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3üMaua State Sentinel.
Tin Clnbbiuu Syslcm.
The clu'.t irg sj stni introduced ty the undersigned hns not met
our esp ctation. We lave iwu it a Tair tiial; but the extra
ou'-lay t1 ,0 keen met by corrrspoiuhn:; effort on the purtof
or fi ein!, with a few exception. It Wa not, ami cuariot, under '
etine circumstances, allord in a fair rerminermioa. vVhÜe we '
l..-.ll . I . t- .1 m.ittm .Iii KnMit'iV Jl
ia.tncfmei.ts.as sufficient to IrrrrtHCir li. to ,t least Levirat!
thousands orer our former sh'. sorption-, ivinj more reo.'ing
r: 8tterfiTthrpr.ee than can be .Maine! in any part of the Went-
cviiiitry, ue had hoped our friend would take advantage of
M r lir-ernlitT.and exert thcnuclve aeconün 1 v. Thin hfs m l
N n Hone tn I 'egree romineimut ate nilh the plan prnpnnt.
Itn e, sfrr hat ha t)e n a f;iir tii il on cur purt, we nlmil ahan
unn tli- jicm of c'n'il iu ; ont h.nl, tn-ienlter, ohpt the lIIov.
i'ij t ,,, whirb will tf invariatli' an p im.nu nt :
Ft 'R Ol'K WKKKI.Y rATKR-. Two I ollaii a wr, tht
iiir j RiHit UiVi'v di rumj-apy the itittr tr no u'tftion Vil I" ;irfn if.
JOHN I). DKFKKF.S, Fl'tr JuurnaK
4.-1 Dec 1 CHAPMAN'S tc S PA N N . Fdttora State Sentinel
"Rivcrolo," the corrcsjM'iidrnt of tiic Danville Ad
vertiser, under date of the 17i! ult., Irlls some false
hoods about matter occurring ni Indianapolis ; but
they are not of more than consequence c nougli to be
thu noted.
fj-Charley Meikeil will cut up Iiis "free soil'
bocf. or buffalo, this morning at 9 o'clock, at the
West Market House. He soys it s?laiJid! Go
nnd see.
The CrtAWFoRLsvuxn Ukview. We regret that
thin excellent democratic paper is to bo temporarily
MiMu!ed. .Mr. Johnson, the publisher, is compelled
ly hi, private affairs to withdraw from the paper. Its
publication will he rcpumfd so noon a good practi
cal printer can be found to take hold of it. The Ke
view was not stopped for want of patronage, nnd we
should think the location would be n. desirable, one for
p young man wishing to engage in the newspaper
frr-Vc learn with reurct, say the Cincinnati Dcs
pIeii, that the lady of Col. John II. Weiler, died yes
tei,!ty morning of consumption nfiera long nnd pain
fi.l illness, at the residence of her futbnnd, in Ham
ilton, Butler county. Although but a short tituo has
elapsed since this lady made this county her home,
yet iier many virtues won her a large circle of friends,
who renret her untimely decease.
Now seriously Arwcdid Cass carry Indiana. X. Y.
i i'tune.
Sot out of the fog yet, eh ! We'll tell you. Her
hie'i-minded and honorable freemen deliberately de
termined to crnt their votes in suih p uav r.s to ad
rnioister the most scathing possible rebuke to the man
who dared to breathe hi pestilent breath upon her
good name. That was the "how," and ''nothing else."
J'o you understand ?
f7"Among tho-e who hive died of the cholera at
Nca Orleans is a son of Gen. Lane. lie wan walk
ing along the levee with no thought or expectation
t! a, death was near, wnen he was seized with n faint
ing fit. and died in an hour. So says the Louisville
- .t! itf i . i i .i r J
irThc u afhingtun (lobe has received the first
sheet of the nist volume cf t!ie V' umus .Memoirs ;
of ; hat remarkable author and distinguished man, i
CI Meaubrlind, which it notices at some length. The
G!o!e translates a passage, the conclusion of which
we copy, and which as the Globe remarks, "seems to
us to be very eloquent and pathetic."
"Twenty times have pocieties been formed around
me and have been dissolved. The impossibility of j
t'ivmg length and durability to human tics, ihe "dumb
f 'nctfulness" that awaiis us, the impenetrable silence
t.at hovers around our tomb and then soon over our
l-oii-j.?, reminds me coustnily of the necessity of is
hiion. Anv hand is good enough to reach us a
tiraught of water in the last mortal sickness. Oh!
le riot that hand be too dear ! fir how rcMii, without
!' -pair, the hand that we have covered with kisses, j
a i i that we would wish to be lOjevcr on our heart !"
? j-Tiio Goshen Democrat, one of the strongest
P'-f ?rs in t2 northern pt:t of Fiis Slrte, copies ihf
recent letter of JueVe ChauiL rlajti on the subject of
l'v?ry in the new territories, and appends to it the
f.ii lowing comments :
'In now assuming this position the democracy of j
Indiana have sacrificed no principle whatever. Had!
tie;t. Cass been elected, the doctrine of non-inlciTcr- !
rice laid down in lis Nicholson letter, would have '
been the policy adopted, and would have efleciuallv
excluded Slavery from the New Territories. And
th:t consummation we believe was ardently desired liy !
the Northern Democracy, as by those who claimed to ;
be the exclusive ndvocates of Free Soil.
"Kut the election of Gen. Taylor, the repiffcnta
1 1 r of the slave power, puts p no. her phase upon the
imtter. flis partisans all contend hit Conires has
tii" power to legislate upon the subject, md hisouih-!
n constituents demaiul tlint such Ugisl.njon shall ho
f.r the extension of slavery. And whaiever douMs !
we may have of the propriety of congressional inter- j
ference. t.here is no rc-isting the cii'.lusion hat 'r is i
the will of the people that the question be scllled by
I 'onjrress.
"How then shall it bo settled, mid what shall be the
character of such legislation? We can not for a mo
ment hesitate. We have no compromises to make
w ith slavery, and we shall opiw.se the surrender of a (
?mgle inch or the virgin soil of the new territories to
the foul embrace of the peculiar institution. The slave!
power nnd the whig party have formed an nllinncc in
the person of Zachary Taylor, nnd we wishlhe-n much
joy in their new relations. I'ut from nil suHi combi
nations, from nil such interests, the Democracy of
Indiana wash their hands, henceforth and forever."
lly Telegraph
Loi'Ihyille, Dee. 20. P. M.
The iteamer Tributary was burned at the wharf at
J o'clock this morninu a total lows valued nt A5.0(l
insured for Si,t 0'. The Arknnas Mail, laving
n'.ong side, hid her cabin burned off damage &H)0.
Tii I'eytona arrived from New Orleans, nnd re-
p )rt8 the Cholera very bid there on ihe 21st. Four-
t-n ol her deck passenger died liom tue Ultoiera on j
the passage up. j
The St. Cloud was lying at tcksburch, unable to j
" r .. MM r . ? t . ri u i. . r
come further. 1 he Captain, Male, Clerk, nnd one of !
iiii! .1 . ii iuii will ivwi'r ai iv. iriiu i r ii . una ijh; i :
-i n : i . fl.e- " i i.i . . 1 1 i i I
ine t iiots, uieu oi tue Cvtioiera, auu me crew an an
the boat.
The Teytoua passed the South America, coming up.
fjll of sick people, and only a small crew on ixnrd.
All the passengers left the IJay S. at", this morning, I
to return to Cincinnati.
Rmts were unable to discharge freight al New Or
leans. Nobody would receive them and pay charges.
(Mr. Bullitt, of the New Orleans Picayune, and
Mr. Gallagher, of the Ilichmond Republican,
are, it is fan!, about to start a newspaper in Wash,
ingtori, I). C, to be called the Kenublicnn Cress."
It will be devoted to the advocacy of Hencral Taylor's
views. jwiv iV Co urief.
What arc Henernls Taylor's views?
It is itMrd that the Whigs of Portsmouth, N. H.,
required the young women m their factories to con
tribute money to defray the expenses of their torch
light procession, and immediately after reduced their
wages nearly one-third I
That'? whiggrry, to a nicety.
The I jouisinna Lotrinlature previous to adjournent
appropriited 810.1XK for New Orleans and 2,500 for
Lafayette, to be expended for the benefit of tho sick
of cholera and for sanitary measures.
Diamonds Too! A letter of July :U, ("mm E G
IhitThrn, in California, to hia father in Portland, Me.
ayi that diamonds, as well as platina, gold, &c. have
been found in the pincers.
Count Leon, a natural son of the Emporor Na
poleon, i about to appeal to the French tribunals to
compel Gen. Montholon, executor under hii father's
will, to disclose its contents.
Srn.r. Another New Patiiv. The List new rned
ical trcatm-nt imported from Europe is called '
J'ftlhy. Tho principle is to place upon the diseased
part the similar organ taken fioui n healthy nnima'.
If tho boa t is d.eeased, thy heart of a diirdy bullock
is applied ns a run-, but it requires a fresh heart
Lok Rkfiiiif. You Drink A woman hv the name
of Wright, living in tlii vilhgn, in h vomiting 'Pimii,
threw from her stomach a lve snake measurinnr 7 incl
l?nfflli. which H blipposcd to hn VO beeil swallowed
Rome iiinnlh since, in drinking water from a spring,
The snake lived two or throe days III ft 'oollle of Wa-
ter, and t HOW preserved ill Fpint d'.wW Cult.
, r i i- i
OMln I I'r.Alll l. I ii?w. j.ivi'i ivhioi Iii-
siding near Freeport, Illinois, while digging potators
on Saturday lii, found a large cluster of tools, of
which hf ntc pretty freely, not knowing what they
were. He soon became very sick, and went to his
h u?e, about twenty rods distant; after vomiting a
few timet, he fid I into convulsions and died ; only
nb'Mit one hour elapsed from the time of eating 'he
roots, until his earthly career whs closed in the most
honid agony.
The roots proved on examination to tie wild pars
nips." In view of this shocking casually, all persons,
nnd children especially, should be w arned of the dan
ger of this subtle poison. I'mit ie Drutnrrt.t.
Lockjaw. A writer in ;he Ilaltimore Sun, gives
the following as n certain rcuWy, and we copy it Tor
what it is worth :
When any one runs a nail or any sharp iron into
any part of his frame, take a common smoke pike, fill
it with tobacco, liht it well, then take n thin cloth
or hamlnrii hief, plaro it ocr the howl of the pipe,
and blow through the stent in'o the wound; two or
three pipe-fulls will be sutiicient to ct the won. id dis
charging. I have tried ii on myself and five others,
and found it to jive immcdi-ite rilicf. If the wound
has been gome days standing, it will open it again, if
the tobacco is good. Try it, any one who may chance
to get 8iu'li a woui d."
The C;ioi.e::a puzzles the doctors everywhere. The
New York Academy of Medicine nvrntly held a
meeting, a. which t!e subject of contagiousness or
non-contaciouMicss of iite epidemic was fully dis
cussed, but they broke up without coming to any con
cIuion. We nte, therefore, left in theduik on this
important matter.
The Hon. It. J. Wulker, Secretary of the U. S.
Treasury, has recently published a letter on the sub
ject of Cholera, iu which he gives the mode of treat
ment adopted by Samuel A. Cartwright, of Natchez,
Miss., and which, Mr. W. states, was very successful
in that neighborhood iu as follows:
" 1. To watch the first symptoms of the disease,
and administer the proper remedies without a mo
ment's del.jy. 12. To administer forthwith after the
first symptoms, a dose composed of ten giains of cam
phor, twenty grains of red pepper, and iwenty grains
of calomel, to be liken in powder if practicable; if
not, iu pi Us. . As soon as the doewas swallowed,
to st riii ihe patient and i ub htm eently, but effectually,
with some sljmulatiii.' ointment, by as many hands us
could have convenient access, ihe rubbing to be con
tinued so as not to occasion fatigue, until the medi
cine produced its proper effect.
" The cure was chiefly effected by the operation of
the calomel upon the liver, in changing the rice water
j secretions lo those usually produced by calomel, which
i generally took place, according to my recollection, iu
tioui (n to two hours nlier the doc was adminis-
. , T, A, , r , . i i . ,
icreu. IlieoUjeet ot tue camphor and red pepper,
...n 1n nmofoin tho netum ..f il.n ..nlnm.d n ,, ,.11
to rouse the energies of the system.
The purpose of
the stimulating ointment was to maintain warniih at
the surface, lo arrest the coldness of the skin, which
is so marked a symptom of the disease, and to keep up
the circulation f the blood, and to prevent that set
tling of the blond upon the central organs, and its co
agulation, causing its resemblance to ; tarry sub
stance, which is so marked an accompaniment of the
4 Ccnenlly, the calomel, aided and accelerated in
its action by these auxiliaries, produces Ihe proper
effect upon ihe liver in from one to two hours, and
when this takes place the cure may he considered ef
fected. When, however, the pioper nct'nn is not pro
duced bv ibis dose in from one to two hours after it
Is oo'ii.uifleied. nuci. or smaller nose must be taken,
t . . II a. a
wlocii very rnrciy i iiis lo prouiii.-e tue pioper ctlect.
This is the main treatment of the disease, hul Fr the
farther part'culars, I have wri'den to Dr. Cartwright,
this day. The success of this treatment was seen by
myself and many others, and w as most w onderful."
The Asiatic Cholera proves by dissection, the Medi
cal Examiner says, lo he Jbe intlHnmati on and uh'er-
ation of the various membrane of ihe bowe. The
conient? of the stomach ami inleslincs, ferment and
putrify, vomiting, and swelling of the abdomen quick-
lv follows, and the patient sinks. Dr. Maxwell, of
Calcutta, says ho cured himself by copious drafts of
effervescent soda powders in cold waiev; that he nf-
tet w ards saveil many a life bv the same treatment.
He says that no remedy will avail except relieving
ihe bowels of the fermenting contents, and if this bo
noi done gently, it will be fatal.
I.?si.alv'.iitei r.Y V,ccivatiov. A physician of
Fulaskieo., 111., has been sentenced to tin; peniten
tiary for Ihe icrm of f'ur years and a half, upon a
charge of manslaughter, growing out, of his vaccinat
ing a man villi small pnv. mailer, from ; effects of
which he died. Pa rt ieulars not rivcri.
Cases of ibis kind are constantly occurring, which
the law never touches. Ai least one person was thus
killed in this city, last winter, and probably more than
one. Älany others were inoculated with scrofulous
matter, and thus made very siel:. Wc hiv bio sores
on the arms of more than one person, which should
have destroyed the reputation r.f any practitioner.
The London Medical Times, in an article on the
rc-appeo ranee of the scurvy, and alluding to it having
been on board the Karitan, Potomuc, and Falmouth,
while operating in the Hulf, fiavs the American na
tion should demand the dismissal of the medical staff
connected with our naval service.
Something Nr.w ExmcTtü ! The London Athc-
nieurn states that l)r. Furadny, in pursuing his re
searches into the operations of magnetism, has ob
tained evident proofs of some mechanical power, new
to our knowledge, nnd connected it, a rcmurknble
manner with ma2iietitn.
O-Ac-ounts from Hrilish (niana to the Wnh ult.
state that there has been no impiovement iu Ihe nolit-
, . . . .
r,H ,,n" nuanciai eotuinion ol inn loony. The
. , . c e , , "J'
itf.ithi.P In J Iww.n fnwi fur II. i. i... TI..-.I. . .. .1
weather has b'vu fine for the crops. .Murders and
robberies by the blacks ore frequent, and Ihe planters
are loud in their complaints against tho mother coun
try and free labor.
AcqctTTEii. Theodore Olcott, cashier of the late
Canal Ihnk, New York who has been on trial at Al
bany for embezzling $l,00 of the funds of the Og
densburg Hank, win, on Tuesday, acquitted. Judge
Parker took the ground, in his charge to the jury, ihnt
Olcott had only committed a In each of trust. He is
to bo tried on the chnrgo of perjury.
fjCrThc Mississippi papers stale, in the most posi
tiv! terms, that C d. Jefferson Davis w ill not accept a
cabinet office under General Taylor, his father-in-law,
unless he has assuiances that Iiis administration will
be democratic, on the Halliinoic platform.
Tiir. Kentucky Pa renn arc beginning to discuss
the subject ol emancipation, which, they say, will
form a prominent topic before tho coming Constitu
tional Convention. The Louisville Courier says that
nothing can be hoped f,,r M,rt of the removal of the
negroes from Kentucky.
Appl cation will bo made to the Legislature of New
Jersey to charter a company with a capital of $;(K),
(HX), to construct a railroad from Freehold, to connect
with tho Camden nnd Amboy railroad, at or near
West Turn Out.
IIousEs tor Caliiornia. A carpenter in T-enton,
named D. S. Aneerson, has contracted to build u do
zen Ira me houses to be sent to California.
Turkirs in Cincinnati on Monday (Christmas( uohl
ns high 0 i5tV,f)() n piece. Cheap diet to vorne, though
some might die at the price.
Tb Frrucl. C....UU.II....
A run l r. -i 1 1 1 ii iii tins co.ist il nt loo in im Ulli versa I- i
iJy of snli7iire. It provides t tin I all Frenchmen, aged
'J1, in posM-ssion of their civil and pdilieal rights,
:i r? electors without nnv proriolary qualification.
This ndtnits to sufiVav.o : 1 1 poron of Full noe und
sound mind, not e.p.i'ri;.ted o.' convicted id" crime.
und it i founded noon 1 1 rational d ' trine, that prop
lerty is not the onlv or principal ri'i'it for whose pro-
"CIm.ii e.v.l ,Vernir..,u u asiiesssivii. cw,m im
i a iff .
the dort n ne prevailed nievciv Male in our Union. I
i, .,, i ,, , i- . . i - i i
hut lh.ou?h Ihe prevaK-i.ee , t.n.J.so .dea. Km'Z1 !
cusimiii, and the institution of slavery, our riht r :
eu.lYnjro M more like thai o anstoemtie lnland, than
that of Democratic I-ranee. In :Mass:ic!u,f.clti, 1'ic ,
lowest qualification js ihe payment of .i jm.'t, capiltt
Hon tax, 5rtl,."0. In Virginia lh qualifications are
various, much highei than in Massachusetts, and
founded upon property. Hence while Massachusetts,
with n population of 3 50.000 whiles in 1840, ruft
13."V(H)!) votes in 1843. Virginia will. 700,(H)0 whites
in IS 40, cast only 69,000 votes in 1818. Thus 40,000
men are excluded front voting in Virginia, by want
of property, most or all of whom would have been ad
mitted to vote iu Massachusetts! So in New Jersey,
the whites were :)lf.uO0 iu 1840, and the voles 77,000
in 1818, while in North Carolina, Ihe whites wer
010,000 in 1840, nnd the voles only 80,000 in 1818.
Urion the basis of New Jersey, the votes of North
Carolina should be l0.,000. U'poii the basis of Xoith
Cirolina, ihe voles of New Jersey would hnvo been
on'y f8.000. Thus we m v, even iu our own coun
try, the effect of that aristocratic idea which makes
property the principal right of society. In England,
thi basis excludes six sevenths of tin.' adult male pop
ulation from nil share in tho government which rules
them. Properly is a right merely conventional ;
Inoiigh ns Ihe inslinei is nanu il, the right lo acquire,
hold and enjoy it is natural. Hence the rights of prop,
city should lie fully prelected. Hut the rights of life,
lilierty, character or feeling, are paramount to those of
property, and therefore should tie the liist objects of
care, and not the I M, in civil government. The En
glish doelrine, that a man without properly has no
slake in ihe community, is entirely onplulosophical.
He has ihe rights qf life, liberty, character, and the
acquisition of property, and therefore is ns much in
terested in maintaining government, a, the possessor
d millions, and as a general ruh?, is more desirous of
maintaining Vcc novernmeut. Dr. Franklin illus
t rated this, by the case of the voter owning an as,
who lost his franchise ny ihe animal's death. Did the
franchise be'ongto the man or the a-s?
Another ood feature of this constitution is o ir leg
islative body. It is good for France, and would be
for every other country in Europe, hut would not be
good for us. Much speculation has appeared in Amer
ican journals upon this question, some mainlainin?
that only one chamber is a great defict in the French
system, others Iba, two sue a great evil in our own.
Doth seem to oveilook a very imHrtant consideration,
the adaptation of institutions to the character and po
sitions of nations. The French are impetuous, rash,
impulsive, yet obedient to discipline. Tiirouuh cen
turies of nulitaiy organization, they are essentially
military in character. Hence they require decision,
promptitude, energy in government. They net much,
and deliberate little. Hence they are not qualified fir
delay, doubt, uncertainty, indecision. They can en
dure tyranny better than Mispense. Hence they re
quire a government that shall AruV, that shall do
wrong, rather than do nothing. Not sufficiently vers
ed in the practical details of free institutions, yet
enthusiastic noon iumx of fier-dmu, ihey will endure
desj) dism, if it he democratic. If then, they should
have two chambers, checks upon each other, the t'e
lays and inceitainties resulting from such organiza
tion WonUI place lie'in in danger of frequent distur
bances. Decide! Decide! Only decide! Such is the
French idea ot government, and such will it be, until
France lias lived through two or three 'fenerations t.fi
,?(.,or.,ii.. ret.ntdii.finiJio-
t. . . . . a . .
t-'.aVtl.i.. r.-k.kll.nli.kM.kktkKa. Stj.f II. . . I . - -. i
i -
uwv ..in yx:K on u III.U..V.II.-I .en iiiuoiny ?'mice in llupl uf ,IP -d I..d.aiia V.duiitcer :
the necessity of one chamber. Eurojie is now in the j ie rrsotve l by the General Assembly of Ihe State of In
midst of a strug"lc between democracy and nristrera-' ditna, Tht our Uepiesintatives in Cong;es be rpested.
cy , which will probably endure through the present !
generation, and may endure longer. Thrones may l;c i
, ,. , . ,1,1 i
demolished, and privileged orders suppressed. J.ut
u.e neirs ano pretenuers to tnrones will sun live, ami . i,M.,i,c into the cunduci of U rn. A. llowle, on the 23d of
enormous inequalities of property, the source of nris- j I'ibioary, I S 47-
toeracv, will ; i 1 1 prevail; and hence tho privileged, That it shall le Ik duty of the Coventor or this State, to
thou"i, de.'eated, will not b? annihilated, but will nm-' ölW2ul ! ,Mch ' , f (m,,r "'l' ?oJ liep.en-utatives in Con
,, , . 1 i T : gicss, a duty aittkteil copy ir Ibis icsolution.
1 1 1 1 il . j, siihjm; i" ii-,wv.i nun rrai "-iii''ii. ill
such a conflict, a French, or Herman, or Italian Sen
ate, Upper Chamber, House of Lords, or any other
legislative check upon the immediate representatives
I jm m - a . 1
ot the people, would Ik n house ot incessant mtrignei
t against, popular rigots ami progressive il ii trmes. J he :
habits and prejudices ol hurupc, Ihe growth o centu-t li'-wr' from ('mo-ailicr.
rrs, nnd therefore not extinguishnble in a day, would U Mr. Hand dl, against the bill repealing the laws re
fill such Jion.se with aristocratic pretender, nod thus! laliv to professional gambling. Tins bill pioposed the
keep popular rights cont inually in danger. Should repeal of tho law s of lb Hi, und revival of ihe law ol
fiermniiL' Italv. Snain. become remihlies. their ancient ! lt-l 1
... ... 4. I
n.ul Present subdivision into sen.-. rate Slates I would of-!
r . , n c . . . t i ! i i . . r' i
lui' c. ii i ii r vpm vr I ir n m ii on I lei in tier I ol t i n ! r:i i ir 1
n consolidated repntdic, such necessity does not exist.
And even in (Innnany, Italv, Spain, Federal repuhli
e-nism, which supjioses a domestic government for
each Slate, would not require two chambers to pre
serve confederate equality , or State rights. The Swiss
confederacy have only one chamber, containing two
deputies f.o.n each canton, the vote bciti'liv cantons, j
n.,.1 r.. .,t.... i,fif..r ...... v,tn SJ.I. wu.J
,,.!., i 1 ... i i. i .ii r i
tent during l ie devolution, and under the old coined-1
7, .. .
eiation, till ItJ, Ihe commencement o, our present
cnn '"inioii.
I.. i r. . .1 i r:.i
ill our reuutuic, iwo ciiauiiiers are necessary, w nil
no ooueiful and jealous neighbor.-, accustomed to de-
Iiheration, and being n coiilVderacy of hornogeneons
Slates, we are iu no danger from dJlay, can rdlhrd to'
waite nnd deliberate, and must maintain State right. I
M., , ... . . . , '
l.e inequility m our States is inconsistent with a;
vole liy Slates, for it would render the small too pow -
erful; and il is inconsistent with a vide by numbers,!
for it wotihl destroy the power ot the small States.
e require a. combination ol tho two, nnd have got
it. S 1110 American who see every thin" through an
English medium, regard ourSenatoas l,5 aristocratic
part of our svstem. It is no more, aristocratic than
the House. It is the representative of our Imdia jmlt-
, our cnnlons, our Slates, tho memhers of ourcrih
fedoracy ; tho House being the representative of the
people. Existing in this compound capacity, we re
quire this compound representation, as a security for
both State and popular rigots. Ihe same rule will
ultimately apply to Germany, Italy, Spain, but not un
til they are thoroughly purged of political aristocra
cies. As fiicIi mischiefs nave never existed in our
country, we require no immediate fences against them.
hut a.s they predominate 111 Euiopo, the people inns-
guard against iheni till they are thoroughly extinguish
ed. Therefore we advise every European republic to
have one chamber r.t present. Ledger.
Clav and Wr.rsi nw. The Taylor organ of New
York, the "'iiing Mirrnr, says M'hiy's inlhicnce
gave Virginia to the Locof-cos;" ami that, it can
"trace thi treak of I'llra Clayism, from Alaine lo
Georgia." Further "that Air. Chy wrote to his
friends iu this city a loiter, in which he spoke of the
Philadelphia nomination as 'drgrndtUivn to Ihe ciig
parttj his own hand writing will prove. We know
that he was written toby his old and trw friend.s, !
from nil ariH of ihe country, urging him, and be
seeching him to speak a single word, or writcn. single
line, in favor of the candidate whoso name was be
foie the people.
Even Ihe ladies tried their arts of persuasion, and
employed theii fair hams iu writing lo him prayers
for the salvation of the Whig cause; but till in vain.'
Of Vi;ii'ki:, the Mirror says, "we musi insist
that ihe strength In gae us was perfect weakness.
He certainly lent 'aid ami comfort to the enemy by
pulling into their months arguments nnd objections
rgainst our candidate which Ihey industriously used
upon ihe Mump, and printed ami ciiculated ns their
ablest and most cffecliveenmpnin documents.' Will
any one venture to nsM-it llmi Mr. Webster did all in
his power to promote tho election of (Jen. Taylor 'I
Wo Ihiuk not."
Verily, the Tav(.oi? camp is nlrendy sulliciently in
harmonious. llnchestr? Jl'it!iciiu.
Pxmaparte presented Moreau.onone occasion, with
a magnificent pair of pistols, and pi id him a striking
compliment : I intended," siiid lie, to hive the
nanus of your victories engraved upon them, but
there was not room for them !"
IIot.H DitowNF.n. Two hundred and fifty live hogs
were drowned at Portsmouth, Ohio, a few d iys since,
by lho sinking of a keel hont.
Vivr. La Ilt Miii'i;. Dr. C llyer, the model ar
list M man, it giving lectures in New York on the
Clifornia gold fever.
3 1101(1110 C 0, l 5 I ft t II V C.
Kbidw. Pcrrmbct 29, ISIS.
The Governor communicated t the Senste, H12 number of
vole polled for and against common fiee c!.od, in ai.swci j
l.i i iitfiilnl inii iiii.1 rinrnu limn tiiien
V i
. , . , 1
hur Mie lelieT of Iaar llaoly and uliici.
To m,e , ffi.ct(Uy prtve.,. the leia.l.,. ..f tidt ! piiits ;
iu rrrlutl) COo.mil thciriu I
inc ip nu- the Sltelby viilc airn of ihe Shctbyville and
K!ii.burh railica I mmpany.
I'ii aaipiiil I lie rh tiler of the Ucllifuiitaiue and Indianapo
lis lailnind eixnpany.
Mr D-ivi uilioiturcd a ifvdution Hiat a FCtect comnuttrc
be appninied to aceitain ynj leport win ther thespiin teim
of ttie ciictul e nil in Ihe 2J juJieial turoit, ran he t hangrd
o ns to have Ihe fot tcnn of ai l c uil in raid circuit c in
inence on the fust Mon.lay in Mch; ?it. pint.
't he aiiti-slacry lesolntion havinj tu en infiumally pacd '
ovn on Weduedjy, came up in order.
The question was on itiiking out Mr.O.ll' resolntion, em-
i : r 1.1.1 i. . . neu:...). I
ornciii (lie oruinaiirc ui ioi, aim inriii"t; kii. iiiuiin
amemtinenl, which foibid the introdurtion of slaveiy into
Cahr.iim and New Mexiro, while ll.ry weit leniloiie.
A division wai called, wltirli buugil Ihe Senate. ti a di
icxt vole i n Ihe quesli T utiikii'R tnt, anil which v.i de
cided in the negative ayes I.S, Hue 2S. So MiOi Ill's leso
Ititi t) w4 not fliirUcn nut.
Air sttwail moved to amend Mi Or It's resolution, hy ad
ding i wo oi time otheis.
Mi tlaivcy moved to lay duin on I he table, ccnicd ayes
21, o . r 23.
Mi Sicwait moved a call of the Senate j lt.
Mr Mi ('ait v moved o amend by inseitige resolution
meicly aflinnin I tic heedrn f ('alifnnii and New Mexico,
and instiucmg C"i2rc" ag-Jinst Ihe piiN.ie of any law for
the inlii'diirtioil ofkliVeiy into Iht Rime.
Mr I'-le ni) ed lo liy ihein on t tic lahle, which cairied
ayet iü, na 21.
Mi Mewail moved to iwtpine MeOith's ieolotion, which
was hut ayes l!, noes 27.
Mr Ihn kles umved to icrousiJor the vote by w hich the ie
soluiiiins of the lluuc were at i icken out, hHi a) cm 3,
uoe 1
Mt Hardin moved a call of the Senate, lost ayei 21,
10 c 2.)
1 he question w Ihm on aJeptin the Wilmot Piovio
looliitiou a offetrd bv MrOith, uludi icsultcd as follows :
Ytas Mesis. r.caol, ItncklcM, Cjs:iit, Conduit, Cor
nell. P-ivi-i, Day or K., I).iy of St. J.i., Dole, F.lti, K-mlish,
K.vaiis, tlai vci , Cialiam, Mmiii k, tlaivcy, llendiicks, IK-iod,
1 1 (i I In way, II.i'Ii I-1), lluhbaid, Muodi, Martin, Milhk in, M il
linau, Dull, t)boii e, I'o.tti, llandull, U-ibiuson, Kotlseau,
Sunpsoii, Ta'.cr, Walp.tlc, and VVtei 3.".
Nays Mcis. Adam, Hardin, llemy, lluloitciter, James,
Mlotl, MrCaity, Miller, Moiiiion, Head, and Sleelh II.
So Hie esntuli'iii wa in -cited in pl.ice of those coming
fi cm I he I ton-e.
Mr. II itl.iwav "flVred an additional resolution, instiurting
on i Confess'!. cn to vote against Ihe admission of any State
into the I'ni ni hcu uficr, w hielt maintains (he institution of
l.ivciy t caiii d ye yt, nys 15.
Mi lUrvty innved Ihe picviou question, which was sus
taineil aye 21. nays 22
The quesii-Hi wa then put on the engrossment of Mr
Oi th it ..hu ions, as amended by Mi llolloway, and adopt
ed, as foil. .ws :
Yr.AS Mesn. i;ead,Caatt, Conduit, (!ori ett, Davis, Day
of l., of St. Jo., Dolo, Kl'is. Kvan, ll inoir, llaivey,
llii.diicks, Heio-I, llnlhiwav, Houghton, lluboml. Marsh,
Martin, Millian, Orth, Osbornr, Pnrter, Haiulall, llobiusuu,
Uoii-eaii. Simpson, Walpole, :n d Waters 29.
Nays Mcssi. Adam, Kilish, (lai vei. (Iiaharn, Ilatdin,
Heniv, Hut!' tetter, James, Mahnt, MrCaily, Milhken, Mil
ler, Mollisou, IU;d, Sleelh, stewait and Tuber 17.
hen Mr Milliken's name was called, he said tht le was
willing t i vo'e foi Mi.thtliN U'olutions nf iixliuction he
believed they weie rtht ; but he would uol vote lot the iu
s i oc iuos tacked on to them by Mr II. Iloway. He believed
iliat Conjiess ttad nopnver t t'eny the admission of n new
Stile into the Union because it lecnmztd the institution of
&lavei). 1' . liiit ici'on tie was compelled to vote against
the engrossment of the leioltitions as n.w aaieiided.
Mi Kubuisoo movi-d in suspend the rules and teaJ (he ie
.oliiliotis a t-:iid time, which was dirus.ed some time by
Mi-si s. Cai vei unit Milüken, in i tie in j;ali ve, rud Mco.
ItcliiM.n 3i d Ibdioway in the allinnative. Kc-fuic any vole
was uken Ihe
Siuatc attjouincd.
Mr Miller introduced the following joint resolution in re
l,t "ur Semiots insuueteJ, to cuse to be pbced on the lilts
Wn 1)';!,:lilnl'M,' f;: 1e,m.a"',, "fficiicf.tlic nutrs
uf toe con 1 1 ol mqiiuy called to inquire into ihe conuuci of
, j , f , ,d asu of .e,,,, 4(f ilKl,jiy C3el to
Siintn ir, December I0, IS IS.
VeUimns i t sniivtl.
l)v Moser. Conduit, 5iew:rt, D.iv of ist. Joseph. and
Kand;il, and appropriately reicrriMl.
The question being upon concurring in the report of
the counnitte, niter some debate bv tlessr. hobinson.
' . '
Orth, Henry, 1 1 ol Iowa v. Wal pole, Siv;irt and Lili,
On motion of Mr. Ilohinson, the bill was referred to a
Beiert committee.
Tho iScuilo odjourncd.
Hit's I'asstd.
Ketative to the cornmtssionei of the western division
r lho "'hilo and Mississippi 1 .ilroad company.
I'oftliM rchel'of Aaron Wioeler, of Laporte ounly,
Authori.ing ihe ehciion of an additiona justice ot the
. i n . , J
; peace, in Adams township, Mmgnu county,
j IImls ,,, ro,M..ins lorlloI1 0," iho law which re-
quires couniv colleciors ot taxes lo attend one day in
i . . r - . . .
'earn township ol meir rounlies.
l'or lho lelief of -lu iiiian Aigner.
Locniiu a Siaio mail from Fai.f.ix, in Monroe county,
lo Fiuley's MdU, i.i Jackson tounlv.
. Auil.,..z.r.g ..-......er l L.porl county to
uoi low money, anu itir oi uer purposed.
A,.,i.n.iff i,,,., Wnm,- Unrmnr m,i.v mr.io
I - 1..11 ;n ..i..... v
j.'or li,e rciitj' 0f Mntihew IIcPheiridSc, of Monroe
; county-
Kelntivo to the board of commissioners of the county
j f I 00110.
Cliau-in the mode .r doing rmmty business iu the
I com,l.v ol Warrick, f.o.n jukIicuj of ihe pence to co.n.nis-
Authoiizing Ihe probate court of IJnrlholomnw to hold
its February session two weeks.
To extond the liino ol wot king ihe road and highways
of ('lay county.
To change- the name, ol ihn town r.f I'lernersburnh in
the. county of Mouroo, lo Hint ol Union ville, and for
other purposes.
Repealing certain law so far ns relates lo Owen eo.
Providing for the selcclim of pelit jumrs in Jackson
Mr. Oshorn reported hack the bill amending ihn net in
corpornttiig the Kosciusko, Elklinrt and .Miami Itailroad
company ; which was road the third lime and parsed.
S. veinl lull weio laken up, rend u firl nnd st-coud
time, and referred or ciigrut.sod.
Mr. Miller, on leave, presented a petition ; referred
without reading.
Mr. Hubbard repotted a hill for tho relief ol Mr. Jas.
Wnlers ; passed lo iid rending.
Mr. C.inall introduced a bill explaining rei tain sec
tain section of (he lteied statutes ol 15 til; referred.
Mr. Orth introduced 11 bill (o amend Ihn act incmporn
lin the L.ihtyello and D.iuvillu ruihoad Company; re-
Mr. Morrison offered n resolution calling upon ihn nu
peiiiiteiidcnt of the northern division of the central ca
nnt lor cert. tin information iu relation lo water power
leased, V:. ; ndopn-d.
Tho llntim bill regulating ihe granting of liceuvei in
('oiim.rkville came, up on its first rending ; and
On nintnm of Mr. Simpson, was rejected.
Mr. Harvey, liom lho eouunilleo on unfinished buto
news repot ted back lho bill of laut semion upon I In sub
ject of revision and cousolidaliou of Ihn laws relative to
loads nr. d highways in the Slate; lefened.
Mr. Enghtdi reported a bill f r Ihn lelief of William
C. A. Ihme, of Scott county; referred.
Mr. Carver inltodiiced ihe l.dlnwing resolution :
"That when Ilm Sennlo ndjouiii I hi evening, it ad
jouin to meet on next Tuesday.' Lost, ayes 11, noes
Mr. MeCarly intiodurd a bill to inenrpmatu tho Lau
il l and IJIootnuigrovo liirnpiko co. ; relerred.
The bill Ihr Ilm relief of Mr. Fitpatrick wan taken up,
and lifter tonne dicuinn,
Mr. Wnlp.ihi moved to lay the amendment proposed
bv Mr. D'ivis upon lho tablu; carried, ayes noes El.
Mr. Davis moved Iu lay Ilm amendment re purled by
tho com ..itleo on lho taldo ; lot, ayes ID, noet M.
Tim report of thu cotnmillee was Iben concurred in,
and Ihn bill cngrnsüiul for a third reading on Monday
Tho Scnato adjourned.
house of ki:pkf.si:ntativi:s.
Hatchoav, Dereinber IM), 1Ö48.
Petitions, Memorials and lluwmstranccs.
Ily Mr St at buck, petition, which was icfetied to lh com
mittee ou coipoialiun, without reeling.
lly Mr Cnckium, a petition letiried to a lelect com
mittte. lly Mr Wood, petition fiou Citizen uf Jickon c-unty,
lo nil school hm.h j irfcnid U romtnitlrc utt education.
13 y Mi Cotton, n petition to incmporatt a company to con
tiuct a laihuad.
is from Standing (mnrnittrrs.
Uv Mr lliilan fr.irn ),m ri-iiiiiM nf witi an.1 m ini
rrci mm iiiliii.' ihe iuh finite piKipnnemeiil i f a bill t i in- I
en tSe ilii-- ef (tivi'tii-i , I'ifnt-nt JuJge tf eiicuit
cnintJ mid I'luttate Ju-lc.
Hv Mi II. hn, fiem same rrr.mittee, a bill to prevent
ties mei an. I -il ci Ifieei , f,o"n ueeivin contiuclive per
Ci'iitae wi Ii arm labni'tii ; ronrunrt! in.
Ity Mr Julian, fioni jn.ln i a y com i itte, a t i 1 1 reqnirint;
rnniiiiiM'iiini appxiiee I to ae II teat entile, to give boiut, and
rccemmr ni'in imh liupe pos niiemei)t.
Mi itiokirk iixpmed, whtihei ihe eo-n oittt e in making np
Iheir m port had hie saii'u-d ih.it ueti cotnmiii)iier c t
I eq wi i cd by the preent law hi give b nd ."
Mr Ju'ioi irplietl lint Ihe law a it n w il. lequ'ocs that
such ci minisionen hall peif.orn their dutie uateruih
Urini a aic lequiied liy the couit.aiid he Ihuugbt (he law a
it n, sufficient.
Mr Itmkhk aid he legretted he wa compelled to dilrr
wjih the commit tec. lie said that it w only by impl'n a
tion that Mich commissioner my he inpiiird to give hon.1.
He tlioiight it wit very iaipnitaol in all cae, they hmii I
be compelled to do 0 lie In known iietanre id laie es
tate" having been nll by emmisionen, and the heim de
frauded out of the whole of such estate, lie lhujltt the du
tie of eommiii'iiei weie a imp uiant a the dutie of ml
rninisttat ns in mu-li sale, and udenio ni 1 h t or- were alivay
rrquhed to give bond. He thought Ihe hw ought to be uni- ;
fount the inif 1 t of widows and hein ih man ted it. He
con'd not nee why the passage of lite bill hnuld be oppoe.l.
He said it was imt the piacitce in the circuit cots to iepiic
Ixutils of commiiioneis, and it wa tiange that geullemeu
couhl not ce ihe pmpticty f dunging such practice. He
aked whf liter it wa go-nl icaoning to suppose lhat ctn
misioni r appointed by Ihe cuit to sell teal elate, were
more honest than other men peifoiming a similar duty.
Mi Julian lead the clause of the Matute applying to the
subject, and uave hi view in explanation of it.
The lepnil of the co-nntittee wa concurred in.
U v Mr Ju'hu, fiom judiciary committee, a bill to pievent
intemperance in Wayne township in lleniy county
Also a hill lo iiiem p irate the Ccniial plank rod company.
Mr I'lhva th moved to lay the bill on the table, and Ihe
syc. anil noc wcic called aye 20, noes 71.
Mr Wolfe moved lo amend (he biM hy adding feclion prn
vi ling lhat the State sh,il hive Ihe ii,:ht to t ke slock to Ihe
value of all improvement ahcidy made, that the road be
free for lianpt lation of m nli, and men and munitions of
war, either of ihe Stte er of 1 lie United Stale. Thai ihe
ralue of improvement shall be a(eitaii.ed by two commit
sioners. one to be pni.iuted by ihe I..vemor, and the other
by the company, whose duty it .lull be 10 leport to the Sec
retary of State, w ho shall nuke such repott a part of hi next
Mi Huddlestoo moved to lay the amendment on the table,
on whiih the aye nnd noes weie called aei 60, noes 33
Mi Johnston, of Putnam, moved lo lefer the bill lo a se
lect committee of one fioni each county through which the
load passes; on which motion the ayes and noes were caded
ayes 3 1, noes nG.
House adjourned.
AFTr.rtMPon r.io?c
Hills read a third time and passed.
To incorporate Lamasco city.
Relative to Ihe estate of John Fishley.
Ciealing Mniion couit of common plea.
To amend an art entitled " An art to auund article 5, chap
ter 5, of Ihe tevUed Mamie.
To amend lhe piactire in chancery.
To lepeal an act entitled An acl pioviding for the open
ing and improving of certain toads and highways in Momoe
Atnhoiiing David Moss to sell certain stone in Hamilton
To incoip irate the Fair Play fue engine ard hose company,
in Madiv.n.
To change the name of t'miline Grubb.
To Irgalie Ihe sale of ceilain school land.
To amend act incoipmating the town of llreensburg.
To incoiporalc (he Ihookvilie and Fait field turnpike com
pany. To amend an art incorpoiating the Crawfoidsville and Wa
baIi isihoid co npaoy.
Relative to the sale of certain -ehaol land therein named,
an.! to amend article t3, chapter 13, of ihe icvisel statute.
To incoipoiatc ihegcneial aciation of Ujptists in In
clian .
K01 relief of William Armsliong.
For relief of Li vim Whistler.
Tu amend ihe plat of the city of Cambridge.
C),i m .lion, the rules were suspended, and leave grntcd to
infto.lurc ills.
Hy Mr llnskiik, a bill fur lelief of Solomon May, en.
lly Mr Wolfe, a bill to change the venue of a cvitaincaue
Iio.v pending in Mai ion eiicuit court, to the county of Knox.
llcporls from Standing t'ommillets.
Ily Mi Blakcrnoie. a bill from the committee on canals and
internal impiovement.
Hy Mi Ihwson, fiom judiciary committee, recommending
the indefinite postponement of a bill to amend sections 40 and
42,chap!ei 28, of the revied statute.
lull lo icpejl pait of the Statute tehtive to notice to n n
Reeouimending indefinite postponement of a bill relative to
county surveyois.
Ittli de laiing the Irue intent and meaning of an act defin
ing the duiie of county treasurers.
Hy Mi Maddux, fiom same committee, recommending in
definite postponement of a bill 10 amend chapter 50, of the
revised statutes.
Qr.ecoinmending the indefinite postponement of a bill to re
duce lite number of giand jurors in (iieene county.
By Mr Alexander, fiom the committee on road, aeaint
the expediency of I. gislaling on the subject of a bill to equal
ize road taxes.
Hy Mr Kdinonston, from the committee on corporations, a
bill to amend an act incorporating the Hanirn, IS'ew Tun
ton, Kcchesler and Biookville lailioad rompuiv.
Hill incuipoi.itii'g ihe Cioss I'lains and Laughery turnpike
liill 10 amend an act incorporating the Richmond and Wit
liamsluigh ttiinpikc company.
By Mr Kdwaids, a Lilt authoiizing the construction of a
pl ink load.
Bill to amend and icduce to one, several acts incorporating
the city of Madison.
Hy Mr Spencer, a bill to incorpoiate the Lapoite iron maou
factuiing compmy.
By Mi Rvan, a bill incorporating the Terrysville and Dan
ville, and Pel lysvillc and fleoigetown plank road company.
Bill lo incoiporate me Covington diavvbridge company.
Hy Mr Dought ily, of Moigan.a bill incoipoiating the Mos
cow anJ IHotJUjiiigt..n turnpike company.
Bill to incoip natc the Mt. Carmcl and llanison turnpike
Ily Mi Ryan, fiom the committee n State Library, a bill
rehtivc to law libiaty ; on motion, iu.h finitely pestpnncd.
Hy Mr B nboui . fiom jsdiciaiy committee, a till gianting
the jnde of ihe probate couit ol St. Joepli, the lijjhl to tiy
writs of halu a rot; u.
Hill lelative to the jurisdiction of justice of the peace in
ceitain ciiminal cas,-.
Bill icbtive to clTjcial misconduct of county commission
ers. Ilf ports from Select Committees.
By Mr Find, a bill rehtivc to the col eclioti of taxe, giv
ing county cmnmissiiMiei the rijhl to fix ltc time when the
ti 1 asm ei shall attend ai places uf election for collection, pro
vided such lime be fixed between the ht November and 1st
J jnuuiy.
By Mr Webster, 1 bill to icuhtc the ftci and salaries uf
ceitain odicer in the cuniy of Delawaie.
On the question of engrossment, the ayes and noci were
There was a good deal of opposition to this bill, en the
ground that it was thought to be lather economical in it
piovision. Ii was tlmulit by many not to be the sentimeut
or desire of (tie people of Dehwaie county. It w-s thought
the bill tedneeJ Ihe fees of officer loo low in projKiilion to
the icsponV.uility. Mr. Orr, however, contended that it was
the wish of hi constituents. He said he had been instiucted
by the vote of his constituents to intioduce the bill, and he
thought the llotisc thjulJ, out of courtesy to his constituents,
vote to sustain it.
By Mr Withers, a bill regulating township ascoii and
Bv Mr Oillu'ii, a bill for the relief of John Guthrie; on
motion, ujected.
By Mr Pieice, a bill authoiizing the electiou of township
ajesfots in the cotinty of Jay.
By Mr Wolfe, a bill ichtive t action uf tort.
Hy Mr Wood, a bill to define ihe county of Blackford.
House adjourned.
Moidav, January , 164.
Petitions Wero presenled by Metsrs. Ellis, llollowuy
and Osborn, and appropriately icferred.
I!' Otis fmn Committee.
Mr. Hendricks reported a bill to locale a Slats road
in tho counties of J tiler son and Ripley ; pn.cd to a 12J
Mr. Wnlpole, from the committou on canals and inter
nal itnpiuvemeiils reported hack tho bill lo amend the
chin ter of thu While Water Valley canal company, with
an amendment ; concurred iu.
.Mr. Ilolloway moved lo it commit tho hill as amended
tu lho committee on tho judiciary.
Messrs. Whlpolo and Milhkeii opposed recommitting
thu bill.
Mr. Ilolloway, in n ppeech of considerable length urg
ed the reference.
The hbnlo wns spirited and earnest, und occupied Iho
greater pmtion of ihn loiononn mssion.
Thu Venule adjourned.
ar rr. un oos tssios.
Hills l'issrd.
Legalizing the acts of Ihe as-enni, auditor, and ticsuiei
of Liigiatige county.
loroiporalmg ihe town of Maoiesville, iu the county of
Ch inking Ihe name of the (own of Coluiiibia, in the county
of Svtzii.-lld.
Authoiizing tho Auditor of Lapoite county, to make deeds
in ceitain case.
(.'hanging the name of Thomas B.oaii.
Kor the lelief of Roheit Kenne. ty and Adam HartniJii.
House dill regulating the fees of county olUcvis in Black
f..rd county.
House bill amending lite act regulating the mode of doing
township business iu the county of Klkhsit.
Amending the acl incoipoiating the junction railroad com
pany. establishing the Mnioii couit of common plea.
Amending the acts incorpoiating the Michigan HaJ com
pany. RiguUtiug the Jut is lie ion uf J ulices of the peace in Jef
feilen and Ruh countui.
To facilitate (lie diMhuse of moitjigci ivlii to the State
t. M-ruie ihr payment of bank t k.
T.i on oiM.rute Ihe F.nl Wayne and Southern rtiLod to 1.
Junv. To inenip.,raie (e Vahiii:tuu fue company in the town
of Auiuia
Mr Ktiii i tT.-te.l a iei.Juti n rilling uj-on the Auditor f r
Informati. .11 in lelation to the W-bih 11J Klie cnil, which
Mr Ostium pieentfd a petition which nil rf tied n iih-
ont rea 'tnx.
Mr HurWIe ffTeied a 1 r .1 n t ion nttu.r iz'i ihe rmmittce
on finance to eml foi pen ns an t papei, in the matter te
femd 10 Ihctn in icK ton to I lie iitcnt uf tiie Sljtc in the
Medium and liniuinpiiliv raitrnal; adopted.
Hills introdtucd.
lly M r Tuber, authorizing thi erection ol ddnot in the
Walinnh river ubovu thu dam t tho luvui of 1)1. .In rt
f. rred.
lly Mr ttobirmon, to more 1 lfeetually prevent the dese
cration of the Sabbath ; passed to a d rendoig.
Ily Mr Msloll.to ie pen I a porte-n of -elion of
chapter ID. ol the Kevine! Statutes of ItH; referred.
Hv Mr Milhken. respecting nitomejs nt luw ; referred.
Hv Mr llendrirke, to incorporate Council No. l,o tho
Order of American Mechanics; pitted to 11 4J I reading.
Hv Mr (inrvei, in relation to uralt of county auditor
nnd reeordeis ; ii fein d
Py the n one, to d. line the duties o executors ami ad-
tnini!lralor in c rluoi raes; n ierreu.
1 A copy ,,f tho proceeding of a meeting of citizens of
j Vei million county, tel.itive to the Wubah mid Erie Ca
nal, W.H I iid before the Semite ; r felled.
On motion, the Senat ruljoiii lied.
nousi: of ui:pki:si;.ntativi:s.
Mond v , January 1, lS-H.
V'ou, yr., lull rut need.
Hy Mr Wood, petition n lerred without re.oliug.
Hy Mr lhady, of Roheit F.ul, referred to coinrnitteo
on can il nnd internal improvemeiiTt.
Iy Mr V'eli.ler, lefened to judiciary.
Hy Mr Wltheis, for divorce ; referred.
Hy Mr Cockium, to pass net lo icgulate act relative to
road and highway.
Hy Mr Miller, from citizen o Si. Joseph ; referred.
1V Mr Si intou, ng:iint pa:ige of law to tnkn funds
raised fr tchof.l purpoes out ol couuty w here rai-d.
Hv Mr. Itippev, i l ttive lo common hclmois; rclctred.
Iy Mr Jone, ief rieil without rending.
Hv Mr llnnkiii, fiom ci.izetn of !'..nnerville.
15 y Mr Drake, referred lo committee.
Hi (io h ftom Shi nth ng VtotitnUters.
Hy Mr Wimtnmlley, ngiint expediency of legislating
on petition il lative to poll lax.
Ii f yn, i k j i o,,t S 1 I'd Cnnimiiler.s.
lly Mr Doyle, amending act ciealing Tippecanoe cosrt
of common pleas.
AIo, to incoiporate the Laf.iyelle plank road co
Hy Mr Kiley, regulating lime of holding courts in tho
lillh judicial circuit ; rules suspended, re.id a lid Mid IM
times and p issed.
Hy Mr Hun Iv, to amend net incorpoiating Henry coun
ty plank ro.nl company.
Also, to incorporalH Lafayette plank road co.
Hv Mr Dougherty of Hoone, to vacate a certain town
iu Morgan county.
Hy Mr Webster, for the benefit of the officers of the
county of Delawaie.
Hy Mr Rice, for divorce.
Hy Mr Jones, to legalize n?csment of taxes iu Wayne
tow osliip, Rjiiholomew ccuuly.
Hv Mr Ryan, authorizing election nf an additional jus
tice of the peace in Adams township, Madison county.
Hv Mr Line, 10 amend act incorporating Faiilicld Hy
di.'uilie company.
Hy .Mr Harlan, in organize fchool .district, and nuking
that it be laid on tho table ; which wai concurred in.
Als, lo locate Slate road in Crant and Wabnsh coun
ties. Hy Mr Hankins, amendatory of net incorporating tho
town of Counerville.
On motion of .Mr Stanton, bill to incorporate Richmond
and Mew pull turnpike company wa taken up and plowed.
liel nitons lui, o lnc tl.
Py Mr Cond win, relative In school land.
Hy Mr Line, to go into com mil tee oi the whole lo
iiio.tow at 10 o lock on school bill.
Hy Mr Dunn, rerpiiiing Sl;le LihrMtm to return bill of
last session, relative lo Madison and Cios PI ins turn
pike company.
Hy Mr Hlakemorc, of inrjuhy into expediency of lay
ing "lax on dogs.
On leave granted, Mr. Campbell introduced a bill rela
tive to election of justice ot the peace and constable in
New Trenton, which was passed.
., it ' .snfulinis OjT-red.
Hy Mr Lozier, lelaiive to mileage of meinberi of Con-
Hv Mr Webster, relative to engineering instruments.
Hy Mr Spencer, iclalivc to graining lands on the Iro
quois river.
Dills Jnlrott'Cet
Hy Mr Ldwards, lo amend ct incorpoiating Terro
Haute and Richmond railroad co.
Hv Mr D"bon, to change time of holding circuit court
in Owen and Hrown counties.
Hv Mr Morgan, lo amend act extending jurisdiction of
! justice of lh peace.
Hy Mr Hrady, lor lelief of Josephus and Henry Mc
r arlaud.
Iv Mr Jackman, f r ndief ol Oliver S. Pitcher.
Hy Mr Rvan, to repeal a certain net therein named.
Hy Mr Withers, relative to lichts of married women.
Hy Mr Miller, relative to road lax iu St. Joseph co.
Hy Mr Tutile, to legalize ncls of auditor f Marshall
cou nty.
Hy same, relative to duties of county tiestirer.
Hy Mr Hick, lo change name of a certain society.
Hv Mr Julian, to inciease the salary of probate "juJge
in Wayne county.
Hy .Sir Odell, to incorporate plank road company.
Hy Mr Ross, relative to signing bills of exceptions.
Hy Mr Iukirk, relative to county comiiiiniorieie.
Hy Mr Drake, itlative to public works and abolition of
certain oflices.
Hy Mr II.ol in, relative to pay of probate judgo in
Grant emitry.
Also, relative to levying tax on the citizens of .Marion,
vhi h was pas?- I.
Mr Cox, on lcae granted, reported a hill relative to
collection ol deles.
On motion, ihe Iloiise. adjourned tül lo-morrow morn
ing 'J o'cl"C k.
A Hill uinif i nVrliüilly to irolrc t Uic
I'ropt'i'f y f JE:n-ri(l liiin.
Re it enacted 07 iht den rial .hfembfy of ih; State
of Indiana, That every species and description of prop
erty, whether conitin;r of real, personal or uiiied, which
may bo owned by or belonging to any üingh womnn, rhall
continue to be the property of such woman a fully after
her marriage a tefore, ai d all such properly, of whatever
name or kit d, which shall accrue any married woman
during coverture by wilt, descent, deed of conveyance or
otherwise, shall he owned, used and onjuyrd hy euch mar-
rieJ woman a her own separate property, and the said
projierty, whether owned by her before marriage or which
hull accrue lo her aflerwarJ, shall not be tuhject to levy
and execution fir the deb. a and liabilities of her hnahand,
nor shall such property bo eoIJ, conveyed, mortgaged,
transferred, or in any manner encumbered by her hufhand
without her written consent first had and obtained and du
ly acknowledged before name olliccr duly authorize! to
take acknowledgments for deeds of conveyance of real es
tate, that auch consent was not the result of coercion on
the part of her said husband, but lhat the same was given
voluntarily of her own free will, provided this law s-ti all
n t ho to tniistrurd a to apply to the debts contracted by
such married women before such marriage, hut in all aucta
case her said property shall be fust lisble the if for.
Sec. 2. That any married woman may do-pose by her
last witl and testament of her separate property, rest, r
pönal or mixed, whether the same accrues lo her before or
during coverture. Provided the said lat will and lestsment
be executed i-i ihe presence of two ur more, w itnei.it
neither of whom shall be her husband.
Sec 3. That ail laws or puts of laws contravening the
provisions of this, Is) and (he sstm are hereby repealed.
Ji:TlTs Arour. The .M uitrenl (Iar.e;te of Dec.
HUh, ayH that one or two bauds of Jesuit l ave late
ly arrived at lint place from Cnrope. Kxpellod from
Lurope, sayH l!n layette, ihey seek to establish
thems-dves epon this loiitineoT.
Nearly all the vtae proprietor in New York city
agreed to jie the proei s!s of their stager, vn tho
Jih n't.., as a donation to Mesuri. J. V V. Mur
phy, the stage owncis, w ho recently ht their proper
ty by fue.
Ca VAttiNAt'. "lirm nil C.tvaie;n.ic," av, the IVckho
"has just tukcti incaMites to have the remains of his
father, who died in lk lgium, exhumed ; they are to Imj
placed by thf side of ( lodefroy Cavaignac, III the Cem
etery id" lVre-lti-Ci-niie."
Krrr.i, tiik
AlKitoKKKi;. The (lencral Court of
Virginia, laut wee!., refused t allow a new trial in
the case of Wo. Iimlrilge Fppc, convicted of tho
minder of F. Adolphus .Muir, in Diiiwiddie. He i
sentenced to be hanged on they'd of thirj month.
To i.K Ri Mr.MbKi;i::i. The Flemish have a proverb
winch invohes ihe whole yr4tcm of agriculture :
Without forage, mi cattle: without cattle, no ma
nure ; without manure, no crop."
Tobacco hae rUen in price, owing, it ie said, to
increased consumption in France, Spain and Italy.
(Sulla percha soles tue n w put on ladies' ehota and
ji'iitcrp, wen rinu huce nü hnij as leather.

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