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The Presidential Question. Much ex
citement seems to prevail among the whig editors,
in Boston, and elsewhere, in relation to an article
which appeared in the Boston Atlas, a week or two
since, wherein the claims of Gen. Harrison, ns the
most proper candidate for the presidency, was some
what strongly advocated. T he article, appearing at
that time, although entitled to great consideration,
appeared to us rather premature, under all the cir
cumstances. It strikes us, that this business of
quarrelling about men, might as well be referred to
the national convention, which is to meet in 183!),
and that the attention of the press, might bo much
more profitably directed, in
fying the public mind, on
diate, and vital consideration.
The truth is, there can be no question as to the.,
qualifications, and merits of eithorofthe candidates
named by the Whigs. As to claims, we consider j
that neither of them have any, above hundreds of
ethers It is the people, that have the ‘claim,’ and
which ever they finally decide upon, it will be the
duty of the whole party to support.
"Mro fi ddled while Rome was burning.'"
The feastings and carousals of the I.nco-focoes
all over the Ftate, and in many portions of the Uni
ted States, on account of the recent success oftnry
ism in this State, forcibly reminds us of the above
quotation. We have n great many Neros in our
day, who, so long ns they can retain their hold upon
the honors and emoluments of the nation, and feath
er their nests, from the public coffers, nt the expense
of ihe people, care but little, what becomes of Home.
But what better can we expect from a party who
hnvc chosen a man to rule over them, and whom
they have beenj'.vorshiping—even to licking the dust
from his shoes, ever since tho Ciliey duel, who
made his boast at a caucus composed oflocn foeos,
that he “would go with his party, if it went to the
,|-1!” 'Ibis hn3 been charged against Mr.
Fairfield, time and again, nnd yet hr, nor his friends
fn- him. have never seriously attempted a refutation
of it. to nnr knowledge. And from all appearances,
we should judge Mr F. nnd his party wa r detesmin- !
ed to he ns good as their wold. The quicker the
eonsumatioH takes place, the better for those who
prefer to remain behind, and take care of the ship of5
PoLtrtCAi. Show Box— for grown children.—
T he last New York weekly Whig, contains n very
curious nnd somewhat ludicrous interior view of
Uncle Sam's kitchen, caricatured in fine style. Over !
llie mantel, on a long line, hangs a large assortment
oT rags, to be made into shin-plasters—the “better |
currency.” That “monster,” the U. S. Bank, in
satanic form, appears over the fire, where it would
•cem, tho bend cook has had him a long time in or
der to havo him thoroughly cooked. Then comes
a patent loce-foco sink for draining the people’s
pockets, and a little below the people’s book for
Jfl40, when it will be tho "fourth of March ’ with
some, nnd “March forth" with others. Tn the
middle of the picture, stands a large wash tub, In- j
helled "soft-soap auds” nnd apparently filled with I
office .holdc-s who appear to ho squalling after treas- j
't;ry pap. Then comes the head cook himself lean
ing upon a hickory broom that is continually vvbis- j
poring something in his car, by which lie is *' Giner
of-ly” directed. At the right hard corner, is the j
wonderful waste Butt, with tliu sp Ire nut, und the (
“mint-drops.” all running t < destruction, under the
accumulated weight of tho “Pet Packs,” “Extra
services,” “Treasury Building ” “Exploring Expe
dition,” &c , &c. fn addition, there is a pair of
bellows' used fiir ‘Kindle-in” the'fire, a wanning
pan, with a “specious circular.” “Pent on” to it,
end dirers other apt devices, -elating to commerce,
agriculture, manufactures &c., he.
Lincoln Bank. GEO. F. PATTEN, Pmt.
G. I’. Patten. Win. Richaidson, Joshua Page, Asa
Palmer, Sain'l Gray, I.ovi Houghton, and Ammi It.
.Vitchcll, Directors Green Richardson Cash
Commercial Bank. JACOB ROBIN .SON,
Pres J, Robinson,Wm. D. Sewall,Gilbert Trufant,
Thomas M. Reed, and Wm Patten,* Directors —
Thomas An by Cashier.
Saciadahock Bank. JOSEPH SEWALL,
Prcst. Joseph iSewall, T, D. Robinson. Thomas ,
Harward, John Smith, Wm. M. Reed, Win. Pur
ringtonfand Moses Riggs, Directors. Daniel F. ]
Baker, Cashier.
• In place of Col. S. G. Bowman, who declined.
Mechanic's Fair. In another column, will
he found a lengthy notice of tho articles, pertaining
to the Fair and exhibition at Portland. The notice
of tho article is not so full, and definite, ns our rea
ders perhaps, would like hut they mwt remember
that in noticing so many productions, brevity is ub
aolutely necessary. The Fair, closes this evening,
and the sale of such of the articles, as are to he dis
posed of, will immediately take place.
Whig Gain. Mr Grundy ofTennessee has re
signed his seat in the U. S. Senate, in order to en
ter upon the duties of his office as Attorney General,
and Mr. Ephraim II. Foster (Whig) has been ap
pewnted by the Governor, to fill the vacancy. Mr.
Foster has already been elected by the Legislature,
for tho term of six years from the fourth of March
Elections this Month. Georgia and Ar
kansas, the first Monday; Maryland, first Wednes
day; South Carolina second Monday ; New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and Ohio, second Tuesday.
jC^More than a million of dollars, has been de
posited in the N. Y. IJ. 8 Bank since it was open
ed. Its stock is up to $123, a share.
Tuesday, the 2!)th of November next has been
appointed by the Gov. of Massachusetts, ns a day of
Ttwnksgiving and Praise-.
From Canada. Late accounts from Canada,
bring intelligence of tho resignation of Lord Dur
ham ;-“-it is his intention to proceed immediately to
England. It is supposed Sir Wilinot Horton will
succeed him.
The following recapitulation of the voles at the
late election, are periiaps, as correct as any before
the public.
Kent. Fairfield. Scat.
Ynr1', complete, 4581 6578 15 j
Cumberland, do. 6412 6516 67
Lincoln, do. 6801 4949 23 i
Kennebec do. 6627 3807
Waldo, do. 2161 4763 39
Franklin, do 174 1 1967 2
Piscataquis, do. 1103 1277 17
Oxford, do. 276!) 4906 3
Somerset, do. 3165 2653 11
Penobscot, do. 3503 4368 143
Hancock, but 2 Pis. 2226 2465 8
Washington, but 4 P. 2232 2334 7
42,224 45,291 334
. |C7° We aie requested to say that the Vanderbilt,
wiH hereafter ariive at and start from Clacloner s
Wharf instead of Kings wharf. Entrance to said
wharf being the street leading from Zina Hyde &
Co’s store to the town landing.
The Huntress arrives ut Kings wharf, ne usual.
We acknowledge the last numbers of the l adies’
Hook, I.udios’Companion, and Parleys’ Magazine—
nil interesting ns usual.
tCj^l'Iorence and other correspondents will re
ceive attention. We fear some of our fair correspon
dents, have fallen asleep. Where is II. ?—where is
W. ? and others too numerous to rnenlioa. Wake
lip I.ndies nod gents, and givo us a sprinkling of Path
Literature, now that election is over ''Katrina” on
the dutside makes a fair commencement. Now go
The (J. S. Circuit Court commenced its session
ntVViscisset,Monday,—Judges Story and Wark
upon the Bench.
Another Whig Representative. We learn tint
Harrison Blake was yesterday elected Repre
sentative to the next Legislature from the towns of
Harrison and Otisfield.
In Petersburg the price of wheat fell, on receipt
of the England's newrs, to $1 75 for red, and $1 80
for w hite. T obacco and Cotton were not affected.
The Steamers John \V Richmond and Narrngan
sett were to race on Tuesday last, without passen
gers, for $1000 a side
N. E. office N. A. College of Health, 19S
Fremont Strut Motion,
Citizens of Hath and Lincoln County
MR'. H. HYDE of Bath, has been duly appointed
AgerVt fur the sale of he | \ 2 > I l N IH’ith A 1 I V t
PI L 1.8, m tho County of Lirtcolti, ah I he has this daj
received his certificate of Agency together with a supply
of the Pills. Of him you can In* assured of obtaining the
genuine Pitts. For full particulars of the Extra. rdi
nary, Efficacy of the Indian* Purgative Pills
read the following and art advertisement in another part
oftliis paper.
It is written in the hoolc of Nature and Com
mon Sense, that the natural vegetable
productions of e.very climate, arc sufficient,
if property applied, to heal all the diseas
es incident to that climate.
this principle is in accoro
\ X C F with the vie * s of the mon’ learned physiolo
gists who have ever examined into the effects of vegeta
ble medicine upon the human system. It is a lari equal
ly notorious lint the aboriginal inhabitants oftliis eoun
trv have attaiVii d a gVenter skill in the adininistrntiort of
the simple remedies of nature, than the.most scientific
physicians have been wide to compass with all their
nostrums. This la-t has induced the North American
College of Health to examine minutely into the medi
cines used hv lie most distinguished Indian doctors, and
to subject them all to those chemical tests so necessary
Ibr ascertaining their precise effect upon the human sys
tem The rese t of these exmfiinat ions and tests,preser
ved in for several years, is the compounding of a simple
and c map vegetable medicine which tho proprietors con
fidently believe, if administered seasonably, and in the
more incipient stages of disease, is adequate to the cure
of all the “ills of the flesh'* engendered in this climate.
ID-All communicaliofta or applications for Agencies
must ho addressed tints, “X. E. office X. A. College of
Health, IDS Tremmit street, Boston*.’’
M.1 nri'M—IMWIW- ——
B^\iKI< NU!l8TON lias just received n new
upsoruii-'iit »*f Dihiii’si c Guo.ls-IM.it Cloths
llruud Cloth*, Cassinieres Arc.. &c.
n areat n-s‘>rtment of Goceries and Provisions.
c»nlh,Ort 4tl) 1838._tf£
Sheriffs Sale.
IljSCOLN S» —Oclolx-r 3.1 lg:e. Titkon mi ex
A ecution and will he s.l I at public auction on
Monday tbo nineteenth day of November A. 1).
1838—at one o'clock in 1I10. afternoon, on the pre
rn hcs in Lisbon in Mtid C'U1iiJv,hII the right in
equity ofNytli mid Jones of ledceming a dvve ling
lioiisoand lot of 1 md and an utidividv.l half of a
Grist Mill, machinery, gear and wiicr privilege ho.
itig siltia** in Lisbon at Little River (so called)—
which light in equitv I Maclied on the original writ.
_ JOHN SOUR I ALP, Deputy '.Sheriff*.
Sheriffs Sale.
fINCOLN ss. — October 3d 1838. Taken on
J execution and will he sold a public auction
on J/iindnv ilie iiiuotccntli day of Novemln r A. D.
1838, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon .at William Cards
Store in Kuwdoin in said County, all the right in
equity of William (hod of red.voming the real Es
ta e wiierenn said Card now lives in said Oowduiu
and twoollici parcels of land near thereto—which
right i . equity 1 attached on tin; original writ. 1
3wi7_SIM LON P 71 N Cornier.
IS hereby given that the subscriber has been duly
appointed administrator of the estate of John
£ou!e late of Woolwich in the County of Lincoln,
house vvright, deceased, and litis taken upon himself
that trust by giving Imud* as the law directs. All per
sons having demands against said deceased's estate,
are requested to exhibit the same, and all persons in
debted to the same are called on to make payment.
Woolwich, 8ept 2.1J, 1838.
_ JAMES M. SOULE, Administrator.
•Ipp, entice ll’autetl.
TEL) immediately, at the printing busi
ness, a sum, active, nr.d intelligent lid,
thoit 1 5 or 16 year* of ago. N< uo need apply, mi
les- ti» **y can produce an»plo rer ommcndatioiis.H* It)
lion, st y and good character. Good encouragement
will be given no application to this Office.
Oct 4 183?—if 547. ELISHA GIJMKE
P O ft T OF «.f T’*"T,
Aiilll VEI).
September 20lh.
Brig JM.-imnnt, Smith. New York,
Si ll Koskiuskn, Boynton, Boston;
Sell Caroline. Wait, Edgartovvn;
30 Sell Fmm, Blanchard, FallRi\er;
Sell Maine, Reed, Portsmouth;
S-li Denial), Ihitching*, do.
Sell Delia Belcher. Beck, Boston
Sell < larissa, Blanchard, do.
Get. 1 Sell Margaret, Williams, Beverly
3d Brig Henry#Tallm.in,Laiigdon/m Gttndaloupo.
Oct. 1 Prig LTewellcn. Adams, Berbice
Soli Adaline, DeWolf. Cuba
Brig ff alley rand. Flitnnr.^Barhadoe*.
2d Ship Sheffield, Porter, Baltimore.
Sept 30 Bark Levant, Hcjrick, Texas.
Sell Win .T elier, Walston, West Indies
Sell Helen, Wood. Marblehead.
Sell Comet, Scliolfichl, do.
/ rig .Justin, Piirrington, Pruviderico.
Brig Reporter, Carney, Pliihid Iphia.
Ri g Cervarrc*, Jlsley, Havana.
Sell* .Trail. B-«»ad-treet, Philadelphia.
SHi Banner, Blisli, Mobile.
Sell Cere*. Decker; N. York,
i’eh Eliza, Warren. Lewi* Boston.
Seb '-’hiawright, M’Clmtork, do
Sell Maria .l ine, Austin. Warren, R. 1.
Feb Globe, Leu is. Boston.
Brig Mary A Verill. Harwhrd. Baltimore.
Seb* Olive Branch, Shaw, Boston.
Sell Betsnv, Alhy, do
Sell J"hn Adams. Pray, Ho
Brig Lexington. Perry. Warren, R. 1.
Sells Eliza .Tim. Weleomh. Ipswich.
Sell Win and Louisa. .Stanford, Salem.
Sell Herald. Russell, Boston.
Sell Nantucket, Hawes, Nantucket.
Sell D *11 Qtlixottc, Coldu ell, Salem.
Sell Maine. Blanchard, Boston.
Sell Ro*t Bov, Beals, «{o
SHi Constitution. Gav. Nevvhiirvport.
Sell Susan, Salbv, Ronton
Sell Resolution, Merryman, Portland.
Sept 8?li lit 36 Inn 64, 65 Sell Lafayette, from
Bangor fir Martinique.
19th Lit 34 12 Ion 72, lirig Zoroaster, Tliomaston
for Mobile, with loss of boats, bulwarks, &c would
put into Cliarh^ton
I9ibl.it 5 42, Ion 73, soli Waldoboro*, 4 days
from Tit. 'on f*r Mobi'e.
Aug 12. < G braltnr,bng New Fug'and. Crook*
nr 'i'om Cette f*.r Pernambuco.
I ait 36. Ion 75, (no flam) sch Norman, Young.
Tliomas'on for Mobile, with loss of sails, and ma
king for Cr.po llcurv.
Sept 20th bit 34 6, Ion 73. ship Manco, Nichols,
lof Gardiner, 9 days from Philadelphia for N. Or
cm s.
Ar nf Cowes, ,7ug 22,ship Rochester, Owen, N.
f) 'em a.
At IMatnnzas, 11th hist, brig M’Lollaii, Lartabee, for
Boston, loading, Coclieco. Simpson of Belfast.
Sailed from Liverpool, Sept 5th all Ftirope, Drtim
mond, for N York. Aug 28, An usta, Jameson, Bath.
Filtered outwards, Sept 7, Milling, Wiscasaet.
London 5th, entered out wards, Damuriscotta, S etson,
i\. Orleans.
Sailed from Portsmouth, Aug 28, Ville de Paris,
Trott, from ) avre for N. Orleans.
At St fJh:»s, Aug 24, Russia McMar.nus Antwerp.
Ar at Shields; 1st Antioch Barnes, Bremen.
Cid at Cardiff 29tli, Corinthian Hanies, New York.
Aral St Ubou, 24tli, brig Clarissa Aim, Munson, Ant
Ar at Cadiz, 17th, ship Manchester, Bosworth, Liver
At Mafanzas, Sept 15,brig Lincoln,Doughty, disch’g.
Ar at N. Haven 27th, biig ampico, Ballard, Gar
diner sch Oscar Chase, 5ngu*ta.
At Newport 27th. sch I lizabeth, Rog rs, Rath.
At Nantucket 24th sch New York, Smith, Bath.
At areharn, 2Gth, Henrietta, Kennebec.
At Gloucester, 27th sch Mary homastnn for N.
York. 28th Lucy Ann, Kennebec; Dorcas, liar- .
wich for Kennebec.
In Hampton Roads 21st, Majestic, Ames, 3 horn- |
Ar at N. Orleans 17th sh Majestic, Mustard, Liv- j
Aral Salem 21st schs ^'rihune. .Varsh, Frankfort; !
Poobahontas, Tate, homaston; Clio, IlufF, Gardi
ner, 22d Sally. I fart, St George.
At Portland, 27th, schs Hero, Rollins. Path; |
Charles, Calef. Hullowell, Romp, Haskell, Thomas- t
Cl nt Boston 28th, brig Pamuel. Bartlett Path;
29th, Lancet, Amesbury,' Camden ; Planet, Robin- !
son, Bath.
; ristol in tins County of Lincoln and State of
Maine had claim by Mortgage deed dated No
vember 14‘11 1H!H and recorded in llie Lincoln Reg
istry Jan 5th 181!) Lib. 103 Fol. i.31 to the follow
ing described Real Estate lying in Bristol on Pein
aqu (I Point so called containing thirty acres more
or less, hounded southerly hy lund owned bv Eph
raim Tibbetts, easterly by the sen, northerly by land
of Samutd Martin and westerly by the town road.
Also, one other f t of land lying on Penmqtiid
Point aforesaid,containing thirty six acres, more or
less,and bounded southerly by land owned bv Wj|
liam.Niel nls easterly by tile town road, northerly by
land of Robert McFarland ^Helinel Kent nod John
Nichols and westerly by remsquid Bay—and is
,llio same land owned and occupied by George
Rogers the mortgager, late of Bristol deceased, jfml
whereas the said William Chamberlain mi l in third
day of July A. 1). 1-34. assigned said Mortgage
and Nole of band signed by said Georg** Rogers and
oneJames Spragealso I le of said Bristol d* ceased.to
g-tiler " it » all bis right tit e ami interest tlieminjto
llcnrv Cliatnlier'ain of Bristol aforesaid and whereas
tin* conditions of »Iih said mortgage Lave been broken,
the said Henry Chamberlain chi ms to foreclose the
above mentioned mortgage agreeably to an act addi
tional to an act respecting mortgige** and tin* right
ami equity of redemption. Approved March 20,1833.
Dated at Bristol, th s24lli d iv of Sept 1833.
Etiire Cimiice.
I^OR Sale, the following real Estate in Bath, viz., the
large two Story Brick House situated on the corner
of Washington an | North Sti ects.
Also, the lot of land opposite said'House fronting a
bout six rods on Washing-ton street and eight rods on
Ninth Street.
Also, the two stores next north of that occupied by
Messrs 'A 11 v le & Co.
Will also hp sol i, one half cf the low deck Sell Mar
garet, burthen 110 tons about 5 years old.
All of the above property will he sold at Auction on
the premises on Thursday the eleventh day of October
next at 10 o’clock A. M. unless previously disposed of
ut private sale. Terms made known at lime of sale.
For further information apply to
Bath, Sept. 20th 1888._
jfiiw ftoot)**. "
AM.WI It. MITCHELL, has received a nctoas
S'jrtvient of goods which he oft’ rs for salfc, ut
the Brick Store, owned by Clarku & Scwull.
Bath, Supt. 26,1838 3w2Q
Valuable real Estate at
TUESDAY Oct 9iI» 1833—will be sold at nuc*.
The Store and lot on Front Street n'nto occupied
>v Re i jam in Stinson
The lot measure* about 35 fret on Front Street,
inrl inns bark about ?4 fret—and is one of tbo best
•lands lor business in Bath. .#lsn tbo main part of
be bouse on Washington ‘Street, now occupied by
I homns Afiry.
Sale on the premises at 11 o’clock A. M.
F,»r terms and particulars np; ly to
Rath Sept.. 27D. G. M.4GOTJN.
rwio be suM.in pUl?si*«friee «.f tllo Inst Will of j
vl John, McFadden late of Georgetown in tbo j
Hoiinlv of Lincoln yeoman1, deceased, at the Cum
uerrial House in Bath an Thur-dav the
lighteentb day of October Vie#f a! 2 o’clock f
R. iM m all the right. title and interest which the said
McFadden has in the folio wing described Lots of
Land, si’tiate on A runs it k Island in said George
town. \ iz.
One Lot containing eight acres more or less nod
•ounded, west on Kennelxm River; no tli on land
William and Woodbury Potter; east bv the Drum
mond Marsh, so ral'ed, a> d soiilli bv land of [save
Meal; with the buildings fboreon.
AI<o—O e ball tlte double saw mill together with
r>ee half of all the laud, pi ‘ing place's, a >d water
privileges, unto the same belonging, situatejou Raid
Island, called and known bv tlie name of Potter’s
M i'K
A'S"—One lot, situate on said Island, bounded
wesf bv Kennebec River/ north on land of James
and John Stinson ; east bv land in possession of
Andrew McFadden and s uli bv the heirs of John
and Gordon Snipe,containing fid acres more or
Also One ’ot of Marsh on back River in said George
town and bounded north on M-rsb of Ezekiel
Drummond; east on Penjnmin Swell, and south
and west on said Benjamin Swell, containing foul
acres more or ’ess.
A Iso—One other lot of marsh on back River,
bom ded north on marsh ow nod bv the heirs of John
and Gordon Snipe. East bv Benj.Swett: south
on back R ver.and west by Benjamin Swett—four
acres, more or less.
Al-o — line I I'Htrli Men. m hnek Iviver. lying fit
ilie south p rt of linker’s Po nt so railed and boon
«lod norlli by land of Benjamin Swell ; east and
youth hv the channel of ha-k River, and west by
Benjamin Swett and Thatch Island, containing B
acres more or less
Also — A lot of marsh near Potter’s mills bounded
norlli by marsh in possession of Andrew McF.id
don; east hv land of James Preston, son'll by land
of Ezekiel Drum oond an I wet by a creek—con
taining about two acres—more or less.
Also a lot of marsh near Potter’s Mill®, bounded
north on ^'inson’s Dike, so called; East * n the
creek; westerly and southerly on William Potters
land—dmnt one fine
Also a lot of marsh near Pope's Mills, hounded
easterly and west' rlv hv land of Win Potter and
scutherlv by the M II Pond, about three acres more
or less
Also a lot of Mar®I bounded southerly hv the
creek, and northerly by Win. Potters land—2 acres
more or less.
For terms, apply to the subscriber, at Hath.
Path, September 21st 1838.
To the County Commissioners oj the County
of Lintoln.
IE undersigned respectfully represent, Tlint a
new ID ad from the Merrymeeting Bridge in
Topsham. t Maya IPs Factory at Lisbon, would he
of great public convenience, they therefore pray that
the same may he la d out and established according
to Law—1838,
WILLIAM V MOSES, and 23 others.
Lincoln, ss —At a meeting of the County
Commissioners begun and holden at Tops
ham within and for said County, on the
first Monday of September A D. 1838.
On the foregoing Petition, Ordered, that the Petition- j
ers give notice to all persons and corporations interested,
that the County Commissioners will meet at the Merry
meeting Bridge in Topsham on the 3 th day of October
A. D. 1838, at 10 o’clock, A. JM., wbert they will pro
ceed to view the road described in their petition, and
immediately after, at some convenient place in the vi
cinity, will hear the parlies and witnesses, and proceed
to do such other things in tile premises as by law may be
required, by causing an attested copy of their petition and
this order thereon, to he served upon the County Atto
ney, and upon the town Clerks of the towns of Topsham,
Rnwdoiii, L slum, also by posting nr* copies of the same
in three public | laces in each of said Towns and by pub
lishing the same in the Lincoln Telegraph three week,®
successively, tile service upon the Coun'y Attorney and
upon the town Clerks of the said Towns of Topsham,
Bowdoin, Lisbon, and post ng up of said copies, and the
fii'«t publication in the Telegraph to be thirty days at
least before the time of said meeting, that all persons in
terested, may then and there appear and shew cause, if
any thev have, why the prayer of said petitioners should
not lie granted.
Attest—JACOB SMITH Clerk.
Copy Attest—JACOB SMITH Clerk,__
N O T I C E •
IS hereby given, that the subscriber has been du
ly appoint!.! Executor on t o will of
Lnto of Bitb, in tlin County of Lincoln, deceased;
and lias taken upon himself that trust, by giving
biThdsas the law directs; and all persons having do
mandsnpon the estate of thesajd John Holbrook,aro
required to exhibit the same t*» Richard Nutter.on or
before the lentil of November,and all persons indebt
ed to said estate are called upon to make payment.
Bit'*; Sept loth, 1«38_3 v 25
C!oiiiBio^ioiKPi°N Notice.
WE having bf.en appointed by the JudgO'f
Probate for the County of Lincoln, to re
ceive and examine tlie claims of the creditors of
Beijamin R. Welch late of Bath, in said County,
manner,deceased, whose estaie is represented in
solvent, give notice, that a further lime of three
months from the 21 st of Aug. iest. lias been allow -
ed 'c said creditors to bring in and prove their j
d im's; and that we will attend the service assigned
us, at the office of Ehcnezer Clapp, in said Bath,
on the first Monday of September, October, and
November next, from two o'clock to five o clock, P.
M. on each of said dnvs.
JOSEPH SEW ALL, $ siorers.
Dated at Bath. Aug 21. 18Bri_Baa- 2q
Commissioners Notice.
THE undursigued, hnvinglwn uppniuted l>y (he Judge
of I’ruhate fur the Cuuuty of Lincoln Comniifisinrt
ers to receive and examine the claims of the several
creditors to the estate of
late of Bath in said County, merchant, deceased—repre
sented insolvent, hereby give notice that six months.are
allowed to said Creditors to bring in ami prove their
claims; mid that we will attend to that service, at the
office of \\ illiain Torrey in Bath, on the first Monday of
Octiiber next, an l on each first Monday of the Ibtir fol
lowing months, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of each of
said days.
BENJ. RANDALL \ Comm.8,.on.rs.
Bnlh Auj. 21. 1838._24
All l*c rsoiit
INDEBTEP t • tlie subscribers by note or ? cc lint,
are called upon to niako immediate payment.
PANlEL M ARS19N Jr, 4' Co,
To the lion. County Commissioner? at a
Court to be holdeti at Toptham, for and
within the County of Lincoln on the third
day of September A. D. 1838.
THE underfilled respectfully request that a public
highway beginning at Smith’s Bridge (an called) oh tha
road lending from Wiscassct to Aina, or commencing on
paid road on Smith’* fiill’f^o called) near the road lead
ing to Smith’* Mill thence running from either point a«
may seem best in a northerly direction so a* to strike
near the north east corner of Oak* Bundled’* bark field
(so called) in said Aina—thc'nce to branch in two direc
tions, one branch to continue on in a northerly direction
till it srikea the road leading to Francis Avcrill’a dwell
ing House in said Alrt'a, to the head of the tide Village
(so called) in said Aina,—the'otlin branch to run in a,
northeasterly direction so as to strike the road leading
from said Averill’s to - heepscot Bridge, the last descri
bed branch may branch off by Joseph Lnitoii’* south
line in a northeasterly direction, if in your judgment it
will appear to be a better rout.
1st. Bo cause the road i.mw traveled from Wiscnsart
;'irough Aina to Sherpscot Bridge passes over every Hill
and ledge of any magnitude that can be found throughout
its whole course, and it* location is such that for the
J eater part of the winter season it is blocked up w ith
sn »w,so as to render it impassable.
*?d. If a public highway a* above described should be
laid out all the difficulties and olwtructions that arc now
met with in traveling the load leading from Wistasset
11 Sheepscot Bridge as it now exists will be avoided—
as a road laid out as prayed for, will pass over a por
tion of the Country perfectly level.
3d. Because by the location of tbe *a$d road the di*»
tance froth Wiscasset to the head of the tide village will
be greatly shortened-^-sai I road Will heroine pftrt of the
mail route—and the whole F astern nnd Western travel
will be greatly accommodated thereby.
For these and other reasons which will rhore fully nj*
pear, your petitioners request that a road may belaid
out as prayed for. !
HULItlho, an.I thirty-nine other*.
Lincoln ss.—At a muting of the County
Commissioners begun and h olden at Tops
ham within and for said County, on the
first Muir/ay of September A D. 1838.
ON the foregoing Petition,Ordered, That the Petition
ers give notice to all persons and corporations interes
ted, that the County Commissioners will meet at Sheep
spot. Bridge in Aina on the 15th day November A. D.
1838, at JO o’clock, A. M. ivhcn they will proceed to
view the road described in their petition,and immediate
ly af er, at some convenient place in the vicinifv. will ,
hear the parties and witnesses,, and proceed to do such
other things in the premises as by la\v may lie required,
by causing an attested copy of their petition and iliis or
der thereon, to be served upon the County Attorney, and
upon the town Clerks of the towns of Aina and Wiseasset
also by posting up copies of the same in three public pla
ces in each of said Towns, nnd by publishing the same ill
the LuicortiTelegrapb three weeks successively ,the servico
upon the County Attorney and upon the Town Clerks of
the said towns of Aina and Wiseasset and posting up of
said copies, and the first publication in the Telegraph to
Ije thirty days at least before the time of said meeting
that all persons interested, may then and there, appe.q
nnd shew cause, if -inv they have, w hy the prayer of said
petitioners should not be granted.
Attest—JACOB SMITH Clerk.
Copy Attesi—JACOB SMITH Clerk.
To the County Commissioners of the Coun
ty of Lincoln at a Court held at Tops
ham in said County on the first. Monday
of September A. D 1833.
THE unffcrxijinnii respectfully represent, that
a new County road from Merry meeting Bridge
ill Topsham lo the upper Timer B idge at Leodi
in the County of Kennebec, will he of great public
convenience,they therefore pray that the same may
be laid out and established according to law.
WILL I.*M M. ROGERS,and 207 others.
Lincoln ssr.—At a meeting of the County
Commissioner's begun nnd holdtn at Tops
ham within and for said County, on the
first Monday of September A. D. 1838.
ON the foregoing Petition, Ordered, flint the pe
titioners give notice to ft|| persons nnd corporation*
interested, that tl»o County Commissioners will
net at Merry meeting Bridge in Topsham and have
requested the County Commission* rs of the Coun-.
ty of Kennehec to moot with, them on the 5th day of
November A. 0.1838,at 10 o'clock,A.M when they
will proceed lo view the road described in their
petition, and immediately thereafter, at some con
venient place in the vicinity, will hear the parties
and witnesses, and proceed to do arch other things
in the premises as hy law may be required, by
causing au attested copy of their petition and this
order theropn, to he served upon the County Com
missioners tor the said County of. Kennehec and al
so upon the County Attorneys for the Counties of
Lincoln and Kennehec upon the town Clerks of
the towns ofTops'am, Bowdoin, Lisbon, Wales,
Green nnd Leeds, a!$o by posting up copies of the
smie in three pn 1 lie plrdes in each of said towns,
and hy publishing the same in the Eastern Argus,
being the Newspaper printed by the Printer to tho
•State, and also in the Lincoln Telegraph printed at
Bath in the County of Lincoln and in the Kenno
hoc Journal printe f at Augusta in the County of
Kennehec three weeks successively, the service up
on the GoUnty Attorney and upon the town Clerks
of the said towns of Topsham, Bowdoin, Lisbon,
Wales, Green, Leeds, Monmouth unit Livermore
and posting up of said copies, and the first publica
tion in said Newspaper to be thirty days at least be
fore the time rf said meeting,that all persons inter*
os ted rr*ny then nnd. there appear, and shew cause;
iTufty they have, why the prayer of said petitioner* ’>
should not he granted.
.Attest; JACOB SMITH, Clerk.
Copy A‘test • JACOB SMITH, Clerk.
The Eastern Argus, und Kennebec /ournal jyill
please copy the above.
To the Hon. County Commissioners of the,
County of Lincoln at a Court to he held
at Tops ham on the first Monday of Sep
tember A. D. 1838.
THE undersigned Jnh bilantrof said Cohmv respect
fully represent that n County road from the Merry
meeting Bridge in Top .ham to the Catlmnco bridge iri
Bowdoinham, by the.way of the bridge authorized by
the Legislature over Muddy river, will'be of public con
venience; they therefore pray tlml the same may be laid
out and established according to law.
BENJAMIN RANDALL and 161 others.
LiNCdLS, ps.—At a meeting of the County
Commissioners bigun and hidden at Tops
liam, Ujithin and for said County, on the
first Monday of September A. D. 1838.
Oci the foregoing lVtition,Ordered,tliat the Petitioners
give notice to all persons and corporations intereste d,that
the County Commissioners will meet at Morn meeting
Bridge ill Top sham on tile 2d clay of November A. D.
1838, at 10 o’clock, A. M., when they will proceed to
view the road described in their petition, ayd iinmedi
Iv alter at some convenient place In the vicinity, will
hear the parties and witnesses, and proceed, to do
such other things in the premises as bv law may lie re
quired,by causing an attested copy of their petition and
this ordbr thereon,to to lie served upon the County Attor
ney, mid upon the town Clerks of the towns of Topgjtffti
and Bowdoinham also by posting up copies of tile same
in three public places in each of said Town®, and by
publishing the Paine in the Lincoln Telegraph three
weeks successively, the service upon the County Attor
ney and upon the tolvn Clerks of the said ttiwim of Tops
ham and Bowdoinham utid posting up t>f grid copies,and
the first publication in the Telegvr |,h to be thirty days
a least before t|ie time of said meeting, that all persona
interested,may then and tlv,Te appear and shew cause, if
any they have.wby ifc* grayer of said (.-etiouersshould aoi
i e grafted,
Attest-JACOB SMITH. Cl«R*.
Cupf \n«<t—JACOB SMITH
. ! .... .

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