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- -w—
Cattle Show and Fair.
Of the Sagadahock Agricultural Society to In
held at Tops ham, Wednesday and Thursday,
October lOfA and ll/A, 1855.
The Trustees of the Sagadahoc Agricullura
and Horticultural Society,'appoint the following
adjudging cam in it tecs for the year 1P55.
On Farms, improvement of land, manures, &c.,
rrmdent, ami t rustees of Society.
On Hav, William Hunt, Bawdninham, Joshua
Haskell, Topshant, Capt. K. Rich, West Bath,
t'npt. S. Dutilimn, Bowdoiuham, James Berry,
On (train and other crops. Nelson Ilam, West
Bath. Willis Sprague. Topshaiu. l’hineas Mosely,
Bowdoifi Win. Alexander. Harpsurcll, Geo H.
Gardiner, Bowdoinham, W. 11. F ulierton, Jr,
Woolwich, David Kohiason, Richmond.
On Field crops of Boots or Vegetable*, L P.
Joyce, Brunswick. France* M. Brown, West Bath,
<\‘W Thompson, Topsham, lament Carr, Bow
doin Benj. Holbrook, Harps well, Charles Daven
|»ort. Bath. James Carr, Bowdoinham.
On Barden crept, of Boots and Vegetables,
lion. Kl»«ha Clarke, Bath, Wm. Alexander, Bow
duin. Nahum l'erkins, Topsham. Capt. N. Lar
ral«c. Brunswick. N. Purriugtoa, Bowdoinham.*
tin W orking Oxen, Iscor.urd \V. Telford, Top«
liaiu, Drummond Cutting, l'hipsburg, Timothy
Merryui;in, llowdoin, John B. Blass, Woolwich,
lliraiu Totiuan, Harps well, Jauics Weymouth,
Bowdoinham,'Harvey McManus. Brunswick.
Town Teams o! Oxen, Sami W. Roger*,
Bath, Benson Morrill, Tot»>ham, Geo. Woodside,
Brunswick, Jamcff Klliot Bowdoin, Isaiah Snoyv,
llarpswell. Charles C. Richardson, West Bath,
Daniel Hilton, Bowdoinham, Charles B. Foster,
On Bulls. Daniel Ilolway, Bowdoinham, L.
Heal. Arrow are, Holman Foster, Tojflhan.. Al
l»ert Curtis, Brunswick, Bailey Mcrryman, Bow
On Twn Team of Steers, John Graves, Tops
ham. John Woodside, Brunswick, Levi Mustard,
Bowdoinham. Seth 11. Leonard, Bowdoin, Har
mon l*otter, Bath.
• On Stc *, Wentworth Dresner, Brunswick,
Isaac £. Mallet, Top?ham, John M. Purinton
Harpswell, Capt, Jesse Holbrooke West Bath, Al
tlcn Potter, Bowdoin, Isaac Wilson, Bowdoinhara,
John Rogers, Phipshurg.
On l'at Cattle, Humphrey P. Mallet, Topsham,
Chas. Bussell, Joseph IIuse, I. X. Bean, Bath,
K. Swett, Brunswick, John Crowley, Toshara,
John Hall, Bowdoinham, W. P. Mallet, Tops
ham, Caleb Kilgore, Topsham.
On Cows, John Shaw, Bath, E. Parshly, Brun
swick, George Fulton, Bowdoin, Jona. E. Tel
ford, Topsham, Geo Jcllison, Bowdoinham,
Ilathcrly Randall, Richmond, All»ert G AUbens,
Harpswell, John Williams, West Bath.
On Hpifers, Emery Graves, Topsham, Jatncs
Alexander, Bowdoin, Janies Graves, Bowdoin
ham. Gilbert 1 Food ward, Brunswick, Geo.'Jew
ett, Bath.
On Horses. Hon. B. C. Bailey, Jos. C. Snow,
Dudley Gilman, William Fields, Bath, George
Rogers, Bowdoin, Washington Dunning, Tops
ham, Thomas Gross, Brunswick, llcnry Barnes,
Harpswell, Caleb Kilgore, Topsham.
Ou Sheep, Stephen P. Wilson, Bowdoin, C. T.
Patten, Topsham, John II. Millay. Bowdoinham,
Nathaniel Springer, Brunswick, Robert Pcnnel,
Harpswell, Alden Winter, West Bath, Lincoln
Jlick, Topsham.
On Swine, Chas. Wilson, Bowdoinham, Amos
Purington, Bowdoin, A. T. Robinson, Bath, 1>.
Hair. Topsham, Capt. Henry Merritt. Bruuswick.
On Ploughing and Spad'rng, Joseph Barron,
Brunswick, David Work, Topsham, Albert Ilall,
Bowdoin, William White, Bowdoinham, Albion
Rogers, Topsham, Timothy Bowker, Phipshurg.
Humphrey Aubeas, West Bath.
On Agricultural Implements, \Vra. P. Marston,
Bath, Lewis P. Alexander, Topsham, Phineas T.
Mosely, Bowdoin. Thomas U. Eaton, Harpswell,
Ucury Sampson, Bowdoinham.
On Fruits and Flowers, Rev. A. D. Wheeler
mid lady. Topsham, Dr. 1. Putnam and ladv,
John G. Richardson and lady, licv. E. Whittlc
and lady, James T. Patten and lady, Bath. Enoch
JSanipson uud lady. Bowdoinham, John Me Keen
and lady, Brunswick* William Frost and ladv,
Topehutn. S. V. Giv*m and lady, Bowdoinham,
John Barron and ladv, Topsham, Mrs. Ceiie
Jameson, Mrs. Sarah Ann Thompson, Topsham,
Dr. James Me Keen an 1 lady, Mrs. Dr. llwinai
Topsham. Capt. Robert Given, Brunswick.
On Dairy Products, Charles J. Gilman and la
dy, Brunswick, Isaac 1*. TcbUts ami ladv, Tops
ham, Wm. B. Tmfaot and lady, West Bath, Ru
fus Sylvester and tydy, Bowdoin, C. Newell* and
lady, Bowdoinham.
t»n Broad, Mrs. B. C. Bailey. Bath, Mrs. Jao.
II Thompson, Topshatn, Mrs! A. J. Stone,Brun
swick. Mrs. George Fulton. Roudoin, Mrs. Win.
Lunt. Bowdoinham, Mrs. Alfred B. Purrin*»ton
On Honey, Pr -serves ie., Goo. W. Kendall
and lady, Bath. Wm. Barron and lady, Topsham,
James L. Rogers nod lady, Bwdoin* Isaiah per
scy and lady^ M c>l Bath, Mrs. M, Purrington,
Harpswell, Capt. Abnar W. Purrington and ladv,
John Cobum, Mrs. Mary Coburn, Topsham.
On Domestic Manufactures, Mrs. A. G. Poland
Topsham, Mrs. Ann Houghton, Brunswick, Mrs.
William Rogers, Miss Lucinda Bailey, Bath,Mrs.
Baily Merry in an, Bowdoin, Miss Mary Affn
Reed, Miss Fanny Grcely, Mrs. Reuben l'ur
ringtou, Mbs Ziilah Purrington, Carrie x\nn
Graves, Topsham.
On Wool, William Whitten. Topsham. John
Emery, Bath, Oakman Abell, Bowdoiu, Freder
ic Dcarhou, Uriah Jack, Topsham.
On Hard and Wooden Ware, 8. S. Mitchell,
S. 1). Haley, Bath, Benj. Furbish, Harrcv Stet
son. Brunsw ick, Samuel Jameson, Topsham.
On Leather, Boots and Shoes, Davis Hatch,
Thomas Eaton, Bath, S. S. Fisher; Solomon
Davis, Topsham, Edward White, Brunswick
Cyrus M. Purrington, ’Joseph *L. Drink water,
Topshain, Geo. Hilroan. Bowdoinham.
On Carriages, A. G. Poland, Topsham, B. C.
BickncII, Z. D. Covel, Bath, Edwin Stone,
On Fowls, A. T. Robinson, Bath, Isaac Fos
ter, Topsham, Isaiah Jordan, Brunswick, Ain. T.
Patten, Bowdoinham, Adoniram Rogers., Bjw
or Arrangements, John H. Thompson, Robert
I*. Whitney, F. T. Littlefield, Given Jamcsup,
CapL Alfred 1J. Purrinton.A. S. Perkins, Stephen
Stone, Capt. A. W. Torrimou, \V. IS. 1'urrinton,
S. A. Ferkins, Topsham.
On Fish, Isaac Center, Brunswick, Solomon
Prince, J. I). Wyer, liarpswell.
On F tax, James 1 tun ha at, Bow-Join, Lewis
Thompson, Topsham, Lca’is Simpson, Brons
On Fine Arts, P. T. Upton, Topsham, P. T.
llatris, Cyras X. Iugalls, C. A L. Sam|>son,
Batlt, 1*. K. Parker, G. S. Smiley, Brunswick,
Marsliail, liohen Bowkcr, Brunswick.
The rxliihition of Produce, Manufactured Ar
ticles, &r., will Ik in the To«*> House. The
Secretary will be in attendance the day preceding,
and on the morning of exhibition, for the recep
tion of articles.
The Committees will meet at the Academy
I tall, at 0 o’clock on Wednesday morning, to tiil
ail vacancies.
The exhibition at the Town House will he
•opened to the public from 2 to G o’clock, P. Jl.
ot W ednesday, and will be re-opened on Thurs
day morning from 8 to 12 o'clock, P. JL
The annual address will be delivered on Thurs
day, at 11 o’clock A. Jl., in the Congregational
meetinghouse; and the society will meet at the
sjame place at 2 o’clock P. >[., to hear the reports
of committees, and transact all other necessary
Stock entered for exhibition will he provided
with hay, on the founds, free of expense.
Samuel F. Dtkc, Chairman of Trustees.
UniuswirL Telegraph. '
Oregon.—The news from Oregon is up to
the 27lh August. The Colville gold mines,
first pronounced a humbug, are now well
spoken of again..
Mr. Hanton, just arrived across the plains,
reported a terrible Indian massacre of emi
grants -this season at Devil’s Gate, on the
Sweet Water river. A train of 300 men,
women and children, were attacked by the
Chiennes Sioux, and 150 killed, and all their
stock, provisions, &c., captured. The re
mainder of the train reached Salt Lake City
in a starving condition. Among the slain
were Gen. Lane’s brother and family.
it is reported that 70 whites have been mhr
dered near Fort Colville by the Indians.
The Oregonian contains accounts from the
Colville mines, of most glowing descriptions.
It is sta'led that an Indian has dug one and a
quarter-ounces per day ; that the Indians arc
quite peaceable, and advise their lriends wht
are about to start for the mines as to the besi
route to reach them.* A half-breed Indian has
brought in lorty ounces which he dug in three
days. ._ _ *
Th'e election of the pro-slavery or leg
islative party in Nebraska was holden on Mon
day, Oct. 1, for delegates to Congress. Nexi
week the free stale party will hold their elec
lion. The- decision of the conflicting claims o
the two delegates thus chosen will he the busi
ness of the house of representatives.
[y A locomotive built to buru anthracite
coal has been running a hundred miles a day
on the Reading Railroad for the past four
weeks, and her performance is so satisfactory
that good judges on the road think her the best
for passengers they have ever known. She
has abundance of steam, and throws no dm or
sparks, and makes a sating of 43 per cent.
Governor Reeder.—Guveruot A. II. Reed
er, in a spirited address, accepts the nomination
of the free state men fur Congress, conditional
upon the fact that he is not expected to stump
the Territory.
(Ua’ It is said by a Washington correspon
dent that the lion. James Uuchanan, Minister
i to Kngland, is about to lead to the alter the
widow of the late James K. Polk.
iiiQl’OR Cases.—Seven! liquor cases were
tried in the Boston Municipal court last month,
but with the same result as heretofure. The
jurors maintain, in spite of the ruling of the
court, that they are judges of the law as well
as the fact, and refuse to convict, mainly on
the ground that the law is unconstitutional.
The Rec iprocity Treaty.—A letter from
PicVoii, N. Si, dated Sept. 19, says :
“The operation of the reciprocity treaty be
gins already to exhibit some of tho beneficial
effects anticipated by the friends til the meas
ure. The trade between this port and ports in
New England Stales has already increased
many fold, and the • demand for articles of
American manufacture is much greater than in
any former year.”
The President and his Cabinet.—We
certainly base no disposition to join in the
abuse' so shamefully prevalent in public prints
of a president and cabinet who we believe are
as holiest, as pure minded, and as patriotic, as
any we have had for many years past. If it is
any comfort to them, they are not worse vilified
than were General Jackson and his cabinet,
concerning whom the verdict of posterity is and
will be in direct antagonism to that of their de
tamers.—.V. 1'. Journal of Commerce.
jrjy Counterfeit tens on the Boston Bank are
in circulation.
Homoeopathic Treatment of Yellow Fe
| ver.—The Norfolk correspondent of the Haiti
more American writes, Sept. 5, as follows :
“ The homoeopathic physicians, of whom we
had three, Drs. Campos, Hardy and Howe,
claim to have great success in the treatment of
the disease, having cured nine to every one
they have lost. Drs. llowe and Campos have
both had the fever, and have rapidly recovered.
l)r. Hardy has as yet escaped.”
05s* The old custom of lighting up the mills
of Lowell, and continuing the work until seven
and a half o'clock in the evening, is discontin
ued the present season. Work now ceases at
half-past six o’clock, thus giving the operatives
the use of the long evenings.
^5^ Launched on Tuesday from the yard of
Geo. S^oifield the fine ship llising Sun, of
about 1200 tons. «
ir ■■■ ■■■■»■■ i ■
Jonas Whitcomb’* Remedy for Aatliraa*
The fottairins Certificati tri/J show the estimation in
which this Remedy is held by thosc^irho hare used it:
Bonos, August 4th, 1S53.
Mu. UcmsETT: Dear Sir—The Remedy fo* Asthma, which
you prepared, has given me *uch great and speedy relief,
that 1 c.tnuot ref rain from thanking you for it.
My sufferings for many >ears were dreadful; often de
priving me of rest, h .t4 day and night, for many weeks to
gether, so that my life In came almost a burden to mo, and
1 expected to suffer as long as my life lasted. I had tried
every hitherto-known remedy within my reach, with little
• >r no L’>Hid effect. I*ast March Whitcomb's Remedy, pre
par.ii l»y yourself, was recommended to me. TUv first dose
quit- rein ved me; since that time a tcaspoonful o| the Com
pound. taken wbenev« r I have felt any Asthmatic syinp
: i. s, has in every instance relieved me, sir, no considera
tion would tempt me to'be without a bottle of your Asthma
I do n-.t quite like to have my name in the newspaper,
hut you may make such use of this, for the benefit of the
afflicted, as you deehi proper. 1 am, Ac. W. 1.
F<*r sale by II. II. lla>. Portland; (». F. Sargent A Co.,
Bangor; Kln-n Fuller, Augusta; C. 1’. Fessenden, Rockland;
and duggists generally.
In Newcastle, Mr. John B. Hudson, of this city, to Mrs.
Sarah LI. Bradbury, daughter of Wra. P. Harrington, Ksq.,
of N: Mr. Job S. Cushman of Woolwich, to Mrs. Mary A.
Carvil,. of Wiscass: t.
In Southport, Amasa Brewer, of Boothbay, to Miss EMen
♦ lillis, of Southport.
In August*, I). T. Wright, Esq., Attorney at Law, Bow
doinham. to Miss Mary J. liodgdon, <>f Augusta.
In New Vork, Mr. (J--orge W. H. Griffin, forni-Tly of
Boston, to Miss Susan Stevens, of Augusta.
In Danville, Mr. Charles 11. Allen of Westbrook, to Miss
Aveline B. daughter of Daniel Tracy, Esq.
In Auburn, Mr George Wise to Miss Eleanor A. Keith,
both of Auburn.
In Warren, Itev. J. Farquharson, Agent of the American
Bible I’uion. to Mrs. Lydia Burton of W.
In Rocklaud, Mr. Lewis II. Murch and Miss Elizabeth L.
White, IH>lh of Belfast.
In Thom&stoji, Capt. John Norbeck to Miss Margaret
_G. Dyler.
In this city, 30th ult., Alice Era Cayran, aged 1 year
I In this city, 26Ui alt.. Miss Surah S. T«*t hacker, aged 20
! It. this city, 2d inst., Charles Boolhby, M. D., aged 33
I In Phipsburg, 1st ins$., Joseph Mine, aged 7ftyears.
In West Hath, 28th ult, Mrs. Polly Malcufub, aged 86.
ItAhuuarisci tut, Mrs. Mary K. Merrill, 25.
I In ll etlHtwl, Mrs. Martha N. Hasten, aged f*8 years;
Kr«- lerick Alton, sou of Orris K. and Mary A. Hull r, aged
t# UK*.
Injywiston, Mrs. Sarah J. »jr«l 25.
| In Auburn, Kmina Frances. daughter of Thomas and
j Lydia V. Smith, ap* 1 1 y< ar 10 months; Susan, wife uf
•Cape James Harlow,aged 75.
111 W. *t p -rt, Mr* l.oms.i M. Oramlraf, aged 41 years.
In H •stoii, Isaac Brown of Brunswick ,aged 23.
■ --
SJ:i id.
Snxsoa & Co., No. 5 Tying Wharf, Boston, are Agents
for the I'si ’s Lisk -.f packets from Hath to Hoston. Capt.
Stills'll! Is favorably known as an experienced niercliant and
shipmaster, formerly of this city. Al^ business entrusted
toliirn will lie attended to with promptness and despatch.
AUTIll'll DONNELL, A|fcit for Hath.
Friday, Sept. 2S.
Hrig Howard, Race, Philadelphia.
Brig Icarian, King, Rtiston, to load for West Indian
Sch Snsan A Mary, Brackett, Haiti inure (corn and Hour
to l> & L Patten.)
Sch F A Heath, Turner, Phi lapelphia
Sch Boliver, Robinson,' New Yo*k.
Sch Chance, Haskell, New York.
8ATI'R1)AY, Sept 29
Brig Lincoln Wcb’>. Perkins, Wilmington XC (yellow
pine timber to J 1> Robinson)
Sch Star, Hrookings, New York
Sch Geo Davis, Pinkham, Hoston
Sloop neroinc. Treble, Portland
The N y Ship List states that ship Wahamo. 10 nios old,
built^it Wisc,issct, 671 tons, lias been sold for $£L000: ship
//annah Crooker, G 1-2 years old, built at Hath, 500 tons, for
iSliip Sea Lyon, Davis, from Neuvitas for London, put
nto Charir- * * * *• - • •- *--*
arlaston ‘24th inst.in distress, having been struckjhy
lightning, sustaining considerable damage in spurs, sails,
rigging «fco, and causing the vessel to leak
Ship Sea Lion, Paris, fin Neuvitas for Lonbon, before re
ported below Charleston, leaky Ac. was at quarantine
Hark Catherine Augusta, llowe. from St Themes for San
Bias, put into Pernambuco Aug 1, with loss »f fore and
jnizen mast
Boston—A r 26 th sell Moses Eddy. Wise asset
Edgertown—Ax 24tli sch Lucy Blake, Spear, Port Ewen
for Rockland
l Sid 26th achs Boliver, for Augusta; Sarah Louisa. Saco
Galveston—Off the bar 11th ship S f Austin.for New York
In port lftth brig Vesta, for New Ibrk
Savannah—Ar2lst bark Chas William,Hawes, Boston;
brig MattBlc, Johnson, do
Charleston—Ski22«i 22,i shipvUliancc, Liverpool
New A ork-^-Cld 25th ship Cynosure, Pray, Mobile
£*^1*Ar;^r,tl1 84,11 Wankinco, Long, Gardiner
1-111 It ■ vp. — In Mwi Ko„.!__ r_ • ■ ,_I
,, « , - , .. 11 •' UIIMlIvU- u* lll.i 1-44,1 Util, 4
Fall Rivre—In the bay coming up 26th sch Alexander,
Canliner for IHghton “ K
Gloucester—Ar 23d hrig Howard, Race, Philadelphia for
Bath ; sch John B Myers, Bath fos Truro
Boston -At24*h brig Ann M Weeks, Marston, and Am
ulet, Robinson, Richmond
Llvannis—Ar 27th sch Texas, Baker, Bath for Fall River
New Orleans—Ar 24tl» ship Erie, Curtis, Rio Janerio
Do boy—Sid 12th brig Crocus. New Bedford
Philadelphia—Old 25th sch Delaware, Franklin, Bath;
brig Castilian, Pinkham, Portland
New York—Ar 26th bark Leroy, Smalley, Mobile; sch
S Rankin. Rockland
Cld 26th bark Muskingum. Dickey, Warren RI
m Portland—Ar 26th sch Ella Francis, Gardiner for New
Boston—Cld 28th brtg Til os A Edward, Thompson, Ple
CM ship Sea Queen. Groton, New Orleans; brtg Hesper
aa. Cram, Sidney; ach Pennsylvania. Augusta
liyannis—Ar 28th brtg Wfi Crawfonl.Perry, Philadelphia
for Boston
Savannah—Adr 24th hart Chaa WlUlam, tor Boston with
C< harlWnn-Ar 24th ship Joha Fraxer. Herbert. Liverpool
In the ortlnc ship Sea Lion, Daria, fin Neu vitas lor Lon
doa —nee disaster* • . _ _, _
!%>w Ysrk—Ar 25th schs Lacy, Florence, and 8« Lion,
Cld 27tli ahlp American Congress, William*. London
Ar MU hark Nsfthwood, ritikham. Bordeaux
Portland - Ar Me Sarah King.H<dt. Franklin tor Pensa
cola; Marv KIuoIn th. Rockland for Naw Turk
In the road* *cha Brunswick, Boston lor Brunswick;
Ettaa Jane. Rockland for Boston
Boston—Ar 2»th ach Peru. Snow, Bath ^ v ,
Cld sch* Bcnry A, KewliIrt.WaMwsn; Eltxabeth.Quin -
cev, Gardiner; * Convoy, Williams, Bath; 8tMary*, Syl
vester. do
Ar 3frth hark Alxaie Boggs, Mixer, Mobile
A!*• ar brigs C Rogers, ihlladclpliia; Tangent, Reed,
do; M-h 8 O Tbonii>o<>n. M'Kurland. i-uAoinac
Holme** Hole—Ar -Nth hark Helen Marla, Kfeketfcn,
Baltimore lor lUmton ; brig Harriet, Pratt, rotomac Itiver
lor Bath ; schs Grands II a. Merryman. narpswell tor Phila
delphia; Mary Langdon. Rockland lor N York
San Francisco—CM 3d ship Windsor. Forest, Graffam, C si
New Orleans-Towed to sea Mth ship A’nTetiue: lSili
St Petersburg
Ar 2*th ship May Qucon. SkoWield. New York
\V ilniinston.Nf'—In port brig Jas Waketlehl, for Bath
Ida; ach Jane. Ingraham, repg
I'hilndelphin—Ar 28tli sch Glenview, Tat ridge, Boston,
and cld for do
New York—Cld28th brig Stephen Tovng, Castner,Jack
F. a at port—SU1 2t»th ach Emma Fnrbi*h. Richmond
'Varc ha in—Sid 22d brig Castilian, Philadelphia
Gloucester—Ar 28th salt Cora, Boston for /Minariscotta
Eastport—hid 90th sib Emma Furbish, Richmond
Sid fm Lacuna Ith bark Splendid, Webb, Marseilles, and
j (tasted key West 16th
vAt Rio Janerio Uth ult bark Reindeer, Chase, for Charles
Cld at Havana 14th ship Indian Queen, Manson, Boston
. [Per America at Boston]
Ar at Liverpool Uth Inst shin Washington, ZJbby, /lath
Cld Kith N Thompson, M'Cullock, Calcutta
Sid 10th Am Cnion, Owens, New York
Adv Harvest Queen, for Boston l*th; J L Bogert, do 21st;
Sebastian Cabot, do 22d; Messina, lor Philadelphia 16th;
Clara Brook man,do with despatch ; Emma,for Charleston ;
Iuuly Franklin, Jordan, for Mobile; Laviuia Adams, do
2dtb; Houghton, do 23d; Gen imnlap, do 25th ; Rappahan
nock, do 26th; John a Lucy, Brewer, lor Geelong with
Knt for Idg Uth Houghton, llairdcn. New Orleans; Lady
Franklin, Jordan, Mobile; Clara Brockman, Higgins, Phil
• Ar at London 11th Celestial Breezfc, Stover, St John NB
via Queenstown; 27Ui Jenny l'itts, Snow, Trinidad via
In port 12th Forktown, Meyer, for N York 27th; Ocean
Queen, Spencer, do Oct 4; Alice Thorndike,. Sleeper, for
Calcutta ldg *
At Gravesend Uth Wm Stetson. Jordan. Quebec
Sid fin Falmouth Pith Kate S wanton, Reed, (fm Havana)
Sid fin Portsmouth 11th Wm M Rogers, Thompson, New
A rat Cardiff 10th Borneo, Stearns. London
Sid fm Glasgow 12th Morn Castle, Moucce, Boston
Ar at Helvoet 10th .Mary Merrill, Kinsman, Matanzas
Adv at Havre Uth, Mountaineer, for New rork
Ai Venice 5th Gcnnanicus, Kales, for Malta
Portsmouth. Sept U—The report of Sept 12, of the Am
ship Wm M Rogers, having touched the ground under
Block House Fort, fs Without foundation
[PcrWasliington, at New York]
Ar at Liverpool 7th Zcnobia, Robinson, St John NB
A’nt lor ldg loth Chaos, I Minton. Savannah
Knt inward at London loth inst Lizzie Uarward, Delano,
A rat Gravesend lOtli Celestial Breeze, Stover, St John
l Passed Dover 10th Havana, Adams, fm Havana for Ilam
Passed Falmouth 9th Wm Stetson, Jordan, 23 ds fm Que
bec tor London
Ar at Bristol 10th T j Roger. Maxwell, Havana
Sid fm AVwport 8th M de Kmbil, i-ercv, Malta
Sid fm Cuxhavcn «.h A'lniua Lincoln, Halts, New Or
^.\r at Marseilles 6th White Faleon, Ryan, Constantino
Ar at Trieste 3d inst William, Berry, Matanzas
Aral Venice :M Gcnnanicus, Fnlcs, for Malta
Ar at Malta 3«>th ult Kiiiiha Jane, Springer, Constantino
ple and aid 1st lor Havre
| Sid fm Smyrna 1st inst Old England, Adams, Liverpool
Ar at Havana 18th inst ship Indian Queen, Munson, Bos
Cld at Chatham, Miramichi, 21st inst ship Jane Parker,
Bowker, renarth Roads and orders
Cld at Newcastle,Miramichi, 8th ship Tarouin, Doughty,
7*euarth Roads
At Smyrna 1st ult bark Nautilus. Paine, for Boston soon
At M Ita 1st ult ship Sarah G llvde.Snow, for Cagliari to
to load for Boston
sid fm Palermo 1st ult bark K A Cochrane, Cochrane, N
^ ^ld fm Leghorn 2d ult ship Charlotte Reed, Elwell, Boa
At Genoa 8th ult Ship Harvest Queen,-. for the Cri
mea ldg :|Saratoga,Trask,unc: bark Louisa Kilham.White,
tor n Aork next week
At Malaga 6th ult bark N.iutUns, TJncole, unc
At Gibralter 4tli ult ship lUclid Morse, Hiiismore, dlsg
At A’otterd iiu 11th ult ship South Carolina, Stewart, for
New fork ldg
At Buenos Ayres Aug 11 bark Occident, Small, fin Bath,
At Pernambuco Aug25 bark Catherine Augusta, uowo,
tni st Thomas for San Bias, repg—sec disasters
sid fm St ango 14th ult bark Paul Boggs, Dizcr, N York
At Havana 23d ult bark Glen for Boston 2 ds
At M a riel 22d nil bark Mcdora, Robinson,for Boston
list or li.ttliss
Remaining in lhe Post Office uncalled foi
53atli, Oct. 2, 1855.
Gci> lie me n'* Iji*!.
Archibald Ilonry
Andrews James M
Adams J W
Beard Clca vela nd
I Sibber Wm—2
Merry Goo I.
Barter George
I’.uzr ll Stephen
Rrimigine Jesse I*
Mowker Jhio
Reilell Edmond
Beaton Kenneth
Uillington Sherrahiah
Within Josiar
MukcrJohn U
Brown Francis Tl—2
Br«»wn Hugh W
Cunningham Salathiel I—3
Chase John
Clarey Jacob C
Crockett Fiavetin
Carter James
Carter Daniel K
Crocker Alfred L
t hureh S F
Coombs Ira
Corliss Philip S
Delano Thomas
j Deyney Henry
Delinho F
Doncaster liirani
Decost Victor
Douglass Charles F—2
Dinsmore 1)
Dummer D
i*evine John
iH'lano John
Devrault llilevire
Flint John K
Foster A II
Fletcher James
Fairbanks Edwin
French II G
Garoelon Philip M
How ell Hilaries
He to he II James 11
t»..re George
Grey 4 C
Gordon U X
Garcclon William
Groves David—2
Giant Frances
lli- inp George J
Hale Wm
lliseltin? Samuel
llinkh v E
Hatch K
Jewell James J
King Myles
Kingsbury James M
Liwell Krast s—2
Lee John
Lewis L Drew
Lord C K
Ixiwdcn Thomas
Dayhougli Patrick
Luce George
Lsbee John
Lyons T W k Co
Leary Richard
McGowan G F
McAulillc Timothy
Marcy 11 F
Morrill K II
McKinnain John
McLanathan Warner
Mclcher Lendall
Mathews James
McAuley Donald
Morse Charles II
Main Abigail
Morse Bartlett
Merritt Washington D
Merrill Edward W
Meslcher Wm
McCobh Daniel
Marks Stephen F
Mitchell James M
Nichols Wm M
Norris I & O
Northley Franklin T
O’KeiflVe Patrick
Porter Dana 11
Paterson F C
Pettengill Stephen
Pickering Isaac C
Preble George
Preble John
INittcr Washington
Parron Daniel A
Preble Francis
Pettengill Jason
Roberts Jolm G
Rigby Geo
Roams Robert
Ramsey Henry G
Savage George
Stone Joseph
St Pierre Dominique
Skillings J I)
Stewart Hiram
Scott George
Shannon Thomas *
Shaw W J
Shaw Joseph A
Savage Daniel II
Stevens James
Shepard Emery
Smith Thomas II
Sylvester Merritt
Sampson Moses
Small Lewis «
Smythe Joseph A
Taylor John
Towle lleiij. D
Turner C A
Tarr C C
Wood Thomas—2
Winter J A
Watkins J
Watts L S
Worth P W
Walker Uoht Jr
Walker John
Williams C A
Wood Thomas M
Wright Wm A
Williams David S
Woods Andrew S
Winslow Capt Wui
Quinuam Wm F
Young James E
Vickery Benjamin
Anderson Sarah
Averill It
Beals Rachel
Barter Mary J
Burke Ann
j Blair Louisa P
Burrill F D
Johnson T H
Joy Margaret
Jackson Ann
Johnson Mary
Kelley "Elizabeth
Lawrence Nancy
Loftus Abby
Mmiroe June
Miller Emetine .
Merritt Harriet
Mitchell Jamison
McLettan Sarah
Noyes H elicit
Oliver Mary E
Purrinton Lovina
Pease Pamclia S
Percy M W
Percy Charlotte B—2
Reed S A
Roberts Abigail
Siegars Meribah
Stevens Priscilla
Soule S J
Stevens Miss
Sheldon Jane R
Stinson Kate
Savage A D
Smith Sarah J
Work Abby
. Wildes Ellen
Wear Mrs C
Young Rachel
j£y Personscalliog forletters, will please mention they
are advertised. To >he pottage of each advertised Let
ter. one cent will he added.
Curtis Lydia Ann
Crooker Mary B
Colby MaryS
CurtisSaraii B
Coombs Lydia .T
Qhandler Fanny
Carter Lucy A
(.’lark Mary E
Copeland Helen M
Coombs Anne M
Cowan Martha W
Cox Betsey
Dcrane Margrct
Dickinson Lydia
Davis Douisa D
Flanders Mary K
Fish Susan
Gowell Adelia E
Ham Margaret A
Hutchins Abbie
Higgins Almira S
Ham Mrs Nelson
Ileal Susan B
Haskell Lucy E
llillinau Ruth A
Valuable Real Estate & Lumber
I1E subscribers will offer at Auction on
SATURDAY, Oct. 6th, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
All the Ice Company’s buildings and lumber in Woolwich,
opposite Bath. Also, immediately after, all the land on
the Woolwich side of the river-, said lot being situated and
valuable for a Ship Yard. Purchasejs are invited to ex
amine the property previous to hour advertised for sale,
as the sale will take place on the Bath side, at 10 o’clock.
Terms liberal, and made known at the time and place ol
sale. OWEN A CO., Auctr’s
Oct. 2.
Plaid Thibets.
NOW opening at the Granite Store, the largest stock o'
plaid and plain thibets ever offered in Bath.
Oct- 2. OWEN k CO.
HARRISON’S flavoring extracts,vi*-. Peach.Lemon. Rose
Nuttne? and Vanilla, for by M. F. GANNETT.
T• the Hon. Ju$tir($ ©/ the Supreme Judicial Court to
holden at Rath within and for the County of Safa
dakoc on the third Tneoday of Aupunt, A. D. 1865.
THE petition of Kelson Ham and Harriet P. Ham his
wife, of West Bath, in said County, respectfully repre
sent, that they are seised in fee simole and hAld in com
and undivided with David B. Lowell and John n. Low
ell ami other persons to your petitioners nnknown, whose
residence are to \oar petitioners urknown, a retiain lot
land situate.! m said West Bath, ami bounded ns fol
lowes. North by land of Samuel Lmnbard, east by Winoe
rance Creek, south by latul of Rufus W. Adams and land of
George Lee, West by Sears C.»ee toadied and land of Sam
uel Lamb-trd—also of a certain piece of Marsh land situa
5?U" Wrrt B«th, and bounded north by land of John
WIBiaua ami Benjamin M. Brown, east by Vhmepum
Lreeh and laml Samuel Fland*rs, w.-st by land of Sam
uel Lamhanl ami Geoijre Lee and south by laml of Rufus
W. Adams.
Ami your petitioners further represent that they are each
•eired of the aforesaid premises in ft-e simple as follows: the
saal Nelson ll un ot one hundred and thirty three, two
hundred ami fortieth parts thereof, and the said Harriet P.
H;un o| one fifth part thereof, and y<»ur i*eUtiom*rsSire de
| of holding their said partitions or shares of each of
j said tots, being ns alK»re meruioneil in severalty.
| Wherefore they pray your Honors to cause partition
thereof to be made and their aforesaid shares of the same
lota* divided and set off to them to bold in severalty.
August, 1555. NELSON ijAM,
By their Attorney's, TALLM AN A BOOK Kit.
Slate of Maine.
SAGADAHOC, i*.—Supreme Judicial Court, August
Term, 1655.
UPON the foregoing petition onion'd, that the petitioners
jrive notice tA their tenants of the pendency «f this
suit, by publishing an attested copy of their petition with
the order of court thereon three weeks successively in
the Kastoru Times, a public newspaper, printed at Hath in
said county, the last publication, to in? thirty days at least
before the next term of the Supreme Judicial Court lobe
hoUlt-n at Rath, in said county of Sagadahoc, on the third
Tuesday of December, 1S55, that they may then and ttyere
appear ami show cause if any they have why the prayer of
.-aid petitioners should nfbt l»c granted. S
Attest, A. t\ 11KWEY, Clerk. ^
A true copy of the petition and order of court threon.
Attest, A. C. 1IKWEY, Clerk.
New Dress Silks.
I Tl ST received at the Granite Store, a good assortment of
*" plaid, striped and plain silks; also black, figured and
‘ plain silks; in endless variety. OWEN & CO*
| Oct. 2.
, Paris Shawls.
ONE box imitation C. II. Paris shawls, now opening at
the Granite Store. Please call ami examine.
Oct. 2. 0\V KN k CO.
Lewiston & Topsham Rail Road.
THE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Lewiston
and Topsham Rail Road holden at Bath, May 1, 1855,
I stands adjourned to meet at the Academy Hall, in TOPS
HAM, on Wednesday, October 10, at 10 o’clock, A. M.
Said meeting is to choose seven dirrctors,aru! to act upon 1
J any other business that may legally conic before the meet
j iog. * H. W. OWEN Clerk.
Flour and Com.
; Px ^^VIHIIjS Baltimore ami Ohio flour; 1500 bush white
corn, per schooner Susan and Mary, now landing,
and for sale by D. & L. PATTEN.
Oct. 2.
Dealer in
painYs, oil and window glass, brushes. &c,
Also—Welch & Co’s Karen 11 dick, Premium j
Green and Verdigris.
No. 8 and 4 Elm St., Bath, Me.
New Millinery!
Mrs. ROUSE, Centre St.,
HAS just received an elegant assortment of Ribbons,
Flowers, Kmhr ideries, Ac., Fall Styles LatlTea Flats,
very ('harming. The best milliners only employed, and
all work entrusted, superintended by herself. Straws
bl«*ached to look as well as new, at the lowest price, being
; all done at a straw manufactory. A good assortment of
Dress and Cloak trimmings and buttons.
; *Mrs. Rouse grateful for the very large share of pat
i ronage, wit!» which she has been fovored the last two years,
will still attempt to merit it, by sparing no pains to please
! her customers. .
^ N. B. A good assortment of Mourning constantly on
Bath, Oct. 1.
Silks! Silks! Cheaper than liver!
AT the store formerly occupies! hy Mis. Gilman, on
Front St., one do«»r north of J. T. Gilman, a choice lot
Dn'ss Silks, Plaid, Striped, Watered, Figured and Haiti,
will be sold lower than can Ik* purchased elsewhere. A
go<Hl assortment of all kinds seasonably
at the lowest prices. Also, Millinery G<*ods and Embrei
deries of all descriptions. Please call and examine before
purchasing elsewhere.
Bath, Oct. 1. Mrs. ROUSE, Front St.
Vessels "Wanted.
TWO £*1111*5 of from 10001<> 1200 tons burthen;
one Ship from fUH) to S0O torts; a Bark of from
500 to GOO tons; also a Brig of 175 tons, a fast sailer with a
high deck preferred. A sale for the whore named vessels
can be made at fair rates, if immediate application is made
Bath, Sept. 27. 2wl6
Soy Wanted.
\ SMART, active Boy, about 10 yejirs of age. None
need apply unless well recommended.
Oct i. lotr sawyer & magoun. i
Freight for Savannah.
I SMALL quantity of freight for Savannah can be ob
1 tained on application at THIS OFFICE.
Bath, Sept. 25,1855. 4wl5
\ OW opening at the GRANITE STORE, a large stock of
Fall Dry Goods, consisting of i'lain Striped and Plain
I Dress Silks ; the largest and best st*>ck of Black Silks ever
opened in this city ; All Wo d, Figured and Plain DeLainc;
Cashmere Shawls ; Bay State Shawls ; Thihcts ; Lyonem-s ;„
Printed Flannels; White Flanne's; Red and Mixed Flan
nels; Raw Silks; White Linen ; Linen Damask ; Bleached
Sheetings , also a good assortment of Embroideries. Also,
Broad Cloth*, Cassimeres, Satinet Is, Doeskins, Ac. The
purchasers of Dry Goods are invited to call and examine
for yourselves. OWEN & CO.
Sept. 25.
Uuick Sales am! Small Profits!
Important to Purchasers of
Dry GrOOdLs!
11!IE subscriber having just returned frem Boston and
New York, has just receive^ and is now opening, a
large and well selected stock of
Fall and Winter Goods,
which will l>e sold at the
Our goods are some of the newest and most desirable
at\ les in the market, consisting in part of Plain and Figured
Dress Silks, some very beautiful styles; Plain Black Silks,
having the largest and be-t assortment to be found in tins
city; all wool figured and plain DeLaines, Thibets, Lyon
eses. Raw Silks, Cashmere Plaids, Ladies’ Cloths, Cashmere
Shawls, Bay State Long and Square Shawls, Plain and
Printed French Flannels, White all wool and Domet Flan
nels; White Goods; a large assortment Bleached and Brown
Sheetings, Table Linens, Embossed Table Covers, Marseilles
Guilts, Patches, Prints and Ginghams. We would more es
pecially call your attention to our stock of EMBROIDER
IES, having the largest and best assortment ever offered in
this city; all of which, and many other goods too numerous
to mention, can be seen by calling at the store of
Bath, Sept. 25. • D. T. PERCY..
One Tlioroiigli Application,
Whether on Shipboard, on the Hotel or Pub
lic House, or in the Private Dwelling and the
Used up—Visted with a Perfect
Sold by C. W. ATWELL, under the U. S. Hotel, Port
land, General Agent for the State of Maine.
For sale by Agents in nearly every town and village in
Maine, and by A. G. Page, J. Mathews, and T. W. Lucas,
Hats tfc CJaps,
together with a good assortment of
FURNISHING GOODS, all of which are highly Fashion
able, and will be sold at exceedingly LOW PRICES.
Rath, Sept. 25, 1S55.
Auction and Commission Store.
THE undersigned, having taken the Stove formerly oc
cupied by S. C. Sawyer, Wilkinson’s Block,
Broad Street, Bath, Me.,
is preparol to receive consignments of Household .Furni
ture, Dry Goods, Wardware, Books and Merchandise of all
kinds and descriptions, to be sold at auction or private
sale. Liberal cash advances made if required.
All business entrusted to me will secure prompt atten
tion. A- W. BECKWITH, Auctioneer.
Accident at the Maine Railroad Depot.
—A singular acc nt occurred at the Maine
railroad depot n a city, yesterday morning.
The locomotive ii..v Slate had been, as usual,
when approaching Causeway Street with an in-,
ward train, disengaged from the passenger
cars in order to switch off upon a aide track
and allow the cars to pass along. The en
gineer, however, Boon discovered that the
switch had not been altered, and he shut off
steam. This brought the train behind, which
was under headway, upon him, and a collision
occurred, in the conlusion of which the en
gineer and firemen jumped from the engine.—
The force of the collision, however, moved
the machinery of the engine so as to pul on
steam again, and the locomotive Commenced
moving tip the track towards the passenger de
pot at great speed. Fortunately a switchman
at the Travers street crassing saw the ap
proaching engine, and promptly changed the
switch and turned the locomotive off the track.
The engine ploughed up the stout plank plat
form at the north side of the track for a con
siderable distance, and passed half through the
open wooden shed adjoining the depot. No
one was injured, hut several persons had a t
narrow escape. The engine was not much
injured.—I tost on Adr.
Now Open for one Week.
33“ Grand Historical Moving Diorama of
Naval Hatties, Processions, &c., consisting of
the Escape of the Constitution-*-IJnited
States Capturing the Macedonia—
Uattle of Lake Erie—Enterprise
and Boxer, &c.
With the Funeral l’roccasion of Burrows and Blytii
To conclude with
Tlic Triumph of liberty !
Doors open at 7 >-2, to commence at S o’clock. Admis
sion 25 cts.
Spanish ami French Olives.
F11K.SH as can be found in the market, for Ale by
What articles prove bad bring them back anti the mon
ey shall be refunded, or better articles given in exchange,
just as the purchaser secs fit.
Bath, July Will 1855. 5
Ladies’ Gaiters.
JUST received by the subscriber, a large lot of Bailies’
Gaiters, which will )>csold at prices which can’t be beat.
Bath,Aug.». 1856. 11 WM. MATHEWS.
Corn and Flour.
■JVJ OW landing from Sch. L uiisn,
li 1000 bush (Mealing) Corn,
200 bbls Magnolia Flour,
100 14 Groveland, do.
50 14 New York State,
50 44 Ohio Exchange, do.
For sale by
Sept. 17. McLELL AN, DENNIS k CO.
Sugars and Syrups.
RISC'D this morning, per Railroad, a fresh assortment
consisting of
15 bbte. Standard Crushed;
7 44 Standard Granulated Sugar;
10 44 A. Coffee Crashed Sugar;
10 44 (’. Coffee Crushed Sugar;
5 44 Yellow Sugar;
7 44 A. A. Sugar;
TO boxes Havana Sugar;
10 casks Hidden Syrup;
For sale by McLELLAN, DENNIS k CO.,
June 25. 2 Steam Ferry Wharf.
Corn and Flour.
Per nebs. Salty Badger and Chance,
Z) ^QQ ?PSU. Mealing Com;
Sept 4.
27 5 bbls, Fancy and Extra Flour; for sale by
RECEIVED on consignment nt tie* store of the suhscrioer,
' 25 rich ami fashionable Mantillas, for sale cheap.
Aug 7. J. T. GILMAN.
New Autumn Goods!
HU E subscriber, unable to ennsqmate his plans for closing
L his business in this city, has just opened a
niola. StocK of
Which will be sold only for cash, at unusually low prices.
Sept. 21. J.T. OILMAN.
Remnants DeLaines.
N B case, very desirable, rec’d by J. T. GILMAN.
Sept. *24.
Beautiful DeLainos.
N R case, assorted styles, very rich an«l very bur priced,
received by J.T. OILMAN.
All Wool Shawls.
FEW very large, fine, rich All Wool Plaid Shawls, drab
ground, received by J.T. GILMAN.
Domestic Goods,
F all kinds, just opened by
Sept. 24.
.Congress Boots.
Il'ST received, a lot of Ladies' Cloth, Kid and Enamelled
Congress Boots, at a low price, by J. W. ROBERTS.
July 24. rt
(dONGKESS WATER constantly on hand, fresh from the
J New York Springs, for sale cheap by A.T. ROBINSON.
I.:tdies Boots.
AFRESH lot Of Lelies Colored Bools, just recei ve<l and
will be sold at a low price by J. W. ROBERTS.
Jtdy 24. 0
Auric Tics.
\good assortment of Womens Goat and Pat-nt Leather
Ancle Ties for Misses cau be fount! at
July24. 0 J. W. ROBERTS.
ISoimly Laml Warrants.
CASH and the highest price paid for Bounty Land War
rants by o4lf SAMVEL I). REED.
TIIE subscribers beg to inform their friends and the
public, that they have removed from their old stand
to No. 117 Wall St., next door id South, when they will
be happy to see or hear from their friends,
New York. May 1,1,655, U46o
ntOR Sale, two Twelve Horse Horizontal Steam Engines,
L in good repair. Terms easy. EL.MKS A: T Eli BETS,
Aug. 23. 10 Commercial St. Iron Works, Bath, Me.
rTMIE subscriber has just received a large and com
pleteassortu»ent of BOOTS. SHOES and RUBBERS,
of the best material and manufacture, wliieft, together
with his former stock, lie is now selling at the lowest
Purchasers will do well to call and examine
Repaiiing done as usual, in the best manner a short
notice. WM. MATHEWS.
Bath. June 14,1855. li52o
Old Soldiers.
BOUNTY Land Warrants obtained for all soldiers and
sailors in the wars of the United States since 1"‘J0, who
have served fourteen days and upwards. Those who have
received but Forty Acres, are now entitled to One Hundred
and Twenty acres more. Apply to JOHN U. KIMBALL.
Bath, March 8,1855 38tf
SC. SAWYER has removed to Tarbox’s new Block,
• Washington Street, four doors south of llydc A Bow
man's, where he will lie happy to wait on all his old cus
tomers and the rest of mankind iu particular, ia his lino of
business such as _
Sign Painting, Gilding,
Graining and Fancy Work in General.
All kinds rfCAIilN PAINTING, Polishing ami Dcporat
ing done in first rate style.
Composition Mouldings, Caps and Cabin Ornaments fur
nished at short notice.
Bath, July 25, 1*5.}. Gtf
Door and Date Springs.
rnUK most efficient and durable springs in nse,can l»e
1 put on by any person in a few moments, and applicable
to any door or gate. For sale by Z. 11YDE & CO.,
Feb. 20. lSui>. Corner Front and Broad Street.
PALMER’S VINEGAR, fbr sale by
Sept. 4. M. F. GANNETT.
Large Stock
J list Received
For sale Very Low,
.Gas Burners, Chandeliers, &c.
JUST received, a large and extensive assortment oi
Gas Burners, Chaudeliers, dtc, which we offer at the
lowest manufactory prices. These fixtures are from the
best manufactory, and are all warranted. Please call
andexaihine. g. W. HEATH & CO.
Bath, June 4. ^ 51
Those who Indulge in Smoking, !
AND *o»ld like lo unit Ikrimctvra to a Cbniee Cm
wm do well by ealtinx on the adfaerlbcr, at iw M
•land,.corner of Front Street aad Suadabor Ferry Slip
where the following Brands can be found .—
Openni,Plantations ami Regalia*, which are trwrd m
neat: <h»com, El Delfln, Fiilelia. Pagizn, Mageolhi, El
Puro. I.c Joamia.ltevteneys. Ini»doncrs, Princtpt**, Know
Nothings, Frank Plciee, Webster ami various other
brands loonnnu ron* *o mention
Call and examine, for I have taken pains lo procure on
ly those Which thus £ir have given safaiaction.
July fOtfc, 18'51 o «
Fruit! Fruit!! rind Vegetables !
ALL the varieties of the season received by the steam
boat every trip. For sale at the store of the suhscriUr,
corner of Front street amt isig.iduhock Fefry wharf.
Bath, July 10,1S». ALF. T. ROBINSON.
Fresh Oranges
SWEET and nice,—also Lemons, repacked. Forsgleby
Bath, July 10, 1855. ALF. T. ROBINSON.
Just Arrived
\ND now opened for inspection and more particularly to
sell, choice Meats in jafa, Lferd, Pork, prime March
Cheese, Sugar Cored Hama, put up expressly for Family
use. Ketchups of all kinds, Sardines different size boxes,
Olive Oil} (Juava Jelly, Cu^mii Jelly, Uasberry Jam, and
in f:ict, without going into all tlie ih-jaHs, the subscriber
will remiud the pnHic that he has about all things that
are nice, and will sell as low as any one else in the market.
Don’t forget the place cor. of Front s-'t. and Sagadahock
Ferry wharf.
Beef, Pork,. &c.
NOW in store and for sale,
25 bbls Western Mess Brof,
25 do Boston Mess Pork,
15 do do Prime do
10 do do Clear do
Beef in half bbls., Smoked Beef,
Smoked Shoulders, Ac.
Steam Ferry WJiarf. McLELLAN, DENNIS & CO.
Just Received and Now Landing,
BOXES Havana Brown Sugar;
v/ *25 bids. Low tirade Sugar;
A small parcel Standard Crushed, Granulated A. Sc C..
Coffee Crushed Sugars; for sale at less than Bouton prices,
Pork, Lard and Beef,
rER Louisa: Mess and Prime Pork, Leaf Lard, and Wes
tern Mess Beef for sale by
Just Landed,
FROM schs Louisa nml King Fisher,
25U0 Bushels heavy Mealing Corn.
U00 bbls. Double Extra, Extra Fancy and Superfine
Flour,Lard, Pork, Rice Cheese, Sugars, Ac., for sale bv
July 10,1855. o Steam Ferry Wharf.
MRS. GILMAN has removed into the front of the large !
store, ouc door south of her former shop, where she will j
he happy to wait upon her old customers, as well as to en- I
large the circle of her trado.
Sept. 18. 14
On the Track Again.
rpiIE subscriber, finding it impossible to consummate his .
I plans for closing his business without too great a sacri
fice, will comnieuce his Fa i.l Campaign on Saturday morn- :
ingnext, when lie will open a new and fresh assortment of
r.iHiDS FOR TUB MILLION, which \\ ill he sold at unpre- !
cedenUy low price* for cash. No new ate Mints opened af- I
ter the aforesaid date. J. T. GILMAN.
Bth, Sept. IB, 1855. 14
9 QTLS. choice Spring Codfish, just received and for
sale by JOHN II. McLELLAN.
Bath, Aug. 8,1S55. 8
FOR sale by
t June 19.
Ladies’ Heel Gaiters*
Gent? Clotlii'.sg,
I TIT ST received and for sale by L. S. FISIIER.
| *1 June 19. • ol
Prices Hediiced !
\T EW Goods just opened.
i.1 Ladies Gaiter Boots, $1 to $2
Gents Calf 44 3 44 4
A good assortment of Fancy Boots Ac., for sale by
June 19. ol L. 8. FISIIKR.
Coal! Coal!!
OHO T0NS Rttn of t,KJ Min« Cumberland Coal, just
s£\J\J arrived per brig William Crawford, from Alex
dria. —ALSO—
100 tons White Ash Egg )
100 “ Ur.1 “ “ COAL.
50 41 44 44 Stove > 1
Per brig AUaknpas, from Philadelphia, for sale by
April 25 46 B. 0. WEEKS. j
A LARGE assortment of Cooking, Parlor and Store Stoves, •
of the most approved patterns, now selling by the sub
scrihers at orkati.y rkdccko ]*rices
.Also, constantly on hand. Co;U Hods, Shovels, Sifters,
Stove Funnel, Sad Irons, Tin and Cop|*er War**, of every ;
description, and all other articles usnallv kept in a Hard
ware store. MITCHELL k LOW
Vcllow Corn.
OQOn RUSH, heavy Mealing Com, from Norfolk, for 1
^.)UW . ,1,. I,v i July 1T i |I. * I.. PATTKN.
Deal Freights
A T highest current rates r‘*n be obtained at all limes
on application to * C. C, DUNCAN A CO.
tflCo 117 Wall St., N Y
i\ew Clothing,
Orcn as fine COATS, VESTS, PANTS and common do, '
O in great variety, just received by J. T. GILMAN.
Nnv Invention.
Hr NT’S Patent Papier Macho I)ick**ys, just received at
(•ROUT’S. Price only 0 cents Call and look at themr {
Wanted Immediately,
T?IFTY g<*od girls, for genteel families in and out of town.
I’ Apply at the Intelligence Office, opjwtsite the Sagadu- !
hock House, fi»st door north of llenry llyde A: Son’s Rook
Store, Front Street. WM. JOHNSON.
Sept. 5, 1855. t*wl2
Bath Gas Light Company.
THOSE persons who intend to light their houses or other
buildings with Gas, the coming season, are requestc 1 to
make application at the office of the Company on or be
fore the 1st of November next, or lx*fore the ground is closed
by frost.
Sept. 18.
CjIAS. CLAPP, Jr., Treas.
Calf Boots,
A good article of Men’s sewed French Calf Roots main**
i\ factured and for sale by J. W. ROBERTS.
July 24. 0
Plated fcpoons.
RECEIVED direct from the Manufacturers, 6 Gro. *upe
i rior Table, Dessert ami Tea Spoons, Butter Hnives Ac,
plated with pure nitver, for sale very cheap hr
March 13. J. T. OILMAN.
PAPA MAC INC CENTRE PIECES—a large and well .
selected assortment Please call and examine.
Bath,June 4. S. W. IIBATH A CO 51 tf
Ballast for Sale.
fir\r\ TONS handsome Sea Ballast, for sale by the sub
<C\)\ I senbers. LOWELL k SMALL.
Eeb^2S 38
1 nnn-HlIPS. CADIZ salt in Store, and few sale by
I UUU 1}alh Fel) 13> 1855> 34tf 1). & L. rATTEN.
A AAA BUSHELS, arrived this day from Norfolk, in
*1 M t sch(H>ner Lagrange, now discharging at Rail- j
road Wharf, and for sale by
51 ay 26
* 50
Oils, Tobaccos, Soaps.
1 CABBI.S Bleached AVhale Oil, 10 Boxea Honey Dew
1A/ Tobacco, of the Rest Brands in the market, 25 Bov
es assorted Fancy Tobacco, 50 Boxes assorted Soaps, for j
sale cheap as the cheapest, by
4<>o JOHN II McLELLAN, Head Mcl.clbtn’s Wharf.
sale by 46o J. H. MeLELLaN.
OF various kinds, such ns CLOTHS, PANT STUFF,
PRINTS, WHITE GOODS, lower than ever by
March 6- J. T. GILMAN.
Rich New Goods.
O Chatiie DeLuincs Lawns, Dtess Silks, Visiles, Ac, re
ceived by J.T. GILMAN.
May 22.
Watch Kc|iairin» !
rpiIE subscriber, is consequence of the unexpected in
1 crease of his business in the tine of Watches k .Ikw
klry, has made arrangements with Hr. N. T. Woiwli,
a mechanic of experience, and in all respects qualided, to
carry on the Watch Repairing business in ah U» branches,
in his Auction Store;uud the public may rest assured that
all work entrusted to his care shall be promptly and faitli
fuly attended to.
Particular attention given to the repair of Clocks, Jewelry
and Accordebns.
For sale, a good stock of Watches and Jkwklry.
Terms as low as at any similar shops in the state.
Bath, April 24, 1845. <1. T. OILMAN.
New Goods.
J. B. II it I> SOX
HASjusi received and now offer* fui stile r choice
assortment ol •
which he i* selling at the lowest cash prices. Also
Painted Window Curtains mid Fixtures. On bund
Upright rtc.i'rigefii nr*. Willow Wagon*-, $c, 4fC ■ •
Ji EADY-MADE COFFIJfS keptoonsuunly on hand
and manufactured to order.
n n open id b?
_Whkrh will fie »o0 »t PrVrr
Lower thaw fcvEll:
kml rr..h«My Mrrn LOWER ui»lf fOwBTSl !»»■ line «n»
w oOVrr.1 to the ,tK>lie h. re.ifur.
Tht Stu^k now* offHVd will be sold M
Cnsh »t tiny very lowrtf Ago ft.
It com)*riaes ovftjt variety of cGStoth made
For men ami boy#.
Furnishing Goods !
Srarao Stvi.b
Hats and Caps
OT the finest quality and erery Variety.
Wholesale or Retail, Covered Halt, Flawief
Shirts, Frocks, Matresscs, Chests, and overy
article necessary to the complete outfit of iHtf
Fisherman or Stamen.
It is the determination of the subscribe!1 tci
make tins establishment a# Complete a
Fashionable Clothing
Outfitting Warehonser
As possible.
April 23 A. J. FARNSWORTH, Ag t.
BOSTON and Western Clear and Me^r PnHr f CWetlfco
Mew Beef; Lard~ Hams, Cheese; Butter; Tongues and
Sounds; Mackerel; Halibut ;j Fins in half bbls and kits>
Beef Tongues, Ac., for sale by JOHN Jl. M< LKLLAN.
Hath, April 17, 1S35. 44
p./A/\LBS. choice family Batter; 100 Bushels Seedling
tM "/ Potatoes, just received and fiw’sale at the head of
MeLellau's Wharf, by JOHN 11. McLKLLAN.
A T the old stand, head of MeLellan's Whiff, has just re
/\ ceired and offers for sale a large and Well selected s*
sort meat of
Family and Fancy 6roceriwf
Provisions, Ship Stores, Ac., at the lowest jn-Mlblv price# •
for cash or short approved credit. PafdMKn nr> fu-ftted
to call trial examine. Bath, April 17, ISM.
Augusta Dye House.
TJACKAGKS made np every .Ifondav and gent by Nx»
L press. AIL articles dyed at short notice.
Coats,Ov. r Coats, Pants, Veits, Ac.,cleansed and preaged.
Cashmere, Crape or Prfnrcd shawls, with white middle
cleansed ifilhoutinjuring the colors. Carpetg Cleansed,—-*
always giving satisfaction.—the colors brightened. A tar
for sale l»y the agent, n prime article of soap (manufitctnred
at the Augusta Dye House) k*r removing Ure*S%,*Ofl, Taih
Pitch and Paint from woolen poods,—-also frtan fast colored
Silks and Cottons,—warranted to gii'e satisfaction.
A. T. BO HINSON, Agent, near Sagndahoek Perry
Bath, March l’Jth, 185t>. SmSi/.
House for Sale.
HE large and convenient dwelling House and
_ lot of the subscribed is offered for gale. It ig
_one of the most'eobvenient, well finished and
pleasantly situated house? in the city, having a never-fail*
ing well of good water Which is drttwn both outside and in
the house, a bar a soft Water cement cistern, The lot It onw
of the largest in the city, being 150 feci by over WO feet,
ffnd has on it beside# the dwClPng house, wood house, S
good barn, as good a garden as can be found in the city,
with plum cherry and ap^de trees, all of which bear a largff
quantity of fruit. Also a large ntfmbcf of currant bushes,
bearing from 4 to 8 bushels yeafl/. Also quite a number of
«*ood bearing grape Vines. For the Merchant or man of
business no situation nqw offered for sale in tlie city can ex-»
ceed it. The whole will be disposed of at a great bargain,
ami an undoubted title given on application H>
April 28. 4rttf Raymond1 Court. Bath.
HAVE removed to their new store, two door* north of tho
old «uu<l. Front Street, where may be found a largo
and well selected »t«*clr of
Hardware, Cutlery. House and Ship
Carpenter's Tools, Stovoe, Can*l>oo
ses, Tin and Copper Ware,
Pumps, kc., Ac.
ITT Orders for Ship s pomps, tanks, kc., promptly attefw
4cd to.
Bath, Sept. 5,1854. _
H’llK pahllc are hereby cautioned against purchasing a
1 note, dated Bath/ August 15th, 1855, four months, pay*
able to Virgil Griswold, of hi* oftler, at the Sagaflahoch
li.-yik, Path, Me. Amount of note, $‘*6, awl signed by Aur«
T. Romxmix. Said note haring been lost, the payment
thereof is stopped. ALF. T. ROBINSON.
Bath, Sept. 11, 1855. _ 13
Desirable Hardware Goods!
The Subscriber offers fot^ale
Ship and House Builders' Hardware.
AFRESU STOCK, as foKoff?, rn : Cmnpositfor Fpikrt—
Castings—Clinch Kings—l>eci and Side Lights—Water
Closets—Brats Locks, Butts and I>oof Knobs—an extensive
ami rich variety. Mnn-ltope lMate^, Ac., Ac. Ship and
House Carpenters’, Joiners’, CtJopers', Carvers' and Ma
chinists’ T*H)ls, of late style and most noted brands ; among
which are (Graduated and Concave Ship Augurs \ “Toltnatl
fc Copeland's ” Ship and House Tools-, “ Snell’s * Extra
C. S. Augurs. Augur Bits, kc ; “ Moulson ” and “ Ash’s'
prime Plane Irons, Chisels, kc., kc. Saws of every do
scription -, Boring MHcllines ; Jack and Clamp Screws-, to
gether with a good assortment of general 1IAKDWAUK <b
CI TLEKV, which we offer to the trade, of at retail, on boat
possible terms.
8m43^* 210 Commercial Street, boston.
The National Plate Glass Works,
115 Chamber* Street, Xtvti York.
Hough Plate for Decks, Deck lights, Sky
lights, Floors and Pavements.
A Ilsurs and thickness made and cut to ofder for any pur
pose requiring strength durability beauty and light.
Also Window, Car, Coach ami Picture Guts*.
Glass from this establishment/ in point of strength, color
ami brilliancy is infinitely superior to the French, Eng
lish or German of similar discripthm Ami bring made fn-m
the Company's Crystal Sasi>, they are prepared to fill
orders at a less rate-thau ever befoie offered in market.
flml President, Treasurer ami General Agent.
bath. me.
ELMES &. TIBBETTS, Prcprietrs,
(Successors to George Mnultoft k Co.)
fl'HE above Establishment is in full operation, and pro
1 pared to execute orders for all kinds of Machinery,
Steam Engines, Hatters, Ships' Hater Tanks, and the
various articles of ship work, such asWuorfrs mid Irnn
Capstans—sai l to be the best in the United States,—ships
Steering W heels--.of wood or iron—second to none mndej
Planking amt Jack Semes; all the different kinds of
Ships' Pumping Apparatus in use* also Irtrii Fence* of
beautiful patterns, and all kinds of Iron Work in endless
variety, together with W ood and Iron Turning at short
notice. TIiis work is all warranted, in material and finish,
to be equal to any to be found.
JM/* Orders by mail promptly ntltended to.
Engines and Machinery of all kinds faithfully repaired at
short notice.
Bath, March 6,1855
The \cw Liquor Law
Has miking to do with GROUTH
selling Clothing.
Fresh from Beaton n new M nrclothmg tins come,
Where the law says man Shalt *JI no more rain.
Ami yoo’d better belWe my assortment complete
With rigs for your body, from your lie.ul to your feet.
Perspiration may led you to try a thin coat,—
Th.it in Summer breezes will gracefully float.
All, gento. Grout's the man that has them on hand,
The fashions and fabric* are equally grand.
If still you are quoting the high price of flour.
And all the provisions you daily devour,
Then Grout is the man, and now at his Store,
He’ll sell you tfven cheaper than ever before.
Call in and look at our goods if you will.
We’ll s^>w them as cheerfully as we now do our hill,
Come took for the proof and judge for yoursdves.
Of the Iteatly-made clothing now piled' on our shelves.
Qtmc ! Come ! 7 Come to GROUT'S ! ! f
Three doors North Elliot Ilouse Cluck, Front Stw*’**t*,»
Maine. H- v- <,ROlT'
July T, 1855. ___2L,
Triumphant over all Competitors ! \
s. i>.& ii. w. smith's
Hare gently recelred the FIRST PREMIUM at the
Metropolitan Mechanic’s Fair,
Washington, D. C. It will he rec..|lectc<l, also,
that they hud the same diatbwtion at the hist Mrut. Cksr
'^Ttose <rho*w^ifth*ie get the most perfect I"*"**"*.,**
sweetnes or tone, evenness of tunc, promptness of aetiun,
and elegance of ftuiah, will phase cation f
S A. W. BJSCKVvmi, Broa<l St ■ Bath, Me.

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