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OJ()jTice on I'linois Strttt, Xorlh of Washington.
G. A. k rirClilBlAxY, Editors.
07-Tlic State Sentinel will contain a much larger
amount of reading matter, on all subjects of general
interest, than any other newspaper in Indiana.
tiii: sEMi-wi:aäiivEbiTio
Is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and dur
ing the session of the Legislature, three times a week,
on Tuediys, Thursdays and Siturdays, at Four Dol
lars a year, payable always in advance.
yiiiV wi:i:kly coition
Is publisheil every Thur-lay, at Two DXlurs a year,
always to be paid in advance.
jsl in advance will piy for six months,
will pay fur three copies un? year.
Persons remittinjj S10 in advance, free of post
age, shall have three copies of the Semi-Weekly one
year. f$'Z will pay fr six months. S5I will always
oe charged for the Tri-Weekly, and 5ll cents for the
Weeklv, during the Legislative sessions.
ADVERTISEAIDNTS, will be inserted three times
at one dollar a square of 8 lines, and be continued at
the rate of 5 cents a square for each additional in
sertion. Quarterly advertisements, per square, .s.".
All advertisements from abroad must be acconpuniej
by the rath ; or n attention will be paid to them.
ff7" Potn jre must be paid.
A Story of Itu i;m military laifo.
We translate the f dlowtnj; horrible narrathc from
the French paper of this murnin, into which It is co
pied from the Paris tiazctte des Trittincaux. That
Journal pives it as a veritable history, furnished by
one who was a witness of the scenes described. Y.
Y. J a er.
On the t2t of May, 111, a battalion of the milita
ry colony which the Kussian Government has recent
ly established at Xovogorod, and winch resembles in
many respects the land-wehr of Prussia, was drawn
Up Oil the parade ground adjoining the extensive bar
racks constructed a few vears since, in the most an
cient and solitary portion of the city, near the Church
of Saint Sophia.
In front of the ranks stood General L elf; a tall
man of fifty, remarkable for his erect carriage, his
meagreness, his sallow complexion, and his large grey,
restless eyes. He was known throughout the army
for his bravery, of which he had given many brilliant
proofs in the campaigns of Turkey and Persia ; but,
whether it was that domestic infelicities had soured
his temper, or that his heart had become hardened by
the frequent application of a discipline, degrading in
its nature, and often horrible in its ctiects, General
L eiF had become a terror to the soldiers, and
scarcely a day passl in which his command was not
signalized by acts of such severity as well deserved
to be called ferocious.
It was known, however, that this man cherished a
profound attachment for a voung girl, thj daughter
of an old convvinion in arms, who had been killed in '
' T 11 S 0 -JsW V Air v I f
A -rvj -v 1 II ll 111 1 I IKS Aw Vf'j'' -';: i
WW )J .
. 1 1 1 J Ml I il Ji 1 llll IAI I J J II JOTi. ' i
MffiStimSl 5ai utvaf SÜ
I'"1 T- 111 .
u ,1
Indianapolis, November 15, 1SJ5.
Volume I::::::::::Xuiuber IS.
and 3I';iMir.
A simple and frugal II ov eminent, confined within
strict Constitutional limit.
A strict construction of the Constitution, and no as
sumption of doubtful j-owers.
No National Bank to swindle the laboring popula
tion. No connection between the government and banks.
A Diplomacy, asking for nothing but what is clear
lv right and submitting tu nothing wrong.
No public debt, Citlier by tlie (iencral (Jovermnent,
or by the Suites, except for object of urgent neces
sity. No assumption by the General Government of the
I debts of the States, cither directly or indirectly, by a
! distribution of the proceeds of the public lands.
A Revenue taniT, discriminating in favor of the
J poor consumer instead of the ric h capitalist.
I No extensive system of Internal improvement by
the General Government, or by the Slates.
A constitutional Lanier again. t impro ident Slate
The h nest payment of our debts and the sacred
preservation of the public faith.
A gradual return from a paper credit system.
No grants of exclusive charters and privileges, by
special legislation, to banks.
No connexion lctwccn Church and State.
No proscription f r honest opinions.
Fost'.iing aid to public education.
A "progressive"' reformation of all abuses.
3Ieantime General L etF had been bound to a
gun carriage, dragged through the ranks and scourged
with rods, the torture of which was but th -' beginning
of Iiis punishment. He had s;arccly rei'r'ied the ex
tremity of the line when a voice exclaimed, " To the
ovens ! "
The unhappy general, though half doad with agony,
heard these words and Knew their horrid meaning.
A hundred voices repeated, "To the ovens ! "
A mortal paleness overspread his features; his
courage gave way; he groaned and begged for mer
CV. Dut the hurrahs of the lattalion drowned his
voice, and Sergeant Gucdtnolf, approaching him once
more, replied,
I tiM) begged f r mercy when my brother fell dy
ing under the blows you ordered."
We will not pursue the hideous details of the scene
that followed, only adding that Gen L ell and
the superior officers of the battalion, shut up in the
ovens which the vengeful soldiers touk care to heat
slowly, were literally baked alive.
This crime presented a frightful originility, and it
was deemed meet that its expiation should be like
wise. The tidings were borne to the Kmperor, and
eight days afterwards several battalions of artillery
inarched through the streets of the ancient Uussian
capital; they had been preceded by a major-general
who hr.d won for himself in the Toli-b campaign the
title of the Warsaw executioner. One of his aids ap
per red at the barracks of the mutineers and ordered
them to parade the next morning, in fatigue dress ami
without their wcap- ns, in the small square at the
lhey replied by their uiva-
I i-otfrn pnil iil'tli' rltv
ne nan auopteuuie orpnanciiim, urougiu i.cr , .,,,.,. tlUy, nM their l,.i.r wvcuts
up with care, and never allowed her to be separated j tjirir "ps nil,,(1 tinir nioustaches as
And she, though grateful t r the kimlness . t- . nfl ir,i;M.!Pt. f:fli,i a.,... .i1(.n rrli(. si!(nt n.i w.t I,
from him
and atfection f her father by ado; tion, was not the
less frovcrned b an irrts'stihle fi-elin of constraint
when in Iiis presence, the result of his stern brevity
of speeeh, his imperious manner, and the cold severi
ty of his aspect. Nhe. was known among tiie troops
by the expressive name of So'.owiova (nightingale.)
given to her in recognition of the grace with which
she. sing the wild pathrti- ballad' of the Slavonians'.
Solowio-.a, to pl-.-.i-c the Gener.il, always appeared
at the reviews and drill; and on the day when the in
cidents to. k f.laee v. hu b ire hereafler to r related.
white liis, but beeping perfect order in their ranks,
they traversed ti.e city between triple lilts of Cos-acks,
followed bv the tcrriiittl and mournful gaze of th- in
habitants. On their arrival in the square, they post
ed them-elves m solid columns, noiseh.-tly and with
out eoiifusion.
The drums bent the bells of the Churches pealed
forth a solemn clang and batteries of cannon, plant
ed in th ave::u-s that led into the stpnre, opened up
on them a deadlv tire of ira:1 sliot. li.-o li tli-ch ire
was succeeded by a shout, a multitudinous groan,
. ; io im ti iff ni n w n. !: i'a i i ' it li rr r. . . . i i i i . i i
l.llllvo ÜIH1 I illi.lM . C....- 'CI . . I 1 r.n 11 j .
u lien
ranged al w t!iO extended
mizht l1 scent) ov rnv.d I. er feature"; as iiergl.
restetltor a mom-nt 0:1 the hr.m.-.me icature 01 a t (j tj v!;K.(. l,rt)l!.Jl a lake of blood, they found
young sur-o-Mii-major. iniii.'u 11.111 ioh..,, 11 m . , . f .1 t ,rr ,1;M. j,..,, n.)t rr
at its clos. tie? executumers tf this awful seilten tra-
manlv f 'rm was set oifto rare ad'.antagc bv tho sini-
:eU, run ng
pie tmiiorm of his military grade.
G nral I. elf l.rd p ; J-'d and re-pass -d al ng :
the front rank ot the hatttl.on Without nttermg a
was the Sergeant G ii'-df-notf.
Th"V all perisiii tl
1 .1 . 1 I I .... 4 .1.. T . 'i '1
I imucr 111'- l'UlnrT us 1. lows 01 im: Kiioui. i iil- mi -
fvtrt m:Mnti:inMl his lirmiie'- and co;iiios'ire to the
ot the battu.on without tittering a , .1 Ct-.I r.t I.,. tr.,..1
word, but with a frowning brow ami an angry expres- j o.tj i 1;j .h ti.a tnnJ hls 1,1,1;,. ,ys!l in1 ;uj. ,
sion on his features, for he perceived that oni ot the j 1, 0XCt.ul io:.;-, Cu ,liv nkcl if his allotted '
men were alseiit. N:ddenlj,- was heard the slow and I numU.f(ir l!,n,.s wouid sc"on be completed. "Tl.cy
the pl.iu. w;i .-en rolvanfieg a liana 01 soiuwrs,
carh carrying in his hand one of th s:? long rods
which are still u--ed in tlie Kus-un s"rvi a- the
tools of a hateful punislunent. .t this sight the Gen-1
rral turned in amaze to las aids, and 111 a vo.re ot
thunder demanded who had given the order, and who
w as to be the victim.
A Sergeant, con-j bmous by his scarred nnd livid
countenance, darted h fore the General, smirked frni
lum his sword, struck him 0:1 the f:ce, and answered
coldlv, "V01!"
TrjROPOSAlJS wilt r ri-rriv-! by nntf rsine! t the ofTic of
li the Srciet.iry of Mate, until siiturtlav tlf J!'ih 4y vf Suvrm
Imt, lf4ä, at oYlotk, I'. M ., I.r f..llnia ami tundiiu; the l.t!, jur
na'.i nit. 'I re'ol'itinin f f Ii- next ;rni.il A-m-iii!!)' tf 1 1 SI alt l In
tll.tiia, in lorm and inamifr rx rileil I y law. Tl Mirrco-ftil '"'l
der will lx rt-iiirnl to filter into bond Willi security fur (lit) l.tillilul
f I furiiuiice ol tu.4 lontntrt.
J.NO. II. THOMPSON'. .sVr'yf Stat.
IIOKATK J. HAIIUIS, A.n!i..r 1.1 ciatc.
K. MAVIILW, Trcusurtr ol btai.
.Xovemlior 5, 1815. 4(
OrncB Ipdia .MiicaKnE f?vmcc CoMrAi, )
lndmitup.iU.1. Udulitr'M, Is 15.
TTTWW. meinlx-r-t of sail rmnp-iny are lierety inilU-d tliat their As.
-B. m L Mttna will lie laid at this (Mine on the lirst Wrdiie
ilay, leiii the M.I day f IVteml.rr iitt fiiuiii!., at ten o'i Kk k in
t!'e rureiiiMin, for the tl.oi:e of JlircctoM. nni 'le traiiäaction of men
tither iMisinejj an may l 'leetne'.! iiece.-saiy .
ft-IV Moii! inieii.liii4 Ut vole by mxy at Mtid inectinj are reiniint
rd that proxies ttit lr 111 writing, signed by tin aitv re)teeiited,
and filed v llll the S ret uy . It y order, -'. W. I'AllV, Seey.
1'ulilisliers l the fflluttimj named paper are requenled to publish
the above notice to the amount ot one J!lar in their reM'tlive pn
KT,and preM nt their bilU for paynient to th local Aiient of the
Company, who in liereby authorised to ay the rune, viz : Guutte,
Sew Albany, Patlrttlium. Richmond, Sentinel, Foit Way lie, t'jpre -5,
Terre Haute, Uuiette, Vincenne., Free Vre Lal"ayetie,Mriu, Kv-an-ville,
Beacon, l.awienceburgli2 free I're.j, South l?end, I'tlegraph,
Iouaniport, J'enumut, (otihen.
The iMibllieot of the above piper;" will pleas forward their pa
perü containing the ad verli-ieineiit in the Treasurer. 4 t Im
15 ink Scrip and ire iMii y Xotes.
fnIIM tiiitieriiiied Inn on ronsiiutit'i t a lot of Hunk Strip and
ll 'lreaaunj .S'ote wbieli I e will e b.oi'.'e npn nd vitutazeoim
terms to th'j'e wishing to twe fit Iter. Borrowers o( Milking fund
ami cfliOr.at a ilistame, otild i!o well to apply by letter lor the
amount they want before the xinkins tuml sales in November. If
it is deyired I will make payment for tl.eiu ut the proper ott'ue
without thure.
I !iall roiit.miH to pay taxes in any ro.inty in the Stute. Funds
should be forwnrited by 1st of Oecember i f.
J!Uf is A. W. MttllRIS.Cen. A-rent.
raiier t:it'j Indiana llaiin l oitiify.
Im nit IVoiiAlt t'oi n or Marion L'uI'sit.
ret it wh fur I'artt'wn of H-at Untitle
Isnbel'i Stephenson vs. John Stephenson. An hi!ia!J (trieves and
.Nancy brieves, ln w ife, Humphrey tJriiP.ih and Jare iriilith, bis
wiiejidm Stephens. ii -Jd, Millian Wuthiie and Kt hecia tlutlirie,
l.is wile, Keoindis Mepliensoii and Nancy, Ins w lie, J.iii.3 II.
Kennedy and l.yili.i. Ins wile, lonid.is St-pheiison '!, Jnb:i Mc
ivy niiii lals-li.i Mct'oy, bis wite,i;oi"e Steiihenoii, John Sle-
pliensoii 3d, Abner II. Iuiüley, Amanda l.onuley, Kli is Iumley,
w ho aie ers.ns of free ae.an l Margit t Sl-pheiison, Jo iah Sie
pheiiM.n, Thos. J. Mepliensoii. ILIi.ilieih :-.t-pheiixn . Thomas Sle
phen.'.m, Mary Stephen-ooi, lllijali Stepli4iioii, Will am Jilejiheii
iMHi, Ann Sleph iiton, Servct'is Ijntigiey . Sej Minns I.onlcy. irr
ni'i Joiigley, and Ah a inter Iditiclcy, w ho are in fan's within the
;.i;e o f tw enty one j ears.
ET b"iii oiibfd t'i the p titttin of I lie nlmve nninel jvtttioner
aiin.t the above named de.' inl.tn's, Ii I d in th '!! e of tli
rVrk of the probate eonit al'oieai I, or. i i toU r H th, Is 55, an I Veil
lied by ullidav il, that I he a'mve named d lenil.oit.s, John .Stephens m,
An hihalit I brieves and Nancy lineves, his wile. Abner . Ixigley,
Am. ml i l.oii'j'ey, I.Ii h l.onl y , servet'is loni'ley, r-e; t nius Im2
lev, I 'in tins lon j ey an I AY in ler l.ouley, ;re n t ie-i." n's of tin
Male of I nd on. Therefoie, it is here' y rdi-red Ihlt notice of the
c:i.l in ol ' a:d p"U!lui le piven to aid n.ui lerulrnt delciidauls,
fortt.iee weeks sm eively in the In !i ti: i ttf i uii.it I , a ncwup i
per printed i il s u I count y if Marlon, and that tin y ap ar au. I .in
KWt-rs.'iid i! ion on t hf Ufl da y if tli ir't tt rm ot s.u. I comt , to
be held .it i lie? I'ourt .ue in I n Ii in i;i!is u t!i" sei on I Moinl.iv in
1 1 ci inlier i. t, at w Im Ii time, or as soon Iber, after a-i it U ill !e con
venient for .-aid mini they w i!l hear the said k ilümi.
Aliet. lt. II. lU.'NC'AN, "Ik.
N. under, 1-IÖ. -17.''.w's
E.MA1MNG in the Post Office, Indianapolis, Indiana,
Nuvembci 1, 1Ss4j.
(jl rynns caHiiv for these Letters icill phase say
T'i" in'and joslajc on all letters or papers for
foni'jn countries must be pre-paid, otherrise they
(crr.ot be foruanlnl.
the U-tUr," rqdivd Gulden. ff, "Ii. r I am very hungry." j
Fox." t.)n; h.trdlv
bioks tT gripers
Slatr ol" Esitliati;:- .TI:u it: C'omilj , !.
S IHK M KION I'llO I II foil! I , J t K V TlKM. I Tili.
r.annf r l,;.w head v. Jctluo Woo.1, Juli.., Wood ai.I John M.
In i'n u r
e" fj J 1 1 ". al 'vc njoiio.; rom;!.oiiii.it, iliumcr I.nttI ra1. bnvi'i on
M. Noveui" er Uli, 11", IÜ' I l i-' bill !' . cinpl.ti it ia the a' ve
ei till. .1 uit ;r.':on.'t the above natm il !! 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 . , i u the clerk i
ol!'iCr of the .M.irou circuit court lo r;t I. also an n lli-l;. v it of a
diintereftcl and con.p' f ri:f '. itness, show in tlu t the ! fen l oit
Jaja Woid is nil' a rci b'l.t of ti e St.it1 f lm!i;.nv. Th r-!inc
ti.e s.ti.l Julia Woo I is bereby i.otnied t l.itt si id suii is now pciul
in" in r.od court, dUil tl.iit ii'ib'.-s she ph ad lo or soiwer the siiiie;
profcssrdlv d voll d to religion for UUlUSi n.i Ut, V t W C U . the ca'Iin- of the cv.- the I i!l i.s ! her will -e taken n
Ltvvo dcri.'cd not a little tVou, the ,.-n.I t.f th fd- j tiiu r. " WM''
luwiis- pr:i2raidi, winch wc tind in the rr....,.t
At th
ir.Ts nn
oi.Ttri. slioc; f. rr.'M
1 t
nn ss
alone tl r::n:;-. nnd ;i ehnia of l.;ite li-'ht'd v.: the
hahitii .lly j.;iioi.h .--. tVaiuus cf tho torn. l'y a
Fntaneous iiiom tucnt The otiit t rs advanced from tlx
line to the rescue of tin ir comtnandiT, !"t in a tno-nfnt
they were seized, thrown to the ground, nnd menaced
L'hi ou.cic :
j S iini: Village Tawrii. Two tri; eilt rs drive up
; and order a pock of o tts for their lmr'.
first Trav Her. l''r..'.v;ii t.unid tlie stove.
I.r:i.:!'ord, I ee you have no lar; do you keep the
' :ri;'.'d Vr' I
li::d!ord. Not exactly, hut I keep a Tamo Fox.
Second Tr:ieIIer. 'u.n't u sec him J
Landlord. '.'crtainlv. Walk tins wnv, p-entlrmen,
1 lrlI. f 1 . lo, n ri ir.in 1ft
U tk.. I...lf .ft ,.t . ! V oiuili- iN' iu in a io".u ...
1 . 3 . i f :h t:i il- l.:ii!t.i with cl.oice l.euors) v. liat will
Ivan, tlie surfet in-rnojor, was alone e.enip:ru, ior ,
his jrentlcncss and humanity had won for lum the af- j 1,V' -('!iU( n, " , . . f, . . . wn ot ,
fectfon cf the troops. A pret.nd.er who sfooil near .1 ayrllers.-üh n?,!:,?, nothing at all. we ot.
Um whispered in his car. -Whether the nijrhtinlc to w,! rnlll!"
i pTV virtue of lwi Veiol.iioii nx'iou.i s to inf iti'fcted from
( lift the cbu k's otliie of ti.e .V.u ion c ire n it i on 1 1 , I ill ex pose to
i ' Kc (t;i'e. Oil the ,l;: v of Novell. I er. -.", 5t the Tourt
i Hon i or in In li,i'i:i o'is. w ithi'i the hours pr s-'ri' rd b law,
ti.e reiiiciiil profcs, lor seven years, of t' e io.o i .;; re:; I it: te.
low - I. i N nnd the est loill .l ! N. I. in s.itiare No.
f.j, and lot No. I, i.i iiiare Nii. in t!n" town of idiana o'is ;
' a l.il Jt'so ti e i i: il,r:it ii,,',rt"i of tne souMov. t ipiai t'-r of ! lion
i I'll, township S i. aud in nve 4 e;s ro-.t .on i m i : I II II a re-; ;.n'
! O'lb iiure to ralir il.e full inuouiit o! jn ljiniMif, in'T. t. inn1
rn-fs, I ill iit the same li' i :nut place, expos. Hit Ice Mm; e ol
("all re;il et..tc. Taken u Hie prunetty of John nnd M.iftl.iw
the rear and li 'wiii' them , I.iuie. at ti e not of A. ij: n i.ou . w. r.i ssi:i.i..
iiuv, i, rii. '.... . i i i.i "i .-. i" i . on . . i .
FSV virtu of a v . " i .' 1 1 1 i epoim t.' i:h- .lircrt",! fio:ii the
U rb-rh's olh-i' of ti e Marion circuit c -iirt. I will expose lo
public Sal.', on the '.".'lb lav of N'ovein'e
sinps or remains silent, do not move. A word, a sin- j Orr and In. A Frenchman who was travelling in a
gle st-p. and you are detMl." canal boat was ahout pa-'-'im under a hride. The
lUcovtriit from his stcjtor. General I, eft had ( Captain shouud ' ." . ! .' ' to the passcnirer.i at the
prasped wi;h each hand one of the bayonets poin.ed t-p of Iiis voire. Tin, Frenrhmun undTstu.l him ht
at his breast, turned them aside with a powerful t-flort, erally, nnd pokid his head up out of tlie ca!:n. lie
and cried init, U'ilh a ferocious :!:, nee ahi:i the litie, I received a severe bump upon the fi.rchoad w lurh
To vour knees, vile brutes; to your kneo-i and b ! kmcked him sprawline; upon tlie tloor. lie jumped
for mercy, or there will not be skin enough upon your j up in a great rage, scratched his head a 'id addres-ed
backs to e.vpiate your crime." j the Captain in the mo-t ituliutm. style. Vre!
A savage chuckle was the answer to this throat ; ! w hat you say dm for! Why yell litt sfC.y
UliO U1U 1 jLUli I , IUI II.'; Illlinui i iii'j.t mum j
indicates a settled purpose, s ii-l, " Kvtry nuc of us !
IcU'i, nt the t'(';rt
lliiii' i.o-.r l'i I iiih.oi..polis. witlnn 11'' liout prefer' -, iy tv.
the rent-, and protim, tor Heven years, of t'n- f..l;.. ll.j o ;u ".-U.le,
to w it : A!l that parcel or tou t of land l ii. we.-t f the cr i al,
I e!ini:iiii to the northeast cpiarter ol section one, to v. nhip ti),
und rai'ire '.li'i.t, in Marion county; nud ou i.ihur.; to reali. tlie
lull aiiiouut of ju. lament, iiieit iind co.-K, I will ut tlie fame
time ami place, expose the fee nimple of paid rent e.t:ite. Taken
as the property of William I.anz!nlc at the mit of Jo'-n Van
l.h.ric,,,,. A . V. KI SSi:t.f..
Nov. .", f 1". IO awi eVieri Y of Marion t 'ount v.
Aldiite Aaron 3
Allen Clras
Arin:on Thomas
Atiei (It oi
Applet fe Henry S
Alice lie ii 1 1-
Hcrt Iff nr'
Iturus J W 2
Brai; Jno M,
Hutleifjehl Jno
Haker U'm
Huck A atij others
lirtu,in James
Bow ks Jno Wm
Hruce (leurue
Hyikit Philip
Uall.rd S wnl
Bui;, on K II
Hill l.vartl.
Busher Harry C
Brown Oliver Jonas
Bridges Jaaie
Bums James 2
Bucks Mis Lliza
Bolton N
Berk tier Vm A
Bale Kdvraol
IhckvriMi Saml
B iker J I
Buh K F
Cavcn .Tn"
Clieiry Hvh P
C'attcisou Miss K.netine
CUik Mr Susannah
Chii'tnan Mis It
C" ! a i k J 1 1 d
Clu.e Jan-.es 3
Cut ry Jaines
Cox J?i
Co.M Mis- Jerrie O
CI ok Bctinet Jr
Chii-tie JtTiey L".
Cl ii-tv Betsey
Clnpir.iti Miss Lyji
Conn.inl Mrs Ann J
Colli l c
Cuuit i'i I c-i
Dot'-ey P.eVil Wesley
Dar.i.'l B. v I W V
I)i;an Wm II
I) w hi Mi Mary Tatsc
liickeini.n Frede tu k
Ii tt'll Jai e '
llll C.icei-U-
Dutn-it Felfm
I law o'i Casey
Ilona Francis F
Deck i:
;). t t hiviti
Devtnp -it Marlin
F.drr Mrs ?us.in
F.l'.is J i nit s
F.ited iv Si lOMl.m
Mis ui Nil holas
llsai v Sol.iinou
Foster f".
Filler J o o!i
Faris Fa tcr or Mathias
C.i i rt t tr c. w
(larveiy .1 o
Cold A ..n
(Jii:. Mi." ri
lliihbs .I.-eph
lli ii e Ciunull
llai.lii.4 Iti.'jt
II.o'. i I)
Heiii.tk Abrm
I Iumrs Mives Martha k
F.li il.e! Ii
llu : loii-on Sanil
lloiAcr Jim
Ilfi.oly A II
IIa' her Mis Klizabeth
Hi Jit Je b
I lobet I Jn
llawki .s Alfied
Hill Calvin K
IIj;.ne Henry
JjtXh 111
A sr::::i)V
rr.tM.-r.ss. A
viMinir naii.itto uotiim
kn-jws the doom thnt awiU and is prcpan.-d to pilt4!Ur;, tjIL. ()ilivr d;iy c-d..plaiiH d that the ftthr-r of
Sacrifice his lilv. Vh :i your shMiStMico is tdlil!t'd no j j cr J):l a vjato ,ain, h oi stolen !.t child. Tim
shall o Uf-re licneral Suroij", tin. ( iovrrnor if Xov- Ald'jrinau knowing that a writofhalt'.i nrpi;s would
; we shtill UV at h;s f K your sword, your belt, K? a sou. jvr( ccs, issued a srartli warrai.t for tho
ordor., and whnt rem.iitis of yrnir 1h!v-, and r;ti,!s c't uhicli tin: womnii K scribed. 1 he
all say it him, Ucneral L t'tfwasa -7 ' constable found them and returned thenitothe mother
wc bliall
we have slain him; here are our weapons, we await . .pj, ,,c 1 lu xkQUi ;
our puaislimeiit. " And t!.us saying, the servant
tore away the general's epaulettes und trampled thcin
under his feet.
44 These decorations belong not to you," lie contin
ued; 'a knout should be borno by the executioner.
Kemember the soldier JJetaakotl, Fcourcd with rodi
for having bcrn a nrjinent too late in presenting arms.
Komrrnber that old subaltern, who for a sriot upon his
uniform, was ordered by you from the ranks, nnd
ptruck upon the face with your whip until the blood
ran down his checks. J tie uniiannv man, iranuc 1
with rage and pain, lifted his hand in resistance
and foAhis he wan i!'gd, and sent, inaiined and
dving, to Siberia."
Tlie serjroant while he spoke had continued with a
terrible composure to strip the general of his belt, his
coat anil his under garments. He went on :
That subaltern, like inyslf, bore the name of
Guedenotf; wc were born in the same hovel he was
my brother."
Spite of his indomitab
1101 reiruui 11 0111 !i. .,.. 1 ..i- ... .. 'itt,s will t
ful aecusation, so ehp.cnt i its calm inplirity, o .irt W.IS J7tv : or if Ii? tueailS öW.V.sbirt, h t
pasionless in its vengeful brevity. As ior Solowio- j hm u U 1q vycr s;4U. a r(.lnule ono.x V.
va, ehe h.atl Iooketl on al lir-l wiiu vnue vono-r, un- , ..
able to rompr. h"nd tlie scene that passed bt f ,xc her; j
but when she siw the general UopriViM 01 u s.voru,
his tin. form torn away, bis f rr-i exp scd, ih-n she
began to conceive the j'tirpo-e of h;s nssiilm's, and
tolinder-tand that he was d 'om d to ro- e ve ti:e !
grading punishment he had s ofit-n e;:u- tl to h
llictcd. Vi::i'd wit!i i.orr.r r-i to her fet,
clasped her 1. !t:ds in supplication, and g!irie!;ed :itoi,d
in terror and tl 'p iir.
Ivan, th- Mtrge.):.-n;ajor, had til! thi m-vn' n? sNd
moti 'i.i -'.s v.u s'lf-nt; but he could not resist ti e an-
"uish of i.er h loved. Hef .-got the stern excitement
A nam: AM.
If you transpose what lad'u s wear, Vr.ir..
'Twill plainly show what bad folks are, V
Again, if you transpose the name,
You'll sec an ancient Hebrew mime, Lr.vi
Change it again, and it will show
What all on earth desire to do, Live
Transpose the letters yet once more,
What bad men do, you'll then explore, Kvn.
Juvenile Pkecwiiv. The .V. fsmis (tran tells
the story of a boy in that city who was caught by an
old fellow swinging upon his gate.
Clear out from there, boy, or I'll set the dog on
von shouted the man at the top of his voice.
Mio to tl.C u 1, oiu-siiCK-lii-uie-muu yt'i mm
gof jo Jog." responded tin; little shaver, 'l'lie n
seen of the old man he was hunting fr a brick-bat.
Mr. Taine, who has bom pumied by some demon,
with an air lmiii. atid eraze! with horrible sIiioh, in
, , , 1 1 1 1 every part of his body, uears a mailed shirt, Miuv it
table firmne, the general could I , ' 1 . . J , ,.i 1;... s.
. . r, . r U) 'now. Air. Air-gun f llnrtjoni Ihm..
der.ng as he listen ! to this tear- TJ ,v ph ase inform us in what Pot office
CjTH'K i lieiehy aiven that the n nileiVianeil, frnry P. To?l,
11 iiiliuiiii-tmtor, ami I'r uices I. rinlii, mluiKiistratri ef the e
t.iteof Isiael riiili;is, l.ile of tlie roiinly of M; rloti itere.ieil, will r.i
reeil to jtell the follnkviuz real ei-t;ile lielini.'i"J l the exiale of I he
ü.ii.l l-rael rinlij. ileeeaM-tl , for lit purjo.se ol" p i in Z the ilrl.lsf a;:ii n-t
tliesaiJ estate, lo wit: lint j:irt of l.ot No. I, III H iare No. .rfi,
w illi a frame I uiM:n2 t.iereoti now on ii;iie;l hy Hruni v Ftunlray,
incn h.liiN, kuhom'I lo lie atM mt IT feet in fiont, on n-umntoii M.,
Iml not n.oie nir U: tlian I lie iIOi of Miil freue lunhlui . A!',
the w null half of lot .No. 2, in snite .No. Tm. Also, one share in Die
I'ru klin Institute, all situated in the town of Imli omih.Im. in the
rounty of h.om ;.n 1 Mate ot ltt.li.in i. Sai h a!t- a ill rw ma.lf nt
lutvic auetion , m l utthe or of tlie rtore lioii' et sai l I ritn
Fottilfiy, on H.ii.1 tirt leeriheil lot in the town of I intianniioli!, on
5"it;inhiy the l"i d. y of lieremlier next, ami ujm.ii the terun iiml run
tliti.ni! follow inc. t wit : tu:e htlf of the iiirctioe money to le paul
down, on tlie it iv t f sale, and l'i rem 11 n half to he tiai.t in .i
lnotith.4 from said i!ay of sale, wiili leg il interest tlieieoii from. lite,
nn! to Im- seen red l y a note w ith 8"ol freetiol.t wrurity, inaJe p.ija
Lie without any relief whatever tr.an valiiaiio: I v.
lir.YKY V. TOlU). .MmivitraU'r.
.Vor. 1, 11). 4. 3.V yiU.YCHS VIIIUI'S, .-U,n,itratrU.
Hani :"... Y
II int. !i Jacob
Miner M.s Ch.ulotte
Johnson Miss Sarah A
Jone J ones
Junes 1. J
Johnson Samt
.linke- V in
Ji unities Abel J
Julii'son A uon Cul
Jcr.lon Jacob
Kerr Ji o V
Kal;etei ISemaa
Kv 5 Aiulie'v
K'etine ty Micliael
Koetiin,; Ailolph
Lewis Thos
iaiiJfi Moirli
Lloyd Davfd
M iore Sanil
M ore N o ev It.
M:nl Cliii-tiBii
4!asi n Philip
Miller II (.
Meii ( l.ii-tian
M ore Jnii
Mulwite Wm
Malin Jatncü
Marts Jo ph
Mitchell Jno D
Myers Jno
Madlin Jno
May T J
McDowell II H
McLean Miss AnnabelU
McClenhatn Tlios
Mcintosh Revd A
Mcttlauhlin Mrs Elizabeth
McKeroan Jarnqs
lirCrn Wm Sen
MrNaul Wm
McCaslin (leorgc
McCIucr Benjamin
Nei'nan Jaenb
Newkiik Chas (1
Newkirk Isaac
Nunn JuMph
I'ictiti Panl
n nit ;co:e
1'ieire Thomas
firy Mis Cv IminG
Polielt. J ir.ies
Partly Juo
Pcar.e (leorgc
Tuh Kl Us
Piuh AI x indcr
Pruy Jno Scir
ri'jnt I.
Kay Ja R
lo aoti Win
Ilea 1 Win
Ilei n Jno
lle ly Jim
KouikI llttijamin
Kinder Jacob 2
Scticm Coirelius
Sitnp n Oliver
Springer Dav ij
Stanl.cM Thos J
Stew.ot Aiesom
:-cott S..nil L
S'.vceter Jno
SchnelLi Ji'o
Salmon 1".
Sutherland Jno
Taylor HnJ.t A
TutcwiUr N ithl . 2
T.io.7Uiü K'l.vanl
Th rtnizer I iv 1 1
TaiKirtfton Ktv Jos
To 1 T J
Tnfewiler llei ry
'I Ui pin Holm
Vniiltai irum Mm I'liziheth
vt r Dtt'an Jno K Jr
WÜliim Ku!d:trJ
Wheat. mi Pavid 2
Wirs .. U 3
wt r.
W '.lie hl II
Va!li le T!.oma
Wcl Mis M;.rv H
Wtthor Nalhl li
WilMiti Y II R
Wright Ai
Wallace Andicw
I Wilsall L (1
Wright Hiram
Warner J:ieob
Wilson Atnlfsw
Wright Aaion 2
Wo Id 1 on Wm
Williams K M
Williann Miss Sarah Jnc
Whitney A
White Chailes Rev 2
Woo t K N
Vi!li ms Jno W
Wotcoit r.d.vud R
W..tt. Ui.'liaid
Wtiht Kin-ley
Writ Joseph
Whi c Khvin S
Viemau Si-io-n S
Wiiltums Abralum
Wh.Ul.ea.! t h:U
W iswt ll A I.
Y.'ik C V
Proposals Tor American Wutcr-rofivtl
II 111 1.
Navy Department,
4t Ii Oi tot.er, IH45.
SKAT.ED PROPOSALS, endowed -Proposals tcr hetnp," w ill
I e re eived nt this hurenu until the l'ih Ueremher next, for
lelivcriiiK un hundred nud filty toi of .Imcrioan water rotted
hemp, nt ein-li rtorehnuse i.i each o t,ne t ith a of louisville, Ken
tti' ky.nnd bt. I.oui, in Missjuri, 113 tnny he dcin;ited hylhe
United State I ei'li asrit nt thoe places; the deliveries to he
made hetweeu the hot dy of Alnrch nnd ti e first day of July,
lf4G, and ncroinpanied hy satisfart'try evhlenre tlmt it litis teen
VU'tr rotted in the n-iinl ninnner.
The In iii must Le ttiorounhly Ires-ed, rlenncd, free from shiv
er?!, nnd must not !oe untre tn:oi sixteen per rent of tow nnd
waste when h:itrh lled, to t! e s;iti:f;nii;u cf ti e inspettore, ready
for spiniiin?. tM treneth must he yso l , 1 1 ;.t n rope of one tool 1
thr e-tourtl s fif an ierli in eireumt'erenre, iiunle Irom twenty one
y.;rn, us prepared and test'.! hy the i:ipertors. or
I'rojM'ltis f Hie
Coiirf sion:il I'iihiii :ntI Appendix.
JTEuch containing h50 Pttts.JX
The Congressional I'mon w ill be comuit i.ctd one week
after Congies is convened, and will he published
until its adjournment, civing the Jily proctcdin;s cf Loth
Houses of Congies. The touches o' ti e memt er are con
dtned to hiii j; them into a lejdahle length. All the rose
lutions clfeied, or rr.otii n niae, aie given in the novei'
own words and the yr as at d nay t n all irnpoitant jhes-
tins. Jt if printed u ilh fin-ill i? tutvicr ar,d nonpareil
on a double royal shert, tn quarto fui m,each uumler cvn
tainin g- lb' rvy it qua t tu pnges.
I HE ArpFNDix, n account of the delay often crcurring
will tear tit leurt fr.ir tl .ousatul two hundred
il. h-1'ütli, color, nnd otli T proetti s. niut he entirety s: tisfart
ol ejiverv
For the hemp which inny pr.ss luspertinn nnd he received l.y
the czei.t, he and the ii.spei tor ill ieiti! I ihs (,!or not lesi than
one thous.oid dollars, the h-ht hill nrrepte.tA aerordin to the pro
visions of the rontrnrt; ninety pr rent of whi.'h to l e p,iyaMe
w ithin thirty days alter tlie presentation of the hills to such tin ' y
n::ent sis may li iipr'ed upon I y the chief c f this l ureau and tha
coot ran its.
i't-rsjiis otferin. must offer for nt lerst thirty tons, and n.ust
state the price (written in w ords nt leuL'tin nsked per ton of "V.'Jii
in itcuiiiii 1 ie speeches of members complete, will not t
r hy their direc- niai,td egularly scmi-wctkly, hut wiil contain a many ja
il pMind: nnd Hfi f SUI leadinp matt 1 as the Con-rres-ioi al Ui ion.
irey s. tisfai t :- TriE Atpenjix is made up if the 1'jes'idetA's annual mes-
rytothe inspertoM . or the rl i.-i "of il is I ti'enu, or it will not I e sage, the lepoits t f the pi inripal idliceis if the govetrimetit
re. eived. tt will he ecu J and totci! it the icspective places ! that accomj any it, ai d all the lor.g speeches of membris of
Longres, wtitten out or tevied ty themselves.
For .he Conjrcs'-i.iml lni n, f I .'iO per copy.
Kor the Appei.dix, .l per copy.
Cluts w ill he fi;riiih(d w ith Ten copies of eüher of the
above woifcs f.ir f.I2 ; Twent yfive c c$ fr f 2 .
ÖCrFor the actommodalion cf those who dtsiie a paper
pounds w hen delivered, inspected. teted. approved, and received ; printed at the seat of government duiii'il the sessiun of Con-
Sies only, wc will fuir.uh tlum the t.xtra LPion,s fal
lows :
Semi-Weekly, one copy, f 2 50
Semi-Weekly, six C( pies, 13 (HI
Semi-Weekly, twelve copies, 21 Oil
Weekly, one copy, :1 f'O
Weekly, twelve copie, JO 00
Weekly, tweuty. five copies, 20 00
Till: UNION.
j Will be furnished hcieaftcr to yeatly lulisciilcr:, ts fol-
iuws :
Daily, per year, for one copy, flO 00
Daily, per year, for five copies, 40 IX)
Semi weekly, per year, for one copy, 5 00
Cemi-wcekly, per year, for five copies, 20 00
Seml-weekry, p?r year, for tea copies, 3i 00
Weekly, per year, one copy, 2 CO
Weekly, pet year, five copies, 8 M
Weekly, per year, ten copies, 15 00
fCrXo attention ui'.l le piid tc any order, w.Uzs the
vioney aciumany it.
JftrThose dcsiiin; complete coj ics of the Corf jessioral
Union and Appendix, will please send us their nam; piert-
ous t the firt day of Dec- mbcr next.
(jWe will willingly pay the postage on aM letters sent
to us containing. fire dollars and upward". Other leteis di-
tccted to us, with the postage unj aid, trill ni t be taken out
Kl I C II I h. a: IlhlS.
ti v ttie njrent arid insiieetor, nnd pava' le 1 s al'ove speeifieil, timl
must forward with their o?ti-r an hliL-rtion, duly executed hy two
persons of known recponsihilify, hinding themselves for the per
iorinanre of the oT-is, if they si 0.1I.I le accepted.
Itoiuls to one-half the nmouut of the contracts w hich may le
made, with two good and sufficient sureties, will he required for
their faithful execution, in mhiitioii to a deduction of ten per cent,
freni all IhII v hieh may he approved and paid hefore the comple
tion of the cciitractr.. with h will h. retained until they are fully
completed, in all rerpe-ts, nccordini; to their terms.
Oders must he made in strict conformity with the terms of th.a
If contracts are rot executed w ithin five da vs nfter thev have
heen received hv the persons ! esc o:Vers hj've hee.i accepted, the I
will eo'tsider itself at iihtity to o:l"jr it to the next lowest 1
respntiMihle ' id.ler.
i:s:vi, ixkMTi: acji:xcv,
And Architectural jIHcc.
ON Meridian street, foiirih door south .f Noiris's n.ock. Th?
sulwrrilier havtnc opened an olti e for the purchase and sale of
teal property, eir.-rs Ins s i vices to the coiuinuiiityintli.it capacity,
lie will kep hoovS for the te?istry of pro; t ity lor Kite; noch.itcc
w ill he nu le fexee, t f n adverii-ii:u ) until sale he made through hij
iii-trtiineiit ihty ; then char-!.- nioler:i'e.
Persons h ivin! property lor s ile :ire invited to lulr.j cn their dc
crintion ami h ive it lin.usiit into n .lh e throiitli thi aeenry office.
II. ins and sj.eciialeifis tor puhhc or pnvaltf buildings lorn I-lied ,
as ii-n il, witli de-nirdi. JOHN EI.DWt.
Iii.'i itiapnliJ. ua. "JI, HI.". 4:i
von s
acres of iiirmproved hind, on a cod road, wiMiin of the olTitc
three hums ri Itf of I.ntaelte; p.iit t nili-r nud part ptatrie. siis-
veplllile With little l.llror, ' 1 lli.l'.iil.g il S,ih 11 lid I Jit 111 J Whl he hold IT ;
ecli.iTiL d . ircity ir..perty.
'o. o. eoihf. rtahle n.iine dwelling house and lot on north Illi
i ; 's street. In P inn ..'is, t r.Mrii", stähle an I carri.ti; house, lot
fettiy'J(7 fett, well supplied with Iruit tiees and shrubbery all I tl
piMKt order; price $ I O'liJ, SJ.VJ d w Iii h can remain on mortsase.
Ue.t.'J.. 41 ' J)II KI.HKIt, Keal liftale Agent.
Washington. October G, lt".
1VT(). H. A full lot of eround with one ttory fr inge hottse .-.nd tta
hie, on sijua-e -J7, llhnoi ttreet. . .
.o. t. AI- .rl a ret of Trrt t.:t trril. v.fhin 2 milesof Indiana
d "li, l.jwii ln house, aHiut a r-s in rultivation ; erijuiieof
i: .. v r.utr.H, it ui rotate. im.
s ? 7
do::: .l.ntisou
to ilw
'PJMIli unJerojii'-il, A cents fir the .Voi" 7 r,in-jurlu(um t.iunptiny.
i"CV ,I,H'H Ol tllf
Conrcssion:il CsIoIm? anil Appcndii:.
to Br. sTrRF.oiTPr.n.
Tlie uni!r r-it'ed tuigitiatel the no -de of jouinati.ir.z the
proceedings of Coi'jri ers, which piesin'cd them tntite. Tin ir
pul-Iicati'Jii wis the fust and only one that ßite each suc
cessive step in evciy tneauie in both bia:;ches of Ctitigit'ss;
ablief of all the debates; every impoitant vo'.e; and an
append x. including t full length all the tevised sprechen
dclivcied duiing the session. The woik thas conducted by
them is a tn jst p rlcct political l.i-tury. The Senatoi from
the St-iKs and tie HejMest titativc ftom evciy fecthnt f
the Union biing with them into Congie a knowledge cf
the ft clings, sentiment, fnd. ioleiests of t tie i t several tor
stiiuet'cies. Tutrlic opinion a;id the public ir.f.utnatK n, as
it exists atn t g th they tepiest nr, aie en.hditd by them ;
and in the ciuiible of Cong its he wid- m of our timts is
IroUght tilt test, and is theie concent i aleJ, in ciicctn g
U are prepared t lecept lor all kinds nt Pro lu e nnd Merrh an.lü e j ti(, KIitical rno crnci.t 'f the w hole Ct UIlUV. The impulses
thiouSi.o.inti.c, y t.,.v t, through Congtcs fiotn every quatter le.ct np-
k wui il the Mi i:i'i f an. '. I, Jo l.rie, l.ne t ;iid and Western V K", r . , . ., J H . . .
n".iduL.t,.in.l.i!l i..tru,ed,.e iN.rts ..r places, at very low rates of on the nation as a hole, and all its component iu.it. maue
ii-iiiit. I to move in c-oj eratmn. 1 tie pies cannot be moie u-t fully
The derr.li ints aid othersi f t!i' city Ind iannpdis and adjacent I employed than in condensing and again spriadn.g abioad the
places, can iimv, hy application to us, avail themselves ot the moM I intelligence of our lice country, tending to fcuch happy i-
sults through cur al.i.ot mnaculou.-lj adjusted State aid
i et-nove ta. ihti s in tin- o.uutry, fr Ho nnfe, e heap and eiffJitwm
, traii"iHt..t ion of their I'rouue und .urrchumtiK to and Iroin the ljit
National institutions.
Having identified o'Hf !ve- with ttie j tan of ad varicing tt e
ucfubcs cf C nj ess t y ublishit full and impaiiiil ie-ri-.iits.
and h lui a l.ije mass of the Ctntessi nal lllole
. j . . .. .
fr Ltl'f'.
j We c uitract for the d.-livery .f tl'ds of all kinds from t he V.-.t-t to
', this ( itv, lii.l ana.nli! and t!" :;.h.u'( ui i.i us, l this route Mlotrer
vi' than they t an l e hionhl mil via IViin) lvania Canals rud the
Ohio river, the ii..vip.itivti bMi.- ..n.d al ell tunes ijtw .run this e.n.j j .n1 f-jCI1,;!Xf ivud. duiing the last ten Jtars, which would
M i.lwon !;., Au-. I't, IM.".
j ,s. We are -nil Agents for one of the lest Ineson the Penn
svlvani a Can.ds, and aie leteiptin!! through cntanil lv that route.
" .j ;t ,i M. W I O.
rHMU', iindeiii:ned hnve hern nppointed ndininistrafors on ttie
H estate of Adam IJosier, tb-eeasi-d. hitc uf Mai ion eminty. I it
li;iua. All N-riuiis having claims .-.jainst s; id estate are r uet
ed to present them, duly nu'lientirjited. for settlement : lt:d those
imlehteil to make luimeiliate settlement with the underioncd. 'l he
t state is supposed to he solvent
IT.IM'Y I!OS:iKOOK,) . .
4; 3wis 1 VII lt. I' A'I'i )IT,
äIviTims s icA'r!ts mm:.
rnlir.Itr. will he exposed to pirdi'- .!. on S ilurilav. Ihr
U. day of oveui''er. Inst, at the r. .i lcti- ii; l.ite A. lam
Rosier, deceased. Hot es. Cattle, II. -s. Sheep, t...l. Com ami
When' in the field, Waron, Harness, Ploughs, Household tut
Ki'cheli Furniture", lind Other nrtirhs. Sale to coiuinence at lu
o'clock. Term under three dollars, eash : over th;.t sum. fir
months credit, the purchase, givunr f.ite w on iu..rov tl eccui nj .
. KATOt'T.i
Tlie rrlttlu tl
Voiirrf AT i s !argaict
Y ui.g .Nallil C
L. M'N I. I
I ft' Ü lis nr.; net' Coiiipiui)'
!' .cv Vorl..
. .... , i a ........ r . .
HIs3 Inti:ntioti dar nig lhe noinn in u'.'iwr, I r-mj imu
new Policies, viz :
3 1 1 o Physicians,
l'. Lawyers,
Po Fanner!,
Pn Mechanics,
I'o Secretaries if Ins. Cos. 2
r Cashiers t.f Hanks, U
1 To Hank Tt -Iters, 1
P PoOilitemf U.S. Army, 1
S'! I'o tleotleir.en, 2
2 I'o Ladies, 1
To Jdeichants and Traders,
To Manufacturers,
To I'.rokers,
To Comnieriial Agents,
To Cleik,
'I'm Teacher,
To Ailist,
To P.uti In r,
To Carl men.
To shipruasN-rs,
To Km i vend TaAM,
ToiMerym n,
Samol lUiur, Secretary
7ti5:vi:si Ar iiva eu:k,
n. Coiner Tliircl ami V:i2n:;l Stmis,
X'j:tcitiTi:tt''. ;hi(J.
9 IKU.r.s'Al.i: tin. I ret. ui .'e.iVr.s in luiHitled and American
Ci'j'i r , T.ihacco. Se.iilf, V c. V. c. . Wt-tfin te I rs are es-jw-ci.lly
inviir I to examine tin ir s'ock l.-t..re pun haonß elsewhere.
They sell at lhe lowest city pric es, and let I w arranted in sa l'i?
that I U'V can cive satisiuJioii to all cii-n.ni is. They will fill a! lor
dels f.r Toh.u co, Siuid' and Ci-:o, at 1 1 - l..rtest notice. 4-t ti
AValrht'S .BfV.'t'Sry ar.cJ C'aitry (.oods.
rglin siihscrileish;vecviitant:y on hand a l.arß and fashionahle
B a-sortinent of Jewelry. C.hl iind Silver Wiiiclit-s, I'la'rtl Ware,
l'.iicli-li atot Amerii an llolannia, l'aüit ! J.ipaned Tea Trajs,.old
and Silier Pencils, Diamond point d (o-ld Pens, Cold and Silver Spec
ial des.! Silver Spoons, Ladies, ( ups, I mit Knives, I. utter Knives, i.e.
,1,1 ivit'ovs' Itecalias, Jrwefs and very variety tl' trimmmps.
Silver Ware and Jewelry made to or ler. OWL.N . CAKLI.Y,
JI ,. I ! .h nt , ht Irren lunl Ilk t i , Cincinnati.
STJI.l' S'iiVfllt
P.ofilvin i!:ts S'tatiit' iTI.itHifrciorr.
Tfiy II l' sulw riher ha commenced I he m aiiufactute of IMikinst.las,
E rorH.nl an! l'i ture 1'i.aiiK's 't every vmHy of ltel n. t.y Steam
Power, and hy so d .iua he is emitted to sell the V ove articles ns etc
nslhey can h nirchised in an d lhe lla-iern Cities, and as Hie ri.A
and dilun is much le-, Coui:tr !en hauls v. l'i fiiol it greatly to Iheir
Lilvaniane lo i.ll 1 I. te or. tia":n la-l or el.evv here.
AM kinds of Ci'dmj nealll eieeoted.
tly P.i'.l'.N KZKIt Is'.VI'.I.L. 117 .V.fi f., Cinrtnvati.
oiumissjori si itI E'roiltict Icrrh.mts,
vs co a iuj: ri 2 isisi . s:k V.
TtJItS. YOt'NCverv resje . tüil'y informs the La lies of Indi
..4 i.iia;ol..4 :ii.. th- ve i ir , tl i.i s e is now rereiviinf li-ecl
foui CiiK'i ".natt, a i w and hei'tpi'iil t'sstirtnient of t'ooi's select
ed I V herself, foi'ii tl e Im st stocks in tie city comprises I'.le
rait Sil t , N.i' oi. t'etrft, lithhv. h" otre r , and every ..tl.ertir
licle in Millinry : with any of which she wuild he I eppy to sup
pl her fiiends tit't L:uli s rn '"ally t a siivill inlvatire on fust
ei.'-t. Also, ti vnr'ctv "f FAJV (JOOHS, comprising Lnrts in
?! WA NTIID Five nr six younjj woineii a apprentices ot either
I press Matiinr or Millinery.
4 Ti -Store on Was duKton street, a lew ooors wesi oi iwinnis
Lives ! nsiir d.
M. lt UlLNSON, Presidesil.
Say tJilc?!, My wife an.l I tiro tiro;
Au yet 1 kiiv not why, sir!"
l)ii'.t!i Jark, You're tai,C 1 sjnvtk true,
Sii o;tf, and vou're a ryplur!"
for the
of the tro . thol.ojv!, s.:;f'-s,f hNitpprtVrciKf, nnl
made a sT f r.vanl: but :!i.lopl ri:'.Lrinof a inurot
was h'-nril, I vat: throw n; his rrms, turin'tl n Iii-' hf,
ro:ivn! -,iv'l-, r.ri 1 f -11 to ti.e irrounJ ;i ci-Te. The
hullot h:itl v
c r .'t'd i oS
A "i-'intic ...!!. --r : :n-i! forward from the ranis,
lifteifth'j h o-iy nn l Ifire'ii t t!i" vi.nhr.v where Solo-
)-d ''l ; 1 e threw it ::t hor llct a:;d said, -.n iht-
iujrale. thi Lcloji-.s to you."
White as marble, SjlV.yiova izod upon the corpc
ofher lover. Lent toward it, wijK-d the Lloody forehead
with l.er handkerchief, jravc forth one terrible cry,
aud fell lifeless by iU side.
When w hf ar a man hor.stinir ( f hvr
(b ar neo'.e." it reminds t;s of th- Irislinian who was
n'.nt tu Kiarrv a soiitlitTn ?irl for her property
.Will in I t-J.- il 'ii ivo-i-in to he vour wedd.'d
1 Li V v III it V liilO
44 Vcs year rcverct.rc, and t!ie invars too."
of tnv aire, von will ho droainiii' of a huhan.l.
" Yes, tii.unrn'a," reidied t!iC thoughtless husey, "Jor
.. ,. ;
II .'. ! .I'll' .
It is a curious fact, but a fact it is that your witty
nrH.T.lp nrc thf rno-t l.nr.l hrrirted in the world. lhe
truth hs, fancy destroys feelini,'. Tiie quick eye to the
riil'.rtiloi: tnrti pvrrv thiiin to tho absurd t?ile ; an
the neat sentence, the lively allusion, and the old
smile, invest what they touch with something of their
own bouyant nature. Humor is of the henrt, and has
its tears; but wit is of the head, and lias only smiles
and the majority of ihoac crc bitter.
Tit A YS,
.Min hi Post. I'liysician, .V)4 r.rnailway.
47 C.W. (3APV, Aeent at 1 ml U tin pol is.
?VtY ;(IS! iM:W 4SOOUS!
ClUIUTM AS biuI New Year nrr roiiiins, and Roam I, and that
j ' tt'h tirceat, finest, ami cheapest artineiit of Hney TCumI,
Tuvii, N.rtM.ii,:r.e.e. iHy t;.n H, lUnlwur. lrui,elc.lli:U ever
came to this m.nWet. I respectfully invite tlie lit iz.ei.s ttf I nll inarx
lis and vicinity, ami the public in peiier:il,to call and eiamine my
fJ.Msls, as tliere will n4 he an opportunity sm ne on lo Ulw.ld ru.li
a sitlendi.l ass.rtment ami such a variety of ioMls.
..;aw,...i,,.V(.r. II, h:.. 47 MlAULl' MAVI'.R.
Sensors ol all Mirl!, sizes.aii'hinalilie-. hv rallme at AVOlElIiC AXCIftl.i
47 IV. II. I. I. lit 11 IS Jrireiry tore . f 3 II I. Iat lirtir liorse team I roni 1 ne i " p'i ,011 uru.i j ii-i, 's'"
..,-.r " Ä n fresh iipiity of Tea and Coffee RriUwia Sell., of new ami hean-
A ltl Iii 2.S. tifnt styles. Als a lare us.rtiiiei.t of line lunhle plated and
äjr.USON'S vviliineu ..il aiticlet f Spertaetes, and a larpe l.t ertintt. Cif(r, of till soils and i.e; plated raUe and fruit lias
to select fi.iin, eann.it fail to 1 suited hy tallms al W. II. Tal Kt I ; 8, 10, and I'J iucli d.sil.le p'ated Candlestick ; cllunihej do.,
holt's Jewelry Mi.'p, wfiere rtiy t ftauid till kinds of spertar.es, as witli assirted riüT. r and Trais to nii.tdi; also silver -plated Turn-
well us all kinds of el.isses set in v...... K.tver. Cerman silver, sleel Mrn.m mum. 'I l.n ms.wt men! is l.iri'e. and Ins leen selected wiUi
v ire. or heavy steel Iranie p..iales, with preen and ciay classes, V.r. j rare, every article Iteinf! pel ft 1 1, and rf' the very hest ipialny, and
iriAI.hand rtaminr fur xoiiMtlvci.tlie hnrt,larcet, and pretliesl
HV selection of sujeiior Tea ami Urea! Trays, in srior ingle ones.
for Mil at I'll lU.lrli. Ina irra, by V . II. I.M.IHll I. I
ii zons im) liMYrs.
1ttJf AV helial.nt relurel wires, a laree lot ot Koiser' and Wos-
iVB fentkiu's 'tine Ka.or4, assorted, lor individuals and bathers
use; nlso, a'.l kinds of ps ket, pen, und Consress Ktiivfs, and
riscnovAHu: ji:ivi:luy.
p l"ST leceived fn.ni th T.aMera eilitrw a laic a"l fatlnor.alile
mU st.K-: of Jewelrv. ruis!.iini in put of Itreart Tie, rinsrer
Uii'CS llmtletti, .Nrtklicri . and Shirt Ruitcin fetwiili u!lttw,i
.itlk,tiuri:!e, anl White Toe.. ; l is.. I.lue ami niarn i.iiiiih u.i.k, n
,11 in aod Hi7.es ; hIm. ( .im-., '.al " J- Tins Jewelry was
-elected w Uli care and epre-ly l.s Uns market. 1 he sulwcritwr
tl iiieis liiuiself lie can will the must fisthlioiM tate, eitlier in itjle,
quality ori.n. e. The p.i' lie are requeued t call n1 t.k a l.-.k.
ti..reopMwite allll:st'll " 44 . II. I A..UII 1.
. 1.1 mi 11: i:ij:s.
. r a v i. ........1 f. :.i rhrnii nt W. II. TalUAt's Jewelry Store a
ITH 1. w t :..!! 1 hin. hies of tlitVerent sr.e : also Silier dool all til
tc impaired in value tj in and utility Xj the put lie if the
woik were Jifot.titiu-d, wc have a double mutive to prtm t
us to extend it tln u!i a new series. We arc lesu.ved if
P'is-iLle to give It permanence, ami to hand it down t aero
sol as a sUnJaid vvmk. Wuithy of teil g mintiutd at d im
pi.tveJ. We sh tll tn't-r upon our neir uu eital:iri withi ut
ttein di-tiacUd tr huidencl tiy any as'oci tc laimrs of the
pj ess ; and, tlui uncncutibcrrd, slull h.ipo to rnke the new
series a step in advance of the fo:mcr in all p-ii.t of execu
tion. Wi;h a view t aromplMi thi, wc shall he (ore or
the oilier) always in att t.d.ii c in Conjrtfs wi'lcimpate
tl e iiKiuu-ciipts of our owu reporters with the dily rejxns
of the city pipeis ccitcct ill t.y our ottij t te i vatioii and
knovvlcdije cf the prccccJii. ; and in ir.poitmt matters,
where that will not assure us of the fidelity of the repoit,
we will piocure the aid of the members themselves, to ob
tiin the evict scope cf their remnrk. The woik, thu au
thenticated, will t c teieotypc l, w hich is a guaianty that
we will make it as peifert as it i poMtle fur us to make it,
a-, wc would nd incur the c:(penc of stereotyping it, if we
did t ot feel cuifihtit of its superiority over all woiks of the
kind which have t.rcn or aie likely to te published. Mt re-
otypiif' tK' woik will enible us to surf'y bit or mutilate J
number?, whiih wc xill d , without tnakir any chaige f..r
The C-T-irrs-iionl (11 I e is nnde u: of the dai!y prorrrd-
ins of the two llme. of t'onjicss. The speeches of the
mt ml eis are c ii.leoe l, t . t iin tt.fin int i a icadat le len'tll
All 'he i roluti.ititi tireitd, or motions made, aiefivm in
the rr. vei's own woi.ls; and the yeas and nays on all il.e
important tjucMioi.s. It is punted with small type bicvicr
and in tipuie il on a double loyal hett, in Uaito foim.cach
numter containit'i; ixtet u loyal qn3ita pTcs.
The Appendix is made up of the President annual mes
sage, the lepiiii t f the piincipal ciürcri f the (loieii mnit
that aecoiiipai it, and all the 1 nj; spetcht of tnenit er of
Congress wiittt-n out 01 revised hy thenisf le. It i piii.lcd
in the fame foim as the Connie ii u.al Globe, atid uually
m ikes at out the same number tf p'ßes.
We pi hit the iiumt eis as fat as th.' prrceedings cf Cvn-
gres fiuni-h ri ougli n.a'hr for a numter. Puiirg the fmt
month or fix we.i k of a rcion, theie i rartl) moie busi
ness tone than will m itte tie numter of the Congressional
(lobe and one numter ti the Ap;cndix week ; but duiing
the leinin ler of a seijn theie is usually soflicicnt matter
for two 01 thice mm. tc n f each every week. The i.ext
cicn will be a lunq ore, and it i suipoed will te unus
ually inti'iesting; tlunfjie, w e calculate that the Corgrt
iooal C.l Le ai d App-i.dix will each make rear ot e tho-
sand laije q'iaito p. gcs, jjii-itt d in rrisll ty;c lies ivr 1 d
nonpareil We fun ish d.tii,le'.e iudtxe to Lih at the tud
of a session.
We- have en hat d Ve Conresi Jaal Glebe and Append X
for the lat twelve M sViot.t. of Cit gress, of which lue wer-1-jt
g and seven were shoit sessiou. The Coi'jr,'.eo"l
Glotc and Appendix for each fcsMon are bound tegethrr in
t XCellent Lindini, with Uuss-ia backs and cornei. (Mir
oiices for them, thus b und together, are $3 a volutes for a
shoit, and a voinme lor a jn esion, mating 70 .r a
-Wik Bf l 11 1 IllflllUS f ' , riivt si "
a a- ia. I- t i - - . . . .
a11dsi7.es: also a lare lot of iold i?eciacies finieti ior i..u:es or f,,i tf t Those w ho wart lhe back volumes nhould app'y
men's went. Call nnd ee. 4t . II. lAI.IKHl. r, n,,,,,, immp.tiatelr . ps thev are in demand. The lt
----- , 1 ivi -
rnIir. suhscriher hat tieeti made tlie sole agent lor this city, for
J n'llme the tierifiH-tl s ct irles an I clise ; thee Rias-- ate
said lo Ik- tlie bel article n.ov i.mse. I hsve just received a I ir-.e
kt of the specs, also the passes, nnd will he tilde to suit nil o-s aid
conditions of c es; these classes and sertatlt will be void at the
inanulacturer's pri.es, l y W. II. '1 Al.ll' '
I Ctnvress subsciibcd lor two hundied and twny-MX sets;
and it is piob tble that lhe next will tuh-cribe for 8,1 cat
many ii.ote, as the puct rdn.s of tongiess f .i the Ust eijjht
ycats cannot te piocuted from any other ui et, Giles ic
Seaiou having topped r,;,i:i2 ,l,,r Kgister of Debate in
IS37. A few bundled eo, ic of the fust Volume is alt we
have on hand.
The next scs-im e-f Congress vrill be a long cne, jinJ,
Aie., at all kinds .t piice from i" els to Su.ie opposite the
Washington Hall and 3 i!oors ea.-t of Ceil. 1'r.ike's Hotel.
41 W. II TAI.r.OTT.
i : : : 1 3. i . t a t r : i; s i a s :
tfN' Inn I, and nmre cninitii., a fine assoilmeiit of ltrd I.Tnip, I
H. w siiit.il.le for sti.r-, shops, parlors, hed r sittiiiij room-, either
s iiiü, side, t.r stand, m ule if thr tH'nt material ard pile a inosi
hr.lliaut Iiht. and will ho ld at easttru ilicesi, hv
47 W. il. TAUIOTT.
Bl'ST received, from the m:. niifai tory
firm lot of "old Ii rntiotid leiinted IVll
he sold veryrheaphv W. H. TAl.t'.OTT.
will he sold at New Yor prices. I he Puhllc are most respectluliy
invited to call t.nd see K r themselves. W. II. TAI.BOTT,
47 Jemehy Store, e;e.ife It'mhin I full.
iioksi: Tessir.v is.
IT AST Friday night some scorn drei stole from my MaWs, In In
Ujt ttuuapidis, inv sins cel!ii2. lie will he easily krmwn, as Ins
hhoiildersand t.K lower pari of his neck have Iweii recently injured
1 the collar, nnd are not yet well. He is also marked with lhe cni,
.sr. lie is a hn live yeirsold i.it,is kind in harness, but trots
head: is low in Ih-sh, and dull in action. ...
I w ill pay a reasonable reward for lhe return et nie. norse anu
"p I'ST received, front the m.-i niifai torv of Itendict c r.arney.n u,j,.f u, this pho'e. wher lliey ui;iy hotll be taken cate f.
s-j nne iol ol !o. tliaitiotii; tennieil I r IIS, Will! 1 riitu, i iia "
.0ve1nU r 10, Is !5.
u. 11. smith.
4'i!i:tl. Wine :imI Viiirrar.
raWO Ilnrels snpeiinr old Mahja Wine, 20 hbUcioVr Yinegw
M. ina lr expressiv for this markrthy the Muhscriher; cordial in tio
e, at 1 1 IMlDKltl.V's 4
fX hnnd ant for sale low, isperm, Stearine and Tallow Candles of
a superior lualiiy : nianal allured by lhe suhncriner rv'rrwn
this ni.irtt.ct. 41 B. lli:i)KRI.Y.
WOOD, CQ1LV, and IL1Y wauled, ou auUcrptioQ.
f Jtlir. piihscri! orsj wish to b'nse or purrhtme two or four nrrrof
a I.iiiiI in the hnuiediate vki'iitv T tins city : tor puriKuiars
apply iiiini.'.liiitrly nt the s'O'e of SMITH IIAN. A.
I nitiaiin pulis, Nov. .1.
4 4Vl'iii YiKlXS.
iT tT jfi I.IlS Cistern fotton Yarn at the lowest ch
yHH., pikes in euhanpe for wheat, feathtn, country
Jeans.Ci tine!, beans, bceäwax on 1 oilier prie e. at
4 tMirtt i. UAv-'A sJ-
ffPIli: siihsrrilier has just r.-inrned frm Philidetphia and New . t,Pref0,e, the C.ii;Csioinl Globe ai d Appendix should
U York with Hie piritestselecti.nl 'f tine watches rver l.rouRht to i Jo. which i He plice wc chatge f.T ttiC un-
th.s c.ty. ousting of iit.1.1 nmi l?r A " , 'J?; .T.T.nu t bound numbcts of the pat Ijt.g sessions ; but we haie con-
SÄ chuicd to" duce the pl.ee. as UMw, uil.i, the f,,?t;,yt.f
lil t!; wlicl.es ; Ti -L.t.1 i verj laree and well se- j lleXt January, af:er which time the C- n-iMonal C.l be t.d
1. cted. and will he s..ld at .New Y.ik prices, i:iid in every Instance , a ppettdix will each I C 2 for the session, 1 d no deduction
For one copy t f the Congreional Globe,
For one copy of the Appen iix,
where a watih fails to true eniiie satisfaction 11 w 111 ne iukcii nncK, , . . , account of the number of copies taken.
'ir jn iiTJier wonts tliey will le wanano-u "" . ........."... ! Tl.UMS.
St .re,.p;H,s,to tl. ltr..w.nR s. 4e vv . ... 1 ,.. mnrm.sirmal r.l.tbc. SI 0
1 60
2j 0t
roc u re all
I th oniT.her-. nirimidlv.
' PioP.it 1. 1 f new spaprr wh" h' Prpectu. in!
send t' e's one copv if .heir pijer eonUin.r,? .t. .hall lure
! their names cnteied on our toks for one copy 'f the ton
.1 HI..IS and Anncndit duiin? the ession.
"ItlMUU'l ... . - - -- - -1 - r r
)ur iriee I r itiee pjrii ic f- i .- ;
Ttt'ST received, a few TaUnt Utter halaiice w 'th enc:I. pen Kor fJlir co,,i,. of cithet.or pait ofboth,
cKsp :::;,:": ;-,id,V.,.e they .II be tH.ldrnitadel,.l,i! The ty may be ...... hd by n. J tn II
pnte-at W. ll.TAUMirry. J behe.ebv he7 h f P-cem er. at farthest, to 1
""MIM171'III iTsir AfiAIX.
Ä .NEW aita le j'it tait mid very f tshkmahle, in the shape of
Imh. half iii. and wi2 Irrings, of all aorts anU sirs,
r fale chr p, by V. H. TALHO I T. 4
in fnrit siior.s.
fAOIF.f super ui' -r PanrtaU ; Itie' tx-ind Kt.h'-ec over-1 forj lo crc.dit them out ; therefore, no peron need c numo
J shes; lJid.es' patent RuM w alk shoes ; Gentlerm-n's 1 ttenl ; . for lhfm .1 fcfn,'i, Z the m-meV.
H..11...1 iuil.r nnilMnon's roiiutinn Ktiriheis: ail trv . "is mv o
llllltm e1. 1 ' r- . . . , ... 1..- - . , .- - J
1.1 Hal and Shoe Suue.
v.. , J.K.SUAKVZ.
HLAlil i KlVCb.
Vashicto Citt, October 1, IS 13.

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