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Later from California.
The steamer Georgia arrived at New York
on Friday night, with the mails. Two mil
lions of specie arrived on freight, aod about
$300,000 io the bands of passengers. She
left Aspiawall on the morning of the 20th
iust., and took her departure from Kingston
on the morning of the 23d. Oct. 25ih,
passed steamship Csieoe Island, also steam
ship Star of the west
The hoaimen on ihe Chagres river threat
ened to destroy the rs.lroad bridge, hecsuae
it interfered wiib their business. No gov
ernment fore* esiais between I'snama and
A spin wall. The Railroad Company have to
delend ili«m*el*ea.
The village of White Roek, near Placer
ville, was destroyed by fire on the 15th ult.
Several cases of s|iorailic cholera had oc
curred in the different mines in various lo
Coal had been discovered io Puget Sound.
The Indians in Tulare county were quiet.
The mining news is still exciting. A
specimen of pure gold was taken om of a
mine in Downievtlle weighing 204 ounces.
Fine specimens of Gold and Coal found
near Chepo, have been taken to PanHinn.
A military force had been organized by
Gen. Palz, for ihe protection of passengers
crossing the Isthmus.
The brig Hallowell arrived at San Louis
Obispo 24th, front Mazailan, wiili Texan
passengers via Northern Mexico, in distress.
Advices from Oregon are sal's!actory.
Markets at San Francisco are not active,
and leading articles are scarce. Flour firm ;
lard is in trailer demand, selling at 17 to 21
cents; pork is improved ; beef in moderate
demand; rice in good demandat improved
Singular Method or finding Drowned
Persons. The lale London papers relate,
that on Saturday, the 26th ull., an agricultu
ral inborer, named Solomon Dunford, left
the Crown public house opposite the Foun
tain Hotel, West Cowes, Isle ol Wight, for a
few moments, leaving his basket and a pint
of beer, partly drunk, but did not return.—
On Monday of next week, at noon, the body
was discovered in the water, near the Foun
tain Quay. The features did not present an
appearance that is usual in drowned persons
the face being emirely black. A ‘novel pro
cess was used for the recovery of the body
by one of the coast-guard. On Friday morn
ing, the circumstances being made known to
liitn, lie assured the bystanders that if the
party was drowned in the neighborhood, he
would discover the body by means of a leaf
of bread in which should he deposited three
ounces of quicksilver, when the loaf would
float till it rested over where the body might
lay. However extraordinary it may appear,
the experiment was tried, and on the loaf
becoming stationary, a boatman was put
overboard beneath it, and brought up the
body. The man staies that this is the
fourth instance in which the experiment has
been tried by him with success.
More Hard Fortune. Intelligence lias
been received from Charlottetown, I*. E. I.,
of ihc condemnation and sale of the schoon
er Caroline Knight ol this port. This ves
sel, as we understand, was seized by the
British steamer, within, as they allege, the
line of three miles of the shore, and was con
demned on the testimony of the crew of n
Nova Scotia fishing vessel, who swore 10
having seen her on two days, fishing within
three miles of the shore. On the first ol
these two days, on which tile English fish
ermen swore 10 having seen the vessel fish
ing near the shore, she was actually out of
sight of land all day !
The Caroline Knight was a fine new
schooner, on her first voyage, and with her
outfits, valued at $7000. She was stripped,
and in her dismantled condition, purchased
by some ol the provincial merchants for
$5000, (her full value in ihe condition she
was in) who design sending her to Australia.
In addition to three fine fishing vessels be
longing to this port, lost at Prince Edwards
Island, and valued al $12,000 and upwards,
intelligence has been received of the loss of
the schooner Vulture, on Cape.lliVton. The
Vulture was insured al the Union Mutual In
surance office, in this city, lor $2000.—A’t'tr
buryport Herald.
The Dwelling House of Seth G. Moote of
this city was forcibly entered on Tuesday
night las; and a Watch and Money to the
value of about ninety dollars was abstracted
from his pockets while asleep. The House
of Henry 13. Hoskins, was also entered the
same night who had his Pocket Book extrac
ted front his Pocket while asleep, containing
some eight or ten dollars. Deputy Sheriff
Gardiner (lie next morning, got track of the
scamp and pursued him tu Portland, where
lie had him arrested and conveyed to Augus
ta. The most of the property was found up
•on his person. — Gardiner Transcript.
Spiritual Rappings in a School Room.
A day or two since, quite an excitement
was caused in one of out grammar schools
by the spirits who at ■ fie present time are
tapping ill this pan of the world. One of the
giupils, a miss about 12 years old, suddenly
left her studies and began to write on vari
ous subjects, when she should have been en
gaged with her book. Mysterious noises
were also beard, which were traced to her,
and the wits at last called to account for her
strange conduct. She assigned as a reason,
that she was impelled to write, and could
not prevent the tappings. The master im
mediately informed hei that he should find it
necessary to try another system of rappings,
if the spirits were allowed lo perform their
raps in school; and as for impulsion he was
also impelled to expel her from school, if she
persisted iu writing when she should study.
The remedy was complete, and tfie spirits
have not troubled lire school since.—Boston
A Foolish Experiment. It is said that
Applications have been made 10 the proprie
tors of the different places of eniertiiinment
+n London, whence balloon ascents lake
place, tiv an individual who wishes 10 make
an ascent suspended 30 fee; below the car,
by magnetic attraction. The method by
which he pioposes to accomplish the feai is
this: he possesses a magnet, the attractive
power of which will sustain a weight of 150
lbs,: this is lobe hung by a line 30 feet be
low the ear : round his body is fixed an irou
zone, which ou being brought near the mag
net, firmly attaches itself thereto.
Burglars. The house of Lot. M. Mor~
fill, Esq., ot this city was broken into on
Tuesday night Inst, by a burglar who en
tered bis sleeping room and look from his
wallet some $60, without wakiag him.
On (lie same night the house of Mr. John
Mulhkin was entered, and some $70 ab
stracted from a pocket-book which Mr. M.
had left in his coat by his bedside. This
robbery was also effected without waking
any inmate of the house,—Age.
The Largest Hog in the World.—
1 here is now on exhibition in this city, at
Mr. James S. Boies’ livery stable, a hog
raised by Mr. Nathaniel Lamb, of Milltown,
which stands seven leet six inches high, and'
girts six feet eight inches, and weighs twelve
hundred pounds. It is one year and six
mouths old. If any one has got a greater
hog than this we should like to know it. K
this hog was fat, he would weigh 1400 lbs.—
Calais Advertiser.
Launched in Brunswick, Oct. 14th, from the
yard of Master Samuel Dunning, a very supe
rior two deck ship of about 1400 tons, to be
called the Screamer. Her frame is of the best
Hampshire oak, planking of white oak and
Southern pine, a handsome model, and is cal
culated to carry a large cargo, with a light
?**" *” ***** *nd to sail fast. She is owned
9' “9 *■ R- & R- McManus and
the but der, of Brunswick, Welsh Carver &
Co., New York, and to be commanded by
Capt. Thos. Skolfield.—Argru.
Sawyer & Magoun have received Gra
ham’s Magazine for November. This No. con
tains an unusual number of beautiful illustra
tions, and fully sustains the well known rep
utation of the publication
Later from Europe.
Arrival ol the Pacific.
I he l. S. steamship Pacific arrived at New
^ ork, at 8 o’clock, on Monday morning, hav
ing left Liverpool at 3 30 P. M. Oct. 23d.
There is no change in cotton ; sales for three
days .12,000 bales ; breadstulTs less active.
England. The Queen held a court on Sat
urday the 16th October.
The English Parliament assembles Nov. 4.
It is understood to be the intention of the op
position to test the strength and intentions of
the Government by a direct vote on the subject
of FrceTradc before Christinas.
The funeral ceremonies of the Duke of Wel
lington are appointed for the 17lh November.
Mr. Ingersoll, Minister from America, had
an audience with Her Majesty, Queen Vic
toria, on the lGth ult.
France. Louis Napoleon entered Paris on
the 16th (tetober, amid great demonstrations
from the Parisians. Cries of‘Vive Napoleon.’
The city was brilliantly illuminated.
The French Senate meets Nov. 4th.
It is rumored that the marriage of Napoleon
with the Princess Vasa is a settled fact, and
will be solemnized before his coronation.
Spain. The Spanish Government has de
spatched the war steamer Havana to take the
place of the Pizarro.
Advantages of Advertising. As one of
the incidents connected with the funeral of Mr.
Webster at Marshfield on Friday last, the
Traveller relates the following :—
The steamers Mayflower and Atlantic both
made excursions to Marshfield. The Atlantic
advertised in all the principal papers in the
city, at an expense of some $35, and carried
down between five and six hundred persons,
at two dollars each.
The Mayflower advertised in only two pa
pers, and carried down three hundred and fifty
passengers, at one dollar each, one-half the
price of the Atlantic. The Atlantic received
some !)75 dollars for the excursion, while the
Mayflower's receipts did not exceed 150 dol
lars, and that when the Mayflower was by far
tbe must suitable boat fur the excursion, as tho
result proved.
Harper's Magazine for November closes
ihe fifth volume of ibis unrivalled magazine ;
for although it lias been published but two and
a half years, it lias a circulation uf more than
100,000 copies, and is rapidly increasing.—
This popularity is owing principally to the
fact that it contains more reading mailer, of an
elevated tone, in a more elegant style, titan any
other magazine in the country. The endeav
ors of the publishers to make it useful and at
tractive, have been abundantly successful; nnd
special efforts will be made to render it still
more interesting and valuable the coming year.
The new volume will commence with the De
cember number. Every number comes loaded
with a new interest—the Memoirs of the Holy
Land, by Jacob Abbott, and the article on Life
in Paris, by John S. C. Abbott, are well worth
the price of the number, besides the 100 pages
of other interesting reading.
Subscriptions received and single numbsrs
sold at Stearns’Periodical Depot, Centre St.
David S. Plumley has been mulcted
£200 by a jury in the Supreme Judicial Court
of Maine, for speaking harsh words of the wife
of Mr. True, of Lincoln. David will be careful
how he talks about other men’s wives hereafter.
Oregon.—The Oregon Times says that
the tide ol over land emigration continues to
roll into that State with increasing rapidity
and numbers. This year’s emigration is un
precedented in the history of Oregon. The
lowest estimate places the number at 10,000.
They are entering Oregon at different |>oiiits
—from Rogue llivor, Foster’s, Dalles unil
Portland to Puget's Sound. The citizens of
Portland have organized a relief company
for the benefit of the destitute.
1m liigranis.on the southern route are said
to have had much difficulty with the Indians,
and several have been killed. There was
much suffering among ihe immigrants, and
parties had gone out from Yrcka and Jack
sonville to relieve them, and protect them
from the hostilities ol the indians.
Genuine Medicines.
Sar*aparlla and Tomato Bitters—Wcaver’sSalt
liif Kir m and Canker Cure—Morkheae's Gal
vanic Belts, Bracelets, Ac.-1)b. Jayne's
Family Medicines—\\ ilbou's Compound
of Cud lu ek Oil and Lime.
rownsend s Sarsaparilla
Pain Killer
Abbott's Hitters
Johnson's Linainent
Medicament am
Toothache Drop*
Composition Powders
Hair t Ms
Eye Water |
Catarrh Snuff
Itichardson's Bitters
Syrup of Liverwort
Pulmonary Balsam
Pills of*// kinds
Pile Kleetuary
Bone Lmament
Worm Lozenges
And ul! the most valuable GENUINE PATENT
M EDICINES, lor sale at the City Market by
1)43 A. G. PAGE.
Truth Courts the Light!
And therefore we solicit the attention of the reader not
merely to our statement of the matchless properties of
Dr. Ro^rre Syrup <>f Liverwort. Tar an l Canr.haia^ua,
as a remedy for CONSUMPTICN, but to the proofs we
a e prepared to produce. There is no form of Catarrhal
or Lung complaint in which its exhibition has not In en
attended with signal success. A pamphlet filled with at
testations from men of profound attainments, as well as
with thesitnpleand thankful epistles from those in the
humbler walks of life, is the afiswer lo all skepticism on
the suliject. The original letters are ready to be produc
ed for the sa induct ran of the incredulous. One of the
Proprietors of this Sprup is himself a graduate of the
highest medical school in the U 8, ami the profession, ns
well as the public, testify to the great usefulness of the
CAUTION.—None genuine unless there is on the
bull' wrapper, a mote oj hand, signed with a pen, by A
L SCO V ILL &, Co.
FOU SALE, wholesale amt retail,by A.L. SCO
VILLA CO, Proprietors at th**ir Principal D-pot.
GOTHIC HALL, No. Rrowltcny, New fork,to
whom all orders tor the Medicine, and letters relating
to agencies, should he addressed, post paid.
ALSO, tor saletn Hath, by A. G. Page and .John
Malheus; NValdobom, by M .\1. Rawsou; Dainu
nseotia, E. liana. Jr; Brunswick, Win. Baker; F. S.
Littlefield, Topslmm.
PRICK—lu large bottles,SI ,00. or six bottles lor #5
One of the most important discoveries of modern sci
ence, lor the cure of pulmonary affect ions, is ihe Bal
sam of Wild C Ire rev, and the credit of its discovery is
due to the celebrated Dr Wistar. This valuable com
pound lias restored thousands of sufferers to health It
is expectorant, tonic and demulcent. and is said to be
purely a vegetable preparation. Under ns magic in
fluence the most obsiiiial** coughs, colds, and bronchial
irritationsdisappear. We have used it and can recom
mend it, particularly at this season, when the great
cause of disease, East winds, are so prevalent.
Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry.
was introduced in the year 1838, and has been well
tested m all ihe complaints for which it is recommend
ed. For ten years it has proved more elficacious as a
remedy for Coughs. Colds. Influenza. Bronchitis. Asth
ma and Consumption, iu its incipient stuges, than*any
other medicine.
From the Dedham. Mass., Gazette, Feb 18. 1*19.
The introduction of this famous medicine to the pub
lic, by Setli W l-'owle, has been of more service, prob
ably, (ha 11 any other article that has yel been discov
ered, and lias effected more cures of various complaints
that' flesh is heir to' ihau all the miserable compounds
that have ever as yet been trumpeted throughout the
country The numerous certificates 111 hiw advertise
ment fully substantiates the virtues of it.
Remember the original and only genuine Wistar s
Balsam of Wild Cherry always bears the written sig
nature of I. fHJTTS 0*1 the outside wrapper.
Address all orders to the General Agent, Seth W
| Fowle Boston, Mass. <1w.30
">'• b>' R" Br Ellingwooti, Mr Chas
city ur Richlm'n<l> 10 Mini Ann Window, of this
I,cm nSWE Jnhn P,rk" of »«*■■ Mi- Etafr
HlluT£ZusoZon How“of B~k'*”J -
In Ipswich. Mass, Capt Horace \ Gray to Miss Eliza A
Tinker, of powdoinham.
In Brunswick, 25th ult, Clara Ellis, youngest daughter
of Chapin and Christiana 8 Webster, aged 2 years and 11
In South Thomaston, Mr John Kartell of Rockland, i
aged 69 years and 5 months
In Boston, 22d mat. Mr Ed*iu D Kirk of Warren, aged ,
2*) years
AI1UM JllfUiL.flb
Thursday, Oct 28.
Srh Ilyins, Snow, Boston.
Sch President Jscdson, O’Neil, Boston.
Sch Oscar, Philbrook, Boston.
Sch Ann, Pray, Boston.
Sch Henry I'reeling,-, Boston.
Sch Dray,-, Boston.
Sch Exeter, Snow, Boston.
Sch Only Son, Noble Boston.
Sch Jasper, Baker, Boston.
Ship Otsconthe, (new, 1138 tons) Young, N Orleans.
Friday, Oct 22.
Ship Otaeonthe, Young, New Orleans.
Saturday, Oct 23.
Sch Jane, Turner, New York.
During a heavy gale from NNE, at Owl’s Head, 22d
ult, sch Gen Cass, of Rockland, from New York for Ban
gor, before reported ashore at Half Tide Ledge, went to
pieces -, cargo flour and grain, mostly saved. The G C
was a good vessel of 140 tons, about 3 years old, and not
Boston—Ar 27th, sch Catherine Beal, Wincbenbach, i
Cld 27th. ship Andover, Delano, St John, to load for !
Bristol, E •, sch Alexandria, Blanchard, Gardiner j Orbit,
I.eveusaler, Waldoboro.
Ar 28th, ship Sheffield, Lewis, Leghorn, Aug 21. Gi
bralter Sept 22.
Ar 29th, brig Harriet, Wheeler, Norfelk ; Thorcello,
Johnson and Northman, Farrar, Philadelphia.
Ar 30th, ship Italy, Reed, Cadiz Sept 23, vin Kenne
bec River ; brigs Abbey Jones, Clark, Malaga Sept 21,
Gihralter 23d ; Lydia Stover, Shephard, Trinidad Sept
14th. Lost deck load of 50 hhds molasses Sept21,lat
49, Ion 08.
New York—Ar 26th, sch Fountain, Rhodes, Rock
land ; 27th, ship New England.
Cld 27th, ship Conquerer,Boutclle, Mobile.
Ar 38th, sch Margaret, Rockland.
SUI 27th, bark T J Southard.
Ar 28ih, schs Gertrude, Horton, Rockland : Jos Far
well, do.
Cld 28th, ship Medallion, McCliutock, Charleston;—
sell Ozark, Lord, Jacksonville.
Sid 2i»th, bark T J Southard.
Ar 29th, ship Clinton. Delano, Liverpool.
Cld 30th, bark Baring Brothers, Gregg, Mobile.
Ar 30th, ship Buena Vista, Young, Wilmington
New Orleans—Adv 20th, ship Sharon, Merryman,
for Glasgow, passage only.
Ar 26th, ships Tempest, Patten, and Wm V Kent, Flit
ncr, New York.
Adv abt 29th, ships Sharon, (or Glasgow ; Old England,
for Havre.
Ar 22d, ship Marion, Flttner, Bremen.
Cld 2id, ship Sarah Purrington, Melcher, Providence.
Ar 22d, ship Union, Pennell, Bath.
Cld 23d. ship Brunswick, Trieste.
Adv 23d, ship Dirigo, Cooper, for Boston with des
Philadelphia—Ar 27th, bark Lucinda, Hill, Leg
Cld 30th U|t, ehip John 6c Albert, Ilarward, New fir
Pcnnaeola—Cld prev to 16th, bark Roderick Dhu,
Smith, Boston.
Providence—Ar 27th, bark Jane Doten, Brown,
Ragged Island.
Newport—Ar 26th, Wm Crawford, Perry, fin Gnr
Snn Francisco—Ar Kept 25th, ship North Caroli
na, Foster, Canton.
Sid 16lh, bark Ocean Bird, for Oregon.
Savannah—Ar 25th, brig Marcia, Smith. Bath.
Wilmington NC—Cld 27th, brig Manzanillo, Ber
ry. Richmond.
Norwich—Ar 27th, sell Carroll, Buker, Gardiner.
Per steamship Washington, at New York.
Ar at Liverpool l!th,ship Continent, Drummond, New
SI I from Liverpool lltli ult, ship Houghton, Doane, N
Sid fm Pill, below Bristol, 11th, Burlington, Wincheli,
[Per steamship Niagara.]
Ar at Liverpool 13th, Wm Patten, New Orleans.
Ar nt Dublin 12th, Masonic, St John, NB.
Ar nt Gravesend Ith, Charlotte Reed, St John.
Ar at Cardiff* 12th, T J Roger, Herbest, London.
Sid 12th Halcyon, Slnridcn, New York.
Sid fm Cronstadt 1st, Saxony, Melcher, Boston.
In ihe Roads loth, Rebecca, Sawyer, for N York.
At Laguna 7th, back Lizzie Loud. Gorham, Meditera
nean, id".
In port at Havana 18th, ships Robt Patten, Purrington,
disg -, Hampton, Young, wtg rt.
At Cronstadt 9th, ships Mazatlau, Maeloon, for Liver
pool, ldg ; Ophir, Wood, for New York, dc.
Oct II, lat 49 48, Ion 16 10, ship Switzerland, Carter,
fm Liverpool for Charleston.
Oct 18, lat 4‘» 35, len 48 38, was seen ship Saratoga, fm
New York for Liverpool,
Oct 8, lat 44, lou 31$, was passed ship John C Hum
phreys, fm Port Nenf lor Europe.
rriIE subscribers respectfully inform the public Hint
A they have on liand,aiid now offer for sale an exten
sive assortment of
Cooking, Parlor & Store Stoves
of the latest and most approved patterns, for wood or
coal, which they warrant to operate in the most perfect
manner. —also—
Cooking Ranges, IIot-Air Furnaces, Oven and
Boiler Mouths, Iron .Sinks,
A good assorimeniof Kitchen Furnishing Goods and
ofevery description. —also—
Iron, Tin, Britania and Japanned Ware, Axes
Hatchets, Hammers, Saws, Shovels and
Tongs, Table Cutlery, Sad Irons, Sec.
Tin,Cnpperaud Sheet Iron Work done to order in
the most faithful manner.
Those in want of any of the above Goods, would do
well to call and examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are prepared to sell as low as can be
bought in this city MONROE it GOODRICH.
Bath, July 22,1852. 5,f
Superior Coach, Furniture
and Polishing Varnish.
FOR sale by the subscriber,at his shop on the cor
ner of Washington and Centre .Streets
Sign and Carriage Painting,
Gilding, Graining, Ac.
Bat h ,1 une 4,1851. S. C. S A W YE R
Cure your Sore Eyes!
IF your eyes are sore or
weak, or if they trouble
you, no mailer wiiat is the
cause, lose no time, but try
American Eye Sulve.
Its effects are most wonder
ful. producing almost JN
S r A NT A N 1.0 US R klief.
We are almost daily re
ceiving accounts of wonder
ful cures effected by the
Eye Salve, but can here only refer to the following-.—
A Cure.—A gentleman had for years sufferedsevere
ly by a concentration of humors about the eves,
causing a discharge of much matter, and producing
great pain and soreness. An Ulcerous Soke was the
consequence, forming ou the side of the nostril, just
below the eye which had constantly discharged mat
ter for upwards of two years, and was generally be
lieved to be n Cancer.
This man received a perfect cure in the use of two
Sold by C. W. ATWELL, under the U. S. Hotel,
Pori land. 7tf
For sale by A. G. PAGE, Bath; E. T.
Gatehel) and Win Baker, Brunswick—and by Druggists
and dealers in Medicine generally. 1‘Jtf
An Ounce of Prevention worth a Pound of Cure.
Facts for the People.
FIRST, .^i this season of the year,when coughs and
colds are so common, everybody should know that
the safest and surest remedy to be obtained, is
For a common cold, and for every description o I cough,
whether the result of a severe cold, produced by a fever
or the result of atixed pulmonary habit, it stands un
rivalled—unequal led.
3d. It often cure*a cough in a few days, that has
lasted for months, and battled the skill of the best phys
4th. Every family having Whooping Coush, should
immediately make use of Downs’ Elixir. It will save
hours ofhard coughing, and restore the patient to health
much sooner than any known remedy.
Sold at wholesale and retail by C. W Atwell, No
1 under the U. S. Hotel, Portland. Also sold by A. G.
Bath.and by Druggists and dealers in medi
cine generally. 19tf
(Jrcat Cure uf Canker in Portland, by
Dr. Pettit’s CAM HER BALSAM.
A CHILD of eighteen months, daughter of E. T. i
Cushman of this city—Portland—was badly afflic
ted with canker in the mouth, stomach, and bowels —
For more than six months this had continued, without
any relief from remedies tried until the child was re
duced very low, and apparently np tr death. The doc
tors called it Piles, or an internal humor.
A perfect cure was affected by using ihe CANKER
BALSAM according to the directions, and also as an
injection in an infusion of arrow root.
Refer to the mother of the child, Mrs. M. B. Cush
man. at No. 12 VVinter StTeet.
Sold by the dozen or single bottle by G. W. Atwell,
under the U S Hotel, Portland.
Also $o/d bv Druggists generally.
Also sold by 4. G, Pat go, Bath, and by Druggists
and dealers in medicines generally. tfl9
One Cent Reward.
WHEREAS, Moses Emery Douglass my apprentice,
" has left ray promises without any just cuusc ; this
is to forbid all persons harboring or trusting him on
iny account as 1 shall pay no debts of his contracting
after this date. Whoever will return said Moses
Emery Douglass to me, shall be entitled to the above
Fowdoinliam Oct. 19th, lS&L 3wl9*
e Aim B bTaTb cebati.
warranted a perfect clue for
Canker, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Scrofulous
Humors, Liver Complaint, and all diseases
arising from an impure state of the
These medicine* are the scientific preparations of a
regular physician.
The Syrup is an article which stands uttrivalled
and unequalled in this or any other country, us a great
humor medicine. It entirely different from any pre
paration of Sarsaparilla or Dotk, and is far helitr than
any or all of them. It has now hem tested in more
than 500,000 cases, embracing persons of both sex
es, all ages, and in every station of life, and for all the
above named diseases, and as yet to our knowledge,
there has not been the first instance where it hus not
done the work just a* it was slated it would be.
(CT2* More than 100,000 cases of humors, in all their
•many and varied forms, have been treated and been
permanently cured by it.
jp~ Erysipelas.—Patients who have suffered from
this distressing complaint for years, have m every
known ease been cured by these medicines.
At least Fifty Thousand Salt Rheum Pa
tients have used the Svrup, together with the Cerate,
many of them old and inveterate cases, and in every
insiance effected a cure
For all Scrofulous Humor*.—The Syrup for
them has no equal in Sarsaparilla or anything else.
Female Irregularities.—There is no one cause
which produces a greater amount of suffering than the
irregular action oi the female functions. In these it re
siores to health, strenglhand vigor, and enables nature
to assume her nai ural periods.
rr- Nursing Sore Mouth.—This truly distressing
disease need no longer be the dread of nursing moth
ers, for their is now a reliable remedy. The Syrup,
together with the Canker Cure, will at once most ef
fectually and permanently curt this disease.
CVenereal Taints and Mercurial Diseases,
are poisonous impurities of the blood, which through
iheir effect upon the glands are fell hi every part of the
human system. Not a single organ that does not feel
the effects ot these poisons, and bv iheir reaction upon
each other, effectually prevent all the unaided efforts
ol nature to throw them off. In such cases, if there
was ever a specific for any disease, the Svrup is for this.
CAUTION • —Neither of these articles are genuine
« Uk- signature of S. A. Wearer A Co., on
the outside wrapper.
Manufactured at New Condon, Conn.,by 8. A Wea
ver »V Co., to whom all orders most be addressed.
JAMES L KELLEY 4* CO., Portland, wholesale
Agents tor the State of Maine.
.Also sold by A« G* Pajgr, Hath, Edmund Dana.
" iscasset; E. Dana, Jr.. Damariscolta; Dr. Geo. B.
I phani ami \\ in Baker, Brunswick, and by Druggists
generally, in all the States Uin'JO
Tiie Great Northern Remedy
— FOR—
Coughs, Colds, and Consumption.
II’ loosen* the Cough, increases the expectoration, or
spitting, promotes the insensible perspiration, im
proves t ne digestion. strengthens the stomach, stimu
lates t he diurctie organs, and thus by the Skin the Kid
neys and the Bowels, cleanses tne blood, renovates the
syst'rn, 'radicates disease, and restores the patient to
It never produces Costiveness, hat unlike all other
similar medicines, it is a remedy for that evil, and will
in a lew weeks (the patient having proper regard to
diet) entirely relieve and cure t he most obstinate cases
of that difficulty.
.Mrs DOTY, suffering greatly with ASTHMA, and
believed to be in consumption was cured by using
Dr VAN WINKLE, reduced very low with Con
sumption and Bronchitis, says . I hare used DOWNS*
ELIXIR, and found mare relief from it, than from all
other medicines combined.
CLOE FISK received a permanent cure from Downs’
Elixir. The disease was Asthma of long standing, at
tended with very bad cough.
Dr. McNAB says, I have Downs’ Elixir iu cases of
Whooping Cough with excellent success.
ROLLIN FORD was cured of severe pain in the
side, and distressing Cough, when believed to be in a
confirmed Consumption, by using Downs’ Elixir.
Rev .1 L TUTTLE, of Camden. Me., was cured by
Downs’ Elixir, of Costiv ness, Hectic Fever. Niqht
Sweats, Dry I/ard Cough, Difficulty oj Br'atking, ifc.—
When he commenced using it, he was believed to be in
the last stai.es of Consumption. See his letter addres
sed gratuitously to the Los pel Banner, and copied into
a circular which may be obtained generally of any of
our Agents.
Sold at wholesa’e and retail by C. W ATWELL,
No. 4, under t li'- United States Hotel, Portland.
Also, sold by A* G. Page* Bath, and by Druggists
and dealers in medicine generally. 20tf
Canker in the Mouth,
Dr. Pettit’s Canker Balsam.
\ CARPENTER iu Camden, Me., was badly i.ffl ct
ed with Canker in the Mouth. He tried various
remedies—had recourse to physicians, but obtained no
relief. His mouth was one complete Canker sore, the
gums swollen and affected to the point of suppuration,
and cleaving ofTfrom the lee'b. tie received a perfect
cure from the use of one boli4e of Dr. Pettit's Canker
Balsam, purchased of .S’ IF. ftiorw jod. one ot our Agents
in that town.
Soiif by C. W. AT WELL, under the U. S. Hotel,
Also sold A. G# Page* Bath, and by Druggists and
dealers in medicine generally. 20lf
Sore and Weak Eyes,
American Eye Salve.
MU. COOMBS, a Blacksmith, in Rockland, who had
suffered badly with sore and wake^e*, and had ex
pended, as he said, more than lifiy dollars without ob
taining the least relief, was cured by one box of the
Kye Salve, liefer to J. K Moody, Druggist, Rock
land or to Mr Coombs, at his shop.
A child in Portland, who had very bad eyes, was
cured by using the American Eye Safvafter having
tried all other remedies without the least benefit.
A young lady, of Portland, who for about two years
had a sort of tumor on the eye-lid which hud been treat
ed by the best physicians without effect, and was be
lieved to be a Cancerous Tumor, was cured by a single
box of the Amencau Eve-Salve.
Sold by C. W ATWELL, under the U. S. Hotel,
Portland, General Agent tor Stale of Maine.
Also sold by A G Page* Bath, and by Druggists
and dealers in medicine generally. 20
Commissioners’ Notice.
rill IK undersigned having been appointed by the Judge
1 «.f Probate for the County of Lincoln,commissioners
to receive and examine the claims of the several credit
or- ot William King, late of Rath, in said county of
Lincoln, deceased, and six months having been allowed
the creditors to exhibit and prove their several claims,
hereby give notice that we will attend at the office of
I) 11 ronson, in the custom house at Hath, on the first
Mondays of December, January and February,and the
lir-i a.id last Mondays of N1 arch next, all wo o'clock in
the afternoon on each of said days, tor the discharge of
the duties assigned to us.
DAVID BRONSON. ) Commissioner
GKO. \V. KENDALL, j Comm,s,,oner
Bath. Oet 27. 1S52 __3w20
To the Hon Arnold Blancy, Judge of Probate for the
County of Lincoln—
1) ESPECTFl'LLY represents Simeon B Given, guardi
lV an of Prudence N Given and Lettice S Given, heirs at
law of Mary Sanford, late of Bowdoinham, in said Coun
ty, deceased, that the said Prudence N Given and Let
tice S Given, are seized and possessed of one undivided
twentieth part of a certain tract of land, situated in said
Bowdoinham, and described as follows, to wit:—It be
ing the farm now occupied by William W Sanford, and
the same farm which Avery Hulett conveyed to William
Sanford, by his deed, dated March 8, 1810 ; and that it
would be for the benefit of the said Prudence N Given
and Lettice S Given, that the same should be disposed of
and the proceeds thereof put out at interest; wherefore
the said Simeon B Given prays that he may be empow
ered and licensed to sell the same at public or private
LINCOLNt8»—At a Probate Court held at Wiseasset,
within and for the County of Lincoln, on the 4th
day of Oct., A D 1652.
On the foregoing petition,Ordered, that the said pe
titioner give notice to all persons interested in sttid es
tate, that they may appear at a Court of Probate to be
liolden at NViscasset. writ bin and for said County, on
the first Monday of December next, by causing a copy
of said petition with this order to be published in the
Eastern Times, printed at Bath, in said County, three
weeks successively previous to .raid Court.
Alt NOLI) BLANEY, Judge of Probate.
Attest—Edwin S Hover. Register.
A irue copy attest—Edwin S. Hovey, Reg. 3w02*
Tobacco and Cigars,
OF the choicest brands, kept constantly on hand and
for sale at the store of
JUST received at the Sagadahock Clothing and Outfit
ting Warehouse, a very large and well selected stock of
Gentlemen who aie in want in this line of Goods, w 11
find it to theii advantage by cal ing in at the SagadHhock,
as goods are sold here at the very lowest fates. A good
assortment of Boys’ Clothing Bout* and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, Furnishing Goods, Tmnks, Umbrellas, Ac, all of
which will bo sold at price* which shall give perfect sat
isfnptjon. ITtf JOHN BALLOU. '
Direot from Boston.
4 LARGE quantity or Teas in wholes, halves and
. L quarter boxes.such u» Hoheu, Souchong, Pmirhong,
Niiigyong, Oolong, Old and N ouug Ily-on Ac., jusl
received and lor sule cheap as the cheapest, bv
Stoves! Stoves!!
I ey wtflUe rcfi*a4c4
nHHE subscribers have
-a" on hand and are now
selling at i he lowestpri
CKs,STO V ES of every
description, someof which
are heavier, better finish
ed, and more perfect than
any others in ase. We
warrautthem,and if,upon
trial of thirty days,qo not
prove satisfactory, the mo
Business Cards.
Commissioner for Massachusetts and Notary Public.
Marine, Fire and Life Insurance effected in safe and
reliable offices.
Office in Moses’s Block, Front St., next door to the
Telegraph Office. tf20
J. D. YOUNG, M. D.,
Homceop a t his t,
Bath, Me.
Officecornerof Front and Broad Streets.
Physician and Surgeon,
Respecttullyteiiders his professionalicrvicesio the
i nhabitant.^of Buthandvicinity. •
Office on Front Street, over the store of Ma
goun <5f Stinson.
Ruth .Aug.,1850. tflO
J. P. PAINE, M. D.,
Homoeopathic Physician,
Newcastle and Damariscolta, Me.
Has removed to the house on Middle Street,
recently occupied by B. C. Bailey, Esq., nearly
opposite the New Jerusalem Temple. 7
B. T. CURRIER, I). D. S.,
Office at his residence, on Centre St., opposite
All operation* in mecltau
icul anil Surgical Dentistry
performed in h next and per
manent manner.
i Connected with his office,
I is an establishment for the
manufacture of all kinds of
| Block Teeth,
"of the best quality. Den
f list’s supplied to otder.
Commissioner for Mass, and JV. Hampshire.
Marine, Fire and Life Insurance effected at the
lowest rates in responsible offices. Iy41
Counsellors & Attorneys at Law.
Office in Pierce's Block, Front Street,
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law,
Office over John Hayden's store, Front Street,
J. s. si:WALL,
Skip anil Insurance Broker,
Office on Front Street—over Heath <J Co's
Marine,Fire a:i I Life Insurance effected. Cargoes for
vessels »r<»cii red —cargoes bought a ml soid.
Bath, April 1,1851 411 f
45 Front Street 45
Rooms over Morrison's Carpet Store.
Commission Merchant and Ship
Anthracite and Bituminous Coal.
Bath, March. 1653. 4Ilf
’ THfflHA3P7iL Em®8318,
Teacher of Harmony and Thorough Base.
£7" Tuition given on the Piano Forte and Organ.
OWEN &, CO.,
Auctioneers and Commission merchants,
Are prepared as heretofore, to make rash advances on all
kinds of Merchandize for Auction Sales.
TTT Houses, House Lots, Vessels, and nil kinds of ou
door sales attended to ou the most favorable terms.
H. W. Owen. l(i J. T. Gilman.
J. H. ALLEN & Co^
Imp >riersand Dealcrsin
Mails, Ship Spikes,
Wagon Asia Springs, Ac.
McLellan’s Wharf, Bath, Me.
J. H. Allen ly30 J . II. McLellan.
Hooka, Stationery and Fancy Articles,
School Books and Blank Books,
of allkiud*,C7iea/>lor Cash.
«. B. MIcC LAI A Sk («.,
ssinip ©iusmsiESa
No. 2, Broad Street. Bath, Me,
Hlarinc and Fire
THIS Franklin Marine and Fire Insurance Com
pany, ol'New York, with a branch at Worcester,
Mass, having a capital, paid in and safely invested, of
will take Marine or Fire Risks at reasonable rates.—
Policies issued ou application to
J. S. SB WALL, Agent.
Bath, May 22,1852. tl-19
French, German and English Goods,
Musical Instruments. Alarm Clocks, Toys,
Willow Baskets, Brushes, Fancy Boxes,
&c.. See.,
Nos. 18 and 20 Atkinson, near Milk St.,
Order* lalcrii for Stnple Article* in tlieir line at
I he usual rates. Iy7
Made ofihe best material, wiih all the varieties of
forms ami ornaments, also,
Granite Monuments, Counter, Table Tops, and
Soap Stone work, done to suit purchasers.
Oppos te Commercial House, Centre Street, Both, Me
HAS removed to Pearl Street,‘id house west of Captain
Parker’s. Office as heretofore, oppoaite the Saga
dahock House. 45tf
Extra Family Flour!
JUST received direct from New York per Packet II.
K. Duuton, 200 Bbls« Extra family Flour of choicest
Brsuids. For sale by ROBINSON A COTTON.
RRD, yellow, white, spotted and mix'd flannels,
bleached and unbleached Cotion do, very low at
Sept Q8. ONVEPi A CO’S.
For the Hair.
TIIE value of this admirable preparation is too wel
known in this community to need any extended no
ticeor comtneudalion; and the proprietor feels thai it
is only necessary for him to call the attention of Hu
public to the fact th:il lor matiing of the hair,hoariues«.
decoloration,baldness, Ac., it lias no equal, and no one
who prizes this useful and ornamental appendage ui
the head should be without it.
For sale by I lie subscriber, at his shop opposite ihr
Saguduhock House, and by Sawyer A .Mugouu, Henry
Hyde, Magouu A Sliusou, and \v. B Stearns.
Bath, Apr 28,1852. 45
Accordeons and Flntinas,
A GOOD assortment, for sule by
Sept 28 T. H. G. MARSTON
A LARGE assortment of Cooking, Parlor, and Store
Stoves, of the most approved patterns, now selling
by the subscribers at greatly reduced prices.
Also,constantly on hand. Coal Hods, Shovels. Sift
ers. Stove Funnel, Sad-Irons, Tin and Copper Ware of
every description,and all other articles usually krpt in
a hardware store. MITCHELL A LOW
Bath, Jan. 28,1852. 32
MOW on hand, and must be cleared off m
III is iInrty days, to make ronrn for hin FALL
f RJ GOODS. All persons in want of the above
^^articles, will do well to call and learn the pri
Sept 7.1852. 12
/"lOAT, Vest and Pant makers.
, G. E. LEE, nearly opposite
the Elliot House.
Another Lst
OF those Ladies' Iighl<colored Ho..is, jn.t received
Bath, Seal 7, 185*. ,2
For Medicinal Purposes.
T AM KS M I PCHEEL lias been duly appointed by ihe
w Mayor and Aldermen Agent l'«*r the eiiy in sell
Wines, Ac , for medicinal and mechanical purpo$«v<* on
ly. Ngrom'M y loihe “ Ael for ihe suppression of drink
ing houses and tippling shops,'* and is now prepared lo
furnish the article for ihe above purposes at hi* store
on Centre Street.
Hath. Aug 19, 1852. KM|
Men's Calf Boots,
A GOOD assortment at fair prices, mav be foil ml ut
iX oept 7,1952. J W. ROBERTS’.
Just Received,
ANOTHER lot of those Men's heavy Gnat and Cnlf
Shoes, by J. \V. ROBERTS.
Buth. Sept 7, 1852. 1*2
Family Flour.
A FEW Barrels Superior Ex'rn Pastry Flour, for
Bath Sept 21.1852. ]| '
A SECOND-HAND Oil Canister, for sale by
Sept 29 1852. 15 M. F. GANNETT
Clocks! Clocks!! Clocks!!!
A GREAT variety, for sole cheap by
Sept 28. T. H. G. MARSTON.
Dress Trimmings.
OWEN A CO. have just received a large and varied
assortment of rich Dress Tr inmimrs, at verv low
Pfirrs- 15 " Sept 28
B \ Y ST A T E
Long and Square Shawls.
rPHF. subscribers have just received a large assortment
of Wool Shawls, some entirely new patterns, to be
sold cheap at the Grnnite Store. * OWEN A CO.
New Fall Goods !
THF. subscribers have just returned from N Yorb, with
a large stock of rich and desirable
Fall Dry Goods,
Consisting of Thihets, of every shade and price ; Cash
meres of every shade and price ; nil wool M Del. nines a
large assn imcut ; French 1’iini*, English and American
do. Bleached ami Brown Sheetings, Tickings, Ac.
The above goods liHve been bought for cash, and will
he sold cheaper than ever.
l’Icnse call nml look, at the New Grnnite Afore.
Oct 9, 1852. 17 OWEN A CO.
1 F\f\ pOXES English Herring for sub* l»v
IJO Oct. 13th 1S52. 17 M. F GANNETT.
A A BARBELS Baldwin and Greening apples for
fJbU su I e by M . F. G A N N ETT.
Oci. 13th. 17
Linen Loads.
OWEN »l CO. have just received ail extensive assort
ment ol fine linen Table Cove*a. Towelling, Crush
es, &c, also, superior fine Linen, at very low prices.
Sept 2*. 15
Fall Style Hats!
Silver Plate & Solid Silver Ware.
SUCH ns Castors, Silver Spoons ofevery description,
Tea Service, Saha, Ladies’ (tuner Knives, Silver
Tea and Dinner Knives. Silver Forks, Pie Knives.
Fish Knives. Soup Ladles, and a ereal many articles
too numerous to mention, and will he sold low.
Bath. June 2JI. 2 S. W. HEATH Sc. CO.
Boots and Shoes,
Just received from the Manufacturers, for sale CHEAP
For Sale!
0\ Liberal Terms, a lot of laud on Middle St, next
south ot James Farrin. Call on
Oct *27.185*2. J . ELLSWORTH.
ki Jo FAfflS
is now prepared to offer to the public a very
large and well selected stock of
Fall and Winter
of every desirable quality and style, manufac
tured in the best manner. A splendid
assortment of
HOSSL’TIl HATS of every variety.
The latest styles of Men's and Hoy’s Cloth,
Flush, Fur and Glazed
Seamen’s Clothing! !
Rubber Goods, Umbrellas,
&€i) &e«, &c.
It is unnecessary to inform the numerous pa
trons of this establishment that I sell Goods at
rates AS LOW as those in any of the large
cities of the country. Many articles much
The stock now open, to which we are con
stantly receiving additions, is larger than any
similar stock in the State, and lartfer than
any TWO in the vicinity of the Kennebec
All strangers visiting this city are invited to
call and eiamine before purchasing.
Nearly oppost(e (he head of Brood St
a. j. Farnsworth, aoekt.
Bath, Oct 16, 1852.
Have just received, direct from the English
manufacturers, 150 pieces of tlie best quality
Alsu, — Extra quality uf Americaa lira*,
sels, Tapestry and Velvet CARPETS, a
few uf which being slightly imperfect will
be suld at luw prices.
Til ass Ply Carpetings from all the man
ufactories ; Superfine Carpets ; Chamber Car
pets; Patent Tapestry Ingrains, or Trans
versely Carpetings ; Stair Carpetings ; Floor
OIL CLOTHS, and every other 'article in
their link, in great variety.
These Carpets havo nil lieen ordered and
purchased previous to the recent advance in
the price of carpets, and sales will be contin
ued at OLD PRICES.
Also, direct from the
held in the city of New York, a complete as
sortment of
Notice to Log Owners.
TUB owners of the following marks of Log*, which
have pasted through and over the Dam of ih«t
Afooseheud Dniu Coni) any, at IMocachend Lake, thu
present season, are herein notified that there is now
flue to said company for toll mi Logs of ench of the
murks, the stun herein below set down ngninal each of
said marks respectively, nnd Hint the same mu«t be
paid before the eleventh dnv of Novi mber next, and in
case payment is not made of what in due on any of
saiil murks, said company, oil said day. at 10 o'clock,
A M.at the Gardiner Hotel, in Gardiner, will proceed
to sell at public auction, so many Logs of each of said
mark* a* will be snffieiwtit to pay the amount of tolls
flue on said marks respectively, together with inciden
tal expenses accruing thereon pursuant to the charter.
marks. Ain't due.
Cross, girdle, D, cross and notches, $16 00
Girdle, two Vs, girdle, 2 59
Four notches, two As, girdle, two Ks, 4 notches. 3 7«
W, cross, W cross, 22 58
Notches, A, cross, 1 16
ritnrs, girdle, H, 4 55
Two II*, girdle, notches, 36 16
Two gir les, AK, 52 40
Girdle, fill, gird e, = , girdle,'KIN, gird e, 50 72
Girdle, W, girdle, WN, 52 60
Notches, two girdles, notches, |f> 00
II, girdle, C, 22 00
Girdle, AK, 49 72
F. cross, T, cross, 123 20
P, two girdles. T >*3(8
Tw o \Vs, girdle, two crosses 52 h*2
I', girdle. It 23 20
S, Two crosses, II.girdle, A, three non Les, !Um
A II N, two girdles, C, cros*, T 46 00
Girdle, three Ns, girdle, stars, » gi die, stars,
II = girdle, two Vs 71 32
Cross, girdle, two 4'*, ami two Ts Mi 00
M. notches, cross. Is, 44 91
Girdle, cross, girdle, cross, 33 31
Two Ij, girdle, two crosses, girdle, 27 23
Samuel Parker. Treasurer.
The Treasurer of said Corporation m ill I e at Gnrdi
ner two flays prior to the sale, for the purpose of set
Here is your Remedy!
A person 70 years of age, cured of a bad leg, of
thirty years’ ’landing.
Copy of a letter from MrWm Abba, builder of Gas Ovens,
of Itusbcliffc, near Huddersfield, dated May 31st, 1851.
To Professor Holloway :
Sib—I suffered for a period of thirty years from a
bad leg, the result of two or three different arcidcnis at
Gas Works ; accompanied by scorbutic symptoms. 1
had recourse to a variety of medical advice, without
deriving any benefit, and was even told hat the leg must
he amputated, yet, in opposition to that opinion, your
pills and ointment ha»e effected a cure in so short a time,
that few who had not witnessed it would credit the fact.
The truth of this statement can he verified by W P
England, Chemist, 13 Market Street, Huddersfield.
A dreadful bad breast cured in one month.
Extract of n letter from Mr Frederick Turner, of Pens
hurst, Kent, dated Dec 13th, 1850.
To Professor Holloway—
Dkab Sir—My wife had suffer'd from had breasts for
more than six months, and during the whole period had
the best medical attendance, but all to no use. Having
before healed an awful wound in my own leg by your on
rivalled medicine, 1 determined again to u>e your Pills
and Ointment, and therefore gave them a trial in her case,
and fortunate it was I did so, for in less than a month a
perfect cure was effected, and the benefit that vnrious
other branches of my family have derived from their use
is reullv astonishing. 1 now strongly recommend them
to all my friends. FREDERICK TURNER.
An in&Hinraation in thn side perfectly cared.
Copy of a letter from Mr Francis Arnot, of Breahouse,
Lothian Road, Edinhro*,dated April 29, lool.
To Professor Holloway—
Sir—For more than txventy years my wife has been
subject, from time to time, to attacks of iiiflanimation in
the side, for which she was bled mid blistered to a great
extent, still the pain could not he removed. About four
years ago, she saw in the papers, the wonderful cures ef
fected by your Pills and Ointment, and thought that she
would give them a trial. To her great astonishment and
delight she got inline iale relief from their use, and after
persevering for three weeks the | alii in her side was com
plexly cured, and she lias enjoyed the best of health for
the last four years. (Signed) FRANCIS ARNOT.
The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment
in most of the following cases: —
Bad I. gs Cancers Scalds
Bad Breasts Contracted and Sore Nipples
Burns Stiff*Joints Bore throats
Bunions Elephantiasis Skin Disease*
Bile of Mnsr.hrfoes Fistulas Scurvy
and Sand Flics Gout Sore-heads
Coro-bay Glandular swellings Tumour
Chiego-foot Lumbago I leers
Chilblains Piles Wounds
Chapped Hands Rheumatism Yaws
Co' ns (Soft)
r* XJLTK ihe undersigned, being well ac*
/ »» quainted wall the medicine prepared
For SALT BIlEl'M, mid all other hnmort,
ami having witue.-sed its good effect* upon many per
sons within our knowledge, are fully satisfied that it i*
a valuable medicine, perfectly safe, convenient and
higlilv efficacious, and would therefore recommend if
on every occasion most cheerfully, to persons suffering
from any humor, especially SmIi Rheum ;—
C L Covell, Hartford. Cl. Win E Goodenow, Norway
Wm S Tyler, Norwich,do U G Barrows, Lewiston
Harter ACulcord, Boston G W Sawyer, Dover
G M Eddy, New Bedford Wooster Parker, do
J S Harrison.Boston Joel Paine,Jay
John Williams. S Boston John Wakefield. Rockland
Ariel Work, Milton II G O Wasnhurn, Belfast
N A Sprague. Nantucket T P B.iu lielder. Levant
Ladd A Ingraham, Bangor Gilbert Parshley.tfangerrl*
S P Ingraham,Camden David Hammond, Troy
Wti>M tin roc, do Frunct* Blake, Hnrrisnn
AustinStveeiland do Wtn Webber, Webster.
Certificate* to utmost any extent might benddtd.if
necessary, but the proprietor feels that the article ha*
become so well known. ami it* virtues so generally ac
knowledged, ever, by physicians, a* to make it unnec
essary to offer further proof of the merits of the article.
For sale in this city by A* G« Paff and at the
Bulk Book Store; Brunswick, Wm Baker and E
T Gun-hell; and by Druggists generally. Price fl—
with full direction*. 3ftf
Crockery, Glass and China Ware
Toilet Set*. 20 per cent, less thnn former price*.—
We are the only agent for Kdtrard'* Pnieni Iron Slone
Ware inlhi* city, and It cnuimi be f* flud in any oihef
store. Tine beautiful ware ha* the protermiee over all
other.as it doe* not deface or crack. It is worth mora
than double the Granite Ware, ami we hare reduced
t he price so a* to coin e about the price of common Gran
ite Ware.
Glass Ware of every description.
.r>00 dozen common and rich Glass Tumblars, rerjr
chmp: Turnips, Candlesticks, Wine Glasses. Hock and
rhampagiie <i lasses. Glass Jugs,Creams.Sugar Bowls,
Preserve Plates, Salts, Noppeu,and every article in th#
Glass Ware line, for sale cheap.
RICH and common toilet wake.
From 91 to»20por»el. S. W. HEATH* CO.
Halli. .lime 29, 1832.
AF F,\V more of tho,. nice cjrtnfot **'• *'„ .

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