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L A DIE • !
Endorsed by Phyvciani.
It quickly induces
the Liver to healthy
action, removing tne
causes tbat produce
Bilious Headache,
Dyspepsia, Piles, &c.
the Stomach and Bowels wiu regain
their strength, and the blood will be
perfectly purified.
It cures Fcmalegcomplaints
and by its use monthly sickness
is rendered painless.
It is purely vegetable, and
meets a want never before fur
nished lo the public, and the
utmost reliance may be placed
In it.
••He who lives after nature *hali never be poor.”
A C lergyman.
Rev. Charles Pike, of Waterbary, Conn., myn :
••I contrived a weakness of the kidneys, which
was mad' worse by drinking water in the different
place* where I resided. I suffered severely I pur
chased a bottle of IJc.vt'h [Kidney and Liver] Rem
EI»T, with the guarantee that It woo d help me, as
It afterward did.”
**Iu an orderly house, all l*>oon ready.”
A Mrsuful Udy.
••This I* to certify that I have used HUHT'i [Kid
ney and Liver] Kkmkiit for the kidney* and other
troubles with very ca»l*foCtory results, and would
recommend the -ame to those afflicted as I was.
Gratefully, Mr*. IJ. V. P*ck, Ansonia, Ct.”
"Out of debt out of danger.”
My Wife’s Mother.
Mr. Charles W. Morris, Eagle Office, Pittsfield,
Mass., writes :-‘‘M wife’s mother had been in a
very precarious condition with dropsy, or Bright’s
disease ol the kidneys. Hunt’k [Kidney and f.lverj
Kkmkdy has worked a miracle In her.”
Price $1.45. Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
HUNT’S KKMKDY CO., Providence?, K. I.
Hold by all druggists.
C. N C8ITTENT0N, General Aaent,
New York
BOVVdewMd nr lm
ri;»D .-.U'/f
an muinont Phys.' dan. Mlmpie, Hole and r*ttr»*.
ij*r or pttiaciPALNos ernas.
1 Fev**rs. CorigM«tion. IullninnationH.. ,'At
‘A Worms, Worm l*e'er Worm Doli *... .54 t
3 Crying Collr, c rT-Hthingiflnfants Jit
4 Diarrhea of Ch.ddrsn or Adul . «.A t
b Dlaevaterv, Griping, Bilious Coho.A >
•) Cholera Morbus, vomiting.A *
1 t oughs. < old. Bronchitis— ..‘At
H IVeuralcc*a. Toothache. Faeaach'* JA't
»l Headaches. Nick Headache,Vertigo ,‘A 't
1 <i Dyspepsia. Bilious Stomach......... .54}
I I Suppressed or Painful Periods »A.t
Whiles,tooProfuss Periods. .. }
t roup, Dough, Difficult Breaching ... ,54*
Holt Ilhossra, Erysipalsa, Erupt. >cs .54)
Rheumatism, Kheuinatic l*n is.... .Jo*
Fever and Asrue, t hills, Malaria. *
Piles, Blind or Blooding . J5 >
'■ tlwrrh,acute or chronic; Influenza Ji >
Whoopi nu 4 oucch.Violent (Jougha .50
-pneral Debility,Phys'lWeakness .50
Sidney Disease.50
ervoul Debt Illy. 1.00
rlnary Weakness, Wotting Bed JMI
Tseases oft he Heart. Palpitation 1.00
f Hold by DruggistSjOr sent postpaid on
ipt of pnos — Horn! for Dr. Humphreys*
Skon Disease,<MC.(144page*) ial*o, Cat a
le. Dee. — Address. HUMPH R KIN*
ilclna Co., 100 Fulton Nt., New York.
"Get the Best’
Kill pain, sooths and stimulate ths tired
musoles, and wonderfully strengthen weak
parts. All the valuable medicinal virtues of
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Bjlatioa, Rheumatism. Crick, Stitches, Side
Ache, Kidney Affections, Sore Chest or any of
the various pains and weak nesses so common.
Instant relief ts gtvon. Cures Dyspepsia and
Liver troubles without internal dosing. Sold
everywhere. 2Bn. ft for $1. Mailed for prioe.
IIOP PLA8TTTTICO., Prop’rs, Boston, Mass.
yvV/onderful o"
oct8d**<xlfcw cliKWky nr tt
Dare Make the Following Lib
eral Offer.
You needn't Inkr our word, you needn't
take Anybody's word, but without risk
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earn the value of bur wonderful Kent*
edy, and that It possesses more genuine
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Wishing nil to know of the wonderful eir
tue of Utikrr'N Orrnt American
Kprrifll’. we will guarantee to refund in
each and every cate, on receipt of reasonable
proof, the price paid for a bottle of our rem
edy, if it fails to relieve or cure (if used ac
cording to directions with each bottle) Sciat
ica, Lame Mack and Side, Pleurisy, Sprains
anti Bruise*. Sore throat, sore and Weak
Lung*. Burns, Blind. Bleeding nr Itching
Piles, Stings of Insects, Chilblains, Frost
Bites, Toothache, Salt Rheum, Croup, or
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lar to those enumerated above. Further
more, it never tails, and if you have seen the
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hut have them in almost every village and
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golden opportunitv to investigate for your
Sold by all druggists and dealers in medi
cine everywhere at fifty cents a bottle.
Trade supplied by leading wholesale drug
houses in ail large cities
Proprietors snd Manufacturers,
Portland. Maine.
October 25, 1885.
__ nov5d&wlm
It It well know, that the City of St. Panl, Wane
•ota, la aaaared of a rapid growth Irom now on. It
la toriay the t.anclal, commercial and railroad cen
tre of the North weat. Ineeatmeata made in real ro
tate. improved or antmproved, will pay large'y.
Money can he loaned on the hem real eetate aeoartty
lor from ala to right aer cent. Reference, la St.
Panl and Bari if derired. *, B. HOBTOH,
wl|* 111 Panl, Mlani»nla |
Vaccine Vlnu
What It is and how It is Obtained.
Everybody has heard of vaccine points
and vaccine virus, bat everybody has not
seen the same or been accorded the privi
lege of looking upon the process of mak
ing either one or the other. At the pres
ent lime, when the dread epidemic ot
small-pox is raging so fiercely near our
borders and threatening to introduce itself
among us, it is quite natural that some in
terest''should centre in the methods of
warding off the disease on the part of the
people of New England. To the end of
getting some information in regard to the
manner of producing the tar-famed anti
dote to the terrible disease, a Boston Trav
eller reporter called upon Dr. W. C. Cut
lerof the New England Vaccine Company,
at Chelsea, and invited him to give a few
facts concerning the matter, and he gave
the following interesting history :
To begin at the beginning. I will state
that true animal vaccine was introduced to
this country by Dr. Henry Martin ot Bos
ton Highlands, in the year 1870. The
seed which he obtained for the introduction
of the process was from a spontaneous
case of cowpox on the udder of a milk
cow in Beaugeney, France. Previous to
that time there had been no well attested
case of spontaneous cowpox discovered in
this or the old country, and never had the
true cowpox been transmitted from ani
mal to animal since the days of Jenner,
although vaccination had been performed
bv Dr Ephraim Cutter of Woburn, during
the war. and virus was furnished to the
Federal army by him. This was called
retro-vaccine virus, and was taxen irorn
the human arm and carried back into the
I animal. Previous to this time, and as far
back as 1843, attempts were made to inoc
ulate heifers with small pox derived di
rectly from human cases, anil a notable
instance of this kind occurred during the
practice of one Dr. Martin of Attleboro,
Mass., who obtained virus in this manner,
and from these animals vaccinated the
Unfortunately this resulted in true
small pox in every case where the vaccin
ation had been performed, many of the
victims dying, and thereby giving rise to
a general epidemic in that part of the
country. Records of this case may be
found in the Boston Medical and Surgical
Journal of 1843, and the facts are not gen
erally known even to physicians today.
The author of all this trouble became de
mented through remorse at what he had
done, and died in the West, insane, a few
years later. Apart Irom this misadventure,
the lymph used in this country had been
Passed from Arm to Arm.
through a long succession of transmissions
for about 70 years, and thereby in the
minds ol the leading men of the profes
sion. had become determined in its char
acteristic developments. Owing to the
sudden calls for large quantities of vac
cine virus during epidemics in this coun
try. it was not infrequent that the supply
ol the material ran short.
Since Dr. Martin introduced the true
vaccine, several others have also engaged
in the specialty, and during the following
year Drs. Waterman and Garceau of Bos
ton. Dr Foster of New York, mysell and
others, established stables for the propa
gation of the virus. Various others have
also entered the field sj^lce then. Now it
is not unusual during small pox epidemics
in large cities, when house to house vac
cination is in operation, that such a city
may use from 10,000 to 20.000 of the vac
cine “points,” which I will show you, per
dav, including those uset r the Board of
Health and private physicians. I mention
this I act because Boston, Baltimore,
Washington and Chicago vaccinated at
this rate for several days. It might be
needless to say that when a city applies
from 10.000 to 20.000 of these a day, as a
means of stamping out the small pox. that
end is accomplished in from Oto 20 days.
This is what experience has so far gone
to show. Such might easily have been
the case in Montreal, had there been no
opposition to the work of the physicians.
Instead ol vaccinating thoroughly front
house to house, and doing the work in
proper torm, the Montreal Board of Health
have been vaccinating at the rate of 500
per day, when thev should have vaccinated
5000. A very unlortunate circumstance
occurred in Montreal when the first cases
were imported from Chicago. Lymph of
a very poor quality was used, which verv
early in the epidemic gave rise to a most
serious objection to vaccination among the
classes. Upon the introduction of a better
quality this was overcome, so far as the
English-speaking people were concerned
The Catholic clergy seem to have been
the chief obstacle to the work of the Board
of Health among the Krench-Canadian in
habitants of Montreal. The bishop issued
a manifesto to his clergymen to advice
vaccination, which they did, but supple
mented the advice with the assertion that
the smallpox had come upon the people
as a punishment for their sins, and wheth
er they were vaccinated or not, they would
have the disease just the same. They
lurther comforted their flocks with the
assurance that the smallpox had been
sent among them by an all-wise Provi
dence. to thwart the designs of whom was
nothing short of blasphemy.
An Amusing Incident
concerning the ant I-Vaccination Society:
of Montreal, and the denouement ot
which a lew days ago proved a great help
to the Board of Health, might be stated
in this connection. It seems that the
editor of the anti-vaccination journal of
Montreal,- having occasion to leave that
city by rail, was quarantined for inspec
tion ; not wishing to be delayed, he sub
mitted after some objection to be exam
ined, when it was discovered that he had
two finely developed pustules of vaccina
tion on his arm, about seven days old!
This, as may be imagined, took much of
the force away from his remarks in sup
port of anti-vaccination, and has in no
small degree aided in the work of getting
the disease under control.
So far as the traffic in vaccine is con
cerned probabiy not one-sixth or one
seventh of that produced goes into the
Provinces at all. but to the different bor
der States, such as Maine, Vermont. New
Hampshire and New York, and is there
used merely as a means of conservatism.
Neither is the great bulk of it going into
infected districts. The boards of health
of our large cities are giving free vaccina
lion, and the daily press is actively agita
ting the matter, so that there is really a
general protection going on in all the
§tates, almost as though they were in a
state of general epidemic. 1 suppose that
the amount of virus produced per day by
the various combined propagators of the
of the United States might aggregate from
20,000 to 30,000 ‘‘points” per “day. Of
this the largest proportion is probably
produced in New England. Vaccination
In its earliest days having been in a great
measure promulgated in the Hub. Boston
virus has come to have the best reputation
and the city is looked upon as a sort of
headquarters for bovine vaccine virus.
In the matter of its immediate produc
tion, the most important object! s
to obtain nice cattle. It ns^j?jr®
an animal to be in a very good condition
as regards health, as an impoverished and
sickly animal is very difficult to get good
lymph from. We must avoid all skin
diseases, and next select an animal with
smooth, glossy hair, and under five years
old, it possible. I he natural habitat of
cowpox is upon the milk heifer, however,
and not the calf, although both are used.
It becomes necessary that the physician
producing vaccine virus for the profession
should have his operating stables immed
iatelv under his control and observation,
forthis is a business that requires unflag- ,
oin<r attention. It is imperatively necessary
also’ that there should be in connection
with his operating stables a farm in which
the animals, prior to the propagating pro
cess should be well cared for.
The Animals Never Suffer
from the effects of vaccination, the deaths
bejn<r about one in 3000, and Ihose occur
ring'gene rally troru strangulation. There
are nianv times when these animals com
mand a premium in the market. Having
selected a perfectly healthy beast, she is
vaccinated over the gluteii muscles on the
posterior portion ot the hips. This part
is selected for the reason that there is less
liability for its coming mto contact wffh
any foreign substance. During the inocu
lation process, which lasts seven days,
the animal is kept in a warm stable, pro
perly bedded and cared for, fed upon
English hay and clean shorts, and on the
seventh day the crust of pustule is re
moved and is surface carefully cleaned
any debris of the stable or the pustule,
when there immediately begins to exude
from the cellular surface lymph slightly
mixed with blood.
This first lymph is allowed to run to
waste until it becomes clear and limpid,
like water in color. It is then gathered
upon small ivory “points” made lancet
shape for the double purpose of securing
the lymph and making the incision in the
arm of the person vaccinated. This exu
dation ot lymph continues spontaneously
for trom one halt to three quarters of an
hour. It is then exhausted, and the same
process is continued upon another pustule,
for there are several on the same animal,
until all have been treated. This finishes
our work upon that animal, she being then
exhausted of the lymph, and she is pro
tected against any further vaccination
either by accident or intent. For the ope
ration the yearling is led alongside of an
adjustable table and strapped to it, after
wliich the table and calf are both raised to
a horizontal position and then are sub
jected to the operation. A very success
ful operation upon a healthy animal will
yield a varying amount of lymph, from
1000 to 2000 points.
The physician is always forced to be al
ways ready for emergencies, tor his pro
duct must be fresh and at all times in
quantity sufficient to supply the demand.
This is somewhat difficult when so much
virus must be thrown away, forthe reason
that we must wait seven days from the
time the animal is vaccinated to the time
she matures. Larger animals are operated
upon through a different method. Being
too large for a table, they are led into a
sort stanchion which braces them on all
sides, and the operation is performed upon
them and the lymph gathered while in a
standing position. The normal tempera
ture of the animal in health is 100 1-2 de
grees, and at the height ot the disease it
Rises One or Two Decrees,
not, hewever, occasioning any discomfort
to the animal, or preventing it from eat
ing and drinking. It is often the case in
epidemic times that the physician must
vaccinate from three to five animals a day
in order to supply the demand. After the
“point” is charged from the animal it is
placed in a sort of ventilating rack to dry,
as heat renders it inert. The “points”
are then placed for ordinary use in small
round metal boxes packed with wool, and
are shipped to the physicians, always, as
a rule, going througn the mails. A day's
mail may represent every State in the
Union, and often does.
In order that you may better understand
the matter I will show you the process in
practical operation, said the doctor, as he
conducted the interviewer to the operating
stables near by. Entering what one might
take to be an ordinary dwelling-house or
the headquarters of some light mercantile
establishment, an interesting scene was re
revealed. Standing in two rows were to be
seen a number of fine-looking cattle held in
position by the stanchios before described.
Some of them were lazily chewing hay.
and all appeared sleek and glossy and
contented. The lymph pestules on differ
ent ones were in all stages of develop
ment, trom one to seven days, and some
of them had not been treated to the vac
cination process.
There was one which had served its
purpose and was of no further use as a
producer of vaccine virus, and there were
two others which had arrived at the re
quired stage of development and were be
ing operated upon by the employes. The
little ivory slivers, looking for all the
world like miniature paper-cutters, were
applied to the gelatinous matter of the
pustule so that both sides ot the pointed
end were covered. They were then placed
obliquely upon a large, round wooden
disc with a series of grooved circles in it
to admit the free passage of air. They
were then ready for the drying rack, and
presented an appearance very suggestive
of the rapidly revolving “pin-wheel” in
which the small bov delights on the night
of the glorious fourth. Everything was as
neat as a dairy, and the presence ot ani
mals would hardly be suspected were they
not to l>e seen.
Those cattle, said the doctor, are kept
upon our large farm at Revere, and
brought in as occasion requires. The to.
tal numlier which we have vaccinated
since 1871 is now 3400.
Proceeding to the upper story the stock
room was first inspected. Here was
Thf. Drti.no-rack.
in which the lymph on the “points” was
rapidly assuming the condition of dried
mucilage, and there were also some of
the old-fashioned quill “points” ready for
These quills, said Dr. Cutler, have now
almost become obsolete, although we
sometimes get an order for them. The
ivory ones have almost entirely supersed
ed them. Here are some of the latter,
which have received a third coating of vi
rus. They are going to the Sandwich
Islands, and of course we want them to
retain their full power when they arrive
there We have sent them to Havti, and
even as far as China, and their power has
not deteriorated. We always give a third
coating in these instances, for the ordinary
“point” retains its vitality onlv about
three weeks.
In a large, well-lighted room adjoining,
a torce of employes were busily at work
seated in front of a long table. Here the
prepared points were taken in hand by one
person and sorted and counted into tens.
The next one carefully removed with a
knife all foreign substances that might
adhere to the lymph, while the next care
fully re-inspected and re-counted them|
and then sent to the packer. The latter
facts: That the greatest evils have often
had their rise from causes which were
deemed, originally, of too little importance
to occasion solicitude; and that fatal re
sults proceed from the neglect of trivial
ailments. Philip G. Raymond, Duluth,
Minn., writes: “ Ayer's Sarsaparilla cured
me of Kidney Complaint, from which I
had suffered for years.” The transmission
of a message over a
wire (s not a more positive proof of the
electric current, than are pimples and boils
of the contamination of the blood by im
pure matter. Albert H. Stoddard. 59 Rock
st., Lowell, Mass., says: “For years my
blood has been in a bad condition. The
circulation was so feeble that X suffered
greatly from numbness of the feet and
legs; l was also afflicted with boils. After
taking three bottles of Ayer's Sarsaparilla
my blood circulates freely, and I have no
boils or numbness.” Like an
shock, the pains of Rheumatism dart
through the body. Rheumatism is a blood
disease, and needs an alterative treatment.
Charles Foster, 3T0 Atlantic ave., Boston,
Mass., says: “ Two years ago I was pros
trated by Rheumatism. I tried a variety
of remedies, with little benefit, until
I began using Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. This
helped me, and, at the end of the fifth
bottle, I was entirely cured.” Miss A.
Atwood. 143 I st., South Boston, Mass.,
says: “ I have been ill a long time, from
poverty of the blood and abscesses.
are made by scientists, from time to time,
which astonish the world, but there has
been no discovery, in science or medicine,
more impoi tant than that of Ayer’s Com*
pound Extract of Sarsaparilla, which has
restored health and strength to thousands.
Beiy. F. Tucker, Pensacola, Fla., writes:
« Ayer’s Sarsaparilla cured me of Liver
and Bilious troubles, when everything else
failed.” The usefulness of the
is enhanced by the fact that it can be used
to order Ayer's Sarsaparilla from your
druggist. Dr. John Iloffman, Morrisania,
X. Y., writes: ‘‘In all diseases arising
from an impure ami vitiated condition of
the blood, there is no relief so prompt and
sure as that afforded by Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla.” Dr. A. B. Iloberson, Chapel Hill,
X. C., writes: " I wish to express my
appreciation of AVer's Sassaparilla. I
have used it in my practice, in Scrofulous
cases, with excellent results.”
up the faces, and relieving the sufferings of
thousands, Ayer’s Sarsaparilla has brought
happiness to the homes of rich and poor
alike. Mrs. Joseph Perreault, Little Can
ada, Harris Block, Lowell, Mass., is a
widow; the only support of three children.
Several months ago she was suffering from
general debility, and was compelled to give
up work. Medical attendance failed to do
any good, but, by the use of a bottle of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, she has been enabled
to resume her work, and is gaining
strength daily. Use Ayer's Sar
Ayer s Sar sapanlla.
saparitla has had the effect of toning me
up. Under its use I am fast gaining color,
appetite, and strength.’’
No other preparation is so universally
esteemed for its purifying and invigor
ating qualities.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Matts., L. S. A.
Sold by all druggists. Price $1; six bottles for $5.
The Most Wonderful Kwuidj KimIs all other Kemedles .or
Kenedy Ever known. kiteraai lie.
BUTCURES— Diphtheria, j CURES-Catarrh, Ghol
Croup, Asthma, Bron- era Morbus, Dysentery,
cbitis. Neuralgia, Rheu- Chronic Diarrhoea, Kid
matism, Bleeding at the ney Troubles, ami Spinal
Lunge, Hoarseness, In- Diseases. Circular, free,
fiuonza. Hacking Cough, i I. 8 J0HN80N & CO.
Whooping Cough. !__ _ Boston.
PoaiilTOlr "ure 8ICK-HT Ai/ACHE, Biliousness, .nd all LIVER and BOWEI. Complaints, M.^ajARIA,
BlOOU POISOix, .uu 2ki- Diseases <ONF PT1.T JL LGSa>. /or Femaie Complaint" these Fill#
have no ecuai. “I find them a vaiuaDie Cathartic and Liver Pill.— Dr. T. 31 raimer, Monticeuo, Fia."
•‘In my practice I use no other.— J. Dennison, M.D., DeWitt, Iowa. ’ Sold everywhere, or sent bj*
man for 25 eta. in stamps. Valuable iutormation FREE. I. 8. JOHNSON 8c CO., BOSTON, MA88.
It is a well-known fart tbs* most of the M H H ■ Lj H ■ ■ mm H ■ Mm U H m M
II*»rse in nniii- H H ^| || ■ III ■111 ■ ■■
try is wo»llilets; oheridan s • >n<liti«>xi |BH ^B B M B ^ I BIB | ^B W
Powder pure valuable. Bfllfl BB BB M BB IBI Bk fl |B V
Nothing on Farth will make hen* BhB BB IB B | | | Bh| B IB H
lay like Sheridan’* Condition l'ow- 1BB ^^B |B |IL|f]kl B
der* Dose, one teasnoonful to each Dint of ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ H HP ■ ■ ■ W1 IP* ■ ■'
rood. It will also positively prevent anti cure
Hoc Cholera, dec. Sold every srhei i, or sent by mail for2oc. In
stamps. Fmnished in larce cans, trice $1.00; by mail, $1.20
Circular tree. 1. S- JOHNSON .$ CO., Button, Matt.
then proceeded to insert them in lots of
ten into a small round metallic case or
tube packed with cotton wool and protect
ed by an air-tight cover. They wera then
passed to the person having charge of the
mailing, who placed them in envelopes to
be sent off to every conceivable portion of
the country. A big pile of telegraphic
and letter correspondence received during
the past month attested to the magnitude
of the business There orders from the
Board of Health of Montreal for large
numbers of “points” to be tilled without
delay, and from those of other Canadian
cities none the less pressing.
Salvation Oil, the greatest cure on earth
for pain, has made a most brilliant debut.
Price 25 cts.
Philosophers say that atluirs should always
be conducted with a view to the greatest good
of the greatest number. I)r. Bull's Cough
Syrup does the greatest good for the greatest
number. 25 cents.
When Ilebr wu eick, we g»vo her Cutort*,
When «he wu k Child, ahe cried for Cutoria,
When ahe became Miae, ahe clang to Cutoria,
Whan ahe had Children, ahe gare them Cutoria,
aug2"xl TuThS&w ly
For seven years I suffered with a cancer on my
face. All the simple remedies w« re applied to alle
viate the pain, but the place continued to grow,
finallv extending into mv nose, from wnich came a’
yellowish discharge very offensive in character. It
was also inflamed, and annoyed me a great deal
About eight month* ago, I was in Atlanta, at the
house of a friend, who so strongly recommended the
use of Swift's Specific that 1 determined to make an
effon to procure it. In this I wa« successful, and
began its use. The influence of the medicine at first
was to somewhat aggravate the sore; but soon the
inflammation was allayed, and ! began to improve
after the first tew bottles. My general health has
greatly improved. I am stronger, and able to do
any kind of work. The cancer on my face began to
decrease and the ulc* r to heal, until there is not a
vestige of it left—only a little scar marks the place
where it had been. I am ready t« answer all ques
tions rela ive to this cure.
Mrs. Joyce A. McDonald.
Atlanta, (,a August 11, 1885.
i nave nan a cancer on my lace for some years, ex
tending i'om one cheek bone across the nose to the
other. If has given me a great deal of pain, at time-*
burning and itching to such an extent that it was
almost unbearable. l commenced using Swift’s
Specific in May, 1885, and have used eight bottles
It has given the greatest relief by removing the in
flammation and restoung my general health.
„ ... , W. Baknks.
Knoxville. Iowa, Sept. 8,1*85.
For many years I was a sufferer with cancer of
the nose, and having been cured by the u*e of s.S.S,
I feel constrained by a sense of duty to suffering hu
manity *o make this statement or my case. With
the fourteenth bottle the cancer began to heal rapid
lv and soon disappeared, and lor several months
there has been no appearance of a sore of any kind
on my nose or face, neither is mv nose at all tender
to the touch I have taken about two dosen bottles
S. S S , and am -oundly cured, and I know that
8. 8. 8-, effected th*» cure after every known remedy
was tried and had failed. Robert Smbdley.
Fort Gaines, Ga., May 1, 1885.
I had heard of the wonderful cures of Swift’s
Specific, and resolved to try it. I commenced tak
ing it in April. 18*4. My general health was much
improved, yet the cancer which was in my breast
continued to grew slowly but snrely. The bunch
grew and became quite heavy. 1 felt that I must
either have it cut or die. But it commenced di«.
charging quantities of almost black, thick blood.
It continued healing around the edges until Feb
ruary, when it was entirely healed up and well.
_ . _ Betsy Wood.
Cochessetr, Plymouth Co., Maas., July 1*. 1685.
Swift s specific Is entirely vegetable, and seems
to cure cancers by forcing out the Imparities from
the blood.
Tre«l,e on blood .ad «Un DlMuei mailed free
Tn* Swift Specific Co, Drawer S, Atlanta
Go. H. Y., 147 W 23d St.
Business Cams.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office witU Dr. Geo. E. Rrickett, 140 Water f-tree
OIUco Huhi'n: VJ to .*5 1J. M,
Urtidencc No. 12 Spring Ml.
___ iuarl7ttl
J. C. TITC031.U,
Corner Water and Bridge Streets
Iffioe Honrs : 3 to 12 A. M., 2 to 6 P. M.
OFFICE—141 Water St.,
WillBbe Out of Town Till Nov. 15th.
E. J. Roberts, D. D. S.
Office: First Door to Post Office
HUNT’S BLOCK. Water St. Augusta.
Successor to Dr. C. W Dart*
Wo. 140 Water Si., Augusta. l»le.
Orer Pieroe'a Book Store. febldly
Land Surveyor,
the popular favorite for dress
ing the hair. Restoring the color
when gray,and preventing Dan
druff. It cleanses the scalp,
stops the hair falling, and ik
"ture_to_please:__50c. and sues at Druggists. |
The Beat Cough Core 700 can nee
and the best known preventive of Consumption.
Parker s Tonic kept in a home is a sentinel to
keep sickness out. Used discreetly it keeps the
blood pure and the Stomaoh, Liver and Kidneys
tn working order. Coughs and Colds vanish be
fore it. It builds up the health.
If you suffer from Debility, Skin Eruptions,
Cough, Asthma. Dyspepsia. Kidney. Urinary or
Female Complaints, or any disorder of the Lungs.
Stomach, Bowels, Blood or Nerves, don’t wait
till you are sick in led, but use Parker’s Tonic
to-day ; it will give you new life and vigor.
ooiq oy Iffttflpsts. Large saving buying $x size.
ttatlroaM an* atramtoati.
Ob and after October Uth. 188#, train* wilt tear*
MSi^Lewlston. Portland aad Boston at 6.1#
and 10.* ti A. M., # 04, and tlOA# P. If.
For Rockland and Farmington, 8.1# and 10.00 A.
MFor Bath, «.1S and 10.00 A. M.; #.04 P. M.. aad oa
Saturdays only at tl0.65 P. M.
For w aterrilie, t3.25 and 9.48 A. M.; 4.06 P. M.,
anc mu Saturdays only at800 P.M.
For SJtowhegan, Bellaat and Orxtrr, t2Jft A* M.,
4’For Bangor, Ellsworth, Aroostook coanty and 8t.
John. S3a.A; and4.C5 P. M.
Bar Harbor, 2.25, A. M.
All Day Passengira Trains stop at the new
Congress Street btation. in Portland, where Horse
Cars can be taken for all points down town as
lar as ihe Post Office. . . c
tXight Pullman Trains each way every night, bun
days included, but uot to Skowhegau on Monda}
moruiugs, or io Belfa.-t and Dexter, or beyond Ban
gor, on Sunday mornings.
Gardiner Accommodation Train.
A. M. P.M. P.M
Augusta lv., 8-26 2.00 5.3i
Hallo well lv., 8.33 2.08 J-3*
Gardiner ar., 8.60 2.25 5.61
Garditier lv., 7.45 1.00 4.46
Hallowell v., 8.02 1.18 5.0V
Augusta, ar., 8 10 1.26 6.If
Freight Trains.
For Portland ana way, 8.40 and 11.40 A. M.
For Vano-boro and way, 12 65 and 4.22 P. M
Due from Boston and way, 12.38 and 4 12 P.M.
Due l>om Vanoeboro and way, 8.25 and 11.13 A. M
Through tickets to California and all points South
and West may be had of E. H. Walker, ticket agent,
Augusta, the only office selling via all routes and
checking baggage Dee of expense,
PAYSON TUCKER, Gen’l Manager.
F. E BOOTUBY, Gen’l Pass, and Ticket AgTt.
Portland, Oct. 8,1885.
Eastern Steamboat Co.
Regular Dally Mall Line, Commencing
Monday, Oct. 19, 1885.
"Special Boat for Fall Season’’ Will be
Regular Mail Roots.
Leave Boothbay, daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 A.
Leaves Bath at 3.15, P. M.
Landing daily, at Westport. Kiggsville, Southport
and Mouse Island. And at Squirrel Island on Tues
day and Thursday.
octlJeodly Treasurer.
m&STAE of the EAST.
WILL commence her regular trips from the Ken
nebec, THURSDAY, April 23,ISM. and will
until further notloe, run as follows:
Leaving Gardiner every Monday and Thursday at
2.30 o’clock,Richmond at 3.30, and Bath at 6.40 P.M.
Returning will leave Lincoln’s wharf, Boston, Tues
days and Fridays at 6 P. M.
Meals on board steamer, 60 cents.
Will leave Augusta from the company's new whan,
toot of Winthrop street, at 12:30 P.M .Hallowell at
1.00 P.M., connecting with the above boat at Gardt
Fare from Augusta, Hallowell, Gardiner and re
turn, 63.00. Single Tlokets to Bostnn, (2.00.
W. J. TUCK, Agent,Augusts.
Office Foot of Winthrop St.
A brent Medical work or
Exhausted Vitality, Nervous and Physical Debit
Ity, Premature Decline in Man, Errors of Youth,anc
the untold miseries resulting from indiscretion ot
excesses. A book tor every man, young, middh
aged and old. It contains 125 prescriptions lor ali
acute and chronic diseases, each one ol which is in
valuable. So found by the author, whose experience
loi 23 years is such as probably never fell to the lot
of any pliysioian. 300 pages, bound in beautiful
French muslin,embossed covers,full gilt guaranteed
to be b liner work in every sense—mechanical, liter
ary and prolesslonal-than any other work sold inthif
country for *2.50, or the money will be refunded In
every Instance. Price only- $1.00 by mail, post-paid
Illustrative sample a cents. Send now. Gold medal
awarded the author by the National Medical Asso
elation, to the officers ot which he refers.
1 Ills book should be read by theyoung for instruct
ion, and by the afflicted for relief, ft will beneti
all.— London Lancet.
There Is no member of society to whom tills book
wl.l not be useful, whether youtu, parent, guardian
Instructor or clergyman—Araonaut.
,.A^drf"8 l.ht' Peabody Medical Institute, or Dr. W
H. I arker. No. 4, Bulfinch St., Boston, Mass., wh.
may be consulted on all diseases requiring skill and
experience. Chronic and obstinate diseases that have
baffled the skill of all other phye II ja a ,Cjan,
a specialty. Such treated sucHEALcess
lulfy without an tnstanoc-V-BJ *>• I
of failure. Mention this I H TJlELr
POP”'-_ aprlTTCi; |
Corticelli Purse
T wist.
The treat popularity of
this brand of Purse Bilk, la
obtained by the rxrrUmco
of ito colors, the peculiarity
I or lta twist, and the
facility with which It
L may be wrought Into j
I those exquisite de- i
& signs known to worn
jaen of past generations
If almost sa well as to
W those of the present
■ time.
I CAUTION. Purchaa
I ere ahould notice carc
I fhlly the BLACK
I SPOOL,with the name
I COR TIC EL LI on one
r end. The genuine ia
put up only in thie
way. Sold by enterpris
ing dealer*, who can be
supplied at our agency.
No. 18 8ummerBt.. Boatnn
book on knitting (1888
ea.tion)ocn. I tains full dirsotions for making the
new style of [ 1 purse shown in this engraving as
mlli'sS??? 100 oth" 'r»l'“ble illustrated
^ on "oolpt °f 8o. in sumps. ,
NONOTUCK BILK CO., Florsnce. Mass.
«m Warranted absolutely pure
Cocoa, from which the eiceM of
Oil hu« been removed. It hasfAree
times the strength of Cocoa mixed
with Starch, A rrowroot or Sugar,
and is therefore far more economt*
cal, costing lens than one. cent a
cup. It la delicious, nourishing,
i strengthening, easily digested, and
^admirably adapted for invalids aa
I *• for persons In health.
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
I. BAER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
■ J.H.HEKV i£
___ norlMeodfcwlv
Immensely durable. Easy running.
No slipping. No chipped floor*. Com
paratlvely noiseless. Per sample set •
l.ac<juered. fll.au; Nickel Tpiated!
'* PoV?t*' a#e- additional!
djate siae ofSnlnale. Also MTi
2*f** SiH? ®.ub®er Rollers Circulars
SIS" Pl2t«rt‘?»and liberal Unmet,
trade. «EO. p. CLABH. B« In
Wl^UsklX IO>
Mete ftttomismerT*
a Bie oFFER. JiyrssrjRajp
once. "* *•
THE NATIONAL CO., 21 Dev at V .
OCt2»ffcW«W • ■ T
The paradise of Invalids! The home of tropic*
traits! Climate unsurpassed! Jfo frosts! \0
tremes of heat or cold! No malaria! Uround hi k
and dry f Plenty of nines! and the fines', huntlnw
and fishing In America. *
PALMA sOLA has the name ol b* lug tk»
largest, prettiest and lounge t town iu Florida,
beautifully located on the UulfCoa t, two miles above
the mouth of the Manatee River. Already the Iron
horse Is wending Ills way to Palma Sola, and >00n
the tourist will arrive at Its first class hotel, wher»
he can get a meal to suit Ills epicurean tastes
Palma Sola possesses the largest store In south
Florida, with sawmill, furniture manufac’nrv
ing houses, warehouses, churches, school honk
postetfico, stores, beautiful residences, and a I., ’
» hart at which ocean steamers arrive dally tna
WAKRI A LEI.AIAIl Jr , of o > ..
Hiaiaeh " lame, lias secureil a locatiou a! f..
Sola lor Ihe erection of a winter tesort fb,.
diction Is a safe one, based as it Is upon the nalnr.1
advantages of the place, that he will make thi, .7l
“L«»« RK'Ht IP'ot PLOIUDA. an!: othte
large hotels will be built.
With the completion of the railroad, this wu,
the terminus, and the direct route to Havana Cuh.
l/Ots will double and quadruple their present orU
Now is the time (>• buy. I'TOvs.
LOTS 100x300 ft. «4.t to 9300 per u.
We want PALMA SOLA to keep booming
as an Inducement to the public, and to thorough!*
advertise this beautiful place, It K tv11 i
AAV AY a LIMITED number ONLY of o«7 lot?
giving lots ALTKK.VATEI.V as they come cor’
ners excepted) charging applicants the expense nr
deed, transfer, etc., which will not exceed »aoo
Applicants can send postal money order with ,DDu'
cation to insure promptness, otherwise deeds xiUkl
sentC. O D. Applicants must not be surprised it
the return of their money, as being LIMITED the
first oome will be first served. Title perfect nit
warranty tlretl. 1
Send for pamphlet. Address
M South W illium St.. New York N Y
References:— ’ ‘
B. S. Henning, Esq., Brest. Fla R. H. and Xav Coe
H. B. Pluut, Esq. rPest. Southern Express t o
Postmaster, Palma Sola, Florida.
John S. Beach, Esq., Brest. Prairie City Hank
Terre Haute, Ind. r
Jas. C. Mctiregor, Esq., Capitalist, Cincinnati
Henrjr SMiubbard, Esq., Cashier Columbia Bank.
William Drysdale. Esq., New York Times, N Y
and a host ol others
Newspaper Advertising,
27 Park Place and 24-26 Murray St., N. Y.
Make lowest rates on all newspapers in the U 8
and Canada. Katabltailed 1»«7.
lo those whose purpose may be accomplished by a
short advertisement, or by a transient advertise
ment, and to whom prompt insertion i- important
we recommend our
l9i:iO Daily and Weekly newspapers, divided into
All horae.print papers—no co operative* included.
These papers have a monthly circulation of over
Send for new Catalogue just out. Parties con
templating a line of advertising, large or *mall, are
requested to send for estimate of cost i’lea-e name
this paper.
d&w4w octl3
Nrou Anomigraimu.
Nos. 204 and 20# West Baltimore Street, Baltimore.
No. 112 Fifth Avenue, New York,
A Boarding :md Day School for pupil* of both
sexes. Winter Term opens the 24th of Eleventh
M<k (Nov ) and continues 14 weeks Kits for Col
lege, for T» a hing or for Business. Location healthy.
Instruction practical and thorough. Discipline good.
Terms mo 'erate. Send for catalogue.
CHAS. H. JONES. Principal.
WANTED—Young Ladies iu city or country to
work for us at their homes; fascinating ern
ployment; no instructions to buy; work can be sent
by mull (distance no objection); $5 to #y per wwk
can be made. No canvassing, particulars free, or
sample of work mailed for four cents in stamps.
Please address, HOME MANUKA' TURING CO*
Boston, Mas*. P. U. Box Ivlfl. septl2dtw3ui_
WAKTKIi—An active Man or Womau In every
county to sell our goods. Salary 176 per
month and expenses, or commission. Expenses in
advance Outfit free. Kor full particulars address,
__ teptl2d&w3m
ADVEKTINEKM by addr. **!ng 4in*. P How
ell dfc Co., 10 Spruce st.. New York, can learn
the exact co*t of any proposed line of Adv* rtlslng In
Ame ican Newspapers. WlOO-pnge Pamph
let, IOc. octfki&wlm
JFor Sale or to let.
A number of desirable residences In August*
Maine, varying In price from §400 to *4000;
also several desirable 10 to 15 acre places in tM
suburbs of this city; one two story house and lot
in l/ew’iston, Maine. A number ol farms In Keens*
bee County varying In price from §1200
¥6000- Hoooeo and tcncmi nt* to 1ft.
Augusta, Ma.
_Auipnta. Mf„ April ». 1884. royldtf^
Mason £ Kamfin
lfighext Hon
ors at all Great
World’* Exhl
1>m i on* forg
One hundred*
Style*. $33. to 1
R>jo. For ( a*h.
F.a*y Payment*
or Rented. Cat
alogue* free. 1
Sew mod*
Stringing. lw
not require on*
quarter »»
much tuning**
Piano* on tM
pr ev*il,nK
r. w re* t P,n
I *y*iem.
markaMe for
L purity of ton*
A and rlufabMty.
164 Tremont St..Boston. 46 E. 14th St (Union SgJ
N..Y. 149 WafeashAvs., Chicago.
|| ■ for CIIOLfcKA.
Cholera Morbus,
■■■■■MBBlI.ut been tested »
thousands of families durinK the i**
Thirty Years, and 1* without an wgJJ
for the cure of above complaints. r°,r8*£
JiruKKlsts everywhere, and wholes**
by H. II. Hay dt Hon, Portland.
___lunelOdawSni _
Mmrtimu sitcctss.
Iman* Ptr»on» R«tpjw

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