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Indiana State sentinel. [volume] (Indianapolis [Ind.]) 1845-1851, August 13, 1845, Image 4

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Uiv VivsiiU nl of Iii Mi-! S.
In ptlfUiinc. . l;w.!,JxvO- rx... . ......... . .
i n...ri. n ( litT- l'V ilctlate .Hill Iliase
- ..... i... ...Ii i. I..M I II e linr niienm".. .......
l- e,.llieii " " . 1 1
TTT W fl lllnl I'll 'Mr ,
otfi. -M. in llie Slate of IIÜipHs at ll:c periods I.treinalter dc.;natcd,
J.',;, i.ndotT.reat PIXN. roir.n.cnrii.ff o.i Monday. the 'wen
fatf iTi v of "t. f,rth disposal of the follow mg trarM
a nd of ll.e'p.Mir Lind xx ithiu t.V ondermcidioned low n viz .
Marshall's Island, embracing part ' V"r,i,,n,one " l,n ,i?
nineteen, and se, tio. tt.irly -si ii. tow ,,! lp two. IV, fr re o, e.
Fractional se lio -s eight and seventeen, on tat tail point, in
wMl.i,.lrntT o. e. ol ,. ten.and
lOHOIII'l'l.llill.rmmj.l.ili r .. .!... t
twet.t v on. in townsliii fw. i ty
y-PlVfi, ami oi MTiiiM .v... ........
fu-ptitv rvon, Iwriify-
urit-r.i, ii....., . :...n,.i,l,i,.ivii.Mlv
e..t,tliriy irre.', thirty lutir, an.l uiirii -ii. '
townüMiptwctv ili.re. o rat..-.- ihrer ;
Ti e i'n'tliri! friHn of f. lion throe, ea?t Of ti e I0tl,lil
tr-lhree. of ranse f.n. , , . ...
Vrt &r U t.i . l'-e a,I nst vf the fourth pnmril mrrtuitn.
Fr, lional ertronn tw.i.iy three ond twenty tour.in townslup
.rit.-c-, ol' rarrc thrre : .... ... .
The fraction of v r Hon nineteen, thirty, and thirty one, w et
of ftrT'mn I ay. in tow ns'.i; f.nrt en, of Tanefive;
rr.rinnal nertin:i tiiirty one, tliirty-five, und tl irty-sit. tlie
nniitlivrH .Miiirter of s.-rti.n thirty -three, and the oo.it lieat ijiiar
t-r or ectrvitthirly-l'n.ir, in township seventeen, of range live:
Fractional town-iiip fonrt. en, of ranve m.
Vorth vf the li.r line ,inl east if t he tUtrd principal meridian.
Sert..., one. thirty two, and thirty live, i.. tow iifhip torty five,
of ranse one ;
Tlic nfcrtli halves of rerinn two, tliri'P. four, five nnd sn.and
actions on', twelve, thirrren. twentyl'o.ir. twenty five, and tlur
ty I. iiitrwrnl ithirtv nur. of ratiC tvo ,
Section thirty oie, tl irfy -two. Idtfy Itiret. tl irfy-'our, thirty
five, an.l thirty it. in tow rtihip thirty-two. of r.itiL'f two;
The north iiulvf of it Ii... one. l.. three, lour nn.l rve. tl.e
the north hjilf and sonth west niiarfer ot per lion mi. and the w ct
halresof pert inn seven, ei!; teen, nineteen, thirty, and thirty-one,
in towiml.iptl irtv one. of rrtiire Vnrr.' :
S.-ctions thirty one. t i. t v t w o. 1 1. irt y t h rce. thirty four, thirty,
five, and thirty si, in tow r.ship thirty two. r.f ranjre three.
At the land otfiee at fll'INt'V, rniiiuiHir inj on Monday, t!r
eijliteenth dny of Auj.isf next. t".r ti e sale ol the follow ing de
rried of '.l-l.r hind. vi, r
S-u'h of t'tf. hir lixf ul d r. thrfi urth prmr:i'ul mrrulun.
The t.(tti.Wft .jua.f. r offTtioii mx.a.nl the xx ei.1 half and
dontl.e.rvt quarter ol e-tiou twenty live, in towiirlup n'.'it, of
r.int- four ;
Tlie ".:. t:nn of the southwest .porter east of Lltcnal I.carte.or
pertion nio Iren, in tow i hio ii, f ranee live:
The ir':wet pi:rtr of tx--tion eii't teen, the frart?on of the
prtntlixv. ft j-:irtrr on the ni.ii'l h'li.l wf ,f t'henal Krarte. of pec
Ihn tw enty j..-ven. the sont! e:!st and northxv. ft ipiarfer on tin
innln lnd of section Iw f ntv eijl f, U1 three, lour, and live, of
paction thirty five, and the south west 4'iarter ol section thirty II,
In fowi. i ven. of rane tive ;
The -! hTi'f of st riion thirty and fTtion thirty-one, In town
Mi. five, of raus "ix ;
The t-mth half norlh -.f Ihe river, of section five, the southwest
Qnirter of section ei.'ht ;.nd fifteen, and ti e x est half of sc. lion
twenty six. in township six. of ranze ix ;
The son' luvest jiiartT of section twelve, in tow nship ovcn,of
rne six ; .
The west hnlve of sections t ii'l.teen find nineteen, in tow nship
foil', of ran?e seven :
The xvest half of fractional section pit, fractional sections seven
and twei.fv one, the xx.st la f and Pontheat nnnrfer of section
twenty tw o, and ! one and two. and tlie south fractional half on
the main land of section twenty six, in township five, of ran;:e
' 'Fractional sertion t we've, on the innin land, and ii.Tand nuin' er
tMrty six. etn'-r a-n; parts of et lion cue and tw ' ive, in tow nhip
of ranse seven ;
Fractional section IwcnW. tlie fraction of the wet lnlf wrst or
Chenal Klarte, of section twenty nine, and fractional section thir
ty two. in township lliree. of ratine eiht :
The w est half of se tion five, fractional section seven, the south
west quarters of sections twe;.fy two anil twenty -sis, n rid the west
half of section thirty-sii, in tow nship four, of raus ci 'lit.
Tlie fraction on isl.tn l nuiiiher eleven, of section six, the fraction
on I lie mm n hind of -erinm seventeen, Ihe soiiihw est .411:: rter of sec
tion txxenty seten, snd lots one. I wo. three, east ol sloiieh and on
island, in section tltirt v four, all in low nhip one, of iaii;:e nir.e.
An island in the .Missiü.sii.i river, 111 section twelve, intownship
three, of ranee nine.
Section twenfy-.iie,lhe noith li:ilf of er I ion twenty -eicht. mid Ihe
eat fraction ( sei ii,.n thirty three, in low nship one Pttik, of rane
nine rr( of the fourth prim ipal meridian.
Al the land office at I'll II ' AI , rominencln s on Von.'ay.lhe ele
venth d iv of AueiM next, for Hie disposal .f Ihe follow inj set lion
and fr iciionrtl sect i. i.s ni p'ihlic Imd piMiat.-d in the former Indian
reservation of Wall on eh and Una qui In, viz
Section fifteen, event en, eiffhteen, nineteen, tw enty .tw enfy one,
and wentv two, ;.n.l fr;icinn il sections seven, eisht, nine, ten. ele
ven, fimrteen, twenty three, twenty m x , twenty seven . twenty ritht.
twentj nine, and thirty, all in ti..xnhi thirty two north, of range
eleven east of tltetlnrd print ip-l meridian.
Iind appropriated hy law fr Ihe use of school, military , and
her p..rMne4. ill e excl.ide.l from sal;-.
The aale will en. h e kept open for two weeksjunleüxliielanils
are Moiier disposed of. 1 and nolonser: and no priv ite entries of land
in trie town-hips m olJVrtd w ill I admilted untilalu-rlheexi.iiatM.il
of Ihe two xveek.
Given under my hirnl at !l:erity ff Vas!iin5ttn,lhi ninth day of
Mr, anno Iwnini one thousand eight hundred and forty fixe.
By the rresi.te.il : J.i.MKS A". t'OLK.
J. J'HitL.u, Cttmm winner vf the (lenerul Land (fice.
.voticf. to rKur.Mi'Tfa.v ct.ilv.j.vts.
Every person entitled to the r.cht of pre emotion to any landswitli
in the limits of the township alve enumerated, i re.piired to estah
Itth the same to the snlisf.irtion of the reiler and receiver of Ihe
prHer land office, and make pnynieiit theref, a-otn at prartiruhle
mßer rnn this mi,re. and Iw-fore the dy appointed f.r tlie commence.
merit of ihe nuhlx salt of tlie tow nship rnihnrine tract claiiue-tl,
(a' ove dewijnaled ; crfherw ise snch 1 laim w ill lie forfeited.
49-IOw J.1S. SfllHf.tS, Cammi tinner of thi tiettrrat Land OJfrc
Ily Ihr rrcMiIrnt of llic i niled Slalrs.
''S p'irsi:tiire of law.l.JcMics Iv. Polk. President of the
y2.Z t'nPe.l State of America, do herel y declare and make
kno.vu that pu'-Ii- . h w illhe he'd at tl e ii'iderinentioned land
oifi. es in the Tcrri'ory of Io.va, at tlie period hereinafter desi
nated. to wit :
At the land office at fiCnt'Uf'K, rommencins on Monday, ti e
first .fav of September next, for the dispoal of the puldic laud
within the ii.nicrnicntioied townships, to w it :
.NVrfa of the ba Ime and eut of the fifth primeipal meridian.
Townshi; eish'y live and eighty-sit. of ranse one :
Township eishfy f.oir and eisl ty five, of ranee two ;
Townships eighty-four, eighty live, and eighty 11, of ranpe
three ;
Township eis' fy four and eist fy sir. of ranse four :
To wnsh.p eijhtv four and fractional township eihfy-fire, em-
hrcf-is two Ssi.ll(,N in the Misi;ipi rivi r, formins parts of sections
r'ne and twelve, of ran.'e fxe ;
..Fractional towns' i eihf v , inc! olins part of an ilnnd in the
5ri-sis4jopi river, wiMiiu the 1 1 tit s of sections seven ami eighteen.
.f raii'.'i sir ;
Fractional iv.vnn ip et.'hfy nr.e. inchnlins "Swan island." and
the part of "V.i-j lleaver i-i'y nd'' w it h in the to w mdiip, and town
shir eishty three and rrj!i,v four, of ranee six ;
Fractional township eijl.l '.y one, im -ludin; the portion o(
Dearer iland" w i'hin if Innifs. i.'nie Rock island, tind Ihe south
part of an ihid l or 111 inj p.trtx of ti r'.ioii'i tire and six in the Mis
issippi river, of ranse seven ;
Townsl.in ei.'ht v four toeij'.ic- ;rn north, inclusive, of range
One west of the tilth prinri;.;il meridian.
Also, at the s-me p!ace, coininencin on Monday, the sixth day
of t-to'er next, tor the ili-M,al of the puhlic lands within tlie
township he reinatt r ....ijrnafed. to w it :
V. rtk f the hi .e 'me am vt of rhrfif'k prinripnl meridian.
Township sevetity-i-i.'hl lo civilly seven, i:ir!usive, of rane
nine ;
Town'ilp seventy ei-'ht to eiht y-ei-.-ht. inclusive, of ranse ten ;
Townships seventy eul.t to eighty six, inclusive, of range elo
Township seven! y-el ht to eijl ty one. inclusive, of ran?
tweSve ;
Townshipseventy iht of ranee tliirteen and fourteen.
At the land olfire r.t F I If KH'.l.li. eoiumenrins on Mo.ida v. the
f. It. cnth d:iy ol Sept. in' r .el. for the drs;.oal of the puhlic
land witliin the urnlermeriMo'i.-d tow nships, to w it :
Vorth of the b te hue and ire ef thr. fifth prtuniml meridian.
'J'ownsliii'S s.-Tfiity lour to seventy i.vtn, inclusive, of rane
ten ;
Toxx-n!iipi -eventv to 'i enfy 'n, inrlu-'ix'e, of rans eleven ;
Fractional township sixty seven, .md townships sixty eiht lo
evenly : veil, inc Ju-iv. , 0! rair.-e tw elve.
A 'so. at ttieam? p'.iee, riniiMiciirjiij o-i Monday, the twentieth
day ol I Mo' er next, for Ice iIhjm.s,,! ,, ihe puhlic lands w it ! 1 11 the
township and lr;i.f:..i;il low ri ij.s l.ereina f'ler ihsisnated, to w it :
.Vc' of the A . uml ir;it .if the fifth pri ' iml mrrnfmn.
Fraeiii a inn ii.i i, six'v seven, and townships sixty eiht lo
seventy seven. I'm liiivf. of ranze tiiirt. t n;
Fractional lovns!iin sixty seven, and townships sixty eiht lo
Peventv sevu. melii-ive. of mii'.'C Imnh ni ;
I'r.irini 1..II1.1M1. .i;-ity seven, and toweships silty cil.t to se
v.'i'ty live, in -lu-ive, ..f un.'e füft-en;
T.tw !! ip s v ' V - tl ve ol' r.ine nlrcn ;
"1'he e;.Tii hall of the .iii iii. titer of" section ei.'l t, in town
s up si vent m Vit tioMii ol" lane I iirt.e ea.l ol ti c tilth pf in. ipal
Land appropri. t.-.l i.y l.tw for the ue of srhoot, military or
other purposes, will l e cm lu.'eil trout sale.
The sales will ea-h I' k.-pl open for Iwo weeks, (utiles the
land are s.Miii.-r dipo-ed ,) an.l no longer ; and no private en
tries l land in the town-.!. ips t-llcred will he admitted until flftt
the ex pir;ilioii of t he I w o w k.
Civen under tnv hand at the ci'yof Washington, thi ninth day
of Mi. v. anno I 1.1 1 11 i one thousand eiht hundred and torlv-tive.
Hy tl e PreMdenl : JAM IIS K. PmLK.
J x. Siiiki r, C-xnmis x.'wrce of the CSenerat Land ttjirt.
Minn: ni pki; r.Mi-riov claim w is.
I'very H-rs.ii entitled to the lijlitof preemption 10 any lands
within ti e limits of the tow uhip nlove enumerated, irt re.piired
to est a' lisl. the u me lo t he s.it i'iie,l.n of the register and re eiyef
of Ihe p-oper !; othce. and m:' ke payment Il criTur, un
frnctteuhle tif:er sretitj thi no'ire, and Lefore lue day appointed
for the comn.eticme.it of' ti e pu'.lic s: e of ti e township a ove
designated, (en. irucins the tract chimed;) otherwise such rl.il 111
xv il If tort. tied. JAS. SIMKLIiS.
4!-l w Cmmiiamr of the, iientral Land (tjfre.
-jt I "ST received .nd lor s.oe, an invoice ol gisid news priming ink
1? it isof Ihe same .piality a used on on Ibis pa per, and is warrant
ed to te a nrsi rate aria le. 1 1 1 put tip in 'JM and ..' Ih. kegs, and wiU
Is-Sid l al '.'." rents w r .uiid Keg jU cents. Ii w ill Im-sold for rash
only. and in current fund. Order, nst p-iid, will be pmmptly m.
levied to w hen accof..p:.nied by the cash. 'Jvif K. HLDDF.h'LY.
art-tie of lip iiit'a PuW iler ..r ale by
N ' ' $ IL1.V.V.1.
iin .i: im ir.i
F a superior .pi.. lit y for sa!e i ) ihe keg or relailinc al :i7 r r lb
J ' 11 . K. H KLDKRi.YJ
leiriiii: iVvic:i
OF as'i; erior.pjal.t) f.u salt-cheap at
;iS7S FOli IM.
rr llll lt M.'N HS rmdilean Itass wanl-d,f,.r xxh.rh'
49 F$ A s Ihehiehest iiruket ot i-e will l.e p.i, hi ta.h
in i pxper atjr.!iiceil price by l.V V 1 1 Cll A i cj II F.A D 07
cvisjf van i?ac-s. f
p n.rwsi p.Hin.ts,.f -.. rlenn Kas wanted, t which I wilt nav the
h'cbesi ..i. e, , c., ; ..ce.t han-e I'-s.ksan l Paisrr for them,
at redu .d p. ice. c nj)Jf j Ilftk
. O11 iwir nv.-f llnnrnin y .'e.
Tt FlOI.I.S.C'a,i.,ef. :,af 0rt(, r,,M p.
. V",lri' '" !--. l.ri..r Reed., and l e..,. f),r
Vi.l.;.i.d I lu.e, ..r .le al ii. A V DON '."J .V,w flariwa,. Store.
Another Arrival ort; nnv -More.
c isiniox mo-i "Kit t ,
11 WH just received from II. st on, X xv i ork und Philadelphia
W alar-earnl splendid ' ssortmeiit ol Fancy and. Sf-tplc Dry
Co.. !. wliirh iH-y will ri'P m !ash- Aman? tl.tir good
t.ow noenins may he found a beaut.rol variety ..I
Iacw Mylcs of oods lor L:ul:cs At Car,
Srötrli ""Kncrisli an-t French tilk and cotton Hose. French Kid
paca, rrencn ami ccwim -1.. ...i,-. n tT:Trikni?, .-hiss mm
ham, a spfendid asaortment ot Jaeonett !o do, flimp Triinmiiie.
French. F.'islisli and Amerirai of every .Kind. l.a.-e Veils and
Calicoes, plain and plaid J.'co V.tts, Artificial blowers, Ftraw
nctt. Hook and Swis Mus'in.rol- F.djiiiL'.rarasul.snnd suimhades,
ored Florence, ilk Ilrcss ll.Ikf-iia w I md Scarfs,
and Oavats, wlute and colored
snch a enpolifan, Floreie e ISrai.l. Uir l Fye f.aee, Straw , Wil
low, l.awn. i.e. fecund n treat Variety of t.adn s' Trirnmins too
iitiiici'oii to nieiiiiiiii, which they xvillsell cheap for rash.
Clotlis :uu ass.inu'1 0-,
of every variety of shades and prices. Plain and fancy
V Mitlas
of every ftvle and color.
S:it.mrti ::n;l Jc ni.
A splendid asortjietit of
CarfM ls and ICn-,
of every price and tjualiiy.
Merchants from the country are "respectfully invited to call and
exa. nine their lock l efore pui c liasit.tf els.:w J ere. Siore n tew
doors f-:ipt of fl e Tost Oll r . 10 M
1: w k k a rv i 1 : .11 a : a 'V
jit run uruv lit fror, m onr.,
Iiitt.iii:.pt'Ils -a
rolin sihsrrit.erhavin purr hi-std lie esfahlishment formerly
JL ow ned hy Wilmot t t o .xvitl coi.tu.ue the same, and tlicre
lore sniiciis a sharp of the ,111 In- patronai'e.
He has in mldillotiio ti e former sto.-k a well elected nwort-
... - . , 1 1 fi.tt, in.. I ... .j . . . : ... .....1
.e,.t o loot-, s.ioes. hats. Jc-.. eii.-.n.cm- every v..
ni'.riic.n every variety noo ui a
otiaM'v xvhich he can confidently rerommeinl 10 ins c usiom.
I ;i v iii' lisp. I i'reat care in hi seh't'tiops.
Having purchased dire, t l:om Ihe nianufarture -S. he will he en
nhltd to warrant hisgooi!. an.! the .piality can !- depended 011.
Ceitt Trcnrh ralf
lo Morocco, Calf and seal
. Kip and . oar- l ools
I lo cloth, coat and ralf uiters
1 . Pumps and slippers
Ilo Kin und courc Itrovans
O.MI'.N'S wr..K.
Ladies' C'lotli Hiikiiis, colored
i do sailers and half sailers
! Kid slippers atol ties colored
I to do W;.lkinc shoes
lo do slip and ties
Jhi welts sptiiic ai d R.K.Ihiskins
lo seal and calf xvalkins si oes
Misses line cloth and kid Pukin and lies
Ihi t'oat r.nd kill walk sl oe
Jj r:i" and seal si o
lawns, R.ilrarines, Rcregc. mri ami .-uk t.ioves, ami .xiiiisni v .
tons. Mouse de "La ine, Iü de -ry .polity, Hmnet nnd Cc. Rib
liincs very rich Fii-ured amP'on. Linen CainhVV- nd Law n '
changeable Silk. P.l..et ni d F.Iu.'si hched Handkerchiefs, Thread
Cr,, .1- Swiss Hoiii!wziue md AI l.n-;d nnJ rMüi;.,riiml Tic Kdc- i
$1 .VI to 5 00
210 :i :.
im y "5
1 :!H a "
v: 1 51)
1 tu 1 50
1 00 to 1
1 :im 2 10
75 1 mi
1 ni 1
:o 1 'J2
1 ni I r
t. 1 21
vi 1 III
: 1 ro
3H "."
.75 1 10
Ii. Morocco &11.1 seal hoot
ANo a treat variety of children's r lo'h, ralf, k'd, seal apd kip,
varying In prices from . rt. to I 5. fcc. &.r.. all Of xvhi.h tire
made of Ihe l-ef.t materia' and w arranted not to rip. (rips mended
gratis, ) shoes repaired or manufactured at si ort notice.
May V. I-Iä. -P.l J. K. SIIAKP.
Mom: m:w c,oijs!
A I v o r I A W o 2 w aril,
,V. I, I'almrr House,
a HI! nftw rrreivins a !-;. 11 1 11 ti I a-sorlinenf of SU.V.Vf'.li
l (UtOltS. anions xvhi. h are Pari Lawns. French and r
uandri Muslins. Worsted Ita'. u ines (new and t eantiful pattertis),
I'.arlst.in Cling' ams, Chamhray do., splendid Prints. I lac k and co
lored Alpacrs. Alpaca Aprons, li 4 silk Shaw Is. 0 4 and 4 4 de-Lain
do. fa lie v Shaw I aioM'ravi-ls. I..C. Ilandkerrl lets (from I" rent
lo .I.2.), super Hul l kid i. loves. I n;le and cold l-acked Mitt
(very pi Ity). jaeonett Insertins and Ldsiucs. P.rusel and Meek
lin Lace, I jack m il for VePs. Hon. et Law 11s of every ro!?r, kid
ami fancy patent leather Slippers for ladies and inies.
. f.o Horse hair, fancy, sitop, and Neapolitan Connets, at from
"3 l( ."l per cent, less than usual price.
Li Htwtsr Case lot nutria, silk, and Ashland Hats, nexv and
fashiunal le st h s. rnd l-est .pialnv : hesi.le
tnnLi.r-v.i.vtt utoir.sric aoons,
ConsMins of Clot I s. hlack and fancy Cassiineres (agrent variety.)
Casmel and Jeats; plain, plaid, aid striped 'I'w eeds ; French
Linen, Summer Coatincs; hrovvn and I leached Coods, very low ;
I losierv, r. fr.
5Thc ahovn coo Is werr p'lr. -hased X er v low , and xx ill he of
f.-red at lower prices than any good hr.ve leen udered in town
thi season, of the same quality. Call and examine them.
4,;.y.v ALVOKI ci Vi M II W A V. I.
'l .ikr li:it! :ui(l ut
time u lo I'fcsIoii.
IBoni V Vi. : I
have oil ill toltl you!
fjet IIF. flickered s-iore isagliu filled to overflowing xvilhalre
JL mend. his stock of
consistnn; in part of the follow tug :
Prints from ti; to .'.' cent; Palm Leaf Hat, Palm Leave, Straw
and Leghorn Honnef, Hibhons blest stvle.t.iinp. Fillet, Mill and
..i 1-:.... .... .. . I ......... C....VI a.. w... .i ..r x
liieves, i.es,t ravais, iiinn.'ini i.... n, .-tnt , .-..u.ioei ...o.-...
orv iIi-h''.'iiIii.i. I.lens. Ilroad t'lolll. M ilsl ins, tC. V c . These -
giMKls were purchased in N'rw York lor cash, and w ill be sol J It low
el pfice than at any other establishment in ihe city.
April -2. I 15. 41 Checkered Store opHtite Palmer llMi-e.
C.-'vv" .;",' A L'r.-" tvvTJ rf-
mri; are now receiving 5 tons Juniata Iron, (all size,) 10)0
Ih. Spring and Am. Steel ; Ilk) Plow Mould j 50 kegs .Nails
and Hrads,(as9otted,) yi) bgi K:o I'offee.
00 barrel N'o. I Salt cl river prices and freight
For sale by ALVOUH Al WooHWARI.
4 FI.NH variety of Sutntner CmkIs for Cent.' ware, just received
V at SMITH V ll.l.V.V.rs 7
"ai;w stvii:s.
g I'ST added to our assorfnient, a few pieces of new style prints a
9 splendid article, by SMITH 4" H.1.V.V.K 7
Ditv (.oons.
4 Pir.l'F.S assorted Calicw, f. pieces summer stuff from P.'J
t?" to '! J er ard ; piece I'.roxx u a ml III ac lied Shirlins;
s" pieces N-d 'I'lckms. pieces check, Jeans, Cotton and Woollen flan
nel, table linen, crash and in any other articles to sut thi line, all
vet v low as the subsciilier feet confident he can sell dornest ic a low
as the lowest. Iook around for 4 K. HLIH'LULY.
rt() ,',5:s- fand lew ick; l do. Cotton P.altine; 400 do. Cotton
Yarn. assorted ; iil0yard brown Rhirtins; I t)t do. Calicoes;
3'iOdo. P.edTirkiiig; l.' dozen Siraw Hats ; justiecel?f i and for
jiS.tletiy thesifhscriherat very low price.
Fl C. XI A KK, east ol me rainier lloiwe.
3l PfX K.ass.lnient of ilrv r"l, such a brown and bleached
Musi. ,i.c, Cil'coeM. Vetlns, Irish and French Linen brown
Holland, Jean, SaUmet, Yelv"!, I'ainbric, Cottanade.nud various
other articles jusl received and for M,-t h,w-. .11. J. NICOLAI.
" GKOCElvllX
MiAfia: ii iv
ja J II ILK Ihe sun shine," i a gi. old adace, and eaily undef
stood hy all. Should a war take, place, w ho doe hot see the
great increase that mu.st take place in the price ol
'C'c.i ::inl t'ottrc!
II r.HHP.RLY's advice i. to oll, w lio w ould lud lind them.elves una
wares in Ihe silu lion of our old revobitionaiy crandnu hers, to se
lect end lav Up a lame iiam'v from his ettenl ve assort nie lit of 'J'cas,
Coffee, and HHOCFliU.S UF-VF.ll.il LY,
at In low pru ; and tlieti, vv ho s alraid ! Call at No. c, southeast
corner NihtwimmI's P.hKk. AH
;Koc.:iai:.s! Vai:oc:i:i:iaxl
fOHI'suliscriher respectfully infi rm Ihe citizens of Indianapolis
3 and the public III se neral , lh.it he h is just received a fresh as
soitmeiit of Oris eries, such as a prime arii'le of N. i. Susar, Itlo
and H.ivanal'oiree, Imperial, Yirih Hysiu.and CiinjMiwder Te.is;
Itft.-i f Susar, II ax ana Susar, N . O. and S. II . Mnlae. lVrsti.ru Ke.
serve Cheese, No. I M ackere I , Codfioli , iC. vv hie h lr oiler for sale at
terylow prices. J. NICOLAI,
.r I -y .ri diMirs wel of (hake's Hotel.
ai;w i.ooiis.
A fh LllS. Codfish, 1 barrel of Mackerel, 20 botes dried
t S.olch lleriings, barrel No. ! Molas-es. j do.S.
II. Molasses, fiilil Miiiiids Suleratu, I'J Iwixes Malaga Ka isms, 4 do,
Z.mle Ciiiranls,onu pounds of soli shelled Almonds, barrels Ito-ton
Hu't. rt'racker,'i do. do. Water Cra. kers, t'ltj pound Carolina Hu e,
Inn Ixne Nexv Vr.rk Table Salt,l.ni p mini Lead, lud do. Shot, as
sorted; sl kes I iiionC Powder, Mud test Kecali t Cicais, In.uot) do.
Hall Spani-li, hag Uiol'ollee, I chest Ll.it k Tea, I do. Impeiial
Tea, 1 do. Y. Hyson 'Pea, 3 hogshead of etia line N. O. Sugar ;just
received by the subscriber. As he h i a very large stor k ol (iroceries,
and a very good assortment of Tovsand Notions on liatid, he invites
Ihe public geneially lo call and examine litem. They, writhe .Jj
thr ...sliool, low er than usual, lis he is deteriuined to sell, profit or no
profit, tokeepher...ie rfoinj. l't AKI.I.S .MAYLIt,
I Fast of the r.ftmrr House.
MJI-I.l.lsilt 'ITA
R3T U ?r!rrl'"1 i:-Vl"'' S'U Jnr F'i'nihi ,ls.
j jl j( Just received and for sale rhesUnf Imperial, Younj
k.V"!i'W l tiS-"'" and Cinfiowder Tea at II LDDLIt LY'S.
41 A SCPEItlOIl nrticle,just received al Ihe drug store of
iV I
D. I'll A HIM K AM.
Otf H ,lA,? "'periorKiot'offee..r liar Java Co.fee,5 Rag La
m W gnna superior article, lisik out lor .No. rt. comer Skvreen
Alley in torwo.!', Iti.u k. i" L. II KliDKItLY.
;oi-ti:i;. rorri.i;.
HAf.S niot'otreeol the very besiipt ility .j iim received a nd
for sale by Ihe stibscrit.er. xv laich he oilers to sei I so low thai
every l.uly can afford lo drink sii cups a .lay. Please call and ex
amiiielheailii le. C5 C. M AYLlt.e i?! of ll;e P ilmer House.
4 PRIMP, lot of HO Hag just received and for
a!.- nt
m HMIRI'.LS N. O. mr, I Chi llof...i Li.nf, I Phi nperior
j erushed Loaf susar, i;bl coniinoii Loaf: I bid I oil sal: foi table
use, at nr.DDr.iii.vs. s
i naus a.mi bis xci:.
FCS'P received a lot of tiperior Sp tm.fli CVt iipI Cirendnh Tu
hitrro.M ihr drug store o! I ' It. I'll fl II H A D
AXILLA L'hernnt, Princijwe, Pesiln and Spanish segirs;
le.uey uew and i4her fine i aveiiili.-n to' aero.
V N h ind and fcr v, Spei.o. Sie ri ie .md Tallow Candle of
' a si.fM-nof ipi.ilil v : 1 in. il'u. lured bv Ihe uh-r rtl.er e uir..k- Cr
thisnnrkt -L 4 K. IIP.HHP.RlV.
i'isiai risaiü fiii ü ! : 1
.1 PrrtlOll n. H.wtnn Salm on and Mscker. l: also a fine lot r.f
.j Codtish and Von h Herring f.-r sale low at lli:ilIr.lil.Y's 4-t
rpillK solMi r l-. rw.ll p,rch;ne aU Ihe Lar l l,r.iiChl lo bin.. x re;
bonaLIe piin caoh and is-sid. 4i L. IILHHLIILY.
mi:MI A It liSl VA if -5.
I:tvil l'iatult:!
I7()i)I.n repetllnlly, inforru hl. t hl rnst.inerB and the puldic
1 V
eclierally, mat he ha Mist return.?.! from the Kastern cilie
here he lia selected with preat eare.and pilichased an extensive
nscMluient of Freh Dnt ' Mediane., Surii ul Instrument, .Vrdieal '
tVimtmre, Vainti, i7j, I'urnuhe. Sitrtt. vf 1 urpenUiic it lute Lead, j
Vindfiei titan. Ihjr H ood, Dtjf Stuff-, I'nre It me und lÄquirs,lrwhet j
Snip, Co-mitt., I'crfitittery, Superior SMni.h Viuur,and Sweet Curt-
endisk lubueco, together Willi almost every other article in hi line.
Haying purchased his stock piinripalh for Cash, lie is ena led and
d "term. ned to sell at very reduced prices for cash, or for such articles
of trade as he ran use.
Thysician, Country Merchants, Pedlers, Painter, Fullers, Matters,
and Invalids are res, ectfully invited to call and examine hi stock and
Particular attet tion w ill he paid to compounding medicines, and the
store open at nil hours, either hy day or nicht.
A continuance of the patronage heretofore extended to hii.i is re
Pectiully invited.
ma lVID.
fjJHOSK w Ii. are acpia ..cd M iiti .he c-haeaeter of Jew Daids
R. or lli lui w I'lj-l. r ulel Persian Pills will thmhil. Im- pUd to
ham that another la r'e hipinenl ha juxthcen rectixed h) the
traxetiiu acut who are nuw preoai-.d to f'irni-h local air. nt widi
I if Ii mi pi' In inim.iliati " he iiiitiitn-e 0,iiaii tit ies ol i hese arl i
chssohl, an- pr.sif u tliLKiit of their siipcrer me.lieal virnns. Yet
rhould there In-an iiicmlulnu mmi or tlaiiliU r of a)'1 tel iciii Im ix
tutl'd ini? nn.h r all the horror of l.nmr 'ict k, Wirmr.n' itin, Sieitnl
; . . " '" V ' ', ' "V. r! . s.l
r 1; -........- r ji i"iiur,,w
Srroul't, or any of the .I.M-ase that 01 iinao in impurity I the
lilMi ami t ir ul.i'in linul-., (h.r tin- a-louihiii eines tl w!nt-li
these I'lIN hate I t'olut 0 popul.i.',) for Ihe heln lit of Miel) t xti!
suhji.in a few ex'rat'tx id let i ir sl.oMin ilie tSiinctiuii in wliitii
ll.t te medicine are held, wlieic known
Indianapolis. April Jlli, HI.'.
Mi-r. D. Ilaner Ik Co. ntni Ymi will pleat-end us lit hi..
Imxe Mehrew PlaxMT nd n dn7. hove P ri:iii Fill, imiiit tlri y.
'Ihe .hiiiainl continues great mid we ..hail doubtless veil a large
tpiaiitit) this a-on. limri ic-f p etln II v,
JOHN J. 0WSI.KY, Druixt.
Newtown, la., Apiil I0(l, 145.
Msr. P. Harter K: Co.- Cents. 1 w.niM j that llic Hebrew
Plaster and Persian Pillt coin nine to jo off Iiik. and as we ace near
I) out of pill, Jon had Ik-i ler send some hy the stae drixer. 1 hniht
not that 1 It is nudieine will Im'uiucIi wanted this seuuii aeveryhnd)
i eal.iug fr it. Yours truly, JOHN MICK, Jr.
Crawfm-dsville, la., Jan. 27, I4J.
fi r. Ii. Harter and Co. C..11I. I haxe sohl out nearly all ihe
large supply i.f the ju-tl) Celt hral. d 'II blew PUsfer" and M'rr
14I1 Pill ' toil furnished three wet ks sine-.-, and it would Im- wet I lo
j Vt-sp me weil siipplii d, as 1 tiutl call lor the medicines increasing
I .ntiltt rt-re 'tntv, that I have t sriiclc in my dni? store that
pixe In tler lilacli.ii than the ul lehrt v P!a;ur'.' and "Persian
Pills." NOAH b. THOMPSON'.
Wahinirtoii, la., Auir. Jd, 1841.
Messrs. D Harter and Co.-fl. nis. At ihe rt ipiet of many, who
an- anxiously awsitin the ai rix ul of a new s.ipply of your clc
hr.io l "llchicw I l.isu r"and 4MVriaii Pills" w i- w rite yon the tr
eon f time a inc; that we are out. We lute frequent ca' Is for hoih
piaster and Pill, which render peneial sati.faeiioii. Please send
1 auuther lot immediately and oblige
Yours res.xc-tlullt. f. A l.LAO I! Kit 6 W ALT KR S.
P.liM.nifi. Id. F'.dgar en. Ill , May 1-4 , IS44.
Ms.is. 1. Harlei and Co. We hate sold ail the celebrated Me.
Int-w Plati r and Pcrsisii Pills I. ft w itli us a f:iv dwjt ago. Will
you please- sc-n.l us 4 or 5 d-X. more- iiuliu diatel y.
llt-pe cifully, O. tr I. RAI I.F.Y.
ioHii t, July 8, 144.
Mcr. D. firter and Co. Cent. We haxe sold all ihe ehrew
l'lat r I. Ii w ith 11 and a ih. re is gn at call for it w e w I'll you to
send ui al h s-f 2 or 3 do more and aUo 1 do . f the Persian pills.
Youirt -lie cifully, TS'iF.Y 4 (iOS.
Illooi.lield, F.d;'arCo. III., May 27,1841.
M rs. D. a'ler and Co. tit 111. I he P!lls and plaster )nj
sent us, came to hand 111 01 d old. r. We haxe an increased demand
lor th. in and it promi-e to tupt ret tie all oilier ku.il of im nirnus
ill tin xitinil). O 4" 1). 1IAII.KY.
Ilai-din.liiirg, la., Sept. .1, 18 11.
Mer. I : it- r 4' Co. Sirs. our threw l'lait r Jim hit
with meto st Ii all soitl oul Home time sine.-. 'I lie l' iian Pills
aie all so'd hut a I. w Im.xc. Il.dli Plaster and Pill give general
sali-l.iCtioii. I l.eit- si-ems to he ail inert asni demand lor leiih u r-
t it Its. Vom xt i) reKitlully, JAMKS MclNIOS.
WiPiamspoct. I;., S. pt. 27, 141.
F. .arter and Co. Dear Sir 1 have sold all Ihe Persian Pill
that Jon l ft In re, and should l- glad lo get some more. 'I bey hate
act'oinpti-b. d imr.icU be re. and are in gnat .b-maiid.' '1 he Pitt
are called for s. v. ral limes ex. ry day. If u cannot come this way
soon phase se nd some hy stae. Yuur,t tc.
Siiirt-ihe aboxe It-to r was received, we have been inf iriue.1 hy
the w riter, lhal the t ae a I huh d to in the alnive. wax thai of a )otiii5
man living mar W who for several months had ls-en cm. fined in
atlaikentd rwitn, li on an aii u alt tl ra-eol iitlainnialioii in Ihr
x. ., re.nteli.iir him tot(hj (, ,.t Aller appl)lll every renieily
wiilnii In nach, willioiit itiiivinjf anv Im ti, lit, he tuinmeiuitl ux -
. ni- the "IVisu., Pills." and h.i.t i,e, ll em but a .horl tune Ion
all ...Itaii.n.atiiiii It It bun, and his l.t-allh Im came .ei ii.aiieiitl v rt-
IIMtUlt tl.
Mi icliant niul ntlu r can Im- uppüi d at the noial rate of Die
cm. t 'ay J. J 0xM.K.Y and I A V 1 1 C U A I i III'. A 1. In.l.anspolis;
J V. (jk, tlrtt-iilii lit j Jesse- I. Mat lock V Co., 1 hint I lie; William
Mit rs, And' i son tow ii ; . F. t.ieeu, Uiom nshui gh ; Jaroli L.uck,
Cum! ilaud ; MiKav Si McKassi n Hi ids-i iM.rt : V. J. Ungl. .
Jese ih k.-tt. Plaiuti.-ld ; John I lerrmf Kra nk lot. l.-'.n,
tifut. f.'foit;' Cool.,
coxTi.M i:s to i:k c hvscltkii
Ao. tl. Xiu lnn xtrtt t. At'itiiiu. X. 1
'Ills Phil tnt'irooie lustiiuthiii, establish, tl A I. 1 1.10, nni vi r- '
ally spoken of in Ihe vsrious peiiodical of the present age.
it "an edifice, located manured part ul the city, detached frmu
Sny place of public resort whatever; ihe whole t.f ihe building i
occupied by patient, Mt l. having their nu t. room, and M.t ktibjet-t
lo l- the tibsi rte.l of all oIim rvci. Dr. Cooke, loiin.h r ef the llo- ,
pital, is the only resident pbici:tn, and devotes hi whole tunc and
... .i... .. . i c . - i. ..te. ..... ... ..... i. i
mil iiiii'ii t.r .ii. v.. iijii- t tut mil oil ii (.. o imi.o ioi ...ii-iiio
ati.m convenu ntlv arrant--d. are on the pro ui! I'.M.r . the Hosoiial.
up stair, ii aDo re pic iv with tvery facility for the recover) of oa-
For the cure of the worst forms of Venereal Disc ae, C.ravel, Se-'
nniiat Weakness, (lUet, Mi it-lure in the Crelhra, Im potency, S) ph-
ili and Ooiuo i bea, (ient lative and Nervous Debiliti.Mercun.il
I and all other diseases of the skin, and arf.-rl.oii of the Crlnai or
I gaii, in their in. .st malignant and ad mft tl ta;'c. Dr. Cisike i 1
! aAltiw teilet d to Ik milt h tel. hral. 1 It I proveibial "that all .lis- 1
. a-t of ih. class, supposed to le incurable by othei's, are aptly ami j
convenient I y r. ud.-r. d hy Dr. Cooker without more than ni-dinafy
liuuhle," familiar with the practice of medicine, he inevitably'
eure tu own patiun aud very lit.jutinly the patients of other
pn ysit-iao.
Dr. t'. ke is the oldest advertising physician in Ihe city of Alba
ny, N. Y. In mi dual talent are inrivalb d.
Among the most eelehiait I ph)sit-iaiis ol the age is r;en. C.-ike,
M. I)., L. L. I)., ..I" Alhany, N. V., the lounderol the Albany l.nt-k
Hospital. He i mention, d in the highest term of praise fur hi
hei.t vol. nee and hi philanthropy, in t onlv hy editor uf r'e spa
pers, hut Ins worth is pi oi-Uniied h Ihe l. ' lnr.r on liti-ratuit-, and
from tbe-saeced desk " Drtitoi I tit if ( I'd.) lUiHiirr.
"Wlienext r ihe unfoi liuiale Cuuult Dr. Cooke, of Albany, they
are very Hihit ly eon. lut-tt d tu a spacious private office, (literally
rroMiltd with crt-.lt nlials of the highest nr.br, hi lart- Rlass fiames,
sulij.cl to ihe iiKp. eiioii tif Ins patient ver) tew men have the
honor tu hold such dncumeiiOJ and, a an e.uivaleiii for hi fee,
rt e. ite a font spomlm pit st-riiti n. I he- neat attire of this
relt hrated limn, "t tt r at I -," enrobed in a rich black sur-
phce, alter the Lpi, copal order, a solid cross itl his huniu, V l
g;. Il'lt I gold hnckh ill In sh u t is o ilelf hii indue, in of to visit
In profound phj sician, this liinil t.f humanity and ..T (Jed."
X. O. !.
I he Lock Hospital in America, the only Philanthropie Institu
tion . stahli-he. I, under the l ftign auspices of ihe c. It healed Dr.
Crt'ke, at No. K, Norton stit . i, Alban), N. ., I'..r Ihe relief and
conv o'enee n' tlie nut .rtun.ite, is reputed aslhe liest as) luni e.
ta"i fr the cimfort and unani itc-oxtryol iuxali Is al this Inlir
mar) patient have the vei ) het lu.dicul atf. iid.iiue, including
board and inirsin -", vt hirb h i y jiuMenall) tat tlilal m n i i.ii r) ; Mod
n lr. C'.H.ke, ihe i..iiiiHi fount', r of o tlesirable a retreal and ,a -en
d ectiril), resides on the pn i,n's, i!,,- .,.i inci.dulou n.ay
there repose ihe utmost confidence-1. c l at lunu. pursue lio n- usu
al a ot-ai ions and eojoj ilie s. r.ety o l!ie tnot eniineiil ih j sician
a well a the most Ih u. i u'.eiit uui of the a f." ('urif'CU it,
l)i. (.'uuk (if'cnu's fin xonoHij .o hit Vatiruts.
It I. MF. Mil LH
NO. 3 NOK TON Mltllhl, ALHANY, N. Y
i:oxi :ivru c i ku:ii!
H- TION, Liver Complaint, Palpitation, Pronchttis, and C.meh,
IHt. V.I i I.UIVS ll.1LS.1M Or' LIFl HIiVIlT, ih .M 7.1 How- ;
lit. It Is tin only Iiiedtrine retoiume nded by Phv sicians. We have ,
Ihe ceitilie.-ue of I lie celebrated Or. A. It. Ilov i.t., from tlie IJ.S.j
.Miuiary Post, We-t Point, who was hunsi lf cured by it, when he vva
expected to die. Di. Daviden l"tind it the only medicine lhal he !
r.Hihl use in hi family with any success. We have had patients from j
Dih tors llofmün, Harris, Washington, and oilier. We have rerlifi-
rate from every piitoflhe country. I n one large low n two of the
principal plivsu lan hie using ll con-lanily in their practice. A Rev. I
cent le man ol much celebrity in iMir city, w lot liaschrouic I! ronchiti,
an.l ha tried in vain the I eM physicians of New Yinrk. Philadehdn i I
l.i'inl.ii,Paiu,ahd Italy, i now under our care, using Da. Tatlob's
IUlscm or Livtavvoar, and already he has used half a bottle, be d s s
not rough half as much in a week as he has done Itefore in a day, and :
helell.uhe i now getting xv. We are sure of Curing the above j
disease s, if you will only Call on us, take our advice, and try thi only -certain
medicine. Do not deceived by those articles got up and ad-
vctfi-ed on the reputation of Ihi, which has U-en fauly lesled in a1 out '
::n,:mi rases in the Lt-t twelve .tear; take nothing ele instead, and 1
buy only of TT." Row cry, or of Dr. Ieeds, 177 Water street. Ife care
ful to avoid count.-ilt its, and see the irel pl.ite engraving on each bot-lle,igued-'Cutdon
J..l-ed." j
t'ovit Mpttus am stitiNu or ei.ooii, cert en. I hereby certify tint
last A neust I was all irked with a violent and profuse heuurrage from !
Ihe Inns, ami sevete couth. HHight a Iniitie of Dr. Taylor's Hal '
sain of Lierwoit, from J7." Itowery, xvhich, under Ihn I lessing of
Piovidence, g ive me immediate relief. It ellVcl in my case have
ncen men that I cannot praise It I. mi highly.
CH ARLKS L. SMITH, .V) Tillarv st., RrnokH-n
For sale hy DAVID CK A IC II K A D. Affent tor I iiilmnaitoii.s.
:autio. to ai.i.!!
hi the uorlJ tnht- notice awl he can jut wd it buy the
(sr.; AR t oatf.d)
I i . ... I
Unlcsi i:t:rv l-rix lins nil it the written sirii;ttiirt oT
. i - . . I
tin original ifivnitor niul i;itt'iitt't.
r-,,.,;v ; 1,1 il1 Nmi Hi, iH.n.
rjlxliLsL pleasant Pill po--e powers lo i.ieii aim. the natural
i...n-,,:i,,.!":' V" "" v,: hr LUN;s, hIDNKYS, SKIN and
IHU .Ls.!,.theilo rsiiNow.Mii Die .rartJi e of medicine ; and
Cotiiiih le has I ift'ftll lti0ir Iriiiii.slk II . .1 . i: . .
. i in .in .mirr iiirfiiriiifi4ii;i )M: ,lV
1 1 'I
.elMen led to supiNMe they contain some iNiwerfnl ioin...:.l - i.... I
ui-.u exam.nat:..., by Hr. t IUmm-i.,-,,, Ik m I i.-cu ro.M 'a,, d '
ot rs .tin supiaisit ion M aimier tr..ved!ol gtoun.l es. !
oi'ini New Tjoik at l.'J LBLt.Nwicii SiKt.i,also by Rtsiiro-c &. !
I o.
'" .xiok iio. sK. !
Pamphlets to f had ()f agent graft.
S.U. P. rsons will also notice on the top label an cn-rra ved Indim
(sure, cristefl w ith fine red print.
The genuine mav also he Imusbi with safi Iv at Dr. Cuion' comer
of Roweiy and Crand street, .md Mr, Havs. IM') Fulton street, Rrnok
lyn, and al lesjw . lai.le steles ll renrh. i.t the I 'lilted Stales. :ti
i 3sT it.- V:. .! r'vx j: v s
A (''' "udlrrrr and Calls tin Frrcr li'l.t, xvararited lo cnretli.
lor...ellHndin cases, ran he hoi of Towlinm HrolUrrs siL-
of i In- ;.. h leu Mortar, I iidiannptdi. If the direiiions are slrit fly ,,i
owed and a ci.ie is ntdeüirted, rochatce will be made for the 'mil,'
1-8 lil.S ! I'l L!. X! Pills
K. IIOMl'HRLt'S rgctable Oinlli enl foi He P i!-. f...i...
TOM Ll NS( IX RRi mi f.Rs. I
ii vi: sni'i. j
P.OXF.S sup. Fb sjl and M .n.Ua lurJieJ I. Madder I .In of
fj .pcraj,idvAluui,lWkjlely L. llfi'JDLKLV.
U. 9. . J t . I.' ji ä-ff. I
rn 11 1: tuiwiur
- hdjust leceived
a lot of the idxive
named sloxes. Tliey
are.. decidedly ii'rior
t:'- ariy stove ever in
Vented. Mavinz two
ovens, different arti
rles can he haked al
tlie same I ime, w Inch
r.Mild not le well halt
ed in a single oven.
Thi tends to peat
economy in fuel. At
tlie same lime all Hh
er culinary operation
can le as well or hel
ler performed, ih.ui in
au oihri Move 111 market. 'J he in want of fucIi an ailrcle are In-
viimI r.i r:ilt And e:n.iine this tM-ftire mirr h:aii.tf nnvtfri.r ri,, m
' n n, l( i es.arv in x-i ure ti.r it Hih no-l.-.nre i'.i.i u.
' tivniff 17 S W l Wit UM TP
uuciv.s iA'n:.r cooue stovi:.
V. haxe on hand and dlt-r lor sale tlie above celebrated rooking
stoves. The many erson usin thi stove, in this ami other
cil.es, declare themselves deltelited w ith lis operation, and hear testi
mony nl lis superiority over any other cook inc sloveevt-r ottered to
the public, in ad. I ii ion to ii utisurpasfed lariliiie lor boiliiif, roast
ins,broilinz,&c. it h.ts die advantne n havuis an oven nearly twit e
as 1. 1 rye as any other stove in u-e, w h'ch is healed w ith Ihe most per
te. I ii niturioii v, by which hrtad without heins turned will bake on all
side a perfectly a can he cVneiti a hrukoven. It requires, also, t
iiiih u less niei iiiau is i-eueruuy usi u in oilier c.m.kiiiu stoves, one nail
theor.liuarv iu..ntity hems nmply siitljcit iLt for all purHises.
For the operation of the stove xxe respect fully teler lo the following
person w ho have it in use : C. W. Cady, Morris Morris, Kev. Sand.
L. Johnson, Allied HarriMii, Hold. Taylor, t'ha. Woodward, Ahrain
Harrison, A. W. Morris, J. J. Hugh, Hiram t.aston, James Hall,C.
C. Nave.
I n addition to RiKk' Patent C.N.ki ng Stove, the S'ibscriliers haveon
hand Premium I'.sikiitg Stove, I'.lev. ted ! ven Conking Stoves, par
lor Stoves, Seven and Ten plate Stoves, w Inch they offer at ihe lowest
pi ice. i 3. COX',
February, I? .. y-3r Opposite OJice.
.5 ise' i:j:m:i vi:i:
A T GH AYDON'rf Hardware Store, sign of ihe saw, a large sup
aU. supply of new good from Philadelphia, lo be sold at lowest
price, xizj
VYubtron's Corn Ac Crass Seville,
Fiuwell'a do do
Scythe Stones Kitlesfoi sc)thcs,
Shaw's liest Sickles,
Sc the Snealh.
Straw Knive Fnslish Sc Cerman,
Ilroad ami Hand Axe,
CarpcullerA. C.N.ier's Adw,
Mann's liest Chopping Axes,
.tt-i'7, t"l..
Patent Hay and Manure Forks,
Shovel long and short handled,
Mattocks and Picks,
Anvil a ml Vices.
I'lacksmitlis' Itelh.ws,
Hoes of ditlerent kind,
Row land's Mill Saws,
do Cross Cut do.
&.C fsC.
.ii st j.::cb:ivi:i),
T (HI A YI l.N 'S Store, sipn of the saw, an assortment of roach
Vn L-u e, Fnnsed 'Passels, Toll, Oil Cl. Ii, t 'urtaiii Sluff, Krah la
msk.Coa.h Lamps, Hub I'amN, Coa. h Handles. Mump Joint. c.
w.w ii iicinvAieii sToiiri,
Qntatittte I'ahner Iiiue,m Sort'iod" limtditig, g ceo ndduvr from the
r"HHI. underigned wouM repeclfully inform the public gencral
H ly,lh:it lie is now receiving and ot,: n in g, directly fioiu Phila
delphia, an e x tensive a sso it me lit of
Ciiti (IwaFc :i id :l C ullci v
( id all kin I j, e let ted expressiv for I h i market. Ilisarlicles are of
the h'-st pi ilit y, consisting, in pa it of.- hovels, r-pades, I ork s, Hoes,
A xes, ll.itc bet s, Hraw ius Knive.Saw s and Ausurs, HlacksmiihN
I It asp and Files, Mill saw Files, Plane- Put, Sins le ami double I r.ui
P.iitldiui! Material. of all kind and patterns, such a Knob Locks,
. Cerni'in Lock. Chistts, Kim Latches, 'J'huinh LaKhes, It. .lis,
Unices, and Screws, t.f all sizes,
j All person dfsitous of pur. hasitig any artirlem l!ieahoveline,
i xv ill !. well I call an I e x ami tie for the ti.se Ive lefore pi re ha si iij. at
' either places, as the n liove xvilj le sold low f. r cash , or for such art i
rlesoi trade a he can use. A. Hl KD.
! Indian. .poh, Nov. s 1 1. Ql-y
I 'B't II Ii I' (II f 'O "III'V
K 7't ,. . I
! KMM.s. lea kettles I'oiree-Mill, Knifes an.l Folk,
P.ulcher's Knives, Hrilmini.l Tea and Tah.e Sp...is, Shovels
I ones, ol all s.es,l anll-st,, ks an.l Milliters. .Also, a spleti
and Sii utters.
; did iotl'iientof Looking !ilae,nf iliiTerent sje and pattern,
Kaors and Slrops.ol a superionpia lily, lose! her w it Ii almost every
other Hit ic le in his line, all tor sale .lie ap f e i casli or approved cred
it a lid produce, at lue chap Hardware store, opposite the Pahiier
House. 'Jl-y A. RIKII. I
to is ven ::i.oics.
IIIK undersisned ha on hand, for sale low for rah, Trace
I'h alii, Hon Me bar ted Locks, saw, L.iel, r lie ol all sort,
Sincle lltitlons,.Vc. Ve. with a general assortment .f Hard Ware.
I'nllan.l rt e. til-y A. Ill lill, Ipposite Palmer llotie.
VI'VTIIKS, Sex the Sliced, Axes, Drawing Chain, spades and
shovels, Cur iv I 'muh. Screws, II inges, sinoot bins I roti, II ames,
CutTee Mi!!, Tea Kettle, all low el th.tn ever at HKIMlKKLY's. A
SHi'Il n ovens, Nt, kettles, skillet, and nJi1 lid for sale cheap
for 1 aeon, lard, ll.ust ed, low or ll.ix, linen, feat her. he swa. at
Il;ni"sif ';ie-pcitt( r :ind i'ttojx'rN 'a'ools.
Aull. I l of ( arpenter s and I M.per s timls just received
which are in ide by the best mechanics, and can noi be beat ;
1 'o,a g.Mid assortment of 1 1 ard w are, Scvthe, Si. klcs.Axcs, Spide.
Shovels, I'hains, and many other ai lie Ies Um numerous lo mention,
j w hich I xvillsell very low lor c ash oi country produt e.
I will rive the hishest market pro e for W heat, Rye, Flaxseed,
Heesw ax.'I'.illow, Laid, etc., in goods or cash ; please call and ex-
ami ne I he art ic Ies. J. Nil OLA I,
5 y
T door xv est of Drake'sllolei.
JR ASS Kettles. Tin Ware, f lin en's Ware, Japaned Ware.D.?
fi eatders, ) flute tumblers, ntnl plain. Just received at
April .'.:-I.'. 4. SMITH II WNA'S.
IT IIST rate a'ticle of xx ooden rakes is selling low for cash at
II CRA Y I MIX'S Sign of ihe 4 'Saw."
LLsi.esof Plotish Poinlsofthe bestipiality, for sale attheeash
store ol
tjVL'PKRItlR polished Augers from ! H In 2 Inch, just received at
i f reee"e.i at t.r.ijiioti s store, sisnol the saw, a superior
WW article ol H heel lion, low by Ihe dozen
jfJLV I'.RALdozetu ist Hct lti liave jill Ihtii feceivffl nnd will
h a tsis a.b 4'it:s i:irc saws.
A RI! olfi led far bei -aw the former prices at
;if AYM)N'S.
lORXP.LII'S .V CO. ' Patent Lard or Lard Oil side ami h inein-
I ainps Ihe bes'arti. le of the kunl ever invented sive twice a i
nil. h litiht al Un- ..line nil, as m.v a.lh. l. Also. hr:ts, I .tit i n iiuj i
fjhiss lamps of various kinds, tor sale cheap i t HKDDFRLY'e. 4
I...1ISS. I
Jl IM ' 1 1 P If i ic f it I il;i r I .'tiiMt :i ji .) n il iit fi rf I Is Tir Kitriiinr l-tnl
1 A iuMi.aeived.it CKAYIMIN'S
. Aio Lxlra Clolns and ('liiiuii.s for the above Lamp. Signofi
the Saw. " j
li()i.MAKF.Ks' I'indins of Ihe best ipuh'ly, and a full assort
C al-x.t k-pi ;, i;i:.VD IN'S "i - Hard wort ti.rt.
co a5LA :i tH fl as.
.ST I'asl Su-el, Skejr, (ierm in. F.njlisli, lilistt-r.and Ameiicau
l.li-ler Steel, Anvils. Vice. Files, Kaps, vr. at
III CR A YDO N'S .Vrw Hadwnr-: Strore.
MILS U ui;&s.
$ KF.CS vvroiisht and rut nail .issor.ed ; tiltovrsf l.y In, 4
n.w Ih.xes Id by pj gla
glass best Hrands, cheap al II KDHF.RI.Y S.
AlliS A.B :AK'E'l.f.S.
C ' s' tctcivt d, a heavy stock of Iron Nail and Casting, at
st:vrEu: sa-iis.
FlliS I' rale article for 50 cent for sale at
7 KM ITH X H.I.V.V.rs.
'I'askm: 'ctTLIlÜV, Ac
14h SKTS Knive nnd Folks assorted; PJ dox Prket Knives.
Jr' Carver and Forks, Shoe Knives, Kaors, scissors, !ipid
metal and Itril.iuui.i Tea and Tidde sjiooiis, all just received and lor
fale low at t He subscriher's cheap cash and Hade store.
100 ,W ty" ,,K't' knives from ti reutsto $1 each ; 10 do. Kni
aiidFotks; .r do. Scis,,rs; .1 do. Razor, best (jualiiy ; j
.iceiveu anu lor sale ny i he suliscrilr at very low puces.
4f C. M AVK It .east ot the Palmer House
Of) Iv LOS Nail .assorted ; Hi boxes Window Class, Miy Id, f do
no. iu ny i s : jtisireceiv. .1 and lor s
: jusirecci"
tie bv l he subscriber at un-
usuaPow prices.
ii tr.
M A V I. R, east oil he Palmer House .
'I'iu wsirt. Stone v:irc A Ihiilhcn wait.
iii.ai.ii.tn .i'l
i. l.N i.u AI. nssortiuc hl cl the a'sive nitulea may lj lound at
4iJj:fi:sVA3t2: a.m usu'ai.i:.
1J I 'ST ret lived a very line a-(irtu-itnf oueensw are, Li ver poo
' and couiuio.i 'l ea., Plate., Dishes, Howls, Pitchers, etc als,
ground and pressed Tumblers, Preserve dishes, Molasses .cans, Cotn
plttel'astor,SalleHers, elc. which I vv illsellchenpcrthan ever.
. . - .
v j. , t'lii.A .
1 1 1 8 -S A S B AXI U L 1 NS A ll B
K I ST rneiv.- l, a very line assottmerd of o i. ensw are. Livern.H.l
sfoiie and China Wure.Teas, Plates, Lisl.es, I low Is, Pm heis.
etc.. also .Ton tut and nressi-d 'I' 1,1. (r. ..... .. .,..... i. i..
e ins,! oinplt te t a!os, Saltst liars, elc,
- ........ i.i.,i,i-.,i.--iit-i. i i oi.isst r..
Don I forget, at Ihe 'heap
shoe, No. f, Noi wood s Hlo. k. -H
nlms: fli iti: tcmisli:ics.
ALF a lo ii cases of Ihe above a. title lor sale i heap, by
7 KM ITH A" .if A
t.xM" iri.tt K.
J .Tl LRS Lamp Ifl.tck just ret eived aud for sale by
i v.tfi.M.-sZsa:.. ".
"oPAI. Varnish. C.cli do, u. eiiorJapiu Vürnish, Hlack do; juht
I Vy received r.t the drug store of 7 D. CR AICIIK
ia srs:!t am siri.Vi.r:s,
CMi s ie i.y vv . r. UL IH. A KD, No. ;!, VuUmr Uome.
A ipiaiitity ol Kojc for sale chejn at the 'enliiitl U.hce.
rr.osrF.cTis of
Xcw Liluai y of iL:iv :uul Kqiiity,
FRAXCIS J TKOIT.AT, LV7., of Vhilade'phia,
Ihn. ELIAS LEWIS f Isincatl-r,
WILSOS M CAiWLESS, Z q., of ntts'.urtrh.
MÜS wtH k contains t lie hest produ Isuts of Knzlish law authors,
without resard to ptiority ol cl liiu on the part ol any American
publisher. Such book are not.iriotisly ton dear. 'The reason i, that
as last a I hey appear they become monopolies in lite h it, d. f Iks. k
sellers 111 Ihe Albiitic t Um-s. I'nder the plea of rieht acquired by the
addition of notes of American decisions, the latter . lain, an iindivid-
4ti t it la I.. tli.w. t...itd n.iit w'( :l l.urthe.e! nie rin.-M . ... . 1.... ll.u
puhli.-htrsof the work n.,w cdfi-red to Ihe profession throushMit the
I'nion, x ill not resp. ct mcli tales, hut will reprint the standard it t it-
fell law hook a last a lltey einanafe I rout the London inari.t-1.
. .r. - - -..r. .. r... -- I !! n 9 C laiPkie, IIHT
Chilf), Stephen, and ArrhUdd, appar, lliey shall also he included;
and Iigi:stoI Luityntid Law deci-ioiis works w hi. h h ive been
studiously kepi out of" liie Law Library uihhhe! at I'hilr.delphia
thai I have a place in Ihe proH-ed new one, lutcilier wilJi ever new
i .i.. f i: i. ...... ..... j . .
xauiaiiie i.iiiimi treatise on i.u.imeiy or toiiiuiiji I .aw
fc-Tliis xx.srk will lie iued inoiiihly in numbers of Iff) puses,
printed on Fi e Wiiiik Pn a c xo oooo Ni.w Lou Prixicr Tvrt,
i t seven dollars er anuiiui, ay aide half e; rly.
J. m. a. Li;suL'Ki;.
IIisrupi ri., l a., July 1 , 1 i.. Hs-flin
To 'iV;tcliors I:ii-iil, lriiM ip:i!s :uil
4 cult ollt fn al " JkcIiogI. At ;:dciiiics snul
i t 1 1 '..
R CSrilK.XHF.KtlFJCS First Pool- rf .Vatural i.-hrrji, &C., fcc,
ndapted from the Works of M line Kdvvaid and A. Cointe ;
pit pared for tlie use of School and t 'ollese :
I. Kir mints of .liialotmj and l'htf.-io!v-ju, 1 vol., with 46 engravings.
Fifth edition.
Ü. F.irmrnts ff .Minnvialoinj. The Natural" History o (luadrupds. 1
vol., x ith 7." eneraviiis. Second eilitn.ii.
'.i. F.lements of Orwitlnloiry. The Natur;-1 Hi.-tory of bitds. 1 vol.,
xx Uli M engravings. e ond edition.
4. .lmuUvf !! rpitolny anü of Jt htlnioloUii The Natural lli.-to.
ry of l.eptiles iiixl Fi.-hes. I vol., w uh enrravnis.
.". Kit mcnt.1 if Com ' s '1'he N.liiial llinioiy tf Shells and
Mollusca. 1 vol , w ith I I'J enslaving.
Ii. I'lrmrnt.i of Ijttomoloy. The Nulu ral History of Insects. I vol.
with "1 enprat my.
7. I'Jtvunt of Hot any. The Natural History of Plants. I Vol.,
with I'.U neat engraving.
c. l.trmttUof f.'.WiM'. The Natural History of the Larth'a Struc
ture. 1 vol., xx Ith ovei iM'l eiuiravmus.
La. h h.Mk ol ihe sines is i nuipltlc in Us. If, and ha a full .l'ssa
iy a'(K tided. The illustraliotis ure iiumeiou. and beautifully e xe tilt
ed. No F.lementary Works that xxe are acquainted w ith, on these de
lightful Mini u s, w ill he found so suitable lor si lusil and colleges a
e excellent little winks, which nie al once comprehensive and
concise, and exhibit to iim Je table scientific know lettre und judgment
in their execution.
'The series has been adopted in several of our College and PuMic
Schools with uu piaiilied satisfaction. One admirihle feature, among
tithers, whit h c har;iclen.es these xor!.s, .s their ierspi.-iiity and sim
plified arrangement, coiuhinins a vast amount of i nformalioii in Ihe
smallest compass, a mode of imparling instruct ion quite up lo the
labor saving and lime economizing spinttf t'ie hg; al.ngethcr con
st itutins the most complete series of Kleuieutary orks on these uh
j"clj, that have yet apt wared in the Knshsli Liiuage." Ail Teach
ers are particularly re piested to examine them.
Published I v (.rigg.1. Kiln ll, Phdadt Iphiii, and for fa'.e wholesale
ant! retail, by C. IL HAVIS, I ndiaii;. polls. 14
m:v hook stoui: am in.ii:itv.
rpxIU' sti' scril er would respectfully announce lo Ihe citizens of
Ä I ndiauapoli.c and Indiana senerally, I hat he is now receivinc
an extensive stock of Law, Medical, 7 hruloi'irul, .Vinrellaiirunt,
and School Hoof,, Stat ianartt , und Fancy (ivid , nil of which have
been selected w ith sreat cj, re and purchased forrrsh; and having
made brrrncemeuts with ti e Messrs. lUirper t llrothers, of New
York, and other publishing houses in the east, to have nil new'
xvork; toj-warded ly ej ress, jis soon si published, the subscriber
tlattets himself that he is prepared to offer inducements to the pro
ti ssion:i and literary pul In-, w hich cannot fail to arrest their
attention. The following works, now publishing in parts, are
teady tor delivery :
ll.it pel 's I'K tornl Illuminated
P.ii.le to .V. '..,
Harpers' Pictoral IPuminated
MiaKspeare. to o. -lt,
Michekl's History of France,
KolrauscbV C rtnanv.
Itisbop Thirlw ell's Creece,
I I'l lallorii n's Iretnnd, (elegant)
Thiets's Napoleon,
Thiets's I rench Kcxolution,
Thiers's Consulate under Napo-
h on.
.Maunder' Treasury of His" ry.
Frost's Political History ol the
Ken. laU's Life of Jackson,
Lnr.liier's Popular Lectures,
Martin's splendid üihle,
Wi sh y's seniioi.s.
Wandering Jew,
London Lancet. (re-puMjcntion)
I' rait h wait's Ret inspect,
F.ncycop ndi.i of Practical Medi
cine, (now romplcte)
l.'-lerlie Magazine,
Knickerbocker Magazine,
.southern Literary Messenger,
American IJevicw,
lieuiocratie Iteviexv,
Ciabaiu's Masazine,
Ladies' National Cuuipanioti,
Uodey's Ladies' I! x k .
Arthur's Ladies' Masazine,
Ladies' Musical Li'onrv ,
Classical Library. (Harper's;
I.. i x s and Cirls' do .In
Library of my 'oting t.'ountry-iih'.-i.
( pp'ef on.)
All order. for l oot., stationery, etc., post paid. ptincttinCy at
tended to, and delivered f i om t he sul si 1 1' er s xva sons xv Lie h w ill
viril all i aits of ti e Mule, or y lii.nl, if so dir. . tel.
S.1MI I.L 'ri'Ii.Yi'.l:, Fifth door vest of llrowning's.
Hoolt ISiiii'ty :ntl SSIanU ISooIi.
"Zi.iuil it !oi y. j
The til srril er Imvins associated ill .Vr .. .11 W'ISO.V
in t he nl.ove lnitis-. w ill he ena! led ttifurnish lh-ink:iiid I'l.-iiikj
Hooks of eve.y description, for county and either purposes, in stv le
I'lnl ij'tality of p; m r nt ini'ciior lo any iiianiilai tiircil in tld
enstc-rn i ii ies. County and Hank I Mhccrs are requested to call and
insp'ct our stork of superior eastern writing paper lim! htiok I Hid
ing stock generally, boforr giving their orders eisen here.
irn.vr.il x .n wisu.v.
4st Fifth ilmir tri.it of llrownin?' Ilntrl.
.... K I f y-
"R I'ST received by express at Tinner's Cheap ILiokstore, the fol-
P lot ins new hooks, etc .
Il.-trpeis' Illuminated llihle, number ni
b (Jo Mink spea re.
Martin's Devotional Fulde (elesant.) No."
llit. of Ireland hy 'l htlloran elesnt,1 N'o .1
" (iermany bv Kohrausch, now coinph le, 5 Xes
Kncy.of Hoinestic Lcoiioiny parts 4,. r and
Copland Die. of Med. " H and !1
ainleriig Jew " PI and L!
Hrougliaur Men of Letters and Sei nee
Wesley 's Sennoiis, nart '.I
Harnes' notes on L hesians, et"
Iht do 'I'hess.ili mans
L; rduer's le ctures, jiart 4
Cooper's new novel, Satanstoe
James's new do the Smusclcr
D'lr. eli's" " theSxhil
I, la ver's" St. Pa'trirk's Fve
New Facts in Mesmetism the S-eies of Prcvost
T. S. Arthur's new iiovc I the Iwo Husband ; I'.llen Pickering Ihe Se
crel F.K-; Self, hy the author of Cecil; Lvelirie Neville; Ih- Monk,
hy M.C. I a-wis; Fleelwimd; Westward Ho, cheap edition ; Pilgrim
age to Treves in l:H 1 ; Macaulej's Mislern Hrilish Lsa i'ts ; New
Refoimalion by John Rouse ; Thier' Consulate of the Liiuifr under
Napoleon, part o and 4: Mag i.ine; a complete assortment of Piano
Music, Ihe latest aud most '"il.ir Yalt7.es, s.ng, etc.
; 17 SA M L. 'PI TIN lilt, 5 door west of drowning' Hotel.
Tf I'ST published by Turner &. Jenison, Ihe new t H'icer' tJtiide and
" Western Manual. Revised, curret ted, enlarged and adapted to
the new Revised Code of law ; printed on fine pape r, over 4uo pases
tvo price 1 : a htieral diseonn! to the trade
17 TP'RXLR St. Jli.MSOX,:dsr wet of Itrou nine's.
:i:Y A l I.Itls A.V itll I LIUHISI .
It an account of the most valuable varieties of Fruit of all cli
mate adapted to Ihe cultivation ot the t'liiled Stales, hy WiL
liam Kennrk. Received thi day at Ihe Ihskstore ol C. l. DAVIS,
i van 'im: imr..
j Ct.!lULMXC for Ihe Ladies ; and companion lo the FhuverCar-
xj den, by Mrs. I.udeu, ediled by A. J. Downing. Rece ived this
I day at DAViS's Coi.kstore. t
B N it relation xvith t'henu.itry. Physics ar.d M eteorolopy ; ort hem
i -try applied to Agrit ullure, hy J . II. Itons-iiig.iull, translated lioin
li.e 1'ienth by Ceurge Law. Keieived tins) day al
ti DAVIS' Rookstore.
A Mi! IHMi'i.
fflHF. Fartnet'satid I'misnnl's Hand Hook, being a full and nun
plete guide for the Farmer aud riiuigr.iiit. Just received at
;'.( DAVIS lluok.-tore.
sis vi:s AxaV sra.MjMa nnuEis.
ria C Do.. Slated, a -orted sies : I. d i. elementary siw'.iiii!
si mV h.H'ks bv- Noan etisler
MM' i Slate Pencils to rive away,
justrereivedand fors alehy tliesuhsrriher at ver) Ion pnre.
C. M A YKR,eas of the Palmer llose.
E'AI-:it ArtO SFifliS.
i fl T RF. Mb ('ap paper vat ion ipialitie.
ÜL -ii-illr !il do uttei. lo do do
H.l'l do 'r:'ppine' jiajier do
3 i,ucil Clarified Ouill do do
Just received ami lor sale very low fur cash or in exchange for raghy
June Iii. I HJ.,. r, D CKAMiili: All.
F AN C Y (lO O D.S.
,si:iii,BM; on at cost.
"sVCIW is tue lime lo get Ilie greatest hog it n ever ode red. A the
i'l time is fast approaching when Hie subscriber will gueastwatd
for new goods, lie pur-msc sellingotr hi ptesenl slo. k i.t cost. 'I he
g.sid are ail of ihi spring and summer' pun liases; all new and
lashional le. The slock consists in part of gold aed silver lever and
common wn?t lies ; gol I fob and guard ch ims, necklaces, biacelels,
hair and ruff pins, breast pins, finger rings, silver arrows or datt.
js-arl and shell card cases, snutr and tobacco boxes, c igar cases, sold,
silver, Cermau silver, and steel mpeek and speck cases; gold aud
silver iencil cases, pi um intisic, all kinds of k rtunienes ; loolli and
hair brushes, putse and mk ket Is. ks, Hutes, walking canes, w.s.d
and Iris clocks, ra.ors of all k ind ; also, nil kind of fine pen
knives, Kcissors, .v., &.C. Resides a thousand other little notion too
numerous lo mention. The above gisid, or any and all the notion
in the house, will be sold al cost. (Silver ware excepted.) 1 am de
lermiiic.l not to keep good on hand long :t a lime, so as to get .sit of
fashion, hut keep ihe maiket well supplied at all lime w ith the new
est aud latest style. The public are invited to t ail and see w hat can
be had in the way of harsains at W. II. TALI'OTT'S, Jewelry Stole
op-Kisite Wa-hihgtofi Hall. H
Ei:iEiioiit! lotli!cl IN'iis.
a cst
UST received Shepherd's ."unrrior Ih-tmond I'omttd Hold Ten.
is with Pencil case, also n v itietv ot S'ttl and Metallic fen, tut
s.ilever cheap at DAVIS' Rookstore.
i.o u i x n i la ss i:s.
TJl'ST received at CUAYDO.X' Store, sign of the saw, a flue as-
" Koiliuenl of Mahogmv Frinve (poking Classes; also IMiking
Clasa plates of the follutx ing su.es: 7 1, d lo.'J 12, 'J 14, 13 iW, 14 '-M,
if.-'-. b
VIKXa .151 Sil'.
TT I'ST iece;ved at W. IL Tu I hot Cm Jewelry store, opNsite the
xv asinngtoii Hall, a huge lot ol piano music, consisting ol w alt
.t s, marches, song, duets, c. c ,all entirely new and fashionable,
and will be sold as h.w as can h; IhhiIiI in Louisville or Cincinnati.
Ladies xv 1 1 1 phase call and lake a look. 43
vii iv v S3 i i : ill vn vs.
"IT I'ST opened, diicit from New Orleans, a fine assortment of Co-
i h.gne Vater, Lavender, do. Rear's Oil, I '. tract t.f Rose do. and
Kvfrutof Vanitle, a d.lisl.lfnl s-rliiine for llkf. Also, Pomatum
put up o suit hulu s and gelitleinen. fot sale cheap by
43 W. II. FALKO J '', Opposite ilahin;tvnlhll.
liiu.:) 2 tä2o.c koite: se:s.
51 .'ST reivix-ed Woodw ard's gold diamond siinfeil pens.vv ith js n
i il. ; also, ladies' and g. nllt men's gold ever pointed eiiiil cases
o all mx', for sale al t iuc'iuii,.li pitccs t y W. II. TALUti'F'P,
-PI Opposite ll q .hin'on H.i'.l.
S J r.('i:iVi:i lliisday.alarre lot of superior Hras. and Wtniden
tiv. Chic k, which will Ih' sold al River juices transportation added
and wariautt (! to kt rp good time one year or ho sale Call r.t V. ll!
'Palltott's Jeweliy etore opposite Washingtou Mall and 3 rioois ca.--t of
Drake's it. let. 13
E'AS! KM.S!!
K t'S'l' -le.ci i cd, a lino jsupplv ul'Fai.s lot Ihe
Iailie5. ;t the
tljtc of
SAVI5 VAJsIs.CS:, .Utmncy :H IJIU.
"R-P CTKM.S in tlie Circuit and aher Con it o the Slate, and in
0, -he lilrict and Cinuit Courts of the I 'nited Males, and will
juoni;lv and strictly aHcu l to the security and collection ol all clauiM
ih it may lieenlrus'ed to him.
Mth. e'oti Washington tireet, in the frame huddtns, eist of tin?
Washington Hall. Ll?L.
-ftAV xotici:.
.1 n in v s Morrison.
A VINO resisned hi office .f President Judse of the 5th judl
rid circuit, tender his services to the public, aan
T I O It .V H Y A A Ii C O U .V S II LI. OR .IT IV .
tjrotlice otpis:te 1 1: s Wahin-jton Hall, on Washington street,
w,,,f 1 al "ll "J-"'e!iy shop, up s-ta:r3 first d.s. r
li'iianaKili,Oct. 'JI; 15 . l-tl
ii(i;i t a-e' f 1 t f "V 1 I.IS.
AM LS P. 1)11 A KL, (as-isud hy I'. Urow ti,) cnnlinues to keep
Ihe above named Höfel. Hurins the pat suniruer, h'i .las built
an addition to hi form-r establishment x In. h enables turn to preieiit
to the public a number ol neat and commodious room. Ill Mahle
audcarri ise house are rah ul de.l to a. -commodate a l use nuuiliertsf
,u"' a,: raf
'J J." a, i0,,m'
Nov..t. 11
horses and rar r lasts Hi bills s hail l-e re as. .nable am! I.e xx III I Iiap-
oiuuiod.ne all w ho w ill favor luni w itli their custom.
!. 'Ji-tf
j sii.vci: vai: mamtacti iti:it.
! frjlll". public are intornu-d lhai I have r-g un rotiiineiiced manufae-
i Ü- tilling Silver Ware, such as table, tea, cream, mustard and salt
sjMMHis.sug -r Ions, soup lad ie and butter knives ; old gold or silver
taken in ejehans for sjs.ons; .Id sets or art of sets of spnnt
made over to in itch, or of any pattern or style wished for. I hav
ai.experieiiced xvoikman engact d. Shop pHH-.ie the Wasbinrton
Hall. W. II. TALI. OTT.
i P.?. I'he highest nrire paid for old cold or silver, either in goods
er cash, l.y W. II. T. 4
rnHF. snhsrribeis take Ihi meth.sl ol inl.s-inins their friends and
11. Hie puhlic in ceneral that they have commenced Ilie als.ve Inisi
nesson Wio-I'itigt.ui stieel between Peiinsv Ivania and Helawaie sis.,
one door eal of Walpole's store, where tliey will alwaxs le f.Mind
ready and willing to d. woik al ihe shortest not ice and in the most
f.i-hloii..hlc slyle ; we sav to one and all.sixe u a trial.
P. S. The iindersisned has on hind an asrtment of w inter and
suiniiierchslis, vet-ling, &.c. which lie wiIIm-II very low forral.
43-;,,', S. '. D.1.VIFJ.S.
m:v maslouivg i:srs'AiiA.si:ii:xrr.
;i ait vt lie Youngs
Mr.nciM.vr r.uLvit .ixn hiurr.R
"nOFLIl respect lull inform Ihe nnrvt . I lii.r.ui.ipoli. and the
V p.ihtie fieiii rally, t'h it he teis now estahh-hed iiunself in twisl
sess.w here he will Is- h iniiv lo w ait on hi old customers, and suf h
: MhcrsHsuiiy favor hiui.au l agree In satisfy theiu in every resjiertBS
I far as his art i concerned. Oaruieiits xvilltie made in the liest luauncr
I u-armiited to fit. ami ;it ttie low est livins lim es. t 'all and see.
,t ir Shop iinsite Ihildcrlt'1, a etc door coot vf the 1'almer HuUft.
And Account IS.tok .lX:miif:i'loi y.
AY, TYLLU & t'tl., whtdesalean l retail dealer ati-i rrutaf
fri'Jtuiers of ,iit .ic cunt ISooki, ami cieaiers in iMiioH.r,
; &.C. A.c. in the New lt nldins on Washmston Mreel, opirsiie in
i Palmer Hotel, lndi;inan.li., Indiana, xx here ihrre ran always he oti
I la;ued,aiiJ w:il helouud cousfntly on hand, Ine varirsn arts let in
! their line, livery description of Plank Hooks for CmMy Auditor
I and Trensnre rs .rh,.-l commissioners and IliaslstrateS. WKtl Or (Vllli-
ov' : pri tiled head. !
In all their Plank llm-k they use th- 'mproved Talent mode c.
sewing, xx hit h sive.v renth with erut ft ..iditt- And isinrompar
ably superior to any other inethiHl ever devised lor blank iMH.ks,!'!
xxill keep Ihe leaves firm and solid xvhilelhe Iss.k lists, instead of
coming to pieces, as is often tlie rase w ith all other methods. The
new method of sew ing rendrrstbe books woith doiilde the old kind,
though I hey cost no more. In elegance, durability , and superic styl
of finish, their account tiooks are equal to the liest Fasteni vror aud
no iVpheiin rice.
II. T. ti. t.'o. are also prepared to manuf ic liire all desrnplions of
fancy articles, such as Ladies' and Ceiitlenien's Port Foli.s, Caskets.
Card Cases, Albums, Spectacle Caes, Cigar Cases, Pocket Hooks ar
Nte Hook.
Ml'SIO PAP LR alwayson hand, which ran be lwind in various
i7.es, and Hand supplied at the t-hottest notice. Mustf arrangtd
and bound in the liest style at reasonable price and shoct notice.
'I he most improved pattern of a KulinS Machine is jus! receive!?.
Hooks and paper ruled lo any pattern.
They are prepared to do all kinds i.f Hmding in French and Lnglisb
Calf and Morm co, Plain, Lxtni,and Mi-er Lxira Marble and Jdt edge
Finish. Alt kind of law and interleaved works and petkHliCilf
bound to match, to which ersonal attention will !e civen.
Uli tsKsjt-i - Hon. Isaac P.lackford, Supr. me Judge ; K. May hexr,
Tieasiirerof State ; II. J. II arris, Auditor of Slate ; James Morrison,
President of State Hank ; J. M. Kay, Cashier of State Hank ; C. W.
I ":idy, Secretary of Insurance Company; A. W. Morns, Lsq ; N. D.
Palmer, I ".sq. M-y
ATTI2.TIO.! Iirnnis :mtl .11 (c hauler!
Hun where voa can but) cheapest,
.1 ud sell if tit re yu run nil deute t.
FEM!! Subsrriliers c an ;'.. cht-ipcr und cirf more for prodnce
-3 than ever liel'oie. They slill tiir) on the M I LLIXC HFSI
NTiSS. at their old stand and i.ow have live Run of Slones, keeping
four run in continual operation, xv it bout los .. tune in dressing,
one run will alwaxs he dressing and in erder. They have repaired
their Wago'i Shed for the act oiniiiod ition of FARMLRS, and Ihe
im'ilic seneraily. Nol:.s accounted for, unless lae name is marked
on Ihe same, and the nanicsaud amoutil ot grain put on the iiiillNmk.
.No hags to he It Tl in Ihe null more than three day after they are pro
mised unless special older be ivei. to Ihe M iller to take care of the
same.' No has allowed to I e t.-.ken . nit or in the M ill, e I cept hy the
Miller jjctiiu? iiuiire and lakin; account if the same, 'l it hifhfst
price will be paid for Wheal, in cash, or in trade. A lot of shelled
Corn and als x anted.
!iy (iooiN roerrio ,
We have just received, direct from ihe Last, a general astwf merit of
Dry I'oods, Croceries, Hardware and lea! tier, w lot h will he fo)(t at
ttie lowest pnci for ia.-h ! and in excliance fr Wheal. Corn, fjird, Ka
ron, an d in fine, lur country produce generally. Sa't at iitrentJt
hiishel hy the barrel ; Iron al 4 dollar .Vi . enls per H'l lbs. Just call
and see our I 'otwls and ry PIl IC KS rJ Iwfore pur hnsinr eis where.
Connected with the above, I an extensive- P.LACKS.MITII SHOP.
All kinds ol work done to order. Plow s constantly on hand, and will
be sold for produce and Cooper's StutL JOHN CAIJI.ISLF..
Indianapoli,Scpt.2!,l-U 41-fm J.M). M(('tTT(;ilK0..
Kll.tlH-VAL. "T
rnttn snhscrilier resje. tiully mfisrins h is friend and old enslrrteTi
& that he hasreniovtd hi CAHIXirr SHOP one d.s.r wsjthof
I he Palmer I lotise.ou Illinois street, xx here he w hi be hnppy to acron
uioilateall thie w ho in 1 1 1 it or him xx ith tfieir custom ; and what M
of Kretit in: port auce these hard limes, he sells extreme ly low f.r cash
approved country produce. Call and see. tf JAMKS CKKEH.
wi:avi:ii v vii.i.ia.is,.
l'ii(!ci l:Kci s :iml C tifliit-.tl.'ikcr,
ELSPKC'ITT'LLY itiform Hit ir friend and the public,
lh.it l hey have n moved to their new w are h.Kise, jasl
w est of their old one. Tliey are imw pre tared lo furnish
atl articles of dibmet Furniture, eleginl, Ci4lyor Cheap, Um
suit Ihe taste of purchasers. They w ill also pay prornj and
pirticul.ir attenlioti to funeral arrange tnents, and will under
take Ihe whole or any part I hereof; himish a one or twrs
iMiise hearse, carriaces, 4 c, at tf:e shuttest notice. As I hey
keep ready made coffins on haud.lhev xxill le able to fur
nish the same promptly, and a! low cr Ihan the ii-ual rates. They will
I make eotlins to order on the shortest notice, either day or night, fWl
will in everyway guarantee to give satist.u lion. One of the firm can
always lie found, on! of business hour, nl his residence dtrerUy in th
tear of the ware house. 13
.1 o s i: iT b 7:ri i z ivrvi iiiit,
riiilpi t:i!icr mid ('ofliiiOI.iltcr,
It'll lnn"ton Street, nr.trlii ir,..if thr I'wt tlHre.
Y' I'.SPF.t r'l'FCLLY informs ttie citizens of Indianapolis
and it vicinity, that he will give hi attention to the
above business, w ith a view to release Ihe friends id" fe
ceised i er sons f loin I he iildispeli s-ihle t ti hie attend in g the
death of a ft lend, and would state that he i prepared to un
dertake the whole business of funerals, if desired, or any
part t lieieef, n reasonable terms; n h a furnishing either
a one or two ho ise hearse, huiU after the most approved style.
Alii, cart i.ices, and evety other repiiske aptertiiiiinctotli3
above business.
J. I. S. would luith.-r state that he will make h is charge reasona
ble to ieroii in the c initry.
N. I!. Attfth! iticeat all hour. Should the ubsrriher fail in any
of the ahox-eeri ca eements no c barge will he made.
""-tf J.I. STRKTCHF.R.
.save: wi n .iio.i:y!
Isitl Snity :i:!!Iih of .. .1. IZtiuIi.
J. J. Ill Oil re eltfnllv informs his friend Ihn lu. im
? Pff-pared.at ln.V. r Stoie opponK thr l'ot ( Jlcr.to furnish
i I belli With Stdd'rry mid 11 iritcfn of all dcrctlptk.lis, a I the
lowest prices for cash or ap ..ov .1 proitu.-e.
Trunk. Vortox-iiittau, and Cmpitand s.idi!e. lia r. Any article in hit
hue will be made to order at shoit notice and on low terms. II
"omu i.ine uu occasion to len.ier iiitfnuks i,.r Uietr enl patrooare
ll.u...... - ..ul...... 1 l l: ... . . .. .
on. i ir iieiinrt, ;mii Iii Kits a rOMIIIU iure ol I fie same. 47-tf
v siosi: v .vis vii vi til's r
PKKSi INS xx hose xx at. he are out of'order.are I nforined that
I hive engaged Mr. John V.Stintiel I, w hoi an etisf ienced
y .'A
a" ",,u "'d-'eu superor workman ; any kuidof walcfl
:j'Sim that may t broken or worn t.ut in any particular. can he re
i ' v
plat c-d w ith entire new works ; wall li cases repaired or made new ; all
kinds id" watches. ihn ks or jewelry repaired in the very best tvle,antf
vx atianted to pel form will or no pay. I am also prepared to make or
set any kind of jewelry or stone seitin.. Lxery nssiMe ainswiJ
he taken lo have w ork done w ell and neatly. The public rer
speclfully inv iled to call aud give us a trial. Shop opposite lUc rL
ingtoii Hall. 4, W. II. TAUJOTT.
; IC i: AT 12 A llii A I A S Vi u vs litl ucrLr
rglllF, subscriber has concluded to make a further reduction in (.he
H- price s of his Shoe and H.iot. Rut vv hile he does this, he prnttjrs
ie that ul! hi work shall he finished iuthes.-mene.il and sirtasUrrt
lial manner which Ime heretofore . hire ten. ed Iii et.vrrrhment
and e ive n it such a decided prelerence with the pulx'ic. The subscri
ber is well awate that shoes and IsM.ts can put chased VI some stores
at I lie same oi Ies price ; but a he use none of ttie ordinary or re
fuse stoc k, those of his manufacture will prove cheapest in tit rnd.
Country produce vv ill be taken in exchange at f.ir prices. Csvllathti
stand opposite Rrow uitig's. J-tf A. KXL'ULE.
lioor a.i ssim: ?i i . i a ' a -i 1 1 y.
rnxiiL undef signed i veiylhankful for tlie lihe'
lhM I " Ml patronage bestowed on him fi.r lis two
P'sl years, and he Is pesio merit a coiiUntnnc lf
oj&Pl thes.iaie. lie tl Itters niins, If that by his indus-
tty. pun lu lity and si riet nttc ntmii to mi sin ess, to
be a'de to give satisfu thui to who mav nvv-
him acr.ll. He ha n rmaneuily settled himself in this place, and if
prepiirdlo make anything in hie line as durable and cheap as any
Iber establishment. He w ill set! his vx ork so as lo coriespt.Md with
the hard time, and no in inula' Tory shall se !l low er for cash than hi
Socall au I see his splendid a-sortiuei.t if H.H.t and st.s, and judge
for yiHirself.
llides,Tit'ovv,ltes vav, Feather. Flour. Wheal, k.r. &e will at
all time ! received f.u ti. k. Shop Iwo lnr west of Slrelxliei'
Cabinet Shop, of which those in debt vv ill take due in ice.
W!xrj:ii. i'Tiei'uisr:.
'IJtHIS pieiioii is now settl.il, 'if Hie Oiegnu tjuestiou is not,) that
H RiI.Fll.1'1 VS,i( the i et ijn ihty, can le made in Marion Vf.
la., just as cood as the 'oi.'.- .Vol. on made in Rostwn, as has been
fa iily tested t y tin e w ho know what a good article i. Ttie under
ijnt'il Im succeeded in lu ikin ajeiie aK i!i. frtl y r.irlMinisect,
(h it will riot dissolve in any attuo-pheie ; aud which he otTerstc
dealers on reasonable terms by the ker, hariel or ton. 4 a!fat Fleltlv
er's stote, I ndian isili., or at ihe nriutil.it toij 7' rude ral.f lndi
aiiaixilis.on iri.' nation il roa.l. 4--i m WM. RORSON".
hat?-:: s: ITS !I
Ii4!cs.:t!c :u:l Sc!::il,
TATF.ST spruij slxiV of t en(leu.eu's Reaver. Itnish.Snk and
A Cassiniere Hat jyist receiveil at the Dayton Hal k shoe Store,
and for sa'e uniisiiall v low. J. K. SllARPK.
I2.ASTr.tt A.V SiV4S x- Vl I'lIIIU.
F I'ST ten ive. I a lot of Spaui-di an 1 Cincinnati Sole l-eaiher, no.f
P and Shoe M.r.M-co, Listern I ; nr laail.er, Piuladelphia Calf
.-kins. Lining and !?: nl i n i! Sk un. Skirl in z. Ilo and Sheep Skins,
etc. and and all kinds of linns', xv huh I w ill seil t leduced fllres.
.rl-y J. .NICOLAI.
jTü HOZ Heaver Itiickt'is,iiistteceivctl and for sale by ihesuhsciib.
xlJf er 'J3 pet rent. lower than usual.
tri C. M A LR. e.l.-tofthe Palmer Ilotiss.
OL1VI-! OIL. "
HOTTLFSOIive Oil, of sumi i..r .-uility xvhuh makes an
J e xcetl. uisala I, ..st it . eixtd f:ou. ihe impoiti r.and lomalss
l tkeauhstiibcr. CllAIILLS M AY Lll.F.uA Fulimr lhzts.
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