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Hocal anti State Xrtos.
Saturday, August 9, 1879.
II. M. Heath, K#q., i< going into Somerset
county next week, and will address the citi
zens of Solon, Bingham, North New Port
land, Starks, and Fairfield. The last week
in August, Hon. J. Manchester Haynes w ill
speak in tin* same county. Both these gen
tlemen are taking speakers, and are doing
effective work in this vieinity.
The repuWieans of South Gardiner are to
hang out a campaign flag to-night nt 7.HO
o’clock, after w hich the audience will he ad
dressed bv Gen. George A. Sheridan.
Nice new hay is selling at $12 a ton.
The competitors in this vieinity f**r the
prizes for tin* best one ami two acre fields of j
beets offered hv the Maine Beet Sugar Corn- ;
panv are, (ten. W. S. Tilton, Togo*; (’hn«.
Sylvester, J. \V. Jones. J. \\\ North, Jr.,
Wilson Syhi'tcr, and C. II. Blaisdell, An- 1
This afternoon at 1 o'clock (ico. \V. Jones 1
w ill sell in Market square a fine lot of blood
ed horse*, t hey can he seen this morning at
< *.»uy & Farrar’s stable.
This afternoon Senator Blaine and lion.
Win. I*. Frye address the citizen* of Mt. j
Vein m, audit the weather i* favorable no
doubt there w ill be a big crowd. At the same I
time Herbert M. Heath, F.*q., and Ur. B. F.
Lancaster have a joint discussion in Sidney.
!b»th meeting* have attracted much attention,
and many will attend them from here.
Dr. Bell and his friend. Dr. W. 1*. Weasel- \
Inert of Boston, are now making a pedestrian
tour through Switzerland. Dr. Bell is in
good, and improved health.
K. (\ Allen was in Berlin July 21.
William M. Stratton. F.*»q., the venerable
clerk of the courts, ha* been rusticating for
n few days at Mouse Island, Auburn and
Lcwi*ton. and is now at Kangclcv Lake,luxu
riating on baked trout. He will bent his
post of duly again in a few days.
.Joseph Milb-r tV Co., harness and trunk
dealer*, w ill in a few days remove to Darby
Bb“k, where they will have more room lor
their business.
At the Orthodox church on Sunday. Her.
Mr Keob will preach, and he expects to oc
cupy his pulpit <ach Sunday during the
month. At the Baptist church Kcv. Mr
Clark of Norridgew nek will occupy
the desk. l‘rof. Johnson of Trinity College,
Hartford. Conn., preaches in tin* F.piscopal !
church to-umrrow. Kcv. Mr. Sterling will
preach in bis church on Sunday.
Mr. Gideon McCausland has been awarded ;
the contract for on * of the new school houses 1
t*» be txilit by Hallnwell. It is expected that
the other will be let out this week.
I'hc excursion to (lid Orchard over the 1
Maine Central from \ugn«ta, «»n Thursday,
hail fourteen curs completely filled when it
reached Portland.
State Treasurer White has been served
w ith papers by tin* Sheriff requiring him to
hand over to (’lias. W. Davis, who was once
employed in the treasury, a sum of money
for wages additional to w hat be has received.
Mi's Annie Louise Cary will be a guest
at the Glen House this month.
The big jam of 10,000,000 logs, on Parra
tunk Falls, was broken last week. (LtHjO.ooO
logs going out at once, which was said to
have been a grand sight. It took fi.*» nu n 1:»
days to break the jam and get the rear oxer
Carratunk Falls. A portion of the ledge was
removed by blasting. Omar Clark, Esq., has
bail a crew of fifty men in charge from the
time tin first log started on Moose river, tln n
on the main river, until this time, and net an
accident of any kind has happened to a man,
not even the jamming of a toe. Tuesday, the
rear of the drive was at Patterson’s bridge,
and by this time it is probably at Norridge- ■
work. This will make 8.r»,000,000 logs that
have passed down river this season.
It is said that at the trot in Skowbegan.
Thursday. Dr. Franklin showed more speed
in places than any stallion ever on the track
there before. It wax the first mile he had
been speeded this season.
The six hour pedestrian contest between
Frank Hart of this city and Harry Hartwell
of Auburn, came off Thursday evening, at
Temperance Hall, Auburn. The race was
won bv Hartwell, who made some twenty
two miles in the first three hours. Seeing it
w as no object to win. the Augusta man gave
up the contest and the match terminated. The
attendance was small Efforts were made to
match the two men tor another contest, to
take place on any trotting park in the State,
1’or $100 a side, but llartw ell seemed unwilling
to put up the money, preferring to run in
some ball.
Several of the rnu-k shots of the Andros- I
coggin C'luh, Lewiston, came to this city on
Thursday evening, as guests of the Cushnoc j
Heights Club. The party spent a pleasant
day yesterday in the exciting sport of plover j
shooting, in the easterly parts of the city, se- j
curing quite a number of birds. They
returned homew ard last evening, well pleased
w ith their visit.
Xlulnr Historical Society.
The following circular has been addressed
to members of the Society :
Sir:—Field Day, Tuesday, Aug. 1 Sit h.
Steamboat to leave WisCasset upon arrival of
the morning train, nt 0 o'clock.
Examination of the Damariseove Islands
and Monhegan—night passed at Monhegan;
visit Squirrel Island, second day, etc. The
object is the identification, if possible, of lo
calities visited by Weymouth in 1605.
An answer by rtturn mail is absolutely
necessary, that the committee may know how
inauv are to he provided for, as arrangements
will be made for only such as give immediate
notice that they w ill he present. Address,
A. (•. Tenney,
Chairman of Committee.
Blit NSWICK. Mi.,
BowdoluUam I.oial».
The Tidal Wave lee Company began sliip
pin ice Kriday morning by the schooner An
nie B. Roake* of Rath. This cargo goes to
Georgetown I). C. They intend shipping ice
as fast a they can get vessels.
The following named persons were elected
delegates to the county convention: W.
Whitmore. -I. R. l’ratt. R. I>. Spear, S.
llobbs, 8. W. Carr, T. 1*. Whitmore, and L.
S. Brooks.
It is reported that a voting daughter of Mr.
Pratt, at Howard's Crossing, was drowned
by falling from a Bridge into the water.
(■ranltf Hull tsain I'illrd uilh
a liirtinii-r.
Able niicl Ilailliniii Sproch In
lion. M in. I*. Frye.
\s was anticipated, Granite II ill was
crowded last night; crowded with an intelli
gent and thinking set of people, gathered to
gether to listen to a calm and candid di*< u*
! *ion of the question of the campaign by one
* eminently fitted for the duty. The audience
j was not wholly of Augusta, hut was compos
e l materially of delegations from Gardiner,
! Ilallowcll and I’ittston. About * o'clock
Hon. Win. 1*. Frye entered the hall, uccuni
| panied by Mr. George K. Weeks and Mr.
! Joseph Miller. They were received hy hcar
| ty hursts of applause, and hy a w elcoming
j tune from the Augusta Baud, which was sta
| tinned near the phitform. ’1’lie music having
subsided, Mr. Miller was presented hy Mr.
Weeks as the President of the evening, w ho
immediately proceeded to introduce in a neat
manner the orator of the occasion. The up.
Iplausc with which lie was greeted having
j subsided. Mr. Frye briefly expressed his
pleasure sit meeting such an audience, and
said that he should speak honestly and truth
fully, and utter nothing to mislead. And he
was as good as his word. For upwards of
two hours he went *>n with his address, hold
ing the closest atteiition of the large audience
hy his candor and ability ; by his clear setting
1 forth of mooted finam ial points: hy his wittv
and brilliant allusions to the pretentions and
1 coquetting* »»f the democratic and gn-cnback
parties, and hy the frequent hursts of elo
quence which so richly abound in this orator.
Mr. Frye first took up and disposed of the
falsehood which the opposition are repeating
about the increase of the commercial interest
and principal of the national debt, lining the
job handsomely and effectively. Then he
spoke of the cluing*; which had i onic fiver the
greenback party since last year—the di>an
jpiaringof fiat money from their platform,
and gold and silver coming in. Also the ac
tum id* the dimiocratii* convention at Bangor,
in adopting a platform similar to that «d* tin*
greenback platform, and the marriage of the
two parties. The hand of democracy wa*
under tin- whole. They first gobbled up the
Port land convention, and then shapid their
own to correspond. Tho whole was a demo
cratic trick.
.Next lie answered the argument ot the
greenbaekers that the government might i*
Mie eurreney and save interest, showing (1)
that more would he lost by Tinted States
notes escaping taxation than would hi* saved
in interest; {'J the eurreney should not he
under the control of politicians; cl) the gov
ernment has no constitutional authority to is
-He eurreney in time ot peace. The justifi
cation of the issuing of greenhark- hv the
government was the necessity forced upon it
hv tilt* war. It was done to save the life of
the nation. Hut he tore the war closed the
republican party fixed the limit to w hich the
nation should go, and in spite of all tempta
tion k* pt rigidly to it. This was one of the
bc't at t- of the republican party.
Mr. Frye then gave an elaborate and yet
| 'implc and most comincing explanation «f
the national banking system. so that anybody
could understand it. 1 hi** was followed by
la comparison between the condition of the
j country at the time the republicans took the
control of the government and w hat it i-* now.
In reconstructing the government Mr.
Frye said we had been too easy. < lur achieve
ment in reducing tin* debt and the annual in
j terest burden was marvelous. No other n»
! tion could boa't of anything like it. It was
the greatest financial feat in history.
'The increase of our exports was mentioned,
also the wonderful progress of our country
as shown hv the increase of the Host Office
lie said we are only fighting in the cam
paign this year f »r position in the campaign
ot next year, when there will be but two par
lies—democratic and republican—and the
main isMic will he the old question of State
1 Rights.
Mr. Frye then spoke ot the proceedings in
Congress since the democrats gained control
of the House, and particularly of the revolu
tionary measures which the Southern Briga
diers had attempted to push through Con
gress on appropriation bills, as in the extra
His peroration was a most eloquent and
powerful appeal t«» bis audience tor support
j of the republican cause. His whole speech
| was a splendid and telling »tlort. and fully
met the high expectation of our citizens.
Nummary of Itrligiou* lutr lUgnicr.
Kov. S. Hodge, I). 1).. president of the
Presbyterian Gollcge at llopkinton. Iowa,
has been spending a portion of the summer in
the v ieinity of Belfast.
There is to he a campmeeiing at Anson,
comm* n* ing the first Monday of September.
1 he Somerset Baptist (Quarterly Meeting
will he held at South Anson (Dinsnmre
meeting house) Aug. I.", at *J P. M.t and
will continue ou r the Sabbath.
Kev. A. I. Park lias returned to Gardiner
from his summer vacation, and will occupy
[ his pulpit to-morrow.
Kev. Mr. Wales, pastor of the Biddeford
I I'niversalist church, preaches at the Sea
Shore house every Sunday morning during
the beach season.
During a large social gathering recently nt
i the Bates St., Baptist vestry. Lewiston. Kev.
i Mr. t’liHsc was presented with an elegant
I gold watch ;is a token of the esteem in which
he is held h\ the church and society.
At the parish meeting of St. Matthew*
j F.piseopal church in Hallowell. held Mon
day evening, it was voted to accept the resig
nation of Kev. Hudson Sawyer, The niect
| ing adjourn* d to Monday evening. Aug. 1a.
Lev or Tinker of Auburn. D at Seat’lit?',
| Sijuirrel Island. lit will upend tlu* most of
I bis vacation at that island. Mr. T. bad in
tended to divide bis vacation between the
, Whit** Mountains at Mt. Desert, hut the ill
ness of his wife led him to modifi his plans.
Mr. Silver’s subject next Sunday morning
{at tin* I'niversalist church, Gardiner, at half
j past ten. w ill be ••The Scii nee of Correspon
dence.” showing the relation between God,
man and nature. 11 is subject at M-vcn in the
evening will he the “Great Ked Dragon.”
Tlu* members of thi* Bapti-t church in
Green** propose to celebrate the fblthanniver
sary of th ir organization, which occurs on
tlie l.*»tb in-t.. bv holding an old folks’ meet
ing at their new vestry under the church,
nt which time they will also dedicate the ves
try with appropriate services.
The ( ongregational Society of Norway.has
I ju.*t put in a large Hook A Hastings pipe or
gan. The organ was purchased from the
; Lev. Mr. Tinker’s church in Auburn, and is
i a fine instrument.
(■mid Hull)' In \Y 1 ntlirn]i.
On Thursday evening a magnincen t re
puhlican rally look place in Winthrop. Pack
ard’* Hall, the largest in the place, was com
pletely filled, standing room and all. The
orator of the occasion was the lion. Wm. P.
Kyre, w ho held the undivided attention of his
audience for more than two hours. His
speech was a grand onefrombeginningtoend,
and so described by those who heard it. Dr.
Cochrane, president of the Daris Club, pre
sided. Music was furnished by the Winthrop
What the ••Squid" Hay*.
Among iho curiosities at the Boothbav cus
tom house, are the shackles worn by the mar
tyr, John Brown, just before hi* t xectitlnn.
They were given to Uev. II. Atwood, a Bap
tist clergyman of Boothbav, by John Brown’*
jailor, while Mr. A. w.i* on a \i«it to Virgin
ia. Their author-licitv i* uiupuMioned.
Then* were p'i.*ons on Squirrel Mand
on Saturday. Vug. Jd. from sixty-four towns,
exclusive of 6tai e\eur*ioni*t* from Damariii
cotta and Newcastle. Of this tminlx r 110
were from Angu-ta. and the next largest
nnmher was from I * wi-tnn. 1M hailing from
then*. There w ere 26 from Gardiner and 16
from Hallowell.
Howard Owen, K*q., that versatile genius
of the new-paper world at ul family arrived at
Squirrel Island on Saturday, w ith ninety-eight
bundles and a crndle.
The following from Vugusta are reported
by the Squid a* down river:—Mrs. Charles
i Greenwood and daughter. Bcv. 1). VV. Mur
phy. Kdith J. Wyman, Mr*. Joshua Nye, I*.
B. Fow ler. Mrs. Frank Ilamleii arid two sons,
| Charles Grey and wife, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Fierce. Mr*. Thoms, Major Chisam and wife.
Mr. and Mr*. Frank Chisam and two daugh
ter*, Mi*s Vnmc Sprague, Mi*s Vickery,
Mrs. Flagg. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Handall and
wife. Mr*. Townes. Mrs. Chandler Webber
and daughters. Willis Leighton and wife.
Mr. and Mr*. K* email. Mi-* Laura Thomp
' son, Wilbur iVrcival. Will Harlow, Warren
Harlow. Mr. and Mrs. Srtrlbrd. Goo. Brown,
Herbert Waite. F.d. Collnim. Vrthur Parrott,
John McHonuhl and Cha*. Webber, A. G.
Longfellow . Sam'l Worcester. Thomas Mc
Grath. K. V. Shea, Mi*sGratie Ballard. Mi-*
Carrie Parker. Mi** Kittie Hoyt. Min* Carrie
1 I lovt.
Mr*. Carver. V. B . of Watcrviile (nee
Mi** Low the first lady to win graduating
j honors from Colhv Inivetsity. now honors
these shores hi a ri-it here. Mr*. we be
j Hove. i* the better half < t a popular Kennebec
lawyer. Few colleges now hut are willing
to perforin the but recently impossible feat
of making the ladies Baidu lor*.
t fti roil l.oilgr nt Togo*.
At a ivgulur nesting of Veteran Lodge,
No. d2.L I (>. of G. T.. field on Wednesday
evening. Aug. 6th. the following officers were
installed by lb-puty Patrick Hayes:
V M. lb inenway, VV. C. T.
Mr*. V. M. Heiiiiiiw’.iv. \V. V. T.
William llopkin*, W. S.
F. Cu**aek, VV'. F. S.
F. ILnr*. W. T.
William J. Wright. W. M.
Stephen t ’obb VV'. C.
Bernard Morns, \V. I. G.
< ieorge Taylor, VV. < I. ti.
Samuel Gerrard, VV'. I). M.
1). S. Guthrie, F. VV. C. T.
A young Indian woman, accompanied by
an elderly man, reached Portland Tuesday
morning on the Grand Trunk train. They
said they had walked all the wav from Mon
treal. and started three months ago. They ;
had camped along the way and worked at
their trade of making baskets.
1»1-]AC III Oi
|(< reived !iv l-.xpre-* ia-t evening Al«o MKI*
oxs. UMM.I.S Mini HWAVl.N.
S\XM‘I l'olllttXVS
<*f good •jualUv, down to six «**'sitpvr pound.
Bartlett & "Clapp's Favorite” Pears
< Mi hand and oiit iMe tor eating. Last lot ot OUR"
RANTS *r fin- m a*on, reeei\ed yesterday, large
and nice. < all In-tore all are ►old.
_ j. w. CLAPP.
(Trail (1 Rally
Of Jlicltii/an,
General George A. Slieriflan,
Of Louisiana,
WIU. SM.AK \ r
Tuesday, Auyust l‘i,
\T s O'CLOCK I*. M.
On the I*o/iticitf Issues of The Dot/,
riti/mx of all i>arti«*M nre cordially invited to be
A 1
Senator Blaine,
Will address theciti/eiu o( Whit limp, on
Monday Afternoon, Aug. 18,
! On the Political Issues of the Hour. Greenbackers
hud ietnooruts cordially invited to be present.
T'OLTS at auction:
ing of Sale.
IS1IALL aril at Market Square, ou
> il l *l)AV, Aug. tf, at l o’clock,
\ I’. M., 1 Horne Colt,6year*old',‘2 inaren,
4 yearn old; 1 Fillv yearn old; 3 Fll
^ lien, 1 year old. All of Ilamhletonian,
and otlirr good blood. To be necn at
Conj It Farrar* Stable on the nioru*
<». W. JONF.S, Auctioneer.
CK)K WANTED Immediately. Inquire of H. W.
JONES, iVntral Hoiim*. Julv'NSttf
i Associated l’res* Telegram* to the Daily
Kennebec Journal.!
The VI hole Tow■■ Till|| Out mid < npti.rr
the tlisercnnt.
Foht Faihuki.d, August c. On Wednes
day J. Bigler outraged Vesta, daughter of
| .Mattary Kearney e.f Caribou, aged 11 years.
I The whole town turned out in pursuit, and he
! was taken at six o’clock, but it was neee-sarv
to shoot him. The wound is probably fatal.
The County Convention.
Font F*n<riiii>, August is. The Aroos
took county greenback convention was held
at Presque Isle yestenlav. The following
nominations w ere made :
Senator—I,. Strickland of Moult.'ii.
Clerk of Courts—It I.. St a |des of Moulton.
County Attorney—Bert .Mudignii of Moul
County Treasurer--.!. T. Mucker of I ori
County Commissioner—John Kieg.m of
Van Buren.
lllOII Ill'll.
ItlfiiMoMi, August si. Mary Pratt, a six
v> ars old daughter of Sanford l’ratt. fell from
the railroad bridge at Bast Itowdninlinin. yes
tei..ay afternoon, and was drowned. The |
body w as recovered.
I’oiiil.imi, August is. A sailor named
Bean fell from tile topmast of schooner ileor
nic \\ illard, which was fi-hing for imiekerid
ontshle Portland Marlmr, this morning, kill
ing Id in instantly, lie was a young man. In
i' nging at Cape Klizuhctli, and leaves :i wife (
and child.
Knilrond Matters.
BiM.oK, August s, It is reported here
that the Bueksport £ Bangor Hailroad will
pass into new hands <ht. 1st. as the base of
the K. £ X. A. Hailroad Co. expires that date.
It is also reported that the road will be ^
changed to a three feet gauge.
Held lor Trial.
Mi nil i s. August .loliii alias Cook
Sullivan, was held in sOnii" p,r attempting to
shoot Ids wife yesterday.
I'utal Accident.
Fiti uni Ri., Augr-t .bun's Barrett,
aged si, was run over to-dav and killed
\tlftnptcd Bsenpe.
Boston. August s. Two eoiv iets atlempt
eil to i scape Ironi state Pri-mi to-day. I »
seizing a ladder and running toward the wall
ttt the lower end "t the cu«t w ing. Seeing
tlietiiselves closely pursued by two ottiei r* in
the yard, tl cy gan tin iiim h es up.
tin estigatiou.
l’uovintMK, August s. The Wallace
eommittee to-day continued tludr inquin in
t" tin* provisions of tie Hhoilc Island euiisti
tutinn requiring a propel ty qualification for
foreign horn voters.
< 'oal*
Nkw York. August *. The Delaware <&
lluds< n ( oal Co w ill sell at auction, Wed
nesday. 17*0.000 tons of Lackawanna coal.
This, it is expec ted, will drpn «iatc prices,
as large* stoc ks are on hand.
Rev. Newman Hail, a noted Congregational
preacher, obtained a divorce from bis wife,
on grounds about one Richardson, a stable
keeper. The ease has been on trial a week
and created a great seiisati mi. The wife
brought counter charges of the name charac
ter against her husband.
Coid Hurge-s.
Coed Burgess, who shot a man at Toronto,
Thursday, and escaped, appeared on the singe
at a variety theatre here, last evening. He
became excited over a remark by a pe rson iu
the audience and stated: “1 am not a mur
derer. It was forced upon me. That man
ruined my wife, wrecked my hope*. I am
only sorry I did not kill him." Loudly ap
plauded. he le ft the building.
Capt. Webb, Wednesday, attempts the feat
of swimming front Sandy Hook to Manhat
tan Bench, without suit or artificial means,
17* miles.
C. Ilylleshed &. Co., c otton brokers, have
failed. Liabilities $20,Olio.
Fv plosion.
Nlw York, August *. An explosion oc
curred to-day in the drying room of a candy
factory on Kim street, c aused by superheated
starch falling upon a red hot stove Three'
men w ere severely burned. This recalls and
doubtless explains the hitherto mysterious
explosion in a caiuly factory on Barclay
street, by which Hi persons were killed nr
uininu cl for litc.
The police we re informed to-day that the !
house of Frederick Smith, tub Avenue, was
entered last Saturday, his wife bound au l |
gagged and u small amount of property
Coed Burgess, minstrel, was arrested to
night in Trivoli theatre, on a telegraphic req
uisition from Toronto, for felonious assault
on William F. Widgcry. He will he taken,
to Toronto to-morrow.
At ui mx, August 8. A money order clerk
was arrested to-dav, tor rifling lette rs.
Found Dead.
Hi.ks Coyf, August K. The body of a j
man about 70 years of age, was found Wed- ;
nesday, on Russell's farm. He bad been
seen about the v illage and said he owned a
farm in Portsmouth worth .s:i,u00. Foul play
is suspected.
Pleuro Pueuiiionin.
1’attf.rsox, August a. There is excite-1
ment over the report that pleuro pneumonia I
hud appeared among cuttle here. The au
thorities! quarantined a drove from w hich ;
three hail died ami forhid the sale of milk h_v ,
the owner. The State inspector’s force ex- i
press the opinion that the disease is increas- '■
ing. lie says if it once spreads heyonil the j
Alleghanies it will devastate the entire west- i
ern country.
Cihcixwati, August H. Before the Con
gressional investigating committee, to-day,
General Banning and Theodore Cook testified
ns to the manner of conducting and expendi
tures of campaigns.
At the evening session, it was resolved not
to bring the memorialists before the commit
tee, ami it is expected the investigation will
dose to-morrow.
I’m it If* to ii n ml Kwing tddrcwtlx1 Ohio
i __
( i\< inn iii, August S» nator iVndluton
presided at the democratic county convention
' yesterday and made a speech mainly devoted
' to the use iif troops at the polls and the en
dangered liberties of the people, lie also re
! ferrod to financial questions. Kw ing also
i made remark*.
t '<>i.i Mi»rs. August *. The republican
State committee decided to-night to open the
campaign August 20tli. Secretary Sehurz
will speak at Cincinnati tilt* 2Uth ilist. at Co
lumbus the 21st and Toledo the 22d.
Fourteen New ( nsi*n at >1 cm phis.
Mi vi i'ii i*. August *. Fourteen new cases
of yellow fever are reported this morning, H
colored. Five deaths have occurred since
last night. Tlie Howard Association this
forenoon assigned two additional physicians
to duty. It has rained contiuuousiv since b
o'clock last night.
22 cases of yellow fever in all 14 colored
were reported to-day. Three additional
deaths. .Major (Juy, a prominent merchant
of this city and New Orleans, was prostrated !
with fever yesterday loon. Physician* say
it is a severe ease.
All order has been issued to the police to
prevent all persons n »t having had the fever, i
and all indigent persons, from entering the 1
The Howard A**o< inti.m has place 1 do ail
iliiioiial nurses on duty. Weather is very ,
chilly, damp and unfav..ruble. No change in
condition of Fd. Moon and Miles Owen. ,1. :
M. Tigbo i* very low. Mrs. \tIi\ is rniiva* j
lesciug. \ mail from the east arrived lu re
The yellow fever will he declared epidemic j
to-morrow night.
N\*uvn i l., August H. \ despatch from
the Superintendent of Munraulinc. Memphis,
announces that the Hoard ot Health will to- j
morrow declare the fever epidemic uud warn j
ah*ciitccN against returning.
W 4*IIINoTON, August 8. Secretary Sclllirz
hits reei ivcd a characteristic letter from !
Spotted 'i'lliI. lie says :
• I haw liad enough of military. I want (
no more scouting. 1 haw had my la lly full.
My people have hud no whUkiy. Wherever
the military are there is always whiskey, and
that make? trouble.”
Fu hi* nil.
Pllll \ IH I I 111A. August V The hotly (f I
Charles Albert Feebler, the actor, vv as buried
this morning at Ml. Vi rnon ci iih U rv.
\ii Open Letter*
lion. Kalward McPherson will publish in
the Pros, to-nmmiw. an open letter to II »n.
Jtdiu W. (ilover. replying spet-iflcally to
criticisms mailc upon the management of the
Bureau of Kngravdug ami Printing, in the
so-called (ilover report, lie concludes as
follow s :
•You cannot put your linger oil a single
dollar of i xpcmliturc. while 1 was in charge
of the bureau, for whit h the government did
not receive an equivalent, i defy you to tins ,
test, and am willing to stand or tall by it."
II vituisiti no. August .*. File Governor ,
to-day issued warrants for the execution of
John <» Neil and Pi ter McManus, Molly
Maguires, October ‘.Mb. They were convict
« d of muidt r of < Nironer 11« ssi r.
The State l>ehl.
Nasiiv II I K. August 8. a light vote all
over the State in tin- election, Thursday, on
the proposition to compromise the State debt
at oO cts., with four cent interest. Probably
not half an average vote was polled. 'The
indications are the proposition will be defeat
ed, though the result cannot positively be
know ii till to-morrow .
Wasiiim.ton. August S. Secretary Sehurz
expects to leave for t "\'.u innati the gntli. . lie .
will speak once in that city and go thence to
Yankton and visit the Ued ( loud and Spotted
Tail agencie* and several other points on the (
upper Missouri river. 'Then lie proceeds to
1 mover, and returns through Kansas and the
Indian Territory, holding » exultations with
leading Indians.
Sail Acrid cut.
lit uiiam, Out.. August x. At a barn rais- 1
ing ibis afternoon, Joseph \t cigiitun nnd
Win. Richardson wi re instantly killed, ami
nine ot' were seriously injured by falling j
Boat Knee.
Toronto, August x, A sculling race is
arranged between Eton Mortis of Pittsburg,
ami Warren Smith of Halifax, on Bedford
Basin, in September: distance and stakes the
same ns rowed at xiltcr Lake, Mass., the 1st
of .Inly.
\tidcert's Intentions.
Widgerv, the man shot by Cool Burgess,
avows the intention to hate the latter arrest
ed and extradited for intended murder.
Ottawa. Augusts. Yesterday was gener
ally observed its a civic holiday About six
o'clock a row occurred between Orange
Voting Britons and a number of the Catholic
I'ttion. In a few minutes several hundred
young men were mixed up in the incit e, but
the police dispersed them. The proceedings
w ere brought to it close before dark, to pre
vent further disturbance.
Hanoi s it. August s, A young lady was
instantly killed by a falling tree at a picnic.
Hunk .Mutters,
Mom tit. it. August X. The directors as- '
serf that the Villc Marie Bank will be able to j
pay all liabilities and leave considerable to j
tile shareholders. As the depositor* of the j
City and District Savings Bank nearly all 1
belong to the working class, the run there is i
most serious, flic general manager ot'the
Bank of Montreal stans the City and Dis
trict w ill have no difficulty in meeting till de- J
Stir Lake, August X. As Ur. Bane, who ,
assaulted Elder Musser for villifying his
mother, was leaving the court room, tester- I
day. lie was severely beaten by Musser and ;
confederates, among whom were several po- j
lice. As Bane is a Gentile, the attack is said
to he from political motives. It was retalia- J
The coffee crop is good. The market is
quiet, with a downward tendency.
At New Orleans, yesterday. Mrs. Brow n,
alias Hiley, w as shot in the head and killed tiy
a policeman, her paramour.
Pi t Mot Tit, August s. George (Jopp. aged
gi. was drowned this afternoon.
Weather Indication-. for To-Day.
For New England and the Middle States,
partly cloudy nnd cooler w eather, north to
west winds and rising barometer.
At Worcester, Mass.—Worcesters 17. Al
bany* I
Otyuayo Expected to Prove Trouble-!
Cvri. Town, August*. The n port that
(Ytywnyo has offi red to surrender, is nut •
| eontirmeil. It seems to he the prevalent im
pression h* will give more trouble.
I.omhin. \ugust t*. Curri-spondenti in
Smith At'it:' think it possible (Ytywayo will
defeat the native* who are to he sent against
| him, in which event nil prestige gained by
iho riim o nf the British forces at ( lundi.
will be lo*»t. \ military council will la* held
• at Maritzhurg, but probably there will be lit
I tie more than a matter of form, as Sir Garnet
\\ olscb v is evidently bent on pursuing bis
i own views a* to the reduction of the British
forces. Besides the marines, a naval brigade
of *ix infantry and two cavalry regiments
will be sent home.
Secocoeur, in the North, is not exacted to *
submit, and .Vhm) men are preparing to imireh I
i against him, shovld he continue rccolcitrant. ]
Fuller advices show Sir (firnct Wolseley j
did not inform the coast chiefs that they wi re *
to be governed bv the English, Imt he told I
I them their country would he ruled bv inde-!
j pendent Zulu chiefs.
The French Cnmtditin* and the English
in Conflict.
i ni.« . August H. The labor troubles
i continue and have now assumed the appear
ance of a war of the races. Fast night prom-1
blent English speaking people in St. L »chc*
1 ami Little Liver Load, were threatened by
the 1 n neb ( anadiuns. and have to-day asked
; protection from the civic authorities. It is
| probabh that serious complications m u
I arise.
\ Ti ltttllil.t: COM I.\(.|( \ i io\ IN
\ ThoiiMind ISuildings limned tmd 10*
OJM) llomclcs- Feoplc.
Si uaii vo, August 8. Fire broke out in
the l:ftIn quarter* in this city, the whole of
which i- m»\\ burning. The tire threaten* to
a**imi.‘ tcirJdc proportion.
Tin tire was caused by an cxplo*ion. The
Catholic, Sen i.in and Jewish district* and
commercial quarter* have been dotryed.
A thousand building* have been burned, in
cluding the Catholic and Servian churcho.
IVn thousand people are rendered homeless.
The damage i* enormous.
I he tire at ten o’clock Fridav night i* *till
ra ging.
I.omion, August 8. 'I’he Russian New*
say* Ru**ia will surrender Kuldja in return
tor certain concession* from China favorable
to Russian commerce, hut there are signs
that the Chinese troops will not In* able to
maintain their ground there for any length of
Si. |*i. i Kit *u i io., August 8. Obstacle* to
ticin ral Lazaret)’* forward march in Centra!
A *ia arc at prociit too formidable. llcmu*t
for the time being restrict himself to occupy
ing strategic points.
l.oNImN, August 8. It is suspected the
In ii volunteer hill has failed. In tin Mouse
ot Lords la*t night, it was squelched b\ the
action oi the peer* who are great landed pro
prietor* in Ireland) iu demanding the previ
ous question. The government leader* ap
proved the hill, declaring they thought it im
polite to fix a stigma of disloyalty upon the
Irish people.
Constant ixoci.K, August 8. The propos
ed modification* in the Turkish ministry are
postponed for the present.
Oi»i.*sa, August 8. A Socialist named
Siunoff, imprisoned here, has ju*t died iu a
hospital from the eftebts of terrible burn* in
flicted with the intention of self-destruction.
Me* was found in his cell sitting over a petro
leum lamp. The flesh of his finger* wa* con
sumed, and hi* hack horribly burned.
■New York Money Market.
A.’vi M,15 k'lyiort." ’ •
New York, August, 8.
Muni'V 1 outlet) at I- g* cent, on call, closing at
.’I a per cent
Sterling,Ns) j <1 iy.*- for long, uutl t s.1.<1M- tor stmrt
Carrying rates, 1 — a - . borrowing rute., :t * rt.
l nit.it States Sixes, 1881, (reg.) loll
•• '• " (coup.) lots
" New 6's, treg.,1 Vr.'j
*' “ “ (coup.) Itril
“ “ New *J, (reg.) 1**|
•' •' “ (coup.' Ilsi
“ New 4 s, (reg.) lutj
" “ " (coup.) 101 *
" l’acitic Ti’s ’C6 u 1 j
New York Slock Market.
New York, August 8.
\\f*. I'uioii I. < ■*»., y.i»
N. \ < entrul & Hud.
Kiver, !M»l
I*ref.rm1, ft*j]
Mirliigun < Vntrul,
I nioii I'ucitic,
Lake Shore & Mich,
Illinois Central, txj
('hicugo & N. W., rr]
I'reft rred, oat
New Jersi y Central, il|
< liicago Ik ltock Is., 140
*t. Paul, Ml
Preferred, M]
Chicago Ik Alton, t»i
(^uiucy, 110]
Itoston Stork l*i*t.
[Sales at the Broker's Hoard. 1
Boston, August h.
Boston k Maine Railroad, gl'.TJ
Rustem Railroad, l.»i 115J
I’ortland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad, iuo-n
Boston & Maine Railroad 7 * „ i„»y_
Eastern Railroad, new bonds,) T|’«, —
< aliloniiu Milling stocks.
•Sam Kium tsco, \ugust s.
The following are the closing olficiul prices of min.
ing stocks to-du •
Alpha Mi
Alta tW
lic!'*»u*r 41
lie.-t \ ilclcher l"1,
lluliion »l[
Caledonia 4j
4 alilornia
4 hollar <»{
4 <*n«ulida!ed \’a.
4 IOWI1 Point 4.
Km aka con.-ad. 14 [
»ioulti 4k ('urry
(irand Prize 4
Hale & Norcrowd ' J
liupfriul 1\
Julia consolidated 4}
keutuck Ou
laopard —
Mexican *jn
N or them Bella 4
Ophlr :t4
Otennan *»J
Ha.vtnouU & KJv ;u
Savage ’
Keg Belcher
Sierra Nevada 4:
Cliioil consol. 41 \
Velluw Jacket J.
Bodie im
Washoe consul. — J
Chicago Prodace Market.
Cm* usd, August 8.
KI.Ol'H- -Spring Extra*. MXI36.OO
Choice Minnesota, 4.7.»nP.uu
Low grades, - U)«j2.75
Tateut, , j ooyii.O*)
Patent Minnesota, 5 50 jj 7.00
Winter Extra*, 3 2jfl3 *5
Will.A I —No. 2, Red Winter, «*» .(xxV
No. 2, Chicago .spring, cash, ' M
August, 84-3
Septetitber, 84jn —
October, >4 in
Number 3, - u70
R ejected, »>2-3D
COHN—Cash, nXli
August, ;tj| „ *
September, -Hitt —
October, 34U3U
OATS-Caah. At 30
August, ail,
September, 28 J
October, 232 3
HYE—Cash jo.J.
BARLEY- Cash, 71-476
August, .
September, 77,3_
PORK—Cash, $.15-§00
August, S.I63-,
September, t* 16- 4
October, $.20-/t — i
j LARIV—Cash, 6.35-g - — I
August, 5 85-4- I
September, 5 35-9 — *
< tetober, 00-a 5.374
Bl’LK MEATS—Shoulder*, 0.00- g 3.35 1
Short rib, 4.35-9O.OU
Short dear, 4.7090.00 I
Clear side*, 4.5640.00-- !
I DRESSED HOGS—Cash, 4.26-34.20
' FREIGHTS—Corn to Buffalo, 41 cent*: wheat 6- rt* |
Church Directory.
Orthodox CoMoitbo atimn al—Granite ch., .state
•treet, between Bridge and Oak street*. Itev.
Janus II. Kcoh. pastor: residence *»tate street.
Morning sen *«*•* at ltidiU A. M. sums lay m-IiooI at
• •• i!. i.v ctdi. -/ -ervicra at 71 o'clock. Preaching
to-morrow hv the pastor.
I mv : i.-ai.i-i — i or. W inthrop and Summer street*
v W. W hitney, pastor, re-ideuce, flew
uil -tf.«t Prt aching acrv ins at 10.30. -abbuth
"ciiool a: 1J M. No preaching <<r Sunday school
to morrow.
Pit**ri->iant P.fis. f»pAt.—state .t., between Oak
and W intlirop. Itev. satum-l Ipjohu rector. Mom
ing serv ice in. ;0 A M. Kvening service 7| I*. M.
Preaching to-morrow hy Prof. John-on of Trnlfv
< fdiege, Hartford, f bnn.
Flltsl B \ i*i 1st—f orner Winthrop and Pi-rlmm sta.
free ■•cat-. ID v. Horace W . i'ilden. pastor; real.
<lciic«-. >ewall -treet, load of We-tou street.*
Morning service in do \ M Kvening 74 P. M. Sab
bath school ut 12 M. Preacldng to-morrow by llev.
Mr. f lark «>f Norridgewock.
b It hi: ii Al'Tl.tT—state Mm-l, north of Bridge. Krea
-••at-. ( . F. Penney, ym-tor. residence Summer
street. Morning service 10..J0 \. M snhhath
School at 12. Preaching to-morrow by Mr. Krauk
I» . i »eorge.
Mi-TIIoiust Ki*IM oivvr.—t.rcen street, east of State.
H«*v. W. M. Sterling, pastor. reaideuce at the par
sonage, next door t«» the church. Morning service
In..m ,\ M Kvening, 71 P. M. suhlmth School at
12 M Preacldng to-morrow bv the |»a-tor.
!• him i filets-ri \ \ « iii it* if—Northern Avenue. Sun
day school at 1 o'clock P. M. Prayer Meeting
Humlay evening :ti 7 o'cl«Nakf Thnr-duv evening uf
7. 30 * *
fATiioi.ii-state st., north of Bridge. Her. H. W.
Murphy, pastor. .Morning sen ice, 10.30 A. M.
Afternoon, 3.00 P. M.
I in- Adventists hold meetings in Ilarby Block every
Sunday alb moon at the u-ual hour.
Ihe t ongregationul, 1 ir*t Bapti-t. Free Baptist, ami
MeiloHllM clutrclu - hold social conferencemeeting*
in tiu-ir vestries every Wednesday evening at 7i
v,,l * PMM-.II < oM.UM.ATIoNAl., || \f.I.OWKI.L—
ID-v. < . \. W hite, pa-tor. Morning service 10.30.
Sunday school w* P M
Mi.riioMsi Kim-copai., IIallowki.i.—Hev. Mr.
f irov• nor. pa-D-r; rc-idetnv oppositechurch. Morn
ing service. 10.30. Vfternoon service, *.30; Sab
bath school 1.hi I*. .M.
B\pti-i < hi ic< ii. II vi.i.ovvKi.1—No pastor. Sah
Daih School iii lO.m A. M I‘reacIdug service at
2.HI I*. M.
Kim-u opai, flit hi ii, II u.i.nvvKi.i. — No rector.
Morning service at in. iO. Kvening service al
•'• do. sundav school at 2 P. M.
I \ I v i i' - v i i > i < nr in ii, If vi.i.ovv FI. I. — Preaching
serv ice at do p. M. Snndnv School at 12. Confer
_?_*ng bi evening. No services to-morrow.
Mass Meeting
Will speak at M:. Vernon Village,
Sntiiiila) Afternoon, August 9,
Oreenbuekei \s hii<1 Democrats resjwctfully invited to
attend. Come one, come all.
Union Meeting Honse, Sidney,
Herbert Heath, Esq.,
Hepresenting the HilTItLlCANS, and
Dr. B. F. Lancaster,
in behalf of the OKFFNKACK PARTY,
Will have a Joint Discussion of the political is
sues of tlie fiour.
—VI —
Monday Afternoon, August tl,
At 2 O’clock.
Of Louisiana.
— on—
Hon. J. Manchester Haynes
OF 4C017ST4,
Will Address the Meeting.
Ih-nmcral* and (ireenlmckvr* respectfully invited
t’> attesuj.
\ I
w iistidsoir,,
Saturday Afternoon, Aug. 16,
\ I •,*. *» 'H UM K !’. M.
Senator Blaine,
Hon. J. Manchester Haynes,
W ill u«ltif‘t s.< tin* unit in;. Democrat* and linen
backer* cord lull;, inti ted to attend.
1>U1* K lit »l s|; on \t inthrop M. Inquire of
> julyifi»!f I). Al.Dl.v
Homoepathic Medicines,
Freddy prepared, and medicated a* di'peuaed. Also
Humphrey’s Hoacspathic Specifics, it
Under Granite Hall.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
Hie partnership heretofore «xi-tin; under the firm
name ot M'fMt.i k.Ovvlm A N AMI. Publisher* of tlte
Kennebec Journal, and the I >uiIv krimebec Jounud,
I i*thi*da> di-Mdvtd All demand* atalitet ttr_ drill
: k!m>\e mentioned will l*e *ettled by SfBAtil’K A Hojt,
1 and all person* iudehrtd t«» -aitl firm are requested to
1 make payment to 't’KU.i k A Son, who »i**ue are
authorised to *cttl« the account* ot *ahl tirm.
i U An. K > A*M.
I \u;u*ta. .Ini? In. 1n79.

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