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(fiJ-OjTice on Illinois Slrert, Sörth of Washington.
(1. A. & J. P. CHAPMAN, Editors.
CTTIic State Sentinel will contain a much larger
amount of reading matter, on all subjects of general
interest, than any other newspaper in Indiana.
Is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and dur
ing the session of the Legislature, three times a week,
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at Four Dol-t-fs
a yar, payable always in advance.
Is published every Thursday, at Two Dollars a year,
nUvnys tobe paid in advance.
si in ndvance will pay for six months,
will pay for three copies one year.
Persons remitting ftlO in advance, free of post
age, shall have three copies of the Semi-Weekly cue
year. 2 will pay fr six months, jsl will always
be? charged for the" Tri-Weekly, and 50 cents for the
Weekly, during the Legislative sessions.
ADVERTISEMENTS, will be inserted three times
at one dollar a square of 8 lines, and be continued at
the rate of XI5 cents a square for each additional in
sertion. Quarterly advertisements, per square, A5.
All advertisements from abroad mu?t be acewnvanied
?V the rush ; or no attention will be paid to them,
ft?" Posta jre must lo paul.
Indianapolis, June IS, lSJi
Volmiic I::::::::::Xninber
The Oak Curious Experiment. Take an acorn '
in the fall of the year, tie a string round i in such a
vay that w hen suspended, the blunt end of the acorn,
where the cup was, is upward. Hang it thus pre
pared in the inside of a bottle, or hyacinth glass, con
taining a little water, taking care that the acorn does
not reach the water within an inch ; w rap the bottle
all over in flannel, so as to keep it dark and warm,
and put it in a warm place. In three or four weeks
the acorrr will have swollen, its coat will have burst,
and a little white point will make itr appearance at
hc en.l opposite the water. The point is the root ;
he acorn is now changing its nature and becoming
in oak; still, however, it must be stationed in the
.iatk ; e I ill it must be kept clear of the water, and so
it mut continue till the young root is at least half
nn inch long.
Then the water may b? allowed to rise higher ; but
it is oniy when from the neck or, the root, a little
point b?gins to turn upward, that it is safe to allow
the water to touch it. At this time, the acorn has
ceased to be an acorn, and has rcallv become a young
oak ; for the little point directing itself upward is the
V'girnipg of tlaf trunk which n ce tu ry later may
form the timber of a frijnte. As soon as the vounjr
stem beg.ns to shoot, the oak will require a dove of
lijrht, a little everv duv ; and it also v earns for more
to id, so that its root, which in reality is its mouth,
mut be allowed to touch tho water und drink it.
After these events have rome to pas, our little
nursling breather, and must have air; digest, and
must have light; sucks grcedilv, and must have fresh
ater given to its rot, which, however, should never
1 permitted to be wholly covered; just that point
where the stern begins should always U. kept out of
the water. Tho pot having been brought to thi its
first state of existence, rrut Ic kept at the window.
At tirt it will be a stout thread, whitish, and cover
ed with tiny scales, then the scales will expand a lit
tle, and then the end Will become greener.
Xe.xt will appear some little leaves; hair will
gin to grow, veins will branch; the old scales will
fill oil, and by slow degrees tho leaves will arrange
themselve upon the s'etn, e.uli unfolding from
M!-'m of the f ther. And thin, out of a little starch
nod guru fr the acorn was not much more mant
f dd p.irN Will be curiously produced by ti e wondr mis
creative powers of nature. dnrd' iter's C'uoni e.
A Wheeling: Article. The Wheeling Gazette is
the fither of the annexed sensible article. There is
a moral in it :
Going to dinner the other day, wc saw a little cod
ger, about two feet old, sitting in a wheelbarrow ami
trying to wheel himself. It struck us that many peo
ple in this world are often caught in the same; act.
and we shall always think hereafter,
When we see a politician striving tor office, taking
the lead in all matters calculated to promote his suc
cess, writing ail his own puffs ami calling all his
own meetings, he's sitting in a wheelbarrow and try
ing to. xch ei himself.
When wc see a business man trusting even' thing
to his clerks, and continually seeking his own amuse
ment alwavs absent from his counting houe, and
yet expecting to get along, he's silting in a wheelbar
row and trying to w'ud hi tits If.
When we see a professional man better acquainted
with every thing else than his profession, always
starting some new scheme, and never attending to hi
calling, hie wardrobe and credit will soon designate
him as sitting in a irheelbarrotc and trying to wheel
When we see a firmer with an over abundance of
"li'red help" trusting every thing to their manage
ment : his fences down, implements out of repair,
and land sutlering for want of proper tilliire too
proud v: too lazy to oil coat and go to work, he's sit
lim? in a ichvelbarroic anil trying tn wheel himself.
When we sec a mechanic run half a square evcrj'
day to borrow a newspaper, and may be have to wait
ten or fifteen minutes tef. re he can get it, wc shall
suspect that the time he loses would soon pay the sub
scription, and consider him sitting in a wheelbarrow
und trying to uh el hinis!f.
When we see a merchant too "penny wise and
pound iHnii to. advertise his goods tor sale, nut
sticking up written notices in his window, we shall
The Thames Tcnxeli, iSfiirAssEi. We find the
following extraordinary account in v letter from Mar
seilles, in the Debuts :" "There ha long been known,
or believed to be known, or believed to exist, at Mar
seilles, a tunrel or submarine- pae.-?ge, passing from
the ancient Abbey of St. Vietolre, running under the
arm of the sea, which is covered with ships, and
coming out under a tower at St. iwchoms. Many
Fr jiul'ithinj ut ll'ushiuton , a nw--piptrt to le called
"Tlie I : ii in Ii'
Having putchaeJ fiom Messrs Blair and Rive? the whole
iallMtmi nt of the " (1 Le," we propose publishing at
Wishi n'oti a paper tu Lc styled "Till-: UNION."
We nppioach the task before us with a deep sense of the
responsibility which tve ate about to assume, an! not with-
utimi' h diffidence of mir qmliPcuti o.s. We have fume
acquaintance, indeed, will the duties of an nliior of a news-
nroierts for evt-lorim1 this na.saie have b; en entt.r-
ht l,?thort no na hn U, f,,..,! nmYtPnllv ! P .'lr, but it u as acquired upon other thcatus, much m-.,ie
- j m Ifd ami i rrtiiMMrio t, i nn I'm n.ft.n.w.l c .,f .11. r- ,tl
bold to persevere in it. M. Joybmd, of tho i'iitset
Chaussecs, and M. Mat ry ras an architect, have, how
ever, not only undertaken but accomplished tl.i tas:
federated and wide-spicad republic.
We can rcaiccly Le charged vith any ianrdinife vanity
in suyie-j that up n the success of our insi it ntioi.s depci.ds.
ccompanied bv some frien !s and a number of labor- j in a Riea d'Krre, the destinies cf the ol !et countiie of
its, thev wenta few days ago, into the Abbey, and "w f f?"1. rfcll ,,3S f. d"Pite:t in our fate.
, ' ' J 1 he LU sin2s of hLeitv :re es-e.tial to the piopci itv f the
descendad the numerous steps that led to the entrance
of the passage. Here they were the tiM day stopped
by heaps of the ruins of the Abbey. Two days after
wards, however, they were able to clecr their w ay to
the other end, and came out at Fort St. Nicholas,
iftcr working two hours and twenty minutes. The
siruciurc, uimn i- eoi:siu"ieu 10 ue jiou c 11, in ..ui
excellent condition that in order to put it m complete
repair, a cost of no more than ,"M),0':0f. will be re
quired, but a much hrgcr outlay will be wanted to
nel is deemed much liner than that of London, being i anj yivm in a scries of hhcnomnia winch aie almost calcu-
"formed of one single vault of GO feet span, and die l:itd tu urpiise nuel vc. What c:oi le noie lemaikaule.
fourth longer. cvcn 1,1 u,e I ,f c,Jl Gi) l,ian mc spun u enterpiizc rt.a
- I ; ; ..1. . . j . . o. . -i i i i
impiiMfme in. which pcivdues our MJtes ; trie scnoois wnun
thoy are eieciin; the canal- which ihry have executed;
the niore than 4,000 mil."s of tail'.vy wliich they have con
titirted in less than twenty J ears ; tlie irnmrn-e bodies of
land which tliey have lede.-nied from the wilderness ; the
towns which they hue strewn over tlie Yet ; the multi
plication of our people ficn thiee to twenty milhon of
whole human race ; and where are they spread out on so
laige a mu oi actiun, or iilusti atrd y to uuny biilli.inl
exatiiple , as in these United .ta.te.
We have only to lealize Ihem in turown history, and In
the happines of our people, to ?piead the name of liteity
over the Kastfiin W oPi h. We have onl- to 'peip tu.ite
j the;-e Llosin by prcheiving the saciel Union of cur
Statfs, anJ thcic i t;o as.ijnaMe limit to the ptoperity
which we may enjoy, or the loiie to which we may. as
eti.d in the scale of nsti-n. We have already wrought
niiiach-s cnot.h to astonish the foicijjn h-uiut amid all hi
pri'jndices, and to attiact the cniio-iij-, if not the admiiatin
Hut the fid-ial j'iity wns n ct extinguished. Their
extra rdinury cil'oiisin to d lat that h'e st.itesntian,
Mjiiin Van Uucu, aided as "hey w re by the vilest devices,
and by the .is-cst a'.o-e T ti e mooey ;-ower, contributed,
with the -ii fjulir c-'ti litun of tlie cuuntiy, to place them
aj.-iii al the tuad of the trove ntnent. It is not necessary
f r us to iccapitulate the tiuk"! which hve inre ensued,
to decrit,c the indomitiMT pi.it "f our friend, or their fi-
nul hi lou-i tiiuinih in the eU clioa of Janic K. l' I f. An
other e:a is then cptmd to us. 1 J is administration hai jut
commrticid. lie comes to enrry out the pi maples of the
Iir.n nLiCAN Tartv, and t he pledje to that end under which
lie w a rhcted. He t ikes the Jr.rrrRsoMA KRAf r Iiis
standaid, nd vr., t, cotr.e forwaid t ioiopoit the piinci
pie- of the Itepubli' an I'eh, ;.nd to pvc to his adrnmitra
ii n a f.iir, hl ei.il, a. id etfii ii i t Mippo.t. We w i.l oppose a
latitudincus constiu tin of the constitution a Isatioxm
Hank in any i f its f.iim an cxtia vacant and loooristitu
tional svs'cm id Nai'i:al Internal !mprvcment an insid
ious Disti ibutioa of tl.e 1'ioceeds of the Public Land the
Aump'ion cf State Ik-h's, ai d such a Uankropt Law as
displaced ttw statu'e hock in 1 b 12.
We sh:i 1 1 conte nd against an unjust ai d an nrcqu 1 faiirT.
We will sui poit a fair and jut ievi;ue standard. This rate
should be tno h-iate in itself, a: d suiricimt to r iic rdcipnte
means, along with the proceeds tf the public land, to meet
the ex j enses of the jx v rornr nt erono'nically airni:iistcied.
We are, therefore, in favor of the rn t et lightened system
which his tetn sugetd ly the cxpeiicnce and the wants
of .the tieasnrj "a system a !jn-t d on a scale cunsnant
indie the laboring popula-
and 3Iasnrs.
A simple and frugal Government, confined within
strict Constitutional limits.
A strict construction of the Constitution, and no as
sumption of doubtful powers.
No National Bank to swind
No connection between the government and banks.
A Diplomacy, akin for milling but what is clear
ly rijrlit and submitting to nothing wnn.
No public debt, either by tlie tiencrafGovernment,
or by the States, except for objects of urgent neces
sity. No assumption by the General Government cf tlie
debts of the States, either diresly or indirectly, by a
distribution of the proceeds of tlie public land
A Revenue tariff, dicrim:nal ng in fivor cf the
poor ctn-umcr instead of the rich capitalist.
No extensive svstcrn of internal Improvement by
tl.e General Government, or bv the State.
A constitutional barrier against improvident State
Tlie honest prymcnt of our debts and the sacred
preservation cf the public faith.
A gradual return from a paper credit vystcm.
No pr juts of exclusive charters and privileges by
special iegil.i!ion, to IkuiIcs.
No connexion between Church and Slate.
No pruseripl ton for honest opinions.
Fostering aid to public education.
A "progressive reformation of all abuses.
Is heiehy &ive n, that the Common Council cf the town of
Indi inapuhs will meet at their Chamber, on Tuesday the
17th int., at 2 o'clock, I. M , to hear and drteimii e any
and all appeals that m.iy be taken fium the A-etrieut list,
aid valuation tliereot, as ictuincd by the Cotr ptrolier
Lit tot , for the present year. Iiv older of the Council,
Joi e 7 ljlö. JA MKS (. JORDAN, Stc'ry.
io:ie' to l'aiciit aiul (;u::r;iaiis.
'HIIK Tr.itteof the Marion County Seminary have unvoted the
H. fiilUtw ins iiKHÜtication i" prices ainl sul I of Mudy:
Primary t'u. rilio2r:i)i' , Keadn g, reinuaiiMiip, I'rimary
(ei:i;;ih) and Anllnii. lit,
ScronJ Vint I'.nulisli Ciiiiinnar, advanced Arithnetic end
Tinrd C ass IMictoric, Losic, Political Frononiy, Menta' nnd
.Moral PhiioM'i'bv, Htid the .atiiml Scienrr,
Fuurth C7w Higher MathciiialM:, Latin, Greek and Trench
i:- in? ami orthoerr'phy w ill te continued in euch claw, and also
any prior Mndie tint completed, 'oiiiim-ilion niol LI or m ion ill re
reivr due attriilion, oinl Vocal Music w ill form rl ot the daily ex
ercises. The Instructor have authorized the Trustees to Ft te.that hnvinj;
no oilier eiijnsement tiny iecbitiCi they will devote their w hole at
teniioiito Oie iiiiprvemiit of l!ie clolir8 of the heitiirory.
I?v der of Hie Trustees. ?. VAMiKS, .Sre'y.
Jane t, 1 S 1j. M-V-3w
ijTiTSvaiMii-is n;iiAi.K i.Vri i i 1 1:.
rrnti next quarter in tliis I n-titut ton Milt coinmenre ;n Tuesday
M. tlie ITth Hist. Teriun and regulations 8 herttulore.
liidian:ipolift, June, lüiö. 51-w
3 CO
3 13
4 (0
5 00
fouN ; the aujrm ntat ion of the number cf our State from
ihiitcen to twenty-nine, including tlie three new States of' tial cornpiomise in the constitution wliiih yccuird it adop
l-loitdi, Iowa and lexs, which, as wc write, we hope are
now ptub.ibly starling into existence ?
"Westward the course of empire tah?9 way;
The four fir-t ac ts tilready pit,
A triti flmll rl.we tfi douioi nil the day,
Tune's noblest oir.-prin it the la.4."
They di-
N'trrKtrivK I'nopKi: rtr.s of Se ;ai;. The nutritive
poverties of Hiar are intieii uud"rrated in this coun
try. As an aliment, lr. Ilu-h, cd' l'liilad"Ip!i:a, Main
tain that FUar produces the rreatest pnntity of
noiirilunent m a iven ip.ian'ity of matter of any miI
taii(M in n ttnre. Hordes and rattle, wh'Mi fed whol
lv on it in Sr. I)o:uine;o for f itii m nth?, when the
exportation of ntiijar and importation of ;rain were
p.-vutcd Fr want of sdiip, during th crop tiun in
the Wet Iihllts, all app- tr lit and thvirNiin.;. The
catths ffd n tlio mii? tps b'Tionf? xh'i-U nod in u fim
condition. The iiejjn s tlriuk freely of thejui' e, nml
become fit ft it 1 lnvillhy. Sir (Jeorjje Staunton idi
vtvh, that many of th" l.jve- und idle persons in
('hiim hit' tlieiiHi'lves nhhd".' ill'? euiies ami live m-
tiroly tn them for n time. In I ho t Kingdom the rm-
ieror c miiji'-N his body-u ird to eil a certain ipiuiti
?y d Hilmar every diy that they inny heroine fit and
'ook portly. Suar and rice constitute the romm u
food of the people, and every Lind cd" d 'iin stic animal
i fed on Hti.ir. I'laue, ui;iliji nit fevrs, mul ds-
orilt f in t!ie Uvd ure unl.u in llpj counlriiH
where Mi.ir 1 uboiuhintlv e.iten as f d.
Puoj'At; i ion ok S it'Nt. In o. w, of thetu ir
terly Keview, the following statement is made:
Wficn the ground is hard and dry, or rots up n a
rontinnoiM htralutu of rock, hound is propagated to a
jreat l 4t nice ; ami loner it is the practice in many
countries, to iiMTertain tho r ppnach id Jioremon y
ll1yinr tli ir ar to the grnuml. Tin; Mound of niii
lion Im been lieurd ut n ;reit ditin.-e. t'lillsdlM-
rhared at Carhroui were heanl n far a- ! iiin trh,
n distance of at b ust ue hundred and twenty miles.
fn ailmü from Asia Minor to Fypt, Dr. 'l tH heard
the round of a sea.fi'ht ut a distance ol one liut.dr d
and thirty miles. I)r. Ile im le-urd jun lin d nt Si-H-k-boliu,
at n litaiii-e of one hundreil an I eighty Urilli
tinles ; und the cannon tile of a naval tnu'Mnent be.
twn'11 the Ihitcli and FnIish, in Mi'.', was beard
crom Kurland lis fir ns S!irewslury , ttnd even in
Wöbs, n di-eance of about two hundred inilr.'
l. VNot A.!. AMI ( LIMA 1 1.. ill till h"t Countries liieil
ue. ia spi iikiii;.', a iMiiltiliide td vowels, which lire
ult pronounced by lie rintrr ,,r pTtiiros of the
in.iuih, in brcaliiiit"; nnd in Hpenkin, nnd n' very
few eotison.ints, nil of which nie piodncrd by mote or
los complete interruption of l e litcn tli, ntn' contact,
.r tri r r-Jn.-ure d j-a ft s iiiimn the organs of hju ech.
If we examine tie 1iuum;o. Kd Lnplind orlireeu
Innd.or the Artie American Fs.pnuiiuv, we shall find
that there are enormous luiiubeis of onon iuls and
tJiat inot of tlc'st? cons ninnts aie jiiliurnl, us they
cc not iihe t opt n their mouth to the ,.d nir nulli
cicntly to pronounce the labial, cb tita I, or lingual con
ortant, much en the vowels, and lettht of all, the
m ire open of the vowel-i. This is nn universal law.
The Sum it TiiwiLf.-Tiii' origin t f this national
bade is thus handed down by tradition;
, When the Danes invudi d Scotland, it was deemed
nnwarlike to ntiack an enemy in the pitch durknehsof
nibt, instead of a pitched battle by day, but, rn one
occasion, me invaders res ived to avail theuwivrs oi
this MratnrMii ; nnd in order to prevent their tramp
from bein heard, they inarclied barefooted. Ihey
had thus neared tlie Scottish force unobserved, when
a Dane unluckily ntep;ed U;on a Hipefhlv pricked
thistle, ne! instinctively uttered a ry of pain, which
discovered tic? a.-s;ulants tothe Scots, who ran totleir
firfTM, and defeated the foe with great slati-'hter. Tin
thistle was immediately adopted as the insignia of
Xfavs rAmii AVkitixo. Newspaper writing1 has
grown to be an art by itself. Many a literary man,
who thought that because the rrcater includes the
les?," every author is ix-iff dn qualified to be editor,
has sunk back into the rear rarks At'd miner places
of 'tbc prcsfi,' after pome Muar writing had hown
at once his bookish talents and his inability to deal
...:!. ..., ( ...i, m .. r.4i.
thuiK he s in a liad wav, end mm 1 stion luid himself i c i : i ,i ' ,, ,
-,.i,7!.. ' , ; , r ii,- ,, i have lailed, because they could not ope with the bv
sitting tn a whcdbnrroic ana tnnnii to uhcl hnnseU. , , J , b , . .
' ' drauhc pres.trrc (r prompt p-netton of salient points
necdeil for the -pnpc and rapid comments of the p-nr-
InI'IAX IiF.ssoxs ok Wispor.i. A bird catcher net- nal. Take tlie bet niner of eiih-T London or Pari.
ted a sparrow, und ad he held it, tlie bird opened his ! d.tlVrc nt ts the circumstances t f the case mav bo, Ii i piineipaiiy the ii.P.uenee of tho f.ee iostifitiom wc
beak and said, Trav let me go ; what good car mv j iwA you must nlW tint it is r..t every l o.lv' thnt ' ST; V .i'0 'V!'' tllrn '7(; 'J"'
ii . -1 ! , r ... . , . . i. no il ) ens li;fr, t y the thiloxonloe nut! or of thee heauti-
imprisunment do! It you sell me no o.ie will give j could so scl.e the moral and spirit ol passing history, j i !ir, th:it hai wtowcht o many rhievrrnent heie. Lib-
you two pieces lor me but if you will promise to lot ; The exigencies, however, of the partisan and jour- j uty xci'es man to tlimk for hirnrlf, cist uir aniiiji4tel
tue rO. I will five Vo.i three lesions of wisdom, b ' nalist. who tnu-t weekdv or dailv sav s-.;tnothin" for I P' jnlicc , anl t tai t in u now t a.cei of imniovi in. nt. It
w ii ich you m.iy m ike a lorluue Unh tor yosuselt and
for the kntcha buticha, (family.) 'Tirre, Iheso arc j
my lessons; never rerit what is irrctnoyub'y j-ouc ; '
never bell v that wl.i- li seems improb ihle ; and nev- !
er expos- your disappointments Tothe world.' (Irate-
fid for so much sound advice, the bird eatchrr opened
Iiis hand, and the happy little sparrow ll.'.v on to the
' UIM l'l I II' L III' '11111 I ' . O Mi I', 11-1111 '11 i ' 11 in. M, i.iivii i - J I I I. , ft . i. .
t . r- ' - in nn Mitr"i'u:iv .liricjirir'imtnrri.jtrvi.writi'ii-itiviri .. .
her leathers with an air of triump'i, 'Fooh.-d, nnn , perple.xul with regan to the wavs mid m. aps," set i ' , , Vff N " " -fi,, 1 - ;r 1 ' " ' ur " !" "u: 1 n" " "' K'' '1""
.... .. 4 ' . ' ii . t ii-. .i c t t u",l',,, "Vf ' A1,I,F' I he ae ii fj vanrin with the itnpet- j .,n. .V-.i l.uvo ten m.j -I.m,.i, .1. votr.l tlnn our
qioin .'lie, i l rive a pviri in mv crop '.VCIlllt:.' a loll ; oer iimuiou vimit m nun., unu nn. iij'wn i.i; , HMHity utrjm, io wnu ii ii H mi inu n in.lt tee. I l.-r H pn- M.4C, to tlie a JmiMHn of the t vr. PT rt into our fonU IIa
h.iclst thou Kilhd me, i(.v greit woull have I" Hi thy : lowing cvpctiuni: leiervitig a vni ipiatuny oi , pt-. v otntneice rxnainnnj' nil w -111 tunltr the i:n; tihe , jj,,, Mi,nl, ,mv dill!1 ulli 01 rtn on the nut of her tov
with all the g;ea! and vaiioiM inteicst" of the Uni Mi without
section." It is now hn: cd that the time is near at hand
wherein a jnt and eq'iil sy-tem of revenue may tc inJio
dneeil in onlvr to sih-nc e complaint, ami In equalize the Lless-
injs and tho linden of g ve mraent. Surh, we are satis
fied, is the true pHit of th- lrei-tviits lite almirablc inau
paral, v.!io-c general view of the character and principles
of our government ma safely defy all the illiberal etiticisms
f the late Kolish j .umat. Ii look to a revenue Man;ail
..( antinc tiiMMvftv Ut.i'it for OiA miitiMvo fif rniin'thp nr.
r' .1. 1" r... .1... '. '1 . r .1. 9W tired from the husin.'s., out.l reoiif si s.1! those iii(1H.tfl to hint
rcs..r ..UM o-..-. ...v ..00 ,ua, rAotl h . - , to IIlllke ,., arf Ii cl tlruMri:t liniiiediaU-ly. llwuwunt.
en ment ; atul to Le levied 111 stich manner a to equalise, a ni,Ml ci4IJj e ,'hj-H
fat piacticaMe, the public tuK'ctis upon all cla3?ts and) ' "-
rlmn. I -' -' ' -
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fHlin sinnnal th-ction for directors i.f the Maitixon anj Iiulian
U. npoli Uail Road omp: n , will te Ik I J ut Cotunitxic, uu tlie
fiirth Weil'ieday in Jim-, Jd 10.
4T-ÜW V. . JACKSON, frrTrfary.
"TOtlN I.tSTKR tiav-M- iCi.;'r,i tfl:Ui tok mul stiMe, and te-
We shall .-com it our M.lemn duty to tesjeet those essen- i-iik 1 irame frMrW,Hi n-n-. . -
J 7 2. ru.i.t hikii hid liffii i Aii llut i'iiMr im! nun I arllfcl tlllll . fill tT
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tion. 1 hose uric Mlic te.iitt ot u vit t T i l amt'y, anl I huum, m will rHmii iIh-iii to tili. oti-e, wi!l rrc nc tli iIiik ol
ti nt m11tu.1l (tc faience ai d concession wiiic h tlie noenhai itv ihr ow ner and Ik- Mm ritlv rfwedei' .M'lw
of our political sittnlion rendepc! linU-.prns.iMe.'
tectty coiuicmneci me rasa ana mc: uesome cjispos.uon on ... . ...... ril!lrr,i14 r iivinr ... iim.iricK. rnti . In.
m: cetm' in;wAi:i).
the part of the ah )litn)nit to mteile.e with the peculiar u on iic lf l 1 v of June. I l.r. I.vm. n llrini.t' n.n t-nrd l-v l y
instiluti 'tis of one p o tion o ' the c-nft'iciacy, which ii vertml ec.ritrart ; ;.ny prr"n returnii'i? naid lioylnll have-the al.oe
stonily calculated to Jistiaet our pnhlic councils, and to etc- n- aril mid no Hunk ; Una 'nd laj of June, I ".
atr cone alaim ahmt the Tmon itself. ! '-:'"'' JI.H IitItMAM.
We 1 1 dz ouiselves likewise to sustain the adminitia-
.1 .r" ... 1 1. :ii t . t . . . .1
it'll in 01c tnoi.? which win nr 111 oir in rrrrc 10 too i im-
c l State? the unlistuihc d pof-ic'ti of Otcj; in. However
'fit A Ssi'Utt'i'ATItJ ?' ÄOTIt'i:.
much the l'o K.o;i!i journal my have prüfende! to dtp- t 2 ' V 7 cKtJL.
(...... I ... . II.. .1. ... . I ... r 1 . ..!... m. - ' - - -- - 7 AmJmV.WW, m'm Tmr-m.
. . ..,riv 11'. en' ('(Hirn I lumict ii'i'n lir'r'ivt I,. T11') ir,iio,iiniii new country, n u weie, a Iicvv ay- i . ; , , ... . .. , - r ,
U,, art), ail si) it.ton.e, do . 01m U.htd I,cr.., tht. fo t(r rp:,us,fd of all i.atni.s, which, in dcM-itc cf the : 1 ,c r,n uv'c r,,t,,"!' f "llt tl.e j if t,!c .f . ? - " -
writer into Grange sh. Is; and none is in ore eoinmuti N ltjvc An,i;.irall plf.jlllirc, )f ;lP ,hVt, .'.i,,,,, , : thr At. t.can c.v,-,nm. m. c f-d a-urd th.t ... the n llll,,.i!!fl,.,l n2rflT, ,r ,r ami:rican roinAUhn
than that re ichte ss to accept nny thing, how ever ii.viu- other people to c ult. vale our. a, -N, :,nd rrtitrilmf r tu : "nv ut ff H.ih n.o-m nio-i ..,rri.i, iioil.u. will Le t.n.il- ft . , AT ,., M: . v, ,VMM,., .ni.iMii ,h,,c,ii,.-.;
transparentlv -np. rfirial an 1 worthl-ss, that tnav pass ' on. process. It is ,Jr fIM. i.t,tu.hM,s ,.e th.u any other 1 ! .T V"!' U!U" u',,,;h rl,a l" i;'.v d,.,,,, d t . ... Um;i- r...... 11... t-i.vc m Im.j. i
' - . 1 .. , , r , .. V. i.;. t. a......; 1 r 5 , 1 mandc'l !'V a pu per splut of c or.riliation, and a due regod :np Ui" IMt-loncii rrom .i.n t ..n mmhv..i mi" r
a till argument. hmdnn Sjee!a!:r. r 00,., which aie dian the centre cf tn.j uc to the hp j ,j)t8 .fl,, ',,! 0f , , coiin'i y 'y rhutms dr.) .igm und ..t her mi.mS
U IsTniX Wcnin. I m ' . ' u hu h ihry uiav niallv have to pat and w ill take I! pion
A M..M.V MAKKK.-AI tnv,.v..y, r,ll,m...r U .... In ...-y...... Ii.rn.rrm.nl h'LÄ ll''r''VlS'S
lr..iwl..-.iMMi rnoilnuf n! Cnn Airow nvpcinhiiirh1 i "IK I" If IliC Older nf tili- ' I . Sc n litr l-i lioot Cl lol til , ATloN'ot 'I'rvo. 1 1 i r a 1 r c 1 v lurmjiv Lr 114 Id i.li-d -p vi.i..,.. ill I'm. I I Ii. ir ihhihiii imiim- iml in mm Ii Im Itrf itl'trr tl.'i-t.
I) I In I hail hy nny other line, w hu h do not riupto) thn rorlniilf or
;--i ion lloui, n In 1 im Unr iire ik im ri"nt;iii iitu nrr in
iiioiini.tiii.t-rio.il l';iat' l"t ' e.rt : ! 4 r. wud from Cur to
Can il hont iiun, ' ' it I : I he done l-y otlit 1 hue.
1 .0 I .1 j .1 r . 1 . 1. mm ... . 1 1 . . . ' v rlo fa Ii uri nam nnu tr iiri, nnns'ii: lmmi iroin inr i.ihi.
flies Did II II 1 til 1 1 OUal thloWU tlWny IlolII 1 ii i a "r" 1,1,1 ,,M" pnncijn-. ineie r iineou, to . ,.lllirct, o, ol the viios of the t'oilcil Slitcs. wc ftialt ' o,:,. .1 il.. v -loo Lv iI.m lo.r . 11...I e iCn 1. Mr.... rkuk-.n M ...
huo'litor-iiouej, with whieh P-'ieeo-c .vres nlxuuuU, j to the pioif. vt livcvery ; n.l it i in tl.e ,j ,u- n er. li-n t' ic i?. o them. rut-linitli, mi I t" ti 1 Mi..l.-.n, we w ill Ifm'l theo l lomi
'ooiMvi - .-fcc, i ,r riciioj ,.!, 01 011 Kiimi , j jH,M, i,:ipon.tPl n'leMioi'S oi-cp fid iMfp.J nn l ie larid ln''rior pl.i i mmiiioui ro...nnioii, riuur tt ritii.in:ii ot ii.is pi.ue.
. . . 1... il .1 .... ... .1 .11 . . . . . ' - f .ft ' I i-iir .ii'i-.iii l I t i 11
tnviMire !' Ife iriug this, t!ie tnui lifoke o it it. to 1
loud ltiiiMi,att"it'i on his I ,s, au.l when hU ili.Mh- l.to'rhu-r-iiouej.
.. i .1 .. i.i. i . . i .... ii... i i i ,i. .,.,.1.1 ....... i. i ... i. .i.i ...... i.;.. ,, ...t.
I'oiio'io oil iii. i ii O..UO-..I ok mm: nnu t .. .o lp;..i r n .... ,,..,i rn. ...... ..n.. ........ , ... . ... , . w a , . . . , , f . ., ..... ,...', , ... ... s... .. M to..... I-.. I-1... :i-Hiu MITilH.I.I. K i c
1 nitned, A1 e ! al i-! what nr.' my h soin north, 'to a profit ihle neeount. Having proeurt .1 a hiroe j ,t,(. ,,'uip.o.e ol n.o-.oii.. i. n the tu.- piim ipi of o.u inti- ,.x,r,t ,, no .pnlinv in' out p:..'v icIjooi t.nt pece. " " ir 111. I Cf 1 II I lr ill"' S'l'lfiTS
wh.r, at the hr.t o tnptatiou tlnu, In torgoth.n nil 1 iron pot, unci toMert.it a cpiantily ol hon. i- e., he , tutu-ns c ainuM Mimik luck r..m ihc ininpiisc wc un-rr ) Ir d il a n not. r I to. r, mi Uv a, u1,- h:iic .1 r.. - t (pHK Ihiil Ih.ml I. Inr m -caiph ti .1 no.tli of Co-
I).! I Mot It'll thee IieViT lo helieve ull'lt Was illlproh- ColUtlienCeil operations h hotlmg lh III, ailil shiluluillg lllv, "I ..tltiklli. Hut we at hoi hun to the t.ek a (iut ,,:,,,v lo rmunl with UkMl.e fi-.te.:.l uhiK- a pa.ty wl.irh ' V.rrrVi I.i...!.-..ii...,i UMa.rr,,!,!,,!!.,!--..
nhh. J And l.mv sh-.tild I, who.-. li,, h..,lv doc H not oil the fit. whirl. !.e M.ld at the stores ut I!m tins ! th,i" - 'vo.r-l to 1 . 1 1 r r V , to t'Mor. n-,! to oui fo.rnv , a,',t. ,j oi.l, a , , .ci, 1 -, uhicl, no Mo- in it- ! ' U ' .l.an 4 A; M. nixl mert lite r,,r. IMM..M..
.lion , ,. ' , ,' ' . " 1 , ,. , ... , , , i a cot th I l proud o ihc luutie of Ami fit N ; wc rt e If M ft!,i oi.-n,!. ,1 o c d.. v i c n,i nt. .1 heth-r -.n i I .1 ntuve nl Ma loon ihe vcniuc of l!ie n.iiue .1 1 . I In line i -frit itc
weigh hilf u tel., earry a pe;ul I ,1 ...hie my tun Ayr.. I ih-IimlT the ,,nre,,Is .f her iiuhiMry nmply i , Xllll(,. , , ,..1Iir., . a z,u, , , .Kun ah . ( , 1 t ' ; , ? V tin A m t ,i V ,y T1 turuM,l '"'"V VTU rTr"ur
ue.ght ,n tny en,, ! Did I not tell thee to eoneeal to reward her lahor she Perc, .;n,l a.lvnr;,Mn;r In,,, u nt i,..;iy ,h f,,,,', f;, Wh these UrU, Vxrfu 4 P-M P, ,n:t",!; 'r. '! he? e e,, I
hs.ipp'j.niinentv, and here thou nt torn thy hair and "t to a hoder, and iVot.i u hoiler lo a iseaiiung-v:it,
h.iwl' d so loii. I in Hone ati'o-r that the neighhors gath
ered i.rionu! ie. M v ! nl'i-i! e:m e penem e onlv
,si t(i'' . inud.
m ike a in iii w i -e !
I'm lo;;i vi. Ai'.t si:. We nut itiifi. that, nfier i
many ye.ut;' m rvirc; in tie c hair editorinl, we do nut j
Know of any reform which is more needed, than that ,
u hi' h hall prev nt nil p r-oti il ii llni'.iii to tlie editor,
in tin eourse of in w p 1 1 t cn'tovc i! y. We have
ofien lern Mirpri'.ed, indeed, that tht? lin-inhers of u
...!iti.ii, in every renprrt mi important, have not the
toieitv to perc.'iv e, tint hv entering into eonleiitioiit
of personality in reg.tr.l lo one nnoll.er, enrh Ij ft
liirn h grade.l, wliile the hutihps- of e.Ti,or'hip is
tn id to -inu Hi t'.e e . t. nation c 1 th" puhlie. It I
in every wn,n I' I il JT ''itil", it t'.e tlthite H ever
peiii.illiil lo transmit m iI.oho l.iuits which di"ul,
rove I II men N h'Mi ihe nrgiiincut i- rolidurleil fac e t
fice. In pelilics, for in iMiice, every nci nnry fact
in iy he ht it d, nnd eery propT inf rt n- e ran h"
Irnwii, w itltont a rc'rl to Vituperation helwnu those
who t.lnd, us it wi re, in the po-.tion i f nttorm-ys for
contending parties. .V o'.v itz!l--. I 'hi .'. y Ida.
until s!ie poshes -ed :i luagni.'ieiiit apparatus, eapahh
of reducing a hundred hei.d of rattle to tal'ow nt one
sliMliniijf. Four yeirs njri she mM her neinufiftory,
retir"! from hoj.ti"-s, und n.w rd!- 1 1 r i;rl the
Htreets in one d' the htiudoiiie; t eitrriages m lluenos
Avres. '1 he re ic vearrelv it r'i e,t;,h! 1 1 o ' i -1 i.i 1 1 in
that place, or in Ahmte Video, hut ! in m tin; w ay con
lierted with cullh . leiiiiiuig. Cae unlhr
1 1 .
I tun s.
wv hum: iiiniw tniiM nrs tu n ihr uu nihtv ni t tu cutin
liyuo li. We tnil tint we li.itl in rive, if we d..cie,
Iheir Mipj- it. If wo f iii in nn i ntei pi io thut iniM aluoet
sil'pl the Meute! r'iiit, tiy will u Jc.iM In- li!nnl t tiot.gh
to ;i4clili' it lo lie wni.l f p.eM.:o.. lo.t of will to the
he i ! ll.it i;M'1r- 11, :in) not to the heirt that iinp N u.
(I one tl iiij; we may e. tilidi i lly asMiir tin- putdu wp
ut pio.t.lt t he l,ik will. Ihe ilei p. ot i-cific lot the line
j the-iy of c ur p. liiiinl iolioitioi".. ('iirionlnteiJit.il lli
J t"'iu I. is tiK.Kin a new und t o. i xj eiimc nt in the on mi:
ol i. r iinmi m r. In n wi ..-K tu t:,e oninal foiiu of II. e
1 lie. Itoti w I'll Ihe liMiiiho.it, c llher Ut Cm. inn ill or "lc, n :if
' r. jfiiiei.t Ii. e !-.. 1.1.0? 1,1 Ii will ienl nil h hi. .' ol
it. I.i) , m.ikl.ii: tlie llip flout l"it ,.oi!(.lln to I'lni l.ttt ttl.cK l.MiiilkJv
tiioiie.ln ! .V J. P. vniiUll! : k rn.
Il:tiii, ifitiii(;, uml UlaiiU C'aris.
A MM nHlK.i.f Ihe linn ol I'Jfl. Smi'k f'.t.f. Ihe pu.1 ,l(
! c let on nn. we tue ui!tr tunk with Hi tnorlly am
A III s-HANIis VlAi.l. AM I.. A In ill hy tl:e nalue f 1 t,..,tj U m e in II iei attempt t :enifin howf.rpow
Ito her, living nt AIonthrioii, h.is hei n roinh tunc d to t c.ii ho m ! t i ilmt. .1 l.'iwe.n 10 (,oihnmi.m 11 In
the g,il!es for a enine t f x.irtilar feroeily. He was ! "i.t ' ressiee onccntnUmii, :.h c i m. punt il.ioe ,.f
. J Ii.... il... I.. I .... . . . ... - . 1 I . ......! . . . .. .
. . 1 1 .' Ill I'., I" I." u '1. I .1 1 mm 1 -il in. :i'i. iinie I 11 fh inurrl ruif'T
ti lnt.it j .1 tt'tirm i.tvfl rri.iiiil.1 nu .tnilitl.i ii.nl lii.d .ii- ' .
Tur. Ikaiii op N i.w sp, 1 ihn. Sonn hlrilung
cluiu::es are jut now taking pl iee in Ihe New Vork
prcM one n allow ing iij tt::"ti.i r, m u lue nnowier
getting ..w.illovvnl up hy yt t t.u ther. The fate of
new pipi 1 rhotihl tun h prj.-oim not iiic autieti.dy to
eeived a hliong frit ndhip l'r a mini i.n'ned 4hoiiliu,
entertaining hun ve ry often ut his hou e. Ahonlm
' ' corrupted the wife of Hoc her, and the Litter' violent.
friendship nt once tun, d to in ire violent hatn d. He
found menus to eotne upon hi victim ut ni;'lit, in 11
lonely place, find tiutured him to death hy degree,
with nil tl.e cruelty he? tould doviwe. He fuiully c ut
th? tVad mm into pj- ces, mi l rett'rned lutine. lie
th livered himself up to jti'tice the r.rt morning, Mid
demanded only to he led speedily to Ihe nail' hi. Mis
fniy at hejiig coii.lemut l l the gallons inMt'inI of t
iiiinudiute execution was hebend nil hounds. His
wife is Mini to have let him pivs from court, to mm
menre his twenty. four years of slavery in clmiiM,
without giving 1 1 1 tit tvtn a look.
W11 rum t t rd t . i ac h, :t to eiml e the m lo nc c ciinplih the
I In- Ir.teml i'iVi 11. ti 11 t h'.o I I have n.l. pnl'. purito r,,i,,, wait until it !::'ll p:.n e the peoj Ii to c a II h.m iulo
mniottoi. the peu.e un. the . i. f ,r lii-m ntiolt; hut thril H-mre. .vur tt tcntie 111 t . ill Miel h V our iMllyat
Ut .ai',it-.Oinr II to IMMst III l.ltidl'.C I'oi.-.i hnMlt.tr, ,he h.l ile.tpn. Smh tea. Ihe .n.o.or in ulo.li J .n,r K.
IIO'V JO '.M"4 I" o''" APMIM-lllAllfiM, to i.i j I
ent it me ipiii'i'p, nlnt'C it .1 1 t 1 . t in n p, mii.I pull Itwti tlr
nt 1 1 111 lc vm i ui iv, in oi'h i O il they liny tiC Up U ill
I 'or oni'rlve we me piep.;-. tr ie.it them tow, and
hriciflei ft . Vigoimi'ly n the id l of Him p:i" Ii 11 ioi('
fm lo.'ie than .iy i-.iis. W1H1 such an opposition weixH ve.it 10. ml too r c-r 1 he ret. i.r:.l Htutm ... mia m
tniot rp''t a Constant en renin te. nol we C to W'a hil- j form tl.e puhltc ic.-l Ihe polon. iJ O.r .ll i-.O'llol u m, ,. ;it
t. II Willi a ilr'eiinitic.l HpitU lo f.st ht m lo CSpo-e Iheil 1 "''to" "Oe. I. ? here he l,t nI.uo Ik- ii eii.(,..M ,, ,n he ,oi,ioie
, . i . . , , i.i. ... . . i III'- ni.li. I'.ii lue ol Mil Ihc v.u. tu ol l'l.u inu V i Hu., hi a :i.,, K
hetc, ;tX J...;c.p.s-t.. I. a, "i.Mep.e.,. t.ll nH.a.d j (.,;f(M,rlHl.,..,e.or..l I Im lli-rl,!,.! 1 1 ; M I ,.!,,. ...r
to hif.le th.' election ot II, en t, ,( , s. V e hall attempt lo ill U- loihluHv 1.1..I piompilv e. .1 . on a( pit.
tho ha i He llu- duty, we hope, tin.tei a due miih1 tf ti e ilifc-iii. 1 (,,i..n i,i hi v itceiii-, Mif. .l l iuhau., ... 71, I miou t..
tv of the lit. We hill he w .1 ni1' lo r-pe w it. mil ml- . I the ..l.. um oi i n, u.u.tl iii. iml oil lor (uj.Ii, or ! tlmre l.
vci-ioi , ii .i in . iui.il ."tiiM , t ut wi h fair yinn ctit in
the i pc Ii li I I.
I'm ti e itiipi sec f ieilin funnl.Mp mi ippoftilioti,
we Ii .11 pur no lioi.uii! h ill',. it ti krep ear o w n p il I y
united. We ho'it Dial 'Iim i;i Vciomeiil telrn- to Ihe i io.
i i i. of the s' r n s thiliti their power to pite nn.l take
aw ay tlie hilu I olljce nf Ihe nt iMit.ic and tint e ven
In ti, how i v i i!etiti '.ioI.C'I lo utilitv or civi.e, h'iil.t
I V the l't iifit which it fhowci uiotm.i it, with n ccituln
picriit'fd linnt h'itvji die gn .,t tnisof I . ul matlei to
I lie j ii inh ti in of lie Mntes, w hie h i tin htt'tr til drltnn I
nnd mole po peily u lulate Ihi ni. Kec,n lh . in ml fi
tlnct.n in lew. Ihe c ontilutl"ii 1 1 : tnaikid d itn I he Iim
t of Ilm ft de in! J um ff, und it Omul I It the c!nl of iU me
lli'itities it linnisly to piciie ll.ciu. I'l-O'lutn u i u tlie
p. IK n. Ii-, ii ..llr-tl ft 0. ir i.i iiicol, uml ii Ii i the rx-tiinph-
W ho II lite pro If il I h. iraltel loutale, if tl.e pi c lil
tt!iiiiniti at mn th .11 I e now in d w oh tl.e I c to lit Im Ii i-v
i . t ooi I ii im w I - In ut .I w Ii' 1 1 c i v I ic I p o i i .t will
i.l'i in; t to urn in'! h. In tuiv f tent, ; w ill t t k hi in.tlie j
thioiimt.it e I'M f In r I it e. und, fot lliio puipo'c.wc lo
Wiehe rt-oi to ciiivout.tl.' ph timli w hi. Ii Ml. I'olk
l.o io m il ii h to vu:
I'aiii.v l'if.ii.iv in lli;i.i'i:. Mi. Wrong, tin
enttr the pioffiou of t h.oidiip. (ireat tahut, ! Üavaiiaii t'oiiMil at Athens, in a recent werh, (liieece
one h;iii.l, und n l'oh:iti"it nn ihe t Ihrr, 1 1 the eslitiii. t h.,Uiu !i . ti ..id to io ij. mit p.nly uailid. Weiji, cf
which Hie to I e etil full V n V i h d , t he toietiOith n w no so u i se, w i t h Ihe f.. m . t ' t- i . i i . 1 on lo tivil all po lii.euie
foiintd,iod II. v r"Uii turnt I ould .e o u ImniHit .1, n, r ,,,t, ,t, i l,e m i i in i m. Tie 'ic-l o i n rjn hd .te, com-
V.hiht tin-fell :.d powri xrireeo u IriiiiniU fui.t Ii- Ii, r,nth .1 lo im rlnpn , 1 1 jn h e I on I no puitmn of ouipu
It I... til. I Jit'ifdh le'pcel the n o.ti i of t he St Or ml Ilm y. in xiou to i ti nd ihe iiht h n I of Ic II .whip to eve iy
liht of the people, I le f. deinl i:ovciiimnl tiiiiol. Unit- ( , m, Ut,, . i ry h o el teput lie oi, we i . to our m.s ,',f
I. le, c ft H it in e i , tint It h:i' only t r . I limi't d p"W II-, (i,tv, tut to dioluih, l"it to unite m t to o. ml, toil lo t on.
i.t... l I. ...I. ....I ...I ...... I.. ..1. 1 1.. I . .. I: t ... .... I i ... .... . V,...... ; ! w hi. i ioe cilh. r MC iilic In Ihe i MeliTutioti Itself co w hli It . 1 1 . 1 1 c . I . in c ve i lo i'ii li-inii mii .tu t v . I U .. fo.
Ul .1 'I . llllll II. . II l . I' 'Mill' I i I i r 113, ii 1 1 ii i mi im ! ij u l11.il. '..., o, I ."IH I'M 1 , 1 n , , , u in i r . . . ' . . ' ' , .
1 I . V ' . ... ..I I A l'l..ll.k.l l Hit. I.llllll.l " I , .Iii Hilf Hill I .! .Ml . .. .1 ............I.. .1... ... .... 1..I. . I fl... ...l.t. .. ...1.1..:.
hrcN. nfier it lots hull r.il.ii.ien.id! how mnrh e renter ..lr...... do t.ree.,.. .... in Cr. thnt l.tni. . Iillani""' ,r ' '. -'"K , , . cm Kuioi o.c , ,,. .... k, m. . .... mm n .,
w- v - - - ...... . - fl ' w - . j 1 I I I f 1 I '-'' "IO
nd nfier it has hu n n.iuiueiK'i d ; how nm. li greater ) extrenielv precocious in (iieece, that fetnnh
n i? tht task o cotnineiH'ing t.iie ! Hut we lind j the age of puherly alten or eleven ytar, and nun utl
c un if Jads td lit und 1 1
verv mediocre minds, in coiuiiiutiou with iinntv
picket-, M-eking to put jotirnaU into e.itellce ; nnd
nf.er u period of a few week or months, or when the
proprietor can get no moiu credit t,t founding Igno
runce, the paper tlies ; alone, if not worthy of incor
poration w ith another journal, or hy losing it i iiume
in u nnu prim. e vvotiiu ituvi'-e young menwio
eiieriillj let 1 an itch f.r editorship, to ponder on
Iheue. severe truths. t'liiladdjihitt Jsdir.
Tue E.vrcTn'a rj:oi)i eriVKNKss. The entire surfire
of the (iloU; contains nearly 'JOn.Oi.'O.UoO stpnrt
miles: and if we sunooscj onlv (XMNM.000 s.niarn
miles (or less than one third) laud, and only one half
of this, which is equivalent to li,-KI,UUOtöi() acres,
to bo cultivated with potatoes, or suiiu other equally
productive crop, it would at this rate maintain ill
comfort the prodigious number of 10J,0 )0,(IO(),iMtO of
people, or two hundred and forty times as many us
the present population of the globe.
Some time since, a sailor on one of the wharves of
rhil.u!elphia, was swearing most boisterously, when
one of tho iSociety of Friends passing along, .accosted
him very pleasantly, and sail, "Swear away, friend,
till thee gets all tint bad stud out of the? ; for thee
can never go to Heaven with that stirif in thy heart."
The sailor, with a Icxl ot astonishment and shame,
bowed to the honest Quaker and retired.
A lad at Zanesville, Ohio, paved the Court House
during the late fire at that place, bv an act of heroic
bravery, and by the risk of his own life. The com
missioners of the county voted hi:n five whole dollars
for the act! The entire rum, we understand, was
paid in cash ! !
The po iplo of ritt'nirgli set tu ilisjKised to return
tt) the State Treasury Ihe ,sf(),(H)0 appropriated f.r
them hy the Leo ihl iture. In the? lint place, it is haid
that the Legislature ban no right to vote awny the
public; money for any eetiiial purpose? whatever ; and,
in the next place, that even had it the right, in the
present condition of the Treasery, it would be highly
uic.p'dicnt to do so. In addition to these magnan
imous reaMius it is feared that the riislrihutiou would
rive rife to the charge of invidious distinctions. The
l'o.t aya that in its opinion a majority of the sutler
er would promptly reject the donation, if it were
left to their decision. The plan which will probably
be adopted, is to loan the money out for five years
without interest, to persons who have lost their houses,
bonds to bo taken in favor of the Commonwealth, which
at the expiration of that time shall bear interest until
discharged, thus receiving the money as a loan
The rn7o:;cj people ! What a strange thing is thL
which we call civilization ! Where should we lind
the Rothschilds, the Girards tho Asters; the fur
and five torv granite and marble houses ; the splen
did mi.hiip'ht parties, the gorgeous furniture, the rich
erpiiparje of the opulent merchant, without the labor
ot these same teihn'j, drudging, shamefully wronged
common people, who alone create wealth, and who al
low themselves lo he treated with cold liidillercncc, if
not absolute contempt, by those who never earned a
dollar ni their lives ! Miner s J.xprtss.
Marriaoe in Hriii Like. Miss Louisa U'mgham,
eldest daughter of W. Bingham, Esq., of Philadelphia,
niece ol Lady Ashburton, is the young American lady
who was announced a short time ap-o as bavins1 been
married in Paris to a descendant of the famous Tem
plar in Ivanhoe' Count Olivia de Hois Guilbcrt.
I it t cm ti uml Mt('H. onug lads ot und Ii nt'
fie.piently tin t with in the Villages, aheady married,
nnd with futilities. 1 am acquainted with u holy of
one of tht Athenian families, w In, though only tw t nty
Ave yearn of age, already has sixteen children.) eiohl j
of them twins) of whom m-mu are Mill nJive. It may'
enrcely nppear credible, bit there is 'jv ut Athens j
a ven-ruble rrramhuamma in the peiou of tt 1 idy not .
yet tw( nty-foiir years old. She was married when
e'even years of nge, nnd had a huij.'hVr in the t onre
of a year. That daughter mnrrh d n!so, w hciiKun cly
eleven, and hasji.it heciune a hi 'ther."
Fkamt.. A h ng th bate on the abolition of thivery
in tho colonics belonging to that country, has taken
place. Tho Peers passed a law, by which the slave
can purchase his freedom. The right of the slave to
property is recognized. 1 or bis moral nnd religious
rights the bill al-o provide. It remains to be seen
bow the hill will lure in the Chamber of Deputies.
Slavf.kv AhoLisniin in tiik Island ok St. 1ai:
tholomcw. A letter from Stockholm, dated the PJlh
of April, rays that theSweedish Diet baa responded to
the appeal of tho King, nnd in a manner winch se
cures freedom to the four or five hundred slaves be
longing to the Swedish island of St. Kartholomew.
The tstate? acceded to the proposition of the King by
voting DVKN) piastres yearly, for live years, to be ex
pended in redeeming the slaves of that island and com
pensating the losses of their misters.
cottox 4a:iv, ciii:aii
rplIE fuliM-rilicr are ptrp;i.-ril to fuo.mli Cotton Yarn nf tlie lrt
fl. pialiiy, I., liirpe c r iiu.ll coniTililirS, at a lowrr ptn e than it ran j
oe puicn.iceu lor m nny r..iirrn iiw.rnri icrt li:i.H l'l?'C lo flip
ply tlie In.s4.lve8 Willi t lie lift u le. , a rt invlfcd, lieltire. Iioyin rlsev lit re ,
to rail either upon us, lit our store, or on James Pnriinin, nl West's
I'otlon Fa. tory. -tl-'f J. 4i I. CAKt.lSLi: it CO.
3 j t j f 6 f r , c , 0 , -. - -
JUST received nt the FasIiionaMe lint .fc S.'M.e Here,
rasen tlent. Mihik cii IIki littect prma t) le.
j.ivfis. II f.inin I poj llii'si' Ii pii ii impunity, li run t'i 1t ol our t oiu ti v.
i.. in't i pot.Oo any powris j :i f oct.loi f o litn u c coli.n - p,,)! h , puloi. ly .. il nc l hot h.ti nl i.oi to t main in
ll'H, n Ithoiit pn due in ; none npj oi' Im fern the po in n to ih, ho f, tn ) e o nly , lie ic no t.oitit nxioiin t 1 1 t i f y
lln-foin net, oi M'ine ifinoiitiuiiri' liooi tlie p'"l'I', hi iriattui le to Iii ron.ivf'i il.esintl li"ini which khr
It won!. 1 luor .1 i, in hel. lo ui c- an iinl.ini'fil p.n n lo p4i.l io hi p'oe li' :.l.hc uti pi in. iph c. In clolinmiol.c .1
st rM.e. IM' m Sil'XIoils I do 'ill tin1 icoc w Jticli lit' füll ff
(cinpli h in the ihuim of I.I. ioliuiiotoition, un we ate 1c
io tic if in. pc I ot i u i'h hint, With Ii fein t liitttii, Uli Uli
hiitnhlfi tlific. in the v.ioo palii iiir olj.fl.
Tl.e "ll.N'l. i.N" ill nn, ioa. vc-t, 1 1 xrltnively ronfme l
topnlllics, fsM luihiiit u ill.ui oiii il. lim the git'at
m!s(!iitf It nnliiutp laic. ImijuuIiIv piulurcs c .mpliini. J iufif.ts :u d impnut tn. i.n of tlto Statf, on aional i xt tn-
'i ht- niUV.in Slutci Ix roinv cloxatisfi J. t ut sei ti.oi not s n into the I. ! of lit. 1 1. to nn-l in re, hi. !. in line, nil
inly tniumiu atout t puituliiy hhovn to amthf i, I nt 1 SUf h in otfis as t ntoi lit the men II im us contend of a
4 "
Very low f. each.
t all'
J. K. Sil ARPC.
FELrCTEO sortn.fiit of Fine Florence Rraid and other Hnn
neu of the lateft spring ntylea just received at tlie llnvton HatSt.
Shoe Store, and f. sale very low. 3 J. K. SIIAUPIv
L.:ic!ici' Fine Hil Slips :m Tics.
niMUS datr received at the Fahionalile flioe & Hat Store and for
alt low at wholesale nd retail.
Iron, meet and Csfi.i2ii constantly on hand at Uic
1 btore of H SMITH &. 11AN.NA.
a 'aii ni the k'tof inmcnt wlurh rutntiiits il. The 1'ni n itilf
i- Irs ifirted, heraiKe of ihe iojn-tiei w hie h it liptity s.
The only way of pirvtutin IhO'C injuiiri .unl the-c t n
plaints is, to a lmlnisler the tvcinmr nt w ithin tht'li,nit i
lioni of the iiisti ui it-ut, aiol in si si irit which i calcul 'c 1
to fpi;ilic, as fu ai icsih!c, iti I cut fits ant its htinltiis
amongst the whole Union. In no otlt.'r n'iv cot tve pipvrnt
the fcdeial j'vrinmeiit from rushing into rchemcs of ronsol
i Iti ion, or tl.e M.itc ii to it tfiuhncy tovarN tliss. hitinn.
If we permit tic rr.oi.RO. cuvehnmint fystctiMliculiy to
a't. pt any lule of coiistnictioii, which iti i y cnhiijjc its j. ow
ns t the cxjiftie of tho Slate-, or of the coph' if Con
pie.s may adopt any measure which Ihry may fancy t tr
"ncr?!s;iry aid proprr," then p- wer may he o atc-inrntel
p, in the progress of time, to amount to roiisohd-itiou. Then,
we must cxtt tul the i x cutive J. n.rtc'ient to cany out these
xteiutcd powns, then, as ore of the ceUbia'cd icMilu'ions
ofoirof the first it;ite in the Union rhowed in '09, we
should gradually met -c into a hmi:td m nnu hy, flushed wilh
power and fo.tifird ty pntion te j or, we must fly to the
other fatnl alteinalive we n.ut dissolve the Umoi itself
to itcuvcr ourlihntics; that I'liion, which is o Decesay
to pieerve our tianquillity at home ami oui peace atoca t;
that l'ni n, which ought to he as dear to u as "the mdJy
dirp which wairn our heaits."
In a Wotd, the uovemmcnt must he a(rr.iiu;tetcd according
to t!ie pood old JFFFERSoNMrr toad .id. In this lespert we
are h-ppy 1 know that wc -h.il! hut carry out the drlihei
ate wishe s of the present Ihoidont of the United States.
The time once was, whrn a vety cJiflVicnt inte preniled,
and when the 1 t'itu'linous ron-tiuctionists of the federal
school stood at the helm of an.:. A powttful TTational
IUnk ha J tiiumphed over the Constitctio.v, and Ihieatcncd
our veiy liberties. A cijanth system of Lnternal Im
provlments was projected by the general government. An
unequal and oppies-ive 'I'Ar.iFF of duiie was established.
Wht limit, indeed, was there tats to the encroachments
and excesses of tfce goveinnv nf, if these principles ptevail
ed in its administiation . Iut thanks to the supeiior penius
and the "itoti wilU'cf Andrew .Iackon he tame to redeem,
by his vetoes, the constitution fiom viülation, and the coun
try from abuse.' llestMiigled the Mo;ster Bank; he stt
limits to the wild schtmcs of Internal Improvements, and
he insi-ted on hringin,; back the TaiilT System to its legiti
mate ItVCLUC UiCä.
tif w t(' t er, w lo'iii vc r, e can in d utheient pare to iniro
dme tl.t rn to oiii ic ad: i. Our po i i ion ut Wa-hmtoii w ill
ftnhle ii to rolh'rt inf um iti ti linm a roiif.poi i'Mirt with
the cnlihict i d acfitl of onr uove.n ncnt abio id, and to re
po.t llo eoii'li iioi i f i!i-;aot oiii.li if i, thiouh the aeroio-
I Ii lu d c lip eis of our n ival ijmdioin. We slmll i oi fiil
to acil i.oo'lvt of these and ober hivoiable oppoi tunitie
to iinpioe coir columns, and to infoim our rea.leis.
We sImII launch our l a k in a few il.ys, anJ commit it to
the hbeistl fpirit f an enlililened cuuntiy.
10 00
ä 00
2 00
1 00
Daily pn?,er by the yenr. In advance
for less th.in a ye .r, 1 per month.
Semi-Weekly paper by the jem, in advance
44 44 for less iImu a ) car, f0 cts.
per month.
Weekly paper hy tho year
Wetkly pier fr ix iio nths
Suhsciiption to Ihe Diily for less than two, to the Semi
Weekly for lsc than f.tur, or to the Weekly for less than six
month, will tint be tcreivtd.
If not piid' within the first six month, the Daily piper
will le $12, the Semi-Weekly $5, -nd the Weekly $1 50 a
Subseiibeis may discontinue their pap?r at any time by
paying fur Ihe lime liny have leccivcd them ; but not with
Thoe who subscribe f r a year, and do not at the time of
suhscnbin oider a dicontii,ti,aiire at the end tf it, will te
considered siibsciibeis until they order the paper to be s op-
ncd. atid pav ancoascs.
All vavmrnts to te male in advance. Those who hare
not an tu poituiiity of paviuir othei wise, may lemit hy mill
at our rtk, postage pad. The postmaster's ceitificate of
such remittance slfll be a sufficient receipt tberefar. The
note of any speoie-unymiT hank will be received.
JTo a'te'ition teilt be given to any order unless the money,
or a postmastei'i certificate that il has been remittedtaccoia
panics it.
(Zyijcttrrt tn the proprietor, charged with postage, will
not te taken out of the p jst cfjicr.
Washington, April, 1S45.
l..nk, j i'i jt i rti.
li.iii) VIII. do t" ;n i,i
I'cn.'lMl, fit o ,,,
tr.l'oler. VI 'o
ifiiy t.lirr, d" II I.i
llllli l.lll'l, ,o. I, . ,
Mm und M... I.I. llu.k, " I:k
I.... ,o.. i'. f d.i
I .min. 'I. .t. I vo.y, mi l fVml 1 1 CiU, 4 prr llir follow Inj
t.nr.e, .o. r.ii.iin. Ile.l, ni
No. !.. I. ..'no lie. I, $"V W A, iln y 'll
II do ft HI .1, do 1 .7
i:i, iUi 4,l do l. m
n, .i.i .' i, d
Ivoi) ii.nt I .. 1 1. Ivor) und Triitl pir., Ir'7
I " ill Ulll.Me, I '' III, il.i I V,
No. 1 1, do I. t, do I VI
I I, .lo 1,75 K, tin ,c o
IV. do I, .VI ?, do I ,in I
Hut ill - it, 1.i j.oci
1 1, I n O...M. d, 4.10 A, it.,
0, .1. ;;. 4, do ;a
I', .lo :i.m ;i, ,., u
, do y..'.'l 'J, cht ij
7, ct.. v.'.ti i, i.i rai
t., rto j;i
r.iiilin.w r ii nullrd CnriU, I mini and plnln, t-ruulif ulty Ji!-d,
M I'll C tilt I'I.IIM II IhiI'Ii 1.
I lil.YH UY IlLIXh' emits.
Hncill Hunk, (pi i) Iii ic,) .... I, fl'tper ri'.
d.. V, I 1n
l.nr; do I, i tin
do V1, VI do
Ii.hiI Ir ni.e ol mill, I, :io do
i y, .'4 o.i
Double me of !.nrje, , ' ,l,
do V, f,j do
Abo, nil ili Imiv. tr. of rrrrv ! t fitrr.
I Mln-r i t el toof.l. ro any ol tli li.ci.i..g .piat.lifii,
.U,.mim ( urU'Tol vjiltttm !. made loonier.
(old lorit. ri .1 Cm.U, do
Ulli fdfff 1.
Joi.hu Hol lieet cap i7e, and S'l by - I liichea.
Ivory hiirl.ue, iio do
IVail, do tin
III. ink "licet, do tu
.l-o, ;ii!rond and Steantlio'it Ticket made to order, of any Color.
oi of dill'. i Iii rolor, n drlicl.
'I li .iiIwii!i.i iii 0,-m all i:.l.tor In tl.r C. St.itra ttnd fnn.t'tn. w Iio
ol their pi, er conl.u ning lhi udverliM in tit, to limcrt il I. H ire
I.IO.lMW. I.I.CI. t'CMlU.
..r l".fc,.;.ri7i'. SI
s i is i: x s i i I o t t r u i k s !
J. G. GltliaOnV V CO.. Managers.
::o.oM) nn us!
, . ; .v a v i) n i a l o t tf n r t
Ch 'J.'), for H1Ö.
To lie drawn at Alexandria, D.C.,nn Saturday, June CI, 115.
CHEAT iriit Mi :
$:i),0tfl! $.10,000 81.7!
2 rrl;.eo( J,.,.f r 5 rihunf
lo du of l,.'rn! 50 do of
50 lo of CU M 0 do of
tc. VC.
"i Xo. 1J Uah.ts.
Ticket 10 Halve .V Quarters $2 M.
Certl.-atei Pwcliagr of '-'.' U l.ole Ticket, V 3
Iki do Half do 7J
to do 23 Quarter do 35
IO,CO0 Dollars!
A L F AM -V I) 11 1 A L O T TE U V,
Class Cö, for 161".
T be drawn in Alexandria, D. C.,on Saturday, June 23, 1845.
incxtiiD rittic :
10,000! 15,000! $6,000! 55,000 ! $3,00a! $2,628'.
25 Tiizcsof 100! "25of 00! &c. Lc.
7. ATv. VA ballots.
Ticket $10 Halves Quarters $3 50.
CertifichteB of d ickn-ea of -2S Whole Ti' keU, V1
.. i nr ii,ii- A
500 !
Do do ?2o Quarter do a
Ocders for ticket ftnd shares and certifiratea t4 pnrkape In tht
above splendid Wrfteties, will receive the nvl pmtn',.1 ntiertM.ii, and
an account of e: ch drawing w Ul t itimiedialely Her it i ocrr
to al' w ho nriler ticket from u. Ad-lreaa
J. G. CKCcJOKY k COhiVhhi;,
4H-3vTT J!'1-
rtsti roil i:;n.
0 POt'NDS 5HJ clean liie wnnfd, f.-r which
,)iratFl1' Iii hehrst markel t.rice wiM te tnc-,
or m rnxi at reaucca pticeiry luo' v..v.s...

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