Special to the Time*.
Paris, Sept. 13. There is n strong feeling
here that tne mission of M. Thiers to the
three courts will be productive with fruitful
The idea lias been stated in Berlin of con
verting Alsace and Lurriane into independent
Republics, and ns it is regarded with favor in
London. It is looked upon as a condition to
which both belligerents can agree.
A letter from Dr. Marion Sims, who is do
ing hospital service with the French army,
states that American ambulances have been
more useful than any other.
A Paris letter of the 12th inst , say* : Yes
terday 1 obtained an interview with Victor
Hugo, and after a short conversation I told
him that the object of my visit was to ascer
tain how lie regarded the position ot Ameri
ca with respect to the French Republic. He
expresses himself highly gratified w ith the
expression of public sentiment in America,
and said he had determined to despatch a
special appeal to the American people. Since
you saw me last, he said the snows of many
years have whitened my head, hut the years
of exile have not (leadened my heart. Deso
lation tills France to-day, and my grief at the
sight ot the miseries which have befallen this
unhappy land are too poignant to express in
» olds. This is the work of a man who is
now expiating his crimes, hut why should the
conqueror not ho satiated with blood, when so
many victims are already sacrificed by this
unholy ambition ? Why should the King of
Prussia, who declared that he marred not
upon the people of France not be content
nuw that bis antagonist lias been stricken
and has disappeared from the scene of strife?
1 he fall of Bonaparte allows me to return to
niv home after an exile of 1!) years.
Is it right that we should he slaughtered
on our hearths became Prussia is provoked
by u criminal whom providence has over
taken? It will be an eternal disgrace to the
King of Prussia, if lie refuses to sheath his
bloody sword, now that the cause has gone
which induced him to draw it. The people
of Germany are as hum ne as they are
couragoms. Their King mi-takes their senti
n.i nts if he thinks it is their wish to prolong
this frightful war. and degrade a nation
which has been dragged into conflict; and
the appeal I addressed to all chrisiian Ger
mans w as only response to many solicitations
received from every quarter of the Fnther
ian 1. to raise my humble voice against the
barbarity ot this war. 1 flimik God that it
lues been heard, for to-day I received a letter
from the tamp of King William, signed by
10.000 men in the army, saying that they
shrink from slaughter.
Will not the I'nited States, the common
home of so many German:-', will not its citi
zens if the government refuses, make a
Christian effort to extinguish the horrid torch
of war? Will not the elder sister of our
young lie public stretch forth a hand of re
monstrance at the untold calamity which
threatens us? 1 w ill appeal to them too in
my own huinhic name, and may Heaven
vouchsafe that my accents of anguish may
reach their lie-arts, and incline them to pro
test aguin-t more waste of lile, against the
sacrifice of a people at the command of a
King, and against the infliction of death upon
their unoffending brother people.
He said lie believed the Republic would ac
cept peace on any honorable terms short of
yielding territory. There is a great move
ment in ev r. part of the* city. The* depart
ure and final concentration of troops on the
near approach ot the Prussians seems to have
arousid the military ardor of the people.
Streets are filled with thousands of soldiers
marching and counter-marching from point to
Paris, Sept. 13.
Tlie* staff of the Ministry of the Interior
has reached Tours. A pass countersigned
by a member of the Ministry is now required
tor any person entering or leaving Paris.
A position has just been discovered at
Sercres. commanding tin* Seine and a por
tion of Paris, and is now being rapidly forti
fied. Cou.it de Caulais exhorts liis adherents
to resist the invasion ns the duty of all
Poilugal lias recognized the Republic.
Ameicans residing in the suburbs of Paris
arc advised to remain in their houses, and
raise their national flag tor protection.
Russi a is more decided than ever in op
posing the dismemberment ot France, and
will propose n congress to settle terms of
Tours, Sept. 13.
Arrangements which were being made here
to receive the diplomatic body have been dis
continued, as the Minister of foreign atfi.iirs
has decided to remain in Paris. Representa
tives of foreign governments will stay there
some days longer.
Tlie people here are much impressed in fa
vor ol the American government, and anx
iously await Mr , WasITTmrne that they may
testily their gratitude for his prompt recogni
tion of the Hcpublic.
An imposing demonstration was made at
Marseilles yesterday in honor of the United
Slut' S. Many thousands of people assembled
in front of the American Consulate, and the
city authorities through K-quires presented ;
an address to Milton M. l’rice, U. S. Consul.
The bands played the National Hymn of
America, and the crowd cheered with great
enthusiasm the Consul and government of the
U. i>. The American Consulate at Havre has
been saluted by a succession of enthusiastic
‘ Vi ry great excitement still prevails in i’aris
and other continental Capitals regarding
American mediation.
Washington, Sept. 13.
Admiral Melancthun Sm tit will soon be
transferred liom tlie command of Washington
Navy Y ard to the command ot that of Brook
lyn, relieving Admiral Gordon, who will be- '
come l'ost Admiral at New Y’ork in place of j
Stingcliam, retired. Admiral Goldsborougli
will take command of the Washington Navy |
New Y'obk, Sept. 13.
The steamship Bienville which arrived from l
Havana this morning, was detained at the
quarrantine, having yellow fever on board.
Seven vessels, all Iruin Cuban infected ports,
are now at quarrantine.
The Coroner's Jury on the Nathan rnurdar
have been summoned to meet to-morrow,
when the case will be closed and u verdict
The sentences of a number of Brooklyn
politicians to imprisonment for terms ranging
lrom ten days to three weeks each, tor
illegal voting last November, were fully con
tinued this morning, and will be immediately
The Swedes of this city are preparing for a
grand serenade on Thursday eve'g, to Chris
tine Nilsson, whose arrival is now hourly ex
Lewiston, Sept. 13.
Fire iu the YVoods.
Yesterday and to-day a heavy Arc has been
raging in the woods on l)r. Oakes farm in
Auburn, and this afternoon tlie smoke be
came so dense, as to cause a general alarm
of Are, some of the engines going to the spot
! to render assistance. Dr. Oakes had some
50U cords of wood ready for market, and a
; large quantity of standing timber. His loss
j must be very large.
Bangor, Sept. 13.
Gov. Chamberlain arrived here this evening
to deliver an address to-morrow before the |
Penobscot County .Agricultural Society, which
is now holding its annual Fair in this city. |
lie was received at the cars by the Jameson
Guards, C’apt. Daniel White, anil escorted to j
his quarters at the Penobscot Exchange. Eat- t
er in the evening he attended an Exhibition i
Drill given by the Guards at Norombcga Hall, j
The Directors of the Maine Central Rail- ;
roail Co. are in this city to attend to the hear- .
ing before Chief Justice Appleton to-morrow,
upon the application of John Ware for an in- j
junction against a change of guage in the i
Maine Central railroad. Hon. John A. Peters 1
will appear for Ware, and Hon. Josiah Drum- ;
mond and Janies S. Kowe, Esq,. for the rail
road Co.
Rockland, Sept. 13.
Timothy Callahan, the man stabl ed in the !
nflray here last Saturday night, set ms likely j
to recover. He was not stabbed by ll- lkain,
as first stated, hut by a boy named William
Clough, a hoy not 16 years old. ( 1 tugh was
arraigned before the police court to-day,
charged with an assault with intent to kill,
and waivii g examination, was I ci! in 6i00
tor the appearance at the Superior Court.
Eight others were arraigned for making an
affray, and pleading guilty were lined.
Republican Nomination.
Philadelphia, l*a., Sept. 13.
The contest for Republican nomination to
Congress for the second district, was decided
in favor of John V. Crcelv, ugainst Charles
New York !tlouey .Market.
New York, Sept. 13.
Gold dosed 113/,.
United States Sixes (cumins), 1881. lUJtf ■
** ** 5*20*s leG2 i 13
‘ “ “ 1W4. 112*
“ 4 •• la* 5, Hi
* *• “ land, Jan. A July, lioU
“ •* i8«7. • no*
4 4 4 4 4 4 18*rfS,
*' 44 10-40’s,(coupons), 1U** I
New York Stock Market.
New York. Sept. 1:1.
Mu'ipu-a. 15>«
do. pfd. O1,
Cap ton Co. f»l '/t
Cumberland Co. So
Western Union Tel. Co. 84*
Quicksilver Mining Co '»
Unci lie Mail, 41*
Boston Water Power 13
Bonton, Hartford A Erie," 3*
Adams Ex. Co. <’5*
We 1 •. Fargo A Co. :7
American Merchants L'n. 40,V
U. S. Ex. Co. 37*
V. Y. Central and Hudson River *
do. scrip, 021*
Harlem, 131_
do. pfd. 135
Reading, 80* ;
Mich. Central, 1>X
Luke >ie»re and MiciiigMi southern) MX
Illinois Central 135*
Cleveland A Pittsburg, 105
Clue ago A North Western, 82 * i
do. preferred, 87/*
Chicago A Rock Island, 113*
Mil. A St. Paul, t'2/»
do. preferred, 80'*
Toledo, Wabash A Wastem. 51*
Toledo, Wahasli A Western prefeired 75
Pittsburg A t ort Wayne, MX
Terre Haute, 24
do. pltl. 50
Alton. 112*
do. profit. 112 Si
Ohio and Miss. 34*
Erie, 22 X
do. pfd. 47
New Y'ork Produce Market.
# New Y'ork, Sept. 13. ,
COTTON—sales 1100 bides: mid. uplands 19*. :
ELOCR—state 470flKrHi; n-und hoop Ohio 500*610; j
western 47u*»;00; southern 575* MO.
WHEAT—sales 8'.»,000 bu : No. 1 spring 115all6:
No. 2 do. 103*108; winter red and amber western,
CORN—new mixed western, 63 684; old do. 120 ,
m store.
OATS—state 50454; western 4?052
PORK—mess, 27 00; prime. 25.50.
LAUD—steam. l‘»; kettle, 16*.
BCTTEK—Ohio. 2o 330; state, 24241.
Chicago Produce Market.
Chicago, Sept. 13.
FLOUR—spring extras 4750 550.
WHEAT—New. 1-7*.
CORN—No. 2, «|*.
O ATS —35 *4 for N«v 2.
MESS PORK—98 50.
BARLEY—107 lor No. *2.
City, No 14o State Street.
Apply to CKO. E WEEKS,
At tlie office of Messrs. Baker Weeks.
Augusta, Aug. 11, 1870._tf_
Beautiful Town* in the State. The subscriber,
having engaged in the Manufacturing Jiuent-s,
We.t' will cell their stork ol Hardware, Gro
ceries mid Grain mtli Hease of Erne Store
now doing the Most iTuiri'rAULK iiu*ixf>sot any
store in Town For further naitiriilurs nddreea
H. L. 4 W. E. WHITMAN,
augifltlw Wmthrop, Me.
BY an experienced teacher, a situation to teach
the coining u inter, where good wages are paid,
or a* assn-taut. Languages taught if desired,
deferences given. Addies*
feept'J-flw Box B, South China.
Picture Frames!
&l'., &c., &v.,
In Large Variety.
Picture Frame* of any size made to order at abort
notice ut
Hcndee’s Photograph Rooms,
Opposite Post Office, Augusta.
The Weed Improved tor 1870}!
Why so i Because it will do nuy and
AU KUide or Work
that can he done on any Machine in the World.
Such as stitching, hem, fell, bind,
braid, ruihe, tuck, quilt, hem*
stich, gather and sew
on at the same time, performing n greater range of
work than any ottier machine. It is more SIMPLE
in it cwiiptruction, oacier KEPT IN OKDEK, ruus
easier and FAV1KK than any other machine vet
made. Machines
Sold oa Installments.
Fully warranted to do all that is claimed for
them, or may he returned and the money paid re
funded. ( Don't fail to cull anti see them before pur
chasing, us it will sale many unhappy moment* )
Old Weed Machine Depot,
III Wator Street,
GEO. W. JONES, Agent.
! Augusta, Aug. 31, 1870. f*tf
- THE -
Sheridan Farmers Cook, Rival Madelion,
Union, Richmond Portable Range,
Palace Rknge, Stevens’ Range,
Stewart Parlor Heater, Rich
mond Parlor Heater, Oriental
and Priceless.
And a large assortment of other Moves both
>'ew and Second Hand,
Wllllumfton ft Greenwood’s.
-A larjfe lot of
Ladies’ Shopping Bigs,
Gents’ Bags,
Lap Bugs,
Hcrse Blankets,
Curry-Combs & Brushes.
Also a large stock of
Purchasers will please call and exnmiue.
Water Street, Gardiner,
AUGUSTA^: : Maine.
^rHIS Institution will be oj m for the admission
JL ol' bt mien to
September 5th, 1870.
Business Course embraces nil branches neces
bury to u Compl te Bucdncst* Education.
MmU-nti of all trades of Scho)a»hip are admit
ted. Terms less than at any other Businebt* College
In the country, offering equal facilities. Scholar*
may enter at any time.
I«>r full particulars, apply at the College, or
Waitt <£• Webster,
Augusta. Maine.
____ 3T-ff
l 'iill FilitliionH.
The hot t display of
Trimmed Hats & Bonnets
Will be found
Miss SOULE’S, 15 Water St.
80L1CIT011 OF r*ATl£2'Irr«.
Late Agent of tue U. S. Patent Office, Washington,
under the Act of 1837.
Xo. 70 State Street, {opposite Kilby Street) BOSTOS.
A FTER an extensive practice of upwards of 20
i\ years, continues to fccure Patents in the Uni
ted States; also in Great Britain, hince and other
foreign countries. Caveats, Specifications, Bonds,
Assignments, and all papers or drawings lor Pa
tents, executed on reasonable terms with dispatch.
Researches made into American and Foreign works
to determine the validity and utiiity of Patents of
Inventions. ipid legal and other advice rendered on
all matters touching the same. Copies of the claims
of any patent tarnished by remitting one dollar.
Assignments recorded in Washington.
No Agency in the United Mates possesses superi
or facilities lor obtaining Patents, or ascertaining
the patentability ol inventions.
During eight months the subscriber, In the course
of his large pi uctice. made on twice re lee ted appli
cations. sixteen appeal*; every one of which was de
cided in his furor by the Commissioner ol'Patents.
"I regard Mr. Eddy as one of the most capable
uud successful practitioners with w hum 1 have had
official intercourse. CHARLES MASON,
Commissioner of Patents.”
•‘I have no hesitation m assuring inventors that
they cannot employ a man more competent and
trustworthy, and more capuble of putting their ap
plications in a form to secure for them an early and
tavorable consideration at the Patent Office.
Late Commissioner of Patents.”
“Mr. H. II. EdijY has made for me THIRTEEN
applications, in all but ONE ot which patents have
been granted, amt that one is now pending. Such
i imistakabk* proof of great talent end ability on his
pa rt leads me to recommend all iuventors to apply
t,. him to procure their patents, as they may be suro
of having the mod faithful attention bestowed on
their cases and ut very reasonable charges.
Boston. .Tan, 1.1870. _lv2
Physician & Surgeon
May be consulted on all forms of disease at
his office iu
Graduate of “The Eclectic Medical College, Pa.,”
inembei of the -Eclectic National Medical Asso
ciation, rIco member of “Thtj Maine Eclectic Med
ical society.” and graduate of the “Pennsylvania
Hospital” at Philadelphia.
Special •#Iteatiaa paid to Sarwerg, .TMid
triferu, and Disease* of It^psiaeM
aud Children,
$4* All calls promptly attended to night or day.
Ill t l ltt NCKS Is PhiLAi'Ki.rillA: Prof. John Bu
chanan. M D . -27 No. 12th st ; Prof. Joseph Sites,
M. 1>., 8l»2 N »• f»th st. . I*n*f. James Cochran, M. D.,
All Pine ft.; Prof. Wm. Clark, M D., 514 Pine st.
WALTHAM, MAsS.. Nov.. 1568. (
I Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware,
■ our telling Agent f-'r th« eltj mini TlcinitJ ut AlliCSTA
I and Intend to keep in his possession tU al times such a
j stocl of
| gold a\d silver batches,
*3 wriji enable him to supply any demand, either at
Wholesale or Retail,
which may no made upon him, aial
at are offered at our Saks Roams la
Now YorH. or Boston.
H. E, ROBBINS. Treas’r,

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