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-rf OFFICIAL C.A7.ETTI-: VF int. ai.iii-(-(cc
m Streit JWA of Washington.
C. A. & jTTTCILmiAN, Editors.
fpTlc State- Sciitmcl will contain :i lotidi hrjrrr
ammiut of rt-adin ,' nnttrr. " nil -ubjevts of yrcncral
interest, than any oIIht ncui'.i;"r m Indiana.
Tis i s mir- vi3a: k l yT: i t iox
N ptiMishrcl every YWlm-s!.iy ami S;tturl iv, anihltir
in" the session of the Leirisli-tiris three tiuu's a week,
eii Tiit-l:i Thursdays ami Saturdays, at lour 1)1
litrx a y-ir ayaMi always in advance1.
Tiir' ivi:i:uly i:itio
N puWHiM t:cry Thursday, at 7V Dollars it yttir,
alwavs tobe pan! in advance.
Si" in advance will pay for six months.
S w ill pay for three copies one year.
Persons remitting SlO in ndvanee, free of post
:..' h:ill h.ive three eoi-ies of the Seini-Weekly tn
year. SJ will mv f r six mouths. Si will always
! charged f r the Tn-WeeKIy, ami " cciu. lor me
Weekly, during the Legislative sessions.
AhVFJlTISKAIKXTS. will he iu-erted three time
at one dollar a square of H lines, and be continued at
the rate ot !' rents a square lor cacu nimuu'iuun
sertion. (.nrterly advertisements, per square, S".
All advertisements from abroad must be am m pa nit,
Ay the cash ; tr no attention will be paid to them.
ll Jlij Jill! ! ! Ii1 1 nl-ffl ! I i4 i'-- Jf'
Imlinnnpolis, Auuust 9. 11
I it
Number 20.
l)v:f mul li;nif Asylum.
The TruteeH of this Institution aio gratified in being
ah! ti inf.nii tlie public bat the first year of its exist
ence has been one of prosperity and promise. The num
ber of scholars ha-? ringed from 1C to J2"J. They havo
ben blessd for tbo most part with uninterrupted health,
an. I their improvement in study has been highly sitisl.ic
tory to their Iiiend-, while it rellecta great credit on their
own diligence and the fidelity ot Mr. Willard, their ac
complished teacher. Though removed from lliu endear
ing associations of early childhood and the presence of
tho!! whose heart first yearned ovr their unfortunate
condition, they luve nut been unhappy. On the contra-
:y, their unifonu an ct and deportment have evinced the
utmost cheerfulness and contentment, liven those xv ho
nt first were reluctant to part with the friends who brought
them to the Institution and lelt them to enjoy its bent fits,
."lave soon forgotten their grief amidst the congenial soci
ety, the p!ea irit recreations, an J the useful employ in -tits
of their new home. Thu-e, therefore, who have mutt s
committed to their cr.ra and guardian-hip, need not hesi
tdiH to blii 1 thetn to the Asylum through the apprehen
sion that thev will be discontented. I'.xpt'rier.cu proves
that, if there be any danger in the case, that they will be : StÜeswIIo
H attached to their new homo as to b unwilling to rehu
ouish it for the one thev hae left behind.
I.uoKiog at tin; past, tne 1 ruMecs cannot out o ci uiai ; Urownst urg
they have abundant reason to g.ek and expect the con- j Sprinptown
tinued enlargement and steadily increasing success, of the ' 'orjj Saletu
benevolent enterprise entrusted to their hand. Luder
the intluence of such an expectation, thry have made ar
rangements lor tue permanent employment 01 two lustrum
Fitc Tovl Oflices for flu SiwW Sentinel.
IVow is flu Time !
All persons residing in tlio vicinity of the following
post ollices, will receive their papers without charge of
IT. S. .11 AILS.
1 J IIOPO: ALS for carrying the mails of the United States
from the 1st November, 1 c l", to IJOth Juno, lr IV., in
clusive, in Indiana, will be received at the contiact ollice
postage from this date. ho now w ill not send us two of the Tost Ollice Department, in the city of Washington,
dollars tor the Weekly one year? Just four tents a
Marion Cmtntt,
Webb's Tarm
New Urtlu'l
Hendricks County
Hampton IMainfuM,!
New Winchester
tors, nisteaJ ot one as heretofore. At the commence
ment of the next session in October 31 r. J'lints S. Itrown
will take charge ot the Institution. Mr. Ilrown has been
employed fr sei ral years as :ni nsist.mt teacher in the
Asylum at Columbus, Ohio ; and he comics t us with the
most ample testimonials from the IVnwipal and Trustees
of that institution and Irom other distinguish a gentle
men in its vicinity, certifying the excellence of his moral
and religious character, the extent of his attainments as a
scholar, his ucce- as a teacher of mutes, and his thor
ough qualification in every respect for the responsible sta
tion he proposes to till. Sir. William Willard will be as
sociated with Mr. Drown as an assistant teacher. The
deep interest he has taken in our infant Asylum, from!
the firt, calls for the warmest gratitude on the pari 01 us
friends ; and his high qualification and success as an in
structor of mute, are too well known in this JStatu al
ready, to need any comment from us.
The commodious building am! lot heretofore occupied
by the Asylum have been tented for its use another year;
and the services, hitherto most acceptable and satisfacto
ry, of Mr. Camphrll as Steward, and his lady as Matron
of the Institution, will be continued.
For the benefit of those who may desire more definite
information, the following rules adopted by the Trustees
of the Asylum for its regulation and government is sub
joined :
1st. There shall be but one scs'ion per annum, com
rrcnciiis on the first Monday of October.
iiJ. The regular lime fjr receiving pupils into the Asy-
llamllt'jn Count',
lUont County.
Laglc Village
North field
Morgan Couru'if.
Hancock County.
(Iroetifield .
JSuar Creek
Johnson County.
Par West
Slit! fi C ott nt if.
Pleasant View
Kales of Postage.
Vor a sirV letter not exceeding half an ounce, (advoir- !
oupoi-t . .er ,, exceeding uO'J miles '
Scl:t over miles 10
For eveiy half ounce, anl any excess over every half
ounce, the -ame rates of postage; and when a.lvetti
e 1, two certs on each letter ; or four cents, if the aJ
veitwi g c.tst so much, j.Miti n u I.
Per drop letter (not to be mi!cl) earn 2
For any punted ciirular, handbill, ur advertisement, tin
scale. I, sent any distance 2
Fit any pamphlet, or other matter " of every kind,"
that is " traiismitt dde by m iil," an l has no wiitten
communication, ( one ounce er les, or for a newspa-
lei exceeJin' 'n)ü iiuirc inclics of surface 21.
Per each aidihuiial ounce, or an excess greater than a
h ilf out re 1
For any other r.cwpapcr, sent over 30, ard not more
t!iat tOU miles, oi any distance within the same State 1
Srti t ov r Mich distance H
until ! I. in., of the VJ-M day of September, 11-", (t le
decided by the 1st of October.) on the. routes, and in the
in inner and time herein specified, to wit :
Prora Ilrookville, by Jennings, Oldenburg, I'.
nochsburi, (eorpus, and .Mien's milla, to (Jreeutburg, oü
miles and back, mice a week.
Leave Brookvillc every Priday at Ca. ni., arrive nt
(reenahurg same day ly t p. m.
Leave (Jrccnhnrg every Saturday at G a. in., arrive at
ltrookvillo same day by p. in.
:'.". I'roni lllullton, Wells county, to Irt Wayne, in
Allen county, 'M miles find back, once a week.
Leave PluH'ton every Priday at 0 a. m., arrive at Port
Way no sanm day by (i p. ip.
Leave Port ayne every Saturday at G a. m., arrive nt
Plutrion same day by G p. in.
o'J.'t. Froin ('lunibus, in Itartholomew county. iv
Hock Creek, to West Point, in Decatur ccunly, til miles
and back. once a week.
Leave Columbus every Thursday at 9 a. m., arrive at
V est l oint game day by o p. in.
Leave West 1 oint every I riday at 0 a. m., arrive at
(Jolumbus same day bv ti p. m.
o'JÖ?. Prom Clinton, 'rmil!ion county, by Indiana
furnace, to Paris, Illinois, lr miles and back, once a
Leave Clinton every Saturday at 5 a. in., arrive at Pa
ris same day by 11a. in.
Leave Paris every Saturday at 1 p. m., arrive at Clin
ton same day bv 7 p. in.
'.'Xi. Prom Decatur, in Adam.; county, by Port Ma
lum, to Liberty mills, in abash county, oU miles and
back, once a week.
Leave Decatur every Thursday at G a.m., arrive at
Liberty Mills next day" by 11 a. in.
Leave Liberty Mills every Priday at 1 p. m., arrive at
l catur next day ov i
mond's and North Liberty, to Carmel,A) miles and back.
once a week.
Leave South Hend every Monday at 10 n. in., arrive at
Carrnel panic day by G p. in.
Leave Larmel every 1 uesday at G a. in., arrive at South
llelid same day by t p. m.
.KU, l rom ashmgtonin Davics county,hy I.d wards-
port ami Kobins s Prairie, in Knox county, to Carlisle, in
Sullivan county, '50 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Washington every I nday at 0 a. m.. arrive nt
CarlLI mine day by T p. v..
I-eave t-arlisle every Saturdny at 0 a. in., arrive at
Washington same day by o p. m.
1. Seven minute ore allowed for Opening and closing
the mails, at all olfices where no particular time is specified.
. I ost-ofhee blanks and mail bags are to be conveyed
without further charge, on mail-line1? admitting of such
3. In all cases there is tobe a forfeiture of the piy of
the trip when the trip is not run; a forfeiture of at least
one fourth part of it, when the running or arrival is so far
behind time as to lose the connexion with a depending
mail; and a forfeiture of a due proportion of it, when a
grade of MTvicc is rendoied inferior to that in the contact.
These forfeitures rnny be increased into penalties of higher
amounts according to the nature or frequency of the
failure and the importance of the mail.
. Pines will be imposed, unless the delinquency be
satisfactorily explained in duo time, for failing to take
from, or deliver at a post office, the mail, or any part of it ;
for suffering i; to be wet, injured, lost, or destroyed ; for
conveying it in a place or manner that exposes it to depre
dation, los, or injury; and for not arming at the time set.
And fur setting up or running an express to transmit com
mercial intelligence in advance of the mail, a penalty will
be exacted equal to a quarter's piy.
5. The Postmaster licneral may annul the contract for
repeated failures ; for violating the post ollice laws; for
disobeying tbe instructions of the department ; for refus
ing to discharge a carrier when required by the department; j
f r assigning tbe contract without the consent of the
rostmastcr lieneral t or for getting up or running an
and McnMirc.
A simple and frugal (lovcnnncnt, confined within
trict Constitutional hinits.
A strict construction of the Constitution, and no aw.
sumption of doubtful iowrr.
iNo National Kink t swindle thu lalmrin ih.imi1.-i-tion.
No connection between the government and banks.
A Diplomacy, asking for nothing hut w hat is clear
ly riirlit and submitting; to nothing wronjr.
No public debt, either by the fJonoral Government,
or by the States, except tor objects of urgent, neces
sity. Jo assumption by the General Government of the
dents of the States, either directly or indirectly, bv a
distribution of the proceeds of the public lands."
A Ilevenuo tarilf, 'is riminntiiio; in fi;.,r of the
poor consumer in-dead of the nrh capitalist.
No extensive systi-m of Internal inipremcnt by
the General Government, or bv the States.
A constitutional barrier against improvident State
loans. t
flie honest payment of our debts and the sacred
preservation of tho public fiith.
A iiradual return from a paper credit system.
No grants of exclusive charters and priwlrrs, by
'ocial legislation, to hanks.
No connexion Ix-twe n Chun Fi and State.
No proscription for honest opinions.
Fostering aid to public education.
A "progressive" reformation of all abuses.
4(00 pounds of good bard soap
3C00 pounds of good hard tallow can!lcs
luhels of good clean diy fine salt
KiOO gallons of good cider vinegar.
The whole to be delivered in all May, IStfi.
At Fort Scott, on the Mirm-Uon river, Missouri, sn-cnty
miles land transportation from Independence, on Vic Mis
souri rr ir.
150 buhels of new white field beans
1200 pounds of good haul soap
I'jnO pounds of good Laid tallow eanrilr
(iO bushel of pood clean diy fine salt
COO gallon of ;ood cider vit.ig.ir.
The whole t he delivciel in all May, ISt.
At Fort H'inmbigo, on the t'os river, ot the portage of Fol
and Wisconsin rivers.
40 bairels pork
125 Liuels of fiesh supeifme flour
16 buditl cf new white field le.ms
C O pounds cf goi'd bud soaj
t l) pounds of jjooJ hard tal low candles
20 bushels of p od clean dry hue salt
175 gallons of good cider vinegar.
The w hide to t e itelivcie l by the ft June, IsJfi.
At Fort llrady, Sault Mf. Marie, Mieh'g'in,
fir, liru rels of p uk
120 bands cf fie-h upcifine flonr
:U) budiels of new white to Id leans
SbO pcuiuls of good hard s ap
!!() t'Oiindj of good hard tallow camlles
" bushels of o 1 clean diy f ne alt
U'Jtl cation of jj.MJ cider viner.
spective navy-yaids aforesaid, after insjiction, and at their
o n expense.
UidJcis must f pecify their piice cepiratcly and distinct
ly, in sc; ante t'ei$ for the t eif an.) fur the ik. and ef
each of the places of delivery, covering all e Xii?es anj
The depaitment reserves to itself the light to reject all
oflVrs fiom persons wlu have heietofoic faiied to fullil tliClf
lU-n !s in ot c-third the ajnount of the respective centractj
will be required, and ten per cciduin in addition will be
withheld from the amount of each pawmnt to be mide.as
C llateial secuiily foi the due and faithful peifurmaDce cf
their iesj cctive contracts, which w ill on no account be pail
until the contract are complied with in all icspcct, and is
to be foifcitcd to the United S;atcs in the evtnt f dilute to
complete the deliveries within the piescribid peiiod. Aiid
in cac of failuic vn the pait x f the c ntractor to deliver 'he
aforesaid beef at d poik within the time specified, the chit f
cf the Bureau of PioviMoi.s and Clothing -h-ll fiave the
liht to dncct purchases to be made to sujply the deficien
cies, at. d any excess cf cot shall be chained to and paid y
the contiac ioi. Payment will Le male ly the I'nited
El ites at the p?r! ijs above specified, (cxceptii g the ten per
(entern to be wp.hheld until the completion of he contract,
a before st tted,) after the saLl ticcf and poik sha'l have been
insjected and uccivnl, and tills foi the Käme ball hnvc
been pn er. ted to the navy agents lespectively, duly ap
proved tsy the commandants of the respective navy-yaiJs,
aeconiini to the terms of the cotittacts.
The paits of the beef to be excluded will be particularly
designated in tbe ni a inji to be attached to ihe eoidracH.
One-half on lA June, Is4o; icrnainJer by the lölh Sep- Viuns inteicsUd can obtain them en application at this
tenitcr, lb 10
At Fort Mackinac, Michigan.
IIvJ bariels of pork
110 baireU of fresh superfine fl ur
leO bushels of new whi'c held beans
l;t00 pounds of f ind baf'J S iap
1300 pounds cf :ood h i d tallow crn.'lcs
40 bushels of pood clean diy fmc s-U
300 gallons of C'(d cider viinpir.
One-half on 1st June, l4G; itinainder by the 15th Sep
tember, IS4G.
Xorr. All bib'eis aie requested to extend the amount ot
Hi lders n d beietofjie contiactors ate tcipiircJ to accom
pany their piojixals with evidence of ability together w itn
the n:.nies of their suieties, wlio'e lesp aibiluy rniist Le
certified by the I'nited States di-tiict att mey, navy a'ei t,
or some Mher person we ll knuwn to the (luvci uincnt ; other
wise their troposals will not te acted opun.
15'idders hose pieposals aie ai cepted (and none others) w'
be foithwith notified 'hereof; and thtee days over and above
the ordinary time tc-piiicd fo; the icular tiansmis-ion of
the mail will be allowed fur them to signify their leadmes
t enter into c ntract; and ten davs over and ahoe the
ü. The TiKstma'ter (Jeneral may alter tho contract and
alter lire schedule, he allowing a pro rata increase of
compensation, within the restrictions imposed by law, for
the additional service required, or for the increased speed,
iai v vroi.is rovr iirrici:.
Arrivals and Dt'p'.irliires of the
Arrivf d iity at
I 'lox- d.lllv
Ciici.iAn via r....;i i- Arrives Tuesday, Thursdays
and Satunl i s- -
l.'l-e- Siiinlj s. Tiiesd vs and Tlnirsilavt
lun !hal! be the week preceding tbo first ."Monday of Cicinati via I..ti-rrnrt'ur Arnw-s Sundays, Wed-
October. nrs.ijjs an i r ri.i i v
i mm . c . .. .: : .1. ...! t Clus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday
.u. i ne oriiinary course ui in-iriiciiuu mi m isj ...... Sul.lirM Vll .i.,,,H.inya Tutdas, i htirsdajs
nhall extend torouli a periou oi nvo years , um. fi" ami Saturla -
bavin passed creditably through this course UaU receive
certificates accordingly.
4th. I'upils from tin Htato shall be provided for by tho
Institution in all respects, clothing ami travelling ex
penses excepted, at the rato of sccrnttj fi re dollar per an
num : and pupils from other Slates a! the rat: of nur hon-
dnd dollars per annum, ravtnent shall he required .semi-
at till la !
annually in advance. .No deduction snail no inane irom
tho annual charge in consequence of absence on any ac
count whatever, except sickness nor lor vacation. Tu-
ic.ls shall be at liberty to reside dorm the vacation in ttie j Lti ATttir. via Arrives aturda)
Institution without extra charge ; but m case of mckiicss, l los s edncsd.ts
either during the session or in vacation, tho necessary ex- NRi"ia fe;;Xrj7A,ri.ve! T,"",,l;,y"' ;n,u,rll
tra c fiaro sliall be made. ..s s .Mondays, WHiicsd and Frid.WR
rth. Applicants for admission into IIa isymm Sliäil DC (.r.tlAVll.l.i .O. via II iruheMr Arrives Tuesdays and
between the ages of ten and thirty years. 1 he Institu
tion will not hold itself bound to receive any not tni-
brared within this rule, but may do so at discretion. 1
(th. Application on behalf of indigent pupils for as
sistance from tho State, sh.tl be made to the board of
Trustees tlirough the Secretary of State ; and such ap
plication shall be accompanied with a written declaration
from the board of county commissioners of tbe county in
which the applicant resides certifying that the necessi
ties of the case, are such as to justify tho Trustees in or
dering the assistance desired
11 l
7 r.
.,..:. irom Ueiplu, in Larroll county, through tlio express, as aforesaid.
....... . T.1 . i 1
great . i 1 1 1 1 1 iiusinu, 10 .M .rion, in urani county, ei
miles and back, onc a w ek.
I.eae Pelphi every Wednesday at (I a. m., arrive at
.Marion next day, by ( p. m.
I ....... T . -1 -. . . st.'..vm. t....1.. . t ... ! . . A. T I
iii aiu .'i.iiiou i nn .iiiinu.iy ui t u. m., uruvu ai ici- i -e ,, , r i , i .. i.
.il...... l nc i in Mui iiiciii u i auuuiuii ji oiuik ui inuHis l . ien-
phi next dav bv i p. m. . i i i . ,i . v. ' l
:.'..;.. l'rom Vranklin, by Ilrnsle-'s an 1 l.orn lilossom, ! dc,rcJ ne,Clsf ' lml lhe contractu- may, in such case,
to Nashville, J 1 miles and luck, once a week. i "1'iinuuh 'C contract, on timely not.ee, if he prefers it
Leave Franklin every Saturday at C a. m., arrive, at ' trt t!iC change. He may also discontinue or curtail the
.NashilU same day by 'A p. m. seivice, he allowing one month s extra pay on the amount
Leave iahille. evry l'riday at V a. m., arrive at dispenswd with.
rraukliu same day by p. m. j 7. Ttie payments will be made through drafts on post
"J'.M.l. irom I ort Wayne to an Wert, in van W ert ollues or otbe rwise, after the expiration ot each quarter
10 MI'.IIT.
; r. i.
county, Ohio, 41) miles ami back, once a week.
Leac 1 ort W ayne every J riday at 5 a. m.
an ert same day by p. rn.
arrive at
say in I ebiuarv. May, August, and IS'ovember.
H. The distances we given according tu the best in for
vn'.i n ; but no inert as d pao will be allowed, should thnj
their bids for each article, and to exhibit the total amount of : oidinary time reipiiiet foi the leguiar tr.inmision ef the
each bid. mail will be allowed for the execution ani ictuiu f a cen-
- '1 he peiiods and mnntity of each delivery at thse posts tract and bond; tl the expiiation cf which peiiod, if i.o
v-'heic they ate not spcihcd, will be, one-fouith I-t June, Jinwir be icceived, ci ccntiact and benl relume 1. ihr supply
1st September, 1st December, , and lt March, IS 17. , will be idfeied to tiie next loet bidder, 2cc:)idir to 'aw.
The hogs ef which tli'. poik is packed t be fattened on ; To be ublisbtd once a week- until the 11th d-y ef An
com, and each h i to wcih not le than two bundled gust next, in the I'nb-n, Ceiist itnti n, ard Intelligencer, I.
pounds, excluding the feet, le;, ears, and srKiut. Side pieces C; Kepublican, Paltimoie ; Kvering l'ust, Moimng News,
may be substituted for the h imc The poik is to tc fust and Journal of Commerce, New Voik ; Tei nsylvanian and
sal'ed with Tuik's Island salt, and then carefully packed Keystone, Philadelphia ; Morning Tost ant Times, ISoston j
with the same article, in pieces not exceeding eight pounds N. II. Tatiiot, Concord; Kasteui Argus, Portlai d Me.;
cach. I Kiupiiier, Richmond, Va.; Itcacon, Noifolk, Va.; Kiojuiici,
When the pac king has t een completed, the contractor must Cincinnati, Ohio ; St itcsman, Coliiinbu, ( hio ; I'nion, Nash
fuirdsh to this otliic a certificate fiom the packer, that the ville, Tenn.; Ilegister, Sprirtiekl, III'. Hemoci'al, Cliicago,
pork has be-n so salted and picked. The poik is to be con- 111.; Fiee Press, IVtioit, Mich.; i'tate Sentinel, Indianapolis,
t.ined in seasoned heart ef white oak t-anels, full lumped; la; Misouiian, St. Louis, Mo.j democrat, Louisille, Ky.;
the b ai.s ai.d salt in baucls and the soap and candles in and (Jaette, Lexington, Ky.
strong boxes of convenient size for transportation. j Pr pnetois tf the above papeis aie if.piested to send a.
Salt will only be received by tneasuicment e! thirty-two copy oi their icspctlive papeis containing the adve iluemeut
9 P.
7 1".
Leavo Van Weil every Saturday at 5 a. m. arrivo at prove to be greater t ft tri is advertised, if the place we
Clones on .Mondas,Vedriesda5. and I'rulajs
I.E tTLHtKiii via liU'i.minti-n Arrives Tuexuys,
J'lui rsilays miil Saturdays -
C'tiKrs siiuid.iys. 'l'm s,.iyi and Thursdays
MpiHovn Arrive Tuesdays and Saturdays -
Clones Moiiilays and Fridays -Wfcti
:n via ''irre lliu'r Arrives daity, except Sil riday
Closes d ally, exrept Salurd:i 4
MH i 'Zcm An ivi s Tiit'sda) s and Saturdays
ls s Wed ne lays and Saturit ty -IUjo
iar, ill. Arrive Tuesday , Thursdays and Satiir-
('lost-son Suiid:iy, Toes Uty and 'l'hur?day:
a p. m.
7 A. M.
m v.
f. v.
1 p.
7 1.
id r
7 IV
1 ort avne Bitne nay ov 4 n. m
:.H'i. Troni Indianapolis, by Itroad Kipple, Hetblehem, i
W'estfn Id, rarmington, Sliitldvillc, Canton, and Koka
mo, to lYru, !"0 inilefl iiinl baelr, mice a mk. !
Leave Indianapolis every Tuesday at l a. in., arrive at
l'eru m xt day by r p. in.
Leave l'eru every Thursday at 5 a. in., arrivo at Indi
anapolis next day by ' p. in.
l'roposals for sen ice once in 2 weeks will bo consider
correct l ij named.
9. The Postmaster Cleneral is prohibited by law from
knowingly making a contract for the transportation of the
mail with any person who shall have entered into any com
bination, or proposed to enter into any combination, to
prevent the making of any bid for a mail contract by any
other person or persons, or who shall have made any
agreement, or who shall have given or performed,
or promi-ed to give or perforin, any consideration
l P. M.
7 A. M.
f. P
7 P
b V. M.
7 A. M.
CImms Sniidas and Thursdays
l'Lii'LCi on Anives W'edtieMljy -
I lose. v ei ncsiiiiy s
Is I."..
5 P.
7 A
r. P.
7 I.
Imliiiniip'Ji.--, .tftril
sAMi r.i. iii:.Nir.i:sti, p. m.
ni.5v aoi i: a ap.li;.
amttcJfir the M,an.i .v.-ic N mn.lh,, Jf. .1. FUITCUFM, SfecA. and )n lon kame Jay P-
l'rom Indianapolis, ly Hampton, Danville, New to dj or not to do, any thing whatever to induce any other
Winrhotcr, 1 ainhrid, Portland Mills, liockviüe, Ho- person not to bid for a mail contract.
man-burg, ami Montezuma, to the State line between In- 10. A bid received alter time to wit, the 22d of Sep
diana nnt Illinois, in tbe direction id Springfield, Uli- tcinber nest, at U p. m., or without the guaranty repaired
nois, 0 miles and back, once a week. repuired by liiw, or that combined several routes in one
Leave Indianapolis every Tuesday at Ö a. m.,nrrivc at nuin of compensation, cannot If Considered in COmpetlSl
State lino next day by b p. in. I ,jon w;,h a rcguar liroIlo,uI( nol a(,jujg,d lo be Cxtrava-
Leave Mate Line eve ry I hursday at i a. m., arrive nt c;int.
Indianapolis n-.t uay ny n p. in.
Proposals for service once in J week? will be consider
ed, (lucre : whether route is necessary ?
;;n;i. I'mm Jamestown, in ISoono countv, bv Darling
ton and Vorktown, to Dayton, in Tippecanoe county, !
miles and back, once a week.
Leavo Jmientown every I riday at G a. in
(units to the ludiel. T!ie candles to Iriv cctton witks.
The provisions for Fort Atkinson and St. Peter's must pas
St. Louis, lor their ultimate destination, in the first week ef
April, I4u A faihne in this particular will be considered
a breach of contiact, and the department will be authoiid
to puicha-e to supply these posts The provisions will Le
inspected at the tune and place of dfhveiy, and all expenses
to tie paid by contiactois until they aie deposited at such
storehouses as may be designated by the agents of tbe de
partment. The Commissary Gchcial reserves the privilege
of incieaslog or diminishing the juantities, or of dispensing
with any .r all articles rcipuucd at any post, at any time be
fore enteiing into contiact; and abo ot mcieasm or
to th'S btiieau.
An. 11.
TKA , S IM) It TATIO.X HOT 1 1 11.
I I.I Sf
II r. nn.t.iscned. apent frt the AMi:iUC.Ä POKTA Id. P.
I'.OAT IdM' e'l the l't'titis Ivania Canal, Mill re nve nil i.-
jurty ilsincil t.. I c slii'fl tmrn tins plat r .a l vaid line, mot
still tlie Sani-t I'llt-liui hi K i ( kiVMlD.ui either
proiaerly !-
dacin' the luantities of each deliveiv one-thiid subsequent ! fer-d, l.y ilos lu. il.r,.!-!!!.! I i..ia.n ij.hia a.el l...iiin..,ir, hi a- 4.rt a
ue- , hete or at Piilshiirizh only rh irpiiig lrt).ii'ts and dln-r et
le J u llldl they ihhv atu:illv have I. pa v and Mill lakt- ail pr
Iii ..' 'e lirukir.
Jf Those marked thus are doubtful.
o prem.
ö itH
This wiitten d?c! iratioti from the Hoard of County sutc nk ai', ,5r ,f j.s
Commissioners may bj mad in sotiu; mjcIi form as this: vjUtc Sejm, .",( 15 ll)
This mav ccrtilv that A. 1. ot tlio countv ot I . has l n,.d mm
Ft forth tu thtj undersigned, County Commissioners .f, stare Sei ip, f.'tO,
aid county, that he ha a deaf and ehiinh son (or daugh- 1 pmk Snip,
ter) named whom he is dcirous of having admitted Watson's check,
into the Indiana Asy lorn for tbo instruction of the deal
and dumb, but that Im was unable to meet the expenses
of his (or her) education. The undersigned having in
quired into tho circumstances of A. I. believes the ttatc
..ni m Uft trn and we hereby recommend his case to
the lavorahlo consideration of the Board ol Trustees of j f;"' CülblH'
the Institution above named J ' ' . ;T '
I 'irVmnlif 'nmmic. ! Ul"v "' "ui
t,invuy mjjMij vviiiiiiu--
Fitxier i ic
IS dis
Terre Haute,
Wuotlhum ii King's,
New Albany Ins. Co.
10 dis.
öO eh
10 dis
Corn. lUnk, Cincinnati,
County of
If the parent is unable to furnish clothing, the fact
should be stated in the certificate forwarded b the Secre
tary of State. TImj liberality of tbe Legislature at their
last session in raising the assessment for the benefit of the
Asylum frm tiro to fire mills on the one hundred dollars
will enable the Ihard of Tin-dees to receive more Slate
pupils than heretofore, and it is their purpose to reject no
vrthy applicants for assistance, from the State so long as
the fund of the Institution will justify their reception.
Application for the admission ef those who aro educat
ed at th cxpetisu of their friends may be mad; directly
to the Principal of the Asylum, and the money advance
hank of Matsillon,
flank of Cuclcville,
Hank of Xenia,
ISatik of Sainlusky,
K ink of Maiictta,
It ink of Ml. l'lcasant,
Hank of Noi walk,
lUnk of (ie-iuga.
Hat k of ..utoville,
Hehnont IJ. St. Clair ville, par
Muskingum 15. Putnam, par
,(j I Coluni. Hk., New Lisbon, par
tin tun HinL- l. ir
their behalf may be paid to the 1 re.-urer ot Stale, j sn. ... ,ir!
o isj also Treasurer of the Uoirdof Irustees. n.ir,t, .r
It will be perceived from the regulation Mooted above, q( ChiUcul j
that t ho regular tuno ol a Imission into tn; vsyium is hid f. .. , . , ,. ,n .
Canton Dink,
Miciiig y.
P.inV nf St. ( Ivir,
llir-lc i f Kivei ;aiin,
V. M. Par k, -
Michigan Ins. Co. 1.1 dis.
K i rt e k Y,
All üat.ks in this State par
State Hank, 4." dis.
lUnk of Illinois, C') dis.
State D. and Hianches,
Nr.w York.
City Banks,
Couutry lUnks,
llaltiinore City Hanks,
! Country Itanks,
par 15. of Va. and branches, 2 dis.
; Karrners Hk. of Va. do 2 dis.
par ; Valley Tank d ) 2 di.
par ! Kxchange H. at Noifolk, 2 dis.
N. W. II. of Va. Wheel., 2 d.s.
M. ic M. Pk. at do and
blanche s, 2 dis.
Nr.w IGI. VND.
Hoston City Hanks, par
All other solvent Hks., 3 dis.
I'hila Iclphii City Hanks, par
Pittibuigh Hanks, 2 dis.
2 dis.
2 du.
week immediately preceding the first Monday of Octo
ber, on which day the session opens and a new class in
formed. It is very important that all, but especially ven
scholar!, should bo in attendance at that time. Late ad
miss'inn are detrimental t the pupils themselves and a
hindrance to the class they join.
1. I). (it Ri.rv,
L. II. Jamf.'ov, J
Y IhniiKN, y Trustees.
I.. Dl'M.AP, I
J. 11. Thompson, J
N. 1. Lditor? throughout thy State fri ndly to tho Asy
lum arc reipieste! to give tho foregoing notice nie or two
insertions in their respective papers and to turn public at
tention to it by a brief editorial.
KFini over Miller'. Hat Store, Id di.r east cf Washington
Hank of Cleveland, 10 dis.
t'rbaua Hanking Co. r0 dis.
Cranville HsJik, 00 dis.
Cm. Hank of Sc iuto, 10 di.
Hank of Hamilton, 10 dis.
Miami Kx. Co. 2. dis.
Laneaster, P., Har k, 12 Iis.
2 pi em.
w V.nL-
" ,
Philadelphia, 2 "
Atneiican (lold, I prem.
I'ireign (uld, A
Silver A
SKI.I'f'TI-'.l) a!ortnn-iit nf I 'me I'lori'tire ITrafd and olher lleii
JVL lifts of lhe late! spnntf stlrs Jul received t the Daoi; llat&.
fshtie Store, and for sal-e very low. a J. K. SIIAKlMv
uoi:(M ( o i:ou i s.
5CÖT received at the FafiHUiaMe Hat V Shoe Store,
i f a-es (ier.t. .Murorco lsl.s latest sprms nt) ie.
G " ' Call" " "
i i( ix; A( AIH.IIV.
TRWK. .N. N. Klil.N N will ojK-n a laiu iti) school at Mr.
ITH. Ittake s hotel m Indianajioli.s, fur the instruction of the ounu
id lMth see, in uhi h Will te lailht lhe iniwl lasliionalil t)lfof
iliiirini. Hays of Iihihiii lir f-fiMeiiieii on .Moinl.ivs a ill Thu rsdavs
of e:n h week nt 7 o t li i k, V. .V. I aJien en Si.turdajs at J A. M.
and III'. M. Sihd to nuiiiitenco Monday, July II, I r 1.1. Mr. K.
will give private l-i.,,ns in lau in or walUiriü tu those who may Ur
sirelu take Um-iii, at ttu ir wn re-idriie if preferre.l. Il-lw
T:ili C;u ol" your .llonty.
AILV di h-ar of tn-rsons l in roldt" t of stl Hi
l.i-ave Dayton tvery Saturday at ( a. in , arrive at
Jamestown same day by i' p. rn.
'.V.'uY l'roin Lafayette, by Parish' (Irtvc, Milfurd, Il
linois, Spring Creek, and Oliver irove, to Peoria, 1 7
pules and hack, once a week.
Leave Lafayette every .Monday at t a. tu., nnivc at I'e
oria next Saturday by (i p. in.
Leave Peoiia every Monday at 1 a. m., ariivc at Lafay
ette next Saturday by " p. in.
Proposals for tervico onco in 'j weeks will be consid
ered. o!''l. l'rom Lafayette, by Itensselaer, Jdm Jones's, in
Porter countv, and Valparaiso, to City West, 1UÜ miles
and hack, once a week.
Leav Lafayette every Monday tit G a. m., arrivo at
City West next Wednesday hy I p. tn.
Leave City West every Thursday at G a. m., arrive at
Lafayette next Saturday by (' p. ni.
Proposals fur sertite onco in U weeks will be consider
'.VX7. I'roni Madison, by Paris and Springford, tu
Ürownstown, in Jackson county, 4." miles and back, once
a week.
Leave .Madison every Tuesday at ü a. ni., arrivo at
Lrowiistown next day by 11 a. tn.
Leave I'row iistown every Wednesday at 1 p. m., ar
rive at Madison next day by h p. m.
tLK '"?. l'rom Mooresville, by Waidsville, Millrove.
L'poer i alls, Let river, ami Samuel Kaufman's, tu Poland
post uliice, in Clay county, 10 milts and back, once a
Leave Moorcsvillo every Friday at 5 a. m., arrive at
Poland same dav bv V m.
Leave Poland every Saturday at 5 a. in., arrivo at
Mooresville t.ame diy by p. in.
o.O'.b Proiii Mount Pleasant, in Martin county, by llar
risonvillo, to Hedford, in Lawrence county, bo miles and
back, once a week.
Lcae. Mount Pleasant 'every l'riday at G a. m , arrive
at llcdlord same day by f p. in.
Leave Hedford every Saturday at ü a. m., arrive at
Mount Pleasant same day by (' p. m.
:V.)70. I'roni SoiAa C. iL, by Springfield, NortbporJ,
Wright's Corrmrs, and Ontario, tu Lima, in Lagruti
county, miles and back, once a week.
Leave Noble every Saturday at 0 a. m., arrive at Lima
same day by . p. m.
Leave Lima every l'riday at i) a. m., arrive at Noble
same dav bv p. in.
.'.I. I rom I rincettm, in (nbson county, via tho roan
1'. A bidder may propose dilTerent davs and hours of
dettarture and arrival, provided no more runnioir time
asked, and it is obvious that no nail connexion, or other
public accommodation is prejudiced. Ho may ask for
a specific number of days or for more runniti!? time
, arrive nt ; l, ,lie lril' at rrrljilt reasons of peculiar bad rooJs.
j Hut, beyond these changes, a proposal fur Fcrvice
unterem irom me auvertisement, will prevent its
being considered in competition with a regular bid, not sot
aside for extravagance ; and where a bid contains any of
the above alterations, tlicif disa'ltanlaPt'S will be estimated
in compiling it with other proposals.
12. There tdiould be but one route bid for ill a proposal.
Ll. Tbe route, the Ki rvice. the yearly pay, the bidder's
name and residence, and tbo name of each member of
the linn where a company oilers, should be distinctly
The following may be used as a form for tho bid, 7- ht re
no change from the (uliu tisctunit is contemplated by the
bidder :
I (or we, as the case may be,) hereby propose to carry
the mail Oll No, , from to , agreeably
to ccuiliact, on giving sixty days' pteviuus nuticc
I5iil!eis, not heiet 'f de contractors aie icipiiud to accom
pany their proposals with evidence f their ability, together
with the iiiones of their tuiettc, whe lesponsibility must
be ccrtirV.l by tlic thstiict r.ttoiney, oi by some rerun well
known to the govcrnmcut ; oihervvi-c, their pioposals will
not te acte.l on.
Adv antes cannot e Vtadc in any rasr, an t nidenre of in-
,f sped ion aud full delivery will lc required at this t'jfire e
is requsition will he made upon the treasury for pavntent ;
which win Lc eiiectcil in sucn puouc money as m y ne con
venient to the points of delivery, the places of puichase, or
the le'sidence t( the contiacters, at the option of the Tl'C ti
li IV KepiiltiiCitt
No diafts on this ollice will Le accepted or paid, under any
Lach proposal will be sealed in a separate envelope, and
maiked "lhoposals for fuinishit s; ainy snbistece."
r.Ko. Gin son,
Cum. fieri. Subsistence.
Nm r. Kditors will not te paid fr incrtin; in their pa
pets this a Iveitisemetit, unless atitlioiized to do so by tbe
Couuni-s iry titneial of Subsistence. 1G-1 awl Sept I .
to advertisement, for
pcr annum.
time and at a little lower rites thin any other agency in lite ptarr.
ShiK rs w ill lind their ro ny ritne out in inurh Ik ttrr older I'ast,
lV tins lliin ly anv Sl r line, vlii ti do not moloy I he l'oilalil r
j fsifllM K.a(, as in Oils line there is in, trailslilipni dolie over lhe
mot mains pm t.aii i! üimi lo i; til Ko.i-1 t arü. and lieiu Cai tu
( 'anal I to; its ar.:n, v ' i h his t l dour l. othrr lines.
V ali sav Co .M-f liaiiis ami i lt rs, luinin: goo( from the Hist,
ihal if they ship hy this hue, and cotisisu lo .Mm Clarkson .l '
I'lttshtith, and In us at Maibsoti, we wilt for.vard then e.-d i.mii
l'itTi'r il.irs w itlii ut roiiiiinssioii, eitht r lit l'iit.lircli f tliii tarr.
Ma.li-oii, la.,l-l .. -: MIH llld.l, .V ( II.
uaii. icoiii mm: sr.ji:s.
llirir tiMtney
11. The follow im; is the form of a guaranty which should
be filled, the first blank with lhe name of the guarantor, the
second with that of the bidJer; and the third and fourth with
the beginning and tcrniiuatinx points of the route; and after
being dated, should be signed by the guarantor, who must
be sdiown by the written certificates of a postmaster, or
other ctpually satisfactory testimonial, to be a man of pro
peity, end able to make good bis guaranty. This guaran
ty, nt certified, should accompany each bid.
" The undersigned guarantees that if his led
for carrying the mail from to be accepted by
the Postmaatt r General, tdiall enter into an eddi na
tion prior to the first day of January next, with good and
sufficient sureties, to perform the service proposed.
Dated .
15. The bid should be pent under seal, addressed to tbe
F.rst Assistant Postmaster (leneial, with " Mail Proposals
in the State of " written on the face of the letter;
and should be despatched i:i time to be received by or
before the 22d September next, at D o'clock p. m.
1(. The contracts are lo be executed before the 1st of
January next.
Post Oiuce Dm-a htm est, 11th July, 18 1.".
tO. Postmaster UtncruL
iNAVV in:r.r ami posck roi: isi;.
Navy 1") f. r a r t m f n t,
Duicau cf Pit-visions ami Clothinjr,
June 2I, 1st).
Scaled proposals, endorsed PicposaU for lleef,' and "Tro-
posals for l'eik," as tlic care may be. will be leceiied at
thii dhee until 3 o'clock, p. m., on Monday, the 11th day f
August next, for luinihinj and delivering, flee ef all cSt
and riW tj the United States
five thousand seven bundled bands ef navy beef, and
live thousand seven bundled bariels of navy pork:
Lach bariel to contain not less th:m two bundled pounds
net weight of beef or poik, no excess of weight in cither
aiticle will be p id for. Tobe delive:cd at the icspcctivc
navy yaids, as follows :
UM, beef Uhls. poik.
r.'tiu lynu
1!'0 l!'u)
i;n.u low
At Chaihftown, Mass.,
At lho..Hn, N. V.,
At Go.-poit, a.,
Very low for cash.
J. K. Sil Alt rn.
Iv.Mli TiJir li'uX .Slip :uiI Tics.
lls day received at tlx- Fashionable Mioe t Hal rstore arid tor
sule low at wlio-ale and retail. J. h. MIAMI..
s!ioi:s i.i noors
4 1Z various piatities l.a h-s' Slioen, I.', do. Men arid P.. 's
mmW n..ss and .-li.t-s. lu ,1.,. iir..-ss and children's !Usl rn-ird
and for sale ch-ap by K. II IdiDKKI.V. l-
ji sr Kccnvi.n,
I.AIU.I'. lolel" Hat8, r.Ht.4, and Shoes, d all"i.eii, for sale low
l m.
mW ml l-.tliin OiriHi'li the lit-"Ire t of Milt liaslii a fi.nl TnmU
th it w ill hrep their prorty vale vv hile they are home aud a' road.
Mi-ii'iiiiiiniiiMiriitT lor mem mean at J. j. in c;Hn nn.l r t a
I rur.k that will k--i( all sale than to Ik daily r..l.U-l in hid Ii ;i way i
I Im Ii'ij ..Ii I......I I . ....--' I. ... I . I . . . .. . '
... .. .... .mi Siu iHMiiiiiirin i i mims mi ii m w in sell r liea p
lor rash or approved ttade. We Wotild advise you to e,ive him n all
at his shop opiMtsitf th Pl(.t I li . 7
rSII I' suliM-rila rsare prepared lo furnish Cott.i Yarn d the hesl
U pialily, in lare or .small i'iantili-x, ai a lwer pri - than it ran
he p:ir lias . for in any Kastt rn market. Merchants ilcsirint; to sup.
ply themsfivrs with the art n le.are invited, tw (ore huyini; elsewhere,
lorallt-illur upon us, at our store, or on James Piirlmm. at West'
C.iltoii la toty. 4 I -tf J. .V II. CAKI.ISId: tV CO.
I OT'I o V A ns.
fl ä ft '"'".NHS rnt.s!,urh and I nhaii.idiM Cotton Vain
'Fy alllie Mill Tri es at llh.l H H l(l. "S. js
wsi:s AMI IdOfOllS.
lianipa 2'.e Ihandy l'ah Madeira Wine
Uli rrool t lench do
Jainan a Spirits
(odd Sh-rry do
l'oit.t Malasa do
V. i'. II ANN A.
a vf-;o. I'oic sale:.
caiii i.i ( ro.hu ? at SMI I'll 1L1.SW.VS.
A ll'ieill -lt hand "J lre waoii and li.opi ss fur ale, cheap for
JTL. caili i.i i roilm ? at .'
I.I. kinds of cotintty produce hi the stole of
7 sM ft
Mini 4 i.i.v.v.i.
7 V. want liilmy äti.imil I Par. mi. f..r whuh the hi;-lietit
piitc. will be pidLy 6M1111 it 11 ANN A 13
Elected exp'essly for medical mrpo.ses and warranted pure, l.y
June It., s.,. K lt:ili: .
'orli:il. IViiii :iml Viin-:ii
rgWr ItarrHs sii-,i,,r old Malaga Wine. (l l.hls cider Vinepir
- ii.iirfirrssiv ir t jUjJ market l.y t he suhsc nher ; cordial in hot
lies, at Hi:il)Ki;i.V's 4
win: it wami:.
Nil eiity CO Um to Hie l.nshel retpur- ii ot tli store of
w t LOZLN juÄt luct ived at lhe l'jytuii Hat V SIhh Sl.fe.
W J. K. A Kl'L.
commonly callt d tho l.iicKshiii road, to r.ooneluc
V arrick e-otinty, miles and lia k, .n e a week
Leave I riuceton every 3Itnd.iy at u a
liooneville sami iiay by I p. in.
I.eav! I'ot.nev lib; ev ry 1 ucsday ut 1 a. in., arrive
in., arrive at
Princeton (.nine day by i p.
'.V.lT'i. l'rom Kot bester, it
in Pulton countv, by Tmy.Uil-
ead, rViron.a, and Josfpli I5 kner t, to .tb.isblowii, in
W abash (-'unity, 'dii mile u and bade, mice a week.
Leave unchestcr every 1 uday at ( a. in., arrivo at vv a-
iiasbtown panic day by (i p. m.
Leave v abasbtow n every i.itiird.y at ( a. ni., arrive
at IJo lu ster same dav by i p. tn.
;.:;. I rom Mn s I erry t Kockford, in Jackson coun
ty, Li miles and back, once a week.
Leavo r-age I e rry e very aturday at .i a. in., arrive at
Leavo Hockford eve rv Satnrdav ut 1 n. in., an i ve at
.VJs I. 1 rom rMiiknii'-spiiti, bv Itryanlsville :md liotih-
erly'te t?boals, to Mount pleasant, in Martin county, oil
miles ami back, once a week.
Leave inkin sprins e-verv lattinriv at w n. in., ar
rive at Mount Pleasant samo day by p. in.
Leave Mount Pleasant every 1 nday at T a. in., arrive
at Jenkins-springs same day by I p. in.
iT.lT.V l'rom luteford to Rocklord, in Jackson county
1." miles and baek, once a week.
Leave Hatcfonl every Öattirdny at (i a, in., ariive a
Koi kford same day by II a. in.
Leavo Kockford ovcry Saturday at 1 p. in., arrive at
Matelord same day bv p. III.
o'Jb. 1 rum bouth Lleiid, in !Sl. Joeepli county, by Ham
Oi l ier, or Com. (If.nfrai. or Si rsisxrNcr,
Washington, July f t, f S4"5l
dlPARATK. PUOI'OSAI.S will be received al this ollice
until the 1st day of October next, fur the dclivciy of
provisions in bulk, I'm the use it lhe Hoops of the United
States, upon inspection, as follows:
4f the Public Finding, six miles jioin l rt lowsonj mouili
of the ( hietmcht.
.'( 1 battels of p rk
Il?t t'atrels of fiesli superfine Hour
1Ö0 bushels of new white field beam
;(oo poiiiuls of ood haid soap
üüot poiinJs of joaod bard speun canJlcii
1st bushels of od clean by fine salt
1!M) gallons of good cider vinegir. , .
The hole to be delivered in all the month of April, IS III ;
m l to leave Natchitoches by the 20th February, ISV.
At Fort Atkinson, west bank of the Mississippi rieer, oppo
site Pert Crawfoid,at Dousman and Ilice's wai eliousc.
lOM haircls of poik
200 bane Is of lu sh supeifme llour
!0 bushels of new white li Id Leans
lsoi) pounds ed good b ud soap
1300 pounds of good haul tallow candles
40 I udtels of good clean diy line salt
100 gallons of go..d cider vieegar.
The whole to be Kliveied by the 1st May, IS Hi.
At Fod Smiling, St. 1'itePf.
IhS banels of pmk
3;u hands of fieh stipei fine flour
l.'0 bushels of new w bite field Leans
2100 pounds of good hard soap
1900 pounds of good hard tallow candles
to bushels of good clean dry line tall
I rid i'ällnns of imiiil cider viueger.
The whole to be delivered from the 15th May, IS1G, to
the loth June, IMtl.
At Fort Ihlienworth, Missouri river,
300 bushels of new white held beans
.f7i0 67U0
Said beef and poik must be delivered, one-half between
the lir-t day of January, ISK, and the first day of Apiil,
1MU; and the other half between the l.Vh day of A pi if,
1S4G, and the 15th day of June, 1M4G, unless eailicr delive
ries should he icipiiied by the chief of this bureau. OUcts
must be made for each 'half separately and distinctly that
is, for the ha.f dcliveiable betweeu the 1st of January and
1st of Apiil, and foi the half deliverable between the 15th
of Apiil and 15th ef June, IS Hi. Payment for the fust half
to be made within thirty days after dcliveiy; and foi the
second ha.f in thiity days after the lölh of June, 1S1G.
The beef must be fiom well fattened cattle, slaughtered
between the first day of November, 1SIÖ, and the hrt day
of Februaiy, 1S IG, and weighing not less than six hundred
pounds.net weight, each, lhe legs and ieg rands of the
hiiiil quarters, and lhe shins and shoulJer clods, and at leat
t ight pounds fiom the neck end cf each fore piailer, or the
paits marked Nos. 1, 2, and 3, on the di awing m delineation
of the loie and hind piailersol an ox, which will be at
ta lud to and foi in a pait of the contiact, mut be wholly
excluded from each bairel and half bariel, and the reinaiu-
lerof the caicass must be cut in pieces of not less than
eii'ht noiinds each.
lhe poik must He. parked uom corn-ieu, well faltered
mir, siaughtrird between tbe fust day of November. IS 15.
-jii.l the first dav of I'ebruarv. 1 G, and weighing not less
than two hundred pounds each, e xcluding the heads, j des,
necks, hhouldeis, hams, legs, led, and laid, ami all icfuse
i.i res; and must be cut iu pieces wt iiung not less than six
.ouuds each.
la II K K.ol Koa.l I. i ns now rompfeteil inmh of I'o
yll I'linh'i, the stil.sirilwrsaie et iihd tnh ave lu-
liaii'ipnlis at 1 A. M.atol meet ttie rar in lime
arrive at Madison the evenma of I lie n:ioeliy. Tins line otter r t--ty
iniliireiiieiit to Ihr iraveltni! put. Ii', pug tri 'Hi, (Mo, lhe interior
id" Ihn St tie, in "i-ir d expedition ; learhittf Machfoi fri in liidi.ui
ax.hs in fimirs. r.iiseiiT an he asuied C ii i;onw 1iate roi
neclion with the teainiBMts, itln r for e Tint in Hull -r IMii.v ille, us Mr
raiim-meiitsliavelieen i le which will prevent all pm- llnlily of a
llehiy, lllakltl the tlip flolll Indianapolis l l'nirinn:iti. .r l.ouii-vilkr,
in .ne day ! M J . I. V H Mill KKS ti. fll.
lValrlics .It'Mt'li) :ml I'jtury i-'ooeN.
r III' mliM'ii! is hare ont.inlIy n h.o i! n l;trse and fanhiHi:ttle
R iitiortiiieiit t' Jewelry, :lil arnl Silver Watt lies, Plated Ware,
Kiigliidi and American biilaiuiia, Painted JaMiied Tea Tra) s, Uold
and Silver IVncils, Diamond (ointid (iold I'ein.tiol I and Silver S fr
iaries, Silver Shnii, l.ulles, l"up, lrnl Ki.iv n, llutler Ktiivef, Vc.
ld I VII..W' e;itli.-t.'. Jew ein ami t Verj V:iri. tol IrilliliillipK.
Silver Ware and Jewelry m;ide lo erdrr. tVl! V CAÜI.KY
JJ Arte at., btU-.en '.J and tht , dwmlti.
STIMM roiVi:
I.OoKillU' UhWS rmilic M:iuitf:trlory.
TBI II I'. snlisrrilwr lia roinmei.red the ma t.itl: lure 4" l.klie.laf ,
fi l-.lrnrlanil Ci.j.ire Kraines ol every vst Ht) of pallet n, f.y Sir Hin
I'ow r r, and l.y so (toing !f. , enabled to sell the a' e.ve artic Ir a. tV
as thev can he purrh.is d in any of the Mastern t atrn,nä aside ril
and J,Jnf ismurli les, louiitry Mrrrhants will find it greatly lo their
advantage tir!.l.ef..re purrhasinz r.asl or elsetx here.
All kinds of Cildinc neatly nei nt. d.
4lr F.IIKN K.F.lt WlSWr.hh, 1 17 Mu,m ,t., C.mnnntri.
.nr.vijt a m: iit:i(.
S. i:. Coiner Third and Walnut Stwvt,
C'iitriuiiati, Olito.
l!Oi.r.sAI.L ami retail dealers in lmM.fted anl American
Xi V C'Cais, TohaCCO, Sailtf. VC. &.C Western rVMlera re rne-
cla'.ly lnvit- f to e&anuiie their twk twh-re pin hamie elxew t-re.
I hey m il at the lowest city pricen, and feci warranted m m itif
thattliey can cive sat isla hon to all cush-mer. Thev w ill fill II .
d is lur lohne, Snutr and Otmars, at lhe shortest Hotter. 4--m
Coiiitiiisioii ami Iroiln Mor'Ii:inli,
.t.J7jJ7.Hr.V, t.1'gg..VS. 37
c;u.u I against Hit' Ml A I.I.-I4.
K. i: .NS has just received a frcli aiticle of Vaccine Vi-
Thos.' w ishing their fniiiilh- .vnrrinated will irtetr call m bia
Olli--' "Jd door eist of llrowniri V. li-'--H
en iiiri:s lviKitY, m. b. "
l'liysi(i:in and Siirueon.
.i eis proiesstonai -rvi es, iti all ll various branrhe, tn
n1'" ' iUv l"'rt.ajolisand it vicinity, lieb nn.vrtl Ina
l 3. thee to ttie Iront room, up sairv over XVilliam Man.r, hIikc,
Uieiy John II. XV right's, wher- all calls will receive proniot attrnlma
uay or niiii. 4.1-y April 12, I Mi.
llotli the beef ai d poik mtit be :-.i'tcd with at least one
statute bushel of 'bulk's IsIjihI, Imc I May, or St. U be 's
s.lt; and he be f must have live ounces ol line pulvei i d
saltpetre fo each bat led, exclusive of a pickle, to be niade
t. ....ii . i. - . . ,
fiom fiesh water, as strong as sau in mane n.
One-fouith 'b' pianlity 1 h l. and one-looith the quan
t it v t,f poik must be packed in half battels aud contain one
l.m.d.ed oounds net weight of ach a the case may be; and
in estimating lhe pi ice, two hall uancis aie to t,e cuiisideted
ji ioi h ii n i.
The bairels and half banels must be made of the best sea
u.h.,1 white ak. or white ah Haven aud heading; if the
foi titer, to be not les than tbiee-f-uiths of an inch thick;
if of the latter, to be hot less than nie inch ihiek for b uiels,
thiee-louilhs of an inch thick foi half bariels, and to be
hooped at least ihrce-fouiths over xvith the best white oak
..r Im Lin v boons.
Fach baiiel and half bariel mt be branded en its head
"Navy lleef," or "Navy Poik," as the case may be, with
the contractor's name and the year when packed.
Th. beef and ixuk will be inspected by the inspecting of
ficers of the respective navy-) aids aforesaid, and by some
.un.ni ii.sncctor of salted Provision,' who will be selected
hy lhe iep-ctive commanding officer; but their chaiges
f..r such iiisnection must be paid by the respective contiac
tors who must likewise have the barrels put in good ship
i ping older to the satisfaction of the coraraandauti of the rc-
II P. MVS r.thaiikti'i f-r the v r) libepi.1 patronage titended
lit tiiliim for the lal f i r t at s i n its is pUce;lakei p rannte ill
aiiTioiinrine lo his li lends a lid I he pill.lli' t"" l""l I V I bat he I pie pa fed
to erli.riii all neeessar ;erat ions fr the preservation 1 1 lie natu
ral teeth and cuius, and to insert atlifinal teeth oil vt of plt
w ith or without artitu ial ums anu whole or hall et by ludiv
or mmi'beiic pressure.
He would sav to country dentists that be w ill rill any order for
Cold ptate s.lral S.tni!t, c at a iear.: lile rule. OtlK'r on lllinvM
treet. lust iliH.r norttiol VV astiiiilii, VV el side. Vitt
I. U. I" Ml l'.N , . J. M. TOMLI KIOK .
TOM IM X SOX lllCO'l iii:ics,
WllliltOLi: 4SI. UTIIL l 41.1 BV I N
Dm;: V 31clieink,
PatenlMeduineK, lveSluirs, Cosmetic,
Paintsaiid Iii, M di al;iiw are, I'eiluii.ery,
ljiiWH.ds, Window iMass, l.ipiots,-t .
w amiuio." tr t vt . ri nr. n rrotitt thi MtiHimavn hol,
I Mil A A l' 1.1 S , I .M I A y A .
Preemptions arcuiatelj compo'inded. Shopopen n lllioui. VI
lt.SMC IM S.
SO'leonceii Silphae U"it"e I Hern H.niii t aniphr
da Sulphate Mrpln:i I " e.reani lititu
ti !n Areeal. M -iphia 1 do up. e 'aib. Soda
'Jl In 1'Msrine 1 hi India Sen in
."1 bt lishne I ! Aleanlr4 Senna
ill do llyliloitjtr Pias 1 do Ktoweri Sulphur
Just ieetved and 1t sal' by I. 'U AUIIMIAI.
iti:.t iiirjm i.i:s.
l do7.Wistar'ii Pahn Wild heiry, 12 do lliirre-tioue.r remnen piltn,
l.i Sand's S irapiilla, . r Iii Tavlor'x UiUitn l.lveiwoit,
1:. M.-llafip HU mid loiters, Ii do J e' KicteMMl.
I i .1 . SC.... .
i . "i r""o
U.u'a Fever and Aßue t do
p.o.bi I'abnesliM k' Vewiifiit:e, 3 du
lr JusTrecrivrdby DAVID 1RAICHEAD
T or Veiniifufe,
Sanative ptllt,
Hair Tunic,
June II. Hit.
)lHj in.lir...; I Kun.UKrei. .. Madder, jJrreceie
bytlie-ub.jibr8lveri-lor.rirr-.ER eaioflllralol out.

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