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Cii.tr Determined at the May Term, 1815.
Repenltd fur tk Indian State Sentinel try .1. J. Steten.
Tuesday, June lOth.
JXnr son v. Compton. Appeal from the Allen C. C. Opin
ion by Sullivan J. It. The act of December 23, 1827,
supplemental to the act legulating the admission and piactice
of Attorney! and Counsellor at Law, Revised Statutes of
1S3S, does not authorize the Cuuit to pronounce any other
judgment against a delinquent Attorney than suspension
frem frortv. fhe practice of the Law. 2nd. The Statute,
because it is in its character penal, and acts upon the ollender
by a new and summary proceeding must teceive a strict con
struction. Judgment Reversed, V. I. Coombs for Appellant.
We hnv'e the following in tle New Orleans Repub
lican of June I). ,.
Private letters received here from Mexico by the
British frigate Eurydice, state it as a matter almost
of certainty, that before lonjj the Mexican govern
ment will declare war against the United States. We
have seen some of these letters, and they all go to
coufim the statements to this effect made in our paper
of yesterday. So hostile to this country and to Tex
as is the tone of public sentiment in Mexico, that it
is generally believed the government must cither go
to war, or suffer an overthrow by a new revolution.
In this posture of affairs, it will probably adopt the
alternativa involving least peril to its members, trust
ing to the chances which the future may afford to save
the rcmibhc from the consort uences of a conflict with
this country. From one of the Jetters. referred to,
T.i ir r...,, at-.. . . l i it
.dated Vera Cruz, May iTJ, we have been kindly per-
, . .! 1 1 . . J
mmea to make tne ioiiowmg extract :
"CaDtain Elliott and a commissioner of Texas are at t
this place wailing for the arrival ot letters fiotn .Mexico,
which, it is said, will arrive to-day. They will sail di
rect for Galveston in the French brig 'La Perouse.' The
Eurydice will sail for your port with despatches for the
British government. In addition to the propositions made be proper to testify our deep atlicction and profound sor
by England to both Texas and Mexico, to settle the re- i row for so great a National loss. Through the merciful
lations of these countries to each other and to the United
States, in a manner agreeable to her policy, I am assured
there are inducements offered of rather a tempting nature.
Xbey are as follows: England compromises herself with
Mexico to pay ten millions of her national debt, and with
Texas she agrees to pay the whole of hers, which is com
putedat eight millions. This, it true and I have got it
from very good authority proves that England has some '
Terr deep laid project with regard to Texas; one much i
more important to her than the advantages she might de
rive from the simple determination' of Texas to remain in
dependent, confirmed by the consent of Mexico.
' Those English who speak of the controversy between
Mexico and the United fetates about Texas, never fail to
introduce the question of slavery,. and regard its abolition
in the little republic as a consequence which will speedi
ly follow the determination on her paft to remain inde
pendent. But from what I can learn, I cannot think that
any proposition which England may make, however
tempting it may be, can now defeat annexation. '
'Governor Shannon arrived here yesterday. lie will
go in the 'Anahuic to New York, unless Com. Conner
offers him a man-of-war. tinder ordinary circumstances
this would be done ; but it is said the Commodore is un
willing at this time to weaken the force of his command.
Mr. Siiannon was robbed both going and coming from
The Houston Star, of the 24th May, contains the
following. After mentioning the previous rumor that
Mexican troops were concentrating at San Luis Fo
tos.,, the editor remarks :
'Within a few days we have received intelligence from
a respectable source that these troops have approached the
Rio Grande, and that it is now currently reported in Mex
ico that they are to be stationed east of that river. It is
said thai the Mexican government is determined to take
possession of the country west of the Nueces ; and when
the measure of annexation is consummated, ßhe will ap
peal to the world anJ declare that as the territory west of
the Nueces is in possession of her troops, the claim of
Texas to it is. void. Information has lately been received
at Corpus Christi, that indicates tint Mexico is playing a
deep scheme of treachery. Ws are h?ppy to state bete
is . T.rr.,om-f k i i. . .i. ; - .
Mat arrangements hive been made to obtain accurate in-'
formation of the movements of the Mexican forces, and it
is believed that cur government will be prepaitd to repel
any incursion of Mexican trocps into the disputed terri
tory." The Galveston News considers the Mexican intel
ligence lately received here as confirming the belief
that President Jones has been systematically endea
voring to throw obstacles in the way t f the joint re
solutions. It takes precisely the same view of the
proclamation calling a convention vis we do, viz : that
its language evident!' shows that President Jenes
will have other matter besides annexation to submit
to the convention.
. Orf.;o. The advance guard of the St. Louis
expedition to Oregon, left Tort Independence, May
Ith, composed as follows :
. I t Con. 2-i Con. 3d Cum. Total adv.
Comrrindir Everett D. Luther. Guard.
Males over lb' U5 CO 2 3
under IG 7S 71- 119
Females over 14 57 Co i. 100 331
under 1 1 bJ 51 J
Wagons 61 f)S 41 16")
Oxen 4Ö3 43.3 260 1 1 S
CaiUe CIO 01 4 340 1003
Ilores and Mules 172 73 61 3"ll
Cuns lsi 172 !K 417
These emigrants are of a high character, hardy,
lnld and indomitable. The way is now completely
emuolh and easy, and these succeeding troops follow
ing each other to the number of several thousands
and swarming upon thu fertile rallies of the Willainct
and Columbia, will soon place that whole territory in
thc.rx-sition of a "State of the Union.
, At llollville, Illinois, all immense meeting was held
on the Ülst lt., and the meeting was addressed by
Judge Douglass, (Jov. Key nolds, Judge JScates. Mr.
lilies-pie anl others, ami the following resolutions
adopted unanimously :
Rrsnlwd, That it is unanimously agreed by the
whule Union, without regard to the political parties,
that the Oregon territory forms an integral part of
the United States, and the (government has the same
right to the Oregon Territory that it has to any State
in the Union.
, Res J ved, That the relations of the United States
with foreign nations impcrioily.deywnd of the people
of Uiis Republic to assert their riglds. We do there
fore, ex oress our solemn and ' decided determination
m -
to maintain the occupation of the Oregon Territory,
at all hazards.
Rcsohed, That we, the people assembled in lhis
meeting, pledge ourselves to our fellow-citizens of the
Union, that we will resit with force, if necessary,
all, and every foreign power from interfering with
"our domestic relations or with our own territory.
Resolüd, That we do not approve of the (iovern
ment of the United States entering into any negotia
tions with any foreign nation in regard to our right
to the Oregon Territory ; but only to settle the bound
aries of said Territory.
Rtsohed, That we respectfully solicit as many
citizens ot the State of Illinois ns may find it con
venient, to attend the Grand Western Älcetiii, at
Memphis, Tennosec, on the 4th of July next ; and
the cuntcrnpl.tteri meeting at the Fame time, in Wil
Harnson ccunty, in the State of Illinois, we respect
fully suggest, he postponed to some other tlay.
IValivc Coou Candidates for President.
The Philadelphia "Native American" has the fol
lowinfj at its head as their lour firsd; choices for Pre
sident :
To our Fellow Citizens for President,
Hon. . AllCIIEII,
It is scarcely necessary for us to say that each in
dividual named is a coon.
Tnr. Golden Hose. Wc $ee that tho Quern of
Belgium has been desionatcd hy the 1Njjw;h gulden
rose,' as the mot pious of the crowned heads of
Euro;e. Our reader may or may not he aware, that
on a certain thy cf the Year, high iiiass is celebrated
in ihc. cjiureh of the Holy Cross of Home, and that
in coming out from the orch, the I'ontitr holds in his
. t'ir i ..1 .iii- i
liana a roe winen is siiown 10 tne assemuieu neo it
rri.i.. -.....'rr,..r 11.11.1- iu ti..ri u.-knt t.. rf. it um
plary royal ciiseiple of the Catholic church, and the! 7 I ''"timoiiv of several pe,rf,ms ,n the reigl,Ur
Unurrhter of Louis " Thi llinp-, Queen of Belgium, is ' h A wll( knowing to the facts. Akron, Ohio,
the holy recipient for Uns year.
The (Greenfield (Mass.,) Democrat says that a cauee
is now landing, in which the town of Wendell, in
that county , ia the defendant, and a citizen ofthat
town the plainly; The whole claim of the dispute is
but eightfj.fvu, cents rf The costs have already
amounted to Cvtr one hundred dollars.
Death of General Jackson.
Pursuant to public notice, a large and rerpectabl
meeting of the citizens of Indianapolis, convened at the
Court House, on Saturday, the 14th inst. for the purpose
of adopting impropriate measures in reference to the
annunciation of the death of d'eneral Andrew Jackson.
The meeting was called to order by N. It. Palmer, Esq.
On motion of Seton V. Morris, dov. Whitcouib was
called to the chair, and Nathan 11. Palmer and Austin V.
Morris, ware appointed Secretaries.
On motion of Judc lnsl.!e,
Resulted, That n committee of thirteen gentlemen bo
appointed by the chuir, to uct as a com mit too of arrange
ment foi the occasion, and that they be requested to
report to the public at the Court lIoue,on Tuesday next,
at ten o'clock, the plan of proceedings, and that tin; same
be considered by the meeting then to assemble. Where
upon the chair appointed the following committee.
lion. Win. J. Peaslee, N. li. Palmer, F.s'j., James
Blake, Y.., (Jen. J. P. Drake, A. V. Morrison, Esq.,
Col. A. W. Morris, Nicholas McCirly, Esq., James M.
Ray, Esq., Setoti W. Norris, Esq., (iov. J. 11. Ray Hon.
Adam Wright, Win. (ii.arles, Esq., and Julius Nicolai, Esq.
Whereupon, the meeting adjourned.
1 i'i.?pAV, June loth, lslo.
The meet ins; convened pursuant to adjournment, and
the committee, previously appointed, submitted the fid
lowing report, which was concurred in, and ordered to
be published :
Whereas, The painful intelligence has been received,
that General Andrew Jackson, Ex-President of the
United States, departed this life, at the Hermitage, on
i. : r .i u.i. f i J .
evening of the fcHh Junc,in?t., aged 76 years:
eAd lVhcre' The Pe.p,e ?f lhesö Un,h s'aes; antl
of the State of Indiana, have Ion revered den. Jackaon
c .t i . i c .i i j . i
as one of the sages and patriarch a of the land, to whom
We owe a' bating debt of gratitude for his many patriotic
r.nhlir- cptvirp. ; ,
Ve, the people of Indianapolis and Marion county,
desire to record and give evidence of our regard for the
high character of this illustrious man in such a manner
as may best become so solemn an occasion, and as may
kindness of the All-Wisu Creator, the valuable life of
Andrew Jackson has been prolonged beyond the ordi
nary length of human existence, and we rejoice in his
oft-expressed hopes of a blessed immortality ; yet we
deeply feel that parting pang, which forever separates our
earthly connexion with him whom we have so long
known and looked upon as a shield in danger, a friend
in adversity, and a guardian Father in the Councils of the
Nation. We mingle our tears and regrets with those of
a gieat Nation, and embalm his memory in the deepest
recesses of our heartf, never to be expunged while
greatness and goodness find esteem or adoration.
Be it, therefore,
Resoletd, That we deeply deplore the demise of our il
lustrious fellow citizen. General Andrew Jackson, late
President of the United States. .
Resolved, That a tribute of the highest respect is due
to his memory from the nation, whom his character has so
highly honored, his arm so bravely defendeJ, and his heart
so deeply lved.
Resolved, .That as American citizens we most fondly
cherish the immortal fame of tieneral Andrew Jackson as
a Soldier, e General and a Hero, and claim for him in the
pages of history, a place as proud as that awarded to the
noblest spirit of thrs or any previous age.
Jietolvetl, That his eminent and patriotic services as a
a Statesman, his devotion to the honor, glory and interests
of bis country, as its Chief Magistrate, his far-seeing judg
ment, his unyielding integrity, his frarless and successful
administration of the Government, have secured to him
the lasting gratitude of the American people, and entitle
him to a high distinction in the bright constellation of
American Presidents. .
Jtrsulved, That hi miny private virtues. Lis charitable
actions, together with his exemplary christian deportment,
which so peculiarly emDeiiUh.,! the approaching termina
tion of his earthly career, mark nim. as mm of. rare en
dowments, of sterling worth, and vrorthy to be pre..t.J !
to posterity as one oi me greatest anu uesi men oi me age
in which he lived.
Resolved, That this Reat National bereavement is
deeply felt by every true American heart, at this particular
day, and gladly would we have kept him in our midst yet
a little longer, as a father or an elder brother ; yet as "it
I is appointed unto all men once to die," we bow in silent
auttr.issior. to the mandate of Heaven, rejoicing that his
, , . . . . , ,. e f. ,
day 6 have been so bright, the evening of his life so calm
and serene, and that he has been gathered to his fathers co
full of y ears and so full of honors.
Resolved, That wc hereby recommend to our fellow cit
izens, a general attendance, at Indianapolis, on Saturday,
the V3th of June, inst. for the purpose cf paying appropri
ate honors to the memory of him who has so truly filled
the measure of his country's glory.
llesolced. That we will, cut of rcsprct to the memory
of the deceased, wear crape upon the left arm for the term
of thirty days.
The committee hive appointed Alexander F. Morrison,
Ep, as the person who will deliver an eulogium upon the
life and character of (Jen. Jackson.
An appropriate sermon- will also be delivered by the
Rev. Thinias I). (lurlcy, and the exercises ol the day will
be opened and concluded by prayer.
The committee of arrangement have adopted the follow
ing order of procession.
1. A Hand of Music.
2. ÜÜkiatifT Clergyman and Orator.
3. Kev. Clergy of the city.
1. (lovernors, Ex-Onveruors, and officers of State.
0. The Committee of Arrangements.
6. O dicers and soldiers of the Revolution.
7. Oilicers and soldiers who served under (Jen. Jackson.
8. Oilicers anil 9i!diers of the last war.
9. Judges and eflicers of the C S. Court and officers of
10. Judges of the Supreme and Circuit Courts.
11. Menders of the liar.
Vi. Member ot the (Jeueral Assembly.
13. 1'residenl and Common Council and oilicers.
It. Masonic Fraternity.
15. Independent Ord.'r f Odd Fellows.
16. The Male You:h of the city and country.
17. CitilnS si x abreast.
18. Hand of Muic.
19. Military -siJe arms and shnJarJs in mourning.
The procession to frm on Wa-hington street, the front
resting east of the Court House fqusrc
He signal lor jormin? tne procession, win ue tne wing
e t .i Ml I .1 I-
of three cannon in rapid succession.
The several Societies and the youth will ho formed cn
the Court House .square, and be in readiness to report
themselves by 9$ o'clock, A. M.
Tho hour of forming the procesiion to be precisely at
I 10 o'clock.
.... , , . c .. i 1 . -n i . . I .....
The head quarters of the Marshals will he at the Court
The citizens will assemble on Washington Street, oppo-
lte the Washington Hall, Ut precisely V o'clock.
i tu . e . , i m j m
The Orator and ufliciatinc Llreyniii, attending Ller-
gytnen, Governor and Kx-Governors, OtKceraol State,
the (Joninuttco ol Arrangements, t-Jincers anu ooiuteri
heretofore mentioned, Judges and Oilicers ol tho several
Courts Members of the liar. Members of the General
AatPmhlv Presidentof ihn (rrnnion Council and Otiiccrs
Assembly, 1 n siuentoi tne yotnmon ouncn ana mincers,
Wlll meet at i'J o clock at the tourt House.
The Marshals will wear whits scaris and carry buttons
Xtlinute Vilms Will ue lireu onu 1110 linn ui uia WIüiui
- ; ' lit l t r1l- .1.,. I
Cliurctiec ton uuring ine uinv 'v-vupieu uj mu procession
t . i - . ii j. .i. -l i. .1 ..
in marching to-the btate llouio square, tho place or
delivering the Oration and Surman. J
. .... "IIa ..I .t t .I
The aiznal ol marching win oa at tne nring oi tue nrii
Minute (j'un.
The prcesslcn will be under the direction of James
Blake, as Marshal, and Jnmes I. Drake and Austin W.
Morns,. as assistant Marshals, with such oilier aids as the
Marshal shall deem necessary.
The business men of the city are politely requested to
close their houses of business lioni ) o clock A. M., until
1 clock, V. M.
The Ladies and Misscss are particularly invited in ho
prefert at the p'.ice ol rnevtin, wliero every attention
will ba paid to their convenience.
aIkssk. KniTor.a : Please state that the branch at
Indianapolis of the State llank of Indiana, fiiuliug that
ecmplaints nrc grievous, will, apply to the next Leg-
islattirc. provided it i3 iMiliticallv ri,rllt, for a latr to
cnahlc them to do brokerage business. The managers
have concluded that grumbling at their private busi
ness wiU be better considered if they pay the usual
hrokcrs license, nnd thov are now able to afford it
from last week's transaction.-. A Dank .Max.
Pkomi-ic Cow. .Air. Jaretl Wells cf Hath has a
cow which has given birth to seven ralves in one y ar
three the bt dav of April, IM, and four the Jth
of Marrh I4" Fivo of these calves tire alive and
growing finely. This cow ha? had nine calves mid is
bat five vears (f The cow is small and a good
' ! milker. The truth of this .statement is sultanti ated
It fact n .
JlAnr. Yn t'NMTY.-On the S)lh tilt, t tic wife of
George Defile, in Jctrrson township, in this county,
;;ave birth to four living daughters ! . One of the rjirls
has since died the others, when - la.st heard from,
were doing well. Beat that who dare. Guernsey
(Ohio) Times,
Marion Comity.
lor Representatives, JJfATlTIj II. WE11I3EU.
For County Auditor, NATHANIEL ROLTON.
For Assessor, AIIIRA WELLS.
For County Commissioner, JOHN McFALL.
W. W. Wick,
Will address as many of his fellow citizens as may at
tend, at the following times and idacos, to-wit :
Webb s, on Sugar creek, lo.Junc 19, II) o cI-k k, n. in.
Franklin, . . "
'. o .. k, p. m.
llriish-v meeting house, do., !',
Peh-r Iviinler's NV. 11. tp., do., HI,
Whitcnack's, do., July , 4Jt,
Clarksbtirgh, do., 'i,
J o'clock, p. m.
1 o'i lock, p. in.
10 o'clock, a. tn.
2 o'clock, p. in.
It is respectfully requ'eCted oT tfios; friends of Judge
Wick who lake this papt-r, to pivc' notice', by written ad
vertisement or otherwise, ol thu above appointments, in
llij proper m ighbnrlmods.
Tho abow are ptob.ihly all ' ihn 'appointment Judge
Wick will havo time to inaUe und II 1 1 in lli; above n.inied
counties. Other r.p'pointmciits ill be.iu.ide hereafter fr
other counties, which the friendj v ill kindly make as
public as posfeihltt.
Cj'We arc requeued to announce JOHN W. HAMILTON
a a candidate for rc-elocliou to the olfice uf Auditor Ma
; ton county.
LOUISVILLE. June 13 The very oppoitunp showers
with which tins whole neihboihood ha teen visited, js've
the promise of an abundant ha i vest. It has proven mot fa
vorable to the planteis of Tobacco, and almost eveiy otlier
kind vt agricultural pursuit. The farmers are busily en
gaged at home, and but little produce has come to maikct
this week.
Jldccn. The receipts are quite smsll and prices a shade
under ourhst quotations. We have no cah sales to lepoit.
Some lots have changed hands in barter. Frum wag -n, hog
round 5a5$ ; Sidt3 GJatJ ; Shoulders 4c. ; Hams 5i5c.
Coffee. The maiket is liirh, and without change since our
last report. Sales of Uio have been mde at 7A Cash.' A
ptime article cannot be had for ies thau 7$a3 ccuts, at which
we continue our quotations. .
Flour. The stock is fair. We qii' te for Ciiy Mills f 3,
90a4. Fancy brai ds City Mills at 4,2oal,oO. From stores
for fancy brands $4a4,25 .,
lüden. reen Hides 3ja4c. Dry Salted 8 to 9c. Fluit
12 to 13 eis. Wi aie advised of sales of 400 Salted, aver
aging over 40 lbs at 9c. cash. All descriptions i:i good de
iMrd. The receipts quite liht. Country laid from wag
ons 6$6$c. Pork-house is held al 7 cents. Stock is very
light. ; ""
Provisions. The market is rpiite' tit- there not being
probably more than 300 bbls. Pork ;n fust hands. Piixe i
held at $10. Mess fl lall ,50. We hear of no sales.
Sugar. Theie is not much activity in this article and
holdeis are firm at 6a6c. We notice sales of seveial par
cels, not 50 bhdi. in tl.e agiegate, at these piices, as the
transactions of the week, that have come to our knowledge.
Wheat. There is a constant demand for all that ariives.
The City Millers give 75 cents. The receipts for the week
have been light.
Wool Unwashed 18a20 cts. Washed 23a2S cts., and in
demind. -
Whiskey. The drrnand h steady, and prices vary little.
Frn-n wagons it is taken at lSjal9 cents. Rectified 19 cts.
Cout icr.
CIXCISXATI, June 11. Butter Ii aniving quite freely
and prices have still further declined. .The packets aie now
taking in a fair article - at Sc. per, lb, and. ood al 9c. in tubs
from wagons. Fiesh pint ictails iu maiket at 12 l2al5c,
and crock at 10al2jc ' 1
Cheese Kxpeiieuces the dulness that now pr vails in our
maiket generally. The best in the maiket can be had at 7c.
per lb , and we note very few sales at over 6 1-2CL
Dry Good?. Domestic Sheetings hnve advanced J-2c. per
yaid, and best brands are now firm at 7 1-2 tents. In the
Kastern markets there has been considerable ' f peculation in
coarse Woollens, which have consequently gone up some 10
?r,ll) Per ceul- 0lher descriptions of Gjods remain about as
Flour. A sale or 400 bbls Whitewater Mill, in two h.ts,
at f 3,70 delivered ; 1 13 bbls from More at 3,73 delivered!
326 bbls, two common brands, at 3,63aj,oo ?07 bbls
Lawrc nccbuigh at 3,62, infection guuaitied. Sales tin
J morninp, 50 bbls from store at $3,75 delivered; l'JO bbls
j good country brand, at f3,73 1-2.
rruits, (dried ) The demand for home consumption con
tinues good and former prices well sustained. The receipt
for the past week have been lijrfit. Apples bring in lots $la
1,2 j per tuhel, and Peaches $l-0al,75, as m quality aud
Ginseng 1$ in demand at 2ja2Cc; receipts and stock ve
ry .small.
Grain. The City Millers have advanced the price of
Wheat to 75c per bushel, (60 lbs.) Otlier (Iiains stand fnm
at ths late rise. The disiillcis are otlciing 33a3lc per bush
el tor Coin, but get little at thce rates. The pie vailing
price is 35a 10c. Sales of Oats at about 35c by the quantity,
aud 3sal0c retail in maiket.
cirofcrrvj. New Oilcans Sugar has pitm wj. The re
duction is full lc per lb on the !ifltrcnt descriptions. We
quote the extictncs of the maiket 5;i;e. Sales cf com
mon at 5jc, f rir Cc, and prime 6 l-2c held mostly at abuut
Gc. Cotfee i less fum, and holders have slightly yielded.
We now quote fair to piime Uio at 7j Sjc. Sales of N. ().
Molasses at 33 i31c per gallon held mostly at 3l.i3oc. Sales
of fair Hire at 4c, and good at tie liut little doing: mar
ket very dull.
Hides. We rjuote Western flin, SaHc per lb; Diy Salted,
TiSc, Wet salted 4 1-2.5 l-2c, Spanish lOall l-2c,Calf Cc;
at which rates there are icular sales from stoic.
Vrovisiont.- The market is without any animation. Pa
con hams, bct, sell at S 1-2; shoulders 5a5j ; silcsGaGj.
Salt Is very dull. Only ä few sales, and those small
lots at 21a22c rer bushel. Veiy little at the River, ani
dealers are asking 22c Enquirer.
M I shrill go away in dis gust" as the ni pr said
to the liurricui.e. .
ON tiie IrMli of June w ill lie ojiend the Font .-'es.-ion of the fndi
untnuiht Jh'h Siiovt, al the L'oum il Chamtier, noitli vide of the
tioveriior' I'ircle.
The Tiustees, anxious to entaliliMli a pe run nent school ofahizh
order, have pro tired the Kerviees f Mr. JOII.N i'. MrKI.NM.Y,
formerly a diMinu lulled leaeher im llarrislmr, I'eiiiiHy Ivaniri, and
more recently Assistant ( ologi-l ol Hie Oeolo" al Purvey of reiin-
Sjlvam I.
1 he 1 rusters think it due to l atent I arid t n inhans to lay before
them noiiieof the te-timonHts Which they have received of Air. Mc-
Kmney 's standing a a I eacnfr : t
From K. Shc.sk, Udt Sta-nary ef Xtutt and Sr odenden. of Ccm-
moM Schnol, and now (loco nur vf i'tajra;i.
I have teen ifiiuiately anpiainred with Mr. McKinney for many
jr.n. nr
He h is tl) reputation of hrins u moron;;.)
men M lml.ir. In tlm
j.n.hed. In regard to
in rim ei oii.it ion of
swx fsnenesand .Matiiematus heix ditingui
lit moral character, it Ico Iwan xto-xl hied
those who knew him. Kcserved In In manner, amiable and kind
in hi lemi .-r, jierseve ring ai d indiiKtrinu in hi huhit, a s ntlemaii
and a tidiolar, I feel n-ure" that he would be au aciiisilioii to uny
l.iterarv lnoiutioii."
From Ute Ute. Dr. De Witt, Itarrisbur, rennnraiia.
With Mr. McKinney I have leen Ion acquainted. He lausht in
I me. ACii.iPiny nere wih-ii tine oi my kuw a.- Kiimai ; iiioa.i niiow
. Hurler, but lew are ruualto him. He wa.iin of th
coiiipKiny nelerted for Hie Geolosieal Survey nf the Slate ; and I think
continued with lhat company du rim; the whole progresof the Sur-
"y- ly mpre,.H.,,S ,e inat ... -rv.ee a a .,e,. inc gem.ema
I ,r i.inhl nnnreriated. bf th bv Frolissor Ro?eM.the otim in.ilof
lh. roinIianv.and the ltate authoiities. under wl. direction the
I SUrvey wa made.'
I from TTtfctpor Hkkt I).uo;cri, cf tne IJnivertdy cf rcnnyicanii.
"1 have known Mr. McKinney intimatrly for pevcral years, and
take pleasure in testifying to his nbilitren ax a man of science, aud his
rt.ricl n,onil P"r,ty ,,f ,,iraclpr' l,e ,,ni ,,a,, "'"bie ivnence
.. nJ ( . ellensive acnuiK.n, in irnc and Ohs-
Bica itemture. Having been onnof my awiKtanm on the (Jrologtai
Survey of Pennsylvania, tm han.id.own decided kill in ; research, ahd
I - , - . ... ,. , !,, , L..... .... ....... I.kl..
t IllU ll um; rieariirr oi in iii it-iit- i. i Klint. i-i-"imi in., ic nivrii ,
h ..,,, ..um, .,1 ni.t,rinr iml.i.lrv In liillil wilh rre.lil I
'V "V" r . '.". .w ,
himelt and benefit to others, any duties as an instructor wnicn lie M
willing to assume."
From the Trustee $ of the IIarriibug Academy.
t a rr a r a m
iirsi$bir, aphiv-j, ibi..
" .1 r. a . iiamiirr iiiqrvuiiirjr nn nil .imiKut ill. iriiinn in inr
Academy atlhw place, and the Trutee were xxell satiped will; tile
manner n winch he discharged his dutie. We with tntirh pleasure
bear tnaiinony to hi high moral sUndinf. as well as lo hi conif len
cy as an instructor cf you'll. JAM K.S Llld K,
WM. It. DaWIl T,
Trustees of tht llarri$br Academy."
From .Mr. Alfred Abmstro4, Print iindvf Die llarriibnrg .Icadnny.
"Mr. McKimieT xvas associated with myself in the bunino.i nf
teaching in Ilellelonte, and f.erxard in this place, where I have
been residing for the last twelve year. He was autineiieiitty Princi
pal of Hie Academy at Lebanon, I'ennnxlvauia, and more recently en
rapce with 1'rnfrs.tor KoRers, in his (.eoloical Survey of this State.
I have lind h lotif nernonal arnuuintane -with Mr. McKinney. and
I4III aO J , "...a. . u 1 1 , .". .a'. a a. . .. aj i u 1 1 . i j-aua....
Blrong reaxoniut; powers, ami extensive attainments, in science and
general .literature, I believe he U nurjiajM-d by few, if any, of his age,
in this country.
'lie is peculiarly fitted, I conceive, hy taote, nnd habits, and edu
cation, forVl'rofessoMitp In sum 9 Literary I munition."
man a. u-irli l.nlli lllnl f... U aa . M 1 1 ...' . . . r M . I ...l(.. m. ut il I fS Cf II 111
Instruction xvill be civen in all the branrhenlauhl in th Het Atau.
emiei, and npeci.il ni tent ion will be bentowed ujhui niatheiiiatics aul
the oliVficnl cience
Terms, per rpiarter nf twrlv weeks :
rrunary Oepariineiit, (Rralin,', Wnline, and Fpellirs,)'
(ieoraphy, I'ligli-h (ra miliar, and Arithmetic, iu addition
.' to tue above, .... .
4 Oil
b 00
Latin, Jreek, .Matheinatirs, Ac,
C. STEVftt, '
JOll.Yll. llk.1hl.KY,
.. '. CV.f'.t.i.V,
S.1M I. MF.RKll..,
Junr lfi, IS IV Ti IVM.SVIJIV.1X,
mr.Yr.it tv iivA ki:k,
Corner Third and Wnlntif Sli
Cincinnati. 4Miio.
'wf Itni.r.AliK and retail dealers iu IinHirted nnd American
V . ' Cigars, Tobacco, Smiir, Sir.. A.c. Western Dealers aie en.e
c ially invited to examirie their sloik lie lore pun hainu clnrwheie.
They sell at the lowest ciiy prires, and Irel warranted in sating
tliU tltey can give al isla rtioii to all riistomeis. They xx III till all or
ders for Tobacco, Snuff and Cigar, al Ihn shoitrüt iioIm e. 1-bni
i Chtmpiif ne Hraudy Pale Madeira Wine
4ili I ruol t rencii uo i.oiii nerry u
Jamaica Ppirds Poit do
i'alaja do
Elected eJpressly for medical tniriMwes and warranted pnre,bv
June 16, 1315. I). t'RAU.IIKAl).
' ' I. A. 111 lir.iCK.
if d fl. LC3 Lamp Black j'ift received and fur sale by '
t . .
Allen County.
Taken up by Samuel Simons, living in Terry township,
Allen co, an estray mate three cr'four yean old, sorrel, with
a sorrel mane and tail, a star in the forehead,, a while spot on
the left nostiil, a few white hairs aioundf the hind hoofs ; no
other brands or maiks perceivable ; appraised al forty dal ais
by Horace DitMon and Joseph Hunter, befoic Willi. rn S.
I'aiket, J. p.
Attest, PHILIP C. JONES, Clk. R. E. IIerrinc, p. C.
Clinton Count it.
. . j - i j
Taken up by Ilenjamin Cohee, of Washington township,
I L lint. mi county, la., on the 1 3th day of May, 1S4j, a daik
r ay hily, a srn .11 blaze in the face, iiht hind foot white,
ana a tear inside ol the knee en the It-It hind Ic, about 14
hands high, supposed to be two yeais old past, an 1 appraised
to fi.t b John (iiay and Joseph McClelland, May 24, IS 15,
be fire llubcit Watt, J. P. .
Taken up by Joseph Ilickley, in Kirklin 'own'p,' Clin
ton 'cciiiity, la , on the I2'h day of May, I u 15, an est i ay
mare, a che rut 'Miel, about 15 J hands hij;h, with two tdme
on, one behind aid one befoie, with -omc maiks of the sad
dle and harness, and a Mil II ttar in the ficliead, Ml; pted
t lie S or 9 yeais old ; ap .iaised t "fli by Win. M. Wyn-k'-op
and J. V. RanduJI, May 2b ISiVtef ne Justice Jumv
llollcralt. Attest, JOll.-Y UAKNUH, t'k.
Dwiess County.
Taken up by Joseph Kelso, in Heeves township, Davies
county, lintiana, n May 12th, lh43, a biiglit bay hoise,
about eiht or nine yi-ars old, sixtien bauds high, a mall
star in his fotehead, some sad lle maiks, light hind foot white
op to the hock, no other maiks pcicci vuble ; appiai-ed at
35 by James 1. dilley and Charles Alhvn, on the 26lh day
of M'?y', 1815, befoic Justice Wn. J. DeViosi.
Attest, JNO. VAN THICKS, CI!:.
Fayette County.
Taken up by Win. Hamilton, i:. Connersville township,
Fayette couuty, la., one soucl mare, with a bald face, thiee
w hite feet, some saddle marks, inclined to be sway backed,
eleven or twelve yeais old and about 15 hands hih ; ap
piaied befuie Jonathan Shields, Ksq.. June 6, 1815, at j5.
Attest, (',. W. GINN, Clk.
F. Ü. Thoma, Dip.
Fayette County.
Taken up by Wm. Lair, living in Jennings township, Fay
ette county, la , on the 14th day of May, 1S45, a sorrel
horse, with a bald face, supposed to be 14 yeais old, shod
bifoie Wi'h old shoes, his hind les are white, the left leg
white up to the' hock j iut, a small lump on the right side,
15 hands and half an inch high, no other bran Is or marks
pciceivable ; appraised to $22 50 by Jo;-ep Daitcr and Jas.
D. Brysun, on the 24ih day of May, IS 15.
Attot, GEO. W. GINN, Clk.
Grant County. ' ' '
'.Taken tip by Daniel Seais of Washington township, on
the 3üth day if April, 1845, an estray black maie, with a
s ar in the forehead, a small white put on the left hind foot,
a scar on the' breast, fifteen hahrts hih, sup,osed to be ele
ven yeais old; appraised at $35 by Wm. Jacksou aud Joel
Curtis, befoie Justice Jacob Line. June 2, 1S45.
Attest, K. G. CARY, Clk.
Greene County.
Taken up by R. Hannah, in Stockton township, a' sorrel
9 or 10 year old horse, five feet, hih, star iu the f r t'ead,
snip on the nose, each near foot white, appraised to f27 by
I). Hannah and S. Fields, April 25( before Nathaniel Moss,
J. P. . . ' . 1"
Taken up bv S. Carr in Jackion t iwnship, a chestnut sorrel
mare 16 hands high, feet white, scar on the riht hind foot;
appiaised to $22 60, May 5, befoie V. J. Shiyock, J. 1.
Tai' en up by J. Childcrs, in Faiifield township, a bii;ht
bay C or 7 year o!d mare, white rin round each hin l font,
saddle spots on (he back, 15 hand high j appiaised to 15:
Also, a light.conel one year old mare colt, star in foreheal;
appraised to' .10 by P. Fiy and T. liuckner. May 2, bcfjic
William T. J;r.nes, J. P. Attest, K. CAVIUS, Cik.
Hendricks County.
Taken un by Thomas Storkton. on the ISth d V of Apiil.
at his residence on the Cumbei land Road, two miles fr -m J
IlellviUe, one estiay horse, called a red roan, with three
w hite feet, a small tdr in the forehead, a small snip n,the
nose, lame in the riht hind leg, with a lump cn the same
ler, no other marks or biands pciceivable, five jtars old this
spring, supposed to be 15 hand and a half high, tiot well ;
gaited ither to tiot or pace ; appraised to $30 by W. J. Un-
les and M. Duffy Posted before me on the 3d djy of May, :
"".ti,-. i .
Attest, J. M. GREGG, Clk.
.. ,
Hancock County.
Taken up by A. F ! Hatfield of (iicen townshir, Hancock
county, Ia.,cnM!ie 10th day bf Apiil, 1S15, a biy horse,
about nine yeai3 oil, with saddle maiks en the back, about
1 4 i h.mds hih. appraised to $30 before James James, a Jus
tice of the IVace. JOHN HAGKK, Clk.
Taken .im by Lemuel Wilkinson. 1 llrown townshiD.
Hancock county, la , on the 8th day of April, IS 15, supposed
to be or V years old, between 11 and 15 hands hih,a small '
star in the forehead, a good traveller: appraised, to $40 be
fose Lemuel i. Wilkinson, Ks.
Taken up'by George W. Lanow of Jackson township,
Hancock courty, la ,oii the of May, IS 15, an c-tiay filly,
supposed to be two years old ; appiaised to f 20 befoie Hen-
ry Kinder, Esij. JOHN HAGEM, Clk.
The clerk's name i repeated often enough, but the kind
of estray is left out in the written notice.-!. Sentinel.
-. J
r. ,v 7, rT'-' . . . .
Taken up by W illiam Miller cf S ar.en township, in said
county, a bright bay maie, with a white face, and the near
hind foot wi.iteto the p-Mein junt; about lo hands hi!it
anlr'ippoed to be time yeais old. Appr use l at $30, by
Michael Smith and John McLntallcr,' befoie John Atman, J.
P., May 15, 1515. Attest, JAS. WILLY, Clk.
. . Johnson Count.
rw m . m w m aL I T T . A ft
uxen up uy jonn coo, living in i icasant lowncmp,
five miles noith of Franklin on the Malison State road, one
tray miic, sup; 6 e l to be five or six years old, aSout fiur
teen h rids hili. with a car on hi-r left thi h. sho I all round.
! a rope aiound htr neck. Apprraisvd bef ie Th 'tna Grutit,
J. 1. . ISAAC JON LS, Clk.
Kost i'isko Count y.
Taken up by Alexander Mc LI wain of Cfay township, an
estiay hoise, dark brown, with two Feet white on the left
side, star in the foiehead, fnntceii hands hijh, supp ned to
I 5 fair vcais old, a natural tr.rttci ; appiaised t $0, before
Csorgc Luke, J. P. WM. C. GRAY KS C.k.
Mirtnn Louity.
.iaken up by r noch Silver, living in Mamn rminry,
Warren t tiship, four miles cast of Indianapolis, two es-
tray h'U Jcs, one a d uk bay marc, a hump nmler her bcPy,
sh.dall round, supposed to be live yeats old this sp,i, R ; ilC
otl.cr a soirel stud colt, small statin his loichcad, supposed
to be live years old tins .p.in-.ttus Jd .Miy, IM.); maie ap-
; raised t $35, coll $IS, befoie I'i J isep Clint n, -May , 1 .1,
IS 15. APt-t, It. II. UtNCAN, Clk.
Mjntr.o'nsry County. j
Taken up by Woodfoid G. McO.iwcll, of Madison town
ship, on the 7th day of April, 1 S 1.5, a orrcl hoise, about 14
li tn J x hih, with w hite feet or legs to tht pastern j tint, hin l
legs White above the pastern joint, has shoes on hedne, sup- ,
posed to be S years old this spiing; appraised at $30 befoic
Justice Owen Moiiohun. :
Taken tip by Ouin Stoddard, of Madison township, on tho 1
I 1 th of Apr il, IN 1, an estiay black maie, with a nar ami
about li liaii'Is liili, suppiKfd
i . , r r , , '
to be 5 or C Vi'.irs oM, no ot!jc
appraised to f Zo bc-fre Jutici
icr tnajJi or hrands perceivable ;
lice Jarre Wilson.
Taken up by Jacob P. Kinkcnnon, of Wayne township, on
the Sth day of May, lS45,a daik bay hore, M ick mane and it.ft hind foot white to the pattern j out, a small : . .ip on his
tail, mll star in the forehead, Hind of the left eye, neir 1G tuck, and a cr .p olF the riht ear, ome white hairs on his
hands hih, supposed to be 8 years old ; ap;i3icd to f I) be- ( neck, ocr?ioned by the collar or maiiingile, has n.e apjieai
befoie Justice William Gray. JAS. W. LYNN, Clk. i are of bcin wi id hmken, supp wed to be ten years old this
Miami County. 1 spring ; appi aised at 3 , M iy 2 ), 18 ! , before 11 B. 11 imei-
Taken up by J- hn A. Taylor in L'ni n township, Miami j. . w. C. Atlcvt, W.'C. De PAlTV, Clk.
county, on the 2Sth of March, IS 15, a d uk iron gray mare, V.'af-1.. Ccvntvi
small white spot qn back, hind ftet xvhi'e, lü hand- hili,
the 10th day of April, 1813, a. bright bay hore, about fifteen
hands hijh, both hind feet white, a star in his forehead, a
snip on his nose, with some collar maiks, and also some sad
dle maiks ; his right hip a little injured; a small xvhite spot
feet, t.o other maiks or brands perceivable; appraised at
on the 20th day of May, IS 11 1 by Ad .m Keed and Wm.
IL Mershon tefoie me, John r'.1:. v pT p..
Attest, JAS. MAZLLrr, Clk.
Owen County.
Iaken up by cnarics xv.iuon, oi xv 3ninfton townsnip,
about nine yeais old, fourteen hinlj hili, left hind foot
white, a star in the forehead, a snip on the noxe ; apprawd
to $20 before Justice F. Ü. Johnson, Apiil 12, 1SIÖ.
May 1, IS15. I ceriify the above to be all ihc otrays re-
uorted to me for publication within the last month.
r 1- iiiiiva-iw r-n.
1. V. JUIlif oviv, "win..
The abo?e s printed as p?r copy though ,thCre is evi
dently son-.ething left out by the vrriter, Eds. Sentinel.
Parke County.
Taken up by Monis Saxton of Reserve township, a br'ht
soriel mate, blaze face, right hind foot white, lump on the
left side of her head, some saddle maik, between 14 and 15
hands high,. supposed t be tea years old this spimg ; apprai
! ed to f 25 beloie Justice m. C. Whitson on the ter.th day
of March. IS 15.
j Taken up by Thomas W. Moore of Jackson toxvnship, on
; the 3d d iy of Mauh, IS 15, an estray bay mare, supposed to
I . . . . . ..ii ii u .:..!.
be eleven or twelve years oiu, sman scar on tui mp, nu
hind foot whi e to the pastel joint, a small scar on the riiht
i-ide of the nck near the throot-Utch, about 15 hards high,
appraised to f25 before. Ju-dicc Christopher llanc, on the
17ih day of Match, IS 15.
Taken up by Knoch (loldizen of Wabash township, a ches
nut icnel mate, blaze face, small bump on the top of her
i licht shoulder, 15 hands huh, six ycai old t appraised to
' 30 befoic Justice Ucnjimlu liivcns.on Hie 12 h'day i f Ma
IS 15. Attest, JOHN li. DAVIS, Clk.
a n .
I May,
j-uinai t ounry.
Taken rp by Henjatnin Waiden of lltusell township, on
the :21th Apiil, ISlj.one black fllly, with a star in her fore
head, lluee yeais old this spring: appiai-ed at f25 on May
3d, befoic Justice James 1J. Wihon. AMest,
June I, 115. WILL. S. TOWNSKND, Clk.
Posey County.
Ta'.cn up ly Schuyler C. Hameit, living in Lynn towii-
ship, Tosiy county, Ia., one sorrel horse, xvtth i blaze in bis
forehead, "about 15 hands lii,;h, supposed to be eleven oi
twelve years oil this spiin : no oilier maiks or brands per
ceivable appiaised at $20 by JamCs Alexander and Samuel
li. Seiuei before me, this lGth My, 18 -5, John Scruer, J. P.
JVrry f ounty.
Taken np by Frederic k Frakes of ClxiW township, 0 the
14th of Apiil, lS15oue bay maie, 14 bacds high, supposed
TvIa K , T 1 f n .l V,, V KZ L-k, V i b lStX Cl'Uniyi ,,,Ü,:l"J' 0U "r ab 11 - V 01 M",n,ar'- A wonderf..! article for curing the obstinate case.of KiRK
and LHjah Ogle befoie Justice Chtile Bryant. an tsttay sonc mare, xv th a small wh te fP d in -.he fore- ivM ivn txini rvr.. s.i nc t
DL Vt ii crtlTr rilr i i i i ii i i . . - . i- i AMI lArbAAIMI Lll." Also, invaluable for curing arrufulou
nr.ij. il. fUOi i, tin. heal, hod all around, ab ut I. hands hi 'h. seven x ears old : ;. , . ., , , ,
if,,;,.- nnt.nt.i . i . .1- . . ... , J ' ire e e nnd intiaiiied eynlid. I rice 37! cenlii.
Madison County : and appraised to f 39 bcloie Justice Wm. iiriion. i 3 '
Taken up by Kliha Snodgrass of Monroe tewnshifr, oa Taken tin bv Lucas M-uiran of Libcitv tötvnscii. Wftbish ; ' Hj'.ilt'bllSi lOOI 3I:illS Flutters,
. . ..vi . : i j vi r.i . . .. . . e.i , ..n . . . . . . . . . . - i
in his left eye; supposed to be about eiht years oil ih.s 3ou.o!e Justice Wm. (In rison. j It iwiIl'h lnn.lvne ror.lh.i
spring ; appraised at 30 by Joseph Hall and William Cha- Takl.n up by Tl.n,tf K. Massev living in Waltz townO.ip, ' t , 1U 1 ;,,, , 'll,IWJ,y,,,r C"r"lal
lutns. the 21th day t.f April, ISIj, before Jcsc Kllis, J. P. Waba.h county, Ind., on the Pili .lay of May, LS1., an t s- ,, ?,',y ''"n'M ' "" 'y and her, as the be
i i... c....i i:..:. . :.. L'll r'.-.l- ....... K:n . . ..... . ... medii ine known fi.r Dmrrhir i li.nrrt C.,n.,l r",. I . r i... . - i
i aKCii mi ov o.i Li I on JUL ii v iui ill ran Vi rri u-iiii. ir i i .t.i artt v mini ii ,ni 1 .1 I. . i,.i j ini ..i iiw h g li i.rh - i .wk ,uvt uui. biiu
on the lh day of May, LS4j, a roan mare, ah -ut 15 hands hc2vy at?ej tn a smal tci fA,tencd with a lea- , O'mpUnUvt Children. Price 31 rcnu a bottle,
htjrh, suppored to be seven years old, white'on bo:M hind ther stian and buckle, tht; i i'ht Innd leir swollen a t the ia- '. DjMKL'OOtPs IltIi: C'llolllL'Ofri!
to be 7 or 8 years old, shod all round, a white sp-t on the '
icu line or ner nccK.ami aiso a small one on tne right side ;
supposed to have been done by a collar; appiaisci to $25
before Justice Foster.
Taken up by Iaac Kellcms, of Clark township, on the
13th May, 1S45, one chesnut sorrel mire, nine yeais old,
14 j hands high, white feet, star in the foiehead, some white
hau s in the tail, and white spot under the belly, had tound
her neck a piece of platted hickory baik ; appraised to $30
before Justice Foster. . .
Taken up by Fiancis F. Sjcncer of Clark township, on
the 22J day of May, 1S45, one bay mare, 14 hands" high, five
yeats oM, black lcs, mane and tail : i-ppiaised to 20 befoie
Juslicc IVster. Alteit, W. S. LAM IS, Cik.
June i 1Ü45. i
Rinddyh County.
Talch'ttp hjj' Jt.el lltndricks f Washingt 'n township in
siil county, oil the 12th May, IS45, u chetnut sjircl maie;
on. e saddle imiks on her t.ick ; suppled lo be about 14
) car o!j, no other btands or marks pciceivable ; apptaUtd
t,i iibiy William. Chaiiincss and Win. L Ljvc, befoie Jhn
Join s n. .
Taken up I y Jar.e Street, living ia N ttle Cictk township,
in sail county, a . dapple fciay male and colt, (which wns
foaled sii.ee si c was taken up,) about 15 hands high ; sup
posed to be 7 yeais old, very will and haul to be caught ;
:ppiais-il to $.13 by N ittiiin IWcwci aid Thomas Maulsby,
hi ( tc Jus'tirr Jafph Crouse.
Taken up by Willkrn Hun(? living in Wcstin er township
on the 2J day of May, lSl., a mall bay maie, suppoed to
lie four yeais old, about ! 1 hands hih ; no brands or maiks
except a scar on his i'uht shoulder in the tdiape of a letter V,
nie small ulute spt-ck tn h'.s bi.eat ; appraised to $30, by
Fielding Smiddy and laic Ilo-rland, before Justice Nathan
G. Lamb. , GEO. W.. MONKS, Clk.
Taken t:p Ly John Craven, of Washington tow nship, a
pair (f steers one a bluk ai.d white spotted, the other i
bundle with a line back, live yeais old this spiii ; ; bo h
maiked with a ciop IY each a . A praised at $25, iy John
Salyeis and Kobcrt Wills and p "ted bv fore Harvey Moss,
J P. on the 15th day of Apiil, IS45
Rush County.
Taken up by Henjamin Fanciiier, living in Washing'on
township, Rih county, Indiana, on the 4th of Apiil, 1S45,
one estray bay mire, supposed to te 4 years old this- spring;
about fouitecti hands three inches high, a star in the foiehead,
i iht fore foot white, a ran tail and soi:e saddle marks;
no other maiks peiceivafole
Aj'pi aiscd t $2 1 by John M .
theek and Jacob A. Hall, the 11th
befoie Wm. S. flail, J. I.
d iy of Apiil, 1S45, i
Taken up by Parker Scott, of Union townhip. Rush
county, a sorrel tnare with a white spot in her foiehead, a !
slit in the left ear, a small scar on her I fi shoulder, the left !
hind foot white to the i.atun joint, the mane ivher licht. '
1 11 , i .J" , .... i
SOtnp Sailllln ITl llL-a r.!,nn I .nrlo. ii l.n.Jj l.i ,K inr.i..icn,l I.,
. ..... .n , a-wu..uil.tl II.IIU1 flpll ?iLM)V?lU IV ;
be seven or eilit years old. Appiaied at ,25 by Thomas
Walker and John t.ier. . f.re .lohn t .rV J. P.
,'. ....
We,.theundeisi;;ticd,bcinÄC',lledon by A. M. C. Gowdy, ' " r'C"d to diafe and its cure, the adMKition is n. less striking,
living iii I'uiliugton, IWy township, Rush county, Indiana, ! T,,e M" " '"" 'e in Id Cherry and '.f i II Northern lat
to appraise an esti iy mare, find her to be a honell, lifleeu 'r (and "Dr. Wit"s rtAtAM,' is a eom;w-iind ctiemiral exiiaet
hands hih, the left hind foot white; supposed tj be three rr,,ni t'''; ' lonptf-fn celebrated for complaints prevalent only
years' old thi spring. Appiaised to $30 by J. 1. Havens and in cold clim.it.-s. Indeed tl.emot-t di.-tuifuulied medical men hae
M irtin II. Moigan. Sworn to and subscribed before me, averred thai nature furnialics in eei y country ar.tiiotes for its o u
this i?thdjy of May, 1S4", J-mes Walker, J. P. peculiar diseaes.
Attest, JOHN L. ROIilNSON, Clk. j Cm mmi. in iu confirmed and
Shelby County. ! and Aerr Complaint, form bv far the most fatal Iis of ducnse
laken up by Augustus h. Kinsley, living
in Ilanovet
township, Shelby county, I ., on May: 3d. 1S45, a light tau
mare colt, supposed to be twj years, old, with a smill star in
the foiehead, iht hinl foot white, Hack mane.acd tail,
with white hair theiein. Appraised to $25 before' William
Uliven, J. I. Altc-t, J. VEHNON, Clk.
Spencer County.
Taken up by John M. Audeison, living' in Jackson town
ship, one bay hore, with blnrk ( mane and tail; no brands or '
mirks peiceivaL le, except some saddle spots ; supposed to be
six years old this spiinj, f.urtceii hands and a half high.
Apptaiei to $32 J, ky Sanfird Vouog and William Gregsly,
befoie William Stak, J. P. 1
TakeJi up by Nicholas Variier, of Huff tovnship, an '
estray Pay M ire, supp ised to be scvenyearsold.abo.it 16
hands high, marked by the fistula on the shoulders and neck,
a sear on each side near the centie :of the neck, one smalT
saddle mark on the left side of the t ick ; no other p u tlcular
maiks perccivatle ; apprised at $50, May Ut, 1S15 by
Anru If i rln anJ In tv a ; I n m nitri nof. no
"V" , ...u
Thomas U. I'hilips, J. I'. Attest, Til. V. URI T 1 (J.N, Clk.
WM. G. Thomas, ü. C.
. ' it pi Oft (JOUflty.
Taken up by Charles A. Thuiman, on the 12th diy of
May, living in .Malison t ownship, i.e estray dark bay tnare,
with black mane and tail, supposed to be twelve yeai's old,
about fifteen hinds hih, S.une Siedle milks, a bone On the
left'slde of het jaw about one inch Ion;, a scar on the ri;ht
hip; no other ma-ks or hr.inds perceivable;
appiatcd to
$30, by Diniel Smith and Jac b Whislcr.
Attest, IN r.W l t), J. JACKSO.N, Clk.
Tippecanoe County. .
Taken up by David Maieter, living in Wahinton town-
sdiip. In lfana, on tlie 27th day of April 18!cnn estrav hoi
tiire co.'f, supp scd t be tlnee years old. four white feet
and a star in the forehead and appraised to $20, by John
Uehner and Nelson Littlet n, before . 'Littleton, J. I.
' Taken up on the 20th day of Apiil, 1 S 15, by the subset ibcr
hvin-in Jacks m township, Indiana, a pray maie near six-
teen hands hih, supposr d to be seven years old ; appraised
..at $25 by. Uaac Ileal and Jutnes Hai vcy, before Joseph
n;irCtan, J. p. Attest. MARK JONCS Cik.
I w.trren
J Taken t:p by Joseph A'lcn, livm-in Pine tewnship, Ind.,
' onc rst.ay iurs? Coir, supposed to . be fmryca.s old next
g.punj,, both hind feet white and a sm.ll star in the for head ;
' i:o other rmikS or brands pen civa'ile ; appiaised to $25 by
I M ,L i (,w anj )ivj,j t'onnell. bef.ne Jesse Hnlan.J. P.
Taken up on the 7t!i Mav,"!Sl5, by John, Shaifer, living
in Washington township, Indiana, cue eslny Hay fjrrt
supposed to be ciht years old thi. si lin, xr. ith the li.'it
hin l foot white up to the patein j int.tnuked on both sides
of the neck vit!i . a yoke, heavy mane and tail, about 114
hands bight no otlier maiks. cr braiuls perceivable; ap
praised to f35'by Th'tnas J.radhaw and Joseph Spencer
tefore J. N. W;loii, J. P.
Attest, W.M. It. KOZl'.Il, Clk.
Wayne Counti;.
Taken up by Nicholas S.iaxv, oi Yerry township, a duk
baj- mile, with a fmr.ll wait just be lev the left car; about
. him. lu'i ; uppo-v 1 to be tin cc ytars uld ; apprised at
c,35. Lcfjie Huh Hlark. J I
' v, ;s r.mutit.
TaVon up by I) mi.!' Miller of llairison township, WelU
county , Ind., on the 23d day of Ami, IS!5,one three year
0I-1 black mare, v it ti two hind feel and the left foie foot
xvhite, a nip u t lie no-e, au I a stmll star in the forehead ;
appiaised to $2') by John II. Moic an I John lMesencr.
Also, on the Sd of May, one three year old daik biy rnare,
no muki or brands percei v able ; app-aUcd to ,20 ty John
IL Moore and J crcmiah Maxtciou, M.ay ll, 1 JS 43, before
Nelson K.i-lljj, J. p. Aitent, .- Ii. HALL, Clk.
IVinhinpt'tn County. '
Taken tip by riulandcr Pollock, in Monroe township,
if i ...... k
w anui'C!i county, ia., a strawberry Jinan : ire, supposed
to be 4 yeais old this spring. b ut 14 hands hih.xvitha
white i t in her foiehc i I. . im Rid tie maiks on her back.
nfvini.v.1 ti :it) iiv)? ki
i w C " ' ' ' '
I Taken un bv David It irnott livlri in llron-n toxvnshin.
Washiinrt n c .untv. fi a S.,ml 11, ne. with a bl.ze ficr.
; Taken up bv Samuel Mu-hei of Li:ertv township, Wa
county, on 'the 20th uf Apiil, 1S4j, an estray soircl hone,
with a h a::e in the face, a snip on the nose, both hin l ftt
xvhite up tu tue hock j in, and a white spot on the left side
ol the belly, six yeais old, I 1 hands r.i,;ri, and appiaised lo
j ,er j ,j,tf (Mi somewhat defoimcd, suppoed t be 10 or
, , car, ol, till!t spun- a,,d appraised U $M beloie Justice
Jamw W. M.ssey. ..
Taken no bv John Wcbfi living in N dile Mwnshin. Wa-
l a5j, CuUlltV) Ind., on the .0 h d ;y of Apiil, 1M , an estray ;
j sUiij ,Ilf a ilt,it clay liank, with dark mane and tail, both
hind feet xvhite, stii iu lbe 1 lehcad, about 1j hands high, 4
years old this r-piing, and appiaised to 3) befo.e Justice '
Ja. W. Wilson. 1
Taken up by I-cvi Lerally Jiving in Noble toxx'.nship. Wa
bah county, Ind., on 01 boüt lbe 7il of Miy, Hl), an es-
t ay maie, of a lilit bay cob-r, black mane and tail, larc
ears and head, both hind feet white; a small scar on the left
pastern joint
supposed to be S xears old, aud appiaised to 30 before Jus
tice Jame W. Wilsen. . JOS KM HOl'KIN's. Clk.
Tiie Slate 1" Iinliuna Marion Comity.
MSIOI ClHtl lT tl ST, Jl'LV TüHM, 1615.
r.liza Storm r. Joseph J Storm.
Hill fir I froren.
fipilE said Jtwr-ph l. Storm, dilendaiit, is hereby notified lhat on;
the I C.lh dav nf June, Ml., theiibivp named complainant, Kliza
Storm, tiled her bill of complaint ajiiins! him in the above entitled
eaiiein the Marion cirruit mint ; that lbe name i eiidj.i!t then-iii,
and lhat unless lie appear and plead, anivver or demur 4o said bill on
or hefnr the railing 14 ine cause ai ine nexiiennoi ain court iu
held at the t'oiirt l!i.ii.e in I ii(ti.in ioli-, on .Monday, the V2II day of
July, 11, and third. Aloud iy yC ;nd mouth, Hie aire xxill lie taken
as roiifeed and Ifuc iigain-'t hn:i.
P.y older of the Court. AUe?, R. II. Dt'.N'CAN, Clk.
Dr C. F. JtooniK, Ppty.
Mommo" k Msjoa, So'iritom. LiL'-
' .iii:iiii:s.
UnOwiticei Sulphate Uiinme I llureH.utn Cimiphor
10 do Sulplnie lWplii.1 I do Cieam Taifir
ti du Ai elate Moiphia I do "up. I'mb. Soda .
31 do rieiiiie 1 ilo India fen ii a
3d (In. lotliiie 1 do Aleiandrui Senna
U'. do llydrHidaie polas 1 do Hon er Sulphur
Jut received and fir t-aleby 1 C HA i l 1 1. A I .
1l 4 RKxMd "per varioo. ipialuiea.
-A P U0 do l-ettei do do di
3(d do Wrapplnj pil'er an .
G(.,UtiU Clarified Uuills do do
Jiml received and ii-i sale vsiy low for cash or in exchange f x raj. by
June 16.lt 15. 5 p. CUAlGliLAD.
- I w
lliigh, MXicen nanus nig'i, ami ao.n.i j or years 01a ; ap- ,.e ol the for.lial, arter a rirt t the comnu-n remedies bad proved
Pra,sed to 3. bef ue Justice James W. Wilson. unfailing. It ha ki n ext. ns.xvly st d i!,r.H.SlM,t this State and
Taken up by iMmel () liana. Jiving , in Noble lowlp, tW., lrr, fif , " ti j u , n
Wabash coun y.on the 0,h J .y of May, lfc estray , ..w. .Hv.k,,,,, i, b-
horse, of a liht biown color, xvi h a i-car on his left foie . .. .... . . . ,
' . . m . . . ... . .. .. ... . .... Kirn hv tlleir rTllfli-:it. sunt r.r.miiii.iil:il 1. nm.iuiiv in. h
... 1 mi s . . l. k. a
.blind ol hi iuhl ee, l l or Ix hands hih, , ,.f " " ""v
Jr. Vil:ii ISiiUam il Wild ( lo rry.
This celchratcd remedy Is a rompoiind buU'imic pifpaiaiion m' tl
tfitj Cherry Hark and JiJunt of Inland, rombirtfd by a nrw rlipnucal
proems with Hie J-lttract of Vtne. Ho salutary have been lUeflVrls in
all cases w hen administered for Cocomi, Aiihma, Co! um, t
any di as ,f iw !ung, that many of the imwt ilMOipui.-lM-d plii.
cians have aiitrnved and recommended it, and ope i ly ac know k-drd
it thr m.wt valtr.it. I ndicirt ever discovered. It ia truly a valuaMi
medicine, and in etlrctinj an iinniriixr aiuoNiit of pood iu the relief of
nufTeriiij hummiily.
fXVS'ee advrrtiHrment. 41-V
a cuici: foil o.ysiiiria-no: : : :
Sr vcn Thousand Cases of Olislinalc
Pulmonary Complaints Cure-el In one
The (treat American Remedy for Luvg Complaints,
and all Ajftctitms of the Resp iratory Organs.
We do rv wh to tnfle w ith the lives or health of the afflicted,
and we sincerely jiledge ourselves lo make rn asMertHMis as lo ttte vir
toes of this tiif diciiie, and lo hold out no ho:e lo sutferine humanity
which ficts w iil not warrant.
We ask the attention of the candid to a few consideration.
Nature, in every part of her works, has left indelible mirks of
adaptation and deficit.
i" "T- film r.ruiiirB I tue lOTIIII. 13
f " '
.... r..tiuiifiiiii.n ... v n ...in.niA .... a - n n . a . . . a . .
, ,, , ,. a. f , - .
--in.il iiiui iin , iuuiu iii'i ciiuiiic li li vi'iu oi lllC iriIU
zone, and vice
known to our land. Wteven tliece maybe cured by means vi lle
tiiiiijile jrt ptttrerful remedies (named alio ve; and which are eratu-r-ed,
t y a leiiflij:tijt l'rr videuce," w herever these iOiliidie8 prcvai!.
'I he case 'if Thomas CoZEs,of Iladdtinfie! J, N. J. is related
by hliueelf ; ami that all may know iti tiirir.s: KL'lH, tuts ilaleUierit
is sworn to btfore a Justice nf the Peace.
II ADDOMFI EU , N. J ., .pril 2f, I 13.
On or nerr the 1 2th day fif Deeemt er, 1?4!, I was taken i:h a i-
,,t'"1 P'" in tne siJe near the Liver, which continued f.,r nb:itfie
das, and was follryved by the breaking of an ulcer, qr rothing in-
wardty, w hich relieved Ue pnn l liule.bm caused roe to threw up a
jrreat cpiantity of oi.eiiMve matter and als much IIik. Ikinecreat-
ly alarmed :.t this, I applied to a p!it.ii ian, bt-t he aid he thontibt I
could do but little for me except give me some Mennry pills, whiih I
iefu.ed to take, feeling sutMU'd tliat they could do me no pnal ; mai y
0,ner rrilM.die were then procured by my v. if and rmnd,., and r-rie
did me any ecwd.nnd the l-iuhak e or uuoob and i:ornio still
d ; ; f d d at ,,?t ,.iU:5P ,0 (,,et nive , conlt,
" '
sr:.'rr.dv hithe. I was aUui seiju-d with a v.der.t eon ah. n l.ic h .it
j ' ' ., " . , ,, , ,, , , a . r
i3iiKil nm In riuf miif Ii m.iic I I.aul Iiiin I li"1nnno t I. .rn
. . ' ., V
j J '" W'iiimiiv in im " at,riin ....... .............
mary, when all hope of my recovery wa civen uP, and ny friends
all tlinisht I would he wiih a o a llo n is g c.)SVMni . .Vt tins nm-
nent, when my life ws cparcntly dniwh!- n?rr at a clone, I Ireard
of Dr. IVistur'' Hal.am "f Hi'J Chrrr?, and ot a bottle, whieh le-
lleved me iinniediatt ly, and by the uo r.f t'w thrre Iwttim f thu iwd-
i;ine,:ill m pains were removed, my conh and spitting ef blood
and cr.rniptiori entirelv t-toiiied, and in a few weeks my health was
! so far restored as to enable rne to work at my tnde, (xx hit h is a Car
jen'er) and iij to tins time I hax-e enjoyed pood bealtli. .
WiTisr.. I am acquainted xviih Mr. Thomas Cozens, and having
cell liiiiM'-iiini! his illness, I think tlie rbnve r-tatemetil entiilfdto
fullered;:. SAMUEL 11. liUUKOCGIU.
, (.l.fiir.'ster (bounty, i2:3.
l'eio...i ly came before ne, the .ri!ii-ri!Mr,o!i? i f te J iti escf ll
IVai e in and for the said county. Thomas Co..-'., nnd liems du'y af
firmed aicoidinj? o law,t;iit!i the aUie Mad in lit in all lloi-t u
lnl... TIKiMAri t'U7.i:..s.
A'.ormed ln'ore me on 2Ct!i of prd, I'M. I
I J. (.'o.Mtr.
r7-Vc fxil.lifh no firlitioio- nt.ilr nirnte.
i rr'-"WiiTR' IIaliam" is sold at svj j(i r bottle, or R Nitt!? for .
r-i.ii I in ( iik imiali at the corner of l'ointh and Walnut hmi-o, ly
S.M'iMli t. I'AUK, Aperitu f..r the West. For rr.V ale by TnM
I.INStl.N ItUOTlILUS, (: Apetits in tnJlin o!t.-. Ic.i r.V C.
Terre Haute, la. I'. Vn.rck l.;'t ie:tc, la. U. I!i..n
4 Cu. Madison, la. Vi.tmi.:y Ni ki?t c Aihaiiy, la.
J -nii: Sir i Cetitreville, la. Jav.i: Wool Kn'zht.totx n, la.
J.inn I'i uk CiawfonNx ille. la. I'H. I.. Pl:r:inn I'mt Wajnr, U.
J.oin ...iiifiN Salem, la. Wm. M . W"i.i v l.vanvi!!e, la. J.
SJ..MI VmccniieH, I , and by rcjrtlar agents oiaMfhed in all im
irt;oit towii! ttiio'ich "i the SViie . 4 1-y
KiUM.vso'v mtonii:ics
Have In en aipoiiitt d f"!t neuti in 1 tidi:iii.ipiii lor the K.iie f the
fallow ing valtiahie Melit inei:
1 rHr. Wif;ir C:i!s:ti:i of lid Cherry,
l or the cure of Conplis, CohN, Consuinptiur.", A Mrt a.or I'htliiMr,
and all complaints f the Limits anI IheiH. 1; u .$ I w j r Imttlc.
ü i I2: isitiri y.-ir:ip:irilhif
Cor cut in: Scrofula, Tetters, I ?( I;: . ' .anrers, old and malign, rl
sore, Men in 'al Ht.a s, and a'l ilior leis evidencing an impurity ot"
t!e blood. I lire . lit' p r b tile.
?,J 'Ir. Villi:tniis S;i!mi
for tbe T " TII-A'MII.. It x i.l r nie the imu-t ob-1iuaie raM-s in fixe
miiiiiteB beiiil-s, it roiitain rioi one partule o Kreoi-ote, or 4.her
(MiiMinoUii a.iJ dcleleiioui drug. Ii u jtcrftcVu tunociat. I'liee 2 ctf.
a bottle.
Qj (iriillt ys Oiiiliiient,
Called liy in my " fro.VyV Suit lihemn Ointmrnt,"(nxn iU enlire mn-
tPrv over all 7Vf'cri. (or fall Klieiiiü.) ikuld Jltul. Htn't.-(rm,tlQ
" '
I'ricc 5 tts. a ImtHe.
U Or. Ilinii jIn o3 ' Veotsil: Ointment,
Tor the cure nf "PILLS," etc. No article ii cipaMe of U inj pre
pared more adnur.V'ly adapted for the relief and I borough cure of thu
cl i4 ret. mg diseahe rriteJI'tMia jar.
in Dr. Witat's Iiu:tfive Pills,
An excellent Medicine fcr Suk lliatLicUe, Dy prp.-in and Indite rUon.
-Wliere1 H.t(ir Palmm -vf lYt'id Cherry" u uned, if any pur-j,-?itoii
ii net -cmary, H'Ltdr VdU rshoiild invariably be re r led to.
KTlr. StarJi-w :ii1m i 's II:ilic l.lixir,
For the cure Of l.irtr C wjd.iintt, Jhpsta, etc. Fee advertise
ment in arolhf r colu-n. Price 1 tK) j-er bottle.
(LT'lIt'cuor'N MZjk K.ilsain,
For relieving I'AI.N.of every decriaiHi. For treuk butL, mtrry m
tht side nd Irrtet, and all other diseases that require an external ap
'lic.-.tin-r-F;iothir.g and pleasant to wear; and tlrueo who unee um
them wilt buy no other. Price only 12J cU.
An uufiilmt remedy for the cure of FEV KR AM AUT j.leai.t
and'dtlmhitul to use, and certain in it, eiHcu-alwax, .emoxinc r,
,rf ,!lt. ,,,:,. iw $ .v, er tot.le. 41-v
! - :
. Fokale. .iioI)iu Cordial,
n T m m ; r c o m r l a i y ts ,
Viz Ihiirrha-l and Cholera .1it.V ; .. Flatulent ami SunmoJ-c Cut ten.
Thin invaluable Medicine for the utxive eiiiilairitii urpai any
mher remedy now in use. Ilumln-ds of cris h ave come m the Wik w
ledge of the ir.ir!et., where a rii-edv ti':re haji Uen etlei tedbx the
Thi medio Hie ia di-tcovered to be a rertaiij arid e.nWtul remedy for
the intestine diseanr-s. produced by the drink inj f tiie vaterof the
livers in the southern and maiiti wnxrin Slate, xv hh li render N of
iuesiiinubl value to those xho reside or travel in Ihone ctthiii of lbe
N. II. To eci,retlie pubiic .acalnst di et ith-n, the external labt I of
Mr is etuiel by a copy-ORtil. wlurli xv . enu-TMi (acroruiuc
rol orirre) in the JNorlliern IM-tru.t ol cxv lom.r n in .
; ÜAi 'f .November, Anno Doiniiii, I It.
j A facsimile of the pit hm tor's iciiatute xx ill 1 found on the outer
ne. j;.) ,f c,.ninr. pmc ;U cl.
lot aale by TOMI.I.NMi.N ItROTIIHUS, Indii.napJit I f
lr. Jaol llerkt'i'Sf VU'bi :ttfl
i; v 1; i i.s a .
.1 specific um c anoxic,, so rf., ixrL.iM'
v.n ,ixd if r..9 k v.ri:a.
Anions lb; man." extraordiri ry iurm rtr-clrd by this fi!y xvoirder
fd I'..iI?hOii, we Jiaxe iimiii only f.r the folbox ing :
3 t f t? v J? -q . 5f .3
Soat lifts "lliiinanin Indurm me to nnVe knoxvn to tiie riHTets
! ol" Cin. nifi.il, lh may lie Nlllx-ied with lh 'oe, an aH.-nhin
clue eth- teil in itiree we k in a r ie of iwver ear tari.tmp,
t:se id IIKCKCU'd I. VI. IJAI.SAM.' '1 he a- reterre o.
that of my little boy, wIm an In.rn wiih iAuri ey . IrieiH
Ü iliini.illon iiilliiued lo iinreui.e, reailmg all riiM-die, lot ti nmrm
U even jenr. Ilavmi! heard of ttm reuiark .l.le cmr ef.ic.eil by
'Recktr l'.xe ltalsaiii," hh lasl lemul, I made a trial of it, "J am
happy la ceitil v that it ellw trd a p rinauei.t cine mi three
i II AUI.1X MlR I II. iilh nt.. 4 rf.-or westol -ne.
Soldbv TOMLlNJfO.N URüriltR, Indiaiiap. li.

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