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a oral anti State "^ctus.
“In a moment,’’ ilitto with five minutes.
AVe would call attention to the advertise
ment of >^fs. Hodges in anotin r column.
Cider is now cheaper than water has heon
during the drouth—ten cents a gallon.
The receipts of the Maine Missionary So
ciety during the month of October were
fcSUl.SO, and a loan of 8100').
The Governor’s proclamation for ThunU
giving appears in our columns. Bring on the
gobblers and old hens.
“Gracious! Goodness! Mercy!" exclama
tion* delicately insinuating delight, ahum or
The formation of female societies for active
Christian and benevolent worh, is urged in
many places.
Board at reduced rates is living obtained at
our hoarding houses for female teachers who
■» ill attend the county Institut ••
“It’s only a question of time," as the 5 irk
poeket said when he “went thr >u::h” an indi
vidual for his watch.
An immense cog wheel came Gy freight
train yesterday for the Messrs. Sprague. It
is to be used in connection with the shafting
from the big water wheel.
The court yesterday was occupied all d iv In
the examination of witnesses in ti. a lion N o.
191, Plimpton vs. the Executors of II. II,
Gardiner, for flowing the plaintiff's mill. The
plaintiff's testimony is not yet out.
Those railway ears that were recently
rushing on down the broad wav. have recent
ly experienced a change, and are n-i-.v e in
verted to the narrow gauge doctrine. We
hope they will run well.
In 182(1 lottery enterprises were quite com
mon in Augusta, and some ot' our citizens
were engaged in them who would now almost
blush to own it. That branch ol hu.-ine - i o l
rumselling appear to have been peri ; , i -
gitimate in those early days.
The Western I'niort Co. have o, en> la n.-.v
ti legraph oltice at the east end of the Kerne -
bee bridge, lor the convenience of thusi liv
ing on that side of the liver. Mr. Worthier-,
the superintendent of the bridge, i- til- oper.i
Bernard Smith, the fortune toiler, was 1 -
fore the municipal court ye steal iy tor b: utiu
caness. Found guilty and sent ti jail f r
thirty days. James Murphy, for a- ault and
battery, sent to jail. M. C. (i.iri.iml, for
drunkenness, was allowed the privilege ot
boarding three days iu tli^ stone mansion i n
tlie hill, at the county's expinse.
The Hallowell Cornet Band give n m > t
excellent and successful promenade concert: t
City Hall on Monday evening, the proceeds
of which will be devoted to the I! ml. '
of the first citizens of the place were in at
tendance, and dancing was kept up until
about three o'clock yesterday morning. The
fine music furnished by the band was e: loved
by all present.
A correspondent of the l’rc.-s writes licit
l&tjge speculations are going on in "e.:y i■ ■;-."
in Augusta, parties buying at wholesale, an 1
retailing at a large advance to parties who are
going to build. That's a fact, all but the
“large advance.” Mechanic- with small
means are making safe and sure investments
in real estate on which to erect houses. Mo t
available house lots arc now obtained at
aonable prices.
City Marshal Farrington yesterday n r. in d
intelligence from Warden Kire of the State
Prison that William Willis escaped from
prison last Friday morning. Willis is about
80 years old, ."> feet 7J incites in height, quite
ftout, red hair, grey eyes, sandy moustaciie,
(lightly freckled, thin in flesh, and sure eye .
H( was committed to prison for horse-steal
ing and had but a few months longer to si rv, .
A picture has been sent to the city mar
shal which does not give a n rv flattering r.
feaentation of the escaped convict.
Our citizens were aroused the other eve
ning at eight o’clock by the cry of Are, occas
ioned by the ringing of the town bill, Lvcry
thing became quiet and nil excitement sub
tided when it became known timt there was
no firg, but that the usually punctual bell
ringer was altogether too punctual on this
occasion, having looked at bis watch when
Upside down and mistaken the characters
representing the figure eight for those stand
ing for the figure nine, and rushed for the
bell rope to inform his sleepy fellow citizen*
that it was time to go to bed. Tiny didn t
see it.
Major 1*. C. Bradford, woolen manufac
turer of Winthrop, and II. 11. Dickey, K-ij .
a manufacturer of Lewiston have just re
turned from a tour of observation in the
Aroostook country. Of course they visit d
New Sweden and were astonished at the im
provements which have been made in six
months, in converting a primeval forest into
a well populated town. They purchased of
the Swedes rustic chairs, and other pro
ducts of their ingenuity and skill, which
will be matters of interest at home. Tie*
Sunrise says these gentlemen were led
to regard upper Aroostook as the best portion
of Maine, pud time is only needed to make it.
▼astly rich and opulent. They say that a
railroad to Presque Isle is only a question of
At the annual communication of Bethlehem
Lodge!', and A. M., held at Masonic Hal!
in this city, ou Monday evening, the following
officers were chosen for the ensuing year :
George 1*. Haskell, IV. M.
John W. Ilowe, S. \V.
J. W. Clapp, J. W.
O. C. Whitehouse, Treas.
O. B. Quinby, Sec.
K. F. Beales,
J. W. Bussell,
K. Curtis Stevens,
John KUis,
F. K. Johnson, J
T. A. Chick,
1’. II. Dolliver, ,
Howard Owen,
Silas \V. Wyman,
M. H. Harlow,
Installation of officers elect,
S. 1).
J. 1)
s. s.
J. s.
Finance Com
and those ap
pointed, will take place at Masonic Hall on
Monday evening Nov. Hist. Members of
Augusta Lodge, and visiting masons are cor
dially invited.
One Burns, with a notorious femalo named
Margie Jenkins, anil a young man named
Smith with his unmarried 1 uly companion
Nord, were arrested on Monday at Springer’s
hotel on the east side of the river, tinder cir
cumstances which indicated criminal inter
course, and brought before 1 lie municipal
court. Both pirties plead guilty, and were
ordered to ii i.l bonds. Burns and Jenkins
o taimd bonds, ami were set at liberty, hut
Smith au.l Nord failing to do so, were com
The Lewiston Journal says that Coroner
Littleli.hl lull an inquest Saturday afternoon
>n the 1> >dy of < )iiv er Jordan, killed by the
ru: ning off* i f the train near Empire Station.
! ''.a jury i\’ I d a verdict that the said Jor
dan came to bis death by having his mck
broken : and that the accid nt was not caused
y Moy care ! ---ness of the employes of the
I read. Tie train was running from Bundle
.Junction up to the gravel pit near Mechanic
| Balls. The engine w is ahead of the train,
j hut backing. Next cairn* the saloon car, and
! liter that the Hat cars. The engine wa«
! thrown across the* track, tie* saloon car being
i idled comjilvh !y upon it. The flat c ars were
not thro a n off. Jordan was a laborer, and
lioul 1 have • ■■ n in the s si >on car instead of
>n the engine. The engineer, John A. Sin
clair, was badly briiLi i about the face and
1 on bis anna and b* . .. i 1 li:• 1 one of bis
fingers broken.
The Ik's *s s iys i'n it on S.itui day atternoon
two carpent rs ra::i I Atsgmtus Dyer and a
Mr. Ilyl i- were preciu kited t*» tin* ground, a
d.* t im e of some twenty-five fci t, iy reason
of a srafluldiisg giving away on which they
wi-:V ttandii •: while engig.d i:i putting up a
water gutter on the ell i f tin* two and a half
story house in J>roc. • s of erection on Sp;i:ig
street, ia Bnrtl iml, and owned ly V/. il.
Stephenson, K*q. By -r e night at a portion
of the scub d ling as he tell, t1 u*» hivu! t r tin
fill and ew.1 with g injury. Hylcr e.iruck
on Ins si. Jiddcr ; i.d. it i- f.-aerd injured his
-pine ami >vt lr« d intmmti injusie . II • i>
now a gre at >i:ff r-.
Tilt* r;fi, . -ns o! S !;ow li ran a <• ay:? 11 i»it -e
‘er <•. i woolen fictury at
that i ; A <i i/ m *tiny has keen
0 i *! : ■. t i > • l" . • 1 1 VC ’!' y t<» tUi\C
im:l-'!rv t » •-v ;v i,.e object. Mr. Archi
I»:ii l Linn, \ 1' II .rtl.sml "lake- a proposition
that it' th ‘town will build i ill and put in
one wt of machinery, he* w ill pat in. at 1. ast
I three rune, i in tli • mid. pay the town six p.r
j cent on the inv- »umnt ami ^'curo the fin.i
... ;
| t-. rm <.C y ar.
V.’hilc* . iyi d at targe t tiiooiii.-' Tort
! liij i y, Minnesota, Octoh- r i>ih, Mr. John
Oslo.n was ace a h nialy and fatally shot hy
1 111- hjv tker Ai t rt. fi ho (A w : nut
'hir:y \ : - of • at. 1 a native of I' Ii.i r.
Me*, i. • w .1^ :i in*, i.i u* of the JOth Mass.,
Keai uvnt. Sine-** tin* iv.ir he Intel Im n a cleik
in tli • Mo- i m! 1) ;»irtimv.t at \V,.m inyton
and at tl •• West. IT i uves a wife an 1 two
voting children.
.1 1 ir.owii-tru A youth was around the
othe r uk_bt in iMniaml, w ith a cracked truitar
, and a croaky nice* sin.dn-:: **1*1111110 in my
li ilc h. d/’ V vmdjvr was finally opened
.mill * vuii::.: mm informed if he didn’t
**du*t” t *v w >ul 1 *,S: in 1 him on his little
lie cl.- ii •
Mr. M. N. Stanley li es re lilted tlie **(. iiase
11 • >: 1 >. '* at porter \ i hiye and open* the same
on Tin 'd. y. o.h in.*u A pul.lit house is very
much iii.'1'' d in thi* locality, and the landlord
i- Ic. • p t at s;*t 1 willing to • rr* 1 his
eucst.- in ,m icceptaide manner.
Mcs-m. Staples & Son are huildinjjat I\*rt
1 and an iron lighthouse* for a harbor on t ape
Cod. It ; to he L'<> fi-et in diameter at the
bare, 4 1 feet tall and tV.N off an im li to every
foot in altitude.
Tile* dwe li ny ho'i-e « f, limes 1’. Bnr-d 1, of
(ireene, w t ally counMuiK .1 1-v fire S <t
urtlay tnornin . Lu*s about SlOh'o. In
sun d It w - "b
The eonti iiu:i ii.us tak.cn up Sunday for the*
Vouny Mi n*> Christian A -i in IVt
!a:. 1 amount, d to H-d'h
If you want a pevtcct fitting shirt call at
Huntington':- ami I avc your tnenaurc. 100
Water Sr.
Huntington & Co., Hive a splendid line of
gloves and at \ cry low price*. 100 Water
Look I < i\ , reader, wo do not wish to tidi
you that Com* umpd-m can Ik* cured when the
lungs urc hat’ cm .sum. d, 1 or that Hr. Won
derful, or . oy othv ri liow, lias discovered a
remedy that will make men itvo forever, anil
leave death to play for want of work. No,
votf have heard enough of and we do
not wonder t :.:t you i:ave by this time be
come disgusted with it. Hat when we tell
! you that Hr. Safe's Chitarrit Ilomtdy will
i positively cure tire wor.-t n • - ot Catarrh,
I we only assert that which thousands can
I testify to. Tiy it and you will he convinced.
I Sent by mail lor mm.v cents. Address U. V.
Pierce* M. D.. 1. t Sepeca street. Buffalo,
\ N. V. Sold by druggists. novS-f&wlir
What i> Vitality?—Some philosophers
| call it Animal Magnutism, some Nervous
Tuna*, others, Caloric, hut by w hatever name
it may 1 . called, the thin# meant is the main
j spring of existence, it is the principle we iu
| Ire! it, and wnicli may be nourished by proper
! attention to lire requirenn nt< of the hotly and
I the avoidance of excesse.*; it is wasted or
! destroyed by over-taxing the mind with study
; or anxiety and intemperate indulgences, iu
j deed, it requires an expenditure of vitality
for every thought or action equal to the mag
! nitude of the thought or action. When the
j body and the brain are well balanced, the
; stomach is capable of restoring the waste;
, hut when the brain is large in proper;ion, the
stomach is incapable ot supplying it; in other
words, the expenditure U too large lor the
income. IK ie lies the cause ot su much suf
, lering trom diseases ot the Heart, Liver,
Stomach and Lungs, and Pi i.lows’Compound
I JSvulp of ilvFOfiio* run ts is the only pre
I paration known width imparts this vitality
! uircctly, and consequently the power to over
\ come disease. nov8-f&wlw
! [From G. F. J. Colburn, Doctor of Dental
u rgt ry, New a rk, N. J. ]
Th * popular dentriiice known as Sozodont,
j besides i*cing a very pleasant addition to the
1 toilet, contains ingredients, that, it used ac
cording to the dirtetions, wilt prove ot the
greatest utility to the health of the mouth and
’ teeth.
4 Spauldino’s Glue,” with brush, ready
| for use. novfi-feodlw
j Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery is
* for sale by F. W. Kinsman. fiw
Fellows’ Compound Syrup of Hypophos
pliatcs may be found at Frank Kinsman’s drug
store. fnovt-lw
I!"niu,,» Pain-Killing Magic Oil is a v» ry valuable
compound for rheimnti-m, and every kind of pain,
• i - ii * * in tin* lace and jaws, neuralgia! spinal irrita
li in, headache, and lameness, bruises, contusions
and sprains. liuvtM&wlW
1st Washington St., Huston.
<.'tod - ingle rooms, 7.'* cents and £1 u day.
Rill of fare the lowe-t of any hotel in the city.
tfjrPartie.s coming to Ro-tm, will find the Park.'*
II<m<e the centrally )«»*ated. <|uiet. and order
ly Iiimi-i1 in the city. liO V M'oN A CO .
octiJ-feod-thu PltOft’lilHTOJtS.
In this city. 7th in-t by R \ . C. !\ Penney,\V. P.
R ’.i'o.i to < Hive R. Cun.
l.i A I mtu. <riM*rgrta.20tli nit., by Rev < ,\V 1
•. . ol M. PhdlipX- < liun li. ( oaii - R. I.ov.ed, of
Oreenli Id. .M,te.. to Annie el,n -t daughter of
Janies O. Allen, of Ailaiti.;.
In this ' ty. Hh in-t , at the re - idem-e of her miii,
Asi II. ihi.irdman. .Mr-. Pliileiu.i 1,’uI. v n - of
the Id- Cnai I- > P. Ro.iiilni • n. i\»» jm.-i i\ . i Ner
ridgowoek, aged Mj year-.
Winter Opening!
AFcs. Eioclg'eps
Will •»;. .» on
Thursday and Friday, X-n. KbV si,
A Now r.ntl Select
Stock of Winter Millinery
— AND—
PANCM (. OO I) *•* .
/• ?/*Oyt n d.oy ami cv< wing. •
No. *>, AortJPrt ISlock, AI <*f ST.V, 'Se.
O X o
Cushing & Holmes
\i:i; if win
TV i* Fresii ^'y s((‘r
A ;:ii i, Ml . :t »• • *1 ;i i t; 1 f 11 • :u ! i cu «-■: ■
in -11 -i tii * (:*y.
j t '
\ Coutim;)iU(c of t *»t; utnt",
A l Olhc ■ t i . I.. . ii1 -. • l . . ,
Best Fresh Fish and Oysters,
t. vre i s i.i t man- < r.
- \ L>o
r. - - ’ • re V • r v < • ; .• I*.I M Y>T
( i.A" llie I :.-ii Mnrki t i:i i.'n city
hv»e they run l*<- • •• ; •'
N i
■ ! i DIVJ I .III * ' I ■' i .
c*j'Jiir;G & iioIiT.ies,
V ! I K. It. II.. U \ I ' ! > I i.! I I . A l «.l i A.
m>\ *-*:T
bootc a aoflMS,
!#;•: u.iti: -
i*1- *'
Beef, Folk, Veal. 3!uUon.
Poultry, Tripe, Sausages,
'zjrs.lt 3Pl’OXr:f SSiOMSf, ci’O..
(li’anile Block, li-i Yv’iUcr Blrcot,
A 5 C. i , 'i' ».
OMVFIS Gol Ll». .John ( \i»AMS.
A*, • C.i-h i»:t:*l iV.r ( our. try !’i lu-i W *1. Wool
skins, il des, A •.
Hy O. I’lmii mor,
55 A 'ii' 5iS . .'*111.
iiottnl. - - $1 ]>cr
Ml ian-lv
YVc Mlinll offer our ltutire Stock of 1'1.\E
UOOL1AS, for ::o tin)-.
to close orrc
Fall and Winter
We have n il 1 it parts of bale- "r
::!l ilie h -L
i'oiiizm\ coATnt.s,
i;lysi \ < in.\t mu, \s,
i:\iilASil \VORST2-:i> mA«0\ALS, A.V.
AI-o, all tin* popular American t?o ds in
% t
M!:t I
1528 m C&SSIME8ES.
make a '•■pecially
AVe have closed out the entire importation of
l;ov K i IA( KKUo Celebrated b l it IS.U i\
liKAVLUS, lor Fine Cloak Trade.
Wo have u I-'ull Line of
Herminghaus's 5G-:nch Satin do Chines,
A- well as all1 Enr;lhh Lasting^.
V ii —’A e have the I n : -i as ■ rtment of VKI.
It I. ’ll.l. AN fs. |;K WlJt.s ami Low
l’un i. ( \ * "I M LltLs, fur 1 n \ Goods Trad* s.ol any
house in Horton.
ft. PRES2V,
115 ^mumr Street, Huston.
n o v 8 •! 21 w 1 w
I3ou*t* foi* ill.' !
VMCK TWO-nTOKY IIOt-K wilii ! anil si a
Ma. convenient f ir one or two mmiht -. bcinq;
the premises funnel ly occupied hy .John I*. Auki r
loo, cui ner of Stale ami I.aurel streets, the fourth
Imiif'e North the Catholie church.
Foquire of M. W. FARli.
Insurance A Rent. I>arl y Flock.
Oct. 27, 1870. ftf Angu-ta.
A j t per Moutlii The best polling lin k
vOJw ever pubb-b.il. Agents who sell our
m u work,
1‘l. U A UO.lIi: TALK \.\I> Ml.lUt t I.
COM MO A SI .\si:,
I h;i\ c no '-ompetition. There never was a book pub
lished like it. Any body can sell it. Fvery boby
wants n. Many agents are now making from $.'*u0
to $ mU per month ■wiling this wonderful book. 21
page Deseriptivo Cirenlar sent free on applicalion.
NN e want Rood live a -tents; men who ean fully aj -
preeiate tin* merits of tin* work, and the Lot that it
j meet.-a uni verbal want. Am i.t -■ u in> de ire to do
; pmd a* w ell as make money .Address
\\ i,i.i.s & Coins. 4 <2 Broome si., New York; or,
i 11. I{. STl*IUils,27 seollay's Huild'g, Boston, Mass.
oet l.Vt&w-lw
VSETTUR I'l l*, about four mouths old; o
a yellow and white eol »r; an- wci> to the name
. ” ■ *’ unto to me
of • l>on." Whoever will return tl
wdl be suitable rewarded.
WAT. n. WOrtDBriiV.
Augusta, \ot. 7,1870 Mw
— TO THE —
Daily Kennebec Journal.
rios keyujixn.
I.urgt* I?ej5«l»Sieaii Chains £»
mosJ eases.
New Vorl
New Yoik, Kov, 8. Returns from 50 se::t
tei mg districts of the State outside tin* c ity
show Democratic gains of upwards ot 1 too.
In 12 wards ilotlinan gets 11*7, Woodford.
!»!>; Ud void, Huffman, 521, Woodford, Id'.).
Tin* li /ur- ind'eate u total vote ot peril; ps
lio.ouo, and a majority tor Hoffman of over
40.000 A f« w returns indicate t o re-elec
tion of Oakley Hall for Mayor, though In*
runs tar behind Huffman.
ilie Democratic (i n •> a I Committee in
I5rookiy u n p u ts that King t ’minty g ive !2,
000 majority for llolliuan, ami Cell. Slocum
had vOud mnloritv in 3d district o\.*r 11. l>.
. n.
. o n
W » • *der. Regular it
l;m. Ri JU.ii.ie, ii. . t e-ch i ii d to ( uiJiiiT'' by
an overwhelming majority in 12th district,
ai;d Jos. M. Warren, Democrat, in 15th d -
tint, 1 y 2,500 majority.
Syracuse city gives I)*, nr,is Met.
dependent. i majority, and tie.
is the state* of Vwte ot some id' t!i
i hie.'. Hots, an i ring giv*. n
irthv, In-'
1 jliowing ;
■ principal
c) > v. • .
llingfiauip t
ti--: ;
il d.-or
Aul u;!
12 ID.
ini. 1*22.
i\es Woodford 1>3 majority.
Sinoca county, complete, gives
Hodman 520 majority, and Schenctady coun
t v • '.
In >ionr*u* i minty, Lcpublicaj) ( oiinfy
ticket 11« < t< .1 by the u 11.*»I majority ot' 15*>U.
in the Kiji.th <' onares.-iona 1 I)i-1ri< t, Free
. < - • . tid by 2500
1 : iority. Ym- ne/riv unar.L;ni;US against
i!jt* funding • ii 1.
Unundn county. < • . . . F .*• Woodford
2 uou in t • »i: \. a iJvi.MMT.-iiir gain < f 70).
T*. ive i<»• j»i.' : • u .V " y;n« n eh ef»-d, m l
! )!■ i!. ];. i- ; n. tor < *«. in 23d c.is
; t: i■ t. will have over 2300 majority.
In V.'ayne county, K« [ i. ii< in Suit** ti ke:
1 Inis looo rsi iiorit s.
( ,. V . \ PoteJlkiC pHc. < ompl. ft . gives
I Woodford :*.*»:*and Hoffman 1520. Le
i u! id- a ’••.tn ot' 21 2.
i Tvov. complete, with one Ward t•> hear
1 tV> :i. ::ivi-s 11•.:iinnn 1 l>3 majority. Warren.
1). luorcrut l r Comm >*•. has al out 2700 ma
Iji.ii'v in the c; y. Democrats concede :•> Re
public. n> tin* he v. ..11» Congiv>-i«2«ai Disti ict.
Jui'i r.'eii county gives 1500 Republican mn
j .!"• ity.
IlornelLvillc* gives II< IVnan 00 majority, a
j gu.n of 130 over 170*.
Rochester mtiipl te gin* II..Oman -{
Woodford 104*. a Dt in. gain nt52s. 1.‘ inerts
. in l a d:-t. 1500 ntajoi ity t .r Comm :•$.
Mr. Williams. Derm, is elected tor C’on
I ••re.* in the* .".••ill district by 500 majority,
i Tip Ih-nioerut* i hit ail live ot' their A>*em
| hly men and the Democratic (’minty ticket in
* looted.
l*ti‘M i nn •'] to gives Hoffman 2035 and
V . dt'nrd 2 *71. a Republican gain ot' 410
j Roberts. Rep.. majority tor Congress will
i reach 1 700.
N. V. 9. 2* A. M. This city complete gives
| Hoffman *3.780. Woodford 33 070 Jlntfmu ds
! majority is 50.101. Hail for Mayor has
; • 5,031, and ltd with 41.271. There are two
j wards to hear from. Ledwith carries only
} one ward thus far, the 10th. The Tammany
candidates to (’undress are undoubtedly
elected, .James Brooks claiming 5000 majori
ty in the Mil district, over Wilkes and Wads
worth. The democrats also carry the l>t,
1 2d and oil Congressional districts. Without
• louiit the Democrats elect Carroll in the 16th
! Congressional district, and the Republicans
j lb indie in the 10th. The city has been per
* lectly quiet and orderly all the evening.
Boston, Nov. £. A very full vote was
thrown at the State election to-day. The re"
>n!t in Boston f»ot* up for (»ov Claflin 10,
O40, Adams 9720, Phillij s 1-00. Last year
Claflin had 8272. Adams 11,030, Chamberlain
Chelsea gives Clafiin 1004. Adams 357.
Phillips, 231. Last year, Claflin 911, Adam*
4OS, Chamberlain 52.
Charlestown — Claflin 1040, Adams 1350,
j Phillips 1*2. Lust year, Clallin 1793, Adams
I 1491, Chamber! iin 159.
Fitchburg—Clallin 033, Adams 343, l’hil
j lip*. 12*. Last year, Clallin 031, Adams 2*9.
i Worcester — Claflin, 2400, Adams 1554.
> Phillips, 407. La.-t year, Claflin 1737, Ad
am- 924, Chamberlin 393.
Lynn—Clallin 971, Adams 00$, Phillips.
1388. Last year, Clallin 1253, Adams 500.
Chamberlin 1030.
I i :iin11ri»iut — i i.inm _ 11 .mams ua i. 11111
1 lips J'ksO. Last year, Clatlin 11,73, Adams
UIIO. Chamberlit. 41.
| New Bedford—Clatiln MIS, Adams 793.
Phillips 3*0. Lot vcar, Clatlin 1390. Adams
aii7. ( liamhcrlin 17,!.
Thirty-six towns, nut including tlic nbovo,
font nil tor Clatlin 10,707,, Adams 0223, l'iiil
lips 2932. Tim same towns last year gave
Clatlin 8*23, Adams 7,111.",, Chamberlin 1770.
11 1*. M. election returns are coming in
very slow ly. 192 districts outside the city
show a Dim. gain of 11)01. Seneca Co. com
plete, gives llolToian 320 majority. Five
wards in this city thus far reported show a
Deni, loss of 2101 from the last Presidential
Returns from ICS cities and towns give
Clatlin 11.IK!. Adams 21,Usd. Phillips 11,823.
Same tow n last ycay gave Clatlin do. 111, Ad
ams 2().dd2, Chamberlin 771". ( lallin will
have as large a majority as last year, on tin
. increased total vote, 11 is majority last year
was 0 got).
All Republican Congressmen tire rc-elect
; i d. Tw iteln II. in ild district, by aboiit 110(10
plurality, anil Hooper, infill, ly over 2000
llotli branches of the Legislature will lie
strongly Rcpubiienn. Wendell Phillips re
ceived iess votes than his opponents coneeed
ed him. John tiuiney Adams is ilectcd to
I the legislature.
.Journal Dili •• Dili, 2 A. M. In 29G towns
Clatlin lias a plurality of lie.lU ou r Adams
I and I’hillips. flic* vole stands Chitlin .2. loo,
Adams 13.001. Phillips, 20,200.
.01 uryltind.
Ilaltimorc. Nov. 8. Archer, JDctn., lots
4020 majority for ('ongress in the 2d dist., and
1 Swann, Dun.. 4002 in (lie 8d dist.
; 'llic tot III vote ef Baltimore city was 89,
013, ahout 9000 over the Congressional vote
of 1 si IS. Registered negro vote is very little
short of 9000. The H» publican vote in 1808
was 8973 on the Congressional ticket, and
to-day a little over 18,000.
Milwaukio. Nov 8. In the first (list. Mitch
ell, Deni, is undoubtedly elected to Congress,
over Judge Lyons, Rep., a l)em. gatu. The
Wisconsin delegation will show l Rep-, uml
2 Democrats, a Dun. gain. t
St. Paul, Nov. 8. In the 1st (list. Mark II.
| Bunnell, Rep., is elected to Congress by 3000
i majoiity. In the 2 1 dist. J. G. Averill, Rep.
■ is elected by the same majoiity.
Norfolk, Nov. 8. The election passed off
very quietly. A company of marines was
held in readiness during the day at the Cus
tom House, to repair to any part of the city
where they might be required. Three wards
give Janu s II. Pl«tt, Jr., the Republican Con
gressional candidate, one majority. There is
one ward to hear from and in that ward the
negroes have registered a majority of 383.
Rhode Island.
Providence, R. I.. Nov. 8. The Congres
sional election in this State occurred
to-day. In the western district the vote was
very ligh*. James M. Pendleton, Rep., lias
387 majority, witn two towns to hear from.
The vote stands as follows : Pendleton 1457,
Samuel Rodman, Dem., 1)41, scattering 120.
In the eastern district there w as no lit publi
can nomination. Renj. T. Karnes. Hep., has
4052, Thus. A. Jencks, Rep., 11)77, Thomas
Davis, Deni., 1005, llenj. Murnfort, Temp.,
303, N. Van Sliek, Dun.. 140?, scattering 10.
Karnes majority 1 GO. Several arrests were
made lor briber*, and it is stated that the
election will he contested for this cause.
Montgomery, Nov. 3. Election passed off
qui tiv. and good humor prevailed. Roth
parties worked hard. The Democrats in
riva-i d their vote largely, and the Republi
cans compare it w ith the vote fur (irant and
Seymour. The Republican majority is esti
mated at about 1300 or 3*00 in the city.
Cincinnati!*. ().. Nov. 8. Returns from the
7th (A turresdonal district of Kentucky give
Rro'vn, Rep.. 038. and Beak, Dem., COO, a Re
po! it. to gain of 170 since the August vote.
Kotiisvilie. The Republicans elect Black
in the lir-1 Congressional dist.. the Democrats
making no contest. Paducah gives 40 Repub
lican nijijoiity
I.ouisville, Nov. 8. For Congress, Win
chester Democrat, carries the city by 1500 to
3O0O majority. The majority in this district
will lie louo. The Democrat11 have certainly
elected tneir candidates in all the districts
e\*i ejit the 8th, which is doubtfull. Beak’s
majority is 30UO.
Paris, Nov. 8. For Congress, Brown Re
publican. in this district lias 833. and Beck.
Democratic, 580, a Republican gain in this
county of 3l5.
New Jersey*
Newark, N. J., Nov. 8. The returns show
large IN publican gains. In the 2d dist. the
w l:nh* 1»\ publican ticket was elected. Newell
tor Congress lias about 400 majority.
Newark gives llalsey, Iiep., over 300 ma
jority lor Congress. He probably is elected.
Mr* IN publicans gain two Assembly men in
L-se\ county. The scattering returns from
K*m Co. give Hill. Iiep.. lor Congress in the
4tii district, our 1000 majority over Rafferty,
item 1 i111 is probably elected. L. D. Ja
na rd is elected State Senator from Middlesex
Co., a Republican gain. Returns from the 3d
di>t. indicate Bird's election by 1500 majority,
a Dent, gain nt 500. Tne lir*t district proba
bly elects Hazleton, liep., fur Congress. Pus
sac Co. elects the entire Republican ticket.
Jersey City, Nov. 8. IN turns are such as
indicate a sweeping Republican victory. The
Republicans elect 4 out of 5 Congressmen.
They gain one in the 5tli district.
Wilmington, Nov. 8. The returns show a
general Republican gain over 1808, but not
sufficient to change the resul*. Ponder, Deni,
for Governor. lias probably 600 majority,
liiigg* for Congress has nearly the same. The
Republicans carry Newcastle Co. Legislature
un i State ticket.
Richmond, Nov. S. Second Congressional
di.-trict elected Platt, Rep., and in the 7th it
was close between Reynolds, Independent,
and Harris Conservative.
Detroit, 8. Returns indicate a success ol
the Republican ticket by the usual majority.
Indications are that Sutherland Democrat lor
Congress in the 0th district, is elected over
John F. Driggs.
Chicago, Nov. 8. The State lias gone Re
publican l y a riduced majority compared
with 1808. McLean county gives Mi main
for Congress about 1200 majority, being a
Democratic gain of 500. This indicates the
electi in of Robinson Democrat in the 8th
The Republicans have probably carried the
State by I rum 20,000 to 30,000 majority.
Memphis, Nov. 8. This city gives Brown,
Deni., tor Governor 41)21. Wisener, Rep.,
1775. For Congress, Vaughn, Deni., has
4*05. Smith, Rep., 1035, Shaw, colored Rep.,
St. Louis, Nov. 8. Returns from 5 pre
cincts of the city give Brown 2885, and Me
Clergy 81. The counting progresses very
slowly on account of unprecedented scratch
S'rai'i’uS disd'csK anil disron
«vsi< in (jcrtuiill}’.
Prussia toj nearly exhausted to
conquer Franco.
Capitulation of Verdun.
A general battlo near Orleans.
Special t'> tin* World.
London, Nov. 8. Fearful distress and dis
content prevails in Germany, growing out of
the prolongation ol the war, ol which the
•Journals dare not .“peak, because no mercy
is shown by this military government. The
whole country is morally and materially in
the most deplorable condition, and public
! indignation is only restrained by military
i discipline. Kverywherc is desolation. Tens
! of thousands are in mourning. Prussia may
] yet greatly injure France, but she is so ex
hausted tnat she cannot conquer her. King
William must soon be under the same con
ditions as was the Kmperor after the battles
<»f the llth, loth, lGth and 16th of August,
w hen he dared not return to Paris without
achieving success to efface the previous di
Mister. William also seeks success before
daring to return to Berlin, otherwise Prus
>iun power will collapse like the dreams of
the Kmperor.
Another correspondent writing from Per
pignan on the fill, says civil war commenced
here with frightful scenes. The Col. com
manding was assailed by a band of lteds and
cut down. The Chief of the geiid’armes un
derwent the same fate.
M. De Hasdas, Mayor, was stoned to death
lu tore Ins own house. Another gentleman
was pursued by the mob and killed with
butchers hammers. The National Guard are
, now assembling to quiet the mob. Alt the
I houses ami shops are closed.
Gen. Manat who commanded the artillery
I at Strasbourg, was arrested at Grenoble on
charge of treason against the Republic. A
mob assembled before his hotel, crying out
“We are people, Sovereign people,” “Down
with the servants of Empire.” It was with
great difficulty that Banat was rescued from
the band and conveyed to the prison.
On the 31st, Thier’s hotel was surrounded
by crowds of the Reds, crying “Down with
Thiers, down with the traitor, down with the
The town of Verdun has capitulated to the
Garibaldi lias issued the following address
to the Italians now under him :
Soldiers:—We meet again. You young
and vigorous, I am old and infirm, but still
steadfast to my principles. We fight for a
republic universal as well a« the French. I
rejoice to lead once more mv old soldiers.
Remember that to you is confined the honor
of Italy. Yon have fought the battles of
Fatherland. 1 hope to be worthy of you.
Tours, Jsov. 8. Despatches from the army
of the I/O ire. report a series ot successful
engagements yesterday id Paisley anil St.
Laurent des Jlois. Two battalions of the
Prussians, supported by 1500 cavalry and 10
pieces of artillery, attacked the Fu ncli ad
vanced posts after a combat ol two hours
duration, and as the French appeared to be
siirroun ling them the Prussians retreated,
leav rg two officers and 50 men killed, and
70 | ria mers in our hands. The French loss
was to killed and 31 wounded.
All is quiet at Marseilles. The Press of
tUucdy publishes a proclamation from the
new administration, recommending modera
tion and selling aside all purposes save that
of the country’s defence.
A general battle was fought to-day near
Oilcans. All ambulances here have been
sent to the front. The resut of the fighting
is unknown.
Camden, X. J., Nov. 8.
A fight occurred to-day at the polls in
New toil Townships, Camden County. Two
colored men were shot, and lour whites wi re
badly injured. Hie riot was suppressed by
Major Dare, L*. >. Deputy Marshal.
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 8.
There has been more or less rioting in two
w ards of this city during the afternoon, be
tween crowds of white and colored men. At
o o'clock a sharp eueountcr took place, in
which a number of shots were fired, and
several persons injured.
Concord, X. II.. Xov. 8.
Railroad Accident.
The down freight train on the Vermont
Central Railroad. run oil' the track at We^t
Uandolphe this evening, smashing lour or
live cars and delaying the down express two
aud a half hours.
Portland. Nov. 8.
Edward Cushing, a resident of Freeport,
ol good standing and in couuortable circum
stances, hung hiuitelf last night. Cause not
Destructive Fires.
Springfield, Mass., Xov. 8.
Jos. II. Kingsley’s barn at East Hampton,
was burned last night with its contents. Loss
§3,000; insurance small.
Cleveland, O., Xov. 8.
A large storehouse adjoining Iliekox &
Co s Mills, and occupied by them, was burned
this atiernoon. Loss §12,000; partially in
New York Money Market.
M.w York, Nov. h.
113.’. aim
1 .V, ijlt,**
lt»7 ij lo< 1
1<>, ‘j Q l0» 1
lot. •„ ,j let.'
1 a iut»'
lU»7e «J • l" *
Cold closed 1K>* ••. i:>
United .•states fcuxes (coupons), J(sSl
“ •* 5\£u’e lit;--,
9 ‘ *• “
“ 4 •* i&tiO,
* *• “ Jan. Sc July,
“ lN»7.
•• “ 10-40’s, (coupons),
New York Stock Market.
New York. Nov. t».
do. | hi.
( 'anton Co.
Cumberland Co.
Western Union Pel. < »>.
(Quicksilver Miuing Co.
Pacific Mail,
boot on \\ uler Power,
Adauts fclx. Co. #
WelfW, Fargo Co.
Anierienn Merchants Un.
U. >. Ex. Co.
N. V. Central and Hudson K:vcr
do. scrip,
‘d.»! nfd.
lo T
<*•' •
3.» - 7
sV ‘3
Js “
Hurl cm,
<lo. pfd
Mich, Central,
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern
Illinois Central
Cleveland & Pittsburg,
Chicago «fc North Western
do. preferred,
Chicago A ltock island.
Mil. &St. Paul,
do. preferred,
Toledo WuUi'di .t Wo tern.
Toledo, Wabash A VI e-tern prelei red
Pittsburg A Fort Wayne,
Terre Haute,
do. pt l.
do. pro I'd.
Ohio and Miss.
lion ton. Hartford A Erie,
New York Produce Market.
New Youk, Nov. 8.
COTTON—sale* 3U31 hales; mid. uplands 1> _
l LOl-It -Mate 4Ho<p>40; round hoop Ohio570
western SOOflO.'o, nouthei u 5(00^75.
WHKAi-sales 10‘i nou hu ; No. I spring 127g 12’*:
No. 2 do. llii^US; winter red and umber wen tern,
If. (..1:17.
CO UN—-new mixed western, iutp.01.; old do. 01
in store.
OATS—state 57/ja.l; western r.* o'»7
POUK—mess, 24 :t7; prime, 21 '*o.
LAUD—slejim, la1,; kettle, la*
BUTTEU—Ohio. 2><j;i2 ; state, 20443.
Chicago Produce Market.
Chicago, Nov. 8.
F'. OP ft—spring extras 4754-‘>2.».
W*1 L AT—No. 2, faL* •
COICN — No. 2, 58.
O A i s -asvf tor No. 2
BAULE\ -80 for No. 1.
I. \UD-M
MESS I’OUK—21 00.
31E n I T ,
In order to be appreciated, mu.-t be known,—after
w ards, it needs no praise. The suiue with the
How are you to know the merit* of these organs:
llow are you to find out their superiority above
nil others ?
Why, go and examine them at a* Court street,
Boston, where they are .eeeiving the highest enco
miums from all who hear them, as superior ami
preferable to all other makes, without any exeep
Pianos, mid all klmls of Musical Merchan
dise at Lowest Prices.
John C. Haynes & Co.,
107 s
I -
M \
Portland & Kennebec Railroad.
Pall Arrangement, Oct. 31, 1870.
Pn*scnger train loaves Augusta for Boston at
5.45 and II A. M., lor Portland ut 0.45. 11 A. 3d.:
and Mixed train at 2 :jo I*. M.
For llaiuur and skovrheg;»ri at 4 P. M.
*-..r Unrdiner (dmmny car) at 7.3h, 9 40 A. M.f at
2.15 and 5.50 P. ,M.
Trains will be due at Augusta
From I top ton at 5 50 and ft.oo p.M.
From Portland at 10.55 A.M. . ixed), 3.50 and
8.U0 1'. M.
From Bangor at 10.55 A.M.
From Oardiner (dummy car) nt 7 and 8.15 A. M.t
1.30 and 5 1*. >1.
Two through Freight t aint? d aily between Au
gu.-ta and Ilo-ton, leaving Augu. La at 8.45 A.M.and
12.15 P.M.
1.. L. LINCOLN. Superintendent.
Augu-ta, Oct. 29, 1870.
V^ori.H RK'ITCTFrr.I.V inform the citizens
r t>r ACf.l aTA that they have taken the More
Formerly occupied by John G. Adams,
jVo. 2, Granite*Blo«k,
Where they will keep constantly on hand—
Beef, Pork, Veal, Iamb, Mutton,
Poultry, Smoked Ham,
.smoked Tongue, Dried Beef, Breakfast Ham,
I»uL»gii.i Sausage, Tripe, Sausages,
Salt Provisions, &c., Fruit & Vegetable*
in their weapon, and Mich other goods as
ure kept in a
first Class Provision Store.
Hoping by close attention to btisincaa to receive it
liberal share of patronage.
\ /Q* Goods delivered free ol charge. Cash paid for
( ouutry Produce, smai.l Profits and
Qctick Salks.
j a .</-Orders prcmptly attended to..£9
T. C’. blsAUli. JON. MILLKlt.
j -AT
II i(vcoiiim<'nd» Ilself.
New Store!
Confectionery & Fancy Cake
No. lOO M ater Street
F\T IIKHK mr.v Ik* Found a Larpe Ap*ortnient ol
sus^Ld .u.antt c .i.riMjt’s,
»ml>ra< iitf the it-mil kinds,and many «IV«rStyles,
made IVot.i the I’uivst Monk. Call and examine our
£otnU at No. loo, a lew doors below tlie l*o&t OOico
FAN< Y CAKE made to order.
A complete set of
Dnisjslsts' Tincture Bottles & Jars.
i Inquire or address
W. R. BALLARD, Vrvygxit,
Water Closets, Wash Basins,
I»It A hH & 1*LATKI) WAHK,
4’asi Iron S'ipo,
lead Pipe, Sheet Lead,
Ai i cvt'i y . rii. i. pertaining to Plumbing kept con
stantly on Imud anil I or sale at
' Corsaor Bridge* A Wain' MrreU,
Under Hunt’s list Store.
V [!. Plumbing in all Us brauchc- done in a neat
j an ‘ *lioro*igh manner.
Particular Attention Paid to Jobbing.
— tui: —

Sheridan Farmers Cook, Rival Madelion,
Union, Richmond Portable Range,
Palace Range, Stevens* Range,
Stewart Parlor Heater, Rich
mond Farior Heater, Oriental
and Priceless.
And a large assortment of other .Stores both
\ew and Hecontl Iluml,
UiSlidtiisou «& ood’A.
plt.l'. li’VHdlTli^srli covered a new
ne itiuent tor the K\ » ml 1 Mi, by which
he i» curing souio of the worst cases ot
Blmdiie - and Roaluets ever known, without^
.strunieut.’* or pain.
Dr. KnuhiT* new treatment for Cancers »ur
passes all others now in use. It r e•+ w .tliout kn jit.
pla.-ter or pain, and heals without a scar. Every
kind of disease treated with great success. Hu
mors of every kind eradicated from the system. No
charge tor consultation.
Ollloe, HO Dover Hit.» Ronton.

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