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P 0 E TRY 1_
From A/tbHr’i Hoa.e G«*eiW»r
Earth and Heaven.
■eek'st thou a home which ehangcth not .
In rain thou'lt search the wide world round,
On earth is no such favored spot,
And no •• tontinuing city " found.
Say'it thou to gold, « Thou ait my hope
To fine gold, “ Thou my con&deneo
Tet do thy ecffers never ope,
And eomfort to the poor dispense *
Vain is the hope—thy heart is fixed
On treasures thieves may soon assail;
Rejecting those which are unmixed,
And even over death prevail.
Does thy soul lean on natural things,
And make a staff of earthly love*
BewHre ! for that to which it cling*,
Its *ure »upport can never prove.
Nature’s most dear, delightful ties,
Strongly uniting mind to mind,
If thou dost dare to idolize.
May perish, leaving thorns behind.
Vet say not “ Happiness must be
A phantom haunting feverish thought
There etill remains a hops for thee,
A hope with heavenly brightness fraught.
There is a home whieh knows no change,
A treasure nought can take away, .
A love which nothing can estrange,
A staff which never can betray.
Then seek “ a house not made with hands,”
Established on the unshaken rock;
Unmoved, unharmed it firmly stands
Above the angry tempest’s shock.
Lay ihou “ a treasure up in heaven ”—
Safe, incorruptible and pure;
And seek the love by which ’tis given—
’Twill be to thee a staff secure.
’Twill be a guide, a brilliant sun.
To light thee o’er this vale of tears ;
Follow, and know on earth begun,
A heaven to last through endless years. .
An April Day.
When the warm sun, that brings
Becd-time and harvest, has returned again,
*Tis sweet to visit the still wood, where springs
The first flower of the plain.
Ilove the season well,
When forest glades are teeming with wild forms,
Nor dark and many-folded clouds foretell
The coming on of storms.
From the earth’s loosened mould
The sapling draws its sustenance, and thrives ;
Though stricken to the heart with winter 's cold,
The drooping tree revives.
The softlv-warbled song
Comes from the pleasant woods, and colored
Glance quick in the bright sun,that moves along
The forest openings.
When the bright sunset fills
The silver woods with light, the green slope
Its shadows in the hollows of the hills,
Ami wide the upland glows.
And, when the eve is born,
In the blue lake the sky, o’er-reaching far.
Is hollowed out, and the moon dips her horn,
And twinkles many a star.
Inverted in the tide,
Stand the gray rocks, and trembling shadows
And the fair trees look over, side by side,
And see themselves below.
Sweet April !—many a thought
Is wedded unto thee, as hearts arc wed ;
Nor shall they fail, till, to its autumn brought,
Life’s golden fruit is shed.
Looking-Glasses for Birds.
A correspondent of the Gardiner’s
Chronicle says :
‘ The following plan is perfectly effica
cious for scaring birds from fruit and other
produce. One of :ny servants having by
chance broken a looking-glass, it occurred
to me that the broken pieces, suspended
by a string, so as to turn freelv in every
direction, would give the appearance of
something moving about, which would
alarm the birds. 1 accordingly tried the
plan, and found that no bird, not even the
most fool-hardy of them, dare come near.
They had attacked my peas ; on suspen
ding a few bits of the looking-giass
amongst them the marauders left the
pl ace. The tomtits attacked my seckle
pears, to which they seem very partial.—
A bit of looking-glass suspended in front
of the tree put a stop to the mischief.—
My grapes were then much damaged, be
fore they were ripe, by thrushes and
starlings ; a piece of looking-glass drove
these away, and not a grape was
toubled afterwards. I had before tried
many plans, but never found any so effec
tual as the above.’
Warner’s Pen.
Dr. Warner, some years agn, happened
t» be in the shop of an eminent stationer
in the Strand, London, when a member
of the House of Commons, purchased a
hundred quills for six shillings. When
ne was gone, the doctor exclaimed, ‘ Oh
the luxury .,f the age ! Six shilling, for
* a hundred quills, why it never co-t me a
sixpence for quills in my life.’ ‘That is
very surprising doctor,’ observed the sta
tioner, for y«ur works ure quite volum
rnnus. ‘1 dec are,’ replied the doctor, - I
wrote my Ecclesiastic, History, two vol
umes in folio, and my Dissertation on the
book of Common Prayer, a large folio,
both the last and corrected copies with
one single pen. It was an old one’when
I began, and it is not worn out now that
I have finished.’ This relation was spread
about, and the merit of the pen esteemed
•o highly, that a celebrated countess
begged the doctor to make her a present
of it.: he did so ; and her ladyship had a
gold case made, with a short history of
the pen written upon it, and placed it in
her cabinet of curiosities.
Suspicion is no less an enemy to vir
tue than to happiness. He that is al
ready corrupt is naturally suspicious :
and he that becomes suspicious will quick
ly ba corrupt.
To make an ignoramus laugh, lose
your hat in a high wind, or break your
f»g by filling on a slippery sidewalk.
Water Drinking.
Prof. Silliman closed a recent Smith
sonian lecture in Washington, by giving
the following sensible advice to young
men If therefore, you wish for a clear
mind, strong muscles, and quiet nerves,
and long life and power prolonged into
old age, permit me to say, although I am
not giving a temperance lecture, avoid all
drinks but water, and mild infusions of
that fluid, shun tobacco and opium, and
everything else that disturbs the normal
state of the system ; rely upon nutricmus
food and mild diluent drinks, of which
water is the basis, and you will need noth
ing beyond these things except rest, and
the due moral regulations of all your pow
ers, to give you, long and happy, and
useful lives, and a serene evening at the
A Curious Custom.—On the 10th of
March, a singular old custon was revived
in Hamburg. When the Exchange was
thronged at high noon, two of the city
drummers appeared in uniform before the
entrance and beat a roll ten minutes long.
Then over the great door of the Exchange
they suspended a black tablet inscribed
with the name of a bankrupt merchant
who had absconded. When this was
done the bell in one of the towers—the
bell of shame—rang for two hours. The
tablet remains for three months and a day.
In many German cities the bankrupt, as a
sigh of his condition, is compelled to wear
a straw hat for a year and a day.
To Make White-wash.—The follow
ing receipt is the best known, combining
excellence and durability. Take a bar
rel and slack one bushel of freshly burned
lime in it, by covering it with boiling wa
ter. After it is slacked add cold water
enough to bring it to the consistency of
good whilh-wash. Then dissolve in wa
ter and add one pound of white vitriol
| (sulphate of zinc) and one quart of fine

1 Can the liberties of a nation be thought
secure, when we have removed their only
firm basis, a conviction in the minds of
people, that these liberties are the gift of
God ? That they are not to be violated
but with his wrath ? Indeed, I tremble for
my country when I reflect that God is
just, and that his justice cannot sleep for
ever.’— [Thomas Jefferson.
How to judge Cattle —In all domes
tic animals, the skin, or hide, forms one
of the best means by which to estimate
their fattening properties. In the hand
ling of oxen, if the hide be found soft and
silky to the touch, it affords a proof ten
dency to take meat. A beast having a
perfect touch, will have a thick, loose
skin, floating as it were, on a layer of
soft fat, yielding to the slightest pressure,
and springing back towards the finger
like a piece of soft leather. Such a skin
will be usually covered with an abun
dance of soft, glossy' hair, feeling like a
bed of moss,— and hence is even termed
a mossy skin. But thick-set, hard,short
hair, always handles hard, and indi
cates a hard feeder.
A stranger from the country obser
ving an ordinary roller rule on the table,
took it up, and, on inquiring its use, was
answered, ‘It is a ru for counting hous
es:’ Too well bred—as he construed po
liteness—to ask unnecessary questions,
lie turned it ovet, and up and down
repeatedly, and at last, in a paroxysm of
baffled curiosity, inquired—‘How, in the
name of wonder, do you count houses
with tliis ?’
I have seen persons who gathered from
the parterre their choicest flowers, just as
they begun to open in full bloom and fra
grance, lest some passerby should tear
them from the bush and destroy them.—
Does not God sometimes gather into heav
en young innocent children for the some
reason—lest acme rude hand may despoil
them of their beauty ?
Kcnncbcc .*111(1 Portland itailroad.
Spring Arrangements,
Commencing April 5lh, 1852.
TRAIN'S LEAVE DAILY, (Sunday* excepted.) os
follows :
Leave Portland for 2>alh and Augusta at
7 a m and 12 45 p m.
Leave Augusta for Bath, Portland and Boston
at 5,15 a m and 12,30 p M.
Leave Bath for Portland and Boston
at G.40 a m. and 1 40 p m.
Leave Bath for Augusta at 7 45 and 1 40 p m.
Through Tickets are sold
Between Portland and Bangor at *3 75; Portland and
Belfast at 553 50; Portland and Cliiuaat #2 25; Augus
ta. Hallowed, Gardiner and 'ion,at 2 50; Richmond
Bowdoiuhuui and Boston, at ^25; Bath, Brunswick,
Freepurt and Dost n, 2 L0.
Laeli train from Bath and Augusta connects at Port
land w.th the trainstroin P Timid to B-stou.
Pile 12 45 p m train from Poriland, for Bath and Au
gusta. -on.iects with tUe tram leaving Boston at 7 a. m.
Passenger* for the Feast arriving in the 1st train from
Boston, will take the cars of this road ji the junction
of ihe Poriami, Saco mid Porisinnuth Railroad at Cape
Eli/.aheih,aud proceed directly on without delay.
Freight tia n, wit i passenger, ar attached, wi;i leave
Portland at 0 dU A AI. Returning will leave Augusta
i -r Porilar.d at 1 15 l* AI ; and Bath lor Portland at 2 45
Siages leave Augusta for Ba-igor daily at 8 A M.
Stages leave Augusta for S »uih Vassal boro’, South
China, Palermo, Liberty Village and Belfast, oil arrival
of the train leaving Portland at 7 A AI.
Singes leave Augusta for North Vassal boro’and Chi
na on arrival ol the train leaving Portland at 1245 P Al.
Al Bath, stages ..meet with .Viscassel, ,>a.nariscoi
ta, Waldoboro, Thoniaston, Belfast and Bangor, on ar
rival ol each train from Poriland.
\rrau reman'* have been unde with the Eastern and
P S. Sc P. Railroads whereby freight will beirauspnrt
ed between Stations on this road and Boston,at re
duced rale*, and without change of cars at Portland.
All ord *rs for freight intended for inis road may be
leftal No 17 M ‘.reliant*, Row, Boston.
JOHN IlD.^MELL, J a ,Superintendent.
Portland, April 2,1852. 31
LINCOLN, s*—At a Court of Probate held at VYiscassct ■
within and for the Countv of Lincoln, on the 5th dav of -
April, A D Id 2.
LYDIA BUBIER, mimed executrix in a certain instru
ment Purporting to he tiie last will and testament of
Andrew Bubier, late of Bowdoiu, in said county, deceased,
having presented the same for Probate: Ordered, that
the said Lydia give notice to all persons interested, by ;
cau ing a copy of this order to be posted up in some pub
lic place in the town of Bowdoiu, and by publishing the
same ill the Eastern Tunes, printed at Bath, three weeks I
successively, that they may appear at a Probate Court to
be held at 0jwdoinham, in sail County, on the third {
Monday ol June next, mid shew cause, if any they have,
why the said instrument should not be proved, approved
and Allowed as the last will and testament of said de
ceased ARNOLD BLaNEY, Judge of Probate.
A true copy—attest:
3wU EDWIN 3. HOYEY, nr„i<fPr.
-~m--—-■——•»■■■■ ■ ■ < ■ i
Commissioners’ Notice.
YX7E having been appointed by the Judge of Probate for
’’ the Couuty of Lincoln to receive ami examine the
claims of the creditors of Milton Nlereen, late of Phips
burg, In said County, deceased, whose estate is represent
ed insolvent, give notice that six mouths commencing on
the second day of February, A D ie52, have been allowed
t ■ said <ueditors to bring in and prove their claims; and
Urn we will attend to the service n- ned us at ath, on
Mini agd and June 3d at the olli Washington Gil
Mrv’ jn.k 1 **arllc|,*_Htad, in l’hi.isburg on March 25th.
V Torfrt July 1**,h al l,le Comiti! Room of James
Dat.d?h.Otlk0aCLOckor each of day a.
Uaiul lht„ third day of February. A D 16 .2.
3w35 W- GH.Bl.RT, ) _ ,
__-- JAMES i„ todd, ] Cnm »
Administrator’s Sale.
BY viriue of a liceiisr frnm .. ,
Pro ...to, wi.ltit. „„d forThe ,l« J“J*'
lie sold u. auction al the store of u , J t.*'rv,n " wl.
Wo. Iwtch, on Tuesday, the 11.h datfnf Lo'V"‘f ’
2 n'rlM i F. M . so inuc i of the real estate >,? Wm’ r
r«rr, lute of said Woolwich, deceased as will
to the Shin of three hundred and ninety dollars for tlte
payment of iha just .lepis of said ileceased. cham-i„f
administration an I incidenlul charges. Said
eoMsicU of a lot of lund and buildings thereon *'*ndiii"
sun.led in Wttojwjch aforesaid, and bounded at per
deed of Daniel Tnrr to Win F Tarr, containing seven
teen acres mpre or Iras.
BKNJ. F TALLMAN. Administrator.
Ricnmoad, April fl. 18d2. 3wl2
Ra Ra Ra
-p ADWAY’S READY RELIEF, cures the
it worst diseases in minutes and hours, and
slops the inosi cruel pangs ot puins ill seconds. So
quickand efficient is Ra I way’s Ready Relief in slop
ping pain and curing disease, that it has ruised the dis
eased and helpless invalid from a bed of sickness in a
very few hours. It has frequently cured the worst
Rheumatism in four hours'
Neuralgia in twenty minutes
Tic Doloreux in ten minutes
Tooth Ache in three seconds
Nervous tleadaohe in fifteen minutes
Sour Stomach in five minutes
Heart-burn in five minute*
Bowel Oempluints, in thiny-five minutes
Cramps and Sprains in twenty-five minutes
Diarrhoea in one hour
Inflammations of the bowels;’in thirty minutes
Local Inflammation in ten minutes
Influenza in twelve hours
Hoarseness in ten hours
Spinal complaints, swellings, bruises, sores, wounds, j
Ac. it will remove ten lanes quicker than any.other I
remedy in use.
Let those toho suffer try it.
It will prove itself in a few minutes As soon as it is
lakeu internally, or applied externally,its beneficial ef
fects are seen. It is better than all other remedies.
Here is the Proof.
There is no other remedy that claims to subdue the
cruel pangs of pain in seconds, minutes or even hour:
They require the patient to use dose after dose before a
favorable change is promised Not so with Railway's
Ready Relief. Its effects are instantaneous; the brsi
done that is taken.or the first external application com
mences ils its great work of relief from pain.
Sick Headache cured in 25 Minutes.
Radway’s Ready Relief has cured over 90,000 cases
of sick and nervous headache during the past season.—
In the Western States, where this distressing com
plaint is so general. Railway’s Ready Relief lias cured
every where it has been applied. Our agent at Romeo,
Michigan, writes:
‘Ontotonr village of 1000 inhabitants, Radway’s
Ready Relief has cured 750 persons of sick and nervous
headache, weakness, fainting spells—curing many of
the worst cases in the incredible short liine of 15 min
utes. It is now surpassing every kind of medicine we
have here, in arresiug pain and curing diseases of ner
vous, rheumatic and billions type.
Spinal Complaints.
By bathing the corJs of the neck and spine with Re
lief they will be great!} strengthened. We have known
many cases of posterior and anterior curvature of
the spine to be entirely cured and the proper shape res
tored by the us * of Radway’s Relief.
Eruptions of the Skin.
By adding a table spoonful of Relief to a table spoon
ful of Olive O'l. it will stop the most painful itching of
the skin in a few minutes, and entirely cure sail rheum,
ring worm, ilch, burns, sores, scalds, Ac.
Railway's Ready’ Relief will reduce all swellings, j
bruise* or wounds in a lew minutes Rear in mind to
ask for Railway's Ready Relief. Remember the three
R R R. Price 25 cents per bottle. Sold by druggists
Railway’s medicated Soap
Possesses wondrous virtues over skin diseases. To the
complexion it imparts beauty.
Rad way'8 Circassian Balm
Imparts nutriment and health to the hair, makes it very
strong, glossy rich and luxuriant. Price 25 cents per
Purchase Railway’s Relief only of the authorized
agents, whose names are inserted in the paper, you will
then be sure to get the genuine article.
RAD IVA Y Sf CO., Practical Chemists,
For sale wholesale and retail by H. II HAY, Drug
gist. Portland* general agent for .Me. All applications
for agencies in said State must be addressed to him.
A. (i. Page and S. P. Shaw, Agents
for Bath. Iy20
HIGHLY* perfumed by its own ingredients. Recom
mended by me faculty ol* almost every European
ci.y,and established under the patronage of almost ev
ery puysiciaii in London and Paris,and thousands ot ni
di valuals, who make daily use of n in i\ Y ork, IMiila
dt-lphia and Dosiou. It is the greatest I uxury a lady or
gentlemen could wish for the iiiiproveine.il of health, tor
CMiuforiuud personal embellishment and Us delicate
sooihing sensation, and the delightful sofiiiessit imparts
to t lie complexion.
We give a few of the prominent properties of the
already well established by actual experience.
This Balm remedies every deject of the complexion,
and establishes in ilssleuu iieuuiy and Health, hi
lime when both, by the change* ot age, or Ircaks of na
ture, or disease, have been obscured and undermined—
it cleanses (lie skin, au.l draws to the surface all impu
rities,and every sp -cies of pimples and blotches; also,
removes tan, sunburn, sallowness and freckle.-, imparl
ing to the skin its original purity, and ay unsurpassed
freshness,rendering it clear smooth and white.
It promotes the growth and increaseof the // u'r, causing
it to curl in the most na'urat manner.
It cleanses ilie head from •lamlrutf, giving vigor, health
and life to the very roots of the hair.
It is a superior article for Shaving, being superior to all
descriptions of Soaps. Creams, Pastes ifc.
As a^JENTHiFicifc inr cleansing the i'eetu, a is by far
the most medicinal of any compound yet discovered,
preventing decay, relieving pain, ulcers and cankers,
and renders the teeth as wane as alabaster. For the
sutreriug, and lor battling, tor sulfcimg infants, and lor
liluits, to promote sweetness of body, cleanliness, health
and strength, and to prevent eruptions, «Jtc\. there is no
article more suitable than .his IJalin. it may be used in
cold or warm, hard or soil water.
Manufacturers and P<opr<e-q•*—BOSTON *
Agents lor Bith, where the above may b* louud u
wholesale and retail.
July id. lyO
HU1K above Manufactory during the past s^axou hav
JL mg been completely refitted ith new tnuchiuery—
including Engine, '1’arring Apparatus and Splitting
machinery—comprising all ilie latest improvements.
The proprietors would invite the at.enl.ou of ship j
owners, and dealers fn Cordage generally, to their es-i
tabiishmeut, where may be touud an assortment of first i
quality Hemp and Manilla Cordage, which will he sold
by wholesale or retail as the lowest manufacturers pri
Hangs of Cordage, warranted equal to any in the
market, tarnished at short notice, and all orders from
ih.s or neighboring towns, will be promptly attended
to. *
P'case call before purchasing elsewhere.
_p. & J . k'. DONNELL.
* I HIE subscriber has just received a large assortment
oi iresh FaM1L\ GROCERIES, which, in addi*
non to his former stock, comprises one of the largest in
the city, among which arc
Old Hyson TEAS, Oolong Teas,
Young do do Ninyong,do
•Souchong do.
Old Gov't Java COFFEE, Pernambuco Coffee,
Rio do Si Domingo do.
Dutch Crushed SUGAR, Powdered Sugar,
St Croix do Porto Rico do
Havana do.
Lard—Codfish—Rice—Cask and Box Raisins—Cur
rants—Burning Fluid, extra quality—Bar Soap—Mo
lasses—and all other articles usually kept in a Grocery
Store. To be sold at the lowest prices lor cash.
R. R. S.MI I’ll,
Opposite the Sagadahock House.
Bath, June 25,1851. Itf
English Herring.
BOX Ko English Ilerri ig. in slopping order.
^£yjvj For sale by R It S.MI i ll A CO.
Jan. I, 1852. 28
For Sale.
A NUMBER of House lot*, situ.tied in a central and
/X pleasant purl of the city. For further particulars
inquire of \YM. WINSLOW.
Bath, June 2, 1S51. Iy50
Cement. ,
ZI1YDE Sc Co. nave constantly on hand and for
• sale the best article ofCiMiENT nowin u*e.
Feb. 27,1851.
Paint your Hoofs.
BLAKE’fcPaten tFuint ot Artificial3late,for
sale i n anv quantity by
The value oftltis » rticlewill be seen by the
follow ingcertilicalesf rout gentlemen who have
used 11 and proved iisi ttdu rating qualities.
Mk. Blake — Dear Sir,—I had a building
adjoining the wall of iny stone Cotlon Factory,
thereof of which was covered with your Fire
proof Faint or Artificial Slate. The factory
took fire,andduringthe progress o I its destruc
t ion, large numbers of burning shingles a nd oth
et combustibleinaterials fell upon thisroof.so
covered,and I expected every moment to see it
burst i nto flames.but after the factory burned
down I examinedsnid rooftnd found i 11 iterally
covered with coals and cinders.bu i the fire had
not madethe least impression upon it. After
thiste9t,therpcertainlj can beno doubt asto
i Is fire-proo (qualities.
Rochester,Sept..1848. SETII C. JONES.
American Hotel, )
Broadway ,New York,Oct,4th, 1848. )
Mr. Blake—Sir:—We Iasi Spring cov
ered t he r oof oft he American, with you r Fire
proofPaint. We now find tha I it has become
ashard asHate.anrithe almost constant tread*
o riheso* «*n t s ( whousc t he t op o ft he housefor
dry in ^ clothes ) does no tx (Feet it in t he I east,;
md t tprovesa lit ha tit was recommended. j
Taber & bagley. 1
New Stove Store!
Wilkinson’s Block, Broad Street.
THE subscribers having recently taken thestore in the
above named Block, Broad St., respectfully inform
the public that they have on hand, and now offer for
sale an extensive assortment of
Cooking-, Parlor & Store Stoves
of the latest and most approved putierns, for wood or
coal, which they warrant to operate iu the ni«st perfect
manner. —also—
Cooking Ranges, Hot-Air Furnaces, Oven and
Boiler Mouths, Iron Sinks,
A good a,sorunciiiot Kitchon Furnishing Goods and
of every description. —also—
Iron, Tin, Britania and Japanned Ware, Axes,
Hatchets, Hammers, Saws, Shovels and
Tongs, Table Cutlery, Sad Irons, &c.
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work done lo order in
the most faithful manner.
Those in want of any of the above Goods, would do
well to call and examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are prepaied to sell os low sis ran be
bought in this city. MONROE it GOODKlC'll.
Bath, July 22,1851. 5tf
The North Western Insurance
HOUSES,Buildings, Manufactories,Stores, Vessels
in harbor, goods, wares and merchandise general
ly, from loss or damage by fire.
Incorporated by the Suite of N. York in 1832.
CAPITAL, {all paid in) 150,000.
J. 11. XcLELLAN, Agent for Bath.
Feb.27,1351. Iy3«
Flour, Pork, Beef and Cheese.
JUS T received by ihe subscriber, per brig Catherine, j
direct from New Yotk, the best brands FAMILY j
FI .(J UR, such as *
Railroad—Empire—Calhoun—J II Beach—B Usher.
Also. Common brands.
Also, Buckwheat Flour—Chicago MESS BEEF— |
New York do do—Boston do do—MESS PORK—New
York Ci/E BSE—Boston do. All ol which will be sold ;
cheap for cash. R. R- SMITH.
Bath, June 25,1851. Itf j
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
his friends and the public generally, that j
he has taken the store under the Sugada
hock House, next door north of Ballou’s
Clothing Establishment, where he offers for
sale a complete assortment of Drug*. M d
inries^Ch mic i's, Fanty Arti-tea, Prrfu
m ry, P-itent Medicine*, tfc fyc.
He will also keep on hand Confectionary of the best
quality, also articles of diet for the sick, such as Arrow
root, Irish and Iceland Moss, Sago, Tapioca, Groats, Oat
Meal, Pearl Barley, Ac.
WASHING FLUID of a^uperiorquality, by the bottle
or gallon.
Personal and strict attention will be given to the com
pounding of Physicians’ prescriptions.
YT Family and Ships’ Medicine Chests cnrcfully put
up and replenished. J. MATHEW S, M. D.
Bath, Oct. 28, 1850. 19tf j
Ship Chandlery!
A GENERALassortment constantly on hau ‘ for sale
Z. IIVDE A Co., corner of Front
and Broad Streets, Batli.
Including Cordage, (mauilla and tarred) from the
.Manufactories of Boston and Plymouth, by Gang or re
tail. Cottm, Scotch and Russia Duck, of all descrip
tions. Cotton and Hemp Twines.
Anchors of all sizes—Best proved Cham Cables—
Sheets andTics—Bolt, Sheathing Copper and Yellow
Metal—Composition Spikes and other Castings—Per
cy's Ventilators, Jigger Windlasses, Ac.. Patent do
(tear,Windlass Necks and Capstans Spindles—Cam
booses—Iron Spikes—Naval Stores—Paints, Oils and
Glass—Nautical Instruments, Books, Charts. Ac.
Many of the ahovean icles, on suitable notice can he
felivered from the manufacturers at their lowest prices,
ree of expense to ihe pureliu.^er.
Bath, Marchl, 1851. 37
15iiswell’s Mineral Paint.
/I warranted ehual to any offered to tin* public, tor sale
July 2, 1851. 2
Hardware, Cutlery, Ac.
KEF.P constantly on hand and for salea large and su
perior assortment oi Hardware, Edge Tends. Saws,
Carpenters’ Tools of every description, at llie lowest
prices for cash.
Al»o. constantly on hand, Tin and Copper Ware—
Ships’ Pumps, «cr, * v.
Ships’ Cambooses.
THE best Cauioooses ever ottered in the ciiv. for sale
Bath, Feb 24,1852. 3G
Vegetable Balsamic Elixir
&^“Read! Read!! Read!!! a
Downs’ Elixir loosens the cough, increases the
ex/tectorativn, or spitting, promotes I lie insensible
perspiration, improves tlte digestion, strengthens
the stomach, stimulates the diuretic organs, and
tints inf the Skin, the Kidneys, anti the litncels, cleanses
Ote Bloat/, renovates the system, eradicates elistase
It never produces C'osiiveness, but unlike
all other similar medicines, it is a remedy Jar that
evil, and wilt in a few weeks, (the patient having
proper regard to diet,) entirely relieve and cull
the most obstinate eases of that difficulty.
Rf.v. J. L. Tuttle writes: —“I found that the
use of it a tew days, had regulated my bowels,
equalized the circulation, and produced a healthy
moisture upon the skin. I used three bottles in two
weeks, which entirely removed the soreness and
weakness from my stomach, gave me a good appe
tite, and greatly improved my strength.”
l or every description of Cough, whether
A MERE cot.it, produced by a fever, or the effect
of a fixed pulmonary habit,"Downs' Elixir stands
Tt often cures a couch in a fate flays, that lias lasted
for months, and baitted the skill of the best physi
For 31Pamirs, it is the best article in the world,
as it breaks up the cough and restores the patient to
Health, in much less than the usual time.
Rcr. .T. L. Tuttle, again: — “I have given it to
my children in coltls, and in a case of measles, and
it has proved all it is recommended to be.”
Any person haring an attack of
Bleeding at the Lungs,
Should at once rc.-ort to Downs’ Elixir. We have
never known an instance of recurrence if Bleeding
at the Lungs while the patient adhered to the direc
tions in the use of this medicine.
Hear Alderman Morton, of New York City:
About one year since I had five different attacks of
bleeding or hemorrhage of the lungs, and was much
reduced and confined to my bed for nearly six
months; since then I have had without cessation a
severe cough aud general debility, trying almost
every medicine of any reputation. A few da vs
since I commenced the use of Downs’ Elixir, and
have no hesitation in saving that to my cough and
soreness of lungs it has proved of great benefit and
has been of essential service to me in restoring my
For II hooping C’ough, you should immedi
ately make use of Downs’ Elixir. It trill save
hours of hard coughing, and restore the patient to
health, much sooner than any other known
He speak confidently, having never known it fail in ;
the hundreds of instances in which it fates been used. I
Asthma, IT ALWAYS RELIEVES, and has
undoubtedly produced more POSITIVE CURES I
IN THIS COMPLAINT, than all other medicines. :
Remember, it has oft^ff proved the consumptive’s j
best friend — affording relief after all else
C. W. ATWELL, No. 4, under U. States Hotel,
Portland, Maine, Wholesale and Retail Agent.
Orders from the country promptly attended to
For sale by A. O. PAGE, Bath; E. T.
Gatchellnnd Wm Baker, Brunswick—and by Druggists
and dealers in Medicine generally. 47tf
MF. GANNETT is prepared to supply his customers
• with Buckwheat Flour, Hommony and Samp with j
New York Sugar House Syrup. Mar 24 !
Havana Cigars,
A SUPERIOR article,ju»ireceived and lor sale by
June 25,1851. SMITH & CO.
Ships for sale.
ittVOW CM Ihe .lock, and for sale, a superior
wfcgjgg II new and copper fastened Ship of500 tons
burthen; nlso one of 450 tons burihtn. Both
will be s^ld on reasonable terms. Apply to
Richmond.Oct 1 THOMAS J. SOUTHARD.
THE subscribers have on hand a large lot of superior
Flour which they will sell as low as the same qual
ity can be bought in this city. R R SMITH A CO.
Jan 1,1552. , 28
MARCH, 1852.
The first Spring List, collected by S. M. Pettengill
<5c Co., Newspaper Advertising Agents, No 10 State St,
Boston, who are authorized by the publishers ot ilie
best and most widely circular ed newspapers throughout
the United Slates, to lake advertisements and subscrip
tions ut the lowest iat*s.
BC7" The following is a List-of manyofthe most sub
stantial and honorable business firms in Boston. Mer
chants and others visiting the city, will find theDirec
lory of great service to them, and they are advised to
take it with them.
Book Agents Wanted.
To sell Pictorial Books, sold only by subscription.—
For Circulars, address Horace Wentworth,
No. 86 Washington Street, Boston.
Importer and Manufacturer of
Musical Instruments,
163 Washington Street, directly opposite
the Old South Church, Boston.
Military Brass Bands will be furnished on the most
liberal terms, aud all instruments sold, warranted to be
in tune.
Straphtncs, Reed Organs, and Carhart’s Melndeons,
at manufacturers’ prices Military Band Music, pub
lished every six months. Ten original pieces by E. K.
Eaton, each set consisting of Quick Steps, Mutches,
Gallops, Waltzes, &c; price SF5, being about one fourth
the usual cost of arranging. Third set iust published
Also No 1 National Airs lor small bands of Irom five to
twelve instruments— 1:2 airs in each, price SI.50.
CH. PACKARD, M» uufaclurer of Seraphines,
• Melopliines, and Carhart's Patent Portable Meln
deons, which for quickness and beauty of tone are not
surpassed by any other manufactured in the Union._
Wholesale and retail depot at North Bridgewater, Mass
and at HENRY TOLMANS Music Store, No 153
Washington st, opposite the Old South Church, Boston.
Piano Fortes—Removal.
YVould respectfully give notice to their friends and
the public, iliat they have removed to the large new
387 Washington Street, corner of Avery,
where they keep constantly on hand a good assort
ment of Pianos from (i to 7 Octaves, which they war
rant to give perfect satisfaction to all who may patron
ize them. As they have received Me la's front several
institutions for the superiority of their Pianos, they feel
a confidence in asking their friends and all who are in
want of a good Piano at » reasonable price, to ca'l and
examine for themselves. Second-hand Pianos taken in
W ill commence its second Volume the first week in
April. It will continue to be the medium through which
Mrs. Partington,
And many other quaint writers, will communicate with
the public. Kvery number is embellished with pictures
executed by the best artists. Terms, **2 a year in ad
vance. Address WILDER, PICKARD if CO., Pub
lishers, No. 5 Washington street, Boston.
~& si
[Successors to Chase.]
Over stores 297, 299 and 301 Washington
street, Boston.
Daguerreotype Stock,
And Apparatus of every description, Wholesale and
Retail bv
No. 123 Washington Street, Boston.
Balance and Scale .Manufacturers,
No. 72 Water Street, Boston.
No. 142 Washington Street, Boston.
Fishing Tackle, Cutlery and Hardware,
R. Ileinisch's and Leonard & Wendt’s Patent
Tailors’ Shears and Scissors.
Of any Pattern, for Cemetaries and Houses,
Manufactured and for sale by
SYDNEY PATCH, 84 and 42 Merrimac street,
mauam & ieissslsy,
lmporter.s and Jobbers of all kinds of
Iren and Steel Nails and Hoops,
62, 64 and 66 Broad Street, BOSTON.
Iron Sate Warehouse,
And Depot for the sale of Hull’s New Patent Powder
Proof Locks.
25 Merchants’ Row, Boston.
Micct Isiuglass, or ill lea.
To Stove and Lantern Manufacturers.
For Cumpnra CJur<l«, l.aiileriis of all kinds. Stove and
furiiHce doors, Ac. It is superior to anything ev«-r used
lor the above purposes, on account of not breaking or
burning, but standing the most intense heat.
Safety Lanterns and safety lamps, of various sizes, a
very superior article. {Sold at
No. 31 Union Street, (up stairs) Boston, by
To Tin and Iron Workers, Machinists and
Manu fact urers.
SAESJ1L EAT & £©♦,
Corner of Broad and State Streets, BOSTON.
Offer tor sole improved
Tinners’ Mncliines ninl Tools,
Of warranted quality, and a' greatly reduced prices,
Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Wire, Copper, Zinc,
Sheet Brass, Copper Bottoms, Block
Tin, Lead, &c.
Plate and Rod Iron, Anvils, Vises. Files, Stubbs5 tools,
Files and Steel, Cast Steel of all shapes and sizes, Kui
cry, bolts, rivets, chains, nuts and washers, Ac.
G:is l*ipe ;iu<l Fixtures.
Steam and fins ripe Fittings of every description.
Brass and Iron Valves, Cocks, Locomotive, Marine,
Flue and Cylinder Boilers. Turning Lathes, andiron
Planers, Ac. NICHOLS & HOYT, Agents,
*20 Haverhill st. between Maine and Fitchhuig Depots.
%Vjti. ADA.tlS Sc CO.,
[Late Adams, Hammond Sc Co.]
And Mauuiucturers und Dealers in
11. G. Wilder's Patent Salamander SAFES,
And Patent Gunpowder Proof Locks. Constantly on
Corner Cross and Fulton Streets, Boston.
Improved Salamander Safes.
Bank Vaults, Steel Chests, Doors, Shutters,
&c., &c.,
Mannfacturered and for sale at the lowest prices for
Corner Cambridge and Charles Sts., Boston.
Swords, Apulctls, Ac , of every description, furnished
to order.
Costuming Articles, in great variety.
Regalias for all the Orders and Societies.
Together with Runner yilks amt Trimmings, fur
nished by A. W. POI.LARD,
No. 6 Court Street.
Wholesald Dealers in
Painted Carpets,
Table Oil Cloths, Window Shades and Fix
tures. Entry anil Door Mats, See.,
1 and 2 Holmes' Block, Haymarkct Square,
N R. All kinds of store shade, got up at short notice.
McGilvray, Wyman A. Co.,
Successors to Jewett, McGilvray & Co
Importers and wholesale dealers in English, French,
Swiss and American
Dry Goods, Carpats, Mattings, Ac.,
51 and 53 Water St., Boston.
Norton Straw Manufacturing Co.’s Spring
Stvles Straw Bonnets and Hats.
J. W. ALDEX, 63 Milk Street.
Fowlers A Wells
Phrenologists nud Publishers, assisted by Mr. D. P.
Butler, have opened a Cabinet and Bookstore in Bos
ton, No 142 Washington where professional exami
nations. with charts or written descriptions of charac
ter. may he obtained.
Book*, on Phrenology, Thysiolosy Hydropathy and
Phonography for sale. Agets and Booksellers supplied
on the most lihiral terms.
No. 86 Tremont Street, Boston.
One of the largest assortment* of Scraphines, Reed
Organs and Melodeons. to be found in the country, con
staiitly on hand. SoIq agents for the Dolce Carnpaua
Pianos, universally acknowledged lobe the best Pia
nos with an attachment yet invented. Also, constantly :
on hand a large assortment of low priced Pianos of the
v.*ry lies: quality.
Just Published—Tlte Eestallczzman School Song1
E»oh. a juvenile singing book, on u new- und very much
improved plan.
Also. ‘American Church Voluntaries,’ a collection of
easy Volinturies exacilv adapted to the American
Church service.
Tie B^y State Gl?e Eo<k. one of the most popular
collections of Glees ever published. Price, 25 cents
per copy.
Constantly on baud all the most popular Church Mu
sic Books, Glee Books, Instruction Docks, Sheet Mu
sic, etc., published in the country.
BOSTON business directory.
°'° B*ty Ulake> U.o Caliot V\ urd,Jas Murray Howe.
liankers und Dealers Exchange, Nego
tiators of Stocks, Notes £’
J\o. 4 Slate Street, Bo,ton
Draw bills on Baring Brothers j- cQ . . ,
don, Liverpool or Dublin, lor any sum 'tram ™ "p1'0";
upwurds, charging ilierelor al ibe rate of5S
the Pound. Dollar,
Bill, forwarded by post or oilierwise. Sixly day bill,
also druwn at current rates.
CaPT- Albert H. Brown, will be despateh
for the above port on the twenty-eighth duy
jfaUb of APRIL.
The Staffordshire is 1900 tons register, was built by
Donald AlcKuy, of East Boston, (immediately after the
construction of the ‘ Flying Cloud, which clipper has
made the fastest time of any sailing ship afloat); is in
all her appointments a genuine clipper ; has nitracted
great attention, both in this country and England,
by the beauty of her model and her great size, and her
sailug qualities are proved by her recent North Atlan
tic passages, to and from Liverpool—the outward in H
and the homeward in 27 days—thus accomplishing both
trips in about the usual iime of a homeward run.
The ship is supplied with iron water tanks, has a
promenade deck lore auei ait, am! is ventilated in u su
perior manner.
We are confident that uo ship has as yet been despatch
ed to California that offers such splendidly fitted upsiate
rooms, and has such spacious accomodations for first
and second cabin passengers.
The ship will load ut Liverpool Packet Pier, Lewis
wharf, and every facility will be oflered to the shippers
of freight.
For every information regarding freight or passage,
apply to GLIDDEN St WILLIAMS, No. 29, or to
ENOCH TRAIN Sc Co.37 and 38 Lewis’ wharf
Agents at San Francisco, Messrs. Flint, Peabody A
Exchange on England.
37 Lewis Wharf, Boston.
ENOCH TRAIN Sc Co coniinue to draw bills of ex
change, on England, at sight to 60 days, from £1 up
wards. in sums to suit, which are cashed at any hunk in
Ireland, and at the office of their branch house, No 5 In •
din buildings, Water Street, Liverpool.
ftlacuillar, Williams A Co.,
(Successors to (’lias E. Scoff St Co.)
United States Clothes Warehouse,
Wholesale and Retail.
Nos. 35 ami 37 Ann Sireet,
Z/‘ Furnishing Goods ofevery description constantly
on hand.
MIX W. XOffSDtf « EB„
Wholesale and retail Dealers in
Ready Made Clothing,
And Furnishing Goods,
Nos. 29 i'lul 30 Dock Square, and 39 Ex
change streei, Bostox.
MERCHANT TAILOR. Also keeps constantly
tor sate Fash>ona'/l< Ready Male Clothing, equal to cus
tom make, and at the lowest prices. [Tremont Street
entrance directly opposite head of Hanover Street, (up
stairs) Boston.
posted up :
Wholesale Traders take Notice !
Worth of Men's ami Boys'Cloihins, Furnish
ing Goods, &r., &e. New Spring Goods
Just manufactured and for sole on the
Most Liberal Terms!
A stock of upwards of one hundred thousand dollars!—
among which are—
li)0 doz fancy Doeskin Pants at from S?2I to 49 per doz.
ISO do Satinet t'o 15 30 do
*200 do Assorted do 15 30 do
150 do Tweed and Cashmerett Coals.
150 do Dress and Frock Coats.
200 do Vests. Ac.. Arc.
300 do Green Jackets and Overalls.
Travelers will find an extensive variety of Clothing,
from which to replenish theii wardrobes at very low
rates. ^
Ladies with their children will receive particular at
tention in the selection ol Clothing for Boys. We are
pleased to show our stock and establishment to stran
gers in the city.
Nos. 32, 34, 30 and 38 Ann Street, Bostox.
Light from the Spirit World :
Comprising a series of articles on the condition oi Spi
rits, and the developemenl of mind in the rudimenial
and second spheres , being written wholly by the con
trol of spirits C. Hammond medium.at Rochester, NY.
second edition, 256 paces, 12mo. Price. 53 cents. For
sale by BKLA MARSH, No. 25 Cornhill.
Aiiiory’s Ealing lioiisc.
No. 4 Lindall street, Boston.
Stranger\aud others visiting the city, will find ibis a
popular resort for business men. Meals at all hours—
nii«l the besi rbe market affords.
Manulsciur-r ol every des« nptu.ii «..t
Warerooms, Nos. 7 and 10 Chapman Place,
Next door to Horticultural Hall, School Sit Besn n.
Dickinson Tvpe Foundry,
And all other kinds of Printing Materials.
Of superior quality, and at the lowest prices, for sale
as above by PH LLPS A DALTON .
”1" ~i is i ui,
No o Merchants’ How, Boston.
Engraving, Lithography, Plate Printing &c.
Printing in colors, bionze or lent, plain or emb*•ssecl.
Colored and fancy papers, card stock. Ac., at maker's
prices. Importer of German and Knglish Bronze and
Metal Leaf. Super.or Gold Size lor i rnnze Printing.
lojipcrplHlc Printing.
Plate Printing done in nil its rant ties t >
No. 116 Washington Street, Boston.
Also, marriage and address cards engraved and print
ed in latest styles.
sagaum® wmmhtot
26 Railroad Kxclmnge, Conn .Square, bosun, has
agencies at Washington, and in the Western Stales,
and procures, locates and purchases Lands Warrants,
j No charge unless successful.
■lazelfon, Cow din «V Co.,
• i:miuw ctuters and Dealers in
Paper Hangings, Borders, Fire-Board Prints,
Transparent Window Shades, &c , &c.,
No. 46 Congress Street, Boston.
Impurtersand w'lolrsu/e andretnit dra ers in FRENCH
No. 25 Court Street, Boston.
lFAiPisaa EiAsy®iisj©s9
Wholesale and Retail by
No. 78 lllackstone Street, BOSTON
Paper Warehouse.
PAPER of ail kinds lor salt*, and m»«|e to order.
Newspapers supplied at lowest raits. cA>11 | aid lor
Rags, waste Ropes, Sizing, and nil orJier kinds of I a
per Stock, by GRANT. DAMLLL x CO.,
No. 10 Union Street, Boston.__
Boston and Chelsea Paper Co. ,
Mnnularmiers and Dealers in
No. 4 Union Block, Union Street, Boston.
MEKRIAM & PALMER, 7'jojrrietors.
Farming Implements and Machines, Garden
and Grass Seeds, by
Ruggles, Nourse, Mason A Co., Boston.
Segars, Tobacco, Foreign Fruits, Nuts, Domes- I
tic Produce, &c.,
JYo. 2 Merchants' Rote, BOSTOX.
' S US (& iTuT~3B)~HV A ga~ i
Wholesale ami retail dealer in. ami importer of
Segars, Tobacco and Sunil*.
13 Brattle Square, under Central House, Boston.
Wholesale Paper Warehouse.
Wilkins, Rice A Kendall,
[Late Wilkins,Carter & Co.]
No. 16 Water Street, Boston.
A fill! assortment of Printing, Letter Gap, Writing.
Colored, Tissue and all oilier paper. Orders solicited
Norton Newcomb, Jr.,
No. 16S Washington Street, nearly opposite
Bromfield Street.
Edwards, Holman A: Co.,
Manufacturers of
Improved Salamander Safes,
Paiem Bank Locks, Bank Vnnlis, Iron and
Steel Che«is, Strong Boxes, &c.,
[Warranted Fire ami Burglar Proof]
46 and 48 Congress Street, Boston.
And Steel Lined Cbesl.. M.iiufaeiured by DENIO *
ROBERTS, corner Causewayand Friend SU , Boilon.
Also, manufacturers of Criteherson’s Improred Bread
Machine, for making Ship Bread, Hard and Soft Crack
ers, Sugar and Soda Biscuit.
of those wonderful inventions is now so generally \raown
n»d their sales and reputation thi-oughout the wholecoun
try so extensive, that it would seem unnecessary to urge
their merits further. But some late circumstances hav©
occurred which render it a matter of duty to the public
not to be altogether silent, for while the ephemeral nos
trums of the day ore trumpeted by columns through the
Press and swallowed by quarts and gallons by the af
flicted, and are found just good for nothing,
Christie’s Galvanic and Magnetic Curatives,
have been quietly working their way among the most
intelligent and respectable classes, and are constantly
achieving cures in an alarming train of diseases, which
have lor ages bullied all the aid of medicine and all th©
resources of Science. These diseases are called
and in these diseases medicine is of no avail whatever.
It never does good and it often does harm. Syrups, Ex
tracts, Balms, Balsams, Elixirs, Bitters, Pills, Powders
and Potions every kind are alike worthless, for they
weaken the vital energies of the already prostrated sys
tem, while under the strengthening, life-giving, vitalizing
influence of Galvanism, as applied by this beautiful! dis
covery. the exhausted patient and weakened sufferer is
restored to former health, strength, elasticity and vigor.
These remarks relate to such diseases as NEURAL
TUDE and DESPONDENCY, which are only other
names for Nervous Derangement ; EPILEPTIC FITS
and CONVULSIONS, which are now known to result
from a non-equilibrium of Electric influence ; NERVOUS
TREMORS, DEAFNESS, which is nearly always caused
by torpidity of the Auditory Nerves, and can always be
perfectly cured by Galvanism, when the organ is not de
stroyed ; DYSPEPSIA, in its worst forms ; PALSY and
PAR A LYSIS, uniformly caused by a deficiency of Nerv
all those distressing complaints resulting from a DE
In the above prevalent and terrible class of diseases
Nervous Complaints are much more numerous than is
generally imagined—
Are mi Absolute and Positive Specific.
The BELT is used when the body or system generally
is alfected ; the NECKLACE for complaints of the Throat,
as Asthma and Bronchitis, and of the Head ; and the
BRACELETS for all disorders of the arms or limbs, as
Rheumatism, Palsy, Tremors ami Spasmodic affections.
These articles are simply applied as directed with the
MAGNETIC FLUID which accompanies them, and whan
faithfully used they NEVER FAIL !
The great peculiarity and excellence of the GAL
VANJC CURATIVES consists in the fact that they arrest
and cure disease by outward application, in place of the
usual method of Drugging and Physicking the patient
till exhausted nature sinks hopelessly under the inflic
tion. They strengthen the whole system, equalize the eircu
I la lien of the Blood, promote the secretions, invigorate the
entire energies, and can never do the slightest harm undn
; any circumstances.
I Since their introduction In the United States, only
three years since, more than
7 D,u U U ^ftKSONS
including all ages, classes and conditions, among wnon>
were a large number of Ladies. who are peculiarly scb«
j$ct to Nervous Complaints, have been
Entirely and Permanently Cured,
| w lien ail hope of relief had been given up, and every tiling
I else been tried in vain ! The beneficial results which
j have uniformly attended their use is conlidently stated to
j be without a parallel in the annals of Medical Science.
Clergymen, lawyers, and even physicians; ladies of the
! highest standing; distinguished persons holding ele
vated official stations; merchants, manufacturers, and
mechanics; the poor and the rich alike; often whole
families, among all classes, ranks and conditions, have
equally been recipients, and have equally acknowledged
the wondrous and often unexpected benciiU which they
have thus received.
ftiT l et it be known and remembered that the only
Natural Restorative for the Nerves is Galvanism, aud
that in all Nervous Diseases we should
* Throw Physic to the Dogs”.
To illustrate the use of the GALVANIC BELT,
suppose the case of a person afflicted with that banc of
civilization, DYSPEPSIA, or any other Chronic or Nerv
ous Disorder. In ordinary cases, stimulants are taken,
which, by their action on the nerves and muscles of the
stomach, afford temporary relief, but which leave the
patient in a lower slate, and with injured faculties, after
the action thus excited has ceased. Now compare this
with the effect resulting from the application of the
GALVANIC BELT. Take a Dyspeptic sufferer, even in
the worst symptoms »f an attack, and simply tie the Belt
round the Body, using the Magnetic Fluid as directed.
In a short period the insensible perspiration will act on
the positive element of the Belt, thereby causing a Gal
vanic circulation which will pass on to the negative, and
thence back again to the positive, thus keeping up a con
tinuous Galvanic circulation throughout the system.
Thus the most severe cases of DYSPEPSIA are PER
from the most intelligent and respectable persons residintf
in every portion of the United States, could be presented.
These are now unnecessary, hut a numerous selection,
embracing many statements of the most extraordinary
character, sufficient to CONVINCE THE MOST SCEP
TICAL may be had of the authorised Agent. The inter
ested arc particularly invited to call.
j?3~ 77 YEARS OLD!!!
Blooming Grove, Orange Co., N. Y., July 26, 1940.
To Dr. A. H. Christie, New York.
Dear Sir—Having been very severely handled by
Rheumatism and other diseases and having been cured in
a most remarkable manner by CHRISTIE’S GALVANIC
BELT and FLUID, I thought I would give you a state
ment of my case, for the benefit of others. I had the
Rheumatism last winter, and my legs swelled very much.
My head was also very much afdicied. having so severe a
pain over my eyes that I could scarcely see. At the*
same time, I was troubled by spasms, caused by the
pain in my head, I suppose. My hearing had been
getting poor for several years from a catarrh, so that in
one ear 1 could scarcely hear at all. Having heard wort
derful accounts of Christie’s Belt and Fluid, I sent to
your store and got them. The Belt was put on, and the
Fluid used as directed, and I don’t think I have had, after
the first night using them, one minute clear pain from
that time to this, being six months. The Rheumatism
left my body entirely, alter wearing the Belt a very short
time, probably two weeks. Then J put on a GaAvania
Necklace, and had not worn it two weeks, before my head
was perfectly well. My hearing in both ears is entirely
restored, the pain all gone, my sight is very good for a
man of my age, (77 vears in -August) and I consider
myself entirely well,' having worked through harvest
without the least difficulty. I consider my cure very
remarkable, and therefore do not hesitate to recommend
Christie’s Galvanic CurntlvM to all persous af
flicted as I have been.
State of New York, Newburgh, Orange County, tt
Phineas Tuthill of Blooming Grove, Orange County;
N. Y., who i* personally known to me as a most respect
able citizen and worthy of all confidence, being duly
sworn deposes and says that the facts set forth in the
ghore statement in relation to his case, are entirely cor
rect, and that he is now in the enjoyment of good health,
caused as he believes by Christie's Galvanic Curatives.
Df.ar Sir,—I want another supply of CHRISTIE’S
GALVANIC CURATIVES, immediately. This is an in
telligent and reasoning community, anu they see at once
that the Curatives are constructed upon scientific and
philosophical principles and must work effectually upon
the Nervous System, in the case of Nervous Diseases.
An estimable young lady in our town was afflicted with
extreme Nervous Debility and severe pains in the head
1 and neck. She put on one of the Galvanic Belts and
Necklace and immediately became sensible of its curative
and strengthening powers, and the next day was relieved
of the severe pains, and raised from a state of entire
nervous prostration to health and strength. 1 can aiexx
tion several other eases equally wonderful.
Yours very respectfully,
Panama, Chautauque Co., N. Y, Oct., 1, I860.
To D. C-. Morehead, M. D.
I have disposed of all the Galvanic Belts with the ex
ception of two, and as the results have been most suc
cessful, I beg you will send me a new supply immedi
ately. A young man in a town adjoining had been out
of health for a long time, and unable to do any work at
all. He tried the “ Regulars” until they completely
physicked his pockets as well as his system. He then
concluded to try a Belt and Fluid. The first day it
compelled him to keep his bed. and his parents and
friends begged him to take off the Belt—said it would
make, him worse, ftc., but he kept it on. and the next day
went to haying, and has worked hard every day since.
Yours truly, A. J- SMITH.
Bristol, N. H., September 13, 1S50.
No trouble or inconvenience attends u,e
they may be w orn by the most feeble and delica n
perfect "ease and safety. In many cases the
attending their use is highly pleasant and • 7
are accompanied bv full and plain dlrectioni l°r u„
Pamphlets with full particulars may be obtained gratia,
of the authorised Agent.
The Galvanic Belt, Three Dollars.
The Galvanic Necklace, Two Dollars.
The Galvanic Bracelets, One Dollar Each.
The Magnetic Fluid, One Dollar.
particular caution.
QQ- Beware of Cawnterfeilt and Worthiest Imitations
IS) Broadway, Naw Fork.
For sale by A. G. FAGE, only authorized
Agent for Bath and vicinity. eoply51
Woolen Blankets.
A GOOD assortment of Wool Blankets just received
at the new Granite Store and for sale rhenp.
Bath, Oct 15. H. W. OWEN & CO.
Superior Lard Oil,
For aale by SMITH A CO.
Fab 4. !«5*. M

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