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Indiana State Sentinel.
lSDIAftAI'OMS AliaST IS. iSl.u
iiAHio. tiKtiiT couiit.
CriiiiiUiil :iss.
Jleported for the Statt Sentinel.
Th Xfntr .,' I.i.li.nm vs. lid nird Dm is. Indict
Jtli iliv id" Inlv hist
Wehnfshw Mokmmm'J o clock.
Court met pursuant to adjournment
fter Wood had btv;i t tk n nii), um um
retreated", and the crowd follow luni ;uid continual
to throw at him when he jr:i turned round.
(V.w.H-rri fW. The n -profiicc'l Wood, and then
Moopcd to pick tip tiling to tlnow nnd continued to
throw until lfcilliiijrrT came- up ami struck h;m.
IIokatio 15. .Mi Dow km.. Slates, tlrdt s.uv Wood
crossiu" Wu-hinton street, lie went into Harlan's
.roccry'liuntin an axe ln-lvc, Mvcarins that he Want
ed something to kill the damned negro.. Then haw
the iK"rro pass down the sdreit towards the Justice's
..mW WimmI then followed in the course towards
il.o nocrro. mid had in his hand
Thursday Mokmno, 1) o'clock.
Court met pursuant to adjournment.
Ik. Dikd Ct'oss'Ilj-itmintd. Saw Wood first at
Mcikeil's grocery. His manner was sportive, laugh
ing. Witness was across the street at an upper win
dow. Could not hear what Wood s?aid. Saw his
motions saw him apparently making fun f the ne-
'To about the hlecdinir of his none. Wood went acruss
the street to Kirlin's grocery. Saw Wood run down
the street. The negro had gono down the street be
fore Wood. Witness cau:e down stairs in from three
to live minutes. &iw them in contact before ho came
n?mu -ln;and hit him upon the track of the h,.d.
lor niirUir in tht .Cton.i ut r . un ihe the pun.i, en.ra.red in a scullle. David lluokhart told W hh1 was not near enough to strike the negro when
! John ut ker, a m-gio, at Inuan..poh, e ... p . ,thc no,ro lhrcw tllC bricU. Wltr.ess was at las store.
afierwares Davis hauled awav and struck the negro -aw
with a brick. This was shortly after the scutlle. J the
Saw l)avis throw at the negro. Saw Davis run into
rowd. Persons were between witness and the
round the crowd a;;d went to the negro; Davis came fight when Wood tame up to him. One of the brick
round to the left of Wood and threw and struck the : bats which tho negro there camo near hitting witness,
ue.rro on tho header the back with a stick. Witness ,l W,,H n vy.th much Krce. he club w as a good
came directly to the rt where ihe negro wai kill. d. or " ""S" H
Heard much noise out in ihe stree t. Doift think he ll0Sr0- 11,0 crowd vvus east ot where witness
msli K S ;f,trthefTulyIast, Witness wasclo,eto Davis. The negro appeared to negro Notmorethan l,u -JO present at that moment.
nj ".L jLr , 1 ww the Negro. Tucker, on be harmless at the time ho was lot l.v Davis. The tfcnis threw ... a very short tune afier N ,ood and the
S 1 Me k,r, grocervon Washington lri,k thrown by l.vis drew Wood from the head of tro were sepan, U;l ttne.sthett wen to wests.de
SrW. lrili' t)7e nerro, Tm ker, on tho i the negro, and was thrown with considerable force, otlllino.s street, herr.atncd there until the negro was
nmu .TuciTv. The bWd streamed ( TiiC. negro retreated north, and hi, back was towards killed. Tart of time stol on ground, part on lund-rai
fn m t he n .e of Tueker. Tucker said if you want ; I):ivis and could not V My have seen Dav.s. 'i he rmMrun . - ,ir ,M-earu
" .... . . . it in I ... .1 . . .i i r ' . 1 him I;m rt it nnni'i I t t . I Im t till Ik.I, .r .n'm n-..
will have blood lor uiooo. 1UCKIT pro; -il to owed the iiclto norihward. v oices cneu - r . .V .J"413 ws
was much agitated. Was South of where the negro
lay Davis was north thereof.
"j.wr.s Ituoor.s. Says, he was near Kam?eys fclmp
on Washington street, South side, on the 1th July.
Saw the iiero e .ining up the street, and Wood cuin-
in"" down t!.e street. Saw Wood strike the ihmo on
the nose and knock h;s hat oil', and jump into Mei
Iveifs grocery. The bhd run from the negro's not-e.
Wood came out and too!; hold of ihe negro's head.
The negro attempted to strike Wood, and W od jump
ed out of the way, and went across to Harlan' gro
cery. Saw Wood eome down the street, with a piece
of "plank or lxard, where lie run towards the ncrro,
and the negro picked up a half a brick and threw and !
Cross-r.Tamincd. Was at tho Statu Ilntiso when he
first heard of the fusx, or when the row ecnuiH-iu-nl, Iis
taut probably "."0 yard si, a full MMiare, tin; width of a
street and half tho width of the State lluuse feqinru.
Went to tho scent: of t!it: row. Filet saw tli iiero
bleeding. lSalliuer was Minuting near the rornrr f the
funce whrn wit.us first caiau to him, tliry both came
Iroin ibe Stale 1 loose iiesir tlio Mtim time, iviw Wood
rimniug about and saying ho would kill the ncro. Saw
Wood's hrovher t.kt: hold of him. Saw brick bats lKing.
Saw Davis fall. 1 1 riot see any brick bats, clubs or
strike the nrgro after he was do'-tmd by Ual'ingcr. DiJ
not -ce Divis afttr h? feil.
Crofs-tjutni iftl. !-'av Wool with f is hiosle-trre, fly
ing "id ui alone, I'll kiil him." I1 rs.ru held Wood.
Heir J necro tell Wood to Maud hick, or ho would hit
him. First bruk he Fnw tlirown was ly l)avi, nt the ne
cro, about a ba!f mir.ute I fjro the i.egr.i threw. Saw
Davis Knocked down. Diwasin t!i crowd. During
the time alter the negro kit the ump, he r.m'iiiui'd t.
north. unl-!H he was stojij ed ly persons talking to him,
ami be then aain continued t co north.
William I'olami. "ays, first saw Wood at a grocrry
rictr Mar'8. JSaw the neuro none b'eedioß, and heard
Wood ak him nbat ai!cd him. 'I'he in-ro ri'pli d, 'you
know, and I'll make you r-iy f r it. It' I don't. I'll have
ibe Uft drop of your b'ood, if it is t'lood you are alter.
other things threw n by any persona towards the negro. !8aw the nrjro strike at Wood after Wood came out til the
Saw th iifgro throw three bricks. Duvis was near ten I grocery, aw Wood crosg the trct and pet a dub, and
feet from the negro when the negro knocked him down. ! fallow lue neuro down towards the pump. A Wood came
The m gro was bearing ac rs the street towards the norlh I towards the neen, w ibe nc-gio rick up a b.h k and hit
going backwards. When Wood .approached the negro
! the negro told him to stand hack or he would kill him.
bit Viod on the baek part of the head.
. l 1 ' t 1 t UlV III gl" i.WJ I'llll MIVI " ""4MJ Olli IHWI.
terwards siw Davis throw a briek and strike the U,. Lt.n i... OM i::iii;f.r rll th timo i!ni;..v..
10 head. Davis took hold jtl,at Italhtigtr was near witness from the corner until I.
to have blood. WC
was advised to go aiid prosecute Wotnl lor strik
nig , 4kill the damned neon).
fucker started towards the Magistrate's otlice. name was John Tucker.
Knew the negro ; his
Davit- and James 11 bodes
i .i 4 1 Ct . .1 . CA Iii i ,!. ..4. ai:.. .1!. I ..........!.... t.r, .,,,-,1
vVootl crossed il.G 81 reel, ami uueruaiu lu.njweu , nan a muicuiiy. nni' um im iiuiiNi'iiu-.u-.,.
Tucker, witli a "piece of board or plank in his h.-unl. j Saw the norö lyin l-ad on the OJe walk but a few
ju the direction of the Justice's ollii-e. Wood over-' minutes after the allray with Davis. Saw Wood with
fcA'tc lim ne-tr the middle of Illinois street. Tuckt r ! a club in his hand. Did n -t hoar Davi. p.i y anythiejr.
turned to defend hiuun-lf: a s t.ltlc endued. iSaw Ciosz-cjamiwil. Thought Wood was anryibd
Wotvi strike Tucker with a club, near the alley, on not hear him say that he would take a rait barrel to
th- -it side of Illinois street. Witness saw Davis , kill the neuro. Davis did not hurt .Mr. Kliodt s.
hit Teck'c'r with a large briek-liat, after Wood and j
Tucker cre parted. lutker was not look.. er at
Davis when Ihivis bit him on the head. Tire lick
could have been heard fifty yards. Witness, ami
others, advised Tucker to leave, ss pucIi licks would
kill him; and Tucker retreated up Illinois street, and
was followed by the crowd. W'ood went to (laston's
carriage shop, and procured a shaved stick s.milar to
a swindle-tree, and pursued Tucker. Wood was
stopped by pers ns in the crowd, and informed of the
consequences if he struck ard killed Tucker. Heard
.several jiersons in the crowd say, Kill the nero."
Saw some person, supposed it was Uilliner, strike
Ihe noTu with a club, and the nejjro tell ; thru sup
Dinct llrimiiit!ii rcsiniu;. The place where
Vom1 wis when he had hold ot the s ilt barrel was
at Jamei Kirlin's grocery.
Jo.iN Co.ir.N. States, saw Wood as he ftrpped in
to th? rocerv. Saw the blood running from Negro's
nose. Saw Wood as he came nut of the grocery.
Siw negro strike at Wood and Wood either broke nlF
the blow or jumped out of the way of the blow.
Wood then went to Harlot's grocery. Negro th n
started to .Magistrate's o:hce, as the negro said. Wood
followed after the negro, picked up a piece of a board
and struck the negro over the head, near the pump at
tlu corner of Washington and Illinois street. Wit-
ness then went to the place of the scullle. The ne-
poses (as he could not see fairly fjr the crowd) Wood ; ICQ was bleeding. Saw Ihvis throw a brick
struck Tucker three or four blows with his shaved un,l strike negro near or upon the head; saw the
swingle-tree or neck-yoke. Did not see Wood give ! l,rLek fall to the ground ; was about 1' feet from la
Ihe bleVs. . j vis ; did not bear Davis speak. Negro walked up
. Qross-examineiJ. States that ho waj w ttlrn S or nurth towarts Arrr.t-trung's tavern, ami the mob fl
10 feet of the nero, un Washington street, when no-, l,nVed. Witness then got out of the crowd. Saw
pro was first struck by Wood. Negro was going in some unknow n person throw a brick-bat at the negro.
an eastern direction. W ood met the negro and cursed aVis was in trout ot the mob about a rod, so was
him, then struck him. Did not hear negro speak be
fore he was struck. After Wo d struck, negro ask
ed "what does this mean .'" said, after Wood went
into the grocery, if you want to shed bkod, come
out here." W'ood came out. Negro struck at Wood
and missed him ; Wood then ran across the street to
wards Harlin's grocery. Saw the scutlle near the
purnp near west, side Illinois street. Saw the blood on
Wood's head after the scullle. Saw Davis strike Tuck-
some other man and Watson. Negro then turned and
threw a brick at Davis and knocked Davis down.
Wood came with a shaved stick in his hand, and cried
out where is the negro. This wn a minute or so be
fore Davis was knocked down. The negro then walk
ed over towards the east side of Illinois street, near
the mouth of tho alley, where he was afterwards kill
ed. The mob continued to ruh on towards the ue
fro. and brick-bats were thrown bv tht? mo!). Saw
er with the brick bat. Saw Davis alter he hud been Uallinger come across from Arm-trong's, and took
struck. Did not see Davis knocked down. Saw the noj 0f the negro with the left ham!, and hit the nc-
blood gushing out of his head ; he w as standing on f,ro wt, a iar,rC rluh several blows, which felled the
his feet. Did not sec the negro strike Davis. Saw n,l;rru to tjic ero,md, with bis face in the gutter and
Wood rush up after liaüifger had struck the negro ; his feet on the pavement. Wood then came up and
If'. .1 .11' 1 A I I " L . - A . I I - - 1 ' .. .. .'.
oetieves mat woni strucK nun auo.u tue neau ana
f boulders ; could not see distinctly. Thinks Wood
was intoxicated. Does not rcmeu.lcr whether Wood
was laughing at the time he first struck the negro.
Wood laughed w hen lie left the negro, as he crossed
the street.
Dtrtct r,xaminatiin Rt-suwJ. At the time Wood
struck the tK'gro first, he (Wood) cursed him and
called him a nigger.
Jom.v V". Ua.msav. States, on 1th July, afternoon,
saw neuro on the south side of Washington street,
near Michael's orEnnis's grocery, walking up street;
Voh1 met him on tho pavement. W ood struck lor.i 1
on the nose, and went into the grocerv. Negro said
if you want bbod come out here. Wood came out.
Nrgro struck at him. Wood then crossed the street
to Harlin's. W'ood shortly afterwards came out, and
followed the negro down the street. Negro had start- 1
cd towards magistrate's otlice in a north west direc-
tion, in pursuance ot advice given by witness. Saw !
the seutlle near the pump. Heard cries of "kill the
negro.' Saw brick bats thrown. Could not tell who 1
threw them. Did not sec Davis and the negro in the
fight. Saw Wood go to (Jaston's shop and come out
with a club. Did not see stick in Wood's hand at the '.
pump. The seen ? of the firt aftack was eat of and
near the Palmer House in Indianapolis.
(,'rnss-rjttiMi'ntif. Was eight or ten steps from the'
negro, about the distance from where he stood to j
book cae, in Court House, when Wood struck hirn. I
Docs not think the negro spoke before Wood struck. I
It might be poible that he spoke, but not likelv. !
knocked down a tdiort time before. Lallintrer went
north across the street. The negro bad gone north.
Wood then came up with a stick. Negro had a brick
in los band. Negro told Wood to Ftop. Wood etc p-
ped. Davis threw and hit the negro before the negro
hit him. The negro threw ut the crowd, but not un
til he had been thrown at from the crowd. The nerro
was dodging part of the time, and part of the tiuie
huntin"- something to throw. There was no crowd
between the witness and negro when tho throwing
was done. About the time that the negro struck a
w hite man who hid thrown at the negro, Davis threw
at the negro. Saw a iwrson, whose name he lias for
gotten, throw at the negro and hit him and run. The
negro turned and hit the white man as be run, in the
.de. Witness was sunewhat excited. In a very
short time after the negro bad knocked Davis down,
llallimrer came forward north and somewhat behind
the negro. Just about the time, or a little before
Davis was knocked down, Dallinger procured the
stick and started round the crowd towards the negro.
llalhtiger approached the crowd, when he first came,
from a direction towards the State House. Saw I'al
linger catch the negro by the collar, and strike him
twice with the stick while be held it in one hand;
saw him fell the negro. Saw Wood strike the negro
as soon as he fell. There wti.r, rio ditlicultv in seeing
as the main crowd bad not then come up. SaiV him
strike the negro once, heard the other blows. Is ac
quainted with Wood. Did not think Wood showed
much sign of intoxication. Heard persons cry "kill
the negro." There was more noise about the time
that Jlallii.gcr knocked the negro down, than at any
time before. At the time Duvis was knocked down,
Wood was between the crowd and the negro.
Direct llxumimtthni rcsumtd. The person who
threw at the negro and run was bit by the negro in
the s.tle. Docs not think that the person s hat fell
(frost- llxatnincd. Thinks lallinger was some
where in the crowd two or three rods from Davis,
when Davis was knocked down.
A. A. Lnuoov. States, first saw the ngro and
Wood down in the ho'lov or gutter near the pump.
Wood was on top the negro was about to get on top
hit the iu-to several heav v blow s w.th los tdiek. as i wijoii ti.ey were paruu. navis men came up ami
many as three or four blows. Watson was in front ! iid to the negro, "damn you, I want you to leave
of the mob, and cried " kill the dammd negro." The ' h-re." Some person threw something and hit the ne-ne-ro.
when advi-ed to go awav, said that he had dis-1 gr. Daws then threw a brick ami hit the negro on
turbed nobodv, and had done nothing to make him go the back part of the bead. The negro stood w ith bis
awav. The "stick which Dallinoer had was as tluck I back tow ards Davis and could not sec, him when hot
as the arm of the witness, and three feet or in. re in' threw. Did not stand m .re than troia l to rs fret
i,nrti. i-.!t'inrrer tv.-i4 Ktr.mtr n.MTi. lie stnirL- the' from Davis w hen he threw at the negro. Jeremiah
notrrii twice with the club in one hand, and once or' 1):,' told the negro to
Vi,-!,,,!:., W llv . kill him. Witness at
considered a stout man. ' j retreated towards the
( V..s-.s-:.i ;tmin ,. itness arrive I at the scene of, Sfn s Iarm, m a n
the tight about the time tie scull!. was ended at tben reapM-ared with a new shaved stick, and came
the pump. Saw Wood come out of llarkn's, and towards the negro as if be intended to strike him.
saw bin. pick tip the board in the street. Does not ! l'he negrj told Wood to stand olf. Wood's brother
know w hether Woo'i t-'ppcd ut Kirlin's grocery. I ni,d some others took bold of Wood. The nrgro con
Saw negro stoop down when Wood wis about a rod , tinned to retreat. Voices cried kill the ngro. Da-
nejrro on the lnck part of the
of witness. itne-s tried to prevail on the ne
gro to leave, and the negro did retreat up ihe street
towards Armsrong's tavern. Afterwards saw Wood
with a new swingle-tree in his hand, aud heard him
say that he would kill the negro.
( !ross-1 .JL iitni nrd. ltness was ten or 1: yards
from the negro when ood met him hrst on the
pavement near Ramsey's shop. Did not see where
Wood came Iroru. ood came swaggering along
and hallooing; thinks Wood was intoxicated; did not
hear the negro speak to Wood. Wood went across
the street, bad his hand upon a salt barrel. Wood
was about 1'J feet from the negro when he first threw
the brick ut W'ood; the b'ow knocked Wood's hat olf,
and staggered him. Wood dropped his club. The negro !
advanced towards Wood, and Wood advanced until
thev met, and the scullle commenced. The crowd
rushed tip, say from twenty to fifty persons. Davis
was about eight feet from w itness, am! walked, up to
run and caught the negro. The negro was close enough
t Davis when Ihilliiiger caught him, to have struck bun,
Davis, with the club. Davis was 8 or 10 Icet from the
gutter. The negro might have thrown the club and hit
lavij. Did not Pee Levy or Day take hold of Wood.
The crowd came up, witness p,ave back and only aw
n.itlinger etriUo one blow. Did not hear any thins; paid
about Davis' hurt until after the nepro w as knocked dow n
by It.illit giT. If l.d!iint r had a club w Inn hu ran at ros
Hie street, wilnoi clul not fee it
A A. Loudon, rc-tiamincd. States, saw Dnia
knocked down ; pasoed by him alter he was hit, and w ent
up tu the negro, and remained by him unfit he was re
moved into the yard. Thinks it was impossible lor Davis
to have struck the negro after be was knocked down by
ISallinger. Davis v:eincd badly hurt, f-tid ja rsohö sunned
to be supporting him, or con vcrsiii; with him.
Cross-llxaminrd . Was among the firs-t ho approached
the neüro alter he fi ll. Davis was wot of the negro
when he fell in the gutter near where he, Davis wan
knocked down. Witness is certain that the lugro hail
..;il,i.,f'r:.mi;,rt,l;ivf,,,t .S tho n.,,., l,.,:,rrt 1 n dull in his hand when nailing, r took hold el him,
, ' , , , r. . ' I but saw liallinger take tht: stick from the hand of another
lurew . an: ueiin ion i) 111 iinnu-, aim mim u itrti- .1
. , , , i , ,,, , 1 I m ron on his w av across the
Ii- un pL' I lll'l Tilil!' hil'.l Iii 11' 1 T 1 1 0 IV iu j nulnn I '
i iiuiv. n.
Wood, and they clinched. Wood then wt rit and ßt a
singletree, aid he could not star.d it, and brought the stick
into the crowd. Saw sj.ne per'ii strike the negro, auJ
knock him down near the fence. Afterwards saw Wood
strike the m gio, he thii ks, on the biitu or houhler; porno
ef Wood's blows bit the ground, a persons caught hit
l. lows. Thinks that Wood was within ten ftet of the ne
gro near the pump, w hen the neuro threw at Wood and
hit him on the bead. When the negro pickt d up the
brick Wood flopped avlvancin, heim; afraid to aJvance.
The nt'ro told Wood if he folluwtd Lim be would" knock
him down.
Crost-cvuviiiicd. Wood did not Fay to the nrgro, "I
did not mean to hint you. 1 he negro went tpjartcring
acrot-s Washington fetreet and came to the pavement near
rS'orwood'o comer. Wood baJ the click I tfore he came
to the corner ; had the plank 01 t-titk raised. Wood was
not near enough to hit the riero w.th the plank when the
negro bit Wood with the brick. Sw Wo. d fll anJ tho
negro jump on him. Wood fell in th1 gutter and some
persons pulled Wood on to ti e top of the negro. Tho
crowit pres!el in and witness could not sie afterwards on
ly through er among their legs.
Uk.njamin Nkwman. State, siw the negro standing
Davis took hold of witness. Woods came
from the Wc-t with his stick. Don't know where be
Tot the Ftick.
I'jiiiniiudinn resinned. Ncrro had nothing in bis
hand when Da, vis threw the first briek. The nejiro
seemed to be watching sonic or.e and was excited.
Du. NKtil.r.v. State, saw Wood conic out of the
crowd with hi bead bleeding, with a stick in his
hand. Saw Wood' brother take hold of iek Wood,
and stop him fioi.i following the ne;ro. Wood aj
proarhed the nero, and the nejrro turned eacli time
for battle. The loys cried out, "there is the nero."
The crowd and the nero then both threw brick-hats.
in front of the grocery. The nt gro was akcd what was
trcet. The hctii did not i the niuuer win. nun. .xgro saia oou uia shuck nun.
make any attempt to strike Davis sitter he fell. itnes Negro told ot d that tie would make him pay tor it. aw
does not think that the negro did strike It.illingtr as he them again at the pump. t?aw them down, and Wood on
took the . Ptick from the man, remarked, 44 pive me the ton i f the negro. Afterwards saw bricks being thrown.
stick damn him I'll fix him." Did nut see Ltallinger Saw Davis fall. Does not know who threw tue bricks.
throw at the negro.
Jons Smock. States, taw nejro coming down Wash
ington street then taw Wood fad on him, and pick up a
piece of board; saw the negro stoop and pick up a brick
and walked up street saw nothing more of the fight.
Thinks Wood was drunk- The negro was near ten feet
from Wood when ho ran and clinched him.
f?rr,m. ' rnmi))if Witni u na on ihn en:ith kAc of
Dull iiijrer then advanced tow ards the ncjjroj throwing j Washington street opposite (iatona 6hp in company
at him, and w hen he came to him, took him by the - two females . ir uinir to bear an oration bv Win. Wallace.
collar and struck several blows, two or three with a ! ,Saw Wood pick up the board and follow the negro. The
stick with one hand, and then with both bands, ami mgro was ten or fifteen steps west of the corner of
knocked the nero d wn. Heard the blows, hut could (Jaston's fence on the tide walk, when Wood approached
JSaw Wood with the plank in his hand.
Cross examined. Wood took hold of the negro's hat
and asked him, "what is the matter, old fellow !" Then
went into the grocery. Wood came out of the crocerv.
and throw it and strike Wood on the head and strike cf ; ,jie couJ tine, and again took hold of the negro's hat.
his hat, which staggered ood. Then saw them clinch, I 'pnen the negro ftruik at him. Wood picked up the
piece of plank or board, about -1 feet long, G or 8 inches
wid, betöre he got to Illinois street. Afier the scuflla at
tl.e pump Wood went and got another club, and followed
the negro up Illinois street. Mr. Thomp-on took hold of
Wood. Wood said he would kill the regro Thinks
ome persons told the negro to stand bis ground ; otberi
told hint to leave.
Kt.uKiiT Wri Ls. States, first saw Wood near Hedder-
ly's near a salt barrel lilting at it. Saw the negro cominp
not see well lor the crowd. Saw -Mr. Stretcher betitle , him. Wood was on the plank which crosses the gutter, j Bcros Washington street, and heard the negro say "you
the nerro working with him. Ihe nejro seeiiK t! ' w ben he struck, or near them. Has frequently v. sited
dead except pulsation. The nero retreated tit all ' Wood in jul fay four or live times. When witness
times when the crowd did not prcs?s upon him, then arrived at the church where the oration was delivered the
he would turn and throw at the ciowil,and they throw j fpeaker had cutnnu-nccd. Did not elate to any person
at 1m " that he was at the chunh when the fight was going on,
Cross-i:.r,nnuid. The nc'To was knneked down !or when lh M-ro wa kilu'd- . .
Jam ks Wilson. Mates, saw v o u nrst at L.nn.s
Wo4l went out and slapped the negro on the
about eiiiht er ten feet from the allev. Witness was
will see fun dircct'y. The negro passed down the itreet.
Wood followed until the negro bit him with the brick.
The negro had a brick t at in his hand as he crossed Wash
ington street.
.... . .i .1 grocerv. W ol wem oui nnu siappcu me negro on me
JU or .,( leet trotn the m-ro. Saw no other persons ; j10yjr 3nJ Mijf..oll, ft.ow i j'd not ,ma to hurt vou
throw except Dalhn-er, as La Imr dvaneed to- wa jn funf Aflmvard8 hcarj Wood say to 'the
wards the ,H-ro. Uilliiir advanced rapidly, and j q of stjfk jn hu l;in,jt jf iol
witness did not know whether Lalliujrer had the duo j u,have f wiU Tlvu (he ,ltgro thn ,w at Woud
ir not in his hand. Know that l!allii'Lrer did throw . t i . L- .i. . i ...i . i . ,r i : . . .. tc i
Cruas s Mimud. At ihe tur.e that Wood was lifting
at the barrel, the negro made the remark, "you will sett
fun directly." Docs not knew when the negro reached
j the north pavement he went angling westward. The n
j gro was east of Wood when Wood was at the barrel. Did
; not see the nero pick up the briek which witnes saw in
his hand.
I 1 I' . a I. ... ' II . a
. I i i I" ...... 1...4 ...II ..,., ..; 1 .1 ... i J " jr 1. A . -- -mo v mi i a oio.ia u it: oil llir IIUU,
or not in his hand. Know.-that lallmrer did throw Kim n., .he head, and knocked ,iV his hat. Wood , ., . ., ..: x. .
, ,. i . .i . i . i .... - - - - .ana moc 01 ii:e mun, ioy ia.iumtr, wouiu nave iecii
more th:in once. Did not see the Mick until Jailm-tr ca!M fi,r his hal atui said he could not stand it. Tin n ! taU, i!Iimcjillt,y. u,h a blow, fom sech a stick, , ro
strurk with it. j 8aw the brick bats flying every way. .Saw Hallinger catch ; Auwi a JiT wWlcil 6U,I(l.Iul.s ,j1; action of the brain. The
Jr.HKMlUi Day. StaU?, saw a crowd near Meikcil , and strike the negro and knock him down. Saw Wood pj . tU.ct is by coucu.-ion, by extiavasation or interna!
grocery,,.. -tth July. ia o,a cro.s over to rviriiu 6trike she negro on the mourners aittr uailinger had rn turc 'I'hinks the tli-cts, in this iwstance. was cencus-
knocked him down. I reviously saw a brick strike the , mm.. ttrccU 0r ... blow on the bark of th head.
rhe back part uf
street after the hrl attack, in an angular direction, towa.ds . Cros ( Vil niill,.,J . 'l'lm.k the Mow on the back of the
the n. gro. The negro advanced tow ards Wood, as Wood, ' ju aJ ml(,hl aave cMilributed to his death ; a repetition of
- - I.:... .. Itt. ft... I. .. .... ,.,n. I I.i.l t,r.t ' . . ... -. .....
They lio n clinched and Wood fell .... top of the i ld - ' rt; ta':y 'duce deatU .hey hemg
M l... .r..wd , ri. d (live ii m hi... Xiek ' 'Ph.. ! s,e Ua'i.ger at all until he had the negro by the codar. . rt.ualv iarj, ,lie continuation being ir.iurious. A blow
it----'-..---y - - - ...... ....... -"irai-a ill 1 1 i . . '
) leave that crowd or thev would fny am'jirlJ ul' a, Mlli,a"J'1 lf7I,r t,!,r.
... , i hen saw W ood start tlow n Ilie street loliowfd 1)V several
advised nrjrn. t. leave. Ne:ro k & Cl, of Il!allU and went .... to Illinois
Miorth. .i ';'ro lived on Hen.h r- j f u . re he overtook John Tucker, and as Wood
rth direction. Nicholas Wood j advanced Tucker stooped d .w.. and picket! up two bricks
negro on the head ; could not tell who threw it. Suppose woujj ...huMy not have proved fatal,
it would weigh about 1 pounJs. Saw Wood cross the ,jie ,eUg tlt. strongest.
peil il oAii anu picket, up
or stones. :md threw one of them and hit Wood on tbc
ie"IO. I III' !" I "i inv ii iw iniii mm. I in. , , , . , , , I
negro then got nenrlv on top of Wood, and the crowd! 1 ",K8 ,'HI , J
, i on the back of the head may produce concussion.
loud. Also a block of wood hit him on tin: head.
Ibickbart told him to h ave. Davis ordered him to leave,
and .threw a brick which hit thn negro on ihe ht ad. The
iNick tod came ikuvn the street from theea.;t rnvct
I 1 - 1 .
lllg ll.f irpro. (HMi uoio a KHIU (d Millie WllCIl h0 I After Davis was Ue!;ed down, Wats.,,, ca, out in
struck the negro, ami jumped into the gr.K-cry. Il. nrd ; front of tlie no.l, and t ri d out kiil the d tinm-d no
the negro say that if Vm1 wanted blotnl, to cuinf ' r,,; VU(1 rMW with his stick Mm Ihvis was
Uli atlU iiC WOtlld have hlootl lor blood. I oiisid. rt-tl ; knocked down. Jlallniir
otjtl partially intoxieatf d. lie did not sUijrjjtT. isut)
pjies iu bad drank lupior.
c-i I . 1 I "II .1 MM .1 . rOllllllli;. illlO s.ini iiu II 'iiu iiwi Him liui .ioiii u. " p ,
him. Afler the? sc.. tile. r:iv tho blood runnm-r vis said kill the no-rro. 1 lie iir-pro "xn.s m tne net t.l i , L;n ti... ,f i ...... .1 ... r,. l
. . - a Ijf I i j UHU IM: Hill niu hi t .-11.... iwvut ung nun
from the bead of Wood : saw tho scratch or blood throwmir at some person who bad thruwn at hmi from ; ,t.raKt()n,s u ere thrown and .truck tho negro n the
upon Wood s lace. ,n hun.lr. tl im n coll vtod in trom ' the west wnen ne nearu naviss remarK, ami ihm. j
two to live minutes. Davis threw the brick m a short urn t: ana inrew ax imvis ana kiiocki.-u 1111:1 (town,
time after the seutile with WoimI and the nrgro near j Davis had hit the nerro a second time, before the ne
the pomp ; it iniht have been 1, V. or more minutes. ' ro threw at him. When Davis fell, the crowd cried
lluckhart advised the negm to y;o away. The crowd ' kill the nero. Ileard Davis say 'kill him" only
followed the netrro north. Wkn sS was on the west ! Sau llallinjrer jro up to a eountryman ami say
sidewalk rear t Jaston's ho;. A wngoii and team ! U) ',un "jjivc me the stick, I'll fix him." liallinger
was in the mouth of Illinois street, mul a crowd took the stick ; it w as an iron wood stick, :t f,ri S
were around it, near the eat side ef the strei t. Wit- , inches or I feet Ion;. Dallinor then ran and caught
Hess crossed the street towards the wnjrtm. The ne- the neirro by the collar and pressed him back nirainst
gro had crossed over towards the euU side of the , lb fence, ami struck him tw ice with the club holding
slrtet. Several ririckbnti catn from tho mob. Stw it-in one band. Wood then struck at the negro, over
the nero throw one bricLb.it be fore he krocht d Davis l!allirijrirr, and bit the fenro. Uailinger shovod WimmI
tbnvn. Watst n was near the middle of the street, back, and took his own stick in botn hands and knock-
Jft)B VNrF.;K.FT. States, was sittinr at Wilov's
auctron rjfi. aw nrgro cross the .street. Alter-
r ciinio iut nftr-r l?ivi:
knocked down, ome thought that Davis was killed.
D.tvis attempted to rise and fell, ami he was helped
e.l the nero down. Wtxd then rushod in ami struck
the nejjro on the slumlders, itml struck at him once or
twice inure, but did not hit hint, lilt hit the ground 1
or s inclios from tun head. Thinks Wood was intox
icated. Did not seo Wood stagger at the tine he was
in the crowd. The witness was actiun ii.ted with th
Ij T-
. ' - 1 1 . ii ii 1 .y.pv.i' i'ii rni iffii .ii.i mi i i ir i:.-!riii 1111. ii- i .111 i. . w... I . . .
parted them. Mck lilt ms neau anu toumt the liiood i ; - . jami.sivi.iili. ta-es ue saw v 00a anu me ne-
riinni.K, ml sai.Mie would not take that Irom a nt ro, K"'" 'y. ,t uuu .-.i.v. b..j . Rro ,f ,,tt, nIt.t.,. o.m came into wiuicsscs pro-.
n . t I 1 . . 1 ' v 1I.I...V. ,r.nr Sit Ihn Mnrril ctirt d ,lll' h frenl Othl r I t . 1
10 iiaiuu 3 (ii.pvi.i. .m.wb.-.. v....... ...v..,u.. ftry ,ind ,Ii(mirt j an axe handle1, and said he wanted U
s aw Wood also tart in a brisk gait after the negro. The kin tlie nt.Br. Took hold of a barrel of salt and taiJ he
neuro was west of the pump when he. picked up the .ot k. . Wl,u,j kj j,,,,, wjtu ,ul HearJ tUe negro say that if
Wood approached as if he intended to strike the negro, or j U oik1 dui llot U t i.IIU a0!f iie Wuuij hurl .')iin. Ie'
to slap his poitteriors he said he would flap him. Saw j e.st at Wund. Thin wa near Preston' awn.
m io tell to Im hands mid raised with a brick 11. Ins hand. ; ri)Cks living both ways, but could not say which tide began. ' jtlT j)ul ,,üt lPlU Wood neak to the negro Wood was
The nt-ro was threatening to throw at a young man hut DiJ nol ,te Davis. The negro beard Wood halloo, and " druuk. Was Uu,hlll, anj appeared 'iu good hu
u hen told that the young man did not throw the block at turm.j round as ,n w ax approaching him. Other persons j JMor
mm, ne on. nm uu,i M.o.e j. ,s u...u. immS , Q Wo()j flS ua;I
immediately threw. 1 he nero said be bad not nisu'te.l 1 i: , atlt;liatlon r.iW,(.vas about 20 or so varda
any man.h:U he was a e.vd man, and why hould he f j . $ when Wqü ,
cave, an Mr. Davis had ordered him. Airk ood hen . . ,. , n . .1 . w 1
' , . . 1 1 . . . . 1 I. i ii . 1 tins: the nccro. Did not see Davu at the n.oe ood w as
tlllllt ill III Willi r-nv -oWB . .-.
nn:l told him not to tnko the negro, asking him If he
w ihed to be lint)! or to be sent to the penitentiary for
killing the negro, Wood swearing that ho would kilt ihe
damned ncpro. Witness held Wood until he promised
that be would behave. H itnes kept close to nod, and
lie negro.
knocked down.
William Hiserllt. States, paw nrgro strike Wood
with a brick near the pump ; saw them clinch; the nero
Cios-Jxnm!ned. Xegro might have heard Wood aak
int; fr the hanüle. The nero was west of Wood when
be crossed the street. Did hot hear the negro say "You
will see lire directly." Thinks be .hould have heard it. if
the remark had lecn made. iMw Wood take Uj the stick
near Illinois ttrcet. Did not tee any stone or brick in the
hand of tlie negro a he crowed tho meet. WouU have
. . t a
.-med to advance alter the i.r.cK was tnrown. aw 00.1 ; lteJ MmJ lx m.Rr) a f0U,j havfi t QJ
attcrwards approach the negro witn a suck, m.u me negro near nari,'ö Kroctry, and could have heard tetter.
.... i 11 1 ., . .... .. . . 11: . - . it . 11 1
up. iho negro leu nv the blows el liallue'er, his n-n. 1 u uniiie was join. 1 ucmt. lie was Killed
lace m the gutter ; he ltll as dead. Wood immedi-! dead. Died in two or three minutes.
wank smv Wood ami negro ti,'htin at corner of at.-ly e une uirotili the cr. .w! und rtru. k the nro'j 'rss-llaaniinrd. .Saw them in the ditch. The
Illinois and Washington Mr.-ets, near northwest c.-r- j wjn ,e was lVM11r n that position. When Wood v.rro was threatening to sinke a young man with a
ner. Saw Davis thron- a brick and strike Tucker on j r:inM. t the i.. gr., there was hut few persons between j block of wood, with which he, the nejrro. had been
the- head, .vucker's Kick was towards Davis. Davis ; ti,0 witness ami tho negro, and witness Wood hit! "truck. The young man told the negro that he did
threw with force, severely, near a whole brick. Naw ! j,P
U otnl alters aras come n;to the crowd w?h a club in
h 18 hand ; had a large shaved club; paid ho would
kill the damped negro. Witness held Wood. Wood
tried to hit witness on the head ; did not hit witnes.?.
Wootl then started in a direction from the negro. Sev
eral voices exclaimed "kill the negro." Did not see
Dallinger. Davis was three or f ur pact's from the
negro when Davis threw the brick. S.i.v Wood come
fron. Jastorfs sho- with a. club. Saw WooJ's brother
and Joseph Levy take hold of Nicholas Wood.
('ritss-4 'xuiniw d. Wood stayed three or f jiir min
utes at (iaston's shop. The negro still remained un
til Wood returned. The negro was baekin" out
from the crowd. Wood was somewhat intoxicated.
When witness arrived at the pmnp, where the light
waS gfng on between Wood and the n gro, the ne
gro was about getting clear from Wood. Wood's
bead ami face w ere bb -oily ; did not see the w ound on
Wood's head. Negro was backing out. Wood was
bare heae'ed. Did not see negro strike Wood. Wood
aid he would kill the negro; assigned no rea:n for
paying so Wotnl was exiitcd. The light was four
r'r five feet from the pump. The brick was 3. hard
burnt arch bnck. The negro was standi: g w.!h b's
tide partly to.vards w itness. Saw the brick in Davis's
hand. Knows the brick by a melted lump on the
brick. The brick was afterwards produced in court
ami identified.
William MAR'tt;ts. S'ates, can.e up near tlie com
mencement of the bist atVray. Saw Wood cone up
with a stick. Negro bad a stone or brick in each j
hand. Davis threw a brick or stone at n' gro and hit
him on the bead, back part. Negro then threw a
stone or brick bat at 1 avis and knocked him down.
The affray was within JI or '.'() feet of tin; pump.
When Davis threw at the negro it was near the same
place. Davis was in advance? of the crowd. Came
out of the crow d and was in front of it. Davis threw
twice before the negro threw i:nd hit Davis. Da vi
hit the negro in the sidj with a brick or stone. Did
not bear Davis spnak. Witness saw negro ufter
he was dead. Negro laid upon tiie side walk and in
the lot two or three hours. The negro eroded from
near Armstrong's tavern or Dr. Hunt's olhce to the
cast side of the street. When witness first saw Da
vis throw it was near the middle of the street. Davis
bit tbc negro once or twice before tlie negro threw
and knocked him dow n.
Crors-f xaniiii'd. Saw tbc Jat attack when the ne
gro was ophite Dr. Hunt's shop. Witness went on j
to the west side of Illinois street. Tho negro was'
then but a few steps from witness. Witness stood
near the south comer of Hunt's tdiop. I)i,.rs ,,(r.i
Fons were engaged in throwing. Javis came out in 1
front of the crowd. The negro was lacin.r the
rrowd, and had a rock or brick bat in"eaeh
hand. Kiw negru' strike a man in the back with
a htone or brick and the man's hat fall off. Then !
turned round and threw at Daiand knocked him'
down. Nigro threw other bricks or stones, ami other
jiersons were near being hit, paitieularly a child on 1
the side walk. Saw the bloutl run down Wood's hair.
Thinks that one rock was thrown liefore. the iu rr,
turned round. Think the nefjro Lad tnrm-d round
before Davis int hi:h in the side
Dirrct llrtfiiii:ti;h ll'strmd. Hunt's h n.e js
close to Armstrong's tavern. The negro's lace was
turned tow ards the pump. N7jrn, turn. .1 r.u,.l u !.e
Wood approached him with tlie stick in his hand.
negro either on the head, back i f the neck or "t sinke him. Davis then threw the brick. The
sh ublcrs. He did hit the negro and not the ground, j etfro was nlut to throw at some other person when
V. C. Hanxa. Stabs, first suv ne.'ro nearly ..' 1,;ivis tl,r,nv 1,10 scroml l,rick whir, 1,11 tllC "gro. It
posite Armstrong's tavt rn. Saw Wo .,1 iuiV;lMci., as after Davis bad been knocked down that JJallin
upon the negro and a.lviscd him to d -sist. Wood ger took the stick and vent to the negro. The block
swore he would kill the damned ncro. ( Ubers a Iso ' ut woim! wiucJi was in the hand ot the negro, w as a
heavy block, siioicient to have killed a man if sufli-
( ietit force was applied.
advi"d Woeul not to .strike him. Witness advised
Wi.i'd to wait until s .-ine older day, but could not in-
tl'jf,nee Wo ti to be peaceable'. As W'ood lulvancfil
iip..!i the negro, the negro turned round and told Wood
not to strike. Wood stood off. At this time I'all.n-
ger threw a brick at the negro, and the negro retreat-I" (,("1- Stones were thrown by the crow d. Negro
ed towards the northeast. Dallinger followed up the j retreated. Stones still continued. Saw Davis knock
negro. Witness heartl the blows but eot.l l not see for tht; ' d dow n. Saw Dav is throw once at the negro. The
crowd. Heard Watf-un say "kill the damned negro." , "'-gro was retreating when Davis threw. Saw tin;
Was acquainted tlie negro ; his name w:.s John Tuck- negro throw and hit a person who was running north,
er. Saw him on the sidew alk after be was killed. This was after Davis had throw n. There was an
The stick carried by Wood appeared to be a new open space between the negro and the crowd. Davis
swingli -tree. j was in this open space in front of the crowd.
( Vo.v-llrmninrd. The crow d w as not very den-e. 'mss-rxdnhird. Saw the person hit who run.
The l.st w itness saw of the negro was near the nit- ! The first stone that witness saw came from the direc-
I. is hio.h. r U. .t hmi b.i.-k. Davin was down, and llio loM lum to ttanJ oll. i no negro taia no was noi koiiij Damkl Ml ('hEaIII. states he Came Up aUCUt thO
crj was that Davis wm killed. Ilalhngcr huily afii-r- U be run off. Did not see any ihiti in the harn! ef the ' t;Ilu. of tie HCVlu near the pump. Saw the m-gro north
vv.ir.l-i had hold t.l ihe negro, and was striking him with j negro, until he saw him kn. ck D.tvi down with a brick, s of- Wood, with tii. or a little hoy a-kinc him to go away,
a club, and took both hands to tho club and felled the- Cross-exmm ,ied. W .tness did not Fee Weed unlll he! & j. olJ mmw jQ
ni-ro. W itnrss saw the skin open when ihe blow was ' Cfltll0 out 0f the Rrcm-ry. when the nrfro struck twice at Iliilitlisl ,lr,tt. Haj tU)t lhrowil fcllJ hlt t!ie I;egro. iü,
given, and the. negio piteln d forward. Nirk was eal'e.l 00J. Wood came into the grurpry, and .he negro tood i);lci as teWarJs the lieero when he, witness, was bit.
y ,K 'rr"! a,!' , ":Zr TT I" ViUe lh0 X0C"1 djr' anJ U lht rC WM a ,nail Wh0 hlJ : Wa co,i,,B South, out of Hanoi, street, towards the P.1
lie m srusb. ad. Dav s w . hie, ihr g ml S:, d he was Jrawn bo((J ffom ,lim anJ iMie wou!J Come out he , Was about 13 feet from the negro, hea
badly hurt. 1 he erowd nai J repeate.lljr K.II the ne.ro. j j w j from ,.lw lhe ,ro anJ j
Saw tlie crowd throw at the ntgru. and the nejro throw ! , , , , n xy . ., . , , 1 'lt 111 ... . . .
at the crowd j Wood ro dawn the street, saw Wood pick up the boarJ . Cross-T.xa mined. Was runnirs to get out of the
Cross.Ejr.nn,nrd. lhtt srrn Davis an hour or two ' and follow the negro. Did not hear Wood say any ih.i.R , way t,f the bricks which were being thrown. Had run
before and siippo-cl that Davis was intoxicated, bis as ne appf3Cbcd the nero; was within ten feet of him ; J ahjUi f,xe flCt, when be was struck. At no time during
breath smelling of limior. Wood when at Kirlin's, thinks he fehould have h, ard hm. l he had fpoken oud lhal d:iy naj u run yunx towards l.Mer'a stable. Did
iumped ii-trid a alt barrel, and morp be would kill the . enough lor tlie nogro to nave nearu mm. au i fay nicu
necro with the salt barrel. When Tucker threatened to clinched hrst. oaw tue negro s nose u.ccuinjr wnen ne
strike the voiing man, the young man raised hi hands, I was before the grocery. sidW the brick strike tho negro
and when "Tucker wan informed that ho wa mistaken, on the bai k part cf the head. After the negro had start
that the young man had tint thrown at hirn, he, Tucker, ' ed and gone part way across the street the crowd follow-
dropped hid baud and tint not attempt to strike the young CJ.
man. When Wood found his head bleeding he went ill
search of a stick, and came with one.
sec some person get bit who was running in that direction.
Saw Iavii knocked down; docs notj know who did it.
Sjw Wo d with a stick in his hand. t;aw ncgra pick up
stones. Heard voices cry "kill hint."
1jnja.mi LoiiALtiit. States, the first thing he saw
' was the Kcutlb; near the pump, anJ got there about the
Dr. Joni L. KictiMOM). States, be is acquainted with tmö that vü(lti anj the II0aro Were parted. Witna ad
Nieholas Wood. When Word is intoxicated he become
Samcki. Hr.TsKi.f.nsF.K. States, p.iw' tlie crow d at Pit. Jt'iiN t. 3IoTiirKHK.n. States, on the morning partially insane. Has fiequently seen him when iutoxi
the pump. Afterwards saw Wood with u du! come ' f thi' .rth July, made a post mortem examination ol tlie Cill, j ailj the result is that he is prone to quarrel anJ lil.t
ui towards the ne-'ro. Suhie persons ttok hohl of i ,M,,,y of r,,,, Tucker before a coron, r's jury, found a : wh(,n ho u(ls i.t. d. inking.
iraciurc on me auw nor p .ru ... u.u mmi.i um.e, externa. Cr,Jgs.t'ximhn d. Some men have their u
and inte.i.al, running latally to the base of the UH.ItiM M Ke Mmr when they uro drunk.
Another tracture on the ptjster.or L-me of the .hull .tight ,v j a,,kc , drunkenness. Thinks a
fracture of the internal table ; a wound on the cheek hone ... . , , ... , , ,
t'-r on ti.e east side ot Ilhno.s street. J!a inrer had : Hu (, the nero. .uw the nejrro throw two stones
throw ii a brickbat ami fjlluwed to where the ncor., j (bie hit Davis, the ether the yiuin inati w ho ran.
;as- I Koi-.KRT IIakdin. States, saw a row near Meikcil's
Ai;r..i!i.M lb r.i. States, the first wi triers paw was j grocery. Afterwards saw Dullinirer coming uj. the
Wiod coming out of ;t tncery on the south side of ; street with his mouth hlecdinir. Dnl nut see the tirht.
WashinVm street. Wot id m-do fun of the negro's Kxo it Dvi.r.. States, savMhc nerros nose bl7ed
tv because it was bleedir The nero struck at iry in front of Meikcil's irnx-ery. Aftcr the crowd
Whu1. Wor! cro-sed over to a meery and eutptired , l.sjersed nt the pnx-ery the nerro took a westerly di
for an axe handle, saying that h wanted to kill the j rectiun. Wood went across the street. Did not see
damned neirro. Wood picked up a board, and pursu- j the scullle near the pump. Saw nejrro standing in the
ed the nero down the street. When he came near walk and saw Davis throw a brickand bit the nejrro
the nero, the neoro picked up a brick and hit Wood on the back of the head, w hich knocked him forward
t.n tlie head. A st ulllo eusunl. Al'tr which scullle j and brought the blood. The net'rt then retreated to
witness saw iavw strike Ihe n.-ro on the back of the' the north 1.) or 'JO feet. Wood then appeared with a
eiun, near three leet lonir,, two or three inches in di
ameter. Wood intpiired for the negro, and voices
said there be is. Wood approached the negro, and
the negro told him to stop or he would throw. As
Wood advanced he said be would kill the damned ne
gro. Saw Wik d strike the negro after llallin-'pr bad
knocked him down. Saw the brick which Davis
threw, examined it. Delievcs the brick in court to be
the sr.n.c.
( r;ss-e.niwind. Saw Davis's head bleeding, and
some person" holding him, afier he had been knocked
dow n, as witness supposes.
Josi.ru A. I.kvv.- States, saw Wood come into the
rrowd w ith a club i.i bis hand. Witness ean.rht 1.!,1
head with a brick i r stone w hich Davis threw at him
It struck tlie negro and tlie blow bent the negro for
ward. The back of tho negro's h"'d was towards
Da v iff. The negro threw ui-il retreated towards the
north up Illinois street. Saw the ierrro' throw brick
bats towards the crowd, but not until' brick-had been
thrown at the negro. The crowd still followed up
the street. Davis threw a brickbat and hit the nero
in the aii'c. The negro then thre w at Divio, hit him
on the head and knocked him down. Several persons
then threw at tho regro, and several rri-d k ill him."
Wo appeared with a stick follow ing towards tlie
negfo. The negro told Wood -lot tc strike, and Wood
did not then strike. Duvis was in advance of th
! I . i ....
ooHu wiit-ii i.u turew at my neTo. Witness ;n- p r. i r i i ..i . "
pi. a .i(;I " ,,,1 O' d Mini ,4lct tne "o ' as be would 'iill it
..iiuiiiii Mii --Kin me neo' ,, .iier tne negro
In. I t. . ... ,.l...l l.....' .1. ...... P.ii:..' i- n ... H
t nu'".r..i 1MU lli'UII, IJ.III.I.IT 1 i I I V. C ' 1 1 the l.e-
gr. and caught him by tht- n. liar, am. t-ikiugacluh
ju one band struck at the negro, w hich blows the ne
gro fended off. He then took the club in both hand
1'iid again struck the negro over lhe head and kno -k-him
down. The club was a coium uisi.ed hand-spike
about f. ur feet 'long. Almut the time Davis was
knocked down Rallinger sh p; ed up to some person
having the ebih, and said give ti.e the stiel:, "I'll sotn
fix him." Witness was anpiaiuted with the no"ro
bis name was John Tucker. Wood then earn" to
where tiie negro wa lying, and st ruck him tw ice over
the !,i a,l cr shoulders. Witness could not eo for the
tr jvd the precise phice wh"re he hit the negro. Some
he saw luvis with I
-on bill b ld (d hi'ii
ourt adjmrned until tomorrow n.orniii"
o clock.
at 1)
it IP ttoirrt. ....I
. . V . " . . oi'i
in-; u-gi. iuriu .1 iew;r:is ooC. ,M..l siuiared no
.1.. t':. . ... '. ii i ... 1 . i
" ii'-ui". m:.s, r.-iueM upi.n tii crowd to sup
press the riot. Afterwards saw tho negro ipir ,u
Josiii m I. Sii:i;iriii.i:.Sates, thaf heree u,
just afier the negro was knocked down n ar V.r
w ood's b uce. The negro never roe again. Saw
Nick Wood strike the negro with a stick on ti e J..j
or back of tiie neck. Saw I'M ward Davis throw a
br.ck or .-tone and rike the i."gro on the hirk, after
the negro was down. Davis's head was h!red;',w .,t
the time. Witney stood alit I." fret from Davis or
nearer. Is sure that it was Pavis wjiti threw. '
('rss-i:x,i.,ined. Witness was the lirst nnn who
got to the nogro after he fell: wined the 1.1,, ,1 iv. ....
I thr- negro's face with the negro's shirt. Davis w is
j about eight feet from the negro. Afterw ards thinks
ne- .i i,.iws wiiii ins neati iiieviling. and s..m,.
Colli'! llOt Sec w )ll. it u ne n..
ave the b:ovv that knocked the negro down. Pa sed
ami tm the museb-s d the Lead and fat e. Death ensued
fnun immediate concussion by destruction of the nervous
svstem. Could not Fay whether death was produced
from either or till of tho blows. Could not determine
whether inflammation would or would not have been
etiuse.pie.it upon the tracture. rSo depressions were
mcntjl facul
ll men are
Ftnall quan
tity will intoxicate ood. He is near ahmt as eirnng
when be is druuk as when he is sober. When witne:s
saw Woud tduutly previous to the murder, ho thought him
excited, and this excitement he calls the lirst stage of in
sanity. Thinks Wood was cap ible of knowing riIit from
wrong. ISeer saw Wood to drunk as not tJ be conscious
found upon tho skull. Nt. extravazalion ur apparent of the corn quences of high crimes.
contusion of or upon the brain. i lie-examined. Thinks Wood when intoxicated reck-
Cross-Us omitted. Cannot tell which of the blows did less and iegard!cis f const quenccs.
produce death. The r fleet of tlie blow of liallinger was I Miss Maht lvrrsLKH. aw the negro pick up a brick
apparent at tl.e moment. Cannot s ly whether independ- hit and throw it and hit Wood on the head. i,uv V"o..d
eut of other blows, lialliner's blow would have produced .,icj. u a hoard or slab end o towards the negro. Was
death. D . vis's blow would not h ive produced immediate ; w.th lohn Sm ,. L-
.l. nn. It woti.d not h.ivu ttone so unless inll itinnii. 4. .. 1
. , . 1 1 1 . ! i d t examined. oaw toe nrqro picK uj) tno i ricii ne- . r ,i e . .r c. ne i
...... li!.l ciiiiflrirtii'l liitnrir ilit mt n i.n.e n ... . .. " SIMM nit it in iiiu 1 uc na miii. -
: ' J .... f Wood tucked up the stick, urc ol it. (Witness , W , , , , . M P.. i m. In s ,.P. Wnnl.rK.
immediate elleet. The weapon used bv lialhnser m."ht ' . i . i i c. . . . i i ! 1 ; alCJ, blw OOd ard negro
I i i .1 i ... i l i " rn i ii p was evidently mistaken in her alter statement as to locali- , ,,,,.,,,., vv vir....t h.rA.K... .
easily produce death by a single blow, the skull was . J at the greet i) on v an.ng.o.. street, lu re the negro was
vcrv" stron". , tics. ) : lir..t stricken. Haw them scutil near ihe pump Saw
I)k. Dt M.Ar. States, lhe external pa.ts were separated ! William Pkte a s. Slates, taw od approach the tht, ,u.ßr() crilsa ,he lret.t lJjt.s nol lhink
upon the skull two or ll.ren incites. A slight fracture was ; l,'Pro w ith a s'ick, opposite Armstrong s. 'l he negro ,,,1 between Wood and the negro as they crossed the
apparent outside. A worse fracture on the inside. Cither ! turned and lold Wood to stop or be would kill him. Wood 6trrcl. The negr. came on to the North pavement be
of ihe blows upon the skull were, sullicient to kill. The (stopped, and the negro continued U retreat towards the tvvren Kirlin's and Preslon's.
brick throw n by Davis might have alone produced death. 1 mouth of the alley. l'.rickbaU were thrown at the nearo, : Joi!, u,s.,0,. . stw Kdward Davis aliout an boor nn.l
- r . . I .r.. . . 1 . . .1 I 1.1. I . . . ! . 1 l ..... I ... ""Uf BIIU
A pevere irncimo oi ine cneeK none. 1 no tleath was a.ul the negro lurneii, turew anu iiu o.ms auu hiiotKeu
occasionetl by concussion produced by several blows. ; him down. JSaw liallinger have bold of the negro, strike
Cross-llxamiiird. The eflect id concussion is the and knock him down. Saw Wood come up and strike at
destruction of nervous vitality, or subsequent inflamina-i the hclto after be was down; roine person caught the
i'i. i.i i'n.ii: i. l- . " . ... . . . .. .
tiie.uuw.M i.iinigi uiigiii nave prmmceu insia.il .low of Wood and his stick seemed to hit tho g.oun.l.
vised negro to g away. Others said that V ooj was to
bl-itne, at.d that he ouglit to be whipped, or that the negro
could whip Wood. The negro then remarked, as witness
thinks, that bo could whip any white man. Saw the ne
gro struck by a biick. AftciwarJs taw Wood with a
blick und took hohl ef him.
Crvts llxavüned. The negro was about to go away
when two white men told the negro that he should hat
fur p!iy, or that he'could whip Wood. The negro cer
tainly use the words "whip" and "white men." Under
stood him to say that be could whip any white man. Wit
ness was holding Wood, and Wood was living to get
Ioo-e, altci Word had returmd with a stick. When Wood
got I.)o.-e, he pursued the negro, and the negro told him to
stat.d ell or he should hit hin. Wood stood oft The
negro kept tr)ing to get ell; witness stopped Wood the
second tune. Sjw the bri. k-ba's flying; heard the cry in
the crowd "kill the negto." aiv Mr. Davis come up by
the pump al out half a minute btfre lhe negro was hit.
aw It einiger strike the negro. aw ood conic up and
... .... . "... . . . :
tleath, nut might have l.t en materially auled uy the other , The M()W hu.h l)avis received was severe.
mows, internal marks oi injurv are not always latal or
i I.. im I. . .i - "i i ... i
t?avv him af-
a hall before the affray. Thinks he was somewhat intox
icated. Witness told hi:n be was drunk.
Danikl McNamm. States, saw the fight at the pump
at a distance, then went uv.i. Head the negro sir
iv ..:. l ..... ...... J
ij.iv is nan oil ins neau. uurkiiau told nim t. r,
.... "
incurable. Thinks tlie man could not bavo been resus
eitatetl. From the nature nnd size of the weapon used
by Uailinger, the blows might have produced immediate
death. Crom the other blows there is a possibility that
the man might have recovered. It is possible that the
blow of llalhnger alone might have produced death. It
was(.i peculiar skull, being very thick and strong.
Her the counsel fir the State suspended the introduc
tion of further testimony for the present, two of the
witnusses being sick and not in attendance.
! Jerrv D.JV and D. Dollarhi-lc told him in .i. .... i ..... i. -
, .ii'.llll' .1 C -v, cl, UHU 1111 IIO
terwards, with his bead bleeding, near Lie bice. blu,uld vAXe a f air The Ifgro lljt.n
Cross examined Thinks the crowd firt commenced t,ricivS atld s.id l.o couM whip any white man. He Hsrt
throwing at the negro, and hit bun. The negro then . rJ awav ai.t hlin. lt rs ,iU on tC .uUer when
threw at the crowd. The negro was bit once or twice be- hc lur:il, j r,iuildt aI;.i v0j anproacheJ him 'hetoIJ
lore lie inrew at navis. ne leu. auu aner ne :,s on ee- , oud to stand l-aik or he w.m .1 il.r.uv
fore hc threw at Davis, ami vet retieate l. The next h:
saw was the contort between liallinger and the negro.
Coutt ailjourntd until to-morrow, 8 o'clock.
i rtniiit, Aug. 10.
a brick throaeh
bim. It was aber be ha l Ucu stricken on the head by
! Davis, t'aat he n.gro was ucourag.d I. stay, hs bis bead
was then bleeding. When he said that he could whip any
i white m m, he then started away .
j Ci ose- 1'Xiintintd llockbait told ihe nrgr. to go wit.
D y told bun to st.iy. The blood was running from the
('ourt met pursuant to adjournment.
lliiriiia;i Smart. rirslsaw Wood going down tlie negro s he.id and he was wiping it elL Heard Davi say
street after the negro with a stirk in bis hand. Saw no- that he did not hit lhe mgro. When the crowd started
. l a . i . . . i i : . I. ; ... .... . I. i. .. I i . , i. i i...
gro mrow ui v oou uiu niv nun 'n u-io, ami t'ti in- op ami inr negio, imuich n.ii in im' crovvu. lue was a
I'iuiuy, July 8
Court int-t pursu int to adjournment.
Davii Jo ks. Slates on the Ith July, savv a row
the strei t. I list saw the negro between lhe pump ami wards Weed and thev clinched. The crowd parted them, good many bruk-bits thrown by persons in tha crowd
Armstrong h tavern. Iho negro and Wood were both
bleeding the negro was retreating up Illinois street.
Saw I). iv is fill by the blow of the lieg.-o. Saw u club m
the hamlj of the negro. Saw liallinger run up ami hit
bun or.ee. When the negro got ihe club, Uailinger run
and b Ii w '.t.;e.;i. S,wv negro pick up the club afier Davis
fell. Halli.igei took tho t Ijf out of the negro's hand.
Stood llor 1 feet from Ibillincr at the time I. struck the
nrgro. Ilo. s not recoiled w hat was s;ii.l about lhe injur v
Mi-tained by D.iv is vv hen Imwas knocked down. Did
not see Jbilhngt r strike or do any thing until idler Davis
was knot ked down. Don't suppo-o that Ikdliuger could
have thrown before Da vi j was knocked dow it w ithout
witness having seen him ; had not his eye on it. .til the
lime. If Uailinger had hallooed, witness thinks he
should have In aid bin.. Saw negro throw two or three
limes. Saw negro hi. a p. r.-on who was moth of Inm,
with a buck bat in the tide or back. The negro showed
Saw the negro struck with one rock near the jump, but the negro. Docs not know Dollaihide; lut others said it
don't know who did it. The negro was standing up when was Dolloih.de win urged the negro to stay.
he was hit on the side of the head. The blow was not j Jons Hiiuilk. Stales, that ho aw KJward Davis
very hard. j knocked down, shortly afterwards saw Uailinger take bold
Cross-e irviincd. Firwt saw the negro going west, then ol tl.e negro. Saw liallinger throw once at the negro,
saw Wood follow him. Wood picked up the fctick first, , Cruas-llx'.imitud. The negro bad been retreating be
and afterwards the mgro picked t.p the rock or brick. The fore be threw at Davis. Is certain that Uailinger threw at
negro met Wood more than half way. Afterwards saw him', b it d.d n t hit him. Uailinger had nothing in his
Wood with a new club or m ingle tice. taw the brickbats hand as he went to the negro. The crowd repeatedly
!lyir:g. , cried "kill him."
Josr rn I lt. Stiten, first saw tho mob after thev, Sa mi L IIkmu uvix, intrcduccd t'V the State, ssjp:
Wo. tland the mgro, were parted at the pump. HcarJ lb was in the upper room at the l'ost Oiuee; first saw.
Duckbart s:ey, "by (I d, I used to tea negro driver, and from un upper window the negro ahout the middle of, lhe
vou had belter leave or you will be killed." S aw Davis , stru t, cs be was passing to the pump. Saw hirn blow
hit the negro ; uf.crwards saw the negro hit Davis, as he 1 ing blood bom his nose. Saw Wood approach the negro
believis. The negro had n biick in hi.- hand w !u u D ivis ( vv ith a large stick or piece of plank, and st tm d to he
threw, iaw Uailinger hit and lcll ths nee'io. Saw Wood close on the neio, with the tteA elevated. They oero

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