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Indiana State sentinel. [volume] (Indianapolis [Ind.]) 1845-1851, January 04, 1849, Image 1

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A strict construction of the (Constitution, and no
assumption f doubtful powers.
A Diplntnacy akin fur nothing Lut wlmt is
clt-arly ri,rlit arid submitting to nolliing wrong.
N. c 'iu'.nin hjtweeu the government and banks.
Ai tii ' vilr.r-n revenue tri ri 11.
No ptibhi: d 'tt, rjtl.cr by the (Imoral (lovcrn-
rrwnt r hy tlie States, except for ot.jvcts of urgent
.V. 'i- i:nj?inn !v tl , (iptieral (loveriiniriit of the
dvbr F tie S'att H, ciU.-r diri-cIy or indirectly, by a
difributi m nf tlu prv of the public lands.
No extcii'i.ve vit'iii of Internal Improvement by
the 1 5 men I (roveniriKMit or by the States.
A c uiNtitutio i il barrier against improvident State
The h meet payment of our debts and the nacrcd
preservation of tin? public faith.
A 'jra lunl return Iroui a paper credit system.
N. grants .f exclusive charters and privilege by
tpirlul legislation to banks.
No s.vmdl.ng corporntions.
No comwxiori between Ouirrli and State.
A preference fr Ieiivcrats over Whign for every
Acjuiesrene in ti e rule of the majority in all
cases i, i party discipline.
N proscription f r honest opinions.
Fostering aid to public education.
A pro;rtsiv'" reformation of nil nbu?op.
Tlte Widow.
A widow i n lUr.gerotia thirty,
With oft, Mnrk, aliininfc curls,
Am! looketh morn bewitching
Thin a hot of romping girl :
IIt laugh 11 no delirious
So knowing, clear, beside.
You'd never dream her thinking
Soon to become a bride.
Her tires, though made of f.iblei,
Girrs roundne to her form
A touch of something thoughtful,
A witching, winning charm :
And when she nil down by you.
With quint and unay grnce
A tfnr may fall unbidden,
Or a nmil light up her face.
Her voice is soft melodious
And lute-liLc in i'a tone ;
StiK aometiines sighs tia dreadful,
To pass through life aloiiti.''
Ami then she'll 111 you. you remind her,
Of the lov'd one dead and gone ;
Your step, your form, your features :
Thus the widow will run on.
Oh ! listen, yet be careful,
Pur well nf.H plays her part
Her lip distil tho ncctsr
Thüt doth enslave the heart :
lie guarded, r she'll win you,
With ihs, and toniles, and tears ;
P faith hell wear the breeches too
And box your illy ears. Mobile Herald.
A Sou u (Jiiii.t). A jirisoncr before the
Police? Court of IMulatI(.lplii:i, g.ivc the fol
lowing sketch of himself:
lw;i? horn weeping my daddy used to
ehew wormwood before I va born, ami mv
mother madt: a practice ot pelting urnnl; 0:1
. X'I. 1 ...... Iii!, 1.... .-.(.-v.l.-
vincpir. hen I was a little bov, nobody
wouldn't allow me to nus their children ; for
f . , , 1 I I I
tllCV Otl 1 riiriUC 111 uyspeptlC J lOOKetl SO
I j I , , ii" I r I . k.
completely sour -0 they ed. hen 1 went
to j-rhool i was aIo in lor tbo liek ns : and 1
I ii
do believe I belied it h orn every bov in the
. . . . , -11 T
school. At Iat I iit iiian-ied and my wife
left nifi in tlircc inontli. TIiltc's no use of -
;i-klll why, MlC SC'tl lllv I O Was HO UC Ol
livin' wit'i hrc'ilNc- if vi Icitl cliililn-ll
mill Wilt? Ill UL( .Ult II WC II. HI llllIUICII
tllCV U-Oll!(llt In :itl Vtlilli llllt Walkinir villC-
1 , ,t 1 I ,1
ll'.ir ( ll Ul'JV W:i l)0V Iintl II tllCV
I. I lt r . s
"i" U I, lll- U nt: nu u-juiji (.it., mi ii i.u-
t-ir ci-t itti r" to ntiviir all tili wnrM i)V
1.11 .11 JMiv iv. .ill tliu muiiu uj
their ?o!cniclioly jiliizzo?'
. " . TTT" . .
A SiNia lu Ismiuain. .Mi-s Idgcwortli, ;
t! ion r! l one of the most captivating and tin-
. . . .. r- . . ;-
cxct'i)ti)ti:il)lt; writers ol toe a;', iin.s never
!. . . I.. I 1. . ,...1.1 .,.t .f .-.li. :.,iv l,-r.
liitrudiiccil tht! Mihi'Tt ol religion into Iilt
works. This has been a subject of urpris
to m inv. And vet a healthful morality ncr-
vades her work. William Ilowitt, in the
course ol an account ol a recent visit to tne
11 ...l.. ..-...- I - . . r
vrnnrable spinster, who is no upuards of
ciirhtv. accounts f.r tlie peculiaritv, to which
- . . . "I ri
we iiave re!"rred, m this ire: "Her lather
1 i 1 - ,11 . I
beim: a (hhehever in revealed religion, In
made a proiiii-c never to write in favor of re-
,...!, .. , . .
Iigion, it he would consent never to write
t.f ;i 'ri.t.irr!. l.tr.rr llf tl,. ,.,a
o.tniT-t, ii. ... v., ".. ...w .-..v.
faithfully observed the compact.
Viit is Luxuuv. A candl'j would have
b'cn a lllXUrV to Alfred : a half-CTOWn COttOU
- ... .
gOWIl tO lllS (tieetl. (y.'irpetS, 111 lietl Ol
r.ihcs would have been luxuries to Henry
VII. Clav wimlows, III lieu ff horn, to Iiis
liohles. A lctttice to lletirV VIIl.'s QllCeil ;
... . , . 7
ilk trloves and stockings to iueeii Jbiizabetn ;
and so mi, wl infinitum. Mr. ('harlcs Wat-
rton, the author of omo orl;on natural
. . . . 1 . f .i . I.
Ill'lOrV, III HI! aCfOlllllOI IHN laillUjr, lUIII US
4 , 1 . I r ,.,.. l!, it.w. r f tint,
that one ol hi ant c-.oi-.ni lue tunc ol Men-
j-y IV was Clll illto IVanCO by the Kitl',
I ' 1
tVUII OrOLTi lt toil ll lt I l l;u lll.tri Iili;Cf ailU
was allowed a-dav for his trouble and 1
travelling cxncn-eC
Compvion- C.unna'ion U an emotion of
whicll We OtI"lt nCVCr to Ii? ashatlH'd. ,
. 1 , 1 t j.;
VsratM'IUlf Pal ll' mu i m uiu, 1" nu: iv.ii ui
svinpiithy, and the heart ihatinclti at the tale
of woe. We should not permit ease and
i ndii lireMioe to contract our atltctions, and
wrap us up in -df cnjovni''nt ; but wo should
acctbtom oiir?(:lv'S tn thinking of the dis
tresses of human life, id the solitary cottage,
thed)iM4 parent, and the weeping orphan,
Nor ou:ht we ever to 'port with pain or dis-
trei in any of our ainihcuiants,or treat even
the meanest insert with wanton cruelty.
What a pity that one forgets one's cliiMUli
thoughts; their originality would product:
sin h an eilect, propei ly managed! Vfe re
meiidfcr learning to read and write, hut we
do not remember how we learned to tall;, to
distinguish color, 4Vr. The first thought
thai a child wilfully conceals i an epoch
one of life's mot important periods and yet
who can rccnll it V
That von may not sprak ill of any, tlo not
oVlilit t h ;tr ill of tlioio. (Jive no cotin
tcnatici.' to iiiiyi)odic and l!ioo that lov(?
t talk 1 other iiii-iTr faults: or, if you can-
lint ilv'tfiitly rcpinvc. tiitni on account of
tli'-ir jttaüt v . t! 11 tlii t-t t th.; ours; oinc
oilier way : or it yon cannot do tliat, ly
frfciiiin iot to inliiil It, hi may iiHiciciitly
Minify i!i;it vo;i dn not likt: it.
Io the vcar t iiiit millions oik; thou
sand four hundred and lorU -nine pounds, one
?lillin and four-pciicc, was .prut hy the
peopli of this kingdom in tc h trro! a toh-rahlv
roiintl sum to"cntl in Miinkf.'' If the weed
had !t'i'ii worked into pigtail rather more
than half an ineh thick.it would have formed
u lim IK), 10 mile I n long eitoug to go
more than four time around the world.
It U impo-Mhh fo make people understand
their ignorance; for it requires knowledge to
perceive it; and, therefore, he that can per-
eive it, hath it not.
Indianapolis, January 1. 1819.
inj'oT isoi si:.
rfllin underticnfii having t.iKrn lli nliovr tuusf for n term of
- yt-nrn, w ill f Tt pairil to im (ouiiiioti.'ilr Mil lhr w do limy lavor
I mi h itli their cu-to'ii, i. raily Hit laili Angwr-t, I -I-'.
The atitive hou, w hirti ;it irrrnity Imilt I y U.U. Dunrnn of the
city Y lnill;oi:iilin,ln(li;iii.i,Uiii(uiifil in Kiit citya (Vv tod iitnii
dirilf ly r,i-.l tf tin- in4 of III M.kImoii ami Imlianapolis fill road
U(iui n of Ox most tf auti I ul uml lifitliliy Kilrn mi ll f riiy ; Inre
ami roiiHinidioin ilirt-r M ry brick tuiililiim wiih a porch to furh ctivry
MXleml.iis Ihr f iitnr Iriiütli t f I tit- huililinn, Inch A door D(h-ii
frixur u li room ; th room ni very lrp and vvrll vrntitnltHl.niid
It.f eiiliro lioiie in wrll protiTii-d from Ihr mm t-y clwdr trrrn.
IL ir-.'e wi.l hr t.ikrn tu and from Ilia drjx.l uitlioiil tr.Hjble or
ch'irif io lh ow nrr.
1 1 14 tar Hilf iitMti ot ihn uiidrrvipnril t krrp Iii tnMc wrll fiir
nihrd, and lii-i lrliliii: in a trood nt) h and coi duion tn Hu t of any
hoii" in the citv, nid lir iuoiiii- Iii I rvrry Miiisnii his part u ill ,t
errlrd tu rrmlrr hw hoiir ai cornforiaU r Ur liavrllrM und city
txu!tr & any lionne In the tity, and Hut Ms pners willbe reiioni
ihlr. Tlirrr I connrftrd witlitli rMnMistifiK-nt a large and cammoJlvut
taMe, tvherr hornr will lie t.tKrn rarr of in thtt trt m:mnrr.
rrrniHwUliing to take passage in utapr will at all ilmrn teac-
cnminodutrdukhoiit trout.ir. HANN l'.R LAW 11 KM).
Indinnapoli, July 13, 1 r4?- L:Lr,m
A'v .Irsy.
V T nri V. eotiou for Dir ctor ol ti n ranult n Insurance Com
1 A puny, In ! I on the öth inijtaiit ,thc uatltiiuftuioiivd gt ailcint-u
wert duly It-ctn! :
K. V. Oj; -Im,
K'nTM'r Ttu.c',
h.i iüli Toy ,
Kichnr.l fVltt'M,
John W. Miokle,
Nathan Phyi.
'I hoimis V. Mulfor.I,
JlK-M? D)llh(
V.. 1. Jailing,
llt-nry ! I'.ulkl.y,
bamucl Invoort.
Ikjac Mickl--,
S;imu 1 Kitl-,
At a meeting ol ti e I'.oarJ of Dinrtor, lu-lil on t!.e 13th inst.,
II. VV. UJi-n whs unanimously rhuen I'rt-ii Jt;it, and IKniy L.
I3ulkuy Scorrtary.
The above Company liftvins? cion a rry irofiiat 1 hu-iMfi tb;
past easi)n, and with u Mirplu of thirty -two thou.-aniJ !olI.u", in
a MitiiHt to their t'har'.pri-d Capitn I of one hundred thuunmi djlturj,
are now prepared to ln-rf )w Ilin-.'S, Store and Mami!ictorii,
In town or country. toj-thT will (ioo U and Merchandise- of ev
ery description au; iiii.t l.osor l);imaire ty Kire.
Thh Company aNo l iken Marine mi 1 Inlati l Risk nu Vtt-li,
Freight r t,"ai go, at the low tut current iMti.
K . VV. UCiDli.N, rrtiii.unt.
j "cii" cI .,1; -ou, M
'imiat rr-ien-n ifarm, contin;e-.v u-re of iirt no-tr.n.t.tit.1
n'.ii l iicir t: e M i.Ii'o i hiiJ I ;i ;i;.n tix-li ril nci.t, th i et; pul.
; nt,nh Mf h.,,iV.itr.Mi, JoIimm.u count), indn.,;,, ueh fu.e uanr
, i"w,ro" surOrt-ek. Ti.-iandis wtii tim'-en-d with w&init,
.poplar, ak. mil other v.ilua 1 tinker, evtral lie er fadii
Miik- of line wi.tcr, an I ji.ot ;. 'n.u.il l c .l til.Tt'.-d lor a ltrk
fjni. Tt e.rt is uhoiit Ifi'u iii-tes r;rii I oUuin, iiiiihJt 'I rplüti.!. in-. r
or!.s,. Fo(t, a,llJ,lflh,im,(lv,.,' ;,..,,. ii,... f,f frB1
nei ihr- vorn, w i.iri,. u h. n ,!.i.-a t. ti,.- i ciok.,i li.n.i.uiii
makr M-om: "Jl'l ai'us. It I I' tni ji.t tr.it there is on-' of the l est
. iarr r.-r;a in ti.i f..nn. t.it.i u.ha snywun-. rr t-n,
aj i-lv u. iK. A. ' AI'MAV, liidi.ii. apoh-, or IIKNKV MUll.
lkv, on the i r. n,ies. Mil,
xi asiib c;tov zaia.ff. s nis mm:.
Iritis fmr Tavern Stand, 1 1 on-lurted for thn lest twi-hr yeainl.y
K.i'wnin) m n.iw offend for lf. To perii- acioalnted
w.t!i !ndiini;.oii-,a de-i r,;ii..ii of th., properly WMild i,l I,-nrrea-
"arr; ,V..,,":", ,.i3inil, il may t,e pr,.-r ... .iy it M
......v...,.,. ....-.,...4.-..- - v.v ... ...w ,
Ui.Jin. The l.nldnuM are tint k the Ir.-nt three .lof ie nht.vr the hime- I
inei.t. Ihn v ifi- t wo tl,.r !, thr wli.jle eoritiinini Hr-nry fr or rooin.
inei.t, inn wmtnvii Miorie. ii
if ,fiirrd, an extensive t.iVe lining Nrvrntr nalN, vvilhthe iieie.
ry sranene c nln a.id sht-tls .iltai led, w ill he nold w ith the maud.
-The furniture in the l.iiildinL'beloiip.iito Mr. Hrt u i.ii.c. for nie.
Myii,ir-is. io.ir it. i. m.v 1 hk.
uiis Improved I'utcnt Smut and
cncniii illaf liiiic.
rIPm' f',sc,ri'',r uvim? purcmse -icfi:. -b.it M.D.'mpM,i:sq
41 Ins rilit tf tle St i:e of In-li.'ina in the atiove, will rei.iin i. to
mai.ut tur.- the nucbmei Rt i-doti.-.pot.s, :m.i w in w.-na..t them
to pertinu 1 ? t r than ottor in.irl.int id t tir kird row in um.
Ti,L..,i. snimmimiai i.. .'.wt ,t.!-,i. s,
e iitino.t satislio'ti-i-i. Ori'n. lor in n ln.i s iiist be :u.
rilOMAS It. CASK, Indian -olis, In I. 13 ly
; J' " 1 "
-wrot.'i.D rejeetiui!y iuf.im tht in-i.-ndsmoi the public iren.
prnllv, th.it iht-v li.ivt- tiike-i t-ie I'i üniiiM-olis ( 'oi.fertiomr v
pl,iv kc,t ly m,. Ho-Unsuh-ro th. ? n e .u-Vu to i .,r K
:j'," ii(s Knn-s .c;.k. , ..n 1 aii r.rt,.-u . , u ,r i: .. :, :,,.i.son-
nblt; t-rm, w h'-b-ale r reta.l.aJ th.-v i-i-i be urehav.-d in the
wt. They itp-niuiiy invit..- th.- .itenti.,i ci country d. i. is.
.'.t-l'jrties supplit .I to O'drr o: slioi. ii itiee. .'.'J tf
r ...
, , M'.MiICI I.
3ot) lbs H F lndi(of ; yi d -.. Wo ! iturkets,
io li n Madder, .. .i.. I'mm-d Tuv..
, liU1ir,l'.li:,nsUI,in..VAifiI
L0 hhls I.e.ld,
i .VI do (;1.im n-i.or!ed.
1 ,1. Wr ... P...., r
C d-. irouHiid Irel Cram Shov
tl. 5-1 -v
........... r. . , .
io ii,z llrooiiw, 1
Foi wtlrl-v S. ft. W. Ml ORF..
" .H's r api 'I IHI'.
fl 4 mor.sof that OU llourlK.n Wh.ey arrived to-dny;
U W tl' to bitrre s t.f ol I Mononitiel i llyt; Whiskey; thv$t
vkakuve tufdthn lucr vSnt n.e nw t'int? eh.' For mte .-w bv
c- tkai..Wc-.i side n.pot.
M he roiltr? flr ni.,,1(1,;e w, executed, if sent by
" clnl-1.en.ai low ml mm. Tn year- residrticf mi this city, and
reft-renre lo all ho do hiliiies with lin, ne deem Miirinenl imr1lufjf
c.ihn tiy wiiti.e iienit with f-riyiy smi i ii & iianna 45
I'lu I.arm'vt :mI S'im"l Stuck V'i.
rici-ini -.t Tat'ottN Ji-rvi'rv Store .Üi.-'l fioin
7Jj. kUV r.r.ivo .t Tat ottN j.- v. ry store .üi.-rt nom tim
i m mul v't) 1 1- a, ti.o I rt est una ot-i ni-''i,n vvaicoes,
niauuf.iK toi i , the ItrtM-stt mid I I nli--,i.n of Watches,
Je - .t Iry, Silver V:-re, ai.. I Fi:ir tö.o.!, ...'icht to In liaunpotis,
aiol at pnet s tint d.fy cui'.x.'t'oiri, . iiliti nt ln-rit-or abroad. 'Ibis
M 011 j,,,,,.;,,.,,,,, ,, f(,u u, vrM to ti... .ar of t.
"h'' f ll' y tonlr ca I nnd bain how low they call buy. We
nr--prepare I to suit ml tastes, nnd a.-aiu we proiwuie price shnll
Kuit. htore oj poMte Wi-fiunut ni II ail.
40 V,'. It. TAI.BOTT.
:oltoi itii1 Vool .T2 liiii . 1 S
'piIF. tiibsri iher, thnr-kful lor th." very Iii em l patMtüipe he lots
1 receive! for ll.e b.st twelve veais fioin MHinilaetuiers nnd
nr'u lt ;vf tn' u', vt: i TiolJ1,1 "ovvf l,lf,",n: ti.at h. i.as ,,,, ban i.
and will b.: rv ceii me ll.e j ri Kut w intrr. a id asso: tim it of .Va-
A'ic Cnrdt. niannbietured at l.eunttrMiiarhurtt.i wl.i h will hi
warnr.te I in eveiy p ii ti.-ol ir, mi. .o!d nt t'iunnnatl piirt-s.with
tli Ircil.t u-t AIo, 1 a- k, Cmory uml . ..ml. t.lat.-.
A. (I VII.I.A1U.
No. 5, (iri.'iilh's lllork, opj okiIc I'slnitr House.
jKnuxry 7, Hi;
a . j 1 ja 1 jut d 1. s tr. 3 1 1.1.' 1 Olli 1.
rHIIC aulMt-ril.er h.-ts j uhI received from T. dtir rt At Ctt.'n rtle-
br ur.l M iuufji tory, lloxton, Al tos. ,wo I'i 1 110 I'ortt ; oiif of
whir ll 11 h heiinlifii I ii.nfl Curatr, l(irutnl Ca., with an .Tnlhili
Att.11 hiiient. They ire wi muted iuevi ry p.tititul.ir, and are olfereil
for m . 1 f,.r rnl. , :tl I iie M 4tiil'.o-t 11 1 er' w-i.rr ns.ut price. I rn 11 fur.
Mil to oiii-r, Irooi tor inie el il.li.hmeiit , I" 1:1 not. of every tlesrrip.
In n tit irt-.t. in tlir aime lerms. A. 0. WILI.AItll,
Auk. 1 1 1 H. J I No .'i.twilhtirs block .opposite I'nlmer House.
3'itoru: i i.mh: :
t'. T1..M, Coi.iui.vi in and I'm lute Mticlunt at the Hail
V t-ot. M ,le.;ir.. I ( tin' lil.ei ol iol v :i tu-e . oo nii.tiiMiirntl
ol l-'lutir ; ait-l wilr i.mure the lm;iiet inuik' t pru t- for nil ett hirn
tdli'! I nihl to lot' A. ir,. Milli'in.uil oil i-ii. Iiuvnu' lloiir i.-nt to this
Hnt lor l.iiii.-iit or ule, wool. I An v.rl to 1. 1 10 I . I . 1 -r on
sujiiiii their Ifmr. lie j- mr f. ulur ni lint ion tolHn ftuiM.
lirtuSvr, lJh. :i:-tf
ci(oi v rionr.i:
O AVi: bi n appointed ai iiis ..r tin- nie of iUhmok Co.'t
Sthotl .tjipurutu t, u luppl) ol winch I .is j'i'. I - n 1 i-.'i-i v ,1.
consis'iii of orreries, s.-lhirioiM, iii;.ll globes, p. 0.1,. ti iei.l t.o 1.1s
an I B'di !, nunieri. ill f.aun-s, .V.r., to be toll at in inuf.i. tu 1 ei '
trni-i, uliicii nre very low. Tta In rg tiiol idhiiauru n j-i itl'ullj
Invite-! to call oiid examine. CJ
nli'ST rri ivi .1 at lilt A VIIOS'S. Si'iiof tit- Saw , 0 very tie-
i r utile i 1 1 m 11 1 o f 'o.lr ll IiP. I, Cf il.e , I'iitr tit Cell! Iim r,
Top l-eatht-r, Ouiu Cloth, Cur tr. 1 11 Stull, OllCarpeüiig.Tiiit, Nlosi,
Hub Hands, r . Uf v.;
mi i.i: iov ai:ie!
W r ,,ir,'rf,,ral'' two siijm rior briinds HtCinclnnatiwholt'ialn
V V priea.vit!iiut i I I1111? transportation.
June I. 5.i SMITH n UAN.VA
c:oi'T!cy iuoci:us
MjtJriM.IKI) M-ii'inil by w hdeL-:i!e .tl
SI'iJAIl 1 1 on ., ml iil.intntii.il .Mi,lni-i,i lir.t rale nitirlr. .forsnl
lin.o.rit M.WIICVV'f '. tf
A F II l'.i II mul 1 oniji'itlt' l-n'.rlior 11 tj 11 Irern vr.l n 11 tl foi tin It I ow
t.y miyfi Mllll N. IINN..
Yrl si!l ! fr..ni l jn to fifty dollars w ith of ;ml at rt-. lured
'"' lo HMIIII .V II ANN A.
tf 1.5'SWAIii;
A V'AKIF.TV for ..ie I y
"'"y" F.iTII St IIANNA.
l 'IONS, fiiibrjrin f nil .ir es, nn warrante.t a f,rt ratearti
1 fl'. for salo at rt.lu -tl prin. ,y TiloM s ncisT.
ftI Vi;n of II. j Kr.l Anvil.
U.fl Ahr lUrrels No 'J lr sale .it lowfl itrM.
0 45 HMITII fc ItANN A.
iiu:i:i!t! s.
'fl y BHI.S f lira l.r.e eraribrrtie,ju.t rert ird and for sale tiy
. .. My I. e. TK M,. weM side l, rot.
the veir I - I'J. (list rect iH by
MoltltJtiN s. TALBOTT.
der Id
' Hin 1 ' !'
WKRV variety of style an 1 ijuality of Itoot and Slioes, m-lct-A
td w ith ereat rare fiom tl i most öpprove.l maiiuf.ictoiicii, arul
wt-ll adapted to th City and Country trade, ronMsting of
1. a. lie' tJ nler. half ( j.iiters n nd I'.ii-kius,
oo Kb! BiHkiiK. Tie and Slipper,
A l.cutiful ortichrof Ladies high cut Ki-JandUunt walking
Shoes, Custom Ma-tf.
Misses' Bootees, Buskins and Slippprs,
Children's hocsol every variety and tyte,
eentlemtn's tine Call srwed and pegged Boots,
do pegged imitation stich do
do iiiin) and h ilt" welt 1o
do heavv water j-roof do
do t"; no Oo.it, Ht-al an KIraii'.cd do
Boyi' Calf. K ij. CJont and Thick do
Youth' Boots of nil st) It s.
l.Mmpairaof Mrn's Kip Kioi;an,
lllllpairu Men's Calf and Joat Broan,
I JI'llj.iirH Ho) ' Kip and Co:iri Shoeji,
i:ill j-airs Strap On r Shot .
A'o a creat variety of Lji!ies'Ca!f, tioat, Vororro Bu.l Kip Boots,
Stnip Shof. IliTt Bunion on-l lies. Mi.sek' Boots and Shoea of j
all kinds. Children's do of -ver piico and kt) !c. i
Tin; ktiovc nann d (io U of eitlni Kasein rnamif;ietiire or city i
rrii.ke. ur- kept coiwtiutlv on h: nd.and cheap tor cnn. All goo
in h: nd.and cheap for cnh. All irr'o!s
warranted, ltips na tided ria'.i. I'itase tall ai d examine.
J. K. SlIAHI'F..
Si? i f the (hit tUt and '.?
r; tiii: rAic?n:us.
TKV arrnn .-in. nt hn i;t.' ' een mi !-' at our establishment
. 3 we would fi v e nut it e th nt oil r
After n thorough rep iir, with New Cards, K.c, are now rea-ly to
run. They :in in the Is of Mi !sr. Ilosti n a nd Laude , who
art; eK;i ienco 1 in Ilie vhol; tumiiest of (-.ird.njr. Spinning,
Weaving an I Maiiuf.i.Uiirinp, in all the various biuiichol Sati
nct, Fliiui I, Ji'ii. Itlanket. Itro.idc loths , e.
Tin: ruLUxa mill
Is in oife!l',nt order. nndro-ititrv work is linishod ot short notice
an.t in tfotwl .tvl', of i-vt-ry col-ir- Silk. Satins. Shaw Is, Utui- j
ncU, Mi.i any Ures.w t ' : 1 1 v have heeri f.oK J or potted , rc
colored an J made ,'. t ri'nt n new.
tillH ti 11 1ST MILL Wovmbtr
I in exot llt nt condition ,au I under the li-iuds of Mr. John C lark. I
0 1 ist work done W simrt notiot', sm I :u 00. 1 turn-outs wnrrnnte 1
nslrom any mil! in the ronnty. K!-ir etrltnnced at nil times
wiu-n withf I. Tlit; hijl.i-st ;iri e in t null p.iiil for i'h;:it.
To thi)M' of o ir c.dMn'Ti who I: vc on nrnrar the Micliijan
! I'o.i.!. w.-Iire'ny iive jtrtir:ilir mtlttf.. that the 1 idee toll over the
I t -r i fr. I- lor :t 11 comititr in mtll or to th l';irdinJ Machine
j we have m le arranej.n-ats w ith Mr. A . Wilson, the j-ropriet-jr,
j tothat i-irect. Hpiii.?inh-'r, all vh come to our estiibüsluneiit
J with Wool or drain, roine Fit UK. The mill in onre nain in our
i own han.1i, mi.l hop- by utieiiti"ii t- the ants of our ciintoin-
j it s to tnerit a liart: of i-atronat.. We have also jtut jmtin 00.
I eration a
I .v:tv SAW .MI Ll.
nn. civnj; a nii
Siu inj -n.-i. on shares
anil are eivh a hie Ii jirirt in cah for Saw-logi at all timrn.
W'p riii ii .ii Iv r--ciMunienl on r r stnbl .ihmen t to the public for
(lesphtchan I attention, and will ensuro satifiution.
May 5. I-IS 10G y ;K. K. WKST.
IJiili'rl:ili'i :mtl 4'fllii-.ll:ik4.'r.
i:t:si'i;r i Fi;i.l.Y inform thnr lnend-i mul the public., th.it
' ..tw'JA 'hy h ive removed to llieir new vs nrrhoiie,jul west of their I
I AL -l, tme. They ;ire now pre;ired to Cur n is-li nil :t rude ol j ,
I ,jCalin-t h'urmtui r, elef.int, ro-tly,or i lieup, !o nut llietuMtf .
Utij"f l'ii b-eis. They will hU pay prompt und particular at ,
tjkt,t i. hi t fti na r al . r ri i.,iiifit mul wi I ll lifffrf V li tt Iii iIm i
,M?f ..r :tuy p:irt tln ret.f; Inriii.h a toir; or Ih lioi.r li.MiM'ar- I
" I ... 1 . 1 ,.ll... o I .. ,..,, I.. .
tm ,
ii nt , Alc. at the sliorte.si notice. As they keep ready tna le
roftms n hand, they will be ablr tu lurni-h the same prompt
ly . jiihI at lower t Inn the uual rates, liny will make coihui to or-
Iiei at tlie Miuneni li-sn r-, ruiiri 0.1 o. .1 .j..!. , .. .... . . 1 1 11. r 1 y o.-y
21 traii'ee mi give siii-f-iftioii. 1 im-of 1 he linn run nlwaj-t leloiiint, '
out of husiness hours, at hin rrideiire,diret Uy in the re.,r of the w are- j
hnile. I
SiöKTii iixiiiz kji:iMiT, " i
On Dcliiuarc Sli rcC, Soiiiii of 1 lie? Conn ;
IIOIII' SU:il' IllIa:Jli:liI.-.
I......... i .il I.... .I..a. ... .. I.tl.l ....., III.
IIMili SM I TICS roin; I in. 01 to ln-ioMcns.!
y loinern itri.l ttie iml.lir cnerallv . ami woulo
inform them that he Ii.im made nu Ii rrai:L tnri.tu ai ,
will rualdtt him to keep a t oiler .1 nt supply of the
rhoi,e,tfai.,eofthe sn.M.n ..r, s tame nnd wild .
Turkies, i;eeNf,l)uckH,Ch!ckf ns, Funs i;uiier,Ve i
etudes of every kind and description. 1'itrt.tn fur-
nwhed. Fnmiti-'t purchasing can have their cood delivered in nriy
part if the city fieeof expense. . . a . toes l.y f-trict attention
Lo.iiifH. 1,1 s'iiirr a 1 1 tie nil p ilronie. J 3-1 f
frpil F. su1 orri'.ers will I urni-di. st all tiinoi. fresh oys'ers, pnme,
fi and otlit r vlildes, cooWed a deni.-e 1, at a moment' notice, in
a st) le not to he surp ie t iu the city. Call nt the Confectionery,
a l.'w door weat ot Kav's hole!, Washington .treet.
y tl ' AVIS At HAVNF.S.
.... . .,-
n r l, i4iri etil tlit att ill 101 ol ll.e pui lie to tn r lare morK 1
of Itias, i'loeks ; tlnrtj hour and eitf -t d'iy, all w awanted
to keep od time. 01 no s 1!.'. Tiiev nre u tnu. h he'tter .11 tide th 11 j
thoat; M:l I y pedlartt. We tiller th. Ill at I1U1. less pi if . . Clli
and see them. Store op Mit. II 10 ll in's. j
.VMf W. II. T A MIOTT. i
4 CCOHDKON S ol nil it-s st.i 1 prices. Klutes. r la;i''il.t, and
Fife; pium .ind estr.i katd Klüt-, Violins, und Violin
sti i-ig-t. Mil of which will he sold nt 10 per 1 tut 011 cost, to clone
thtmout.ty W. tl. TAMil'IT. Vtf
.1. mi. 8 tit .1.11 vi:s,a7 a- c:o.
ri'AKF. in erh mire for Hoods Ht c;ili pi ices, fett Her a. ois, lien
icit, ilmrng, Dntl .;i, (if, V'uiio.r HuHtr. i.i', lird,
Flui l Annen, hut. I Vendue , H htf ileum, Woollen Sock, J.iry, and
Jeint, ut I of which they wish to pur.-hnse in l.trj;a quantities. V.
ARK to be Tound In the way of cheap Pry 00 1 at ItUAM-
WKM. St Co. 's. Norwoo l's corner, opposite the I'Hlmt-r House,
Indiana' 0I11. hi
Bi"i"i:t i:Yiisi,ii.is,
A N ejrellent remedy for Hie I nlluenza. Tlie genuine article re
tly ir ;.nrc I. lor saV hy MOUIMSON TaI.IMHT.
11 i:i4 ; K 1 i.i.s.
new an l populär vi elable medicine ran lie hnd ut
i'i MOItltlHON tc TAI.UoTT'rt.
VV.W lxiti't nml hnl Im nahest ipialifv of fiTvh HnMni, jmt
aV rec.iv.d .ind forsnl.. bv J. M. ItllAMVVKI.l. 8t Co. I
A I'F.W I. 1
.nn.l Vi; rinds fir sale, if application he maile soon.
.1. M . It it A M V r.l . I. A. fo.
g ItHT receive. I, a ud f..r s.ilt; bw, : f.'-.v li:rr. U pi inie fieah or-
ane 1111 I leuinim, wbirli W lit bo s-l I low. Appl 1. t'i city
Cohteciollfl). Mlf lVIS k V.NI.S.
s.iir !
'nil tlltl.l rresli Hi.lt, jut receive I rn.l f r 1 1 nt Mad
uww puns, ud-lio' fi. ijit. IILYTIIK IIOU.ANI,
hi- rm'.i r I t. l-o. .'. tf K11I1010I ll. po!.
rsT.Ä'i i.
O 'Ti l-(,s. m''!, Ironi the "Vii'ini i Iron Woili, a in-
J t-lior Ulli, le for .It" VflV l.-w.l y
f.l TIIoMA.s lltlisr. Si'o of the KcJ Anvil.
l Aiiii.v c:o('i:kii:s.
I If I', h4vii lire ktotk for a.ilc, wholesnle no. I retail.
" V MMiril U ANNA.
s a 1:1:1..
Ll. desrriptions for sale i.t the mu of the HF.I ANVIL.
'I'Ojt A''4M !
II0XK1 Vlrrjini.v, M i-eri hii-I Kentucky Totmccos, for snle
r-ry ImvliyS. L V. MOUlIi:.
l'l!) "' H sl-'i Vleet, S. H nn.l I inclira w Me ; lot) pirti
iciin Ii! Inter do : ."'.! iiiiml! ei.i i iik ilo 1 to :i Inches.
re" A nier-
Sly H. ft W. '.!(( I P.K.
Ol the bet (ifility, for mh!v bv
ep4 II ' HV. AToN !tt II OLM N.
gAOIKS' fine Stiiipers, l'.iiWlrn, Hter4, ltool,u-l WaUinp
t .siHs-H.tit II AMIL lo.N At I'AUItl.ll'S 31
'Plti: Lite of Sitas Wright ; elo. Oet.eral Jackson ; hy J.-bti S
1 Je-.kins ; j i-t received ! linOl ?t NOItl.K. 4
H AUV r.AUTON: A Talc of Ms.ic. st. r Lifo, jmt receie, br
1VI2 1.0 IK M III . MltlLK. "
it iJKI.sjitaK I in.i 'I ar, wry low, hy
.11 y
V IV V. Ml H I It ...
R "K F. COUMF.MN'H Mistorv of th" Toj.. s.
IJ ' r,
MittKi".i T M.l'.OTT.uvit of r.rowi.injj's.
H It Will AI'll K 'AL ami lolitinil llit..rv of ( ouic.r.
1 f)tl LIU C'll-.u Yarns, aasoited ; 1 ,1 (id Ih-t It.vOine ; '.'(' lbs
M'V CaMliewick ; f..r autel.ov l.y s. ,v W. MnOHi; 51 y
A I5AOS l'finft Ui,Coir., vdj low.
CP1,, HI rt. Sc V. MOO v..
1 000 11 No. I fur ale at liver pi icrs.nd Hnjr trana-
x,vvw ,,or, SMITH HANS' .
"I Ojipc.sitc Hrinch rank , Indif n.-. j olis, la.
k h r 7
z z.
sir n.
" r- 1 O ?
f c
2 j
, 11. I. II. M
d. 1. M.
First Qr. 3 '2 0 M
Full M. H 5 12 K
I bird Qr.lG 1 Hi M
.New M. a I 4 '.Vi M
First Qr.ni 11 5 M
Full M. 7 G 9 M
Thirtlir.l4 1Ü C
New M. 7 52 E
First (ir. 1 G '25 F.
Full M. H 7 ill P.
ThirdQr. IG T IK
New M. 24 8 2- M
Firt (ir. 31 1 20 M
Full M. 7 10 12 M
- 1 2 : 4 ft 6 j 7 I 4 :,
T V 9 10 11 V 13 7 21 ! 4M
14 15 Hi 17 Irt 111 vil I 7 18 I ." f.
ai -2i :i a -ij vti . 7 i:i,5 14
2h ai i :u , !
l 2 :t 7 c r w
4 ." r. 7 h in 7 o ; . in
ii i. 13 14 i i; i: : c 5i : 5 ?h
ih i; c:n si '."j s:i äi j C4. 5 4ü
y. c .: 'it i l
i v 3 : e :u 5 5n
1 5 I 7 H . 10 Ic 21 I) 1
1 1 1 CI 14 1" 16 17 j u 10 " 8
15 11 io ill i .: '.'I j 5 .'. ti 14
': 2ö ay :i0 :n . 4 - ! e 2 1
Ftbrvary :
Marth i
Jipril i
l i n 4 a t; 7 ! 4C ' d '2r
ö 'J io II I I 13 ll ,5 t?: ! f.:!4
15 10 17 IS l'l 21 -' ; 17 fi 11 i Third tir.1. 1 30 F,
2-2 '.: 21 25 '.'ii 27 2f ' 5 7 C 41 1 N"w 6 1 K
Ü'j Mi i j Firt Hr. i:'J 8 21 M
- - - 1 2 3 4 5 ! 4 .')'J ; fi S." '
C 7 8 ?) 10 11 12 1 4 5- '71; Full M. 7 1 29 M
13 11 1 Id 17 is l!;4 4.i I r 7 Thir.Hir.15 4 22 M
'20 21 22 23 21 2j 2 4 41 i 7 13 New M. 22 1 60 M
27 2- '211 30 31 , I First Qr. 2S 5 45 E
1 '2 I 4 37 7 IS I
3 4 5 C 7 f : 4 i 7 22 ; Full M. 5 4 40 H
10 11 12 13 II l. Ii; ! 4 35 7 25 1 ThirdQr.13 4 4ß H
17 is 19 20 21 22 23 4 37 7 '27 - Now M. 20 H 41 M
21 2 2 ; 27 1" 20 SO 4 7 27 1 First (ir. 27 3 6 M
.May i
June i
3 4
5 t,
4 4:: 7 2i) , Full M. . 7 51 M
f 9 10 IJ 12 13 IT 4 47 7 23 Thiniar.t3 1 30 M
1" lt 17 IH I'J io 21 4 M 7 ill - N M. 1 3 3; F.
22 23 21 55 2o 27 2- 1 1 ! 7 13 First Ur. 2Ü 7 2t? K
2'J 20 31 I i
.1wu$ti' I 2 3 4 5 5;7 Ü Full M. 3 10 42 K
5 6 7 H UlOlt':, U 65S Thirdtir.il 8 2r M
12 13 14 15 10 17 H 5 17 1 r, 4'. New M. H 0 26 M
19 20 il 22 23 24 25 5 24 1 G 40 First Qr. 25 II 46 M
T. '27 2s V'l 30 31 I
Sfptitnber t
1 5 30 C 20
'2 3 4 5 f, 7 P'r, 36 ! til FullM. 2 11 40 M
'. 10 11 12 13 14 15 5 42 !f 7 Third Ur.'J 1 17 K
10 17 1H VJ 20 21 22 5 4J 5 3G New M. M 1 21 M
23 21 25 2 27 2.- 2'J 5 55 5 45: Kim (ir. 24 5 46 M
30 i j
1 2 3 4 5 0 t 2 5 34 Kuli M. 2 0 21 M
7 H i 10 II 12 13 6 '.I H23 Third Hr. a 7 34 F.
14 15 16 17 If- 11 2o 6 16 ; 5 13 New M. 10 O 3 M
21 22 2.1 21 20 2ti 2; ti 24 . 5 4 First ir.21 I 43 .M
2S 2J :0 31 ' Full M. 31 11 37 M
1 0 3 6 31 4 56
Ottobtr 1
4 Ii li 7 (i 10 , 6 3'J 4 4'J , Third r. t 2 4) M
ll 12 M It ir. If, IT u 47 4 4' New M. 14 3j V.
Irt l!l -.ti !l '21 H ii 5. 4 29 ; First tlr 2J H 4 K
a.r '26 ;7 2S 29 'JO ' Full M. 29 Q 47 E
Dectmbtrt 1 7 8 . 4 ?.ß
L 3 4 5 fi 7 f 1 7 i 4 3i ! Third Qr. ß 1 15 K
9 10 II 12 13 11 15 I 7 14 4 37 ' New M. 14 10 t) M
1Ü 17 in I!) 2J 21 22 7 I'J 4 40 ; First (ir. 22 V 3 K
21 21 25 2J 27 2i 29 7 1 4 41 Full M. 2J H 22 M
3o 31
lrriv:iN :tid !part tar' of lite
bitriKt I !ose lail v, at - .... . I. M.
Arrives duly at 8 A.M.
CiM-HSiti vm lir.wknUe CloRen Mondsy?, Wedneitd:iys,
and Fritl3)'H, - - - - C P. M.
Arrives TnrKdiy1, Thuml.iys, and Saturd:), ü 1'. M
C'irtciMiATi via Latrrenceburh. Closm Turstinys, Thurs-
d;iysaiid S.Uiii.l.iv, ..... f A. M.
Arrives edneMl.ijH, Frid.iyf, nnd Sumlays, 7 P M.
Kot'TiiERN vi;i AjJi.wCltMen daily, rxcrpl unduyr, - CA. M.
ArriveH daily, exrept u ndavw, - 2J I'. M.
I.EiVkNWORTll Via llluiiminaton L ItweB Momhiys, ed-
nesd.iy. .not r rut ijs,
Arrive Tuesdays, Tlnir'd.iy, and Saturdays,
CA. M.
4 r. m.
I- A. l.
5 l M.
7 A. M.
:t 1. M.
t- A. M.
5 P. M.
7 A.M.
C l M .
7 A. M.
i; r. m.
7 A. M.
f. P. M.
6 A.M.
3 P. M.
r. A. M.
4 P. M .
i iiii n-i vi.i 'I'crrt Haute Closes daily , -
Arnve d uly,
MN, t7CM Close T uesdsvs nnd Fridavs
..:.... ........ ...... .v. ......
i'h av foi::-t ii.i.e tloes d n'ly, exeept Sunii.ivs.
. . .... J
,'iiiorn i '..nr itil.M i. no. r-.llll mil y ,
Arrurx daily, est ept Sund ih.
I.sKAiEiiK via ..') n , ii ( Iosch TueMl.iy and Friday, -
Attiveft ednesdav h, and rrida)M,
. .. . . .
All K I II K UN Vit -II f Ullit .V 1 1 M 1 1 1 . t r-, V rdlieSda)
a,,,j 'h,,,vm,
Arrive Tuesdays, Tim rt!a s,nnd Hnturtlay H,
(.urktf iLt.c.O , via ll'uichrttrr, Closes on Moiid'iiya
AnlJÄ.vni sauiida,, : : :
rttiuitro-t iom- Ti.Mrsii.its,
, Ainv.M V.1ne.l.iy,i,
1 mi u ni-i iilf..f-.,iM-Ii 1 ih-sim,
i '' or. .1, i-i-.
I.. bl'.M.AP, P. M.
Of'llif Mutual CiiV Iiisiii :iein roin ifi 11 v
.Ullllsll llll .IHCC Ollip.lliy
ss .'s s- U SFI 11 .
Ao. 2b Wall street fur the second term of Five years.
Amount of l'irt diviJcnuS and rc-
seivi.l funJ, .... $537,1 5S C7
Amount piemiumi reci ived fiom lvt
Feb. Io 1st Nov. IS IS. on account
i-cc-mii! divi leml. - f 195.33S 43
Amount icceivrd for en risks, poli
cies, ic. M-coml dividend, - - 1,940 70
Amount rtri'ivt'il for interest on
bonds an J m it;ie!. Sec. - - 15,777
Aiiiiuitieibahuicc, ... 3,3!3 1T 210,410 35
!J753,56Ü f4
Lossri and rxt rnes. ami o-jiil for
1 $urifndoiel policies, ... ,71,201 03
Cah on html, - - 2,201 95
Cah 1cptite in the
trank uf New Yuik, - 4.H75 95
lJond and lion tj;es oil
leal t-si jtf- in the cities
of N. Voik ami Itrotik
ln, valued at twice
the amount loaned
thereon, - - -475,27 19
Storks of the Slate and
City of New 1 oik, an 1
cf Ihe United States, 194.102 90
Ain-.unt due fioin uei.ts, 3,740 33
Amount M'mtiiiii'g un
paid on half yearly and
tjmrteily policies n-
luivl previous to lint
dividi-nd, ... 2.093 0
GS2.307 Gl
$753,5G3 Ci
Inrtoase of in vestments since Keb. Ut, 104,747 M
' Number of policies i.sut-d fit. in 1st of May last, .MO
Whole number poline iiif J, Oii'JT I-or lile, 3224
Less cancelled, forfeited, and I I'or seven years, Sfhl
i Jipiit d, deaths und muni- fKor oih'i periods 15S
(U it'll, 133J
12CU 426G
M. UOUINSON, PicniiKi.t.
Sami'CI. IIanssav Secretary
Noveinbt r Nt. 1 S4S.
J. L. Murin MMii.AD, M. D., Medical Adviicr at Irnli itiaji-
C. W. C.Mv,(cticril Agent f r Indiana. Gl 4w
ON nnd after Momliy, Oct. Hi, r-t, thtt Tassmfer Cara will
Itotvr M sdis n and I ndriiiaiMilis tl.illv. iHunduya exrentd.) at
fislo, viz : I
I .... t, i.tijon ii I i.'el,,rL. A. M. ?tn.t arrive in I ndiaminolla at i
atxHil I . M.
j r,l:irr IndiJii.innlis
al rtirrltnk A. M.,:nd nrrlv In MadUou.at
I a'00.11 1 I1. ,M.
j I'rriaht t r tins run tlsily leaviiiK Mndion anil I ndln ntiKillt at A
oVIot k A. M.
All Prt'icht forth Northern Station must he 'jttliclrotat Madison
by "t o'clock , to insult, its sliiimieiil t he surreednm d.iy .
Miiy.l-I-. Hl 1 1 UC.MtV It. HALL. Sup't.
1 41
Ucuhir I'ai'krt Line
F It M
l i i"ttt7ir'inn yrilh ,e .1. i" . lliltlrnail.
rrnllK new an,U:.l.Mlil stenmer tV sc i sl N , T. T. Wright ,
ü M inter , will -ivt! M i lioii fVi'iy Monday, W,ino,!ay, Mid
Kriduv.o i the ni l Ival of tin-enr.nl lulf p:il one n'eln.'k , 1. M .,
iiii.I wiit'oivi! t'i.iciiiii.iti ever v 1'u.sdity ,TUur l.i and iaturday
nt t-2 oVbirk, M.
M D!S')N' I'.r.LLI'. will I.- ive M i lison every Tuesday , Thürs
tii) , do. I S.if nr luv at I r.l i-k , .M.,nnd will l.ave :iu innatl
iv ry Monday, Ue In.-s l.iy. and Viiirv, ut Li o'clock, M.
I'nw u.'i -o nh-riu o'i lh." r ir?i Will find It greatly to ihrir ti-l
v n it t -,;e to like 1 1. 1 1 line of bo .its, t they cm titwnya brlurnith.
oil wi:ti a if. . I .lii-e roo u. ltt.in co-nui from Cincin n u I , nn.
till iu'.-riiiedi'ite i nrt-s , to tnko the eats.thev vi! flnd this line
the ciii-apfk!. ut th- cm reuitin o'i bo.ird till nis;ht free of charge
Bluiifcr. Illing on your fattinc!
OVSTS'MtN, B-'!-SI riSII. ii 131l-
Jt.-.ii'arlv served up al tlie
Ne-ir-lv op:isit.' t!io S.-ritincI Oihce, In tiannpolit, Indiimt.
H.-ptt ruber i', . 31 tf
Vol Ulm? I V:::::;:::;:: 51 1 Ii h ik r 07.
a c;ae:i.
CIHAKLKS MAVF.U just rn ti town wit niont i-pJencüd
' a .sort ineiit of .Notiu:i5, 'i .'y, ( i tn-.-l ie , t onb. t tior.s, rt eft.
see Bdvertisein-.-at. lie invites the IuIks in t iuri.;nl at tliuse
who visit the place to mil and t lainine I. is s'-ick td" g-o !, vv l.icli
in variety, uitlity and price cannot to excel el any vi,fre. lie
is eel'ini; t'-e inokt of his goods ch Bper th m he ever sol 1 them be.
fore, as li" bought them nt :stonis'.int; low pnees ; lor Chi i -turns
and New Vear'n day ho ii esp;. ia.ly well lijej Ch ase e:itnine
mv stock of good, even it you don't went to I nv, i it will ben
plea.ure to you to look at them. CHAKLKS MAVF.U,
60 Opposite. Temperance Hall.
Ji:ir, '64I:ht, :ml Iii.
IOVKRS of h good smoke, if you wi:t to smoke an itra fine
J rri.icipo, or a highly flore-l Kealia, jtiit slop in, and you
will be served w ith the bet ciar, which on be Impoitel dUo. if
you wa-it a goo.l ch-;w, I have t xrelleni lubufro tit every flavor.
2i,b0o improved Sj. inisii ripMi of diilcrcnt I r.mJ j
1110.(V)0 besl hnir Spanish fo ;
6O.IH.0 Ameri- nn tlo ;
5b0 papers liih y flavored cut and dry Tnikiih smo.'tiaz tob. ;
150'! " Aim ri. an cut s.ud dry to' acco ;
50 boxes Dir.;inia chewing toba--co, of various rands, straw,
be-ry, raven lish , bidy'i Uvi.-t, pound lumps, live and
cij;lit poun 1 lumps, h ilew, i,.i il ro 1. 1 aihoaJ, kc.
500 pap.'l Ioo4wiu prt-ss-d -hewing IoI-hth ;
M0 " Kodmann's do do do ;
5100 tone pipes ;
4 boxes w hit-' clay pipes;
Ii do. fl-ni:n pipfs;
Just received and for kale oy the utiscriver at the lowest prices.
Cil Mil.F.S MAV Kit,
50 Opposite TtMiiprT8i.ee Hall.
TYS,ivcri;ioXS, ÄC.
Ol D07' ,',':ilnt'r i,0l'. of 8,1 ;
0 ' 20 doz wax DolU, of all sizes;
7. French Aecordeons, from 1 75 to .12 CO ;
150 (i riii ui Accurdeons, from 31 cents t f-5 ;
C- llute Ironi Ii cents to " ;
57 l,ncy loxes Ironi 60 rent to S-' 5
ItHl doz pearl. loiie and pi vd Stiuis, latest French fashion ;
250 Violins, fmm 2 rents ro $5 ;
75 Pi urns troiu It) cts to $ I ;
10 Swis; music, boxes, play ing yankce doodle, sweet hone j
b doz C Inn a toys of iliilcrent patterns -t
L0 do, bottles tiearV oil ;
6 doz ox marrow ;
2." iloz " rote oil ;
Ari l a tfood many other i.riirles c-f this description too numerous
to mention, just received and lor saie ?ery low, by
50 Opj-OMte Ti-mp r.nicr Hall.
(iiii.. I'ivjuls ami loc2i't Cutlery.
a fliOl' (inns at Sl a piece;
4M H.W ' ' yt 3 piece ;
;i si barrel Hevolvers :
'2T p.nr ilou1 le barrel I'istoht ;
1HI i 1 1 j 1 e Imrrel H to Irum cents to $1 apiece ;
15'MI Wostmholm's pen nnd pocket knives fiom .10 cts to 82 ;
HOO poet knivt-s i1i!t".Tt-nt hrsnds and pntterns ;
Also, butcher knives, table cutlery, ockfct knives, shoe knives,
&.C.. juit received and for hale very low hv th" subscriber.
.V) OpjMjsite Temperance II all.
m DOXES new Malaga 1 bnsket Dales ;
tss ? y H jimiis j
V) i-f lioxes J.0 do 0"O ;
:t." i 1 1 r " do ilo do ;
1 kt-z Zantc curants ;
1 t ri fiel man prunes ;
S toes citron ;
1 ttx Vennacely or Pcutshe
.Nudeln ;
10 drums raisins without seeds ;
300 I' s French prunes in fancy
5 I oxes fig Tast;
rt " Jujuhe paste;
-I t.rls Holt khrlled Almonds t
2 lrl (taper shelled do ;
1 t-tl ),,!!.. Hi;
1 l.rl tVanutt. ;
1 hrl cream nutts;
1 brl Fee an ;
1 brl F.nglMi walnuts ;
5 r-rls Chesnuts ;
rt oris small soil shelled Hick
jars ;
Cödiiims Tut key fi? ;
ory ntn;
Jii!t received and lor sale tit the lowtat prices, l.y
.'.0 Oppoite Temrerance Hal
;ico'i:isis:.H :
rrt I5 AUS prime Rio Cotiee ;
i l.as Java do;
3 chests heM Imperial Tea;
4 " Younj; ll von t!o ;
:i ( mi j.o wder do ;
VI hrls l-e-t N.O Sugar ;
10 l.rU rehne I do do ,
5 l-rls loaf sugar ;
4 1)1 Is crushed 'o ;
4 1-ils j-ow i.-ieil do;
6 bags pepper ;
i t;s allspice :
;no( i;iui :
GO I hs rlovi Kj
J 1 hrl cinder ;
boxes tu.Iow cnndles ;
i-:0 stearirie do ;
'2 star do,
I 3 sperm do ;
Qi ' rosin oap;
j 2 soda soap ;
I :i CHteel noap ;
j Chalf toit-s almond soap;
5 I rls S. II. molasses ;
1 lrl nolden s rup :
73 li s iuunmon ;
10 bris N. O. mobissia J
Just rertive I and for sale ! y the subscriber at the lowest pricn.
t;ilAKLi;s MAVKK,
Ml Opposite Temperance II all.
CotilcclioiH'i ics ami l ii v Woi k.
eirviv I. HS störtet anJv
sJViU oik, p,s fj,-y Candy";
C.'tl'-s t'ilt kisses ;
1( 0 His French do ;
iS Ilm cracking 00 ;
.Su lbs sweet .'o ;
70 lbs fi uit Tc -j s ;
10 1'iR shell do';
500 pieces candy senrs;
Ml l! s white sugar toys j
j '2j doz. couth cai.dy ;
I 10 .'o. stiawbeiiit s ;
j -.' boi s aiuon fne crackera ;
j ;o doz roc k etts, diitt-reiit size ;
I -.VI doz Hornau can. lies, (3o ;
! .'. ilo pin whet U,lo ;
11 do. jira-J.hoi p:rs, tlo ;
25 lbs cny cm e I.oierpei ;
Just received and loi sale low br ihe tul-s.-rit.t-r.
1 1URI.KS MAvnn,
.r0 Oi j-osi'e . , inperance lla'l.
iäKI.BTs AX!) I 1 1 IIS lit I VWlS . "
ruiZpicUes in quarters. 'J -z tomnt cat-'i-;i ;
3 do, assorted pickles in hi) 2 do h hlnnt do;
gallon jars ; i I doz miiM,iiooiu do:
2 ttoi dKs'ie.t lo in one gal. Jars ; - d-j7. rap-err svrup ;
1 dot pickled unions iu cjrt jr, l!ti jars a-orted Jellies ;
'2 t!o. p,;ic lies in liipior; i4(l j.trs asvorte.l preserves:
0 dor. bottles pepper snuet ; I C kt ks of asserted pickles ;
'2 doz. brandy cheuies; i .'.do, sardines in tin caniotertjo
Just received and lor sale ut very rtason.ib'e prices, hv
i II AI; L l.S MAYEIl.
.'. 1 Opposit. Ttn jMi in. IU1I.
"Vli''s', Slci'f, S:uiv.:im"., rtiitl 'r;irii.ci .
Q nnfi L i'A Western Reserve 15 bi Is butler critCkrrt ;
w,WUU i . : I 3 Iris . .ter do;
j(0 I -i dried beet of excellent brls lio'tt'ti do;
rjuality ; j '.t Ii s o!.i do;
13IK1I s IJoo:ni Sntis-ipe ; I .' htlsvwei t ('o ;
Just rtctive.l and for suits very low by the subscriber.
(II Mtl.K.S MAY Hit,
.''0 Opposite Ti riipertii cc Hall.
I0VlT, Midi, 4'll, (IIKl I.'tl.
HI sll
KKOf best qublily of
WMH O unlit ril-bed O D USDS I
ri H f Hille row der;
IlMHiO Valker'caisintiabnxei t
1M lbs bar Lead ;
t ttnz Kwler laks, allaizet t
low bv the subsent r.
'ciihij:s maykr.
) pokilt- Temperance Hall.
.'0 Ins Shot of all sizes ;
".oOOOplnin II Caps ;
Just received and for salt) very
risii! i'isib niii!
BHAVK rpt'cltred diie;t from 11 istoit tho follow ii-ir plt-n lid lot
of fish, which are nil lately Caught hii I invpected :
G l-rls No I Ma. kcrel :
e,0 iMiit-s smoked llerrinet i
10 lull No 3 0;
f, hf I rls o l do ;
15 bf brs No 3 tto ;
C qrtr bit No Q tlo ;
VJO " Ii U No 3 do ;
I brl vi' kit d llerrlnps;
Scnibssiui ki d Halibut ;
4 t1o7. runs lxtstert
J brl Tonirue an t rounJa j
2 tlerci Suluion.
Tliey v ill t.u sol.l ut tl.o lowt-st prices, holnnl- or rrtatl, by
ftl Opposite Teinpemtico Hall.
i .Vi ! v i ü7 1 :s : v i n i :s :
S MAV 11 ifCt ivt'd direct Ironi New Orleans the follow ng aj len
tii.l lot of W ine, w I. ich aia no trtii( , but of dirt-et im pot lation :
4 octarinea swet:t Malaga ; 7 ijttr cihs Toil ;
3 s i ri r cnks Muscat ; 3 ijr r.uks w lnle (i'Minu wine j
.1 half pi, es Ma b mi ; I 'J .tor I liHuipane of Ine best
4 tjrtr cWs Siu't rue wine ; j braiol In.p tite.l ;
1 cak lloidr;ini CI nil; i 3rirca.k !uiry.
They will he sold at the lowest price, hv
AO OpjMite Temperanre Hall-
Tifosi: rr.As a;aiim
rilK.STM more of that estra fine tlunpow.ter Tea.taid by
say thoc who have used ll, to l ethefnu st itilht'Ci') ; alio," a
little more of the same sort left" ol that tuper Younc 1 1 son, and
a very line articlor Ounpowder Tea, in 0 lb. catty s, lor sal very
low by the Ux, al MAYIlEW'rf. 3 tf
:i,OC'IiS! (IO(KS!
X lot of thirty hour mul riht ti
d mid riadv lor Iiumt tion : some
I A v r.it 1 e.ri tv.t ui oiinj uuur no.i r.ui imr t rasa t, IOCS a
J'm n-nvi-ti mm nauy tor nuj'tction ; some most Drnutlful
I. i - - .I,, .
, patterns, all lever esra;cinents. hein a decided imnrevetnent on
tlie oil i ht-üpi-iiietii ; we wsrrnni llieui ull ei left , a ti J io Icri-p
U'io.l lime or no sal - ; prices $5 ami upw itrds, at the Jewelry stör
of . II. TAI.IIOTT. (Joiitniilcopy) 4Q
(JK.N'r.HAU auitinent, and vtry low .Juitrccelvfd by
BloijtOW W'AIClY.
A FIND asiiortinentfoiaaleat
JUST received ttt (Ml A VI'OV,!. km, ,f tho abeautiful ar
' t Icle of fniiv'oiii n.tils, 5th an 1 0th sires, t'jll utiJ se.
TKAS! , v
i IMIKS'M supeilor (iuiiiH.tvder ; 4 Iinperitl; 4 d.i YtHinf
llystui ; JO catties, assorted ; for aal. by M. ik W. M()Olt K. My
IV A U.S. , ,
'fc t - KKOS N.tils Jusl receive.l a.i.l loi aal at Cincinnati prlceti,
S witiiire.tihi.Hi NUVjinyjs. LGiiT"!!L-
A T I f"( ! lit e 1 1 1 1 iin . 7 Necromancy In th? Wildarne.s. just re-
i4 ceived by M'lItlttSO.N kTAl.mii i,mc.iih ...oW..o.-.
Occemiier 7, lfH.
Tl W .4 It 12.
A N as. rt-neiit lor snteliy
It KT received. 7. S tout I'ilttburRh Iron; 100 kegs da aseorted
54 y
V NslH. loW !H VVIIOIOHIB oy . m. t . ..i..wM.
Q7"()JJlcf on liitnnis Stra t, .Xnrlh J UVi ;.'..'' u
I! VCII Al'MÄXS'fc'S l'A N X.
OrTho State S.ntinel will eontait. a tutu h Jareer
atnu:il of rcaditig matter, on nil r-ubprt of gtiieral
j interest, than any other new tamper in it. Aim, x.
Tiai: Ki:.iii-iyi:i:iiEv kuitio;:
; N pu!)lisl,(l e iy Vrdi. s n y iiJ lNiii.u:a, and
during th- vose'ii of tli L-gilat tore, three tio.ef a
, wei'k, t.i Tioda 'J litliMluy, Mid S.iltitdn, nt,
' I'titir Dollars a ,, jn vubln :il.a- in hü.mh'.
s'jii: v :!:: i.y f:ar:'it
! s publisbed every Tliurioliy, at VV. Do,:,:, a yrr,
j always to be p:ud in ml mic e.
1 in advaneo i!l p;iy fur six mouths.
i iT"ii reiuitttu s;l( m to!i.:i!. f i, . -f i.. Ht-
tii . . . - '
M.all have llir.- i i.:.n k i.t ti n.i.W. !. r mr
year. s"J will jtav fr ix m ' th. o 1 .-. i'wnw
rhnrenl dr th 'J'i l-V ,l v , lii r e- t t- t'-r ;i .
Werkly, during tie' L j:i.!iltv- m -, t ...
.I)Vi:iitisi: .m"i:xt win ...-Thmm.,. sir.,
at I a s pi ire of rjyl.t lines. aj:d b o t,; ,., ,; ., j t; ,.
rate of twenty l:e eents a "ijn.ir' for i.dduM.i al
insertion. (.Jt.artcrly odvtrtisenic nls, p r t-u r,, y:;.
All advert -'iof-f.ts froot "Itnod v:r.-! ! in .
nini')it':' . tr V-, attrntirn .vi!! ho T !'.(.;.
ftVl1 i-'"!'' IT!-? !" Vliu.
Tin:; r.i.Cri:::
i otij;i s.!ou:il, Ai iculttii ai.d E.ii-
enry ,et.:i:ifu i.
'!in Editors or the ori'ieioiiu t .'I., ! e 0 3 ! ttv j-utli
I Ctl n. 'Id ili.rlu- l!i i:i'.u:i:ii. ui.i-1. I .,:ii-r.- ' Us aj.
cord, d to tlu ir r p..rtH 1 ( i s t, i..n. k, i r. -t u t,. ani o :-k r ? th
tii-.!...- lio- o:!.Ciil r. jrister. ihey 1 1 to h ! i .rem;,!,', jz-'o wl.at
tvtrrtieiit I ;i hiiiit-rto lecointrit ini.-J thco... '..-. m .1 j u
Iish A Djily (.lob.-, tu red rd the prt-ce. dmpi. and . t ,u': th y
'ccur; ii'iii a t.or:;rr i-ioi.i.l r o c 1 . 1 o-.u- .! , ; ;.t. ...,2.
em o ljiri.' tuo ivpo is of (jic i-u s, p.i,mc ftoa. the t i rt JUne
Oils o.at'er MiilCll Mil : C:. IM'.,!1 th- m 11. t'e. d.l iin.. To
till the heet or' the d 1 ly newtp ij ir, r i. d-si.. . ,! :." f.;,. i.t r
news fr.on (ill q i.irr. r", and conpl. th-; f.-i ltlil l y , i;,uii.;
from i veiy MMiif.' fat mat e t.t r.-M i i. ei.-oi'c I tr ry
nove'to s. Mil l of Rrej-it uti ii im-ic tilic ;-u 1: a-' i.-:.l 01 ks
n arif.iUii'o. I r in . tet 1.1 , , 1 1... . i i.;.. i.o.t t... i 0 1 f.jo.'.i-
cai, v.: ir.hirrjn.l fi eat It: i;. ,j;i tiea'in? of -i h iu s ui)l
i.l... '
lie cjii-iiitfi. a-: , 1! is 1 o;e 1, a iv.-i T;:e-ju!y nne.1. Oir.:...
ar t s.,eei ,'ly n t' ;,ic o 11c e,! w.-h ii.n til-iirr. 1.1 ! t; ct-
ttinel iroiu tie moM tnl-itn.-l cud !-rarin 1 men cf rur
Coiir.tr v.
Ti e Hobe, as a iiewpa,icr, and s 1 vchici.- ,f i- f-.rm'.tion rn.'
a muM-in.-nt 1:1 oihc-- 11 ;,.-ct-. ill ! ur...er tb- t li h vl h i: ( is
I'. l'.Lsiit fliid .J..mf ( . I'tcr.tTT. Tlie . on. r, t- io-; t',-. r'nu:'
ind '.u.iiif t'i . . t ri f t;.. ..i:. r w ill e nr. !.-r the 1.1.0 ut m :.t
ol' J"iin i". Itl'.-i . 'i lie ; . .; inn.d.ir v H '1 !'.!.. r a..i Kne.
J COIItieeted IVMil the j-less. 1 .1 iltlO '-ICi.'l Ml. I ' i r li t" T t J - one of
f :. concern, tliey mI! 5 . :,1 00 , d to v,. t) J. -a w. ir. tl h:'ui. lit
ir a j." iilliniuii Tavor , Jy known to f t CJ ivf..r.rrt. i t, l-.r I, e tüte- t
Hit 1 juJme.it w l.io : ti:s:ir.i:uishe I his ij l.m.-tie servi-- wl.tl
'on.oi t'-d with the mii n to Qu-to; anrl r""te ic. er.th v hen
Cl.arpe d' tilair. to l'eiu. Fro n Ins pen m:.i- i V v iloi.e "will it-
rive inn sfiec;i'is an i tnui itnüis üom t:.e Krti. r. j ;: nU .-.nJ
pt t lodicals, lue toiiirnei ts on the in, as. I t nt ot! t r litt ihi hrwc'es,
lt ! ll I i r 9
wn cn in 0. iiei! .1 aetoiiji us i i 1 attractions.
1 he Oiob; w ill le lublixl.e i daily duriiu: the .. ts;on of ("01-
res, Plul 1 1 kly t! i- hitlanrc ol ihe cur, an 1 w lü U V' Jo ..i
rit ution in the lorni of a Wttkly tiiobc, u Coni eior r j Olu'.t.
ant an Ap ei..iix.
The Weekly Globe wit! be the vehicle of the misct r.an.r.us ar
ticles ot tutdui.y print, wit!, a sj i.op.is of ti.tr (.'(.uri s.-ioi hi pit--
Th Cor.jressionrd Olobo will mr-o.'y, a it ha- dom; f.-r th
last sixteen j ears. Congressional pioc eüiiig end del ates xc!i
The Appendix will m'.race th : revie1 sored es lopam--, ar d
the messages of th President t-f the United Sutts, i., the it(oi.k
of the H-a I of the Executive Ot-partm r.tf.
The ('iir'is&itin:tl Oltihc and Appc:ii.T, wi'I he fuMisbcd nsfet
ss the proceeding" of '.njret-s w il make a nun. her. Suf.scil e s
may ect one number ot each a w eek during the first four w eeks
of a session, ami two or three linm'.-t-f s of each a v et k af; rwcii,
unl I the end 01 the susion.
Noihinj cf poloiri.l (.any nxpect w ill appear in tl.e s.lot.e nav
tint w hich wilt tu: found iti'th Coni;it -sioi al rej ot's. A paptr
assuming to l e an impartial vehicle lor all sides, cannot maintain
lis rhararW if the editorial Collum s icitect m rr, hue. ll.e
Editors of the .lot e l.sv e l-orr.e tht ir ihre in iL peiv cor.flict
of t'tf I'ttss. They ciairn an honnrallc ditcLartf Item tLe voce
tion. Thedlobt; will inviolably maintain the neutrality wi.ich it
rtlation to Cong less imposes.
For on ropy of the Dailv GM, (daily tlnrirj; the session of Ccn
s;res, and w eekly .tnrinp the rec-) a j t-ai , - - - CO
For one copy of the Wcek'y (;iobe one j car, ... J (..(
For one copy ol the Congrcsional Glol e tlutinp ti e rtxt
session, it uiocri tt-d lor befoie ihe tlrt of Ja.-t.arr, 1 01
For on; copy of the Appcn-tix during the next stV.icr,
if lu'.fcriheil for l tfore the Jiist of jHnuury,
For six copies of either ttie Congrtsior.al Glol.-, or th
A ppentfis , or pa. t of bo"h, ... -
The sulcri, tion ot ti:e Conjjrf sionBt Clobe.or the Appttl;
after the firvt cf January, w ill I e $l id. The origh.fel piicefn
dollar dot-srot pay th- expense of the pub! lent ioi.s of U.e gu -crt
acof meat i r pu! Imi ed.
Our j.rices lor th-.'c pa pern arc co low that ve cmiiiuI a (To rt io
cre.'.it them out ; therefore no person Peed consume time in order
ing them, unless the subkrription juice ecrompanies the tirder.
i'roprietoi of newspapers w ho toj y this Piosptctu U forc ht
1.t day of December, and send us one ropy of H eir paper conts'ti
itijT it, marked around with a pen to dirert our attention to it, shall
h ve their names tniered on our hooks for one copy ol tht Con
gressional Globe and Appendix during the scsnion, or one copy ot
the Daily Globe, wlii-heer they preter.
Washii -gton, Oct. 11, 1-H 4(1 if BLAIR K RIVES.
ft TH I tubacriher hvt now in lit employ the very Wtt work -UKW
men Ihe country affords, and has on hand a large quantity of
esh. the finei.1 stM k of leather, selected by liiniM-ll esprelyf.r
this market. He will now manufacture limits and Mm -es tf every
dear ript ion and style, warranted to perform irf.7,tnd at such prices at
Cannot tail tn tu it. He part uiilaily desirea
aa he I a determined that noneof the common paper eeneerns to much
pulled, shall begin to ui.ilcli with Ins, cither in et.ftnesa, durntillit y ,
ttrle.orclieTiiiiess. As iney v.ilue their live t, health. and apoearai re.
j headvies,atthis,ie.-i4.in of iheyear eeriat'y, that they Ik- nratar.d
1 comfortable under foot. 1 hey hall certainly b suited i(i every re
! pect.
j I'erttins preferring imnorted Hoots and ht.et.nre Informed I it he
i hasou hand an etiensivi-:isortmeiilelecteii ! Siimelf : and beu, f
j prvcticatl familiar with the buine, all may aurel tl..n he b:.a
nonrtliit lie cnin4 reitiinmend an superior to thte generally sold.
All desirous to he p'e-ised in Im 12 ill . arc Hit ited to five him 1 iu!l
lie it suM at the old -tin-!, t. ite V 1 'bingtr n f lall, tw r. tl.rt r.ett
of Tom inon! Oru More, rrvly to v ait on and si;it bis euetotr. re.
Don't forget his low price-. y 1 1:re:iG.ivl 1 1 A. KNOPLT.
ll;t.tTii Ci ucititmf I S.i:itlicr.
Samili and in. '!e l.tali:t r ; Sra'inc 'fcMi ,
Thiladeh-hia calf skins ; I .ui .i ;
IttMs. nnd Siit Morocco , J-'a:;ry T.i ., ;
t'p;w r ly3ll.er ; V'(.ri. r-tj V. ;!.;
liiii.tmn and linir.j ski:.. , C.ii.rv .1,,.
! Cii.ev Moriwro ; Slrr.lu.rp !,.;
j It.. b' inp ; Wiit-.fi and Trover' Wh!'i ;
j Shoe J bread; Jac 'i r-ti llnd.e Lrta ;
V. od ul I Kinds ol shot flndir.gt , fr.lt. h-l Hrulot-t ;
H irnen' leather ; Saddle and Harness Nredlet;
Silk an 1 Thread. ke., tte.
Also, 3 laic a"H4rtmetof dry rmmIs. queens ware and rlntsmarr,
hardware nnd tiile cutlery, rarptnters' ami cot r' t'it, ,irt,
horse, hoe, and jiatnt inj tirnht s. star and summer preed ontl'ta,
lin-eed an-t tailliert oil, and a fine artmeM t Frenrh wirieartod
i(U.,rs, rider, vinej ir. etc. lie reprrtiui' j invite the public I i c-r-er
it to call an I examine the goods, w lilcli w ill be Mtd, ai the iuw et
tatesiir carli or country prod ite. Jt I. It's NICOLAI.
5 5dnorawestof Coats'a llottl.
" cln:iii:u tiia. i:vs:ki
JAMCS SUbCKtlVK rr.jctfu:iy annotinrea to tu old
customers and thr public, that l-e"s r'eu rii.med In tell ar
II ties In hts line of husmeM as r'ieap a a lliey can I e .'!
by any other ettablihment in Iiiitmi.a. I'et.t.ro. in at.t l Sand te,
lirtdltt, Harnett of II kintta, Saddle and Ci(t kiat, Iriki,
II Atis, or n 11 y article in hit Im, are ie(iieird in call at d see bu as.
st.niiK til. Now manufacturing, a lot t-f full hisiA Sudd.'et, a sery
uinor article.
Also, just received, a select lot r.f Flirrup. Trets. Hush, V bb
Trai e Chain, Hurkles, Ilamet , Kc, all of which be a..ld f, r
very snnll advance tin cit. Al Ins olj stand, two dot r eau r-f M,
rlinii street. I ndianj fM.lis.
Wlrat ant oilier klmlarf merchant ablr pirdurr willl tirrrltri! n
man I pru e iu pa u.eiil for any of the above aiticlea. ". S
sin ;i VT i.iiaTirsY
lUsT received. a very lar;c lot of Comt iiut At Co.'t Lard I. an ja
' of tl.e latest and 1-t-t.t sty It-s. suited to pa. lor . cl.i.ml r, t fi.ct vr
store; also, n ranttr of kitchen or hund lrd l.nps, writ It any
iti;ititity of cut or plain plu is;Uo rhin.tn j s to bt all Lind of
lamps, nil of w Inch w ill be sold at ThilaJlphia prict s ; the public
nie iiivited to mil ar.l price tl.e loinps atol are il tbr ere t,ot far
beL.w t.nj o.inn in tie market, st the Jcwe lr sf-te of
4i y (Journal copy) V. II. TALBOTT.
:iii:ii.v',K iic -a it
'PIMIK tiiiM'iihT Imiow jTrj-nind M fnriiiiti nulilii sad olh.'fi,
U his new ly invunie.l compound lor hardening itoe . clTlnf It
the Uatiiiii-s of te-l nnd rttamiu ita original toucl.nets, lull
tliitrtions accoin any the articie. Ilaring deU.tcJ twoyrltsto
tlie c.eii.ieiit. and Completely sucraeded. he adopts thit mttr-cd
of Ki lling It into i-iicral uee, prrfcrriug it to C.!J ;m g in -eu nta
au. I pntent rights.
lit-sii'iciisoidi-riatidn fall trial. '.'I) JOHN RKLLa
;i: i ii:ib:.s h a s s.
SAM now in rrt ript f ain4her lot of tluu traniiful Una maiJe
i lirc'y (or ItiM mmkel; thry ure l4 Interior to any I have Ke
lore oll. teil ; for ttnr.-il.iluy, iM-auty ami tyl of Itnistl lltev are uniur-
pasaed t y any. (iriuleiiiert can t ln a lant ecruralrlj fit ih" had.
AU, a foinplrlc kSNmlment of niter Kur, Seal, Nulia.Cloih and
Plio.li Caps, ..r aale at the Hat and Kltoe iure f J. K. IIAKT.
Oecembei 4, 1"-IH. S4-y
'.i . uTs iriTi iti:its!
POST opened, a fine aswoi tment of oru uus A. Co.'i lateal tyl
dtrandolttor cnnJIe I u triers, in pairs, with oi two cr tl.ieti
humeri. They arc decidedly thchanJsomtt and nmrt faiLionahlt
Candle atan i now In ne; 'thry will be sold al K'et.ll) l4urrd
prirn.l.y W. I. T.O.lllin'. ( Journnl copy ) 4J
i:i-iiTvim; io.m: to oitii:u.
ft Ll. Kirin.tsor i:nrtinf,cli as door srtrurk ilaira,fra
i ti. kniet, j encilt, sjHtons, OiimMcs,t)rt fct pint, finger rings,
etc., neatly engraved. icifAouf r kargt, m haie vt e sei 1 t' e article ;
wba'ii we ilo not sei I the art ic le, c barges onuaualiv low at
o0 V. H. T A 1. 1'OTT't
XiviT voi k inii:s!
a LL in wi.ntof Kjshiouable su.l Cheap llatsot Caps are in
Va v ited to evaioli.e tlie slock of the tul tcrit rra- Noot Lkil
go iw sy .!4Sti1ed. a tht are drtcrruiiu-d to vivr the vtry test
l aiymus to be had tu the city. 11LCK k ( O.,
Nov. inbt r 'Jt. l-47. Li-y Opposite lirow Lii ir's
. 0. Sl (.Alt.
IIIILS . O. Mutar, bet article, just received on Cn
sinnei.t and for title I y lb C. TklÄ L, est t'dt Depot.
c ! 1 1 :s in ts :iii:s sits i
i Ill'SlI vriy fine Chesnuts, just received and lor sale low n
'1U w holesite, by I). C. THAL, weit side lh pot. 43 J
Vi: ofTer a superior lot at reatotiable niicet.
SAIr !
OHfi BHI.R altjutt rec IvrJanJ foraala low by
JJ b k V. MOOR 11.
sV l F..NTLKM UN'S Hat, Fall st)le. li4 .dirrcl frtn w York
W manufactured t order, just rec elven.at ni'in -
KW CUOP ttais.ns. Almond, fitswa, Clovet.&c, for tale low.
fft k. Iw W. eJOOKki.

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