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(gj-Ojjice on Illinois Street , Xorth of Washington.
(i. A. & J, f. C1IAMM, Editors.
07"The State Sentinel will contain a much larger
amount of reading matter, on all suhiects of general
interest, than any other newspaper in Indiana.
the seiii-weekey edition
I? published every Vciln outlay and Saturday, ami dur
ing1 the session of the Legislature, three times a week,
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at Four Dol
lars a ytart payable always in advance.
Tin:" weekly edition
Is publisliod every Thursday, at Two Dollars a yar
always to be paid in advance.
A l in advance will pay for six months.
5js- will pay fur three opics one year.
IYrsons remitting slO in advance, free of pot
aip, shall have three copies of the Semi-Weeklv one
year, s j will piy for six months, .si will ahvnys
ce charged tor tlie Tri-Wekly, and 50 cents for the
Weekly, during the Legislative sessions.
ADVERTISEMENTS, will be inx-rlril three times
at one doll ir 11 square of 3 lines, and he continued at
the rate of "St cents a square lor each additional in
sertion. Quarterly advertisements, per square, s5.
All advertisements from abroad must ! acorn; n. -tied
by rush ; or no attention will be paid to them.
fc'T-i'ostaire inibt be paid.
American Aoiion of Aristocrat ic e-
A correspondent of tiie Do'hir Magazine, published
in Tiiil ulelphia, gives the following curious informa
tion to his brother Republicans as to the characteris
tics of Aristocracy :
f I have in my travels hoard a great deal said at one
time and another about Aristocracy ; and I have seen
people who talked very much against it, and yet could
not tell exactly what it is. Now, as I line never
been an Aristocrat myself, and will never be so if I
" help it, I shall be glad to give some notions of
MiaiMhc symptoms and character of this so much
. monster.
U in ie I was travelling, some years ago, in the mid
dle and back parts of the State of Pennsylvania I came
one night to an inn with another traveller, and after
supper, we were both pet into a large room contain
ing three beds. We had just got into them when a
very decent looking young man came up, with a can
dle in his hand, and began to undress himself 1 1 the
side of the third, I should have mentioned that it was
of a Saturday night.
Well, when the young man bad undressed himself,
he put out the light and then, taking Lis shirt ', got
into bed. We could see this by tha moon, which was
shining quite bright at thetiaie. My fello.v-traveller
had üiiown, even durmj supper, that he liked to have
his own way, and did not care much fr anybody's
convenience interfering with his. Perhaps i am ra
ther uncharitable in this matter, however, for upon
rejecting, I don't bei. eve he thought about any one
tle at all.
Weil, as on as the young nnn ind covered him
self, with the Ind clothe", my tlliow traveller called
out in a very loud and domineering maimer, ' Are
you going to sleep without yourhirt .'" as no answer
was given, he cried out r.ga;n very boisterously, (for
lie was more than six feet high, and thick in pro;-or-portiuii,)
lo yen intend to sleep in ihr? room With
out your shirt, sir !" " 1 shall do as I hl;e " was the
answer now. "I'll be if von do." savs the ntlier.
get up and put on your shirt or I'll put you out
of the room." With that he threw one of his lcs
out within the sijjht of the oun man who mii'it
have a specimen of the fjree witli u Ii ich he was threat
ened. ' I'ts a very hard case," tays t!je young man,
that I can't please myself in a matter that concerns
nobody ehe." Hut the ether persisted that it did on;
cern him to have any body sleep in the same room with
him without having a shirt on. At last the vounij man
state ! that he had come thus far on a visit to his sweet
heart, wh m he should see next morning and know
ing; as it seemed, that he should have no change in
resisting his huge adversary, he entreated as a favor,
that he miht be permitted to reserve his shirt for ser
vice next day. I was much moved by this plea, and
the tone of humble entreaty but the etiectual hard
hearted man was not touched at all and the p or
young fellow w as actually obliged to wear his shirt
all nicrht.
I think, M. Editor, that this was a real piece of
Aristocratic behavior.
Yours, respectfully, IV.ti.k Simtle, Jr.
In Aristocratics it is a first principle t!tat what is
yours is mine, ami what is mine is my own," and ac
cordingly, tint in doin what thev will with their own,
they (la what they will with the rights and property of
others. Our Duke of Newcastle or hord Lxetcr would
regulate the voice of any man in their rower, as the
bullv in the above storv regulated the covering ; but
Aristocracv docs this thin' more cornpletolv in Knr-
l ind. As Johtiithan lid would say, ' It knows a
better trick than that of making a man sleep in his
shirt whether ho likes it or not; in Kurland it strip
him of his !iirt for the maintenance of those in pur
ple and fine linen.
The publication from which tho above characteristic
anecdote 'is copied, bears the name of th" Dollar Ma-
r;;?c, though of thesameclass as th periodical which
in otentatious England is hutnblv called the 1't iun
Magazin'. In fruoal America, where ti;ere is a Pen-
nv 1'resident there is a Dollar .Magazine, and where
there is a Dollar Kinir there is a IVnnv
Tii name of a Dollar .Mag i.ine woold care our pe t
pie from any publication, i lie .vniericans can bear
the idea of such a disbursement in lump, but, on the
other hand, they would take fright at the thought of
a Crown Magistrate. They hail him once, and insi?
ted on change.
A Wocsted Tradesman. An English pnoer savs
that a short time since, a "navy," some six foet three
inches in height and ol Herculean build, went into
the hoD of one of the Worcester nbon-keners ami
f i
asked if thev had got anv "whirkrs" that is, stock
ings without feet.
"No," rpaotii the shop-keeper, "but we have some
famous big and strong ttocriings, as will just suit such
a man as you."
"Let's hae a l"Ok at them," rejoined tlf navy.
r The counter was immediately covered w ith a ipian
tity. Our Hercules selected out the largest pair, and
s aid
"What's tho price o thm !"
"Is. Od." was the rejninded.
"Can you cut the feet olf 'cm V was the next
"I h, certainly," was the answer.
"Then do," was the laconic command.
No sooner said than done. The shears were ap
plied, and instantly the stockings were footless.
"And what's the price on 'cm iunv !" quo'h our
friend of the pickaxe and spade, with all the compo
sure imaginable.
"Price on 'em now!" echoed the worsted merchant,
surprised beyond measure at the absurdity (as he
thought) of the question, " Is. Od., to be sure."
"Four shillings and ninepence !" quoth the navy ;
I ne'er gave more than Is. (3d. (putting the latter sum
on the counter) f ra pair o' whirlers in my life."
"Well," replied the tradesman, (chapfallen and
fairly outwitted) throwing the mutilations at him
"take them and be oir with you; you've whirled me
this time, but I'll take good care that neither you nor
any of your roguish gang shall do it again, as long
as I may live.
TiLtNt; up Jok es. Speaking of w ags what is more
vmirifh than a dog's tail w hen be is pleaded !
SocakinT of tails wc always like those that end
1 O
well. Hogg's, for instance.
Speaking of Logs wc saiv one u these animals
the other d"ay lying in the gutter, ami in the opposite
ne a well dressed man; the first had a ring in his
nose, the latter a ring on his finger. The man was
drunk, the hg was sober. " A hog is known by the
company he keeps," thought we; so thought Mr.
Forkcr, and off hi went.
Speaking of going "ff puts us in mind of a gun
wc once owned. It ictnl e' one night, and wc haven't
S)ecn it since.
There arc certain characters of a romantic turn of
IL IU, .1
mind, who would try to make us believe then, burdened
witbji nernetual heartache. For tbis purp ose they
pickles and swallow vinegar to make them look pale
slrrh secretlv and wear a most lugubrious tonnte-
nance. They appear the very quititessence of mel
ancholy forgetting that, "according to old physi
cians, perfect melancliolly is the complexion of an
V x ' Vc- W ' 1 )
Indianapolis, November IS Ii
Tin Hustle.
lliste, Venus! daughter of the purple wave,
L'nveil on earth thy radiant charms no inure.
Hie, maid of beauty, U thy coral cave,
Thy peerless reign, alas ! too soon is o'er.
Nor louder now ye artless graces rise,
Your luruiä in sweet perfection to display ;
Love, crace and beautv. with the sroddess lies.
Cilice now la mode pioclaims the "UustleV sway.
Hail, humpbacked muc ! if such v. muse there be,
Of g(ds begat or of the briny sea.
hist to my Konjj, sweet goddess r.ow attend,
And with my Trsn thy bumpiest number blend.
From Helicon, or from Parnassus height,
hook o'er my page and guide my pen aright.
Tell me, ye daughters of the tuiiefjl Nine,
If one ot you e'er ore a bump behind ?
Tell me, ye sisters of the graceful Three,
If uch a hump on one of you there be ?
Oh say ! sweet goddess of the nimble, chase,
Doe such a bump your outward woman grace'
froc-laim it, mistress of the repy morn,
Does such a hump your outward Fve aJorn ?
Speak, gentle Hebe, fuin-st of the for,
.Ami if a hump thou hast, sweet goddess, tc II us where.
Had, beauteous I'syche ! whom artless Nature blest,
With charms by far more perfect than the rest ;
In praise of whom, both gods and men combine,
Say, lovely pr'le, vvear'st thou a hump behind ?
In vain, alas! the sculptor's god-like art,
Hids grace and beautv into b-in start !
In v im. Im moulds the fi-mule form divine,
If Venus hcks an extra hump behind !
In vain Apollo strikes the tuneful lyr,
And all th; .Muses in hr praise rou-ipir !
Fven Fuets soig, 'mid Tcmpe's llowery maze,
And (Jods combine to ultrr f.rth her praise '.
Ah, no ! 'inong all in vain 1 seek to find,
A maid who wears a shapeless hump behind.
I'roi l.iiin it, d.iuliO'rs ot 'hp tuneful t ii.-ir,
And touch mv song with notes of liquid lire,
Whilst mow I sing of etiquette, the laws,
F.xtol la mode, ami plead a IJusth-V causo.
Hail, beauteous hump ! mysterious bustle say !
Of ib'sh and Mood, of ra,or bran, or bay,
Art thou composed, and dost thou claim
A local situation and a name?
Say whence thou sprang, and what thv ue and end,
And these I promise with my verse to blend,
Thou art, indeed, the pride of every belle,
W ho delights at all to cut an extra sicell.
And, by thy aid, secure the utmost honor
That feathers, rags or bay, can hutp upon her.
1 know of humps, at lc;it a score in all,
Which have teen worn from time immemorial :
To wit: the back, the shoulders ; and 'tis said,
That humps abound upon the smoothest head.
Now, if from tbe'e paternity yin claim,
Then tell me, pMy ! what i your proper name?
Some call thee " liidiop," " I5unlv-y ," "Tuurnure,"
Arid other. by at Ieact a doen more.
l!ut now, forsooth, myself w ill call thee li Hustle,'
Which means, you know, to frisk about and hustle,
Or move, at lea?t, within co small a compass,
A not to raise, a riot, row, or rumpus.
Hut these aside, in thee alone we find,
Love, grace and beauty, in one heap combin'd.
In thee alone, new beauties n' anil live,
Which only art and rtiqtiette can give
Among the grave, the gay, the sad or n.erry,
I. aril maul Uisnl.ivs a hump fa Dromedary ;
The rich, the poor, tho' duns and debts eniramtnel,
Are fuund enuinped, la a la mode dc Camtl.
The young, the old, though long since tired of fashion,
Alike dehght the extra lump to lash on.
In truth, 'tis strange, the (iods should thus mistake,
And place such beauties on a Drome'v's back,
W hn enus sure, this mark of grace should claim,
And raise complete, her beauty, back, and fame.
I! nl, wood rotis age ! w hen Aature s perfect law
Kesigns the contest to a bag of straw ;
When fashion hold, embracing everv whim,
Augments the form where ISature fain would trim,
Anil ta-tp, as fickle as the fleeting w ind,
.Must needs attach an extra bump behind ;
While youth and beauty, bending 'neath the load,
I'ecome a martyr to the laws de mode.
Hut, spite of these, I'll plead a "Hustle V cause,
Extol la mode, arid emulate the laws,
Tho age, the cii'tmn, etiquette and taste,
The larset hustle, ami the slenderest waist ;
And if for these, I'm favored by the fair,
I'll add thegr;:re, ttie manner and the air,
For nil are written in that perfect code,
The Laws of Fashion, tr in French, la mode.
on i f..
A Ji'in.r. Fi zzled. A Western Judge, or Ji'stico of
the Peace, was recently thus bothered by one of the
half wild vagrants of the backwoods, w ho was brought
up with an empty whisky bottle in his ow n personal
'So, sir, you're there, Faid the Justice.
Do vou always come as near the truth as that!'
was the reply.
'Silence, sir; where do you come from :
You'll be smart if I keep silent, and you find out !'
Dont be impuu'ent, sir; what is your oecupation !
'hook here Judge, I'll tell you cue. thire;, and I
want to do it respectfullw,
'Well, ir.
You're d d impudent yourself.
'Have you an occupation!
'What is it !
Hot you a pint o'whisky I can tell w hat yours is.'
Do you mean to satisfy me V
Certainly,' squire! What'll you have!'
'It is necessary that you should understand that
order and peace are necessary in society. Whatever
wild freedom vou may find in the wood--, vou nre now
here in community of law, and quiet submission will
evince a wisdom on your part.'
''Squire, 1 should like to understand you, but you're
too big for me. Just say no more about it and lot's
go and take a drink.
I never drink.'
W . r. t '
V till ,
v ii.il
Never, sir.
Vim tlm't !'
No sir
'lir, I bid yon jrood morning,
anv farther aer.ua infant e witli
I I;avo tiotlosiro iur
vtni. Wia-ili ! I'm
a C'Jlinil, and tliO l)llfkV,!stnan brnke OUt Ul COlirt.
IViTANY F'OK Til!'. MILLION. What jnrt Ol a plant
in vei't.ttin, 44 shunts
Th 'J pistil nt fonrfco.
How wuiilil ynti raise n fenco !
J!v strip. linnir my mat, ami seizing tho foils.
WI1.1t is the Fifiuficution of Mistletoes I Well,
41 mizzle" tow! most corttinly is a slago direction
at the ojora hotiso, to let the ballet dancers know when
to leave the boards !
Which pirt of a tree contains most of its sub
stance !
Probably its trunk.
What tshoultl you call a pood strong reed !
Three hours at a stretch in the Museum Library.
Now then Tell me What Ptranje metamorphoses
do people undergo every night! They turn into
bet 1st
' n 1 w may a perlectly good man dcccuiu a ut,u
cat ri) laying a waer.
j hat may you do legally to eggs WHICH jou u.ajr
not do when they're hatched 1 Poach them.
Does an Irih cow give buttermilk ! No, nothing
but her milk.
What assistance docs a monarch give his allies
when they are weak in artillery ? Cannon-aid.
3 "1 i f ' li ' f-
v I) - riT'-f !''!
'! 1 ;r ' I
A ii t ii sii ii An Txtrnct.
Fnd of th vernal year ! The flower hath closed
And cast its petals, and the naked stalk
Stands shrivelling in the frost ; the feathered grass
Is heavy in the head ; the painted leaf
Flies twittering on the wind ; and to the earth
Falls the brown net, with melancholy sound.
Vet the low, moaning autumn win J, that sweep
Th seeded grass and lately blossoming flower,
Hear the light germs of future hie away,
Ar:d sows them by the gliding rivulet,
And o'er the plain, and on the mountain side,
To clothe anrwMhn earth, when comes ngain
The quickening breath of Spring. And on the plac
Where fall the rippened nuts, the frosty night
Will heap the stricken leave; and then hall spring,
In many an after age, another gmwth
Of stately trees, when those around me now,
Talleu with eld, shall moulder, and enrich
The ground that now sustains their lofty pride.
. f .. 111
The Mute of 1 iiiliuiiu -ü:u ioii Comity.
I nil: I': oiuti I'"' ("or M I'uiMt.
VelUwn !rr I'urtiO.-n vf HuA i'M,itc.
Stephcnsot vj. J,.tni st-liens.iii. An liikil l Creevt-s anJ
Maury tir t-ws, Iii- wife, lltimtnt-y Orniitli an.t J.me lirittiili, los
u He, J.!m Stf(iieiisin .'i.il.ikiu Outline ami KeU rt a OiiUir.e,
Ins wite. I.e. .nul ls stephen-i'iu ai"l .Yni' V, I. is w iff, J mes II.
Kennedy ami l.yiiia, In wile, Lei'tml is Mr plien.n -JJ, J''ni Mc
I'ciy aitit Isalwll.i .Mi l i , Iiis lie, i tu j;e M (.lit iixili , John Sic
iln ii-i'ii . t ; 1 1 r II. l.onjley. Am in. I t l.enu v, Uli is lxiley,
li .lie i rutins .f tree a.e.anl M iruet Si 'f eiiMii, J.i uliStf-'!ie-(iii
, I tins, J. SlejilieliKiii. I.liz i u lll .ileiilieii-xiri. '1'lloinas Slr
T'titiisttri , .Mari stendenm, ;iij ih stt p!i n-oti , William Meyhen
mm., A Hi' is S irjih iKoii, Sen etil s I tii (!-' , Set Iiiiiis I .tn ily . i'iie
mis l.firjley, :nit Alex, indt-r Imgley, lio are iiilan's liliin '!ic
i;e nl Iwenlv one le u.
l-eiii unlered in Ihr t; I. tit. ii of t !.e n'mve mrti"! j'e!iinfr
rint Hie alxiVf name I t'rlrinl.iiils, titeil in tlie ilre of Hie
J rlrrk ff I tic tiii!i.ite fun it iO'ules.ud, im rl.tinr Ji'lll, I -f l."t, anl vril
i lit-i ti ;lti I i it, that I lie ahive !a'rec t)t It lull n'.-, Julm iiill- niill,
' An Inliil l lireevei ami .N ancy öee"!, Ins w He. Aliiirr . I.tni'.ey,
! Am null l.iiii'jle, llii.is I i ; utt y , Ser v eins Iau l'Icv , Se, t'liint .hik
' !" , 'iirirn l.!i.;'ev an I .lrmltr l.i.n ry , are mil iesi'e tin t lie'
M Ur i.f I ii lima. J'liereii.ie, it H lien ' y tinitiiil tint in-t u e in" tl.e
I j enIeiiry nl .tnl j elilMii le "iveii to s.inl Una resnleht i.eleii.l.mis,
(r three tvtrUN mm t e?.ivt ly In lue Imliau.i Mit .Sriillnel , a liewfjt.i
' jirr pruifeil in s oil enmity nl" Ma.-n. n, ami that tie-) .i p;- ir ami an
' swers.U'l p tillitii nil the tir-t il l of the next t im .. mi I n.urt, tn
i he lu-lit at lh I'niirt ..e in I li.l. in i;tlis the M-emiil Mmntay m
j I iftriiil'tr next, at w tiitti lime, i r sonn thtrt ..f. r ;l- It .h til tie cuti-
ve. nein f-r s.na muri oie via near Uie s ua inimi.
A i.r. K. n. ni'M'.w 't!c
Niivniilu r, hl.i. 4-" a is
mOTler is h'ret.y
iiiven lli.it llie ii nil i.-i'.-;.r 1.
.nry I. Ti-t I,
iJ ;ilmiint ratir, an 1 1 r uires r. Pliilt. n-timin-ir itn x i f tl.e c s
I.ilenl' lautet l'liilips, l ite ot the omul) i.l' M. ihm tiefe. isel, will prn- ;
ceeil ttt sell llie tiiv lug real e-l. le ttt-!ciiiii1j lit tlie e M.ite iT 1 1.
sail I r.itl rtilli;s tiei ea-e.l , fur the nr,ii.' ' jt.iv 'n Uie tlriily nif.
thf ti'l eM.ttr, lo it : tint i.irlul l.nt .Nr. I , im t.twiilii .n. .'., I
with n ft-inte I inltliiii taereuii iunv (trni;iieit tiy Omni & i'in1rty,
merchant, 8iiposetl hi le alxnit 17 let-tin Irei I, mi Wiihin-L'ii
tint ii"t iltore nor le's than ttie httli of .aul Irauie tm iltti . ,Vi,
I the smiiii li.itf ol lot .t. '!, in stjuare No. AImi, one share in Ihe
i 1'rinkliii I ii'tit'ite, all Mi'iile l m the town ol ln.li in.ijuili-t, in Ihe
i couiil v ot M il Ion .iikI St.Me ol Intlioii. Sn ll sale w Iii l-e lua. le ;it
: nili.if .en lii'ii , an I at the iliwr of the ctme Innige ot s aiii I irniii J.
! Foiolr iv. on r-.iiit liit th -iriheil Int in I he tuv n tf I iiiiiana'toli-t, on
a iin!a llie i Hi day of I et einVr next, a li t u;in the terms ami ihm-
iliUiilfi lull" t Ulli, tu w ll : one It ill of the ii rt liae liii-nt y t te i.i!,l
ilov ii, iii t!ir it iv of s lie, and the rfin niim h ilfl ilx- .ii,linn
inotitlis fnmi f.inl day ol sa!e, w i'.li e i interest thereon Irmn it.ite,
and to Ih sera red !y a in te wit!i ifuud freelml.l ei urny, m iJe paya
ble without any relief vh,itt t r Irmn valualHui lavvM.
n.VItl I'. TOIHK .1lmi.'rrtnr.
.Nur. I, I M". 45 3vv Fit 1.YCF.S I'J'ilti'S, .tiwa.-tnui-u.
St;Ue ol ll:iiiiil(n omiiI . vs.
II mi Lint l "tree it f ol b r, Jin tMia r Tir.m, l; 15.
William Vr uzr. Willi nu At. Jone.
furrtn .i'l 11 hmrnt.
t-MiW comes the (.1 1 iiiiiif I y II. . S'ntie, his : t'.irney, mil the
1 wtitiae.l lierein Ii t v 1114 Lern retarded !y III" lifii:l 'mi t he
ir-t il'iy nl tins term, st i' in Ins return that he Ins :t '. ' i 0 . 1 0
full.iw mn tit-s rihed leal estate , tu wit : 'i'tif i-t Ii t If ot llii-x'ita
we-t ipi.iili-r ot ' MTlmii I7,mi lm ii-liij I. u ntil, of ratine I eat,
contain '; (" artes, as the pr ipeity and 1 ind of the Paid 1 fi ndant,
valued at x .iin. 'Ihf. smd titiVndant, William M. Jones , i.s i:,-f '.y
imtitied that Mi w rit !" foreign attat hment is still jtemlir i in s i j I
romt, and ttiat unless he. v. ill appear or. or liel'.ire the ralli 2 of the
case lor tri at and plead t cr answer Hit same, the roi't will prm-eeil
tu try, liear and determine thesame in t.H ahsenre-, ot Inrti -- t t ite -iemtaiil
wid taKe iiotiie. .'.(. (). UUU.VS, C k. '
Urtolter P, 1-15. 4.:.w1f j
Slate of Imli:m:i -Hamilton Coimf y.
II Mit. ion foil I t I fill Hi. Si: el LM BKR TlUM, lHZ
Amerii-a Hortiiitay vs. Pliny I'eriiM-ty.
TflW comr the srid petit. um r Ly ti.tncr, tier ronnsol, and it
pealing tiomtli? s!ori:t s ri fnfii ei 1 1 e sn in nuois i-ne.
hert-in thiit the KJild tlelelnl.O t is l ot tollml. 1 hereiliiii It is or
dered I v t!ie fonit tliat the said defetnlanf. Pliny Horid l.-ty. t:o
tilled of the pemleiiey !' this j.i tiliiill I'V three MP t ive v ekly
pilhiK; t'n is i:i Ihe Im'iana S'ate Seoli'it I. a weekly pn'dir new s-pnpt-r
print. 'tl and pn'!ishod at Imliaf.apoüs. M iri.m minify, in ,
said State, the la-t ot whh'h pn'.li.a' imi tt) he in. tri than thirtv
davs Ik tore t!ir firs', dav of the next term of this court, ;.l:d noti- (
f a'lij the "aid 1 t.'t"-iit'.t nt that iiit!e-s l.e w ill plead to or answer '
m lid petition on nr I t loie ti e callini nt the r:,nse ;j the nr t term
of t! is ronrt. the same w ill L'- taken fur conft .-sed and dttei mint d
in his at Hence.
P.v th- court. Attrwf. t.'nwT JT. C I'.t RVS, ( Ik.
vo rn i:.
I.L perMlTis imlohto.I to the estate of Iterijainin frr, derrrsed.
il are herrhv tnrtlier nn'i'i'd, to make ettliinent wi'htl.enii
i!"riji;ed, or Jai ' J. WisemuTi, l y ti e first of January, I- IS :
and that all aoronnts and claims, then rt in. lining iinailjn-ted, w ill
he put ill U preces.S of rollvrtina W ithout resiert to peons.
J. S 111 if! IIS, Mm.
JtTl. f.'si desirous c f purchtü ins tit the vale of P.enj.innii t rr's
e'lei Is, run har- an oipitrtni.it v of e x ; m inin the artirlesthat
u ill it- Mhl, I y calling on J.J. Wiseman or 1'.. i!n:cre Jmilan.
a mi i i vr k AToirs aoth i:.
t)TI;r. is here' y riven that the uti'lersisnej has taken out let
l'w ters of iidmiiiislratioii on the estate of John Pe:-"an of Wash- I
iii2ton township, I'.tMtiie county, late deceased. Thttse having claims
against the same will file and prove them as the law threi ts, and
thttse lud ht' d to said estate will in.i.ve p iv ment. The estate is pro-
hai.iv solve 1 1. Äü'.avav covh', .v..a.
oc r I, Hl.". 4: slvv
i ii i i s t i : a t i ii cs sTiTj f:.
lir.lv P. w id he oil'ered :ti puit.if sale to the highest hid ler on 1 1 1-
d iv,the 1 Uh ot Niivemlier, at the late ieideiice ot John hea-
can , deceased in Washington tow nhi, P.ooiie county, the follow in?
proterty , vi7. . Iiul's and sheep, corn, tarminü utensil, with lenise
,,,!d tiiriiitnie ; the red it w ill l-e I J months ly ci mc homl vv iih ,a,
pr.tved security, h'uither conditious made know n on the dav d' sale
.Vale to rommenre at 10 o'clork. Ul.OMUX CVOK.Mm.
Ot totr tili, I - -U dw
Orriec IfDien Mi'tro. Fu r. It-B,-:f c CiMreir, )
;kooii'i . ih fulirr 'M , l"
rSlin members of said nunpiny are hereSy uotitied that tlieir Am
ü i vi. Mi.i.timj will I In Id at this Ottire on the first Wednes
day, heiny Ihe :! day t f Decemlter next ensninrj, at ten oMot k in
the forenoon, fur the holt e of Iiirertors, and the iransai tioii id bin ii
i ther business as may he deeinetl nei ess u .
g''I'erson iiitenihiur tu vole hy proxy it -ail meet inj are lemind
ett lhat prox les iinist ,r in writ inn , s trj Ii d hy party rt iue-ented,
li.il tied v Uli the Serretaiy . Py older, W. C.lV, Seiv.
Pill.lo.hers of the I. I low inn naineil patters are reeucled I ir pirtlish
the itl.ove notice tu the amount ot vnit dollar in their resectli'e ta
pers, and prese Id their hills , r paiment to the local Au'ent ot the
j Com; any, who is herehy nuthori.ed lu pa v the same, vi. : fl.i-rttr.
New A litany, I'ullnliwn, liichiumid, Sinttnrt, I'ott Wa ne, !(",
I Terre Haute, (iiz-ttf, Vlinennes, yrrt l'rrn, Lata) elle , J-iurnul. I'.v
atisviPe, Hfurun, I .aw irnrehurjili, Free i'rw, South lleitd, iirnii!i,
I J.ovi uispt.rf . Dtmivrtit, täosheil.
j The puhlishers of the atove paper will nlense fotivard their p.i
i rs cut. nm n2 the advertisement to Ihe Treasurer. 4 1 tm
Kfaiil. Scrip and I'rcvinr)' ,fc-.
m mm I f I i ..... 1 ...... ..!.... if.. - kmn flH
. Irnmvy Xtr wli-h le will ejehane upon inlvaiila-'eous
I t'Tius tii tlittM wishioii t'i fi!ia i-itlier. Itorrower of siukini lund
am! o'hers at :i di.stance, vvtu'd t!' well to apply I. y 1 Per tor t he
Mnount they want letore. the sinkins ftn.! s:,Ies in Noveiiiler. If
it i desired I will make payment lor tl..:n ot the proper otnre
without rkurje.
I sloill roiif.i.ue to pay taxe in n:,y county In the state. Funds
nhmild I e forw arded t'y 1st of llerrm' er next.
:in if is A. W. MOHLIS, t Jen. .Vrent.
avsnn viw.r: ?iii.i.iAi:.cv.
ÄH KS. VtlL'MJvery respectfully informs the Ladies of Indi
ifit nnapelis and thw vicinity, that iie is now receiving direct
from Cinriiiii.iii. a nexv and he;,iitit"ul essortment of pootts select
ed I y herself, from the liest stocks in the city coiiiprisin Kit
pant Silk, Sit inn, Felielt, Ribbom, F.vtrerji.aml every other ar
ticle in Millinery : with any of which he would l,e happv to sup
ply her friend and Ladi. B cenerallv nt a small advance on first
cost. Also, u variety of FANCY COOIlS, romprisinj Laces in
crent varo'tv. nod numerous other artn-te.
V ANTKD-Five or sis young women a apprentice at eittier
Dress Mäkln, or Millinery.
fcy-tiiore on Washington street, a few doors west of Illinois
rtsiiioYAiUiS; Ji:wi:ijtY.
r.ST m eived from the Kastern cities a large and f.isfiionahle
V mock ol Jfwrlrv. consisting in iari 01 nr:ii rms, r nii"
Kinss. Itracelrtt. .NVckl.ice. and Shirt ltiittnis . t w It h yellow.
. , -
and Mark En line Ilm?, ot
1 Jet. Tli is Jewelry w as
j inr.rwiiii err 1....1 etireiy r,- tins
inailset. 'J'he tniltscr liter
Hatters himself he can suit the most fastnlioiM tisie, rither in rdylf,
quality or price. Ihepu'lie are requested to tall und lake a looK
More opposite Washington Hall 44 W. II. TAl.IH) TT.
lKi:.llll3I 1IAT.S.
THOSE Ilatathat U ok the premium nt the Mechanic' Fair at
Cincinnati are now ode red lor sale at the Dayton Hat and shoe
r-. i f . ii iure
iWifliiMit.-.. . ,r.-S..Tr. 'iiJTj Jr m I . . o s - , rv i w
If f sK sU h
Proposals for American. Valcr-roUtuI
Dlrkac of Constri ction', I'.t itmint, ix-r.
41U U to' er, IMj.
JKALKD TROrOSALS, endorsed Proposals for hemp." w ill
te if; eived at this I ureau until the l"lh l)"rein' cr nest, lor
delivering one hundred tuid fifty toi s of .American vafer rotted
hemp, lit Mirh storehouse in each of the i ities of Louisville, Ken
tucky, mid it. Louis, in Missouri, us may l-e dei!:iinted It y 1 1 n
1 'nitcd States hemp urgent .it those places; the deliveries to he
made I etw een the first day of Murrh und tie first day of July,
l.itj, and arcouipanied l y satisfurtory evidence that it hus I con
ira'f rotted in the n'al riiannT.
The heinp iiiut l e tlioroii'l.ly dressed, rieaned, free from shiv
ers, and must not luje more than nUteen i-r rent of tow and
waste w 1 en hatciielled, to the sat i faction of li e inspet tois, lendy
fur spiniiin. Its strength must he such. th;;t a rope of one and
three-fourths of an inch in ciri uinfereure, made from twenty o:io
y;irns, as prepared and tested hy the insperiors. or hy tin ir ilirec-lio-i.
will hear at least four thousand two hundred pounds ; and
its Iciintii, color, and o!i -r pi operties. ymt te entirely s..t istacto
ry tu the inspector, or lin: chief :( ti n liuriau, or it will not 1 1
received. It will I e inspected and tested at the tespective places
of ih livery.
1'or ti.e hemp which may pas inspection and he received hy
the airent, he ami the inspector w ill certify I il's (for not less tl:n?i
O!io tl.o:is..tnl dollars, ti e : X. hill accepted, at-coitlins to t! e pro
visions of tl e contract; ninety per cei.t of w hich tu he ji.yal le
w ill in tl.ii f y days alter ti e presentation of ti e hills fo sin. li navy
a. ' i t iis may he agreed upon hy the thief of ti.i 1 uituu and t!.e
conf iat t rs.
Pt r.'ins i.Teriti!?. ti'i'-t o:rer for at iopst thirty tois. r nd tmist
s';.te the pri.-e (written in words at lenjth) asked per ton ot -.'.'III
poü'ii's w I. en dvliveie !, inspected, tcfnl. approved, ami rereived
hy therojeiit and irispectur, and pavahle as ill ove specified, and
forw ard w ith their o:l r a n o'dii:ith)n, duly executed l-y tw o
persoi.s of known respunsi' ilit , hiinlm thcinselvts for the jn-r-to'
inanre of the o;I"eif, if they should l e accepted.
11 ids to one-half tl.e amount of the ro-itrarts whirl) iiKtyle
nude, witli tu o ct-oil and siit!Viet,t sureties, will he required !or
their fii'lit'ul eei ution. in aihtitiou to a deduction of ten per rent,
troi'i all iai's whi- li may I e ap;troveil ami paid I elore the coiiip'e
tioti ol the rontri t ts. w hit li w ill he retained until they are tally
roinpJe'rd, in all resp- ts, act oniinu I .t tl eir terms.
t i.i. rs mii-J he made in s-trirt conformity witli the tern. cf this
tld vei f !semt'l:f .
If rontr.it ts are not eserntetl wit! in five dpys aftf X tliey I :ivp
I f eti receivd l y ti e peisnns ivLemi ollt rs have I en accepted, the
In ran w id ii-i der it f If at Iii 1 1; to oiler i: to the next tiiwist
resi.iinsi'.'e oh'tf. I'-t lef 1
Tin? Altilii.il Iifi lii!!i:tiirt C'oinpaiiy
ol Xt!v Vork.
'HIMS Institution tfiiriii the inotdli ol Sep'.t rnber, sjvt idy-
U eluhl new Policies, v.z:
To Men h ints and Traders,
To fit iks.
To Manul irturers,
To Kooksedeis,
To Teacher,
To i ir H ers,
To It ink tel'er,
'I o I! ink cleik,
To lJru;:!t,
27 To ( 'l.-rcyn en,
. 1 o I'hj ir lans,
M Tu Lawyers,
V To Viet li. iiiirs,
1 I o Tanners,
'2 To Sindi nt,,
2 Tu (Gentle men,
I I'u I. id ICS,
Live I nsiired,
New Policies issued from 1st Feb. New Policies ismd from l.-t IYl
to l.-t Oct. HI ISt I.
to 1st Oct. in I si.-,.
IVt). 4" nreniiiims Ifh
ti i i.reiioun.s S.t,nt.'
March 4 d- ;i 1 Marrh s do
.I.ti I
7,s y
4 no i
Atnl 41 do 'J.Tli (id 77 do
May :S do :t,:-Jt; Mav irl do
Jiint; .M r"o 3.7i.lune !1 do
July f l do ft.M'i i July p' do
August 4'i A t A. August ,) lu
.sei t. 4 do a,17- eil. i do
'i'4nl, :t7il Total pr. S.M.,sj;, Total, Total pr. S !,"
Winde ii'imher t pixicies is-njeJ lioiu 1st l'e' ruary, IS 13, to 1st
U tolier, m 177:1.
Who!e aino'inl of cash received from l--t rehrunrv, 1J1'I. to 1st Oc
tol er, 1- l. S . I,'-. M. KOIILNON, Prt-'dtnt.
s.iMCKL llsisir. Secretary.
Misrt HN Pott-, Pliysici.in, 5'4 rtroadway.
t'. W. t'.li , Awent nl ItolijiiatuUid. Ü-1 If
aci'.AB Lvr.iTr: ac;s:.;v,
Aii'l Vr IiiK rliu nl Ollirt'.
ON Meridini stiet, tc t; 1 1 Ti door sontti of .Noiris's Illtwk. Tl.e
snli-r; i!wr hr.vinj opened an office for the iurhae and sale of
real proN'ity, nllVrs Ins services to the cinmutiit y m that cap irity.
lie keep Imm.,s ftf the rejistrv of pruj erty for snle ; no rharte
vvid he made rce ,t for a Iverii-m-i ) until sale I made UtroUidi Ins
in-trume.itality ; then c hardest inodrrate.
Persons ti iv ins properly for sale are invited to brins on their de
cni.ti.,11 :md h u e it hroiiüht into tint ice thron nil this :oe lie V otVlce.
PI ins and specifications fur puhhe or pnvate hu'lileiv's hirni-hed, I
as ii-u il, wtili de-pati Ii. JUUN LLIILK.
Indianapolis, Ot t. -Jl, lal.". V
7i.'rO. 1 . acres nf utiMimrtiVed taml. on a cot! road, within
three houis rite of I .:!. ette ; part t iinher and part piairie. us- j
eptdde w Uli little lalntr, of making a s(,leudid farm ; w ill he sold or i
eMh.'ned lore it v pr-'P'-rty.
.'o. !. comli-rialile Irame dweliin house ami lot on north Mi- i
V is street, I ndi.ina ;.olis, 1 rMtiis, nt iltit; and carriage lmue, lot 4S !
feel hy -"7 feit, well supplied wilti lru:t tiees an l slirulilieiy all in
ooil order; prire J I nM, . J."i)il whit li can remain on inoitsarje.
OlI. -:. LI JOHN KLULK, It eat letale At'eiit.
"riAi:;Trs roic s.ür.
""V"). H. A full lot of croun-l with one i-tory frame house and sta
i. M hie. on Mpiaie '21, Illinois street.
So. 1. Als,,. vi acre . of lir-t rate land, within 2 miles of Indi.ma-
ilulis, hewn In hor.si , ahoiit J" acres in r nil iv at nm ; erijniieof
I l.t 1. 1. 1)1, If.
.lladiHOii to thi
raHL nnder-i-n-il, A L'ents f tr ttie .f.'. iirt
D air nitn.ued 1 1 reci nt for all kinds of Prndine and Met. h indise .
t!iroiit Iroin thisriiy tu ,i k l e:. R -.'ton, 'r..o.V '''"'' Ri'tonTt,
yw"vof the Miami I 'anal. Lake Lue, Lne t.'niial and Western
I! 'id Ko.id, at; I all inteiinediate pirts or places, at very low rates of ,
freight. , , ;
The Merchants a'id others of this rit Ind ianapolis ami adjacent
plat es, can imw,l.y apphcation to ns, avail theinselv es ol Ihe 1110-1
extensive facilities in the couutrv, for the ,ife, chnp and rt inliU,ui '
1 lraii-iH.rt.itlttii of their I'rvUucc ami .Wt rclt ii..at 10 aui irom nie x-u.-i
em l ilies. 1
We r.tntrart for the delivery of tlfsvds of a',1 kmds fn in the V.nt to '
tins fitv , IndiaiiajHilis and the adjacent lovvis, I v this ro'ile tit ovr
ri'r. than they t an he hri.uu'it mil Via I nns I vam.l t'auals ;,nd the
ohm river, the navij. itiuti Lt-111 piod at all limes In iween this and
floruit! iti. jilitiu.1.1.. vi.
M adison la., Au2- Ft, s.i.
p. S. We are still Agents fi.r one of tlie l-st Lines on the IVtin-
Iva ma Canals, and aie leit iptin-i through constantly bv that route
Ü l-.no
M. &l t o.
12. Corner Tliircl an! Walnut Sliwl,
"i iwiiiiia t i, Ohio.
lnT II OULL" and retail dealers in Imported and Atneriraii
t'isars, Tohacco, Snutf, AiC. Alc. Western teatt r are espe
cially i 11 v lied to ex imine their stock he lore pun har-inc t-lsevx l.eie.
1 hey st II :it the lowest city prices, and feel warranted in sa in?
that they can uive satisfaction to all customer. They ill fill all or
ders fur'1'oh.irru, s'nutr and Traars, at the shortest not ire. 4-i m
Valrli s. Jrw.'lrv ami B'anry diooiN.
.... . . . ." .. . ... I , . i.;......l.lo
r n 1 ill. !i iscr itet n ave rniitantiy on nauu a i.trye ,u;u ,.,s,
ß :. .,.r. .....1 Jewel,v i:..i.l and S.lverWauh.s, Pla-ed Wr-eJ
Luiilish and Ameraan Pidaunia, Pamtt d Japaned 'Pea 'I ra , tiol..
ami Si'vt r Pencils. Diamond ls.init d Cold Pen. Cold and Silver S( ec
lacle. Silver Spoons, Ladles, Cups, I'm it Klines, Puller Knivrs, Ate.
odd IVI1..W S' Ke'.'ah.is, Jew els and every variety ot trimmm-is.
Sliver Ware and Jewelry made to order. OWI1N &. t,'AKI.I'.V,
41 Xo. n.i.liiint ,bitircrii3dand itkati., Cincinnati.
Looking ;i.is ri:ii:u 3I:iinir.ir!ory.
mi II P. suhscriher hascointnencedthe manufacture of laiokiiitfCIa,
ti I'ortniland Picture Fruuiesnfevery vatiety of pattein, hy Stea.n
Pow er, and hy so dtiiii! he is emitted to sell thea'ove articles as ivir
as thev can he purchased i 11 an t f the Eastern t."itie.s,and astheri-t
and itj is much lesM, Country Merrha.its w ill find it greatly lo their
iidvantae loCiill ttefi.re purrhasin r.aslor eisewuere.
All kinds of Cilihiiz neallv executed.
4 ly Kit KN KP.lt ' WISWP.I.Io 1 17 Xtin ,t. CinnnriaU.
Vvs7sänrux ä sine r:vMJiTKY,
Commission nut! Produce .lXcrcxr.a mis,
.lr.tniso.v, i.r0fiMif. :'7
railli: mlscriltr,li:i leeii made the Bole ajent fir this city, for
H. hellme the peril'oc il Kpect iclei an l cl we tl pi iste are
aitl to tie the liest artitle now in use. I luve just receivetl a laiye
k.i i.r tin- !.!. ii I so the classe. a nit will he utile to fint i.ll oris ami
ondilntn ol eyes ; tliese ctase and pertaclet will be sold at the
inanul innrer' prices, 1 y W. II. TALDOTT. 44
rilHE mihscrilier has iust returned from riiilailelpliia nnd New
JL York with the lareel aelection of line watches ever l.iou$:ht to
this city . consisting ol Hold ami Silver Irrver, Anchor tlo, lipme
and Vertical, nlain. extra, and lull Jewelled, of siiißle case, d. utile
do and lliinliti!? rast 8. The jmblic Hre respectfully invited lo ca'.l and
il,.. iAr.o-l.fa- ihe assortment is very larte and well ne-
Ifctetl, ami w ill l4 sold at Mew York price, und in every Instance
wht re a watili fails to cive nit. re mtislat lion u wm ne until iuu,
or in ftl'.er unnh thev w ill he w arraidrd to Lerp c-hhI time or no
sale. Mt.re ttpHtile K. Urow rung'. 44 v.. H. lAl.nui r.
I . nut Letter Hal luces w i:h pencil, pen
P anil üHitliuu k aitactied: they are the most con venient and use-
ful pencil now In t!s. Everv tmsine, man ouchi tosvail hiinsell
of this opportunity and get one; they will eo'd a! rhihiielpliia
n,ii il IV II I I .Hi 1 1 1 'si i
a NEW aiticle just out and very fashionalde, in the hape of
I or Mie chmn, hy vv. II. TALUUl I .
' ti l : '
Volume l::::::::::Xuiii!)er 1(
K't'osprctiis of llie
Coiircsioiial I'nioii and Appendix.
JLuch containing ."0 I'ogcs.JJT,
The CoxiRf.sstoNAi. L'wio.n will be cumtneLcid üt;e wctk
after Congies is coiivcimJ, and will tc j u'jlistied
until its adjournment, giving the daily proceedings of totli
Houses of C ongies. 'I'lie s ei tlic s ol the numbers arc com
denied to lnii tlictn into a leadaMe length. All the teso
lutiuns (;ireit'J, or motions fria.lc, aie given in the n.ovci's
own words ; and the vers ami nays on all impoitant que-
ti ins. ii pi iuti J with smiI tyy.e hi trier and nonpareil
on a dtihhtc royal shctt, ir, qumto futm,each numler Cuti
tainirtg itj n yil quarta pngit.
The ApfKMJix, on account of ti e delay often cccuriin;
in j rocurrit the speeches i f int m'.cr complete, will not te
rnailrd icgularly st mi-wcikly, hut will contain a mmy pa
ges of soli ! leading matter as the C'oiigresional Union.
The .ArPF.MMX is made u;i of the l'ieideiit's annual mes
?32e. the leoorts i f the in im mal otlii eis of the 2veir.meiit
" ' i r i - o i
- i ii. i i 1. . . f . . I . f I
.lui aitumj any ii, ai u an me mug j crcnes wi ir.i.nueis oi
C'cnre, wiitttn out or levi-ed l y tliciiistlvcs.
F'ir the Conresi inal Unijti, fl öO per copy.
Fo r the A ppendix, s.1 50 t erc tpy.
Cluhs will he fnrni-l.td witli Tea copies of either of the
above wo.k f r ; Twenty-five c pies fr $-3.
TJ"Fci the iccosritnodatijii of ihoseuhj dtsi.c a paper
printed at the seat of government duiing the session of Con
ies only, we will lumisli thtm the Kxtra Union, as fal
low s :
Semi-Weekly, one copy, $2 50
Semi-Weekly, six C' pie, 3 00
Seu:i-Wetl:ly, twelve copies, 2 1 00
Weekly, one ropy, 1 t'0
Weekly, twelve copie, 10 00
Weikly, twenty-live copies. 2U UO
Will be furnished lieualtei to tdily 8ulctiucrs, as A-
lailv, rr year, for one copy,
Iaily, ptr year, for five ro; ies,
Smi weekly, per yetr, T-r one eopj-,
Sern i-'vec lily, j ei year, foi five copies,
emi-w et kly, per e.n, for ten cupies,
Vikl , per year, one copy,
Wctkly, pet y ar, five coj ie,
We k!v, per Year, ten copies,
cio 00
40 00
5 00
20 o0
3" 00
2 ('0
8 00
15 00
ÖCrJVi attcilivn uill be paid to any order, uulss
money arcoinpany it.
r'T.oe dcsiiit'; ci mlete copies of the Congteci jnal
Union and Appendix, will p!e.ie send us their names previ
ous 1 1 the t"i rs t day of Did mher next.
(j-'We will iMinly pay theptaion all letters sent
nr j to cotitainit'tl.rifi? ajllars and u.twaiiis. tMiiei irtteis di
4'i i ucted to u, witli the potage unpaid, uill not he tkrn out
of IheoÜice KirUHlKii
H"iSi'iij:oa, October 6, ISP").
.v .St,ri, il" I In;
Coiirt'iioii:il ;IoIh ami Appendix.
ro v.r. stf.h eo rvri:i.
The unltr-iitied nominated ihe tn de of journalizin the
pn;ceidihs of Ci-nu-ss, which piestr.teJ thetn entire. Their j
pu' licili -ii Vis the liit and only one that gave eidi sue- I
ce-ive step in eveiy ineauie in both btancbes of Congress j I
a hiicf uf all the lUbves; eveiy important vote; and a:i
append X. including at fall length all the ievi-ed speeches j
lelivejed dining the session. The woik thus conducted by;
them is a m.ist prrlert political history. The Senators fri'tn !
the States and tlie Iteptest ntative from evety section of'
the t'liion biinj with them into Cungtess a kuow ! r!e of j
the ftehrjs. setili'tient, atid inteiests of their several con- I
t i
eiitu"oMC! Public ofinion nd ihe -"KPc iiifui tuato u, as
! it exi-ts um me ih se tiiey :cpie-i n1, aie eniDau tl oy tnem ;
and in the ciucible of 1 1 tijiiss the w iJ tn of our times i
brought 1 1 its test, and is theie cuiio iiti ated, in diiccting
the political movements o the whole counti y. 1 lie impulses
thus iriven throuli
h Congress fiorn evtry ipiuter react up-j
whole, and all its component p:iit made '
on the nali ui as a
to move in c i-oj eratii'ii. 1 he pu ss cannot be moie uetully
employed th?n in condensing and strain spieadin nt ioad the
intelliiei cc of our lice couiurv , let. ding to such happy re
sults tln-ouh our almost miraculously adjuted Male
ai i
Nati"tial ill't i t lit ion . j
llavito' ideii'lfied ourselves with the plan of advancing the .
.,f..t,, ..fr,.,,,., v rüt.lishii.r ful and nionti. ic- :
pons, and having l..r,e mass ef ,l:c Ci -.ess, n ,
and Appendix, issued duiin t!ie lau ten years, w hich would i
be impaired in value to lis an! utility t the puMir: ii" the
woik were discctinue i, we have a djuble m .five to prompt
us to extend it th. uz' a newserns. We ate resolved if
p'iS-ihle to give It permanence, and to hand it down to succes
sor as a st.iudaid woik, Wuiiby of 1 eing maintain d a d irn
pioved. Wc shall enter up n our new undeitakin witio ut
beit) ditrac't d or buidem d hy anv asov i ite labors of th.c
p:ess; and, thus unem u nbereil, s,;,H i ,p, to mi!:e the revv
seiies a step in advance i f the fo: m r in a!l points cf exei u
lion. Willi a view t accomplish this, we shall be (one or
the o'hci ) atways in attendance in CVnicss will eotpj-aie
the tnaiiustupts i f oui own lepOHeis with the daily repjits,
of the citv p 11 eis collect all by our own observation and
kiotwk -Ue i f the ptcci c lings ; and in irnpoit int matti is,
vv lit re that will not asuie u of the fidelity 1 f the repoits
r. e will ptocurc tlie aid of the n.nnhi rs themselves, to ob
t lin the t-x ict si'ope t.f theii le iruhs. The woi k , thus au
thenticated, w ill Ic st leotv ped, v h:-?li is a guaiauty that
w e will make it as peifect as it is possible for us to make it,
a we would int incur the expense of steieotyj in' it, if we
did l ot feel c. nii It nt of it supenoiity nvef all vv oiks of the
kind wh.ch have bien or are likely to le published. Stere
otypy the voik will enable us 10 .upjly lost or mutilated
i.umbtTs, whiili we will do, without nuking any chaige fcr
The Congressional Chdie is made up of the daily proceed
ings t f the two llmscs of Congiess. The speeches of Ihe
iiu in! 'eis are c ndenel, to biing ttu-m into a readable length
All ihe 1 evolutions olVeitd, or motions made, ate give 11 in
the inovei's own words; and the yeas anl nays on all the
imp'.. lUnt juetioiiS. It is puti'cd with sfirall tyre bievier
! and lo npaieil on a double nival sheet, in quaito f Jim, each
I imiitbei c i tiiniiii: ixtctii royal ipiaito paes.
i J he Appendix is made no of the PiesideiitN annual rr.e-
a'e. the ii tiottst f the tu int ipa I ollii ers cf the (lovci nmt nt
'Jrat arCJinpai.y it, and all the 1 nr pocclicri of inetnt ei of
Congress, wiitti n t ut 01 revised by themselves. It is punted
iti the fame foitn as the Conies-i nial Globe, and usually
m ikes a! out ihe same tiumbt r 1 f p-;es.
We piint the ntiml eis as la-t as tin- proceedings of Con
gress furnish enough mattir for a numler. Dining the fust
month ort-ix wetkst.f a session, theie is raitlv moie biist-in-ss
done than will make one number of the Congressional
Globe and one number of the Appendix week ; hut dining
the lem un let of a session there is Usually s-ullicicnt matter
f..r mvo or thteo tinndieis of each cvctv week. J he t ext
I In
.,. .
5rs.u.n w,U he a loiij' one, an 1 it is supposed vv i. I he ui.ua
illy itttcreNlin; tlnnfoie, wc calftilite that the ('ongres-
.t . i a. . 1 : . . ...ill m. . 1 m t , lliritl.
sionai tin ne ana ppenui wm i-nn ...
sand laire qu uto paes, niinted in small type htev ler and
nonpareil Wo luiuah CotnpIe:e nidtxcs to Ik-iu at tue ma
: a session.
We have on h3iul the Congressional Globe ?nd Appendix
for the last twelve sessions ol Cmpress, ot wincn live ucre
loi" and seven v.t re .shctt sessions. J tie Conp!eioiial
(Jl-.he and Appendix for em h t-ssiuii are hound toettui m
txccllcnt hiiilinsr, with Kussii ta,ks anl conuis. Our
puces fvi t .em, thus I. und te tlici, are 'i votouie lor a
shoit. and a vdi me for a .1 n ses-iju, making f r a
. . t i . . i I I ..
full set. Ihosp w ho want Ihe latü volumes miouiu appiy
for thcrn immediately, :.s they aie in rtemand. 1 tie list j
(.'onsiresR subset ihed lor two hundita anu iweiiiy-Mx. sns ,
an I it is piobable that ihe next will sufcriDe lor at ieai a ;
inany more, as the pn.ceeJi..'s of Ton- ess for the last e.-ht
years cannot le piocnicd I nun any other souice, dales tl j
Seaton havin? stopped pnntim: mcir x.ep;isier oi im i a. et m
1S37. A lew liitiiditJ copies of the fust Volume is all we
have on l and. !
Tlie next M Ssjnn rf ()t,'"i, wll te a Ion one, and, ;
therefoic, the O n.ess,onal Globe ai d Appendix sdiould te
2 In the se.si m, which is ti e piice wechaige for the un
bound tiumbcis ol" tl.e pa-tl n.ff soion ; but we have con
cluded to iiduce the pi ice, as follows, until the fitst day t f
next January, aficr which t.iae the C nrrtsional Globe and j
Appei dix will each te 2 for ihe cion, at d r.o deduction j
will be made on account of the number of copies taken.
For one ropy ( f tlie Cot rcMünal (lote,
For one copy of the Appendix,
For four copies of cither, or pit of both,
For tAtnty-tive copies of ei'licr, or patt of both,
The n.onev mav he lemitttd hv n.ail at our lisle
fl oO
1 SO
5 (0
25 CO
It should
he heie by the 7 ii of Dtcemi cr, at faithest, tc piocure all
the r.urnbfr pi'uriftly.
rropiietois of newspaper who copy thi Piospectus, and
send to us one copy of lheir paper containing it. shall luve
thi-ir names filtered on our buok Un one copy of the Cou
gicssiuual Ch.be and Appendix dming the session.
Our prices fir these papers aie so low that we cannot af
foid tu credit them out ; thciefore, no person need consume
hij time in writing for them and nut sending the monev.
p. lair, & uivr.s.
Washington City, October 4, 1S15.
:iiiI ?I asiuis.
A sinijde and frugal Government, confned witliin
strict Constitutional limits.
A strict construction of the Constitution, and no a
sumption ef doubtful power.
No National liank to swindle the laboring popula
tion. No connection bnween the provernment and banks.
A liph;iMacy , n-king for nothing but what is clear
ly riht and suhmittiu to nothing wron.
N public debt, eitiier by the General Government,
or by the Slates, except for objects of urgent neces
sity No asimpt.:on by the General Government of the
dcLts of the .Slates, either directly or indirectly, by a
distribution of the proceeds of the public lands.
A Kevcnr.c la nil', discriminating in ftvor of the
poor consumer instead of the rieh enpitalist.
No extensive system of Internal improvement by
the (jeneral Government, or by the States.
A constitutional Larritr ogainst imirovidcnt State
The honest payment of our debts and the sacred
prcservati ii of the public faith.
A rradual return from a paper credit system.
No trnmts of exclusive charters and privileges, by
special legislation, to banks.
No connexion between Church and S'"te.
No proscription f r hnest opinious.
Fostering aid Ij public education.
A "progressive" rrformatin of all abuses.
.o. 2. i'A!.Mt:ii iiorsi:. .o.
r as i no a lire: ta i lo hi x g .
James cV i:. A. Hall,
,o t!, raliHT Hitu.se.
Jf"ri."t convinced that tlie nale of nat'y made clothinp, In eon
mP ne vimi vv tili ciistoiii work, cannot Ite carried on wi ll mutual
adv antage t.i cii-tomcis miuI them wives, have i.Uandorvrd that h ranch
l tlieir ttiisinos vvitlia I'rleiminat ion of devoting tlieme!ves ei
ilusiely t fiirnislrns sii' ti persons as may far' r tue o with their ir.
ders. Tins ileteimnialkiti, they hope, will increase ihrir liusmess, as
they know it w illeuattie llirin to give greater Induction to Üieircua-tomers-
Tlie wiliin to get
tliiinal! Work, Well Dlaclc,
may he .i-smed tli t no f!"'it will Ik spared to five entire itiiific
tion. 'J hey leisuatle t'lOoseHes that in tins they cannot fail, iutt
much as lliey ate vvtll suiiplied Willi the
In the receijtt ol the quarterly Tr;rl of the Paris, lndon, lnd
New Vork f.ishions, they will lie enabled to keen uii with the difft r
enl ; hau'jes ri iit:iitl t inj: oil in the .:slitoiialde world.
In every in-t lin e, wh. ie armeuts du not cive satisfact ion, at their
loss, iIh y "wilt try it ap on. Tliey HI strictly ntlhere, in the lran.ac
(ion of their I ii-int s toit.e tfllovvine tales, viz: fromptMti$ and d
spati.k,imz!l profits, cittik rrurus and rrudy fiy.
'I hey have reremiv inni li improved the t le and convenience cf
their room, and have tilled it won
An Kitfirc ?kvv Mock,
(P'irfhned !n New Yoik,) of the nut fa.Iiiuiialile gmtds In their line
ol hiisiner-s, w Iii Ii ill tie resularly kept up fioiii theeastern eitle;
and they rrsjK tllul!) invite the puMic to call and examine for lhni
selves. FttR S ll.n Pct.ft'n Reports of Fashions and System '4 Garment
entünj, suiares, scales, crooking and board fclitari, tape meanuret,
A.c. A.c.
.. It. Two pood journeymen tailors wanted immediately. 40
FACTS ri'irrf III2"li:oiLI2."
Inductive IMiilosopIiy.
5T is a fact the character of a man is judged of l y his drffs nnd
personal npperi ranee.
It is a fart tlmt there it a rent t!i T.fcncc Tetween a cd f.ttinf
rw't, 'J. e. i iie tl. .it set Moooth in the t nek.) and one tf nt dlsplny
taste, ile.'ritice and rtfns'-m nt : iuiy ordinary rood taüorcan CMt
the one, I nt j: t.ik s an Sr'ist tc.I'jr to rut tlx other. .
It is a fact tint a t: i'or nt -.onM know .cv to riv Ida cutomer a
good hape in or.ter tl.M he 1 1 1 ; ; y add dirnity to his appearance.
It is u fart that . P.. SL.rr has ojiened a ti!oiin f-t.it lishmert
n f. w- doors ul of the P;.!mer House, and next to Mr. Kainsay
Cat'iuet S!:op.
It isa fart that Mr. Starr has had tirentvfve itars experience in
tailoi iaij.
it is a fact Ilia lie Las I ecn a p11106 a"J tcacl.cr ta a jyrtem
of mttiii!:.
It is a fct tti:,t I is priT pre moderate.
Thr.t all there who wantto sustain a fooj character vrf.en tt ejr
go from home, and wlo want to l ave their clothe fit tl em w itli
taste and elegance, und to !e charged moderate (iri es, t outd r p
plr to tl.e Kiiescrit.e'. 3'. I mo is N- P STARR.
HlVi--h:uit Tailor:
HAVING removed from his old ttcfd, is ihankf it for pat f.
vor ; and lakes tlri occasion to iiotily the ittlc. that he i
iuw openi'iif a lare ami plriulid asirtmeiit ci !- p-i ...! od
reaily made eloltiin, at No. 2. X.irris'a Itu ildinC, he.e lie vi" I he
most happy tu see all Ins old lii.nd and pl niv ol new on Fi H
the cue w nli v hich he has made Iii pi. ft. m eh ciioits, he r. idi -
U ntty lotpcs to be able to suit all taste, tri st) le of goodi, fashi ,
aotlprirt. 8','n
vä TAiiMitiiu iis'vi ii i a s 1 1 n i:m .
C;tsiiivillc Voiim',
TOIJI.l) respect f jlly infot nit he citizens of Indiana! olia.ind the
p.ltr.ie generally, that lie has now esUMlsIiru iiuure.i in i.uki-
jes,rhere lie v ill tie h ippy tn wail on his old customer, aim a
Mhersas may lavor hiin.and ajiees tu satisfy tii,m in every reiett so
far as his art'is coin eri.etl. ;.inneiits w illlte niatie in the nest manner
wuriaiitcil to fit, and al tlie low rst living prire. Call and ee.
Xiw S.'iopnjijitle litddery's,a fttt duvn taft cf llit Palmtr Ihust.
p-y I
Eloois and Mutes ol evrry llcscripliou.
t iiaiu IJ n t V I-0- ("itirinnali.
mmr. would pari nt.irl v call the attention of city and country
If dealers in the altove named ait i le, to one of (tie lai get and
best selected stuc . ever it feted west of the niotiut; in.
Now receivini: at Nu. I Pifth street, north M.le, Itet ween Main
a-td Walnut also No. yi 7 .Mam btrcrt, wet-l aide, one door notlh of
The alHve stock of roods having leen aelected w ith frrat care, (r-f
Ihe eastern in inut.it tmers,; and purchased low for Cdh, we are emi
tted In sell at Oll'-es to suit 1'ie tones.
Those vvant:iitf 1. 1 purr tiase eitlitrofthe aVive named article, fl-
ther at w holesale or retail, will find it to their advanUj e to five u a
call and examine our very i.uermr rtocfc of tnti eaierii ai.dciljr
ma.ie wmk. as we inner outlives -.i e ,-t- ,.,r,.e m. ...e.,
C L C A It '1'
. 2-aw-2m
II i: TU AC Ik!
Titv Mine torc.
rHIin su'iTriber ha j ist received and is now cpeninj : t the "Pity
H Sl oe Sl.r-." on W .sini-t,.ii stieet tu I lie city o Indianapolis,
it: the lart'e brick In. use re eiiilv limit hy S. V. Norn. !t. ; the
1 1? 2i si ,nd iH-rt selected stotk of Iloo's and Hioes.ever twtoie otTritd
! for s ite in the city.
Thustork 1 entirety nevv, rmhracinc eveiy variety, and hajut
Leen purchased ..f the m irinf u turer - in Ma-s.it husetts enesi.y f.
I ttns m irket, anJ a it w is t e design tu ni .ke this esuli'.ishinenl per
) in a ne n I . sir eat ere was hid la the se lection of the guods.
The s ii.H ,ii.er would most re-pccifulty invite the cilir.en of I ndi-
p.napolis and of l!:e kui roumlmz country to Call at llie ny Mio
Sl,.tV ,;ui,t :tiiiii r Lis assortment, and the price at w Inch I i nf
ferin them f.-r s ile, lf.ire m ikmc their ptirc'ia?r eiset here, a
leelsc'iiirideut that the siipeinT tpialiiy nf hl food, a-Mi ine am. 11
advaii.es al which they are offered, canr.ot Jail to pleae all who mar
f.rnr him w ith a t all.
As I am determined to do tm -nies. I shall lie satisfied with mall
profus, and ,.:l"cr Uns tock either hy the p lease or tangle pair al un
usually low tale.
My iirraucemeiits are jnirh that I shsll l e constantly te-ivin larg
er. addition to my prt st nt st.-rs and shall he able at all lime to sup
ply the demand, either wholesale or retail.
t'ouiilty Merchants c 111 find allhis est blisliment a klf and gena
r..l assoitinenl to sei. i t tiom,nnd price to please litem.
The follow me compiise a part of luv aswurtmeut :
Urn'lrmcH'g Uta: j Ladies' fine k ip sd and pef Ii
CenlV fine "0.1t Möns fo Ptoof; .V..f' I ear.
t air iltt ail l ine. .Mi' nnett.i 1 uninipi
Napoleon tlo
44 Well Ihifkini
Water pr .of do
Uronzcd kid lipm
" Kip tlo rdt prire.
" heavy ll.it k .i
fine ßuut Motocto Pms. ns
' Downing
' Nu !li tiers
tt tt .t ,hiirr
4 Cot'd half raiiera
44 Iltack do
" Ilftmr.ed !o
lllack Kid flipp
Fuperior calf P.uskiitfl
44 calf ew'd Lace nooti
do jves'd do
Kipeew'dÄc per'd d
do do stiap Roots
44 4 4 calf ve!t Brosatu all piicea
44 44 44 Sllpier
44 tine Kip Prolans
" heavy thick ih
1 44 44 Wrhster
Ii yi and I'f at' Boots and Shots.
It.ij' Miperior calf Htot
44 Kin do
Zsidrf. Il'tar
I.F Ilea' fine hU laMiup w elt gaitei Ihn ' niper'r ttncl. hoot all price
t 4 fipfinK do i 44 44 cali Uittfan
4 fancy rid M halt' tlo ! " 44 K. th.
44 ii-r w I. ne f;ilin -li : 4 h- v Unci- Co
4 hilf Fiel), h .Id tlo Yotilh K rp I loo's
44 44 riiila made Ii jht ,lo do 44 fine calf do
4 44 t.l.tCii 'o
44 Dm. zed kid putt r
44 44 half d
ti flipp
44 Kid welt r.usiu
44 calf do tlo
tt We't hlioe
44 por I MortH t'o Hoot
44 calf few M JL pej do
44 ktp 44 do
44 thliW trt
44 calf Hrii';iiih, all pt ice
44 Kip iiu to
hilitreii ' pram pefj'd HtMtta
44 44 rwtl do
Call pe' & tsrw'tt do
foat Moirocco Boot and
I Mine;
! 44 fine leather and kid an-
i kleties.
Coji!lOi:iri Water Prwof Iloi!.
HAVr just n-ceived n laree astrtinent of tlentlemen' Roota
i..'si. f. 1. in tntit'.it tnrer. w hit Ii I will ell lor let money
than the fame kind can had at nay othtr estihlihmtnt in IhecU).
tlentleni-n' rmne fall liter I'lotd l.oolJ.
Cei tteii.eu's Ti line Calf Well Hoot.
tJetil'euien's Prune t'a f Napoleon P.tt.
i;eiiilemen's 1 1 line Cu it Morteco P.4.
.Z.-ntlemen's Prime Kip Water Proof Bjots.
Tttr f-ile at the City Shoe Store. 37 j. H. OGLr.sr.V .
WAl'EU l'ltoor HOOTS.
rBIUS day received J- pair GMitlemen' Fiench t'a'f Boot ; I
li c-f li.tiemen's wafer proof ; 7 rase pen'temn calf
welt an I kip Hmt ; P) rases men's and hoys' kip nd coarse IU 4;
3 case men's and boys' kip and otarse Shies ; all the ahotre
ranted n-t to ri d'p mended grn'i.) 4-t J. K. SMARTE.
fAf)IP..c' JiT"r Un' ler Sandal; Indies' bound RuVff orer
J hl.- ; latd e.' patent Kühner aU t-ht ; Gentlemen's rent
U nl. Its, leather uo'e ; Gentlemen' common RubbetS all ery
cheap althe Pajton Fashionable Hat and Shoe J?tote.
J. K. ll ARTE.
fUST received, Ladies' Premium KM Pt!ka triped walkinf
5 th.i-s. .ide a eteat variety of Caller, half Oaiter lt,''n
Tie, Kc &c ,at ihe l.t t.m Shoe Stole. 45 J. K. SIIAHH..
-nF.r.SONra wishinra po. 1 aifictet.f S,ctetet..and larpe h
B to select fioui, cannot fail to be suited hy t Ullis
boft's Jewelry 'h"P. where may le f.Mtnd hll knutsoi
.. .... . i. V' . '.....ii .a..i. OniiÄ mver.weei
nru .is nil hmmn oi crte i mr ,.......
tlae., ie.
iff. or l.ravv steel iramr ,.Tij!e w p"-", . w. - .,.)niH,.t- i,e
. ... I . : 2 - . : . .......
v r., in. nit M uns! oi lit it.- i ." ' - . - . , .. . i
O rl 1 S5i . t"
W4t!it(iii Hall and 3 door e.i?t id oen. i-r .-r ,,,TJJl.OTr.
4 1 .
. ... T-M...,,t. U it a.lr w -1 .rf
nfAY lfounlf..alecheaat. ... i - y
if 2 w totld Thimhle of tf tierent size ; at- S Ivrr A '
andi,e; atsoa.aruetot ofGold Spe-.acle p to, .
Gentlemen's wear
iv. tiini cm 1 .-
it the dritC tfrf r'
A S'TH'.'.I'T irt rlt Jus''-tuet.

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