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and :?i 1:4111:8.
A s'rict CiXiStruction of the Constitution, and nu
assumption of doubtful powers.
A D plonmcy asking for nothing but what i
clearly riIit ami subuiittia to nothing wronjj.
X. cniH'.xiin between the povernnient and banks.
A 'i ml vxlomn. rcvenin tarilF.
No public debt, either by the General (5ovrrn
rritint or by the Stuta, except for objects of urgent
No assumption bv the (lenoral Government of tfif
dbt!4 of th; Stfttrs, either directly or indirectly, by a
distribution of tin? procerita of the public lauds.
No extensive "system of interim! Improvement by
the General Government or by the States.
A constitutional barrier against improvident State
Tho lernest payment of our debt. and the sacred
preservation of the public faith.
A iraliml return from n paper credit pystrrn.
No rant of exclusive charters and privileges by
special legislation to banks.
No swindling corporations.
No connexion between Church und State.
A preference for Democrats over Whigs for every
Actpiiesrrnce in ti e rule of the majority in all
case of party discipline.
No proscription for honest opinions.
Fostering aid to public education.
A progn'Hsivi; ' reformation of all abuses.
A '2Yiii(sm' Squire or tlic Olden Time.
There llourislieil for many years in a cer
tain village in the good Stale of Tennessee,
an eccentric fellow who rejoiced in the name
of Peter Izard; for many years he filled the
important otlice known in various parts of the
Union as Magistrate, Ald jrman or Justice of
the Peace. We will now show you a sam
ple of Squire Izard's mode of proceeding.
A gentleman hy the name of McMurran,
of this place, was riding through C ,
where his horse lost a shoe! For replacing
it, the blacksmith whose name was Knos
Jlilbo, charged the cool sum of an eagle or
rather two sovereigns. Naturally indignant,
our traveller refused to pay such an exorbitant
demand, and he was arrested at the suit of
the son of Vulcan. There being no other re
source, Mr. McMurran was escorted to the
magistrate's olliec, back of the bar.
After being introduced into the most august
presence of the Squire, and the charge stated,
the following dialogue occurred:
'Well, sir, what's your name?"
"McMurran, sir."
"Humph, Mr. Murran, no other name 2''
'John McMurran, sir."
4; No Mr. Curran- no alias chf
'Of course I have not, ?ir I have no need
of one."
Where do you live, Mr. Carron?"
My name ain't Carron I told you it is
Well, Mr. Merlon, did you make any bar
gain forhocing vour horse?''
'No sir."
Then, Mr. Burton, you acted, sir excuse
me like a fool."
I don't come here to be insulted, sir, and
no man shall talk so to me." cried poor Mac.
1 know you did not, Mr. Fulton keep
silence, sir, or I'll fine you. You acted, sir
ilont contradict me like a perfect fool;
and lc:t this be a warning, sir. never to trust
such a scoundrel as Knos Dllbo (the smith)
further than you can sling :i bull by the tail.
Sir, (to the j-laintilf,) 1 mcaiwou you shunk.
You'd steal the coppers olF your dead moth
er's eves, von poor no-souled dog. The sen
tence of this court is, that you, Knos liilbo,
all it's worth, and if you say another word I'll
knock you down. Clar this court. j
Fully satisfied with the verdict, and highly
amused with his. adventure, Mac went on his
Ties, confounding of names was a favorite
hobby of the Sjuires, and he was quite an
adept in the art. On one occasion, when he
was summoned as a witness belorc a Stale
Court one of the law vers undertook to pay
him off in his own coin. When the Squire j
took the witness stand, the following dialogue
oci.urred: !
"What i vour name, sir?'' i
I etcr Izard. "
How old are you. Mr. Lizzard?"
nu- n Iii rn von. , r. . zun ii
"Mv name is Izard Peter Izard."
. ; i
" I heg vour pardon, .ur. oizzaru out 1
am a little hard of hearing this morning."
" Izard, ir Izard !"
"Ah, I undc!tand! Well, Mr. Kuzzard,
how old are on ?'
"Now look here, Mi-ter,thafa not my name,
and I won't aisner.?
You won't an-wer my question Mr. Triz-
zle? We'll c about that! Now, sir, what's
vour age. Mr. Drizzle?"
I he witness maintained a dodged silence.
1 , i i it ii f
'erhaps he had better spell his name lor
you, !rother-
till' roiirt liolvlll"'
with laiuditer.
yi'. cried the witness, "zed-ay-ardee: j n-CRaxwiii t i.tkm to and frt.m the i-t without tr.mhie or
" Well, your honor, I called him that name . SZZLi u4rr.ir..i to krrPhtaiAM0M weiirut-
all alofl " Weasel ?' niMhrd.nml hirt rMfilding in as good style and coiiduimi m lhatof any
r . Ii 1 Ii I 1 n? . house inthe city, and h iroims that rvrry pninsim Iii.- iart w i!le
"AnV fool might KIIOW It SpellS JZardl jrirrtr.l to trndrr hw liouw a c.inf..nnlJe for liavHIri and lity
shouted Peter j lMi.irdfM uh any house in lh city,and tint his prices will he rexrion-
" MaV it nlease the Court " interposed thel 'I hrreiBCiuiuertftl with the MtnMihmMit n larrtanJ cmmoiTwu$
" J I ... i r 'a'k where hornet will ! Ukem f nf in the Ix-Jd ni:iiii)er.
attorney, thl"OWinr himself III) With ail air OH ivr-on wi-hmmo take pa.4.-i m hUii:-h will nt all lim-n t.c-
11 t. . - ..i .i . coiiiiniHlitid wHUmii tr. nlde. IIANNKK LAWIIKAI.
WOUUUeU tJIglill) , "ClUiei uns witness, .ue. i-
les, niii-t be M inoveil, or I shall withdraw
from the bar.'
Von rascal!' bellowed the infuriated
Shcriir take charge of the witness!' cried
the court, stilling for a moment its mirth for the
onlv sober faces in the assemblage were those
of the lawver and the witness.
Von he hang'd, called out Squire Izard,
vou and the court too! you low-lived vaga
bond!" "A mittimus to the jail for three days and
,S"2" !inv ii d the court.
Here the Sherilf came up to Peter to car
i v him oil.
"What's my name, Torn?' railed the
Sipiire as he was led out.
lYter Izard1" was the prompt response.
The following day. IheSijuire was pardon
ed and hi- fine remitted, but never after
warth diil he venvire to um: the weapon that
had been m ell'ertiially turned against him-.-If.
If you cannot be happy in one way, be
happy in another; and this" faculty of dis
position wants but little aid from philosophy,
tor health and food humor are almost the
whole all air. Many run about after felicity
like ait absent minded man n king for his hat
while it is on his h ad or in his hand.
"Vou didn't go to Cork, today, Paddy?"
"Orb, no," said Paddy; I heard a gentlem an
.say there would be an eclipse on tho moon
litre to-night, and I sUiycd to see it."
Knowledge, when only in possession of a
few, ha almost always been turned into
ini'iuilous purpose."
'k? jij.u,.
Indianapolis January fi, IS HI.
An Incident or Two.
Steamboats have their troubles as well as
other folks. Like printers and doctors, they
have to turn round very often for nothing.
The "dear people," have been told it was
"no trouble to sdiow goods," till they believe
it. See what it's coming to.
On her last trip up the Missouri, the ob
liging Henry Ury was hailed by a green look
ing customer at an obscure landing, and
rounded to, supposing he wanted to take a
passage. The boat swung round, pulling,
hoarse and impatient:
"Hallow, Captain."
Coming aboard V
" No, but I thought may be somebody there
mought be traveling up to buy hemp, and Pd
jest ax you."
The Henry lry gave a snort and a lunge
enough to burst her boilers as she turned on
her keel, and got under way again the
"great hanged'' hemp man swearing that she
bad no accommodation about her.
Captain Luke had nearly forgotten the in
cident, when some distance from Chugow,
deponent saith not where a man - as ob
served standing on the river bank. backon
ing.Jas it seemed, most seemingly, fust with
one hand and then the other, beating the air
before his face, and looking intently towards
the boat. Again the polite Henry llry, fetch
ed a circuit of ome half a mile, and came to.
"Hallow, stranger, what do you want?"
"What in the (using a bad word this
time) did you make signs for?"
'Only keeping the musquitocs olT to see
what boat that was!"
Somebody gave a toat that evening
"Hemp and muquitoe the worst suck on
i the river." Gla.ow JVi.zvs.
The Hebrew has a peculiar aptitude for
managing money. Joseph was treasurer io
Pharaoh, Daniel to Nebuchadnezzar, Morde-
cai to Artaxerxes, and Levi to Don Pedro,
the cruel. The Moors, who first invaded
Spain, had an Israelite for chancellor of the
Fxchcquer; and a gentleman of the same
nation now lends money to all the nations of
l,4L L,lluu
Good manners are the blossom of good
sense, and, it may be. added, of good feeling
to ; if the law of kindnes- he written in the
heart, it will lc;wl to that disinterestedness in
little as well as great thing that de.-ire to
oblige, ami attention to the gratification of
others, which is the foundation of good man-
We are reproached with forgetting others:
we forget ourselves a thousand times more,
We remember what we hear, see, and, read,
often accurately ; not so with what wc telt
that is faint and uncertain in its record.
! i .i .. i i .. r ..!! c
1 v is Li ieai eLroiisiu,u .u tin uui i.iu-
Economy U generally despised as a low
virtue, t-nding to make people ungenerous
and sellhh. This is true of avarice ; but not
so of cconomv. The nvn who is economical,
is laving up the permanent power of being
ueul and gelieious.
8e:iot gior.Ni;.
rgMll! uinlriuiiel Imvin; tnKn thf nlmVf fmme fur a term t(
fL yrnrx, tU lr jir-jfirfl t ar cuiiiiiiimIiI- ;t!i Hiie u hu liny lavur
li i ii with lltcir ciMo'n, i s early an Uir Aujun, l l-1.
The aliovf In hirh wn iftPiilly built I y It. Is. Duncan ir iLe
city,r ii.ii.!nj...h;,ii..!i;,.:i, i.-tnn:ii-ii in .int my a rw iu imme
dmifly -:tt T Um tU-pa of the M.ilixtn ai:l I rxliaiiai ilisi raüroxi
.,,,,. r th.MmHti,e-;mtiiui nn.n.a!ihy ri!fintr.ecity; uiMf
! iiiiii"! '" tlirt" story hfifk tiuillmii Willi a porrh ( env.h Hory
ixirniliii2 Iii rnttir IriiElh t.i Ine ljuiiuir.u, ujmiii w incli a rtm r -ii?i
fn mi r.ich rirfiu ; tlic rtin ; re vrry largo am wrll vtnti'ntnl.riLJ
. I. . . : I ,u M ..II . , .li.rl.J I l.M ii l.u u t .aaij
in JimuuLri. July 1.'!. lrl-. 3-ni
"c'Aniix ixsi'itA;j; (ikiifam,
Xv.w .Brrsey.
& T n Ktion rr lircttoi ol the Cnindt-n Inuranc ("oni
J VL. i-'iay, li-l-l oi tin; jtli lualunt.Iie utulcrmiMitiuitt.-.! $: ntKim n
H I r" illllv I. r.: :
It. V. O' lrii, Nith.ni Ihn I,
V. v nef i 'loo i:, Thoiiij W. Mit I ford,
1-oi.ih To) , Ji.'..' miih,
I'Ji hi'd FVt'i i, K. I. J iiiift.
John W. Mi-klrt, ll.;iiy I., liulkley,
ln,uc Mickl -. Siinu. l Urnoori.
h.iiiiii'd K.nirlf,
At mretinft 'd t;ip Hoard o f I) iri r toi . h'M on the U.lh intf.,
H. W. t n wm un.iiiiiiii.iialy i li'.f-i'ii I'l t.t, uinl Idiir) L.
Uulk ! y Sirn tar .
The iihovR t.n j.fti j hnvinj !oiip a wiy TofitnMc Iumihh U.h
past (cntn'i, an t vv Ith u urdil of Hurt) -1 o t limi-uti J ilol! ) . iu
ltd iiliou to thrir eii iiti ic l l'.i;it; I of vni huaditd thoumimt li iirt
ar' no n pniv.l tu iimnre )w-lliiitr", Stoics mid M nniUotoim,
in to 'i or country, toi'tluT iili (Joo.U ami Mt rcliaiidiio of ev
crv d 1 1 p! 1 1 :i);:uiikt I.uinor lMni:i' ly Kire.
Tin Coiiipuny hI-o t ik Murine in I li.lin l Kik un V( üii'I,
Fnilit wr Cjiijo, at the lowntcumut r;it.
lt. W. ot.DCN, Irnü.nt.
II. I.. IIi'i.ki i V. H. rn tarv.
CM AS W. C:AIV, AitiH,Iiiilihriiijoli. ,W
c;Vr Vi I tic i ii .ii i in us.
" IJMT ffrcivclat Oil A VflOV'S, Si'ti of the Sfiw.avirj !e.
Jp iirahlu ruiortnip fit of vN irh I, fli'e. Krii. '. I'ut nt I.i .vlur,
Top l.eullu.T.Ouin Cloth,; ur tuln Stull, O i ICui p.'tinj, Tulu, Mom,
Wu'i llmidl. he. Nr V
7 , nif.'iforie t wo mpcrior hrnndt nt Olnrlhnni Ih holctsl
pi ire without 1 Idiiitf tl orlutu ii .
June I. -V f.mill f II ANNA
:oih"TI8V ii KtK-J'filM
15 MM IT 1 1 A. 1 1 ANNA
SINJ AH 11. ii. !!, I . ! i. I iti.. ii Molahr,n flml rale ntti le . fur nl
chenp.nl M Will". W'.S H I
itoo i s a i mioi:s.
FUi;:1ll mid i otuplrtc ii.rtiiienljuliereHednnl fr aattlnw
ht ini)i. MM I I II at HANN A.
rote vmi
WK wilt t Odiit Im to fifty itIUra wotth i-f cmN nl rr.tnrrd
jm. I . s1l I II . MANNA
VAKIl-m for mile I y
... .j
t T"0t. rmhmrlntr all .liet.and warrm.te.l h firil ralearti
kW cle, f.,r a!t) nt n luoc l pnee, hy TilOMAH lit:pT,
I Sijnof Um Ur l Anvil.
WTTAI.F Itiirrfli Xi f..t eilr at hwr t uim.
r Ml'l ll At II N N A .
nil" -"'M.Tr j.,f;( '..'
AT VlIOl4i:SAI,i: AM! Ui:TAIIi.
DAVKRV variety of styl and ((iiiility of Hoots and Shoti, Ht lect
J with l' i t at rare liom the most annroved nmnuf.ictoi ie, fand
Wtll tuiajdud to tho City and Country trade, r onsisting of
Ladie' Hader, half li.iitt r and ltukiuit
do Kid Btiükin. Ties and Slijjem,
A I fnitiful article of Ladies' high cut Kid and Gont walking
Shoes. Custom Made,
Misses' DootffS, Uiukin and Slinjiers,
Children'ri hoe of every variety and ty!.
f;cntleiuvn,i fine Calf sewed an.l n ggtd boot.
do j)epgc J imitation sticli
do Jnnin nnil half welt
do heavy w ater jiroof
do line Coat, Heal and (I rained
Dovs' Clf. Kit. Jat Thick
Vouiiif.' Uoot. ot all st) Ii -,
:m pairs of Men s Kip Brosn,
4(t3 jmir? Men' Calf :u.! (Joat llroenns,
1V0 pairs Hoy' Kip Mid Coarse Sho s,
l'.il) nair! Strap Over Shoes.
Also a creat var-etv of Lr:i s'Calf. Coat, Morocco and Kip Boot.
Strap Shoes, lli.'h BinUins and lie. MisV Coots und Slioe of
all kinds, (hi' Inn's do of evry J'iii-e and style-.
Tim a' ove named tioods of either Kantern mainif ictnre or r it
mike, Jte kept cori'.: aully tu hrunl. an.l clu-aj for rush. All Rfods
warranted, ltii.s mended trtatii. I'.iase ea.l arid examine.
5 Sirn t,f the (hit Hat und Ilit.
to this rAi:?ir:ats.
tKU" arrangements hiving hren ma le at our t'stablishinent
; vi w e. would 'give notice thnt our
c.iuD au ma cjim: s,
After a thorough u p-! ir, w ith New Card, Sic, are now ready to
ruu. They are in the h.ti.d of M sr. ilotimi and Landt-.who
are eiLperienoe I ia the- w hol.; hnsiaess of t'jrdin, Spinning,
Weaving and Manufacturing, in all the various hiaiich of Sati
nets, KUruii'l, J.'im, Mlankets, Hroadi" loth.
Is in e i celler.t order, and country work I s lin if he.l at short notice
and in rood Jtvh', of every colr- Silk, Satins, Shawls, Hon
iietH, and any liesi.s th at inav hive heen fi led or spotted, re
colon .1 an 1 nade a l-rijht a-s rrw.
I in excel It-it t con lit ion , and under tho hands of Mr. John Clark.
Crit work done a, s i;rt notice, and :i good turnouts w arranted
as Ironi any nidi in the rounty. Fl"ur eirlmngod at all times
w!:t"! w iil.ed. The highest price iu cah paid for Vhat.
To those of in r cusiomers who live on or ne.ir the Michigan
HoaJ, we her ly give pirttcu'.ir notice, that the bridge toll over the
river i frit-lor all coming to mill or to the ('arming Machine
we hivo rrnle uri atigeaieuts with Mr. A. WiNon, the propriet r.
tothnt eireot. lieinoniher, all who rome to our tsta'IihniiMit
with Uo.d or flrain, come KKKK. The mill in once again in our
own hand, and we hone hy attention to the wants of our cu-doin-ers
to merit a share of patronage. We have also just put in op.
erulic:i a
and are a his !i pi ice in cash for Saw-logs at nil times.
Saw in; done uu shares.
We can safely r-cominen.l our eslihlihmotit to the puhüc for
despatch and attention, and will ensure satisfaction .
May 5, l4fi K6 y UM . K. WKST.
I'nili rhtkci s :int) ('oüiii-!I:ikrri.
HIlSI't'.CTFUI.LY inform tht-ir tuend and ihe politic, that
ft Ihey li tve remove I to thir nw war house, jut v.estofthtir
W, 3. ui. I i.i.K ThfV are now nrenared to fnrnih all nrtirlenot
Pi j i ' -JCnbitnt
furniture, elegant, costly, or cheap, to suit Ihe taste
of pinr.h;i-ei.i. They w ill alu pay prompt and part ieutar at
I1 . . . , . .. I .. .O i . .1,.. .....1...!..
lent ion lo Mineral airin trior in , nun in iiooru.inr uirn innr
or any pnrt therei f ; furiiih a one or two ln re liear.te, ar-
n.i.-tJ, .i-.. at Ihr liorlewl notice. As they keep ri-nily ninoe
coifins on hand, they w ill h al.le to furniii the same prorrrpt-
lv. r-inl nl lower th in the usunlmtM. "I Iiy will niüke coilnn to or-
dt i at th hir'st tiic , either day or n fjl.l . a lid will in eeiv wny
guarantee to i;ve sitislact ion. unri I iliflum can alwny le loiin.i,
tiiitof iuine.8liuurs,at hia resilient r, duett ly luttien.d tltJie var-
llollHe. 1 d
On Di l iu at' VUit't t, Ujmiii ofllio Conrt
Hoime i 1 :i t ', S sitl i:t 11:1 S is.
ft ;i.Ni;it S.Mini rom; iim-Hi to Ms Md cu
itk tomeri ai.d the puhlic generally, anil wimld
fr-- Asa iniortll lliem mal ne lit iimiie nit'.ii nir ini nn-i.ix ni
jrtfTJ will enatile him to keen a constant Ftiniily of the
t H-iiiiu til., i-i.nn -iirK nr t 'i ifiM ind vtil.l
'1'urkien, 'iees-e, I ncks, Miickeii, Cub, Under, Veil
- etaldes of every kind and description, l'artiea fur-
nwlied. Familie iurt Insing can hive their ponds delivered in any
part of the city free of eipense. A. 8. h pes Ly strict attention
(iii n M to fcure a liberal p-tiroiing. 13-tf
ovsti:eis( cja.iii:. a-c
f W 1 1 K an Peribera will lunmh.nt all tiuici, fiesh o iter, pimr,
H- nii'l o"lo-r edi''es, cook.-.l as desired, at a moment's nutiee, in
a sty If no: to he surpis.'el ia the city. Cull at the ContVctiouery,
a f "w doors west ot Hay's hotel, Washington tiett.
" Tint: MV.ws.
a r K. ntrain call the a'.ti ri'ion of tho t utdic to our larre stock
of HraH Clicks; thirty howr itod ii?!.t day , .ill uananted
to ke p rood time, or no s : . 'i'hey nor a mm h h.-tier ai tiele than '
tlioe sold hy icdljrr. We o'fer thcni Jit nuK it lew juice. ;.ill
an I s.-e the in. Storo oppoite Hi ownin's.
.V)-tf U'L'- 'f Al.nitTT.
A ITOUDWIN'S of nlUienaud i.ri-es. Klute. Kliieol. -t..iiid
Fife ; plain and extra keyel Flutes, Violin, and Violin!
suing, ail of which will be null ;it IU nor rent on cost, to cloe J
them out, hy V. II. TAl.lOTT. .V tf j
cpAKJ-'. in exchue for tjoods at cah prices. Feithrrs. RZ'
wir, (linteniT, Jris.1 7,-'('c, Oiti, 'l'altutr. Hutler, f'.'j-p. iMrd,
Flat lAintn, JhitJ VtaJui, IVki.t Fcan, H'noUtn Socks, l.in$fy, and
Jtans, all ol which they wish to jiiirehase in large, 'i-iuiititiia. Ci2
AUK to bo fotinj In tho way of cheap Dry Goods at BttAM-
- VVF'.LL &. Co.'s. Norwood's roiutr, opposite the Talrner House,
Indianapolis. t'yl
!ll3Itr ITS iILLM.
N etrellent remedy for the Inritienr.a. The penuine art if la re
cently prepared, lor sali' l.y MUKR1SÜN TA I o 1 i 1 .
f Pllli new and popular vegctatde medicine: can I e h.-..l at
FKW hoxe and half hoiea best ialiiy of fresh H iihim, jiikt
1. t f . . 1 1 t tt f,n.it'f-ff t! i f..
am rrc iveti sin.iior Jan-ev j . uu A.w k r.i.i. cs. 1
A FF.W I.nnd AVm iant for sale, if ajtplicr.tion I f made oon.
JJ,V'J- J.M.IIIIAMUT.I.I. i ('(..
m'oivc.l, and kor sah a few harreU i ime frt h or
Mii'.-n ri nil 1,'iiions, vvliirh s ill he vol I l.v. Appl v at the citv
confeetioiiery. i I II HAVIS Ä. HAVNF.S.
DUL. Fn '1 Suit, j-nt rei i ivl and for i! at .Mad
WV niUi f, ,.w i... BLVTIIi: N. IKM.I.ANI,
)erem-er M. )-17. .'iS tf Itailinnd 1- '(t
D '"tt n,,,or,d, from the Virjini.i Iron W'otk, a m-
MmP perior tdtn lc Ifor s ih' iv low.hy
Till MAS HIJIS P, Sin of the lied Anvil.
MM! have it lir lie Rtoik for sale, wholesale and retail.
1 4' SMI I II V 11 N.A.
si e:s:i
Lit itiei iption for nie ut the in of the UK ANVIL.
i I
a )t ItdXF.H Virginia, M innnrl nn1 Kenlurky Tohrireu, (or niln
5 V very low hy S. U, W. MtHHF.. My
11 i:i:i:4 i.l.ihrlee,r.Hand I.' inrhe whlej !()() piere Ami r
' " ' hull hl Iii rr do : .'u Im lullen prini; tlo 4 to .1 Im he.
.11 y S. .V W. M H )KK.
A V ,,''', 'I'Mli'y, for .le 1y
B AIIICS' rtn- Hlipprra. I!ukliw, Otter, I loot , im I WnIMiiß
i Mi., at IMMII.KIN ,Altm.ll,.' :l
'IMIF. I.ile of Hü Wright ; uNo, loner I Jackmii; lyJ.d.iiS
1 J.'. klu. ; j iH re.-i lvid h ItOtHI S. NOIII.F. -II
,"!1HAI1 llAUTilN: A Tlof Maui enter Life, Jut n reive I hy
ITU r,'i nor I V NOHI.K.
llltl.Mji uiidiun 'I sr. vrry loiv. hy"
U 51 y S. k U. MIIOUH.
H F. COlt MKNIVH f liatorv d lh' l'np I.
hi MOHHlHilN Jv TAI.HdT I". weit of llrowt.innN.
g lOilKAI'IIICAI. and 1 tI t i. I liorv of ( on'ie.
i ()( I.IIH Coiton Yarns, lUti. Med ; ,(n(l It. Iliiiinir; '.od lt
J)IIVI rftd.ewirs; for s.t low l.y S. .V Ur. MlloKll. My
T i lA"iS I'riinv IlloCoiree, very low.
1 r M s. A. V. MOO F..
I f(i It AH 11 Nu. 1 for suit' at 1 1 vi r i lit-rn.nd line irotis
1,;UU ,r t'.tioii. HMIIMI IIANW,
VI Opponlte I' I hnch I : 't it k , ln.!imndi, I J.
a bus.
. It. M.
6 7 i-
13 7 21
'7 18
37 6
10 7
17 j 0 51
I (J 42
Q :t
iu i7
in i 1
to) si
t; 7
13 11
V0 5M
I. M j
4 :i I
4 5r j
. r,
5 14 i
O. II. M.
First Qr. 3 2 t M
Kuli M . H 5 1'2 K
Ihirdqr.lG 10 M
New M. '21 4 '25 M
First Qr.31 11 ö M
Full M. 7 0 9 M
ThirJtir.H 10 5 K
New At. '22 7 52 E
4 a
11 V2
H lit
'2j '.'J
1 2
15 10
, s
5 3i 1
5 3H I
5 4ti ;
'.'7 W
G 7
13 1 1
.March t
1 ?
15 10
"2 i ? l
t :?:)
5 (i
12 13
i: -id
20 y;
6 "'2
0 ll
0 10
5 5!t
Tt 4u
; 5 53 !
I c 1 1
FiritQr. 1
ThirdQr. 10
New M. -24
First Qr- 31
f. 25 K
7 '21 F.
7 1 F
8 23 M
1 l2i) M
0 14
! 6 '2
i 0 34
i'7 2-
3 4
1(1 II
17 H
"21 -2S
1 e
l."t 10
ay .in
Full M. 7 10 12 M
Third (ir.15 1 30 K
Now M. '22 6 16 K
Flint qr. '29 39 M
Full M. 7 1 29 M
Thirdir. 15 4 -.'2 M
New ,M. 2-2 1 50 M
First tir. -2ri 5 45 K
21 15 17 i 6 41
W j 5 7f4
5 j I .ro ' f. r.5
.Muy i
12 ! 4 ft:
1 i 4 4ti I
w U 41!
; 1:1
'2 ! 4 37
. 7 1
r, c
12 13
ID '.'()
2 i '21
3 i
io ll
I? H
Jl 5.
7 c
14 IS
2 -22
2-i i'J
4 30
4 35
4 37
4 '.s'J
t 43
4 17
4 53
1 7 ii i
7 25!
i 7 t7
! 7 '27
7 20
I 7 -23
j 7 1!
j7 0
C 58
0 4'.)
Full M.
New M. vO
Firt ir. 27
Full M. 5
New M. 19
First Or. 20
4 49 K
4 46 K
H 41 M
3 6 M
7 M M
1 .1(1 M
3 37 K
10 42 E
8 2t M
0 26 M
.Vi 21
5 0
1-2 13
111 '20
1 M
'20 -27 :
August :
Full M.
New M.
5 11
: 1 i
') 5 2 1 ' 0 40 I Fir?t Qr. 25 1 1 4ö M
U0 31
Stytcmbtr :
5 HO ' 6 29
5 3j : 0 1H
5 42 0 7
5 49 5 30
5 55 5 45
4 fi r, 7
11 12 13 11
1 19 -20 21
25 '20 Ml 2H
1 Full M. 2 11 40 M
Third Ur. 9 1 17 E
New M. 10 10 -24 M
First Qr. '24 5 46 M
- - 1 2 3 1 -r.
7 r 9 Hi 11 12
14 15 I 'I 17 H 19
'21 22 23 '24 25 20
2i '29 30 31
..... 1 2
4 5 0 7 H 9
11 12 13 14 15 10
18 19 '20 '21 22 23
25 20 27 2Ü 29 3d
2 3 4 5 G 7
9 10 11 12 13 14
10 17 ! 19 20 21
2t 21 25 '20 ',7 2,S
30 31
t. '2
6 10
G 24
5 34
8 2rt
5 13
5 4
1 So
4 49
4 43
4 39
4 30
4 30
4 37
4 40
4 44
Full M. 2
TliirdUr. t
New M. 16
Find Ur.21
Full M. M
0 2". M
7 34 K
0 3 M
1 43 M
1 1 37 M
.Vovtmler :
I 6 31
6 1(9
C: 47
G 55
7 9
7 H
7 19
7 '21
Third Qr.7
New M. 14
First Ur 22
Full M. 29
I Third Qr. 6
j New M. 14
First Qr. 22
! Full M. '29
2 45 M
3 35 E
40 E
47 E
Titt ftnber :
1 15 E
10 0 M
2 a e
H 22 M
Arrivals and t)ci:u turcs of the flails.
Kastibn Clofedai!y,at - .... 51'. M.
Arri veu daily at ------ 8 A.M.
CiNcin.MTi via lirmtkciHe Closea Monday?, Wednesdays,
mid Frith, C P. M.
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdiy. and Saturday, 6 P. M
Cicimn iti via .vTrrnccltirirh Clo.4d Tuendays, Thurs
day! and Saturday, 6 A.M.
Arrive Wednesda) , Fritlayi. and Sundays', 7 P M.
SurTHtHü vi;i JS!a lt.-on Closes it ;i :y, except Sundiys, - 6 A. M.
Arrive d:u!y, except Sundays, - 2J P. .M.
I.tiVkv worth via lllouminglon Clie Alondays, Yed-
iieMd.iy ami Frd , ----- G A. M.
Arrives Tued;iy?, Thursday, and Saturdays, 4 P M.
Wkstih vi. 7'crre Haute Closes daily, - - KA.M.
Anivea daily, & P. RI.
Mi'iezl'Ma Clones Tuesdays and Fridays, - 7A.M.
Arrive Wednesdays, Hiid Saturdays, 3P.M.
CK4wroKusvii.Lt Close duly, except Sunday, - fcA.M.
Arn es .Inily, erepl Smii.is. ... 5 I'. M.
IiAF t v ETI c via V;n.-n CUwe Tueday and Fridays, - 7 A.M.
Arrives UVdnfmHt, and IVkI.ijs, CI. M.
Nor imkp. vii ;ji:Ta.ivf Cl.uted Mnml.iys, Wednesday
an. I Knd.ivs, - - - 7 A.M.
Amtes 'l'ii("i;;iy,Tli!iril.i),niid Jatiird.iy, ii V. M.
Gbkemtillc. t., vi.i ll't ichcftcr, li. Clow-tton Mond.ia
iiml t-"rul in, -----
Arrives Tuesday ami Saturdays.
( P. M.
6 A.M.
:i I'. M .
Ii A. M.
4 K.M.
P. M.
emu kton ( lo es i hursdav fl.
t in, i
Airive- Wf-iliiesilay,
Peru via Itroatl Hipfite (Hoaes Tuendnye,
AmwH Ffid.ivf,
Inrtinrmpttli. -p. 'Jl . !4-'.
i.. ntiM.AP,
Orili 3Iiitii:tl Ii IiiHiirunce Coinpniiy
No. 35 Wall street for the second term of Five years.
Amount uf first dividend aud rt
CIV fund, .... $537, 15S C7
Amount pifrniumi rrcrived fiom lt
Fei, to lt Nov. 1S4S, on account
second dividend. - - -$195,338 43
Amount leceivrd for spa iik$, poli
cies, ic. second dividend, - - 1,940 70
Amount received for interot od
botid and m-Ttgas, &c. - - 15,777 ÖS
Annuities halance, - 3,333 15 210,410 35
$753,5CS 51
Losse and expense, and paid for
SUrillideicd joliClef,
- $71.261 03
Cah on liaml.
Cah deported in the
tank ol New Voik, -Kor
d and tniiitaecs on
4,875 95
lial esUle in ihe citiea
ff N. Voik and liiook
lyn, valued at twice
the amount loaned
thereon, - - -475,2S7 19
Stock of the Slate and
City of New ork, and
of Ihe United States, l?4,102
Amount due fiom agents, 3,746
Amount leiniiai:' un
paid on half yeai ly nnl
juirtfrily j'olicies is
sued previous to fust
dividend, -
2 003 20
CS2.307 Gl
f 753,568 C4
Incteau' of investments ince Feb. lat, 164,747 50
Numhcr of p ilieie i.ur d fiom 1st of May last, 591
Winde niimhei p .licies inud, 5r97") F01 life, -
I.e-icancillid,foifeittd, and I For seven years,
xpiietl, dentin and suncti- ("Kor o h'r periods
dtitd, - - - - 133J
M. Itoni.VSON, rrcMdthl.
Smucl Hannav Secretary
Nov einher ll 1S1S.
J. I.. Mono iiviir.AD, M. U. .Medical Advicr at Indianap
olis C. V. Capv, C.ei'Cial Ai:ent fm -Indian. CI 4v
irvi i.ico a 1.
Hl.YTF.lt .1lllUX(JFJir..VT.
ON nnd nfter Monday, Oct. Hi, HH, the TasHenger Cnta will
letve 1 i.linii no J In. It iii.ihtli daily, (Sunduyn ctrepted,) hi
fiJIovi ii, viz :
IitveMadirioii nt S o'clock A.M., and arrive In lndiatinpnll,nt
nhuni 1 p. M.
lo-iive 1 11 1i.ni.ijM.lt ii t M oVIik W A. M.,und uri ive In M.nlioon, al
shout 1 V, M.
Fn tr nn run d uly leaving Miidioon and Indirinvpolli ul 5
o Im k A. M.
Ml I 're 1 1' hi for lh" .Noiltieru Stntioii inuM he it the depotnl Mndion
hv .1 oVIofk, to in ime it l.i.imt nt the micreedinird.iy.
' Mav,!"!". -l tl IIF.MIV It. HALT., Hup'l.
otwr-ä Ucnltir I'nclict IJik
K'rrrVX ' i; o m
Cirvt!f?IAIls' 'a o ' IN. 'IN IV ATI.
I t rontir linn trith thf M. I. lltiilioiiil.
f a 1 1 1', new und uplondid .leanier U'lSioNHlN, T.T. Wiijjht,
M.uter, Mill le.ive M11 lison every Mond.i) , W'e.lne lay , und
Fii I.iv.o i lh. .111 1 v I of Ihn cm 1 nl half inl one o'eloi'k . P. M .,
an ! rl ivk ( 'lofiini.tti every I 'u 1 . y , l'liuik ln uiitl 5utirdy
ul P! oM..e'i, M.
XI '! iii ItKI.I.I'. will evo M ilisoneviTV Tneda) .Thun
d.iy , nod is ttei liv til UoVlKk, '.M.,ind will lehve (im Innali
1. i) M011 la v. v'e In. . lav, !in I Fil tnv, nl I'JoVloi'h, M,
P.i .'iciT o'liin ; i:i .hi he em will fiiul il Kreully to their ad
V.tnt' to I like I hit Im. ! n m they C 4 ll nl w n . Ie lurili th
ml with n i(.i . 1 M!e 1 '.im, ,lin fomin fiom Cint inn ti,nn.
nil I'll. I .M di.t'.e J'oltt, fo l tU the r:r, tl ey wi'l find thl line
lh" C henpiit , ti 1 iiey r.ui 1 em iln on h iurd (ill il(ht f r of charge
IB f )i( r. Iriit on vour faiuiit'S
OYST62U, rtll9l riMIl, AHII!, c,
Hr-.Mi'uily nerved up at th
C I T Y S A L O O N ,
N'.i-lv epp lt- the Mrntinel Oltieo, I n Han ipol 1 , Indiana.
j-pii tit er l. Hi U if
Volume IV::::r,::::NuuiI)(T OS.
CHATtLF.S MAYER just enme to town with a most plonli.l
a.sonmeiit of Notions, Toys, Groceries, Confections, t cel.
see advertisement. lie iavitm tho folks iu town, and also thoie
who visit the place to call and examine his Ktock of good, which
in variety, quality and price. cannot l.eexceled any where. lie
H sel:in the most of Inj goods chinper than he cvcrold them be
fore, as h" hoti. t them ut astonishing low pncei ; lor Chiitioas
and New Year'n day ho 1.4 especially well fixed. I'lease examine
in) stock of gooJf.even if jou don't want to tnv,a it will tea
pleasure to you to look at them. CIIAKLK: MAY KU,
50 Opposite Temperonce Hall.
Cigars, Tolnuro, :inl Bipi.
I OVERS of a good smoke, if you want to smoke an extra fine
.J I'rinope, or a highly flavored Regdha, jut step in, and you
will ho served ilh the best cigar, which can he impoited aUo, if
you want a good chew, I have excellent Tobncro of every flavor.
20.H01 improved Spanish cijjats of diderent Iranja ;
KiO.tHHl lut half Spanish io ;
iU,(0 Ameriran do ;
faK) papers high'y flavored cutsn.ldry Turkish smoking tob. ;
1509 " American cut und dry tohacco ;
50 boxes Dirtrini.i chewing toharco,of various rands, straw
berry, cavendish, lady' twist, pound lump, five, and
eijiht pound lamps, honey Jow, n.iilro l, 1 ailroad, Sic.
ÄOO papui Ioo twin's pres.-d rhewing toi acco ;
Hodinann's do
5000 stone pipes ;
4 hose white clay pipei;
i dox (ierinaa pipe ;
Jut received and for s;ile hy the uhicriter nt the lowet prlco
fid Opposite Temperance Hall.
lkX DO. Leather Doli, of all izea
IJJ'L 20doz wax Doll, of all sizes;
7." French Accordcons, from 31 75 to $12 00 ;
l.U tit-rman Aecordeons, from ill Cent t .5 ;
6S Muten Irom t" ront to ;
.r7 lancy boxes from 60 rent to i ;
lull doz pearl, tKine nnd pi ite.l Stud, latent French fashion j
y.'0 Vi i'ins, from 2. 1 entti to $5 ;
75 Drums fiom IU cts to 1 ;
10 S wi.-s music hoses, phiyi'ig yankee doo He, weet hoxe ;
i doz China toy of litlertnt patterns j
50 dtz bt.ttles bear's oil ;
b" doz ' ox marrow ;
2j doz " ro-e oil ;
And a pool many other i.nirlrn of thi description too numerous
to mention, just received and for ale very low, bv
5U Oppo.-ite Temperance Hall.
(tins, I'jsioi, iiml i'ockct L 12 1 1 cry.
MUM (i-ins at g 1 a pmre ;
G o at ij a piece ;
3 six barrel Revolvers :
2"i pair doulde barrel I'istols :
KK) sin'.'Ie barrel pistol from 7 cen to $i apiece ;
15K) Wostt-nholiii's pen and pocket knives Irom 50 cuto $2 ;
bOO iocl knives diirerent brand and p.itterni ;
Also, butcher knives, table cutlerv, ticket knives, shoe, knives,
&.C., jukt leceived and tor alc very low by the sul.ncriber.
.10 Opposite Temperance Hall.
ntU ITS!
ritun: ruuiTs:
T) BOXES new MalJjja
st VP Haisins;
10 hf boxes do do lo ;
üüqrtr " do i!o do;
1 keg Z.into etirants ;
1 l.il ernian p-tinen ;
2 lxes citrons ;
1 bos Verinarely or Dcti'ihe
Nudeln ;
10 drum raisins without seed ;
300 l' i French prunes in fancy
1 baskit Dates ;
5 l oxes fig Paste ;
6 ' Jujube paste ;
4 brls suit r-helled Almondi :
2 Lrls paper helled do ;
1 lirl fait . rts ;
1 l.rl Pennutt ;
1 brl cream tiutt ;
1 brl Tecan ;
1 brl tnpli'h walnuts ;
5 hi Is Vlu stints ;
A 1 rls small soil Hhelled Hick
trv Nuts ;
jarsi ;
2ö drums Turkey fics :
Just received and lor sale it the lowest prices, rr
r.O Opposite Temperance Hal
r.f CAS prime Rio ("otJee ;
jyj o Java do;
CO lbs t loves ;
I 1 I rl cinder ;
i( bo?t. K ta low crrtdles :
3 cheats I. est I mperial Tea ;
4 " oung llvkon do ;
It Ctinp..xvder do j
'JO brl be-t N.O Sugar ;
ll) I rl rillfie l do Jo,
5 t-rls loot" KiiEnr ;
4 5rls ci nht il do ;
1 l i Is jjowduvd do;
i hsgs pepper ;
V l'Oj;s allspicu ;
75 lbs rinnamon j
Jut rei fcive l and for al I
'.'II stenrine do ;
star do ,
1 4 ,.. .lit
j o r 1 I 111 -V y
iomii s-orip ;
ni.l:i waj. ;
cate'l tuan :
i Ghrilf loii-s almond iaep;
j 5 bris S. II. molasKe ;
1 f.rl KCl.len syrop ;
HO I l ls N, !). nioIasM-s ,J
tile, iub-enber at the lowot prlcfi.
Oppoi-iie Ti-mpt-ranee Hall.
Cottf't'clioixM-it's iiikI R'iif Vlks.
'OO 'ßS asyorti-d Candy
Utf im ll lai.ry Candy ;
'J.llt.Sfilt kiss.s; '
100 ltis French tlo ;
25 lbs cracking do j
)0 lbs sweet do ;
7." lbs fruit To vi ;
10 1 s shell do":
jOO piecen candv tt pnri ;
f,0 lb whitt- sugir toys ;
2.1 do?, couif h candy ;
10 iti7. strawberries ;
J5 boxt s Canton Are crnrkeri :
I HI doz rocketts, diSerrnt sizes ;
1 'J:i do Itomnn candles, do;
i V do pin wheel, do ;
j 12 doz fc'ra.shopi.:rf, do ;
25 lbs cayenne Lozenges ;
Just received an J lor sale low br the subscriber.
.V) Opposite Temperance Ha'.!.
1M( KIJ'S AM) t'Ivi:SI BiVi;.N.
DOZ pickles in quirt j..is , j 2 do, tomato catsup j
5 doz assorted pickles in hf! 'J doz walnut do;
gallon jars; j I doz mushroom do:
2 eo7 as, 'ied do in ont gal. Jar ; 2 do, r.if p'.erry fcvrui ;
1 dor pickle.l onions in qri jar, '.V jars assorted jellies ;
2 doz peaches in litpior ; j-U 4i s as-01 ted preserves;
6 doz bottle pepper itauce ; j 6 keg ol asserted pickles ; t
2 do7. brandy clurii. -a; I h dt7. sirdines 111 tin can titers ;o
Just received and or Kale tt verv nasi Ji:ib'e priceü, by
51 Opposite Temperanre Hall.
LSifesr, IfV'f. T;iHH;iyi's, :iiid (;rsi:li.ci
O L US Western Ui'btrve 15 t ili butter crackers ;
JJJ trheee: j Ii brl wuter do;
15(0 I' s dried heel of exctl'ent 2 brls Iloston do;
ualit ; j3trissoda do;
13 Ii. Bo O'j ns SnunoRC ; I 2tilkwet.t do;
Just received and for sale very low by the subscriber.
Ml Opposite Temperance Hall.
jVowtJer, Miot, tiip, and Ieacl.
KEOS bet iiiality of
'.OtK'O split ri'.bed G D Caps ;
10000 Walker's caps in tin boxes 1
WJO lbs bar Lead ;
Rifle row der;
r.0 bags t'hot of all sizes ;
250W) plain S H Caps;
6 doz powder flaki, nil sizes t
Just received und for sale very low by the subscriber.
Opjiosite Temperance Hall.
jVXSII! riSBI ! 1311!
HAVE received dirert from Boston the follow inc splen lid lot
of ruh, which are nil lately cm;nt and inspected :
li hrls No I Mackerel ;
h(l Iwnes smoked Herrings ;
i 5o4 lbs moked Halibut ;
10 bils No :t !o ;
f hf brls No 3 i'o ;
lihflrsN'o.l do;
C qrtr brls NoO do ;
20 " bi Is No H do ;
1 brl pi klc 1 Herrings ;
4 dor. cans Ixihsters ;
1 tirl Tongue and .oun Js ;
2 tierces Snlnion.
They will be sold at the lowest prices, v.holesile or retail, by
50 Opposite Temperance Hall.
w s . : 1 . 1 :s : v i k i:s !
3 HAVE received direct from New Orleans the follow fog splen
ili lot of Wincj., w Inch are no tlrug, but of direct importation :
4 ootarinen swet .Malaga ; 7 ptr cnk I'o 1 1 ;
3 qrtr cask Muscat ; 1 3 qr easks white Ocirosn wine ;
3 half pi, es Madeira ; 2 doz Champagne of the best
4 tp lr ensks S ni'i rnc wine ; ! brand imported ;
1 cask llordeaux Cl.tret; I Hiirlr cai-ks Mierry.
Thev w ill be sold at tlte lowest prices, l.y
..0 Opposit Temj.craiirc Hall-
CHESTS mure of that cxtia fine Omipowdet Ten, said by
thoKo ivho have used It, to be the limit Intheeiiy: also," a
little more of the siirne oit left" 01 thoi 11 per Yonep Hv son, ar.l
n very fine srlicUof Unnpowder Tea, in 6 lb. cstt) s.for'siln very
low by the box. at MA YIIEW'S. 2C tf
A VERY large lot of thlity hour and right dsy BrnssClocks
) ist received nnd ready for Inspection; some most beautiful
j .litems , nil lever est rtpeinent, heine a decided tmprevctnert on
Ihe dl eii'iipemeut ; w wartant thun itll perfect, n tu to keep
good time or no sub-; prices and upwards, nt thu Jewelry atorw
of W. II. T Al.lin TT. (Journal c py) 4)
(lENl'.UAI. assoitmeiit, and very tow, ut received by
11 1 1 NEATON ft IH1LMAN.
iioij.ou w.viti:.
FINE nssori turn (for sn In ul
IINT receivtdatllKAVDON'H.slnof ihu saw, aUuntiful ar
tb'le of tiuiihin n ul, jth nu l tUh slr.e. Cull uu I see.
S?ll t:s FH supeiior tJuiiiow.ler ; 4 do Impeiltl; 4 do Younj
Hyson ; W rattles, assorted forualrtby h. N W. MODllKS-ly
i" "TT KE'H NailsJ.islfffr.lved and hu sale nt Cincinnati prices,
.svs wllhlrilshl.al MWIiEW'f. IC-Jwswr
ATE Clarendon, rr Neriommev In the Wildarne, Just fa
reived by MilillllKO.N Si TAI. hi) 1' 1", wi at of Urownln j's.
Iirfiuiilwr 7. 1HIS. f4
" Tlx ' YAttVt.
S aauorbiieM for salehr
myf. WMITUfc It ANXA.
1 1 KT received, 7i Ion I'ltUhtiruh Iron; 100 krji do aaaotlad
low bt wit .htsaU by V W. MOORF. 51 jr
OCj-Oßce on Illinois Stuft, Sörth of Wathirghn
BY ciiXnTLxs k SPANN.
C7"Tlio Stat .Sentinel will contain a inucli larger
aiutuiil of reading nintler, on all Mibjectt of gcnerol
inlcrent, than any o!lirr novj)j r in Iiuhann.
Tin: sr.iit.H i i i;c v iiiB's iriN
j I publiHlicil every Wt duei'.iay ond ntuniay ad
.during the suon i f im L.-iVlaturr, hrtv Xixvvf a
;wcckt n Ti-cay , '1'!iutm!;:-, hii J Satimhtys, at
Four Dollars a ', payniiV nl ns m nOvnine.
j TSie: i:iitko.
U ptihlisheil every TliurHdnv, Tin, D'-Uars a year.
al.vay.s la tie ;ti-.l iu atnaiue.
,sl in advunee v. ill pay fr six iiu-ntl .
JlVrrt iiis remit fir.; 10 ,n ndvnii. e, fr r f pf.Pt
ajjo, .-shall huvo three copies -f ti; St ij.i.Wt J.ly diu
year. uiil pay fur mx inovth. jsl will nlvas
im charged fur t!i Tri-Weekly, nn;l 00 cetits fur tlic
Weekly, duririj: t!ie L ishitive t- eioi.
ADVEHTISM.Mi;:rr will A tS.rcv tin.oK
at Äl a s-piar1 of eiht lines, and hi to,,tiiiu d ut the
rate t twenty fne cents u vjuarc (or .'cli ddihoral
i isertiun. Quarterly advertiernents, per txjuare,
All advertisements from abroad rnust be accoma-
nicd by the cash, or no attention will be paid to tl.eni.
fc7 Postage trinkt ho paid.
X Congressional, Ai M iiliural, ai:cl B.It-
i'rai y AfusDiinii'.
fBHE Editors of the Congressional f;iol e ropoe a rew pul li-Ü-
cation, 'lo di serve th. imt'unare wl icl. Conerest I as ac
corded to their rep3rts of its ilebntes, it, receivit.c and making the
ilobe the o!hcial register, they intend to add promptitude to wLat-
t-vi-r mrni .u imnei to rtCOn. rnell.f ed the Olk. 1 hey will piiri-
lisha ll.tily ,lobe, to record the procei dings and Ithaw a th y
occur; and a Cunres-ionul Oo e r odicallj , ts leielo!otf,
eral od) iiii the repo.isnf C01 fjtes septate from the miscellane
ous matter which will eccomnanv them in ti e dail v 1 rint. To
till the eh. et of the da ly newspaper , i. is designed to HlhcT the
news from all irnrters. and coinnleu the contents bviirrtwinsT
from every source tt at may e of nioU interest au oi r l.terry
novelties, und of greatest utility in ncieniific i.n.t prat tical woika
on agriculture. Fur material, the Icndinif ionrn..ls an I teiiodi-
cals of France and flreat llritain, treating of such sa' jeris. will
be consulted, and, it is bope l, ndvai taeonsly u-ed. Oiizuu.li s
says, -specially on topics roiineeted with a.-t irulture, u ill Le ob
tained from the most enlightened and practirj.1 men of our
The fllobe, sa a newspaper, and as a vehicle of teformation and
amutemcnt in other respct w ill be under the clirgeof Fkimiü
P. Bi.Atit and Jsmcs ('. TiciitTT. The congressional department
and business eon ems of the paper w ill I e uuJer the niMiiagemtct
of J0111 1". Kivts. The public, j.rc lamibar withltlair and Rive
as connected with the press. Ia introducing Mr. Tirkett ns one cf
ti e concern, they will be allowed to sav a lew woid cf him. Uu
is n gentleman tavornt ly know 11 to tbe 'Oovercment, for tl e talci t
and judgment whicli iiMinjruishel Lis diplom;itic scrvire whil
eonneite.1 with tho miioti to Qu, to ; and more lerently when
Charge d'A ilairn to Peru. From his jn tn&ti lv tbe lobe w ill ui
rite the hehrtions and tranIitin from the French journals ai d
periodicals, the c.tmrr.ei.ts on them. an. I tht otber literary article?,
which will he found among itst i ii t attractions.
I he (i'.obe will le pnblisle l dailv d't:ig the session of f or
i;resi, and weekly the balance of the e;r, and will u derpo di.
ribution in the form of a Weekly (ilobe, a Congreioi, Oloit ,
and an Appendix.
Ti.e Weekly (lobe will bo the vehicle of the nuscillanrous ar
ticles of the daily print, with a synopsis of the Congt sj.ioi.al pro
Cec.'iiU'S. The t'or.grc;fiornl (lne vi emboc'y, n it has .ne for th
last sixteen yeais, "ongn sional proceedings und debates exclu
sivel y.
The Aprn ndix w 111 nt race th revisetl si ecl.es separately, ar d
the inei.ig- s c f the President of the United Ststtt, at d the nj ctl
of the Heads of the Kxei ntive Iep.rtments.
Toe I'oiigrcisioii i ilobe and Aj peudii vri I 1 c puLLsl.t J a fut
as the pi ".ree ling, of C.n. ress w il make a 1 un b.-r. Sit cribe s
may eiject one iium'.ier cd each a week during tt e first fvnr weks
of a sesoion, ; nd two or three nm.ii fii of each a wci k hf: rw nru,
unt I ti e end of ihr session.
No hinj of a poli i-; 1 party np et will appesr in ti c tilnhc sate
tint w hich will befii'in.l iu the t'ong-ri-ssio al reports. A paper
nssiiniiti to be an impartial vehicle tor all i Jen, cat. not niainUi:n
i"s rhara.-ter if tie eiiiorial columits nJl.rt ;i party hue. Tl.n
Editors of the Clin! e have borne their share in the arty 1 onflirrs
of the press. Vhey claim :m honorable dUcharire t-om the voca
tion. The Globe wil! inviolably inaintain the neutrality w 1 ich is
rel ition to Congi ess imposes.
T E H 11 S :
For one rnpv of the D.iilv GIoK- fiiailv durirr; the serinn of Ccr
gresB, and weekly liurin; the recess") a ytr, - id
Forone cttv of the Ww-klv C,U:it one oar, - . a (0
For one ccpy cf the t'oi.c.rcn.it.r.al Globe during tl e next
session, ii su . ciir e 1 tor tefjue the first of January,
For one copy of the Appowu during the n vt si'ior.
1 CO
it fUDscrittei tor l elore tbe brst or Jai.uary , -For
si topic of either tbe Congressional Glole, cr the
Appendix, or part of l oth, ... .
Tho subscri, lion of ti e Ccngres ional Tlobe.or the A:rtdii
fter Ihe first of January, will t fl 5. T tie 01 icri. J p-iceaf v
dollar docs not pay th cxpcr.se of the publications of thtgn
creaser.f ir?tter pn' liLe.'.
Our prices for there papers rre so low that we cannot aflbrci lo
ci-- !:t them out ; t:er -lore no person need coasnme time in order
ingthem. unler the uhsrription trice ae orrpani.f the r.rder.
Troprietors of newpaj.-i wbn coj y this rrospctu btfore tit
1st dry of December, nnd sen-1 one ropv cf tl ir pr.per cc-jittti' -
ing it, marked aroun J with a pen to direct our attcnii.-n to if, s ha l
h ;ve their nnmei er 'ered 00 our hooks for one c; y 01 the C u
pressional Olc.be and Appendix dtrrin ti e session, or or.e copy el
the Daily Globe, whichever they preh-r.
Vahirgton, Oct. i. 1S4S 46 if ELAIR Si E1YE8.
g THE nihscriher has now in Limph y the cry Wrt wr.rk-
fiSk. men the eintittry atford. and litm.n ban.) al.ufe quantit) of
th finest a'nck of Leatber, selected l.y hrmseti riplefl) f . r
this in.itkft. He will now manufacture üit.is and M.. eü . every
description and stvle . warranted lo perform veil, and tl !;rh prk ti
emmot Tali tn suit. Hr parti ularty le.ref
as he i sdoter mined that none of the common peper concerns o muc li
njrTett,tihall begin tu match with tu, etll.er Iii m.ilnm, 2urnt.ilii y ,
style.orctieapties. A they value tpeirliv, lieaith , nd appratar.rr,
lnadvi'.atl!iis:noii of liievrnr e-peci il'y, thai they he neaturtd
on.r.ttal'.e tinder Jout. 1 lit-V it cert jti.ly be suited in every ia
Ytmm pufcrm? imported Hootsand liof t.are Ir.fotrtfdiKu he
has on ltJiid an eteoi ve a4r' inen t elecletJ by luuiwlf ; bud brtug
practically familinr wil h ttie btii v.er.9, all may rt t aMa-tf Ilm t ,e I na
None that lie ctnuot recomniend a nuperkrto Chose prr.rrallj udd.
AlldestriHisttihe pleased in hire: irss. air in vited to give him a :i
lie ia fit ill at lti nbt ntau.1 , .;.p..-.iie Washington H,ll, two loota rt
of Tom inson'a Dr-ig Stoic, ready to wait on and si; it bis custon.tra
Uou'lforiiet his low price. yJ.'vII-.rentiCt III A. K.NODLE.
EisttTti tint! Citiciiinrif i Bciithcr.
Ppanili itnd t in. sole 1. ti her ;
Featii c skir.s;
Philadelphia calf skins;
twV r.tirl St. Murnffu ;
l-'pper leather ;
Eimline nnd lining sins ;
Fancy Morocco ;
Ibu t Weht in? ;
Fhoe 'thread;
lVc. and ailkindsol shot flndlLgs ;
Harness lieather ;
iMlk and Thread, i.e., &.e.
l'l e? f;i-h ;
Worsitd Wei u ;
Tuiity do;
('training do;
Wi!g..ij and I 'rovers Uli!; j
Jnpmtieti hild!e Hilts ;
Fobbed l'.radi ns ;
Saddle and llarneka eed:;
Also, alurge nssorlmentof dry ffods,qiieerswnre and fh'sware,
hardware and table cutlery, r.arpenlerfr' and rocp-is' Unds, lnt,
horse, shoe, a ml pointing bnihts. str and nimmer pieed cant'U-s.
linseed and tanners' oil, Linl a fine assortment' French mines an4
h'licrs, cider. Mnejnr. etc. lie reppectfuüy Invilesthe public In fen-
ernl to ct.ll anl rsaiiiine ih gooda, w hielt w ill b sold, at Uilovit
rates, for canh or country produce. JL'Llt'S NICOLAI,
5 5 doors west cf Coau'i tlotel.
rtX JAMKi SLM.GKOVE respectfuily annruncca to hit old
frw' euslomers and the rMiMie, that lie is determined lo aellar-
4 -. liclea In bis line of luiiten ea cheap aa tbejr can 1 k44
by any other estihlishmeni in Indiana. PtiMUi invini.tof SuM'ts,
Bridles Harnest of all kinds, Saddle and Caryef Bagi, TW1.JL,
jrj.,nr any article in hi line, are reqnesied lo call and cee his a,
eortment. Now manufacturing, a lot f full Spanish Saddles, a -err
ttperior article.
AI. Jut received, a select lot of Ftirruis, Trees. Plush,' WLb
Trace Chains. Huckle. II amen, Nr., all cf which 'iil h Mdd f,.r a
very small advanre on ccK. At his old stand, two doors east of y rri.
than street. I ndianppolla.
Wh-at and other kind of merchantable prr.dtice will I e received at
market prlcee In payment for any .f the above articles. ?s
TUST received, a very lare lot cf:orne.ius it Co.'a Lard Larrys
" Of the latest and best Stvltf Stilted to lürl.ir rlmmU. . -
1 - t ....... , , v. mv c v I
'store; also, a variety of kitchen or h.nd lard lamps, with anr
1 nUnnlilv of ritt nr rtlain n b!..a nl. . l.i...t... . tn i., 1, i-ij.
. - - , - , - ' - . m .v. Mi. h UU Vi
lamps, i,ll ol which will be sold r.t Thiladclph! price s ; thepullic
me invited to call ar d price Ihe lamp nnd see if thev are i.ot far
b.-low any tliinu in the market, at the j.-w e.r stole ul
4-:v - JJi!",n9ilL Ü'. II. TALBOTT
KfXI.Y'S I0 r4KltO.
'RMIE subscrihi r I now prepaied to furnish smiths and ethers,
bis newly invented compound lor hardening liD, flviar it
the har.tnen 0f slei ond rnainin? Its original tone ness, lull
direction accompany the nrtic.e. Having devoted tkoissnis
the experiment. and completely siiercedeil. be adonts this method
oi irettmajit into general use, preferring it to prddlirr in I stents
an I put nt rihts.
He solicits orders an. I fair trial. V0 JOIINRELLV
c;nTM';in:s hais.
SAM now in receiptor another lot of lbr. M-aiiliftil Hats fnarf
esnre'sly h r tin in nkei ; they are rt4 Inferior to any I hnv t-m
fore .fb te.l i fordur il ihiy.l.ei.ily and style nf Hmsli Ihry ire unior
piise.l by any. Ilentlerneu ran tet llaia that rfrnintrl) f,t ihr head
Alm, a cot.iplet aw.f tment t.f Olirr Fur, Meal. .Notra, t lotli aj
riiish Cap, li.f sale at Ihe Hal and Shoe ttote tf J. K. MIAHI'E
Ileifinhel 4. MH. 54,
AMii.t; nt it. miiis:
St'ST oprtied, a fitie askoitiuei.Uf Coim im m Co 'a latest it )
(hrnndnlrsot cniidle buim is. in pairs, with on. lanorth'rr
bin tiers, i hey are dei i.eltj thf h .( kc m v and uiot favhionaVI
Candle stun I now -i lite; Ihey Ulli e nd l st C'eatl) ridttrrd
pnct s.by W. 11. TALIiOTT. (Journnlcopy) 4
i -S f i it v 1 r. i i on unit.
A I.I. kiun lsol '. ii -ravin f, such door cr tim V platti, ttn
i. knives, pencils, poon. thloiMi . in , t pm, ft.ter rlnrs
rtc.neiitly engraved, nlt-i rAarr, vs heir ve rr 1 1 Ihr article
uheii wo tlo tt'lsfi iheniti) It s, chargrs iinususllt low at '
"si: voik ii3ii::
C LE In wtiiitof ravhionililo an4 Chrwp sior Caps are in.
m vitt I t evmlf.r the slock ol the subscriber. Netiosball
j;o iwjv diiMiid, a the) ar dittruaurd tw rive tha very ttit
l.ariiiist.i be h j J in Ihe cd) . HECK k I'd.,
-iVt ,? ' Ä3'y Orpnsit llrowttii k.
. O. M U Alf. "
N' Sx,t"r' ,,r' aitlrle. Just t.Ctlved en ecu
MX FKunient and for nie Lv I. C. TEAL. Wt d In jot,
c 1 1 1 :s I TS ! "( II lis , vis !
'10 '"''H rr' "r Che. nuts. Just received and Ivr saU low at
4V' wholesale, bj' U, E. TEAL, weit side Depot. ' 45 J
7 E oüi'i a IJ pel lot lot al irasonal.le prices
Olt KUES y.tU. I.i.t rrc ived and for aale I" I f
WU i4 K. . W. XK.tiHE.
1 ES TEEM EN'S Huts, Fall atl. I4H .direct front fvtw Ymk
H miii.uf ir'urrd to onb 1. iut rcrc i rd .at I ll K N'S 40
KW CEOr luilsin. Almonds. C aula, Clot es.kt., lot ! low.
IM et . k w. aiouui;.

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