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We have eneering accounts from different to'vrs
in onr vicinity, of the “onward march’* of correct
principle*. We shall here take the liberty to name
• few, for the encouragement of our friends generally.
Bristol, is a large, enterprising .and flout Uhing
town. Surioilnded, as it i9 by an extensive range of
tea coast, h ving numerous excellent harbours, and
adjacent islands, favorable to the accumulation of
wealth, from the treasures of the deep, and the vari
ous channels of commcTce, it will be readily per
ceived, that the inhabitants of this town, are by no
means free from certain “attractions,” prejudicial
in their operation upon the elective franchise. Pris
tol, was strong and unequivocal, in her support of J.
Q,. Adams, hut through the perfidity and treacherous
management of certain “leaders,” was soon after
ward brought, partially, under the dominion of the
parasites of the “hero of twenty wars,” the two last
of which, (the war against the U. Rank, and the
war against the currency of the U. S.) have proved
so injurious to the nation, and in a very essential
degree, to the interests of the great mass, on our sea
coast. It is a very gratifying consideration, howev
er, that the intelligent and enterprising people of this
•own have never been easy under this system of
dominntiuL All that the tories have heretofore
gained thlfsl, they have dearly paid for in the end.
And it is peculiarly gratifying, to see her now rising
in the majesty of her strength, nnd freeing herself
entirely from the shackles of Loco fdcoism. At their
town meeting last full for the choice of Representa
tive &c, it was confidently expected she could not
elect a whig. The result, however, proved that
their strength was greater than they hoped. At the
tame time, however, Parks had a majority over
Kent of 8 votes—now the whig ticket lias prevailed
in favor of Robinson, by a majority of 4. And in
choosing town officers, the whig? have succeeded in
•very particular, on strict PAR I V grounds, except
one Select man, whom they did not oppose, from
other and higher Considerations. The Loco's wore
organized in every School District in the town, and
put in operation every device in tlieis power,to carry
the day. But alas, how arc the mighty fallen !
WO trust our good friends in Bristol will he on
the alert. Never was there a time, when the na
tion's cause stood so much in need, as now. It is a
critical time—a good, ora bad move may decide the
fate of millions ! Let every friend to eqnal rights in
*‘0!d Bristol,” be up and doing in behalf of the Peo
ple’s cause !—as we doubt not they will.
In addition to the above, we will at this lima only
mention that a thorough reform in the choice of town
•Hicers, has been effected in a large majority of towns,
that have come to our knowledge—we might nanio
Freeport, Leeds, Buck sport, and scores beside ;—
bat enough for the present.
ICT^Government Patronage—Titr. Spoils
belong to the victors—to Reward
We noticed by the last Telescope, that our wor
thy P. M. has seen proper, in the abundance of his
generosity and wisdom, to bestow upon that co- corn*
(on account of congeniality of fooling, no doubt) the
whole amount of government patronage, which he
bas under his special control. [\. I». We will here
remark that Gen. Bewail, the Collector of this Port,
has the honor of first getting the example ] Now
we have the satisfaction of knowing that this move
ef our P. M. has not the sanction of any considera
ble portion of our townsmen. 'I he provisions of the
law relating to this matter, arc to the point, mid we
make the inquiry, by what authority has this change
been brought about ?—
And for tho special edification of Mr. Baton, and
the gratification of our friends, we will here quote
from the instructions of the P. M. General, in a
printed pamphlet, sent to every P. M., in the United
States. ri he instructions relative to publishing a li^t
of Letters, is founded on Sec. 2G, of the Act of( on
gresr, of 1825*
See. 145 At the end of-every quarter, nil let
ter* then on hand, and which have not already been
advertised, are to be entered alphabetically in a li*t
and advertised. If there is a newspaper published
ntar the Office and the Editor will insert the adver
tisement three times, at the rate of two cents for
•ach letter mentioned in the advertisement, it is then
to be published in such newspaper. If there is no
newspaper that has much circulation in the neigh
borhood of your Office, or if the Editor will not ad
vertise the letters for the price above mentioned,
then manuscript lists of them are to be made ont and
posted at such public places in the town and neigh
borhood. as shall appear best adapted for the infor
mation of the parties concerned.
Sec. 146. The newspaper having the most
extensive circulation in the vicinity of the
Office should have the preference, in publishing this
notice, and the receipt must fcpccify the number of
From the above, our Whig friends may learn, that
•UT opponents are preparing for a most desperate
onset We may also, reasonably infer, that they
will have recourse to any project or resort, in order
tosavs, “Hu party” and avert the just vengeance of
an insulted and almost ruined people. Wo made
an allusion to the Collector of this port;—we had
in view the advertisement of tho governments prop
arty in this place, which is now offered for sale,—
which perhaps is not generally known to those who
would be likely to purchaso.
The Sub-Treasury. In to-days paper will be
found the conclusion of Mr. Clay’s, able and inter
esting Speech on the Sub-Treasury till. We offer
no apology for having taken up so much room,—we
only regret, that we could not have concluded it
•ooner. We beg, that every individual may give
this speech, due consideration ; and we trust it will
afford sufficient light to any that may bo undecided,
•r wavering.
To patrons. We have on hand, an accumula
ted mass of “Sundries,” which will take a week or
so to dispose of. Hereafter, wo shall resume our
usual variety.
[t^p* We forward tho news a day in advance, in
order that ourself and office may “keep fast,” which
occuis ou our regular day of publication.
The Election. In our lust, we published re
turns from ull the towns but two. We have since
received those, ns follows:—Pntrickstown PI. Robin
son 15— Jh'cCrate 60:—Friendship, Robinson 6—
McCrate 104. These returns do not materially vary
our estimate, as we will show heieaftcr.
We learn with satisfaction, that Mr. Bernard
(\ Bailey of this town has been appointed Chair
man of the Board of County Commissioners, for this
County, in place of Abel Merrill—also Samuel T.
Hinds of Bremen, in place of Ambrose Lermond.
Fo far as regards these two gentleman, the selection
Could not have been better.
In Waldo County Isaac Abbot, of Jackson, Chair
„mnn ; Win. Cunningham, of Montvillc, in place of
Win. Rust, of Belmont
And in—Hancock. Addison Dodge, Bluehill ; in
place of P. Leach, Jr. A'ark It. Saunders, in place
I of W. Hinlci.
fCCJ^EnwARn Emerson, has been appointed
P. i,W. at North Boothbay, in this County.
Hon. J. C. Noyes, George Evans, John Ruggles,
will please accept our thanks.
“"he Life Preserver,*' is the title of No. 17,
of the Temperance Tales. Like its predecessors, it
is highly interesting. For sale at the Booksloics.
The above named paper, is the cheapest, and the
best Literary and miscellaneous paper, that we know
of. n is of a large size, handsome'y executed, and
edited with spirit and ability—Terms $3.
The P. M., nt McLain’s Mills', Hope, informs us
( in a recent letter, that the “Telegraph addressed to
A dam Ilart, of Appleton, is not taken from the of
fice.’*— This Mr. Hart is a hard hearted, loafer, i**
he don’t pay us the J$2.50cts he owes.
Ladif.s Took, for April, contains its usual va- i
riety of interesting reading. 7’he fashions in this j
number will justly command the immediate attention
of our fiir readers. They aro indeed superb—are
they not Ladies? —Chaste and beautiful.
The New York 'Ladies Companion, for April, i
is done up in excellent spirit. Mrs. Stephens
writes beautifully.
The editor ofthe Lincoln Patriot finds a deal of
fault with the Whigs of NValdoboro, in regard to a I
; certain letter, which the Patriot says, emanated from |
j those gentlemen. 1ftho editor had directed his re- I
marks against a certain outrageously indecent elec-|
. liunooriiin document, which emanated ftom his own
cY.ce he could have done; a good deed.
Connecticut Ehect 1 Py extracts in another
column, the read r will percieve that Loco-focoism,
is getting quite unfashionable in the land of “steady
habits.” The Whig majority is something like
5,000—which added to the conservative vote—makes
1 over 8000, against the tories,
j N. E. Boundary. In this paper, we have pub
lished the message of Gov. Kent, on the subject of
the N. E. Boundary, to which we have before allu
ded. It is a document that needs only to be read,
to be admired. In our next, we shall endeavor to
publish the oilier documents connected therewith.—
I ‘Cplfthe true democracy of our State had had the
handling of this vexed subject before, the mutter
might have been settled long ago.
The Circuit Court, 30th ult. issued a peremptory
mandamus in the case of the Post Master General,
; returnable 2d iust. If not complied with by that
time an attachment issues as a matter of course.—
| This will be a sufficient answer to the I ocofoco in
quiry, “how will the Supreme Court enforce its de
Later information, states that Amos has forked
over the amount.
The Su’j-Treasury Bill. The motion to recon
sider the vote to lay the Sub-Treasury bill from the
Senate, on the table, in the House of Representa
tives, not having been made according to notico, it
seems now to be understood that the cfleet cf that
vote is final. Mr. Wright’s bill is therefore rejected.
The debates upon the subject in the IIouso must a
rise upon Mr. Cambreleng's bill. There is no more
reason for apprehending the passage of any bill at the
present session, at this time, than there has been.—
The Albany Argus, we perceive, assumes a blus
tering tone upon the the subject, and affects to con
sider the success of the scheme as certain, but this
is only intended for effect upon the republicans of the
country, who remain to be dragooned into an adhe
sion to the measure. [N. York Times.
Fire at Hopc» We havo just lenrned that Mc
Lain’s Jl/ills, in Hope, look fire on Wednesday last,
and were consumed Mr. Samuel Sumner lost
Clothing Mill and machinery, valued at $800—Benj.
McLean lost Carding Machine, $400—Jno. lost
hides worth $200—other losses $300. [Patriot.
At the recent Municipal election in Portland,
lion. Levi Cutter, ( Whig) wns elected by a triumph
ant majority. Locofocosim is getting vety low in
that city.
A vessel arrived at Norfolk on the 22d
ult. from Washington, N. C., the captain
of which reports that he counted, while;
running along the shore, fifteen wrecks on ■
ihe bench; ten schooners, two sloops, and
three dismasted vessels, most of which ap- (
peared to have been but a short time on J
‘.he beach,and were all seen within 60 miles 1
south of Cape Henry.
THE Members arc notified to attend next Trt«s
day evening, at their room over Trufant’s. in Pat
ton’s new brick building, at half past SIX o’clock
precisely. E. CLARKE, Secretary.
ATI VE'' is taken by the sick generally, «nd is as- !
tonishing the world with its mighty victories over fear. |
ful dis use.
BT AtIRtfiD.'
In .^ugiistn, March 2G. by Rev. Thomas Curtis,
Mr. Ai.dkn //a her to Miss Caroline Sanbokn,
both of .Litchfield.
In Woldohoro’, -Martha .4nn,dati. ofMr. Joseph
Shnmnn aged 5 years.
In Hi istol, March -18th, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Afr.
t/ohn Stinson, .aged 38 years and Julia Ardelia, their
danghlor aged ^ years and on Thursday morning fol
owing Eliza, another daughter,aged 4 year*.
iP O R 7 O F Ht.fi Tit.
7 Brig J imes. Mnllny. St Croix, via N. Y.
* S-h Alhicord, .Varslmll. Thomnston,
8 Sch North Star, //engan Portland;
‘ 4 Louisa, Hlnne.hard, Do.
9 Brig Lapwing, McLanutlian, Matanzas, via
Ship Ontario. Torrev; (new) **
9 Steamer New England, Kimball, Boston.
At Providence 6th sch Nancy & Rachel, Cur
lisle, Damarisentta
Aral N Bedford Ctli, sell Equal, Duncan, Thotn
Arnt Norfolk 2d, schs Matv *^nn, Harrington,
Thomnston; Tiberius, Adams, Wisr.assct;
j In /lampton Roads,sch Splendid,Thomnston for
Spoken. Marrli 29, off the Capes of Virginia,
brig Pulaski, fm Thomnston for New Orleans.
Cl ot New York 5th, brg James McCobb,Hutch
> inson.B/.th. Sch. Julia & Martha, Piukham,Boolli
ba v. -*■—
Ar at Liverpool28th nliip Manchester, Bosworth,
and Lvons, Davenport, forN Oris.
' At Mnvann, 19ih, Barque Ellfcn, Tliomn*, N Y.
At A/atnrizas 15tli, Snlfy Ann, Mcrrymnn, (of*
Bntli) fin Wilmington, disclig uneer. Sailed—Me
| Lulluti, Lnrrabee, ofBath, (or Boston.
At Jvlgartown 3d, sell Gen. Knox, Thomaston
| (or NY.
.flux Caycs Sth, Sailed, Edward Kent, Cushing,
| (or N. Y.
At Ponce, Porto Rico, 15th. brig Wave, of Bath,
fir /’.-dtimore,
April 3, Cape Cod N W. 30 miles, was passed,
ship f .ondon fin Bath for N Orleans.
April 4, lat 40, Ion 07, brigM’Lellan, Larrabee, of
rath, from Matanzas for Poston.
At N Orleans 20th, ship Robert Morris, Thomas,
for Liverpool; 7’owedto sea, on or previous to 24t
ship Liverpool, Davenport.
Ar at Newport 57lh. brig Helen, Quincy f »r New
York. 20th sells Champion, and Lafayette, Cam
den for do; llqlcyon, Thoinaston for do; Helen Mar,
fin Caindon.
Ar at Alexandria 30th,sell Ganges, Grafton. Sid
sell Baltic, Pike, Bath.
At St Pierres, Jfurl. 20th ult, brig Commerce,
Tollman, for S» Thomas, 9 days.
Sailed from Xugua, Cuba, 9tn ult brig Pleiades,
[ for Hamburg.
At nt JV\ Y. 5ih,hrig Llewollvn, Adams,St.Johns,
P R. via Arecilm,erh Butler, Eaton, St Croix; sell
Slinkspeare, (Jlmer, Richmond;
Ar nt Pro\ idence 4th, brig Austin, Purrington,
from Wilmington.
Ar at Nantucket 1st insf, Nantucket, Pendleton,
Belfast. 2d, Nanim kot. Hawes, Augusta.
Ar at Baltimore, brig Wave, Wintdicll, Ponce.
Arat Boston Gtli, brig Antioch, Barnes, of Bath,
//ohiie. 7th, brig A/eLcllan, Lurrubccof Bath,Mu- '
tnnzns 17lh ult
' koT1€£7
To Travellers on the great East
e r n ltoad.
THE Ilnf-sn Boat at the old Bath Fcrfy,. has
been put in complete order, and now runs (or
the nccomodiitiou ori|io pnh/ic. It is believed when
the width of the river, die safety oferossing and the
state of the roml ami distance, are taken into tho
account; this ferry will be found to a(Tord greater
fitciliticH to the travelling public than any other route.
With this belief t lie subscriber sol.cits a share of the
public favor and patronage.
Batli April. 0.1838. 10w2.
SIvrih Navigation Company,
for 1838.
WILL leave Gap.mner every MONDAY and
FRIDAY, at 3 o’clock P. M.t und Bath at
G o'clock 7\ M.for Boston.
Leave Lewi*'* Wharf, Boston,every WEDNES
DAY nnd SATURDAY, at 7 o’clock P. M lor
Bath nnd Gariunkr.
Carriages will bo in rendincss to take Passengers
to and limn Hallowcll, Augusta, Wntervillo und
Bangor, on tlio arrival of the Boat,nnd on the days
oilier Railing. Hack faro from Augusta, 371-2 cl9.
From Hnllowcll 25 cH.
nssengers, $300.
fEJ* During the past winter the New England lias
been thoroughly overhauled nnd repaired, and the
proprietors have spared neither pains nor cXpence to
render her in all respects worthy ofpublieconfidence.
That she is the fastest Boat on the eastern coast is
now universally admitted and her superiority as a
safe nnd comfortable sea boat has been fully proved.
-tfgent*—J, Reed, Augusta—C. G.Bacheldor,Hal
lowed— L. H. Green, Gardiner-Bath
—J. J. Jerome. Bangor—M. W. Green, Boston.
Gardiner, April. 1833. 2
VI M T [l,L bn received liv tlin subscriber* until ilin
tf 2f>lh instant, for finding nil materials nnd
plastering with the boRt 7'liomastou Lime, and clean
pain], the Town Hall and other rooms in the Town
House. Prico per yard to bo slated. The work to bo
completed bv the 25th Jl/ay next. Payment by or
der on tlio Town Treasury payublo in sixty day* uf
ter tlio work is completed.
From Curd I net to Dostoa $4 00
“ hath " $3 50
? nnd
j found
I Building Committee.
Bath April, 10 1KH.
“Physicians and the Matchless Sanative." ,
1WHY am Romo oftlio American Physician*
• making such strong effort* to PUT DOW.\
the Matchless Sanative? Let tho public answer.
2. Why di<l t|»e German plivsi* imis ni first OP
POSE .Or. Gnolicks: anti afterwards acknowledge
him to be n GREAT B EKE FACTOR to mankind?
Lrt the Public answer.
3. What medicine HAS cured, IS curing and ‘
WILE €111*0 obstinate diseases which physicians
CANNOT curt ? Let facts answer.
4k What kind ofnppldtrocs arc most STONED :
and CLUBBED* Let farmers answer.
5. fPliy are physicians constantly PELTING .
the Sanative and saying nothing against OTHER
medicines? Let their day hook answer.
(>. How did Dr..-Warns attempt to convince Mr
Webster who had bought a vial of th- Saun'ivc
for a member of his family .that it was a DANGER
OUS medicine? Let one ol the daily papers answer.
The recent experiment which Dr. Adams tried with
the MatchlciH Sanative, In giving a large dose «»f it
U> a dog,without killing him, clearly proves that the
Sanative was made to CURE nnd not t«» KILL.
7. Why do some physicians SECRETLY bfy
the Sanative and MIX it with their own medicine*,
which they use ill their daily practice. Answer/
that they may have the CREDIT of the CURESt
8. Why is a sick young man belonging to one of
the first families in Boston, now using the Sanative,
without letting tho nttending physician KNOW it?
The recovery of his HEALTH will shortly an
9. Why are pliysicinnsgrying to persuade agents
to give up SELLING the sanative? Answer: they
know, if it should be for sale in every town in Amer
ica, they would shortly be obliged to report to SOME
10. Why will the Matchless Sanative soon eq
theOJVLK medicine used throughout thc'world? Let
PH YSlCIANS answer,
Tke above precious medicine(iho original discov
ery of DR. LOUIS O. GOELlCKE,of Germany,)
is for sale, wholesale nnd retui1, in Boston, by D.
S. Rowland, General Ameritan Agent for the Dis
Also, for sale by retail in most of tho towns in A
O* In places where there if no^gent, the P. M.
of any Storekeeper who shall write to the General
Agent ut Boston, will immediately be uppointed aa
The above article if for sale at the store of
B »th Dec. 28.1837. 10 w f 40
no i/Miuiaii«i8 ami Luiuuer
NY” arc ready to contract (or the Sale of five
or ten millions of timber standing on their land—the
11 Chase Stream. Tract”—or for four to six millions
of first rate Pine, which they are about to cut the
coining winter, delivered on thn hanks, or at any of
the Mi'ls along ilia Rennebcc River.
For a loan of fivo, fen, fifteen or twenty thousand
dollars, f »r cne, two or three years, this Company
will pay six per cent interest aembamnially, and se
cure the same on three times'the Value of good a*
vuiluhlu timber—by Mortgage of real Estate, or by
some other security that shall be aittple-^goud And
| This is a Joint]Stock Company of 100 shares of
$1,23*2* each. Ti»e whole purchase, or Capital
I Stock is consequently $123,*200* more than one half
I of which has been paid in by tho Stockholders,
j The officers forth© ensuing year arc os follows:
Trustees—Hon. Rejoice Newton and William
Lincoln Esq.of Worcester.
I President—Jesse W. Goodrich, of Worcester.
Directors—David Wilder Jr. of Bath, (Me.). Dr.
Abc\ Fox, of Fitchburg, .tfbel Bowers of Leomin
I -*tr, B. F. Smith of Worcester and Charles Bart
it or Jutland,
Treasurer—Jess#? W. Goodrich of Worcester/]
Clerk.— Walter Johnson of Worcester.
Agent—To superintend the cutting, hauling and
running of the timberupon the land and River,— i
David Wilder Jr., of Bath.
All communications relative to thn Sale of tim- j
her, or to the said loan, may be made to cither of the j
subscribers andvvill roccive their prompt attention.
Worcester, Mass., Nov. (iih, 8w isdreowostf
To the Hon, Nath. Groton Esq, Judge
of Probatel within and for the County of
RESPECTFULLY represents John Temple
administrator ofthc estate of Jaincs Tem
ple late of Bowdoinham in said County, deceased,
That the personal Estate of tho said deceased is not
sufficient by tho sum of Ten thousand dollurs, to
answer the just debts which he owed; ho therefore
prays dint he mn v bo empowered and licensed to
sell so much of tho Real Estato of the said deccas- ;
cd as may he sufficient to raise the said sum with
incidental charges, incluuing the reversion of the
widow’s dower. JOHN TEMPLE. I
LINCOLN ss.-*-*-At a probate Court held \
at Bath by adjournment within and for the
County of Lincoln, on the 27th day of;
March A. D., 183S.
ON tho foregoing Petition, Ordered, that the said
Petitioner give notice t>j all persons interested ini
said Estate, to appear at a Court of Probate to bo !
holdcti at V -ras <:t on the Twenty first day of
May next, by causing a copy of said Petition with j
this Order to he published three weeks successively .
previous to said Court in tho Lincoln Telegraph at
Bath. I
NATH GROTON, Judge of Probnte, l
3 w f>2.
S SX O YDS Dark Prints of nil qimlilios nnd
X tPvP {J price* and aplendid Boyles. just ru'd
March 20.
3w6* |
MprovisioKfts X. Groceries
T A. B. R,Oi91N SON’S Lower Store justre$‘d
F/our, Corn, Meal, Pork , Lard,ChOCTft*,Sugar, j
Teas, Coffee II. G. & Clover Seed Q>i\.
Mnrcli 29. 3wG2.
Commissioners JNottce.
iZR; 11E subscribers) appointed by tlio £/on. Judge I
of Probate for tlio Coitnty of Lincoln* to ror I
ceivo nnd examine the claims of the teVeral credi
tors to the Estate of David Clifford Into of Bath in I
said County, deceased, represented insolvent, here-1
by give notice that six months from (he 21st day of j
Feh. l«» st arc allowed to said Creditors to present!
and prove their clnirns, nnd that the undersigned
will utter d to the service aforesaid, at the Totvn I
Clerks office, in tho Town Il- use, in Bath, on the !
second Mondays of April, May, Juno, July and'
August next, from two to five o clock in the after
noon, on each of said days.
DAVID SHAH', JCotnmis*
Bath, March24, 1838. 3wG2.
,4pply to E. CLAP.
mil (tine Stage Tavern t
tjff\ H E Subscriber would give notice, that he Mill
V** keeps tlio above House, and that he baa ad*
di d such improvements to the snme aa to make it
much more convenient than heretofore. For tin
better accomodation of his customers, lie lina finish
ed an elegant and commodious Heading-Room, in
the basement story, ready of access, and which hn
has supplied with a large variety of lha latest und
most interesting papers and periodicals.
Hia table is nlwags supplied with the beat thn
market uflhrdSgluly served Up by experienced cooks,
and intended by accommodating and attentive acr*
The subscriber respectfully invites the continued
patronage of iWold friends and customers; and hn
hopes In constant attention still cafe to the comfort
and convenience of his patrons to morit and recoil•
a duo share of public favor.
N B. Persons wishing iiifortdhtinn in relation to
the Stages. Last nr W'est, will find it their interest
,o call, JOHN BE.4LS.
Particular attention given to horses. Horses and
carriages to let. ft ”•
Bath, March 15,1838, t!50i
P-er ale.
By the subscriber, a good assortment of Fn>
glish, West India, and American Goods and
t Groceries which will be sold at a fair price for cask
or country produce.
About FORTY tons of Gfotlnd PLASTER.
Hath, March 8 Gvv E. LINCOLN Jr..
DANIEL MARSTON“iius taken the~NeW
Store, next north of the Store formerly bccU
pi. d by him, where lie oflers for salo a fresh assort*
111 C II t (>f
^Vcst India Goods, GrOCtflM
& Provisions.
A good assortment of Domestic Goods, Broad
Cloth*, Cassimeres, Sutinelts 4*c.»
30 Hilda Prime retailing Molasses,
Bbls Muscovado Sugar,
Clear Mess Pork,
50 Mess nnd No 1 Beef;
Jiacon and Cheese.
The a hove Goods will bo sold at fair priefei.
Bath, March 5, 1838. fl.
HAS KkMovfd to Clark fj'SewaH's Brick itor*
near McLellan's wharf; where he if opening
an assortment nf
suitable for the season*
Baih,.#pril 3d, 1838.
Swtnf 1.
ALL persons are requested not to deliver or Air*
nisli any article whatever, to llie keeper, of
any of the inmates of the poor house on account or
the town without a verbal or written order from
one or more of the overseers of the poor,
FOR. SALE or exchange, lor a good wor^Rrs*
one dark grey Mare with foal, <T yenrs old, perfectly
sound, and kind in any Harness and a good Travel*
WANTED to hire n young man acquainted with
farming, teaming and working on the highways.
By order oftlie overseers of the poor. J. PAG.E.
Bath. April 2d. 3wfl..
jTRHE subscriber line established himscll in thi*
' I imvn for the purpose of manufacturing th« ,
above named Safes; and begs leave to introduce
them to the public ns an article which will stand
a beat sufficient to melt Pig Iron without being in
jured; they arc constructed on it plan entuniv dif
ferent from those now in use; being lined with a
Cement which resists the action of licit, aa Itol
been proved in » furnace in N. York, heated suf
ficiently for 18 hours to melt the stones of which
the furnace was built when the Safe was taken out
-ill orders punctually attended too.
Aof.nTs In Portland, Little & Son. In Saco*
Mellon and Siinonds.
/lath, March i), 1838. Gm51.
Cloths & Cassimereg.
PJ2I.VB assortment ofClotlts.Cassirttcrt, Satl
nelte, Vestings and trimming’s nfnll kinds for
sale at A. B /fOBINSON’S. I
Commissioners JN otice,
l/j IK^H E Snbf*cribcrs, hereby give noticot that they
4JL liaVe been appointed by the Judge of Probate
for the County of Lincoln—to receive und examine
the claims of the several creditors to the estate of
George B. Mitchell, late of Hath in said County,
Merchant deceased represented insolvent. Thai
six months from the 21st day of February inst. art
allowed said creditors to bring in and prove theif
claims—and that we will attend that service at the
Counting Room ofClark & Scwall in Bath on the
second Afondny of March next,and the five following
months at 3 o'clock P. M.
Dated at Bath this 23th dnv of Feb. A. t). 1639.
March 8. tf49.
Mtinstitution of Copartnership?
HTftH E Copnrtnoralnp heretofore cxistine uhder ilia
JJl, firm of Jliorp, lVirco <£■ Co , i» thia day by
mutual eminent dissolved. All perron, thdebted to
said firm oro requested to make payment and tlioee
to wliom they arc indebted will hand in llteir a*,
counts to John & Eliplialot Thorp for .cttlcmsnt,
Bristol, March fllh, 1838 . 4w50
I’roclici v, China & tSI&n
NEW and elegant »fcioHlrmmt^^luit^njiMi«4
* March 20. _ 3wfi3.
JNew Spring lioctis
JUST Rcc'dbv tho Suh.eriber ati nasnttmont of
tlie most desirable styles of Spring nnd Summer
Goods 1 lint can he found, Purchosers lire requested
to call and look ut them before purchasing elsev hero'
A. B. KOblNiuN
March 29. 3w.SB ^
Silk* l XUksli
March 39. fw •

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