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Indiana State sentinel. (Indianapolis [Ind.]) 1845-1851, June 02, 1849, Image 1

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AXI IflKASl-lftES.
A trict construction of the Constitution, and no
Assumption of doubtful powers.
A Diplo'tncy asking for nothing but what is
clearly right ami submitting to nothing wrong.
No c nnoxi n between the government and banks.
An aJ valorem revenue taritF.
No public debt, either by the General Govern
ment or by the States, except for objects of urgent:
io ft!umpion by the General Government of the
debtü of the Stairs, cither tliree'ly or indirectly, y n
distribution of the proceeds of the public IurI-.
N'n extensive system of Internal Improvement by
the General Government or by the Slates.
A constitutional barrier against improvident State
'p.r iionest pavnvvit of our debts and the pacrcd !
prcsjiVate'U of tirj puh!:; f.titli.
A gradual return troiu a paper credit system.
Nu grants of exclusive charters and privileges by
ppial legislation to banks.
Xo swindling corporati-.TH.
N connexion b'tv,,'Mj ('lmrch and State.
A preference for Democrats over Whigs fur every
Acquiescence in ti e rule of the majority in all
cases of party discipline.
No proscription f r honest opinions.
Fostering aid to public; education.
A 44 progressive " reformation of all abue?.
11'ar We;arlnic!nf , Ä1:: ivl M.i, IS!!).
Ruin in relit ion to'cl t'un pmv'dcd for ly an art if ,;,.'
gres, approved 3 tlM nr fi, IMf), enti'li "An act " ; ro
ritle for the pnj.r.fat f hone and other property ..; or
destroyed in tht viilitary service of th? Unitd Slut es."
ALL C LA I M.S under the rt i t. iiit T lhi act mint he pr ented
at the olliee .l" th Third Amlit r f I he Tri ui.r y IVout In .it,
nni! rath must In iibs'antia'cd bj such evidence a i h i ii afti r
dt-iiiiated, with rtjjiiit t v .! f the cbi unter xxhii.li. it lall
First Class if Cases.
Dy the first section of the lavv it in enacted :
1 ha ac.j t;cld,r s.art", or other u Hi err, mounted militiaman,
robmti.tr, rai.-rer, r cavalry, ena-ed in the military servke!
the United Statt iure the l-oh i f June, 1M2, or xxhn hall lore
at'tcf be in said crx ice, :oil ha siiM iiii' t! or. -hall ftitaiii damage,
wiibout n, i) fault ot tu .dip nee on hii part xv hüe in aid service,
by the hn of hor- in hat t !, .r hy the ! l n hör' uotinihd
in battle, and xx Inch ha Iii il, or hall die of said wound, or brine
i, x minded !;." U Ik- ah. ml mied hy order of his oti'uer ntid bt, r
rhatl tarn ilamai;" by the In. .f any horse by ba:!i or abandon
ment, lecaiie ot the unavoidable dauert ot tho sea xxhi. on
board a United Sial transport vessel, or Im t au- the Unit' d Stat i
. -f M- - . . - . -.
fih-d t uppl r trana;oitatnii lor me nur . hihi tue owner h
ri.mnelled. bv the orh r of Iii commanding ofllcer, to enitiai k. ami
Kae him. or in coneq,if ncc of the L'uii d State fai
thereof, not to exceed txo luimlred iloliar; piovid!, that it any
payment tia been or ball ! made to any one af.r aid fur the oe
and ri"k, or tor furaje after the ibath, b, or abaiidonmrnt of hi
horf,aid pax merit hall bedrdurted from the Vub.r iJi it of, inile-
lie atilitd or ball nati'f) the pax master at the time tie made or
hall make tlic pa) m nt. or Iber al r -bow bx proof that be va
re-ne. tinted, in xxbich can- the deduction hall only t xteml to the
time he w a on toot: und proxided a!, if auy pa x men? ball baxe
been or ball li-reaflei be made to any peron aSxe-m ntioned on
account of ib.tbin, to xxbieli be n not tnti'ted bv laxv.imch pay
ment hall be deducted Irum the value of hi hure or ai-Couire- i
To fabi.h ciaiia iiruier ttii provin tup claimant mut ai- ;
tliicf tbf f vidt-iivf f the r-tli'-er under xboc c"miiMinl he erv.d
h u the !. occurred, if alive; or, if dead, then of the next ur- j
viiny )Hicer, dePritius the projK-rty, the value thereof, at the
time .f mtrin the eix ite, the time and manner in xx bich the !..
happ tied, tml xbfth r -r nut it xxm iKtaint,! witln ut any fault
or urliireiiof on the claimant' part. Tl.t- ex uleliCe .liouUl alo,
in cae ibe claimant x a re-fi(uiit il alur trie 1., täte x lieu lie,
4 re mounted, ho louche ruiitiiiut d and tpl.nu whetlier
the hor- x hereiui be xa re mniinteil bad not Ix u f iirliiMif d oy tlie
United State, or Seen oned by mi'iihi r moiiiited militiaman or
voiuutevr to hIiohi pax m nt fir tlie 'ie ami tik tin rof, or tor it j
fuiart'.. whill in th po, jmn nf tht claiiiiant, muj have been ;
"i " ' .... . J
riiaf,.hiUl ill th'1 po,
made; and if it had tuen thi
matlr; and if t liaU Iki ii Hum neil, imu. name tue pertu aim
the command to xbicb he In lorn;, d. And m evi ry n.aiic. in .
Alie! the claim may Atuid tu fpiijiae, the neveral atticles t.f ;
xnhieh the ume .o.iileii, auu nepa rate vuiue 01 am, iikiuiu h-
S'.coml Class of Cases.
'I he econd cetion ot the law emeu:
I hat any per.! ln h.i ut.iu I or hall utain lania-je ty
the capture or ileruci em by ;n i nrm),iit ih ati:imliuu iit or
tli met ton hy tli-' on'er f the titumamlinir nt ral, the tomtnand
in ofllcer. or rju-.rti rmater. tif an j bm -e, in-ite, ot, JiJ'iii. eart,
m at, l ik-h, or furo bile ?utli property a in th- mili ary
pervice t.f the I'nired .M:il. either bx impr.!rm nt or contract,
.. i,t in nri where the ril to which the nrotv-rtv xxould be t -
. . I . . . 1.1 I...
" " . . . i .. ' " -
d xa airreed to be incuired by the owner, and any person xvbo ,
a .mraimil or hall uian d.imacf by the death or abandonment ;
,d lox.of anv suth ,77-"1,'IurcV,wh,,V,tr!.td tZ
i4 id. io cotifeinu- nee of the failure on the part of the L nitid St xte
ofum.'h the Vime with utUci-nt forage, and an) p. -r.n who ha .
l..t. or hall loe. or ha ha I or hall have tb trox. d by t.navoi. bi
ble areideiit any horc, mule, ot, w.nron, earl, boat. h .:'.. or bar
tie, w bile nrh pn.perfy w n in the irri lee st'ore-aiil, ti al I he al
lowed and paid the value thereof at the time be en.ert d lhe. rvice:
pioxided it ha!l appear that th l', rapture. a'andonniMit, !e-
triietK.il, or ilea.b, xn with- ot any fault or lsjli u nee on the part
t" li.-'o ner of the property, ami lule it wa uctuatl) emploxed
in ::ie service 1 1 tic i hiimi rnn.
I..tHt.,,.;ina cia.m utmer t.n- "ti'im .t w, ... ............. ...
.. I i' ' . r 1 1 .. i.HiLh . v
the testimony rei.ir.il uo.Ier the ti. ad ot !irt cla ol ca-e, tie ;
ecearT in eae xx here the property bt xa in the nerv ice ny
' . . . . . r .1 . u
contract cr imprtsrieiit to pndiiie t!ie ti tinionj of the tdtlcer or j
...mcieiit forage, or beianetbc rider w. il.ni.,unted and ej.a. an . ; Cou,-l4).Itl,v a,M , Mlll (, t,1(. n)(t p,.rfiTl ..i,,. Mom- ij
from bi ber.e,and ordered to d., duty on I;ki at a .ration .b tnehed , u.e , , UH1 f ,ri autih.l l.VM.in- Sioi e ex er otler
f.om h. h.v,..r when the otbeer , the mime. , ate to,nm;o,d or- tut.,e in,. , ts .ltv lor ,,u , ltthirC i the old U;iokS
dcod or ahall order the hone urn, d out u ,1k. jU , ; ; ia(.n,(M,, ,,v
nrairn . or t-iiiinn, tM Cne the L nit? it ?tate tailed, or hall tail ,l . , e ii . , , . .
fo . ipnlV M'tnciei.t fJrate.and the J... .,.r .ball be roneq,,en, , I'1,u" f -tl;--"vri.. xv. .,, ..iM -s i o, bako at dm- m.
1 of'or for the lo of necenarr , ,j,.i,,gr ... c.i..Mmme of the ! w VT m,U,h aS ' 'ry-okia' Vovr,. Bf,:,K ,.. te nitli-l.t,
.,.. f hi lmrf a afo,t-aid, ball ! be allow. d and paid the :S..e ! a.'ul lv,a- "'I f I s, the bre ca:. be re,Milal rd to Mot fxrryuci a
ak-ent .ft!ie L'nitei; Stat.- who unpred or contracted tor the er- WM. KCKKIIT, President of theCitv Coii'icil.
T.e- ot .h- prf.pcrt) n..i..i..n.l iu ub da,... am! al-o of the ofiic. r Attest, J.S. C. J,..iii , Secietaiy. lO'-t Ü J
imter w hoe ci'.nman t the ai.it wn t mpl.iwd at the time of the '
eartun, df.tr.ietit.il, ..s or ahan lonment, .h cl.irinj in what way LJ.uri:al atid Locomotive copy.
tke property wa taken into the rviee of ttie ('mied Sta tea ,. fie I A VE ll'l' I'I'll 11? If?l4ke' lIV'l
ralue thertf, wherher or not the r..h to whuh it would be,HJI! A '7 , ,il',t,.1 IS""E 1 : 1 A B
a a-rrtf.1 to tie inc.. ntd bv tin owner, and whether or not, ail'BU iiiTalnabt.: mi., tanrc v;w oi-ov.-red a on- hve j,;u3
re-xr.!..l hore, m.b,o. ... been-aed fomipplr the arm with - sinre m Sharon. .M.dni . eo'inty, Oiu, sit.ee xx bicli tinn it
ofr.c.ent frao', i what manner the b. ha pp. ...d, and whether has teen -r.i.ti. .il o coini.e; into use, until a .... v m i .?s and i,
vr not it mi au.t.-'ined without any fault or iielietue rn hi part. 1 eclve the r. ilitim f U mir fir up. n..r to any thin-; of tin; kind
The fifth ..ctioti if the law iiin: jevirui 1. Wh. n 1'u -.t t Ts. n trora tl.; min., it is ipre .dt .cid
I hal in all in.:i;ice In re aov minor Ua b-cnor ball be rn-
rard in the military erxite of the I nited State, ami or
b:.ll lie providt d with a br-e or epiipmetir,or inilnai ) accout re
in. ti, by hi pan tit or cuirdiaii, ami ha died, or shall Ii, with
it payini f'.r :i.d pr. p rt v, a ltd the an- Im been or hall tw
lot. c intiir d. 'etroxed. i sLiiihIpikiI. in the iiiniun r 1 fore m n-
ti m it. aul parvtif or t"nri:.a.i Ii.i.I Ix au weil pay in n iir, on
makinir atirac fory pn-of io eher ratet, am! the irrtn r pr.KJi
that be M entitled there'., bj baviot furnixhed tl:e Mini'.''
A parent r truardiau of a ib ci a. d miror ill tlien I'ire, in ad
b'i'.l. to ueh tetn...nv appli ibV tu tu c' .im a- i previou!y
ite-rri'ii d, have n. l-iriiih ir. f that be proxided the mit. or wi-ti
the property tb n iu nn -nt : it that the minor did xxithuut Jr y -in?
I .r .ich proper v. and tb:it Io- the parent or iua.l;nn, it t nti
tbl to puxm. nt f r it bv Li h:n in:; luno-hed the same.
'I b- iib ertien of the law enact-:
hat in alt iiiai.ce xxb. re ant per-. n, ether t han n minor. Iis
h.f-ti, r shall lM ,. ii..red io the o.iliiar rvice afi.reaitt, and
b:. In mi, or shall !, pr'.vid'd
witn a leu e or e.iipmeiii, or
with u.iiiiary ac-eutn-r:o n. by
anv p-roii, me ow ner .iierco..
wt... b.i ri-bt d, or sh it! take ll.e ti-k, ." .urli b'.rie, equipment, I
tr ti.Citary accnutrei... i.t f.., bin II. and the same ba iM-en or
tha!I be !' raptured, ro' i I, r ab indotied, in the mm ner he
f'.re mem i'.iied, iicfi i.i..r ball tie nilowed pa x tlo t for, ma- ,
kiuir prw.f, a in mi her -:- . i l tin- f.. r In r pr.f that l.e i n: i- 1
tb d th n to bv having fun i-ln d the t ime, and having taken tbe
rik on hir:elf.'
fte-ob the teim..iix- ii. so p purl f I. i cl :i i n. herin L f'.r." re -
qnir d, xi ry uch owner then of will bate to prove that be did)
r ivide the hoi -t i iiM.m"iii, nr imbt.irr arrmitrenient tin n in!
in rtti... iril, and t'M.k tb i'ik tl.er ..t on l.iiieif, and tt.at b- i o
tilled T- i.av tfi i t'..r. tx havim fur. ih. .1 the aine ami taken the ,
ri'-k then of on bim. II ; ami tl.it proof houbt be eii.aod in a 1
bp iif ion of the pi r'.i. win. tiad 1m.ii provided by him witli
meti hoi m , et p. i p. unit , r m. Iitary arto.iirii.iii.Ii. I
T.'iirt! Ci'i'S of Ciises
The vventh ertiou of the ta roa'-t :
I bat in all ra- b v leu t have i iii r'mb inned by a tfe.ard
f i IVic r on airoiitit ol tin ir ui.t'iMie f.-r rvice, m cotirtietici j
of the ir'.xer.mi'o.t fail.n to supply l'.raie, II tm b le ret and I
th ir tpnp!e ball beall.iwid and paid t..r, x bi-n vi r the facta .
hall be proven by l.-traluiid fin.lactory evidence, whether oral or
written, that uth lopdt inned hurte and ll.e t niiipa. xvjt turtiml l
oxer a oiiar.t rmat. i of the army, li.ilursiiy receipt therefor
a tixt and pruC.iceil or Hot."' !
To rttaVidi a claim tin b r thit provio ni the c laiinant mutt ad- ,
iture thi-evidence .f the witiiee mentioned under the lo-ad .f
tirt cla cm , aii-tavt'rily prr.vim that the property tl.er ii !
i!ecribe. w a, while iu the military erx ic-of the t'ni'ed Stales,'
C Muh rum d by a Imani .f dlicer on account of their t'ini rriuh i- '
rd unfit for -rvice i.i r..i.. nut nee of the government faitim to
i ppiy n.ril,. , a in i .... i 'inn i.i (ibvin n.iiii.i'M 'mr i' I-.-
tt r.oa.b r ol the li,,-, d S-at. am.v, ctplait.iKtr when the claimant
ware.m..u..ied, c ir. .,u.red ii. .a.dfmt cla of ratet. j
In it.. cae can the m-oduct n.o of tin evidence prcv,ouly .tetcri-
.ippiy toracr", aiei tnat neu piopt rty was turi.e.i .ver to a quar
nd le dipned w h h, utile the impracticability oi producinir it'
be clearly proved, a ml t Inn the naret and !eat other evidence of
w hica Up iae it t.ireptib.'e mut be lurni'luil in lieu Hit rent.
Kxery c um Inno 1' accuiiipaiueil l.y it lie jve.il ion oi tne (laim-
ant, detlarioi that he hat not reei ived from any ofTb'er or ai'oit
ot the t'nt'. d State auy hore or b-.r-rt, njnipa:'.-, acvout r meut,
mule, xxa.n, fart, lxat, I ivh, or Imrnest, ("at ihe eae may la j in
1 1 ol the prop, rty but, nor anx eon. "-in jl.oo for the mni ," and
tr u p ported, if practicabie, by th-re.-iii.il valuation lit, if made '
tiy the appraier. of the property at the time the same xxa takt n I
int'. the t 'nited Slat, t rViee, and in can heir lie lo i at'ei;eil !
t Ii:it H-roireil, l.-eai.- the t'i.iud Stan-1 t a i led touppy trait- i
portatioi. for the hore, iiid thetoxmr was compelled by the order 1
l hi f '.uimandm otfic r to embark and h ave him, a provided for j
in the tirt .cii".. of th-taw ; the affidavit of the claimant ran., '
in addition to the declaration atn.xe iuii.ri. ii. it, deeb.r' tb.it be
lid, in oledienee to th rdi t f Iii oluci, leaxe said horse and
etjuipae, and ibat be next--- .lit or otberw ie tli.;o" ;l i f the paid
l.oi i.r ;tiipal"", and never ived any ronipeiiation for aid
hnrr i.ri'i'iiMff Inuii any per-.n wl.a'rver "
All t v ideiice other i hit u the Ttil'umr of ofTlcert Im, at the
Iiiii uf Rix in? t h'.n, wer in th'- military ..rvice of lb.' I'oite.l
S'a t , um I le Moni t' fore ..me jml'i , j 'in ire of the 't uce. r I
otbef person duly authorized Io ai!miiiii. r oatht, and of which
authority pi Out tliun 'd accooi pa ux . lie i.i. nc.
t.l.' W. IHAWKilii), Secrrtarx T Wat.
ArrE)ero .March .", Ixl't.
Z. TAYl.Ult.
Tr-r. : pt I rTM i:t,
Tb rd Anditoi'. ll!i.e. .M..rcl.::l, HIT
Tarh claim int c-n Ii.it' the -um '.vhir't urij he al'.r.x ed on bv t mn
re:, iiie.l to bun ! r-rt, on .m i.itii;'vi.iir a xx i-U i. that flf.-ct, ami
tiamin: tlk place ot hi re-i lein e ; hull:' the iimney u !. l.e rinit
ted or p id to any a her pet -on. a js.xv r of a'rot ne v to bun Iro-utli
tunint, duly rtrtuti d and authenticated, limitd be fotv ar.leil nidi
th- f laun.
To f iciblat the re.:ui"'rte earebe, and avoid delay in Ibe ro'jn-l-inent
of Ibe 1 um, eai b r I nuiatit slietifJ nam im b'? paj er lh
pay uia-ter i h-r dibur-ii.z . tli -er by xx bom be a poid for Ibe
nrvirof liiui'rlf, hie, xv a earl, team, host, Kir.
Aprili. IM;TI:k 1IA;M:11, Third Aud tor.
I'll 1 w i 1 a xv
Evut.'i ro ii sali:
fxir. Subscr ler . tr-r for sale mi a.:cotnu.odjti..f trrmn farm f.f
Ji l-:Oarrr in Hen !n. k e.Hinty, Iniii in.:, im'iiedi.iirlv on Ihn
Hinte r.'.-xd le.dme from ltd. natw t frei f..rJville, twrniy i.
liuJe.t from lh- f .'t:ier pine. Ther ar. about I1) acres iuinioved,
Uli n "1 hMie. t i! l.', m kr h'ue. Mid rt well id citsl rml nrver
fi ib ng water. I'or partieu li.rt iinpiire of th r pulrril4'r, or I'nhert
I i vie, at the Fleety-Iial F..et'.ry ner Richmond, or John Keeney,
livmz mr the firm, who wi'l show it lo any tun.
i'lcecy Male, March Id.l-U'J. K. Ac I. !1 liTIl rRINOTU.N'.
Ki lini'.n.l Jrtrmunwn. 3 i-3nn v.
I'K.t'." eitra fnp. Fan, ;t irood r.s-oitmrnt of medium, io., at
t'ue ritv ra-hatore. JU3 U'M. A, tYl.lf.IIT.
fi rrbH Siandembroi.lered TarlMont: hamlsom erad-
uv.ed Fat n Kork! Kobe., ut l'J3 VM. A, WRIGHT'S.
CA(JS Trim Il'm Voffw, very low.
jwfn MfrfWA- wjUä i Mmmffi1
liiiliiiiiiipiiiis, June 2. jSJ''.
LIiifii'H improved tr:tCoiit
COO Ii im;
TiiOe xx ho xv a nt :i pool co.viii' stove, one thnt can b: re lied
HjKiit, slioijld see tlii, new tove, ts it f .uinot tail t o jile.iM:.
U c v;t rrjt tl:e s'ih t eive Hil.itcii):i. r;ü 1 ran i t U v to li'in
Ire Is of f ini;!. x hieb hive tln-ni in u-e. We il! in e t-i v -:ii"
it should til to .,mv umhi tri.il, ;ike I ac k the st.vr mid reooid
the niopey.
V-hve on b.in I the I.ire-t am! ! e. t se'erti-i! s'-nl nfvlmi t
ever tiro'ii;!) t r lie market, : - s-r i of l'rt ,i,:rt f . tu' s'i -r
of the 1 ifet a:i I nnjt ii;;if)v.'l iia'tert.s, t a yy !nws. vciv
hoav pl ite, e en j I it
Hi .M el III - one f to take I hrr.
leet x'i I s.l I !
II.'! le it) r e i ii : 'i Ii e ;i Ii. 1 m' ;i" I !i i !.-, 1 1 1 kti e ;i !I
air trrM --tox es ; ai',t.:e ct!e.r.!ieo Jt -t I j s and jr;iti,i air
ti.'h p;irlir staves, t Ii-: f.d most ln.nu i " j a tern., of i.ir tii.t
lovi- i;i the i . m ket.
In addition to the aivi, we rn . in f.ict m re :inl keep eor.f oir iy
0 fiV I a e:ier:. i-orf .nent of Tin IVnre. which w v O'Xvr
xvholeob or ri t iil at vn v I v pii. i i. We me pr. y n d to man
ufaCtu I e al 1 k in 1 i of coet ei .vor iv at t bo .-Ii : tet i.ot ire
j; J, t'OV
M W.tvtf
Vah inerter, tre t.u
t of M- ri !i;,n
T 7 ( . m f ltif ta ir i I h I h ii n c i f 'i tnMltlfl n rf ihn
. . .. , ...
ri'v l miru-il r.f Iii.li iti iiuiIk i.n!ri heiehv imvimi tut in
- - j - " -
election Will be held in I lie Sevetal Wardt of ai t flty OH
Slttnda.V the 0:h d )' f June, IS ')t bttwrrn t fit li!Mir of
or.c o'clock anj fjur o'clock I. M. , ul the f dl iwin place,
iz :
ht Ward, Joliti I.i'tlr's Tavern, Duiiel Keely, In-tecfor,
( onit Ib'lle, lleniy 1'. t oblllll,
r.io.vti llo'i-e, Thomas K'ckoi ds, "
7 h
His'iirt c!ril Mouse, J d t, Ibmh-is,
K-t y SI. ..ii'. Cib.Shop, U ,n. P. Vy,' i-it,
Wali!tirn Mali, .1. Van llla-icu u,
l'l-liirt cli ml ll"Uic, l li s. ii .elianaii,
f,ir the rnrp"e of il t f r in i 1 1 it ' iT whether, or not. the City
Coline il slnll be authorized to levy an adJitiitnl tax of fen
cents en each one hundred .Mlau val.iatim .f teal and per-
"r.l property rettirned by the Asemr for the year IM'J,
t he applied exclusively t the ptyineiit of the city itb'ebt
edneis, and ?uc!i im;.r vc:r.tnts as may tci.d tj promote tho
health of the city.
All voteis .v!v) are in fvrr rf the levy of mirh tax. will
end-use on their ballot the woid "Tix." Tho-c ..pp.ose.J
thereto will in like manner endn the wi rd "No Tax."
The j.j s aiid c!e:ks of said election will meet at 1 ho
r,,.,. ;rl ,ho m(1I1.i:1v ,11T, rr,'i..
. .- . tf. ; .T . . : c . . .. .
- x i u uu. n .1. w., ... iiihii uic irjun uiui-
. f . . I .. fL !l
cf tj iJm .Serrttiiy t f the City Council.
easily cn ; t n T evjo-ure to the :.t mo-;.hei e , it tnr.w to a b ird
.!' or (. It
lured to a fine powdrr und mi- 1 xv.th liu-
ccJ oil, to th1 corisisteticy ot t!ii k p.tii.t, an I anr' I' d it a a
1itidi. Alter uti exposure d a fv'xv irciich- to the in-'r.n oi ih
atruphere, thi- c tin turn to a hrt 1n'f. p't. eiier w ha'ever
covered ft ont the n.-'i n of the wither an-1 from (ire. It i u-i .
Tf.in e'v lor "rn"l rools ol t itl.er si, in
. matclicd bo ir.N,
tri, 7.H1C, Mir. t non. or paper. I is nl-. u ;ed ext. riMv. ly on tin;
r.il.s dI l.uil lins .!' . i'!, ci .vo.)l, bri.-k. r st.m forming a rv
I ..-IU s . j ei! ct ; s to e. lu le in.. i-tiiie rutin ly. TW i of res.t
p.dva'.a;e in a pl.u Iii. tbi, where t-ui I 1 i:-j nre ciiiiipiwn.l nl
mi rii'in lv nl l.ri. k. Mi ' tli. x nf mi poor a o'i'ttitv as to it lu.it of
moisture, jvii.l')'-'!)'' ;i eoii'iiiu
Th: ca t be :i,lv rem-.!icd bv
impnes- on the inner wall, i
i' ii p;li ati..!i ot tliis paint t-i th-
o -Iter '.Villi, xv:ie!i is a'.'eri
T'.t i f.l i M'j. I have tour or t
1 with tin murr e x ..n t !i , ii coünt:.:!
!:;'. re:.t rofir. txvo of which aie a
dr.it i and rhu" la'..;. ! e i i-b'.'.i.a1 1 col. r i ef the .luv.
l'eron- I i'-ii t) bo. I !, or t;...v 1. .vj.i b'liMii-, tho I oof
of which h'T.k
or th? w ill; of v!ii. !i, f:.i:n the puiotH tL.tunr of
tin brifc, in i d pr. .' ooi from t'.e xxen'bei , xiil find it Io t.'.eir
lid vant i'J- t. tlx e r-f a call, a , I mo j rej ee 1 t' rxTut. jobs on
Iii slwru '. n -ii :e. i.i a i a; is' i Mvji j citinicr, and o.i reasonable
2 aUo k-ep a Con-t'H.t Mipplv of the paint en h;.v 1.
Va'i'Tton Ftre .f, I !i li.ttir J ' i'i , . mi b-r Ti-umeranr. II II.
IU'-y .-. Jiu'ru's IlniltltfT.
We, h? Uti b T-'t;;ie
liav: U- I Iii; re!, -i .?.
tiiHin our r'K.t-. 1 on
!. i- ha',". i i f Sii ir
l. ri Mifv th;it xv
lt'r-, .. :i 'A i.;iIiit -t (ir.nt, nr ..tin lit,
t nil 'ii.;:. and be;ievi' to : mi article of
pre if vribf ; :n. 1 1 1! pr-!.. re e...-f eh er'nll c i e; on-.tifa ! it to tb
pu'li." :i b"in:; oi !li f tb ir . -Vent nn.
i :i on r o;i"i i.ii rio bn it I in on t n. l.e ere 'ted, ( w lere I be r ir-
einiiNtf.-es win j.erinit,) x itj.-m'. ib.-r ot nt Lm-i i nn ' nvuid
i with Ilm p-.t:.r.
I., f. i llATrll ..it,
;: uti ; r. w. -n nk,
U'M. P. KN'RI I i K,
M. A . I ll XM.t.KK,
AIM KI. hltllii;.?.
Sh .ion, Medina co., () , November 7ib, lri-
TI is may certify th i? ! hnxr
e l the n'i'e lire ..nd weither
proof pain, found in Shirop, Medina countx,
hon'- a-, f fenc e, an I hax-e confidence iu it '.'n
rn I xxeai'ier p-o f rem. ut.
Akion, ., .November ,-th, l-!-'.
Ohio, upon my
t utilitv a ii lue
i"fl:iriiir, st nt! iti'v luii-
UMS Company wan Hi uti red in Ibe ear l-ltn, xvilh a capital of
i l(H),IMll hy tlie f .f-u.-duuire ot hrtitiirky, ioul t ikes nil kinds of
. i . :, r i
5 " "'imienl ot bo.mU or proilu. e ; all fire riskoti houses,
R.d- luiniture, und on l.fe.
l'o 1 11 til till S lltt I'.'l UTt III I.l II V o! OIllO.
Thii company a t harleted in the year l-il-J. and ta keä thn above
named rik u.t lire or mal ine love, or I he trainings ion of l in It
ncie-t by mail. I 'a;. it il nf the ri mpaiiy .d' u u.ii)
The un.ler-ireil rontinur to he njent ..r the iiN.e in med compa
nies, und xvifl promptly attend ti all apfilicaiion! for iniiran e made
bv leiter, poat p ii I, or veibilly. Men h ints ran injure Iheit slock
.ro(sied to be pu o Ii.ihi iii other citie before they leaxe. honm,
tlie auu. not t'. he a-. erl t med by Iheir in v..:ee upon their reiurn.
Ijimmm prompt ly pud in sixty day fiom lli-or ;uljii-iioent.
IndiHtiapob. Mav 10, l-l'.l. ly i,:
JO ((HI.1V OI'8VlCi:iCN.
rtSiIH- un !"riiried U .ivin; pnrctiisrd II e interest of Mr. Z. Mann
U iu the C "'. Mintiins and Pdank lb. ok Mnnufactiy, heretofore
krui'.vii un li t tiie stvle and !c.rritinti t.f Matin Ac l'el ll, rcsjrcl
fully fiob. it a rt ntmiiance of Ibe paiionae l-loxreit upon the late
linn. We have a xvi II .M-lected htiM'k on baud, and have in our em-
dt'V, men ol i'.iij.te exi erience. All o.detH direi ted In our rstahlii.
iiiriit xv:.J icceive ptoinpt attention .
; SAMl'I'l. DI'.I.ZKI.I. ft CO
Having retired from the late fit in of Mann t Del.ell. 1 desire to
rt irn my sou re lb in kit to the patiousof ike late firm, f..r Hie pat
! rr.n i'.'.' tereixed pl llieir hunts , und t h rrfiiiy ictomie end the new
i firm ioihc:rf lvi.t able, notice. Z. MA.N.N.
! .Man h -. I '"I'd. M fmw
sni:. s'Mmaiii;aim
I r'v (nuds Uy llxpriN froiu t. York,
rtl'Sl reei ice 1 bv evniess in ci-'ht ibixs liorn .xv '..rlr
rem ivr-
I tre .ol ol t r;
pe Suavxls.ol nil color and puces, from
lo '.
Ai..- '--A spb ndi l lt of Sff.IC I'lr. I i'.S, mbroi b red Linen
IJn'e-, Snper. Tis.e. Or: ndie, l'.erae, Ki!tju, l'arasol,
kc.t'i tvi..:ii t!ie am ntioti of the Lavtieci ii p irticul ji ly invi'i .1.
It xou want l.-ar jains, jjivi: us a rail.
.day I. 10.1-y II. .1. It. C. IIOKV.
At :i very low i.tlt.
IT it the i nt Inlt of ihe southwest .piarti i section 'J7, toxxTship
1 7 , raue :i, i! Wa'hiritnn io-.xfisl.ip, Mat 'o t rouuty. Tbose
wl o w ib a t.art'ain nu.st call soon. A ileeri.itioii ot Ihr; tdace
' anl t,"! Unu "l vi! ll?ivT".lv , .'J'''1.1'
j . I-AAC N. rHIIT.. K' al hst.i'.e Aient.
' "' nnV 1 v J'J :1' V!-.lJ
i'olif ir:i I Cliart of 1 nli:i 11:1.
A TAftl.K saowiji? this United State: Senators. Itepresrnta-
- tivt'. (!oi rnur, Lieut . inv-rr.r, Auditori, S crelarien
an 1 Trea.i irfrtt ol State, etc., lrom IHiitu ?-.
A Table of t be dat ol' organization ot each county, S.c. ; also
h e time ..f hol.Iin cl. ctioii in tlii and nlher Stut.-i, Sic. This
valuable chart just j ublisht d, rect ivcJ, tiii'l for sale hy
A3MIMSTItATO::'S otici:.
"JäTOTICE is hereby plven.that the Piobatc Cotrt of M vion
. 7 " n mm i-m m B.,m ..,.,ra-
V X v? 1 r . ' " 1 l" T'',?'
I uet'. a'td, Ltc of .ilfliiuii cotinty .tforesiii 1. .wöi.l r.,t.ie is probahly
" "
W5JTM:W. IU.lxv SAMULL .1. KUOKLIl, Aduir.
-rt-;i :r .v
CJ -t.-,1 n51 ilrvrrXO
üniT ;tn mipply j J of ;nckv. cocr;nrr Stove, -irntlv imnroved. xv'.iirii thin
D . S . WA R D ' S
Spring Importations of Rich and Fashionable Goods,
ritlir. STYLES ef which are uurpascd in every vaiicty of fancy hi d Thin CI xls a lap'cj to tho reason, fucli as
.1. Supeitine an I Medium li one Ii and flciman Hroadclot h twilled and plain of c-voy dcsnable l.ai!c.
Stipeiline and teautiful ly'cs of Kaiiry ami Flain Djeskitis. x.'iMlIe;tb! and Vttinj-, of t-vt iy vaticty and ipialitv.
Cajhrniifltes, Diap d'Etc and Eimincii a choice sclcctiuti of all tbc vaiicus -Ii.ilcs of I)iab, Ikown, Green,
lUne and lilack.
KEADY MADE CLOT FUNG, of the latest st)lc, and laiirtst tofk that U io Le Lund iu this city, and at piiccs that
will defy al! corr.pctitiun. LOYS AM ClllLlKi:.'S CLUriMNC.
Shirt, Colhr, Besoms, Storks, Siipender, Cravat, G'cve, Ilandkerchief, tinder (iumt ntj and dressing Gown, se
lected by mycelf, in New Yotk, with t:icat caie. My fiiinds and cuitotiitr- aic lepectfully snlici'ed to examine my as
ortineut befoie .urcbain cNewheie, and be sure to bring the dime. Noiiis's luil lios. D. S. WARD.
1'. S. I nrn an aetit for Thomas Oliver and A. Wheeler's New Yml: Fashioos. l(i.t-;?in
II. J. &
rp.MCE thi- method of infuimin their Cuustcmcis and the
X fploiuli J stock of
Iirect f.nirt New Yoik, compiling all the row styles of the season ; to which thsy invito the nttention r.f all who xvant
Üaigai'ii Our in tt' i- "Snnll pnfit and ijuick tetuin,," an! "ink n vmi," wc will live up t it. Our nuitmrnt of
Lilies' Pics (I juds, Slawin, Kibbou, Gltivej, Hosieiy, Uuiiucts &c.t will te found cinial, if not sufci i r, to any in the
mat ket.
ALSO Hats and Caps, Jj-mtJ and Shoes, Carpet"", Leather, Grocene?, Ilaidwaie, &c. Uernetnl er, the place f.u bateatns
is at lKili.WS.Sisn of the ll.g 8.
Iiidianapoli. Aptil IG, IS tD. OS
And ;i (IciHTal Assorlnirnt of other (!oods usually kqt iir Dry (loods Stores.
HAS just opened In the ca.t ro.iti of nnlVith'.s lUnrk, h larce and splendid Mm k of (InmN, u h'i h will In m.M on the best tcr:n; all who
desire y.M.d h.n uiins xvould do well to i all, as j;ieal liiducements ,ife otlered to cash ciftoiners.
'"h'V ,"üj); : r a A.y-Y'rJ " w"Q c C: 'nl-.? v- "r rtrV": rMS'i .
A plenilid aotlment ot t.'loths, l.'ass. meres, Vesting-;, (!ove,&.c., xx bu ll will be cold t .ceedim;ly low.
l'imilt Groceries of all kinds, jWiiis, Gttss, Putft, t$v., kept constantly on hand.
IVr.ns wi-htna to ptirth i a fint rate attich t.f (I.od, at great bar iin, xill find it to their intereb to call and exmuine hi iKk
t'.'fi.re I I V 1 1 1 1T eliexx here . '.'. y
(;i:i.m lot2i:kii:s.
itir jum:, ist:.
J. IV. ?I:uiry iV '., lliiiiagersia
i(,(lO( Z(.liiis!
Sil.").(i(i! ."sI(l,IK!0 !
I'or the Ucntfil of Mnnon ;- Artt'temy,
Ch" 7', for I i 1'J.
To be drawn at Alexandria, V. , on Saturday, June 2, 19 Kb
7." . J."t!i'r; !.' Driiirn ISjU'ds.
tne prize t.f 10,0 V), do lö.t'i o, I do i,ih ii, 1 do .i.b(, 1 do
.M il, I do.t.iM (t, I d. ...", 1 do '.'.Mu.'J., do 1,0'itl Ü5 do ..0O,ivc.
Ti. kel s only ."fi" shares in prop.ji t ioi .
Ortilicitenf puKnire-of -2 VholeTirkrti $13')
ill b üö Half (to o.'
do ilo 25 (Quarter do 'J.2
Si0,00() !
jssl.".oon . sio.nno!
r th? lirnyit of Monongalia Academy,
I'h V T:i f..r i- In.
no ;
I rt t
To be drawn in Alexandria, Vi , on Saturday, June 'J, I -Kb
r. V t i . ill. I i . .
tn i.iu ru ii irrmni niuns.
One splendid prize of ..i,hih, 1 pii.e of t,ln, I do 1 1 ., 1
.'..mil, i d :iiOo, I do'.,.VM, l tu -.-'-ti, ;ui l . ijA), yo do T.),yo
do :
d. :
I'M', AtC.
'1 i. ket pj di.)-e in proportion.
Certit.citesof pj( ka-je ol bole Tickets $1VI )')
lo 2o Half i o i)
lo il l jti Marler t!o :t7 :.d
lo do t'i Kililli do 1 73
For the Venrfit of Monongalia, Academy,
i", !- No. 7d, for isi'.i.
To be diaxvnin Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, June lt, 1819.
't .o. Isdh-rt; Il I) raun liaihds.
. KANH h;hI',MK:
fne pii.e of :il..ii 0, 1 1(1,01, I d j,) o, l do 3,000, l do
It- i. i ib. I ,.".imi, p do l,oo , .ii diiöi-o, sc.
Ti kt , in .Iure in projiotlaiM.
ft rt iticale ol pat ka-:eol -J) Whole Tic keta JJOHtil
l' : Ü0 Mali ilo ;.o OO
lo do 'JO lluarter do O J
For the Benefit of Mooonnlin Academy,
":i i P. f.u IM'.
To he drawn hi Alexamlna, V.i Saturday, June i.'3, ISl'J.
"7." .. Ldl ii; VZ Diana liatlots.
One crand prize of .C;!;.V0(Hi, rplemlid do of :b,00l, 1 do v'OJH'O, I
do lo,nno,v do 4,r:i, n do 'J.ihki, -.'til tl Cn, i.e.
Tiket S l.'i tdijres ill proportion.
Certilicateaof packages o."i Whole tickets J00 00
I'o do 2.' Half do l0 bl)
! lo tiuattcr do Ml III)
lio do ü.i Kiflith do 25 Uii
aiit:il stJ5. ()()() !
yiRfiiMA ötati: Lorriiiiv.
Fur the ientßt of Monongalia Academy.
I'hiss No. S, for Is I'd.
To bo drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Saturday , June 30, 18 Kb
7S Lnlt'ri f Drann Italfots.
One pri.e r.f s;i.-, uoo, do 1 1 ,000, 1 do 6,M 0, I do 3,( 0, 1 do 2,1),
1 it.. I, rim, I do I ,..".", It) do 1 ,01M, K) do 700, &.C.
Tickets . lt share in proK.rtion.
t'ernli. aieof packages of rjti Whole Tickets 100 DO
I'o do 2 Half do (,i) I'll
!' do i2b(luarter do .'id (Ml
Order for Ticket and Shares and t'ertifiratet r.f TaekaceH in ths
nU.ve Splendid l.tterie. will receive the uiont prnili.t aUenlK.ii and
an othri d arcoiint of eai li draw ini nenl immediately alltr it is over
loall win. order from u Aildre.-t
Airenttfor J. V. Maury l"o., .Mrncern,
lOoWTf Alexandria Vnemia.
cr:.TieAia rSaAiEi koad rÖMi;.i,v.
'HIIH Stockt obbTM are hereby notified, that contracts have
B- b-ii ma le for the prosecution il Ihe xxoik on the Central
Flank Itoa l. And for the pm pose nf meeting the estimates, i. xx i I
be tie. evsai y for thu . ubc t ibt i s Ot" f lock to make. Ihe foiluw ing
piiym nt, to-xv i'. :
t .i or before the O'i'h day of June next, fro Ju't'ir on each
share of stock; mil on or before th.; 2 Ith day of July next, ttco
du'lnrs on each bare of sdock.
May '.', lHpJ. IhlKtw xv JAMP.S ItF.AKK. President.
i?i:vAü7M'm-i.. "
DIL II. P. NOltlttS bavin permanently lo
rated in I udiai.apoli , ollei ' bis protes.ional
seivi.'es to Ihn citizens of this place it ml vicinity
a id hones to rective a liberal yhare nf iitibhc
patronage. Ho is prepaied lo peilorm all usual .iperutioui in Den
tal Surgery, rmbracin; the latent improvrmenfH in tin n'-ieiin:.
He bin spared no pain or ep iisi in procuring the mot approx' l
m i'ni .1 arid instrument lor tiilin, inseilinj; and extracting
teeth, having the exporici.ro of ten years successful practice.
Dr. .N'niii feil j ust i th tic in nsu1ing the public that h will
render atistai tiou to nil who may favor him with n trial of his
(kill ari l iriechauim.
It' II Office oil WaFhinptoii street, opposite Temperance Hall.
l-Wwai liiig.iitfl Coiiuitisioii .iSorcli'.iiit,
Ileal Street, near the Steamboat Landing,
Hff AVINIJ opennd Commistion Hon sr. in Mndion,for the mh
ot I'rtttuce on J Orvtervt, and receiving mid for wan. m g of
oo !, hopes by attention to p;ive s aiisf.if tion , and tliprt hy f-eture
a poriio-i of the busiuess. He is ir. pnr d to mAe advances on
Klour or other pro.ti.ee when received in stort.or to be bippi.d by
hint to ano br market for sab-. II. xiil give tin; rcr. iviug ami
forwarding of g.mds. by Kiyer or Kniiroad, his paitkular 'hllvu
Uon, at ns low rates as it can Ia don..
Madron, May 1, 1319. lOi CmTT
NEW 60 ODS!!!
II O 11 N ,
Public generally, that they arc now receiving a large and
3 -f? Ä lA
.. - t . .-m J - v liL-V-1
n a i.u i.
n i vri:n .in iu.yu f . v-:.vr.
ON ntid aftfr .M.ndiv, Oct. pi, lH. Il-e l'aetirer Cnrs will
leave Mad nun and I nd i ma pol is dai ly , (Sunday ä exi r pted,) a
fi4!ot viz. :
Irf-ave M.iibsoii titTJ n'clot k A.M., and arrive in I ndianapolis at
about I P. M.
I;.re linliinapoii at 75 o'clock A. M.,and nrrive in Madion, a I
nbout I I'. M.
rreibt trains run daily (ravini Madison and Indiannpolis at .
o'cloi k A. M .
All i'leibt for the Northern Station must be alt be depo tat Madison
bV do Clock, to III -"lie Its hiiitieiit the s'li teed ini! dy.
"May,!'!-'-. ni-tl Jill. li:ul'(;il, Sup't.
- n
r k m
rrT, If I !MWOX' rw't i'IV'l VV I'l'l
' C(uii'rlt'i:i vilh the Al. I. RttilimuL
fyWY. new and
L Master, xx ill
sidi-ndil nfoamer tV I S( t )X S I N , T.T.Wright,
lcixe ..Ia.Jioii . vi t v "doinl.iv, U'i ijiu s ! iv. ninl
Friday, on the arrival of tin: cars ut h ilf p. ist one o'clock., P. M.,
and '.v ill ave ( in;-iuiidti crcrv I uewav , 1 huisdax and Satiuday
ill I'J U i'I jCK, XI.
MADISON IJr'.U.K wi'l leave M a lion every Tuedav, Thürs
1 ix , nod S I'urday at I ) o'clock, '..M.,nnd xxill leave ( oiiriiiiinii
rvi ry Moo lay. We Ines a y. an I Kl idji v, at 10 o'clock, M.
Pa--eii'.ei t conim:; in on the cars wil l i.nd it grea! ly to their ad
va:it;.e to take ti.i i lin-of boat1-", :is they can hIaiix bel'urnisb-
cd xvith n i 1 t' e i ooin. Also, in eoin.r.' fiom Cincinnati. sind
nil ititrrninlia'f j-ort. lo take the rars.t' ey xvill ti uA this line
tbf c lie ije-t . as 1 bey c.m rem . i n on b.-a rd a It nicht free of c Imriro
Oil DcLiw arc Sitvt, Sonlli f Hie C'oiti t
ÜIoiisc tii;it-, 9 i!i:ifi:iMi..
ft IlNKIt SMITlrS coinjil nieiits In hunld cnt
1 iR ton. er and the pwhlie penerally, and xxn.uÜ
. 'j. VAW ..i'n...iioii,,iiot ..,.-iort.i'r'i.. :.ii..iii,..TT...- ..a
&2 w'' enable b in lo keep n rnusbint s;;;i,ly td' tbf
rhoirest P line o I t lie .e.i-im snrh : tune and xxntd
Turk le., i.TM', l in I , "hi len. I '.?;, !to I ter, Wj
el tblcM t.f everv kind and desrfi:itmn. Partie 'i i r -
hisbed. r.imilit pun h ii"'' can have t heir imuts delivered in any
put of the c ity fiee of 'X,ene. A. bujn-. by rlru t attention
I .none-. io s.iiure n I il.era I pal rorint't . I It II"
g"lU'. Subscriber, a tnln e of Vt in h Swit. nland, lately arrived
B in llr city, ini ml to t;ive Iesoii i:"i ancient :ui.l inodern cl s
iral latiiai''S, aP'l also in lnic. Ilai inv" alti ii ied the ino-t ct b'.
Lril.d I.' in vereitle in I'raure ami Sxvit.et laud, he ran pr.Mtuie the
ino.t lavoral.le t en Ui.'ates ni behalf ol' In attainment. He ha bad
iioich expetienie in leiu hin, und pe.ik tin. t.eruian and It ihm as
It lenlly a In mother fofisu', ti e I'lenrh. He i xv il!sna In pive pt i
vaie lesson at i lie residenres of lulu- and cetitleiueii. For mform.i
liou apply to Dr. Hall, .Mr. Nicolai, and Mr. P. 1'.. 1. Smith, ro'iirr of
Washihj-ton ntid 1'tntiry Ivanii slteeis.
P.MT. HKVSr.lt. A. M.,
100 fltadiiaterif the Universities nf Ibudc, Zum h and Lausanne.
ai l iajc an)
Stn-ljiics (or :lIc.
rnIIK undersigiuv
.Tr d of Un r ri.-j
l hn lor nale a line lot
I Carriages of the very
best make und finish, to which the atten
tion' of Ihe public is invited. They nny bn
--J "Vv ex amine. 1 nt any time a. mysbopon ah
- V-J s ni.'i.tii streit, opposite the lalmer House.
lii.ii.iD ipolis, Apnl j:i läit. II. K. (iASTON.
P.S. l arriair making. let. airing. Sec. cairi:d on at the eld
Ftand H heretofore.
tot 1 rn
11. It. O.
To Itic I.ovctn ol -ti)(! 'I llings!
f"t,'K undersigned bav e ju.-t received u firs.Ii ond primo aott
J2 men i of
Almonds, "xValnuts, Prunes,
Peanuts, ISr.iy.il Nuts, 'nisins,
Pecan, Hanges, Tig.
Lmioii', Sai.lir.et;, " Jujube Paste,
Cocoa Nuts, Ciga.s, I'm serves,
Cnnnnty, Jellie, 1.1 Madeira nd Murnt Wines, Cordials, Ac,
xvbich xvifti the extensiv Hssoitmeui of C.onft; lions generally,
tl rx offer for .ab .it the lowest terms. Order for Halb-, Parties,
&r", prempIylille.L HMf l)AV IS Ss HAYN I.".
fIMIl, Vouni t'boir. Mason's Young ?.'inttn l. Mason's Juvenile
- llar. The Chi itian Palmist, 'Ihe Missomi Harmony, ,M
noil's Sacred Harp, P.driit Notes, .Mason' do do Kouml Notet 1st
ntid Jd, The I'.o-do'.i M. 1 uleon, a fine selection of secular melodies,
vol. I an I ', Tlie Southern Hai p M Dana, K ndiill s Claiiom t
Itntrtictioii loo'i , Keith's inkttii ti in book, Howe's school for ihk?
flute, Howe's do do Vio iu , Hoxvt'. Piano Forlc instructor. A
v.i! ii ty of pojaibir melodies. x it h a choice collection of Piano mu
sic, Kim, (piickstepri, xx all.i s, dances, &c., just received ued for
sale ut HA VIS & KAY'S.
April 25, is p. loo Opposite th; Palmer House.
?i i s. i rti e : s : v a x i m a 'vv - ji a ii i. is".
jtjlRS. KHIMAllH'sON, n ci ntly of Cincinnati, haviir; reir :.
V a ed 1 er Mibinery and Maninil Making F.stablishrnent to the
Vt'.e n Hi.igoi'iil. two door foutli of the State Dank, w ill con
tinue the business in the neatest an I most l.isbiona'de style.
MjMiuic and O ld Fellows' Cluthiag and Kegalia rude ut the
hortest notice and on rentoiiuble terms. jihi -tf
rovvtlt i', Miol, 4 :ij, :ml l.rsul.
-fl A kbbs best ipialily of
Ü -4P Hille Piovder:
öl ha s Shot of all -iiro ;
2.'0l (plain S l Caps ;
Just received .m l for alo very
äHM Ohplit nl. bed I) ('.ipM ;
IddOO U iilker'scapsin tin boxes ;
.1(1(1 lbs bar l.e.t l ;
J Aoz pow.J. i lla.-k, allrizcs j
low I v ihe sub-n iber.
"Cll A Kl.i:s MAYKU.
il..iisiif 'l'otnTnnee il.ill.
.li.irsiiK!: CAFEUS.
A fsritlli aoilnient id Ik.. .'.I .chine ('.yni..-, xrartanle.t in every
nriii'iihr, n.iw on ii itol , nii.l Ur a'e it price lower lb ui ever
ln'l.iMi.:l'frt!d in lliit miiVet. A. ii. VI M.AV.n,
Kl tf No. 5, Critri'h'! block ,op;oo.e Pain. er lloue.
A fiUKAT varitivol Sptir.ganJ fnrnmer weHr ji'trrr. ived at
V, lört IIIIKN'S.ni f he l''g'
NOW Wbite Kid and Vhit: S.uin Sbi p.'.'v, jt'
io t wm. a. wisrnjT's.
lted l-ad just received and f.r al v. ty low hv
1 -ji ri. A. DUVAL.
Volume V::::::::::::Xi!)tTlll.
i'lnrs, 'S'oSkuco, ami I'ipcs.
VF.I's of a good smelie, if vou want to smoke an extra fo.c
.ti J .'11:11 i.e, or a highly llivorel li: ilia, just -t ep in, and von
will :.. r.rvtfd with th bent cigar, w hie it can be. impoited also, if
yo i waat a good ci:. :w, I h ive excellent Tobacco td evny I.'axor.
0.1 iuijiioxed Spanisii c.L'ars of didcrrnt l.rands j
i o. u-.ii i vt ,;.li Spanish, "do j
iii, 1 ;.i! Ameri'-an do;
ri.o papers bigh'y tbivon-d cut an. 1 dry Tuikish snioking tob. ;
I ."' 'l ' American cut and diy tö'.ucco ;
50 boxerf Pirsinia chmv iug tobacco, of various .rands, strHxr
berry, eaven ti'-b , lady's twit, pound lumps, Jive and
ill ti t pound lumps, ho;. eydew, na ilro I, rhilroad, i.e.
, .V'! papers tSood win's jiitS"d rhexving tobaeco ;
MO Hodmana's do do do j
ob''! stoiir I'ipes ;
1 boxes x bite clay pipe ;
li do, tietman j.ipe-t ;
Ju.-t received and for sale by the subscriber ft the Ioxvct price.
50 Opj osile Temperance Hall.
';zic)ji;uii;s :
rf B A('S prime Ui., Co, Vi e
OKJ o )Arri Java do ;
3 chests best Imperi i! Tea;
4 " Young Hyson b ;
:i Gunpowder .lo ;
20brUhet N.O ."'ugir ;
pj I ris refined do do ,
5 In Is loat su!"r ;
nil lbs cloves j
! 1 brl ginger ;
'50 boxes 11. low Candle ;
t.'O Stearine do ;
'2 s'ardo,
I 3 t perm do ;
15 " rosin soap ;
I 2 so la soap ;
1 til ls cni-ilied ..o; 1 .. " eist ' soap ;
4 VrN powdered do; j ti half boxes almond snop ;
f ba zs pej.per ; j .1 bris S. II. tin das.-rs ;
o l.a-s all;iice ; j 1 hrl golden s ruj. ;
75 lbs rinnainon ; 110 bris N. O. mol mst 1
J Hit received an 1 for nie by the subscriber nt the lowest priced
So OjU'osite Tt mpi rmn i: 1111.
asitTii ami Oiiiciima t i 0:t flier.
Fp:imh and 1 in. .! Leather ;
I hda lelpbia rail' ki:is ;
Mi"s. ;.nd S'ioe Mor.Mrco ;
l.'l.per leather ;
I'ln.bii and hnin; s'..ins ;
I'aiicv .Mi T' k en ;
Hoot "Wrlitaii" ;
Shot Thread ;
Seatinc 'kins;
r.inrv Plu-h ;
Worsted Weld. ;
Fa my doj
Ptr-rniio do;
Vai.n and I (rovers' Whipi ;
J aj. uilird Hi I. tie lll'ts ;
lVu,ufi. a' IkimLiof tluie finJir.2i : I i li-I.e'l r.r.ii!iH ii.-;
Harness l.;ii!ier : .Sad. lie ami Harness enl!ei;
tsilk nn.l Tlircail , Alc, A. c.
AIo, a lar; airlmeiitnf try pools,pieenwiire p.ml c'assxvnre,
hnnLvare and table cutlery, rarpent. rx' ami coopers' tinLt, paini,
hor-ie, sb..e,,ni'l I' liiiliii briMbeM, sl:ir ami Mimiiier prew;'l raml''..
Iin-ee. an.t tanners' ml, um I i fine avorlmnit of I'lem h xine4aml
liipi.ir", riib-r, vine; :r, etc. lie re.i i:t!'i!l! inviie-; tin public in 11
eral to r ill in. I examine the cooils, xx hii h xx ill be sein, nt ibe Invert
cVes.for ca'ti or cunt ry produce. .1 1 'I. ITS Ml ' I.. .
r 5 ib'or xvestnf (.'msV Hotel.
f'OX pickles in unart j iv , M ilo. tom.ito ca' -11 j
3 .loz a.ii'c I piLlilesinl.li i! 1! . xvithr.it tin;
gallon j-irs ; ! 1 il-n miuiirouin lo:J
Ü no. Ks'iel .b in om p il. jnrs ;! M !. tavp'.eri v syrup ;
1 lo. pickle. I o'li-.n-; in iji 1 jaru, ?' u s a.-ort. 1 j. Iii s ;
- ilo p actus i:i li pior; lit jat s ;i-mii teil p:a sei ve. :
ri ilo. lo-.ties p.-j.er sauce; 1 ß l..?! a-i : teil piekle ;
'-' !' lo .11 ly eben i. s ; I Tt ib. s.it di:.e im t.u Iiitcrs y
Ju.-t rt oeivel aa-l for sale at verv rcaxHir b'e price, bv
-il.VItl.Ks MA V.K.
M Cpi ei.. Tmiperanre Hill.
t lH'ix EtnT. S;iiissiui's, :uitl nii hpis.
O (lf)(l I-Hs5 Western Keerve IT. bris bnt'er emekt I ;
( loese: 1 :il rls xv;,i. r ito ;
löbli l!.s lrie.l hct of excellent biU Ib.sioa lo ;
ju ility ; , br'.s so.'.a clo ;
13IHI li.s U.i'.in 1 Sni.rre ; i 'J bi Is sxveet io ;
Just received au l for sale very l.iv by the sr.'o-ciiber.
Ml Oj.pou.' Ti.ni.rr:iiici' Hull.
i::ikiTii, tnniiiii j, V .'Tii aiia
rr,HK tmilersineil bus t;.k-ti b.r a term of years tbe extensive
C.;r..'o,', SniiiHf, ll'turtn, uiol Fullm FstttMttkmrnl lit-n tc
f r.. con. biete t by Sc.ii-1 ler N. il.innum.oi, si'uat. l .n tiie bank of
hilf Uiv r, ii the out-Kirt of the ci'y t" I ii.'ia.';.p.ii, an-l in
forms bis oi.l Ii i in! -5 and euMonicts, tin 1 ibe public generally,
tint Ii, li t Is foiiiident Iio will hü able to give k at if actittn in eve
ry department of Ih : iib.ix e bumes. He xvill conduct tho same
in person, nil I xx arrnnts tbnt
Ni l4ahihm ml in ihe Wcsl
shall kurpa ss this in the cbardcier of the xx oik turned out.
7 Vi? Mach i ii' r
In every department is now in t xctlli iit order, nn i will r-oon be
put i'l til' in.t ... ilert trim.
Tl." u:i l.r-i 1." ; an el I rxpeiiencet F.i-I.'rn xvt'kra:n, liav
iiS been .ill Iii. I'le ei!; i.o-1 i.i the bu-ine-s, eii 1 iin :uz vx 01 k il
in the be-t esbibli-biiieiMs in the t.'iiind Stati s. be lb.tti.ii bin. self
tUot b' e.:i,!eit 111.!." it iboiouhly.
CO" Tue liest of x ..rkm-'i x ill he empl y.d, and no pains Tied
to ::ivc satisfaction t cuenii rs.
a -I'.ill im rk injured, jtii 1 il..ne on as otd term as run b- had
jn w here. ELIJAH JAMM.
Indianapolis, Ap-il H. I"5!'.1- 07 tf
1: tv v o ic ii T si i x i.n i tüx. TmiT.
Small X'sofirs :mii Cizick i Ctdtriis.
tyi; bave jn-t opriied a lar. ittnl entire new stock f Keaity
la.le prll and Simitner I 'loihiiu', 111 it diM.r T. Mr. l'.:t:;e,
which will be sold eil" i:er th fi al any other shoe iiithriity. Dfe-s
1111. 1 i'roi'k ai'd S.e k i'o. is . I I'lencli, II ncii-li nn.l Ani'iiran bn.a.l
rb.:!is ; hii.-1'ie- im. I i liirn cm.iIs cf I'tah, lc. : Ca-lini-rettr, I'.r
liiine'le, !;i ic , I 'r-.ton "lili I'xx ee ls of every si. !e. Siiuinn ii nüt
f ill kinds l'.iiii", pl in and -ancy fas-nmeres, Satinel-i, and ium
luer 'h.,i,,i. even si vie ; Vi''.s, hii rnd'ess v.iiie'y.
' A V' Nv7 ot Tht a :;,,:'.i;lLr , ro.
Ab 1, Sbirt., f)r tx t r, t'nv.-ils, t. k-, t 'ol'-its-, t ü.ivr, iSiiprii.-
is, -.ttid veiy iiitii-le t.f ieiitleiiieirs xveaini! ap. fel.
It. 1.. 'A1D .x To.
Iridianapolin. Ap-il T. 1-U. 9" tf
'2i v siM T 1 1. i :vi : b : !
JA MKS SlIl.fiKOVi: respectf.idy anm.-iiices to hit old
e ...li. r s .1 :nl I lie !.u 1! I e . I il a I lie 1 4 lel.rn. I lit-il to f ell ar-
c.- ........... : . . .
ii i 'es i ii in i ; ne 01 h'i-iiii-s a neap .is mey ran re vin
b any i.'.'ier e-l i'ib-1 in-'iil in 1'i ii in i. I'i r-a inx:'iilol Snldiri,
llri.f'ts, ilirne 'f all kinds, .'.. and Curo! .';',, 'I'runL.i,
II ,r any nt ich' I n In 1 1 m-, are t .j.; !e.l I. r nil ,Mnl i- lii as
fnrMneiil. . ii'.v m iiiu f ti'bii in 2) a lot of füll Spanish ü-r.'..f.-, a very
f iijn i n r irtn le.
Al-o, j'iJl received, n select bit of Stun: f. Tie l'bisb, tVebb
Tra-e I n iiiis, Ibi. .Me, I lames, .V.r., n! I n" x bn Ii xx ii be Fold f..r H
very -in ill a.lv l tu e i. r. st. AI Ins t.bl ft i:i l, tx odu r rad f Men
bau street, I n.li ini-polis.
Vhat an I other. kin lof invflu nla !.!e ptodnce xx'ill! deceived at
fij:irU(-t jirn i in iy in ent fur any of the nboveartirlrp. 73
s:;ca n i. z: is:.!: r., Ac"
"ANb'l'AC'nTtr.l ;'.t ibe lnii;ini Insiiliite for Ibe Kducation
iii ofllif Ulm I, and for na! ix Imb" ale nn.l retail, nil kmd .f
Willow r.akel. V..i..e. t'ra.tle:iiitl t'hairs, toueiln-r xvilh a variety
of I 'luth, II in , Sli-, Scrub, Hat, I'!h, 1'ah.t, irulin-j, Sweeping ami
Whltevx'iisli nrilslie-t.
The dlmve naiiicd article nre all warranted to be of the be-t inateti
nl an ! xvoikin inhi,, nn.l xxill Ite luuiishe.t nt tlie lowest maikl
pi ices.
All order! fiom I'ountry metchant sind Mlier nt a tis'anre, niMicss
ed to Ihe Supeaiiitciident of the Institute, x ill meet with prompt at
tention. 70
cs'i'Y Hat a r CA r "ii r.V TiT'Tcrini v.
. um a .
1 ITTTXI'I t a C. lit. rl ... r. lli.nU (. . . ..... n cl - "J
' T liberal (lalron.iüe they have received, ami ask
V "" " -I" ' "'.' r-... "
acotitinuaiiceof tlies i.nc. As heietof.ue, Iheir varK.us
Uecripluiw of
fhall he all they rccoinmetnl them lo l e.and nt prires to ruit all.
They have j.ift rereivr.l Iron, the Ka.-I,
xvhii h, toeiber xx Uli t to ir pieseut ttork, enable Ibeiii to ntipply every
re .1. nable demand, at to fashion, cost or material. They ttill adhere
to their old motto,
Hut'hj Salt's and Sinalf F refits.
And by ilthev lue t be nblr to compete xvithnny xvestern iabtih
llients. Pleasi'rall I eloie pun Ii ikIiij;.
iManufaclotv and shop, opposite Hrow ti in 4'fl Hotel.
2-j If " i". IIKi'K k TI' M.F.Y.
"3 UST received, an 1 fur sle low, a f.v bain Is prime fresh or.
V an 'e and lemon-., xvhirli w ill be sold low. Anidv nt the city
t onfetiori' rv.
ih).i:v x Avn'i).
K I.I. indebted to tor undersigned xxill conler u particular fivtr
L Py calling iinmediatily and settling, us 1 am in xvant of inon-
TO COiiiK vn ;i:k 5;it.
MITII k 11ANN have tioxx on b: nd 11 splendid afottment
Vj7 ot goods adapted to your trade, which xve util ot wholesale
only, n fair terms f ir 'dl. Kill
11TI have just r.ceixela fine nssot tmei.t to which we invite the
attention of ii trieii.lt and cti-touiei s.
fBF.A,Cr'Te', Hugar, Kice, MolafSi, InciL'o ond Ma.l lcr. Cot
.2 ton Y .ti lis, Cat pi t iuul C-tiv ih t u ai p, .Nails, '1 of good
quality ;it.l to 1 . sold vetj low, by sKAt'ON . IIOLMAN.'
''ixr. h 7. b I'd. t7
(nIIOKM AKKK'S Kit of every .1. scriptio:, tos-tlicr with I.'pprr
l.e oiler, C.lf Skins, Kip Skins. Pa l Ski is, l.iniups, Dinding,
Monaco, Kid .kinp, Thread, I.nt4, l n. Spaia'des, fctc . KC, for
ahjj'y J. K. silAKl'K.sik'n of thedi't Iht an 1 Root. 62
'io 'ji:is: ir,A5si:s.
UT r-c iv d a few more nf those line lr i;c'i Lace Dotint ts,
r littst stvle; aUa h.tn.!ior.io ssuitment of Rdd-ons. Call
and get h fish nahte Itonn- t at Mils. WltM'HT'S,
I'-1 Faeliionabr. Millincrv K.laiaisbmcrt.
SA ir !
f()0 nnL I'reth Sntt, jutt receive! tint
piicf,iid bng frei-ht. DLYT1IK
Ofrernber I 1. ,'s;. if
for 8il at Madison
Uailiour" t.
i ICA l.i.ne a superior atticlc lor white (.hhni: ; fr fleo.
tuodeiaie price by 9i3v. TllOMAö BU13I.
fjCrOJJlce on Illinois Xtrect, North of Washington.
0O'l'hc Statu Sentinel will contain a mucli lirper
am-unt of reading matter, on nil subjects of general
interest, tliati any other newnj aper in Indiana.
Tin: skSTmvekki.y emtio
I. pnb!i!ieJ every Vetln-.-(!ny and Saturday, and
! i.-.i! the se?tM'j!. of t!ie Ifbttir, three time-
vcekTi Tucsd.iyj, Tiiurday, nud Satu t d'U s,
Four Dollars a year, payable always in advance.
tiik vi:i:?kLY kditioa'
Is pibli!ied every Thursday, at Two Dollars a year
alv-ty t' be paid in ndvnnce.
Sil in advance will pay for six innt!is.
.i:trxrs'"n.- remittinjr jlt) in advancr, froc of p(st-
10, shall have three copies o the benii-U eikiy nc
year, s'w will v fur six month. sl will r.lvvavH
bn c'i-i r:.il for the Tri-Wtckly, nud ."() cnils for
Weekly, during the L"i.-I"t:vc MrMn?.
A D V IiriTJ SEM KXTS will he inserted t'.rep
at a p 5T.ro tit' eiht lines, and be coilinuttl ;it tht
rate cf twenty five coV.s a sqtinre fr each uddilional
insertim. (.Quarterly inlvertiscriients, per ptjuare. JJ.
All advertiertnents from nbrnad :nul be accomya
nie I n the cash, or no attention will be paid to thctn.
ftt"I1oJ;5'ire tr.ut lo paid.
r J5M I F. fubc libers would rs,nctfully inlartn t' e jnblic that
fi. tli. y baxe leased for a term of -.irs, lb fictory ntuated !
th.? Ceiii i al Canal, one mile i oi tli t I ndi.nia pi be b oil in to t ho
estate of N . U est, deceitsed, and formerly ti.d as n Lotion I'aC-torj-,
and liav filled Iii tarn xx it !
i;iilir Tivxv Woulrn niarlihifri-,
For MauuJaclnrii'iS Parjcss.
rroadclot' 5, ( aiirnere, Jean, I.iü; , Viani.;, tlunkits,
&.C made to order und kept oor stan'ly on l. iul. All ni:.ni( ictut
injf done nt lower prices tLaii b;.s vi r Lce.i charg.. J at tbi place
bciorek Kur.nins
Iijrlil I'owrr Iooi!i.,
Calnil.it d to turn o'f ne tbouran.'. x nrd rf corn's daily, va e fbsll
I c ab'e to li n i ti ork rn idly, ned ."e tri t to tlie n'ire t-atUfjc
tion ol our customers. Iu Conliectiuil with tbis eslaldisblnetit xxe
have alo Iium-'I tlie
';t relink lS:irIiiiMs :iik! 'iillin ZT S i 1 1
N-r 'st's Mills-, ui. I haviii' -v erj thii.fr in pood or.br would
no'ify the customers id' thii -t;.b ihni M that xxe jue leady to
C.'-jr l". Spin, r nil. Js-., at sil.t. Spiui'ini oone i t te.'.uced pricra.
T-n cut x ,itn nt 11 rents p. r poiiu I ; :.ll x ..i n o rr ti :i rut, lo tho
pom..!, one cent pt cut tia. JF.Sr-K HUNT ci CO.
To my oUI l'iitct.t!cr-.
1 täke pba-nre in tayi.ic that they will tin I me on hatd asabove,
j repnii d to . o ;!! xvf.ik in my In;. in a f .i'bl'il and xxoikinyti'.U!
m inner. I'crsons hrve x.ool to mamlaCtiii e me icr-peciluliy inxl
te. t rail and see this :a li-bmf nl b bit" poir. b xkrc ns It
is my ii.t'T.tJon to jpare no pains to give ru'.iiv katiblaction, toll-.
in x ork mi 1 t rices.
MayT, I.-P. 10 W mo s JKSK Y0UNT.
KUVOIiiriiO.X IV at : K II A X Y !
Miin ftrect, five doors wet of the l)rof and Dumb Atylvm.
fp:'iii mid Kummer Pi y ümmmIs,
Ä HAI TI. D to the city and count! y trade, i'1 of the lat't
Ü styles. The im'ioitjtion mbrjic.-s every x-.nty of Ti i ii t -.
fim s. ei i.t up t tl very tin. t. iivhns, l.axvn, nnd every
tbii'.j; eje in jtoj ortit.M. Clo'hs, S.,ti.,ts, M.o s, llls, Cup, M.i
lb'5't'.etf, x r!i ii jir.it v niefy ol o: .o r a . tkb s t'o iiufrn-i ous lo
ii - t, on. Tbey l ave nil l e.-ii si ' cted xx itb er at care, an 1 w ill ' "
soli i.t unu iiiilly low j rices lur cash or a j i ov-d country pio
(iirc. '1'. ft Y.. krrp constantly on band a p. tienl v-ortmcT,t of C'.ro
et ri-..C. .'..:! Viit iis. NaiN, Inle.ro, tilths, iuv nsxv:.te, Oh, ff
wai-e.U'l.re I'i.'ii, M ;ki n 1, ..!(.I.im s, h'rookii.g at'.d ('hewing
To1 :i.e . at. 1 C.ij.irs 1 all birds, i ir. xv urr:nteJ.
J..M...' : no ion r.K;-r-. Uti pounds fsh ltntt-r, rn.l Oat
rn 1 t 'in n. bo- x hich they will give tho l.ih st market pl ice.
K ii'.- in . i tlie rhi np store. li'4 "w
vrTi;x :
(Xotirc to Stop Painful.)
rHIlK Trunk of U .M. '.. KAY. t.t tbe boue of the .ubscriVer.
S. in I.av. rerirrburfrli. Indiana, xxas cj eii d a J xv !. mice,
! v foiio' liuknow ii prison, iuul the rou'Tni'-sioii r.rtitis ot 177
.'.1,7.. ii l ux. s ,f Dr. J. N. 1'ay 'a ArrotBi.tie Anne I ii:-, s'ob n th -re.
from. The sai'l rrc. ipts were ma le pnytJe to Hay Ss Toibclt,
rn.l aftnuaidi sold lo Wm. c. Hay. AU a: nts l..r aid pills Me
i.o!:!'.'d r.ot to pavai.y money or deliver r.y pi!N to ai.y p rson
.ti;er ibaii the s: id V m. Kv. Tin- fdi.l'Wm ;.Itay is i.ow
al-ent, t ut intend, to call on all the tai.l iipei-tn, in p Mm, tiiri..fr
th- 1 1 1 o I 1 1 ol .lime. I wil1 jive tv. itj tbiHiis lor the irns'of
the tl i f, or an v person xx bo may oder to col ct fiom .aid r.upu
other than Wii". C. liny. J. X. HAY.
Waba-V. Couri r copy to ihe ; nipiintof ?2rnJ rlrfe J. .N. 11.
I.awrenc or-b. M;iy"J, 1-VJ. 1 -t vv
" 1 1 II S XV M. A. W'ÜICJII rl
fer-T'H'l.) ifsjvertlullj iiifirm the I.n4nn-f Indianapolis an1
H-s.i-3 i be ii!.l ie. cei.erally, tl at thf i r.oxv rrivuii: lir t fiMii
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rxerute ail priVr- in the Milii la ry Hu-.nr'.s in the dUt-l an I
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roi.slani ly u baml.and xxiil lie !iiti.iliet e;i the tnu-t irax.nahtd
lemis. .Mixurniiifj lbmutts of aW binds made to older it hho;t l.otic?,
in Ihe l.e t si vie.
Fanry "a.s, Ilid rre.-- , on baiul, . tol nn.lf to order.
i;ie.uli':iii ami rres.iio! in a'l .:. branches c'oi.e lo order, and nil
wink fr,;;rii.Vto :iv a:t.l' tion.
In roni.exi ui xxith the above, tiie Pkfh takii!t; i cf.r.ductrd by a
Ijily iron. New Ym k , xx la. I - r in jet. nt to pi ve e tit ire aliriart in to cll
xx ho xx I'd tavor u wilSi b'en p:;t..u ;...
Ve -t!rts, Man' ill h, Sacks, C;::is. I'arty .and Itridal Diensi 8 made in
stirior Kt x b. at (rt notn e, i. n.t xx uri.ii:?. .! ti. I.t.
'i 'emu teainaii'". I.ntiatn e Cuaiph ibe St.ie, rue door r eul if
naiMi iuiiiir .Irnr stoie.
N. lb T he la!et fasbii.n teceixed monthly. 94 y
coMpn.! rinv itiiin vr:
rSHI undetsi 'nt d. havim formed a m pitti erbt;i in ihe filcta
ii- I uuie-s, weald irsfv. t fully aiiii.Kiiio to t b" J .en f Iruli.iii
i polis and vieniiiy. Hi it Ibey are now pteoared lo I ii r. i ail rontiarla
1T roofiiif with Ihe Ct.iiipo-il ioti '.itei la I that n;..y be tendered to
. m . i.i f ... f. m . ... . i .it
them. ( bir ..( ibe firm, M r. I nffc. r cetiily .f (.'ir.r irnat i. bat Minolr
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wii.oe routine l i.ux -tt iii t r. 111.2.
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lr ii irii d. au 1 it ha U eu tisnl ex'eii-ively in t'im imiali and t'-e
w Iu te. ii h as it li 1- pei.eralty ni"rrne.lr.l all -tb.r n!t. Tlie tinder
t .' . ! c.'.f'i! ii It. .1 .tf tlitr . L ill tr..lll .'it! ull.l ll.uv ..i.M lt..r .r
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v ii e, xv 1 h an nvstn. trier ilui lull e n. l.u'.ion u ill I ? jriirn All v (rk
xxHtr.inted x uier pioof. MHil.'.V A. I.OL'DLX.
.f A Fo'int n tM tl nl tht-tr rUHl irm ali wtm umt (Wire fnnr srr
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5. i.a 1 11 .a. i.ir '. '..i'ii.. .i'-v.i,, ..... ..I... a.. i.iiiff. ,
K u C in 'I' C, Jt n on, l.ir 1, HiU'er, lice. Wheat, Oats, t'Ut
ee.l. I if led Apples. .biiit;b , I .ii hi! r. ..ml i-liil a Irw ln.h 1'olatoei,
- .1. ..I.... .1,. I.i.. I..... ,L.
"KATlir.KS, Ka?-, Ciii-n;, r.tv;, I oxv r.nd Thx Iduen,
I or xx lie li e in un inj... n hi...... ..
j I'M J. M. I.KAMUT.LL fk Ca
I'rtl.H, I5!CAIIS, "
Jl'ST recrivr-1 a larsc :i;-oitm-ut of I.ndie CnrN, at w l oleal
mi 1 r .:nl ; al-o, ;m a--"iti.u iit of I'rtiids, Han.leaux lor the.
. .....- I .. I I 1. ..11 l'...j ..... 1...I.. XX ..... . . ... ... .
iimu i in ... ii.- ,...ii. ..v.. ...u .". jiiifi.iTieiij
; I or. v itk es. t au uii
thcrn at the ritr rah stole.
WM. A. UllllillT.
isfioT.s ami ssio::.
litlfMl m lection for sale cl enp.Vv
7 Vk.ATON Ik Itol.MN.
SB: 11VI.S ! T
MI.M nd r:.iin Criic. Sutiii st.ii e Crrage, KmlM Ie l.ane,
.J i.e. I Si k Miaxvls. ju-t r. eeive l ;it .'a IIOHX'c.
TO.l! ATO firi'C'SSl'l.
I t l)'r.N of very uui ri.-r Tom .io Ketchup, ust r-et vr.l and
AVj" I.t sa very Imv by 1 ).'. H. A DUVAL.
ii:ii5::t "s T tT:. "
i nor. of superior l'epj r S.uue j m r.-reived timl f r .Ve
' viiyl.ox by I .:. A w;vAI..
''V t. - U va A. i on r . . ... ... .1 r . .t- I...
!; S. A.DUVAL.
to 3i!:su:.i aats
r' will pay th river p,j ,.f.,r (;,., fV.tl . ts delivetrl
ff .if .ir store, 1 s the ti.in.porf'tio... We xs ill pay th hi -h-
rst pri. e m poo 1". of xvliK'h xx e invc a laifT t-svoi tment.
.A'" !, a "MITII k II WVA.
Snj,T.i-ior I'lotSis !
"JOM.Y'S Sujer. Ilk. Kreuch Cloth , jiM net ived rt the city
ft a h store. lu:i ' WM. A. WHKJI1T.
! itrK nUI.S.r.iniilv 1'i.nir r.. .j- t... .
JfXtf r.'ho.ily, Willi ofTYr. I I.r a lew davs; if not all
soi l, will he shipped. "iJoo.l Brands.'
iiui:t; i'.isiisoi.s.
TUST rereiveil a few tJnt n, r.l.uk and fancy r.ira.li. rlp t
WW. A. W ItltiHT
mi, us:
TUST received by expres-i, Td yar.l x nie P.l.irk Mlk U Muntil'.-.
S rWs. t'njws, txc. ; also widr Itbick lik Lace f, irniii;ime t 'jpiV
CaM an I lg. t buintat H'7 W.M. A. WKI;n p'S. '
mtr.ss c;KnVsr
Tl'ST lereived a iirw t-upply f f.ishianat le Vtea Good U Sum.
Jmrr wear at h0 IKIIIN..
T reduced pnres, at the eil v t'.-h stoie
r.7 -J"7 . 1VL a. whi(;iit.
rjjjxWr.i:i)S. hih! Siimm. r Caiiiirir ; a l.u,.. nnd lnutifn aioit
il n.rlit just J.riie.1, ami lur f.ile u be..p Ihr i hex-wr-t
J - tlUNUVLI.I.'A. Vv.
V n wry So:ij.
r r l07.i:.N Fancy Soap, ml .blc for loiirt purivoses, j ist reveived
'ff Hi.d Ioi .lehy l'". S.A. HHVAU
A I. .MICH b f v ty MiM ii. r Taint Brutdutj in More and will ba
" S..M u'iii i.il.v liivv I y 10. s. A. TJl'VAl.
s o i r : i : 1 1 , j i a M 3 1 iTl
11LK. Mlk Li.cc lor Muutillas and Cardinal, for tab; by
1 1
WM. A. WllKillT
"IVF. hivj ist opened and irer f. t.ie at veiy low piite aleau-
1 til il a.rtiiwut.f raraoN t.f tb- l itest Mx le. '
. iin . JaiAMWLLL t Vo.
L Alli .T. stork ot rry line Suar, Ct tier, Tea, tkc.ju.-l lereirH
and lor t.l w holrsile and retail.
I'M J. SI. 11 It t.MV.Td.L t c.
Vui.j VaoM.s:
UNl'l'ALLV rmooili, .o.-l rjuabty. nnd deirahl nie,
jn"t rerrived and f jle at muikrt tTr.i.l.y
. ,l" y N.MITtl U MANNA.
While Wasli ISi iisItc'w.
1 l T7.K .f Wim 'a-h llruIes just rrceivr! ntid for fnle vrty
1 1"w'y bn a. a. PUVAi.,
C'oln' :in It tii( C'li'p Itoiinelt.
A XI'.W and beautiful aitic'ejtit tereiveil at
fl SlO'S.nja.f Ihe Rift.
I"AI..ll Mlir IIA'I,
I NT) Oil Colli Cop-., j rn t ivtd a l.iu Int and Cotd asnt
a inrtil.and lt.rMle by lu J. M. KRAM W I'.LL Al Co.
. .
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