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Daily Kennebec journal. [microfilm reel] (Augusta, Me.) 1870-1975, September 20, 1870, Image 1

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Jkmtfkt Juunutl.
Published on Wator, Foot of Court Street,
£ailg $ttnnfkc Journal
Is issued every morning, except Sundays.
Contains the latest news by telegraph ami mail,
gives reports of the Markets, and lias carefully pre
pared political and local articles, and a generous
amount of farming, home and miscellaneous read
ing with a full compilation of .State news.
Terraa, $7 per annum in advance, $8 il payment
ii not made within the year. Single copies 4 ceuts,
to be had at the bookstores and at this ollice.
Advertisements one inch in length, three in
sertions or less. $1.00; 23 ctf*. for every subsequent
insertion. Longer advertisements, or those inserted
for any considerable lcuglli of time, will be inserted
at lavorablo terms to the advertiser.
Special Notices 25 yer ceut. additional. *
Amusement Notices, $2 per square per week.
ttOlechln Jicnnebcc Journal,
Published every Wednesday morning,
Is the largest tollo paper in the State, containing
news, political articles, agricultural and scicntilk
in liter, t iles, poetry, anecdotes, household recipes,
markets, Ac., Ac.
Terms $2 per annvm t» advance.
Transient Advertisements, $1 50 per inch foi
first week; 25 cents per week for each subsequent
Special Notices, $2.00 per inch for lir.-t week;
50 cents per week for each subsequent week.
Business Notices, in re id.ng columns, 20 cents
per line for ilrst insertion ; 10 cents per line lor each
subsequent insertion.
All transient advertisements to be paid for in
advance. __
rpHE subscriber would inform the travelling pub
_L lie that he has opened
A First Class Eating House,
- AT
Gardiner, Maine,
Formerly known a.» Somes* Saloon.
The rooms have all been refurnished in the best
possible manner. The Ladies’ Room, up slairt, is
large and elegantly arranged. Meals will be fur
nished at all hours.
Table Boarders Accommodated
By the week at reasonable rates.
And by strict attention to business, the Trop ic
tor hopes to merit a liberal share of the public
patronage. D- ’V. VISING.
Gardiner, July Id, 1*70._.ini-pih 111_
TIIE 'Subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens
ot Augusta and vicinity that he is prepared to
do all kinds of Plumbing work at the shortest no
tice. Those about to have water introduced into
their buildings will do well to call on him betuie
going elsewhere.
Corner Bridge and Water Street?.,
Satisfaction uuaranteal. Wit
Pare liicises aM (Meals!
Brushes, Combs, Soaps aud Perfumery;
Physicians’ & Apothecaries’ (iooils
Purs Npcrm, Lird, Lcrnoae and JlntsfoBt Oili.
Fliarlcs k. Partridge,
Water Street, corner Market Square,
Has on hand a Lar,<e Selected Stock
kopt fresh by constant additions,
The liOweMt Market Hates !
PsrtriJfc'i Dm: Start, Bitrr Street, corner Sarket Sqair
♦ lian7i)l.v _
Prairie Weed Balsam!
|uly30-t.1teod L. II. TITCOMB, Apothecary.
Mr. A. F. Morse
has just returned from Boston with a very large
and desirable asbortmeul of
Stereoscopic Views,
which will tie sold nl Boston prices, lie ulso makes
and keeps constantly on hand
Views of Hallowell and Vicinity.
Any views which his cu Comers may want whicl
are not ill Ids selection. Will be ordered ivn'm-diate
ly. He has a great viniCty ol PICTURE I It A MLS
on hand. ... ,
All orders for framing done with neatness and
despatch. Pictures w> every etyle, made cheap.
The Public are invited to call at his rooms on
Water St., corner Union St., Hallowell. and ex
amine his stock. _liuly-ttl_
Shooting Tackle.
M. w7~L0 3i«,
And Dealer in
Shooting Tackle of Every Variety
Rifles and .Shot linns made to order ami war
ranted. Old Shot liuns rimmed out smooth am!
made to-hoot thick ami strong. Also, Ammunition
of the nicest quality.
Repairing done Neatly and Promptly.
DlaHtlug Powder.
Tlie best q’nalitv and largest stock ever kept in
this market. For sale lit Factory prices. Country
Healers supplied in any quantity or quality at dis
count. _ _ _{Jandy_
20c. Initial Stationery. 20c.
put up iu a neat box, tor ‘AOr.,
At Clapp & North’s ok Store,
156 Water Street, Augusta, Maine.
Harnesses and Harness Hoods !
Horse Clothing, Lap Robes, Saddles,
Bridles, Whips, Curry-combs,
Brushes, Cards, iUl kinds of Intcforing, Iinoo
Boots and Trotting Boots.
And Everything pertaining to a well regulated Stable
(Opposite Cony House.) . 113 Water Street, Augusta.
TrunJis, TrnnliLS.
Don’t pay two profits on your Trunks, but buy at the only place- in Augusta where they arc manufactured
And sold at Manufacturer’s Prices,
Augusta Trunk Factory!
Sign of tlio “ BIO THUlSTEf.”
HAVING engaged n fciiM-cln.*--Workman on Sole Leather Work, we are now prepared to furnish
hole Leather rl,i*unl%.w of tlio Best (Quality.
The only place in Maine where a fiiat-claes trunk is made. CALL AND EXAMINE.
?*o. 1 Eugenie, Saratoga. .Monitor, /Jnk Car Trunk* of nil diuse*. Ladies' I>re*§,
Common Dresp, VALl"E". both sole leather and comm 'ii, TKAVliLUNi. & "HOPPING BAGS
SHAWL ."TUAPS—In fact everything in the way of convenience to the trnvt lling public.
Coller db Gardiner,
143 Mater Street, AVGUSTA.
Combining- tlio Advantages <>U All Otlievs !
With limn j XKW anti I’ATHVI’iai Ft*nf iii‘<‘N.
BEAUTIPUIj I3\T design :
Every Range Warranted in Every Particular !!
For Sale by A. F*. GOULD,
One Door ftoi-tli Itailrond Rridias .Uftl’STA.
Also for snlo tlio >'ov mid Improvod “PEJ'Itl,i;ss” Conk Stove,
For Coal »nd Wood—'1 he Beet Stove lu the Market. The “Golden Eagle Furnace,”
For Coal, rote, tantly for sale. angdo-ftf
James H. Leigh,
Foreign ami Domestic
Wheeler & Wilson’s
JScwing Macliiiiesi S
1VEEULKS and all Tools adapted to the Ma
chines, constantly on hand.
Water St., Ifiallowcll. Jlo.
Corner and
Wintnrop State Sts.,
A vicrusta. Ale.
T. B. BALLARD, : : Proprietor.
Guosts taken to and from tho Cars
and Boats Free.
rpins new Hotel nffoids accommodations supon
1. or to any other in Iho city to the travelling com
imiuitv, being located In the
and very near the Depot.
Connected with and adjacent to the House are
commodious and convenient
StXPIil Rooms* !
where Commercial Travellers can show their goods
free of charge. . , .. .
The travelling public may be assured that no
pains w ill be spared to meet all their " ant*, and
with the assistance of Mk. Toknkk, at* of the
Augusta House, we hope to merit a share of the
public patronage.
Connected w ith this House is a
First Class Livery Stable!
G. A. & II. CONY, Proprietor*.
Mass. Institute of Technology.
I Entrance Examination Thursday, Septem
j rer *». For C’atalognes, apply to Professor
Samuel Kneel and, Boston, Mass. sepi-eodht
This Remedy does not simply relieve lor a short
time, hut it produces perteet and permanent cures
01 tin* vvor-t fix-s of Chronic V»sal Catarrh, and
1 trill jiiii,‘ $.-*oo rcicanl for a ante that I cannot cure.
“( old in the Head" and Catarrhal Headache are
cured with a few applications. If you have a dis
charge troin the nose, offensive or otherwise, stop
ping up of tin* no * e at times, partial loss of the
*en>e of smell, tn-te or hearing, eyes watering or
weak, teel dull, have pain or pressure in the head,
you must rest assured that you have Catarrh.
Thousands annually, without manife-ting hall the
above symptoms terminate in Consumption and
end in the grave. \o di-ease i-so common, more
deceptive or h ss understood by phy.-ieians. 1 will
send my pamphlet on Catarrh to aiiy address free.
l»r. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy is now
Price 50 cents. Sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt
00 cents, or four packages for two dollar*. Beware
of counter/ its and tt'orlkless imitations. See that
my private stamp, which is po.-iiivc guarantee ot
genuineness, i- upon the outside w rapper. Re
member that this private Stamp, issued by the
I'nited States (iovevinnent expressly for stamping
mv medicines, has my portrait, name and address
arid the words “l . >. Certificate of (•cnuineiieeh*'
engraved upon it. and need not be mistaken. Don’t
be sw indled by travelers and others representing
themselves as Dr. Sage ; I am the only man now
living that lias the knowledge and right to manu
facture the genuine Dr. >ugeV Catarrh Remedy,
and I never travel to -ell this medicine.
tjuue21—eodAwoin 133 Seneca si., Buffalo, N. T.
S. F. Davenport,
Agent for the sale of the celebrated
Hallowell, Maine.
Place of business ha6 been removed to ncarl>
opposite Western UnUn Telegraph Office.
Machines Repaired and Exchanged.
At the Annual Exhibition of
the Maine State Agricul
tural Society,
Held at Augusta, Sent. 20, 21, 22,
and 23, 1*70.
No. 1, to 261 irclufcive
Black Sultan, by C Butman, Plymouth.
Midnight, Win C Gordon, do
Gen Knox, T S Lang, Augusta.
A unfit Id, do «io
Whistle Jacket, Henry Butman. Gardiner.
3 years old tidy, K F Wyman, Vassalboro.’
S'.rr-1 Knox; Martin Dean, East Vaasa boro.’
Monti, a years old, Dr II M Harlow, Augusta.
Major Knox, John M Whit*, Windham.
Knox B’a lion, 2 years, old t. C Bailey, Winslow,
Lidy Wat* n, E G Doe Augusta.
Breeding Mare and foal, G 11 Getch 11, Somerset Mill*.
Young Wiuthrop Boy, J G 4r G A Wing, Wiuthrup.
2 year old oolt, E A Enkins. Palermo.
Duebtss aid horse colt, J D’Arthenay, Augusta,
Lady I.inp, do do
S.ailight, fi.ly, W A P Billing! am, Sidu»y.
Th rouihbrtd mare au«l loal. G G ILtriscom, Albion.
}oir.g Genera'. I) M Wyer, East YassUboro.’
Ltoy Boot. Z Dunn- Is, Newficld,
Gen Joe Hooker, <1 L i'urni r and Bro Pal rmo.
3 year old t»t»lli >n, A Cram, S mth Montville.
M»y (Jueer, K B Shepaid, Bkownegau.
Kat • nrown, do do
Fairtiild Boy. A K Jen- a, Ea'ifnld.
Fanny, fidy, Simuel »*uiid, Augusta.
Jackson O.dJing, O A Lawrence, W’ayce.
L'nca«, Wm Abbott, VH*salboro.’
3 year • 11 stallion, O Drunimoi.d, Winslow.
Little Tad, A K Smiley, Benton.
3 year old stallion. A Crawford Jr Skuwhegaa.
do F G Patterson, Vassdboro’.
Knox stallion, 0 D Gardiner,
Knox fiLy, do
Pythian, C F Whitney, East Wiuthrop.
l*rew gelding. Dan Strong, ll;Vcr.-ide.
F. arnaught Jr, Wright 6f Norcross, Augusta.
L‘ thair. do do
Carenaught, do do
Dre.dimught, uo do
B d Wright, no do
F’loru, do do
Year oil filly, do do
Mare and foal, do do
do do do
do do do
Ria'k Ranger, T S Bigelow’, Smithfleld.
Drrw n.ur . Wm Otis, do
Smlii-.rj, N M llall. West Falmouth.
Mailiolb roughb od, N M H»il, West Falmouth.
Koox mare, u 11. Mitchell, X' ■*-1 XX'aterville.
American B y, J X ^LiccbtilJr, West XX'aterville.
Cutter Tail, do do
Sial i n, A Knapp, Kitigflld.
M .re, do do
Stadion, C Hie. ford, XV. st Wat»-ville.
G Idii g, G H Boa re man, XVest XX'aterville.
do do do
Breeding mar and f»il, X Tuttle, Smithfleld.
Mar , 11 Crowell, do
M rrili Knox, li Morri 1, do
Koox mare. J Ha lett, XVeat XVat rville.
Pair draught hor«8, C Bickford, XVcbt XVat ^rville.
Nellie Otie, B F Ol a, do
Dr* w Prince, P Leiowneau, do
Gelding, do do
Purser horse, I Parker, Omne.
Horse, A J L.bbry, XV st XVau rville.
Gel link. S M XVoedcock, do
Filly, M Lee, Riverside,
do do do
do do do
Soillion, K Johnson, Ch na.
Mare and colt, J 11.-ward, Skowhegan.
Ge ding, S P Judkins N'<wp..rt. •
Stallion. XV 11 Ferpur* n, IHxmont.
Male, Jus Howard, Skowhegan
Mes-ei ger mare. S XV it ham, SinUhfltld.
rullion P M Thur ow. New Gloucrst r.
Pa. i> l XVebfUr, J S Jacobs, Foriniugtou.
Lt<iy fcl in, do do
Ben Bolt, F F File*.
Mare and lual, G N Page, Manchester.
Geldn g, do
filly, F M Lovrirg do
It aek XValuut, S L eland. Skowhegan.
Pathflud r, R Jones, Fairfield.
Gelding, P M Jtff.-rds, F xcrofl.
Mare and colt, A Reynolds, Clinton.
Mare and colt. do do
Oeldiug. G XV Siwrteiie, XXVst Waterville.
Stallion, fcbeu Lad.I. S ark*.
Mare and foal, J Bliun, Dresden Mills.
Stallion, L Mad 'oca, B.Hithbay
Mare and c ».t, H.-nry .Xl,rsh, Newport,
Gelding, do do
Stallion, J N Taggart, North Vassal boro’.
St I lion, J B G eatou, Starks.
S ailion, C C Kmery, Sxowr.egao,
Marc and Colt, Charts K sir, Last Winthrop.
Mare and c«»l«, B F Line aster, do
Coil, XV XV XVaugi , Stark#.
Stallion, R M Kuikht, Li chfleld.
Mare and co*t, A Palmer, Hollis.
Colt, do do
Mare and celt, A Baker, Gardiner,
Luucasttr, stall iud, A Larrabee, Augusta.
Mure, New Fork, do do
do Nau-y, do do
do D-uah, do do ■
Filly. Ik ll Boyd, do do
do R «sie Gore, A Lombard, Augusta.
Andy JoLnton, do do
(. uff, do do
Johnuy, do do
Pomp, do do
»Mir uimcne i noraes, uo ao
Killy, 11 A young Manchester,
Match* d hor®ts. T 11 Spring* r. Litchfield.
HarJ\‘s Kn *x. E J. Hardy, hast Wi.ton.
Sagadahoc, J sampsor. IkmdoiuhaiD.
Gen Howard, 11 C Edw r Is, Monroe.
Sfal ion, 1‘ s Grant, M W N o too North N«w Portland.
Pair Matched L» raes, Hiram Keed, Augusta.
Lady Knox Them All, F u J Bmlg., Wcstbroof.
Mumoken K y, H K id & Sou, Augusta.
Mare, J Church, lLthow* li.
lilac* Piince, J Tmiple, Bowdoinham.
K ng L ar, G o Cortis, do
Bismarck, 11 Campbtli, do
Pair matched horses, Temple A Curtis, Bowdoinham.
S'sl ior, D 1. S.nvu lie, Skln< y.
F lly, J A Varney, North Ya»*alboro.'
Gelding. do do
Horse, \V H IVarson, Vassalboro.’
Mare, J LoDgley, Nurridgewock.
Pa r draught h rsea, W \V Pease, North Anson,
do do do do
Stallion, C Emery, do
Mare and colt, W W Turner, Corinna.
Filly, C Ix’in L fford, do
Stallnm, 1> F Potter, llallowell.
Gelding, J 11 May, Augusta.
do do do
Pair matched hors-*, do
llors-, E E lloudletie, Dresden.
Suillion, J M Duff~*e, Pi rtlurd.
Lady Dexter, J J Gilbert, Portland.
G. l.iiug, 1 h<* (ii patrick, Fsrminpdale.
W inihrop Morr.ll, J F Jreason, Winthrop.
ik.ii Mon ill, do do
Lady 11 yt, do do
Geld rg, C Thomas, do
Mare, C Shorey, do
F.l y, do do
Ueloiug, P C Bradford, do
do do do
Filly, do do
Bismarck, J Yeung- do
Gelding, D K P.xkard, do
do do do
do ilo do
Stallion, 1 T Bachclder, Windsor,
Morrill t han pion, Wm Bsaies, Winthrop.
Gverge, II C Burleigh, Fairfield.
Draco Cl ief, do do
Lady Burleigh, do do
Stahion, K Jones, do
Mare, P Let mm au, West Waterrille.
Breeding mare a> d colt, do
Draught h .rse, E Williamson, Lix’eim >re Falla.
Gelding, D H Weeks, Ya?aalborj\
Fi ly, do do
Gcloing, A Sturtcrant, Winthrop.
do do do
Donny brook, Tucker 6f Pariin, Kendall’s Mills.
Scythian, K Huston, Fulmouth.
T<>guf, W S l iltoo, Augusta.
Mary, do do
Matched horst-i*, do
Hoi yhnek, G K Siimpson, 8 uth Windsor.
Fred, C F Burt ill, Waterville.
Mate und loti, W U W ha rtf, G irdiner.
Gelding, C W' Goodwill, Monmouth.
Mure and colt, J Bartl-tt, Litchfield.
Mare, E J Gilbert, Viwsalboro.’
tirey gelding, S K Jack Him.
Black mare, W K Morrill, Gardiner.
Ben Hampiou, U M Smiley, Yassalbore.'
Sts Dion, Ira D Sturgis, Augusta.
Maiched black horsi s, S Johnson, liallowell.
Sta'lioo, B 8 K-lly, Fiast Winthrop.
Gel log, H <f Kamsilell do
Stallion, J D Richardson. North Belgrade.
C-dmus, 0 W hittier, Vienna.
Sweepstakes, mare, J T Smith, L tchfielJ.
Filly, lleuiy Hudson, Skowhegan.
Stallion, do do
bullion, A F Gen Id, KerdalPs M Us.
Mare and foal, D C Robbins, Wiuthrop.
Gen Wadsworth, II Richardson, Portland.
Biaoo Chi* fv J L» R chardson, West Water vill?.
Ma e and f >al, Coffl i Bros, Portland.
Johnny Morrill. A lUllett, Topsbam.
M tched h >rs.j y Johnson, fops ham.
Filly, 3 yeirs old, J K II stings, Sidnty.
' btillion, do E li Br*dstieet, Pal rmo.
G-1 liny, 5 do A S Arnold, Augusta.
Marc 5 do b K U-ah, L:t< hti Id.
do 8 do C C Kme y, Stowhogaa.
M-re, Jess!-, 8 do J M Caroeno-r, Pitt t m.
| Fdly, Black Bessie, 2 do J VV II ir ow, Augusta.
Per heron stallion. Conquerir, II race Woodman, Saco.
Also Iv utucky stallion, Cromw-Il, J years old, and Ken
tucky breeding mar , Union, with e»-lt.
Bre» ding mare and co t, B 11 ik. Wells.
Carriage hors*, W II Herein, West Watrrville.
Black u» e, .1 A ll »lmer, Portland.
Mare and cult, no name.
Yeaillogand suckling colt, no nam*.
Colls. All n Lambard A ugusta. enters Countess, Duch
e s, Sa> ford. Black Peter, T**/up, Maria.
P»ir dr «u*ht horses, Geo Gr tilth, Augusta.
Bay geld ne, C M We ton, Li -Igrade,
Morrill eta l on, B F II >bart, Madison.
Merrill gdd ng, do do
Mare, Wm Bavis, do
G*Ming, C K Russ 11, do
Breedi’lg’tnare. II Reed k Son. Augusta.
Two bre.ding marcs and foals, II Reed A; bon, August!,
do d«* do do
Knox re'ding fc Chaff' e. North Yas« Iboro.’
1’ ir matched horsey, Br G K Brickett, Augusta.
Genlloearrl stallion, S M Yoin/. Llr.colnvP.le.
Carriage bor-e, Josiah Mitchell. Ballast,
tfiibret'i Knox. J R Gilbrvlh, Kendal ’s Mills.
H-rteuse and fod, do do
Queen of the Brews, do do
ftuilllon, 1 y*ar, do do
Filly G year, E T Monroe. Abbot.
Mare and cop, W T S nclair, Ilallowell.
' Mare and roll, J II Richards, IlM owell.
bt Elmo, G years, O b Chaff e, Buckffport.
Breeding mare and ftal, X Rice, West WaterviUe.
Mare, C L Gieason, do
Gilding, II B Bowden, do
(Continued in To-morrow’s paper.)
Herd of Shorthorns. by Wam'ii IVreival, Vassal
borub comprising one bull ami i t row.*.
.sweep-fake*. Warren IVreival, Vassalboro’,en
ter* Mioi {born* as follow*: Hull Young Carlysle,
ami the following cows ami heifer-: Red Lady 3*1,
Red Rose 2d and 3d. Nellie, ami Beauty 4th. In
addition to the above Mr. IVreival enter* the fol
low mg short Horn stock: Hull calves Commodore
3d. Roan star 2d. and Prince of Maine; and the fol
lowing heifers. Ac: Lady Lmma, I t. 2d and 3d,
Kilty 2d, .Jenny 4lb.aud Ruby.
Thoroughbred Bvdl •*JIee;or,” by Joseph San
born. sabnUus. Al.*o bull call Emperor.
W A 1* D.lhnglum, Slduey, enters the following
Jersey*: Bull Alexander, cow Pansy, heifer Flor
ence Percy, and calf S raw berry. Also the follow
ing grades : Cow Buttercup. Heifers four ill num
ber and three calve*.
Yoke draft oxen, C A Krskins, Palermo.
Jer*< y bull calf. W Pcrcival. Vassalboro.
six long wool buck lambs, W Pcrcival, Vassalboro.
do do ewe do do do
Yorkshire sow and 6 pigs, do do
Working steer*. 3 yr* old, J P Putnam, Wimhrop.
Matched do 4 do do do
Hereford*. Win P Blake of W Waterville, enters
l cow Nellie for sweep-lake*. Also bull calf Comp
ton Lad 2d. heiler F anny, bull calf Waterville Hero,
yearling neil't-rs Verbena and stately, and yoke 2
year old grade steers,
Samuel Guild. Augusta, enters .Jersey bull calf
j and two heifer calves, al*o grade heifer. ’
Yoke 3 vear old steer*. J \N Church. Hallow ell.
Cotswold buck. G G ilunscoinb, Albion.
do do do do
Ten grade ewe lambs do do
Yoke yearling steers. Geo Pierce. Manchester,
do 2 yr oi l do J II Dunlap, Vassalboro.
Jer-evs. Liny 1 II Snell. Winthrop. enters cow
Victoria Pansy/ heiler Rose, and calves Lilv and
Heifer 2 years old, A B Cary. Augu-ta.
Butterbdy. 1 year- old, F A Hevvins, Manchester.
Hereford*. J W Wentworth, Skew began, enters
Dttkeol Fallible. 1 year old.
Shorthorns. M N Cuvvan, >idnev, enters bull etilf
Commodore 3d, heifer White Queen, and calf Doui.
Bay State horse rake, Williamson A Greenwood,
Working oxen •'» years old. C 11 Beadle, Richmond.
Jersey bull calf, Cyrus Guild, Augusta.
Cow and calf, T I. Pratt. Skowheg.in.
Yoke of oxen 5 years old, A II Brown, E Wilton,
do do 4 ’ do do do
do do E II Pettengill, Livermore F.
I Hereford Bull. 3 years, P II Thing, Mt. Vernon,
i Three coop* game fowls, B A Dunning, Brunswick.
! Draught oxen. L 11 PetUngell, Livermore,
i Yoke steer*. E Caldwell, Manchester.
Buck, long wool, Dean fewilt. Sidney.
I 3 ew es, do do do do*
13 lambs, do do do do
10 do do do do do
Jersey bull. G W Crocket. West Gorham.
Yoke oxen,Tristum Fall. China.
do steer*. II C Colcord, Clinton.
Cotswold buck. J o Kcye*. North Jay.
Yoke oxen, A G TluuioV. New Gloucester.
Jersey cow, ;> years, <• W Quinby, Augusta,
do d*> 4 do do do do
do calf, do do do
do heiler. L FI Snell, Ea.-r Winthrop
Working oxen. AN in V well, Fairfield.
Steers. 3 years old. S E Judkins, Belgrade.
Ducks, top-knot, do do do
Geo Lmld. Marks, enters draught oxen,3 pairs;
Matched oxen; Hue wool buck; line wool sheep,
yearling; line wool sheep, 2 years old.
Jersey bull. .J Blinii. Dresden.
Short horn bull. W W Waugh, Starks.
J W Merrill. Portland, enters Jersey bull, New
England, Ayrshire bull. 3 years old, Berkshire cow
and pigs,Chester, do., duel,-*.
Jersey bull, 1 year, A Purlin, F.a-t Winthrop. *
do heifer, do do do
Yoke steers, J C Baker. Lewiston. *
Ayrshires. Charles l\« zar, Ea-t Winthrop, en
ter*'bull, year old, call', and 3 heiler*; also ten
grade sheep.
Steers, heifers, 1 2 and 3 years old, W W Waugh,
yokes oxen. 11 A Dexter, >' nyno.
2 Chester white boars, Alilen Baker, Gardiner.
Devons. Allen Lainburd enters bull calf Lew,
ami cows R«».-a and Glidden.
The following entries are made from the farm of
the Insane A-yluiu, Augu-ta: Four Yokes working
oxen ; sow A nigs, small breed, two entries; 2sows,
large breed; K.»-c\ sow A pig.
Short Horn. Bull, John Bull, bv James Sampson,
Bowdoinham. Also, yearling bull Sagadahoc chief,
by same.
*(» i> Pullen. West Waterville, enters Cotswold
buck. 5 years, do do 1 year, do (to ewe.
Working oxen. L t base. Fayette.
Model of stump machine, Vi L A W M Howland,
i Topsham.
; Plows. I Frye A Son, Portland, enters 8 plows,
I four for light and four for heavy use.
I Cotswold buck, A J lialletr. West Waterville.
! i) do ewe lambs, do do do
Herefords. G A II Underwood, of Fayette, en
ter herd consisting of bull, 5 cows and one heifer.
Also bull Wellington Hero, cows Alice, Hortense,
Albcita, Ellen and Martha, and heifer Gentle.
Oxen, for plowing, I,. Chase, Fayette.
Two grade heifers, W II. Pearsons, Va-salboro’.
Short Horn bull, A 1* Smiley, Skowhegan.
Bull 2 years old grades, W W Pease, No. Anson,
six cows do do do do
Five calves do do do do
Working oxen, J Carlton, West Gardiuer.
Yoke steers, do do do
i Coop Leghorn fowls. Miss M Carlton, W Gardiner.
Ayrshire bull, E E Houdlette. Dresden.
Herd grade cows, A 11 Brown, East Wilton,
i Grade heifer, do do do do
Short Horns. P. Norcross, So. Chestervllle, en
| tors cows Daisy and Primrose, and heifers Lady
j Oxford and Nellie, 2 year olds.
, Ayr shires. JAN Daue.jr., Kennebunk, enter
bull Brewster, and bull calf. Also herd. Also the
following cows : Dolly Fancy, Buttercup. AnucUe.
! ami heifers Belle, Maty 5th and Gth, Betty.
; Grade Jersey cow, J lveegan, Augusta.
do heifer calf, 11 Eaton, do
| Jersey cow, J Woodward, do
| do heifer do do
Grade heiter, Charles Kezar, East Winthrop.
I 10 Spanish Merino sheep do do
{ Horse hoe, W Thompson, Gardiner.
Horse subsoil plow, W Thompson, Gardiner,
j Wheelbarrow, ,J 1) K mdall. Crocs Hill.
Working oxen, J K Bod well, Hallowed,
do do do do
j Two yoke do do do
I llcrfords. Hall C Burleigh of Fairfield, enters
I herd. Also bulls Comptom Lad, Canadian Chief
I and North Star, and the following cows Necklace
I Gth and Tth. Verbena 2d amt 5th, Hebe 4th, 5th, Gth
j ami Tth, and heifer Venus.
; Fat cow, 11 C Burleigh, Fairfield.
Herefords. George E Shores, Waterville, enters
herd; also cows: Hebe 2nd, Necklace 3d and 3th,
j Gentle 6th and Gth, Cherry ami Lily. Three bull
! calves. Heifer calf. Held of grade cows. Yoke
I oxen. Yoke steer calves. One lot calves,
i Litter of pigs. II Packard. East Winthrop.
! Pair two-year old i-teers, W F Blake, W Waterville.
I Shorthorns. Elijah Wadsworth of Livermore
; Falls, enters 5 cow», 2 heifer calves, 1 bull calf, 3
! two-year old heifers.
I Sheep. E. Wadsworth enters long wools, 5 bucks,
G buck lambs, H ewe laiubs. 9 ewe sheep.
tirade bull, W F Muni ford, St. Albans.
Bull. John Keed. Ninth Boothbay.
Devons. 8 B Page of Winthrop, enters bull Gen..
Grant and bull calf Gen. Sherman. Cows: Fanny
Perk y, Lady Care and .fenny Lind. Ifeii'es enlves :
Lady Page and fanny Fen*.
Sow and pigs S B Page, Winthrop.
Brahma fowled, U ir Clark, Gardiner.
Dcvona. Gen. W s Tilton of the Military Asylum, ;
Augusta, enters bull Hampden, and rows Minneola,
Kho ja uud Wenhum; ulso 12 yoke of grade Devon '
Jorseys. N K Bmtelle of Waterville. enters j
herd; also bull Humboldt four-vear old. and Tam
D’Shanta yearling. Cows and heifers: Madam
Bishop, Susie, Pansy. Bellflower, Sybil. Clover 2nd, ’
K >mp, Mildreo. Bounibell and Miunonette.
Plow ing team. J H Huzzy, Augusta.
Two pairs steers, S. Osborne, Kendall’s Mills.
Cow and calf, do do
Pair fat oxen. Charles show. Dexter; al-o Jersey I
bull yearling and Jersey bull Lord Mayor of Maine j
yearling, and two Jersey boilers.
Shorthorns. L A Dow of Wat wville, enters herd, j
Kennebec Lad bull, and cows and heifers Victoriue, I
Arizona, Bianca and Waterville Lady.
Boar, small breed, 2. L A Dow, Waterville.
E.'-ex sow , Dinah. do do
Balancelior-e rake. I. Stafford. North \pp1eton.
Cot-wold buck, William \ Palmer, llaitovvell.
<*rade Jcr-cv mlf. Lewis Johnson, \ugu.-ta.
llerelord bull, G K chores, Waterville.
shorthorns. W II Haynes of Smithfleld. enters
herd ; also bull. cows, 2 heifers, and 5 valve-.
Hay rake. I. II Morrill. We-t Cumberland.
Bm keve mower. No . 2.G A White. Worcester, Mass.
One pair calves, E 11 Laphatn, Pittstou.
Yoke steers, do do
Team for plowing, do do
>ix plow-, f (J Merrill, South Paris.
Cultivator and horse hoe, F C Merrill, South Paris.
Working oxen, Insane Hospital.
Horse hay fork. G W Sanborn. Belfast.
Two yearling ew es, George W. f elt, Manchester.
Yearling heifer, do do
Yoke oxen, E A Williams, Keadliekl.
Revolving; burrow. U M Mansur, Augusta.
Jersey heifer. Pansy. G W Stanley. Augusta.
do’ do two-v’ear old, H. A. DeWitt, Augusta,
do cow. J If Wyman, do
Heifer. C A Millikeu, do
< ow, A Libbcv, do
Jersey row . Mr-. Hannah Kezar, E Winthrop.
tirade calf, Charles Kezar, do
Bored tubular well, C C Jones, Portland.
The Ames Plow Company of Boston, enter Perry
two horse Mower, American Hay Tedder, Burra
Self Adjusting Horse Rake, Eaton Law u Mow er,
and Ko-.-’ Lawn Mower.
Jersey buIl.J U Gilbterli, Kendall’s Mills.
Clipper Mower, «. B Weaver, New pent, II 1
Two <‘o <io do do
Advance Mower, M L Uicc, Stetson.
do _ do ^ do do
It hue a Wheel rake, do do
Pulverizing Harrow do do
(Continued in Tomorrow's paper.)
Th- following is a list of the entries at the State House,
unbracing Dome-tic manufactures, Horticultural, mineral
and miscellaneous i-rticles*.
luhufball but er, tub of packed butter, Jar of straw
berry pr serve-, «nd jar of gooseberry pres*rves by C A
Er kins of Pa- rain.
Jar of bu t* r, S*u uM Gu Id. Au*ru ta.
Case of pun*, pi-to!s 4c. M W Ling, Augusta.
Weed 3 wii g Machine, G W Joues, do
II »'l Machine Treadle, <1 - dn
Lo s Jun • an i Sept, butter, L 11 Snell, East Winihrop.
On piano, two cabinet i rgans, and one meludcou, K M
Man ur, Augusta.
Elliptic rpriug, J Fiske. Augusta.
Tw<> c ir seats, do do
Hive of be* s working, specimen of honey, beehive, anil
winter und summer arrangemuets for bees by L 3 Toney,
liar por.
Auurican Sewiag Machine, ard combined button-hole
overseamirg sewit g msoMne, by C W Dunning, Augusta.
Case of h ir w >rk, P 11 Foote, Augusta.
F ur water color pic.uns *and one pencil drawing, S B
Dunning. Bruns* ic*.
Show case, II E Pip r, Augusta.
Carriage robe, do do
PaGor organ, Arno II dgkius 4 Co, Gardiner.
Cambric qudt, pair pillows, slums, sofa pillow, ottoman
c ver and worsted woik for chair, Mrs G N Page, Manches
Hubbard squashes S E Ju.ikin*, Belgrade,
b.eiph and wavon, J A Mitchell, Augusta.
Css** m ns thick boo's, N Plumnnr, Augusta.
Lot 3 pt buw*.r. A Parliu, East Win hrop.
Sjecim n> of moss work, W A Webs’er,Togus.
Bushel of whe a, of rye and barley, and experiment Id
raisiug wheat, Samutl Guild, August a.
Boxes chemical erasive soap. i>er fumed orient soap, and
validated soap, A Baker, Gardiner,
i Patent wind wheel, 1> S Hawes, Tr y.
I Case of iuillio**iy, M P Sju e. Augusta.
I Collection of grape- grown in open air, bunches of D'^na,
[ Dtlaaare, CoDCom and Hertford Prolific, Calvin Cham
j her la in of Fuxcroft.
One earth closet and one Commbde, L II Grafton, Au
Case recolored clothes. B Phlnney, Augxftta.
Jar 3 pt butt r, Miss M Carlton, West Gardiner.
Counterpane, Mrs E F II‘ales, Augu-ta.
ColPctiOii of apples GU varieties, collection of pears 15
varieties,« f grapes 12 Varieties, bushel fall app.es, bushel
wii ter apples, basket varieties of apples, dish of pears, 3
S.ciii.to musk melons and p*.ck ot tomatoes, Josiah Taylor,
Collection < f apples, of pears, di*h of a| iILs, of pears, !
ard two bunches of Ever tt grapes, 3 N Weston, North Fay
20 varlties of peer*, 25 varieties of apples, dish of pears,
of apples, dish of fall and dish of winter apples, p*.ck of
O'.io'i- ami p-ck of c.rrots, N Fo#Ur, Gardiner.
IVer is* furuiCes, Pratt A Wentworth, Bostou.
3 hearthrugs, Mrs Uuoat.il Eaton, Augu-tu.
Baskets if apples anti grapes. Uu.-seil Eaton, Augusta.
3 f.i cushion, crocheted bibs, embroidered chemises,
tatting co.lar and a collection of plants, Miss A A Eatou,
Embroidered chemises, infants robe, ottoman cover,
crocheted socks, tatting collar, M ss E W Eaton, Augusta.
| Worsted sacque and seeks, Miss A It Eaton, Auguita.
Fair <>f stockings knit in the y*ar 89, and worsted work,
Mrs A II Pe.kins, Augusta.
Counterpane, Mrs Doty Richards, Augusta.
Eugenie trunk, Culler 4 G iruiuer, also Saratoga and
travelling trunk, c so of liar ness goods and ad. z u whips.
Ti re* dishes ol pears uud half bushel of cranterries,
J »hn Niliou, Ha loaell
Fi'tten vari-ti s of apples, W II Moores, llallowell.
Pair wors ed slippers, E T Trask, Augusta.
Tiliy, Mrs J N Trask, do
| Bask* t uf pears, W Tr.oinpson, Gardiner.
Patent churn, do do
Three squash e, Patrick Fox Augusta.
L u of do H K Karidall, Cr*.sj Hill.
Rug, Mrs 3 M August*.
\\ « e*i Family S.witg .Machines, No 2 and 3, G W Jones '
I Auguvt«.
Two hcquets, Mrs Ohas Stan’ey, Winthrop.
| L >t of cnees*-, Z A G.lbeit, Etsi I urner,
1 Embroidered pillow cases, Mrs A G Barton, Augusta.
Quilt, Miss Carrie Perley, Yassalboro.*
Jar ot butter, .Mrs J C Parley, do
Collection of open air grapes, dishes D.ana, Delnware,
Concord, llaittord Prolific, Isabella auJ Rebecca, Chaa J
Perley, \ *>salb r
yum, jure a «- B.wreue, cminey.
; Two quilts, >lr» L ut South, do
i I ltd spread and stand cover, Mrs P Ellis, Sidney.
Potatoes, 14 varieties, Obed Emmy, Fair Add -
; E'ght crayon pictures, Miss A mm E Pcreival, Augusta.
! bushel ot tieaus, 11 Paukard, East Winihrop.
Ju euile swing, I) A Pay son, Hope.
1 Ci llectlon ot' apples, oi grap- s grown in open air, 2
j bunches each Diana, Adirondack, Delaware, Hartford Pro
I lift**. atd Isabella grap.b, W R WnartT, Gardiner.
Quilt and spread, Mrs R C Pr. cter, Augusta.
Seven pieces ot ueedl work, Mrs C 11 Noble, do
| Ihuquti of asters, Miss Carrie Noble, do
j Must bashtt, moss cross, cray. n j ortra t, two small
I crayons, and iruil unujtb t, Miss Annie Noble, Augus>a.
! Collection of apubs, of peur, dislr of applet, dish of
I (tears, ti varieties of ( Unis, grapes under glass, Calvin
I Spj.ul.liu/, Hallowed.
! Ruck 11 imburg grapes, and three ether varieties, S C
Cox. llallowtll,
Kuittiua machine, J R Clark, Bath.
Shear, punch aud ups.ttc, J F Procter, Portland.
Had Uutseu mel >u?, S Jobutou, Cress lldl.
| Burin l of craubciries aud a bi>rel each of California
oils and Blue Ohnriie p tgtoes, Seward Dill, Phillips.
Duri nsc ptade, C Butterfield, Sidney.
! D.ivis Sowing Machine, G S etjwart, Gardiner, also two
others, tame.
Collect ou of &( p'es, bush. 1 of fall apples, dish of app’es,
| dish of Delaware gi up. h, C S Poj>e, Manchester.
Invalid bid, W Ueatti, Bith.
Ric> niond range, parlor heaters, No 1 aud 2, and Stewart
1 pallor heaUrs No 2 and 3, W illiamson k Greenwood, Au*
j gmta.
Ucd-pread, Mrs 11 C llurlo,w do
i 20 yards ot home ui.de doth, 3 1-2 yards milled cloth
and gentleman’s short coat, Mrs L M Webber, Vassalboro.’
Magic qui t, Amelia Turn -r, Au«ubU.
I Dre»s charts, Miss If C Fo- te, do
Cullcctiouol apples, M N Cowan, Sidney.
Toil t set, 4 pieces, Mrs G 11 Siwy.r.
Trace of corn, Jam- s Uuzzey, Va<s*lb«ro.’
Jar of butter, J F llalleit, West Watervlde.
Rag rug. Mr* D W Sawyer, Boothbuy.
qui It, Grace Sloyle, llal owed,
H artli rug, ottomau cover, album mat, Mrs Frank Tea
ton, AUhU*ta.
ur-» u, I C Hovey, Augusta. Also by same 2 orgats, por
table siuk, wrlciug desk, an4 hook case.
Specimens of prim ng, F G U.cb, P rt and.
Hurt it uilursl wreath, Mrs 11 D Whittier, Farmington Falls.
* Kaith closet. Dole Bros, Baugor
Acre of corn, acre of tarley, 3-4 of an acre of potatoes,
A D Goodwin, Pittston
Window shade?, II G Staples $r Co, Augusta
S ippers, Mrs A G Trask, do
Tidy, .v isa R a do do
Quilt, Mu A A Lord, West L banon.
ihr.rait, Miss A E Noble, Augusta.
Rug, Mi s L A Grant, S:4n« y.
Cotton an wool cloth, Mis T J Grant, Sidney.
Specimen of penmanship, I> M Waitt. Augusta.
Qu It, Miss C M Weston, Bel rade.
uo >liss Vine K Wais-n, do
Painting?, Wesley Webb* r, Gardiner. The following Is
the listMeadow Lane, Autumn on the Cobb see conies
at Gardiner, Wreckers prize, on the lower Kennebec, C-ta
kill Mountains, Swinging in the lane, afternoon on tb«
Saco, misty nn ruing on Echo Lake, Sunset oa the marshes,
Cocoanut, Fruit-piece, and Marine view.—12.
Jar of buiter, Mrs L Faruham, Augusta.
Crab ap, le jeil-y, N* Hie do do
P ncil crayon, Mu a G A Rowell, L-wiston.
Moss wreath, Miss II A Stanley, Winthrop.
Woollen blanket-, stockings, mittens and gloves, Mrs J
M Carper ter, Pittston.
Co Action of apple* 6 varieties, bushel of fall apples, J
M Carpenter, Pittston.
Walnut commode, L W Grafton. Augusta.
Tomatoes, watermelons and Hubbard (quashes, Annie t
Boardman, Augusta.
Oil painting. E W Hanlon, Augusta.
Van* ties * f ginpes, C B Wtrttier, Winthrop.
Tidies, Miss 1 G Greeley, August-*.
Two boxes of candles, A Bake , Gardiner.
Trace of corn, 11 G Williams, Sidney.
Bedspread, Mary K S-.eaduan, do
Hair wreath, Mrs Villa IIiy ward, do
Vase of wax flower*, do Uo
Hearth rug, Mary A Hanson, Vaasalboro.’
Bushel of fall apples. Joseph Ho want, Sidney.
Chair cushion, Mrs L M< ore, Augusta.
Specimen uf seed corn and Turban squash, 11 Norcros?,
Mexican work, Mrs II R Randall, Cross Hill.
Ornamental, pot plant, garden and veranda trellis*, C
K Partridge, Augusta.
Twj quilts, Mrs J lliinilton, Manchester.
Two rug?. 1 quilt, Mrs P llanilr, Augu-ta.
Tidies and Uutrng collar, Miss S Walaroo, Augusta,
Two rugs, Mr- U-ynold, Sidney.
Counterpane, M 11 Reyn Id's, do
Specimen of penmanship, Miss II Greeley, Augusta.
L idies ci mpauion, Mrs C Merry, do do
Two painting in water colors, Miss Carrie B Johnson, Au«
Specimens of apples, natural fruit, and winter wheat, L
C Johnson. Augusta
Brackets, Marian Lorering, Manchester.
Rug, Mrs P Larrabe, Farmii gdale.
Twu rugs, Mrs K C Farrington, Iryehurg.
Handkerchief, Miss S L Cox, liallowell.
Ihsh of Flemish Beauty pears, W B Dunlap, Belgrade.
(Contimicl in To-morrow’a paper.)
Ilia Stock embraces a flue line o!|
American and Swiss Watches,
in gold and silver ease, including the celebrated
National or Elgin Watch, Waltham, Tremont, Bor*
<iuin, Bonnett, Pardeaux, Jacot, &c., in both La
ities’ and gentlemen’s sizes.
Fine Gold jr©wclry,
Solid Gold Leoniton
Vest and Neck Chains,
of the most approved kinds.
including the celebrated ITIIACA CALENDAR
all ol which will be sold at the
Lowest Prices, and Warranted.
Particular attention given to renairintf all kinds ol
Fine Watches. Chronometer Balances applied and
adjusted to temperature and position fljanTO-tf
rpiIE HILL TREADLE to be attach to
X Jtny Sewing Machine. Takes but very Ule
strength to run. Always starts the right way; >.*. ret
backwards. No starting or stopping the machine
with the bauds. Call and sec it in operation,
sepb-ttf G. \V. JONES, Agent.
New J>eiitiil Rooms,
HUNT’S BLOCK, next door North of
Post Office,
AUGUST.4, : : Maine.
VI fE beg to inform the public that we havo cstab*
> } lished this office permanently for the practice
of Dentistry m all its branches. Our long expert*
ence in both Boston and New York enables us to
execute all operations in the best possible manner
We give our patrons the benefit ol all the latest and
best improvements without extra charge. Our char*
ges will be very moderate iu all cases.
Artificial Teeth inserted at the following greatly
reduced prices for one month
Beautiful sets of Gum teeth $15 to $20.
Temporary “ Plain “ $10 to $15.
Partial seta iu proportion.
Teeth extracted without Pain.
F. II. FALLS At t O., Surgeon Dentists,
sept 14-♦
Mutual Lire Insurance Company
I rpniS is one of the oldest, most reliable, and beat
j X dividend paying companies iu the country.
ASSETS OVER $7,200,000!
Liberal arrangements w ill lie made w ith Agents,
and they are wanted in all parts of the Slate.
Apply at Al'GISTA, ME.,
i 130 Water Htreeti (ujMstulrts) to
Manager lor Maine and New Hampshire.
March 2i, 1870. rMmar-lf
BY an experienced teacher, a situation to teach
the coining winter, where good wage, are paid,
or as assistant. Languages taught If desired.
References giveu. Address
septij-fjw Box B, South China.
H VYING returned to his old stand, next door to
'the Journal Block, would inform hi. friends
aud the public that lie is ready to manufacture
either PEGGED or SEWED.
done cheaper than at any other shop on the Ken
A. Littlefield.
Augusta, Sept. U, 1870.___
1 MLUII'AX BROIL.LBS, Table Cutlery,
Plated Forks aud Spoon-, and Housekeeping
Goods a! Williamson * Urstnwted's.

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