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Later from Europe.
Arrival of the Pacific.
The Collins steamer Pacific arrived at
New York, March 21, at 2 o'clock, after a
run of 11 days, having passed the Rock
Light, Liverpool, quarter past 2 on the 10th.
She brings 40 passengers.
England. The Liverpool Courier, ill an
article on the Anti-Corn Law League, says,
although Mr. Cohdenand his myrmidons are
actively at work, yet it will be to no purpose;
that the flattering prospects held out to the
people by them in 1S45, have not been real
i/.ed; that (lie Continental ports are crying
aloud for protection, and America derives
the greater port ton of her revenue from im
port duties, expressly sic ting to the exclusion
of the productions of British industry. The
Courier also speaks most cninmeiidably of
the new Ministry, and says that for the short
time they have been in olfice, they have done
exceedingly well.
Another terrible explosion from fire damp
has occurred at the Birch Wood colliery.
Ireland. The preparations for the re
elections were proceeding with much spirit.
Trade was very languid, and the state of
credit is still most deplorable.
Franc!. We learn from Paris, that a
grand review is to take place in the Champ
de Mars on the 2!)tli, when it is anticipated
a much stronger demonstration in favor of
the Empire will be made.
Four hundred and thirty political prisoners
were despatched to Havre on the 8th.
The Senate and Legislative Corps have
been convered for the 29th. The Council
of State, presided over by the President, will
be opened some days previous, to examine
the projects of law previous to coming before
I fie Deputies.
The election returns continued favorable
to the government.
Belgium. The treaiy of commerce nnd
navigation between England nnd Belgium,
has passed the Chamber of Representatives.
Cafe of Goon Hofe. Cape of Good
Hope dates to the 9ili of January announce
that 15,000 head of cattle had been captured
by the troops under Gen. Somerset! and Col.
Eyre. Major Wilmonl was shot while at
tacking the enemy. The troops were suf
fering from cold weather and constant rain.
The Fingoes remained faithful.
Death and Destruction to the Whales.
—The experiments yesterday afternoon at
Fish Island with Allen's patent Bomb
Lance, were very interesting, and were wit
nessed by a large concourse of spectators.
The lance was thrown a distance ol 30 or 40
yards into a bed of coal, which it penetrated
to a great depth, and causing a visible com
motion when it exploded. They were also
thrown into the mud on the shore; and
threw it up in great quantities. The experi
ments were considered satisfactory. Ed
ward Haskell is agent for the Bomb Lance
in this city.
In connection with these experiments we
may state that we have recently seen a lelier
from Cnpt. Brown ol the North Star, of
New London, the inventor ot the patent wha
ling gun. Hu states that as far as he has had
an opportunity of testing his guns, lie has
found them superior to any others for killing
whales. With them he has taken 800 bids,
of whale oil duting the last season.— New
Bedford Mercury, 20t/i.
The Greatest Swindle yet.—It is saitl
the opponents of the Maine Law practised
a great piece ol villainy in New York, last
week. They took the call that was circulated
lor a meeting of the Iriends of Daniel Web
ster, and having secured the signatures of
a large number of influential men, tore off
the call, substituted a remonstrance against
the passage ol the .Maine Law, and forward
ed the documents to Albany.
There was o violent thunder storm at Nor
folk on Sunday afternoon I4ib, not often sur
passed in severity in the summer season.
The peals of thunder and flashes of lightning
were fertile. The house of Mr. George
Knellcr was struck, and injured inconsidera
bly in various parts.
Rather Good.—A newspaper passed
through the Portland Post Office on Satur
day last, directed to a Mr. Marslon, Hebron
Me., with the following laconic unuounce
1110111 written upon the back: ‘No Liquor in
this package.’
Fifty barrels of alcohol, on the way from
Boston to St. John in the St. Helena, were
seized while the vessel touched at F.astport.
The case was tiied at Machias; the jury
loutitl that the alcohol was not intended for
sale at East port, and judge Hathaway orderetl
that it be restored to the master of the St.
The Legislature of Wisconsin proposes to
memorialize Congress for the establishment
of a new territory, to be comprised of that
portion of Michigan lying west of Lake
Some wag suggests that it would have
been well for Gov. Hunt to have commuted
the sentence of Grunzig, who has just been
Imng, to transportation over the Erie Rail
road—so ns to give him one chance in a hun
dredfor his life !
Gen. Scott.—The whig papers are telling
a story of General Scott’s receiving an offer
from the Mexicans, after the peace, to stay in
that country and become President with an
immense salary. The inference which the
People are requested to draw is that, ifScott
was fit lor President there, he must behete;
an inference a very long shot from the prem
ises. The General might make a very gootl
Mexican President; but he will not answer
here. What has he to say respecting the
Compromise of 1S50?
Mr. Brook (a Whig) the newly elected
senator from Mississippi, in a letter to the
legislature written previous to his election,
says that he does not count upon the support
of the Whig national convention, ns he fears
it will be tinctured with free soiiistn ; hut he
will vote the Whig ticket, should the Balti
more nominee be unsound on the Union
Liberty of the Pf.ess.—A letter from
Vienna, in the German Journal ol Frankfort,
on ilie 'Jib all the principle editors of the po
litical journals of Vienna were ordered to
wait upon the military governor, nnd receive
from him instructions as to the way in which
they are in future to express themselves.
A Cotton Car on Fire. On Saturday
morning, as the freight train from Boston
for Concord, N. H., upon the Lowell road
was in the vicinity of Winchester, it wnsdis
covered that a car containing fourteen hales
of cotton was on fire. The train was stoppeil
and the cotton thrown off and attempts made
to extinguish the fire, but probably half the
cotton will be burnt or damaged. The cot
ton belonged to a mill in Manchester, and
was as usual covered with oil cloth, but in
consequence of the high wind a spark from
the locomotive probably got beneath the cloth.
Liberal. The Ladies of Bangor gave a
Levee in that city, on Thursday evening, for
the benefit of the Poor—at which $501 were
collected, and handed over to the city mis
Parson Krownlow says the Whigs, with
Scott as their candidate will lie beaten 5000
votes in Tennessee anti that ‘ Scott has per
sonal vanity enough to damn seven success
ive administrations ami with it very poor civ
il qualifications, and by no means a high or
der of talents. He has been an incubus on
the Whig pnrty for years, and defeated Mr.
Clay’s nomination in 1340 anti in 184S.’
An Irishman was sued by a doctor for the
amount of his bill for medicine nnd atten
dance, nnd Paddy being called upon to state
why he refused to pny, replied—‘Why should
I |my for such sniff? The medicine was of
no use to me ; sure he sent me two emetics
and ne’er a one of them could I keep on my
Terrible Affray in Kentucky.
A correspondent of the Louisville Courier,
writing from Lancaster, Ky., gives the follow
ing account of one of the most desperate and
deadly fights that ever occurred in that State.
The origin of the difficulty is not stated, but it
seems to have been a family feud. The letter,
which is dated the 14th inst., says:
“ Last evening, about five o'clock, Kussell
Hill, Isaiah Hill, Frederick Hill, and two or
three boys, sons of Isaiah and Frederick, were
returning home from Teetersville, accompanied
by Dr. O. P. Hill, of this place. Just as the
party got opposite to a tobacco house, (which
had been fortified) on Scott’s Fork of Sugar
Creek, they were fired upon, and Russell Hill
fell, mortally wounded. His brothers and
nephews hastened to his assistance. The fire
from the house still increasing, lie remarked,
1 You can do me no good, boys ; they have killed
me; do the best you can,' and instantly expired.
The Hills then charged upon the house, and
Haiah Hill was killed just as he was getting
over the fence.
The door of the house was forced bv the re
maining Hills, and the fight continued with fire
arms and bowie knives. John Sellers was shot
by a son of Isaiah Hill, (12 or 14 years ofage,)
and fell and expired alter having received five
other shots through the head. William Cris
inan was shot by the same boy, when in the
act of stabbing Frederick Hill with a bowie
knife. Crisman died, having on his body one
pistol shot and fifty-three wounds inflicted with
a knife. A man by the name of A Iverson, and
another by the name of Samuel Sellers, (of the
house party,) were slightly wounded.
Two of ilia buys (Hills) were wounded with
rifle shots, and one of them, a mere boy, lies
in a critical condition.”
Dr. Hill, being considerably in advice of
the party, was uninjnrcd. Subsequent accounts
confirm the death of Russell and Isaiah Hill,
John Sellers and Wm. Crisman.
Professor Crouch, the celebrated musical
composer, gives a Concert at the Universalist
Church, this (Thursday) evening. As the
author of “Kathleen Mavourneen,” which lias
gained so much deserved popularity for Kate
llayes, and others well known, he enjoys a
reputation which warrants a rich entertain
Graham's Magazine.—The April No. of this
magazine, is embellished with two magnificent
Steel engravings,—Coquetish Seventeen and
the Dcstrueton of Sodom,—and thirteen wood
cuts. Graham continues to furnish his readers
with 112 pages of choice literary matter, from
the pens of the best writers in the country._
We don't understand how he can afford such a
magazine for $3 per annum, l’or sale in Nos.
by Sawyer & Magoun.
The Maine Liquor Law has passed the Min
nesota Legislature, with a proviso submitting
it to the people.
Remarkable Escape.—A short time
since, in this city, a child between three and
four years old, got up in its sleep and opened
a window in the third siory of the house and
jumped out. The parents heard the noise
ami looking into the yard, saw something
white lying there ; it was between ten anti
eleven o’clock in the evening; the father
went out and was amazed to find his child,
which be supposed was safely in bed. lie
immediately went for n physician, and when
he arrived he could not find that the child
had received any injury, and the next day it
was as well as ever . — bunker hill Aurora.
I he Governors of the New York Hospital
have resolved henceforth not to receive with
in the walls of that institution, any persons
having Ship or Typhus Fever—from the fact
that it is intended as a general hospital for
other than contagious diseases.
The World Convinced.
The world ofi cheated, now ha* grown
Somewhui incredulous, wr own ;
Bui when whole crowds, late in despair,
Upon their .solemn word, declare
Thai Cough nor Cold need trouble give,
With Iiogeis' famous Curative.
To so -the the Lungs, the phlegm expel,
And fever, like a charm, repel;
Why then the world believes, perforce;
Truth leaves it then no other course.
The Syrup trial will Colds efface,
(Jive the worst Couch the coupdt grace.
Bronchitis cure, and that sad group,
The Asthma, Influenza,Croup,
Deserves, from all with common sense,
A warm and hearty confidence.
CAUTION.—None ge-ntine unless there is on the
hurt" wrapper, a note of h tnd, signed with a pen, by A
l**OIt S A LK, wholesale and retail, by A. I*. SCO
VILLA. CO. Proprietors at their Principal Depot,
GOTH 10 IlALL, No. 310, Bro'uhcty, New tork,io
whom all orders tor the Medicine, and letters relating
to agencies, should he addressed, 7 ®.«r paid.
ALSO, for sale in Bath, liv A. CL Pave ? Waldo
born, by M M. Raw.sou.
PRICE—In lurye bottles, SI,00. or six bottles for $5
What the Canadians think of Wistar’s
From the Montreal Transcript, July 22. 1S48.
\\ e think it but due to I)r. Wistar that we should add
our testimony to numerous others as to the extraordina
ry merits of his medicine in certain cures, particularly
where tire patient has complained of pain in the side,
or in cases ofan nsthmuiical character.
We are personally acquainted with many persons
wh • have experienced immense relief from the use of
ibis medicine.when laboring under 1 lie diseases above
mentioned : and as in the changeable climate of Cana
da these diseases are more than usually common, any
medicine calculated to counteract them must be of val
We arc aware that it has a large and still increasing
safe ami has been ve ry generally and beneficially used
since its introduction into Camilla three years ago—and
the very fact of its having stood the test of three years
experience is proof of its value.
We are not in the habit of recommending patent
medicines unless the benefits conferred by them have
come under our own observation; hut in the present
instance we can recommend Wistar’s Balsam of Wild
Cherry, as a medicine worthy of the confidence of the
public in diseases of tlie Chest and side, and in many
cases in this city severe coughs have yielded to its in
T<> be genuine it must be signed I BUTTS.
Address all orders to the General Agent. Sefh W.
Fowle Boston, Mass. 4w 30.
In Chelsea, Mass., 18lli inst, Mr Marcus O Jackson of
Boston, to Miss Flora B Mr,Jonathan of this city.
In Portsmouth, Mr John II Chase of this city to Mips
Mary E Gould of Woolwich ; Mr James Marson, Jr, of
Georgetown to Miss Lydia Mm tin ol Portland.
In this city, 21-1 inst. Mr»M»rv June, wife of Georee
T Soule, formerly of Portland, .ged 31 veers, 7 monllis
and 15 days.
In Wooiwicll, 21st inst, Miss Antonette A Stinson, aged
28 years.
Thursday, Mar 18.
Sch C II Sampson, Berry, Guudaloupc.
Friday, Mar 19.
Sch Jane, Turner, Portland.
Monday, March 22.
Sch William, Kilborn, Baltimore.
Tuesday, Mar 23.
Sch Leader, Lewis, Boothbav.
Sch Dylan, Snow, Boston.
Part of the cargo of ice of ship Marion, from Boston for
Havana, which pm into Nassau after being ashore, was
throw’ll overboard to lighten the vessel while undergoing
repairs, rather than pay tonnage duty. The unusual
sight in that lattitude of large blocks of floating ice,
cirated considerable interest. The market of Nassau be
ing fully supplied, prevented the sale of any of the Mari
on*# cargo.
Boston-Ar 17th, ship Zaratan, (of Damariscotta)
Chase, Apalachicola; sells Convoy, Allen, Bath , Sylph,
Dunton, Westport.
Ar 18th, brig Round Pond, Pierce, St Domingo ; sch
John, Colby, Wiscasset.
Ar 19th, sells Santa Maria, Matin, Freeport ; Brilliant,
McFaddcn, Wiscasset.
N«*vr York—Ar 18th, hark Mary, ofWaldoboro, Gil
ley, Matanzas 11.
Ar 22d, brig Carribee, Crabtree, Havana.
Ncwr Orlenn«—Ar 9lli. Realm, Stevens, Rio Janei
ro ; Champlain, Woodward, New York.
Cld 9th inst, ships Calcutta, Loring, Genoa ; Harriet,
Ad'v 9th inst, ship Adriatic, Snow, for Liverpool, wtg
800 bale*.
Ar at 8W Pus loth in«t, ship Kennebec, Smith, Liver
Cld ]3th, ships Rome, Olis, Havre ; Hampton, Young,
Apalachicola—In port 5th,ship J P Harward, An
dros, for Liverpool, ready for sea, her crew having ar fin
New Orleans.
Savannah—Ar 13th inst, brig Boston, Torrey, Wis
llaltimore—Ar 16th, brig H W Moncure, Titcomb,
Attakapos 19.
Philadelphia—Ar 18th, sell Phipsburg, Kcllar, N
Holme**’ Hole—Ar 20th, brig Sea Bird, (of Rich
mond) Curtis, fin Havana for Portland.
Mobile—Ar 10th inst, bark Benj Adams, Cornish,
Key West—Ar 5th inst, brig Cushnoc, Lnwry, St
Newport—Ar ICtli, bark Albers, Pnrrington, Provi
dence lor Mutanzas.
Newport—In port 5th, ship Harriet Augusta, Trolt, f.n
London, ar 27th, for N Orleans soon.
Rio Janeiro—In port 26th, bark Yankee Blade, Wkit
nev, for N Orleans next day.
Cienfuegos—In port abt 2d, bark Amazon, Thompson,
(fm Trinidad, whence she was reported sld for Boston)
lor New York 12th.
Havana—In port 6th inst, ships M de Embil, Orr, from
Bath, disg ; Josephine, Bornholm, fin Boston, ar 5th do ;
Robt Patten, Puninglon, fm do, unc ; Vermont, Dins
inore, wtg ; barks Henry Warren, Kairden, for N York,
unc ; Sarak Boyd, Whitmore, fin do, disg ; Vesta, Percy,
fin Wiscasset. ar 4tli, do ; J J Hntliorn, Small, for do ;
Lizzie Loud, Murphy, fm Bath ; Louisa Kilhuni, for frl or
cld 4th, brig Venus, Orr, Portland.
Per Steamship Pacific, at New York.
Ar at Liverpool Sth inst, Continent, Drummond, New ;
Sld 6th, Rockawav. Preble, N Orleans ; 7th, Geo Wash- |
ingt on, Coinings, N York ; 8th, Buena Vista, Howard,
Ent for Idg 6th, Saratoga, Trask, fm New York.
Adv 9th, ships Win Patten, for Baltimore; Sarah G
Hyde, for New York 10th ; James Nesmith, for do 13th.
Cienfuegos—Ar 27th, brig Murcia, Smith, St Thomas ;
Stephen Young, Gray, New \ ork.
Mutanzas—Ar 2d, brig Rainbow, Emerson, Wiscasset;
11th, ship Erie, Curtis, N York
Cardenas—Ar 6th, brig Jas Crosby, Pendleton, Boston ;
11th, bark John Bird, Bird, Baltimore.
I Per steamship Niagara.]
Arat Liverpool 1st inst, ships Wm D Sewall. Jack,
and Continent, Drummond, New Orleans; 2d, Saxon,
Crosby, do.
Ent for Idg Is', ship Wm Patten, Baltimore.
In port Idg, Buena Vista, Howard, fur Philadelphia ;—
Italy, Reed, New Orleans.
Feb 22, lat 2C 26, Ion 37, ship Mary, Marshall, fin Cal
cutta (Nov 14) for Calcutta.
Universalist Church,
On Thursday Evening, March 25,
Commencing at 7 o’clock.
, Admission, 25 cents. >. J
-\ . j--^
TN. SMITH would take this method to inform the
• public that he lias taken Mr E It Leach, as a partner
with him in his business ; and the business in future will
be conducted under the name of Smith dc Leach.
Will carry on the business of House and Ship Painting,
j dazing. Paper Hanging, &c. at the old stand of John N
Smith, Haley’s Block, Front St.
All work entrusted to their care will be done in a faith
ful and workmanlike manner. A share of public patron
age is respectfully solicited. J N SMITH,
Bath, March 23, 1872. 41lf
MF. CiANNETT is prepared to supply his customers
« with Buckwheat Flour, llommony and Samp with
I New York Sugar House Syrup. Mar 24
Furniture, llats and Caps!
RECEIVED direct from Boston for positive pale,and
will be sold without reserve at the Auction Booms
of Owen A Co. on
Friday; March 26th, at 9 o'clock A.
A large invoice of common and high cost .Mahogany,
Black Walnut ami Hard Wood Furniture, consisting
in purt of—
8 Elegant Sofas
1 high cost Divan
1 Lounges
] Muse, very rich
0 Carved Top Mahogany Chairs
<» Plain Mahog Parlor Chairs
6 Plain black walnut Chairs
(» Superior Stuffed Bucking Chairs
1 Superior Easy Chair
81 Looking-Classes
144 Common Wood Chairs
84 Children's do
12 Cane Scat do
1 Mahogany Wash Stand
1t» Cotton and Husk Matresses
24 Stuffed Leather Chair Cushions
11 Cases men’s and woim n'.s Bools and Shoes
2 do new slyle Huts
5 do do do Caps
Rope and Carriage Mats.
Samples of the above may be examined at the rooms
the day previous to the sale. Terms liberal.
Commission Merchant and
Anthracite and Bituminous Coal.
Bath, March. 1652. 4 Ilf
■sna®EAsTp* a*
Teacher of Harmony and Thorough Hasc.
Tuition given on ihe Piano Forlc ami Organ.
H A R D W A R E .
24 Merchants’ Row, Boston,
TlfOULD invite the nitcutinii *»f dealers in Hardware
\\ (roods to their stork, witn full confidence that they
can exhibit as good an assortment and as favorable
prices as any firm in this city. Our stock coniprise>o7
the leading lltrdwart Goods manufactured in Knglaud
and Germany. winch are regularly imported by us;—
also a full assortment of
C. Sc F are agents for I). Tnfl A Soii'n Scythes
and Axes, a full stock of which they keep constantly
on hand. 3w40
IS hereby given, that ilie subscriber has been duly ap
poinied administratrix of the estate of William D.
Skwall, Jr. late of Bath, in the County of Lincoln,
deceased; and lias taken upon herself that ’rust bygn
( ing bonds as ihe law directs. And all persons having
demands upon the estate of the said Win. 1) Sewall are
required to exhibit the same. a,nd all persons indebted
to the said estate are called upon lo make panned.
Jan. 5, 1652. 3w41
in Summer Street, next to Trinity Church, and
near the comer ofWashington Street,
The subscribers have purchased a very largo
Bankrupt Slock of Carpetings,
at a very great loss to the owners, and aro
now able to offer thousands of yards of tho
most beautiful Brussels, Tapestry, Tliree
Ply and Superfine Carpetings, at less than
the cost of Manufacturin'"-.
are invited to call and examine this extensive
assortment, and tako notice of the prices.
The carpets are of the best quality, and the
patterns new and desirable.
Pettcs & Lovejoy arc well aware that the
times are hard, and money difficult to be ob
tained. For this reason, Carpets, Oil Cloths,
Rugs, and Straw Mattings, will be sold cheaper
than ever before.
Potatoes for^iale.
OA BARRELS of Early White Potatoes, a superior ar
Ol / tide for family use, or seed. Every farmer should
provide himself with this variety of potatoes, being the
best in the country. I hey were raised upon the farm of
Capt D Clancev, Dresden, and during the last live years,
they have not been affected with rot.
Apply at the store recently occupied by Samutd Mc
Lellan. 3w8J
HAS removed his SAIL LOFT from Tallman’s Wharf
to the Brick Loft at the head of McLellun’s Wharf— !
where he will be happy to receive the calls ami ordeis of
his old customers and as many new ones us have a mind I
to conic.
Bath, March 17, 18f>2. 39if
- -I
BETWEEN the Po't Office and the house of T. D. '
Kobin.*« n. Esq, Wash. Street.a Bh.ckSilk PURSE
with two gold rings attached. j! i« highly prized by
the owner mi account ol its being a gift imm u irieud. •
The finder shall be suitably rewarded by leav ing ii at
this office. Huh. March 17. 18.32 |
Boston. March, 1852.
WE have now in store and are constantly receiving our
Stock of Goods for Spring Sale-, and would call the
attention «>f purchasers of Carpets during the present sc -
son, to an inspection of the same. Our list embraces ull
grades of
English and American Velvets, Tapestry
and Brussels Carpetings,
in new ami beautiful patterns. Also, new and handsome
designs of Super and Extra Three-Ply and Superfine In
grain Goods. Extra Fine, Fine and low priced Wool mid
< ottou and Wool Carpets. Stair Carpets, in all grades •,
Straw Mattings, of all widths; Painted Floor Cloths,
Rugs, Mats, 6cc.
Our assortment is very large, and we would invite par
ticularly the attention of Hotel Pr prietors, Committees
for Public Buildings, Housekeepers, Ac, to the same.
Carpet Hall over Maine Railroad Depot, Hay
3m market Square. 39
Spring Style Hats!
Li real liui'gaiiis in
a®®*3 & ain®ms«
WHO have just received a L I RG E and SPLENDID
nssnrtuieiil of Ladies*. Gents’, Youth’s and Chil
dren's Hoots and Sh>-cs, of almost every description, and
of the latest and most f.ishwnabli styles, adapted ex
pressly for the
B 6f M. from their experience in the business, and
the facilities they enjoy lor purchasing, feel confident
they can give tniire saLs/a ti<>n, both us to the variety,
quality and prices of ilieir articles, and most cordially
invite their Ireinds, and all who wish to secure GOOD
BARGAINS, to call and examine for themselves—
pledging themselves to u>e their utmost endeavors to
Do iirtt forget to call at the sign of 1 he Boot, opposite
Dr. Stnckhridge’s new Granite B!orh. Front Street.
Bath, Oct. 1,1651. Itilf
Ships for sale.
Ajow o„ Ihe stocks and for sale, a superior
1N new ami copper fastened Ship oi50U tons
burthen; also one of 450 tons burthen. Doth
will he sold on reasonable terms. Apply to
Richmond,Oct 1. THOMAS J.SOUTHARD.
snusrsfir htstiidies
The Silver Cup of Sparkling Drops, for the
Friends of Temperance.
A Wornlcr Hook, for Roys and Girls, by N. Haw
Memoir of Mnrv Lyon* Compiled by E Hitch
cock, 1) I) I.L 1).
C'Io,ci Hours, by Rev Ray Palmer,
Gift Hook, for Young Ladies, by l)r Wm A Aieott.
Knight** liifu of Hannah Moore,
Sea and Sailor, by Rev Walter Colton.
Carlyle’* Life of Sterling.
Family Worship, a collection of Prayers for every
day in the year, by 160 Scotch Clergymen, 6 vol, do.
Honar** Commentary on LevilieiiM, 8 vo clo.
The Divine Government* Physical and Moral,
by McCosh, 8 vo, clo. (>w23
Bearing's Panacea Lapsoruin.
rT*III3 Is an iuvaltiahle remedy in nil injuries resulting
Ironi external violence, such ns Contusions, Sprains,
Lacerations of soft parts, Cuts, lullamnintions and Fe
vers from injuries and dangerous surgical operations ; in
many cases ol Pain in the Chest, resembling Pleurisy ; in
some cases of Iuilaminatory Rheumatism ; Lameness
and Sore Feet from long walks, and tight shoes ; also in
Corns made sore by pressure; in short, dry, nightly
Coughs with Spitting of Blood ; Nose Bleed from blows ;
in Dizziness and Pressure in the Head ; in violent After
pains iu child-bed ; also in Injuries of the heads of In
fants at birth, Ac, Sec.
The proprietor in offering this article to the public does
not pretend that it is a sovereign remedy for every dis
ease incident to human life, hut lor the purposes above
specified it is WITHOI T A PARALLEL! A trial is
only needful to prove this fact ; and its cheapness places
this trial within the reach of. all. The proprietor might
obtain many testimonials to its great worth, hut the sub
joined arc deemed sufficient:
The undersigned, having ourselves made use of Dear
ing’s Panacea Lapsoruin, believe it to be one of the most
valuable remedies ever offered to the public.
William Stacey, William F. Ede,
Thos. R. Bradford, Andrew R. Cahill.
For sale wholesale and retail by the proprietor, Bath,
Jan. 14, 1852. Gru30
Piano Fortes.
mihsciibers are now prepared to furnish Pianos, ol
A a variety of *t> le and finish, from the best Manufac
turers iti New England, at the lowest prices. Several line
toned instruments now on hand which purchasers are re
quested to examine.
(TT Second hand Pianos for sale or to let.
Bath, May 13, 1851. 47
Sperm Oil.
REAL Sperm Oil, lor sale by
Jan 6, 1852. M F GANNETT.
Washing Powders.
•HAUBirS and N ELSUN'S, two celebrated Washing
D Powders-lor sale by M F GANNETT.
Stone Ware.
BUTTER POTS— Preserve Jurs—Water Fountains.
Pitchers, Churns, Flower Pots.and Jugs, for sale by
Oct 8, 1851. M. F.GAN N ETT.
illcdicnl Ailricc Gratis !
R. Richard Clay, M. D.,
Physopathie Physician and Surgeon,
1 FORMERLY of the city of New Y'ork, and now ofGar
1 diner. Me, will be in attendance at the Hotel, Bow -
doinham Village, Wednesday, March 31st; Tontine Ho
tel, Brunswick, Thursday and Friday, April 1st and 2d ;
SHgadahock House, Bath, Saturday ami Sunday, April 3d
and 4th ; for consultation with patients laboring under
the various forms of disease.—particularly
Diseases of the Lungs, Liver, Kidneys,
Spleen, Nervous System, Dyspepsia, Spi
nal Diseases, and all kinds ol Chron
ic and Female Complaints.
fTT I.adies and gentlemen are invited to call. «/7H
l>r C's medicines are purely vegetable. He uses no
Mercury in any case whatever. I>r C is n regularly edu
cated Physician and Surgeon. Ilis Diploma may be seen
by calling upon him.
57/' All pre-pnid letters, enclosing a fee, addressed to R
Richard Clay, M I), Gardiner, Me, will receive attention.
Residence at the Cobosse House, Gardiner, Me.
%* A< Dr C. makes no charge for consultation, it will
cost nothing for the invalid to call und converse with him
A. B. BUTLER &, CO.,
WKmi'l <tll all „iir SHAWLS, FLANNELS, THI
and PRINTS at prices which wUt pl-axe every custom
er. —also—
Cheaper than ran be b night in th e city.
B Ufi, Jan. 27, 1852, 32
Portland Bread.
IS ci IP o MI © Si S Si q
Halctf % Block, Front Street,
WILT, be constantly supplied from thefirsl bakers in
Portland, with
Butter, Graham and Soda Crackers, Pilot
Bread and Pastry,
which he will sell at the lowest prices.
Halil, Oe| 1,1831. 13lf
Jewelry, Clocks and Fancy Goods.
A LARGE assortment, and will be sold cheap by
JL Hath, Sept. 13. T. H. G. .MARSTON.
Havana Cigars,
A SUPERIOR article, iu»t received and for sale by
A June 95,1851. SMITH A CO.
Copying Presses,
BILL HEAD tiOXBS, Post Offices, Calendars, Card
Racks, Pen Racks, and a large variety of Fancv
Stationery, in»t received and for tala by
May7,1931. 4* SAWYER i MAGOl’N
WIIO lias jus! returned (‘ruin Boston with ulurgsand
desirable stock of
French, German and American
Cassini crcs anti Vestings,
Iluts, Caps, Umbrellas, anti Gents. Furnishing
Gout/s, and
Ready-Made Clothing,
which will lie sold m cheap as at any other establish
mriit in the city.
W. 11. will give his PERSONAL ATTENTION to cutting,
and W Vlti* AN I'S all work done at ins shop to give
perfect s itisfactii n. Cutting, lo be made out of the
shop pr nnpilv attended to.
Bath, Mar.34. H5I. 1!) W. HAWTHORNE.
Front Street, Bath, Maine,
TS the duly authorized Agent tor the f- flowing hisur
J ance Companies, and will lake risks in either, at the
lowest rates.
Hope marine Insurance Co.,
ot Boston —Capital $200,000. Risks on Vessels,
I- reight. Money. Hoods and Kifucis taken tor an amount
not exceeding $20,000 on unv risk.
Win F Parrot, I* re*. Augustus Lovett. See.
Franklin Fire Insiiraucc Co.,
of Worcester, Mass—Capital. $200,000.
C Hollister, Pros. Chus Washburn. Sec.
O*’ I’hi-* company commences busim-s* with a cash
capital oi $200,000, and will insure against loss or dam
age by tire on Dwellings, Kit mil tire, Stores, Slocks of
Hoods.and merchandise generally
Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co.,
of Concord, N II— Capital. $538,899.
Tims 1* Treadwell. I*res J E Lang, Sec.
American Mutual Life Insurance Company,
Expanse of Insurance reduced 25 percoi t!
Prof Benjamin Silliimin. Pres. Olives Brewster,
(Boston) Actuary.
California Life Insurance Risks taken in a
rc-p""'lido Life Insurance Co, having a cash capital
«'i $100.000 paid in. 3m34
Superior Coach, Furniture
and Polishing Varnish.
FOIt sale by the subscriber, at his shop on the cor
ner of Washington and Centre Streets
Sign ami Carriage Painting,
Gilding, Graining, &c.
Bath,June 4.1851. S. o. SAWYER
Ship Carpenters’ Tools.
KEEP constantly on hand and fur sale at the niann
lact u re rs’ lowest pric:st She (field Broad Axes, Ad
zes, Slices, Ac. Ac.
Bath, Feb 23, 1855. 30
Commissioners’ Notice.
Time extended on Joseph Savail's Estate.
rpilE undersigned, Commissioners to examine the claims
I against the estate of Jos. Setvui., deceased, hereby
give notice that it further lime of four mouths Ik m the
fifth instant, has been allowed by the Judge of Frol ate to
bring in and prove said claims ; mid the undersigned will
meet at the office of David Bronson, in the Custom
House building, on the first Monday of February, March,
April and May next, at two o’clock in the afternoon, for
that purpose. D. C. MAGOL'Ni, ) .,
D. IMONSON, $ Commissioner..
Bath, Jau 19, 1851. t!3l
Guardian’s Sale.
pi III SLA NT to a license and order Irom the Judge of
1 Frobate lor ih«; Cointy of Lincoln, I shall oiler for
sale a lot ofl.tiil and the b Hidings thereon, situated in
i he town of Lisbon, hen g the homestead whereon Sa
rah A Cat liu, deceased, wile of Samuel T Cailiu, for
met ly lived. And the same left to A Ip'ionso J f’atiin,
bounded as ntiy be seen by the de-d of Joseph Moore
lo said Sara i Ann Catliu, dated May II. A I) 18*12.—
Said sale will lake place on the premises, on Saturday.
April 21. IS>2. at lb o'clock A M.
Guardian to Alphonse J Collin.
Freeport. Muio'i 8, 1552. :;w38
WHEREAS, I Moses A Graves, of Brunswick enused
y y an advertisement to lie inserted in the Eastern Times
a paper printed in Bath, forbidding nil persons trusting niv
wife Ann F Graves, as she had left my lied and hoard. 1
do hereby revoke said advertisement, and regret having
caused the same to be published. M A GRAVES.
Brunswick, March 18, 1852. 3w39*
Notice to Boys.
Ijt tOM this date we shall allow no boys in our Auc
tion S:.oe during our evening sales': and. tertain
evil in n led on s, whose N A M MS w e have on record,
will hr handed over Jo the police if again detected on
our premises.
Hath, March 12,1852. OWEN A Co.
Great Bargains in Stoves,
W If.LARD WALK Ell A CO. would nnorin the
public that they w.ll sell the fial mee of their stock
in Stoves, consisting of about 37,O'M) worth of all sizes
and patterns at Cast, until the first of June. Those
who wish to procure a Stove very cheap, will find it to
their interest Jo call at the Hath Stove Factoiy
Bath, Feb 24 18.32. ’ 36
rFHK subscribers have on band a large b>t of superior
Flour which they will sell as lo v as the same qual
ity can he bought in this city. il It.SMITH A CO.
Jan 1,1852. ’ 26
Established in 1808!
Health and Strength Pure Blood
and l.on;; Life!
Sherry Wine SSitters,
A most Agreeable and Infallible. Remedy.
rnilESK HITTERS possess a wonderful superiority
X over till oili*r medicines, tieeause they restore to
sound health, impart |oi;e, vigor nml e':m:icily to tlie
whole system—a power never known in any other med
icine. They have cured more than two landed thou
sand cases, am! have become throughout the country, a
standard medicine. The secret of their great success
lies in their curing the sick, mu |>y palliating the symp
toms, hut hy removing the c-inse itself. They cleanse,
warm and strengthen the stomach nml bowels, ami pu
rity the blood—possessing twelve times more power
than the best Spanish Sarsaparilla. Tliev are quicker
in their effect, nio:e wholesome to use,and more lasting
in ilioir iuHueuce.
They are not an -cmpyrical medicinebut the prepa
ration of a regular practicing physician, who has made
the study of medicine his profession.
They ure composed of Roots and Herbs, which pos
sess the power to restore health and strengthen the con
They have been used with unfailing success for forty
They may be taken at any time, without restriction
in diet, or hindrance in business; while in every stage
of existence and every scale of being they possess the
curious power of resisting the effect of sudden dm >gc«
of at-nosnlierc, and thus obviate a multiplicity of evils
sonnected with our variable and uncertain climate.
They differ from tlie tnaj >ritc of medicines in the fact
that the more they are known the more they are ap
proved of, and those who use them always preserve
health, prevent disorder, and attain a cheerful and
pleasant old age.
Particular Notice.
All orders ad Iressed to S. O. RICHARDSON. M D.
19 IY;iiiovcr Street. Boston, with such referen
ce* as may be deemed proper, will be punctually at
tended to. Agent* are put ucn'ari v reqiie*i*d to men
tion in iliei r orders the nr«t safe, speedy and economi
cal route tor forwarding their package.
Prepared by me, at South Reading. .Mvs«. and sold
wholesale and retail at my office. l'J IImover S'r’.ct. and
by Agents, Mrchnn's, Traterg. Dru gis/g, Ap.ttkeca
nes.and deal'.rg in M‘dicing throughout the U. Mates.
7-5 cents per bottle. 50 cents per package.
Agents — \ if Page, .John Mathews, S. P. Sh-iw,
Win. P. Marston, Tho* Howies, Rath t:m1S
Try it /
For the Hair!
TJJI8 article will not work wonders, against nature and
common sense, but for cleansing, strengthening and
promoting tljc growth of the Hair, giving it" a beautiful,
soft and glossy appearance, it Is unequalled.
I Prepared by Professor JUNES, a ucjchpatcd Tonsor of
For sale in any quantity, by 11 A CHANDLER, Sole
! Agent in Maine, under the Sugariahor k House, Hath,
.land 1352 Gm29
Ready for Use.
} A J.L those who wish to do their own Painting, can
I find any and all kinds of Mixed Paints, put up in
small or large quantities, at
J. W. WELCH’S, No 2 Elm St.
*#* Mr. W. is al*o prepared to do alt kinds ol Paint
ing. Groining, Gilding. Glazing, and Paper Hanging,
us heretofore, in the neatest manner. 4m33
Just Herd veil.
A LARGE lot of TE \N of different grades, in hal
** chests, will be sold low by
Juu 1,1352. R R SMITH A CO.
Gold and Silver Watches
JUST received, us splendid assortments of Gold and
Silver Lever und Lkfine WATCHJSS as were
ever before offered in this city—some of them imported
expressly for my retail trade, and will he sold so lav
thut it will ha for ihe advantage of the purchaser to call
oefore. purchasing elsewhere. T. II. G. MARSTON,
Sept 13. 13 Two door* north tha Elliot Hous®
Business € a r ii 3 .
sasvsm wmm*
OWEN &. CO.,
Auctioneers mid tummission Merchants,
Are prepared us heretofore, to make cash advances on all
kinds of Merchandize for Auction Sales.
XT Houses, House Lots, Vessels, and all kinds of ou
door sales at tended to on the most favorable terms.
H. W. Owen. 1G J. T. Gilman.
lias removed his Office to Pierce’s Block,
Front Street, one door south of Robert's Shoe
Store. Residence, corner of Washington and
Union Streets. 6ml3
Has removed to the house on Middle Street,
recently occupied by B. C. Bailey, Esq., nearly
opposite the New Jerusalem Temple. 7
By some of the safest and best Stock-Companies in the
country, at current rates
Bath, August 13, 1851. j>8
T h TYrrp'Pi?
Rooms over Morrison's Carpet Store.
I. IL D. respectfully informs his friends and the public,
that he has lilted up Uooins over Morrison’s Store, Front
street, where he will be happy to wait upon all who may
favor him with a call. Pictures neatly put up in Pins,
Rings, Lockets and Cases of every description, and in the
best manner, at the lowest prices, and warranted to
suit. All work done with a large Sky-Light. Iy9
tf BATH, ME. 43
J. H. ALLEN & Co,
Importers and Dealers in
Nail*, Ship Spikes,
Wagon Axles Springs, Ao.
nickel Ian’s Wharf, Bath, Me.
J. II. Alle.n. Ij-36 J. H. McLellak.
French, German and English Goods,
Musical Instruments. Alarm Clocks, Toys,
Willow Baskets, Brushes, Fancy Boxes,
&c., &c.,
JVos. 18 and 20 Atkinson, near Milk St.,
ITT3" Orders taken for Staple Articles in tlicir line ut
the usual rates. ly7
Adjuster of Averages,
11 Merchants' Exchange, Wall St.
New York.
Maiine Trotest* noted and extended—nccharge for
noting <ini30
Commissioner for the State of Massachusetts,
45 BATH, IMIS. tf
Counsellors & Attorneys at Law.
Office in Pierce's Block, Front Street,
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law,
Office over John Hayden's store, Front Street,
Ship and Insurance Broker,
Office on Front Street—over Heath ,-j Co's
Marine, Fire and Life Insurance effected. Cargoes for
vesselsnrocured —eargoes bought and sold.
Bath, April 1, 1851 41 tf
B. T. CUBBIEB, I). I). S.,
Office at his residence, on Centre St., opposite
UAin, mu.
Ai.l operation* in median
irnl ami Surgical Dentistry
p -rformed 111 a neat and per.
inaneut manner.
. Connected with his office,
I i* an establishment for the
munufactuie of all kirn's of
j Block Teeth,
"of the best quality. Den
tist’s supplied to order.
J. D. YOUNG, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
until, Me.
Office corner of Front and Broad Streets.
Refers by permit to II. L. Nichols, M. D., Augusta,
Me; J. Houghton, M. D.. Portland, Me; Saihuel D
Gross. Prof. Surgery, and Elishu Bartlett, M. D. Prof.
ofPrac Med, in the University at New York. 44tf
Physician and Surgeon,
Respeclfullytendert*his professiona| aerviceMo the
inhabitantsof Bathauclviciniiy.
Office on Front Street, over the store of Ma
goun Stinson.
Baili .Aug., 1850. tflfl
Rooks, Stationery ami Fancy Arlieles,
School Books and Blaiik Books,
of all kinds, Cheuplor Cash.
31 BATH, ME.
«. R. McCLAIW Sc Co,,
No. 2. Bro.nl Street, Batli, Me.
A LARGE assortment of Cooking. Parlor, and Store
Stores, of the most approved patterns, now selling
by the subscribers at greatly reduced prices.
Also, constantly oil hand. Coal Hods, Shovels, Sift
ers. Stove Funnel. Sad-Irons, Tin and Copper Ware of
every description.'and all other articles usually kept in
a hardware store. MITCHELL & LOW
Hit Ii, Jan. 23. IS52. S3
HAVE just received afresh supply ot Groceries, Pro
visions, Ac , of the best quality.
lames Lee & Co.,
No, 13 India Wharf, Boston,
Manufacturers of
Linseed Oil, Haw ami Boiled,
Soaps of all kinds,
And importers of Tennant’s Bleaching Powders, Soda
Ash, Sal Soda, and Chemicals constantly on hand and lor
sale in quantities to suit purchasers. 6ni3e
Commission Merchant,
13 and 15 India Wharf, Boston.
Agent for the mamiftctui^ra, ha.
Phr r"Jei8hit.hCWIliTE,'llEADrf^terford Window ClM.,
arS«*Sl.M W.™ Tieminn . mint, and Color., P
o \ V^liif Nea'» Foot Oil, l.inglan, Dtug.,
-r c ,.N and otherDye Stuff., Judd’. Patent War Can
dla mU aUaa mi aolori. Mitehell’a Adamanuna Candle.,
equal to s““ “ Cotton Sail Duck and Not.I Store., &e.
State of Maine.
INCOLN, si.—District Court, Middle District, Februt
ry Term, A D 1852.
GEORGE VV. LEMONT, of Bath, in the County of Lin
J coin,) mariner, plain.iff, versus Francis A Lemont, of
•t Helens, Oregou Territory, defendant.
In a plea of the case, for that the said Francis A I.e
“ont, at said Bath, on the twenty-seventh day of Decern
in the year of our Lord one thousand sight hundred
nine, by his note of hand of that date by him
\V ie f',r v"lue received promised the saiJ Georgs
fi„ * X*®nli to pay him on demand the sum of forty -
, /• * ,**• Yet, though often requested, the said
ueienuaut nrPaid said sum but neglects and refuses
!ho ..m nfn?.^e damage of the said plaintiff (as he saith)
the sum of one hundred dollars.
A f »m!!ntViat|.n1tP« 1’° lU* C0Url»»**« FrEDCI*
A Lemont is not a reaidem Gf this Mate, and has no ten
jut, agent or attorney therein,\huihis gcods or estate has
Heen attached In this suit, and mm \x! has had no notice
bI the pendency thereof. Disordered thalthe plaintiff
notify the said Francis A Lemont ui ihe peiidcncv of this
suit by publishing an abstract of hi* wrii and declaration
»nd thif. order of court thereon, three weeks successively
in the Eastern Times, a newspaper print! d nt Bath, in the
bounty of Lincoln, the last publication to be sixty days at
least, before the next term of this court, to be holden st
Wiscasset, within and (or the County of Lincoln, on the
lecond Tuesday of June next, that he may then and there
Appear and shew cause (if any he have) why Judgment
diould not be rendered against him in this suit, and execu
tion issue accordingly.
Abstract of Writ and Declaration, and Copy of Order
of Court. Attest:—E B BOWMAN, Clerk.
State of Maine.
LINCOLN, sa—District Court, Middle District, February
Term, A D, 1852.
TOAXNA T. LEMONT, of Augusta, in the County of
Lincoln, widow, plaintiff, versus Francis A Lciuont, of
Oregon Territory, defendant.
In a plea of the case for that ihe .'aid Francis A Le
mon t, hi Bath, in the said county of Lincoln, on the n nr
teeth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundred and forty-nine, by bis note of band of
tlmt dute by him signed, for vulue received promised the
plaintiff to pay her or her order twenty-live dollnrs on de
mand with Interest. Yet, though often requested, the id
defendant hath not paid said sum, but neglects and refuses
so to do •, to the damage of the said plaintiff (as she saith)
the sum ol sc venty-five dollars.
And now it appearing to the court that the said Francis
A Lemont is not a resident of this tstu.e, and has no ten
ant, agent or attorney therein, that hi* good* or estate has
been been attached in this suit, and that helms had no no
tice of the pendency thereof. It is Ordered, that the
plaintiff notify the said Francis A Lemont of the penden
cy of tiiis suit by publishing an abstract of her writ and
declaration and ibis order of court thereon, thiee weeks
successively in the Eastern Times, a newspaper printed
at Bath, in the County of Lincoln, the last publication to
be sixty days ut least before the next term of t is court,
to be holden at Wiscasset, within and for the County of
Lincoln, on the second Tuesday of June next,that hr may
then and there appear :md show cause, if an) lie have,
why judgment should not be rendered against him in this
suit, and execution issue accordingly
Abstract of Writ and Declaration, and Copy of Order of
Court. Attest :—E B BOWMAN, Clerk.
City of Bath.
An Ordinance lo establish a Night Watch*
Be it ordained by the Ci'y Council of the City of Dat'rt
as follow*:
Sec 1.—There shall he established a Night Waich fi»r
the City, to consist often steady, able bodied in* n« who
shall be employed by the .Mayor,on such terms, and lor
such times as be may think proper, rt movable by him
ut his pleasure, the captain ol whom shall be appointed
by the Mayor ami Aldcitm-n.
5? ec l-lt shall he the duty of said Waicli lo obey the
directions of the Pol ce Officer who may be appoint* d
by the Mayor for that purpose : and when not other
wise oidered by the Mayor, it shuli be the duty of the
captain to see that one is constantly stationed at tha
watch house, and the remainder to be employed in pa
trolling the streets from eight o’clock in the evening to
within half tui hour of sUnrise in the morning, to see to
the prevention, and giving the alurm of fires, and per
form all legal duties of watchmen.
Sec 3.— Every watchman who shall f-11 to obey the
leaal orders of the Mayor, or any public officer charged
by him with the direction of them, or w hohull be u.'leep
or .shall wilfully neglect his watch, during the time he
is required to be employed thereon, shall forfeit not less
than two or more than five dollar?.
Sec 4.—The City Marshal shall have charge of any
watch house* whicharc or may he provided by the city,
for the convenience of the watch, tor the security of of
fender s, and shall cause the same to he kept clean mid
in good order tor use. and shall provide all the necessa
ry articles therefor.
In Cornnton Council, March 2 1852. This Ordinance
having hurl two several readings, passed to be or
dained. JOHN HAYDEN. President
Jn Board of Aldermen, March 2. 1852.—This Ordin
ance having had two several readings, passed to be
ordained. JOHN FATTEN, Mayor.
City of Bath.
,l;i Ordinance establishing Police Regulations.
, Be it ordained by the City Council of the City ol Bath an
follows :
i Section 1. There shall be elected by the City Coun
cil, annually, ns u any Assistant Marshals as they may
think proper, who shall he Police Officers, and they shall
i receive such compensn ion as the City Council may, from
I time to time, delcnninc.
j Section 2. It shall he t1 c duty of the Assistant Mar- „
! shnls to aid the Marshal in the discharge of his dnlica, and
1 in his absence, to act as Marshal. They shall also act ns
I day Police Officers, t » enforce obedience to nil Police
' Stututes and Ordinances, and when required by the Mny
' or, shall attend uud direct the night watch, and shall, as
far as may be, prevent crime, protect property, and pre
[ serve order in the city.
| In Common Council, March 2, 1852. This Ordinance
having had two several readings, passed to be or
dained. JOHN HAYDEN, Presi cut.
In Board of Aldermen, March 2, 1632. This Ordinance
having had two several readings, passed to be or
dained. 38 JOHN PATTEN, May. r.
1 A I*L persons are forbid harboring or trusting my wife,
1 /l Ellen Freeman, on niv a> count, as 1 shall pay no
! debts of her contracting,' she having left my l»cd and
| board. GEORGE Jl. FREEMAN.
Bath, March 5, 1852. - Sw3a*
New Shoe Store !
A New and Fresh lot of Men’s, Women’s and CbiJ
| dreti’s
Hoot', Shoes and Rubbers,
! for sole cheap for Cash, at the new store corner ol Froiu
and Elm Streets, 3d door north of S 1) Haley’s Long
- Bath, Nov 13, 1851. 20ti
BY a late decision at Washington. it is now establish
ed, that a’l the Militia ol Maine, who scrvt-u in the
War of IS 13* thirty <!»\« or non. are cut tied to
Bounty Land under the Act 01 s«-pt. 1850.
Widows and minor children of deceased soldiers am
entitled to the benefit of the An.
The uudcr.<igncd is prepued to receiveapplication*
(or Bounty Laud, and to prosecute tin in w1:li pion.pt
ness. 11ENKY INGALL>.
Wisrnsset. Jan 12.1£52. h'mSO
Aid for IlnngiU’iitn Exiles!
n AVISO determined to close off the remainder of
my stock as far as practicable, to enable me to
make room for Spring goods, 1 will now offer it to iny
friencs at such a
Discount from former prices,
as will effect an immediate sale ol the stoic. The stock
is fresh, and embraces all that is wanted u: the present
lime. Purchasers will do well to call and examine this
stock and learu the prices before purchasing else\% hare.
Bath. Feh. 11,1352. 3t
For Sale.
A BRICK HOUSE, in good order, situated
on lligli Street, with capacious wood-house,
stable, and garden jot : a well of excellent xys
ter, and cistern in the cellar, the residence of the lata
Dr. John Bins k bridge. This situation is one of the most
ties ruble in the < itv, being healthy, m.d affording a fine
view of the city ar.d river.
ALSO—a two-story modern built House and out-build
ings, pi asanl’y situated on Garden Street—dtsuable, br
ing near the piincipai business localities.
ALSO—a one-story building oil Center Street, occupied
ut pres-nt by the Misses Hum ns a Milliner’s shop.
ALSO—the two—tory building on Front Street, nearly
opposite the Universalist Chapel, recent y occupied by
the subscriber as an office. Terms liberal For further
particulars inquire of Da. T. G. STOCKBRIDGE.
NOTICE.—The person having Dunglrson’s Dictionary
and the 4 ill vol, of the 1. brary ol Fra lira! Medicine, or
any other books brio ging to the subscriber, will confer
a favor by returning litem to T. G.S1 OCKBRIDGE.
Bath, March 10, 1852. 3m38
YI7E the undersigned, being well ac
quaiuted with the medicine prej ared
For SALT F.IIEIIM, nnii all other liumrrs,
and having witnessed iis good effects upon many per
son* within ot.r knowledge, are fully satisfied that it is
a valuable medicine, perfectly safe, convenient and
highly efficacious, and Would theiclore r* e« m trend tl
• •it every occasion most cheerfully, m P T$ ,:s suffem g
from any humor, especially Salt Rbei rn :—
C 1. Covell. Hartford. Ct. Wm E < ondenciv, Nv rn oy
Wm S Tvler. Norwiih.ilo I! O Bar ow<, l.evri.imi
Carter .CColemd, lien, n <■'"' n"'rr
G M teddy. New Bedford Woo-ler 1 driver, do
J S Harrison,Boston J«l1 •"•*• ' R .. .
T P Ban fielder, L. van.
I add V inerihnm, Bangor Gilbert Parshley. SangcrVla
< P .wralmia G»'"dV" David Hammond, Tray
‘ Jr„ do Francis Blake, Ilarri.'on
"ill Sw«.land do Win Webber, Webaier
Ceriifivaies lo i.lmn»i any ejient nnpl.i be added, if
tercssary. but the proprietor feels that the article has
liornmc so well known and tts virtues so gem rally ue
knowledge**, even 1<\ physicians, as toui.Tle it umiec
tfa«arv to offer further proof of the ineri** of the article.
F„f sale in this city by A. G. I*«ge and at lha
Bath Book Store: Brunswick. " '*» Gnkerund K
p Gatehell; and by Druggists gen-rally. Trice *l —
with full direction*. _ **_ •
A CHOICE assortment just received at the Btore of
Consisting of new style DeLAlNES, FRINTS, GING
HAMS ; also, Bleached and Brown Sheetings, cheap.
New Orleans Sugar.
TWO hhds New Crop Now Orleans *«(£•*« MtoAt •
very low prica by OWEN * CO.
March ®.

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