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p ° E TRY.
Great thoughts are heaving in the world’s wide
The time is laboring with a mighty birth ;
The old ideas fall!
Men wander up and down in wild intent;
A sense of change preparing for the earth,
Brood over all.
There lies a gloom on all things under heaven,
A gloom portentious to the quiet men,
M ho see no joy in being driven
Onward from change, over to change again ;
Who never walk but on the beaten ways,
And love the breath of yesterdays ;—
Men who had rather sit and sleep
Where sunbeams through the ivys creep,
T'.sch at his door-post all alone,
Heedless of near or distant wars,
Than wake and listen to the moan
Of storm vexed forests, nodding to the stars,
Or hear, far off, the melancholy roar
Of billows, white with wrath, battling against
the shore.
Deep on their troubled soul the shadow lies,
And in that shadow coma and go,
While ntful lightnings write upon the skies,
And mystic voices chant the coming wo.
Titanic phantoms swathed in mist and flames—
The mighty shapes of things without a name.
Mingling with forms more palpably defined,
That whirl and dance like leaves upon the
Then marshaling in long array their hosts,
Rush forth to battle in a cloud-like land,
Thick phalanxed on those far terial coasts,
As swarm the locusts plaguing Samarkand,
Oh ! who would live, they cry, in times like
A time of conflict fierce and trouble strange ;
When old and new, over a dark abyss,
Fight the great battle of relentless change !
And still before their eyes discrowned kings,
Desolate chiefs, and priests forlorn,
Flit by—confused—with all incongruous things
Swooping in rise and fall on ponderous wings—
While here and there, amid a golden light,
Angelic faces, sweet as summer morn.
Which gleam an instant ere extinguished quite.
Of change to stony skulls, and spectres livid
But not to me—oh, not to me appears,
Eternal gloom ! I see a brighter sky,
I see the healthful motion of the sphere;
And, lying down upon the grass, I hear
Far, far away, yet drawing near,
A low, sweet sound of ringing melody;
I see the swift-winged arrows fly ;
I see tile battle and the combatants;
I know the cause for which their weapons
flash :
I hear the martial music nnd the chants,
The shock of hosts, the armor clash,
As thought meets thought; far beyond we
Adown the abysses of the Time to be,
The well-won victory of the Right;
The laying down of useless words and spears ;
The reconcilement ardently desired !
Of universal Truth and Might—
Whose long enstrangement, filling earth with 1
Gave them manly heart, divinely fired,
A lingering love, a hope inspired,
To reconcile them, never more to sunder.
Far, far away above thy rumbling thunder,
I see the splendor of another day.
Ever since infant Time began.
There has been darkness over man;
It roots and shrivels up ! it melts away !
Singular node to prevent the de
cay of Peach Trees.
A singular fact and one worthy of be
ing recorded, was mentioned a few days
since by Mr. Alexander Duke, of Alber
marie He stated, that whilst on a visit
to his neighbor, his attention was called
to a large orchard, every tree in which
had been totally destroyed by the ravages
of the worm, with the exception of three;
and these three were probably the most
thrifty and flourishing peach trees he ev
er saw. The only cause of their superi
ority known to his host, was an experi
ment made in consequence of observing
that parts of worm-eaten limber, into
which nails had been driven, were gener
ally sound. When his trees were about
a year old, he had selected three of them
and driven a ten-penny nail through the
body as near the ground as possible ;—
whilst the balance of the orchard had
gradually failed and finally yielded en
tirely to the ravages of the worms, these
three trees, selected at random, treated
precisely in the same manner, with the
exception of the nailing, had always been
vigorous and healthy, furnishing him at
that very period with the greatest profu
sion of the most luscious fruit. It is sup
posed that the salt of iron afforded by the
narl is offensive to the worm whilst it is
harmless or even beneficial to the tree.—
Southern Planter.
Food for Ileus.
Individuals who keeps hens, and who :
from ihe peculiarity of their location, or j
domestic relations, are compelled to con
fine them during a portion of the year,
complain that when incarcerated, they
cease to be of any profit. They feed lib
erally, keep them constantly provided with
grain, lime, water, gravel and ashes, yet
they discount no eggs.
Now, sir, it should be remembered that
the hen, while enjoying her liberty in the
yards and fields, derives no insignificant
portion of her fcod. front insects, grubs
and worms. Meat is as essential to fe
cundity as food, generally, is to life. No
hen will produce eggs without a liberal
and constant supply of it; and when
hens are confined, it must be supplied to
them daiTy, or they will not lay, or at least
not long. Fresh fish are an excellent
substitute for meat. I advise every one
who incarcerates his hens, either for the
sake of keeping them out ot mischief, or
hr other purposes, to remember this fact.
—Pennsylvania Telegraph.
A Temperance Argument.—The An
gelica (Alleghany Co., N. Y.) Advocate,
contains the following powerful clerical
temperance argument:
A Catholic priest passed up the line of
the railroad, through Alfred, the other
dey, visiting the Catholic Irish, and find
ing one of them in a grocery selling liquor
ordered him to abandon ihe traffic. A
few days after,the priest came along again
and finding the man still selling liquor,
look an axe and stove in the beads of ev
ery barrel in the shop. The Irishman
showed some resistance to the priest’s
movements, for which the priest gave
him a smart horsewhipping, telling him,
during the ffogging, to keep cool—keep
perfectly cool.
bnrnbllifjr and Decay of Plaak
A plank road may require a removal,
either because it has worn out at top by
the travel upon it, or because it has been
destroyed at the bottom by rot. But, il
the road has travel enough to make it
profitable to. its builders, it will wear out
first, and if it does, it will have earned
abundantly enough to replace it twice over
as we shall see presently. The liability
to decay is therefore a secondary consider'
i ation on roads of importance. As to nat
i oral decay, no hemlock road has been in
■ ,,se long enough to determine how long
the plank can be preserved from rot.—
Seven years is perhaps a fair average.—
Different species of hemlock vary greatly,
and upland timber is always more durable
j than from low and wet localities. The
pine reads in Canada generally last about
eight years, varying from seven to twelve.
The original Toronto rood was used chief
ly bv teams hauling steamboat wood, and
at the end of not six years began to break
through in places, and not being repaired
! was principally gone at the end of ten
years. Having been poorly built, badly
| drained, not sanded and no care bestowed
I upon il, indicates the minimum of dura'
bility. Oak plank cross-walks are in De
troit, the plank being laid flat on those of.
pine. Il is believed that onk plank, well |
laid, would last at least, twelve or fifteen
years. One set of sleepers will outlast
two plankings. Several Canada roads
have been relaid upon the old sleepers,
thus much lessening the cost of renewal.
1 IV. Guizot's Opinion of Wash
Washington had no ambition ; his
country wanted hint to serve her, and he
became great rather from a sense of duty
than from taste ; sometimes even with a
j painfui effort. The trials of his public
life were bitter to him ; he preferred in
dependence and repose to the exercise of
power. But he accepted, without hesita
tation, the task which his country impose
ed on him, and in fulfilling it did nothing
to diminish its burden. Born to govern,
though he had no delight in governing,
he told the American people what he be
lieved to be true, and persisted in doing
what he thought wise, with firmness as
unshaken as it was simple,and a sacrifice
of popularity the more meritorious as it
was not compensated by the pleasures of
denomination. The servant of an infant
republic, in which lie democratic spirit
prevailed, he won the confidence of the
people by maintaining its interests in op
position to its inclinations. While foun
ding a new government, he practiced that
•policy, at once modest and severe, meas
ured and independent, which seem to be
long only to the head of an aristocratic
senate ruling over an ancient state. His
success does equal honor to Washington
and to his country.
Disunion—Oar Duty.
Disunion is treason against the nation,
and rebellion against God. If ever the
traitor exist, who shall lift the dagger
against the national life, let him live dis
honored, let Benedict Arnold be forgotten,
and bis blacker memory sink to the exe
cration of a disinterested posterity. And
when he goes to his own place, for the rest
of eternity, it may be, Judas shall not be
Our duty is to abide a united people,
and to shed the light of our principles,
the hope of our prosperity, and the sym
pathy of our hearts, upon the oppressed,
cheering their struggles for deliverance.
We have no call to mingle in the quar
rels of other nations, or to enforce our
principles in a crusade of madness. Our
duty is but to be free, and fulfil the duties
of freemen. Ours is simply the duties of j
the sun, in quietness and grandeur to i
shine, until in the peace, the union, the
prosperity, the happiness of our millions,
the nations may read in the very language
in which he traced his glory, on the fir
mament, that man is free, and, underGod
equal to his own government.— W. SI.
Roger's Sermon.
Profits of Fowls.—Bradford Packard,
of West Bridgewater, Mass., stales that
he kept an accurate account with twenty
fowls. (IS hens and 2 cocks ) for one year,
from Jan. 1st, IS10. He obtained 2,434
eggs, the average price of which was 14 i
cents per doz , making $2S 90 ; he raised
12 chickens, valued at 15 cents each, j
giving an aggregate of 21 90. The food
the fowls ate during this time was fifteen
| bushels of corn, which cost 10 S9, leaving
1 a net profit of S21 01. If you desire to
have your fowls lay at all seasons, feed
| them well on pudJing made from soft
bricks pulverized. It is a sure thing to
fat them and make them lay
“I wantsch lo schipp in the Lucilla,” j
said a Dutchman lo a clerk of it shipping j
“Well,” said the clerk, pen in hand, ■
“what’s your name?”
“It ish Hans Vannnsmanandereaunse
chupvondromp ?” said Duchy, gravely
spilling out his old quid,and taking a fresh
“Heavens!” said the astonished clerk,
"I can’t write that. Look-a-here, Mister,
what is it in English—do you know ?”
“Yaer, Ich does. It is Yon Smidl.”
The poor clerk fainted.
For everything you have missed, you
have gained something else ; and for ev
erything you gain, you lose something.—
If riches increase, they are increased that
use them. If the gatherer gathers too
much, nature takes out of the man what
she puts into his chest; swells the estate,
but kills the owner. Nature hates mo
nopolies and exceptions. The waves of
ihe sea do not more speedily seek a level
from their loftiest tossings, than the vari
eties of condition tend to equalize them
selves. There is always some leveling
circumstance that puts down the over
bearing, the strong, the rich, the fortunate
substantially on the same ground with all
A man who would cheat a printer would
steal a meeting house and rob a church
yard. If he had a soul, ten thousand of
its size would have more room in a mus
quito’s eye than a bullfrog in the pacific
Ocean. He ought to be winked at by
blind men, and kicked to death across
logs by cripples.
“There is no truth in men,” sai l a lady
in company, “they are like musical instru
ments, which sound a variety of tones.”
“In other words,” said a wit who chanced
to be present, “you believe that all men
are Lyres !
The editor who tries to please every
body attempts a herculean task. The
greatest fault finders are generally those
who never paid for u paper in their
Ktiubec Mil Ptrtland Railroad.
9priag Arrangement.
ON anil after Mon lav , Mar. 18th, 1850, Pas
senger trains will run on this road, in
connection with the Atlantic and St Lawrence
Kailroad, every day, (Sundays excepted,) as
follows .
Leave Portlandfor Freeport, Brunswick and
Bath at 7 \. M.,nnd 21-4 P. M.
Leave Bath for Brunswick, Freeport, Yar
mouth, and Portland at 8 A.M. and 2 1-4 I*. M.
At Brunswirk,stage < connect with Howdoin
hain, Richmond, Gardiner, llallowell and Au
gusta, leeving Brunswick daily at 4 I*. M ., ou
arrival of the car* from Portland.
Returning, reach Brunswick in time for the
1st train, reaching Portland at I t*. M. Thfugh
Ticktt* brtween Portland and(Jardintr, Hallo well,
or Jujv.W(i $1,50.
At Bath,stages connect with Wiscasset, llam
ariscotta, Waldolioro, Thoinaston, Belfast and
B“n*0r' IAMBS HALL, Snpl.
Brunswick , Mar. 18, 1850 . tf29
Capt. E. II. Sanford,
until farther notice, will lee ire BUcIfcmer'« wtarfi
Built, for llnston. every tf>t.VJM Y and THURSDAY
BVF-XTXC.S. ntBo-cl.u k,
ft KTUUXIXO — l.envr (-'ester', n hart, Boston.ev
ery TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVEXIXfiS, at seven
o'clock. . ,
5-7- Freight taken at tin* usual rales. No freight
will he delivered lilllhe I'reigel hill, are paid, and no
Bne-npe landed from I lie Boat will he received into Ihe
store-house, or accounted lor, unless given in special
charge of the Agent.
N B —No live Calves will be taken a» freight by this
Bath to Boston $1,50—Mrals Extra
Stagesand other couveyanees meet ihe boat lo con
vey passengers in any direction desired.
'* JOHN 3. ELLIOT. Jguar.
Bath, April 11, 1S50. tfi-1
Has just received his Spring assortment of
Groceries, West India Goods,
He ha# on hand:
Hlils Clear PORK. Half bids do,
“ Mess do, hall" bids do, do,
“ Mess REEF, half do beef, for family nse,
I. 4 RD of the best quality, in bids and Kegs,
FLOUR, in bids and half bids,
A large assortment of all kinds of TEAS. COFFEE.
1 and SUGAR, new crop MOLASSES, Sugar SYRUP,
Wheal Meal and Extra Flour in bags, aiM every other
article in the Grocery line.
A good assortment of WOODEN WARE, PAINTS
snip STORKS,
of the best quality supplied on favorable terms.
April 15, 1650
IES in the United States.
California Risks
taken at the lowest rates. Also. Agent for the LIN
in Hath, and for eight of the other safest and cheapest
Fire Insurance Companies in N England.
Office in Union Block, over the Arch.
Front Street. ly4l
Dr. L. Girardin,
Formerly of Paris,
WOULD inform Ilia numerous patients on the
Kennebec, that in future he will confine
himself to office practice, anil he consulted dai
ly, personally or bv letter, at hie residence
*i Elliot, 2d floor from Washing
ton St.. BOSTON.
Dr. L O. is a member of the reformed prac
tice, anti uses no mercury whatever, he was per
formed thegreatest carer of any physician living
in the following diseases, viz: Spine and Hip
Complaints, lameness anil deformity of every
description, consumption, phi It sir, cahcer,scrol
ula, sore legs, fever sores, white swellings,
tlrnpsv, dyspepsia, erisipelas , liver complaints,
kidney and gravel, female weakness, etc—and
all diseases which the human frame is apt to be
affected with.
ty All communications directed as above,
(post paid) will be attended to immediately,
medicine sent to any pait of the Country as j
Madam L. Girardin,
at the requestof a number of invalids, unable
to visit Boston, will visit Baih, and remain at
the Sagadahock House from Tuesday evening,
20th of Aug., till Thursday noon Aug. 22d,—
where she can be consulted gratis. Ladies
wishing to consult one of their own sex, well
qualified to treat such cases as the above, with
as much successes the Dr himself, she being
perfectly acquainted witball kinds of medi
cines used in his practice for the last fourteen
; years.
i ’ Mrs. L. G. was graduated as a female Phys
ician in 1824 in Paris, has been in extensive
1 practice ever since, she is very sneces
ful in treating diseases incident to woman and
children, her office and residence is at 2 Elli
ot street, BOSTON, where all communica
tions (post paid.) will be attended to. Medi
cine sent to any part of the country.
April 20, 1850.
Ship Cambooses.
ClONSTANTLY on hand an exten
J live assortment of Ship's Ca mix los
es. ami Vessels Stoves of all sizes, for
saie bv w. WALKER A Co.
Cooking and Vessel Stoves
REPA1RKD at short notice by
RESPECTFULLY announces to the ladies of Rath
ami vicinity, that she has just opened a new Bonnet
Saloon, at No. 4 Harvey's Block,on Front Street, where
she will be happy to supply any in want, with the latest
siyles of
French, Italian and American
at the lowest prices. Also on hand a large and fashion
able assortment ol Ribbons, Fancy G«kkU and Millin
Just Received.
BBLS. best Flour, Kegs of Lard, Superior quality
of IIAMS—some prime N. O. Sugar.—boxes ol
Raisins—some extra quality of Tobacco—new Mo
lasses—bags ol Ground Rock Salt. Ac . Ac.: all ol
which will be sold cheap. J. S. SEWALL.
March 20. 31)
Boots and Shoes
F the best custom work and latest style, constantly
received from the manufacturers, and for sale by
Boots and Shoes made and repaired to order.
Bath, May 1650. 3tnl«
F the latest paiterns. for heating Houses and Church
es, constantly on baud and tor sale bv
Combs ! Combs ! Combs !
SILVER. Shell, Buffalo and common llorn-back
COMB.*—Side-combs. Fine Combs, Pockei-coinbs,
Round Combs for children. Ac., for sale by
Parasols !
A BOOB assortment now opening at the Auction Store
/V bv 2 ‘
Bath, June 26, ia50.
Black Silk Care.
OW opening Blk Silk Lace very cheap by
June 26, 1«50. 2 OWEN 4 CO.
Clocks! Clocks!!
Q DAY Gothic Clocks, with and without alarms ; 30 hour
0 Gothic and plain case*, with and without alarms ; a first
rale assortment just received and for sale cheap by
Independent Horse Rake.
THIS Rake is fitted to the hind wheels of a single horse
wagon, and tended by a man or boy, who t an Ride and
Rake, and manage the Horle with ease and certainty. It
is equally appropriate to rough and smooth land. This
Rake is for sale in this city by W. P. MaIWTON.
June 20, 1*5«. * 1
Pine Apples—Cocoa Nuts,
R ANG E8, Lemons. Figs, Currants, Citron, Haisins,
Prunes Ac, for sale by A U PAGE.
Cramp St Pain Killer!
fpiK! grnaiac article, f»r sale cheap by
Iron Foundry
THE subscriber* having been in the above
bti*ine«* three year*, arc now prepared to
furnish caning* al short notice, and on favora
ble terms. The? m ttiufacinre Windla** Pur*
chases,(Quarter block*, »Vheivc*, llawscr, Stern,
Deck and Side Pipes, Delaying Pins, Chocks,
&c., all of the latest patterns.
Shafting (tears. Wing and Plate (ind|eons,
Iron Buckets, Rims, Cranks, Boxes, nlsoSaw
Arbar*, lloxes for Mill Stone Eyes. 11 lie* for
Carts and Wagons, Doe Plow Casting and
most kinds of casting* for
Agriculture, Skip-Building, and
| They have alto pnrchased of the Proprietor
(Known by some as the Lawton Wheel)
for the County of Lincoln. It is a moit valuable
.•volition, where the saving of water is an im
portant consideration. They are perfectly ad
aj teil to Tide Mills, as they will run equally as
w»ll with auv given head under as out of water, ,
Their advantages are ve^y great under low heads
j of water, as saw mills and other machinery may
i lie driven very fast under four feej head and fall.
They arc si. enclosed as not to ffeeze in winter,
and in construction they are simple, chenp and
durable, being made ot cast iron, and they are
geared with less than half the expense of the
common Tob Wheel, besides other advantages
too numerous to mention here.
Persons who wish to improve their Mills, are
invited to call and examine one in operation at
this Foundry.
There are, also, font saws driven by one at the
Damariscotta Mill, near this Foundry.
Undoubted reference will be given as to its
Damariscotta Mills, Jan. 31,1850. Iy32
At the New Book Store,
HAS just returned from Boston with a huge assort
mem of NEW BOOKS,
Stationer, of ail hinds,
BLANK BOOKS, in "real variety,
SCHOOL BOOKS, of every description,
Together with a large assortment of FANC V dR 27
Paint your Roofs.
BEAK E'&l’aten t Taint ot Art ificia I Slate, Tor
sale in an* quantity by
The value of this article will be seen by the
followingcerlificateslrom gentlemen who have
used it and proved its indanting qualities.
Ms.llim—Dear Sir,—I had a building
adjoining the wall of my stone Cotton Factory,
theroof ofwhich was covered with your Fire
proof Paint or Artificial Slate. The factory
took fire, and during the prugress of its destruc
tion, large nn tubers of burning shingles and oth
ei combustible materials fell upon this roof.so
covered, and I expected every moment to see it
hurst into flames, bat after the factory burned
down I exatninedsaid roofand found it literally
covered with coals and cinders, but the fire had
not made the least impression upon it. After
thistest, therecertainly can he no doubt aslo
its fire-proof qualities.
Rochester, Sept.,1848. SF.TH 0. JONES.
American Hotf.i., )
Broadway, New York, Oct,4th, 1848. )
Mr.Hi.akf.—Sir:—We last Spring cov
ered the roof of the American, with yonr Fire
proof Paint. We now find that it has become
ashard as slate, and the almost constant tread
of the servants (whouse the top ofthc housefor
drying clothes) does not atfecl it in the least,
and it provesail that it was recommended.
Ship Chandlery!
AC* E.\' ERAI. assort merit, constantly on hand
and for sale by Z. H V' DE & CO., corner of
Front and Broad Streets, Bath.
Including Cordage, Manilla and Tarred, from
the manufactories of Boston and Plymouth, by
gang or retail, Cotton, Scotch and Russia Duck
of all descriptions. Cotton and Hemp Twines,
Anchors all sixes, Chains, Cables, Sheets and ties
of Boston manufacture from English retiued Iron,
also, best proved English Chains, Bolt and Sheet
Copper, Composition Spikes, (Sails, with other
castings of all descriptions, Patent Windlass
(■ear, Windlass Necks, and Capstan Spindles,
Cambooses, Spikes and Nails, Naval Stoics,
Paints, Oils and Glass, Nautical Instruments.
Books, Charts. &c.
Manv of the above articles can, on suitable
notice, be delivered to the purchaser at his place
of business, direct from the manufactory.free of
expense to him, and at the manufacturer’* low*
est price.
Bath, July 2, 1847. tf2
Sea Otter Oil!
For preset ring and beautifying the Hair.
QOSTON, Dec.lSW. Dr. Frederic Brown : 1 certify
*-*ihai I have n*cd the Otter Oil which is pnt up by you
for drynessof ihe hair ami dandruff on the head; Ido
think it superior to any other oil I ever used. It makes
the hair soft, and gives it a fine glossy appearance,and
the hair does aot dry up again,as itdoesatter using any
other kind of oil. Therefore I can most cordially recom
mend it to all who are afflicted with a dry and unheal
thy head of hair. I think any one by using it a short
time will find it a very vaiuablearticle.
•jeo. F. Box xf.y.
A. G PAGE, agent for Bath
N.B. Beware of counterfeits! 1\*21
Bogie’s Hyperion Fluid,
BOGLE’S A mole for shaving—Bogle’s Hebraiona. for
removing freckles, pimples, ami beautifying the
skin. A. SHAW, sole A^ent for Bulk.
Every One
THAT is indebted to the subscriber, will please con
sider himself invited to call and settle without de
lay. E. UPTON.
lCT* Wanted, as above, any quantity of old Copper,
Brass. Lead, Iron. Rubber, Rags, Grass rope, Ac, Ac.,
in exchange for Ware or work, at the highest prices.
Bath. May 9, 1649. 3m47
mutual Insurance Equalized.
Fire Insurance Company.
COMPOSED of three separate and distinct class
es of risks, or in fact
Three Insurance Companies with the expense
of lint one,
as they arc all managed by one board of officers, 19
in a flourishing condition, doing a fair business,
and continue to insure different kinds of prop*
erty,deemed not too hazardous, against loss or
damage by fire, on favorable terms, lor any length
of time not exceeding four years.
The first class of risks consists exclusively
of Farm buildings, and property therein, or
buildings not exposed as si hers.
The second class Risks arc Dwelling
Houses, Barns, &c., and properly therein, in
villages and cities.
The third class consists of Stores, Mer
chandize, Churches, School-houses, Building
Risks, and any other properly the Directors
deem proper to insure in this class.
No class in any case liable for loss in either of
the others.
Directors—Charles Davenport, Peleg Wads
worth, W. V. Moses, Freeman H. Morse, J.B.
Swanton, Jr., Freeman Clark, John Hayden and
itbiel Avery.
Applications for insurance may l»e made to the
Secretary at the office in Bath, or through any of
our agents in other towns.
VV. V. MOSES, TreasV.
Bath, May 21,1850._fxi.48
Dead Shot for Eed Bugs.
ANEW Preparation.aiul sure Exterminator of those
noxious vermin that disturb our nightly rest.
It possesses one essential advantage over any and ev
ery other similar preparation, in that its poisonous par
fclcs remain for a long time in contact with whatever
it is applied to, and is a trap ready set for the des
truction of any of the vermin, or their eggs, that may es
cape the first destruction.
Osk thorough application annihilates, and puts for
ever out of the way (hose notions, crawling, Anting, tor
menting intruders of our nightly quietude.
Try it. and you shall—SLEEP IN PEACE.
Look out for counterfoil DEAD SHOT! *A sure
test of genuineness is to see that every bottle has on it
the name of L. L Dutcher, St. Albans, Vt
Sold for 25 cents a bottle, by Druggists and Deal
ers tu Medicine generally—A G PAGE oar Agent for
Bath, who will sell at 11'holesale or Retail at the pro
prietor's lowest prices. 4m4tf
Ylonslin de taints,
PRINTS, Mohair (lands, new ami beautiful styles. at
the Auction Room. OWEN A Co
fflHE subscriber* have a large and well se—
M. Ice ted stork ot Hardware, Oils, Window
(ilas*, Carpenter** Tools, Ac,, which will be
•old very cheap. MITCHELL fc LOW.
Bath, May 23, 1850. 48
Hatch Hon Mr.
FORMERLY of the Elm House,in this city*
grateful for the many favors which he has
heretofore received, respectfully informs his
friends and the traveling public generally, that
lie has removed to the spacious establishment
known as the “HATCH HOUSE** on Center
Street, nc*t the CityHall, where he will ever he
equally happy to greet his old friends or to make
.he acquaintance of new ones.
The nousehas been put in the most perfect or
der, the rooms are pleasant and well ventHlated,
and throughout it haslK^n furnished with new and
elegant furniture, rendering it one of the most
desirable stopping places upon the Kennebec Ri
Stages and other carriages call at the house to
receive and loleavc passengers, and to take them
to and from the boats.
Rreakfasi and tea served up to accommodate
steamboat passengers.
Ilis table willalways be supplied with the best
the market affords, and r.o effort on bis part will
be spared to secure the comfortof his patrons.
(0-Charges reasonable.-CO
Bath, July 6. 1848. tf2
To Let.
A DWELLING HOU8F., adapted to
the accommodation of one, or two fam
_ilies, and pleasantly litoated on High,
near South street. Apply to Z.HVDE.
Bath. Dec. 12. 1849. 3*27.
To Let.
A FRONT Room »»er the .lora of T. H. G.
Marston, suitable for an Offire. For term,
applv to JOHN TUCKLR.
Dee. 5, 1849. tf2*
ARE the most vntnable mnd certain medicine everdis*
** covered tor destroying and expelling all kinds o
worms which so frequently trouble children. They art
a most excellent remedy and are as pleasant to the taste as
any common cpnfectionery. They differ Irom all other
worm lozenges as they have no mercury in them.
Thousands of boxes have been sold within the last few
months A. G. PAGE, agent for Bath.
N. B. Bewareofeonnterfeits ly‘-l
Carpetings, Rugs, Rats, &c.
90 A 92 Middle Street, Portland.
INTENDING to remodel their Carpet Rooms and
Chambers, will sell their stock at auction, in lots to
suit purchasers,commencing on
Tuesday, Felt. 3th, at 10 o’clock,
and continue until all are sold, rather than store the same
during the improvements.
Previous to that time, GREAT BARGAINS can be
had by calling at their
Dry Coods, Carpet, Matress, Fea
ther and
Jan. 8. tfi®
Paper Hangings.
A LARGE assortment now opr nine and for sale by
BUY your Medicines where you may be sure of what
you get—in other words, buy at Dr. SHAW’S.
Kelly A Co’s Sarsaparilla.
AFRKSII supply of the celebrated extract of Sarsa
parillu lor sale at the City Market by
A G nA G E
Stoves ! Stoves !!
iwsy will he refunded.
June 5, 1850
rPHK subscribers have
on ham! and are now
sellimr at the lowrut pki
cbs, STU V K s* of every
description. someof which
are heavier, better finish
ed. and more perfect than
any otliers in use. We
warrant them,ami if, upon
trial of thirty days, do not
prove snlisfactory. th** ith -
Chapin's Atmospheric Churn.
Patented May l), 1848.
HAS bqen fully tented by some nfthemost experienced
Dairymen in Kennebec County, for the year past.
and is now offered to Farmer*, by the Proprietor* as the
best Churn ever used in Maine. Sold in Bath by
THF. Copartnership ofTALLM AN & SEW
A LL, Counsellors and Attorneys at law,
having been dissolved, the subscriber has this
day become a member of the firm of RANDALL
4* HOOKER, Counsellors and Attorneys at Law.
The business of the firm will hereafter be tran
sacted under the name of Randall, Tollman &
Allpcrsons having demands against, or in
debted to, the late firm of Tallman & Sewall
are requested to call for settlement upon
Bath, May 25, 1849. if49
New Furniture Store!
Opposite Sagadnhoek Ferry, Hodgkin's Wharf.
INTEN DS keeping all kinds of osefu I articles
in thefomiture line, such as Bureaus, Bed
steads, Feathers, Chairs, Tables, &c. &c.
Furniture Fainting done in good style, inany
color,and work repaired and varnished. All
favorslhankfullyreceivedand promptly execut
Bath,Nov. 2,1848. 19
rPtlE most used and best known bitters before the pub
A lie. These bitters are warranted to be a purely ve
getable compound—and mark this.[0s they never riothe
least injury tunny one whatever It has been used in the
private practice of the most successful physicians tor a
long time with great success, in purifying the blood and
in strengthening and invigorating the system It is not
to be supposed that any one medicine will cure all dis
eases to which the human frame is subject, nor is the
article recommended as such, like most of the quack
medicines , but for effecting the purpose for which it is
d ned, there is nothing that has proved itseli so wor
th i he public confidence as this celebrated compound.
The whole vegetable kingdom does not furnish two
substances so admirably adapted lo purity, nourish ami
invigorate the human system. These bitters have all the
effect of the powerful purg-iives, when used in sufiiciut
quantity, und yet are so mild in their operation that
they may be given to persons in most delicate health with
perfect safety. They are also very agreeable to the
taste. There have been many remarkable cures in 'his
town, of which referene s will be given by
A. G. PAU E, only agent in Bath.
\. B. Beware of counterfeits and imitations, and not
risk health to save a few cents. 1)21
THESE lozenges are the best.safest, and most effectu
al remedy now i" usefor colds, coughs,consumption,
asthma, quiiicy. inliueiiza, and all pulmonary affections,
attended with tightness of the chest, spitting of blood,
pain in the side, loss of sleep, weakness Ac. The receipt
lias been highly approved and they are daily recommen
ded by many of our most distinguished physicians, who
speak ofthem in the highest terms of praise.
lysJl A. G. PAGE, agnil for Bath.
Anodyne or Poor Man’s Plaster.
PRICE Pi1, cents for a lurgesize This plaster is re
commended with the greatest confidence: intact it is
recommended withthateonfideiieeifobtained of thepropri
elorandit does not give relief, the money will positive,
ly be returned. For w eakness or pain in the loins, hack,
sides, breast, limbs, neck, joints, rheumatism, lumbago
Ac. There have been thousands of them sold, and not
one single instance has occurred where they have not
given relief. The price being very low every person
can obtain it. In severe coughs, colds, asthma.and dif
ficulty of breathing, worn over the lungs it will afford
great relief. A. G. PAGE, agent for Bath.
N.B. Beware ofcounterfeits. ly*>l
F. Brown's Toothache Drops.
FOR the cure ofilic worn toothache by its application
A afew times. This is the only compound which effec
tually kills the nerve ot'the defective tooth without the
least pain or injury to the others. It is warranted not to
contain the least acid or kreosote, which is so injurious
to theotherteeth, and so poisonous in its effects.
A. G. PAGE, agent in Bath.
N. B. Beware of counterfeits. Iy21
Change ! Change !
Dll. A. SHAW has removed to the store formerly oc
cupied by Daniel Mnrsion —third door southof the El
liot House—where he will be happy to wail upon all
customers old and new, with a belter stock in a niceer
shop. April. 3,1850.
Schenk's Pulmonic Syrup,
SYRUP of Liverwort, Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam,
Cherry Pectoral, Hungarian Balsam of Life, the gen
uine articlrs. for sale by A G PAGE, Agent for Bath.
A Sad Accident
OFTEN happens to persons using a dull Razor, bui
one box of Harper's Superior Razor Powder will
prevent any one from being under tbe necessity of pul
ling their beard out instead of having it neatly cut qtf.
This Powder will (by using it,) pul a ukarp keen edge
to a razor in one minute. Perfect satisfaction warran
ted or the money refunded. Sold wholesale or retail
Bath, June 18,1850. 5:1 t
Muntz's Genuine English Yellow
Sheathing Metal.
Consigned by the Manufacturer.
CASES—Viz : | Manufactured at tbe French
do 16 or..
24 do 18 oz.
32 do 20 oz.
40 do 22 oz.
48 do 24 oz.
40 do 26 oz
40 do 28 oz.
Walls Works,near Birmin
gham, England, by George
Frederic Muntz.the Itiveu
as certified by the advertise
mentsotcompetitors in this
240 CASES. country; approved and pre
ferredin Great Britain nnd throughout Europe.
For sale by FULLERTON A RAYMOND.147 Milk
street. Appointed Sole Agents for the sale of this metal
in the United States. Iy8
Business Garbo
Watches, Jewelry, &c.
t. n. « iarston
AS just received niul offers for sale a large
and beautiful assortment of WATCHES,
_ as can be bought elsewhere, ml the old stand,
two doors north of the Elliot House.
Until, May 8,1850. 46
No. 5 CHATHAM ROW, (near the head of Lon* Wharf.)
Freight* and charters procured, insurance effected on
the meet favorable term*. Advance* made on shipment*
of approved merchandize to my friends in Cuba: 6m5
Homoeopathic Phyaician.
Office at his residence. Washington .Street.
Second door south of Winter Street Church,
tf BATH, MAINE. 49
Conncellor and Attorney at Law.
Office in Pierce’s Block, Front Street,
rrr Commissioner for the State of Massachusets.
«. B. McCLAMf & C#.,
Siam? o&nmssssa
No. a, Broad Street, Bath, He.
Orange*, Lemons, Dried Apples, Beans. Pickles, Fruit,
Vegetables, Nuts, Domestic Fruit, Produce,
Beef. Pork. I*ard. Hams, Butter. Cheese,
West India Good* and Groeeries.
tf Centre Street. 3
Deputy Sheriff and Coroner,
Hallowcll, He.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law,
Office in Pierre’s Block, Front Street,
So (So
Orders left nt Sawyer A Mugwat'* Bookstore
promptly attended to.
will be
Office on Front Street,‘2tl door north of the Su
padahock House,
Mr. M. will devote hi, attention exclusively in the
business of his profession. ’*34
lias taken Rooms at the
Counsellor and Attorney nt l.an,
Office opposite the Elliot House.
Front Street
Dental Snrjjcon,
Office—Centre St-, opposite City llnll. Bath
Hr. J. B. N. GOULD.
Office at his residence, first house on Sum
mer street, near Front street
Dr. S. P, SHAW,
Third door south of the EUiot House,
OFFERSlii*services to the Citizens of Bath and
trusts in Disability ami experience to entitle him to
1 heir confidence and patronage.
Refer to Klbrklge Bacon. M D Dentist, } pnr,|ailli
Dr. Cha*. K Coffin. Dentist, J 1 or"a"
Albert Shaw. Nl. D.. Bath.
Jan.7. 3m29
Books, Stationery and Fanty Artitlrs,
School Books and Blauk Books,
of all kinds. Cheap for Cash.
THE Subscriber has just opened * large assortment of
Scnsonnble Dry Goods, cheaper than ever.
June 26, 1850. 2 OW EN A CO
Farm for Sale.
4 F ARM situated in a pleasant part of the town of
I\. N'estport, with the fishing stand connected there
Said farm improperly proportioned as to tillage, pas
tnre and wood land—and theie is on it a fine Granite
ledge. The whole or one half of the premises will be
For further particulars, application may be made to
Charles Brooks on the premises, or to the subscriber in
Georgetown. MOSES RIGGS
Georgetown, May 31,1S50. 3in49
Bitters! Bitters!!
QF all good kinds, for sale by
THE Subscriber hereby gives notice, to whom it may
concern, that he has in his care a small lot of IRON
received from a vessel of this place in July 20th 1849—
the owner can have the same by proving property and
paying charges. WM. WINSLOW.
Bath, March 21,1849. tf'39
For Sale.
per lot
TO 20 House lots,situated in pleasant
parts ofthecity—pricesfrom 5t*to $700
For Sale or Exchange.
a 4 CONVENIENT, modern built house, in
A. East Boston. Mass., in good repair, and
well situated. Rents readily tor $14© per,year.
Said house will be sold at a bargain, or exchanged lor a
small house in this city. Apply at this office.
Bath, March 28, loot).
Green Peas—New Potatoes.
LSFAKAGUS. Radishes, New Onions. Lettuce,Rhu
barb. Ac just received at the City Afarket by
Abbott’s Bitters.
PHE genuine article, a fresh supply just received by
-• A G Page. Agent tor Baih.
To Let.
Mav 22.
Cod Liver Oil Candy.
1 SUPPLY of this valuable remedy for Coughs and
A.colds, just received at the City Afarket by
51 A G PAGE.
rpHK undersigned have this day associated themselves
A together lor the practice ot' llieir profession, under
the style of
and have located themselves at the shire town of Lin
coln County,
All business entrusted to them will receive promp'.
Messrs Hr* S. possess facilities tor 0“';
-Sarooghwu Lincoln and KennebtcC ^ ^
less throughout Lincoln and Kenney. ^
,f the fitvo will he in constantOVKV
AViscasset, March 20. r*.W.__
menuPRF I.onsand Square Shawls,a beasltful
C «""ment, B1VS.d Cord Stlk-White aad colored
F^Jh^Od d Crape do —with an endless Tanety Satin *
BSSSSSp Shawl, for Latl.es S^.
Bath,Maroh 27,1940. Ot\ EA a. CO.
OFFICE mahutactorT^
The most Wonderful Medieiae of the Age,
1,500,000 BOTTLES
ThU HrOIrln. u pat ap In Quart Bottles,
and has cared more than
100,000 Cases of Chronic Disease,
within the last Ten Teara -Nonr U Gennlnt
anlaas signed by S. P. TOWNSEND.
_** A.buPl^M™^ following affidavit
recine for nlwi! '*In ,he “rig111, or rather where ths
th' •*>>* Aey esll Old Dr Jseob
in iudireihieh i. n, *■ came will be able
K J the ™e?;.K"u™ “f 0rV"“’ “,1“* of *•
♦ Km rtrieina 1 He Ten.. A™ *™P‘0> ** ™ Selling it 0*
Townsend was the original pmurieto^nna « ?T« ,
Dr. Townsend s 8sr.?,,»rilK^ P.nl bis'ledl^h0
rained a repuutioo that no other rented, e.er raine“
He manufactured over one million of bottles last vear
and is manufacturing at present 5.000 bottle, per dav’
We use more Sarsaparilla and Yellow Dock in our
establishment each day, than all the other Sarsaparilla
Manufacturers ia the world. Principal office, m
Fulton-st. _____
City and County of Nne- York, $$.
William Armstrong, of the said City, being duly
sworn, doth depose and say that he is a practical
Druggist and Chemist That some time in the latter
part of May, or first of June, 1848, a man by the name
of Jacob Townsend, who at that time was a book and
pamphlet peddler, called upon deponent, at the bouse
of Mr. Thompson, No. Hudson-street, where depo
nent boarded, and requested deponent to write him a
recipe by which to make a Syrup of Sarsaparilla.
Deponent further says, that he became acquainted
with said Townsend at the office of Theodore Foster,
E*n., Book Publisher, with whom said Townsend
dealt That said Townsend had had frequent conversa
tions with deponent respecting the manufacture of an
article of Sarsaparilla to be sold under the name of Dr.
Jacob Townsend.
That said Townsend stated he was an old man, and
poor, and was not fit for hard labor—and wished to
make some money, in order to live easy in his old
days, and that, if Sarsaparilla under the name of Town
send sold so well, and so much money was made by
it he could see no reason why he might not make
something out of it too. (his name being Townsend.)
if he could get a capable person to prepare a recipe,
and manufacture it for him. Deponent in one of the
conversations asked said Townsend if he was related
to Dr S. P. Townsend, to which he replied, that h
kuew Dr. S. P. Townsend would be down on him after
he should commence. But that he did not care for
1 him. as he had formed a co-partnership with men who
could furnish the requisite amount of capital—and was
well prepared to defend himself against any attack
that might be made on him.
Deponent further says, that pursuant to the request
of said Jacob Townsend, he wrote a recipe for the
manufacture of a Syrup of Sarsaparilla, and gave it to
him. Said Townsend observe*! that he w anted to
make a specime n to exhibit to his partners for their
approval, as he wished to gratify them in every thing,
as they furnished all the capital - said Townsend also
told deponent that the bottles they were to use were
to be of the same size and shape*as Dr. S. P. Town
send's. and deponent, at the request of said Jacob
Townsend, went to the office of Dr. S. I’. Townsend,
and procured one of his labels.
And deponent further says, that he has been inform*
ed. and verily believes the Syrup ol Sarsaparilla, sold
as Old Jacob Townsend’s, is made after the recipe fur
nished by de|>oiient, to Jacob Townsend, as aforesaid.
And further deponent saith not
Sworn to before me, this 24th day of May, 1849.
Mayor of the City of New York
Here i' proof conclusive that Dr. S P. Townsend’*
Sarsaparilla is the original. The following i* from
some ol the most respectable papers in this State.
Albany Evening Journal.
Dr. Townsend’s Sarsaparilla.
There probably never has been so popular a remedy,
t or patent medicine, as Dr. Townfie>4'i Sarsaparilla,
which was originally, and continues to ve manufac
tured in this city, at first by the Doctor him.seJfc awl
afterwards for several \ ears ami to the present time,
by Clapp k Townsend, the present proprietors. Since
the partnership was formed, the Doctor has resided in
New York, where he keeps a store, and attends to the
business that accumulates at that |>oint. The manu
factory is in this city, and is conducted by the junior
partner, Mr. <'lapp—here all the medicine is manutac
Few of our citizens have any idea of (lie .amount of
! this medicine that is manufactured and sold. Resides
the sales in this country, it is shipped to the « an ad as.
West India Islands. South America, anil even to Eu
rope, in considerable quantities. At the manufactory
they employ a steam engine, besides a large number
of inen, women and girls, in the preparation of th«
medicine, making l»o\es. printing, so* , and turn out,
j ready for shipment, over 40m dozen per day, or nearly
5000 bottles. This is an enormous quantity
The great sale the medicine has acquired, has in
duced a number of men to get up imitations, and there
is at the present time, other medicines for sale, that
are called •• Dr. Townsend’s Sar»»pa,jlhi." One in par
tienlar stalled admit time ago in New York, is called
I “Old Doctor Jacob Tnwu-rr !’s Sarsajsinlh*," and ap
parently with a view, by dint ol advertising, and the
usual remedies resorted to in such etlorts, to appmpri
ate the name of Dr. S P Townsend's ereat remedr.
and thus gain all the advantages resulting from the
popularity of the name which he has acquired lor it,
by years of patient and expensive labors. Dr S. r
Townsend, formerly of this city, as is well known
hete. is the inventor ami original proprietor of the
medicine known as * Dr Townsend’s Sarsaparilla.'*
and w e think those persons who are attempting to sell
thei*- article as the genuine, idmulJ be exposed.
Srw York I tally Tribune.
(FT* published an advertisement inadvertently
I some time since that did injustice to Dr. S. P. Town
i send, w ho is the original proprietor of the preparation
of Sarsaparilla known as Dr. Townsend’s. Other
J parties have within the past lew months engaged or
I connected themselves with a man by the name of
Townsend who put up a medicine and calls it iy the
same name This medicine was advertised m The
Tribune as the original. This advertisement »!*«•
contained matter derogatory to the character of Dr
S. P Townsend ami that of his medicine. We regret
it appeared, and in justice to \he Dr. make this ex
planati m
fc'rw York Dally San.
Dr. Townsv-nd’s extraordinat) ndveitneeient,which
occupies an entire page of the s< v will not escape
notice. Dr. S F. Townsend, who is the original pro
prietor of Dr Townsend’s baisapaiilla, and whose of
lice is next door toouis, w here he has been for sever
al y ears, is driv mg an immense business. He receives
no less than 6>ur hundred doz.cn of Sarsaparilla per
day and even this enormous quantity does not supply
the demand No medicine ever gained so great a
popularity as his preparation of the Saisaparilia. His
edition of Almanacs for 1849 cost J>‘2-2,000, and he
has paid the New York Si x for advertising, in the
last four years, over *10.000, and he acknowledges
that it is the cheapest advertising he has had done.
This medicine is exported to the t anadas. West !r>.
dies. South America and Europe, in considerable
quantities, and is coming into gcneial use in those
countries, as well as here.
Druggists and others that sell .Sarsaparilla for the
genuine and original Dr. Townsend’s Sarsaparilla,
that is not signed l>y S. F. Townsend, commits a fraud,
and swindles the customers. Men that would be
guilty of such an act, would commit any other fraud
and no Druggist of common intelligence but knows
that ours is the only genuine.
OI«t Jacob Towmirml.
Nome people who are not well informed, and have
not read the papers, and not seen our advertisements,
have been led to suppose, that because these men ad
vertise their stull'as •• Old Jacob Towns*, .da,” that it
must, of course, be the original. It is less than one
year since they commenced to make their medicine.
Ours has been in the market over ten years.
This Old Jacob Towimrml
They are endeavoring to palm oil' on the public as
an old Physician, kc He is not a regular educated
Ph\ sician, and never attempted to manulacture a med
icine. until these men lured him for the use of hie
name. They say they do not wish the people to be
lie^ that their Sarsaparilla is ours, or the Vame -but
the better to deceive the public, they at the same time
assert that their’s is the Old Dr. Tow nsend's, and tha
original ; and endeavor to make the people believe
that the stull they manufacture, is the Dr. Townsend*a
Sarsaparilla, that has performed many wonderful
cures for the past ten years, and which has gained a
reputation which no other medicine ever enjoyed—
which is a base, villainous, unprincipled falsehood.
We have commenced suits against these men foe
damages We wish it to lie understood, that the old man
is no relation to Dr. Townsend whatever. In their ad
vertisements and circulars, they publish a number of
gross falsehoods respecting Dr. Townsend, which wu
will not notice.
False Repwrl*.
Our opponents have published in the papen, that
Dr. S P. Townsend was dead. This they send to thcii
agents about the country, who report that we have
given up business, kc. kc. The public should be or>
their guard, and not be deceived by these unprinci
pled men.
Notice of Removal — After the first of September,
1349, Dr. S. P. Townsend s New York Office will be
in the South Baptist C hurch, No. 82 Nassau street,
which is now undergoing a thorough change, and
u ill be fitted for the better accommodation of the pro
pnetors and the public.
Take particular Notice.—No Sarsaparilla is the
genuine and original Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, un»
w* signed by S. P. Townsend
Agkjcts.—Redding k Co„ No 9 State-street, an<9
Mrs. E. Kidder, No. 100 Court-street, Boston ; Samuel
Kidder, Jr., Lowell; Henry Pratt, 8aJem; James lk
llreen, Worcester ; Allison k <»ault, t oacoid1; J
Balch k Son, Prevalence ; ,dl by DragJ-U «!•
chants generally throughout the UuteJ States, Wee*
ladies and the Canadae
A. O, Page,
i. my only anihorijed Agent for BATH ; John
» H.Ipv Brunswick ; Cr. H. Ihoinaa, Rich'
mood; W H Barnard, Waldoboro,
?team Refined Candies,
NICER . *»d purer then any other. For sale whole,
sale and retail by A. SHAW.
Sense Lets, *e. Fer Sale,
and Stores to Let.
_ THAT well known and desirable lot of land
situated on Washington Street, between the
jlJTUfl dwelling house of \V. V. A O. Most! and the
|ttauM, Bath Hotkl, will be sold altogether, or in
smaller lots, to soil purchasers.
ALSO—The remaining Stock of an Apothecary and
Also—'To Let, two brick store*, on the south tide of
Brood St., next door eaet of the store of Field 9t Reed,
and opposite that of Z. Hyde A Co., also the eoller nader
the same. Apply to
JOHN DF.ERI.VG, ) A“‘8»cc*
Bath, April 8, lMO 41lf

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