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AM) ?It:AMKl.
A strict construction of the Constitution, nm! no
ÄSMiiuptHui of tioublful powers.
A I);ploinacy ft!kiii for tvthiii but what h
clearly ri,t and submitting to nothing wrong.
Xo connexion lj?twwn the government and banks.
An ttil valorem revenue t.iriii.
No pulihc debt, either by the (General Govem-rrn-nt
or by the States., except for objects of urgent
No aHiiinption by tlie (I. iicral (lovernnifMit of the
cMts of lb-? Urates, either ltrecIy or itulirtx-tly, by n
cliotriliMtit.il of th pro,--ii!ri of the. pubii: 1:iihU.
Ni extensive sytein of Internnl Improvement by
the iieneral t ioverntneiit ir by the Slates.
A constitution 1 barrier uu,itirt improvident State
Tlit honest payment of mir debts and the nncred
preservjitioii of the public faitli.
A jfralual return from a paper cndtt system.
No grant-e.f e.xeliiMive charters and privileges by
pp'finl iegislition to banks.
N swindling rorpomtions.
oo connexion between Church anil State.
A preference for Democrats over Whig for everv
Accpiiesrenee in tl o rule of the majority in all
case of party discipline.
No proscription for honest opinions.
Fostering aid to public education.
A "progressive" reformation of nil fibusrp.
Tairy Talcs and Legends of Many Aa-
Selected, neiciy t!d and translated
MY C. 11. IJUCKII MlllT.
The design of this book is somewhat dilTcr
cnt from the other volumes o( legemls for
children which I rive lately appeared. A sin
gle story has been taken from tlie traditions
of ditlcrent nation-, and the collection thus
embraces a characteristic view of the fail v
literature of nearly the whole of Kurope.
The translations are verv well written, and
many of the tales are exceedingly quaint and
curious. That of fci Fiddling Jockey ,?? for in
stance, has much of the poetic and imagina
tive beauty which we ndntire in Undine.
'Seppi, the Goatherd,"' nnd k The transform
ations v are al-o good, in a ditlcrrnt style.
"We copy a short Iri?h legend, which embo
dies a moral worth remembering :
THE LKIilEII AWN A Legend of Ikeland.
Tjii: I.ki'kkh vw.v" is one of the c;oon
people or fairies in whom many of the na
tives of Ireland place imnlieit belief. Accor-
ding to the received tradition, this sprite is
hi ogue-inaker to the ret of the Fav-fraterni-
ty: and it is w hen thus engaged his wherea
bout is discovered in the deep recesses ol
tome tangled wood, his captor being led to
the spot by the -ounds which proceed from
the tapping of his little hammer upon the
sle of the little shoe he is at work upon.
Once caught it is iti the; power of his captu-
rer to demand any amount of buried treasure, !
or it' he choose, insist upon buving the Loprc
hawirs purse : this hohls hut one gold piece.
hut i ossesses the magic power of replenishing
itself as quickly as its contents arc withdrawn.
The little fairy is, however, no muH trickster,
and many instances are on record of his
cheating tils temporary master, by giving, inj
lieu of the put.-: of gold, a worthless allair,
enriched with only one copper coin, and void
of all reproducing powers.
Other traditions invest the 4i good people's"
hrogue-maker with the power of removing
pcional defects and bestowing good looks
and grace in the place of deformity and awk
wardness. The following legend is one 1
have been f itniliar with from childhood ; I
will relate it as m arly n my memory serves
in tlie language of the dear old woman from
whom 1 firt h-ard it.
I it belavo in tiiim ? Muha ! thin av, Dout vou be nnpiileiit, thin. ?tz raudeen,
coor?e I tio ! Faith, why not? Shure if my ; kfor you'lfget nothing by A'i'. o give nie what
own l)lesed randinother Iianl what Fin oin7 I want.
to till vcz, irotn the father that owned her, 4- I will srz the little tiling after a pause,
and if.s ronsrirnin hii own trrand father he 4I will, for I like you. 1 Knew you were
was spakin:. Vou ee, honey, he all ae- eomin'.or you wouldn't have caught me.
totinU he was a little we bit of a crock of a There ine purse, don't he doubting tne,
child, with a mighty fine brow, and sweet ifs the riht onrytm can pour the hriirht
curliif hair as black as a bad man's heart, gould out of it like runiiiir walt:t , and thre,'
and an eye that would lead a ;low-worrum sez be, touching Paudeen wid his queer little
asthray in a dark night, ami take the love hammer,4 now you're a changed manhut
out of'all that looked upon it in the bright mind me, if Aleen likes you now. she is as
day. Hut if s mighty ailiif he was from Ids false as a snow drift or a shiltirf sind. I'll sec
birth, and tlie poor back of him was as twist- ) ou here to-morrow, and if you wish, Fll
ed a the letter S it-elf ! If 5 little he minded change you back
it for many a lon year, for he was beloved 'laudecn had no time to thank the crature,
by his strappin' six-feet brothers, and shure before lie was out (V sight, lie ru-hed into
his father had ever the kind word for the the Min-hine and -aw In the shadow his form
D nuicbj little tiling ; and as for his mother ! j was changed, and hi hump was gone. With
O thin il's only ;t mother, and a mother-! a wild hiiira he bounded otV to the like,
heart, knows tlie depth of ifs love for the and almost fell when he saw reflected in the
child that bears the world's blight upon it ! 'sky's own lookin las.s the handsome face
'He'd winnitf ways wid him, had little j and strong built form he had upon him. Did
Fmukiin; there was the muic of the wild 'he walk, or did belly or was it lightnin"
birds in his sweet voice, and many and many .carried him to his darliu's root? She was
a time young and otild would listen to him alone; he pond the gould at her leet; bhc
singing the ould song, he liked, till tlie : started ; he knelt to her; a faint scream escapeil
big tears would hang upon their checks, and her lips; he talked of luve, and took her hand;
their thanks would die upon their lips, and she dashed him from her in scorn! There
all they codld give him for his pains would be j was a curl on her lip, a cloud upon her brow,
an unheard blessing, an' a, gintle pat upon 1 and a quivering in her voice, as she called
the hc.-id, w hin thev hurried away widout him 'coward thus to press hissuit.' She rushed
spakinir, as if they feared to drive the sweet i
rounds from iLcir car!?, where they loved to
keep them.
'Anions the listener?, acushktl there wa,
:i I've liartl tell the ptirhct crature that
cvt. r set foot 011 the ree:i ras.s! faith, tlie
siht of her cheeks would wither a roseinid.
and her teetii he the dentil of a lily itself.
And who hut Alekn that was tlie name,
honey, she had upon her who hut her was
jjone for ever in love with the twisted little
Tandeen. And this darlint, this was the way
he found it out. Many and many a night
he'd walk to the ould wood hcvan his father's
ahin, and sittin1 him down at the fut of a
liivoiite wild oak tree, sin by the hour all
alone by himself. Well, who hut Aleen knew
this I and wI10.sc fut was it but hers that left
its small print on the dewy turf as she'd steal
out to listen to his songs, not with her ears
but heart, for there was'nt a woid that came
fiom his lij-, or a sound that gave it birth,
that did'nt nestle snug in there, as a little
bird under its mother's wintr.
"Shu re, there was wild basics used to be
prowlin' about in Ihim ould times ; and one
bh s-ed ni'dit I'audern was roused bv a Cream
that would almost wake the dead, and shure
it's leaving him he thought the sinscs of him
was, or that he saw a iIiost itself, whin, with
a face pale a a white lro-t. Aleen rushed
through the thick branches of the underwood,
and fi U like ardead angel at his feet. It's
small time he had for lookin' at her jut thin!
lor the left arm of him seemed bitten thiough
ami through wid red hot teeth. A wolf had
closed it jaws upon that same. It was'nt
long he enjoyed himself then, sucking belter
blood than ever had been in his blaggard
hodv, for Paudeen drove the blade of his
bunting-knife betwixt the ribs of the marau
dim; thafe. and drove and drove and cut and
stabbed, (ill the brute fell dead on tlie bloody
ni a
rvSSMf lfo&8ca Jul Li L ' If -f'fe Bil-MA Ml i r-Hi v-mi S'J'a )LZj&
Indianapolis December 26. 1SI
k It's little he thought ol the loss of blood
when he saw zrho he had lost it for, and from
ttiat moment the deep love he did'nl know
was in him burst up in a blaze in his heart,
and the thought of bis croUed back, as he
looked on the beautiful girl at bis feet, made
htm shiver as if a palsy had fallen upon his
"Site thanked, she hhed him, in tones
that miiiht have made him know she loved
him; hut despair had blasted him, and when
he left her at her father's hou.se the bij tears
hurst from his eyes and saved hi? heart from
'It's an altered man he was front that day;
he shunned all his friends, his looks were
hazard, and his eves uleanrjd like burning
coals; and morning, noon ami night, it s away
in the wood? he was huntin for the Lepre
hawn. Well, darlint, share one tine day
he hard the "tap, tap, tap," of the little ham
ni"r! O how his blood tingled! and he held
his breath till he nearly choked himself, as
he stole along to the place; the smallest noi-e,
made bv the laste dry twig that snapped under
his fut, sounded to his ears like a clap of thun
der, and heM stop and listen as it his lift de-
pended on the next tap! He hard it again,
and O! think of his joy and fear, whin, within
a yard of him, wid Iiis hack facing him, he
saw the Lcprehawn, hard at work. Wid the
pring of a wild-cat ami the lauh of a mad-
man, he grasped the little crature by the
waist !
hae you at last srz Taudcen.
44 'First or last, you need'nt squeeze so
tiiiht, sa tlie 1,'jprehawn ; 'what do you
want V ez he 4 is it money ?' sez he.
"'It is sez Paudecn ; 'that and good
fc- Faith, vmf re in need o' them, my fine
fellow, at any rate,' sez the Lcprehawn.
' 'Don't be jokin," sez l'audeen.
'Tin in airnest sez the little brogue
make. -What do you want them for?"
"'To win Alceirs heart sez Pamleen.
444 You're a fool!' ?ez tlie Loprchawn.
"Tetter manners sez the hunchback.
have you tight.1
'' 'True for you, you have, more tight than
nb'asant do'nt be" breaking tlu ribs atl av
imc shure vou 11 L'et nothing nv tain.
..." . .
. . i i . i .
from the cabin.and threw herself down at the
loot of the tree where Paudeen saved her
life, weeping the big tears, that are born in
the deptiis of the "heart.
4tPaudeen felt as if the 'good people's' cuisc
was on him; lie stole to the place she had run
to, and there heard her, in spite of her sobs,
whisper her his name. It was enough! The
truth Hashed upon him like the lightning's
blaze in a hlack night, lie saw the I.eprc-
hawn again! There w;s a mcriy smile on
the little brogue-makers face, as he asked:
u 4 Paudeen, darlin', will you stay as you
,i Change me! in mercy change me hack!'
u 4 UV done,' says the little sprite. 'You
loved truly and you've got whatyou deserve.
He stopped smilin as ho added wid something
like sorrow, M'audcen, there is no gift the good
people can btstow equal to w hat a mortal
may po-si ss a xcomwis linmst love. You've
won it, he content; U)lwr your blemishes arc
beauties. She sees you with the fond eyes of
her trusting soul. She will share but two
spots on earth; and those will be io ur hovir
while living, and your grave when dead!
"The little Lcprehawn vanished from ihe
boy's sight. A few weeks after the hunch
back, Paudeen, was the husband of Aleen,
and from that hour, darliu, he ceased re
pining; he put his lru?i in tlie good (od that
had made him, and when be died he told his
story, and left it to be told as a lesson for his
children's children tbat honesty of heart is
better than handsomeness, and content be
yant the price of gould with which moral,
dear friend, 1 end this trillini: sketch.
LI. descriptions for sale, at the sign of the ItF.li ANVIL.
fk KOXK5 Virjinh. Mwwiri and Kentucky To!).nceis, for ill
W vry luv by i. k IV. MOOI'.i:. y
VMEHICAN AL VAN' AC f r the v. r.r lci't. -Mt rec ied by
!' I -i 1'M UL-i IN' Sc TAI.IiMl V.
Arrivals :tnl Icp:irlures f ti
LitTCHX des l.iliy, at - .... .'!.. M.
Arrives tt.uiy at tA.M.
Cincikati vin HrookLuHrVAnsen Mnl.iyi, WnliK'Mdiiyi,
ami Friday .... fi I". t.
Arrive 1'ues.l.iy?, Ttturd.iy, and Saturdiy, Ü I". M
Cincinnati vi:i Ldirrencr'mrhi'orATumiiayi, 'lliur-
d.i. and S:ilnfil.irt, . C A. M.
ArrivfK WediifodityH, Frid iyn. and Suiidn), 7 I'. M.
Soi'THk via .1f.ult.nm Clnrn d aily, rCfl Suudaj, - f A . M.
Arrivm d:i.fy,fxct Siinda, - SJ; P. M.
Lkavenwohtm via IJUwrninton CIirfl Moinluyn, Vt ed
iifjyH and Frl iyx,
Arrivrt Tiifsday.i, Tinirl.iyn, aJ Saturday,
U nuox wii 'I'erre lf.iu.te Closfi daily,
Arrive d.iily, .......
MorwuM t 'J'ut-sdys and I'ril;i
Arrivfit VWdnendays, and fSatuiduvi,
Ch awkjiiuiviij.k I'lur J daily, ficrl Suadays, -
Arrorx d ii!y, excrpl Sunda)
Lafitctic via Ibiin.,n Cln-rsTntvd iys nnd Fridays, -
Arrive VWdiiftuJayH, and Frid.tjM,
Nohiiicun Via -i ;i it Cli-- .Mondays. Wednesdays
6 A,
7 A
: iv
' I'. M.
: a
0 r.
and Fiiday.s - - 7A.M.
Arrivfü I'lif ', Tljurdayn, and Saturday n. 1. M.
ChccntillcO via Hincfiter, lu Mnvnon Mointay
and I ridiy-, - .A.M.;
An ivrx 'I'lirsdiy, and S;ilnrdan, - - - f I. V. j
I'kdletoi (ItMit'g TtiHrda) , ..... I...M.!
Airiv' Wtiliifsdayü, - - - - H I. M.
Pkro via Urea l Htpji'e Ciosf TiisdiyH, . - fiA. M.
Arrivf Fri.la, - - - - - - 4 l'.rM.
JndianapvU.t,.Vye. k-M , I.. DCNLAF, V. M.
siM:iiai m rri:s:n.
J. IV. .TP.tury (X Co,, 13:iu:iei'N.
r of s).ooo i r or s5,ooo :
I For Kndjwing Lee-ilurg Academy and for other purposes.
j 'Inn .o.7S, for IS J.-v
I To be drawn at Aleiandm, Va , mi Sniurday, 1 't reinber lid, S ?.
sri. i:dii) sciif.mi:.
1 rapiinl .f S-r-i, pn.foT ',mk, 5 d 5,000, 10 (fo 1.0O, 10
10 J.i 1,Q"0, 'JO do 30 do Will, kr.
V". hnttii if I) i men Iliu'.iAs.
'Fickets $H h.irff in pmiicrtioii.
etTtificatt Hof packa'fa id .''" Whole Ticki-ti $ KM 0)
ll.i ilo 2.' Half o G5 10
lu I. J.'t H'iuri-r ! '.vi Ci
".- rd er Tor Tick ft i and Shares and I'eriifir nie of Pack act-
in llif alove tiilfi)Jid lotu-rit-s, will he irouitly atlei. Vd to. and
an o:Ji.- i.i I ;iccini nt if earli ilr.iwins will lf sen t I m mirti.itf ly a Iter
it 19 over tu all who may u Jertu kttstrom tin Addrf n
J. n. r. MAL'HV, !
Agriitsfir J. W. Maury s. Co., MnnacrPM, j
rG-3.vT AlftHiidria, Vii iriron.
I'rinliiiU r,stalliIiiiieiit for Sale. !
'31IIK uiiM'-rsnjiifd it d'irous to Ii tue jr;s an I tvpi', tore- 1
f'ir u. i Ii :itl lh ;i rv u rt i. r: r i ttn.rnOfi l.lnmr .iit nn 1
I now ufd.in th- j'Uti i-a i-ti of tin.' ' W'Ni.'rr Sun aiU ii-ikthI ;
I Adwi-rtidtT," rinti'd st ViiicriitU"), lui'iuna. The locution otif
t of th? host in tin: West for tin- ptiMicatioii of a dt rnocratio pal't-r. :
I This iron J will of the t-stablMittifnt will he soil uith it. Th" yib-
crijtJ0n li"t numtiers atiout MH) ioml inj suuncritirr, and it ,
may, with a lotlo r'rtin. be inereahed i 2.K00. The Job Woik '
and" ö'l v-rtisiiij nitronaici' is woitb aUmt S2,,'' per aimiirn. Any I
one wishing to entjrie ia tlie newspaper ltisiiifs would do well .u
rail and see tin? mihscriher at his rnoin. No. US. Palmar Hoase, In- ;
diampoüs. Indiana. !y tin' 10th inst The only oljiTt in view in I
oif'.TUijj; the Sun print inj; otti-e fr sale i--, to retire from a field of j
libor which is too laborious for the present ktateofthe subscri-j
ber's healtii. j
The ronpressional district in which the San if published gave a
democratic majm ity of nearly 1MKI at .the recent Presidential flee-
tion, an 1 there iii hu one otliT ib-inocratie paper in tin dütri t. !
With a little in lustry, du '.btor ini;iit m;ie money by making tli I
I 'lrohi'te. The press, types and nih s gtc new Tli riinal cost
of the m eeri d wai l'Jiin ; they will I sold for a nr:cli les sn n j
of money it one half ix pai.l down. A reasonable cietlit will hit :
fXteii'ti'd on the
In !in:i;i;i !i-.
...her !in!f
O.T. 12. is:3.
Esoi si:.
i 'glir. inuler-itncd havini; taken tlie above lioiie fur a term of
B. yet, it 1 he ;iiriired lo .h ciihiiim1:i(.- nil ihtin v. ho inxy l-ivor
!ii;ii Willi lhe:r ci:-!e'ii, s s eaily tlie l."(Ji August, 1S4W.
I '1'he :diove h'fijse, whit h was ie ently huilt l y U.Ii Iuncan (T the
! f ity i f I ndlaii'ipoli! ,1 nth.i n.i , H silu;ile. in said ciiy :i V w riul imiiie
j li:iiely ea.sl i.f 1 lie 4e4 of llie .Ma.lisnii an.l I iiileiriripniiei raiiroail
' u;hiii one of tlie inn l heautilul fli;d h;t!ih) Mien in tl eciy ; is a Inrpe
; and d'OiiiindioiH three 'vr hrirk huildini! w ith a (torch In vnrh p'ory
' exiendinj tlie entiie lenptli f Ihe Itinldint!, ujMu wl.it Ii a dor ofienx
from e;n Ii rüm ; the ruiii ure very iarj.e and well ventilated, and
j the eiilirn hoii-e n well protected fr.iiu the im I y hha.le treeH.
, ;.e.iip will he liken tu and fr. ni li;e dr ot w iif;out ir.xiMe nr
Cli uge to the ov ner.
It 1.4 the iritenll.io id the iinderipned to keep his tn! le well f:;r
ni.shed, and Ins U-iMins in um ood le and ciInion ms llir t of any
hotiH in the city, and he promises 111 it every 'Uinsna hi part will t e
exerted to render his house a coinfurtati for navelieis and city
Loarderd &i any house in the city, and tint hin price w ill be ream.ii
atile. There ii connected w ith the estaldishnient Ji birgt and co-nmodious
sta'dr, w here horses w ill he t iken care of in the I eM in. nner.
IVr-on, isliiriß ti take passage in Etagen will at all t iinen he nc
conimiHiited wiiUmt troulde. IIA.NM.K LAW1IKAD.
Indianapidi.4, July 13, 143. 13-l'm
u vsn;ro ia 11.1. i 01: sali:.
rPlll."s tine Tavern Stand, (ronduried for the lert tw Ive t .n v by '
V.. l?ioA'ninc is now off-red for ni'e. To perons ac;M:iinted :
with I ediaii ajioli-, a descriplion of this pioperiy w ould not I e neces- "
jrv; hut to tliose tiiiarijiiaiiiird, it may he proper to i-ay , ih.i t it et :
Bituatt'il on Washinpti'ti ktreet a! o il the centre ol tliecilytf Indian-1
niMli4. 'I'he Iiuililinc4 are lirit k I h I'rmit three 8tii ies alxive the tmse-
tneitt,tlie winglwo toi ten, the whole containing Fventy Irürrootiis. !
If debited, an extensive ctahle having Keventy nlalln, w itht'ie riete. '
nary ßraneries cnU atwi hei!s ultarhed, w ill le uold w it It ihe stand.
The furnit'jie in the biiiMim; ht-longing lo Mr. IS row nine. fT 'ale.
Mayll.l'l-1. He'll H.I. 21 1. VI III'..
cjinc-MsrO ici-rritiivr r.r tin hvkixi:.
rjMIIE tiieitdi of the In.- ane are respectbilly informed that a few
si additional pitieuid can be received in this Institution. The
Hiicceas met with in tlie restoration of patients (;ijrin the lirt year
of it operation h-is fully stablisi, d its cbar.it tcr tor usefoliu -sj.
nnd secured public coiiti.len.'e.
For term ol" uilmissivyti application mnv tie rondo to Dr. Med.
Chicago, lib, L'ec. 1, lrUr. ' IiOiiiI
I m proved I'.-itciit Smut
Sc cciniiir Machine
rjpHR subscriber having purchased cf Robert M. Deinpsey, Ksq
iL bis ri;bt to the Stale of Indiana in the atv, H ill roiiliiiue to
int;iuictuie the mac liiin r ut Indianapolis, and ill warrant tin m
b perform letter than other machine of the kind now in iiie.
There are about two bundled sold in different part of the. State,
rivir cr the utmost satisfaction. Oniers lor machines must tie :t,l.'
! drrsse to THOMAS It. CASK, Indismaj olis, Ind. Guy
J 4 i v 1: T I o x 1: H I .
Ia is iV Slay
OL'Ll) repectlully inform their 1-iemU aiiil the public gen
era, le, th'jt they liiive taken the Iiidijiiniolis (.'onfectiinu-rv
jately kept by Mr. llodkins, u h re thi vate prepared to foruli
Candits, Fruits. Cakes, and all article in their line, on as reason-
1 at.le teims, vviioIealt or retail, a .4 they can be purchased in ib
j iif-y resp. eiiui.y invite tue nft nt 1011 ol ouutry denb rs.
Parties supplied to order on nhnrt notice,
cja.iiz:. Ac.
'jJMIF. BuiserihetK will furnish, at all times, fresh oyster, arne, I
A and o'.lur euibb c, conked .is desired, at a moment's notice, m i
a stvb: not to be virp:i4e.l Li the ei'v. :all j.t the ConlYcliouurv, !
a f :w dours went ol It JJ 'j hut.'l, V-.hiu -toll Ml eet. " '
tVl' ntrai'i cat! tlur atteutioii of the pul lie to nur lüre Ftock
f Hilss Clocks; thirty hoiu and ii't d iv, all wairaut. d 1
to keej. jood time, or no sale. They lire a in I. h bt 'tter ai tide thiui '
those fold by pedlars. We oifer iheni nt much less prices. Call
an.l see thi in. St ore opposite D i ow n ing's. !
I'J-'f W. If. TALHOTT. !
F flflLLOW WAUCofall de.scriptious, Springs and Axels, Wm.
H si Uowhnd's Mill nnd Cnn-rut Saw all si.es, M.usehole An
vils, lt. Uli', solid tin Vici-H, Screw j late, Hedges and llam
mcis. Files and Hasps. Sec, Str. For nile low by
51 THOMAS r.I'lST. SiKu ofthe Red Anvil.
"fills i vis istb:i.t n:Ts.
A CCOHD F.ONS of nilriiKnul prier-. Flil.s, Fld.jeubt, : I
l ifei ; pbiin M'id extra keyed Flutes. Violiu, nnd Viulin
triiiß, all of whieli will be sold at 0 per cent on cost, to elo.e
them out, by W. iL TAL I OTT. .Vi tl
bntA-vftjrs .ixiT i7i:.iiors.
Tj UST receive !, and fr is!- htw , a f.w barrels prime fres'i or
tl" Riiqei an 1 lenou. which will be .soll Luv. Apply lb" city
confectionery. 6'ltf HAVIi ILW.NF.S.
BUH FrrMi .Alt.JiMt receive I an! fir nl. at MidUon
prices, nddini? freight. ULVTHK sV HOLLAM.
UereniloT 14. Ih47. Tis tf lLiilio:id DejKit.
tb h ft -'F.liS, iissortetl, from the "Virjinii Iron Work, n u
fjj permr aitirle f,r s:i veiy low, by
Iii THOMAS HCIS I', Surn of th lUd Anvil.
r vTiiii.v amu rjtiiS.
UK have a lure tock for nle, wln.lei.ale and retail.
riuivruv ('ocium
sJlTPPI.IF.I Miiiiunlby whde:;a!el
l.r Hill fc II ANNA'S.
&J";AK ,'",,sr;,:'d idHiitntioii MtduseM,a li rt rale aitirle .Tor sal
i.i iu-iii,Al M V II I'.W'.S I'.i If
s:o 6 i sT : si ii:s.
fi Fit F.SII and complete y.ortineritjuslreceivedand for sa'i low
iH by mijü SMI HI Sc HANNA.
TU 'T mceired at OUAVüON'.S.iiuii ol ti t: :w, a ainriity t f
... i in,
j;.i raif Tino
Hllll. HT!
H. M. II. M
: I i :a
; 2 1 1 4 :
7 in ! .r i;
,7 i:j;.i li
II. M.
a n m
5 1'. F.
I Hi M
Q :t I
First Q 5
Full M. h
I lord qr.10
N ,M. ÜI
Fiikt Hr.'Al
Full M. 7
Si-.w .M. y-J
i l'
n; 17
j:i 'i i
:io Ji
6 M
i a
i- 9
r. i;
; r,
7 0
i r, 7
II 1.' Kl 14
: :io
: 4;
r, i m
0 '..j K
7 5 2 K.
- I'.i VO ','1 M'i "'A ül I c, l.
'-'j i'ö VIT M
.March t
- - 1 Q
r. 7 8
.J 14 1" lo
'.'i ij2 'j:i
r, :t
t; 2i
a in
.r :M ' Virst Qr. 1
i Full.M. h
ii h TliirdQr. Iß
Gil M. '21
C il First Qr. Ml
,.- i Full M . 7
ß : i '
a.i e
2i r.
1 F
2S M
20 M
J'i M
50 K
lt F.
2! M
60 M
lj K
2 L1. :u
r, 4,
r 4ti
! -:
! 7
13 II
20 21
i.'7 '(i
: i:
ß ii
0 4
NVw M.
Kirnt (r.
Full M.
i - V..
.M.i :i'i
1 2
H 9
. : l .V.l
7 I
7 ,
7 13
I 4
1 7 -Jß
I 7 a:r
7 i;i
i 7 VA
W 4W
! 4 40
i.i it
Ü'J 30 31
I 41
First Qr.
June.- -
4 7
4 :iß
I :5
I M7
4 : i
I 11
4 17
4 5M
1 4
l 1
17 18
V I '-

Full M. 5
Nmv Al. '()
Fii t ir. 27
Full M. ."
M. 1!)
Fmt (ir. 2U
4 4T i:
4 40 F.
5 41 M
5 6M
7 SI M
1 30 M
.1 37 K.
7 V!J K
11 JO
'.' i 27
l -. :?
t y to
l. Iß 17
j .' j;: -Jl
no :n üi
Jfugust : -
1 1
7 (i
li f.sj
n d'i
6 5!) ;
i 1.-
G 7
5 rto
5 4;.
I- nil M.
New M.
First Qr.
3 10 42 V.
1 1 M -2H M
lr! 0 i'G M
25 11 40 M
a r
5 17
i t -21 S3 i 5 2 1
30 31
i r, so
3 4 5 0 7 8.', .V,
10 11 U 1.1 14 1" ' .r 41
17 If 9 20 Ü! 5 40
2 1 25 2G '-'7 üf '2'J I 5 5j
Full NT. 2
Third lir. J
New M. Hi
First Qr.iM
1 1 40 M
I 17 K
10 '.4 M
5 16 M
October :
1 2 3 4.". f
r V 10 II 12 n
11 Iii 17 iw i;i '.o
22 -2.t 2 i5 6 W7
i'J :n 31
R 6 7 8 9 10
12 13 14 I.". h 17
19 'JO 'Jl -J J M '21
2Ü til 'J8 -2. AO
0 '2 Ö 111 Full M. 3 0 23 M
C. :, Third Qr. H 7 :i4 E
6 16 .1 13 New M. 10 0 3 M
0 24 5 4 h irt Or. 24 1 43 M
; : Full M. 31 11 37 M
C3I 4 56!
VctemArr :
r, :; 4 40
Third Qr.7
2 4 - M
3 30 K
r. 47
G oö
4 It I New M. 14
4C9 Fust Qr.'J2
46 E
47 L
I jFullM. 23
8 4 no 1
ii 4 3; I Third Qr. 6
II i 37 ; New M. 14
l 4 4') Firt (ir. 22
21 4 44 Full M. 29
JJtc$mler :
2 3 4 .ri R 7
9 10 I 12 13 11
16 17 I-' 19 21 21
2.1 21 25 20 27 2J
30 31
15 E
0 M
2 f:
22 M
CA311i: I.Sl'lt.lA'CI3 COMI'AM',
IV cw Jvrsvy
T an L ection for Uiri ctors of tie 'Camden Insurance Com
1 A pany, I. eld on the 5th i.itaut,the underiuentioned gentlemen
w ere dulv elected :
R. W. den, .Nathan Davin,
Klienezer Toole, Thomai W. Mulford,
l-.iiali Toy, Jesse Smith,
Richard Fetter, K. U. Janiei,
John W. Mickle, Henry I.. Hulklcy,
ISoHi- Mickle, Samuel Urevoort.
!s;,:nin l Kogl',
At a meeting ol the Hoard of Directors, held on the 13th inst.,
It. W. O.'deii was unanimously chosen President, ttnd Henry L.
Uulkley Secretary.
The'ahove Company having Jone a ery profitable t u-iness- the
past sr anii. aiid with a Mirplus of thirty-tw o thousand dollars, in
H ldi'.ioti to their ."harte red Capital of one hundi td Ik.'ttsand d.iura,
aren iw pri pri ed to i:iMire Jluelliii'.'S, Stores and .Manuhtctoiics,
in to'-su or country, toi." th-r with l.i-ojs ami Mi-rcliandue of ev
erv dcc MJ tioo Otrainst LukSOr l.l;iage I'V Kire.
T..i-Company ai-.o takes Manne Mid Inland Risks on Vessels,
Kiei.ht r Canri), at the low et current rat.
K. W. 0rCN, Trrsideiit.
II I.. Un.Kl.l.Y, Sepr, t l- ; .
( . 1 1 A H W. ADV, Afrerit. Iiidi.innpolis. 3-3
03 i.v".Ä'X!i tX.sj ZZy3 KT4r
; H1XTF.R .iRRMX(lF-HF.."T.
ON and after Monday, Oct. KI, the I'assencrr Cars will
ljivf Madison nnd Indianaikdis daily, (Sundnya excepted,) si
' foMowfi, viz :
' 1-ave Madison at S o'clock A. M., and arrive in Indianapolif .at
! ihoui I . M.
! Ieave (ndianapolla at 8 o'clock A. M.,and arrive in Madison, at
! about 1 V. M.
I Freight trains ruo d.iily leaving .Madison and Indianapolis at 5
; o'cloc k A. M .
All Freie lit fort lie Northern Station must at the depot at Madison
by Uo'clochjioinsureitshipiueiitlheHiicceedinpday.
MayJ-l-. Sl-tf IIFARV It. HAM., S
.' '.-n:
F U 0 M
Iii ritiiiifrt int in 'th f'ip M. t- 1. Railroad. i
ftV. new an.l splendid steamer IVISCOXSIX, T.T.Wright,
a Master, will leave Midison every Monday, Wednesday, M.d
Fridny.on tlie arrival of the car? ut h.ilf past one o'clock, P. M.,
and will ve Cincinuuti every Tuesday ,Thursda and Saturday
ut -2 oVIock, M.
M ADISON ItF.LLF. will leave Madison every Tuesday , Thürs
day, and Saturdjy at II o'clock, .M.,and will leave Cincinnati
i'vi ry Monday. We. Ines. lay, and Friday , at 1-2 o'clock, M .
I'Mssenjer comiiiir in on the cars will find it greatly to their ad
vantaiji'ti) lake this line of boats, as they can always hefurnifh
ed with a irood statt? r joni. Also, in rorjiuig from I 'incinnati.and
all intermediate ports, to take the cars, they will find this line
the cheapest, as they ran remain on board all nlht free of charge
VAiiAHiVi: B.vAo rose sale:.
The tindei signed oilers for sab-, a
yWtÄ valuable tra t of I ind, situated on Kick- sfl'
iiST"f. simo. in ltaudoli'h (trove. McLean Ä3?;
I s II f v.couiny, i iinois, nine inutu soui.i 01
?llloonuni-toii, and near the villain; of
!- T .... . r '"Ki.
Lv ttleville. ccnsistmir of 435 acres of .
tiiutier an.l oraiiie, iliäor 1-10 acres ot timber adjoining the prairie
One hundred acres in good cultivation, with eirclleiit fences and
other improvements, and a convenient and conifortable frame
bonne. Also, a h.jwed log bouse ood well of tii .st late water
stock wcter in abundance. The situation of naid land is very de
sirable, and the quality is as good as that of any in the Mate. Also,
h'-ini near the contemplated route of tue Central Railroad, leading
IroirTcl.ieaco to the month of the Ohio liver.
The ti uns w ill ' re3M.ti:;bb'. For further particular, auMrrss
the subscriber, living at Short Point, McLean couuty, Illinois.
twelve mile soutll tif UloomiliatOii.
:it Urn fH iiomint'ton III. Reveille. J. N. LOW.
EM Uli B-'OIC fS AI.B:.
f PII AT spL iidid firm, containing ."1OO acres of first rate In ml. situ
ntel nerir tie Malison and Indianapolis- railroad, three mi let
lionh of Kdiuliiirich, Johnson county, Imiiana, with fine water
power 011 Sugar ("reek. Tlie land is well timbered with walnut,
poplar, oak, anJ other valuable timber, several never failing
sin itigs of line water, ind ni-st admirably calculated lor a stock
farm. Tl ere is nbout '.'AHt arres rich luittoiu, a. .1 2o0 i:pland, more
or less. Forty acres of the improved laud is under lease of from
one ti tin en vent , whi-h, when added to the enclosed land.uill
111. ike alout if 10 ae rev. It 1 thought that there Is one of the bent
bujains od'ered in this farm, to be found any where. For terms,
i,,,Tv toOF.o. A. '""AI'MAS, Iiuli.iiiapolis, or IIKNRV UKAI).
LKV, on the ; remises. 4.Khiios
1 .11. ü'ohIciN H);i;iiei 1 can Rooms,
(tniiosite 'JVmperancp Jfa.', Indianapolis.
AOII'S and (lentlemen are invited In cull and examine speci-
A men. Aieilect likenes! of a liiend la th rnit acceptable
holiday firesent that can he given or received. Miniature taken in
cloudy hs well as clear weather. Instructions hi the art carefully
nnd faithfully given. Apparatus', llatej, Case 9, Clietnicals, &c.,fur-111-I11
.1 in i.nler. f3-3wSr
Blunter, hriii on your C:imc!
ovsth:us, s b:ibi risai, ;.nj, .,
Heeu'arly served up at the
Nenrlv opposite tho Sentinel O.fice, Indianapolis, Indiana.
September 27, lrtl'-. 31 tf
s vr ii:it:s.
I 30 doz WikkI Iluckets,
I ft do7. Painted 'l'ubi.
300 lbs S F Indi(j.j,
1') I rls Madder,
I In ;-i Alium,
.VI bbls Lend,
d 1 Wr p I'aut r,
lo ii.. 7. llr uns,
I 11 H..I b 8. Ac W.
1-J Nnei (Rollins' it MamCa A set,
ÖD do. Class assorted.
H .bit iron and steel Craiu Shov-
' els.
MOOIIK. ' 54 y
mlllll.S more ol that Oi l Ilourbon Whiskey arrived to-day ;
i,4. D liarre s of oi l Mouoiui(iela Itye Whiskey ; those
who have fiitd this liqujr iconf ne cuy t.njr else. Vet sale low by
4"i.y l. C. 'I'F.AL, vi st si Je Depot.
jJKOM the r.nuidrvfor inerrhindir.e will be f xrculed, if urnt l y
1 hildren.at lowest rutei. Tn year re-idenee in Ibis cil v, and
reference to all bo dn bubble 4 xvHll us, we deem sulUcient I.i s .liwfv
fl.'lhstlhiy will be i'.:ilt will, fuiiiy I y SMITH & II ANN A. -li "
HnB-:'s WAiti;
VAIUF.TV r- rnaiely
I'ON-I Pittsburi:h1is!i'rled.foralclowby
Volume IV:::::::::::iXiimber iti,
A C A Kit.
rill Altl.r.S MAYF.H j iiMt cam.; to town wit'i a most uplendid
y n.ssoi tmeiit of .Not. o n, Toy f , ( iro. ej ies, Conl. etiorik, t cel.
sen adv. riiM-incnt. He invites the folks i.i t wi,; nd alo these
wlio isit the place lo eull und es amine his ftock öS poi 1, which
in vi:i ty, iual.ty hii I jiiee esnnot l e excel ed uny where. II
ix sei iokj the most ol hit ;ooils cheaper th in ever sold them be.
lore. 3? h It.ii:ld ihetn nt j.stoi isl in? pri.v s; I'nr ('hii.tuint
and New Vear's day he is crpe.-ia.ly w, II !.el I'lcse exnmine
my tock of jroodn. even it on ijyu'l v. ant to ' n , ns it w ill be a
ph nsure 1 1 ou to 1 -ok at them. ClIAHLLs .MAYER,
!0 0;i'OH c T r:,p rrmce Hall.
Ji:r., 'ü iC:i'4ot aiMl Ii !'.
"W" OVERS of h f;i.(ij fmoke, if yon w int to kmoke a:; estm fine
MJi 1'riiiCiiM', or a hi'hly tlacored Rejjlii. jut .iep in, a nd j on
will Le served with the bent ciar, w hich ca i tie imtoite l aUo, if
you want a y iod chew, I have -xr client Tobnc- o ol" every Üavör.
.li.i DO improved Spanien rijais of Oi.Iccnt I r,.r.di ;
Hmi.(i.0 tiest ball Spanish !o ;
iO.iHiO Ameii.no tin;
.-0 papers hih y flavored cut and dry Tmkiih smoking tob. ;
1Ö0O ' A meri an cu. n. 1 !ry to acco ;
.i0 l,oxe Dir;inia chew inj obaeco.of artons nnd, itravr
berry, t a end odi , hidy'i twist, joun l lumps, fivt? ui.d
eiht r.oun 1 lumps, ho.,eydew. eailrod, i uilroaj, tc.
WO pnp r tl iod win's pressed chewing tobarro ;
.'.(O " R .id ma ii n's do do t!o;
Sl'OO riuiif pip-4 ;
4 Ues white clay l'lpoä;
li do, (ermau pii - s;
Ju.t recciveJ aod for sale bv tl.o subscriber at the lovct f"""".
SO Opposite Temperance Hell.
4X POZ Leather IM!, of all itc ; '
Ö v'O doz wax Dolls, of all sic;
7. French Accor Icons, frjni .?1 73 to 12 00 j
l."0 (ieiman Atuordeons, from :tl cents to $5 .
Cs Mutes liom li cunts to $j ;
.ri" fancy boxes lrom 50 cents to $.rj ;
loo doz pearl, lione and phiteil Studs, latest French fashion ;
'2'j:) Vi'jlin.., from n nu to ."i ;
75 Diuins from 10 cts to I ;
11 Swiss music boxes, playing yankee doodle, sweet hoe ;
I". doz I'hina toyp of tlillcreilt patterns ;
50 doz bottles bear's oil ;
6 daz 0 marrow ;
2." .loz " rose oil ;
And a good many other i.rtiflesi of this description too numerous
to mention, just received and for sale rerv low, bv
SO Opposite Temperance Hall.
iiiis INxioK and docket Cutlery.
a l. SHOT (uns at 31 a piece;
3 U . 0 at . j a piece ;
H i barrel Revolvers :
2. pair dou1 le barrel 1'istol ;
loo sinIo barrel pisto s from 87 cents to $4 apiece ;
loot) Wostenholm's pen and (xickct knives from 50 cts to 2 ;
800 pock knives ditlcrent brands and patterns ;
Also, butcher knive, table cutlery, pocket knives, .hoc knives,
See, Just received and for sale very low bv the subscriber.
r0 Opposite Temperance Hall.
. BOXES new Malaga
(M Raisins;
1 basket Dates ;
5 boxes fig Past ;
C Jujuhe i.ate ;
4 brls soft shelled Alruonds :
iibrls p3jur ihellecl do;
1 brl flilberts ;
1 brl IVanutu ;
1 brl cream nutts ;
1 brl Tecan ;
1 brl English walnuts ;
5 brls Chcsnuts ;
6 brls small Syft slielleJ Hick
10 hi toxes .o !o 00
30 qrtr do do do;
1 kejj'Zaiite curants j
1 brl f.'trinan prunes;
2 loes citrons ;
1 box Yennacely or Deut.hc
Nudeln ;
10 drum raisins wl'hout seeds ;
300 P-s French prunes in fancy
2.1 dium Turkey figs ;
ory Nut ;
Just received and lor sale iitthe. lowtnt prices, by
."0 Opposite Temperance Hal
c;i(H's:ieiz:s :
rfi r.A(JS prime Rio CoTee ;
,yJ l..i Java 'o ;
3chcsts heM liiiperinl Ten;
4 " Young Hj son !o ;
'A " Uunp.iwder do;
i'O brls be-t N.O Sugar ;
10 1 1 Is n foied do do ,
5 .rls loaf SIIUr ;
4 brls C I II si it ,1 ,Ui ;
4 I r Is powdered i!o ;
.'1 b lCS peppi-i ;
2 1 :ijr all-'ice :
t;t:o i:iai;s :
fiO lbs rloves ;
I ! r I ein.;er ;
.'o boxes thdow candlei ;
.-20 " t-teaiine do ;
'JO Mar do ,
; 3 " fj 1 m 00 ;
" rus.i.i sft; ;
2 " io.'.:i boap ;
; 'A " CUsti el soap ;
ö hnlf boxes almond soaj
5 1 rls S. IL molasses ;
1 !.r I i';iOeli kvrup ;
75 lbs i ' r ni l ?i ;
ly 1 r'.s N. . .r.. s J
Just reitivei and for ale by the subscri! er nt the lower prltta.
r.lAHI.KS Kit,
50 Oj posiJe Temperance Hall.
roiilociiourics :iimJ Tir Vorks.
rnf) LBS assorted Candv
0)J 0110 ii,s fa..y Candy ;
25 l'.a eilt kisses ;
100 lbs French do ;
25 lbs cracking tio ;
150 lbs sweet do ;
7." lbs fruit To s ;
0 li.s shell do';
500 iieces candy s. gars ;
f0 lbs white sugar toys ;
2j do cough candy ;
10 (I07. straw berries ;
25 lioxes Canton f.re crackeri ;
; to 007. rockrtt., oitierent size ;
I k2'A y07. Roman candles, do;
I C.'i do pi 1 wheel?, do :
5 lbscayeni.e Loreeges ;
j 12 doz jrnsshoppers, io ;
Just received and lor sale low by the subscriber.
Till Oppi'site Tciiipersrice Halt.
iK tii,t .s am iki5i;sn:!tvi:s.
fib DOZ pickles in rjinrt j rs , l 2 d.. tomato catsup j
3 doz aborted pickles i:i hf. Ü d. 7. walnut do;
gallon jars ; ! I doz m m?ii otuu ilo:
2 ilo. as't-d do in one gal. jars ; 2 do. roSp'-trry s rup ;
1 duz pickled onions in it jars, TO jars av.iit"d jellies;
i! iloi peaches in Inpior; jars as'orte.l preserves:
6 do?. Iir.tties j epi.er snuce ; j 0 kt gs of as rted pickles ;
2 ik z brandy cherries ; i 5 doz. sarei'ics in tin c anistcrajo
Just received and for sale nt very reasonable prices, tv
fl Opposite T n.pei ani e Hall.
Chcosc, klcef. Shiih:',, ;til Knickei
O Onfi I-I'W'estern Rescrve l5 bi 1 butler crackers ;
?U"JxJ rheese: J 3 brls w. ter ro ;
l.'.tiO I' s dried beef of excellent1 2 f.rls Hciion do;
quality; j ttbrlsroda Io ;
1300 Ii s Iloojna Sausage ; I2brlssweer do;
Just received and for sale very low bv the subscriber.
S3 Op;oitr Trmtierar ce
I'owilei. Shot, l':is, :inl lc;it.
KEGS best quality ol !.HinO split rit.bed (i D Cap ;
Uifle Powder; jioooo w alker'scapsintin boics ;
50 bans Shot of ali sizes :
WW lbs tar Lead ;
iS0(M) plain S b Caj.s;
6 doz powder flasks, allsiiea ;
Just received nd for sale very low br 'he subscriber.
50 Opposite Temperance Hall
HWF. reieiveJ direct from Boston the febowine splen lid lot
of fisii, which are all lately caught and inspected
C brls No 1 Mackerel :
CJ boxes smoked Herrings :
10 brls No It co ;
(j hf I. rls No 2 ilo ;
15 hf hi s No 3 do ;
li qrti brls No 2 do;
20 brls No 3 do ;
1 brl ri. kled 11 rrinir ;
! 6iHi lbs sn.oked Halibut;
lluiiO lbs 1 00 fish :
j 4 i!oz cnat Lobsters ;
I i brl Tongue aud JotitiJs ;
: tierces NHimou.
They will Le so.J at the lowest prices, wholesale or retail, by
50 Opposite Temperance Hall.
f II AVE received direct from New Orleans the following splen
did lot of Wine, which are no dru;. but of direct im jvorta.ion :
4 octarines sweet Malaga ; 7 ptr casks I'o:t ;
3 qrtr casks Muscat ; 3 qr casks w hite Ot-imnn win ;
3 half pi, s Madeira ; 2 duz Champagne of the best
4 qrtr casks Sautei ne wine ; , brand imported;
1 ca-k llor.leaiix (tlaret; 1 3 qrtr casks Mierry.
They will bo sold nt the lowest prices, bv
SO Oppositejl'emperance Hall.
CHESTS moreof that extra fine (iunpowdi r Tea. said by
those xvbo have used it, to be the finest intbecity; also." a
little more of the same sort left" of that super Younp Hysonand
a very fine article of HunpowJer Tea, in 6 lb. catty s.lor sale very
low hv the bos, at M AVHEW'S 2fi tf
rMK'Ks: :iakks!
A VERY l irire lot of thirty hour and eight day Urass Clocks
jus.t received and ready for inspection ; some most beautiful
patterns, all lever escapement, beinc a decided improvement on
the old escapement; we warrant them all perfect, and to keep
rood time or no sale ; prices $5 and up ards, at the Jewelry store
of V. H. TAM'OTT. (Journal copy ) 4i
HOOTS aivi siioi:s.
GENERAL a.iortinent, and very low .just received by
sept 11 HF.TüN" MOLMAN.
iYoa.ro IV W A SIE.
FINE aortmeiitforsale at
TO t'4ItIT:.Ti:iCS.
TUST received nt OR YlON'S, siri of the saxv, abeautiful ar
ti.-.le of finishing tiail.,.rth and fith sires. Cell and see. "ii
fry ('IIESTs (uipeiior ('unpovvd r ; I do Iin;eril ; 4 do Young
" !JIVtn ; CO ratties. aborted ; for sile by S. &. V. MOORE. 54 y
Q T K Ell N iiN just received ai d f.ir sale jt Cinrinnnti prices,
.-m with I retain, at M.AYIIEiV'S. 16-3ww
It Ptti.rift.'.ti t.r V a. ............ k iI.m IV. l.fHri.d Iii. r.
ceived by M!)!lRlSO.N J; TALtlOTT, weH of llrowninc't.
December T, l-Jst. 54
tin iVAirs:.
AN asHortmenl for vnlcliy
"M UST rereived,".' bum I'ittburgti Iron; 10) kegi do Hs-orted
i" N:iils. lo-v at wholejl by H. 8t . MOOHE. 51 y
OtrmJ'iCe "1 Illinois Strr t, North of Washiugtrv .
(rC7 fhe State Sentinel will contain a much arper
amount of readinif matter, on all subject of ccneral
V m
interest, than any oilier new?pnjwr in Indiana.
-rsri: si:.iai-iyi:i:iii-Y i:xmtbon
Is i.i!ilis!i d everv V diM'fa V niui Satuniii v. and
; dun no th,. rssiiu .f ihe I.ei-lnt ore, thn -e iiTnei a
jwei'k, on TiM i-d ivs, 'J iiurMla". '"id Situulays, nt
Vmw I) l!m s a ytar, paynhle ji!.as in advance.
,U puh'Mie.i i-ery Tl.urcdi), at Tm Do'iarsa y:r,
always to he ..iS in nUtn.('.
ftl in advance will pnv !' r i pwmM,-.
! r'ii:"' reirtiliti' .-;l!k;M rr, f m,e.
iL"'. lo:;e thn- eoei.-s of the Srm. Weeklv erie
year. s'J will pay fir mx in 91 w ::hvnyt
te e!;irj.'d fr tie Tri-W el.ly. r.tul eet,ts fort ho
Weekly, : 1 1 r j Ii the L yi-sinisve m-s;,
AnVi:RTISE.MI-:XTS will be inverted three tie.rs
at 1 a see. a re rf ejiit lines, and b roütiiined at t!,e
rule f twenty five cents n square for each ndditj(iial
inaertn'ti. Qonrtcrly L.veiti!eincnts, per rquare, ss.l.
All advertisements fnm nhrfnd twist he wcotm a-
nitd'uy the cash, or no attention ".wll le paid to tl.em.
f7-l'oHTnue neist be paid.
'Mi:: (.liiii::
V CoiiiH'ssiou:!!, .iriciillurnl, :i iil I.lf-
'HIIE Editors of the ( ongressional (.'lot e popoe a 1 e-v j.utli
H cation. In deserve th rationaire w ! ich n2rt- I as ac
Corded to their report cf i' ilet'.lt S, Li r. Ceivii'i.' an2 l'. Sik. eg th
tii.ile ihr oi'.cnl r- -i.rr. 'hey iirv , J to t.i'd fntmptJvdt'.o wl.sf
ever merit la hither to recommeinle J thewoik. l"hev w i'l j u h
lih n lbi.lv tiliib.', t , in'.irJ the pn.ee. ,.hl and .'tl a they
"Cvtii ; sin 1 a fongres 101.I (i o c j . r lie 1?J , s leilo:or,
em oil j im the I ; ik d Cui.ij'fO sipnid'.u hum the tiiie U..r.r
011s matier h;c!i will jiccoim ;u. th. 1.1 ti e lulr i rim. To
lilMbe sheet of y n-w spL.pJr , it i - fti nt i d to gather ihe
news fron all 'j nr.-r, an 1 coiapl-. the cot lent '.y 1 r;ii:,g
fiorn eveiVKour.e tl at nnv etf nlut ii eit Bio. I.trciy
novt lties, an.l of grrui,t u'i ity ia Fciei.tif.c rnd pra-iicul works
on agr-culture. l or in;, et 1 !, 1 l,e L ndin.- journ.. Is uri '. j :io.'i
er.'.s . Ffituce ! I .n: Itri. i... tre.-in ..f -n h u je'is.wiH
i.i. cOin-'iit'.i. .-.,10, ii ii l.o.ei,av.' ta. ouily e.:. O ig n: 1 .
a , e$. Cia lv on tvies o.,ni . ted w ith a r ulinre. w ill be oh
tuineJ troin ti e n.jst tnligt n-iud a.id i iüc'i- . 1 nun ct ur
The (Hobe, a newspiju-r, pud as a st Incie of i' f rm'ition and
amusement in other rexpi rt. m!1 un-i 1 th - coTn e cl Fk aicis
I. IIlair and Jami ('. I ici.ctt. The ron. r so 'e, artmnt
an-l t usinesS eonei rnsof the paper will e under ihe manazemi nt
of Join C. riVKft. The i.uidic j.re liimil.r uithliiarti.it Rit
a connected wilii the pi-c. Li intic Jucinj Mr. Ticki-'t r one of
tlie eoiisern, they w ill t e owed lo iv a lew win d. of him. lie
is a g. ntiemau i.ivor.c ly knou 11 to t!.e fjover nn . iit, Ur t' e tile. t
and ia. 4gment which d.stiniMiished his riiolom: tic seri-r v hil
connected with the rusiun to (iuito; ar:il mere re.ently when
Charge d'At'.irs to Peru. From his pen mai ly tu C lobe will ie
rive the selections and tiaiislations lrom the French joumalnard
periodicals, the con. met, ts on them, ami tii oti-er literary articles,
which will bo foil 1.. 1 among hs cl.ief attractions.
1 he (J'.olie w ill be pul lis! d daily duiiig he session cf Con
g'ess, and weekly t'ie bMan.-e of the year, and w ill nndcreo di
ri'ution in tin-loi ra of a W eekly Ulotie, a Ccngresioi.i.l tjlot ,
and an Appendix.
The Weekly (lobe will bo the vehicle of the nrnccllar.tous ar
tides of tl.edaiiy print, with a synopsis of tl.e Congr.Moi.al pio
ceeding. Th Congrc&sionn! Olobe w ill cmlody, as it ha done for the
last sixteen ears, Congressional i rcc-edings und debates exclu
sively. ThV Appendix Will embrace th ; revised fwtcbts separately, tnd
the tie-Mges of the President cf the United States, at d the rej ertt
of the Headiof the F.xetutive Departmi nt.
The Congrf ssional iiobe and Af pendij wi'l be p tblisl ed t fst
as the proci edii.g of Con;resswil u.aCü i.un.ber. S jhcribeia
may ex pect one it u ml -er of t-aeh a w ei k flurir c t l-e Irni f ur w e. k
of ä session. Mi l two or time namliers of er.ch a week afuru erds,
until tl c end of the ft .-san.
NO'hins of a politic; 1 patty npert w ill ar pear in tl e ;io'.e v
tliat which w ill hcfoun.l in the Conpressio- t lepurt. A jaj er
nsiimii g to be an impartial rel icie lor all side, cat net Disintam
its rharacter if ti e e-'itonal columns rtt'ect a party hue. TL
Editors of the Globe Lave borne thtir t-hare in the party ronf ict
of the pre. They claim an honorable discharec lom the voca
tion. The Globe w ill inviolably maiatain the ntutrality y, i.ich its
relation to Congress imports.
run ?.i s :
For one copy cf the Daily (Hol e (daily durirg the session of Ccb-
gress, and w eekly durin the recess) a v t cr, - - f 5 00
Forone copy of the Weekly (Hobe oae y. ar, - - . 00
Tor one copy of the Congressional (Hobe i'uiirg the ne it
session, if subcii ieil lor l-f.ue the firft of Jaiiuary, 1 00
For one copy of the Apvrniix during the next seVsion,
if sub-crtbed for before the f.rst of January, -For
six copies of eit her th Congressional G!o1k-, or th
Appendix, or part of both, ... .
The sanserif lion of the Conjrefsiorr.1 rohe,r the Aprtlt
after the firnt of January, w ill I e 50. The oripii al prieeof-
dollar does not pny the o pease ol" the publications of the great -crease
of matter ptiMiiihrJ.
Our prices for these papprs are so low-that we cannot afford to
credit iLi 111 out ; therefore no jeron need consume time in order
i.'g them, ur.h s the .subscription pi ice accompanies the order.
Proprietors of newspapers who copy this I'rospectua before th
tut day of December, niid send us one ropy of their üjer eontair
iiig it, mirke l around with .1 pen to direct our atteiui :ii to it, shall
h ive their names entered on our books for one (topv f the Con
gressional fllobe and Appendix, durinj; the ses.iou, or one copy cl
the Daily Globe, whii hev-r thev preU r.
Wanhii cton. Oct. Iti. l-H 4G if BLAIR & RIVErJ.
S V C LOT! B I ! ii S I 0 1 1 1 : :
At J. Little iV l o.'s Aiiciioii Uooin.
ri-,!j(r tht: lUt r .'
a. i si:LLr.nrEii:Ai
Hf AS the pler.-urc of infocinina th. ritiz-iig of Ii;di'in?rdit. Mrm
i her of ihe l-cislatiite, wnd all '1 niM?ieot Vif i er lo the ll(K.,r
I Cr.pitri!, tint be ha, with sieat rnre, (and in person ae'.ected, nr.d it
j now otierin? for sale, the 1 iri'et, eheapett, free best, and liest e'ceted
assortment ol
j Ever broupht to Ihe We-t.nndhe pleiten liim"'f to sell cheaper
, than any other man 1 ire wl! the nome G00.1.. Iii Co;it. Veste, snd
j Fine Pants, are made by pn.d Tailors, t i his especial order. The
material is purchased by himst lt, lreii and in t-e.ison ; and ns be nev
er keep over an v hIock, hi etMi.t? are nlway Ire, ard cade in tfce
j latest style. And as he xvill nit be undersold, it will lie Ins coftom
ers' faults If they do not cet tiarpain. ho all I n?k ! tho wishing
to buy, is to cive me a cjxII. Tliey sliall not go away dirsniisfied.
IndmnapolH, Deremlierr,. rt 6w A. FRANCO.
ciiKMir.!e tii a i:vi:i::
JAMES SL'LC.ROVE reretfa:iy nnnrurres tn his old
cisaoniers and the public, that he is determined to pellar-
'-t tir.ralri hiii IlMü of tiuwilK ca n rlir.ltnii I'im rtn Iku.IiI
! by nny other establishment in Indian. IVimiik in ou t nl Zidd.tt,
j Urtalti, llarnts of all kircis, Saddle and Vurytt Heps, 7rRt
; fFAiis, or .nny article in Li !ine,:re ti qt;es:rd to etil nr.d ee his ai.
' iirimer.t. Now inauufjctur ii.g, a lot of full Spanish Sadül. vers
: sUjx'iM.r article.
! Also, j 111 received, a selrrt k,t of Fiirruj a. Tier n. plush, Wc bb
j Tr.'.re Chains, Cackle, Haines, c, all if xviib h wid Ir w.M f.r a
1 rry unill advfnii r on nt. At Iii eld stand, txvo du r ea.t of Merl.
I di tii street. I nd: tnrMiits.
j Wheat 111 1 other kii.d of rnercha nnh'e piodure w ill 1 p irteixid at
mark tprire in hh mei.t fm a-iy of the above sttiilt. 73
! " ti 11 i)ya ii:) T s Tjtj;iT:i:v.
! n l's1 received, n gen ral sitpj!y of nil kiuof Har t wme, Inclu.
; lii-K ivery :u:ii le reneral'y kept in tbnl line (or ouihlm;, kc.
;AIo,a! kinds of Carpenter 1 rün. &.c. LLirksmi'diV Dellow a, An
i!s. Vices faw Plates, Carrbj Tiitiiming, L;ire. pnnj. Alle,
AiC Saddler Ttmii, Ciirrii:e Moumii.ps, Saddle 1 rees, Luc sie.
U'elibint., rcfcr.
j AI, a L.rL'e asirtmtit of looking Ghssr, Salver. Ai.dlrcas.
1.:.. . . -1 . . - -
.iii.i aiiu 1 roKH t in raxx s.
.V t,.r)s JntiKtia Iron. lC(kepirf Nails.
Also, a penenl assnriuient rf Cooper Ti-il. All of hich v ill b
sohl on re reliable teimo, at the store of II. rOTTAGE, Wast in (loa
stret-l, liiiti.iii;i;irili.
Decetriber '2. 14". A4 4tr
SliI.S.C2 LK.HTsT"
TUST rereived. a very larce lot of Cornelius Co.' Lard Lan pt
" of tlie latest and best stylen, suited to parlor, chamber, ottice or
store; also, n variety of kitchen or bnd lard Urrps, with any
quantity of cut or plain clol es ; also himmys lo nt all kinds of
lamps, all of which will be sold at Fhiladelphi'a prices ; the public
r,re invited to cnll a; d price the lamps and see if thev are iiot far
reiow any tiune in tne mnrKet, at the jewelry stnreof
(Journal copy )
'gHE sulinl.cr is now piepaied to furnish smiths and Other!
J- his newly invented compound lor lardminc iron, lvicr it
the hardness of steel and retaining its original toul nets lull
ttirectionn accompany ihe article. Having Uevoted two years to
the experiment. and completely futCtfedid. I:e adopts this tnetLod
of getting it i:ito general use, -preferring it to peddling in patcnta
mi l patent rights.
He solicits order and a fair trial. 20 JOHN KELLY
E:.Ta-i:ii:vsiiATs. '
a AM n..w in receiptor aiiothrr hit of ihn- beaut nut Hats mad
expressly lor inn market; ihey are riot Inferior to any 1 have h.
fore otfered ; f.ir durability, beauty and stle of finish they are unrur-pus-rteit
l,y any. Oentlemen can get Ham that ccuratt lv tit th bend
Also, a complrte uhmm t.oent ,.t uter Cur, Sral, Nuiia, Cloth and
riusii Caps, , r sale at the Hat and Mioe u-re n J. K. M'.ppj
I lei einfiel 4, 14H
'!' Ijiik Ih s 4tS':il! INiioiiiiii:iiiol8a
' W'HE su'm.-i i' ers have jut leceivwd from the mai ulfcturer ev
J era coir.uieieseioi iriiatnia kv i.re. lor fommi.r
.....v. ... .-r .11 .v, .vi s , ...v rlIl, v. ii.e oijf 1 BitlOf k bv
Nsvem!.i;r 1. M. U KELLOC.O it DAVlIisON.
'A.I)LE l!lJlEs7
fUST opened, a :.e a?.!Citmr i.t of Cornelius i. Co.'g Ittest stv'e
(lirand.drsor cai'dle burners, in pairs, w ith 01, two or tl ree
burners. They are decidedly the handsomist and most fashionable
CMidle stanJ now in t;se; they xil le told at ereatlv r.i..
price-.. hyJ'JI - TA LBOTT. ( Jou rnalcopy ) rucea
tixaiAVix Do. ii to oKiKu7
ft LL kinudsof Engraving, such as door or trur k plates r ea
' knives, pencils, spoon. thimbles. breast pun, finger ricea
etc., neatly engraved, without i hure, wbeie we el' the artirfa
w hen we 00 notaell the articles, charges unusually low at
savi: VOl'K -oimisT
ft LL in w-iiiof Eashionable anJ CUeap Ilatsor Caps are in.
ik. vite I to examine the stock of the subscriber. v..n .x .11
away disatitie.t. at they are determined to give the verv bast
irgains to be hud in the city. HECK 4 ( O
Novmber-.". ls.lT. 53. y Oppos.t' Itrow nine's.
I sr
hiebest tnaiket price oaid in cash for vv..
s - - vai , u t
aptOFFKK.Siijar. Tea. Molas.es. Rai;,,,. Soap. Starch ard Uv.
Studs in stcre. and for sale. DAVIDS! " ititVfi.r.. F7'
HKS l r.ite article, just t.-n ire.l ht
:S 1 - V 11) St )N k BRAMWr.1,1.'.
....... iu;.:ss:.
titMlAU VS. Cheese, a f?ittia?e rti-ta r. r....ii 1..
ceive l and f.r süle by
O. Sialic.
-'8 N " s,'2ar, lej.1 article, jut received 011
-w-..?l1';n,lt a,K' for "'"'- 1 v D. C TE L. we t sJ D' j
l the betqUdKty.foi sale ly
1 -
"v r

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