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3Loral anti srtatc Xetos.
Most of the stock of hardware in the store of
Mr. A. Wilder has been purchased by traders.
We invite attention to the advertisement of
Mr. Geo. A. Jones in another column.
T. J. Murray has been appointed Inspector
of Customs at Portland.
The B. & M. L. R. It. from Belfast to
Brooks is alniut finished.
Lewiston has 80,000 spindles; Biddeford
lias 02,000.
lion. Jacob Sleeper of Boston, has pre
sented a bell to the M. E. church in Belfast.
The ordination of Mr. Baker over the Bap
tist church in Hebron, will take place Sept.
The September term of the Circuit Court
la gan at Portland last Friday. Judges Clif
ford, Slieplcy and Fox presiding.
The farmers were taking their big squashes
home Saturday. The State House was the
ficene of considerable activity.
We understand that J. I). Lang ot Vassal
boro, lias just returned from bis Indian treaty
visit, and proposes soon to go back.
Mrs. Mary C. Stratton of this city, while
going down a pair of stairs the other day, fell
and dislocated her jaw.
The Mayfield Slate Company is building a
road to its quarry and erecting buildings pre
paratory for work another year.
The County Commissioners recently held a
consultation in this city on the ease of Madi
son Crowell of Boston, who applied for
abatement of taxes.
A house, barn aryl outbuildings in Newport,
belonging to Mr. Cbas. Boyd, were destroyed
by fire Thursday. Several tons of hay were
burned in the stable. Loss alsiut $5lXX).
Maj. I’. M. Fogler of this city will be a
candidate for appointment to the office of
Register of deeds for tliis county, made vacant
by the deatli of Capt. Clark.
A horse witli a carriage attached backed
down the steep declivity between Gage street
and the river, a distance of three or four rods,
and, strange to say, the horse came out alive.
At a raiiruad meeting in Stockton, on tlie
lGth, it was agreed that the town should take
ten per cent, of its valuation in the stock of
the Bay £ River Railroad, with the object of
buildiug to Belfast, witli the aid of Searsport..
The sltip Columbus of 1800 tons, built by
Ward £ Crawford for Nath'l L. Thompson at
Kcnnebunkport, was launched on Saturday
last. They have just commenced another big
ship in the same yard for Capt. Thompson.
The wife of the assassin Hoswdl, in spite
of her wounds, was able on Friday to be con
veyed from Hallowell to her mother’s home
in Carmel. Her step-father and little son
accompanied Iter.
There was a double-team smash-up Satur
day forenoon on Siate street near the Augusta
House. The span escaped from the owner,
a Mr, White of Bangor, came down “Bines’
hill,” wheeled at the railroad crossing, turned
and went on to State street where the buggy
was smashed into kindling wood.
Alfred Kirkpatrick. Ksq., Assistant Mar
shal, informs the Whig that the population of
Bangor, according to the census just com
pleted is ; East of the Kenduskeag, 10.451;
we t of tiie Kenduskeag. 7,845; total, 18.290.
In 1800 the population was 16.406, showing
an increase during the last decade of 1,788.
In 1850 the number of inhabitants was 14,432.
Workmen are now engaged in taking down
the brick work of the new cotton factory of
the Messrs. Sprague, which was commenced
last season. About six feet depth ot brick
work had been built, but the rise in tin- river I
flowed it while tlie mortar was green, making j
the part which had been built insecure. The
entire brick work is to be taken down, ami
laid over again from the stone foundations.
No better foundations can be found anywhere
than those upon which the new factory will
Just six weeks ago Saturday, work was
commenced by Mr. Stevens of Lewiston on
the bulkhead of the Kennebec dam. Not only
is the bulkhead finished, hut the dam is ap
proaching completion. About one hundred
feet on the west side remains to be planked
over. During Friday night the remainder of
the piling on the upper side of the dam was
driven, and the waters of the old Kennebec
which have flowed unbridled to the sea, are now
stopped in their course, and turned back. The
water is now slowly rising in the pond above
and lias commenced to flow through the new
bulkhead. We hope from the thorough man
ner in which the work lias been performed
that the river will remain permanently dam
An old gentleman who h> 1 come down to
the Fair and wlm had evidently been tempt
ed into the shops where something stronger
than new cider is sold, made quite a sensation
on Friday evening, by driving his team down
the railroad traek, supposing it was the public
highway. A thumping, rumbling noise was
heard, and although the incilent occurred a
little alter dark, some individuals went out to
see what was the matter. They found the old
man lashing his horse along while the animal j
was drawing the old fashioned four-wheel
carryall across the railroad sleepers, making
it warm work for the driver. He thought
that was a hard road to travel, hut continued
to urge his old nag on, until he passed from
Market square down the track, und into the
railroad machine shop. The flashing light on
the engines, the strange, weird appearance of
the blackened rafters overhead, and the nmm
mouth iron horses staring him in the face on
every hand, made the old man think that he
had really come to the end of his race, and
was about to enter upon the untried scenes of
purgatory. He was relieved from his strungc
positiod, his teatfl* taken on the turn table,
turned round, and tile old fellow sent on bis
way rejoicing. He doesn't think i^pch of cor
duroy roads. He was very particular to
charge the gentleman assisting him to do
everything on the square, und not injure the
“old mare.”
For the effect produced by Fellow’s Com
pound Syrup of 11 Yropnospun i.s in I list use*
of the Lungs the invi ntor is pcrmiiti d to refer
to the medical gentlemen in St. .John, N. B.,
whose signature* are attached her. to :
Wm. Bayard, M. 1>.
Edwin Bayard, M. 1).
Thomas Walker, M. 1).
John Berryman, M. D., Ed.
Dr. Johnstone, L.1U ’.S., Ed.
GkoRUI. Keator, M. D.
W. II. Haiiding, M.IlC.S.
John Baxter, M. D.
J. D. White, M. D.
T. W. Cakritt, M. I).
I I- \aron Alward, Mayor of the City of St.
John, in the Province of New Brunswick, hav
ing examined the letters of Drs. Earle, Addy,
j Clay, Jacobs and Chandler, and also the sig
natures attached to the foregoing permit of
reference, hereby certify that I believe them
all genuine.
1 can also testify to the high therapeutical
value of Fellows’ Compound Syrup of Hypo
phosphites, and consider it deserving of atten
tion I y the profession generally.
In testimony whereof I have
r-K-hereunto set my hand and aflix
( Great ) ed mv Seal of Mayoralty at the
( Seal. $ city of St. John this Oth day of
v-y-' 1' ( dmiary. in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-eight.
f&wlw Mayor of the City of St. John.
5fcy*31c*scd are they who seek relief from
“Liver Complaint,” “ Billiousness,” severe
lingering < ’oughs and Bronchitis, by using Dr.
Pierce’s Alt. Ext. or Golden Medical Discov
ery, for they shall he happy in knowing that
the cure i* complete. $1000 reward is offered
by the proprietor for a medicine that will equal
it in the cure of all the diseases for which it is
recommended. For constipation of the bow
els and a* a Mood purifier, for the cure of
Pimple* and Blotches on tin lace. Salt Klieunt.
Erysipelas, nnd ;dl skin and Scrofulous dis
eases. t bis medicine G unequalled. Sold by
druggists. f&wl’.r
A Gentle Whisper to Mothers.—It un
fortunately you have lost tour own teetli by
neglect or mismanagem. nt. take care tf.at
your daughters do not suffer the same p« unity
from the same cause. Sec to it that th y brush
their teeth regularly and thoroughly with
Sozodont. and thereby you w ill insure them
sound and r\hcable sets as long as they live.
“Spalding - Glue." handy and useful,
eodl w
In Portland. 20th ind.. William M Mark- to Miss
A malt'la \ "t* t:i:- «•! Pill 11:11.
In Palmyra, i .Mi iiist., PhilanderC. Braun to llisa
Mary A. Spaulding.
In Richmond, W . 21 ln.-t . Mr-. Mary M- Kenny
formerly • *1* M.idi-«*n. aged 78 years, ■< day
In .skovrfiegan, loth inst., Stephen Potter, aged 07
In Ifartf >rd. 2<!th ull . Sarah, wife of Ezekiel Bos
worth, aged 2d > ears ; 2'Jth ull., Ellen, w il'e of Luther
Wli ling, aged J7 y ears.
At Ninth Pun-.12th inst., Airs. Sally, wife of Job.
Mureh, aged do years.
•On Saturday afternoon, a pocket hook, contain
ing about £22 in greenback-, and several bo-im -s
cant.-of 11 •>. .v A. A. Nichols. The llnder will
be rewarded by leaving it at A. P. i.oul 1’.- stove
store. t-eptiO-at.
A-voting Gentleman ol tins city wi-ii - to corres
pond with some nit» young lacv*.
Address, .1 A. k Augusta, Me.
A Reliable Man
Cl AN NOW -hi IKE THE AG ESC \ for the
/ County ol Kennebec. ldr one of the ul le.-t and
mo.-t reliable Lite hi-uraacc Companies—I'hcrnix
Mutuul Life, of llaitfonl. C-mn. L Labhshcd
18-d. Purely Mutual. Kate s low er tiiun the majority
i»f companies in Tinted stale-. It is pay mg as large
dividend.- a.- any company in the • ouutiy. Neuilv
all restrictions ivm -ved ifvm it- policies* Ao extra
r.tes lor iu-uiing Railroad Employee- or f» males.
Its ratio of lo.-.-e- i- low ei than any other company
«d eipial age. It insures on liie All t\uh. contribu
tion plan, and also on half note plan, two distinct
sy sU nis.
There i.- no company in the country that is easier
for Agent- l" w oi k tiiaii the Old Tnieotx. nor a com
pany til ,t i.lrj greater iuivant iges to the insured,
for particulars, Ac . appiy to
liEi>. A. JONE8, Gen. Agent,
sept2f-Mw AwJw * Portland, Me.
Wallet Lost !
BETWEEN Augu.-tuiiud the National Military
Asylum, or iu the streets of Augu-ta, Friday
evening, dept. Pith, a CALFMvlN WALLET, con
taining between £ls and d-L The Under will be
liberally rewarded by leaving the same at the store
of As A JlEDoL, Augusta. * »ept2u-lw*
Be] t W, l£7u
For Sale !
4 IIOI SE AND LMl with out-buildings, situa
o~V ted in a pleasant location near lVttengilPsCor
ner in Augusta. There i- an excellent Well of
Water which never fails; ub-o. several thrifty
Apple t lie - anil a nice g., men. For lull her pat tic
til.ii - empine on the pii mi-cs of
septtfMtf BENJ. RAY.
For Sale of to Rent !
sTi >KE on W ater street is for sale or to rent 1
attei October 1st.
Bapt-J do Uctl _ _ |
Water Closets, Wash Basins,
1 til.VMM .1 l’l.ATEI* ivatu:,
Cast iron
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead,
And every article pertaining to Plumbing kept con
* stantly on hand and for sale at
Corner Ha-idge A \\ ater Streets#
Under Hunt’s Hat Store.
n it. Plumbing in all its brunches done in a neat ■
an.‘ thorough niauni r.
Particular Attention Paid to Jobbing.
This is the most th > < ugh blood ptufflor yet dis
covered, and runs till humors from tlie wor l Scro
fula to a common Eruption. Pimples and Matches
on the face, and scaly . r rough skin, which are such
annoying bleniMie.- to many young person-*, yield
to the u -e of a few bottles ut this wonderful medi
cine. From one to eight bottles cure Salt Jtheum.
/-'cysijnias. Scahl IP id. Ping It’i r.ns, p< Us, Scaly
Erapii. ns of the s' .in. Scrofula Sores, I’leers, and
"Canker" in tin Mouth and Stomach. It is a pure
medicinal extract of native roots and plants, com
bining in harmony Nature’s most sovereign cura
tive properties which t.od has in tilled into the
vegetable kingdom for healing the sick. It is a
great restorer for the strength and vigor of the sys
tem. ‘Those who are languid, sleepless, have ner
vous apj‘T< heuoions or fears, or any of the affections
svmptomatic of weakness, will tlnd com hiring evi
dence ot its restorative power upon trial, lfjoti
feel dull, drotrsy. debilitated and despondent, I ave
frequent Lhadache month tastes badly in the morn
ing irregular appetite and tongue routed, you are
suffering T om Torjnd Liver or "PHiousuess." In
many « ges of -Liter Complaint” only a part of
these symptoms arc experienced. As remedy for
all such cases, Dr. Pierce’.-Holden Medical Discov
ery has no equal as if effects perfect cures, leaving
the liver strengthened and healthy. For the cure of
Habitual Constipation of the Bowels it is a never
failing remedy, and those w ho have used it for this
purpose are loud in its praise. In Prow'hial, Throat
siud / ting LHstuiseSy it has produced many truly re
nia' kable cures, \\ here other medicine had failed.
Sold by druggist, at £1 UO per bottle Prepared at j
the Chemical I.ahoratorv of K. V. PIKItCK, M. D .
6ept2ti-tAw3m * Buffalo, N. Y . j
For the Sewage of Towns, Factoiies,
Hospitals, Prisons, Hotels and
Private Houses.
VMPI.K t'Xjttit'itiiN'u ha*, shown ttm Dry Karth
>>"tem to Ik* more effieit nt hi preventing 1‘oul
smells, ami far lean costly in construction ami re
pair- than the Water Closet Sy tem; ami that it is
m all re-pei t- entirely satisfactory, whether lor the
sick Room or for constant use.
The Earth Closet offers to all. in town ami conn
i tr\. every benefit possessed by the M ater Closet, at
far less ro.-t, with the additional advantage.-, that it
is portable, and can be moved to the bedside in the
sickroom. •
It promises more in immunity from offensive
odors, from infection in disease, and in the saving
of fertilizers than has ever been accomplished by
a single invention.
In the COMMODE, flic apparatus and earth res
ervoir are self-contained, and a movable pail takes
the place of tin* vault
For use in Red Rooms, llo-jiit il Ward*. Inllrm
line-, tie., the Commode is invaluable. It in entire
tg free from those faint, depressing odors, common
In portable water closets and night stools aud through
it" admission one of tin* greatest miseries of human
life, the foul smells of the sick room, and one o| the.
most frequent means cf communicating infection, 1
m ^v he entirely prevented.
For circulars and full information, address
Agent Earth Closet Co.,
No. 7 Bridge’s Block, Augusta, Me.
-« pi' -futw-wtf
Can bi* con«iil(<><I at tin*
— us
Discharges from the Ear,
And all diseases of the
Throat :i n <1 I^ung
Diseases !
Thursday, Friday & Saturday,
September 29th and 30th,
October 1st, 1870.
Read the followins Letters:
Lowvjli.e, August 12,1870.
If afford*- me great • 1 -a sure to .-late, for the ben
efit «»t the alll cleu, that 1 have been acquainted
w.tlt Du. I.H.II mu t. fur some ten years.—that he it?
a tvgular educated v.eimun Thy.-ician, and is
skilled in the tr. atm -it ot the various forms in
\\hi« h Catarrh effects the lo ad, the e. i s. eyes and
thioat. having made the sii ject a specialty during
that time.
A number of my own family was relieved of in
cipient chrome deafness during his last visit to this
place, in a few minutes, and without pain.
F . BlSCllOF E. M. D.
LFrom W. It. Smith, Kxq., (ashler First Nat. Bank, i
Augusta, Maine.]
Dr . I.ighthill—I>ear sir: Some few years since, :
my son. Geo It smith, wa*** placed under'your care, ;
for treatment. for a growing deafness, which threat- ’
ened the gradual and ei tire lo-s of hearing When
ever he wa- . tla ked w th a slight cold, his hearing
would become imperte* t and at time- quite alarm
ing Renewed attacks continued to increase the
difficulty .and alway- lelt him in a worst’ condition.
I take great pleasure in sayi.ig that your treatment
entirely relieved him: he lias since had no return
of the d IMctilty, and I think him entirely restored.
1 am happy to give this unsolicited testimony to
your -kill and - access, so far its my son is concern
ed, who I have no doubt, but lot ’ your treatment,
would have been entiivh deprived of hearing.
Respectfully vours.
sept !7-t2w&W hr
Assets, : : 315.000,000.
The Dividends paid by tl is e-onpar r 1809 and
1870 exceed those paid by any other Company.
Agents Wanted !
Genera*I fig't Eastern Branch Office,
septil-tln I*orlltind. Maine.
Two Clerks Wanted !
j good penmen, and accurate in figures. Perma
nent situations. Addre--. in bund w riting of appli
cant, 1*. /., care of Box 17*», Augusta.
m pt20-f2t
Office :»i Water street, up stairs)
Ofllcs Hours l'rcm 1 to 4 P. M. -i-et
T R A 0 £
KOtt |
'Mil: i:.4KTII CLOSET,
Is a substitute lor tin* water closet or common
privy, and may be used as a moveable commode,
or by apparatus for llxed clouds. Prices, #b to $|0,
according to the kind required. Among its advan
tages are:
1. Complete deodorization from the moment of
apply ing the eaith.
•J. The placing within reach of all, rjch and poor,
in town and in the country, a simple means for pro
viding. in the house, a comfortable private closet.
One barrel of earth is eutlieient for lour months' :
use by one per.-on.
Send for Circular Closets for sale by
sepfil-tly No. lb Doaue St., Boston, j
Wanted, Immediately!
rinvo tdltl.S to do CHAMBER WORK, and
4 Two lor
l.iiiiiidr) and (oinnion Housework.
The highest w ages paid for experienced hands.
Good reference required.—Apply nt the
Augusta, Aug. 11, 1»70. Hf
—jTO THE —
Daily Kennebec Journal,
|Tty the Western t’nion Lino—Offices in Hcndce’s
UuildiuKopposite tlie J'oat Office, and utthc state
House. I
Tho Surrender Unconditional.
An Internal Warfare broken out in Paris.
Kazainc offers to capitulate Metz oil cor- j
tain condition*.
— i
Sharp Engagement between Ger
man Cavalry uiid Garde Mobilo.
London, Sept. 24.
A despatch received here from Gen. t on
Keensig, at Toul, states that yesterday the
town of Toni w as captured hy storm, hy the
Prussians, after a determined resistance.
Tlie bombardment bad been continuing for
several days, causing great damage in the j
town, and destroying the principal public
A favorable opportunity for storming pre
sented itself to tlie Prussian army, and it was
made Use of.
A storming party advanced, and towards
night the Prussian force's carried the town hy
storm, the besieged surrendering to the
Prussians unconditionally.
Despatches from Sceadix, six miles from
Paris, on the heights of which tlie 1’iussians
placed batteries on Monday, report that on
We dnesday la t a violent firing was heard by
reconnoitaring parties upon tile hills over
looking Paris.
'1 lie Prussians could not discover who
were the Contending parties, nr w hetlicr
troops were concerned in the affray.
Berlin, Sept. 24.
Advices from the Prussian front before
Paiis, state that an internal warfare lias
broken out within tlie walls of the city, prob
ably a mutiny among the- soldiers. Firing
has been heard.
Tol rs, Sept. 24.
A courier from Paris with despatches lias
arrived safely, He reports that the Prussians
had imposed heavy levies for food and money
upon the citizens. The delegates now in this
city are in communication with tile Provis
ional Government.
I reneli .Journals agree that Favre's mission
was a failure.
Brcssels, Sept, 24.
Marshal B.iziine offers to capitulate at
Metz on condition that he be allow ed to take
his baggage and arms. He also ei gages not
to take up arms tor three months.
Tolrs, Sept. 24.
The Ministry have issued a proclamation ,
to the people stating that France would rather
bury herself beneath her own ruins than ac
cept the insolent conditions proposed by Ger
The excitement governing the classes here
was overw helming, when we received intell
genee of the revolutionary uprising of the
Beds in Paris.
Rumors of the uprising are confirmed and
spread by fugitives from the city, and the |
wildest discord and confusion prevails.
It appears that a detachment of fugitive
Zottav es uud Turees from McMahon's army,
joined the mob in tlie streets of Paris, and
commenced revolutionary- depredations. Gen.
Troehu and Gen. Vinoy, w ith a large force
from outside fortifications entered the city,
for the purpose of quelling the disturbance.
Seven fighting ensued. The result is un
Tlie environs of Paris are now in ruins
from tlie Gates KeUeily to Les Terrcs. Ail
buildings in that part "of tile city have been
destroyed, with the exception of tlie beauti
ful Chapel, erected ’to the memory of tlie
Duke of Orleans.
A large force of Prussians occupy Fon
tainblean. and levied 120,000 francs "on the
The following is the official proclamation
to France:
Before the siege of I’aris, Favre went to
see Bismarck, to know the intentions of the
The following is the declaration of the
Prussia wishes to continue the war in i
order to reduce France to second rate pnw- !
ers. Prussia demands Alsace and Lorraine
as tar ns Metz, by right of conquest. Prus-'
sin, before consenting to an armistice, do- I
■minds rendition ot Strasbourg, Tout and!
Montvalerien. Paris is exasperated, ami
will rather bury herself in her ruins. To
such insolent pretensions, we can respond
but by resistance to the last extremity.
Fram e accepts the struggle, and counts upon
her children (signed)
Cremieux, Glais, Bizoin and Tourreehon.
It is reported that the Dukede Anmala will
be candidate to the Constituent Assembly,
from C’liarent, in Farien.
London, Sept. 24.
A despatch from Copenhagen dated last
evening, announces the arrival in the Gulf of
I.uliee of 20 vessels of the French licet.
Special to X. V. Herald :—
A Paris letter of the 20th says,—Sheds to
serve as temporary barracks were in course
ot erection on the boulevards for troops, hut
they are still incomplete. A French officer
of guard remarked bitterly—‘■'This is how
they do things ir France. Instead of work
ing night and day we are never prepared but
are always too late until the Prussians sur
pft.-c us.” The state of affairs creates deep
apprehension throughout the city. State]
Prison birds and murum ers are already be
ginning to show their tee h. Three days ago
a member of the Garde Mobiles while drink
ing in a wine shop he exposed a fitly franc
note, was followed, robbed and murdered in
broad daylight.
Burglaries are committed in tire outskirts
of the city with iinpuity.
Provisions are gradually increasing in
Antipathy jo Imperialism on the one hand
end dread of the Prussians on the other caus
es much annoyance to well-disposed citizens.
It is settled that Local Junta shall rule at
Home, until the plebiscitum is taken.
A few days ago two ladies on the balcony
of a house in Hue Lafayetta were admiring
the passing Mobile heroes, when suddenly a
mob discovered the plate of the “Eagle Ins.
Co.” on the top of the balcony which beat s the 1
impression of the Imperial Bud. Instantly
orb s were raised—“A has l’Aigle.” Groans,
hisses, and menaces followed front the ignor
ant rabble, who evidently believed the plate
to he the Imperial insignia. An attack was
made on the house, but the damage was con
fined to tin* breaking of rails and wrenching
off the plate with bayonets.
A Commission charged with the examina
tion of the private correspondence of the Em
peror have made a brilliant discovery. Let
ters tied with rose-colored ribbon, confined in
a coffct en merguc terie, as productions ol, or
at any rate signed by Margueritte Bellanger.
That a coquette should write the warmest of
warm letters to an Emperor, should she have ;
a chance, is natural enough, and that the Em
peror shoul 1 keep them seems absurd, but as
Emperors are only mortal neither will appear ,
great in the eyes of the valets. The Hepuhlic j
has taken a peep behind the Imperial curtain
and discovered not only what most people i
knew before—that Napoleon III. in had taste '
prefers this plain daughter Blancoisseuse to
the beautiful Eugenie, but also the scandal of
which poor innocents have hitherto been kept
in the dark.
The imperial Mistress in one letter, in- j
forms Man Deaux Sergneur that his name I
shall not perish. What was to be done? i
The Semi-Imperial infant when he made his ‘
how to the world, was a knot to unravel,
which troubled the brains of the populace*, j
Count d’Evinne undertook the affair. His '
judicial robes were laid aside, and as Homme
d'Affairs, he persuaded the unmarried mother
to exchange. The document was legibly
drawn up, stating that the infant was not a
lineal deeendant of Napoleon, for the pur
pose of securing to Margueritte Bellanger
the splendid property of Monehy. At mid- !
night, when the news became known of the *
defeat of Vim cv, the boulevards were wild
" iiii excitement. Montrnartc looked savage.
I.a Villctte was furious, and l.a Chnpcile
turned Prussian blue. The mob seized the
question and declared that our red legged
triends, the Zouaves skcdadled. The mob
lots instantly became the heroes of the hour.
The Prussians report that from the heights
overlooking Paris, they have observed light
ing going on in'the streets with cannon and
Advices by way of Chartes attempt to dis
credit the report, but a later despatch from •
Tours Saturday evening, admits that there i
have been constant combats since Friday in •
Paris, between the Reds and the troops under j
Florence, Sept. 24. j
The Roman population tore down the es
cntclu ions of foreign legations on Friday,
where they were combined with papal arms.
When those of Portugal were attacked Gen.
Cudowa interposed. He made an explanation
to the Portugese Ambassador, and promised
his protection in the future. He immediately
issued a proclamation to tlr# people denounc
ing such exces*as violation of the interna
tional law. and threatened severe penalties in
case such lawlessness was renewed.
In the last conflict on tiie occupation of
Rome but few of the Pontifical forces were
willed and only 55 wounded.
Marseilles, Sept. 25.
Tours will l»e defended after the govern
ment is r« moved. Its fortifications are com
pletely armed, and the city is full of provi
The engineer of the corps has made ar
rangement' tor inundating the adjacent val
ley of Loire, as soon as the Prussians ap
pear in force. An attack is daily expected,
and the valley can be laid under water with
in twelve hours.
The magnificant bridge 1.4u > feet long
over the Loire, is ready to be blown up.
It is rumored that a sharp engagement oc
curred yesterday at Clmtean Dun, 50 miles
from Tours, between a force of German cav
alry and the Garde Mobile, in which the
cavalry were beaten oil*.
London, Sept. 25.
Eugenie and the Prince Imperial have re
moved to Cbisclhurst, where is a house hired
for them. i^uecn Victoria wholly ignores the
Berlin, Sept. 25.
An official despatch says :—By the capitula
tion ot Toul there fell into cur hands 100 of
ficers, 2.240 men, 120 horses, an Eagle, 107
guns including 48 rifled cannon, 3.000 rifles,
3.000 sabres, and 500 cuirasses. A large lot
of supplies, ammunition, bombs and other
war material were also surrendered
Bangor, Sept. 25.
Steamer Alliance was got on the marine
railway to-day, when it was found that the
iron j lutes on her bottom were scraped thro’
to the h ngth of six or eight feet. They are
being replaced and the damage will be light.
Democratic Nomination.
Albany, X. V., Sept. 24.
Eli Perry was nominated for Congress by
the Democrats in this district to-day.
New York, Sept. 24.
Yellow Fever.
Ton deaths from yellow fever occurred in
this city yesterday. Nine of the victims were
Washington, Sept. 24.
The coin balance in the treasury to-day is
$07,200,420: currency balance, $30,655,040;
coin certificates, $ lb, 708,000.
New York Stock Market.
NeW York. Sept. *24.
Mariposa. ,r,S
do. pfd. ID#
Canton Co. Ml
Cumber'land Co.
\\ tG-iern Ciyon Tel. Co. 84S
Quicksilver Mining Co. 5 V*
Pacillc Mail, 42‘4
Boston NN atev Power, 14>4
Boston. Hartford A Eric, 4l4
Adams E\. Co.
Wells, Fargo & Co. 38
Ameriean Merchants l‘ii. 41
l \ S. Ex. Co. 34*4
N. Y. Central and UmUon River M\\
do. scrip, 87)*
Harlem, 133
do. pi 1
Reading, 90S
Mich. Central, HU
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern 112b'
Illinois Central 13<»
Cleveland A Piltithurg, 103
Chicago A Nortli We#torn. «|
do. preferred, 8dJ* <
Chicago A Rock Island, lb*1* I
Mil. A St. Paul, I
do. preferriMl, 804*'
Toledo Wabash A Western. M S (
Toledo, Wabash A Wetdern prefei red 7U ;
Pittsburg A Fort Wayne, ‘33 .
Terre Haute, 24
do. pul. ,r*5
Alton, 112S j
do. prefd.
Ohio and .Miss. * 32*» |
Erie, 22
do. pfd.
Chictigo Produce Market.
Chicago, Sept. 24. j
FLOCK—spring extras 475 *j 730.
CORN—No. 2, 72 S.
OATS—30^ lor No. 2.
MESS POKE-25.50.
BARLEY —107 for No. 2.
LARD—15)4. I
Sew York Money Market.
Sew York, Sept. 24.
Gold closed 112 .
Coked states .sixes coupons;, 1881 114
5-20»s im, ink
• “ “ 1804. Ill‘a
“ ‘ “ 1805, 111?*
* ** “ 18U5, New, 1103.
“ '• 1807. J10*
“ “ ** 18W, 110#
“ “ 10-40>rt^«;,oupoilft),
New York Produce Market.
New York, Sept. 24.
COTTON—sail*.- 70S hales; mid. uplands 18.
FI.Ol’K- state round hoop Olno WO#** 10;
western I'.rfi'pCY southern 535£8lo.
'V II LA I 75<*0o bn ; No. | -prinsr 12*412*:
N >. 2 do. 1103117; winter red and umber western,
<‘OKN new mixed western, 87g01; old do. 120
in store.
OATS -Mate .73», a .70; we stern .70 g.73‘a
I'OKK —inesH, *2.7 <«•; prime. *24 .70.
LA Kl>—steam. lVa ; kettle. !•;*,.
BUTl KIC—OhJo,2«.j:il; state, 2C 43.
.\iith i:!
ML4S1;-. \va«.Si»X, PIltCIVAI. and IIOI.
KKOOK. a < oinmittee of the Hoard of This*
Lees of the Maine Mate Agricultural .Society, duh
appointed for that purpose, will be in ses-ion at
Loom \o 0. Mate lion- r on \\ i;i*Nj>u.\v, Septum■
tier 28th. ibr the purpose of auditing him settling
ho bills < on.jinnt upon holding the stale Fair ol
1870. Partin- having hills against the Society, are
requested t" present them at that time.
Per order of Trustee-.
\ up u ta, Sej 4 2 4 1870. t Sect
General Insurance Agent,
including poim of the oldest, most reliable, and
popular < Onipuui* - in New York and Hartford.
... .... , ^ ) at Hallo well. \ M.
ni 11 ** vat Augit,*l;i, P. M.
Ayei''s Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
such u3 Coughs, Colds, "Whoopirig
Cough, JJronchitis, Asthma,
and Consumption.
pn.b:\hlv never before in tiie whole hi-torynf
m( i■..*. ii.i .un tiling won -o w idely end -odccply
i.|*on tin* confidence of mankind, a-tm-excellent
remedy for pul.nonary complaints. Through a long
era*- "of v ear-, and among mo-t of the race-of
men it ha- li-en higher and higher in their e-tmri
l.im, a' it ha- become better known. Its tiiuthnn
character and power to cure the various affections
the lnn.Mand throat, have made U known 4- a ie
h.dle j :ote for again t them. While ndapltd to
milder form- of di -ea.-e and to young child, en, it is
af tin* r-aim time the mo-t effectual icmcds that can
be given to incipient consumption, and llie dan*
go 1 out- afic tion.- *.1 ihe throat and lung-. A - a pro
vision i11 -1 -UlddCU attli k» Of * lOTlp, It should
b kept on hand in every familv, and Indeed as nil
arc -ouietiinc- subject to colds and coughs, all
should be provided with this antidote for them.
Although -ellied Consnmitlion is thought in
curable, -til! great number.- of ca-es where the di —
cn.-e m’cii.c 1 .-•* Ulcd, have beeu completely cured,
e.ud the patient rc-torcd to sound health* by the
(A, irv piefonil. So complete ft its mastery
over the di-orders of the Lungs and Throat, that
the mo-t ob-tiuale of them \ ield to it. When noth
ing eh-e 0111.1 sc ich them, under the Cherry Pec
toral tlicN -ub-ide and di-appear.
Sin .er. and Public Speakers find great pro
tection fs mu it.
Asthma is always relieved and often wholly
cured by if.
It eon e it itis is generally cured by taking t!.c
Chei*ry Pectoral in mall aud frequent doses.
fvi gene.allv are its virtues known that we need
not publi h atesof them here, or do 1110 c
than a -uro the publ.o that iU qualities arc fully
Ayer’s Ague Cure,
For Fever p.ni A "no. Intermittent Fever,
Cbiil Fovcr. Roinittont Fever, Dumb
At :o, Per o i or BiPoo*» Fever, Ac.,
r•! 1 indee 1 all tlio affections which eriso
from malarious, moreli, or miasmatic
A its name implies. it doe-. Cure, and does not
fail. « out ■lining neither Ar-enic, (Quinine, Ri-ninth,
/in.*, nor anv other mineral or poisonous substance
whatever, it in nowi.-e injures any patient. The
number and imoort.ince of if- cures in the ague di
p-ids, arc literally bevond account, and we believe
1' ii limit a parallel in the lii-fory of A true medicine.
0 n pride 1- gratified by the acknow ledgments we
receive of the radi il cures effected in obstinate
cu-es, and where other remedies had wholly failed.
I nn ••lim ited persons, either resident in, or
travelling though miasmatic localities, will be pro
»•. ted l»v taking the AO I'll Cl/llll daily. •
1 linr Complaints, ari-fng from_torpidity
oj tli * Li\c , it is an excellent remedy, btimulatmg
tin* Li' it into hcalthv activity.
For Ribous Disorders and Liver Complaints, it i
i!ii excellent remedy, producing manv truly re
in .rkable cures, where other medicine*"had failed.
I’n*;. i d by Du. J. c. AVHU A Co., Practir d
and An il' tb*al Chemikte, Lowell, Mass., and »old
all 1 outnl tile world
Pi: II II. $1.00 PEIl POTTLE.
For sale iu Augusta by Fuller A Son. Iy43
Non-P.esiilent Taxes
1 \ the town of Pitt-ton, in the County of Kcnne
1 b»*c. tor the\ear lSf. The follow ing’ljpt oj taXe?
<m real «*«.do of non-resident ownc- in the town 01
Pitt-ton for the year !{*>!». in bills committed to Janet
Pea-1* e. col!*•« for of -aid town, on the tenth dhy oi
June \. D. I soil. Ii.i- been ret ill ned by him to me a?
rein (in iig unpaid on the third dav of August, 1S70
by Ins certificate of that date, and now remain? uin
paid; ami notice is hereby given that if the said
taxes and interest and charges are not p«*d into the
treasury of the -aid t nvn within eighteen month?
from tin* date of the commitment of the id bills
so much of the real e-t ate taxed as will be sutlieienl
to pay the amount due then for. including mteresl
at.d • ji.ugcp. will w ithout further notice be sold al
public auction at the selectmen’s Office in Pitt-ton
on Saturday, the Inn enty do lit 111 day of December
IH?U, at two o’clock P. M.
Name? of owners. Tax.
Klijali Jackson, 2-a of dwelling, $ ».!*
F.-t.»to of (.illmore Rlim, 3‘4 acres land. 1.3
Jo-i pli l . (. olbourn, 1 1-3 acres land, and two
buildings, .... 11).2
Robert Felt 2u acres land, tax 3.32, highway
tax of lstig returned at - - ’ 3.S
"•etli Houdlette. G acre- land, • - 3.3
lieorge M axiii. D acn - land. - 2 t
A. If. Small, 3o acre.- Pimi ami 2 buildings, PA
t «. MILKMAN, Town Treasurer.
Pitt-ton, sept. G, ls*'7U. 3nv38
CAU7I0 •. — All genuine has the name “ Prruvia!I
Syrup, ” (not “ Peruvian Hark.”) blown in the glass
A "2-na;rc pamphlet pent free. J. P. DisaaiOtta
Proprietor, CG Dev St.. New York.
bold by all Dru££iata.
To tie Honorable County Commissioners oj A row
f|'UE undersigned. inhabitants of Dalton, Ihi
L ehaiian. ( a?lie llill, Mapleton and l’;c-que Mr
in said < ounty. respeetlully represent that tin* pul*
lie convenience requires that a county road be In*
out iroin near iieorge McNally’? in Dalton. ta-lcrh
I miles over,IJiu bluleroad; then* *- north- *a-terl\
through No. II. It 4. to ihe south line* 1 < - -I I*
II ill; tin nee on or near said line t<* some point m-ai
lh»* slouth-vvest eorner of lot |.;s in Ca-.le llill
thence north-easterly t" *"iiie point near Edwar*
.Moral’s house in t a tl • llill: thence by the roail a
in»\v travell* *1. to s.uuucl Williaiu-oir* In-use ii
Alupleton: thence by l!ie nn*-f direct .,ml feusibh
rmite t*> tin* Presque Me. Hall’s -Mills anil Dultoi
road, in Mapleton- •
V -I. FI.INT ami 102 others.
July, 15*70.
I /!OO s TOOK SSt—Court of County Commission
tr.'. July ttrijournetf Tt rnt, l>7b.
On the iiiretfoinu petition, OllOKUM*. That untie.*
be givim that the Coi»m»i*i»ioners will meet on Mon
ila\.Nov.ll. 1S7U. at in A. 31.. at F. I.. Hall’s ii
Mapleton and thence proceed to view the rout*
mentioned in -aid petition, and imuudiateh alter
wards hear the parties and their witnesses sit ?«»m*
convenient piano in the vteinitwof stint rout*-, an*
fake sin b further action in tlie premises as the:
iudge proper. Said notice to be given bv mwvIni
idles ted copies *n the petition and this order upoi
the e.erk- of Dalton, tiuchauun, Castle llill, an*
Mapleton, and b\ posting up like copies in threi
public place* Ui oaeirof said town - and plauwuon*
mu by pubiifidii^ the amm* three ucocssive week*
in the sunfNe*, n newspaper ptlhli.wipd tit T*re*qm
l-le, in said couut\, and -i\ -m*ce--ive weeks in tin
Kennebec Journal, the Mate paper, the last publi
ration and said service and sting to be at lea?
thirty day- lnH’oje an id mu» uug, that all iwuties in
(•rested may attend and be newrd if they thin I
Attest: HAN.>031 NOH'i’ON, Clerk.
A true copy of petition ami order.
«w37 Attest: UANSOM N<HftfOS, Ork
Maine Steamship Company.
sew ab&isuemkst:
Hfinl- Weekly LAiw.
Leave Galt U Imii, Porthind, every Monday and
Thur-day at 5 o'clock P. M., ami leave Pier .38. East
River. New York, every Monday and Thursday at 3
o'clock P. M.
The Dingo and Franconia are fitted up with fine
accommodations for passengers, making this the
most convenient and comfortable route for travel
lers between New* York and Maine. Passage in
state Rooms, *5.00. Cabin Passage, #4.00. Meals
Foods forw arded to and from Montreal, Quebec,
1 Halifax, St. John, and all parts of Maine.
Shippers ure requested to send their freight to tho
steamers as early as 4 I*. M., on the days that they
leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to
HENRY FOX, Galt’s Wharf, Portland.
J. F. A MLS. Pier38 East River, Netv York.
Portland. May 20, 18H9. lJ»
J’oU' hiny at M< viean port*, and carrying V. S. Mail
Fares (ireatly Reduced*
>t< ainship- on the Atlantic Connecting on the Fa
A EASE A, eilie with the
One of tin* above large and splendid steamships
w ill leave Pier No. 42. North River, foot of Canal
Street, at 12 o’clock, noon, on the 5th and 21st oi
every month, (except when those days fall on Sun
da} .’and then on the proceeding Saturday,) for A8
P1NWALE, connecting, via Panama Railw ay, with
one of the Company’s Steamships from Panama for
Departure- of 21-tconnectat Panama with steam
1 AN PORl’s. Those of the 5th touch at MAZAN
For JAPAN and CHINA, steamer JAPAN leaves
San Francisco, October Lt, 1870.
one Hundred Pounds Baggage allowed each
adult. 4* Baggage-masters accompany baggage
through, and atteim todadle* and children Without
male protector-. Baggage received on the doek the
day before sailing, from steamboats, railroads and
passengers who prefer to send dow n early.
An experienced surgeon on board. Medicines
ami attendance free.
I For freight, pass! ge tickets, or further informa
tion, applv at the Company’s ticket office, on the
1 rib F. II. BABY', Agent.
Fancy Goods.
I\I. Roberts
Is constantly receiving a large assortment of
Which he is selling at
I have the largest stock of goods in town, and tho
• ladies are respectfully invited to call and examine.
I have Just received an invoice of
Which please examine.
M ROBERTS, Water at., opp. Morse's Photo
graph Rooms. 193m
1 1dvery Stable Keeper,
Corner of Union and Second Slreeti,
tr»- Ilorses and Carriages to let ou the most
’ reasonable term*.
and Notary Public.
Office Granite Front Building.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Cloths, Cussitueres and VeBtiugs,
Lace Goods, Embroideries, Car
peting, etc,
■Vabod.r Tlcilicul Institute!
No. 4 BULPINCH ST., Bo»ton,
, t (Opposite Revere House.)
A Medical Treatise on tlie Cause and Cure of Exhaustpd
Vitality, Premature Decline in Man, Nervous and
Physical LIeuility, Hypochondria, and all other diseases
arising from the Errors of Youth, or the Indiscretions
j nr Excesses of mature years. This is Indeed a book for
every man. Price only One Dollar. 2S5 pages, bound in
| doth. DR. A. II. HAYES, Author.
A llook for Every Woman.
1 UKH DISEASES; or. Woman treated of Physiolooi
! call? and Pathologically, from Infancy to Old An*,
With elegant ILLUbTKATIVB Enoravinos.
These ure, beyond all comparison, the most extraordinary
works ou Physiology ever published. There is nothing
1 whatever that the Makkied or Single of Kithkk 3ex can
) either require or wi9li to know, but what Is hilly explained,
and many matters of the most important and interesting
i character are introduced, to which no allusion even can be
found in any other works in oar language. All the New
i Discoveries of the aut' or, whose experience is such as
probably never before fell to the lot o any man, are given
n full. No person should be without these valuable books.
Vilcablk Hooks. We have received tlie valuable med
ical works of Dr. Albert II. Hayes. These hooks are of
actual merit, and should find a place in every intelligent
family. They are not the cheap order of abominable trash,
published by irresponsible parties, and purchased to gratify
coarse tastes, but ure written by a responsible professional
[ gentleman of eminence, as a source of instruction on vital
| matters, concerning which lamentable ignorance exists.
The important subjects presented are treated with delicacy,
ability and cure, and. as an appendix, many useful pre
seti pt ions for prevailing com phi ii its are added—Coos Rf
oublican, Lancaster, ,V. H., Sep. 7, 1809,
Dr. Haves is one of the ui"st l -arned and popular physi
cians of the day, and i* entitled to the gratitude of our
j race fur these invaluable productions. It seems to be his
aim to induce nu n and women to avoid the cause of those
i lip ases to which th< y are subject, ami he tells them just
i how and when to do it.—Farmington Chronicle, Far
| nnrtf/ton. Me., Sept. 15, 1609.
The extraordinary success of Dr. Hayes has aroused the
•mu y of a 'ft of pretenders to medical skill, who purloin the
matter, and even chapter titles, from his works, end adver
tise themselves fills, ly and absurdly as memliera of medical
societies in London, Edinburgh, and Dari*, which they
never saw. Hat such transparent tricks can never alienate
, from him the intelligent portion of the omiuuuuty, who
soon learn to distinguish between the scientific practitioner
and the soulbss and brainless quacd.
OF WOMAN AND HBlt DIABASES, $2 00. In Turkey
morocco, full gilt, $5.00. P«»Uge paid.
Either book sent by mail on receipt of price
Address “Thi Peabody Mkpii al 1nstifcte," or Da.
: HAYES, No. 4 Hulfinch street, Bostou.
N. H. — Dr. II. may be consulted liistrictest confidence oa
all diseases requiring skill, aecrtsy and experience. Ix
New Metlioci
For the Pianoforte,
Kxnclliug in popularly ajl instruction bool^s fqr
the piano. There is hardly a home in this country
containing a pianoforte without this celebrated
book. Annual sale 25,u00 copies, and the demand
j is increasing. Published with both American and
’ Foreign lingering, iu separate editions.
Price $3.75. Sent post-paid on receipt of price.
277 Washington Street, Boston.
c. h. ditson a co..
Now Vor*.

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